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What stuff turns you off in porn?

When they spend the majority of the scene on blow jobs and anal....


The Surprisingly Strong Progressive Case For Donald Trump



Ben Cohen Got a Dad Bod

Does this mean he doesn't love the gays anymore, because porky pig isn'...


Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby

We all know it's true. Bill Clinton definitely raped women. I'...


Cecil the Lion hunted and killed by Minnesota Dentist

Twitter is being broken by this story....

—Dr Lulu Fong

Gay men, would you ever date an FTM?

... Ever if "he" looked like "guy" at link? Poll is for gay men only.


Donald Trump Would Consider Tapping Sarah Palin For Future Trump Administration



Scott Walker Lives Inside My Butt

Great sign at a campaign stop in Philly.


I miss wire-rimmed glasses.

As a once glasses fetishist, I really miss seeing wire-rimmed glasses, everywhere....


Matt Damon 'supporting Affleck through divorce'

Matt Damon is reportedly helping Ben Affleck get through his divorce....


Time critical in solving Bobbi Kristina's death

I love this forensic pathologist. Very interesting.

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