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Charlize Theron Drags Black Child In Parking Lot

Honey, she gonna be starring in Adoption Gone Wrong


Instagram Fitness Models 3

Brandon Williams


Which Movies Should a "Sophisticated" Person Have Watched - From Silent Films to Modern Day Flicks

DLers have a lot of obscure film knowledge, so I'...

—Knowledge Seeker

Charlize Theron's black son is now a blonde girl

What in the fuck? Did she not consult any objective specialists?


Quinnipiac Poll: 51 Clinton, 41 Trump

Quinnipiac has a pro-GOP house effect

—Dr Lulu Fong

Uber lose 1.2 billion! Ha ha!

The non-union, dangerous, unregulated ride-...

—I'm your Uber driver; may I assault you?

Who Ever Heard of a Red Weirdo?

Since many of the new Datalounge crowd had not heard of the Prancercize lady,...


"Finding Prince Charming" the gay bachelor trailer is out. Premieres Sept 8th with host Lance Bass

Yes, I know there is a long thread about Robert Sepulveda's escorting past and his jack off video....


Looking for Egor? Lindsay decked out in lace applique trousers and swimsuit back in Mykonos.

8 weeks of lounging around on yachts in the Mediterranean..most people would look rested, refreshed,...

—Yacht Lounging to "Summer Sadness" Theme by Lana Del Ray

Anything wrapped

I know, I know, it's about a tranny, but should be interesting.


Barbra Streisand used Steve Jobs as an IT help desk

Singer says when she could not work something out on her computer she called up the Apple co-...


What's the sappiest movie ever made?

Can anything beat The Song of Bernadette?


It's almost autumn!!

Yay!! I just found out about pumpkin spice cheerios. I'm so excited!! I'...

—Limited edition!!

Poppy Has 2 Daddies

Mrs. Nate Berkus shares his secret about "having it all" with People Magazine.


Is Burning Man still worth attending?

Was it ever worth attending?


Don’t tell parents if transgender males bunk with daughters


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