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Classic Hollywood Stars in Ads

Post your faves.

Joan Fontaine for Chesterfields.

by Anonymousreplies 974 hours ago

Clown Tries To Lure Kids Into Woods

South Carolina neighborhood on edge after clown tries to lure kids into woods

by Anonymousreplies 424 hours ago

Theatre Gossip #236- "It's Not Where You Start, It's Where You Nemetz" Edition

Wherein 67 theater queens wait with bated breath for something interesting to happen on BroadWAY so we don't have to dredge up "Moose Murders" in this thread.

by Anonymousreplies 2784 hours ago

Supermarket generic labels

Who remembers these?

Not the store labels of famous brands.....this shit actually just had a white label with black text. Super cheapo stuff.

It always tasted like crap to me.

by Anonymousreplies 124 hours ago

Is Being a Loser Genetic?

Growing up, I had two three older cousins who were such losers, my family used them as a measure of what NOT to become. No motivation, no college, lived in trailers. The epitome of white trash.

I'm in my 40s now, and lately feel I'm turning into that. Not the trailer, mind you, but professionally. I've been out of work for the last year and a half, with countless interviews and rejections to the point I'm about to give up. No one wants to hire a 46 year old in today's Millennial workforce.

It's to the point now I don't even bother applying for jobs because it feels like too much effort for nothing. My husband brings home a good salary, although it would still be better for me to be working. I'm starting to consider letting go of my career ambitions and just take some menial job like retail or customer service. Then my loser transformation will be complete.

by Anonymousreplies 74 hours ago

Chris Brown BARRICADED Inside Home . . .

Chris Brown BARRICADED Inside Home . . . Police Outside . . . Woman Says He Tried To SHOOT HER!!

by Anonymousreplies 324 hours ago

I Hate Gale Storm

First of all they made the name up FIRST then hired her to fill the name.

Then she was in that show where she played a TEEN girl when she was like 43 years old.

Then she made a shit song out of the coolest song ever, later covered properly in the 70s (I hear you knocking)

She was the Stockard Channing of her generation.

by Anonymousreplies 274 hours ago

DL fave Matt Bomer continues to shatter expectations of out actors in Hollywood

Just kidding! His next movie is a love story with a transgender prostitute.

by Anonymousreplies 5064 hours ago

A friend told me today that his life is all debt

I've known him for a couple of years and he always lives a very lavish lifestyle. He told me today that he lies about being well off and his life is financed with debt that he can barely cover.

I told him I was shocked that he would tell me this since most people are very secretive about their fiances and he said it won't matter as he's filing for bankruptcy and everyone will know soon enough.

The Range Rover, the condo, the Cartier watches, the clothes, the trips, the meals out--all debt. Why the fuck would anyone do that to themselves?

by Anonymousreplies 704 hours ago

Post Pictures of Gorgeous Gay Men Part 3

Per usual, Mr Justin Clynes:

by Anonymousreplies 324 hours ago

Finally! Trump's collapse is complete. The sequel to the sequel to the sequel PT 5

I hope this link works. EVERYONE should see this. Pass it on.

by Anonymousreplies 5284 hours ago

Would you support the idea of an independent Kurdistan? Do you think the Kurds deserve their own country?

Obviously it's going to be an issue once ISIS is defeated. The Kurds have done most of the work battling those pieces of shit and will likely try to get their own country. Obviously the governments and the majority of the populations of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran are opposed to the idea.

Personally I think the Kurds deserve their own independent country. They've been persecuted by their neighbors for a long time and have had to put up with a lot of shit.


by Anonymousreplies 134 hours ago

Let's pretend we're 1969 LA!

I'm the cute hippie-guy hitchhiker. You'll find me on any street-corner trying to hitch a ride to the Sunset Strip!

by Anonymousreplies 2214 hours ago

What does DL think of Jason Gould?

I know he's gay but you don't hear much about him. Must be hard living in his mother's shadow.

And DAMN he sho' is UGLY!

by Anonymousreplies 144 hours ago

Great Character Actors

Post character actors that amuse, abuse, or refuse you.

I love Leo G. Carroll. He was in the Man from Uncle TV show. Lots of old movies. He had a very distinctive face and voice. Not pretty, but not normal, either. I never heard of his name, but his face is familiar.

by Or recuse youreplies 1894 hours ago

The VMAs are going to be epic tonight!

This is one of the best lineups they've ever had:

Beyonce has been in top-secret rehearsals for a special performance.

MTV says that Rihanna to deliver 'holy crap VMA moment.'

Britney is doing a big number.

Kanye West has been given 4 minutes to do whatever he wants. Speculation is that he's going to rip Taylor a new one on stage.

Ariana Grande is premiering her new song with Nicki Minaj about getting fucked by a really big dick.

There are also 3 secret performers who haven't been announced. Possibly Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley, Timberlake, or Frank Ocean.

by Anonymousreplies 2724 hours ago

How 'Big' Are You?

And then they're like.. Gotta pic of it? Can I see it? How many inches? How thick?

Jesus dude, if you hole is a vast, gaping abyss then I don't want to fuck you anyway. You sound like a thirsty cock whore who is one thrust away from prolapse.

No thanks, I'll pass.

by Anonymousreplies 144 hours ago

Juan Gabriel has passed away! Apparently...

Ay Dios mio!!! Didn't see any thread about it so...

by Anonymousreplies 754 hours ago

US Open 2016

We are now at the final major of the year. It seems like just yesterday that we were basking in the heat of Melbourne.

