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Grant Gustin

Soooooo butch.

—I love him

Sandra Bullock adopts second child, a girl

A trendy black baby! Congrats, Sandy.


Zayn Malik releases his debut single "Pillowtalk" and the video features his gf Gigi Hadid

The song isn't bad. I hate his dyed blond hair and I'm not a fan of the beard....


Coen brothers get very defensive when asked why their movies are so white

But they are Blanche, they are The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato asked the Coens to address the “...


Celine Dion's casket dance continues onstage at Caesars Palace!

As the Las Vegas event drew to a close,...


MSNBC Clinton-Sanders debate

Anyone watching?

—Hillary's wig

Aaron Carter Now Linked With Chris Crocker

Yes, that Chris Crocker: "Leave Britney alone!" For the love of God,...


Good morning, Hillbots. Here's a great new poll to start the day.

Please insert unhinged hysteria below.


Blind Item: A+ actor wife on cocaine diet

Apparently the wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor who fancies (love this word)...


Steven Avery's New Attorney Seems Like a Ball Buster

And I mean that as a compliment....


Second poll confirms that Hillary's advantage over Sanders is basically gone

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has erased Secretary of State Hillary Clinton'...


Happy 105th Birthday, Face of the 80s, Ronald Reagan!

What are some of your fondest memories of the Gipper?


Which One Is The Mom?

A Twitter photo of a mother and her twin daughters has taken social media by storm....


Sea Lion Pup in Restaurant

Sickly sea lion pup found sleeping in booth inside La Jolla restaurant


Mike Minor, Actor on TV's 'Petticoat Junction,' Dies at 75

The son of producer Don Fedderson, he married Linda Kaye Henning (Betty Jo Bradley)...


Britain First Denounced by Every Christian Denomination in the UK.



Feminist Gloria Steinem says young women support Bernie because they want attention from boys

Steinem dropped the notion during an interview on Bill Maher’s show,...


New Millennial trend: Fake gray hair

My, aren't they clever?

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