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OMG! "Thomas Markle: My Story" will air on British TV tonite! An hour and a half of it!

[quote]Thomas Markle today revealed he doesn't think his daughter will see him again until he is 'lowered into the ground' in a coffin and [bold]justified being paid to take part in a Channel 5 documentary saying: 'Meghan owes me - it's time to look after daddy'.[/bold]

[quote]Accusing his daughter and son-in-law of saying 'trashy things' about him, he said: ‘I don't care. At this point, they owe me. The Royals owe me. Harry owes me, Meghan owes me. What I've been through I should be rewarded for. My daughter told me that when I reach my senior years she'll take care of me. I'm in my senior years now, it's time to look after daddy'.

by Anonymousreplies 21310 hours ago

Within Treason: Rush Rush (The Impeachment Trial, Part 22)

Continued Discussion

Rush, rush

I wanna see I wanna see ya get free with me

Rush, rush

I can feel it, I can feel you all through me

Rush, rush

Ooh what you do to me

But I need you, I want you

Ooh man, I love you so

by Anonymousreplies 38210 hours ago

Laura Dern Says She Was Blacklisted By Gay Hollywood Mafia After Ellen Episode

After being offered the Ellen episode

"I was excited. I didn’t think twice about it. It was a great opportunity. And then the calls started coming in once I’d said yes, from a couple of advisers in Hollywood who were out gay men, [telling me] to not do it. A lot of people in my life really worried. And I was like, “This is ridiculous.” This is where I grew up in a bubble and didn’t realize we weren’t there yet or something. "

Then after the Ellen episode the scripts being sent to her STOPPED COLD. Laura Dern didn't work for one solid year.

"I was doing successful independent movies, and, only months before that, I was in Jurassic Park, the most successful movie ever. So it was like, you’re being offered this, you’re being offered that — and it just stopped. Which is kind of wild. By good fortune of the long path of a career, you can look back and say, how great to have it be felt, how backward we are. I took time off when I had my son, and I feel like, in a way, it gave room for less opportunity. I will say, for women, it’s hard to take time off by choice, because then you feel like you have to start all over when you’re coming back to something."

by Anonymousreplies 6210 hours ago

The Strange Case of Delilah-Judith

I found a 1971 copy of ACADEMY PLAYERS DIRECTORY in a thrift shop, which is a kind of yearly phone book of actors advertising themselves (with pics and contact info.) Sometimes producers, casting directors etc. used to flip through these for ideas when thinking who they might use for a role, or to check who their agent is.

Under LEADING WOMEN, there were very old pictures of a performer called Delilah-Judith ... and intrigued, elsewhere on the web I read:

[quote]Hollywood ‘celebrity’ who walked around in quirky outfits and heavy makeup, who Bette Davis used as an inspiration for her character in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Has anyone ever heard of this weird old bat before?? I HAVEN’T ! ! !

by Anonymousreplies 19410 hours ago

Let's Be the Home of a Typical OVER 50 DL Poster

I'm the hamper. I have half of an unwashed caftan hanging out of the side. Don't come near me.

by Anonymousreplies 11210 hours ago

New York City votes to ban cashless businesses in step against discrimination

New York City’s council has voted to ban cashless businesses, in what politicians said was an effort to rein in “the excesses of the digital economy” and stop discrimination against low-income residents.

The city council on Thursday almost unanimously passed legislation, which will fine retail outlets, including stores and restaurants, if they refuse to accept cash payment.

Supporters of the ban argue that electronic-only payments discriminate against low-income people, undocumented immigrants and people of color, who are less likely to have a bank account or access to credit.

If the bill is approved by New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, New York City would become the latest place to ban businesses from only accepting payment by debit or credit. New Jersey, Philadelphia and San Francisco brought in their own bans on cashless businesses in 2019.

by Anonymousreplies 2010 hours ago

Get your face masks ready.

Killer flu virus has broken out in China & Hong Kong again!

by Anonymousreplies 25410 hours ago


Anyone a fan of this Canadian show now available on Hulu? I just binged all six seasons. Really good. Jared Keeso is amazing.

by Anonymousreplies 7610 hours ago

Chris Martin admits he was once 'very homophobic': 'I was a kid discovering sexuality'

Chris Martin is opening up about his sexuality in a candid interview with Rolling Stone. The 42-year-old Coldplay frontman shared what it was like trying to navigate through boarding school with kids "aggressively" telling him he was "definitely gay" because of how he carried himself. Martin, who struggled with the idea because of his religious beliefs, shared it caused him to be homophobic as a young teenager while he tried to figure out his sexuality.

"What happened to me was when I went to boarding school I walked a bit funny and I bounced a bit, and I was also very homophobic because I was like, 'If I'm gay, I'm completely f***ed for eternity'" he admitted. "And I was a kid, like, discovering sexuality. 'Maybe I'm gay, maybe I'm this, maybe I'm that, I can't be this' so I was terrified and then I walked a bit funny and I was in a boarding school with a bunch of quite hardcore kids who were also going through their thing and, for a few years, they would very much say, 'You're definitely gay,' in quite a full-on manner, quite aggressively telling me that and it was weird for me for a few years."

"Did you think you were gay?" asked Rolling Stone founder and editorial director Jann S. Wenner.

"I was like, 'I don’t know and even if I am, I can't be because it’s wrong,'" the singer recalled. "If I am I can’t be."

Martin, who is currently dating actress Dakota Johnson, 30, said it caused a lot of "turmoil."

He added, "I started to worry about it for sure."

Then, when he was about 15, the singer began to realize it wouldn't be a big deal if he was gay. "I was like, 'Yeah so what?' And then it all just stopped overnight. It was very interesting. Once I was like, 'Yeah, so what if I'm gay,'" he explained.

As he started to experience more of the world, Martin said his view on sexuality began to shift. The musician, who grew up in a rural part of southwest England and was raised very religious, also started to examine his relationship with God.

"Just growing up a bit and having a bit more exposure to the world thinking, 'A lot of my heroes are gay' or whatever. Whatever they are, it doesn't really matter," he continued. "So what that did was ease a big pressure and then made me question, 'Hey maybe some of this stuff that I'm learning about God and everything, I'm not sure if I subscribe to all of this particular religion.' So for a few years, that was a bit wobbly and then eventually I just was like, 'Okay, I think I have my own relationship with what I think God is' and it's not really any one religion for me."

Martin's journey eventually led him to Gwyneth Paltrow. They wed in 2003, but announced their decision to consciously uncouple a decade later. Martin and Paltrow share two children, 15-year-old daughter Apple and 13-year-old son Moses.

by Anonymousreplies 2810 hours ago

Who should Biden pick as VP?

You know you have someone in mind.

by Malarkeyreplies 5310 hours ago

Ignoring Threads & Removing Watched Threads

Are either of these functions working for you? Neither has worked for me for at least a month, I think. TIA.

by Anonymousreplies 410 hours ago

Cruise Granpda: CHARGED

Remember Cruise Grandpa? He threw his baby away. Well now he's being charged with litter!

by Anonymousreplies 15110 hours ago

CNN: Bernie Sanders surges to top Democratic presidential pack

Bernie Sanders - 27%

Joe Biden - 24%

Elizabeth Warren - 14%

Pete Buttigieg - 11%

Michael Bloomberg - 5%

by Anonymousreplies 14210 hours ago

Where to find Modern Masculine Comforters?

Bed Bath and Beyond is way too Grandmaish and rural.

by Anonymousreplies 2310 hours ago

Gay rumors that genuinely surprised you?

Let's face it, most of us aren't shocked by the 3000th "A guy I know was hit on by John Travolta" story....what are some gay rumors that were genuinely surprising?

by Anonymousreplies 26810 hours ago

Sunscreen that doesn’t make your face look oily?

I have basal cell skin cancer and need to start using sunscreen. I’ve never found one that doesn’t make my face look greasy.



by Anonymousreplies 1510 hours ago

Trade Chasing, and Exposing Down Low Men: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Gay Man Scorned

What I would call a trade chaser are those (primarily) bottoms who only go after “straight acting” and DL guys – The Jerk Journal Twitter: @XJerkXJournalX

As we all are aware of the dangers of exposing men who live double lives, the man that’s trying to protect his image, lifestyle, and family. Sometimes living a double life, there’s never a winning hand in this game. It’s safe to say that building up an active, healthy relationship with a man, who isn’t open about his sexuality could very well be a crucial mistake.

Who is the victim of exposing the truth? The man who puts everything at risk for an intimate moment or would you consider the man who is openly living his truth? Sometimes you just get caught up with the wrong type of man. The kind of man that can make you enraged if he betrayed. For many gay men, that man is the DL man who has his hands in two cups instead of one.

We all view exposing and down low situations different. So I brought on a guest to speak about his own experience with the down low lifestyle. His story goes much deeper than your typical down low encounter. The Jerk Journal has some profound words for those who consider exposing these men on the low. Nobody ends up happy in this equation of lust, pleasure and sometimes pain mixed with a potentially dangerous outcome. Is the idea of having a piece of man equal to having a man full of secrets?

Check out our exclusive chat on Gays Speaking Out where we are trying to discover the meaning of trade chasers and why down low men are often exposed. So dive deep into this candid, raw and unfiltered conversation between myself and The Jerk Journal.

[JBA]: We all know there is a phenomenon with black gay men and straight-identifying heterosexual men. Why do you feel like gay men have a strong desire and urge to go after “the forbidden fruit” or what we would consider as the inaccessible boy toy?

I think there are way too many factors that make-up why gay men like to go after the straight guy. Like you mentioned it might have something to do with the unattainable/forbidden fruit aspect. Some gays like to think that they can turn a straight man out. Some gays treat them like trophies and want to be able to say they had one. I think it might vary per-person. There’s also a small part of it that has something to do with the “gender roles” in the gay community. If you’re a bottom, you may or may not find pleasure in being with someone who isn’t “acting” masculine. But in fact (and in the eyes of society) the straight man is the true essence of masculinity, especially within the black community.

[JBA]: Right, but even straight-identifying men aren’t always “masculine,” and I think gay men forget that part. Some cross-dressing straight men may appear “masculine” just like with gay men who do drag, vice versa. In my opinion, masculinity shouldn’t be defined by gender because straight men can be just as effeminate as gay men. Nobody points that out, or maybe that ruins their fantasy of the straight man, so they choose to ignore it [lol].

by Anonymousreplies 3710 hours ago

Madonna cancels AGAIN

Cancel the fucking tour.

by Anonymousreplies 12610 hours ago

How to say 'Hi' to Harry and Meghan, according to an etiquette expert

[QUOTE] If presented to the newcomers, Burnett advised people to bow or curtsy.

Not bloody, likely.

by Anonymousreplies 2410 hours ago

I hate Whitney's I Will Always Love You

There! I said it!

Overwrought, overplayed, treacly piece of shit song! If there is torture in hell, it's listening to this song on an endless loop!

I will always hate you!

by Anonymousreplies 7110 hours ago

Retinol - NO MORE!

Tired of using Retinol or Differin for 15 yrs. It’s stripped my skins protective layer, made my skin very sensitive and susceptible.

by Anonymousreplies 4410 hours ago

Set the vid! Meghan's gonna be on Ellen.

[quote]'Ellen and Meghan have already discussed a sit-down interview. That's been in the works for quite some time now,' a source at the Ellen Show confirmed

Meghan apparently said:

[bold]"Ellen understands her pain and suffering. That she epitomizes authenticity. Meghan feels like they are kindred spirits".[/bold]

[quote]The two met at a dog shelter in LA where [bold]Ellen encouraged Meghan to adopt her first dog Bogart, [/bold]and Ellen and her wife visited Meghan and Harry in London

by Anonymousreplies 1110 hours ago

Why is every hockey player so hot?

Seriously you don't see this in any other sport, 100% gorgeous guys, it's almost like a prerequisite. Scroll down through these prospects on the link every single one is a stud. What gives?

by Anonymousreplies 15810 hours ago

Serial Public Pooper Busted in MA

Frau's lawyer claims she is a "pillar in the community." A NJ school superintendent was busted last year for doing the same thing. Psychologically, what would make someone do this? We have someone in my town leaving vomit-filled plastic grocery bags all over the place. I think that helped push the local plastic bag ban.

by Anonymousreplies 6910 hours ago

Which men have caused straight men to question their sexuality or to be sexually aroused?

What about those men caused such questioning or arousal?

by Anonymousreplies 1410 hours ago

Asian bear/cub pron

Anybody else a fan? I love their sexy, pudgy natural bodies and smallish cocks. And they are vocal, but not in a fake-porno kinda way.

I think it may be the taboo factor of it all.

by Anonymousreplies 010 hours ago

AM Joy this morning: Black police officers in South Bend complain about racism in police department

What is Joy Reid’s problem with Pete Buttigieg?! She’s invited a panel to tear him down.

by Anonymousreplies 43310 hours ago

Fighting in gay bars

What have you seen that triggers this? Being blocked on Grindr in real time?

by Anonymousreplies 4710 hours ago

The long history of Joe Biden working with Republicans to gut Social Security

Joe Biden is very offended that Bernie Sanders and many of his prominent supporters have been pointing out Biden’s fickle relationship with Social Security. Namely, that he has, for decades, pushed for cuts, siding with Republicans in their efforts to reduce government spending.

by Anonymousreplies 1510 hours ago

Pubes on men

How much is just right?

How much is too much?

by Anonymousreplies 7310 hours ago

Thomas Markle says Meghan and Harry won't see him again 'until he's lowered into the ground'

Meghan Markle’s estranged father has said that the rift between them means his daughter will never see him again.

Speaking in the Channel 5 documentary Thomas Markle: My Story, Mr Markle, who is set to face his daughter in a bitter court battle, said she and Prince Harry will only see him when he is “lowered into the ground”.

The 75-year-old told the programme: “The last time they might see me is being lowered into the ground.

“I don't think at this point they're thrilled to see me or want to talk to me.”

Mr Markle’s interview comes after the Queen finalised plans to allow Harry and Meghan to step down from their roles as “senior royals” so they can live in North America.

He lashed out at the couple for deciding to give up their home in the UK, describing their decision as “embarrassing”.

He went on: “Every young girl wants to become a princess and she got that and now she's tossing that away… it looks like she's tossing that away for money…

“Apparently $3m and a 26-room home isn't enough for them… it is kind of embarrassing to me.”

Speaking about when he was told about Meghan’s relationship with Harry, Mr Markle said he “didn’t know what it meant”.

And he revealed that he was told not to apologise for missing his daughter’s wedding after he suffered a heart attack.

He said: “I want to apologise to the Queen and to the Royal Family. I want to do that and I was told by them, ‘don't'.

“And I was scheduled to go to the airport and go fly to England because they still wanted me to come to the wedding and be at the wedding.”

Mr Markle was told by doctors that he couldn’t fly to the UK to attend the wedding and said Meghan “cried and was very upset” when he broke the news.

The 90-minute documentary, where Mr Markle discusses his “complicated” relationship with his daughter, comes as Meghan and Harry arrived in Canada to start their new lives.

by Anonymousreplies 4410 hours ago

Richard Madden In Star in 'The Eternals'

So, as there was that story that the lead actor in The Eternals would be gay is this his coming out moment?

by Anonymousreplies 37610 hours ago

Tell me about the Inland Empire, Californians

Riverside, Fontana, Ontario, Corona, San Bernardino. What are they really like? What kind of people choose to live there? Is there anything worth seeing in that area (Palm Springs doesn't count), or all they all just dreary bland shitholes?

by Anonymousreplies 26110 hours ago

Will somebody PLEASE help Gen Z with appropriate hygiene!




When did dads drop the hygiene ball so badly?

by Anonymousreplies 7110 hours ago

The Gays & Tennis part 47 Australian Open!

because the last thread just got fucking payrolled.

Not sure why but whatever

by Anonymousreplies 14710 hours ago

Rightwing twink kills himself after protesting Aussie drag queen story time.

The suicide of a young conservative activist just hours after he ­attracted a storm of online abuse for leading a protest against a drag queen reading event for children has ­supercharged debate over the use of social media as a weapon to ­attack political opponents.

Wilson Gavin, 21, was openly gay but vehemently committed to conservative causes such as the ­monarchy and opposition to same-sex marriage.

His suicide followed a barrage of social media abuse over his role in the protest at a ­Brisbane council library on Sunday.

by Anonymousreplies 38910 hours ago

* More Trump terrorists *

I'll start with:

‘When will we start shooting?’: Teen accused of firebombing Planned Parenthood shared far-right memes and fantasized about murder


Investigators this week found links to far-right extremism on Gulick’s social media accounts that go beyond antiabortion fervor. An FBI agent investigating the crime said they discovered Gulick’s personal Instagram page, which was flooded with “strong antiabortion ideology,” including several posts comparing the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade to the genocidal policies enacted by the Nazis in the Holocaust. On Tuesday, an archived version of Gulick’s Instagram account surfaced showing references to other extreme ideologies, posts about guns and veiled threats against abortion providers, according to BuzzFeed News.

In one post that compared Democrats who support access to abortion to Nazis, Gulick suggested murder: “When will we start shooting? Its about time we kill these genocidal demons.”


The arrest in Delaware comes months after federal officials apprehended another 18-year-old in Ohio for targeting a Planned Parenthood in August. FBI agents seized 15 rifles, 10 semiautomatic pistols and 10,000 rounds of ammunition from Justin Olsen, who had posted similar far-right memes using the screen name “ArmyOfChrist.” His posts included nods to a Christian war against Muslims, “Antifa,” feminists, leftists and others.

Both Gulick and Olsen shared posts threatening or deriding members of the LGBTQ community, women and liberals. They also appeared fascinated with the deadly FBI raids at Waco, Tex., and Ruby Ridge near Naples, Idaho, which have become rallying points for members of the sovereign citizen movement and several militias affiliated with the Patriot movement. Both men also joked in posts about killing federal law enforcement agents.

by Anonymousreplies 4810 hours ago

Let the Trump Shit Show Begin!

Schumer vs McConnell started off the fireworks. What comes next is history!

by Anonymousreplies 32510 hours ago

Cooking with champagne

What should I expect having used Champagne in beef stew instead of red wine?

by M. F. K. Flasherreplies 710 hours ago

Fuck me daddy

Pound my hairy ass daddy

by Anonymousreplies 2910 hours ago

Movies with long-buried alternate or extended cuts

Let's name 'em. 1983's "The Keep" apparently has a 3 hour, 30 minute cut(!?) but Paramount has never let the footage see the light of day.

by Anonymousreplies 4210 hours ago

Video evidence shows grandfather leaned out of opened window before dropping granddaughter on Royal Caribbean cruise

This is what happens when society grooms you to believe you have limitless freedom to do as you please whenever you please, and it's up to others to come to your rescue or clean up your mess.

by Anonymousreplies 39010 hours ago

Which famous men do you think masturbate to images of themselves?

True self love and narcissism.

by Anonymousreplies 2410 hours ago

What was the best concert you ever attended?

Or some of your faves?

by Anonymousreplies 4510 hours ago

Why does the flu always start in China?

Overpopulation? Climate? Unsanitary conditions? Close proximity with animals?

by Anonymousreplies 5310 hours ago

West Side Story on Broadway

I'm not part of the theater community, but I was interested in catching one of the previews to West Side Story at the Broadway Theater. Is there any advance scuttlebutt I should know before purchasing a ticket? Any reason NOT to go?

by Anonymousreplies 7410 hours ago

HOT Sexy Men With Tattoos!

Okay, this will be quite simple....

If you don't like men with tattoos, or just hate tattoos period, then just don't click on this thread. Keep it moving! We all have our preferences and what might be hot and sexy for some might not be hot and sexy for others. Therefore, for those of you who do not find men with tattoos hot and sexy your bitchy comments are not needed or welcomed here on this thread. MMPH! Well... aren't I the bitch?


For those of us who do find men with tattoos hot and sexy, let's enjoy a thread dedicated to them. So, post away!


by Anonymousreplies 27510 hours ago

Males Respect Muscle

Another reason to hit the gym

by Anonymousreplies 2110 hours ago

If Bernie Loses to Trump

If — just if — Sanders gets the nomination but loses the general election, will anyone accept responsibility for the loss?

How will Bennie's followers react? Whom will they blame? No doubt they'll continue to advocate for social democracy, but if analysis of the election indicates that voters were averse to Bernie's policies and general outlook, will Bernie's followers moderate their positions at all?

Will they just deny any such data, labeling them lies regardless of the sources of the analysis?

When a group's savior is given the opportunity to lead but fails, what happens? Will the followers reflect on whether they made a mistake?

(Bernie fans, this isn't meant to offend. Please don't get angry.)

by Anonymousreplies 9910 hours ago

Fitness Model Alessandro Cavagnola

Italian King

by Anonymousreplies 7410 hours ago

Teen Needs 40 Stitches After Dog Bites Her Face During Photoshoot

Not sure who I feel worse for, the kid who got bitten or the dog for having to put up with such an attention whore.

by Anonymousreplies 1610 hours ago

Norma Shear. What am I missing?

Just saw The Women on TCM and, based on that performance, I’m wondering how she became a major film star. Total ferret face and over actor. She certainly had nothing on Rosalind Russell.

by Anonymousreplies 17610 hours ago

Mom's Groupon Microblading Session Goes Horribly Wrong

Well, she wasn’t easy on the eyes anyway.

by Anonymousreplies 510 hours ago

Honestly, what do you guys think of this fat cunt from My Big Fat Fabulous Cunt?

Would you fuck her?

by Anonymousreplies 610 hours ago

Beautiful Men with Long Hair

Please post pics of men with long hair you like. Identify them if you know their names.

by Anonymousreplies 5710 hours ago

If Matt Damon were to go to prison, how would he be treated?

Be graphic if necessary.

by Anonymousreplies 2710 hours ago

I saw one of you post that Megan Markle had poor skin and looked far older than Kate Middleton

I haven’t been following the Meghan Markle hate train but is it this delusional? I don’t care about any of them but Meghan is clearly better looking and looks about a decade younger.

by Anonymousreplies 5411 hours ago

Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals Part Deux

As someone asked who would start the next thread, here it is.

R590 on the previous thread, what do Meghan and Dimwit talk about?

They sing "What do the simple folk do?" from "Camelot" to each other whilst Archie looks on panick-stricken.

by Anonymousreplies 34411 hours ago

Who Was The First Gay Person You Saw On Television?

Ellen asked Wanda Sykes this, with her responding "Liberace," along with justifying how she just knew he was gay, despite him never publicly admitting it.

Anyway, who was your first? Mine was Paul Lynde, back when he was Uncle Arthur on Bewitched. Even as a child, I sensed that he preferred the company of boys, like I did.

by The question is asked at 6:30replies 7911 hours ago

Bachelorette contestant Tyler Gwozdz dies at 27


by Anonymousreplies 3111 hours ago

Riverdale's KJ Apa

The new Archie is blazin hot.

by Anonymousreplies 31511 hours ago

What are the chances KJ Apa is gay?

Ever since he's became in the spotlight, no mention of a girlfriend....

by Anonymousreplies 39611 hours ago

Why this 15th-century 'Jesus-lamb' painting is creeping people out

Warning you once you look, you can't unsee

by Anonymousreplies 2511 hours ago

How small is Shawn Mendes cock/clit?

Based on his Calvin Klein ad I’d say either a 3.5-4” cock or a hormone-engorged clit.

What say you?

by Anonymousreplies 23611 hours ago

Men on the down low

I live with my gf. I have a nice body and a great ass. I don't do kissing or anal. I like getting blowjobs. I will touch., but not much more. Am I alone?

by Anonymousreplies 2711 hours ago

Coach suddenly folds up ginormous Manhattan store

Luxury leather goods merchant Coach has abruptly shuttered its three-level boutique at Madison Avenue and East 57th Street — the latest blow to the fabled but troubled shopping district, which continues to hemorrhage some of its most celebrated stores.

The 6,000 square-foot Coach emporium at 595 Madison Ave. had been at the prime corner for more than thirty years. Coach spokesperson Andrea Shaw Resnick said the closing “was always part of our planning when we opened our Coach House store at 685 Fifth Ave.” That was in 2016.

The shutdown leaves all of the Vornado-owned retail space at the landmarked Fuller Building vacant. Vornado declined to comment.

The 57th Street corridor between Park and Sixth avenues as well as the blocks immediately north and south have been rocked by one retail wipeout after another in the past 18 months.

by Anonymousreplies 911 hours ago

Nostalgic video games from your childhood

If you grew up with them, what were your favorites? As a little kid in the '90s, I spent an ungodly number of hours playing "Banjo Kazooie" on Nintendo 64. I played a bit of it on my friend's X-Box recently for the first time in decades, and it was still as fun as I remembered it being. "Zelda" and "Mario Kart" for the N64 were other mainstays.

by Anonymousreplies 5711 hours ago

New Project Runway Season Starts Tonight

I only know because my DVR is set for it and Bravo obnoxiously listed FOUR Project Runway episodes—three of them repeated from last season—as new tonight.

Are you going to watch? I still hate Bravo for casting KKK—Karlie Kloss Kushner—as the host. She claims she is anti-Trump, but her brother is the principal of the Kushner real-estate company that owns slums that profit Karlie and her husband and Ivanka and Jared alike. She married Josh Kushner for his money and she is profiting off real estate that is endangering poor people’s health and safety.

So. Gonna watch?

by Anonymousreplies 53511 hours ago

Golden Age of Hollywood Gossip

These photos of a Glenn Ford were posted by someone on Facebook and it made me curious. I’ve read about Glenn Ford being a notorious womanizer, his list of many conquests included Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, Hope Lange, Debbie Reynolds, Eva Gabor, Connie Stevens, Stella Stevens, Angie Dickinson, Gloria Grahame, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardo. Liz Renay said he was one of the best lovers she ever had, and I’ve read a few things about him being well endowed, but I don’t know much else about him, and I didn’t realize that he was hung like a horse! Someone on another forum also said that a man he knew in Los Angeles who worked wardrobe on some of Glenn’s films told him that , “He was blessed below the waist. Tremendously.”

Anyone know what kind of guy he was? Was he totally straight? Any stories about him? Does anyone know about some other classic movie stars who were well hung that they can share stories about?

by Anonymousreplies 28011 hours ago

What are the current TV shows with gay male characters? Part 3

Continue the discussion here.

by Anonymousreplies 40711 hours ago

Are any of the Jews here making plans for Tu Bish'vat?