In the top quarter of the men's draw we have Djokovic. Nole. As was asked in the Gays and Tennis 15 thread, can he regain his form after disappointing defeats? He is in a potentially tough quarter of the draw with Gasquet, Tsonga, Popsicle, Cilic and, oh yeah, Isner who is no longer the top ranked male American. In the next quarter is the injury-hobbled Nadal. He is facing several threats in Monfils, Roanic, Bautista Agut even old-timer Baghdatis. How will Rafa and his famous ass fare? Will it suffer an injury too? The next quarter of the draw features the also-injury prone Olympic silver medalist del Potro. Can he use that Olympic redemption to propel him to victory at Flushing Meadows? The quarter includes Stan Wawrinka, a former major winner; DL fave Dominic Thiem and his perky ass; and several other potential threats such as Ferrer Ern, Kyrgios and "Bird Face" Tomic. The bottom of the quarter is all about one thing: Misery. Can Andy Murray and his nice ass and thighs add another major to his Wimbledons and Olympic Golds? Will Kevin Spacey be salivating at him in the stands as does Murray's mother Judy? In Misery's quarter are Nishikori, Goffin, Simon, Granollers, Dimitrov, and Feliciano Lopez. There's no Gramps Federer this year, although he hopes to be at the Australian Open. So we will not have Mirka and her snacks or Brooklyn-Decker Roddick, model and thin, chastising her.

We move on to the women. For once Serena, at the top of the draw, is not the only news having also had disappointing losses including at the Olympics. Will she continue to be at number 1? In her quarter are Ivanovic, Stosur, Jankovic, Halep and several ovas. Granny Venus is in the next quarter along with Radwanska, penciled-in finalist Bouchard and several other ovas. The next quarter of the draw may prove interesting with Townsend v. Wozniacki and Schiavone v. Kusnetzova in the first round along with Puig!, Olympic champion. Will Puig! continue to show promise? This quarter of the draw has many ovas. The bottom of the woman's draw would hardly be worth mentioning if it weren't for Kerber and her potential to snatch, so to speak, Serena's long-time number 1 ranking. It too has some ovas and an ich.

As always, please keep the discussion civil of what should be the most civil of sports. And at long last can avowed heterosexualist Pam Shriver find a man to soothe her aching, unsatisfied loins?

by Anonymousreplies 1134 hours ago

Lifelong Texas Republican Quits GOP With Scathing Must-Read “F*** You” Letter To GOP

It is pretty obvious that the GOP is in a free-fall, and we see GOP’ers left and right jumping ship. Now we have Republican Chris Ladd, a Texan who runs the website, who has decided to leave the party as well.

The irony is that Ladd’s website’s tagline is “Because leaving isn’t actually an option.” Well, I guess it is.

With his departure, Ladd wrote a missive, detailing why he was leaving the party he once loved so much:

by Anonymousreplies 64 hours ago

Carly Simon: molested? Daddy?

If not why the hyper sexuality?

by Anonymousreplies 3214 hours ago

La Rafe de nuestras vidas capítulo dos

Continuing all discussing all things about Dena Higley obsession Rafe, the continuing downfall of Days and future Oscar winner Billy Flynn.

by Anonymousreplies 1484 hours ago

Aspergers in the work place

Are there any positive stories ? Lol reading on the net, as well as personal experience , tells me I am not alone in realizing these defective , annoying assholes are really insufferable

by Anonymousreplies 44 hours ago

Gene Wilder Dead

RIP Gene

by Anonymousreplies 744 hours ago

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Any fans of this movie here? I watched it for the first time last night and I thought all the 1980's songs were surprisingly effective (unlike in The Great Gatsby, which was unwatchable thanks to those dreadful Jay-Z songs).

The whole thing does come off as a bit of a vanity project, but the crazy costumes and the soundtrack were really impressive.

by Anonymousreplies 424 hours ago

Celebrities Who Took Their Husband's Name

Sheena Easton, who's maiden name was Orr


by Anonymousreplies 134 hours ago

TransBomer's Collapse is Complete!

I thought this deserved its own thread!

Duckling went on a Twitter blocking frenzy last night, blocking transgenders who were criticizing his role as a transgender sex worker in independent film "Anything." He even blocked transgender actress Jamie Clayton (Sense8) who had merely offered some very mild constructive criticism, saying that she had hoped he would do some good for the transgender community someday.

"Anything" is now UNRELEASABLE!

PS Transgenders should not take being blocked by Bomer so personally. He has been caught before blocking people who have said anything critical about him on Twitter, even when they did not tag his account (meaning he searches for his name on Twitter!)

by Anonymousreplies 154 hours ago

Why do "straight" transmen try to assert their male privilege when the ones in charge just see them as dykes with no tits?

Why foster the illusion?

by Anonymousreplies 24 hours ago

People I Think Are Gay

Justin Timberlake

Will Smith

Dax from TMZ

Daniel Craig

Sean Mendez

Arron Carter

by Anonymousreplies 1514 hours ago

Why did Beyoncé win all those VMA awards?

I don't even know any of her new songs and can't name any of them. Were they played on the radio when I wasn't listening?

Adele was played to death, I assumed she was going to win big.

by Anonymousreplies 394 hours ago

Life in the Ancient World

Like 1000 or 2000 B.C.

Would you have wanted to live back then? Why or why not? Was there anything good about it?

It boggles my mind that human beings actually lived back then, with all of those hardships.

I guess we're all pretty fortunate, being alive in 2016... all things considered.

by Anonymousreplies 1154 hours ago

Disappearance of Brittanee Drexel solved

Pretty blonde girl went missing and a jail house confession revealed her horrific end.

by Anonymousreplies 1124 hours ago

"Smoking hot" pastor's wife killed after failed robbery - Part 6

Corrected thread

by Anonymousreplies 4454 hours ago

Celebrity Schadenfreude: Feeling Pumped When Celebrities Fail

What celebrity scandals or embarrassments made you blissfully happy?

