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Post Pictures of Gorgeous Gay Men Part 5

I know the definition of 'Gorgeous'...


Your Favorite Recurring Character in a Television Series

A character who never made it to the opening credits, but who appeared in multiple - but not all -...

—doorknob collection

What do you all think of "Carousel" (Rodgers and Hammerstein's)?

It's my favorite musical and for sentimental reasons -...


After Judy's triumph return to the screen in 1954....

Why did offers not pour in for other musicals? Or for any movie? She didn'...


**BREAKING** CPAC gives Milo the BOOT over his it's okay with have sex with 13-year olds comments.

We are watching Milo start to fade to irrelevance where he belongs. Thank goodness.


Angelina may have the kids, but Brad has custody of Hollywood

Toward the end of last month’s Golden Globes ceremony, the producer of the nominated drama “...


Robert Culp

Good looking in an unconventional sort of way....


Would You Wanna Be a Contestant on "The Price is Right?"

I watched an episode for the first time in years yesterday, and I couldn'...


Whatever Happened to the Kraft Zesty Italian Guy?

I miss him. I would so toss his salad.


US Denies Canadian Man Entry to US Because He wanted to "take loads"

Yes, the title of this thread is lighthearted, but the actual story is infuriating and must'...


I am writing a play based on Datalounge

Who should be in the cast? What roles should they play? I'm thinking Ice T could play AIKC


Angelina Jolie and her kids eating bugs

Is that how she stays so thin?



Forced to resign from Brietbart


Etiquette lesson goes awry as woman sits on subway rider's feet

An etiquette lesson on board a TTC subway train took a turn for the bizarre over the weekend,...


Why are Americans such hateful, angry people?

Especially the conservative Republicans in the rural areas? Aren't the majority supposed to be so-...


First photo from the set of the Han Solo Movie

Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Chewbacca,...

—The Mouse

My Asian lover


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