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Chandler Massey's pec implants and related issues, part 2

Discussion of the former DOOL star's too-perfect titties continues...


Kennedys-JFK Jr-Carolyn Bessette- Plane Crash,-Jackie O-All Theories Welcome

Think of this thread as Stone Soup-Everyone brings an ingredient.If you don't like what'...


BREAKING: Bieber dick revealed

You knew this was coming. Hole presentation, too.


Hero in French train attack reportedly stabbed

CBS News has reported Thursday that U.S. Airman Spencer Stone,...


Student Diversity Officer Cunt 'Posted Racist Comment On Twitter' Saying 'Kill All White Men'

This social justice warrior, who was arrested for racism,...


Unmasking Black Gay Privilege

Whereas "white male privilege" is widely debated,...


Justin Bieber's dad congratulates him on his penis

@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy ☺️


Coen Brothers new film "Hail, Caesar!" gets a trailer

Scheduled for spring 2016, "Hail, Caesar!" is a musical comedy set in Hollywood in the 1950s....


Raven Symoné Getting Ripped for... Refusing to Hire 'Black' Names

Raven Symoné threw a giant rock from inside her glass house, and it's bouncing back in her face --...


Gaga the Method Actor?

Regal Grand Dame Actress Gaga interviewed on Fallon this week....


Kelsey Grammer Wears T-Shirt With The Most Ridiculous Pro-Gun, Anti-Abortion Slogan Ever



John Goodman Reveals Significant Weight Loss At Movie Premiere

Needs an iron though.


UK papers touting Huma as Hillary's First Lady

Is there any point of hiding in the closet anymore? Europe is laughing at us.


Surprising Number Of Drunk Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat

They relapse and go on the lamb.


Tasteful Friends: Bobby Flay & Stephanie March's Chelsea Condo listed for $7.95 Million

Now that Stephanie & her ailing mother are out, it's on the market.


Gigi Hadid

I see her trending everywhere. Is she the "it" girl for 2015?...


Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys "Still Talking About" Joint Tour: Details!


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