For me:

The Mel Gibson "Sugar Tits" scandal

Reese Witherspoon exposed as a bitchy

by Anonymousreplies 1324 hours ago

WEHT Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS was the disorder du jour back in the 80s/90s. The Golden Girls had a very special two-episode arc on it (poor Dorothy! Why is there no cure?!). I think Roseanne Barr claims she suffered from it. Now you don't hear it mentioned anymore; what do the fraus complain about having now? Gluten intolerance?

by Anonymousreplies 1614 hours ago

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 23

First off, meet the cast. But where's the same-sex pairing?! I mean, Ryan Lochte and Artem would've been perfect. Come on already, ABC!

by Anonymousreplies 94 hours ago

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11

The Real Housewives of Orange County are back for season 11—and it looks like this go-round with Bravo's original recipe is going to build to one horrifying moment. (No, we're not talking about Brooks Ayers' inevitable return—though, more on that in a moment.)

In the just-released trailer the new season ahead, among the fighting and the fresh face (nice to meet ya, Kelly Dodd!), we get our first look at the very scary four-wheeler accident that sent Housewives Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge to the hospital last month. To say that the incident looks painful would be an understatement. We're just surprised that the ladies managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Of course, that very serious and terrifying day is only one part of what Bravo's teasing from the new season, set to premiere Monday, June 20 at 9 p.m.You want the juicy drama? You've got it. Heather Dubrow's struggle with hubby Terry's commitment to his work looks more intense than ever, while there's at least one big blowout in recently-reconciled spouses Shannon and David Beador. Oh—and that falling out between Shannon and the OG of the O.C. Vicki? It doesn't look as though any of that ice has thawed.

As for the Brooks of it all, Vicki can claim all she wants that he's out of her life for good, but the cameras don't lie. And her on-camera call to him, telling him she loves him, has us thinking that we haven't seen the last of good ol' Brooks. So, brace yourselves for that.

Now, about that fresh face we mentioned. Newbie Kelly is a stay-at-home mom with a mouth as big as her heart, according to Bravo. After a rocky period in her marriage, she recently reconciled with her husband Michael, who cashed out of major tech toy company and is now home. She also shares her 4-story oceanfront mansion with 9-year old daughter Jolie, her younger brother Eric and her mom Bobbi. Among the ladies, Kelly finds herself in hot water when she befriends outcast Vicki despite warnings from her bestie Meghan. It probably doesn't help when she calls one of them a "c--t" as we see her do in the trailer. Just saying.

The Real Housewives of Orange County returns for season 11 on Monday, June 20 at 9 p.m. on Bravo, but before it does, look out for The Real Housewives of Orange County Uncensored on Monday, June 13 at 9 p.m., featuring never-before-seen footage from season eight of the show. (You know, the one where Vicki and former Housewife Lauri Peterson screamed about threesomes on the slopes of Whistler.)

by Anonymousreplies 3344 hours ago

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2 is here!

Well it premieres tomorrow but the first 10 minutes are out. Looks like it is going to be damn entertaining.

by Anonymousreplies 1344 hours ago

Soon Austin Will Pass San Jose To Be #10

Then Texas will have FOUR of the ten largest cities in America. By 2030 Fort Worth should make it five.

by Anonymousreplies 604 hours ago

Anthony Weiner Sexted Busty Brunette While His Son Was in Bed With Him

Carlos Danger just can't help himself.

by Anonymousreplies 2145 hours ago

Matt Bomer says he was celibate in college.

Do we believe him? Do we feel sorry for him? Anyone know who his first was?

by Anonymousreplies 4335 hours ago

Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu - with veal or chicken - stuffed with ham and cheese. Schnitzel cordon bleu.

Is this a common dish in the USA? Wasn't it popular in the 70's?

It's one of the standard lunch dishes all over Switzerland, as ubiquitous as a hamburger or pizza in the USA or steak frites in France.

Like pizza, tastiness runs the gamut from industrial salty paste to delicious.

by Anonymousreplies 65 hours ago

Colin Kaepernick explains why he doesnt stand during the National Anthem

Forty Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly and knowingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.

His latest refusal to stand for the anthem -- he has done this in at least one other preseason game -- came before the 49ers preseason loss to Green Bay at Levi's Stadium.

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color," Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game against Green Bay. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."

The 49ers issued this statement: "The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem."

By taking a stand for civil rights, Kaepernick, 28, joins other athletes, like the NBA's Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony and several WNBA players in using their platform and status to raise awareness to issues affecting minorities in the U.S.

However, refusal to support the American flag as a means to take a stand has brought incredible backlash before and likely will in this instance. The NBA's Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of the Denver Nuggets, formerly Chris Jackson before converting to Islam, refused to acknowledge the flag in protest, citing similar reasons as Kaepernick and saying that it conflicted with some of his Islamic beliefs.

Abdul-Rauf drew the ire of fans and was briefly suspended by the NBA before a compromise was worked out between the league and player, who eventually stood with his teammates and coaches at the playing of the national anthem.

Kaepernick said that he is aware of what he is doing and that he knows it will not sit well with a lot of people, including the 49ers. He said that he did not inform the club or anyone affiliated with the team of his intentions to protest the national anthem.

"This is not something that I am going to run by anybody," he said. "I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. ... If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right."

Kaepernick said that he has thought about going public with his feelings for a while but that "I felt that I needed to understand the situation better."

He said that he has discussed his feelings with his family and, after months of witnessing some of the civil unrest in the U.S., decided to be more active and involved in rights for black people. Kaepernick, who is biracial, was adopted and raised by white parents and siblings.

Kaepernick's Twitter feed is filled with civil rights Tweets and messages.

The former Super Bowl starting quarterback's decision to go public comes while he is fighting for his football life with the 49ers, who drafted him in the second round in 2011. He lost his starting job last season after being one of the most promising players in the NFL during his run under former coach Jim Harbaugh.

