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Adult film star Armond Rizzo

Surprisingly a search here came up empty for a thread devoted to THE porn star of the era,...


Producers of British soap Hollyoaks criticized for being too gay

UK soap Hollyoaks premiered 20 years ago,...

—American soaps GH and Days can no longer also be accused of this same crime

Best Bubble Butts 2016

The ideal


Hot Jews.

I want them to seduce me with their Zionist, mental power beams,...

—But don't be too greedy, leave some for everyone else.

Taylor Lautner... Straight?

I'm just shocked total loss of words, I really thought he was gay....

—Stunned bystander

Who is the hottest guy featured on DL ?

Nominations please ! Attach a pic if you can. Poll will follow.


When did you know that Michael Jackson is a pedophile?



Perfectly Cast

If you had to pick a movie, TV series, or a Broadway show that you thought was perfectly cast,...

—I just like Angela Lansbury movies.


Series premiere Sunday, May 22 on AMC. Starring the very sexy Dominic Cooper, followed by "...


Oak Toilet Seats with Brass Hardware: Tacky Tells 201

Spill the secret shibboleths by which you judge....

—Mrs. Astor's ballroom

Do you have black friends? Can they swim?

I was on another thread,...


How different is living in australia from living in America?

I know it's super hot there and people are less competitive because living there is too easy (...


Fans brand Madonna's tribute to Prince as 'OFFENSIVE'



Wow! The photos in The Daily Mail are suddenly HUGE...The Royal Family were at The Chelsea Flower Show today

& the photos are so huge, almost to the point of being intrusive, which I suppose is the point,...


Who is the closeted former child actor?

Posted in the 'confession' subreddit: I am an actor. Well-known....


What makes young leonardo di caprio so handsome?

He's one of the most handsome men in hollywood. Which features make him so good looking for y9u?


10 Household Things That You're Doing Wrong

You stupid idiots. We don't know how you made it this far.

—Better Than You, Your Home and Your Garden

Poll: Clinton poised to defeat Sanders in California primary

Monday, May 23, 2016 - CALIFORNIA (SurveyUSA) CLINTON - 57 SANDERS - 39 - LOS ANGELES (KABC) --...

—2016 Poll Troll

Eighty children treated in hospital after outbreak of 'demonic possession' in Peruvian school

Disturbing footage shows the children convulsing, screaming and fainting....


Trump changes his view on Climate Change

Well at his golf course. He will build a wall around it because it's sinking but fuck the people.


Woman who climbed Mt.Everest to try and prove that vegans can do anything, dies while climbing.

HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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