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United Nations Declares Oct. 21 ‘Wonder Woman Day’ And Lynda Carter Will Be There!

Wonder Woman is about to receive an honor very few actual human beings have received,...


Harry Potter Films

I'm definitely late to the party. I'...


Team Gio & Tommy: Dashing Disney Princes Do DL Part 8!

SOL Good!


Happy Engagement to the f@ggoty Trump-supporting dipshits

...who are voting for a sociopath who wants to take away their right to marry. Wish these f@ggoty f@...


Hot 40-something dads of Instagram

No perfect models, no twinks, no porn actors or go go dancers. Regular,...


Major websites briefly down in possible attack (October 21, 2016)

Spotify, Twitter,...


AnnE Hathaway: I had to "pretend" happiness when I won the Oscar.

Poor AnnE. She feels things more deeply than the rest of us do. "...


Frau trend: Have a donut wall at your wedding!

Search "donut wall" and prepare to laugh. Even Sandra Lee would choke on her cocktail.


‘Bury Trump in a Landslide’: Daily News goes nuclear on GOP nominee

The Daily News published a blistering, 14-...


Is Lana Gardner (who played Frasier's on & off love interest) a well known actress in America?

Or is she just known to people who watched Frasier?


Friday Fun! - The five deadliest poisons known to humans



Resolutely fabulous: drag superstars – in pictures

Resolutely fabulous: drag superstars – in pictures For Anna Rexia drag elevates queer art,...

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