It's a celebration of fruit trees!

by Anonymousreplies 2211 hours ago

Jeffree Star buys 25,000sqft Hidden Hills mansion

This is the same motherfucker who sells metal straws because he’s “trying to save the planet.”

by Anonymousreplies 53311 hours ago

Meryl Streep at The SAG awards

Wow, she looks terrific! Weight loss? Refreshing work?

I don't recall seeing this 70 yo strumpet baring her arms before, is she sexing up her image for better roles?

by Still didn't win though replies 7011 hours ago

Shops from bygone days for average folks

Please no flagship elegant department stores downtown, where you had lunch with Mother.

Robert Hall, gee it looks dreary!

by Anonymousreplies 36411 hours ago

What are Meghan and Harry upset about *exactly*?

Can one of you royalist queens fill me in on what exactly is going in with Harry and Meghan? I've been on vacation and this story is everywhere. Why are they leaving the royal family? What exactly are they so pissed off about? The paparazzi taking photos of them? Being mean to them in the tabloids? Isn't that going to happen whether they're in the royal family or not? Can their lives be THAT bad? There are about 50 threads going on about this topic on the DL, so can someone condense the situation for me??

by Anonymousreplies 10211 hours ago

I’m Having My First Bareback Experience

I tested HIV negative and started prep 15 days ago. I haven’t had any sexual contact since I started. But I have guys comingOver in a couple hours we’re going to make love like men and he’s gonna cum in my ass. I’ve waited a long time a lot of years to do this. Any advice?

by Anonymousreplies 1611 hours ago

Movies that SHOULD have been good, but just weren't

What are some movies that had all the right elements - good cast, good director, interesting plot....but just didn't work?

I nominate this one

by Anonymousreplies 2711 hours ago

Part time police officer: I didn't know my new Grindr friend was underage!

Arrested and fired.

by Anonymousreplies 711 hours ago

Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do?

Their music may suck, but I love their videos. They always manage to find a way to incorporate some homoeroticism. I also think it's cute that they get their wives to be in them. Nick spends this entire video in his tighty whities. Thoughts?

by Anonymousreplies 2211 hours ago

Why are buff masculine guys so "discreet" and on the "down low?"

The hotter they are, the more closeted or in denial they are. What are all these big, muscular men so afraid of identifying as gay or bisexual?

by Anonymousreplies 19111 hours ago

Prince Harry & Meghan Lose HRH Titles

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will lose their HRH titles after stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace have announced.

This means they can no longer formally represent the Queen. It is not yet clear if they will be able to keep their SussexRoyal online branding or will attend formal family events such as Trooping the Colour.

The decision was reached on Saturday after Palace aides spent days thrashing out a new arrangement for the young couple.

The Queen said in a statement: "Following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, I am pleased that together we have found a constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family.

"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved members of my family.

"I recognise the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life.

"I want to thank them for all their dedicated work across this country, the Commonwealth and beyond, and am particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family.

"It is my whole family’s hope that today’s agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life."

Buckingham Palace said in a statement: "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are grateful to Her Majesty and the Royal Family for their ongoing support as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

"As agreed in this new arrangement, they understand that they are required to step back from Royal duties, including official military appointments.

"They will no longer receive public funds for Royal duties. With The Queen’s blessing, the Sussexes will continue to maintain their private patronages and associations.

"While they can no longer formally represent The Queen, the Sussexes have made clear that everything they do will continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty.

"The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family.

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared their wish to repay Sovereign Grant expenditure for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, which will remain their UK family home. Buckingham Palace does not comment on the details of security arrangements.

"There are well established independent processes to determine the need for publiclyfunded security. This new model will take effect in the Spring of 2020."

by Anonymousreplies 55111 hours ago

“007 No Time To Die” Trailer has Dropped!!!

And it looks better than good! I can’t wait to see it! Will you watch?

by Anonymousreplies 6911 hours ago



by Anonymousreplies 36711 hours ago

Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England

[quote]The Church of England has stated that sex belongs only within heterosexual marriage, and that Christians in gay or straight civil partnerships should be sexually abstinent. Bishops have issued pastoral guidance in response to the recent introduction to mixed-sex civil partnerships, which says: “For Christians, marriage – that is, the lifelong union between a man and a woman, contracted with the making of vows – remains the proper context for sexual activity.”

[quote]The church “seeks to uphold that standard” in its approach to civil partnerships, and “to affirm the value of committed, sexually abstinent friendships” within such partnerships. It adds: “Sexual relationships outside heterosexual marriage are regarded as falling short of God’s purpose for human beings.”

People are upset on Twitter.

by Anonymousreplies 3911 hours ago

What’s your go-to meal when you don’t feel like making dinner?

I love to cook, but I’m not feeling it this week. What do you throw together when you don’t want to make anything involved or get takeout?

by Anonymousreplies 16611 hours ago

Kanye West leading the gay cure march.

Will this homophobe ever stop?

by Anonymousreplies 3211 hours ago

Athlete/ Fitness Model Mitchel Hardin 🔥

Instantly he became the cherry of a delicious pie, Mitchel Harding is here with us today, and he’s going nowhere. You can reach out to him on Instagram, you will recognize him anywhere he goes.

Moved out from South Africa, currently living in The United States, this rugby and waterpolo player has an incredible body, super big pecs and thick strong arms.

But also he has this soft tender looks, big beautiful eyes and lips. I’ll let this stunning pics we can appreciate now.

“I started training really young and I naturally keep a lot of muscle. I have put off going into the fitness scene because there are a lot of fakes out there.”

You can find Mitchel Hardin on @mitchel_harding

by Anonymousreplies 1711 hours ago

J + R + others cont. thread 2

just starting the thread a bit early just in case.

from Runyon Canyon here are the pair on their latest trip

by Anonymousreplies 19111 hours ago

Armie Hammer just called Twitter rando a “cocksucker”

Oh Armie, you’re not allowed to use this insult unless you ARE one.

by Anonymousreplies 23211 hours ago

We need a movie about str8 guys on the downlow

A very prevalent phenomena but nobody wants to talk about it.

by Datalounge Film Partners, LLCreplies 511 hours ago

BREAKING! Sam Smith is now a “They/Them” and no longer a “He/Him”

When they previously came out as nonbinary, Smith said they would keep he/him pronouns. Their thoughts and feelings on the matter have since evolved.

by Anonymousreplies 42011 hours ago

Cocky Muscle Dudes

Love the confidence

by Anonymousreplies 911 hours ago

Hunky Bachelorette' contestant Tyler Gwozdz dies after overdose at 29


by Anonymousreplies 511 hours ago

John Kennedy Jr Biopic

Has anyone done a biopic about John-John? It seems like they've done biopics about everyone else (Roseanne got two). Are they afraid that someone will sue? I mean he dated half of NYC and most of them are still alive. Many still consider him America's Prince. Why no biopic?

by Anonymousreplies 2111 hours ago

"Life after Megxit: Confident Kate Middleton dazzles in £410 Needle & Thread sequin evening dress"

I'm linking this because I think that headline is so funny and tacky.

The future Queen Of England and they tell how much her dress costs as part of the headline.

What's next? "Kate confidently crosses the room in her £145 Saxone shoes"

by Anonymousreplies 8811 hours ago


Senator Bernie Sanders leads President Donald Trump by the widest margin of all the candidates in the Democratic Party's 2020 race when Americans are asked to choose in a face-off against the Republican incumbent, according to a poll.

SurveyUSA asked 4,069 registered voters nationwide how they would vote in an election today if Trump was pitted against each of the 2020 candidates in the Democratic race. The progressive Vermont independent came out on top.

The poll found that 52 percent of voters would choose Sanders and 43 percent Trump, giving the veteran senator a nine-point lead. Next was former vice president Joe Biden at 50 percent to Trump's 43 percent, a seven-point lead.

Michael Bloomberg, the media and financial data billionaire, also led Trump by seven points at 49 percent to 42 percent. Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren leads Trump 48 percent to 45 percent, a three-point advantage.

by Anonymousreplies 9111 hours ago

Why do abused people tend to sabatoge themselves?

Any armchair psychologists understand the reasoning?

by Anonymousreplies 1911 hours ago

Who will come out in 2020?

Julian Morris

Miles Heizer

Pedro Pascal

Who else?

by Anonymousreplies 38611 hours ago

Timmy and Zendaya Bed Bath and Beyond Bearding

He shaved his beard.

But he has a new one.


by Anonymousreplies 7211 hours ago

Why do I ❤️ Designing Women?

I wake up in the middle of the night just to watch back-2-back episodes on Fetv.

by Anonymousreplies 3511 hours ago

I want to have sex with the Regal Cinemas Films GENIE!

Soooooo cute.

by Anonymousreplies 511 hours ago

Sanders makes MASSIVE gains in NH in only a month

How do DL Dembots plan to welcome their new independent socialist overlord?

by Anonymousreplies 1711 hours ago

Joe Rogan endorses Bernie Sanders

Controversy ensues due to Rogan’s past transphobia.

I’m not sure if this is an endorsement to be proud of, but from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Joe Rogan... just sayin’.

The diversity jumped out!

by Anonymousreplies 1011 hours ago

Black Dick....

Fact or Fiction?

You decide....

by Anonymousreplies 41611 hours ago

The Fraus with one tear at the Tori Amos 1997 live from New York dvd

Talk about ruining an amazing live performance

by Anonymousreplies 411 hours ago

S. Carolina elected official now backing Sanders over Biden

A black, female elected official in South Carolina, who describes herself as a "conservative Democrat," is taking back her endorsement of Joe Biden, opting instead to support Bernie Sanders. She explained her reasoning to me in an interview, tonight. __________

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina elected official who endorsed Joe Biden last month is switching her allegiance to Bernie Sanders in the state’s first-in-the-South presidential primary, saying she had viewed the former vice president — whose support in the state is considered deep -- as “a compromise choice.”

Dalhi Myers told The Associated Press on Wednesday that she was making the change in part because she values what she sees as Sanders’ strength in being able to go toe-to-toe with President Donald Trump in the general election.

“I looked at that, and I thought, ‘He’s right,’” said Myers, a black woman first elected to the Richland County Council in 2016. “He’s unafraid and he’s unapologetic. ... I like the fact that he is willing to fight for a better America — for the least, the fallen, the left behind.”

Sanders, a Vermont senator, frequently calls out what he sees as Trump’s dishonesty, referring on the campaign trail to the president as a “pathological liar.” Biden, whose relationships in South Carolina go back decades, has led polling in the state, particularly among the black voters who make up most of the state’s Democratic primary electorate.

Sanders, whose 47-point loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016 in South Carolina blunted the momentum generated in opening primary contests and exposed his weakness with black voters, has focused on strengthening his ties in the state’s black community.

In December, Myers, a corporate lawyer in Columbia, was among more than a dozen South Carolina elected officials to endorse Biden, saying at the time in a release from the Biden campaign that he was “the only candidate with the broad and diverse coalition of support we need to win” against Trump in the general election. Initially, Myers said she backed Biden because she saw him as a candidate who could possibly appeal to Republican voters disenfranchised by the president.

“It was a compromise choice,” she said. “I didn’t find anybody’s candidacy electrifying, but I did find Joe Biden’s candidacy to be reassuring in a sort of normal, American kind of way.”

But over the ensuing weeks, Myers said she started to feel that Biden’s candidacy, while familiar and perhaps comfortable, wasn’t going to be enough to inspire the young voters whom she sees as necessary to a Democratic general election win.

When questioned how someone who considered herself a conservative Democrat could support a candidate like Sanders, whose proposals including “Medicare for All” suggest government growth on an as-yet unknown scale, Myers said she did have some concerns but expressed doubt that such measures would ever become law without changes.

by Anonymousreplies 3011 hours ago

It's Linda Blair's 61st birthday

Let's wish her a good one.

by The sow is mine!replies 4411 hours ago

Do you own a snowblower?

I do. When I bought a house, I inherited a state of the art gas snow blower from the previous owner of the house.

The problem is that it’s such a pain to maintain, turn on, and maneuver, particularly when a snow fall is less than 2 inches. In those cases I just wait for the sun to melt the driveway.

I’ve been thinking of buying a lighter, electric snowblower to use instead. Anyone have experience with electric snowblowers?

by Anonymousreplies 2511 hours ago

I was an atheist and a complete non-believer of any kind of supernatural force. But..

This guy came along and changed my life. Not just mine but millions of people's lives. Thank you for being you.

by Anonymousreplies 2511 hours ago

Dear God in Heaven, or the Chancellor Basement

I’m coming back. Watch the ratings soar.

by Kay Chancellorreplies 7112 hours ago

I started taking this supplement

I’m excited to see if I experience any benefits the science behind it is exciting. I’m taking it for weight loss but anyone with diabetes should look into it. Does anyone here take it? Are you experiencing benefits? If so what are they? I also take curcumin (from tumeric) with Bioperine (black pepper exctract, helps absorption of curcumin) which is an excellent anti inflammatory. Curious to know if anyone has any experience with that too :).

by Anonymousreplies 1912 hours ago

What do Europeans think of each other?

Yes, I care. In America we might joke about selling off Florida, or Californians, or say New Yorkers are rude, but we wouldn't really want to break up. We have family in other states, friends, like to move around.

Do Europeans feel similarly about other countries in Europe? Now that they have the Schenzchen rules where they can travel, do they feel close? How do they feel about each other?

by I know I spelled Schenzchen wrongreplies 7512 hours ago

Predictions for 2020

What will the new decade bring?

by Nosferatureplies 33612 hours ago

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 3

[quote]When it comes to love, she's going Straight to Hell. Sabrina's back with a song that will be stuck in your head all day long, no spell required.

Part 3 arrives January 24 on Netflix.

by Anonymousreplies 6412 hours ago

Gillian Anderson is a good-looking woman, but she has NO style AT ALL.

& who did her hair, Thomas Markle?

by Anonymousreplies 612 hours ago

TORI AMOS: New book and album to drop 2020

I can’t. My body is ready. After her iconic sonic resurgence in ‘17 with the severely overlooked and underrated “Native Invader” - her best album since the 1990’s - I have been wondering what to expect from her next...

The Piano Lioness is back!

by Anonymousreplies 1412 hours ago

The Queen Cancels Event Due to Illness

Queen Elizabeth has cancelled a scheduled visit to the Sandringham Women's Institute just 30 minutes before her scheduled arrival. The Palace says the Queen has a light cold and no reason for alarm.

Okay, so if the Queen bites the dust, you know Harry and Meghan are going to be blamed for killing her due to stress.

by Anonymousreplies 5812 hours ago

What is your favorite painting? (Part II)

Or what are some of your favorite paintings, if you can't choose just one? It seems like there was some interest in continuing this topic.

I'll start:

[italic]Salutat[/italic], Thomas Eakins

by Anonymousreplies 11312 hours ago

The View — New Improved Thread 21 Winter Is Here!

We start the Winter season early with the EPIC Whoopi bitch slap to Meghan.

by Anonymousreplies 29712 hours ago

BREAKING: We Have Literal Plagues of Locusts Now

I think this ticks off all the boxes of the apocalypse, right?

Pestilence? Check. Fire? Check. War? Check. Beast from the Sea, who "was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation"? CHECK. And now, right on cue....

I wish I hadn't gone to Catholic school.

by Anonymousreplies 1212 hours ago

A Social Democratic Republic

The United States of America

by Anonymousreplies 2112 hours ago

BREAKING: Death on Gay Atlantis Cruise! 🚢

Tragedy has hit the gay Atlantis cruise in Puerto Rico as man falls from 10th story window to the dock below. Jake and Runar are onboard. 😱

BREAKING: Divers just recovered the body of a white male who fell from the 10th story deck of @RoyalCarribean 's Oasis of the Seas' which is docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, right now. The ship is hosting an Atlantis cruise which caters to the LGBTQ+ community.

by Anonymousreplies 7512 hours ago

The Marriage Story thread

While the movie has been discussed in the Oscar threads, I haven’t seen a thread devoted to it yet. If I’m wrong please provide a link.

I liked aspects of it, but I didn’t love the film. I admit that I have a bias against rich white people, but I’ve always been a Woody Allen fan despite that. This felt a little derivative of Woody. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson were quite effective and I see why they’re in the conversation for Oscars. I don’t get the praise for Laura Dern at all, though. She’s been great in the past, but this character felt inauthentic and a watered down version of her Big Little Lies character. I also disliked Julie Hagerty. I did love one supporting actress, though—Martha Kelly, who played the evaluator in a terrific scene with Driver.

I loved Driver’s rendition of Being Alive but the scene felt overly self-conscious.

by Anonymousreplies 19512 hours ago


In a surprise move, MSNBC explains #DemocraticSocialism and details how "hallmarks" of Democratic Socialism are already part of the American ecosystem.

by Anonymousreplies 712 hours ago

Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Its a brand new game.

by Anonymousreplies 33712 hours ago

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model and Porn Star Taj/Haigan

He started off as a Fratman, then went to Corbin Fisher, then Chaosmen. He was not a great performer and had a reserved demeanor, but his body and genitals earned him lots of attention. The fact that he subsequently became a well-known competitive bodybuilder and fitness model only increased his mystique.

by Anonymousreplies 13412 hours ago

Offended White Cat at Dinner Table

My favorite new meme!

by Anonymousreplies 19412 hours ago

Prince Charles Grows A Pair, Disses Pence

Video of him quite blatantly blowing off Pence at Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony in Israel

(3-2-1 before DL's Markle freaks make this about her, but good for Charles.)

by Anonymousreplies 2012 hours ago

Bernie Sanders surges in new NH poll

-Sanders 29%

-Buttigieg 17%

-Biden 14%

-Warren 13%

-Klobuchar 6%

-Yang 5%

-Gabbard 5%

-Steyer 2%

Sanders is +14 since December.

by Anonymousreplies 1612 hours ago

Aaron Hernandez Documentary Now on Netflix


by Anonymousreplies 29012 hours ago

Fitness Model/Athlete Maxim Peshak 🔥

I would drink his bathwater

by Anonymousreplies 2012 hours ago

Fitness Stud Evan Chariot


by Anonymousreplies 1012 hours ago

China Exports Deadly New Virus

Has Goop traveled east lately?

by Anonymousreplies 4612 hours ago

'The Magicians' Season 5

Starts January 15 on SyFy.

by Anonymousreplies 1012 hours ago

Barack Obama considering making public address to urge Dems not to vote for Bernie

SCOOP: Dem Party sources who have spoken w @BarackObama say former prez is growing increasingly anxious about @BernieSanders rise in the national polls & where the avowed socialist would take the country; he is considering a public statement addressing it more now @FoxBusiness

by Anonymousreplies 5612 hours ago

Breaking*** The Muscle Beast coming to NYC!

Taking appointments for limited time.

by Anonymousreplies 2912 hours ago

John Davenport: Late 80s gay porn Stud

anyone know John Davenport? did he escort? any stories to tell would be great, especially to where he lives now and what does he do for $.

by Anonymousreplies 7012 hours ago

Muscle Star Stu (Part 2)


by Anonymousreplies 43312 hours ago

Prince Harry ends feud with William – but he’s still at war with Charles

The brothers decided to hold secret peace talks because both feared the breach might never be healed if Prince Harry moved away.

However, sources close to the brothers said Harry remains at loggerheads with Prince Charles and Camilla following a number of disagreements.

(But Harry and Markle still want lots and lots of money from Charles.)

by Anonymousreplies 13212 hours ago

This ain't Colin Kaepernick's Dick 🍆

But who the hell is he?

by Anonymousreplies 14812 hours ago

OMG. Isn't it rich?

I haven't heard this in YEARS and YEARS.

Have YOU?

What do/did you make of it?

by Anonymousreplies 14012 hours ago

There are other problems brewing in physics

namely, that the two most dominant theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity, can't be reconciled.

by Anonymousreplies 2812 hours ago

Chuck Todd on his way out at MSNBC

It's about time this idiot was dropped.

by Anonymousreplies 31612 hours ago

Anita Hill Told An Iowa Crowd That It’s Too Late For An Apology From Joe Biden

[quote]Anita Hill said Thursday that it’s too late for a proper apology from Joe Biden, reopening a decades-old conflict that has followed Biden into his third run for president.

[quote]“The statute of limitations for his apology is up,” Hill said in response to a question from the audience at the University of Iowa, where she gave a lecture on ending sexual harassment.

by Anonymousreplies 1712 hours ago

James Charles vs. Kylie

The most disturbing part of this whole thing is that Charles looks less deformed than Kyle here.

by Anonymousreplies 1012 hours ago

Buttigieg's health care plan would save money while Warren and Sanders plans would cost trillions, analysis finds

[quote]A new analysis from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) took a look at the different plans and found that while each proposal would reduce the number of uninsured Americans, the least costly would be Buttigieg’s plan.

Net fiscal impact:

Biden -$800 billion

Buttigieg +$450 billion

Sanders -$13.4 trillion

Warren -$6.1 trillion

by Anonymousreplies 312 hours ago

I was born in 1951

I can remember the late 50s, hula hoops; atomic bomb drills where we learned that if we hid under our chairs in the classroom, we'd be safe; the Mickey Mouse Club and anything can happen Wednesdays; all our fathers wearing hats on their way to work; TV going off the air at night.

Does that make me the oldest person on Datalounge?

by Anonymousreplies 10712 hours ago

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: 'Nobody likes him'

[quote]"He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

by Anonymousreplies 49012 hours ago

When you can see Dat Ass from the Front 🍑

Bubble Butt Goodness

by Anonymousreplies 2312 hours ago

Ken Ryker

Celebrates his 40th birthday today.

Happy birthday you dirty whore!!!

by Anonymousreplies 29812 hours ago

Why are some Linebackers fit?

Like Bobby Wagner and others are fat and slouchy?

by Anonymousreplies 212 hours ago

Meghan Markle is hunting for luxury real estate in Canada’s billionaire’s row

Meghan Markle is house-hunting in one of Canada’s most exclusive enclaves, eyeing a $27 million waterfront property in Vancouver, in yet another sign that she and Prince Harry are planning a permanent move away from Britain’s royals.

The Duchess of Sussex, who fled to Canada with 8-month-old Archie shortly after she and Prince Harry announced their split from the British royal family earlier this month, has been holed up on Vancouver Island in a lavish property owned by a Canadian billionaire while her husband deals with the fallout of their bombshell announcement in London.

Markle is reportedly interested in purchasing a sprawling 6,900-square-foot property in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Vancouver skyline, according to a report in the UK’s Sun newspaper. The 108-year-old mansion on four levels features six bedrooms and five bathrooms and 20-foot beach-side walls and tall hedges for privacy.

“Meghan has expressed an interest in this beautiful house,” a realtor told the newspaper last week. “It would be perfect for her, Harry and little Archie.

“The neighborhood is known as a haven for wealthy people and has a very laid-back atmosphere. I’m sure they would be very happy there, and they would be welcomed with open arms.”

The tony neighborhood, which features yoga on nearby Kitsilano Beach, is home to a group of moneyed entrepreneurs, including Canadian billionaire Chip Wilson who founded the Lululemon yoga wear empire, and whose mansion is worth more than $40 million.

by Anonymousreplies 18612 hours ago

Actor/Model Alex Diaz comes out as Bisexual after allegations lodged over Fitness Coach

MANILA – Actor and former MYX VJ Alex Diaz made a revelation about his sexuality on Tuesday, days after he was accused of making an indecent proposal to a fitness coach.

While he did not directly confirm the rumors, Diaz took to Instagram to apologize, admitting he “was wrong in my actions and failed to uphold the values I so strongly try to convey online.”

Saying his actions reflect “the effect of the unhealthy and toxic suppression of all of who I am as a human being,” the actor-singer promised to “seek help, heal, and champion change, acceptance, and representation for the bisexual community and/or anyone who is met with prejudice in our society.”

“It was not my intention to hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am for all these years, but rather a showbiz decision based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am,” Diaz said.

“But I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I, too, am loved. Never again will I be shackled by the fear of what might be said about who I am for fear of losing my career,” he added.

According to Diaz, he will release a full statement “when the time is right,” promising his Instagram followers that he will “come back stronger and better than ever.”

“I love you all, I have learned and I am growing. Thank you,” he ended.

by Anonymousreplies 12413 hours ago

Melissa Joan Hart

The new season of The New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is starting so and it made me wonder what became of TV's first Sabrina.

She starred in a TV show I never heard of with Joey Lawrence, opened a candy shop (and was sued a former employee alleging wrongful termination and racial discrimination!) that subsequently closed, and is a Gary Johnson supporter!

by Anonymousreplies 1913 hours ago

Dat Ass Bro: Beautiful Black Booty Part Two

Only Top Shelf Cakes

by Anonymousreplies 15413 hours ago

ELDERGAYS: Tell me about Donna Love Hudson

Was she a snooty rich bitch or a sex kitten. I've heard her described both ways. Tell me your opinion.

by Matthew Coryreplies 10313 hours ago

The doom-mongers of the past. Those gurls was DREARY!

[quote]Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

[quote][bold]None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.[/bold]

[quote]This collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science. While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

Do YOU remember any of these? ☞

by Anonymousreplies 1913 hours ago

Hot Dudes in Underwear Part 5

Never stop posting hotties in drawers

by Anonymousreplies 49113 hours ago

Diet or exercise

which is more important when losing weight?

by Anonymousreplies 1913 hours ago

Who is this hot TOP!?

So masculine and goodlooking. Beautiful complexion

by Anonymousreplies 013 hours ago

Project Runway Season 18 - Part II

All the laughter, all the tears.

The other thread is paywalled.

I'm sorry, you're OUT.

by Anonymousreplies 713 hours ago

Taylor Swift

She used to be so wholesome. What happened?

by Anonymousreplies 9113 hours ago

Dusty Lachowicz

What's his deal? Is he in LA? 6'6". Why isn't he famous?

by Anonymousreplies 38013 hours ago

Sweaty, slurring, red-faced Pa Markle says Meghan destroyer the royal family!

It’s a 1000 year old institution, yet somehow an American dimwit was able to destroy the whole thing.

He admits she probably will never see him again. “especially after this” he says.

Boy, talk about TWO people who do not know how to play the long game.

by Anonymousreplies 10613 hours ago

Arthur Lynch

If he and Jimmy Garoppolo made porn together, I think I'd fap myself to death.

by Anonymousreplies 13613 hours ago

Pop stars don’t have the spark they did in the past

They used to be so fucked up, weird, insane, unwarrantedly pretentious, hilarious, argumentative, etc.

