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The Nightmare Has Barely Started for Some!: LA Times Headline

Headline of Today's LA Times: Medicaid Cuts May Hit State Hard

On line version link below....

I live in LA and am on Medi-Cal which has saved my life up to now. I'm assuming all other states will be affected as well.

For me, I am on one medication: a controlled substance. I get it for free. Without Medi-Cal, I would have to pay hundreds of dollars a month out of pocket. The irony is, it's a generic which costs very little for the pharmaceutical companies to produce. I could and would gladly pay, say $150/mnth, which is far more than what it costs. Yet it's either pay hundreds of dollars or pay nothing. There is no in between.

Who else on here is in this boat or similar?

by OPreplies 195 hours ago

Things you hate about this world

Wealth and beauty always take precedence over poverty and plainness

by Anonymousreplies 1295 hours ago

The Magnus Effect

Spin effects everything. Planes without wings.

by Anonymousreplies 25 hours ago

Has there ever been such a pall over an inauguration before?

Besides the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, I'm not aware of such lack of enthusiasm for a new regime.

I think if Tweety did a 'fireside chat' on primetime national TV, talked about his past mistakes, apologized, assured the LGBT, minority, and foreign-born citizens of their safety. Chalked it up to the frenzy of campaigning or something... it would heal a lot of wounds.

Instead we get the same old, same old: grudges, thin-skinned diatribes, paranoid accusations. And a cabinet made up of homophobes, Nazi's and racists.

Is he tone-deaf? Doesn't he know ( or care) that most of the county loathes him?

by Anonymousreplies 1285 hours ago

LA in crime photos

Detective at Cielo Drive, 1969

by Anonymousreplies 2355 hours ago

The Jeremy Renner Saga Goes On And On


by Anonymousreplies 2425 hours ago

Taylor Lautner posts Billie Lourd bikini pic

Nice body but too soon?

by Anonymousreplies 185 hours ago

Trevor Donovan

He's 38. Is it too late for him to become famous?

by Anonymousreplies 845 hours ago

So how long after Trump I sworn in before the nuclear bombs go of?

I just can't see the result of Trump being President being anything other than full-blown World War Three.

So how long do you think before the world ends?

by Anonymousreplies 125 hours ago

To rinse or not rinse when loading the dishwasher?

well ?

by Anonymousreplies 35 hours ago

Celebrities sing "I Will Survive" in protest of Trump Inauguration

This is just embarrassing. How long before W disables votes and/or comments?

by Anonymousreplies 555 hours ago

How Often Do You Update Your Computer Drivers?

I recently bought the AVG Driver Update program and was surprised that I had about 40 driver updates on my computer/printer that I wasn't aware about and also 7 program updates. I'm not shilling, but I think this is a good program because it automatically looks for updates and alerts you to them and installs them automatically if you want. Some of my driver updates were for even the basic CPU storage drives, whatever that is.

by Anonymousreplies 75 hours ago

All things Chris Evans

Chris Evans news and pics

by Anonymousreplies 1355 hours ago

Look gays, it's "Teen Wolf"'s Cody Christian jerking off!

He apparently wants to fuck you "so hard, so right, til you come for him, twice!"

by Anonymousreplies 2495 hours ago

Lucifer Season 2

Great premiere episode tonight!

Anyone else a fan?

by Anonymousreplies 805 hours ago

Handsome boxer Amir Khan beats his meat on Skype!

Is this part of the ongoing male fappening?

My, have I waited for this day! Who is next? RONALDO?

by Anonymousreplies 545 hours ago

Who's the wealthiest person you know and how did they get there?

My cousin who inherited everything from his parents. He has millions.

by Anonymousreplies 385 hours ago

Unemployment Blues

the severance package ended. I had to pay COBRA today. It's so much fucking money.

I can't seem to get any traction going for a job. Everyone's busy.

I'm going to have to cash out the 401K soon.

This is how people become homeless, isn't it?

by Anonymousreplies 3155 hours ago

Some tea to spill

Ben Affleck has been dating Chloe Grace Moretz on the low

by Believe me or not. It's been the talk of the town (LA) for a hot minutereplies 1535 hours ago

"Is O.J. Innocent" on Investigation Discovery

Anybody see this last night? The theory is that O.J.'s older son, Jason, actually committed the murders. One of the experts is Derrick "Sluggo Pigwick" Levasseur, winner of [italic]Big Brother 16.[/italic]

by Candice DeLong's old facereplies 135 hours ago

The Most Passionate Sean Cody Performers

Which Sean Cody performers over the years have appeared to clearly enjoy having sex with other guys and weren't just "phoning it in" or overdoing it like they were pursuing an Oscar? A list of some of the guys who really seemed like they wanted to keep going even after the director yelled "cut:"









by Anonymousreplies 1485 hours ago

"Victoria" on Masterpiece Theatre

It's like a Victoria Holt novel. The queen is played as so romantic and beautiful by that young pretty actress from Doctor Who. I can see why that would make it more popular than a typical BBC production, but it seems a little cheesy.

The CGI is really interesting. I didn't know that there used to be three sides only to Buckingham Palace, and that the entrance was fronted by the Marble Arch (which was later moved when the fourth side of the Palace was completed).

by Anonymousreplies 205 hours ago

How do we feel about Episcopalians?

What is the official DL word?

by Anonymousreplies 75 hours ago

Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo, More to Protest Outside Trump Hotel in NYC Before Inauguration

"We are sending a message to Washington that we will fight, at every step, discrimination and harmful policies, today, tomorrow and every day." Mark Ruffalo added that participants "are coming together to stand up for one another, as we will do every day, to protect the values we hold dear."

[bold]NYC in front of Trump International Hotel this Thursday, 6 pm! [/bold]

by Anonymousreplies 315 hours ago

HR Managers who tends to be the least problematic employee?

I know you are out there !!!

by Anonymousreplies 265 hours ago

Inauguration Nightmare! Part II

Part I was all filled up and nobody started a new one. So here we go!

Who will perform?

Link to Part I below:

by Anonymousreplies 165 hours ago

What [music] goes around....

It occurred to me recently that some DL patrons, and especially the general public, view today’s music in a vacuum, without reference to (or consideration for) music that was popular years earlier. I completely understand this, because I, myself, failed to do the same thing when I was very young in the 1960s and for many years thereafter. I believed that old music was simply irrelevant.

Benny Goodman was a trend leader in Swing Music, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, years before I was born. He was a pioneer in the same way we consider leaders of more recent trends like trance, melodic, and deep house to be. In fact, Benny was comparable in achievement to artists like BT, Paul Van Dyk, and Eelke Kleijn.

It’s easy to dismiss the achievements of artists in the distant past. I’ve learned that no matter how music changes, it remains relevant, because it adds perspective and history. When I’m one day beyond the mend and living in a rest home, I hope to be sitting in a semi-circle exercise class, shaking my arms above my head to songs, which might include Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing”. I hope they take requests.

by Been there, done thatreplies 05 hours ago

Rachel Maddox's show tonight

Is excellent. She's showing all the protests and town hall meeting that are happpening. And the little rat fink republicans running for the doors

by Anonymousreplies 285 hours ago

Thread to collect information on Trump/Russia connection

Someone mentioned that we should have a thread to gather information on Trump and the Russian involvement in this election. This is a great idea. Brilliant!

There have been so many great links allover DL with links to very informative articles. Let's collect links supporting this theory. I'll start.

by Anonymousreplies 335 hours ago

Fat Flyover Fraus Who Voted for Trump: In Their Own Words

The NYTimes talked to some of the 53% of white women who voted for Cheeto.

Some truly jaw-dropping stuff here.

Basically, they all thought Hillary was a liar and that Trump's "straight talk" (verbal diarrhea) was a positive that overrode all of his negative qualities.

by Anonymousreplies 2785 hours ago


Has this term fallen completely out of fashion, or are there still lesbians who refer to themselves this way? Personally, I find it quite charming.

by Anonymousreplies 35 hours ago

Team Gio and Tommy: Divine Disney Princes on DL Part 10!

Dreamy! Dandy! Devote your Dedications to their Desirable Lifestyle here!

by Anonymousreplies 2495 hours ago

Favourite awful stories about celebrities being horrible people you heard from DL

Lucille Ball slinging a cup of coffee at a flight attendant and barking "Ya call that hot?"

Shirley MacLaine shrieking "I want my creme brûlée!" at a waitress who was attempting to close up shop as the Rodney King riots were erupting all around the city

by Anonymousreplies 1525 hours ago

The male fappening continues. Alleged nude photos and videos of Gregg Sulkin are online.

Was sent these links, I'd go ahead and download them if I were you cause I know it is one of those websites that shuts down after a while.


by Anonymousreplies 585 hours ago

I want to be groped by strange men in public

What does this mean? I hear people complaining about being grabbed by their bosses and I don't see how this is a problem. Years ago, I had an ancient co-worker come up behind me, press himself against my ass and smell my hair. Another co-worker said "you shouldn't let him just do that to you". I didn't see why it was wrong because I was single.

Is this some sort of weird fetish? I've never been sexually abused, I'm not claiming to be down with being raped but if some guy put his hand down my pants on a train, it probably would excite rather than repulse me. If his hands looked clean, of course.

by WTF is wrong with me?! replies 245 hours ago

Please post fabulous stuff from Youtube here.

Must be fabulous.

I'll start off.

by Anonymousreplies 4305 hours ago

European leaders shocked as Trump slams NATO and E.U., raising fears of transatlantic split

BRUSSELS — European leaders grappled with the jolting reality of President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism of the European Union on Monday, saying they might have to stand without the United States at their side during the Trump presidency.

The possibility of an unprecedented breach in transatlantic relations came after Trump — who embraced anti-E.U. insurgents during his campaign and following his victory — said in weekend remarks that the 28-nation European Union was bound for a breakup and that he was indifferent to its fate. He also said NATO’s current configuration is “obsolete,” even as he professed commitment to Europe’s defense.

Trump’s attitudes have raised alarm bells across Europe, which is facing a wave of elections this year in which anti-immigrant, Euroskeptic leaders could gain power. Most mainstream leaders have committed to working with Trump after his inauguration Friday, even as they have expressed hope that he will moderate his views once he takes office. His continued hard line has created a painful realization in Europe that they may now have to live without the full backing of their oldest, strongest partner. The European Union underpins much of the continent’s post-World War II prosperity, but skeptics have attacked it in recent years as a dysfunctional bloc that undermines finances and security.

“We will cooperate with him on all levels, of course,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin. But she said Europeans will need to take responsibility for themselves.

“We Europeans have our destiny in our own hands,” she said.

The full ramifications of a potential breakdown in transatlantic ties are so extensive, they are difficult to total. U.S. guarantees form the backbone of European security. The United States and the 500-million-people-strong European Union are each other’s most important trade partners. For decades, European nations and the United States have worked tightly together on issues of war, peace and wealth.

Trump appears skeptical that the European Union matters to American security or economic growth.

“People want their own identity, so if you ask me, others, I believe others will leave,” Trump said of the European Union in a weekend interview with the Times of London and Germany’s Bild newspaper. He said he did not care about the E.U.’s future. “I don’t think it matters much for the United States,” he said.

“You look at the European Union, and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany,” Trump said, meaning Germany had used the free-trade bloc to sell its goods to the disadvantage of others. He added that Merkel had made a “very catastrophic mistake” in opening Europe’s doors to migrants and refugees.

And he offered no special credit to European nations for being long-standing U.S. allies, saying he will trust Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin alike at the outset of his presidency.

“I start off trusting both,” he said. “But let’s see how long that lasts. It may not last long at all.”

Trump offered mixed messages about the NATO defense alliance, which is dominated by the United States, calling it “obsolete” and saying it is “very unfair to the United States” that most nations are not meeting their voluntary defense spending commitments. “With that being said, NATO is very important to me,” Trump said.

The Kremlin embraced Trump’s comments, with a spokesman agreeing that NATO is obsolete. British leaders also welcomed Trump’s willingness to negotiate a trade deal in the wake of their nation’s departure from the E.U.

But among most U.S. allies, Trump’s attitudes “caused astonishment and excitement, not just in Brussels,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters Monday in Brussels, where he was meeting with other European foreign ministers at a previously scheduled gathering. Coming directly from a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Steinmeier said NATO had listened to Trump’s comments “with concern.”

The incoming U.S. president is t

by Anonymousreplies 865 hours ago

The beautiful and talented Debra Messing is currently trending at #7 on Yahoo!!!

this almost makes up for the whole Trump thingy.

by Deb Messing replies 05 hours ago


The newest form of sexuality.

by Anonymousreplies 115 hours ago

FX's FEUD starring JESSICA LANGE and SUSAN SARANDON premieres March 7th!

News broke on Thursday during TCA where the pilot was screened for a sect crowd to raves.

by Anonymousreplies 1745 hours ago

Emma Watson Belle Doll

She certainly is the Beast.

by Anonymousreplies 636 hours ago

Is the HBO prison show OZ consdidered a prominent gay tv show

Anybody remembers the HBO show OZ- a show about prisoners in maximum facility. Despite the violence in the prison there was a love story between two prisoners named Beecher and Keller. Is the show or the couple in any considered iconic as far as prominent gay couples in scripted entertainment.

by Anonymousreplies 56 hours ago

I had an anxiety attack this morning when I realized I've wasted my life

I'm 45 and have spent most of my life taking care of family members so I've never made a lot of money. This morning it really hit me that my life is more than half over and I have about $13 in my bank account, a terrible low paying job and I have no idea what will happen to me in my old age.

by Anonymousreplies 306 hours ago

Hepatitis C and the Baby Boomer Generation

Those commercials about Hepatitis C indicate 1 out of ever 30 Baby Boomers have Hepatitis C.

On the odd chance there are any Baby Boomers here on this site, which I guess are men and women over the age of 50, do you have Hepatitis C? Did you know about it before the commercials?

And does anyone know why only Baby Boomers got it and Gen x, y and z can't get it?

by Anonymousreplies 476 hours ago

Is there a name for this type of diet?

OK, I know about vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, fruitarians ... but one I'd never heard of was the one that queen Clinton Kelly (of "The Chew" and formerly of "What Not to Wear") follows: He doesn't eat MAMMALS. So -- no beef, pork, lamb, etc., but poultry and fish are OK. Is there a name for that, and have you ever heard of anyone else who follows that diet?

by Anonymousreplies 76 hours ago

Did Debbie Reynolds do her own singing in Singin in the Rain?

I thought I read she was dubbed. (It sounds like her.)

by Anonymousreplies 116 hours ago

Shadowhunters Part 2

Season 2 out Jan. 2nd. More Malec!

by Anonymousreplies 856 hours ago

Gay YouTubers Part 7: Restoration

Carry on, my vain sons. vainglorious sons.

by Anonymousreplies 86 hours ago

Transformation: From flab to fit 💪🏽

Have you transformed your bod from flab to uberfit? If so, how did you do it? How long did it take? Are you afraid of going back to flab?

by Anonymousreplies 2076 hours ago

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Says Transgender Inmates Will Be Housed Based On Gender Identity

"Trans rights are human rights."

Justin Trudeau continued to serve as an inclusive voice for the LGBT community last week after vowing to make sure transgender inmates are able to serve their sentences in prisons that match their gender identity.

The Canadian prime minister vowed to address the problem at a town hall meeting on Thursday after a trans woman declared that the current prison placement policy is “torture.”

“I will make sure we look at it and we address it and we do right in recognizing that trans rights are human rights, and we need to make sure we are defending everyone’s dignity and rights in every way we can,” he said.

A new Correctional Service Canada policy was just released days before Trudeau’s speech, however, that places inmates in facilities based on birth sex instead of gender identity.

A spokesman for the minister of public safety said that all Canadians should be free to be themselves and safe from discrimination, and declared that the CSC has already begun to update its rules regarding trans inmates.

He added that a bill that would add gender identity to the list of protections against discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act is currently moving through Parliament.

by Anonymousreplies 316 hours ago

Was Bette Davies homophobic?

The origins of the infamous Davis and Crawford's feud point out to Bette being extremely uncomfortable with Joan hitting on her. Some say Bette also loathed Stanwyck for coming on her. She reportedly compared homosexuality to infirmity and sorrow. She is seen as DL and LGBT's icon, but was she truly homophobic, or just didn't get along with lesbians?

by Concerned Citizenreplies 1096 hours ago

Remember Liz Phair?

She's coming back.

by Anonymousreplies 396 hours ago

Things that you miss

Think back over your life and tell us something that you really miss.

by Anonymousreplies 3436 hours ago

Sally Sussman Morina - Superb Show Messiah, or Slow Sluggish Monstrosity?

There's a new girl in town

And she's feeling...GOOD

Got a song, got some breakfast

For the Abbott's hood

There's a new way to plot

All without Chuck Pratt

And this girl's here to say

With some luck and Nielsen ratings

Angelina McDaniel's fat ass can just

Fuck off!

by Gloria Bardwell, chanteuse on the loose replies 1456 hours ago

How often do you masturbate? And your age.

36 and typically I jerk off 2-3 times on most days. I have a partner that doesn't give up the booty that often so what else am I to do?

by Anonymousreplies 336 hours ago

Jeopardy 7

Ask away!

by Anonymousreplies 3186 hours ago

I am watching a really weird movie called The Neon Demon

Bizarre as hell. Anyone seen it? Does it make any sense?

by Anonymousreplies 136 hours ago

Why is DL being flooded with so many Canada threads?

Seems every fucking day there's a new thread about how awesome Canada is and how suck the US is compared to Canada. We also get nonstop, multiple threads on their attention whoring fug prime minister.

Is it the work of some American-hating xenophobic Canuck, or just your garden variety troll?

by Anonymousreplies 106 hours ago

Andy Cohen tells all in his upcoming memoir, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries

EXCLUSIVE: Threesomes with a married WOMAN and her husband; Beverly Hills Housewives 'really dosed up on pills' and George and Amal's make-out session... Bravo's Andy Cohen dishes in explosive new memoir

* The 48-year-old openly gay talk show host confesses he didn't want to go to his grave never having had sex with a woman

* In the hotel room, the stoned and happy threesome thoroughly enjoyed each other

* Cohen claims that the Beverly Hills Housewives, about to film one of their notoriously vicious reunions, are 'really dosed up on pills'

* He tells the inside story of Sarah Jessica Parker's 50th birthday party and of his adventures during a threesome with a married couple

* He also reveals how a drunk Lindsay Lohan tried to convince him to invest $8,000 in an app to lease private planes

Andy Cohen is finally willing to dish some dirt. In an explosive upcoming memoir, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, the overlord of all of Bravo's notorious 'The Real Housewives' franchises, is set to tell tales on his many divas

The openly gay talk show host and TV producer also dishes about a threesome he once had with a married couple and shares intimate scenes from his fabulous celebrity-studded life - Cohen's inner-circle includes Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa. The 48-year-old's earlier books, Most Talkative and The Andy Cohen Diaries, were fun reads but short on gossip. But in advance publicity for his latest memoir, Cohen promised this time will be different

by Anonymousreplies 706 hours ago

Eugene Cernan, last man on the moon, dies

A now a break from the usual ass and presenting dick threads:

Eugene A. Cernan, the last astronaut to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon, has died, NASA said Monday.

