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Mr. Dylan Sprayberry

The last thread maxed out so....


Keegan Whicker

I said god damn


Henry Cavill Part XI - The Durrell Creatures Learn Henry is Getting Shafted in Justice League

JERSEY, C.I. -...


Heidi Fleiss reminiscing about her eight-hour marathon with 73 years old Marlon Brando

“Marlon (Brando) was without doubt the sexiest, fattest man I ever slept with....


Kathy Griffin bought a $10.5 million mansion in cash

Mrs. Kathy is now a Bel Air resident after purchasing this $10.5M mansion.


Make America FANK Again - Barron Trump is Autistic

I am absolutely 100% certain of this. He has "the look." Poor thing didn'...


I knew my husband was gay when we got married, but I thought I could fix him

He is not bad looking. Go inside thread for the link to this story


Donald Trump father-daughter incest

We've all heard about the inappropriate remarks he'...


Live Now: Hillary Clinton Campaigns with Her VP Tim Kaine in Miami!!

Live now on MSNBC.



Steve Trevor is going to trigger so many gayling sexual awakenings.


The Best Classical Music is Baroque!

Baroque rules!


Leaked Emails Reveal

DNC screwed Bernie Sanders


Sexiest Italian actor of all time

Who deserves to have the title of the sexiest Italian actor of all time?


Miss Excrement 1971 here.

Any questions?

—Miss Excrement 1971

Wolf Blitzer is kinda' sexy.

If you like older gentlemen.


Is Brie Larson the new Sigourney?

Recapturing the Sig's 70s glamour at Comic Con.

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