MJ even without the pedophilia is such a weird freak. Madonna faked a fucking British accent for years for giggles and I’ve never seen someone derive so much pleasure from public scorn. Mariah was a shady bitch right out the gate and that nervous background was something else. Miss Ross has a stick far up her ass and is never letting it go. Prince is the sassiest Queen to ever be considered a heterosexual sex machine. If I didn’t know who Whitney Houston was and you told me her interviews were performance art, I wouldn’t question it. Even Celine with her boring ass music is an entertaining coo coo bird. I could go on and on. Nervous breakdown Britney was the last time a Pop Star was entertaining off stage.

The pop stars of today are either whining about something or mindlessly promoting whatever crap they have coming out. Even the druggies are boring.

by Anonymousreplies 2713 hours ago

Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Tyler Gwozdz Dies at 29


by Anonymousreplies 213 hours ago

People who still use cash to pay for significant amounts

I am not talking about Poor people. Not people over 82. I am talking about middle class and affluent people who pay for amounts above $20 in cash. Not only do they pay in cash, but they seem to painstakingly go through their wallets and purses to scrape up and count the money they need. They are so slow and hold up lines. Swiping is so much easier and faster.

by Anonymousreplies 31613 hours ago

I find the masculine and non-effeminate worship among gay men creepy and sad

The truth is at least 90% of gay men have a major soft, effeminate side. By worshipping "straight acting" men you come off as a self hater. Most of those "masculine" men are FAKE. It's not real. Even when you look at gay porn, most of the time, the effeminate/soft side pops out front and center. I feel bad for the self haters brainwashed to worship "straight acting" men.

by Anonymousreplies 30013 hours ago

Harry Hamlin: Playing Gay in 1982's 'Making Love' Ended My Film Career

After 1981's 'Clash of the Titans,' the Yale-grad wanted to tackle "something relevant and cutting edge." But he says the way-ahead-of-its-time drama torpedoed his job prospects until 'L.A. Law': "The door shut with a resounding smash." Harry Hamlin says playing a gay writer in the 1982 big-screen drama Making Love put his career on ice for several years.

The actor, looking back now, says the film "was too early. It was 10 years too early, I guess, and it completely ended my career. That was the last studio picture I ever did. The door shut with a resounding smash."

Hamlin, 68, was an in-demand actor in Hollywood at the time, he tells the It Happened in Hollywood podcast. Warner Bros. had offered him "the Clint" — a three-picture deal named for the one given to Clint Eastwood.

But when he learned the two movies the studio had in mind for him were Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and First Blood, the Yale-educated actor decided the deal wasn't for him. (The parts ended up going to Christopher Lambert and Sylvester Stallone, respectively.) Instead, he made the schlocky Greek-myth epic Clash of the Titans, a part he took because it would allow him to work alongside his acting hero, Sir Laurence Olivier, who played Zeus to Hamlin's Perseus. The film shot in 1978 but was released in 1981 — as it took Ray Harryhausen three years to complete the painstaking stop-motion effects.

For his follow up, he was brought in by director Arthur Hiller (Love Story) to read for 20th Century Fox's Making Love, which was to be groundbreaking film about a same-sex affair, the first of its kind for a major studio.

"Everyone in town had turned the movie down," says Hamlin. "Because at that time the idea of a gay world was still not accepted." Hamlin read the script and thought, "this is exactly the kind of movie I'm looking for. I want to do something that's relevant and cutting edge."

He took the part — but as production wore on, the script was toned down considerably from the one he signed on to. (One scene, involving a sex act with a pay phone, was cut out completely.)

Hamlin had a tradition of cooking a chicken dinner for his female co-stars before shooting commenced, and continued the tradition with his male romantic lead, Michael Ontkean.

by Anonymousreplies 22113 hours ago

Millennials Love Zillow Because They’ll Never Own a Home

The apartment I found on Zillow has cornflower blue walls and original details, with crown molding still intact — a rarity among today’s bleached and flavorless condo renovations. It has picture windows and a functional fireplace, and it’s only a couple blocks from Prospect Park. It isn’t perfect; the kitchen is mismatched and hideous, and the second of the two bedrooms is minuscule, little more than a walk-in closet with a window. But it’s big enough for a small child, and the place is charming, well-cared-for, and modestly sized without being a grim shoebox. It would be perfect for my husband and me and our dog and even a kid if we decided to have one. I can envision our bed frame and the little armchair in the bedroom next to the window and my favorite of the framed art we own in the dining area. I imagine how I would renovate the kitchen, replacing the metallic backsplash with sunny yellow tile, installing old-fashioned cabinets and a checkered floor. But the apartment costs $850,000, not including homeowners association fees ($570), home insurance ($298), and property taxes ($460). The total monthly cost, according to Zillow, would be $4,546. A 20% down payment would be $170,000; a lower down payment, while possible, would carry with it mortgage insurance and, likely, higher interest. Despite the apartment’s humble size and middle-class appearance, owning it is an impossibility. A daydream, nothing more. Millennials are less likely to buy a home than previous generations were between the ages of 25 and 39, and it isn’t because we don’t want to. Research shows that we do. But as homeownership becomes less of a reality and more of an illusion, many of us resort to merely imagining ourselves in our own homes via the internet. Websites like Zillow, StreetEasy, and Realtor.com or real estate-dedicated Instagram accounts like @circahouses or @cheapoldhouses allow many of us to daydream about the security and stability that we could have if we could buy a home. Meanwhile, we’re stuck renting, which, even with a decent landlord, research shows is destabilizing and mentally unhealthy compared with homeownership.

by Anonymousreplies 3213 hours ago

Toni Colette

Has she ever turned in a disappointing performance? Just saw her in Knives Out and even in a very strong cast I was impressed. She was completely unrecognizable and managed to make her character actually likable while clearly conveying her faults and limitations. She also did herself no favors appearance-wise. She never seems to draw attention to herself somehow. It's not Toni Colette, it's the character.

I'd say she is the best contemporary Australian actress and one of the best actresses currently working.

by Anonymousreplies 12713 hours ago

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis splits from her twink bf/co-star.

Stephanie Davis has split up with her boyfriend Owen Warner after nine months of dating.

The Hollyoaks co-stars have called an end to their relationship as 20-year-old Owen felt their romance was going "100 miles an hour".

Steph, 26, has been blocked from following him on Instagram and she's now taking a short break from Hollyoaks filming - reports Mirror Online.

A source close to the couple said: "Owen is definitely not getting back with her.

"She's been hounding him since he broke things off. It's all very stressful for him at the moment.

"Stephanie absolutely lost it when she found out he'd changed the photo of them on his social accounts. It felt like a final blow as it was so public and she feels he doesn't understand how the game game works.

"Hollyoaks is his first job and people will obviously be making assumptions from the things he says or does."

Owen had moved into Stephanie's house just months after they struck up their off-screen romance and was quickly becoming a large part of her young son Caben-Albi's life.

But pals told how he was finding the relationship "suffocating" and wanted to get out - even though they will continue to cross paths on set.

And now Steph has deleted all but one photo of Owen from her Instagram page.

The insider told The Mirror said: "It was all a bit too much for him. Stephanie has been very full on the last few months.

"It was blatantly obvious she was moving the relationship forward at a rate of 100 miles an hour and him being the age he is found it very difficult to breathe. It was all very suffocating.

by Anonymousreplies 5313 hours ago

“The Witcher” Reviews & Spoilers Thread

Only a few more hours to go!

by Anonymousreplies 49013 hours ago

Unusual T-Shirts!

I've actually seen T-Shirts here on DL that I've gone on to actually buy! This thread features and discuss those unusual T-Shirts that one will not see everyday, but once seen would cause others to stop and stare.

Let's begin!

by High Fashionreplies 39013 hours ago

I think it is time we revisit "Deep Throat" (1972) and show respect to the first Porn film to Crossover into Mainstream Media

I know we are gay (I am bi), and that this is a classic hetero porn flick, but did you see this? If so, what did you think of this Porn Flick that was getting mainstream treatment after a while, and had people lining up for hours to see it?

I am 32, so I was not alive, but I have seen, heard, and read a lot about the impact this movie had for porn flicks, and the way the media treated them. There was a lot of controversy, backlash, but also it opened doors for some and made some people millions. Deep Throat was labeled "Porno Chic" by the NY Times at the time, and after they gave it a great review, it took off in NYC, with the elites, and upper class dying to see this movie.

Has there ever been a porn movie like this since it? This movie made hundreds of millions. It also is credited as what brought blow jobs to the mainstream. Back then most women did not give BJs. Men had to go to special Prostitutes that were called "Blowers" to get a BJ if they wanted one. BJs were something for whores and gay men, a "respectable" woman did not do such things. After this it became more common, and now IS common.

I always found the man who plays the Doctor that shows her she has a Clitoris in her throat to have a beautiful penis.

Poor Linda Lovelace went through so much. She never got the respect or money she deserved for this.

Fun Fact, Thora Birch's dad was in this movie.

by Anonymousreplies 8213 hours ago

First Gentlemen

Three of them left standing...

by Anonymousreplies 5613 hours ago

Ava, Princess of Wyndemere

Long may she reign.

by Spencerreplies 1813 hours ago


I just discovered this show .. I know Im late to game. My god what a camp fest! Im hooked.

by Anonymousreplies 13913 hours ago

WTF Pops? (Funko)

This guy collects (better term hoards) Funko Pops.

Is this like Humble Figurines?

by Anonymousreplies 4114 hours ago

The papping of Meghan in Vancouver has begun.

She doesn't seem to have a clue how to hold her baby.

all pics @ R1

by Anonymousreplies 31914 hours ago

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Trophy Husband Expecting Child (Support Payment)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita, are expecting their first child.

The "Modern Family" actor announced the exciting news during an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Thursday night.

"Actually, this is something I haven't even mentioned to anyone -- if we could just keep it between the three of us and you all -- but I'm actually expecting a baby in July with my husband," he told Corden, fellow guest Charlie Hunnam and the audience.

"I'm very excited, but it feels like I'm 44 now, let's get this show going," he joked.


Mikita recently shared the story of the day they met in a sweet Instagram post celebrating "Modern Family."

"I'll never forget watching the pilot the day after it aired on Sept 24, 2009 in the afternoon in between studying for my constitutional law class," he wrote about the show. "I had been completely decimated from the 2008 November election when Prop 8 passed in CA, barring same sex marriage. My best girlfriend Jen told me I just had to take a break from studying and watch Modern Family."

"Right after I watched the pilot I went to the gym...I was feeling energized from this quirky little show that had the most incredible representation of a queer family in the dynamics of a larger mixed family that reminded me so much of my own...Then, right before my eyes, was @jessetyler," he continued.

"I seized the opportunity & I gushed about how important this show and this representation was for the queer community especially then, in 2009," he added. "He surprisingly gushed back, being kind and engaging me in conversation. The rest, as they say, is history."

by Anonymousreplies 1214 hours ago

Let's be Meghan Markle's pitch for her latest project

I'm Mother Theresa, with whom I have felt a personal affinity throughout my entire mission in life. And look, let's be honest since it's just us, Oprah's - well, she's just not the right - size - for the part, and I love her dearly, we all do. But Oprah in this part, well, it would be the next CATS. Me, though, I was born to play MT. That's what I call her, MT. It's fun isn't it? You do know I saw poor kids in Africa, like, more than once? And that's where she's from. So I've lived this already.

by Anonymousreplies 314 hours ago

Gary Janetti IS Prince George: HBO Cartoon Coming Soon

Amid a recent flurry of headlines surrounding the British royal family, HBO Max has greenlighted The Prince, a satirical animated comedy series from Family Guy producer Gary Janetti, who also voices the title character, and 20th Century Fox TV.

The Prince, whose voice cast also includes Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad, Lucy Punch, Tom Hollander, Alan Cumming, Frances De La Tour and Iwan Rheon, is inspired by Janetti’s popular Instagram account, which has nearly 1 million followers and has garnered international media attention for poking fun at the British Royals (and the relentless media coverage of them) through the eyes of a young Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William and Princess Kate and a future king.

Written and executive produced by Janetti, the series will follow a cartooned 6-year-old Prince George, voiced by Janetti, spilling the royal “tea” on his family, followers and the British Monarchy.

Bloom stars as Prince Harry, Rashad as Meghan Markle, Punch as Kate Middleton, Hollander as Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Cumming as George’s butler Owen, De La Tour as Queen Elizabeth and Rheon as Prince William.

The Prince is described as a biting, satirical look at the life of Prince George of Cambridge, the youngest heir to the British throne, as he navigates the trials and tribulations of being a royal child.

Before George rules Britannia, he’ll be laying down his own laws in Janetti’s comedic take on the future King of England’s childhood as seen from the prince’s own point of view. Because his succession isn’t coming any time soon, in each episode George will find his path in life as a young prince in modern times – from the 775 rooms of Buckingham Palace to his family’s sea of corgis to primary school with commoners.

The Prince also features notable characters in George’s life such as his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, his fourth-in-line-for-the-throne little sister Charlotte, his modern Aunt Meghan and Uncle Harry, his great-grandad Philip, and – who can forget – his Gan Gan Elizabeth.

by Anonymousreplies 3314 hours ago

Was Jordan Knight of NKOTB being groomed to be the Justin Timberlake of that group?

I just stumbled upon this video from 1991 of Jordan performing his solo song from the groups “Step By Step” album. He performed the song with his shirt open and a wind machine.

I was born in the late 80s, so I was too young for them, but was Jordan being groomed to be the JT or Beyoncé of that group? By their 3rd album it was his face they used most to promote, his vocals were mostly the lead throughout, they even gave him a solo song for their 3rd album (similar to what they did to Timberlake on NSYNCs 3rd album “Celebrity”) and would have him perform it without the other 4 guys on stage at all.

My cousin said they wanted to bring him solo after that album cause he was so popular but his anxiety kept him from doing it and instead he wanted time off. That time led to them going on hiatus for a few years and then years later he finally went solo, when no one cared anymore. But idk if this is true.

by Anonymousreplies 17414 hours ago


The 'Arrow' star will play a "a famous Instagay" in the upcoming AMC series from Ilana and Eliot Glazer.

Is there much acting involved?

by Anonymousreplies 2914 hours ago

DeAngelo Jackson Became 1st Black Performer To Win ‘Best Actor’ At GayVNs

So now they’re “actors”??? Lmao

Happy for him though. Enough with the same boring whites.

by Anonymousreplies 2914 hours ago

Nick Cannon is 'praying' for Orlando Brown after actor claims they had a sexual encounter

Nick Cannon said he's "praying" for Orlando Brown after the actor alleged they had a sexual encounter.

In a video that went viral, Brown, best known for his roles in Major Payne and That's So Raven, talked about letting "Nick" perform oral sex on him. The clip was eventually posted on The Shade Room and called out Nick Cannon. After a few media outlets picked up the story, Cannon reacted on social media.

Mariah Carey's ex-husband laughed off Brown's claim in a lengthy Instagram post before addressing serious issues he sees within the "demonic" entertainment industry. Cannon shared a screenshot of a headline that read, "Orlando Brown Claims Nick Cannon Gave Him Oral Sex."

"When I first saw this I thought it was f****** hilarious," Cannon began. "But then after putting a little cognitive effort and analytical thought to the situation,I figured what a great opportunity for a 'teachable moment'!"

Cannon continued, "First off let me say I am praying for the young brother Orlando even though I don’t really know him personally, I have always loved and enjoyed his talent and have been a fan of his past work."

The Wild 'N Out host said Brown, 32, is another "example of when we allow our young artists to be prematurely exposed by this demonic business and left out to fend for themselves."

"We need better support systems for our youth and take care of our own," Cannon wrote. "I watched various of this young brothers videos and all I see is a cry out for help."

Brown has a troubled history. In January 2018, he was arrested for battery after police responded to a family disturbance call. Four months later, he was hauled in on drug charges, for resisting arrest and obstructing a public officer. In September 2018, he was arrested for burglary. During a bizarre interview with Dr. Phil that December, the child actor admitted to drinking a lot, heavily medicating with marijuana and taking crystal meth.

"So I don’t know if there are any real leaders or solid individuals in this young man’s life but let’s embrace him and tighten him up so he doesn’t become another lost victim to these hollywood circumstances," Cannon said, adding, "this actually hurts my heart to see that we have allowed Orlando, along with various other young gifted performers we grew up loving, to just dwindle away after these corporations made their billions off of them."

He continued, "Now due to substance abuse and diagnosed psychiatric disorders our loved ones are now aimlessly begging for the attention they were once given , instead of the help they actually need. All while we sit back and just laugh."

The former America's Got Talent host wrote that "the most irresponsible parties involved in all of this" is the media.

"For us to continue to post slander and tear one another down for click bait to make these white supremacy propagated platforms more money is asinine and deplorable," he noted. "These cannibalistic tactics only destroy 'Us'. Really, in post like this, who wins??? We might chuckle, joke, pass the gossip on through our low frequency vibrations but does it truly make you feel good??? Especially knowing that there are higher powers looking down at you."

Cannon concluded by tagging three outlets who posted Brown's video, writing, "I hold [you] accountable!" The outlet that posted the story Cannon took a screenshot of, iHeartRadio, removed the story.

The television personality was praised for his response.

"Preach!!" Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson wrote.

"Grown man response!!!!!!! Great job Nick and God bless u," added NFL legend Deion Sanders.

Russell Simmons — who has been in the headlines over drama surrounding a documentary looking at the sexual misconduct allegations against him — left an interesting comment. "Hurt people hurt people ..love you nick this is the proper response," wrote Simmons. "I'm also praying for the healing of 'victims' and or accusers everywhere."

by Anonymousreplies 3914 hours ago

Brad and Jen: First picture together in 15 years!

Let the Fraus rejoice and the tabloid fan-fic commence.

by Anonymousreplies 18614 hours ago

Why do old Dudes walk around Naked in the Lockerroom?

They are scaring off all the hot bros

by Anonymousreplies 6114 hours ago

'Will & Grace' returning from hiatus

Anyone else enjoyed the sixth episode which aired last night? I thought it was one of the funniest episodes of the show. Brilliant jokes and some of the naughtiest language yet.

AnneCon, Judith Light bathhouse joke... it's all there. Loved it!

by Anonymousreplies 12314 hours ago

Hispanic Miami police captain suspended after claiming he’s a ‘black male’

A Hispanic Miami police captain who claimed he’s a black male — not Hispanic — last week has been suspended and is now the subject of an investigation.

Javier Ortiz made the comment to a black city commissioner, among others, during a meeting in which Miami’s black police union expressed its objections to a lack of promotions, among other issues, according to the Miami Herald.

Ortiz made the controversial remark last week after the president of Community Police Benevolent Association cited Ortiz being promoted even though numerous complaints had been filed against him.

“I’m a black male. Yes, I am. And I am not Hispanic,” Ortiz reportedly said in response, garnering a swift wave of backlash.

Amid the controversy, Ortiz tweeted last Friday that his comment “isn’t news.”

“People love making stereotypes,” Ortiz wrote. “It’s actually refreshing to be who you are, like an American.”

Miami’s Deputy Police Chief, Ronald Papier, told the Herald that Ortiz has been suspended indefinitely amid an investigation, but did not specify what the probe is for.

Meanwhile, the president of Fraternal Order of Police union did not say whether his organization would defend Ortiz but would make sure he received fair treatment.

“I am embarrassed and saddened by Javier’s public comments,” said the president, Tommy Reyes, according to the Miami Herald.

"He can identify however he’d like, but I do not believe he is a black male. Ultimately, when the time comes it will be up to our members if he will receive representation.”

by Anonymousreplies 1114 hours ago

Cody Fern Part 7

...Are we REALLY still bitching about Fern? Yes, yes we are...

by Anonymousreplies 40114 hours ago


What are you having for lunch? It's snowing here and I made a delicious roast beef au jus.

by Anonymousreplies 2114 hours ago

Imanol Brown is 🔥🔥🔥

A fitness trainer and Model from Barcelona. He is gorgeous. With a beautiful body!

Here is a nude.

by Anonymousreplies 1814 hours ago

Where’s our gay male role models?

Eldergays had heroes like Harvey Milk who worked tirelessly to better things for gays. We have trash like Adam Rippon, Chris Crocker, Jeffree Star and James Charles, who are pathetic excuses for human beings, much less gay men. I guess the lezzies have Ellen Degeneres, but she’s rumored to be a huge cunt off-camera, and I don’t see her as a role model. I need a respectable gay male I can get behind and that can lead the gay movement.

by Anonymousreplies 19915 hours ago

Anyone Else Watching "Cheer" On Netflix?

I'm riveted.

by Anonymousreplies 4615 hours ago

Ryan Murphy Fox Drama ‘9-1-1’

Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, and Peter Krause work as members of various branches of Los Angeles’ emergency response teams. Premieres January 3, 2018.

I'm so happy to see Krause on my TV again but using animal cruelty as a joke gets this an immediate no from me, unfortunately.

Your thoughts on the trailer, the cast, the name of the series...?

by Anonymousreplies 24115 hours ago

Help me with my Los Angeles trip

I will be there the week before the Oscars. What is a good place to see celebs? Rodeo Drive?

I have not been to Venice Beach. Worth seeing or overrated?

Any recommendations for funky little cafes/cocktail bars/good cheap Chinese also welcome.

by Anonymousreplies 10215 hours ago

DOOL Part 11 = Time Jump Mistakes?

Steve was the winner of our "recent return made permanent" poll. Chad, Anna & Tony were the other big votes.

Rolf, Sheila, Melinda, Rory, Abigail & Jordan were the minor vote winners.


by Naughty Nicolereplies 19915 hours ago

Australia Is On Fire & We Can’t Breathe But Prime Minister Scott Morrison Just Fucked Off To Hawaii

Scott Morrison has staged a great escape from Sydney’s bushfire-related air pollution for a family holiday, but his office is tight-lipped on exactly where he is – insisting his whereabouts are “not a story”.

The rumour mill went into overdrive on Monday after a NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge claimed the PM had flown to Hawaii with his wife Jenny and daughters Abbey and Lily.

“Where’s the Prime Minister? We just confirmed with the Deputy PM’s office that he’s acting PM until at least Thursday,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“Have they noticed the country is on fire? We have heard rumours @ScottMorrisonMP is in Hawaii #ClimateEmergency.”

by Anonymousreplies 19815 hours ago

Let’s be the movie - “Making Love” -1982

It’s inspired by another thread. I’ll start.

I’m the goddamned Gilbert and Sullivan records.

by Anonymousreplies 3215 hours ago

Let's Be The Home of a Typical 20-Something DL Poster

I'm the mom in the kitchen yelling down the stairs "Sweetie! Dinner is ready!"

by Anonymousreplies 1216 hours ago

Miz and Mrs.

He's back on reality television, folks!

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, who got his start on the Real World Season 10 "Back to New York," will be starring in his own reality show on the USA Network.

After the Real World, Mike moved on to become a wrestler with the WWE. Now he's got his own show, which premieres July 24.

by Coralreplies 8316 hours ago


Given that she's 49, "girl" appears to be a relative term. But everyone tells Idina that she looks 30 years younger.


Carry on, my bitter bitches.

by not Lea Michelereplies 47616 hours ago

Jon Moxley..has come BACK..to WRESTLING

Even after he said he was quitting? He’s fucking sOFT the fake bitch. Guess all those muscles are for...catching feelings.

He says he wants to “SAVE WRESTLING” or something and declared war on the McMahon Empire...hot. Cody Rhodes hired him so you know what that means..😏

by Anonymousreplies 8216 hours ago

Americans, do you get along with people from the UK?

I think many Americans and UK folk mix well. Agree or disagree?

I don't think Meghan's done anything that egregious for that matter, either. They treat her like she's a murderer! I think all the problems stem from cultural values.

Do you get along famously with any people from the UK? (Ireland doesn't count because they're affable and everyone likes them.)

For the record everytime I go to the UK I always accidentally offend someone.

by Anonymousreplies 16216 hours ago

Kamela Harris endorses Joe Biden! ❤️💜

WTF? Didn’t she call him racist? What happened to that little girl on the bus? Who was that little girl? 👧🏽🚌

by Anonymousreplies 916 hours ago

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Arthurian Knights

However does a Queen choose?

I’ll fuck Cai Hir (Sir Kay) for his sharp dirty tongue & giant Saxon body; marry Mordrawd (Mordred) for his ambition; and kill preening narc Lancelot and the other Franks, even knowing Galahad will rise again like his Prophet just to spite me.

by Anonymousreplies 516 hours ago

Celebs who out themselves with their IG habits Part 2

Continue the discussion here.

by Anonymousreplies 26016 hours ago

Is Beyonce always jealous of Rihanna?

Considering that Rihanna does everything better than Beyonce?

Rihanna has more hits.

Rihanna has a hotter man.

Rihanna has more money than Beyonce.

What does that feel like for Beyonce?

by Anonymousreplies 1916 hours ago

Bad Hair: Horror movie about Black hair that kills!

Justin Semein used one of his favorite genres, his culture and personal life to tell a story that is more than just a horror film. “I hope I can do this genre that I am absolutely in love to interrogate the system that is obsessed with black culture but doesn’t give a fuck about black lives,” he said. “I hope I can use this genre to interrogate a system that mines black women for their culture, ideas, compassion, wisdom and perseverance but does not give them enough options to shine in this light.”

RELATED STORY Taylor Swift Reveals Dad Feared For Her Life When She Got Political: Sundance 'Miss Americana' World

The film gives off some Brian De Palma energy mixed with B-movie delight is set in 1989 Los Angeles in which Simien said was “the year of the weave.” In it, newcomer Elle Lorraine plays Anna Bludso, who had a traumatic experience during her childhood when her scalp was burned from a mild relaxer perm. Just For Me No Lye relaxer perm. No lye, it works. 50 cents off. Fast forward to her adult life and she is working at a music video TV show called Culture, which is drenched in synthetic fabrics, ’90s hip hop flair and New Jack Swing. Amidst women in broad-shouldered blouses, her life is turned upside down when her dreadlocked boss is replaced by Zora (Vanessa Williams), a vicious ex-supermodel who looks to switch things up.

