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Best Bubble Butts 2016

The ideal


Sexy Teacher Still on Vacation

Wasn't sure if a new thread was still needed or not, search wasn't very helpful.


Henry Cavill: Beards, bubble butt, and Beer! Part 2!

Let the party begin. Henry is in Miami


Mr Cheyenne Jackson: Continuation September 2016



The Walking Dead, Season 7

Premieres on AMC - Sunday, October 23. However,...

—(not) Chris Hardwick

LGBTQ, the new dictate from GLAAD overlords

Why ‘LGBTQ’ Will Replace ‘LGBT’ It's here, it's for 'queer,'...


Hours After Cancelling Her South American Tour, Mariah Carrey is "Dumped" by Billionaire Fiance

James Packer has called it quits with fiancé Mariah. According to Woman's Day,...

—James' Mother Doing Cartwheels......

Valley of the Dolls: a possible remake.

Whom would you cast in the leading roles?...


"Vine" is shutting down

"Twitter announced on Thursday that it will shut down the Vine mobile app in the coming months....


Hey, America! Let's go to the Ice Cream Parlor!

But first, tell me your absolutely all time favorite ice-cream parlor treat! Personally, I'...


What are your thoughts on Datalounge taking over an island?

Are there abandoned islands in the world? I sort of remember there is. Wouldn'...


What is your dream house?

If I were living by myself, I'd want a bungalow,...


Shannen Doherty isn't going to make it, is she?

From earlier this month:


Kristen Stewart is finally out!

"Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Make a Stylish Pair for First Public Appearance"...


German parents may face trial after refusing mosque field trip

A German teen'...


Mark Kirk's Collapse is Complete: Goes Full Trump Against War Hero Opponent

Mark Kirk was all but assured to lose on election night against Tammy Duckworth,...


Vice President Biden on Clinton's Sec. of State Shortlist

Interesting. Why wouldn't they keep Kerry on if he is interested?


Are you aware that up to 90% of American television shows never happened? Turns out they were all just a dream.

I just found out, and my mind is blown!! What if I'm Tommy, and you all only exist in my mind?...

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