Over the past few months, his relationship with management has turned sour. He requested a trade last spring, which never came to fruition. He also has spent most of the offseason rehabilitating from operations to his left (non-throwing) shoulder, his hand and knee. That left him unable to fully compete with Blaine Gabbert for months and now, just weeks before the regular season starts, has him seemingly in a bind to regain his starting job.

by Anonymousreplies 4415 hours ago

Whet Nana Mouskouri?

Anyone else here remember her? I think my parents had one of her albums.

by Anonymousreplies 215 hours ago

Donald Trump "No Need For Debate Prep"

He says he is going to wing it, and go with his gut. It has gotten him this far, what is not broke doesn't need to be fixed.

by Anonymousreplies 1645 hours ago

Is LA a shoo-in to be the hosts of the 2024 Olympics Games?

Seems like the only logical choice to me. LA knows how to host big events with flair, and hosted, arguably, the most successful Olympics back in 1984 (they even earned money off of it)! Angelenos actually are in favor of hosting the Games (as opposed to Boston and San Francisco, which was met by mostly opposition).

The other three candidate cities seem more racked with problems. Paris is lovely, but there is that whole relentless terrorism going on. Does Budapest, Hungary even have the funds for such an expensive endeavor? Rome would be a fascinating choice, but the Italians will likely face the same bureaucratic obstacles that Athens, Greece did.

by Anonymousreplies 305 hours ago

Barbra Streisand on Mike Wallace Interview "It was a RAPE!"

She told CBS Sunday Morning this AM her experience being interviewed by Mike Wallace, afterwards she said she felt as if she had been raped. To be so violated like that.

Watch the original interview below to see if you agree,

by Anonymousreplies 595 hours ago

Cast the sure to be made movie Trump

Let's have some fun being casting agents for the sure to be make movie "Trump" unless any potential producers of the movie would fear being sued by the Donald. Who would be Melania, the children, the ex wives, all the FOX News people, the Bush's, little Marco, all the other 16 Republicans who ran like Christie, Mika and Joe, Bill and Hillary it can be a cast of thousands. It will be YUGE.

I will start with Emily VanCamp of the TV show Revenge as Ivanka.

by Anonymousreplies 435 hours ago

Frances MacDormand

I love her. Any gossip/news?

by Anonymousreplies 45 hours ago

Classical Music Gays - Holst's 'The Planets' - amirite?

I'm a philistine. I have no musical knowledge, but I love symphonic music. In particular, symphonic music from the late 19th and early 20th C. wagner, berlioz, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Ravel, Dvorak, Debussy and - most of all - Stravinsky. But, I think my favorite piece might be Holst's 'The Planets'. I know, I know. How gauche, how obvious. Listening back to The Planets now it's crazy to me how much it's influenced 20th C. film composition. You can hear it's influence in thousands of scores. For drama, sheer versatility and awe inspiring grandeur, I don't think it can be beat.

I mean the thundering, bombast of Mars and the other-worldly etherealness of Neptune with that gorgeous off-stage choir's voices echoing? Come on!

So, with that in mind, let's adapt one of those knock-off-perfume commercials to this example. You know the ones - if you like Obsession by Calvin Klein, you'll love Compulsion by Larry Weinberg.

So, if I like Holst's The Planets, what will I love?

by Anonymousreplies 785 hours ago

Justin Bieber flashes his ass


by Orlando B.replies 435 hours ago

HOTDOG!!!! It's Men With Their Dogs!!!

When no one else loves you there is someone who will...

by Anonymousreplies 2015 hours ago

What's your favorite department store?

Saks, Macy's, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, etc.?

Or do you prefer the lower end, such as Sears and JCP?

Or are you British and shop at Harrod's?

by Anonymousreplies 845 hours ago

Blood in urine

About 2 years ago I was peeing blood (a pinkish color) for several months.

I went to the doctor. No infection, no stones. They made me drink a chalky milk type drink and did an X-ray and found no stones or anything. Eventually I just stopped peeing blood.

Last night it came back. I feel like I constantly have to pee but not much comes out. It doesn't burn as much as it feels tingly after I finish.

Any ideas what is wrong?

by Anonymousreplies 855 hours ago

How Will The Mexico Wall Be Built Along The Rio Grande River?

Two major rivers (the Colorado and Rio Grande) cross the border from the U.S. to Mexico that also have farmlands, deltas and rugged mountain areas.

So how would a WALL be built along those two rivers?

Any engineers here to tell us how?

by Anonymousreplies 115 hours ago

Weird Things You Found Out About Your Ex.

We've all been there you break up and then sometime down the road you find out some odd news about an ex. Maybe it's through a friend, maybe it's through facebook stalking....what's a wired thing that you've found out about an ex.

Here's mine:

My first ever boyfriend from college is now works in TV in Montreal and is married to a woman had has two young kids.

I'm sure you all have much more interesting stories than this. Lets share!

by Anonymousreplies 365 hours ago

Did you have sea monkeys

I never did. It sounds like fun.

by Anonymousreplies 195 hours ago

Nico Evers-Swindell

He plays the hot fireman in the new Alka Seltzer Chews commercial.

Any gossip?

by Anonymousreplies 35 hours ago

Ryan Lochte's presence is desired by Brazilian authorities


Thu August 25, 2016

It looks like US swimmer Ryan Lochte will soon have to decide whether to go back to Brazil.

Brazilian police have asked a judge to issue a summons for the 12-time Olympic medalist to appear in a Brazilian court and answer accusations he filed a false police report, Clemente Braune, a commissioner with the Special Tourist Police in Rio, said Thursday.

Lochte can opt to send a lawyer and does not need to appear in court. But were he not to appear, Lochte would lose the opportunity to negotiate a fine before charges were pressed, Braune said.