He was 82.

"We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon," the US space agency said on Twitter.

Cernan was one of fourteen astronauts selected by NASA in October 1963. He served as as spacecraft commander of Apollo 17, the last scheduled manned mission to the moon for the United States. The mission launched on December 6, 1972 and returned on December 19.

The mission established several new records for manned space flight, including longest manned lunar landing flight (301 hours, 51 minutes), and longest lunar surface extravehicular activities (22 hours, 6 minutes).

by Anonymousreplies 86 hours ago

Australian Open 2017

We again return to the antipodal summer and once again to the first major of the year. As usual, first the men. The recently-made Sir Andy Misery, er, Murray is on top with his awesome bottom and thighs. He's world number one and Olympic champion, but we feel the absence of the always interesting but injury-prone Del Portro. The unfulfilled Isner may face DL favorite Po-hey (Pouille) in the second round. Berdych is still around and may meet Gramps Federer, seeded 17, in the second round. Nishikori is still there, but have we forgotten about him?

Stan Wawrinka and his awesome ass and thighs come next, but can we ignore his pockmarked face? Despite his major wins he may be the underrated competitor in this tournament. Australian James Duckworth is also in the same quarter. Does he have the legs to stand on? (American political reference) Will Kyrgios explode as usual, and will oldster Tsonga surprise us? We hope Sock's awesome ass advances. Ics are next: Cilic and Tomic.

Monfils is next, another we're surprised is still around as well as another Ic: Coric. Young and old Baghdatis, always entertaining, then Coal Schreiber. Then, of course, there's the injured and recovering Nadal (no? 9) with his famous ass and newly-implanted hair. Will he come back? Can he compete again against Sir Andy and Nole!? Ferrer, Simon: still around. Donaldson and Fritz: do we care? Pig-faced Raonic.

Dear Lord, Thiem and his beautiful rival-of-Nadal-ass come next. Oldsters Haas, Dimitrov, Gasquet and Feliciano. Is Goffin an oldster? Verdasco of the nice thighs and then...Nole! Nole this thread! Ingratiating himself again especially now that he has lost his number one ranking to Sir Andy of the Nice Beefy Ass and Thighs.

On to the women if we must because as we know from Courtney and Ben say the WTA is as compelling as the men. Kerber is now, unusually, number one but is she really the one to beat? Ovas: Plisk and Schevd, Then we have perpetual ensured finalist Genie Bouchard according to Chris Evert, World's Worst Tennis Commentator. Vinci will defeat. Sanchez Navarro is there as is Mugurutha.

Then Halep and...

Olympic champion...



Ovas: Kozl, Voskoboe (Face of Boe), Kuznets and Pavlyuchenk

Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yeah, Granny Venus! May she retire with dignity. And Halep too!

Ovas: Plisik, Gavril

Trump favourite: Putin-tsteva

Skip Stosur and Radwanska. Interjection by Ben and Courtney: Oh, so fascinating!

This quarter's Ovas: Cibulk, Allert, Alexandr, Makar, Rodio, Stryc, Safar

Errani and Wozniaki. Courtney and Ben: Still interested?

Of course we are still interested, because although last but not a mere footnote we reach the newly-engaged number two Serena Williams. Is she the one to truly beat?

Now once past my usual verbose opening, let's have a great Australian Open thread and a fruitful and satisfying tennis year. Will Kevin Spacey be there rooting for Andy to up from his bottom? What will Mirka Federer eat in nervous anticipation of her husband's matches, and will Brooklyn Decker-Roddick, model and thin, chastise her? I'll keep my Popsicle up.


As always let us keep our comments civil in keeping with this most civil of sports especially after a year that has been most injurious to our collective civility.

Finally, will ardent and antipodean ex (and ex Bond girl) Pam Shriver (Lazen-bi) ever, ever find a man to satisfy her lustful urges?

by Anonymousreplies 1926 hours ago

"We'll never stop showing our dicks vows Teen Wolf cast". A day after Cody Christian, Tyler Posey's nudes leak

Can we just make a "Teen Wolf" porno already? Give the fans what they want

by Anonymousreplies 866 hours ago

Doctors dropping ALL Medicare patients

Not too long ago my step-dad had to spend a few days in intensive care. Pretty scary stuff.

He had just about every nasty symptom imaginable, from constant vomiting to dizziness to ultra-high fever, but the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Fortunately his condition improved enough that he was released from the hospital, and now he’s on the mend. Now, my step-dad is a Medicare patient. But he just found out that he’s been unceremoniously dropped by his Primary Care doctor.

Apparently his physician dropped all of her Medicare patients in one giant culling. It turns out that physicians across the country have been firing Medicare patients; and according to a late 2015 study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 21% of physicians are not taking new Medicare patients.

by Heads Upreplies 226 hours ago

Beck Bennett. So sexy as Putin. What do we know? Anyone had him?


by Anonymousreplies 306 hours ago

Trump plans on taking three days off after inauguration.

Lazy slob.

by Anonymousreplies 56 hours ago

Mariah's World

Hey lambs!

The docu-series starts tonight on E! at 9 pm! Make sure you tune in to see the Queen of R&B&Soul&Pop&Gospel&HipHop in her natural habitat. Word on the street is that even the biggest goats will warm up to Mariah when they see how sweet and funny she really is when she isn't trying to have the perfect interview.

Tune in!

by Stellareplies 736 hours ago

I want to leave my b/f but if I do I really have nowhere I can go.

I don't really earn enough to have my own apartment but I know I can't stay with him for much longer. I'm really worried I'll end up on the street.

by Anonymousreplies 776 hours ago

9.3% of SNAP benefits spent on soda-pop.

9.3% of SNAP benefits are spent on sugary beverages - soda. Of course surprise surprise the major soda manufacturers actively lobby against any changes to the program to exclude the purchases of soda with SNAP benefits.

Also interesting is the USDA permits the use of SNAP benefits to purchase food items in direct contradiction to their own dietary guidelines

The average family spends just over 7% on sugary beverages.

Considering the negative impact sugar has on our bodies. How much money would we save on health care and other subsidies to the soda industry if we just paid Coke and Pepsi not to produce?

by Anonymousreplies 1937 hours ago

It just occurred to me Trump must be in SAG/AFTRA

as would be Ivanka,and the sons.

OMG! I think I blew a few votes.

by M replies 17 hours ago

Do policeman ever get naked while working?

I heard about a policeman in our area who walked around naked in a gym locker room, on duty, in order to work undercover and bust some sexual activity in the steam room/sauna, etc. It's drumming up all kinds of fantasies in my head about some of the cops in my city. I don't recall seeing nude police work in the plots of any of the crime drama series on TV. Is this an anomaly, or are there other policemen who are assigned to get naked in order to do their work?

by Anonymousreplies 147 hours ago

The Fadi Fawaz Saga Part II

George Michael's fiance having a breakdown over being labeled "Shady Fadi"?

by Anonymousreplies 117 hours ago

What kind of bluetooth headphones should I buy?

I want great sound, battery life, and comfort.

Has anyone compared Bose vs. Beats? Any other contenders?

by Anonymousreplies 107 hours ago

Theatre Gossip #249 : Come Up With Your Own Damn Title Edition

I saw it's been a few hours since the last one closed, but I got nothing. And even if I did have something half you queens would bitch about it anyway.

Carry on....

by Anonymousreplies 377 hours ago

Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Will Damien Chazelle or Barry Jenkins win Best Director?

Has Viola Davis hired a crack team of writers so that she doesn't have to make the same acceptance speech over and over again?

And what the hell was up with that SAG nomination for Emily Blunt?

Continue discussing what the Academy might nominate here.

by Anonymousreplies 1767 hours ago

Oscar Campaigning: Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver may get nominated for being friendly, personable

...but here's the juicy stuff buried at the bottom

*Brad Pitt zealously sticks to talking points

*Joel Edgerton is unfunny

*Viggo Mortensen is dogmatic

*Ben Affleck is unrelaxed

*Denzel Washington is intimidating

by Anonymousreplies 567 hours ago

Is Russia already blackmailing Trump?

With new revelations that Russia has personal and financial dirt on Trump and Trump's unexplainable constant support of Putin, we have to wonder if Russia is already blackmailing Trump.

Plus, there are reports of the Trump campaign working closely with Russia prior to the election

by Anonymousreplies 1047 hours ago

Amy Sedaris to star in new comedy series based on her books

Thank fuckin' Christ!!!!! Oh my god!!

by Anonymousreplies 417 hours ago

What Happened to "The Situation"

I hear he's not doing so well.

by Anonymousreplies 797 hours ago

"I consider this woman the greatest actress in the English language"----F. Murray Abraham

Well who cares what you think you pretentious twat. Just give out the award.

Was this traumatizing for the gays back in the day?

by Anonymousreplies 97 hours ago

Oh, God - help me! I just don't understand 'stock'.

I made what is a stock, I guess.

I used a carcass of a chicken and various vegetables and and cooked them slowly for two and a half hours in about three litres (I'm English, we do litres) of water.

Then, yesterday I made matzo balls and used the stock for the soup but it was way too strong and I had heartburn and...the rest.

So, clearly I needed to add water to the stock, but how do I know how much without watering it down too much?

I've had stock explained before but I don't get it.

If people respond to this and I don't get it - I will say so. I don't care how much I'm insulted (which I'm sure I will be), but I'd like to sort this out, once and for all.

by Anonymousreplies 317 hours ago

Adopting older senior dogs

Check out this hot guy that just adopted an older dog with cancer. All gawking at his hotness aside....that's a very sweet thing to do.

(For a small side of entertainment, see the FB comments. The fraus have shot gallons of panty pudding over this guy.)

by Anonymousreplies 97 hours ago

How can anyone hate Zendaya?

She can sing, act, dance. She's an activist. She has her own clothing brand. She's tall and can model like no one's business. She is mega talented and has everything going for her. She is much more level headed than all of the other Disney girls. She is a great role model for all young girls out there. There's no one quite like her in the industry and that makes her all the more likable. Zendaya is a true star.

by Anonymousreplies 507 hours ago

It does not " Hail" in Winter

It's called "sleet." You would think adults would know the difference between hail and sleet and freezing rain. Sleet is tiny frozen droplets that fall in winter or cold weather. Hail is a warm weather phenomenon that falls during thunderstorms. Outside of the tropics and Florida, hail rarely falls in winter. Freezing rain is rain that freezes on cold surfaces.

by Anonymousreplies 147 hours ago

Buff Bros in the Mirror 2017

I'm looking at the man in the mirror....

by Anonymousreplies 417 hours ago

Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Part 7

Just give LuAnn the biggest apple for getting engaged to the biggest a-hole. Give Jules an apple and watch her pick at it. Give B an apple because she is a producer (not because she looks too thin). Give Carole an apple because horses love apples. The rest can get their own fucking apples.

by Anonymousreplies 4257 hours ago

Olympian Greg Rutherford's ass.

Thoughts on the long jumper's derrière?

by Anonymousreplies 27 hours ago

It makes me chuckle, watching the media trying so hard to make Trump sane.

He is not sane. His constant tweets...sounding like the village idiot in every tweet, is not hidden. Other countries have no idea what his intentions are, so they need to look to Putin because Putin directs Dumbshit. I wonder will any commentators, or news readers ever just throw up their hands and say, "this guy is crazy!"

by Anonymousreplies 107 hours ago

In 2014 Trump called Russia the 'biggest problem' and geopolitical foe of U.S.

In a series of interviews in March of 2014, Donald Trump singled out Russia as the United States' "biggest problem" and greatest geopolitical foe. Trump's comments more than two years ago, which came in the wake of Russian incursions into Crimea, offer a sharp contrast to the Russia-friendly rhetoric he has employed since launching his presidential campaign. In the interviews reviewed by CNN's KFile from March 2014, which occurred on NBC News and Fox News, Trump goes as far as to suggest imposing sanctions to hurt Russia economically and then later says he supports such sanctions. Trump also expressed his agreement with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's 2012 assessment that Russia is the United States' number one "geopolitical foe."

yes, he was blackmailed, either through the shitload money he borrowed from Russian banks, or the piss tapes

by Anonymousreplies 17 hours ago

Clotted Cream

Friends with discriminating palettes: What is the difference between clotted cream and mascarpone?

by Ree, asking for a friendreplies 728 hours ago

Tom Hardy's Taboo

Finally premieres next Tuesday Jan 10.

by Photoshop awardreplies 148 hours ago

Newt Gingrich in the flesh

I recently saw Newt Gingrich and his wife out shopping.

He's really really, and I mean really fat. She's as plastic as she looks on TV.

Why does the media still give this blowhard a platform ? Now that he's not getting a cabinet position all he's good for is talking about how great Trump is.

Fuck the fatty

by Anonymousreplies 138 hours ago

Batfleck Lays Another Egg

Live By Night is "watered-down rum" according the THR and Variety says "it’s like seeing the ghost of a terrific movie."

by Anonymousreplies 688 hours ago

Asian Muscle Dudes, Part2

Nakahiro Ito

by Anonymousreplies 2828 hours ago

So which of three MTV twinks whose cock leaked this weekend was your favorite?

Would rather go down on Cody Christian, Tyler Posey or Gregg Sulkin? Inquiring minds wants to know.

Don't act like this board hasn't had more pointless polls than this dears...

by Bella Thornereplies 468 hours ago

Kids in NYC-- why are they such a rarity?

I've been in NYC for 7 years and have never seen groups of kids playing on the sidewalks, like you always see in the movies or in old street scene pics.

by Anonymousreplies 758 hours ago

Steve McQueen Stories by first wife Neile Adams

From "My Husband, My Friend" book by McQueen' first wife. Neile Adams

IF I WERE to pick a specific event that signaled the point of no return, it would have to be that morning in early January 1968 when an anonymous phone call disrupted our breakfast. A man’s voice said cryptically that an underground book had just been released containing a list of all the known and unknown homosexuals who were in the public eye. “I thought you’d like to know that your name is on the list,” said the voice on the other end. Click.

The phone went dead and the blood drained from Steve’s face. He was thunderstruck. There was a long pause as he looked at me unseeing. Thinking hard. Then finally he recounted the mysterious telephone call. We both fell silent trying to grasp the situation, trying to grasp what it all meant.

In the end we both agreed that, one, this book was a sleazy publication and consequently no one would see it; and that, two, no one in his right mind would ever think of Steve as gay. tttt But Steve became possessed. His ego couldn’t handle the innuendo. It seemed to violate everything he stood for—most notably his macho image. We had our lawyers try to track down the publication, but it was an impossibility. The name of the publishing house was phony and the trail led nowhere.

Fortunately for their own reasons, the FBI became interested in the case, and within two weeks the books had disappeared from the underground market, just as Bullitt started to roll in San Francisco. But the incident had shaken him.

That, plus the drug culture and the sexual revolution, conspired to draw him into a midlife crisis. tttt

by Anonymousreplies 1788 hours ago

Rotisserie chicken

Do you buy rotisserie chickens from the store? How many meals do you get out of one and what do you like to do with them?

by Anonymousreplies 1008 hours ago

The Anna Nicole Show

This still has to be the greatest reality television show in the history of television. No bigger trainwreck ever took place, my god!!! Does anyone remember toothless Cousin Shelly? WEHT Bobby Trendy? That purple haired, I'm not a dyke, assistant Kimmy, who's out of the closet finally on Facebook, btw, would do anything for her. I'll never forget the Holiday show with Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, and Rip Taylor. Anna stuck her tongue down Margaret's throat and they made out. Shelly went all Jerry Springer and began beating up one of the women at the party like a common crackhead.

by Anonymousreplies 538 hours ago

Eastenders Part 4

Is anyone still watching?

SOC is transforming it into a tedious comedy revolving around boozy girls' nights out and darts teams.

by Anonymousreplies 288 hours ago

A Boy and His Dog (1975 film)

Got it from Netflix.

Lets see what this is all about.

by Anonymousreplies 158 hours ago

Anchorman Paul Folger

Someone mentioned him on DL months ago and I've been smitten ever since. He's an anchorman out in Oklahoma with a penchant for rescue dogs, staying fit, and traveling. He seems like the sweetest guy of all time, and is ostensibly single, which makes me think he's family. Anyway, what do you guys think?

by Anonymousreplies 718 hours ago

Aren't Baby Boomers ashamed that a Donald Trump presidency will be their lasting legacy?

Their final "fuck you" to this country?

by Anonymousreplies 2418 hours ago

What Are Your Hobbies?

So what does the DL do for a hobby?

by Anonymousreplies 568 hours ago

Mendocino, California

It looks beautiful and actually affordable (for CA anyway). What's it like? Too cold?

by Anonymousreplies 258 hours ago

Instagram Fitness Models, Part 3

Instagram Fitness Models, Part 2, is clogging up the system. Let's move to Instagram Fitness Models, Part 3. Here are Rogan O'Connor (L) and Joss Mooney (R).

Did everyone see Max on The Real O'Neals? He played "underwear model." I hope he becomes a regular.

by Anonymousreplies 908 hours ago

Butt Holes Part 2....Coin Slots & Rosebuds.....Fur, Smooth, or a Dusting?


by Anonymousreplies 248 hours ago

WHET Fitfat?

Let's post snaps of sizzling Fitfatties.


by Anonymousreplies 618 hours ago

WEHT Steven Strait?

He was beautiful with luscious, pouty lips, an infectious smile, and a great, hairy body. His career went nowhere. He was a bad boy in Disney's Sky High, a starving artist in Undiscovered, and a caveman in the disastrous 10,000 B.C. I see he's done a lot of TV since... is The Expanse good? Was he ever talented? Or just hot?

by Anonymousreplies 428 hours ago

What is it with alcoholics?

Every one I've ever known believes that because they have "a hard life" and an "illness" they should get a free pass on the consequences of their choices and actions? My 29 year old brother smashed up my parent's car on the weekend and when he sobered up he told them they should have "more compassion" for him because he's an alcoholic. WTF?

by Anonymousreplies 798 hours ago

Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw

From Ali MacGraw' book "Moving Pictures"

When I first saw him, the movie star “Steve McQueen,” it was from a seat in the deep, dark Radio City Music Hall. The movie was Bullitt. It was one of the very rare times in my life, especially in my grown-up years, when I left the movie theater with my knees knocking for the star.

