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The official thread for the new ABC show


Mal Young's continuing adventures and the quest to slay gorgon named Chuck Pratt

Continue the discussion here.


Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly

Nobody knows for certain who will win on Nov. 8 — but one man is pretty sure:...


I'm watching Trick

Why dont we discuss JP Pitoc and Christian Campbell on here more often. They were gorgeous! My gosh!...


Melanie Models (nearly) Nude AGAIN!

But this time with the presidential seal!


Let Me Tell You Something About Deb Messing

She is up to her old tricks...again. Look at the color of her teeth in Sean'...


Tasteful friends, Roberta Flack's apartment at the Dakota is for sale

Plenty of mirrors


80s movies you remember but no one else seems to know

Limit Up Summer Seduction


Ezra Klein has been the clearest most reasonable voice in this whole election cycle

some seriously stuff for tonight


For the DLesbians: "How to Date a Trans Woman"

Sapphic systers, listen and learn!...


BREAKING NEWS: Jill Stein escorted off the Hofstra campus by police.

After showing up to give interviews to the press.


So did Sandy really drown at the beginning of Grease...

And the whole movie was just her death dream?...


The most profound explanation of money I've ever encountered

Yuval Harari, in his excellent history of mankind, Sapiens,...


Adam Lambert Explains Why He Turned Down Frank-N-Furter Role in Rocky Horror Remake

“I kind of felt like in 2016, to be cis and playing the role of a trans character,...


Dartmouth Students in the Mid 60s

Would you have tapped those asses?


Watching Trump in the Presidential Debates, Now I See How Hitler Came Into Power

Lie LOUDLY enough,...


Clinton/Trump Debate Thread 3



Kayleigh McEnany

I have noticed her face has changed gradually over this long election season....


Tim Kaine Pays Emotional Visit to Pulse Nightclub

ORLANDO - While the political world was wrapped up in the commotion around Monday night'...

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