If convicted, Lochte, 32, could face between one to six months in jail, although the judge could choose to levy a fine instead. There would be no negotiations in that case, Braune explained.

Lochte would also have the opportunity to appeal any decision.

Jeff Ostrow, Ryan Lochte's attorney, told CNN he has not heard from Brazilian authorities.


Lochte has apologized for poor behavior during an incident at a Rio gas station on the morning of August 14. Lochte told Olympics broadcaster NBC on the day of the altercation that he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint after the cab they were in was pulled over.

The other swimmers -- Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and James Feigen -- have since publicly shared their version of the events with stories that differ from Lochte's original tale and essentially match surveillance video released by Brazilian police.

Authorities said there was no robbery, but security guards had drawn guns and stopped the swimmers from leaving after they vandalized the gas station. The money was to pay for items that were broken, they said.

Feigen said in a statement this week that he was questioned by a detective later that day and gave a statement in which he left out parts about the swimmers urinating behind the building and Lochte pulling down a framed poster.

Days later, as scrutiny on Lochte's story increased, police questioned Feigen again. In his second statement, he gave more details, he said.

The court then proposed he pay a $31,250 fine and do 15 days of community service, Feigen said. He rejected the offer and the judge increased the amount to $46,875, the swimmer said.

Feigen's attorney negotiated a fine of $10,800 and the swimmer was given back his passport and allowed to leave Brazil.

Lochte told NBC's Matt Lauer that he had been interviewed by police while he was still in Rio. He also changed his version of the story slightly to include that the swimmers had stopped to use the bathroom and the incident occurred as the quartet was going back to their cab.

In a second interview with Lauer, he said he had "over-exaggerated" when describing the events of the morning to NBC and others.

The four-time Olympian also faces potential discipline from the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee.

by Anonymousreplies 55 hours ago

Donald Trump is Broke

I don't know why the media is covering up this scandal.

He has no money and is in debt up to his ears to the chinise and Russians.

He's a financial embarrassment.

by Anonymousreplies 55 hours ago

Rudy Giuliani calls Beyoncé’s VMA performance ‘a shame’

Rudy Giuliani vs. Beyoncé, Round 2.

For the second time this year, the former New York City mayor and prominent Donald Trump surrogate is sharply criticizing Queen B — this time following the megastar’s show-stealing tribute to Black Lives Matter at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“It’s a shame!” Giuliani said on Fox News on Monday morning while discussing Beyoncé’s 15-minute performance, which included a visual composition about gun violence against black people in America.

Just as he did in June, the former mayor asserted, “I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage.”

Beyoncé arrived at the VMAs with the mothers of four victims of fatal police shootings whose deaths sparked the national outrage that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. Accompanying the pop superstar were the mothers of Trayvon Martin (Sybrina Fulton), Michael Brown (Lesley McSpadden), Eric Garner (Gwen Carr) and Oscar Grant III (Wanda Johnson). Fulton, McSpadden and Carr were also featured in a scene holding portraits of their slain sons in the film component of Beyoncé’s visual album “Lemonade,” which was released earlier this year.

During a performance of the song “Pray You Catch Me,” the opening track on the album, Beyoncé stood among 16 dancers all bathed in white spotlights. As she sang, the dancers fell to the ground alone or in pairs in time with beats from the music, and the lights pooling around them turned blood red, another apparent nod to the victims of gun violence.

After all 16 dancers had fallen, Beyoncé walked forward onstage alone and a black man wearing a hoodie followed her as the song ended — an image that recalled slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was deemed suspicious by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the young man in February 2012.

“Her dancers were circling around her and one by one, they fell to the ground, and there were red lights underneath them. And that was supposed to symbolize cops killing black individuals,” “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt told Giuliani while discussing the performance.

Giuliani responded: “You’re asking the wrong person because I had five uncles who were police officers, two cousins who were, one who died in the line of duty. I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. And I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime and particularly homicide by 75 percent.”

Giuliani scowled when co-host Brian Kilmeade commented, “And Beyoncé is an extremely popular and powerful performer, and when she does stuff like that, that message to the next generation is pretty indelible.”

“It’s a shame!” Rudy remarked. “It’s a shame!”

It was not the first time the 2008 Republican presidential hopeful attacked Beyoncé for being anti-police: He called her appearance at this year’s Super Bowl “ridiculous.” Some interpreted the costumes and choreography from her Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation” as a political statement and homage to the Black Panther party.

Giuliani was among her critics.

“This is football, not Hollywood, and I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive,” he said during an appearance on the Fox News Channel.

by Anonymousreplies 495 hours ago

More than 20 MLB teams interested in Tim Tebow

More than 20 MLB teams are confirmed to attend Tim Tebow's workout in L.A. on Aug. 30:

by Anonymousreplies 265 hours ago

People are sort of annoying

Bessie Smith sang a song called "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" and it's terribly true.

When you can show them a good time, they're all over it, but if you're going through a tough time and need some help, forget it.

My therapist says I have unrealistic expectations of people and I should be more independent. I feel like I want to just keep everyone at arm's length now. I'm not in a place where I can be a good-time Charlie, and likely won't be anytime soon.

And when I am in that place again...I think I'll be too bitter. Meh.

by Anonymousreplies 165 hours ago

"Finding Prince Charming" the gay bachelor trailer is out. Premieres Sept 8th with host Lance Bass

Yes, I know there is a long thread about Robert Sepulveda's escorting past and his jack off video. But now that a trailer is out figured might as well start a new thread so more people can see what this hot mess of a show will be offering. And a new place to discuss it once it airs

by Anonymousreplies 1765 hours ago

Don Cheadle is a Datalounger!