He had a tigerlike quality. Something about his short athletic body reminded me of a wild animal, ready at an instant to pounce or attack. I think the essential thing about Steve was that he exuded danger. Lots of men and women are handsome or sexy, but it is hard for me to think of one film actor, except for Marlon Brando, who had Steve’s innate mystery and danger. You never knew what he was going to do or say or be next.

In life it was a little less romantic, making for a pretty nerve-racking home life as I tried to guess the mood of the day or the hour. He came by this sense of danger the hard way — by surviving a devastating childhood. And never trusting again

Our relationship was doomed from the start . Steve tried half-heartedly to confront his problem through the help of an analyst. “Don’t ever tell anyone I am seeing a shrink,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to think I am weak.” He missed so many appointments that it was obvious he didn’t really want to deal with the pain and history.

At the same time, I was seeing an analyst. The doctor was a kind and decent man, but unfortunately his system consisted of listening to me nonstop for forty-five minutes while adding no advice or guidance whatever. I never knew what he was thinking....

It was easy to count the Old Milwaukee beer cans and joints in the ashtrays and come up with the obvious fact that Steve was somewhat stoned every day of our almost six-year relationship. What I didn’t know then was that, whether or not I drank a lot during that time, I had my own illness. Alcoholism and the related addictions are not just the shot of tequila or the line of coke.

Every single wounding childhood button that could be pushed by either of us was: Steve pushed ones in me that reminded me of the violence in my father, and I reminded him of his mother in ways that were intolerably painful. Steve loathed a woman who drank at all. That of course enraged me, as he was constantly drinking beer and smoking grass...

by Anonymousreplies 2778 hours ago

Wife of Orlando Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen arrested

Noor Salman held, FBI confirms, reportedly on charge of obstruction

by Anonymousreplies 508 hours ago

I see PLENTY of homely women with loads of self-esteem

And mysteriously enough, handsome husbands on their arms...

By request, I couldn't agree more.

by Anonymousreplies 388 hours ago

Is our Santeria poster here? I need help.

I am ready to give up. I cannot keep a job or find a single friend, and it has turned my lifetime of pain and loneliness into anger and bitterness. Former co-workers have bad-mouthed me to their colleagues, and cost me other jobs. This is after they said they would be references for me. This is not speculation; I know for sure, because the potential employers were friends in the same industry as them; and it is not 1 or 2, it is at least 5 (that I know of for sure) from completely different industries. Former friends ignore and avoid me until I give up and move on, and like co-workers, it isn't a few, it is all of them. This pattern of failure and isolation is torturing me, and I feel like I am cursed or hexed to fail repeatedly. My family is of no help whatsoever.

I know DL will question me, so here is my background. I have been to 3 different psychiatrists and psychotherapists (for a total of eight years; the current one, a psychiatrist, weekly for the last 6 years) and cycled through 6 different antidepressants. Each doctor insisted there is no personality disorder with me; that I have social anxiety and intimacy fears, and that I need to focus on the positive, keep trying and not give up.

I can't keep trying. I can't be positive when I have failed over and over again and see no change happening. I have asked for help; the help I need isn't coming from the ones I have asked.

Santeria poster, if you are here, please, I am desperate. I need to stop this pattern that is killing my soul. I am not worried about physically dying; it is my actual soul that is dying and I fear it will be lost forever. I need hope. I can't hope because things never change, and until things change I have no reason to hope, so I am asking for a reason to hope. You have mentioned in your posts how Santeria helped you through a very rough time and connected you with someone wonderful. I just want a good friend. 2 or 3 would be wonderful. I want to find and keep a job where I am not harassed or bullied, or become a magnet for an angry, toxic person. Or at least - I want to know WHAT I DID WRONG! If I could only know that - what I am doing wrong - that, in of itself, would likely turn my life around. I can't change behaviour until I recognize it.

If you could give me any advice - any prayer, ritual, anything to focus or meditate upon - or, if you know someone who could help me, please, it would make a world of difference to me. Please, I have exhausted every resource and don't know where else to turn.

by SKORreplies 1318 hours ago

Meet Max Emerson's boyfriend!

Or don't. But if you care about his fame ho' he is introducing him to the world. And at least calling himself out for doing PR stunts like pretending Kyle Krieger was his boyfriend to do promotion for "Hooked"

by Anonymousreplies 169 hours ago

Dustin Lance Black: Gay Rights TV Series Is for All, Even Trump

"I think there's a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who will love this show," Black told a TV critics' meeting Tuesday. "I didn't write this show for half the country. If Donald Trump watches the show, I think he might like the show."

"When We Rise," airing Feb. 27 to March 2 on ABC, recounts the LGBTQ civil rights movement and those involved from the mid-20th century to present day. The cast includes Guy Pearce, Rachel Griffiths, Mary-Louise Parker, Ivory Aquino and Michael Kenneth Williams.

by Anonymousreplies 659 hours ago

Prince Charles could spark a ‘constitutional crisis’

As Queen Elizabeth II spends her 13th day out of the public eye, forgoing annual holiday traditions while battling what's been called a “heavy cold,” many have been wondering what comes next for the royal family following the queen’s death or abdication.

Buckingham Palace reported Friday the queen was continuing to recover from her illness, along with the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip. Long before the queen became sick just before Christmas, rumors were swirling for years about who would become the first king to hold the throne since 1952. Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s son and the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, has been first in line to be king since then. However, it’s been said the 68-year-old could spark a "constitutional crisis" by immediately passing the throne to his son, Prince William.

It might sound like a long-shot, but it’s happened before. A similar phenomena occurred in 1936 when King-Emperor Edward VIII proposed to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson, who was in the midst of divorcing her second husband. The news caused widespread confusion over the fate of the British empire, with a dramatic and historic abdication speech following the untimely succession of Edward’s brother, the Duke of York.

"You must believe me when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love," he said at the time. "I have made this, the most serious decision of my life, only upon the single thought of what would, in the end, be best for all."

Of course, Prince Charles' abdication from the throne is even further complicated by opening the ceremonial role of queen as well. While Queen Elizabeth II was the official successor of power when Edward abdicated, her rocky relationship with Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles, an American divorcee and the cause for his divorce to Princess Diana, makes for an extremely uncertain transition of power that throws the royal family’s modern tradition of hereditary succession into jeopardy.

Much like Edward, Prince Charles has faced similar controversy in his lifetime, including when he divorced Princess Diana after having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles as well as lobbying letters he sent to ministers across several U.K. governments entitled the "black spider memos."

Meanwhile, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have enjoyed significantly higher approval ratings than Charles, though none were as high as Queen Elizabeth’s.

When the queen ultimately steps down from the throne, either through abdication or death, the proceeding succession of the royal family is intricately planned, with Prince Charles immediately becoming king. What’s more than likely to happen, barring an event unprecedented in modern royalty, is exactly what the Palace has planned for decades: Prince William will continue to serve in his role under his father’s throne.

by Anonymousreplies 1169 hours ago

Trump HINTS that White House Press will be muzzled when he POTUS

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus suggested that major changes are coming to the White House press corps.

Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt, Priebus said "many things have to change" in the White House's relationship and daily traditions with the media

"I think that it’s important that we look at all of those traditions that are great, but quite frankly, as you know, don’t really make news and they're just sort of mundane, boring episodes," Priebus said.

"The point of all of this conversation is that the traditions, while some of them are great, I think it’s time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the White House"

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump just locks the entire White House press corp out of the White House. And there is no one to stop him from doing that.

All Trump has to do is talk to Sean Hannity every week, problem solved

by Anonymousreplies 779 hours ago

Any random Hollywood gossip?

Post any random gossip you have.

by Anonymousreplies 169 hours ago

Bravo's Summer House - Season 1

Anyone watching? There are some seriously hot guys on this show. At least one of them is gay.

by Anonymousreplies 159 hours ago

Secret Celebrity Gay Couples, Part 2

Continue the discussion!

by Dainty Junereplies 19 hours ago

Lady Who Was "Having a Bad Day" Plows Her SUV Into a T-Mobile Store.

Florida, of course.

by Told ya I was hardcore! replies 69 hours ago

Ben Barnes, part II

Gay? Straight? Bi? Just a huge whore? Weigh in on this DL unsolved mystery!

by Anonymousreplies 689 hours ago

"Passengers" bombs, proving that movie stars are dead

The public only likes movie stars if they are voicing CGI critters, as "Sing" opens well.

by Anonymousreplies 1929 hours ago

Top Chef, Season 14 - Charleston

Sexy Sam is back!

by Anonymousreplies 969 hours ago

Men presenting their pits.

Preferably of hot and sweaty men...

by Anonymousreplies 1089 hours ago

Rebel's rebels? The Republicans who might not kowtow to Trump

Rebel's rebels? The Republicans who might not kowtow to Trump

John McCain and Rand Paul are among the few GOP politicians allying with liberals to save Obamacare and examine president-elect’s alleged ties to Russia

Alan Yuhas, Monday 16 January 2017 07.00 EST

A small group of Republicans may prove a thorn in Donald Trump’s side through the early months of his administration, as he continues to upset conservatives in Congress with his positions on Russia and healthcare.

Senator John McCain, the party’s 2008 nominee for president and a Republican who abandoned Trump late in the 2016 race, has led calls for a congressional investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election.

Citing intelligence chiefs’ conclusions that Russia orchestrated hacks on the Democratic party to sow confusion and help Trump’s candidacy, McCain has insisted he will organize an investigation even if his party’s leaders in the Senate do not join. McCain has also acknowledged that he passed an unsubstantiated dossier, alleging links between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign, to the FBI last year.

Early in his campaign, Trump ridiculed McCain’s service in the Vietnam war, in which he was captured and tortured by the Vietcong. “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured.”

Trump received five draft deferments from the war.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio have also actively criticized the president-elect’s steadfast interest in making Russian president Vladimir Putin a friend of the Trump White House.

In confirmation hearings, Rubio pressed the question of Putin in sharp questions to Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for secretary of state and an Exxon Mobil oil executive who received an “order of friendship” medal from the Russian president.

Tillerson told Rubio he would not use the term “war criminal” to describe Putin over his bombing campaign in Syria, for which the senator scolded him.

“We can’t achieve moral clarity with rhetorical ambiguity,” Rubio said.

Senator Rand Paul, who like Rubio was defeated by Trump in the Republican primary, has suggested he will oppose the president-elect on certain cabinet picks. The libertarian-tinged senator was also the only Senate Republican to vote against a rapid repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law.

Paul said he could not reconcile adding $10tn to the deficit with a repeal that fails to account for the budget or adequately replace the system.

Five other Republicans have also resisted the immediate repeal of Obamacare: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Corker, Bill Cassidy and Rob Portman. The five senators added an amendment this week to give Republicans more time to repeal the ACA and write a replacement.

Representative Charlie Dent, meanwhile, told reporters this week that moderate Republicans in the House similarly have “serious reservations” about acting without a new healthcare plan.

Few Republicans have criticized the president-elect publicly since the election, even though dozens said they would not vote for him after, in October, video was released of Trump bragging about groping women without consent.

On Saturday Nebraska senator Ben Sasse was one of the few members of his party to defend John Lewis, a Democrat in the House, from Trump’s insult that the civil rights leader was “all talk”.

by Anonymousreplies 99 hours ago

I have a serious question for the Eldergays

The country seems to be divided more than Ive ever experienced in my 34 years. Has this happened before in the last 50 years or so? I'm only asking because I just want to know if my sleepless nights and constant anxiety about Trump and his goons is valid. Ive tried to be patient and understanding with some of his supporters but I just cant. They have seriously fucked up our country, not just for the next four years but for the foreseeable future and they either are too stupid to understand or simply dont care. Has a president ever been this polarizing?

by Anonymousreplies 1159 hours ago

Jared Kushner to Serve as Trump Senior Adviser

Where is the media--and where are the Democrats protesting this and stating that it violates the nepotism laws.

The law clearly states that relatives--and a son-in-law is clearly stated that it is not allowed.

by Anonymousreplies 219 hours ago

Let's analyze the Trump marriage

IMO, they are married for convenience only now. Their body language together during the election was very telling. He acted like he was contemptuous and had "lordship" over her and she acted like she couldn't stand him touching her. In one pic he looked as if he was squeezing her arm very hard while she had a forced smile on her face. I don't think he has a lot of respect for women period especially former prostitutes and I'm sure told her he was still going to cheat and she had to perform certain services and expect certain treatment in exchange for the title of Mrs. Trump and the money that goes with it.

Any rumors or opinions?

by Anonymousreplies 299 hours ago

Homeland season 6 ia here

Showtime drama dropped its sixth-season premiere a whopping 17 days ahead of its scheduled debut. As of Dec. 30, the episode is streaming for all Showtime subscribers — whether they watch on the streaming service, the OTT app, Hulu or on-demand.


~ I just watched it. Found it weak.

Spoilers inside.

by Peter Quinnreplies 1810 hours ago

In a final fuck you to Trump, Hillary will be the undoubted star of the inauguration.

There is no doubt that when Donald goes to take the Oath of Office, the cameras are going to pan to Hillary Clinton stoic's face in what will likely become the most talked about moment of the inauguration.

by Anonymousreplies 4610 hours ago

Tori's Brother Randy

Some of that Spelling trash. He claims he's a "life coach". Is that rich speak for "unemployed, no marketable skills & living off mama's money"?

by Paris Hiltonreplies 710 hours ago

Margot Robbie - What do you think of her?

Is she talented? Is she hot? Will she win an Oscar for playing Tonya?

by Anonymousreplies 2510 hours ago

Ethics commissioner to investigate Trudeau's vacation

In a letter to an opposition Conservative member of Parliament shown to AFP on Monday, Commissioner Mary Dawson said she was investigating whether Trudeau breached ethics laws in receiving a free Bahamas vacation and in using the Aga Khan's helicopter to fly to his private island.

by Anonymousreplies 510 hours ago

Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Trump Inauguration

She apologized to the LGBT community for her "lapse in judgment"

by Anonymousreplies 11810 hours ago

Jensen Ackles reacting to a photoshopped picture of himself

He's aghast!

by Anonymousreplies 710 hours ago

I retired too early

I'm full of regret. No money issues, and I'm still making money at investments and rentals I own outright. But where I live has zero culture. Just lots of people that make good money and can't qualify for a mortgage - because of credit issues. They want - and will pay for- a nice place to live. The usual rentals out here suck (in pretty much anything below $1,500/mo for a 2/1 house- big city in Florida close to beaches)- so people are willing to pay a premium for location and amenities. But my life is empty. I don't have enough to do. And since I don't need cash - that fact- complicates it further. Am at my wits end.

by Lucky and restlessreplies 1210 hours ago

Chris Meloni: All time most gorgeous man

And now he's hitting Trump hard on Twitter.

Why isn't he a DL fave? he deserves to be a DL God.

by Anonymousreplies 12610 hours ago

"The Magicians" on SyFy

Anyone watch the two hour premiere tonight?

Seems pretty well done... almost more like a movie than a TV show.

And I think I'm crushing hard on the lead guy. I just want to cuddle with him.

by Anonymousreplies 13610 hours ago

Semi Moose

Why is she not a big star anymore? Did anyone find her hot?

by Anonymousreplies 1010 hours ago

Men In The Kichen

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

This thread is not only about showing HOT men in the kichen, but also to share those recipes and/or food ideas that help create scrumptious meals that will land that man!

by Foodiereplies 44510 hours ago

Connecticut GOP Politician Arrested After Grabbing Town Worker by the Pussy!

Oh dear...

[quote]A well-known Greenwich Republican called a town worker "nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee" and later reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in the groin area, according to the police arrest warrant.

by Anonymousreplies 2610 hours ago

Hot Middle Eastern Dudes, Part 3

Abderrahman El Ouadrassi

by Anonymousreplies 22510 hours ago

Celebs sing "I Will Survive"

Forget about the political aspects....what outrages me is they couldn't even memorize it?

by Anonymousreplies 1010 hours ago

What do Trumpkin trolls think they are accomplishing by posting their BS on DataLounge?

Do they think they are convincing gay people that Republicans aren't horrible people, despite their many decades of anti-gay policy?

Do they think this board of older gay people are stupid or impressionable, like naive teenagers?

Are they here just for the gay porn?

by Anonymousreplies 12211 hours ago

Lucille Ball's MAME

Masterpiece or Rubbish? Let's get a conclusion.

by Anonymousreplies 3211 hours ago

Favorite Current Pron Stars

Who are you loving that is currently active in pron?


Jack Hunter, Korey Houston, Sean Ford, Rodney Steele, Nick Vargas.

by Anonymousreplies 2711 hours ago

At what point is it time to walk away from a bad situation in your life?

If you've been fighting for four years to try and improve things and nothing you do works, is it time to just throw in the towel, let the other person win and walk away yourself?

by Anonymousreplies 1511 hours ago

Tom Barrack--Trump Inauguration Planner

Creepy, piece of shit lying through his teeth about the inauguration on CNN right now. Still spreading the bullshit story about the "gown shops" being sold out of gowns (not only in Washington, but also in NY and LA).

by Anonymousreplies 011 hours ago

Cheyenne Jackson and his landmark cult hubby are Daddies

And they have kids now too

by Anonymousreplies 16311 hours ago

Obamacare/ACA Repeal ......

Is it effective immediately ? Do insurance companies just immediately start dumping insurees they no longer want to cover ? Do they raise their coverage rates ?

What is going on ??

by Anonymousreplies 19411 hours ago

Could someone explain to me the growing popularity of more female singers singing in a sort of twee, baby or fairy/pixie voice?

It's so hard to describe but, using Amazon's Echo and asking it to play music while I'm working around my place, I've discovered a lot of new music. One group where the lead singer sings this way, and likely an excellent example is a song by Of Monsters & Men. It's difficult for me to describe, but I want to reach into the song and strangle these women. There are several other female artists singing this way also. What's that about?

by Anonymousreplies 8711 hours ago

Favorite Star Trek series?

In preparation for the new one. Mine was "Star Trek: TNG" (minus the first 2 seasons), with the original series a close second.

by Anonymousreplies 7011 hours ago

America: behold, your Snowflake-in-Chief

America: behold, your Snowflake-in-Chief

It’s ironic that the alt-right’s insult of the moment applies above all to their hero, president-elect Donald Trump

John Paul Brammer, Monday 16 January 2017 11.21 EST

If you’ve ever sat through a rightwing YouTube rant or spent five minutes on Twitter, you’ve likely heard the word “snowflake”. The term has supplanted the old standby of “social justice warrior” to describe a certain kind of liberal. This is thanks in large part to the far-right blog Breitbart, which lobbed it at anyone who criticized Trump’s incendiary rhetoric. But if you’re unfamiliar with the term, allow me to explain.

