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August 26, 2015 Duggar family announces John is in treatment &...


Is Jenner gay after all?

I'm confused! Or he's confused! Or she's confused!


Rob Kardashian

So hot. I want him inside me, quite deeply.


Report: Baby Boomers STILL cockblocking Generation X and Millennials from advancing in the workforce

why ya gotta be so selfish? The generations before you didn't largely stifle your progression.


Henry Cavill's Gigantic Tit Muscles Are Struggling To Break Free, Part VII

Robben Island, Tiananmen Square, Tahrir Square, Henry Cavill's sweater....

—Durrell Plowback Gortoise

Pamela Bellwood

From closed DL thread 2013: Why doesn't Pamela Bellwood get more respect? In hindsight,...


Carly Fiorina's freaky plastic surgery

Yikes! I've seen burn victims that look better.


James Maslow IG's his tits

What sayeth the Datalounge?


DENIED! -- Supreme Court Turns Away Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk With A Brief, Dismissive Order

Supreme Court Turns Away Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk With A Brief, Dismissive Order by Ian Millhiser,...


Rhoda Penmark 2015

This is a truly creepy story. A beautiful blonde teenager's boyfriend kills himself,...


The Living End

Gregg Araki's 1992 film. How do we feel about it 23 years later?


What is living in England like?

I always imagine it to be quite romantic.


Half of Canadian voters undecided: poll

Few Canadians made up their minds in the first 31 days of the federal election campaign,...


Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal she’s a Parks And Rec and The Good Wife fan

By now, you should probably know about Hillary Clinton’s ill-...


26 Really Hot Doctors That’ll Make You Want To Get A Checkup



Just watched this Argentine gay flick on Netflix and found it deeply moving. "Plata Quemada" - (Burnt Money)



Dan Savage Speaks Out, Says Kim Davis Is Pulling Stunts To Get Book Deal, Never To Have To Work Again

He says that he's predicted publicly everything that she has done thus far.


BREAKING: CNN Allows Fiorina Into Next Debate

The Republicans’...


Guy Dons EXTREMELY Inappropriate Cosplay Costume To Gamecon

How would you react seeing this?

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