Don Cheadle Calls Trump a “POS,” Urges Him to “Die in a Grease Fire”

Donald Trump’s compassionate and sincere outreach to black voters seems to have failed with at least one of them: Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and director Don Cheadle. Cheadle, who won a Best Picture Oscar for producing Crash and was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Hotel Rwanda, was incensed at Trump’s wildly offensive response to the death of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin, which, according to Trump, was “just what I have been saying,” whatever that means. Cheadle responded to the tweet by calling the new face of the Republican Party “truly a POS.”

by Anonymousreplies 225 hours ago


He's the most dream high school boy I ever...

by Anonymousreplies 05 hours ago

BREAKING Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin announce they are SEPARATING!

Huma Abedin, the wife of the former Representative Anthony D. Weiner, announced on Monday that the couple were separating

On Monday, Ms. Abedin said in a statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband. Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy.”

by Anonymousreplies 1385 hours ago

The Amazing World of Luke Evans Part Nine

Carry on, bicker, while Luke hustles.

by Anonymousreplies 615 hours ago

Is having herpes really that bad?

Most people will get herpes in their lifetimes and most of those people don't even know it.

Usually, it shows up as a few pimples on the dick.

Anyone know they have herpes? Is it really so bad?

Why do we shame people with herpes when we all will get it?

by Anonymousreplies 345 hours ago

Yes I'm angry, very, very angry (mad)

Yes, I'm angry very, very angry (mad)

Oh well I wanted to play

But they said "go away"

That made me mad

Yes I'm angry very, very angry (mad)

by Anonymousreplies 25 hours ago

Jesus Christ, Eduardo Picasso has the biggest dick I've ever seen

I think I'd run away scared

by Anonymousreplies 775 hours ago

Examples of Trump's projection of his own flaws and faults onto his opponents.

There are so many of these we should be able to fill this thread in no time (then submit it to the Hillary campaign, which seems to take the high road too much).

I'll start with an easy one that not so many democrat talking heads seem willing to exploit:

TRUMP: "I only worry for the country in which Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information"

Two words - Marla Maples. One cheating husband attacking another. I guess it takes one to know one. Hillary and Huma have been the victims of adultery. Trump has actually - and according to rumors much more than once - been the adulterer himself.

by Anonymousreplies 56 hours ago

Why are Democrats underperforming in Iowa and Florida?

Not only Hillary, but also Senate candidates too

by Anonymousreplies 16 hours ago

Female officer stabbed at police station in Toulouse, France

Algerian attacked female police officer because she represented France (from other source).

Officials have already stated that the Algerian has psychiatric problems.

by Anonymousreplies 56 hours ago

Don Cheadle's been reading DL

He told Donald Drumpf to "Die in a grease fire."

by Anonymousreplies 36 hours ago

SNL had to apologize to Claudine Longet?

What did they say?

1975: Season 1, Episode 18 of Saturday Night Live featured a Weekend Update segment about "The Claudine Longet Invitational Ski Championship." It parodied the shooting incident, showing skiers making runs down the slopes until they are "accidentally" shot by Claudine Longet, resulting in abrupt wipeouts.[15] Longet's attorneys wrote a cease-and-desist letter to Lorne Michaels and an apology was given in the next week's show.

by Anonymousreplies 366 hours ago

Fallout 4 released today!

It actually downloaded to my Xbox One last weekend (pre-ordered a digital copy), so I started playing at midnight, and played until 3am.

It's awesome. Any other Fallout fans??

by Anonymousreplies 1836 hours ago


A continuation of Parts I, II, III, IV, V & VI

Continue discussing the incomparably handsome Paul, master of the BB 18 house, and those other HG's as well.

Most importantly, please sure all naked ass and dick shots of Paul Abrahamian!!!!

by Anonymousreplies 566 hours ago

Aaron Tveit IS Brain Dead!!!

A young, fresh-faced Hill staffer gets first job in Washington, D.C. to discover two things: The government has stopped working, and alien spawn have come to earth and eaten the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and Hill staffers.

by Anonymousreplies 886 hours ago

Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.

Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.

by Anonymousreplies 2426 hours ago

The Gays and College Football

With the season around the corner: Who's hot? Who's gay? Who's #1, and why is my team better than yours?

by Anonymousreplies 1206 hours ago

LA in crime photos

Detective at Cielo Drive, 1969

by Anonymousreplies 596 hours ago

Winona Ryder's comeback

It's pretty well she's made a genuine comeback with the huge success of "Stranger Things," after spending years in Coventry after the shoplifting conviction. I'm glad, because I've always liked her and think she's pretty and quirky.

However, just before her fall from grace, she was the subject of many blind items that accused her of being a pain in the ass and being especially cruel and obnoxious to her personal assistants. Looking back, that (and her infamous promiscuity in Hollywood in the 90s) seem symptomatic of the problems she's had with mental illness and overmedication that ended up with her shoplifting. Has she got all that all under control? Or is she still hell on wheels?

by Anonymousreplies 96 hours ago

Prince William Stressed From Job -Thank goodness I Thought It Was Only Me Suffering!

The Duke of Cambridge revealed the emotional impact of his job as an Air Ambulance pilot today as he said he was 'carrying too many things at the moment'.

In a visit to a charity which helps the parents of children suffering from mental health problems, he pleaded that he should be excused from hearing any distressing stories otherwise he would be 'in floods of tears'.

He admitted that his job with East Anglia Air Ambulance had brought him into the heart of some heart-breaking personal tragedies.

by Darfur Orphanreplies 636 hours ago

Are You Being Served?: the 2016 reboot

It's not that good but then again the original wasn't, either.

by Anonymousreplies 96 hours ago

Heather Locklear's Face


by Anonymousreplies 746 hours ago

Rep. Brian Sims, Part Trois

Let's continue in our admiration for the sexiest state representative there is in these 50 states.

by Anonymousreplies 1526 hours ago

Bachelor in Paradise 2016

New season starts tonight. I'm in it for the Chad shenanigans.

by Anonymousreplies 1746 hours ago

Anyone watching Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV?

