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Down in Pine Valley

Whether in a well or on Locust Street, let's get down in PV, PA.


Has Your Zodiac Sign Changed?

There are now 13 signs--say hello to Ophiuchus, however the hell that's pronounced. I'...


The Creative Exodus From San Francisco to Los Angeles

The Guardian labels it: The Boho-Drain: Bohemians Say Goodbye San Francisco, Hello LA....


Clinton Gains 4 Points on Trump in First Post-Debate Poll

Fuck you, Donald! Take a big sniff of THAT, Miss Cokehead.

—A. Machado

BREAKING: Agnes Nixon Dead

Soap queen, creator of All My Children and One Life to Live, dead at 88.


Trump Campaign Denies He's Sick After Chicago Speech Fuels Further Questions About His Health

NBC Chicago An uncharacteristically low-...


Trans women are paving the way for LGBTQI rights on a global scale

The article posted below is just one of many examples....


Maddow: Newsweek to Report Trump Violated US Embargo Against Cuba

Say what? say south Florida Republicans


Gary Johnson Struggles To Name A Foreign Leader He Admires

The Libertarian presidential nominee said he was having an “Aleppo moment.”


Do you like arepas?

I quite hate them. So trendy right now. So annoying.


Generation Z more Conservative than Millennials on Gay Issues

t A New Generation of Conservatives Is on the Rise, Study Finds Today’...



The ABC series premiered 40 years ago — in January 1976....


Terror attacks are 'part and parcel of living in a big city', claims London mayor Sadiq Khan

Go to London and get blown up! Well, at least there are no ads with girls in bikinis


Train Crashes Into Hoboken Station.

Injuries being reported. Any DLers in this area? I hope you are all OK.


Won't Someone Please Think Of The Pangolins?

The pangolin is the most heavily trafficked mammal on the planet,...

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