We “special snowflakes” are delicate beings obsessed with our own uniqueness. We identify with genders and sexual orientations we made up off the top of our heads in order to confuse people. We demand that everyone at whatever liberal arts college we’re doubtless attending respect these fabricated identities, and we punish our peers with mean words like “bigot” and “racist” when they refuse to comply.

We can only survive within the confines of our “safe spaces,” where we are protected from criticism and dissenting opinions. When we are confronted with a point of view from outside our snow globe of mandatory tolerance, we become, as the deplorables say, “triggered”. The word was originally intended to describe a reaction to a reminder of trauma, but has been recast as meaning almost any kind of upset, no matter how minor.

In sum: self-imposed victimhood, an inflated sense of self-importance, an inability to handle criticism, and a totalitarian demand for respect are the criteria that define the snowflake. It’s ironic, then, that the public figure who most reliably projects those qualities at the moment is Donald Trump. America is soon to inaugurate its first Snowflake-in-Chief.

Here is a man who, when a journalist like Jim Acosta hurts his feelings with a simple question, threatens to have him ejected. A man who, when he feels insulted, and he frequently feels insulted, goes on Twitter to berate whoever it is has damaged his delicate ego. A man who cannot handle an ounce of criticism without having a meltdown.

Donald Trump demands complete and total respect from everyone around him, including the press, whose job it is to hold him accountable. He portrays himself as the victim in petty spats with news outlets, journalists, celebrities, a former Miss Universe, the cast of a Broadway show, a Gold Star mother. The list goes on.

Indeed, Trumpism is a movement built on victimhood. It holds that Americans are unemployed because immigrants stole their jobs. It argues that people of color are diluting the culture of America and that LGBT people having rights is an attack on the traditional family. Its slogan, Make America Great Again, speaks to that victimhood. We were great once. We aren’t anymore, because of those people.

Saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is enough to inspire a meltdown. Nando’s, a chicken chain, recently “triggered” multiple Trump supporters by simply handing out “#everyoneiswelcome” posters in their DC stores. The act of simply existing while transgender sends some into a tizzy.

The reality is that, yes, we actually are all unique, no matter our political leanings. Having strong reactions to things does not necessarily imply weakness or fragility, and is not the same thing as being triggered. The phenomenon of living in an ideological bubble where opinions that align with our own are considered good and opinions that challenge your beliefs are considered bad is not unique to either party or any movement. It is also not the same thing as a safe space.

Not every protest is a tantrum. Using speech to criticize speech is not censorship. Dismissing the struggles of marginalized communities as “identity politics” is intellectually lazy. Sometimes, something just is racist or sexist, and if describing it as such is enough to make you have a meltdown, then maybe you’re the fragile one. I’m talking to you, Donald.

by Anonymousreplies 311 hours ago

Kellyanne Cuntway trashing the Cheeto (before getting on his payroll)

"Donald Trump's new campaign manager was singing quite a different tune about the nominee as a pundit during the primary season:"

by Anonymousreplies 1311 hours ago

History Channel's THE VIKINGS

The new scripted drama premieres tonight.

From the creator of "The Tudors" and starring former CK underwear model Travis Fimmel and Gabriel Byrne.

I'm going to give it a shot...early reviews are encouraging, and I'm guessing many of the male characters will be hot, in an uncivilized, possibly murderous yet emotionally conflicted way. Kind of like some of the guys I've known from real life.

I want to see wanton pillaging and bedroom intrigue.

by Anonymousreplies 31611 hours ago

Have you ever been to court and sat in the gallery, just as a spectator?

Did you view any interesting cases?

by Anonymousreplies 511 hours ago

Chace Crawford - any new gossip on this one?

Chace Crawford - I know he's living in a hotel in Los Angeles someone MUST have some dirt. He's left New York for LA and has been living in a hotel for a bit. Gaydar, which is broken, goes nuts around this dude. Spill it.

by Anonymousreplies 6311 hours ago

Christopher Cross

When RIDE LIKE THE WIND was featured in the SING trailer, I was seriously disappointed there was not a full length version. This song rules.

by Anonymousreplies 6412 hours ago

Aaron Tveit ....

Has "Grease-Live" pushed Aaron Tveit to a new level ?

Thought he did a really good Danny Zuko.

He's in his early thirties though, so not exactly 'teen heartthrob' material.

But he has potential for a bigger career.

by Anonymousreplies 21412 hours ago

Tyler Posey nude!!!

First Cody, and now Tyler

by Anonymousreplies 4112 hours ago

Anyone Else Fantasies About Living of the Grid?

I've day dreamed about this many times. I think there is a Thoreau in most of us. However, I think it would be a very difficult life.

by Anonymousreplies 5512 hours ago

WHET Nick Stahl?

I loved him in Carnivale. Is he still acting?

by Anonymousreplies 3112 hours ago

The Dairy Queen Five Dollar Lunch.

Look at all you get.

by Anonymousreplies 612 hours ago

When did Rob Schneider become such a right wing asshole?

I used to think he was "kind of" funny at times but now he's just an obnoxious shit stain.

by Anonymousreplies 1012 hours ago

What podcasts do you listen to?

What's your favorite podcasts?

by Anonymousreplies 8412 hours ago

Well I think I handled this extremely well...all things considered.

So I work at Amazon in an FC.

I was alone tonight, the flighty bitch they hired to help me flaked out and I was alone. My boss sent this email to me:

"Night Shift Team,

I had a manager from the Mezz reach out to me saying that they have been waiting for V4s and N3s since 20:00. Can we get these to them on a priority? If we are having any issues, please escalate."

I couldn't respond on email because I was busting my ass to get work myself.

So then she sends this to our entire team (day and night shift):


We have missed delivering to our customer tonight. The team on the mezz had to go and find their own corrugate. There has been no communication or escalations from Night Shift about any issues tonight. Our primary functions have not been performed and this isn’t how we function."

by Anonymousreplies 13112 hours ago

Rep. John Lewis: I don’t see Trump ‘as a legitimate president’

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., said the Russian government’s apparent interference with the U.S. election delegitimizes Donald Trump’s victory.

The civil rights leader told “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd that he believes in forgiveness and working with others, but he said it would be exceptionally hard for him to forge a relationship with President-elect Trump.

“It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” he said in a portion of the interview, published Friday.

When asked why he doesn’t recognize Trump’s claim to the Oval Office, Lewis cited what the top U.S. intelligence agencies have said: that Moscow directed a multilayered campaign against the United States to denigrate one candidate and boost the other.

“I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” he told Todd.

Lewis said he does not plan to attend Trump’s inauguration. This would mark the first time he skipped the Inauguration Day ceremonies since he started representing Georgia’s 5th Congressional District in 1987. The ceremonies are normally a celebration of bipartisanship, and many Trump critics — including Bill and Hillary Clinton — plan to be there. Several other House Democrats have also said they plan to boycott the event.

“You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong; is not right,” Lewis said.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month about the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the U.S. election through cyberattacks and other efforts. U.S. agencies have not claimed that such interference played a decisive role in Trump’s win against Hillary Clinton.

Late last month, President Obama ordered retaliatory sanctions against two Russian intelligence agencies and expelled 35 Russian suspected spies from the U.S.

Throughout the campaign, WikiLeaks had published embarrassing emails from the Democratic National Committee and from Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has rejected allegations that Russia was their source for the information.

“I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians and others to help him get elected,” Lewis said. “That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.”

The complete “Meet the Press” interview is scheduled to air on Sunday morning.

by Gurl, bye!replies 17412 hours ago


Share your thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

by Dionne replies 8412 hours ago

Let''s Talk About Buffy The Vampire Slayer

One of the best shows on television?

When Buffy was great, it was amazing (Becoming 1 and 2 will forever be some of my favorites episodes of tv ever) but it really started to fizzle in Season 4 when they began college. The college setting just didn't work with the metaphor as well as high school, they lost some strong characters (Angel, Cordelia) to the spin off, and the characters they added just didn't work for me. Plus, didn't Joss leave around this time?

And then there was Dawn. Less said of that the better.

Hated seasons, 6 and 7, didn't like Spuffy or the complete take over of the show by Spike, Buffy started to become a brittle, no fun bitch, Willow got hooked on magic (oy vey), and the nerds, and potentials were stupid. I don't think the show ended on a high note, but in the end, the bulk of the show was still some of the most moving, ground breaking, original television ever created.

Seasons 1-3 kick ass, the rest are spotty to meh.

What do you think?

by Anonymousreplies 21212 hours ago

do women have hairy butts?

it's just a natural curiosity about this other species of totally different creatures

by Anonymousreplies 3412 hours ago

I hate typos.

Please check your work before posting.

by Anonymousreplies 8512 hours ago

Dick Gautier, best known as 'Get Smart's' Hymie the robot, dies at 85

To some, he was the voice of Rodimus Prime on the mid-1980s animated TV show “The Transformers,” or Serpentor on the animated “G.I. Joe.” But for baby boomers, Dick Gautier was best known for his deadpan performance as Hymie the robot in the ’60s spy spoof “Get Smart.”

The actor died Friday, according to a Facebook post by Tess Hightower, his third wife. Gautier’s daughter Denise told the Hollywood Reporter that he passed away at an assisted living facility in Arcadia after a long illness. He was 85.

by Anonymousreplies 2912 hours ago

Should i give a chance to 'Lunar Park' by Bret Easton Ellis?

Is this book more profound than 'Less Than Zero', or is it in the same category?

by Anonymousreplies 813 hours ago

Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne on The Flash)

This guy is so handsome, but I don't know much about him.

Based on both of their Instagram accounts, he seems to spend a lot of time with his fitness trainer Drew Logan.

This clip of Cosnett doing squats is from Logan's Instagram.. and is permanently etched in my mind.

by A New Fanreplies 8213 hours ago

Fashion Boss sues airline for denying boarding to Emotional Support Dogs

Sharon Kao, who considers the white, fluffy pooches her “kids,” says she needs Opus and Ace to keep her anxiety and panic disorder at bay.

She claims the supervisor dismissed her documents, saying: “It’s not enough to fly on my flight. I don’t care what it says. I am in charge and I decide if you can fly on my airline.”

Kao claims she was then accused her of lying about her panic-disorder disability.

Kao began having trouble breathing, but the irate supervisor refused to get the Estée Lauder executive help until she nearly fainted and a fellow flier, believed to be a doctor, stepped in.

But even after paramedics arrived to bring Kao to an infirmary, the supervisor wouldn’t leave her alone, she claims.

As she was being treated, Kao handed her dogs to her husband, prompting the supervisor to yell: “See, I knew you did not need the dogs,” Kao claims in court papers.

by Anonymousreplies 1913 hours ago

New Press Secretary Sean Spicer... huge downgrade form Josh Earnest

by Anonymousreplies 1313 hours ago

"The driver for a senior I know"

I've seen this or something like it in several threads over the past few weeks. Is it the same person, or do several of you know drivers for seniors?

by Anonymousreplies 513 hours ago

I'm Baking a Frozen Steak for Lunch Today

I don't have time to defrost it. If you can cook frozen chicken breasts at 375 deg for 45 minutes, why can't you do that for steaks? Of course, I have aluminum foil over them.

by Anonymousreplies 1313 hours ago

My 600 Lb Life OMG!!!

I feel sorry for these people

Everyone lives in a single wide trailer. ( Decor , don't get me started)

No one works including the extended family who enables the massively obese one.

They all eat fast food all the time.

Who is paying for all this surgery?? Who is paying their expenses ? We are with taxes !!!

Margaret Sanger had some good observations.

by Lynn Redgrave replies 24313 hours ago

Trump May Have Destroyed Republican Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Oh how I wish it were true, but when he said "much less expensive and much better" he probably meant a la carte policies with very little covered. And when he said "we're going to have insurance for everybody," he means everybody who wants it and can afford to pay for it.

by Anonymousreplies 2013 hours ago

Have You Seen The Mick?

Dee Reynolds is an amazing foul mouthed temporary guardian of three rich brats. The show pulls out all of the stops and doesn't apologize to anyone.

This should be a wet dream for DataLounge.

by Aunt Cuntreplies 2313 hours ago

Wikipedia List of accidents and disasters by death toll

Which one of you compiled this list for us?

by Anonymousreplies 013 hours ago

The only people on TV every day who, in my opinion, consistently tell the truth about Trump and Republicans

Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy Reid, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

All the rest, particularly Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd and Anderson Cooper, are all kiss-asses who worry too much about offending Rethugs and losing access. They have little to no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

If there's anyone I'm missing who you feel, on a daily basis, never backs down from telling it like it is, please share (because right now, the list is pretty pathetic).

by Anonymousreplies 913 hours ago

Lindsay Lohan converts to Islam

How long is this going to last?

by Anonymousreplies 4313 hours ago

Have you ever met a fellow DLer when you're out and about?

Why is it that whenever I meet new people in social situations, I ask them if they're familiar with Datalounge and the answer is always the same: "No. What is it?"

I live in NYC, and no doubt I've seen or interacted with any number of fellow DLers without knowing it. It's too bad there's not a visual code or a secret handshake that would tip us off. But, then again, if there were we'd lose our cherished anonymity.

by Anonymousreplies 6613 hours ago

Brilliant political pundit and former soap actor Thom Bierdz weighs in on the election with his take.

SPOILER: He voted for Stein. "THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO POST THAT TRUMP VOTERS ARE DUMB: Trump did not win because of a white trash or Repub base, he won because millions of us switched parties, which gave him new electoral college votes in WI, MI and PA. Hillary capsized the Dem party. We who did not vote for Hillary do not call Hillary voters dumb. We are intelligent enough to know why you voted for Hillary. You are acting like an adult child of an alcoholic and ignoring drunk mommy's lies, thefts, murders, missing bodies, war mongering and treason - because drunk mommy is a paid speaker corporate whore who promised you cupcakes of gay marriage and abortion, et al, and all you have been taught is to push mommy and bash the other, even if they will give you the same cupcakes. We see 1% having 90% the wealth, and our congress with a 6% approval rating and refused to vote for your drunk establishment candidate mommy who robbed the country of the Dem candidate we chose: Bernie. Your treasonous mom convinced you to look the other way, but we refused to. Yes, you will continue to act out like an adult child of an alcoholic and say those who did not vote for your drunk mommy are dumb or naughty, and vilify us in your seemingly secure sheep group mentality, which is bullying, and deliberate. You can and will ignore this; you still think we are dumb for voting against your drunk mommy. It's what you have been taught to think, and sheep follow their orders from the fake media (operated by the 1%) which supplied drunk mommy her fix. But your drunk mommy, with her lies, cheating, thefts, murders, war baiting and treason, lost. We are willing to gamble that anyone else is better. Anyone."

by Anonymousreplies 1313 hours ago

PAGE SIX - Just Asking

Which two female anchors at the same network publicly talk about their immense mutual admiration but privately despise each other with intense spiteful venom?

by Anonymousreplies 814 hours ago

I need yummy Gluten free Hors d'Oeuvres to serve. HELP!

What on earth do I serve that is gluten free, need a few? They have to be off the hook, but accessible and delish. Please DLers, HELP.

by Anonymousreplies 5614 hours ago

SHERLOCK returning to PBS tonight!


by Anonymousreplies 8414 hours ago

WeHo Starbucks

Do you hang out at the Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd and Westmount in West Hollywood? What kind of crazy stuff have you seen?

by Anonymousreplies 1414 hours ago

How should guys first speak to you on Scruff, Grindr, and other similar apps?

I used to say "hi, how are you?" or "hey, how's it going?" when starting a conversation with these guys, but so many won't respond, because it's not original enough. They also don't like bold questions, like "hey, are you horny?" or "looking? U wanna fuck?"

What type of conversation starters do you wish guys would use when first contacting you?

by Horny for a nice guyreplies 13214 hours ago

Call Me By Your Name is Skilled and Likeable (Part V)

Continue discussing the upcoming meh film starring skilled, likeable erstwhile cripple Arm & Hammer, and Tim O'Tay.

by Anonymousreplies 7914 hours ago

Trade War? Trump Threatens 35% Tax on BMWs Prompting Germany's Economics Minister to Trash Quality of US Autos

'How Many Chevrolets Do You See in Germany?' Trump Asked Donald Trump is now threatening BMW with a whopping 35 percent tariff, prompting Germany economy minister to denigrate the quality of American cars.

"Germany is a great country, great manufacturing country — you go down Fifth Avenue everybody has a Mercedes-Benz in front of their building, right — the fact is that it’s been very unfair to the US, it’s not a two-way street," Trump told the former editor of a German newspaper in an interview published by The Times of London on Monday.

"How many Chevrolets do you see in Germany? Maybe none — not too many — how many — you don’t see anything over there — it’s a one-way street — it’s gotta be a two-way street," Trump insisted.

Asked if Trump expects German auto manufacturers to build more plants in the U.S., Trump responded, "I would tell BMW if they think they’re gonna build a plant in Mexico and sell cars into the US without a 35 per cent tax, it’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen — so if they want to build cars for the world I would say wish them luck — they can build cars for the US but they’ll be paying a 35 per cent tax on every car that comes into the country."

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy minister and vice-chancellor, immediately hit back, attacking American auto manufacturers.

“The American car industry is getting worse, weaker and more expensive,” Gabriel told German newspaper Bild, on Monday, according to MarketWatch. He added, "the U.S. needs to build better cars" if Americans are choosing German cars over American-made autos.

"I believe BMW’s biggest factory is already in the US, in Spartanburg," South Carolina, Gabriel added, according to The Guardian. "The US car industry would have a bad awakening if all the supply parts that aren’t being built in the US were to suddenly come with a 35% tariff. I believe it would make the US car industry weaker, worse and above all more expensive. I would wait and see what the Congress has to say about that, which is mostly full of people who want the opposite of Trump."

by Anonymousreplies 3314 hours ago

Resume question - Last job crap

Resume question. .my last job was crappy. Should I leave it off my resume? (Trouble is , I worked there for 5 years because I moved to a small town with no jobs to help an elderly parent )

by Anonymousreplies 4414 hours ago


I have never before heard anything but the hits. I'm going through her catalogue on Spotify and this, mostly, 60s stuff blows my mind.

Once I heard Don't Play That Song (You Lied) , which fucking kills me, I started compiling an evening playlist (end of day melancholy).

What shall I add to this list?

Don't Play That Song (You Lied) – Aretha Franklin

You're a Sweet Sweet Man – Aretha Franklin

Ain't No Way – Aretha Franklin

My Song – Aretha Franklin

You Send Me – Aretha Franklin

I Say A Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin

Tracks Of My Tears – Aretha Franklin

I Can't See Myself Leaving You – Aretha Franklin

Share Your Love With Me – Aretha Franklin

Dark End Of The Street – Aretha Franklin

Skylark - Remastered – Aretha Franklin

Without the One You Love - Remastered – Aretha Franklin

by Anonymousreplies 6614 hours ago

What would you say this guy's ethnicity is?