Totally fun show!

Some guy named Adam (maybe a comedian Ive never heard of) breaks down all the misinformation in society about numerous subjects like car dealerships, sex, voting, nutrition, death, etc.

by Anonymousreplies 36 hours ago

Lets all be silly things that existed in the 1980's!! Part 2

[quote]I am Commodore 64 and Atari.

I'm a Wang!

by Anonymousreplies 236 hours ago

From the Twittering mind of Lisa Whelchel...Part 2

The other thread seems to have disappeared.

Apparently Lisa is still the family's main bread-winner.

[italic]True story: I just received two residual checks in the mail for one penny each! Just send me the two unused stamps![/italic]

And she includes photographic evidence at the link!

by Anonymousreplies 1096 hours ago

Why has Sarah Palin gone silent?

Not that I mind her absence from media, but it's awfully strange that she went from being one of Trump's first and most ardent supporters to completely disappearing from his campaign. We're even hearing little peeps from Chris Christie and Gingrich and they're still trotting out poor old addle-minded Ben Carson, but no sign of Mama Grizzly.

When she didn't show up at the convention (campaign excuse -- Alaska's so far away), I thought it was because her son's court date for a domestic violence assault coincided. Now that that story is safely forgotten (and Trump's supporter wouldn't care anyway), she's still not around. Is it her new son-in-law's influence? He called out Trump and asked them to apologize to the Kahns. But she didn't care when Trump attacked McCain. Maybe he failed to pay her like so many he deals with.

by Anonymousreplies 496 hours ago

The Strain, Season 3

New season begins Sunday August 28 on FX!

by Anonymousreplies 366 hours ago

Huma Abedin, Hillary's right hand woman

I had no idea until today her husband is Anthony Weiner, disgraced former congressman. How come none of you bitches told me?

No wonder she and Hillary get along so well.

by Anonymousreplies 486 hours ago

Burning Man 2016

The fuse is lit! 'Dreamers and doers' descend on Black Rock City for world famous Burning Man festival that operates purely on a barter system (unless it's coffee or ice)

Burning Man festival began on Sunday in a dried up lake in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada

The annual festival, which runs until September 5, becomes its own temporary city due to number of people

On Sunday, hundreds of RVs began rolling into the Black Rock Desert carrying thousands of revelers

by Anonymousreplies 557 hours ago

HRC's "Trans Safer Sex Guide"

There's a lot to unpack here.


DICK: We use this word to describe external genitals. Dicks come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.

FRONT HOLE: We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.

STRAPLESS: We use this word to describe the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or “bottom surgery”), [bold]sometimes referred to as a penis[/bold].


So "dicks" belong to men and women, but a penis — an [italic]actual[/italic] dick — is called a "strapless" (?) and belongs to women.

Got it.

How much did HRC spend on this?

by Anonymousreplies 247 hours ago

I want to be underwhelmed.

Discuss the most pedestrian parts of your lives.

by Anonymousreplies 1307 hours ago

Lets all be silly things that existed in the 1980's!! Part 2!

Since Muriel locked the first thread let us continue our walk down nostalgia lane.

I'm the blissful ignorance of the world around us.

by Anonymousreplies 67 hours ago

A Top's Message to Bottoms

If your booty is sweet nectar 🍑

by Anonymousreplies 627 hours ago

Your most embarrassing foe paws

OMFG, I just committed the worse foe paw [sp?] of my life!

Ok, so, my aunt passed away last week, and I wanted to get her address to send a sympathy card. (We're not close, she lives on the other side of the country)

So I tried to text my other aunt (the sister of the one who passed away) but I got their names and phone numbers mixed up AND I TEXTED MY DEAD AUNTIE.

So I just re-traumatized my dead auntie's poor husband, omfg.

Tell me something to make me feel like less of a shithead!

by Anonymousreplies 527 hours ago

Mike Curb

This guy was interesting -- the first conservative who worked for gay rights:

Encouraged to enter politics in part by Ronald Reagan, Curb was elected lieutenant governor of California in 1978, defeating the incumbent Democrat, Mervyn M. Dymally. Democratic candidate Jerry Brown was re-elected governor in the same year. During much of Brown's 1979–1980 bid to become the Democratic presidential candidate, Curb served as acting governor, vetoing legislation, issuing executive orders and making appointments; actions the California's Supreme Court upheld as Curb's constitutional prerogative.[13] Curb worked with Harvey Milk on the campaign against the Briggs Initiative and persuaded Reagan to oppose it, leading to its defeat. Curb has been a leading conservative supporter of gay rights ever since.[2] Curb lost the 1982 Republican gubernatorial nomination to California attorney general George Deukmejian. In 1986, Curb ran again for lieutenant governor as the Republican nominee against the incumbent Democrat Leo T. McCarthy in a bitterly contested race that largely centered around punishment for drug trafficking and violent crimes. A vocal opponent of drug use, Curb advocated extension of the death penalty to include drug pushers whose narcotics trafficking resulted in a death.[14] In 1980 Curb served as the National Co-Chairman of Ronald Reagan’s successful presidential campaign. Curb also served as the Chairman of the convention program in Detroit and was later appointed by President Reagan, to be chairman of the national finance committee in Washington DC.[15]

by Anonymousreplies 67 hours ago

Philadelphia --- Where to live?

I know that many of you loathe Philadelphia and South Jersey more so, but I genuinely need the DL to help me-- you're my only hope.

Looks like I'm transferring to South Jersey from Toronto. I like the job a lot, but am concerned about where to live and the lifestyle.

