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Call Me By Your Name (Part 7)

Continue arguing here...


THEATRE GOSSIP: #252 - Match Game PM Edition

Christian Borle's balls are so big... (How big are they?) King Kong said ________

—Charles Nelson Reilly, Broadway star of Hello Dolly

Red velvet cake

So it's basically just chocolate cake dyed red?


I am writing a play based on Datalounge

Who should be in the cast? What roles should they play? I'm thinking Ice T could play AIKC


Julian Assange Rushes To Defend Homocon Milo

Via Mediaite: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange decided to get in on Milo Yiannopoulos‘...


Hollywood Reporter's Honest Oscar Ballots

DL catnip!


Trump Just Stopped Transgendered Bathrooms

@ABC7 7 minutes ago #...


The girl who got knocked up at your high school

The teenage pregnancy case. Did you have one of these girls at your high school? What was her name?...


Stephen Miller Throws White Supremacist Gang Sign

I bet they have big plans for April 20th.


Former President Carter leases 10 acres of his farmland to build 1.3-megawatt solar power station

PLAINS — Former President Jimmy Carter’...


Did you ever jerk off to the Fonz?

Tell the truth. A higher power is watching.


Witches Around World Plan Mass- casting of Spells on Trump

this is a binding spell,...

—Tichuba, formerly of Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony

West Elm & The Tribulations Of The Peggy Couch

Last week, writer Anna Henzel wrote about the Peggy Couch from West Elm on The Awl website....


I was making a business call while taking a dump. And I pooted.

I wonder if she heard it. Has this happened to any of you?...

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