When she warns Anna about her natural hair, she goes out and gets a weave from a bougie, yet mystical hairdresser (Laverne Cox). She looks good and starts excelling at work with her new hair, but after a while, it begins to have a bloody mind of its own — literally. Her possessed weave begins to leave a body count with kills that are creative and never seen before: box braid strangulations, dreadlock hangings, knotted whippings. The director was inspired by Carrie and Rosemary’s Baby.

by Anonymousreplies 416 hours ago

Supernatural - Part 12

The boys are on a holiday break, but they'll be back in January 2020.

by Anonymousreplies 14116 hours ago

I'm a Sucker for You! Part 27 of the Aaron Rodgers & Kevin Lanflisi Saga

Aaron must be thrilled that the Jonas Brothers are reuniting.

Here's their new single "Sucker."

by Anonymousreplies 57316 hours ago

Suzanne Somers' face these days


by Anonymousreplies 20816 hours ago

Black student found racist drawing of stick figure with noose and his name in locker room

I’m so sick of this!!! Seriously I am infuriated by all this. White people are out of control these days. It is becoming too much for me and some I know. It is just so disheartening that there has been so little growth within white people. They’re truly the worst type of people. Devils with blue eyes.

by Anonymousreplies 2816 hours ago

Dark money groups tied to Bernie and AOC up their ad and harassment campaign against Buttigieg

So much for "wine cave" Pete. Who knows how many billionaires are in Sanders' groups.

by Anonymousreplies 516 hours ago

Brooks Laich wants to learn more about his sexuality in 2020

Brooks Laich wants to learn more about himself in 2020.

The 36-year-old hockey player and husband to Julianne Hough took to Instagram on Monday (December 30) to reflect on the past decade and also set his intentions for the year ahead.

"As the new year inches closer, I’m doing some reflecting, and some looking ahead," Brooks started his post. "I’m always working on becoming a better man, a better version of me, and it always starts with a vision of who that person is. Knowing where I am, and where I want to go, are equally important."

Brooks also shared a fill-in-the-blank template for his 2020 goals, where he wrote that he "wants to learn more about intimacy and my sexuality."

He also included wanting to be more "open to all things and present in my relationships" and ultimately, "stepping into a new version of me."

"So I share these words for anyone else out there on a similar journey ahead of the new year. It’s a new decade coming, a new sense of hope and opportunity - and a chance to step into an improved version of you," Brooks added in his post. "You must believe you are, before you can become. Once the belief is set, the path reveals itself. So, much love to all of you taking the time to pour love into yourself, and striving for betterment - I’m with you all the way, and wish you all the best!!"

by Anonymousreplies 10317 hours ago

My coworker brought a shitty pie to work

She claims to have baked a pie for the office today.

It was a pre-made crust.

Pre-made apple pie filling. She did make the streusel topping. The pie was mediocre but the office fraus raved about it!

Does it really count as baking a pie if everything is already made for you??

by Anonymousreplies 14917 hours ago

Michelle Carter released from prison

Michelle Carter, the girl who was convicted for manslaughter after sending text messages practically demanding her boyfriend commit suicide, was released from prison today. She was released 4 months early on good behavior, being described as a "model inmate." So what do you think is next for Michelle now that she has her freedom?

by Anonymousreplies 4617 hours ago

Perez Hilton Hasn't Gotten Laid Since 2016 (4 Years)

“The overwhelming majority of gay men don’t like me,” he added.

“That’s hard. I believe everybody deserves love and companionship.”

“I know that I’m a great partner and when I have – in the past – been in relationships, I’ve been an amazing boyfriend.

“But it’s really challenging dating when you’re Perez Hilton.”

The blogger also revealed that he hasn’t been on a date in some time, and noted that he hasn’t had sex since 2016.

Despite this, Hilton said he has a “happy life” and doesn’t feel “deprived”.

by Anonymousreplies 1917 hours ago

Jessica Simpson 'rock bottom': 'It was 7:30 in the morning and I'd already had a drink'

Jessica Simpson details hitting “rock bottom” amid her private battle with addiction.

In an excerpt from her new memoir Open Book, out Feb. 4, the 39-year-old singer, actress and fashion mogul said her problem with alcohol and pills came to a head on Halloween 2017. She and her husband, Eric Johnson, were taking their daughter Maxwell to her school for an early morning event — and Simpson had already been drinking.

“It was 7:30 in the morning and I’d already had a drink,” Simpson revealed, showing the shocking extent of her problem.

The couple hosts an annual family-friendly Halloween party for friends, but as Simpson’s team got her ready — in her Willie Nelson outfit — later that the same day, the start was “zoned out.” When it came to getting Maxwell and their son Ace into their costumes — as a cowboy and a princess — Simpson said she was too intoxicated to help.

“I was terrified of letting them see me in that shape,” Simpson wrote about her kids. “I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who got them into their costumes that night.”

The incident left her too guilt-ridden to face her kids the next morning. Before she went to bed, she took an Ambien to sleep and “slept in” because she was “afraid to see them, afraid I had failed them.”

Simpson said she “hid until they left” for school “then drank” some more.

Simpson’s closest friends — who were worried about her based on whatever happened at the Halloween party — came to her house in what sounds like an intervention.

“I need to stop,” she said she admitted to them. “Something’s got to stop. And if it’s alcohol that’s doing this and making things worse, then I quit.”

The excerpt detailed how her friends gathered around her and helped her set up a treatment plan with a team of doctors, assistance from her mom and dad and therapy sessions to face her childhood trauma being sexually abused which was the root of a lot of her pain.

However, the excerpt doesn’t note the role Johnson, whom Simpson got together with in 2010, played in getting her into treatment. While it could be an omission, tabloid reports from around that time claimed Johnson was fed up with Simpson’s drinking and considered ending their marriage over it. A source told Star magazine at the time, the former football player was “tired of playing dad” to both her and their two kids. In previous excerpt from the book, Simpson calls Johnson a “selfless and loving person.”

Simpson told People magazine that while writing about the Halloween incident in her book, “I realized I was pretty rock bottom.”

However, sobriety has helped make life especially beautiful for the now mom-of-three.

“I had room for so many wonderful moments that I would have missed: sober for the first time ever in my studio and seeing Maxwell grab a guitar. Ace in pajamas he put on himself, proudly adding a sticker to his bedtime chart.”

She continued, “There’s just no better gift. There’s no better gift I can give my kids, there’s no better gift I can give my husband. More importantly, there’s no better gift I can give myself.”

Simpson also recorded the audiobook, which will include new songs inspired by her memoir.

by Anonymousreplies 1617 hours ago

Tulsi Gabbard Files $50M Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton for ‘Russian Asset’ Claim

Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton for more than $50 million in damages following Clinton’s suggestion on a podcast that she was Russia’s favored candidate to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

The defamation lawsuit, which was made public Wednesday morning, claims the 2016 Democratic nominee permanently damaged the Hawaii congresswoman’s reputation by describing her as a “Russian asset.”

Clinton made the controversial remarks on the podcast Campaign HQ With David Plouffe back in October, when she said: “I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on someone who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians.”

In the key remarks to the lawsuit, Clinton added: “That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian asset. Yeah, she’s a Russian asset—I mean, totally.” It’s not clear from the quotes whether Clinton was referring to Gabbard, Stein, or both.

Although Clinton didn’t explicitly mention Gabbard during the remarks quoted in the lawsuit, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill clarified at the time, when asked if she was referencing Gabbard in the part about Russia favoring one of the existing candidates: “If the nesting doll fits.”

However, Merrill subsequently tweeted that Clinton’s comments were being misreported and said she was referring to the Republican Party grooming Gabbard to be a third-party candidate—not the Russians.

Reached for comment on Wednesday morning about the lawsuit, Merrill was succinct: “That’s ridiculous.”

The suit claims Clinton’s statements caused Gabbard to “lose potential donors and potential voters,” and estimated that the personal and professional damages to her exceed $50 million. It also claimed Gabbard is entitled to “special and punitive damages... in view of Clinton’s malicious and unrepentant conduct” on top of the actual damages.

The suit claims that Clinton has sought revenge on Gabbard ever since she endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary. “Clinton—a cutthroat politician by any account—has never forgotten this perceived slight. And in October 2019, she sought retribution by lying, publicly and loudly, about Tulsi Gabbard,” the lawsuit states.

Gabbard’s lawyers say Clinton’s comments “spread like wildfire across the internet” and that millions of Americans accepted the statements as fact because they came from a “well-known authority figure.”

Gabbard has had a controversial tenure in Congress, particularly for her defense of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who she met with in Damascus in 2017 after the battle of Aleppo and has been accused of war crimes and gassing his own people.

The suit goes on to say: “In short, Clinton got exactly what she wanted by lying about Tulsi—she harmed her political and personal rival’s reputation and ongoing presidential campaign, and started a damaging whisper campaign based on baseless, but vicious, untruths.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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by Anonymousreplies 6217 hours ago

Caption This

Captions DL

by Anonymousreplies 217 hours ago

What was the worst concert you ever attended?

After reading the thread about the best concert you ever attended, I realized that I've never seen one that I walked out of. But please share, what was your worst concert?

by Anonymousreplies 4217 hours ago

Will you watch the new season of "I Am Jazz"?

It premieres on January 28th on TLC!!!

by Anonymousreplies 1917 hours ago

Your favorite running gags.

Not quite fresh, but they never get old.

Lenny and Squiggy’s HELLO entrances after the dialogue setup - usually from Laverne and Shirley.

by Anonymousreplies 11317 hours ago

Gay Celebrities You Can't Stand.

What gay celebrity or internet personality can you not stand? For me, it's that vacuous (literal)whore Chris Crocker.

by Anonymousreplies 11617 hours ago

Trump loving Texan arrested for soliciting women online to have sex with his dog while he watched.

Gilmer man accused of seeking woman to have sex with dog

GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - A Gilmer man has been arrested and charged with bestiality after allegedly posting an online advertisement seeking a woman to have sex with his dog.

Darrell Gene Wolter, 56, is charged with state-jail felony bestiality. He was arrested on the charge Wednesday and posted a $3,500 bond on Thursday.

According to an arrest affidavit, a Longview police detective received a Crime Stoppers tip about an online advertisement for a “kennel lady.” The detective responded to the advertisement on Jan. 10 and received a response from Wolter, according to the affidavit.

The detective communicated with Wolter until Thursday and the detective reported Wolter said he wanted a woman for his dog to have intercourse with. He described his dog as being about 50 pounds with short red hair. He said he trains the dogs, helps the women and watches the experience.

“Darrell explained what I should expect for his dog to do to me during the sexual interaction and suggested that I watch some videos on-line to know what to expect,” the affidavit states.

The affidavit states Wolter suggested they meet at Cracker Barrel in Longview. When they met, Wolter placed under arrest.

by Anonymousreplies 1617 hours ago

Cock rings

Do you ever wear one in public just walking around?

by Anonymousreplies 40317 hours ago

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

OMG. What a terrible movie. Perhaps the worst I have ever seen. I actually thought Kevin Smith was a decent,folmmaker. I should have rented Pain and Glory instead.

by Anonymousreplies 417 hours ago

Thongs at the beach!

I know this is sad, and most of you here at DL will cringe, but I have a huge fetish for guys in thongs.

The most erotic experience of my young gay life happened when I was 12 or 13 at a beach near where I grew up. I don't even remember who I was with, but I remember finding a young straight couple (no more than about 30) sunbathing on one of the dunes. It was only when they started packing up to leave that the guy stood up and (briefly) revealed that he was wearing a tiny black swim thong, before putting on a pair of shorts. Why this had such an impact on me I don't know - the guy was toned, but not especially muscly, had a firm ass, but was only moderately handsome.

Ever since then I always hope I'll spot a guy in a thong whenever I go to the beach or go swimming (though obviously I almost never do), and I've always asked every guy I've been in a relationship with to wear one for me (touch wood no-one's refused yet.) I'm not into wearing them myself funnily enough.

I want to hear all about your experiences finding of dudes in thongs at the beach. Even better with photos!

Bonus points: best beaches for spotting hot guys in butt floss

by Anonymousreplies 56717 hours ago

Grrrrrr-BEARS-Grrrrrr--Two, 2, Too!

THIS WAS A VERY POPULAR THREAD! And, so we shall continue....

In male gay culture, a bear is often a larger, hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity. Bears are one of many LGBT communities with events, codes, and a culture-specific identity. However, in San Francisco in the 1970s any hairy man of whatever shape was referred to as a 'bear' until the term was appropriated by larger men and other words had to be found to describe hairy other-shaped men such as otter (slim) or wolf (medium-build).

Jack Fritscher notes that bears celebrate "secondary sexual characteristics of the male: facial hair, body hair, proportional size, baldness". Over the years, bear culture has subdivided itself. Many claim discrimination has increased within the bear community, as some men who self-identify as "bears" or "musclebears" do not welcome higher-bodyfat men (see chub) at their events. A common criticism of the bear community is that some self-described bears tend to exclude men who do not fit their standards of a "real bear". Fat (or lack of it) is seen by some as a political issue, some of whom see their overweight condition as a form of self-acceptance. Some also note a lack of racial diversity in the bear community, perceiving hirsuteness to be a standard of physical attractiveness that genetically favors white men aesthetically, socially and sexually among bears.

Discuss with your comments and images....

by Anonymousreplies 55817 hours ago

Hillary Accepted Money From Saudi Arabia, Dictators, Etc

What are people referring to when they say this? Help me out.

by Anonymousreplies 11518 hours ago

Trump Says We Should Protect The Inventor Of The Wheel

The wheel made its first appearance in Mesopotamia — an ancient region that corresponds mostly to present-day Iraq — around 3,500 B.C.

by Anonymousreplies 2118 hours ago

What do you know about peaches?

I love them.

Spill it, bitches!

by Everything is peachy here.replies 5118 hours ago

Let's be a straight dad trying to give the Birds and Bees talk

To his newly out gay son!

by Anonymousreplies 1218 hours ago

What do you think of his ass?


by Anonymousreplies 718 hours ago

When Tom Selleck played Magnum P. I.

he always made sure his clothes were tight and his package was nicely displayed.

by Anonymousreplies 4018 hours ago

Is this the gayest thing Jake's ever done?

Jake and Rufus dream, dream, dream.

by Anonymousreplies 518 hours ago

Songs that your 12 year old self loved

Some people say that if you liked a song at age 12, you love it for life.

Which ones are yours?

by Anonymousreplies 2818 hours ago

Beyonce continues to bless Reese Witherspoon with gifts

Last week, at the Golden Globes, Reese and her bonded so much that Reese moved her seat to sit by Queen Bey. After that Bey sent Reese a case of her Champagne as a gift, and now a week later she sent Reese a huge case filled with her IvyPark clothing.

It pays off to be friends with generous Beyonce.

by Anonymousreplies 9618 hours ago

Coffee in a box

The coffee at work tastes like absolute shit. Found out today that it's a large foil bag in a box like those box wines. They place it in the coffee "machine" which has a line to attach to the nozzle. No wonder it tastes like shit. God knows how old it could be.

Am I the last one to know about this abomination.

by Anonymousreplies 618 hours ago

DL Quit fantasizing about a Buttigieg Presidency

To all you Pete-Puffers out there, I am typing really slow so that you can keep up: Pete Buttigieg will never be president. He will never be the nominee. The Dem upper party members have been testing the waters with him and he is merely doing ok but does not have the polling or star power for them to invest their resources in. It's a done deal. He would never beat Trump mano a mano in a presidential race. Mainstream America is not ready for a gay president and his first man. He is a nice little distraction to give the illusion that the DNC is has a large tent and is progressive and inclusive but that is all. Do not delude yourselves into thinking that anyone is afraid of a Pete nominee or presidency, they most certainly are not. Get behind Biden or Bernie who has a slim chance of winning. So drop your Peter and come into the thread to discuss this further --->

by Anonymousreplies 2518 hours ago

How many of you cunts consider this bitch to be a real chef?

Seriously. How many? Can you at least give an honest answer? Can you? I mean for once in your fucking life could you at least answer truthfully? Could you? Just once? Or are you just going to lie again like you always do?

by Anonymousreplies 1118 hours ago

OMG: Braiding your hair is cultural appropriation

WTF. Apparently people with braids are yelled at for "stealing" "culture". That's like saying piercings are cultural appropriation. What does it say about a culture/cultures if ... knotting hair... is fiercely claimed as part of a culture/cultures? How bereft of real substance is there in those culture(s) that they have to desperately claim a manner of ... knotting hair?

Also, who cares. Cultural appropriation is a silly concept.

And why even do it? It's gross: when you braid, you're blocking segments of hair from being fully cleaned when you wash your hair. Microscopic detritus and residues get stuck between and in the knots. Why would a pretty girl do that? Especially those styles where you can see lines of bare scalp. It's gross in the way the honeycomb surface of tripe are gross—that weird biological grossness akin to the fear of clusters of holes, trypophobia.

by That second angle on that girl is not flattering. replies 8018 hours ago

The worst crime I have ever read about

The episode on 20/20 reminded me the other day about the most vicious crime I have ever read about.

Tom and Jackie Hawks.

Their bodies were never found, and here is my disturbing question-

When they were thrown overboard attached to a boat anchor- how did these murderous animals get the anchor back on the boat when they sailed back to port???

I don't understand how the 2 victims could not still be attached to the anchor as they were tied to it?

This motherfucker sailed the boat out to sea where the water was the deepest-

by Anonymousreplies 12218 hours ago

Remember that woman who fucked up that painting of Jesus in a Spanish church?

Apparently people now make pilgrimages to see it!!

It's changed the fortunes of the whole town...& she's FAMOUS!

by Anonymousreplies 1519 hours ago

Henry Cavill is Stacked


by Anonymousreplies 2719 hours ago

Rihanna's rich boyfriend Hassan


by Anonymousreplies 8220 hours ago

Gay YouTube

Let's try again.

by Anonymousreplies 24920 hours ago

Sam Smith posted a photo of his cute tushy

He loved being on the Beach!

by Anonymousreplies 15620 hours ago

Who Will Come out in 2019? Part 5

Continue talking about which stars (or random youtube famewhores) will come out in 2019!

by Anonymousreplies 40720 hours ago

National Debt increased by $3 Trillion ($3,000,000,000,000) under Trump's presidency

And it's only been three years. Imagine what will happen if he gets re-elected.

by Anonymousreplies 2420 hours ago

Hustlers - did you like the plot?

I watched it last night and wondered what You guys and gals thought about it.

by JLOreplies 420 hours ago

The last Iowa poll of the caucus season will be released Feb. 1

...in conjunction with a live reveal on CNN.

Drama queens in Des Moines milking their last seconds for attention before we all collectively forget about them for the next four years. I hate myself for knowing how many counties and precincts they have. 😩

by Anonymousreplies 120 hours ago

Freda Claxton

Cut that fucking tree down!

by Anonymousreplies 620 hours ago

Fran Drescher Content Being Back Together w/ Gay Ex-Husband

. “I have my gay ex-husband who I love and he fulfills a lot of needs. I have someone on the side who is a friend with benefits.”

by Anonymousreplies 1520 hours ago

I'm listening to Minnelli on Minnelli.

I'm not sure why.

by The orchestra is good.replies 620 hours ago

Hillary Clinton On Harvey Weinstein: ‘How Could We Have Known?’

[QUOTE] “He raised money for me, for the Obamas, for Democrats in general. And that at the time was something that everybody thought made sense,” she declared. “And of course, if all of us had known what we know now, it would have affected our behavior.”

by Anonymousreplies 1820 hours ago

Aaron Rodgers doesn't believe in God

In an intimate conversation with girlfriend Danica Patrick, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is discussing his Christian upbringing and how he first began to question his faith.

In a video posted to Patrick’s YouTube page for her Pretty Intense podcast in late December, Rodgers — who was raised as a Christian from a young age — said he had trouble connecting with his religious community as a child.

“Most people that I knew, church was just … you just had to go,” the Super Bowl XLV champion recalled.

It was his time with the youth group, Young Life, that he felt the most sense of community — which he said he didn’t get during typical Sunday mass.

“We went to Mexico during two spring breaks and built houses,” he said of volunteering with the program. “We put together homes for these folks who were living in garage door sides thrown together and stuff, that was meaningful. That was really meaningful work.”

But it wasn’t until Rodgers was exposed to other religions as a young adult that he began to question his own.

“I just didn’t find any connection points with those things,” said Rodgers, who played football at the University of California, Berkeley. “I started questioning things, and had friends who had other beliefs — I enjoyed learning, that’s kind of a part of my life.”

“I had some good friendships along the way that helped me to figure out exactly what I wanted to believe in,” the 36-year-old said in the video. “Ultimately, it was that rules and regulations and binary systems don’t really resonate with me.”

The realization led Rodgers down a path to a “different type of spirituality,” one that is more meaningful to him than what he experienced as a child.

Rodgers also said the growing threat of climate change made it hard for him to accept Christianity.

“I don’t know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell,” he said. “What type of loving, sensitive, omnipresent, omnipotent being wants to condemn his beautiful creation to a fiery hell at the end of all this?”

hough Rodgers did not specifically refer to himself as an atheist — someone who does not believe in the existence of God or gods — his statements seem to echo those of a growing contingent of people in the United States. According to Pew Research, the number of Americans who identify with being an atheist has increased over the last decade (from 2 percent to 4 percent).

For the two-time NFL MVP, it was the “us against them” attitude he observed that ultimately changed his views on organized religion.

“Religion can be a crutch, it can be something that people have to have to make themselves feel better,” Rodgers continued. “Because it’s set up binary, it’s us and them, saved and unsaved, heaven and hell, it’s enlightened and heathen, it’s holy and righteous … that makes a lot of people feel better about themselves.”

Patrick confirmed to the Associated Press that she was in a relationship with the NFL star in January 2018. Rodgers and Patrick made their red carpet debut at the ESPYs in July 2018 — when Patrick was the show’s first female host.

by Anonymousreplies 1320 hours ago

Gay Casting Couch

Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, with David Geffen

William Levy with Tyler Perry

Brad Pitt with Thom Racina (he lived rent free with Racina)

Jesse Metcalfe with Mark Cherry

by OTHERS?replies 7520 hours ago

Vanessa Hudgens has already moved on from Austin Butler!

The tramp was caught on a date with Lakers star Kyle Kuzma.

Little Hussey

by Anonymousreplies 720 hours ago

Model/Blogger Manuel Scheu

Apparently he's bisexual and sexy as hell.

by Anonymousreplies 19820 hours ago

Supernatural - Part 13

Ten down, ten to go.

by Anonymousreplies 320 hours ago

William O’Connor

Anyone know this THOT? Travel editor at Daily Beast.

He was married recently (made the Times) but seems completely self-obsessed.

by Anonymousreplies 34320 hours ago

Which VPNs do you recommend?

And why?

by Anonymousreplies 620 hours ago

Why is this little white kid giving tours of Mecca?

I'm surprised that he wasn't given a beat down, by a crazed mob.

He does give a really good explanation of the place, though.

The commenters are all giving him kudos.

by Anonymousreplies 820 hours ago

Number of U.S. trans POC murdered so far in 2020: 0. Is the EPIDEMIC over?

But we were just being told it was a major epidemic!

Is it over? Please tell me. I just want to know before I go out to get the mail and have to step over the bodies.

by Anonymousreplies 1620 hours ago

Janeane Garofalo Appreciation Thread

After nearly 500 posts, my original thread has been locked.

Discuss my massive crush, Janeane Garofalo.

If you know her, met her, worked with her, or performed with her, share your stories here.

by Anonymousreplies 10220 hours ago

Janeane Garofalo's Hair/Wig/Weave/Hairpiece

Does she or doesn't she wear them? Past or present. Discuss, and she your Janeane hair/wig stories, gossip.

by Anonymousreplies 3320 hours ago

DL Icon Jessica Yaniv arrested and charged with assault

Jessica Yaniv was arrested for the assault of a Canadian journalist on over the weekend. According to Keean Bexte, the journalist who was assaulted by Yaniv on camera outside of the B.C. courts on January 14, 2020, Yaniv spent time behind bars on the charge of assault. She may face up to five years for the assault.

Bexte, being the alleged victim in this particular case, was able to confirm the arrest Wednesday afternoon.

When reached for comment, Bexte said, “Yaniv has been ordered to cease all contact with me, both directly and indirectly. I can’t wait for the day when Yaniv is put away for the long haul. He is dangerous and unpredictable.”

Even if Yaniv is behind bars, the civil litigations brought by Bexte and Hamm against Yaniv for assault and defamation respectively can proceed. According to Bexte, Yaniv would be court-ordered to appear for the civil litigations as planned.

Yaniv was released back into the community after the arrest and will appear in court in February. She will also appear in court in February for two prohibited weapons charges.

by Anonymousreplies 1620 hours ago

David Archuleta addicted to PORN!

Also posts that he's addicted to "fetishes." Hmmm, wonder what Archie's fetishes are??

by Anonymousreplies 24621 hours ago

What Are Some Unrealistic or Unusual Things That Old Movies & TV Shows Used To Do? Part 2

Someone (usually a man) barges past the secretary (usually a woman), demanding to see the boss immediately!

by Anonymousreplies 221 hours ago

Parker Posey

So why was Parker Posey not invited to return to Tales of the City? She was in the original and the second version. Or are they saving her for a spinoff called Connie Bradshaw Returns!!

by Laura Linneyreplies 15621 hours ago

Iron Supplements— What’s best?

I’m iron deficient and I’m hoping one of you has experience and can tell me what supplement is best and will make my levels return to normal fastest.

There’s all sorts of supplements out there— I’ve heard the pills can make you constipated so I’d like to avoid that if possible. Do the liquid iron supplements do as good of a job as the pills? I know it’s more expensive, but cost isn’t an issue.

I’ve also read online to take iron with orange juice for better absorption, but then elsewhere I read to NOT take it with orange juice because it contains calcium which will disrupt absorption.

If I had more energy, I’d research this more thoroughly on my own. Help me DL!

by the iron-deficient slugreplies 1421 hours ago

Kevin Spacey Accuser's Son Vows to Continue Late Father's Fight

Massage therapist Celso Alves talked about his Kevin Spacey encounter on his deathbed.

by Anonymousreplies 3021 hours ago

Official Star Trek Discussion Thread

Since the Picard and Discovery threads have now become subscriber only (and doesn't seem to be working for subscribers), I thought I'd start a new thread where we can discuss all things Trek.

by Anonymousreplies 24921 hours ago

"Botched" on E!

In which Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif endeavor to correct bad plastic surgery on everyone from Janice Dickinson to post-op TS porn star Kimber James to Justin Bieber wannabe Toby Sheldon.