No, this is not a quiz because I don't know it either, but he looks like he could be anything from Latino to Eskimo to Maori. Help datalounge race experts!

by Anonymousreplies 5214 hours ago

Vikings on History

I heard Anderson Cooper talking about this show. I watched the pilot.

Anybody on the DL watch? Is it worth getting invested?

by Anonymousreplies 2714 hours ago

National Society of Film Critics - Moonlight, Manchester, La La

Picture: Moonlight; runners up: Manchester, La La

Director: Barry Jenkins; runners up, Kenneth Lonergan and Damien Chazelle

Actor: Casey Affleck; runners up: Denzel Washington and Adam Driver

Actress: Isabelle Huppert; runners up: Annette Bening and Sandra Huller (Toni Erdmann)

Supporting Actress: Michelle Williams; runners up: Lily Gladstone (Certain Women) and Naomi Harris (Moonlight)

Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali; runners up: Jeff Bridges and Michael Shannon

by Anonymousreplies 5414 hours ago

Project Runway Season 15 - Part 2

Where's Brik? Where's my only son???

by Big Mamareplies 47814 hours ago

Camp Gold: Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso

Netflix streaming 2007. Plot: A high school girl whores around to get enough bank to get implants because the local Columbian drug dealers don't want her without them and she wants to play the queen and have them give her money to buy shit like all her friends. What follows is the most cheap camp hilarious send up (and yet oddly realistic) of old, fat, and/or rich guys and hoochie supply I've seen. I give it 1/2 of a set of grillz.

by Anonymousreplies 315 hours ago

Sharing porn with your boyfriend?

Do you think many gay male couples watch and J/O to porn together? Serious question, I wanna know who here enjoys sharing your porn stash and sending each other porn links, pics, videos. What kind of impact it has/had on your relationship (does it worsen jealousy issues or bring you closer together)? How you do it (i.e. J/O silently or talk dirty to each other and describe what you like?)

by Anonymousreplies 1015 hours ago

Donald Trump Stands A Real Chance Of Being The Biggest Loser In Modern Elections

From yesterday's Huffington Post: The question is, will there be simply a landslide, or will we see the biggest landslide in history?

by Anonymousreplies 5415 hours ago

GOP Out to Make Gun Silencers Easy To Obtain

They want every crackpot to have a gun. Now, they don't even want us to get warning from the noise of gunfire to take cover. The number of victims in mass shootings will easily double. This is total madness. And why isn't law enforcement making a stand against it?

by Anonymousreplies 315 hours ago

Nepotism at work -- Iris Law, 16, named face of Burberry beauty

Would never get a modeling contract if it wasn't for her father

At least get someone legitimately beautiful, like Charlotte Casiraghi

by Anonymousreplies 215 hours ago

Cristiano Ronaldo

Likes them BIG.

by Anonymousreplies 2315 hours ago

Bitch wife of Orlando killer arrested

About time!

by Anonymousreplies 415 hours ago

WHET Fatfat?


by Anonymousreplies 015 hours ago

Martin Luther King III is a fucking milquetoast buffoon

He even hugged Omarosa Cuntigall. Shame on him.

by Anonymousreplies 215 hours ago

Who frustrates you more? Yourself, or others?

Have you found that out?

by Anonymousreplies 315 hours ago

Trump Deplorables Will NEVER EVER Stop Supporting Him No Matter What!

Coming from Toronto and seeing Ford Nation supporters in action I can tell you this.

Nothing absolutely NOTHING will get Trump Deplorables to stop supporting Trump.

Trump could drop the nuclear bomb on every single Red state, reduce the minimum wage to $5 an hour and cut every single Trump deplorable off healthcare coverage and they will still support Trump 100%.

Nothing will stop them from backing Trump. Only thing to stop Trump is when he leaves office in 8 years or if he dies.

With Rob Ford the only way he left politics was death.

So stop saying and writing, when Trump does so and so his Deplorables will fight back. No NOTHING absolutely NOTHING Trump does will lose the support of his core base/deplorables.

by Anonymousreplies 5016 hours ago

Have you ever gotten back together with an ex YEARS after breaking up ?

If so, did it work out the second time ?

by Anonymousreplies 2616 hours ago

Avengers: Infinity War to be most expensive film in history at $489 million. Shattering old record of $378.5 million.

And will film in Scotland, randomly enough.

by Anonymousreplies 10316 hours ago

What's the Largest US City WIthout A Daily Newspaper?

Online or in print?

by Anonymousreplies 216 hours ago

Spend Inauguration night with Naomi Klein and Owen Jones

At the Anti-Inauguration in Washington DC at the Lincoln Theater. You know you want to.

by Anonymousreplies 616 hours ago

Is Emma Stone attractive?

My lesbian friends are all over her, calling her lovely, cute, pretty. My straight male friends think she's a wife material. What do you sayeth Datalounge? Oh, and will she win Oscar for La La Land?

by Anonymousreplies 15816 hours ago

Donald Trump Questions Canada PM Justin Trudeau JUDGEMENT! He is NOT ready to be a world leader

US President-elect Donald Trump said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that Canada's Prime Minister had made a “catastrophic mistake” with a policy that let a wave of more than 30K Syrian refugees into his country.

“I think he made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals,” Trump said of Merkel, who in October 2015 accept 30K refugees, mostly Muslims, fleeing war zones in the Middle East.

Trump even created an ad mocking PM Justin Trudeau saying "He is just not ready" to be a leader on the world stage.

Donald Trump on Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - "He is just not ready"

by Anonymousreplies 1116 hours ago

Patty Duke

Missing her 😥

by Anonymousreplies 916 hours ago

The Ultimate Facts of Life Thread Part II

I'm watching the episode where Tootie's boyfriend Jeff comes back from college and tells her he's changed and he turns her down for sex. Gay right?

by Edna's Edible pantiesreplies 416 hours ago

Does time go by fast for you too?

Sometimes I get really scared at how fast time goes by. 1987 was 30 years ago now. I was a freshman in high school. Damn!

by Anonymousreplies 4317 hours ago

REPORT: Trump Security Council Pick Monica Crowley Also Plagiarized Portions Of Her Doctoral Dissertation

It gets worse!

by Anonymousreplies 3117 hours ago

Esther the Pig 🐷

Are pigs normally this huge? Looks like a monster

by Anonymousreplies 8017 hours ago

Where's the Yacht?! DL Fav Lindsay Lohan ditches yacht for goosebumps and a cold sea swing in freezing Abu Dhabi waters.

Freshening up for Zero Gravity nightclubbing? Lindsay is snapped stylishly shivering in her white bikini in advance of a personal appearance at the Dubai club on New Year's Eve. DLers - Should Lindsay get Zero Gravity to loosen the purse strings and cough up a warm boat to ease her "Little Mermaid" chills?

by Anonymousreplies 7617 hours ago

Armie Hammer IS the GREEN LANTERN!!!🍀

Warners Bros. has just greenlit The Green Lantern Crops from the writer of Batman V Superson: Don of Justice. Armie Hammer replaces Ryan Reynolds who originated the role. The movie is described as Lethal Weapon in space. Green Lantern will also join The Justice League reuniting Hammer with Henry Cavill.

Will this be Armie Hammer's 5th consecutive big budget flop? Why do studios keep betting on him?

by Anonymousreplies 4917 hours ago

Chickenshit Colorado Congressman Sneaks Out Back Door Rather Than Meet 200 Constituents Who Wanted Answers About The ACA Repeal

In 2012, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) lashed out at President Obama in the ugliest of ways. “I don’t know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America,” the congressman said, adding, “But I do know this, that in his heart, he’s not an American. He’s just not an American.”

Coffman later tried to apologize in a memorable and unintentionally hilarious way, generating the kind of national media attention politicians usually try to avoid.

Nearly five years later, Coffman is poised to become famous for something very different. KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver, had this striking report over the weekend about the hundreds of people who showed up at a “community event” hosted by the congressman at a local library.

While the crowd was waiting inside the lobby, singing and chanting, Aurora Police officers are putting up crime scene tape to create a perimeter outside of the library. This allowed Coffman to leave secretly at about 3:24 p.m. unbeknownst to those still waiting to see him. The community event was scheduled from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

By all appearances, it was quite a scene. The five-term Republican congressman, representing Colorado’s most competitive district, set up an event at the Aurora Central Library the day after vowing to repeal “Obamacare” in an op-ed. What he and his staff didn’t know was that roughly 200 people who support the Affordable Care Act would show up, eager to ask how and why Coffman intended to undermine their health security.

The GOP lawmaker, according to his office, ended up meeting “with four people at a time for five minutes each,” before a camera caught him sneaking out the library’s back door, hopping in a car, and being driven away.

According to a local reporter, “more than 100 people” were still waiting to see Coffman when he took off.

Before Election Day, Coffman said he’d “stand up” to Donald Trump if the Republican won. Evidently, that doesn’t include standing up to the president-elect’s plans to radically change the American health care system.

Of course, the broader significance of this extends well beyond one Colorado congressman who fled his own constituents. What stood out about the event in Aurora over the weekend was the fact that voters showed up to voice their concerns about the Republican agenda, which in turn put a conservative lawmaker on the defensive.

Indeed, by some measures, Coffman’s troubles on Saturday were the opening salvo in a larger political fight: there were events held all over the country yesterday, with diverse groups of Americans publicly rallying in support of the ACA and against Republican plans to gut the successful reform law.

In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s election, there were significant protests in areas nationwide, and it was only natural to wonder whether that spirit of activism would continue in the months that followed. The GOP crusade to target Americans’ health benefits provides exactly the kind of motivation needed to get concerned voters off the couch.

It’s not easy to get many thousands of people to show up at public events in mid-January, but Trump’s election lit a match. The fire is just starting to spread.

by Anonymousreplies 617 hours ago

Y'all need to see this guy on Chaturbate, Part 3

Let's start with a Hell No. Two bleached, beached whales with attractive matching glasses.

by Anonymousreplies 6817 hours ago

Texas teacher who had sex almost daily with 13-year-old student going to prison

Male teacher, right?

Nope! It's yet another female predator.

She says the kid's family approved of their relationship.

by Anonymousreplies 417 hours ago

Diamond and Silk address Kim Burrell Controversy

Uh huh, tell em girl! sholl nuff!

by Anonymousreplies 817 hours ago

Vintage movie promotions and ads that make you go "hmmm"

While looking for photos for the retro star thread, some old movie promotion cards for "Wings" came up that made me laugh.

Tongue in cheek, vintage movie promotions and ads that make you laugh. Post 'em.

by Anonymousreplies 717 hours ago

Celebrity asses!

Who has the best? Who is your fave? Post 'em. Bare asses preferred.

by Anonymousreplies 16417 hours ago

Buddy Greco, who ran with the Rat Pack and had a hit in 'The Lady Is a Tramp,' dies at 90

Great singer. Loved this guy.

Though he was never officially a member of the Rat Pack, he shared the stage and hung out with Sinatra, Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

by Anonymousreplies 317 hours ago

Barbra Emoting and Sharing Her Political Insight

While getting her 74 year old teeth cleaned!

This is the problem!!

by Anonymousreplies 1117 hours ago

"The Pioneer Woman" - Ree Drummond

Is it me or does she look like she'd be the biggest, most conservative, Red Statest TV personality of them all?

by She drives a CAR - what's so pioneer about that?replies 18618 hours ago

American Apparel Stores To Close After Canadian Purchase

All 110 stores, as well as the company’s Los Angeles headquarters, are slated to close by the end of April.

by Anonymousreplies 818 hours ago

The Exclamation Point!

Why can't someone get it through to the next president that using this punctuation mark is almost never appropriate in business communication, let alone to end a sentence that could affect international relations or the world economy? I don't care if it's accepted Twitter and Facebook practice, it seems juvenile, if not unhinged.

Teenagers and crazy fanboys end their missives with "!!!," or worse, something like "Sad!" or "Typical of liars!!"

This guy is supposed to be the leader of the free world, as of noon Friday.

by Points well made don't need the fucking "!!!"replies 018 hours ago

Peter Thiel - Gays are so VISIBLE in society they will never have rights taken away by Mike Pence

The reaction from the gay community has been harsh, with one writer in The Advocate going so far as to suggest that Mr. Thiel was not even a gay man, because he did not “embrace the struggle.”

“I think Trump is very good on gay rights,” Mr. Thiel says. “I don’t think he will reverse anything. I would obviously be concerned if I thought otherwise.”I ask if he’s comfortable with the idea that Vice President-elect Mike Pence, regarded in the gay community as an unreconstructed homophobe, is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

“You know, maybe I should be worried but I’m not that worried about it,” he replies. “I don’t know. People know too many gay people. There are just all these ways I think stuff has just shifted. For speaking at the Republican convention, I got attacked way more by liberal gay people than by conservative Christian people.

“I don’t think these things will particularly change. It’s like, even if you appointed a whole series of conservative Supreme Court justices, I’m not sure that Roe v. Wade would get overturned, ever. I don’t know if people even care about the Supreme Court. You know, you’d have thought the failure to have a vote on Merrick [Garland] would be a massive issue. And somehow it mattered to Democrats, but it didn’t matter to the public at large.”

Would he like to get married and have kids?

He looks a bit startled by the question, then says: “Maybe.”

by Anonymousreplies 4018 hours ago

FBI investigators say they have found no evidence that Orlando shooter had gay lovers

Since the shooting at an Orlando nightclub last week that left 49 people dead, reports have emerged that gunman Omar Mateen frequented the gay club, used gay dating apps and had gay lovers.

On Tuesday, Univision aired a report in which “Miguel,” a man wearing a disguise to conceal his identity, alleged he had sex with Mateen after meeting him on the gay dating app, Grindr. He said Mateen had sex with other men too, including a threesome with a Puerto Rican who allegedly told Mateen, after having had unprotected sex with him, that he was HIV positive.

But investigators do not consider the man’s account credible, according to one senior law enforcement official with access to the investigation.

In seeking to verify the reports, federal agents have culled Mateen's electronic devices, including a laptop computer and cellphone, as well as electronic communications of those who made the claims, law enforcement officials said.

So far, they have found no photographs, no text messages, no smartphone apps, no gay pornography and no cell-tower location data to suggest that Mateen — who was twice married to women and had a young son — conducted a secret gay life, the officials said.


And another strawman talking point to divert from Islam bites the dust.

by Anonymousreplies 2818 hours ago

Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Russia altered the outcome of the election

" A top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said she believes Russia tried to interfere in the election and that their activity ultimately altered the outcome.

"The answer is yes on both cases," California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said when asked on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I've had all of the major classified briefings. I have been astonished at what has been a two-year effort [at] Russia to spearfish, to hack, to provide disinformation, propaganda wherever it really could. And I think this has been a very sophisticated effort," Feinstein added. "


She said she hopes the ongoing investigation into Russia's interference in the election to be "full and robust," but if it isn't, both she and Sen. Mark Warner, vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will call for an independent panel to investigate the situation.


Feinstein also said she believes the FBI's announcement in late October of finding new emails that could be related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server — which Feinstein called an "October surprise" — "did have an impact" on the outcome of the election. Clinton's advisers have said their internal polling showed them winning the election prior to the announcement, and that their numbers tanked following.

But Feinstein wouldn't go so far as to call for FBI Director James Comey to resign.

"I think that's a decision to come when everybody learns much more about what drove this," she said.

She did say, however, that the Justice Department Inspector General's investigation into the FBI's handling of the case would be "critical" in deciding Comey's fate "because there are rumors of all kinds of conflicts within the FBI that have focused on the director."

by Anonymousreplies 15318 hours ago

Austin Mahone looking fucking sexy

That booty. HOT

by Anonymousreplies 5518 hours ago

Did you get whippings when you were young?

My mother believed that children should get whippings when they misbehaved. This was pretty much the norm in the 1970s. My father didn't believe in whippings, but my mother insisted upon them.

We had to bend over the side of the bed and she would take one of my father's belts and whip us hard. It always hurt like hell and we would usually cry.

One time, my older sister grabbed the belt mid-swing and yelled, "You're not gonna whip me anymore, you witch!" I think at that point, my mother realized that we were too old to be spanked and we never got another whipping after that.

by Anonymousreplies 11418 hours ago

Any Gary Oldman fans?

The world has gone crazy...

by Anonymousreplies 2018 hours ago

Have you cheated on your bf/partner/husband?

We on DL love to discuss when partners cheat on us. Tell us why you have cheated.

No judgments

by Anonymousreplies 1418 hours ago

Caitlyn Jenner Will Attend Trump’s Inauguration

Jenner, who previously declared she would like to serve as a “trans ambassador” during the 2016 election, has praised the President-elect in the past, stating that the controversial businessman seems “good for women” and “very much behind the LGBT community” during a June 2016 interview with STAT.

“I believe in the simple things. I believe in our Constitution,” Jenner, 66, explained of her political beliefs. “I think the Republican side, although I’ve been very disappointed with them over the last 10 to 20 years, has a better opportunity to bring this country back to really, as close as you can to what it was. … I have kind of positioned myself with the Republican party to try to help these people understand. [To help] the Republican party understand what the issues are for the LBGT community.”

by Anonymousreplies 9318 hours ago

Grindr hookup gone wrong

Has this ever happened to you?

by Anonymousreplies 018 hours ago

What was Austria's greatest contribution to mankind?

Serious responses only, please!

by Anonymousreplies 6418 hours ago

Did anyone catch Matt Bomer on the new episode of Dinner At Tiffani's last night?

Tiff hosted her former White Collar co-stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay (who's frequently on this show).

by Anonymousreplies 2318 hours ago

Don Lemon is 50 but looks 25.

How does he do this?

by Anonymousreplies 16319 hours ago

The mystery of Kim Kardashian's fame

Of course, asking why Kim Kardashian is so famous when she doesn't have any talents is a tired cliche. Besides, celebrity has never been mainly about talent anyway (it's seldom the most talented actors who become superstars, for example).

But I'm not talking about her lack of talent here. It's the fact that there's [italic]nothing[/italic] interesting about here. She's not charismatic, not charming, not sophisticated, not funny, not exubarent, not outrageous, not likable, not witty, not elegant. Nothing. So what's the source of the continuing fascination?

by Anonymousreplies 3319 hours ago

John Casablancas slept with Stephanie Seymour when she was 16 and he was 42

Elite Model Management founder John Casablancas — who steered the careers of supermodels from Christie Brinkley to Cindy Crawford — dishes on his “superdivas” in a new doc, claiming he canned an “uncontrollable” Naomi Campbell in 1993 and bedded Stephanie Seymour when she was just 16.

“Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women” by Hubert Woroniecki was made before Casablancas died in 2013. The infamous playboy recalls he broke up his second marriage “on account of my affair with Stephanie Seymour. She was 16 and I was 42. Of all the women I met . . . she was the only one that really broke my heart.”


by Anonymousreplies 319 hours ago

Jack Mackenroth

Perfect combo of masculine and nelly?

by Anonymousreplies 2619 hours ago

Patty Duke's "BF" died 2 months ago and didn't get a thread

So I'm giving him one here. Sad no one noticed.

RIP Eddie Applegate (aka "Richard").

by Anonymousreplies 519 hours ago

Predictions for 2017

Do you see it being better than 2017? I think Lindsay is going to go off the rails again in 2017 like in her youth.

by Anonymousreplies 37219 hours ago

🍑Best Bubble Butts 2017

Greater cakes than Better Crocker

by Anonymousreplies 9519 hours ago

Behold! The world's youngest-looking 40-something year old man!

He must be a DLer because he looks 40-something.

by Anonymousreplies 3020 hours ago

Bella Thorne Comes Out as Bisexual Following Gregg Sulkin Split

August 23, 2016

UPDATE, 7:37 p.m. ET: Bella Thorne expressed her gratitude for all of the support she received after confirming that she is bisexual. "Aww thank you for all the accepting tweets from everyone," the newly out actress tweeted on Tuesday, August 23. "I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ #pride."

Original story below:

Revealing her truth. Bella Thorne opened up about her recently questioned sexuality via Twitter and told her fans that she is attracted to both men and women.

After a photo of Thorne, 18, kissing an unidentified girl made its way online this month, many of the Disney Channel alum’s Bellarinas took to social media to press her about her dating preferences.

On Tuesday, August 23, she confirmed fans’ speculation by simply writing, “Yes,” after one of her Twitter followers asked, “are you bisexual?”

After making the revelation, Thorne received an outpouring of support. “Wake me up when these damn girls will officially date @bellathorne i'm just a happy shipper,” one user enthused, while another wrote: “it actually makes me so happy that you're open about it. u do u babygirl.”

Prior to getting cozy with another female, the former Shake It Up star dated Gregg Sulkin for more than a year. On August 15, the pair — who first struck up a romance in June 2015 — announced that they were parting ways in a joint statement to Us Weekly.

“After much thought and soul-searching, we have made the difficult decision to end our relationship,” Thorne and the Faking It actor, 24, told Us. “We will always love each other and have a deep respect for one another, as we have each grown to be better people because of our time together. Our schedules made seeing each other difficult, and we decided that for now this would be best.”

After releasing the statement to Us, the redheaded beauty took to Twitter to clarify her sudden split from Sulkin: “Things just didn’t end up working the way we had hoped. But I’ll always love the bub.”

Before calling it quits with the hunky Brit, the “Jersey” singer gushed to Us about her beau’s best qualities. “He’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,” she told Us last summer. “He’s so kind, so sweet. He’s very caring even when he doesn’t need to be. … And I think maybe it’s because he’s raised in such a great way with British manners.”

by Anonymousreplies 13320 hours ago

1/15/2017- Official blah, blah...GREEN BAY PACKERS v. DALLAS COWBOYS & PITT. STEELERS v. KC CHIEFS

PILE ON! Even the New York Times can't resist gossip on Aaron Rodgers.

Anyway, the Cheese will stand alone atop the NFC after the Cowboys come out flat and look more like the Cowpokes.

Pack 31

Dallas 17

Doctor, lawyer, Chiefs.

by Dellareplies 6620 hours ago

Partied Out? Lindsay's bruised and scratched Dubai legs steal the show at fashion event in Italy.

Lindsay appeared less than glam at the Firenze4ever 14th Edition Party in Florence, Italy Monday sporting heavily bruised and scratched legs. DLers - Did Lindsay have a little too much *fun* at the Dubai New Year's Eve party she hosted?

by Anonymousreplies 9720 hours ago

Hot Black Dudes Part 8

Royal G

by Anonymousreplies 43220 hours ago

Help the Trump inaugural committee find some entertainment!

Are Shields & Yarnell still alive?

Is Patti Deutsch still working?

Louise Mandrell, are you out there?

by Anonymousreplies 11320 hours ago

Hot Dudes in Underwear


by Anonymousreplies 21920 hours ago

Porn star Leo Giamini, a chemist who who says he is says he is well educated was conned by Jake Cruise to BAREBACK!

Leo even did well on his MCATS - AND THEY ARE HARD!

This shit is so funny nobody could make it up:

Porn Star Accuses Jake Cruise of Bareback Pressure

Written by paul

Tuesday, 30 December 2008 18:30 In a bareback sex discussion on Queer Me Now, the impossibly hunky breakout porn stars Leo Giamani and Vince Ferelli talk decisions, naivite and Jake Cruise.

The comments poured after a post was published previewing some of Leo Giamani's latest scenes. Leo recently became a fisthold name after appearing in the controversial bareback 7-man orgy that launched Jake Cruise's new porn site,

After the post revealed that Leo was continuing to accept bareback gigs, many fans began expressing their disappointment and concerns. Then, bodybuilding bottom Vince Ferelli offered some pretty damning two cents:

... Some [bareback porn stars] may have been convinced early in their career by directors that took advantage of their naivety (Jake Cruise), so I canx92t fault them as a person for it ...

If a model has repeatedly been in barebacking scenes, then by all means, they can be considered a barebacking model.

But if they were conned by Jake Cruise, or the likes, into barebacking once, then they do deserve a second chance ...

I almost got conned into working with Jake Cruise by my former scout before Jon Royce and Robert Van Damme took me under their wings and set me straight. Seems like Vince (left) has a pretty big boner to pick with our favorite geriatric temptress. Is Vince jealous -- as we are -- that Jake Cruise is getting rich by paying for sex?

Or does Vince have a valid point about the blurriness of consensual lines when it comes to young broke boys and their eager porn mentors?

A former bareback twink porn star named Aaron Taylor (right) seemed to echo Vince's concerns when he told GayPornBlog over a year ago:

... i was young and very stupid. I feel like it was a BIG mistake, but at the time i was broke and needed money and i was offered an extra hundred dollars for it. If i could go back and change this I would. It is totally UNSAFE and needs to be stopped ...

In case you're wondering what Leo Giamani himself has to say, he was kind enough to weigh in on the discussion as well:

... I would like to make it clear that I get tested every 30 days and am 100% disease free. I would also like everyone to be aware that I have not done any bareback scenes in over 100 days. I am very educated, more than most people in this business.

I actually have a Bachelors in chemistry and did very well on the MCATs ... I want everyone to be aware that I will never do any type of bareback scene again. I want everyone to know that I always use condoms in my personal life.

In addition, I have only performed bareback sex in videos which were done with disease free models whose tests were recent and verified ...

We're glad that Leo (pictured left with Jake Cruise) has vowed never to do bareback again.

We're also glad that he did well on his MCATs.

by Anonymousreplies 6920 hours ago

Yotam and Fantasia

Are DEE best friends

by Anonymousreplies 120 hours ago

Do you like The xx's new album?

I like them though they get kind of boring after a short amount of time. I like their new release though.

by Anonymousreplies 420 hours ago

Do you support Trump policy of building SAFE ZONES in Syria than accepting Refugees?

Trump says safe zones in Syria should have been built for combating refugee crisis

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has said “safe zones” funded by the Gulf states should have been built inside Syria to combat the refugee crisis.

“I think we should have built safe zones in Syria,” said Trump in response to a question asking if he still viewed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy on refugees as “insane,” a phrase he had used during his campaign. “Would have been a lot less expensive,” Trump said in an interview with the U.K.’s The Times and Germany’s Bild newspapers.

“Uh, get the Gulf states to pay for ’em who aren’t coming through, I mean they’ve got money that nobody has,” he said, adding that Merkel had made a “big mistake.”

Turkey has long argued for the need for a “no-fly” or “safe zone” zone along its Syrian border, with the aim of clearing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants from the border and stemming a wave of migration that has fueled tensions in Europe.

So do you support Trump "Safe Zone" policy? Or do you support accepting Refugees fleeing the war (that have been vetted by UN)? Choose only one. Vote below then discuss.

by Anonymousreplies 220 hours ago

New British swimming star Adam Peaty

A standout at the current World Championships.

He's quite built.

by Anonymousreplies 3020 hours ago

Identify this strange French film

I saw it years ago on Netflix DVD and I can't find it with keyword googling.

I think it was made in the 1950s, B&W and silent. The setting is a mental institution for children. The protagonists are a disabled boy and girl who fall in love. It snows a lot and we see the childminders wheel the kids around in strollers or wheelchairs.

by Anonymousreplies 1221 hours ago

Beautiful Models Dancing in Tom Ford Music Video

Can't help watching this. Tom Ford didn't want a usual runway show for his spring collection; he made a music video instead, showing his models dancing a la Studio 54. It's Lady Gaga's version of Chic "I Want Your Love." Why didn't she release this as a single? It's so much better than her recent work.

by Anonymousreplies 621 hours ago

Is this a weird fetish?

This is going to sound bizarre but there has to be another messed-up bastard out there who feels the same way. I look at families like the Hanson brothers and they're so hot, I just want them to keep breeding for the sake of humanity. I have no sexual fascination with how they do it, I don't want to be there in place of their wives, I just want them to keep doing it.

Psych department and assorted shrinks of DL, what does this mean?!!! Full disclosure if it helps, I'm not a Nazi eugenecist (or any kind of eugenecist) and, I'm not into cucking.

by Anonymousreplies 8621 hours ago

Five Killed by Gunman at Gay-Friendly Nightclub in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Five people were killed and nine wounded by a gunman overnight at the Blue Parrot nightclub in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The shooting took place on the closing night of the BPM music festival.

Express UK reports:

The festival organiser, a Canadian citizen, is said to have been shot dead in a revenge attack over the sale of drugs, according to local reports. Shots were fired at around 2.30am (local time) at the dance and music event, which attracts a whole host of DJs from across the world, including UK artists.

A gunman reportedly fired through an open window at the Blue Parrot club in Playa Del Carmen, which is a popular tourist hotspot with British and American music fans.

He is believed to be at still at large.

Scottish DJ Jackmaster, Jack Revill, pleaded with clubbers to stay inside.

by Anonymousreplies 121 hours ago

Counseling, volunteer, go back to school

The Nuclear Triad of frau advice.

by Anonymousreplies 921 hours ago

James Corden.....

A straight guy living every Queens dream life, but of course dismissed because he's fat, the ultimate sin here. He's widely talented and adorable. You're loss.

by Anonymousreplies 4721 hours ago

Socialist Politician SLAMS Jane Fonda Environmental Activism Saying She "Privileged" & "Unaware"

It is SHOCKING that a self proclaimed SOCIALIST would go after Jane Fonda on her environmental record. But she does calling Jane Fonda "Privileged" & "Unaware" and the environment.

Watch her words below

by Anonymousreplies 321 hours ago

Shameless celebrities

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. Andy because of himself. Anderson because of Andy.

by Anonymousreplies 021 hours ago

Do you ever lie around and listen to Sharon Redd?

I just discovered this early 80s disco/r&b goddess. She had several club hits from her three album releases. enjoying her stuff now.

by Anonymousreplies 621 hours ago

Hottie yells "fuck Trump", tries to choke himself and urinates on cop at Disney

It was supposed to be the happiest place on earth but for one copper, it became the wettest as he was showered with a golden gift only Disney could give.

Joseph Murphy was arrested near Disney Springs in Orlando early Sunday morning and was charged with battery on an officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs and resisting an officer without violence.

The officers said that Murphy then began banging his head against a partition and tried to choke himself. He then urinated on a state trooper leaving a wet spot on his uniform👮🏻.

by Anonymousreplies 17a day ago

Dick Gautier is dead to me!

Dick Gautier is as dead as a BLANK.

by Anonymousreplies 38a day ago

The Argo screenwriter is a cute little pocket gay!!!

I want him!

by Anonymousreplies 26a day ago

Pushing Daisies on CW Seed

I haven't seen it since 2009. It's so twee! How did this make it to two seasons? How is this from the same mind that produced "Hannibal"?

Lee Pace is at the height of his beauty tho.

by Anonymousreplies 11a day ago

Four Star Lover

Love this shit!

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

How does Greek sound to you?

This question is for people who are not from Greece, of course.

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

Isn't Snapchat for Younger People?

I always thought Snap-chat was something that was appropriate for people in their teens and twenties I'm nearing forty myself so I've never been interested but nearly all the fraus in my office who are as old as 47 have it and are constantly taking ridiculous selfies with flower crowns or animals faces. Is this typical of older people?

by Anonymousreplies 17a day ago

Have we ever talked about Kasabian on DataLounge?

Do you like them? I think eldergays could like some of their songs, so if they don't know anything about them, they should check on their music.

Down below there is a poll with my favorite Kasabian songs. Vote if you are not much pissed off that i left out some of their popular songs in favor of others. However, please, keep in mind that the poll has also some of their most popular songs. Just don't be hasty with your bitchery!

Which are your favorite songs by Kasabian?

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

Margot Robbie's Brother Cameron

by Anonymousreplies 43a day ago

Gymnast Nadia Comaneci

Who all the previous threads should have been about and you know it, bitches!

I am zee first perfect 10 and everything I do is perfection.

I maka career being best gymnast ever alive and make zee millions being beard for my very gorgeous, hunky queeny husband, closeted lesbian and sleep with married men to get to America. So what?

I am true beauty who is very much show the world how stunning Romanian woman can be.

You all jealous fat pigs.

Especially you Teodora. It's not my fault if people don't pay attention to you! I wish they would! I wish they'd leave me alone.

Now you bitches fill this up and talk about ME!

by Romania's Princess Nadiareplies 587a day ago

Who will be the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of our (Trumpian) Watergate times?

Who will be our nation's Deep Throat?

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

PC police led by Michael Jackson's fake daughter have Urban Myths episode canned.

I'm so fucking sick of everyone getting offended at the tiniest thing. Wake up, you dumb cunt. Your fake father didn't want to be black. He hated black people. And we're supposed to just pretend that he was some kind of saint who wasn't an internal bigot, didn't molest children and die of a dug overdose.

by Anonymousreplies 64a day ago

Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" coming to Starz in 2017.

So fucking excited to see this! The casting looks perfect especially Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.

by Anonymousreplies 7a day ago

HBO’s ‘The Young Pope’ is confounding, captivating and one of the most unsettling shows in years

At once confounding and captivating, HBO’s new limited series “The Young Pope” (premiering Sunday) is among the strangest and most unsettling shows I’ve reviewed in several years — the morose story of an ice-blooded American cardinal, Lenny Belardo (Jude Law), who is chosen to be the next pope, even though he’s only in his 40s.

Taking the name Pius XIII, Lenny immediately transforms into a maliciously capricious pontiff, confusing his peers in the College of Cardinals and striking fear across Vatican City about his true intentions — alarming even the papal cook with his rude refusal of her vast breakfast buffet on his first day, asking instead that he be brought a Cherry Coke Zero each morning and nothing more.

Eschewing long-held systems and protocols that keep the Vatican and the worldwide Roman Catholic Church humming along, Pope Pius seems intent on walling himself and the Holy See off from the world, all in the name of God’s glory.

Referencing reclusive or pseudonymous artists of his time (from J.D. Salinger to the graffiti artist Banksy), and citing the ultimate marketing potential of mystery, Pius tells the Vatican’s savvy communications director, Sofia Dubois (Cécile de France), that he wishes to never be seen in public. He will not pose for photos, nor will his image grace any official souvenirs. He also fires the cardinal in charge of official papal trips, telling him that his job no longer exists, because this pope won’t travel. The world shall come to him.

In other words: Christ, what an A-hole.

As envisioned by Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino (who won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2014 for “The Great Beauty”), it’s difficult to figure out why “The Young Pope” is here and why it’s so instantly fascinating, or what the series might be trying to tell us about faith and organized religion. The first of five episodes made available for review (there are 10 episodes in all, airing on successive Sunday and Monday nights) are deliberately slow; only in the fifth hour does Lenny/Pius’s plan begin to sharpen or make any religious sense. Despite the pace, the show is a chilling, challenging and visually stunning piece of work.

Silvio Orlando is superb as Cardinal Angelo Voiello, the Vatican’s secretary of state, who is the first to realize that Pope Pius intends to break radically with tradition. It falls to Voiello to attempt to reason with this power-mad newbie, who, we learn, won the majority of the cardinals’ votes because he was seen as a safe bridge between a conservative candidate (James Cromwell as Cardinal Michael Spencer) and the church’s more progressive wing.

I am reluctant these days to read into every new TV show a fresh analogy to our present-day transfer of power in the United States, but it’s almost impossible to watch “The Young Pope” and not think of another newly anointed dilettante who shuns expertise and institutional precedence in favor of a radical reordering of power. To underscore his distrust of the system, Pius immediately summons his oldest ally: Sister Mary (Diane Keaton), an American nun who raised him in an orphanage after his parents abandoned him as a young boy.

Sister Mary is as much of a cipher as the pope. Now present at all his meetings as his personal adviser, she briefly becomes his Kellyanne Conway (of sorts), sent to face a news conference after the pope’s first and perhaps only address to the masses gathered at St. Peter’s Square. Held at night to prevent press photographers from getting a good picture of him, the address quickly turns into a firebrand screed about faith. Rather than elucidate or soften the pope’s words, Sister Mary reads a statement from the pope emphasizing His Holiness’s infallibility, and his indifference to any mere mortal who would challenge or respond to him.

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 5:29 AM

Kirsten Dunst

Is she pretty or is she plain? I can never make up my mind.

I also can never decide whether she's really talented or just adequate.

She's certainly hard to cast.

by Anonymousreplies 165Yesterday at 5:15 AM

Outed Telenovela Actor Takes A Stand Against Homophobic Attacks

A Brazilian telenovela star who was outed by tabloids and hit with homophobic cyberattacks is taking a stand against critics.

Rumors have long circulated about Brazilian soap star Leonardo Vieira—best known for soaps like Senhora do Destino, Prova de Amor and Caminhos do Coração—but it wasn’t confirmed until a photo of him kissing another man went viral in December.

Some fans congratulated Vieira, but he also received a slew of negative comments from trolls, who called him “pig” and “trash,” and declared “the world is lost.”

The 48-year-old has since said he was never really in the closet, noting that his conservative, Catholic family has known he was gay for decades and fully accepts him. He says he’s using the incident as an opportunity to affect change.

Vieira reported the online harassment to Brazil’s Human Rights Commission, and wrote an open letter to the press denouncing the attacks, saying, “I never felt like a criminal or to blame for being homosexual… the fact of being gay never hurt anyone, if anything it hurt myself.”

“Being a human being with good character—honest, loyal, loyal, polite, kind, generous and other qualities—is much more important than who you kiss or relate to sexually, regardless of whether you are male or female.”

