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Casper Van Dien

Is anyone consoling him lately, after his sad divorce? He was sure something special in his prime,...


Australian Open 2017 - Part II

At the beginning of the second week, with Misery (sorry, Sir Andy) defeated ("Sad!" - K. Spacey),...


Seriously, lets discuss Saved By The Bell

Whats your favorite episode? Mine is the drunk driving episode- actually any episode with Tori-...


Datalounger goes full retard and assaults female reporter during Edmonton womens' march

If you hate women that much, why would you deliberately attend a womens' march?


If you still doubt that Barron Trump is "special"...

... check out this gif from the inauguration.


Blind Item: Who was the 1980s sitcom lesbian predator?

1980’s- If you were a female extra on this hit network show featuring multiple female leads,...


Does Kellyanne Conway really think she's attractive?

I don't get the way she dresses and does her hair. It'...


Melania misbehaved and got a stern talking to by the Donald

The Obamas may have to step in and save her.


Have you replaced your plastic containers with glass ones?

Trendy hoes at work now frown upon plastic lunch containers,...


Tasteful Friends: What Say You On This Country Home In Katonah ?

Me likey !


Kentucky Democratic congressman: 85% of GOP reps are "freaked out" by Trump

They have “no idea” what’s coming at them and are “appalled by his behavior"


Why Did Carrie Fisher Constantly Pout Her Lips Later In Life?

Was it due to dental implants? Plastic surgery? Medication side effect?


**BREAKING** Dena Higley FIRED at Days!



Melania peddled Obama birther conspiracies in 2011

For those of you who feel sorry for her - she's a cunt just like her husband.


SNL Writer Suspended Over BARRON TRUMP Tweet

oh well

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