I have to admit they did a good job on Janice's new boobs. Women with implants are supposed to get them replaced every 10 years -- hers were over 30 years old and looked like deflated balloons.

by Anonymousreplies 2621 hours ago

Columbus Republicops who busted Stormy Daniels may get fired

She also has a lawsuit pending suing the Columbus Police Dept.

by Anonymousreplies 8a day ago

Monica Lewinsky tweets dig at Ken Starr after he joins Trump’s legal defence team

It’s 1998 again!

by Anonymousreplies 40a day ago

Huening Kai

He's a new pop star in Asia. This is a fan IG. What do you think of his looks?


by Anonymousreplies 21a day ago

Trans Actress Angelica Ross is the new face of Louis Vuitton Campaign


by Anonymousreplies 5a day ago

Why is so much gay porn about seducing straight guys?

Every Men.com video is about a straight guy getting seduced by a (usually closeted) gay guy-- they even have women in there to play the wives and girlfriends.

Then there's the whole SeanCody/CorbinFisher/ChaosMen scene where they go through great lengths to "prove" the guys are actually hetero (in CF's case, but having them fuck women on camera) but are actually having gay sex and learning to like it

Then there area the low rent sites like Broke Straight Boys and similar.

So what gives?

It's like homophobes dream come true-- look at their porn! It's all about how they want to convert us! They fantasize about seducing straight guys! You can't let them be teachers/coaches/adopt!

So what's up? Is it just the forbidden fruit thing? (Pun sort of intended). Or are homophobes on to something?

by Anonymousreplies 71a day ago

The Snowpocalypse is Coming.

You have been warned. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Stock up on food and booze.

by Anonymousreplies 27a day ago

Let’s be an ethical slut

I’m the fiery barebackrt profile denouncing you all for preferring cisgender men

by Anonymousreplies 4a day ago

Should Trans People Disclose That They’re Trans?

Big debate going on on Twitter. Person said they don’t. Free for all commenced. What say you?

by Anonymousreplies 55a day ago

Holy fuck - I just did my taxes

I owe 3300 dollars to the federal government??? Fuck Trump and his tax cuts I have never owed in my life.

by Anonymousreplies 55a day ago

In Presidential First, Trump Will Attend Anti-Abortion March for Life

The first in-person presidential appearance at the annual event in its 47-year history is President Trump’s latest gesture of support for a cause dear to his evangelical base.

President Trump, who once called himself “very pro-choice,” has until now addressed the March for Life only remotely.Credit...

by Anonymousreplies 8a day ago

Jeopardy! - Part 18

Alex is still kicking!

by Anonymousreplies 569a day ago

Bold and the Beautiful

Let’s continue the gossip. Hobo Ridge, pinch sphincter Katie, pussywhipped Liam. And Brooke, Taylor and Steffy’s battle for more botox and fillers.

by Stephanie Douglas Forrester replies 192a day ago

Assemby line humans

I was at work and some of the black girls were talking about their favorite online clothing catalog. So I took a peek. Every model looked alike. It was weird and they all looked like Kim Kuntrashian. Big lips, fat asses and big, fake tits.

I weep for humanity.

by Anonymousreplies 5a day ago

Post a photograph of a tasteful tattoo

Can you do it?

by Anonymousreplies 15a day ago

Carter Dane's enormous pecs

Can they possibly be for real?

by Anonymousreplies 6a day ago

'Lost In Space' Season 2

Returns December 24th.

by Anonymousreplies 66a day ago

‘Star Trek: Picard’: Patrick Stewart on Why He Returned to the Final Frontier

[quote]On Jan. 23, CBS All Access will debut “Star Trek: Picard,” a series in which Stewart reprises the thoughtful, cultured, bald starship captain he played for seven seasons on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and in a string of four feature films that ended in 2002. The new show is different from its predecessor in nearly every respect — texture, tone, format, production value, even the likelihood of characters dropping an f-bomb. That’s all by design. Stewart’s design.

[quote]“I think what we’re trying to say is important,” he says. “The world of ‘Next Generation’ doesn’t exist anymore. It’s different. Nothing is really safe. Nothing is really secure.”

by Anonymousreplies 58a day ago

Did any of you wait outside the Dark Shadows television studio back in the day?

If so, could you please share your stories with us?

by Anonymousreplies 7a day ago

Quick, what song is stuck in your head right now?

I’ve been humming “2000 Miles” by the Pretenders for the past three hours.

by Anonymousreplies 140a day ago

Poverty in Russia: the real threat to Putin’s reign

One in eight Russians survives on less than £150 a month, and there is no sign that the gap between rich and poor will narrow any time soon, writes Marc Bennetts in Moscow

by Anonymousreplies 38a day ago

Police search home of former gymnastic coach John Geddert

They searched his home on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation tied to the Larry Nassar case, law enforcement officials told NBC News.

WTF is up with these gymnastics guys?

by Anonymousreplies 2a day ago

Jim Lehrer, PBS NewsHour Founder, Dead At 85

Jim Lehrer, the co-founder and longtime anchor of “PBS NewsHour,” died Thursday.

Judy Woodruff, the show’s anchor and managing editor, revealed the news. Lehrer, 85, died “peacefully in his sleep at home,” she said in a statement on the PBS site.

“I’m heartbroken at the loss of someone who was central to my professional life, a mentor to me and someone whose friendship I’ve cherished for decades,” she said. “I’ve looked up to him as the standard for fair, probing and thoughtful journalism and I know countless others who feel the same way.”

Lehrer started the show in 1975 with co-founder Robert MacNeil after the pair teamed up to cover the unfolding Watergate scandal in 1973. The show underwent several name changes before becoming the “PBS NewsHour” in 2009.

“From co-creating the groundbreaking MacNeil/Lehrer Report to skillfully moderating many presidential debates, Jim exemplified excellence in journalism throughout his extraordinary career,” PBS President Paula Kerger said Thursday. “A true giant in news and public affairs, he leaves behind an incredible legacy that serves as an inspiration to us all. He will be missed.”

He is survived by his wife, three daughters and six grandchildren.

by Anonymousreplies 5a day ago

Which non-fat men have abnormally large asses?

Pics preferred.

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

Dreaming about sucking on those Hot nips of yours.

Well ... then let's 👅🍆 each others brains out ... ride off into the distance, Lovers forever. 🥰😘👅👅

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

That little guy is trying.

I ain't mean.

by Anonymousreplies 0a day ago

Zachary Quinto & Brandon Flynn Go For a Walk in the Park

Zachary Quinto spends the afternoon with fellow actor Brandon Flynn while taking his dog to the park on Monday afternoon (January 20) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The guys were seen drinking beverages from Maru Coffee. Zachary, 42, had an iced coffee while Brandon, 26, opted for a hot drink.

Zachary and his longtime love Miles McMillan split back in February 2019 after five years together. Miles, a model, is currently dating interior designer Trace Lehnhoff.

Last year, there was speculation that Brandon was dating Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden. Before that, he was in a relationship with singer Sam Smith.

Brandon is best known for his work on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

by Anonymousreplies 61a day ago

Movies, TV Shows, Bway, Opera, etc, you never want to see again because they've ben overdone

Sound of Music and West Side Story Movies

Gypsy on Bway

La Boheme and Carmen Operas

Any Dr Show on TV

by Anonymousreplies 90a day ago

Chambo No. 15 - The Ongoing Chandler Massey Thread

Let's try to restart the Chambo thread since today is the Day of Days event! Chandler plays gay Will on Days of Our Lives. What will happen to Will a year later after the Time Jump?

by Anonymousreplies 176a day ago

First Irish populations had dark skin similar to Cheddar Man, DNA research suggests

I told you cunts this. Irish of the last DIDNT look like Irish of today. Same for Italians, Greeks, and many Spanish. This whole “white” bullshit is bullshit. Simple.

IT’S LIKELY THAT the early Irish populations had dark skin, similar to the Cheddar Man discovery made in the UK this week, according to genetic experts.

This week, UK scientists confirmed that the first modern Briton had dark skin and blue eyes, following groundbreaking DNA analysis of the remains of a man who lived 10,000 years ago.

Known as Cheddar Man, after the area in southwest England where his skeleton was discovered in a cave in 1903, the ancient made had been brought to life through the first ever full DNA analysis of his remains.

The findings of the joint project between Britain’s Natural History Museum and University College London transformed the way people had previously seen Cheddar Man, who had been portrayed as having brown eyes and light skin in an earlier model.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland, professor of population genetics at Trinity College Dublin, Dan Bradley said that a project with the National Museum of Ireland has made similar findings for that of the earliest Irish populations.

The researchers working on the Irish project have compiled data from two individuals from over 6,000 years ago that provide similar results as Cheddar Man.

“The earliest Irish would have been the same as Cheddar Man and would have had darker skin than we have today,” Bradley said.

He said their findings suggest the DNA is linked to individuals from Spain and Luxembourg, people who populated western European after the last Ice Age but before the farming era.

Similarly, Cheddar Man’s tribe migrated to Britain at the end of the last Ice Age and his DNA has been linked to individuals discovered in modern-day Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg.

“We think [the Irish examples] would be similar. The current, very light skin we have in Ireland now is at the endpoint of thousands of years of surviving in a climate where there’s very little sun,” Bradley said.

“It’s an adaptation to the need to synthesise vitamin D in skin. It has taken thousands of years for it to become like it is today.”

Bradley’s research suggests that there were about 30-40,000 people on the island of Ireland at the time that the dark skin genomes date back to.

“They came here very probably by boat. They ate a lot of fish, hunted wild boar, gathered plants and nuts,” he said.

Bradley said that the team of scientists at Trinity College Dublin hope to have their research fully completed within the year.

Cheddar Man recreation

A bust of Cheddar Man, complete with shoulder-length dark hair and short facial hair, has been created using 3D printing.

It took close to three months to build the model, with its makers using a high-tech scanner which had been designed for the International Space Station.

Alfons Kennis, who made the bust with his brother Adrie, said the DNA findings were “revolutionary”.

“It’s a story all about migrations throughout history,” he told Channel 4 in a documentary to be aired on 18 February.

It maybe gets rid of the idea that you have to look a certain way to be from somewhere. We are all immigrants.

by Anonymousreplies 43a day ago

You're So Vein: Mrs. Dan Savage Continues to Dehydrate

Can anyone say what "supplements" might cause this look?

by Anonymousreplies 111a day ago



by Anonymousreplies 6a day ago

Do you have sensitive nipples or no?

I’ve always envied people that have sensitive nipples, because they get so much pleasure out of them. My ex loved his nipples sucked on and licked as he jerked off. Would get him off so hard.

Me, I get zero sensation from them. You can nibble, lick, suck, does nothing for me. I hate it.

My friend, a cute blond boy from Alabama, has the most sensitive nipples ever. You just get near them and he jumps practically. Air blowing on them makes him move. It’s insane.

Ugh. I wish.

by Anonymousreplies 31a day ago

How do we bury FOX News?

It's the most harmful, steaming pile of misinformation in the country and responsible for so much damage. How do we defeat it?

by Anonymousreplies 89a day ago

Let's Cast The Datalounge Adaptation Of Mean Girls: Mean Queens

I'll start. I'm picturing YourMillennialFriend as Janice.

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

Kate Middleton Is "Incredibly Hurt" by Prince Harry and "Hates Seeing Her Husband So Upset"

Wondering how Kate Middleton is feeling about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell decision to step down as senior royals? Not great, friends! A source tells Us Weekly that “When Harry was feeling low or had problems, William was always there for him, as was Kate. Kate’s incredibly hurt too. She acted as a mentor to Harry before Meghan came into the picture and hates seeing her husband so upset.”

Meanwhile, William remains distraught by his brother's decision to seek financial independence and spend half the year in North America. “William’s done everything in his power to help his brother over the years and feels totally let down by his ‘reckless’ and ‘selfish’ actions,” the source says. “The way he sees it, Harry’s thrown all the good advice he gave him back in his face.”

The family will be meeting later today for a "summit" as they attempt to find a way forward, and apparently the Queen is “furious” but “urging” William and Harry “to put on a united front.” The problem? “William and Harry refuse to make amends—they’re both being stubborn, especially Harry.”

by Anonymousreplies 290a day ago

Kathleen Kennedy: “Maury, I am OUT OF CONTROL!”

Obi-Wan Disney+ series in trouble.

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

Don Lemon accused

Haven’t found a thread on this

by Anonymousreplies 10a day ago

Game of Thrones Gossip: The Sequel

Seen as the last thread went subscriber only, I thought we’d continue the madness here with added tea.

Surprised nobody has picked up on this before, but Enty dropped the following blind back in December:

‘AP’s husband is cheating on her. She told me. I did tell her first before writing it here. She is still going to do award season, but doesn’t know about her life right now. She thinks having this here will force her to confront the situation.’

The accepted wisdom on CDAN has always been that AP is Amanda Peet, so the husband has to be Benioff. There were rumours about him and Weiss fucking HBO’s seemingly endless supply of ex porn stars during filming, so if she’s got proof and decides to divorce him, she’ll never have to work again. Fleece the bitch, Amanda!

by Anonymousreplies 121a day ago

DL Fave Miles Heizer Has Begun Posting Thirst Traps

He’s notoriously quiet on Instagram. Could an exit from the closet be looming?

by Anonymousreplies 321a day ago

Bernie #1 in IA and NH Polls

Bernie is winning.

by Anonymousreplies 214a day ago

Grace And Frankie - Season 6 out now on Netflix

So far I’m liking it much more than the downer past 2 seasons with nursing homes and squatting.

Lily Tomlin is the MVP but Jane Fonda also plays the tragedy of aspects of ageing incredibly well.

by Anonymousreplies 69a day ago

'Schitt's Creek' - The Final Season

Premieres Tuesday, January 7th at 9/8c on Pop TV.

by Anonymousreplies 165a day ago

Carol Burnett: Queen Of Wigs And Wig Gags

Nobody rocked a wig like Carol Burnett. Even ones that looked like her real hair.

by Anonymousreplies 33a day ago

We Bought A Flu!

Did Matt Damon predict the coronavirus?

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

Dallas Steele continues his journey from man to cum filled leather handbag.

The sad saga continues.

by Anonymousreplies 44a day ago

Tasteful Friends: Inside the last Bohemian apartments of Manhattan's storied Hotel Chelsea

They're so eclectic I could barf! But a GOOD barf.

by Anonymousreplies 2a day ago

Marco Rubio is taking notes during the Senate trial with a quill pen.

Does this level of preciousness prove he is gay?

by Anonymousreplies 13a day ago

Enough: Trans Women Beat Down Harassers in Miami

Lesson learned the hard way

by Anonymousreplies 30a day ago

Is this not the greatest acting scene of all time?

I dare you to find something more iconic!

by Anonymousreplies 35a day ago

Kamala to endorse Biden

Are we surprised?

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

Pete makes me cry everytime I listen to him. He fills me with hope.

He makes me feel like I belong. What does Pete make u feel when u listen to him speak ?

by Anonymousreplies 27a day ago

A landslide election? and for Hillary Clinton

I got a call from a friend in Washington who knows more about political polling than anyone in America. He was almost breathless with excitement. “It’s gonna be a landslide,” he said. “In which direction?” I joked. “Hillary’s going to win in places we haven’t won in years – Georgia, Nevada, Arizona. She’ll take the entire West, the whole East Coast. Trump is sinking like a stone.” “So do we get the Senate back?” “You bet.” “Sixty votes?” “No, but a nice majority.” “And the House?” “We won’t win it back, but Democrats will get 14 of the 30 they need. So still a Republican majority, but far weakened.”

by best pollsterreplies 40a day ago

DL this is really sad. This gay has completely changed his appearance when there was no need to do so

ugh. He looked great before


self-hatred sucks

by Anonymousreplies 16a day ago

PR Maven Peggy Siegal Is Sad She's Being Shunned Due To Her Association With Epstein

Says it's like living in Nazi Germany!

Any DL sympathy for poor Peggy?

Any stories?

by Anonymousreplies 44a day ago

NYT Clearly Playing The "Trigger As Many DLers As Possible With A Single Headline" Game

[bold] I’m a Queer Nigerian. It’s Hard to Find a Church Community. [/bold]

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

OMG, So Cringe... Paris Hilton: The YouTube Documentary

[quote] The 38-year-old socialite often described as famous for being famous reveals a private side of herself in “This is Paris,” a YouTube Originals documentary premiering in May.

by Kim K, famous personreplies 94a day ago

I never get sick of watching this news video

Look how well-dressed and suave these two look. I love that they are speaking in French

by Anonymousreplies 4a day ago

Does The Two Headed Girl Get Two Salaries?

I read those conjoined twins became teachers, do they get two salaries?

by Anonymousreplies 107a day ago

Have you seen PARASITE yet?

Have you seen Bong Joon-ho's 2019 film PARASITE yet? Everyone was talking about it so I checked it out. Hmm...

At first I thought it was a horror film about germs (thanks to the poster), but it's about a family of grifters and a violent/funny allegory about class difference. During the first half I thought it was kind of cheesy and I was watching best-foreign-film-Oscar-bait, but as it went on and got more involved I was very impressed. A great story, well-told, with an uncompromising plot. Weird film. It's stuck with me a few days!

by Anonymousreplies 154a day ago

People who slept their way to the top

Jennifer Lawrence and Renee Zellweger are the only 2 obvious ones I can think of. Who else?

by Anonymousreplies 169a day ago

Let's Be a Mystery Movie based around this painting

I'm the hidden door leading to an underground tunnel.

by Anonymousreplies 14a day ago

In which Megyn Kelly tries to cancel Robert Downey Jr for wearing blackface in "Tropic Thunder"

I guess she's trying to rebrand herself as "woke" now. She's even doing the hand-clapping thing in her tweets.

Megyn Kelly @megynkelly R. Downey Jr: wears blackface for Universal w/o regret bc it “sparked a necessary convo.” Univer.: yay Robert! 👏🏻

Me: Never worn blackface but had one of those “necessary convos” re how standard seems to have changed over time.NBC-Univer: F.U.! Cancelled!

by Remember, kids, Santa is white!replies 18a day ago

Why would someone DO this?

I mean, he's handsome and fit enough now, but he's literally covered every square inch of his body with ink.

Even if he stays fit, age and gravity will not be kind.

by Anonymousreplies 77a day ago

Tyler Johnson Ellis, model

Gorgeous AND he has a cute kitty!

by Anonymousreplies 28a day ago

Pence to Netanyahu: "Trump is UNSTOPPABLE"

A microphone picked up Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and US Vice President Mike Pence discussing the impeachment of US President Donald Trump on Thursday, January 23, with Pence describing Trump as “unstoppable.”

When asked about the impeachment by Netanyahu, at a Holocaust memorial in Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Pence is heard to reply: “He’s unstoppable, like someone else I know.” Netanyahu shook his head and laughed in response.

World leaders, including Prince Charles, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron, gathered in Jerusalem on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

by Anonymousreplies 13a day ago

Shadow Group sends Bernie and BLM supporters to disrupt Buttigieg events across the country

The protesters say a "revolutionary group" financed them but not Sanders' Our Revolution and were ordered to keep the donor anonymous. Some claim to worry about racism and homelessness in South Bend but have not tried to meet with the new mayor about these issues, and instead flew to California to press Buttigieg. They vowed to follow Pete wherever he goes.

by Anonymousreplies 33a day ago

The Simpsons

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

Woman intentionally crashes car into oncoming traffic as a test of "faith"

A Pennsylvania woman intentionally drove into oncoming traffic in a twisted effort to test her faith, state police allege — and although she survived without injuring herself, the crash injured two other motorists.

Nadejda Reilly, 31, was allegedly driving along Route 93 on Jan. 7 and awaiting a calling from God when she decided to slam into another vehicle in the Weatherly area of Carbon County, Pennsylvania, investigators said.

Two people in the other vehicle were hospitalized with injuries — but that apparently inspired no remorse from Reilly.

“Reilly related [that] God took care of her by not having her injured,” wrote Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit.

{bold]“Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.” [/bold]

Reilly is currently jailed without bail and facing charges of aggravated assault.

Her lawyer, Andrew Theyken Bench, filed a notice with the court that Reilly plans to waive her formal arraignment in Carbon County court.

by Anonymousreplies 19a day ago

I don't understand women.

I thought opening a door for a woman was the polite thing to do, but she just screamed and flew out of the plane.

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

What's your skin care routine?

I recently started taking skin care seriously. My skin is oily and prone to breakouts and I finally want to do something about it. Does anyone have advice? Specific products or general advice would be appreciated. Thank you DL!

by Anonymousreplies 4a day ago

Jimmy Garoppolo

The hottest player in the NFL today. Break me off some of THAT!

by Anonymousreplies 111a day ago

How did you refer to your grandparents?

I'm from the Midwest, where some people are formal about how they refer to their grandparents: I had Grandma and Grandpa Smith on my father's side, and Grandma and Grandpa Jones on my mother's. I was surprised when I got older to find out so many people did not do this, and either referred to their grandparents by first names (e.g. Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine vs. Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Geraldine) or by nicknames, which sometimes were foreign-based and sometimes were not (Oma and Opa vs. Gangy and Pop-Pop).

How did you refer to yours, and what was your background regionally and by ancestral nationality?

by My family is all WASPs from Minnesotareplies 81a day ago

Strange Interview Questions

I just got home from a job interview and I was asked the most bizarre question I’ve ever been asked.

(I’m paraphrasing) Imagine you’re working in the reception area and your boss asks you to have a bottle of water for him in ten minutes. You check and there is one bottle left. Just then, a co-worker runs in the room and tells you there is a fire in the back and the water is needed to put it out, otherwise the office will burn down. What is the first thing you would do?

It was delivered with a straight face and everyone on the panel just looked at me expectantly. I’ve never been asked such a strange question.

Does anyone else have stories of strange questions they’ve been asked?

by Anonymousreplies 73a day ago

Matrix 4 Is Happening After All This Time!

Kind of excited and surprised that we will have a fourth Matrix movie! Without Agent Smith, wouldn't it be stupid and rather pointless? I think it probably will be! What do you think?

by Anonymousreplies 8a day ago

BTS Twinks' New Album Map of the Soul 7 Gets over 3m in Pre Orders

These little hoes are taking over the world.

by Anonymousreplies 68a day ago

Hot Uncut Guys: Part 2

Continuation of the 'hottest uncut guy you've seen' thread.

Aussie of Italian descent Brandy Martignago

by Anonymousreplies 307a day ago

MSNBC Part 15

Let's start with HIMBO early morning / late night sub-anchor, Phillip Mena.

I want him in me, quite deeply.

by Anonymousreplies 211a day ago

Men’s Health: How to Talk to Boys About Porn, Consent and Sex, According to Boys & Sex Author

Why do parents need to teach their young sons about porn? Makes no sense to me. I am not for young kids watching that anyway. It’s harmful to their minds.

by Anonymousreplies 81a day ago

Julia Roberts Blind Items dirty Reveals

December 28, 2006

This married A++ actress was attached to do a movie but wanted a certain actor to play opposite her. The actor was not interested but our actress thought she could convince him and the studio believed her. The studio chartered a jet and our actress flew 11 hours one way and 12 hours on the return flight. All of this travel for about six hours of alone time with the actor who still did not want to do the movie but had a great deal of fun doing something else. The actress returned home, broke the sad news to the studio, broke off her own involvement in the project and ultimately cost the studio a great deal of money but it was her satisfaction that was most important and so they still do business together. Julia Roberts

August 6, 2013

This A list mostly movie actress who used to be A++ list got in touch with this A list mostly movie actor who she had a brief fling with when they made a movie a few years back. She called him to congratulate him and then said she was in town on a whim and they should meet for coffee. Javier Bardem, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz

August 18, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actress yelled and screamed with spit flying at an employee for an hour because she thought the employee was hiding her cell phone and what would be a very incriminating video of our actress. Julia Roberts

August 29, 2013

This still A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner was at dinner this week with her husband and a few of her friends. When the husband started to correct something our actress was saying, she turned to him and said, “When I want you to talk, I will tell you.” The husband shut up for the rest of the dinner and just stared down at his phone. Julia Roberts

December 20, 2013

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably be an A permanently just because of her name didn’t let her marriage vows stand in the way of making it very clear to the lead singer of this B list band with the catchy name that she would be more than willing to fuck him all night long. Yeah, those were pretty much her exact words and she was pretty ticked off when he turned her down. I believe she used the word hack or something that rhymes with brick when earlier she had been gushing about the music. Caleb Followill, Julia Roberts

October 2, 2013

This war between A list mostly movie actresses who are also Academy Award winners has reached epic proportions. #1 won the award but has way less nominations. She is the one who started the fight and has also threatened to expose #2’s infidelities with her leading men. For her part, #2 has threatened to not only expose #1’s infidelities but also release recordings of #1 having sex with a co-star when #1 got too loud and everyone could hear them outside #1’s trailer. Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep

June 26, 2014

This forever A List actress is having a hard time coming to the realization that she is past her prime for many leading roles she is interested in. In her day, she was everywhere and pretty much had her pick of any movie …or any man. Always had smiles and sweet demeanor for her adoring public, but in Hollywood she was known to be extremely difficult to work with. People cringed when she came on set and she rarely spoke to anyone “beneath” her. That didn’t keep her from getting work because it was a guarantee hit if she was in it. I’ve seen firsthand what she reduces a man to once she’s decided she’s through with him. Julia Roberts

June 17, 2014

This married Academy Award nominee/winner actress was A+ list back in the day and part of a famous family. Now, she makes commercials and is pretty whiny about everything. What she wants you to believe is that she is straight and narrow. What she won’t tell you is that she got so wasted on LSD one night during the filming of a movie that she took on four guys at once. She was legendary. Julia Roberts

by Anonymousreplies 148a day ago

When did you first know you loved to suck cock?

A dick in my mouth does nothing for me but for so many men sucking cock is an amazing experience.

I live in Germany and by the elevator after the gym, even on the street it is not uncommon to be approached by someone who wants to suck my dick and I often say yes. I recently encountered a man who when he tasted my cum shot off without touching himself.

Were you trained when young or is it just a natural skill and love?

by Anonymousreplies 146a day ago

Sad, final days of Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter has been hospitalized amid his ongoing struggles.

The “I Want Candy” singer, 31, shared a photo from the hospital on Thursday. He looked worse for wear in bed with an IV bag and other medical paraphernalia around him.

