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Behind The Scenes Soap Opera Drama

Dish the soaps...what's the best backstage drama from the soaps. Especially back in their heyday.

—Megan Gordon

Which movie characters could be Dataloungers?

Barbara Covett from Notes on a Scandal is the first one that comes to my mind....


Massive muscular blond men

I have a fetish.


Shawn Mendes (part 7)

Continue here


Which look do you like the most?

This guy used to be a bartender in the Pines. He seems to have changed a lot.


Bizarre episodes of sitcoms

Let's name some. I'll start: (Facts of Life)...


Hot Cops

Arrest Me


CNN Apologizes to Trump After Crew Caught Joking About His Plane Crashing

The network says the producer has been "disciplined."


Living Pig to play Living Doll Barbie in Live action film version.

Are they fucking KIDDING???


30 Little House On The Prairie Secrets

Michael Landon often didn't wear underwear.


Which is the best band that there is nowadays?

In my opinion it is U2. It's the most solid and the most promising band that there is today....


Trump speaks with Taiwanese president, a major break with decades of U.S. policy on China

The move is a major departure from decades of U.S....


OMG, I agree with Sarah Pallin!

Guess she's not going to be in his clown cabinet.


Trannies Responsible For Trump's Victory

Yes and they have already set gay rights back 50 years. It should be LGB and NOT LGBT....


Nelly-looking Oklahoma congressman hopes Trump administration will let defense contractors discriminate against gays

Look at this dicksucker y'all


Roberto Benigni

He was Hollywood's golden boy for a year, then they dropped him like a hot potato....

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