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The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 - Part II

Leeches! And I'm not talking about Meghan...


Patrick Kennedy spills his guts/shills his new memoir on 60 Minutes

Patrick Kennedy, son of late Sen. Ted Kennedy,...

—Tony Woodard

Victoria BC needs anti-oppression training to let this person in the ladies' changing room

Seriously, this bulging hulk is supposed to be just as womanly as anyone else in the ladies',...


Transgender at 18 months!

At 18 months, Joe liked pink and fairies. Now she is named Lily.


Am I Unable To See a Thread on the NY Dead Doorway Dermatologist

Or do we not have one? If there is one, my apologies


Candace Cameron Bure Shames Danny Pintauro On His Past Drug Use, HIV Status: WATCH

Former Who’s The Boss? child star Danny Pintauro sat down with The View co-...

—Sean Mandell

Dermatologist dies from suspected cocaine overdose while partying late-night with emmy-nominated HBO producer

Both were married too....


Milo Yiannopolous ejected at Amber Rose's "Slutwalk" festival for wrong-think.

Silly SJWs: Being manhandled by officers of The Law only makes him stronger.



"Tatummmmmm! Bring me the axe!"


Meryl Streep Crashes & Burns

Oh dear, Meryl has been photographed willingly wearing a shirt that reads "I'...

—Glenn Cl---I mean Headley

Douche frat boy fights over mac and cheese

Total entitled douchebag. Is it wrong that I find him amazingly hot?


Face to face contact is needed stave off depression in older adults

See? You bitches need to leave your place more often and you won't be so bitter on here......


Saudi husband is caught groping and forcing himself on his maid Wife may face jail time



Trophy Boy ? He Calls Himself Trophy Boy ?

Who else finds this kid weird looking ? No question he has a nice body. It's that face....


The worst place to be a Black American is the Midwest

Last year,...

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