Carter didn’t say why he is being treated, setting his location as Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital Emerald Coast in Miramar Beach, Fl., but noted that his mama, Jane Carter, was taking care of him. E! News reports that Aaron is “exhausted from a hectic schedule and needs rest for a few days.”

And Jane, who recently completed a stint in rehab, told his Twitter followers that she will be overseeing his social media account “till he recovers.”

"I’m handlin socials for my son till he recoverers..." -mamma jane

Earlier in the day Aaron posted on social media that his mom was managing him again. She managed both him and his brother, Backstreet Boys’s Nick Carter, early in their careers.

He also posted, "I'm so tired of women wasting my time. I deserve more." It’s unclear who he’s referring to, but he ended a relationship over the summer with Lina Valentina and it wasn’t cordial.

But Aaron has had a really crazy year. He’s constantly been in the headlines — for his drug addiction, mental illness, public dispute with brother Nick (whom he branded a “serial rapist”) and other things, like his impromptu face tattoo.

Aaron and Jane — who are estranged from the singer’s other siblings, including Nick and Aaron’s twin sister Angel — recently appeared together on WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition. It delved into their personal woes, including their addictions and Aaron’s eating disorder and emotional problems.

by Anonymousreplies 432a day ago

Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood

These two boys from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are close as can be. I wonder if they are hooking up cuz I wouldn’t be surprised.

by Anonymousreplies 318a day ago

Below Deck THAILAND - Part 2

Bye bye, Rhy!!

by Anonymousreplies 47a day ago

Elderly, broke Trump cultist seeks Tantra Goddess

This is one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and is apparently NOT a joke.

Bless his heart.

(Yes, I did a search.)

by Anonymousreplies 284Yesterday at 3:21 PM

Below Deck Thailand continued: Kate vs Smashton and so much more

The season started off slow but now the gang is fucking and fighting like we knew they would.

Will Smashton punch another window?

Will Tanner eat out another Stew?

Will Chef Kevin go completely bald?

by Anonymousreplies 24Yesterday at 3:21 PM

Bernie Sanders Wants to Halt Immigrant Deportations and Dismantle Border Fences Between US and Mexico

[QUOTE]”If someone has been convicted of a terrible, terrible crime, that might be an exception to the rule,” Sanders said. “A moratorium on 99% of deportations is nothing to sniff at, and I think the undocumented community would be very proud of that.“

by Anonymousreplies 69Yesterday at 3:19 PM

Remember: Your Calendar is Pagan

Add your pagan holidays:

by Anonymousreplies 26Yesterday at 3:17 PM

AOC goes after Biden

[quote]I don’t understand why some folks run as if the internet doesn’t exist. Joe Biden helped sell the invasion of Iraq and spent years working to cut social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He’s open to a Republican running mate. Spin it however you want, but those are the facts.

She's an official Bernie surrogate, btw, and they'll hold a huge rally together in Iowa on Sunday, with Bon Iver and Portugal. The Man.

by Anonymousreplies 61Yesterday at 3:13 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal is Fat

Poor thing.

by Anonymousreplies 120Yesterday at 3:03 PM

How really is high school life in the US?

I'm from Europe and i grew up with films an series like Mean Girls or Glee. Are these accurate?

Are jocks treated with privilege? Are they awful type Nate in Euphoria? Do you really fuck that much in HS? Is that huge bullying real? Mean girls dress like that? Heels, mini skirts and full make up? Are all cheerleaders bitches?

Share your stories guys!!

by Anonymousreplies 124Yesterday at 2:57 PM

Can't believe there hasn't been a Claire Saffitz thread yet

I love this show.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 2:50 PM

If I were to say to you the word Guantanamera....

What would it mean to you?

Please share.

by Anonymousreplies 24Yesterday at 2:49 PM

Underwhelmed in a New Decade, 2020

So I had did an at-home sleep apnea test last night & will have to do it again tonight. (I already did one in a hospital years ago but couldn’t use CPAP afterwards. I have a new dr who wanted a new test).

I had sleep paralysis all night long. I kept dreaming I was awake and lying in bed looking out my bedroom door towards my husband’s bedroom trying to call to him because I needed help. I couldn’t breathe. I wanted him to come in and help me to turn & change my position so I could breathe. It was really frightening.

I guess tonight I’ll make sure the chest strap is a little looser.

by Maybe that was too whelming. replies 25Yesterday at 2:43 PM

Chris Colfer

Seriously, is (s)he a hermaphrodite? He cannot be a boy. Eunuch maybe. He needs those baby teeth capped too. I know I sound rude, but I honestly can't get over how un-masculine he sounds. It's quite off-putting.

by Anonymousreplies 191Yesterday at 2:42 PM

Jessica Simpson has a new memoir! Opens up about drinking and pill problem

I mean obviously she used a ghostwriter but most of them do

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 2:38 PM

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

The hottest dude on Capitol Hill.

by Anonymousreplies 28Yesterday at 2:35 PM

Tell me more about Italy

Apparently they have the highest tested IQ in all of Europe. Unsure of how true that is but they certainly used to be the seat of the Roman Empire!

by Pretty cool huh?replies 436Yesterday at 2:33 PM

Average Joes, Yes or No?

Ok Stealth Whores of the DL (you know who you are). You're the ones that turn your noses up at certain guys when out in public but are nonselective ravenous bitches when no one can see you. Post a pic of an average guy you probably wouldn't be seen with publicly but they make your 2(X)IST underwear so wet you "could drown a toddler in them." Or an average Joe that you'd f*ck so hard "it'd void the warranty."

by One time I fucked this average dude so hard... he almost came back to life.replies 1Yesterday at 2:33 PM

Mayor Pete's New Year's resolution – become a common Instaho

[quote]This weekend, I asked Pete Buttigieg what his resolution was for 2020. He told me, “So for the New Year, I am going to work out more, eat better, show more appreciation to those I love, and hopefully become President of the United States.”

He saw those gays in Ptown, Palm Springs, Ft Lauderdale... and he thought "I want this body for myself." 😄

I don't blame him, although I'd like to see Chasten shape up a bit as well.

by Anonymousreplies 13Yesterday at 2:32 PM

Gay Sex Missed Opportunities

My College dorm mate, he was sexy tall skinny swimmer, huge long dick (9”)-saw him hard, always paraded around me in a towel, he definitely tried to get things going a few times but I was very closeted at the time, saw him in faceless ad on Craigslist looking for bottoms. He fucked quite a few girls, later got married. Probably just bi. Still talk and see each other some, so maybe one day it’ll happen. I’d do it now, he’s still hot and I’ve wanted that dick for a long time. Say your prayers for me.

Who did you miss the boat with?

by Anonymousreplies 111Yesterday at 2:30 PM

Lena Waithe behaving like most stereotypical lesbian possible

Divorced after two months.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 2:25 PM

Hurricane-like Storm Gloria batters eastern Spain, killing 11

Also caused freak heavy snow in the Balearic Islands

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 2:24 PM

Upcoming new OWN drama/soap "Ambitions"

Featuring the words of Miss Jamey Giddens, soap queen extraordinare!

Teaser attached.....

by Anonymousreplies 15Yesterday at 2:18 PM

Do you get flu shot every year?

I never had one, frankly I am a bit surprised to find out that many people do get one annually, I work at home most time, don't really worry about contacting the flu from other people, so it just never occurred to me to get seasonal flu shot.

by Anonymousreplies 91Yesterday at 2:16 PM

The 10 Best Linda Ronstadt Songs, Ranked

“The following top 10 list favors several of Ronstadt's country-leaning songs over rock and R&B material...”

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 2:14 PM

Father Asks "My Gay Son's Open Marriage Troubles Family Members"

Dear Ellie,

Our adult son’s in a long-standing gay and open marriage, with a young child (son). They have a third mutual partner who doesn’t live with them but spends a lot of time with them. He’s very good with their child and we find him very likeable. His own family isn’t supportive of his choices.

Our daughter’s husband is uncomfortable with this person and the arrangement. The couple, who have a young child, now avoid coming to our place when the other family’s present. Our daughter feels pulled between her husband and her brother.

Also, humour among the threesome includes gay jokes. It makes our single adult child uncomfortable, but she still attends dinner.


1. Is this threesome situation healthy for my grandson?

2. Is this a healthy relationship?

3. The “uncomfortable” spouse feels left out of family gatherings, with strong negative feelings about this. We’re questioned why we don’t “put our foot down.” I fear our good relationship with him is at risk.

My wife and I have conversed openly/respectfully with him, but he still decided to not attend.

He’s been very accepting of my son and partner in the past. He feels that vows are important, that the “open” relationship will be harmful to their son and confusing to his young daughter.

4. My wife and I will speak to our son and his husband about the situation they’ve put us in, and look for solutions so it doesn’t happen again. Should we alternate who comes to Christmas in the future?

What Should We Do?

So Datalounge - what advice would you give the father of the gay son in a 3way relationship/marriage with a child?

by Anonymousreplies 47Yesterday at 2:07 PM

Did any of you round here have step brothers and/or sisters?

What were they like?

by Anonymousreplies 18Yesterday at 2:04 PM

George Michael's sister dies on Xmas three years to the day he died

Where is Fadi???

by Anonymousreplies 189Yesterday at 1:57 PM

Sarah Paulson IS Linda Tripp! American Crime Story doing Lewinsky now

Ughhh who wants to relive this.

by Anonymousreplies 143Yesterday at 1:53 PM

Which famous males have massive pecs and/or asses?

Go on then.

by Anonymousreplies 13Yesterday at 1:47 PM

You Can Do Something - Tweet This

American journalist and editor, Phil Jacobson, has been arrested and is charged with alleged visa violations. Indonesia's effort to shut him up with this action will not work.

Stand with us, DL, and help #freephiljacobson

We need to keep the pressure on. Tweet this story, and tweet it again. Let's bring Phil home.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 1:42 PM

Krystal Ball Dominates CNN Appearance With Facts As Bernie Sanders Takes National Lead

The absolutely delicious David Doel breaks down Ms. Krystal Ball’s latest and first-in-a-long-time appearance on CNN.

by Anonymousreplies 28Yesterday at 1:42 PM

Please share you’re valuable INSIGHTS

All this wisdom should be preserved.

To begin:

Ramen is just noodles.

by Anonymousreplies 146Yesterday at 1:41 PM

Thomas Markle or Hillary: Who is bitterer?

I can’t decide.

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 1:39 PM

Shit's Getting Real

Mongabay's Indonesian reporter has been detained on 'alleged' visa violation charges. Glenn Greenwald, though not a favorite here, was indicted in Brazil after revealing corruption in Bolisinaro's administration. Both men have been reporting on various environmental issues.

Just in case you cared about something that actually matters. Spread the word, keep this out there and let's not let them get away with this and leave him in jail to rot.


by Anonymousreplies 14Yesterday at 1:38 PM

Coronation Street on ITV Part Three

Ali and Ryan surely must hit the sheets after Michelle leaves Weatherfield.

by Erna Sheeplesreplies 446Yesterday at 1:38 PM

HEAVEN .....

THE best spot to curl up on a cool evening!

by Anonymousreplies 134Yesterday at 1:35 PM

Top 2020 Democrats to face Iowa voters in CNN town halls one week before caucuses

[quote]The leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination will deliver closing arguments to Iowa voters in live, back-to-back CNN town halls airing on consecutive nights one week before the Iowa caucuses. The hour-long town halls will air in primetime on January 28 and 29 from the campus of Drake University and feature questions from Iowa Democrats and CNN moderators.

[quote]In the event Sens. Klobuchar, Warren and Sanders are unable to attend their respective town halls in Iowa because of the Senate impeachment trial, a CNN spokesperson said the network would host these town halls in Washington, DC, for the candidates with Iowa voters.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 1:27 PM

Seann William Scott at 39 and his MASSIVE pecs

Still looking good. Why is his career stalled?

by Anonymousreplies 234Yesterday at 1:26 PM

I was home today and binge watching Criminal Minds. Does anyone else get a "gay"" vibe from Spencer?

He pings for me.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 1:26 PM

You Pop-Culture Loving Homosexuals Are Slipping: No Threads About Red, White and Royal Blue

I have to read the Wall Street Journal to learn that a frothy beach read book about the romance between the son of the (female) American president and the Prince of Wales (fictional, not Charles) is a runaway best seller in Fraulund!

Why are you all asleep at the wheel?

We rely on you to keep us up to date on this pop culture crap and you've totally dropped the ball.

by Anonymousreplies 63Yesterday at 1:21 PM

Aaron Rodgers is an atheist, because Climate Change?

Rodgers also said the growing threat of climate change made it hard for him to accept Christianity.

“I don’t know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell,” he said. “What type of loving, sensitive, omnipresent, omnipotent being wants to condemn his beautiful creation to a fiery hell at the end of all this?”

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 1:20 PM

Australian Actor Tim Draxl

Stage and screen actor. Was probably last seen in the gay series A Place to Call Home. Pretty damn hot.

by Anonymousreplies 187Yesterday at 1:07 PM

Trump Administration Leaks

Howcome we don't hear about his craziness any more?

Did he fire all the leakers?

I miss hearing about his outbursts, accusations, and paranoia.

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 1:07 PM

Matt Anscher is Americas Next Drag Superstar

by Anonymousreplies 16Yesterday at 1:06 PM

Remember THIS guy?

Who made such a splash with the video @ link?

He's put out a new video today. I'll link it @ r1

by Anonymousreplies 22Yesterday at 12:58 PM

Terry Jones is DEAD TO ME!


by Anonymousreplies 21Yesterday at 12:57 PM

"It's racism" said some cliché loving frau to British actor, Laurence Fox re Meghan's treatment in the UK...

on the BBC last night.

'Let's call it by its name, it's racism, she's a black woman,' she told the Question Time audience.

He responded "Gurl, no!" (or the str8 British male version of), looking to the heavens (see pic)

The clichés continued:

"You're a white privileged male!" she went on...

'Oh my God. I can't help what I am, I was born like this, it's an immutable characteristic: to call me a white privileged male is to be racist - you're being racist'.

Full story @ R1

by Anonymousreplies 134Yesterday at 12:43 PM

Robert Downey Jr is Dr. Dolittle in “Dolittle” (2020)

Will it be better than the Eddie Murphy movies?

by Anonymousreplies 60Yesterday at 12:33 PM

Do you need things?

If you could get rid of your stuff, would you?

by Anonymousreplies 27Yesterday at 12:27 PM

The Woke are furious at Oprah's new Book Club pick

They say "American Dirt" is just not accurate to the Mexican immigrant experience.

Which is why it's called fiction, no?

by Anonymousreplies 39Yesterday at 12:00 PM

Why does the New York Times have a California Today section?

Do they have an Arkansas Today column?

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 11:52 AM

When gay bars were owned by the Mafia

I hear DLers talk about a time when this was common.

Were they any different? Were guidos roaming around the dancefloor then?

by Anonymousreplies 37Yesterday at 11:42 AM

Why DID they stick Doria in a liitle pew all on her own?

Did you think it odd at the time?

I didn't really think about it, but now I DO think it was really strange. Isolated from everyone else. BIZARRE.

If Tom had turned up, would he have been seated there as well, I wonder.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 11:38 AM

Celebrities on the skids

Who is having to count the coins?

Since André Leon Talley's Vogue checks stopped, we wonder how he's doing. Especially after reading that YSL muse Lou Lou de la Falaise died broke. (But she had a country house, and maybe a place in Paris too, so celebrity broke is clearly different from real world broke.)

The absolutely scientific Celebrity Net Worth claims Faye Dunaway is worth $40 mil. That might be news to Faye.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 11:36 AM

Boll & Branch Sheets

Does anyone have Boll & Branch sheets? Are they worth the high price?

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 11:00 AM

The worst fashion crime I have ever read about

Because that other thread is so fucking depressing.

Here: Cardi B trying to look like Audrey Hepburn emerging from a pink and black fungus.

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 10:57 AM

Hot guy wants to remind everyone to SAY NO TO DEPRESSION

Anthropomorphizing emotions is the first sign of mental collapse.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 10:51 AM

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Now Tied For Black Support

Biden is toast. Sanders is going to be the nominee.

by Anonymousreplies 16Yesterday at 10:51 AM

The Hard Rock’s Collapse in New Orleans is Complete!!!

1 confirmed dead, 3 remain missing.

by Anonymousreplies 70Yesterday at 10:39 AM

So what will happen in November.

Trump will not get convicted.

I think Americans are seeing through this. Therefore, the house will remain Democratic, the Senate will become Democratic, and Joe Biden will be president.

Mittens will be the minority leader usurping MoscowMitch who will retire after he loses the election for minority leader. The Republican Party will be smaller, whiter, angrier.

Biden will be a profound disappointment. He will make every attempt to be friends with Republicans and at every turn, they will stab him in the back.

by Anonymousreplies 17Yesterday at 10:30 AM

Shameful crushes

I have a shameful crush on actor Michael Emerson. He's not handsome but there's something sexy-creepy about the characters he plays.

by Anonymousreplies 9Yesterday at 10:28 AM

MAGA Supporter Charges $1,000 to Help Make Women To Back To The Kitchen

He calls it "Make Women Great Again"

The event aims to warn women against "unhealthy, militant feminists", teach them the importance of family and having children because their "clock is ticking", with Anthony adding that he hopes to "win" this feminism war - which he called "a war on family, that needs to end immediately".

by Anonymousreplies 60Yesterday at 10:28 AM

We need to talk about Meryl's SAG Look

She looks like an Art History professor at her retirement party wearing stuff she picked up on her latest cruise to Central America.

by S. Sarandon canvassing for Bernie in Iowareplies 41Yesterday at 10:19 AM

Bloomberg makes his case to Dems on Capitol Hill

The billionaire New Yorker pitched himself to lawmakers as a centrist who can invest heavily in swing states against Trump:

“I came away thinking, you know, this guy could win,” said Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.), who attended back-to-back meetings with Bloomberg on Thursday.

When Vargas asked the former mayor how he could actually secure the nomination, Bloomberg pointed out that “no one’s gotten the Democratic Party around them.”

by Anonymousreplies 23Yesterday at 10:16 AM

WEHT Steve Sandvoss

He was so hot in Latter Days

by Anonymousreplies 109Yesterday at 10:06 AM

What made-for-TV movies would you recommend?

From back in the day to the present. I just saw The Miracle Of Kathy Miller on YouTube. I'm hooked. Any others?

by Anonymous replies 123Yesterday at 9:59 AM

Sachett Rhys is 🔥🔥🔥

Absolute perfection.

Let’s have a DL Worship session, girls.

by Anonymousreplies 132Yesterday at 9:56 AM

OMG! They cast an openly gay actor to play Tom Ripley!

Sherlock/Fleabag star Andrew Scott will play the role for new Showtime series

by Anonymousreplies 53Yesterday at 9:55 AM

Lena Waith’s wife had never been with a Chick before

Wendy Williams: “you tore it down!”

by Anonymousreplies 14Yesterday at 9:53 AM

American Journalist Arrested for Environmental Reporting in Indonesia

Our State department is doing nothing to help. We need to keep this story in the news and trending on Twitter. The Power of the Media is his anchor and his only hope right now.

Share this video, talk about the story to your friends and family, help get Phil out of Indonesia and home again.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 9:47 AM

Instagram Fitness Model, DL Star, and Hunk Patrick LeBlanc, Part 2

Flexin and teasin

by Anonymousreplies 106Yesterday at 9:45 AM

Retirement Question: Foreign Country Health System

I am retiring by 2022. Yeah!

I am hoping to have the experience of living outside of the US for 2 to 3 years but need to be in a country that has available low cost health insurance for foreigners. Someone I work with told me that Panama is trying to attract US retirees and has a program similar to Medicare for Americans there at a very reasonable cost. I am also open to Eastern Europe and even places in Africa. Someone else I know told me Ghana is a great place to consider.

I am 64 and in good health, just taking blood pressure meds. My goal is to be in an urban environment with interesting culture, foreign language, and activities to enjoy.

Any suggestions would be wonderful, thank you.

by Anonymousreplies 19Yesterday at 9:44 AM

Hallmark Pulls Gay Wedding Ad After Pressure from ‘One Million Moms’


by Anonymousreplies 86Yesterday at 9:42 AM

Hottest Straight Porn Stars

I'm one of the gays that also love watching straight pron because of the guys. Seeing the other thread about straight pron stars, I thought I'd start one with the link to who is considered the hottest by this particular website.

I would add James Dean and Seth Gamble to the list. Some of the ones listed have also done gay pron . . . for instance the ever-hot Wolf Hudson.

Pics from the thread are not naked but may not be safe for work either.


by Anonymousreplies 369Yesterday at 9:41 AM

Due to Popular Demand, it’s More Hot, Hot, Hot Dudes in Exercise Wear, Part 3


by Anonymousreplies 420Yesterday at 9:36 AM

VA Protest Mon 1/20 by Gun Owners re 2A

Why would a Democratic Gov in the Bible Belt of all places try to be the 1st state in the US to limit gun ownership? Doesn't he realize the optics nationwide? He's almost guaranteeing Trump's re-election.

W VA is offering to acquire counties in VA. This will not end well.

NV 25% of the population own at least 1 gun.

by Anonymousreplies 155Yesterday at 9:34 AM

Evan Lysacek Gets Married, Part 3

The very straight Evan Lysacek gets married to the love of his life!

More discussion of this very hetero, gym loving, man!

by Anonymousreplies 162Yesterday at 9:33 AM

Is Pastor Carl Lentz Justin Bieber's David Miscavige?

Once again, it's 'meal ticket time'!

by Anonymousreplies 492Yesterday at 9:32 AM

Mormon gays

They tend to go wild after coming out, don't they?

I have known a number of formerly closeted Mormons and they go from zero to 100 with heavy drinking, heavy sex and partying. Ring true to anybody else?

by Anonymousreplies 47Yesterday at 9:29 AM

My 600 Lb Life OMG!!! Part 2

Continue the discussion of these larger than life characters, whom we both feel sorry for and pay for via taxes.

by Couldn't find a part two thread so I hope there's not!replies 207Yesterday at 9:27 AM

American DLers: Do You Have Healthcare?

Which company do you use? If you don’t have healthcare, how do you manage?

by Anonymousreplies 56Yesterday at 9:24 AM

DL Any Great Cooking Tips? 👨‍🍳. What Are The Do’s And Don’ts? What Are The Best Kitchen Gadgets And Appliances?

I have set my oven on fire twice, even the oven burners. My first time ever making pasta, I burned my stockpot and the noodles. I (tried) to make homemade chicken and dumplings and ruined another stock pot and left the house all in smoke. My dogs were actually coughing. I cooked fish and served it half cooked. Is cooking really that difficult or am I just an idiot.

by Failing miserably at cooking. replies 202Yesterday at 9:18 AM

Celebrity crushes from your past that you regret

For me it's Antonio Sabato Jr and Dean Cain. They're both Trumpster assholes, can't believe I jerked off to those guys in the 90s

by Anonymousreplies 29Yesterday at 9:12 AM

Lori & Felicity will do time

Which of the 2 is most likely to survive prison?

by Anonymousreplies 233Yesterday at 9:09 AM

There are so many people in government positions of power whom I loathe






And on and on. I can’t wait until these horrible people die. Truly. It’s the worst time in my life, as far as being an American.

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 9:06 AM

Should we end Social Security and Medicare?

Senator Bernie Sanders to Impeached Donald Trump during the debates:

[quote]“Are you saying you want to end Socisl Security and Medicare? I mean, you seem to be promoting that we end ALL SOCIALISM in America and since both the aforementioned programs are in essence forms of socialism, we should end them, should we not?”

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 9:05 AM

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 premieres Wednesday, Nov. 6th at 9 PM!

BITCHES this season looks great. It's only the first half too. So much in this trailer and that's not even counting what will happen in the second half when Danielle sets Margaret's purse on fire. I was hoping they'd include that in this trailer but we'll have to wait.

same cast as last season

lots of fighting and drama

EEW at the idea of Gia and Frankie dating though

by Anonymousreplies 70Yesterday at 9:01 AM

NASTY PIG -- 25 Years Strong!

Wow! How quickly the time passes by! Who would of thought that a company called NASTY PIG could survive?

One of the now VERY FEW GAY OWNED AND OPERATED businesses that is left with us has turned 25 years old! We should celebrate it AND support it too!

This company turned models into whores and whores into models! While the rest of retail is suffering throughout the world, and our once, many gay businesses are either defunct or faltering, this GAY OWNED AND OPERATED business is still flourishing.

Tell us about your Nasty Pig stories and experiences. What do you think of its line/clothing. Are there people you might know who have worked for the Company or benefited from it, etc.

Let's cheer for a GAY OWNED AND OPERATED business since they are becoming fewer and fewer....

by Anonymousreplies 181Yesterday at 8:59 AM

Seasonal, Regional Foods That You Crave

In February it'll be strawberry donut season again. I'm talking about the famous California institution down in Glendora near LA, The Donut Man. The Donut Man has been serving up much-praised donuts for close to 50 years, and still at its sole location. People have been known to drive hundreds of miles just to get donuts (open 24 hours a day) from The Donut Man. But they really go insane from Feb-Sep a.k.a. strawberry donut season. Seriously these donuts are so good that it's worth it to spend extra 2 hours at the gym beforehand just to stuff my face with them. I always make a trip there when I'm in proximity to LA.

When I visited a friend out in Michigan a few years ago, it was the height of cherry season there, and I'd never had so many wonderful cherry pies and cherry desserts. What are some of the seasonal, regional foods that you look forward to every year?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 8:54 AM

John Karlen is DEAD to me!

Mary Beth Lacey is in mourning.

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 8:53 AM

I Live With Six Brothers. I Have Sex With Two of Them.

I (a man) live in a large house along with six brothers, all adults and close to each other in age, two of whom I am having sex with. I am naturally much closer to them than the other four. “Yarin” and “Ferdinand” are both fully aware that I have sex with both of them. With the exception of occasional flares of jealousy on Ferdinand’s part (based in insecurity; we’re working on it), it seems to suit all of us very well. The house we share the rent for is large enough that I’m sure the other four brothers don’t know about the sex.