We say whomever Viera chooses to share his life with is pretty lucky.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 4:35 AM


Is awful on that Irish sitcom...

by Imogen Poots replies 49Yesterday at 3:52 AM

Which 2017 IPO excites you the most?

Snap's going to be the first biggie, but I think Uber and Spotify are possible, too.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 3:47 AM

Most underrated guys in gay porn

Sean Cody's Blake. made himself over from skinny twink to hunk, with a great ass.

Although he's great as a bottom (the role he usually performs in), he's equally fine as a top. Always cheerful, always hard, and can really take a hard pounding.

by Anonymousreplies 54Yesterday at 3:29 AM

How did Godiva convince America that it makes good chocolate?

Certainly better than Nestle but it still tastes like wax

by Anonymousreplies 125Yesterday at 3:25 AM

Do We Know What We're Calling This Scandal Yet?



Neither one is quite right although "Russiagate" comes closer than "Putingate" for me.

We must really be in shock as a nation because we'd usually have the name nailed down by this point in a scandal. We're very speedy with that part of it.

by Anonymousreplies 49Yesterday at 3:24 AM

In a democracy, anyone has the ability to influence the outcome of an election.

As much as I wanted Trump to lose, I still don't see outside influences as being a legitimate excuse for his win. The number of fake news releases, paid for rally attendees etc all had their effect on the election. News releases from around the world certainly affected the mind set of many without most even realizing they were being influenced. I honestly believe the majority of trump voters were simply protesting their feeling of having been disenfranchised by so many illegal aliens coming into the US. Allowing this influx of over 10 million into the US has had vastly negative results mainly on the working class. Remember, you don't have to have much in assets here in the US for one to refer to themselves as middle class. Granted the illegals primarily work for less, the net affect was everyone who works, ended up working for less. All these illegals had to have a place to live and most lived in major cities like Los Angeles, San Fran, Chicago and the like. These are the cities with the most expensive property and rental costs in the nation. Los Angeles alone would have over one million vacancies if the illegals were sent home. Rents and home prices would fall like a rock if this were to happen. Wages would be forced higher if there weren't illigals willing and available to do the job for minimum wage.

This is just one of the reasons working class types voted for trump.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 3:23 AM

2017 Will Be Hell On Earth

Does anyone else have a sinking feeling that 2016 is just the warm-up?

by Anonymousreplies 51Yesterday at 3:04 AM

Ringling Bros. Circus Is Shutting Down After 146 Years

Other countries set the example, but here we are. No more Ringling Bros. Circus.

People's hearts change? That said, perhaps more important are kids' smartphones and Cirque du Soleil - the free market?

Apologies in advance if you find this upsetting and have warm memories of going to the circus. I respect your cherished memories.

by Anonymousreplies 147Yesterday at 3:02 AM

Tom Hughes as Prince Albert

In the new splashy series Victoria. Have you seen it? Will you watch it on American tv?

by Anonymousreplies 21Yesterday at 2:35 AM

Trump: I'm almost done with my Obamacare replacement plan!

So he tells the Washington Post today.

[quote]“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” People covered under the law “can expect to have great health care. It will be in a much simplified form. Much less expensive and much better.”

How the fuck do they plan to pay for it? No idea!

[quote]Republican leaders have said that they will not strand people who gained insurance under the ACA without coverage. But it remains unclear from either Trump’s comments in the interview or recent remarks by GOP leaders on Capitol Hill how they intend to accomplish that.

[quote]Timing could be difficult as Trump puts an emphasis on speed. Obama’s law took more than 14 months of debate and hundreds of hearings. To urge lawmakers on, Trump plans to attend a congressional Republican retreat in Philadelphia this month.

by Anonymousreplies 29Yesterday at 2:31 AM

Fellow DL'ers! I command you to take off your pants and wrap the waist of the pants around your neck.

If the ends touch when wrapped around your neck, then the pants will fit your waist properly. It works! I just tried four different pairs of pants, including dress slacks and jeans, and they all touched at the back of my neck. This trick will make shopping so much easier in the future. No more trying to guess sizes, especially when shopping for slacks with European sizing. My mind is blown. Did any of you know about this?

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 2:28 AM

Erasing Your Online Presence - Help

Who's done it?

I've already dumped all social media, and that includes actually DELETING my Facebook account, not just suspending/deactivating it.

I'm glad the DL is anonymous but some message boards where I registered to post do not have a "Delete My Account" option. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm a teacher but have decided to go back into my previous profession due to the money. People at work say you "MUST" be on Linked In in order to get any kind of job now - is that true? I don't want an online profile anywhere now.

What if you have no Twitter or Facebook for a hiring manager to look up? Is that a red flag in 2017?

Please help.

by Anonymousreplies 10Yesterday at 1:53 AM

Victoria (PBS) Season 1

Who's watching?

Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria

Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne - still handsome

Tom Hughes as Prince Albert

by Anonymousreplies 10Yesterday at 1:50 AM

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix

This is apparently a real couple. Who is weirder? Who is more disturbed? Who is more talented? Who will win an Oscar first?

I figured she'd carry a torch for David Fincher forever.

by Anonymousreplies 9Yesterday at 1:37 AM

Yo- are there any trans people on here?

I have a question- is Caitlynn Jenner the Stacy Dash of the trans community? I'm not sure what the trans call out sell out of one of their own.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 1:36 AM

Screwing blacks and other minorities

All Americans must loudly proclaim their love for America, say the Pledge of Allegiance with great feeling, sing the Star Spangled Banner with tears in our eyes. If we don't, we're called unAmerican and traitors.

Then, if you're black, you get completely screwed-- education, jobs, justice system, housing, everything.

by Anonymousreplies 25Yesterday at 1:33 AM

Trump voters are a wicked, stiff-necked and rebellious people

Addicted to God and guns? Hell no, they are addicted to the fantasy of solving personal conflicts through murder. They are employing the techniques of apartheid and sectarian hate in Ulster to try to hold onto power. I will smite them but good

by Jumping Jehovahreplies 8Yesterday at 1:27 AM

American Heroes

A big hit song from 1968 "Abraham, Martin and John". Still powerful, especially today. Please send this link to everyone and make this song a hit again remind America what a real hero looks like and what sacrifice is.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 1:18 AM

Trump Protesters In New York Want To ‘Help Ivanka Move’

“Say goodbye to:” a poster for the planned demonstration reads, subsequently listing things like freedom of speech, affordable healthcare, LGBT rights, women’s health, climate change and nuclear regulation, and immigrant rights.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 1:12 AM

The #1 songs of 2017

new thread for the new year

Kicking it off with The Weeknd "Starboy". Personally I can't stand this song. He's a terrible singer but I liked his earlier work. "Starboy" has terrible lyrics but the beat is catchy. It has taken the song 14 weeks to clinch the top spot.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 12:57 AM

I have arthritis and chronic pain. Any experience out there with these products

There have been loads of evidence that they work

by Dewey replies 47Yesterday at 12:54 AM

Pam Anderson, Jude Law, other celebrity spawn walk the D&G fashion show last night

Gurl, I can't.

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 12:49 AM

Leah Remini's Scientology series

Starts tonight.

I'd never thought about her one way or the other, but that interview with her earlier this year on 20/20 convinced me she was smart and tough.

by Anonymousreplies 352Yesterday at 12:30 AM

Thomas Sanders, the thick, little narration vine guy with the silky baritone voice

He's a theater queen, has played Javert, lives with his sexy 6'6" Nubian ballet dancer bf, and is from Gainsville, FL (poor thing).

His vines are definitely hilarious , but what's next for him? Is he new gay royalty or the same old tired social media whore? Also would you eat his voluptuous derrière, cause it's big gwarl?

by the Brenton Thwaites trollreplies 47Yesterday at 12:30 AM

3 Sites Banned on Bus

I was on a bus in Canada and used their WiFi . Which three sites were banned? (Note: I started just checking different sites. Not a fan of most of these. ..)

Answer inside. ..

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 12:02 AM

I'm thinking of becoming a spy

I am inspired by that MI6 guy with the dirt on Donald Trump to come out of retirement and spy for somebody. It has to be a place with temperate weather, though. Probably should be a nuclear power but I included Germany in my poll because they are such trouble makers and Mexico because they are so sneaky. Any suggestions?

I also need a code name. I think "Mary OP" is already taken.

by Not sure, taking suggestions. replies 47Yesterday at 12:00 AM

Nice guys don't have big dicks


by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 11:59 PM

The Deep State

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Søren Kierkegaard

"... there is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.

My analysis of this phenomenon is not an exposé of a secret, conspiratorial cabal; the state within a state is hiding mostly in plain sight, and its operators mainly act in the light of day. Nor can this other government be accurately termed an 'establishment.'

All complex societies have an establishment, a social network committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. In terms of its scope, financial resources and sheer global reach, the American hybrid state, the Deep State, is in a class by itself. That said, it is neither omniscient nor invincible. The institution is not so much sinister (although it has highly sinister aspects) as it is relentlessly well entrenched.

Far from being invincible, its failures, such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, are routine enough that it is only the Deep State’s protectiveness towards its higher-ranking personnel that allows them to escape the consequences of their frequent ineptitude."

Mike Lofgren, Anatomy of the Deep State

by Anonymousreplies 29Last Sunday at 11:55 PM


My therapist got rid of her car, and just takes Lyft and Uber. She says it's cheaper and more convenient. If she really needs a car, she uses Zipcar, but she says she only needed to rent a car one in the last year.

DLers, have any of you gotten rid of your car, taking Lyft and Uber instead?

It sounds kind of ... great.

by Anonymousreplies 106Last Sunday at 11:52 PM

Dlers, did you get this CEO of Macy fired? Bitchy works!

You go Girls! Next, on to saving the Affordable Care Act (health bill). Call your senators.

by Anonymousreplies 9Last Sunday at 11:49 PM

J Edgar Hoover

How did he go from being the founder of a successful vacuum company to director of the FBI? And why after being so revered that they changed Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam did they try to bring him down simply because he cross dressed.

What would today's T in GBLT say?

by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 11:48 PM

What are your thoughts on Emma Watson?

Starred in Harry Potter. I've always thought she looked like a petite doll.

by Anonymousreplies 45Last Sunday at 11:31 PM

Police Scanner Apps

Do you use any of these free apps? Currently using Scanner Radio tuned into my counties police department. I keep it on in the background of my phone. I know all of the going ons before it hits my local news channel. I have it set to alert when any channel in the US has a large number of listeners. I'm in NY but I frequently get notices when something big is going down in NYC or Chicago.

Over the holiday season I couldn't believe the high volume of calls for suicide attempts. Every night without fail someone passes away from a heroin overdose. Usually about three overdoses a night. The sheer terror of autistic teens going violently berserk has opened my eyes. Domestic violence calls galore. I now can identify the dick cops as well. Always on top of traffic situations. Marvel at how some people use police officers as babysitters for any squabble be it domestic or at a retailer. Aware of robberies and other ongoing criminal activities. It's highly entertaining and informative and best of all, it's free. I'm in Nassau County, Long Island and do I have stories.

by Anonymousreplies 23Last Sunday at 11:29 PM

I am drinking Fresca and Cabernet and watching the movie Laura


by Anonymousreplies 15Last Sunday at 11:16 PM

Twink Jack Griffo

Could he be gay? This pic has people wondering if he is.

by Anonymousreplies 51Last Sunday at 11:13 PM

Are there any male celebrities universally loved by DL?

Or is unconditional love reserved for female celebrities only,, like Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, and Rula Lenska?

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 11:07 PM

The Zookeeper's Wife: Will DL go for it?

The Zookeeper's Wife tells the account of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Antonina and Jan Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the Nazi invasion.

Stars: Jessica Chastain, Daniel Brühl, Johan Heldenbergh

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 11:06 PM

I don't understand why they can't program DVRs to take into account football overruns


by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 11:00 PM

Have you ever had a pet rabbit?

Seems such an odd pet.

Maybe they are affectionate and demonstrative.

Keeping them penned up for your pleasure seems cruel...& what pleasure?

Or am I just not 'getting' it?

by Anonymousreplies 34Last Sunday at 10:51 PM

'Member the Trump Nudes?

Thought we could use a reminder on the eve of his historic inauguration.

by Not posting from Nizhny Novgorodreplies 8Last Sunday at 10:47 PM

Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano, hot Brazilian gymast

The games are on in Glasgow and cannot help but enjoy the beauty of male body. Arthur is 22-year-old and looks cute.

by Anonymousreplies 144Last Sunday at 10:38 PM

If you were a victim of rape, how long was it until you were able to have sex again?

Is there a normal period of time to wait? If you had a partner at the time, was he or she understanding or impatient? Do you think gay guys should be able to return to having sex quicker than women after an assault just because they're guys or is it an individual thing?

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 10:38 PM


It's like a Ryan Murphy joke come to life!

by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 10:38 PM


Has some moments of pure genius.


by Anonymousreplies 192Last Sunday at 10:37 PM

I want to fuck Colin Firth

Don't even try to talk me out of it.

by Anonymousreplies 122Last Sunday at 10:32 PM

The Pirate Movie

Great 80's take on the Pirates of Penzance with Kristy McNichol and Rex Smith. Ah, that brings me back.

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 10:30 PM

I'm SICK of Netflix Produced Shitty Movies!

It is like an endless parade of mediocrity with these endless Netflix home-produced films and episodic stories. I don't want to be dragged into a 12 part series about anything. I want a 2 hour Hollywood movie (with access to all of the old movies), not this new Netflix shit.

by Anonymousreplies 23Last Sunday at 10:30 PM

'45 Years'...a new film starring DL fave Charlotte Rampling & directed & written by Andrew Haigh (director of Looking)

Will you go see it?

by Anonymousreplies 61Last Sunday at 10:29 PM

Dina Lohan About to Lose Home

This was on another thread but given the urgency of the matter, it deserves its own thread:

Dina Lohan is about to lose her Long Island home. Naturally, Lindsay will help but she can't shoulder the entire amount. Would one of you who know about such things please start a Go Fund Me page in her name?

[bold]Please Give Generously !!![/bold]

Below is Dina in happier times with another gay icon, Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

by Anonymousreplies 48Last Sunday at 10:28 PM

When will the IC arrest Trump?

Before the inauguration or after?

by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 10:23 PM

Avan Jogia

Who is this handsome young actor?

He's beautiful.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 10:08 PM

I had a dream on Friday that Hillary, who'll attend the Inauguration, took a gun and shot Trump!

It seemed bizarre but real/possible. As crazy as the World is, it just seems bizarrely possible, and she'd likely claim she was saving the country.

This is what this election has done to me. I dream about how crazy and unpredictable things are. If you think about that scenario, it will seem strangely realistic to you too.

Last year just destroyed what was left of the American community. We all hate and distrust each other now. And we fear everything. It's heartbreaking and horrifying. :-(

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 10:02 PM

Bikers for Trump

More than 5,000 bikers are expected to descend on Washington, DC, for the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday in a dramatic display of support. Chris Cox (pictured left with his dog Trigger and right with Trump), 48, is organizing what he hopes will be a sizeable rally for America's pro-Trump bikers, complete with musical performances and speakers - and he says they will have another purpose. 'In the event that we are needed, we will form a wall of meat,' he told Fox & Friends Saturday, adding that while the group is non-violent, they would stand up to any dangerous protesters. 'We'll be shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and we'll be toe-to-toe with anyone who's going to break through police barriers,' he said.

by Altamont, anyone?replies 39Last Sunday at 9:56 PM

Help. I am in love with Anthony Kiedis.

Anyone know him?

by Anonymousreplies 32Last Sunday at 9:50 PM

Poetic and Amazing Song Lyrics -- Post a snip in 3 or 4 Lines

This is becoming a lost art. Post your favorite song lyrics from any song.

by Anonymousreplies 21Last Sunday at 9:40 PM

Men with flat asses

For those who prefer a junk-free trunk.

Or those who'd like to laugh and point.

First up: Michiel Huisman from Game of Thrones displays his pancakes in motion.

by Anonymousreplies 28Last Sunday at 9:31 PM

Can you go backstage to meet the chorus boys of a play?

The way guys do for chorus girls (as least in the movies). Can you send flowers to their dressing room with a note?

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 9:24 PM

Which place would you like to live in the most?

If you can up and leave, and go anywhere, where would you like to go?

by Anonymousreplies 61Last Sunday at 9:19 PM


What are their best products?

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 9:17 PM

Poor Mario Lopez

His property was NOT saved by the bell...

by Anonymousreplies 48Last Sunday at 9:12 PM

Good true crime reads

Can you suggest some to me?

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 9:10 PM

Anyone Gone To Hustlaball?

It's in Vegas this weekend and I'm thinking of going. I'm reserved and don't dance, but I am cute and have a nice body. But, I don't drink alcohol or do drugs. What should I wear? LOL. The ticket is $59. I'm going to be in Vegas alone and want to try something new.

by Anonymousreplies 36Last Sunday at 9:01 PM

Trudeau shades Donald Trump


by Anonymousreplies 15Last Sunday at 8:57 PM

And Ye Shall Know The Dataloungers By Their Signage

I don't know if it came from this blog site but this is the poster I'll be carrying.

See you bitches in DC on Friday and Saturday.

by I know, Iknow, not if you see me firstreplies 4Last Sunday at 8:51 PM

Sean Cody's Thom

Will he come back to top Deacon?

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 8:51 PM


The movie with the closeted human catcher's mitt and Amy Adams. What do the aliens look like? Could find images on Google... TIA!

by Anonymousreplies 9Last Sunday at 8:48 PM

The Muscle Matt Mafia guys

A post on another thread got me wondering -- does anyone have photos of the guys in the Muscle Matt videos? Someone posted on in the other post, and he is very handsome. I'm wondering if anyone has photos of the other guys. Thanks.

by Anonymousreplies 27Last Sunday at 8:34 PM

OMG Owen Jones has camel toe!!!

I'll never look at socialists the same way ever again.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 8:32 PM

What do we think about this openly gay, Aborigine former rugby player?

Mama likey! Truth be told I've always wanted to have sex with an Aborigine - it would be like sleeping with living history! Although I don't think most of them look the way Casey Conway does.

by Anonymousreplies 26Last Sunday at 8:23 PM

What do you think of the fact that cody linley dwts is one of the search terms that bring the most people to DL?

3. cody linley dwts t2.12%

Supposedly it's number 3.

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 8:14 PM

Why isn't Julie Andrews' lesbianism more widely known?

Everyone are shocked when I tell them that Mary Poppins is a muff diver in real life. But are people really that blind? She pings to high heaven with that Luke Skywalker hairdo she's been rocking since the late 50's and her asexual onscreen persona.

by Anonymousreplies 35Last Sunday at 8:13 PM


The winner is...

