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DL former Icon pron Dean Coxx! Now listed as a featured dancer at Adonis Lounge

He's looking a bit rough around the edges. But really, how does a PTM becomes a stripper in LA????

—Sean Cody's slush pile


Film at 15:00. Lazy afternoon. It's been shown to be Photoshopped and is relatively flat (see R598)...


Gotham Is Back! And Fish Moony is on the rampage!

This show is so fun and over the top and stupid and terrible and awesome. Total guilty pleasure....


Shawn Mendes (part 6)

Continue here


This new HBO series - Divorce - starring Sarah Jessica Parker & Thomas Haden Church starts tomorrow...

Will you be watching? Divorce, HBO'...


Farewell to the Chief

Less than 100 days of the Obama Presidency, and I'm feeling nostalgic....


Gay Porn Stars of the 80s and 90s

Many of them, tragically, have passed away. Others just seemed to disappear. Like Blade Thompson -...


Charles and Andrew Clash With The Queen In The Middle

The Queen is apparently caught in the middle of a sibling row between the heir to the throne,...


*Polling for Monday, October 24th, 2016*

I know this is a bit early but the October 17th thread is just about full, so I'...

—2016 Poll Imp

Another one bites the dust.

Chick Tract Publisher Jack Chick Dies At 92 Nutjob evangelist Jack Chick, creator of the vicious (...


Redskins assistant coach caught peeing into a cup on the sidelines!

Ha ha!!


Edie McClurg

I've always loved her. She's like the Midwestern frau prototype....


Smith refers to her child as "they" rather than the less gender-neutral pronouns of "him" or "her."

Smith's family's story begins a few years ago when the young child, who was born male,...


Are Supposed To Believe Laura Petrie Would Choose Rob Over Van Williams?

I hope someone got fired for that


Is Michael Moore Transitioning?

He/she was being interviewed yesterday on The View and it'...


'I Am the Ambassador' on Netflix

About Rufus Gifford, the gay U.S. ambassador to Denmark. Anyone watch this? Anyone…anyone?


Live from Trump Tower, it’s the far right: Trump TV launches on Facebook

But there is no discernible entertainment value to be had in Live from Trump Tower,...

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