The problem is that I don’t know what to call this arrangement, even to myself. I’m often uncomfortably aware of just how unconventional it really is. When with one or both of them in public, I don’t know how to answer when people ask what Yarin and/or Ferdinand are to me. Yarin usually answers that we’re friends, which I don’t mind. Ferdinand has brazenly answered that I am his boyfriend whom he shares with his brother, which I DO mind. That part isn’t anyone’s business! Ferdinand is somewhat hurt by this, as he is openly affectionate with me in public and expects reciprocation, but I’m a quiet person, while there are Mardi Gras parades more reserved than Ferdinand. My sex life is absolutely not the business of random strangers. Should I follow Yarin’s lead and just say we’re friends? And can I tell Ferdinand to cool it in public?

by Anonymousreplies 64Yesterday at 8:52 AM

How Many Of You Are On PrEP?

How old are you if you are? Any side effects? How did you get on it? Just asked your doctor?

by Anonymousreplies 80Yesterday at 8:52 AM

Post Pictures of Gorgeous Gay Men, Part 19

Since Part 18 got paywalled, here's an early Part 19, which we hope will last for at least a bit. Honoring tradition, here are Justin Clynes.

by Anonymousreplies 66Yesterday at 8:51 AM

The New York Times is being a bad girl...

The New York Times ran a column today headlined: "Stop Comparing Bernie to Trump. It's Ridiculous."

Seems reasonable enough, right? Wrong.

Higher-ups have since changed it too: "Please Stop Calling Bernie Sanders a Populist."

It's still cached on google:

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 8:50 AM

I'm lovesick and need advice.

Have you ever longed to be with someone who you have no chance of ever meeting? This has been going on for months with me and I can't make it stop. He's semi-famous (?) and very private. Lives thousands of miles from me. This is like a schoolgirl crush but has me baffled by its depth. I have a man who wants to have a relationship with me but I won't give up on my fantasy affair. No one is going to live up to what I've created in my head. I need to get this person out of my head and move forward but I can't stop watching YouTube videos of his speeches and fantasizing. If you've been through something like this, please tell me how you got over it. I never knew what the word 'lovesick' meant until now. I'm seriously thinking of flying 2000 miles to his next speech just to see him in person.

by This is sick and I know itreplies 203Yesterday at 8:50 AM

OJ is STILL using the race card

Cosmo in LV banned him claiming he was drunk and disruptive. His attorney compared his "defamation" to Plessy Vs. Fergusson. Cosmo countered that his reputation is already too tarnished to defame.

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 8:49 AM

What’s your status?

Are you positive or negative? Do you get tested regularly? Do you practice safe sex?

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 8:47 AM

Bernie Sanders Once Compared Vermont Workers to Black ‘Slaves’

Tone-deaf Bernie strikes again. For anyone people of color who want to Bernie because he is"woke"--think again. This man refuses to live in the real world.

[quote] In one 1976 conversation, Sanders told a local newspaper that the sale of a privately held mining company by its founders harkened back to “the days of slavery, when black people were sold to different owners without their consent,” and compared the service economy to chattel slavery.

[quote] “Basically, today, Vermont workers remain slaves in many, many ways,” Sanders said in another interview in 1977, in which he compared the burgeoning service industry in the nearly all-white state to the enslavement of African-Americans at the nation’s founding. “The problem comes when we end up with an entire state of people trained to wait on other people.”

[quote] Sanders said. “If a worker at Vermont Marble has no say about who owns the company he works for and that major changes can take place without his knowledge and consent, how far have we really advanced from the days of slavery, when black people were sold to different owners without their consent?”

by Anonymousreplies 25Yesterday at 8:46 AM

Jim Lehrer is DEAD TO ME!

The co-anchor for many years of the MacNeil-Lehrer News on PBS (now the PBS NewsHour).

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 8:46 AM

Eating a cake

Have you ever eaten an entire cak on your own? If yes in how many sittings? Please take my pole!

by Anonymousreplies 35Yesterday at 8:42 AM

My friend is turning 50

I was thinking I’d rent an escort for him.

He has always said he’s never had sex with someone who he’d consider his sexual ideal.

He points to some porn guys as his ideal—very hairy, muscular, sexual pigs, but he’s says he could never rent an escort.

Should I do this for him?

by Anonymousreplies 37Yesterday at 8:39 AM

San Francisco's MtF-ish mayor London Breed endorses Bloomberg

WTF, San Fran?

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 8:38 AM

Bros or Bras?

I say BRAS!

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 8:35 AM

How do you meet someone at the Y...or is that a mistake?

Need Elder Gay advice. Or any advice really.

I've started going to the Y for the first time and....wow. Wow! Damn. Hot guys of every color. I'm not a gym bunny and never needed to be but have decided to start working out a bit (turning 30 motivated me, and since I know you're all wondering, no, I'm not fat or a hunchback or missing teeth).

So this gym thing is pretty new to me. Spent no time in lockerrooms outside of high school...so this is very different/kind of exciting. And cruisy.

It's easy to see guys stealing glimpses of each other in the lockerroom...but no one really talks unless it's with a pre-existing friend. There was one old guy giving loud, unsolicited membership advice to a young guy who was trying to be polite but obviously wanted him to go away. Super awkward and exactly why I assume you just don't start up a chat with a half naked stranger.

...but what if you see someone hot and want to do something? I guess I'm asking

1) How do you approach someone you might want to befriend or date and 2) How do you have a quicky sexual thing there with a willing partner? What do you say?

I need Dos and Don'ts I guess.

I would rather not do the second one because that could lead to an arrest....but I was in the sauna the other day and a guy with a perfect body was eying me, let his towel open and started getting hard. There were others around, old guys with their eyes closed, so he was subtle but his interest was clear. After I left, we both showered in the open shower area and he was at half mast. We gave each other peeks. But all I could think was "well, where is this going?" A crew came to clean the showers and sauna so we retreated to dry off and change, kept stealing glances...and then he left and I left. Was I supposed to just go up to him and say "hey, am I getting you hard and do you want to exchange numbers??!"

I know lockerroom sex is all about finding a safe place to go at it undetected, but if there is no such space, and therefore you don't try anything, doesn't the other person interpret that as lack of interest?

Is there A Way to approach someone while you're both dressing, or is that crazy risky and stupid?

...and how about when you're clothed and just using a machine? I figure that's the safer way to approach a guy and make small talk, but I'd like some tips on how not to come off as creepy. Are there "lines" to avoid?

Or is the gym best kept as a Look, But Don't Approach Him place.... because if you try to interact or meet up outside, then you get a reputation for being a slut or something...and if you both keep going back to the same gym after you've flirted and bombed, of course that's awkward as all hell.

I'm a really modest, old fashioned guy. I'd rather go out for coffee and get to know someone... but honestly the guys I generally meet tend to find that too involved. They want a HJ or BJ....not a dinner and a conversation first. Still, I'd like to think the next time some Adonis dude makes eyes at me, I'd know how to handle the situation and what to say when walking up to him so we could both hold onto our self respect and still meet up at his place or mine...

...but I'll also welcome advice on how to execute the quicky sauna HJ ;) Just in case.

Seriously: how do you convey "I like you but I'm not a bottom" through just your eyes?

Thanks for the help.

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 8:32 AM

Matt Bomer’s eerie, lineless face returns

I thought he looked good in promos for The Sinner, where he plays a character who looks his age.

He did not agree, apparently!

by Anonymousreplies 51Yesterday at 8:30 AM

Drag Race Season 12 Cast Announced

Who do we hate already???

Sherry Pie seems annoying.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 8:27 AM

Conservative Leadership Candidate Says Being Gay Is A CHOICE

Richard Décarie, a largely unknown former political aide to Stephen Harper is throwing his hat in the ring to run for the Conservative Party leadership

First interview he states that being Gay is a CHOICE

Watch below

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 8:24 AM

Would a 37-Year-Old Woman Be Where Pete Buttigieg Is?

"Klobuchar was 37 when she ran for Hennepin County district attorney. Her opponent, in a 1998 debate, labeled her “nothing but a street fighter” — to which Ms. Klobuchar responded, “thank you.” The image of a tough competitor is one that Ms. Klobuchar, who is now a Democratic senator from Minnesota and presidential candidate, has come to embrace. She swung a punch at a rival in her moderate ring during November’s Democratic debate, taking aim at Pete Buttigieg, then the mayor of South Bend, Ind.

“Do I think that we would be standing on that stage if we had the experience that he had?” Ms. Klobuchar said, speaking for her fellow female contenders. “No, I don’t. Maybe we’re held to a different standard.

Ms. Klobuchar’s comment touched off conversations about whether a female version of Mr. Buttigieg — elected by fewer than 10,000 votes, with under a decade of experience — could have advanced so quickly in a crowded presidential field. (Tulsi Gabbard, who is 38 and a four-term congresswoman, was on that November debate stage, but has not qualified for a debate since.)

The former mayor of Indiana’s fourth largest city now ranks third in the Iowa polls, 13 points ahead of the third-term senator from Minnesota

Ahead of Mr. Buttigieg’s 38th birthday on Sunday, The Times spoke with female politicians the same age as him for insights into the career paths and outlooks of women in office, asking them the same questions about politics, experience and identity that Mr. Buttigieg has answered in some form. (The Times scoured databases of elected officials to find people exactly Mr. Buttigieg’s age.)

Some of the women are registered Democrats, others unaffiliated with any party. Many of these women are familiar, as Mr. Buttigieg is, with the skepticism that often greets political ambition — but their gender adds a confounding factor

Ms. Klobuchar’s question about whether a woman with Mr. Buttigieg’s experience would be on a presidential debate stage goes to both whether a woman with his experience would decide she was qualified to run, and whether donors and voters would find her to be a viable prospect. A woman’s decision might be distorted by self-doubt, said Kelly Dittmar, assistant professor of political science at Rutgers. But it is also influenced by a real understanding of the biases she is likely to face. A recent Ipsos poll found that 74 percent of independents and Democrats would personally be comfortable with a female president, but just 33 percent said their neighbors would be"

by Anonymousreplies 143Yesterday at 8:24 AM

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 12

Premieres February 28th at 8/7c on VH1, henny.

by Anonymousreplies 13Yesterday at 8:22 AM

Celebrity Deplorables

I am tired of celebrities who secretly or not so secretly our money and using it against us by backing the orange turd god. Time to out them and stop watching their movies or buying their shitty products. Here is my list. Fell free to ad to it, lets make this a master list:

Antonio Sabàto Jr.

Caitlyn (Brucilla) Jenner

Charlie Sheen

Chuck Woolery

Clint Eastwood

Dennis Rodman

Fran Drescher

Gary Busey

Gene Simmons

Howard Stern

Hulk Hogan

James Woods

Jesse James

Jon Voight

Kanye West

Kelsey Grammer

Kid Rock

Kirstie Alley

Lou Ferrigno

Mark Wahlberg

Mike Tyson

Owen Wilson

Robert Kiyosaki

Roseanne Barr

Scott Baio

Stephen Baldwin

Susan Summers

Teresa Giudice

Tom Brady

Tthe Kardashians

Wayne Newton

by Anonymousreplies 109Yesterday at 8:17 AM

How Many American Men Are Gay?

This question is notoriously difficult to answer. Historical estimates range from about 2 percent to 10 percent.

by By Seth Stephen-Davidowitzreplies 284Yesterday at 8:15 AM

Why don’t more LGBT learn self-defense and arm themselves?

In the age of Trump where there is a louder dog whistle that it’s Ok to attack us, why don’t more gay men learn self-defense? Why isn’t there a more organized effort to prepare to defend ourselves with lethal force if attacked in public? It makes me so angry when I read stories like this. If these yahoos thought we might fight back, they’d see us as less of an easy target. Even that gay bashing scene in IT 2 seemed like porn for gay bashers.

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 8:09 AM

Death toll from new coronavirus spikes in just a day

The case count and death toll from a new coronavirus in China continue to climb.

The case count and death toll from a new coronavirus in China continued to climb Wednesday (Jan. 22) as officials stepped up efforts to control the spread of the virus.

There are now 440 confirmed cases and 17 deaths linked to the virus in China, according to the BBC. That's up from around 300 cases and six deaths reported just yesterday (Jan. 21).

Chinese officials also advised people not to travel into or out of Wuhan, the city where the outbreak originated, the BBC reported.

by Anonymousreplies 14Yesterday at 8:06 AM

Missing Harley Dilly

What a gay name right? You gays are gonna love this missing child.

Missing Since - Dec 20, 2019

Missing From - Port Clinton, OH

DOB - Aug 12, 2005

Age Now - 14

Sex - Male

Race - White

Hair Color - Brown

Eye Color - Green

Height - 4'9"

Weight - 100 lbs

details to follow (it gets a lot weirder)

by Anonymousreplies 238Yesterday at 8:04 AM

We Need to Talk About MIDSOMMAR ... Reviews and Spoilers Welcome

HEREDITARY director Ari Aster is back with another trippy horror show involving scarring imagery and repurposed corpses.

Were you confused about what went on? What is the best homeopathic hallucinogen to dilate a rosebud? Did Jack Reynor's persistent, full-frontal nudity impress you? Is Florence Pugh too fat to be a leading lady? Could you, WOULD you, in a fjord?

Hold on to your lingonberries! We're here to process the wackness ...

by Jul the Fertilizerreplies 102Yesterday at 8:02 AM

James Bond

I don't get it. My 16 month older brother loves and owns them all. I have tried and can never get thru one no matter who is playing him. Trying to watch "Moonraker" a little while ago. I know it's was a hit, the whole ad campaign is about outer space, I thought, well this may be cool. They don't even launch until an hour and a half into this boring mess. Did any of you fans feel ripped off?

Is James Bond a straight guy thing?

by Anonymousreplies 51Yesterday at 7:58 AM

When Will Chris Mazdzer Dick Pics Leak?

You know some lucky bitch has some, straight guys are stupid and love to text pics of their dicks. I don't care if his face isn't visible, I just need a look at that succulent MAN MEAT.

It can't happen soon enough, he is sooooooo fiiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee!!

by Anonymousreplies 506Yesterday at 7:58 AM

Courteney Cox Joins David Beckham in a Hot Tub With ‘Modern Family’ Stars Eric Stonestreet & Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

Yay or Nay DL?

by Anonymousreplies 19Yesterday at 7:52 AM

Markus Poyhonen: Recent shirtless pic of former DL fave and Finnish sprinter

What do you think of him NOW? His pecs and body overall?

He has had an interesting (weird) life since sprinting. He’s been on the Finnish version of Dancing with the Stars (Tanssi Entisen Kuuluisan Kanssa), been arrested for keeping banned performance-enhancing substances in his home; declared bankruptcy; did publicity for a fitness program for everyday people; has been or will soon be on the Finnish version of Celebrity Big Brother (or something like that); and is apparently engaged (to a woman).

by Anonymousreplies 81Yesterday at 7:51 AM

Lady FREAKS Out at WalMart


by Anonymousreplies 120Yesterday at 7:45 AM

The main person who was knocked by Me Too is James Franco

His work has really dried up. I think it’s because people are well and truly sick of his schtick.

He is a decent actor and mediocre at the many, many, many things he turns his hands to.

It’s one thing for, say, Ed Harris, to appear in one of his John Steinbeck adaptations. It’s not going to be very good, but no one else is making this stuff, so why not? It’s a very different proposition after Me Too, and you don’t like the guy much and it won’t receive much of a release anyway.

by Anonymousreplies 143Yesterday at 7:42 AM

Bonzai Boy

Mother starves son into a dwarf.

by Pennsyltuckyreplies 4Yesterday at 7:41 AM

New coronavirus may have 'jumped' to humans from snakes, study finds

As an outbreak of a new coronavirus continues to grow in China and spread to other countries, one question remains: Where did the virus come from? Now, a new study points to a slithering suspect: snakes.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses — some cause illness in people, while others infect animals, including camels, cats and bats, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In rare cases, coronaviruses in animals can evolve to infect people and then spread between people. This was the case with SARS and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and appears to be the case with 2019-nCoV.

by https://www.livescience.com/new-coronavirus-origin-snakes.htmlreplies 2Yesterday at 7:33 AM

I Went To Robert Hall To Buy A New Suit

But it isn't there anymore.

by WTF???replies 5Yesterday at 7:31 AM

Madonna Cancels At Last Minute

A new record.

by Anonymousreplies 311Yesterday at 7:30 AM

Part 3--HOT MEN IN JOCKSTRAPS!!! No interest in the other mess...

MMPH... I couldn't care less about "The Amazing Race--Season 27". Viola Davis... you won, honey. SIT DOWN! I have no interest in identifying a model or discussing the nearly 50 year old movie; "Valley Of The Dolls". Jim Carrey, I'm sorry for your loss, but I couldn't care less... I like, "The Official Philadelphia Gay Bashing Thread", "Empire-Season 2" "Downton Abbey", and some others. I ADORE "Men Showing Affection To Each Other".

But... Jockstraps? Talking about jockstraps? Looking at HOT MEN and even women in jockstraps? NOW, you have my attention!!!

This thread is about jockstraps. Don't bring that other mess in here! It's a definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) thread, but I will respect others and not lead off with an image. Let's get to crackin' men!

by Anonymousreplies 464Yesterday at 7:28 AM

I get turned on by guys wearing Topsiders

What's you fetish?

by Anonymousreplies 134Yesterday at 7:25 AM

Detroit man who won a racial discrimination settlement, now suing bank for not cashing the check

I hope he takes them for everything they have. I am sick of white people doing this shit. They think they are above the world. At least until you hit them where it hurts them, and the only place is their wallets.

I have gotten a few white men fired in NYC. Stop playing with me.

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 7:21 AM

Grocery chains closing

Lucky's Market shuts down all but a handful of its stores.

And Fineway in NY is also closing.

by Anonymousreplies 17Yesterday at 7:20 AM

I'm Afraid Of The Chinese Coronavirus!

I take the 7 Train to work and it is full of Chinese that got on in Flushing. Some of them are already wearing facemasks!

by Anonymousreplies 16Yesterday at 7:17 AM

Yum, I'm in love with this Brazilian sizemeat!

I think his cock is going to be my new religion! He's straight, of course, but who the fuck cares...

by Anonymousreplies 62Yesterday at 7:14 AM

Fairway to close all stores

$6M in monthly rent for their UWS flagship store!

by Anonymousreplies 34Yesterday at 7:12 AM


Here on Long Island, every time i turn around there’s a new building that’s gone up: New York Cancer & Blood Specialists. These franchises are within 10 miles of each other, and they’re large buildings. They’re expecting a lot of Baby Boomers to come down with the Big C.

Are McCancer franchises popping up in your state?

by Anonymousreplies 23Yesterday at 7:08 AM

My boyfriend has a "FansOnly" page

I just found out that my boyfriend of 7 months, who recently told me that he is in love with me, has a "fans only" site. I discovered it and he doesn't know I know, but he is quite the sex pig on it and it is disturbing to me that I was never told. Mind you, I am a decade older and would not engage in half the things that he does, I just find it so way out there that I am probably going to break up over this omission of information. He is a hot guy and his dick his a big one, so I am just not interested in getting fucked by him. He tops many guys on this fan site. He actually bottoms for me once in a blue, but mostly just oral between us; however, he is really smart and has a great sense of humor. Other things besides sex keep me interested in him.

I am not interested in monogamy, but I just don't like that he is so far out there and such an exhibitionist.

We see each other two or three times a week and I am totally fine with how the relationship is going, but now I am re-considering everything. I guess I have to decide how to tell him that I know and see what happens next with him.

by Anonymousreplies 87Yesterday at 7:06 AM

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue Anyone Claiming She Used to Be a Hooker

DL, you better stop before she sues your ass!

by Anonymousreplies 75Yesterday at 6:56 AM

WTF? $50,000 Hyundais and Kias? When did This Happen?

I haven't owned a car in a decade, so I'm home today goofing on the web and who knew that the Korean car makers, Hyundai and Kia, make ultra-luxury cars?

The Equus and the K900 are ridiculously expensive. Does anyone here own one? Would anyone be willing to shell out that amount of cash for such a car? I don't see these succeeding.

by Anonymousreplies 499Yesterday at 6:54 AM

What does “What I Did For Love” mean?

The ultimate song of the ultimate musical — but what is Diana Morales saying? That she did it all:

A) for the love of performing and the Broadway life:


B) for the love of the audience?

by Anonymousreplies 45Yesterday at 6:38 AM

Misophonia: a condition triggered by sounds like gum chewing

Who here has it? What triggers for you?

I just had a vacation made immensely more stressful than necessary by one person who smacks gum and two people who react to gum chewing very badly

by Anonymousreplies 52Yesterday at 6:36 AM

What Books Are You Reading in 2020? Part 1

It’s past midnight in several places now and this year will bring more reading opportunities!

What are your reading plans for the New Year? And what are you reading now?

My goals are no no longer buy any ebook that aren’t from a prescribed list of favourite authors, or aren’t under $5. O have far too many unread.

I also plan to read 2 classics per month and about 6 per month in total.

I will start with big ‘uns - Moby Dick, In Search Of Lost Time and thanks to the recommendations of Prof in the Classics thread I started a few months ago, the Iliad.

That said, I’m currently on a trashy holiday read - Grace Metalious’s Peyton Place, no less - so wish me luck.

by Anonymousreplies 222Yesterday at 6:35 AM

Ghost World (2001)

Thoughts on this film. I loved it!

by Anonymousreplies 112Yesterday at 6:30 AM

Stuck in the Senate as Their 2020 Rivals Have Iowa to Themselves

[quote]Aides to Ms. Warren said she had left the Capitol at 2 a.m., after spending the previous twelve hours in near silence in the trial.

[quote]In Iowa, Mr. Buttigieg’s day ended around 10 p.m. Over the course of nearly 12 hours, he’d addressed nearly 1,800 voters.


by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 6:25 AM

John Cena Admits to Getting "Accidental Boners" During His WWE Career

How ncie for him. How nice for everyone.

by Rowdy Rodreplies 47Yesterday at 6:24 AM

THE gay rimming pics and gif thread

Post your faves.

by Anonymousreplies 49Yesterday at 6:19 AM

Trump is Done. Turn Oven to Off.

I flatly predict he'll lose November 2020.

by Della, Calling it Nowreplies 195Yesterday at 6:13 AM

Men showing affection to each other - Part FIVE

The affection never, ever ends...

by Anonymousreplies 331Yesterday at 6:11 AM

Are Harry & Meghan already divorced?

by Kateyreplies 22Yesterday at 6:10 AM

How does DL feel about transexualism?

Trying to get a sense of DL public opinion.

10 is most favorable (they're truly their self-declared gender, nonbinary is totally fine, they should be represented more in the media, etc.)

1 is least (think religious conservatives' takes on trans).

by Anonymousreplies 7Yesterday at 6:08 AM

Tasteful Friends-Thoughts on this Pacific Heights Julius Kraft

I'd love to buy it but wish it had more outdoor space for the dog. Should I go for it? And that bamboo tree in the stairwell HAS to go!

by Anonymousreplies 9Yesterday at 6:06 AM

Columbus' gay scene

Tell us all, Midwesterners! I hear it's becoming the new fresh place to be. And you like the gays.

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 6:00 AM

Eian Scully is 🔥🔥🔥

I find him so beautiful yet so odd looking. He is sort of dorky looking, like a dork that started working out. Hot.

He is born and raised in Montreal, Canada, but now lives in NYC as a Fitness Trainer and Model.

by Anonymousreplies 29Yesterday at 5:57 AM

Chile and Israel

What's middle-class life there like? Are they both developed countries? Are Santiago and Tel Aviv safe?

Pic is of Michael Lewis, born in Tel Aviv.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 5:55 AM

What’s your drag name?

Jenny Talia here.

by Anonymousreplies 109Yesterday at 5:53 AM

US imposes visa rules for pregnant women on ‘birth tourism’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Thursday published new visa rules aimed at restricting “birth tourism,” in which women travel to the U.S. to give birth so their children can have a coveted U.S. passport.

Applicants will be denied tourist visas if they are determined by consular officers to be coming to the U.S. primarily to give birth, according to the rules in the Federal Register. It is a bigger hurdle to overcome, proving they are traveling to the U.S. because they have a medical need and not just because they want to give birth here. Those with medical needs will be treated like other foreigners coming to the U.S. for medical treatment and must prove they have the money to pay for it — including transportation and living expenses.

The practice of traveling to the U.S. to give birth is fundamentally legal, although there are scattered cases of authorities arresting operators of birth tourism agencies for visa fraud or tax evasion. And women are often honest about their intentions when applying for visas and even show signed contracts with doctors and hospitals.

The State Department “does not believe that visiting the United States for the primary purpose of obtaining U.S. citizenship for a child, by giving birth in the United States — an activity commonly referred to as ‘birth tourism’ — is a legitimate activity for pleasure or of a recreational nature,” according to the new rules, which take effect Friday.

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 5:52 AM

A Miracle Weight Loss Pill - Side Effects Could Be Fatal

Would you take DNP to melt away the fat?

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 5:51 AM

Elder gays please tell me all about Hollywood golden era blonde sex symbol Carroll Baker

How big a star was she?Is she consider ice?Does she gave a cult following? What is the dish and scandal on her ?Please dish up and serve up the gossip!!

by Anonymousreplies 85Yesterday at 5:46 AM

When will muthafuckas learn: STOP EATING BATS

First the Ebola virus, now this.

by Anonymousreplies 21Yesterday at 5:45 AM

Is there one good fucking thread on this shit site

100% trolls. Zero intelligence. Meghan KKK threads. I hate all you cunts. This site is finished. Has been for a year.

by Anonymousreplies 25Yesterday at 5:36 AM

Male Porn Star Deangelo Jackson Stuns in White Speedo at Phoenix Forum

wet speedo contest

by Anonymousreplies 75Yesterday at 5:35 AM

Celebs that crush on Timmy Chalamet...

Women love Timmy!!! They want that D.

by Anonymousreplies 28Yesterday at 5:34 AM

Trump's Muslim et al Travel Ban

New countries to be added. Collect them all!

Belarus, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania!

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 5:33 AM

Marianne Williamson throws support behind Andrew Yang in Iowa caucuses

[quote]Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson announced overnight Wednesday that she supports Andrew Yang's White House bid in the upcoming Iowa caucuses. Williamson was clear in her post that she's not "endorsing anyone" in the race yet, and is simply supporting Yang through the Iowa caucuses.

[quote]Williamson also praised Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, writing that she admires both of them but that "right now they don't need my help" ahead of next month's caucuses. [CNN]

Scammers of a feather flock together...

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 5:31 AM

Gurls, Tim Tebow tied the knot and is officially off the market!

Tweet him a Congrats!

by Anonymousreplies 118Yesterday at 5:27 AM

TikTok is just a rehash of Vine

Just some bells and whistles + new trends in content. + Opportunity of China to collect data.

