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Men presenting the POV from down on your knees

Their tatas look so big and meaty!


Track listing revealed for Barbra Streisand's upcoming Broadway album

1. At the Ballet - CHORUS LINE with Anne Hathaway and Daisy Ridley 2. Loving You -...


Why has Sarah Palin gone silent?

Not that I mind her absence from media, but it'...


Prince William Stressed From Job -Thank goodness I Thought It Was Only Me Suffering!


—Darfur Orphan

Life in the Ancient World

Like 1000 or 2000 B.C. Would you have wanted to live back then? Why or why not?...


US Open 2016

We are now at the final major of the year....


Lesbian Getting Wet Over Sharia

What in god's name is wrong with people like this woman? I don'...


Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Any fans of this movie here? I watched it for the first time last night and I thought all the 1980'...


SNL had to apologize to Claudine Longet?

What did they say? 1975: Season 1,...


7 struggles of gay dating when you're super attractive

So true when I was younger


The Amazing World of Luke Evans Part Nine

Carry on, bicker, while Luke hustles.


Has anyone seen Moment by Moment (1978) starring Lily Tomlin and John Travolta as lovers?

This movie looks hilarious. Anyone see it?


TransBomer's Collapse is Complete!

I thought this deserved its own thread! Duckling went on a Twitter blocking frenzy last night,...


Examples of Trump's projection of his own flaws and faults onto his opponents.

There are so many of these we should be able to fill this thread in no time (...

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