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 8:08 PM

Revisiting UGLY BETTY on Hulu

Watching it again from the beginning. Forgot how much I liked this show. It had everything--great acting, comedy, suspense, romance, and a gay sensibility rare for a network series. I remember it going a bit off the rails toward the end, but I never stopped watching.

I'd also forgotten my crush on Christopher Gorham--I love a hot nerd!

by Anonymousreplies 9Last Sunday at 8:03 PM


Stop stop stop!

by Don't do it.replies 3Last Sunday at 8:00 PM

Al's Gay Porn Stars website... closed down?

Years ago, someone posted link too Al's Gay Porn Stars web page. It was well reference? Sure. Let's go with "reference." Anyways, a few days before Christmas, my partner and I met a new friend's husband and we both decided on the way home he really looked like such and such the porn star. (We know it wasn't actually him.) We got home and checked on Al's, but it was gone.

Still gone today. I know I wasn't on in a long time. Did I miss something?

An aside... we later remembered the porn guys name: Blu Kennedy

by Sad in Secaucus replies 20Last Sunday at 7:54 PM

Cory Booker and 12 Other Dems Voted Against Lowering Drug Prices

For Some Reason, Cory Booker and 12 Other Dems Killed a Bill That Would Lower Drug Prices [Updated]

Ellie Shechet Today 10:55am Filed to: DEMOCRATS 102.9K 10

Image via AP Photo. There is so much going on right now, such an absolute shitpile deluge of absurdities rolling in from Washington, that it’s almost possible to overlook the fact that 13 Democratic senators either misread or completely disregarded overwhelming national sentiment and voted against an amendment that would have lowered drug prices. It’s worth paying attention to, however, as it doesn’t really bode well for anyone!

by Anonymousreplies 55Last Sunday at 7:49 PM

Sorry, sweeties! I have to run Emmyrs'yn to cheer practice.

We'll catch up later!


by Anonymousreplies 0Last Sunday at 7:35 PM

What was the Republican defense for Nixon?

I was born in 76 Post Watergate so I wasn't around for any of it. However I remember during the 80's there was some vague defense of Nixon having been acting purely as a patriot. Was I imagining that or was there a different excuse used?

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 7:33 PM

Trimming a beef tenderloin

And need ideas for using the fat with tons of meat still attached? Stock?

by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 7:31 PM

Can you identify what brand of underwear Henry Cavill is wearing?

Henry Cavill photos - he is wearing a tight blue shirt, revealing the outline of his pecs, blue jeans with brown belt and some type of underwear underneath.

Can anyone tell what brand it is?

by Jonathan Rhys Meyersreplies 67Last Sunday at 7:29 PM

Describe your local FOOD COURT near your place of work

Do you eat lunch there everyday? Or just occasionally. Or do you find food court gross and would never eat there.

Discuss below!

by Anonymousreplies 26Last Sunday at 7:26 PM

Minnesota, let's talk about them.

They are like the little engine that could. A proud blue state in the North that Dlers usually don't talk about.

I'm from California and have never visited the midland, but it's a sea of red in there so my only options are Minnesota and Illinois.

Obviously I want to visit the Guthrie Theater and Mall of America, but what else is there for tourist to see? Help me DL gays, what are some good destinations in Minnesota?

by Anonymousreplies 21Last Sunday at 7:22 PM

Planet Fitness

Anyone else here a member?

I recently joined and am loving it. Great hours, reasonable price, etc...

But why do they give away free pizza and bagels? Such fattening foods.

When the guy behind the counter first offered it to me I thought he was joking. Do they use it to see who is/isn't serious about working out? I know they claim to be a judgment free zone and all. Why not offer fresh fruit, yogurt or even bottled water?

I passed on his offer.

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 7:15 PM

Stop With the Duplicate threads!: The Official Thread

I won't have it! Enough.

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 7:12 PM

Fast food employee accused of putting menstrual blood on a customer’s burger

The Mississippi State Department of Health, the Columbus, Mississippi police department and Jack’s Family Restaurant, Inc. have all been investigating an alleged food contamination incident with particularly disturbing details.

According to a Facebook post that quickly went viral, the mother of a former Jack’s employee in Columbus alleged that another fast food worker put menstrual blood on a hamburger and licked the cheese that went on it before serving the meal to a customer last Saturday.

Tabatha Hollins of New Hope said her 16-year-old daughter used to work at one of the restaurant’s 130 or so locations across the South. When she saw the other employee put her bodily fluids on the burger, she spoke to one of the managers on duty, who served the food anyway, Hollins claims.

After calling the company’s corporate offices, Hollins’s daughter was fired for making “false reports,” according to Hollins’s Facebook post. In a statement to WJTV, Jack’s Family Restaurant said the employee who allegedly contaminated the food was “terminated several days ago for unrelated reasons and no longer works for us. At the time of her dismissal Jack’s was not aware of these allegations.”

That Facebook post quickly drew shock and outrage on social media, and led to both the state department of health and the fast food chain to announce investigations.

Lewis also said in a statement that the police have been in contact with the person who allegedly received the tainted hamburger. However, the department did not offer any possible explanations for why the employee may have done it.

Jack’s, which is concentrated in the southeast, announced it was also launching its own inquiry into the situation.

“At Jack’s, we take these allegations very seriously and are working to determine the validity of these claims. Additionally, we are committed to taking further action if appropriate,” the company’s statement read.

The Commercial Dispatch reports that Jack's last received an A rating from the Mississippi Department of Health for a 2015 health inspection.

..... Moral of the story, order only plain burgers and add your own ketchup.

by Hold the pickel hold the lettucereplies 8Last Sunday at 7:09 PM

Robby Mook ruined everything.


by Anonymousreplies 336Last Sunday at 6:57 PM

Tyce Jax - Porn Star, BF Beater, and HUNG Like A Gas Pump

It seems he may be going to the pokey for a long time. I'm sure he'll be verrrry popular there.

by Anonymousreplies 52Last Sunday at 6:54 PM

Two Shots Of Vodka

Take note, you prissy bartenders out there!

by Miss Leereplies 2Last Sunday at 6:51 PM


Just stop!

by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 6:38 PM

Do you ever watch Discovery Life channel?

Untold stories of the ER is on now.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 6:33 PM

One Of The Hottest Songs Of All Time

They just don't make jams like this anymore. Anyone else love this song?

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 6:22 PM

New Joan Rivers bio: Last Girl Before Freeway

Pretty comprehensive and interesting read BUT

Why don't they mention why Melissa's marriage went bad?

What happened? The book says guests at the wedding were murmuring this will never last....but they never say why.

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 6:04 PM

Actors who have aged well

Colin Firth was a beautiful young man who became a hot daddy.

by Anonymousreplies 187Last Sunday at 6:01 PM

Subjects About Which We Need More Threads on DL


The Golden Girls

Valley of the Dolls

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Any others?

by Anonymousreplies 79Last Sunday at 5:45 PM

Woodward and Bernstein

Popularly known as Woodstein, they're both still around.

They wouldn't take this on in their old age but they have decades of great contacts - especially Woodward. They could prove to be very useful in the wars to come. I've seen Bernstein out and about on the Fuckface scandal story but I haven't seen Bob Woodward. He may be appearing on shows I don't watch.

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 5:38 PM

POLL: Cumrags…hot or not?

Gay males: Do you find other guys' cumrags and/or cum-stained undies hot?

by Asking for a friendreplies 2Last Sunday at 5:37 PM

It's MY Thread, Cunt! I Started It FIRST! My Territory!

I started the thread FIRST! It's my game. It's my land. I want to be POPULAR and I CAN"T if all of your duplicate threads siphon off posts to MY ORIGINAL THEAD.

More posts on MY ORIGINAL THREAD makes me feel IMPORTANT and VALIDATES my lonely life in front of a computer. Why would you want to take that away FROM ME??? I want to be finally be....POPULAR!!

by Fat Nerd Centralreplies 2Last Sunday at 5:21 PM

Spin off: Gay youtubers who look like they have that boyfriend-girlfriend thing going on?

One thing that bugs PK/Mike, Ethan/Mark and Austin/Nicolay's relationships is that it mostly mimics a heterosexual couple. You could tell who wear the pants in the relationship.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 5:13 PM

Stop With the Duplicate threads!: The Official Thread

I won't have it. Enough.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 5:13 PM

Stop With the Duplicate threads!: The Official Thread

I won't have it! Enough.

by Anonymousreplies 0Last Sunday at 5:04 PM

Let's Discuss Falcon Crest

I have been watching season four of Falcon Crest recently and what a great show it was!

Jane Wyman as Angela Channing was so awesome. So hateful, but you wanted her to come out on top.

Who were your favorite characters? What were your favorite plotlines over the years? Which Vicki Gioberti was your preferred? Why has Ana Alicia barely worked at all since the show ended? Why is Lorenzo Lamas so cheesy? Apollonia?

by Richard Channing's glass of milkreplies 94Last Sunday at 4:59 PM

Portland , OR has been completely snowed in for nearly a week

In most cities a foot of snow is not a big deal, but Portland is so rarely that there's no infrastructure to deal with it: everything's been shut down for days. It's like living in a disaster area.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 4:58 PM

Dorothy Kilgallen was a snob

She says "It comes in supermarkets. I wouldn't know anything about supermarkets."

What a stuck up little bitch. I guess she's too rich and important to do anything for herself. Now wonder she wound up like other junkies.

by Anonymousreplies 199Last Sunday at 4:58 PM

We Need More Duplicate Threads!

We need more duplicate threads because sometimes the original ones never show up.

by Echoreplies 3Last Sunday at 4:55 PM

William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, has passed away.


by Anonymousreplies 56Last Sunday at 4:40 PM

We Need More Duplicate Threads!

We need more duplicate threads because sometimes the original ones never show up.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 4:39 PM

Is Calling An Asian Men Sexy racist?

This guy seems to think so.

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 4:36 PM

Dry shampoo, I love it so much.

What product do you just love, no matter how ridiculous other people might find it? You don't have to name brands but what is the one product -- pomade, nail whitener, etc. -- that you know works so well, even if it looks silly on your otherwise, well appointed vanity?

by Anonymousreplies 45Last Sunday at 4:34 PM

"Suck it, Stevie!" Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie to Release Duet Album

They're so tired of waiting for her and they're moving on without her!

Mick Fleetwood and John McVie will play on the album that is due out this spring.

by Anonymousreplies 26Last Sunday at 4:34 PM

I am about to pay off my mortgage

I am honestly not trying to brag - have not put this on Facebook or anywhere else - just wanted to share, as many of you have probably done this already, and probably for mortgages much higher than mine, BUT.....

It is an overwhelming feeling. I am single and I did it ENTIRELY on my own, never took a DIME from anyone. My brother, who is wealthy, threw in $10k on my down payment when I bought the house in 2003, but I paid him back in full within 6 months. Went from a 30 yr into a 15 about 5 years in. I can't believe I have actually done it; it feels like the greatest achievement of my life. I feel like Linda Loman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN, saying, "I'm free and clear!"

by Anonymousreplies 68Last Sunday at 4:33 PM

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and wife

He s 26, she's 49. So this is another Hugh Jackman type thing?

by Anonymousreplies 133Last Sunday at 4:27 PM

Look at the home for sale in the heart of deplorable country.

Who would pay over 2 million to live there?

by Anonymousreplies 43Last Sunday at 4:20 PM

Are They Working on Creating Their Cover Up Now?

Or did they already have that in place before the "election" in November?

It's always the cover up that takes them down but in this case it's hard to say. Treason (or the violation of the Logan Act) is such a sensational crime, even a massive attempt to cover it up might not overwhelm it.

I wonder how long it will be before he has to resign?

by Anonymousreplies 9Last Sunday at 4:13 PM

Closeted Congressmen

Paul Begala famously called Washington "Hollywood for ugly people." While he was referring to the neediness of actors and politicians, can the same be said for the number of closet cases as well? I know one of the longtime Senators (now retired) from my home state is gay, and while it was well known in our state, it was never mentioned in DC circles and never became news. Aside from DL favs Ms. Lindsey Graham, Louie Gohmert, and Marco Rubio, who else in DC is gay/bi?

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Sunday at 4:12 PM

Which company makes the best chocolate?

I want to buy some nice chocolates for Valentine's Day but I need to know who makes the best.

by Anonymousreplies 60Last Sunday at 4:09 PM

These Old Broads - Debbie, Shirley, Joan . . . and Liz

Anyone seen this? Written by Carrie Fisher and chock full of hilarious one-liners. Liz does her "Noo Yawk" imitation of agent Sue Mengers trying to corral the others has-beens into making a comeback together. Liz and Debbie have a confrontation about Debbie's ex "Freddy." ("He had these skinny, hairless little legs and a saggy ass," says Liz. "Oh," says Debbie. "How Vivid!")

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Sunday at 4:07 PM

Holding in piss for intensity/pleasure (or maybe torture)

Anyone do this? Tried this?

I do this sometimes. When you hold it in for a while it feels good when you finally go.

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 4:07 PM


Just stop!

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 3:42 PM

Sean Zevran

What do we know?

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 3:40 PM

Let's repeal Congress' health care


by And Congressional staff tooreplies 7Last Sunday at 3:39 PM

Kurt Eichenwald is Still Expertly Taking Down President-Elect* Fuckface von Clownstick

He worked his ass off with Newsweek to warn us about the Russian connections and the corruption and the treason but he didn't get much coverage.

He's updated and expanded his investigation. It's a barn-burner of an article. If you haven't seen it yet - have a look.

*with co-President-Elect Vladimir Putin

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 3:35 PM

Cleopatra was Greek.

She wasn't even Egyptian!

by Anonymousreplies 109Last Sunday at 3:30 PM

I flippin love Kylie Minogue

Because she's never been huge or mainstream here in the US (barring her brief global domination with the Fever album and the monster singles Can't Get You Out of My Head and Love At First Sight), she's often been able to be just-a-tiny-bit-weird, a little left of center when compared other pop singers. And even when she's doing something ridiculously camp and over the top - like when she wears an entire ostrich farm's worth of showgirl feathers - she has this sly smile and knowing sparkle in her eye that seems to say "isn't this ridiculous?" all while celebrating the ridiculousness at the same time. That's a difficult line to walk. To be sublime and ridiculous at the same time.

by Anonymousreplies 111Last Sunday at 3:29 PM

Casualties of the trump administration!

A continuation of the successful "Causalities of the 2016 Presidential Election"

Let us condole those who have and will be sacrificed in the upcoming reign of stupidity, fraud, and deceit.

CNN reporter cutie Jim Acosta

Jennifer Holliday

Nicole Kidman's career (well that was already dead)

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 3:23 PM

Halle Berry

Let's discuss her bitches! From her being hit so hard by one of her exes she lost hearing in one ear, to her hit and run, her over the top Oscar speech like she was being coronated queen of all actresses, and her many boyfriends and husbands.

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 3:19 PM

Donald Trump will be brought down by the media and the intelligence community he thinks he's immune from

You heard it hear first.

I don't expect him to last a year and I also expect Pence to go with him.

by Anonymousreplies 99Last Sunday at 3:19 PM

Hiding bodies with romance novels

Some said it couldn't be done!

[quote]Gary's brother-in-law Scott Ellis told The Des Moines Register that Gary's home contained mystery and romance novels she read, which could have made it tough for her family members to see her body.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 3:11 PM

Porn performers who are really great at fucking

You can be an absolutely gorgeous porn performer and not be very good at sex (like Ken Ryker). And you can be not very attractive, but absolutely fantastic at fucking: I am turned off by Rafael Alancar's many implants, but I have to admit he is one of the best aggressive tops out there.

Who are the porn performers who are genuinely awesomely talented at throwing a mean fuck--either as a top or as a bottom or as versatile? I am not asking who is necessarily the most physically attractive, but rather who is the most talented at sex.

A few who come to mind:

*Adam Killian (versatile)

*Tom Chase (good at both, but unbeatable as a top)

*J. R. Bronson (hungry and gifted bottom)

by Anonymousreplies 207Last Sunday at 3:08 PM

C-Span congressional hearing interrupted by Russian Cable . . .

and a notable propaganda one. . . . ..

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 3:08 PM

Men are more amusing, but women are more sensual

Women also have more holes ready to be filled.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 3:02 PM

Best Actress Oscar winners of the 70s

Who would you have voted for?

1970 I guess I'd go with Glenda Jackson but I'm not really wild about her.

1971 definitely Fonda

1972 Liza. Diana Ross didn't even bother doing the accent

1973 Ellen Burstyn, riveting scenes early in the film with Jason Miller

1974 Burstyn again. So likable and funny.

1975 Fletcher I guess. Not much choice

1976 Dunaway is brilliant so I'd go with her how can you not love Sissy

1977 Keaton deserved it for Goodbar I guess I'd vote for her in Annie Hall as a make up.

1978 Ingrid Bergman

1979 Our Sally

the academy didn't do too bad that decade. I agree a lot. How about you?

by Anonymousreplies 91Last Sunday at 2:56 PM

Which famous guy would you want to see in a video dancing/showing of his ass in underwear or swimwear?

Not porn but more artistic, sexy and/or fun.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 2:47 PM

Which Actors Seem Genuinely Conflicted About Being Closeted? Part 2

Certainly not Chris Evans. He's supposedly secretly dating Elizabeth Olsen after supposedly secretly dating Lily Collins. Seems more like beard searching. I guess we're actually supposed to believe this.

[quote]Chris is paranoid about his womanizing becoming public while he’s on this multi-picture deal with Marvel. He’s protecting his image, and will bend over backwards to keep things quiet.

by Anonymousreplies 98Last Sunday at 2:44 PM

Obama Extends Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine By One Year

U.S. President Barack Obama on January 13 extended all U.S. sanctions on Russia over its annexation of Crimea and aggression in Ukraine by one year through March 2018.

The move appears designed to make it harder for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to roll back the sanctions after Obama leaves office on January 20. Trump has said he wants to improve relations with Russia and would take a second look at the sanctions, although several of his chosen cabinet members said this week that they support the sanctions.

In extending the sanctions, which were due to expire in March 2017, Obama said the Russian government and other people and organizations targeted by the sanctions have "undermined democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine" by their "use of force in Ukraine" and thereby "threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity."

Because of the threat to Ukraine, Obama said, Russia's actions "pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."

The European Union has parallel sanctions on Russia that are due to expire in July. Italy and other EU members have said they would push to end the sanctions, especially if Trump carries out a softening of U.S. policy towards Russia.

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 2:42 PM

WHET Bradford Shellhammer?

He was a gazillionairess for a minute - men wanted to break up with him and large women wanted to ne him.

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 2:32 PM

Would you have LOVED to have been sitting with these people at this dinner?

Do you think it would have been tremendous...or not?

by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 2:31 PM
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