Besides especially stinky feet and bigger than ever lips and rubbery penises, is there anything new about Gen Z?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 5:23 AM

Guys Being Fucked In The Ass: REVERSE COWBOY

This guy is into it...the bottom has got rhythm

by Anonymousreplies 183Yesterday at 5:18 AM

OMG look at his butt - Ripp Baker

Look how far up it goes!

by Anonymousreplies 44Yesterday at 5:11 AM

Rest in peace Kevin Killian.

Was anyone else here on datalounge friends with him? I remember over a decade ago reading his memoir, "Bedrooms have windows" and going to his website which was around at the time, writing to him, and he was delighted when I did this, and that is how we became friends.

I feel very bad for his wife Dodie Bellamy. He and his wife are bisexual, and KK enjoyed hearing about the consensual BDSM/kink I would practise with men and women.

I hope Kevin is at peace, and if you knew him, he was extremely kind and considerate, and not like he presented himself in his memoirs/fictional stories, or when he felt like he had to be 'on' when he had an audience at SFMOMA, or when reading poetry, or in a play he would write.

by beadedandstachedreplies 45Yesterday at 5:10 AM

Will Sanders Quit The Democratic Party Once He Wins in November?

Or will he stay nominally a Democrat?

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 5:07 AM

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick to star on Broadway together


by Anonymousreplies 129Yesterday at 5:02 AM

Blocking Function Not Working

As of yesterday and much of today, both individual and thread blocking is not working for me. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've cleared my ignored, but when I return to a thread, I'm seeing the same posts from the troll I just blocked.

Has something changed? I'm a registered user, but don't pay in....and won't as long as this keeps happening.

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 5:00 AM

John Gotti III

Mama's mussy is boiling like a pan of gabagool!

by Anonymousreplies 28Yesterday at 5:00 AM

Lydia Lunch

Before I get crucified, let me say that I do appreciate a good deal of '80s New York noise/experimental music (i.e. Sonic Youth, Swans, Jarboe, etc.), but I find neither her music nor her writing very interesting—and that includes her solo stuff and releases with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. On top of it, she seems like a misanthropic edgelord cunt. Why is she so respected?

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 4:56 AM

Amy McGrath Files to Challenge Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race

(FRANKFORT, Ky.) — Calling her party’s victory in the Kentucky governor’s race a jolt of momentum for her own bid to unseat a Republican incumbent, Democrat Amy McGrath on Friday officially filed to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in what looms as a bruising, big-spending campaign next year.

McGrath, a retired Marine combat pilot, touted many of the same issues — health care and good-paying jobs — that Andy Beshear highlighted in ousting Republican incumbent Matt Bevin in last month’s election for governor. Beshear ran a “great campaign” that focused on issues that hit home for Kentuckians, McGrath said in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

“It absolutely gives us momentum because it shows that against an unpopular Republican incumbent, a Democrat can win,” McGrath said. “And we win by talking about those bread-and-butter issues that Kentuckians really care about.

“And that’s what I’m going to be talking about over and over again,” she said. “With Mitch McConnell, we’re not going to get any progress on these things.”

by Anonymousreplies 56Yesterday at 4:51 AM

This is a thread for whores

Tell us the first names of the last 6 guys you had sex with.

by Anonymousreplies 40Yesterday at 4:47 AM

Wuhan Coronavirus

are we fucked? if so, how fucked are we?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 4:37 AM

This 6’3” Caucasian Cagemeat Has Momma’s MUSSY HISSING like a BROKEN RADIATOR

Hello and welcome to my profile!

A little about myself… I am 6' 3", about 185 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. I was born in Saint Louis's sister city, Louisville, Kentucky, on September 7, 1989.

I spent the first 6 years of my life living in the city before moving to a more peaceful area. Those back-county roads and beautiful sunsets beat the noisy lights and streetlights any day.

Some of my interests/hobbies include writing poetry, reading, working out, playing video games, and listening to music. I love country and rock, but I don't mind hearing a little hip-hop/R and B every now and then.

Most of my time here lately has been spent working on and preparing my parole plans. My parole day is getting very close and I am hoping to meet someone who enjoys the same things I do. A solid friend to lean on during the hard times.

I consider myself a very good listener and I would love to find another who would teach me things. My loyalty runs deep. I am a man of my word.

So, don't be shy! Feel free to contact me in whichever way is most convenient for you. I promise to give you a timely- heartfelt response.

Thank you for your time and I can't wait to hear from you!

Your new friend,


by Anonymousreplies 70Yesterday at 4:29 AM

College Admissions Scam, Operation Varsity Blues: Part Eight

USA Today:

Will Felicity Huffman's sentence in college admissions scandal 'send a message' to other parents?

by Anonymousreplies 225Yesterday at 4:28 AM

📝 Tulsi Gabbard Files Defamation Lawsuit Against #BitterHillary !

Oh, Gurl . . . . .You should have listened when your Momma told you that one day that big mouth of yours would get you in trouble.

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 4:27 AM

Organic Twins

How can you tell them apart?

by Anonymousreplies 141Yesterday at 4:22 AM

Blanket Jackson

Holy shit! I thought he was non-verbal. He knows how to talk? When did this happen?

by Anonymousreplies 9Yesterday at 4:22 AM

Camilla caught off-guard when asked if she'll miss the Sussexes

The inevitable questions about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s exit from their royal roles are not going away.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, stepped out on Monday to visit Prospect Hospice Swindon, England, in celebration of the organization’s 40th anniversary. However, Prince Charles‘ wife appeared to be caught slightly off guard when asked about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Will you miss Harry and Meghan?” the reporter asks, as seen in a video shared on Twitter by ITV’s Chris Ship.

by Anonymousreplies 163Yesterday at 4:20 AM

Still Laugh-In on Netflix

Anybody watch this? It’s not too bad. Surprised to see Loni Anderson

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 4:19 AM

“Your work ethnic”

Big drama in the office as this line appeared in an email from one white person to another white person who meant to question the former’s “work ETHIC”.

The cc line was more diverse than just complaining caucasians.

HR and Compliance (!!!!) may be pulled in.

by Anonymousreplies 11Yesterday at 4:18 AM

When did America lose to the vocal minority?

By the vocal minority I mean GOP, the alt right & tea partiers. Was it during the Obama administration? Further back? The moral majority want common sense gun reform, healthcare for all, free education but it will never happen as long as we let a vocal minority of assholes control the states.

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 4:16 AM

Asian actors appreciation thread

Start with the great forgotten John Lone, who was in The Last Emperor and M. Butterfly.

by Anonymousreplies 171Yesterday at 4:15 AM

What is the Canadian immigration status of Harry, Meghan and Archie?

What is the Canadian immigration status of Harry, Meghan and Archie? I read somewhere that they don't get any breaks under Canadian rules for being royal. So they have permission to stay for 90 days, right? They haven't claimed asylum, have they?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 4:09 AM

Gay Indie Films

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at a few of them, mostly for free on Amazon or Dekoo. Some of them were made by crowdfunding. Some of them were really bad. And some were good. If you've seen one you think is good, post it here. I'd love to check it out. I just watched "Another Gay Sequel: Boys Gone Wild!" and I need something to cleanse my palate.

by Anonymousreplies 112Yesterday at 4:01 AM

This Doe-Eyed Cagemeat Has Momma’s Mussy Writhing Like A Salted Slug

He can rob my hole all night.

by Anonymousreplies 21Yesterday at 3:58 AM

Nick Cannon Suggests His Eminem Gay Sex Diss Lyrics Are True

Following Eminem’s diss on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” single, Em’s target Nick Cannon returned fire with “The Invitation” on Monday (December 9). According to the Wild ‘N Out host, Slim Shady had some secrets he didn’t want out there.

“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you sucking a cock/You paid him off then laid him off/Now who really the opps,” he raps on the song. He later suggested that particular line wasn’t based on fiction.

“FACTS!” Cannon tweeted. “His lawyers didn’t want that one out! They already on my line.”

by Anonymousreplies 75Yesterday at 3:43 AM

Academy members viciously reveal why Lopez, Sandler, Murphy got snubbed from Oscars

Acting legend Terry Moore has one piece of advice for Jennifer Lopez, after the A-lister was snubbed for an Oscar nomination this week: “Get over it.”

Besides, the 91-year-old, who was nominated in 1952 for a best-supporting actress award for “Come Back, Little Sheba,” believes Lopez’s performance — which was widely expected to garner a nomination — was overrated.

“I would have been shocked if she did get it,” sniffed Moore, a longtime member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Services who votes on Oscar nominees and was once married to Howard Hughes.

Shockwaves rippled across social media this week when the Academy Award nominations were announced and several actors who were anticipated to make the cut didn’t. Among them: Adam Sandler for “Uncut Gems,” Eddie Murphy for “Dolemite Is My Name,” Awkwafina — who recently took top honors at the Golden Globes for “The Farewell” — and, yes, Lopez.

But Hollywood, apparently, was not surprised. After all, they’re the ones who didn’t vote for their dejected peers.

by Anonymousreplies 282Yesterday at 3:39 AM

Colton Haynes must need work

He's being paid to talk about Pokemon Go.

by Anonymousreplies 359Yesterday at 3:38 AM

Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lie

Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lie

INDIANOLA, Iowa (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused rival Bernie Sanders’s campaign on Saturday of disseminating a “doctored” video which falsely shows Biden supporting the privatization of Social Security, and called on the Sanders campaign to disown it.


by Anonymousreplies 77Yesterday at 3:37 AM

Netflix “AJ and the Queen” trailer

What sayeth the Datalounge?

by Anonymousreplies 170Yesterday at 3:37 AM

Are You Going Blind Trying To Read Many Websites?

Especially the ones that use a very light grey font? Here's something that may help you. And this is specifically for folks on Windows computers. I'm not familiar with the Apple system.

First, go to a website that you have trouble reading. Minimize your browser so your desktop is showing and right click a blank area. Click "graphics properties". Click "display". Click "color settings" (on the left). At the bottom of the frame look at your gamma settings. The default will probably be set at "1". Reduce the gamma setting lower. Small increments can make big changes. Go down 1 # at a time and check the web page you were on. Keep going until you find a setting that makes things easier for you to read. Then save your settings. Don't go too far or you'll darken things so much it will negatively affect graphics and photos. I found going to 1.0 to 0.8 did the trick for me.

Maybe one day web site developers will think about those of us with vision problems.

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 3:33 AM

That chink virus is going to kill us all!


by Ernareplies 7Yesterday at 3:31 AM

Tulsi sues Hillary for defamation!


by Anonymousreplies 69Yesterday at 3:30 AM

Help me find the name/ trailer of late 70s/Early 80s Italian Jesus Christ Superstar Rip-Off!

I saw the trailer years ago and it’s so bonkers that it doesn’t feel real! The “star” is a tall skinny Jesus lookalike with a name that sounds like Wana Gwana The trailer shows all kinds of carousing set to a disco beat. Jesus and his impossibly glam gang doing preposterous dance steps in m the desert! Please help if you can, it’s driving me nuts!

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 3:20 AM

Markle Pursues Legal Action Over Released Hiking Photos With Baby

Sussex legal team describes the paparazzi photos as a blatant breach of privacy.

Suck it, Markle.

by Anonymousreplies 107Yesterday at 3:15 AM

Long Time DLers: tell me about the film Chicago

How did DL react to this film? Were DLers excited? Sad that “My Own Best Friend” was cut? Did DL predict that it would win the Oscar?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 3:15 AM


Can one of you smart people explain Bitcoin to me? How does it work? How can it operate with no central company or government behind it? Is it the payment wave of the future?

by Anonymousreplies 96Yesterday at 3:13 AM

The posters obsessed with Meghan Markle are a plague

I refuse to believe they are normal posters that have been on this site for a while. It’s sick.

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 3:12 AM

Who Killed Little Grégory?

Anyone else watching this documentary series on Netflix about the murder of 4-year-old Grégory Villemin in eastern France in 1984? Totally engrossing. Members of the extended Villemin family receive threatening letters of phone calls by someone known as "The Raven" who clearly knows intimate details about the family. Then one late afternoon little Grégory is kidnapped and bound and thrown into the local river dead. Everyone in the family is a suspect.

Incredible twists and turns throughout. If you're watching, who do you suspect?

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 3:10 AM

Bernie Sanders Once Compared Vermont Workers to Black ‘Slaves’

[quote]As the leading member of a self-described “radical political party” in the 1970s, Sanders repeatedly compared Vermont workers to enslaved black people, according to archival interviews obtained by The Daily Beast. In one 1976 conversation, Sanders told a local newspaper that the sale of a privately held mining company by its founders harkened back to “the days of slavery, when black people were sold to different owners without their consent,” and compared the service economy to chattel slavery.

[quote]“Basically, today, Vermont workers remain slaves in many, many ways,” Sanders said in another interview in 1977, in which he compared the burgeoning service industry in the nearly all-white state to the enslavement of African-Americans at the nation’s founding. “The problem comes when we end up with an entire state of people trained to wait on other people.”

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 3:08 AM

Hillary Clinton - say something nice about her

I assume she’s well liked here.

by Anonymousreplies 7Yesterday at 2:48 AM

Actors who have real sex in movies.

Why do actors who want to be real legit film actors choose to have real sex on film when most of the time it will hurt or actually tank their careers?

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 2:37 AM

Lucky’s Markets to close most of its stores

Another grocery store bites the dust, almost immediately after the Fairway news

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 2:07 AM

‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis First Photo With New Boyfriend Scott Anderson

“Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis and his new boyfriend Scott Anderson have been seen together for the first time, following his split from long-time partner Gage Edwards.

The photo was posted by Lewis’ co-host, Megan Weave, from his SiriusXM show “Jeff Lewis Live!”.

In the snap you can see Lewis and Anderson posing while dining at The LINE Hotel in Los Angeles.

Weaver captioned the post, “So much fun with these guys #80snight #thelinehotel #openaire”

Lewis has been dating his new beau for about five months. The relationship is his 2nd since splitting with long-time partner Gage Edwards. He briefly dated a chiropractor who dumped him.

On his SiriusXM show, Lewis talked about Anderson calling him a “quiet guy from Portland, Oregon”.

Lewis and Edwards share a 2-year-old daughter named Monroe. They both recently hired lawyers to discuss custody of their kid.

The reality star has had quite the year so far with his Bravo reality show yet to be officially renewed. He also had the lawsuit brought by his former surrogate dropped. The case had dragged on for nearly a year.

The reality star also finally sold off his Hollywood Hills mansion. He was able to unload the property for $5.8 million. Lewis purchased the 3-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom, 4,334 sq. ft. mansion back in 2015 for $2.484 million. He spent years remodeling the property and completely transforming the look of it. He made a profit of around $1.9 million on the sale, without considering what he put into the remodel.

The reality star had been attempting to sell the property since October 2018. He originally listed it for $7,950,000 but slashed it down multiple times.

The real estate listing describes the home as, “A 3-year masterful effort to reimagine this property has resulted in an incomparable estate residence unlike anything in the area. Steel reinforced construction on an almost entirely new pile foundation is the basis for this incredible structure with courtyard entry and limestone exterior facade.”

It also has an, “Open plan to dining and living areas, all with city views. Reclaimed antique solid oak wood floor in custom herringbone pattern throughout. The kitchen features dual islands with new custom cabinetry, integrated Sub Zero/Wolf Appliances, and honed Nero Marquina countertops, flanked by a 400 square foot patio with firepit and expansive city views.”

The listing also touted, “Master suite with 180 square foot private patio, custom walk-in closet with island, and breathtaking master bath, all oriented to take advantage of the views. Two additional bedroom suites and a great room with entertainer's bar, all opening up to the raised infinity edge pool with glass tile and black pebble finish with views.”

by Anonymousreplies 142Yesterday at 2:07 AM

Getting off on weird stuff

I often troll through straight porn looking for average looking (or less attractive) guys with are really slight but have interesting penises, like not that long but very wide.

In gay porn the guys are often Adonis-like with baseball bat dicks and that doesn’t really do anything for me.

I like this one for instance. I think it’s a husband and wife couple. He’s very pale and skinny with a bit of a pot belly. She’s incredibly irritating but there’s always a volume control. Despite the fact that she’s a woman I still really enjoy how she denies him and his cock seems to be screaming to be rubbed. I would love to do this to this guy, especially if he’s a homophobic middle American type. I would tease his beer can cock, maybe tickle his feet occasionally too. Maybe ruin his orgasm, then palm that huge cock head after he cums.

Yes I’m weird. Anyone else get off on strange fantasies like this? What’s your thing?

by Anonymousreplies 17Yesterday at 2:01 AM

British journalist implies Meghan Markle is a hypocrite for being friendly with Trudeau after it was revealed he blacked up

Whilst "playing the race card" against her critics and the UK press. Camilla Tominey a former royal reporter made this point on breakfast tv in the UK today.It was quite prominent on social media with most agreeing Meghan is being inconsistent and selectively morally outraged when it suits.

Does she have a good underlying point?

by Anonymousreplies 59Yesterday at 1:58 AM

B.D. Wong's Whole Family Is Gay

So B.D Wong was once partnered with Richie Jackson - they had a son Jackson Foo Wong

B.D. Wong and Richie Jackson then split up, only to later get married to different people

(B.D. Wong to Richert Schnorr / Richie Jackson to Jordan Roth)

Now their only child Jackson Foo Wong is also gay

So it is like the whole family is gay.

by Anonymousreplies 14Yesterday at 1:40 AM

Is the gay leather scene dying?--Two

Not long ago, many clubs catered to enthusiastic leathermen. But predatory property developers, changing attitudes to gender and the rise of rubber threaten the scene’s existence

by Anonymousreplies 145Yesterday at 1:32 AM

Michelle can SING

I've never watched this silly show, but got sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole watching some videos from it. Michelle always had to play third fiddle to Beyonce and Kelly I didn't realize she could sing above a kittenish whisper. She sounds great here, looks beautiful and has such a wonderful smoky speaking voice, too. Sounds like she had a rough year. I know I'm acting like a god damn frau, but I was kind of moved. Hope 2020 is looking up for her.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 1:31 AM

David “Delicious Dick” Doel

I need him inside of me now.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 1:29 AM

Jennifer Aniston, not in black, WINS

So Jen won the SAG Award yesterday and she wasn't in her signature black attire! However we now know why she’s always in black..very obviously! Meanwhile, Brad also won. Love you Jen!

by Anonymousreplies 33Yesterday at 1:21 AM

Toaster recommendation

I have a Cuisinart 2-slice stainless steel toaster but I want more slots.

Also I want it to take up very little cabinet space.

Has anyone tried the new "wide" four slot toasters?

Any toaster / brand recommendations?

by Toast Coveterreplies 0Yesterday at 1:19 AM

Brooks Laich Taking a ‘Journey’ to Explore His Sexuality Amid Marriage Trouble with Julianne Hough

Amid troubles in Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich‘s marriage, the NHL star is focused on learning more about each other — including their sexuality — in the year ahead.

Opening up on his podcast How Men Think with Gavin DeGraw on Monday, Laich confessed that he doesn’t feel “100 percent fully expressed” in his true sexuality and that he is now taking a “pleasure first” approach to his life.

“One of my goals this year is to really explore like, learning about sexuality,” said Laich.

“People think that sexuality is just the act of sex, of just having sex and there’s so much more to it. Here’s a question. This is an honest question for everybody in this room, and every single person listening: Are you fully 100 percent fully expressed in your true sexuality? With your partner? With everything? You could not imagine having a better sex life? Are you truly there?” he asked. “I’m not either. So that’s what one of my goals this year is to really dive into. So then we’re all essentially, that’s a state of suffering.”

He continued: “We’re not 10s of 10s. It doesn’t mean you’re the best performer. It just means, ‘Are you fully expressed?’ Do you even know who you are sexually? And I truly, to my core, do not. But I’m super excited about that journey to really learn about sexuality and also get better at the performance of it, but also just the understanding of who I am, who my wife is, that sort of dance.”

Earlier this month, multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple has hit a rough patch in their marriage, with one source saying that Hough, 31, and Laich, 36, — who have been married for two years — “have been having problems for months.”

“She’s very independent and a free spirit, and that’s been tough for Brooks and their marriage,” said the source.

Meanwhile, a second insider said that the two “are not giving up, but also not talking about [their issues publicly].”

“They want to do this their way,” the second insider added. “They don’t want to discuss their marriage. They have been having problems, but many people do.”

Neither of their reps have commented.

On New Year’s Eve, fans noticed that Hough did not wear her ring while co-hosting NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. Before then, Hough posted a video of herself ringless on Christmas Eve. On Jan. 2, Laich posted a workout clip wearing his wedding band.

“Maybe it’s just a phase, maybe not,” an insider said then. “But either way they are not going to address it publicly right now.”

Soon after reports of split rumors, the two reunited at the airport. There, Laich wore his ring, while Hough was seen without it. A TMZ video showed Hough excitedly hopping out of her Tesla to greet Laich.

As for his new “pleasure first” approach in life, the former hockey star pondered on his Monday podcast about how his new perspective would impact his day-to-day life.

“What would the quality of my life be if I woke up prioritizing pleasure as the absolute most important thing in my day?” he asked.

“You are more loving, more kind, more patient, [there’s] more gratitude for everything,” Laich continued. “Pleasure first is a new concept that I’m trying to explore in my life because it has not been. It’s been almost last in the course of my life.”

Like Laich on the podcast, Hough has also been open about her sexuality in the past. Speaking with Women’s Health last year, the dancer said she worried Laich wouldn’t understand her fluidity.

“I was connecting to the woman inside that doesn’t need anything, versus the little girl that looked to him to protect me,” she said. “I was like, ‘Is he going to love this version of me?’ But the more I dropped into my most authentic self, the more attracted he was to me.”

She recalled telling Laich, “You know I’m not straight, right?”

“And he was like, ‘I’m sorry what?’ ” she continued. “I was like, ‘I’m not. But I choose to be with you.’”

After that conversation, Hough said the two forged “a more intimate relationship.”

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 1:14 AM

Caitlyn Jenner plans to have a head-to-toe surgical makeover to look even more glamorous.

According to Radar Online:

[quote]Caitlyn Jenner headed straight to the surgeon’s office after she was voted off her latest reality show appearance — and she’s decided she needs a total head-to-toe overhaul.

[quote]“Those makeup free shots of her on TV really bothered her and did a number on her self-esteem,” an insider said of 70-year-old Caitlyn, who recently ended her run on the British program I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

[quote]“She wants to go into 2020 looking her old glam self again, particularly now she’s got a whole new global fan base!”

by Anonymousreplies 187Yesterday at 1:09 AM

Twitter Sluts and "Body Positivity".

How do these sluts think posting their raunchy(and badly shot)sexcapades on Twitter has anything to do with body positivity and body acceptance?

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 12:59 AM

Tyler C from this season of The Bachelorette has one of the most beautiful Asses I have seen

I would worship that all day.

I swear straight men have the best asses.

by Anonymousreplies 400Yesterday at 12:57 AM

The world's skinniest skyscraper is almost complete


by Anonymousreplies 77Yesterday at 12:28 AM

Cooking with Paris

Let's learn how to make a Paris Hilton lasagna!

Note: She emphasizes Barilla pasta for the dish.

by Anonymousreplies 26Yesterday at 12:27 AM

What’s The Scoop On Tyler Perry? What Do We Know...?

Is his movie “Fall from Grace” foreshadowing his future?

I firmly believe he is gay. Just come out already.

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 12:26 AM

The Helix Studio Soap Opera Thread Part 3

Hopefully our favorite twinks and their rabid fans won't shut down this one! Continue the discussion of everything Helix related here!

by Anonymousreplies 270Yesterday at 12:08 AM

Richard Armitage more or less comes out

It’s done very circuitously but there it is.

Good job Richard.

by Anonymousreplies 125Last Wednesday at 11:57 PM

"The Lodge" trailer

This looks quite grim, though it could go one of two ways in terms of predictability. I feel as though I essentially know what the outcome will be based on the general premise, but I'm always up for an atmospheric wintry horror film. I was taken aback to see that Alicia Silverstone makes a surprise appearance in the trailer.

by Anonymousreplies 0Last Wednesday at 11:52 PM

CNN Shows, Hosts, Reporters, etc. P. 2

Carry on.....

by Anonymousreplies 514Last Wednesday at 11:49 PM

Sam Heughan shows off tits in slutty top

What sayeth the Datalounge?

by Anonymousreplies 48Last Wednesday at 11:35 PM

Scarlett Johansson is a bland, BASIC BITCH

Am I the only one who hates her and doesn't get her inexplicable success?

by Anonymousreplies 126Last Wednesday at 11:30 PM

Who do you think will be our first female president?

It’s definitely not Warren. Oprah has ruined her reputation in the last decade. She could have worked her way up, started as a state senator, the moved on to Governor of Illinois.

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Wednesday at 11:27 PM

Terry Dubrow from Botched is getting creepier

That new cow pie on his head makes him even more ridiculous. On the latest episodes he queens out more than ever, but not in a fun way, just a cunty way. Paul has his issues, but he is far more professional.

by Anonymousreplies 164Last Wednesday at 11:16 PM

Senate Democrats privately mull Biden-for-Bolton trade in impeachment trial

[quote]Several Senate Democrats are privately discussing the possibility of calling Republicans’ bluff on witnesses, weighing an unusual trade in President Trump’s impeachment trial: the testimony of Hunter Biden for the testimony of a key administration official.

[quote]These Democrats said they believe having Hunter — or possibly Joe Biden — testify could backfire on Trump and the GOP, giving Biden and the party a platform to strike back and paint Republicans and the White House as obsessed with trying to damage one of Trump’s 2020 presidential rivals.

by Anonymousreplies 15Last Wednesday at 11:10 PM

American on train in Sydney causes upset

Why isn't the world more grateful?!

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Wednesday at 10:48 PM

Happy belated birthday to Sade

So elegant, so classy with an amazing voice.

(Turn off your preview settings to access link.)

by Anonymousreplies 0Last Wednesday at 10:38 PM

If You Could Have One Artist (Alive Or Dead) Stop By Your House And Sing Who Would It Be?

George Michael



by Anonymousreplies 82Last Wednesday at 10:28 PM

Susan Sarandon’s daughter is knocked up and leaving her hubby.

He’s obviously gay. What was she thinking?

by Anonymousreplies 490Last Wednesday at 10:22 PM
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