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"Call Me By Your Name" three

Another thread to discuss the upcoming film starring Armie Hammer and Tim O'Tay (...


Which is the best band that there is nowadays?

In my opinion it is U2. It's the most solid and the most promising band that there is today....


Vintage Hunk Denny Miller

He appeared twice on Gilligan's Island - once as a hot bodybuilder and once as Tongo the Ape Man....


Your rimming fantasy

If you could rim only one CURRENT actor (porn, Hollywood or Broadway), whom would you choose?


Fat reenactors

You know, those guys who dress up like soldiers from the old days?...


In Pence's New DC Neighborhood, Not Exactly the Welcome Wagon

Residents hoisted rainbow flags to protest the vice president-elect’...


Melania, we need you... we need you now!

Texas teen kills self in front of family after months of vicious cyber bullying.


Trump "Hate Crime" Hoaxes Exposed

A bunch of "hate crimes" are being reported, allegedly committed by Trump supporters against blacks,...


Under eye lift.

I'm a youngish male (early 40's), in otherwise good shape. Am not expecting 100%...


Hairspray Live!

Anyone looking forward to this shit fest?


General Tso's Chicken creator dies in Taiwan aged 98

General Tso's Chicken creator dies in Taiwan aged 98 5 hours ago The chef who created the much-...


Jean Dujardin or Javier Bardem?

Who do you like best and why?


Europe holds its breath today as both Italy and Austria vote



Woman finds mummified grandson's corpse in attic

I don't see what the big deal is.

—Dorian Corey
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