Any suggestions (or warnings) are welcomed. I'm mid-40's, single, make decent money, and have only lived in a city. Should I live in Jersey? Only place that looks okay is Collingswood.

Should I just bite the bullet, pay big rent and parking in Rittenhouse, and commute from there. Are there other nice neighbourhoods that I should look at?

by Anonymousreplies 357 hours ago

How did Moment by Moment happen?

I'd have thought Lily would have been smarter than to agree to a film like that.

by Anonymousreplies 367 hours ago

Karina Vetrano, missing Howard Beach Jogger, Part 3

Continue the discussion here.

by Anonymousreplies 107 hours ago

When will it be acceptable for Lorne Michaels to fire Sasheer Zamata?

I say that with no animosity. Just with the cold, hard truth. And, no, I'm not some Breitbarty/Trumpy/Libtard troll. I actually think the outrage over the lack of diversity on SNL was justified. It WAS ridiculous that all the black female roles were played by men - as though the only funny thing about black women was the fact that they are black women. And I was pleased as punch when they announced that new hire. But it turned out that Lorne and NBC panicked and rushed to cast the first funny black woman they could find. And Sasheer IS funny. As a stand-up. But a funny stand-up comedian does not necessarily make a funny sketch comedian. She is so low-key, so lacking in charisma and that special just-a-few-screws-loose nuttiness that makes the best SNL cast members so memorable. She utterly fades into the background and when she IS given a punchline she rarely lands it. She'd be much better suited for an Office-style sitcom. Low key, understated, no studio audience to work with.

Sasheer is painfully unfunny on SNL. And she's had a couple of years to warm up. She just isn't built for sketch comedy. It's time to move on. Or, more to the point, it's time for Lorne to kick it into high gear and hire a brilliant black female SKETCH COMEDIAN and THEN fire Sasheer.

Leslie is great, but she's basically "Leslie Jones" in every sketch. They need a VERSATILE and genuinely skilled sketch comedian to fill Sasheer's shoes. Sasheer needs to get back to standup and finding a nice supporting role on a sitcom. That's where her talent would shine.

And, yes, of course she's officially back for the upcoming season.

by Anonymousreplies 377 hours ago

Has anyone seen Moment by Moment (1978) starring Lily Tomlin and John Travolta as lovers?

This movie looks hilarious. Anyone see it?

by Anonymousreplies 187 hours ago

Ridiculous Jihadi Fails

[quote]These Islamic Militants Know How to Take Care Of Themselves

This video contains graphic content, but nothing gory. Watch it if you need a laugh.

by Anonymousreplies 47 hours ago

When was the last time you cried?

I don't know why, but I just broke down at work today.

I was feeling very emotional, and opened up to a co-worker. It felt both good and bad at the same time.

How about you?

by Anonymousreplies 358 hours ago

Real Housewives of New York City - Season 8 - Part 6

Reunion time!

All the fake laughter. All the fake tears. All the fake drama.

And of course, all the Skinny Girl product placement your anorexic heart desires.

by Anonymousreplies 1578 hours ago

Hot Middle Eastern Dudes, Part 3

Abderrahman El Ouadrassi

by Anonymousreplies 838 hours ago

When you get a massage- what's your level of undress?

I'm getting a massage tomorrow- a professional one- from a guy. I normally just wear my boxers but my friend suggested i can get totally naked and it's pretty common and not sexual. Is this true? Im not a prude nor am I some creepy old guy but I dont want to be off putting to my male masseuse.

by Anonymousreplies 609 hours ago

Men Presenting Amazing Asses, Part 3

Nothing but amazing asses, just because they're amazing asses.

by Anonymousreplies 2559 hours ago

Post Pictures of Beefy Guys - Part II

Continue the fun, pants optional.

by Pork, the other beefreplies 2639 hours ago

Why is the media ignoring this narrowly missed WW3 scenario?

In June 2016, Russians bombed a Syrian site used by US and UK soldiers for training "rebels".

The US has denied any "boots on the ground" in Syria, despite the absurdity of the denial-because, uh, they are "military advisory support" therefore they aren't, ummmm, actually soldiers in the field of a hostile country. Just soldiers checking things out.

Russia wants Assad to stay. The US wants Assad gone. The American people cannot find Syria on a fucking map.

Trump can't tell Syria from Shinola, and Hillary has openly called for Assad's head on a pike.

These kind of "proxy wars" are dangerous.

by War Street Journal is just itching to kick some Russian Ass!!!replies 179 hours ago

Half shirts


by Anonymousreplies 599 hours ago

Wearing Baseball Caps during Sex

It's the masc4masc dudebro thing to do.

by Anonymousreplies 269 hours ago

Teenage girl loves dinosaurs so much, she marries one

19 year old paleontology student marries 70-year-old Dino expert Jack Horner

by Anonymousreplies 89 hours ago

But you must admit Ryan Lochte is a cutey

I don't care what happened. I forgive him.

by Anonymousreplies 1479 hours ago

I sometimes feel: What's the point of being gay if I'm not beautiful

I'm not ugly but certainly not hot. Gay men just don't respond to me, which makes for a rather lonely existence when you're gay.

I'm smart, well off, established in a great career, pretty fun.

Yet, none of that seems to matters to the gay men I meet.

I've tried too long for the gay community (is there one?) to even acknowledge me, let alone accept me.

Do I just give up and become a recluse? Honestly what's the point of going to a bar, party, or club hoping for something to be different this time?

by Anonymousreplies 12610 hours ago

Who is Your Favorite Bird?

I have a personal stake in this, so I will abstain from voting.

I know it's not an easy choice, but you can only pick one. Fans of Big Bird or other Bird not listed are invited to create your own damn thread.

Chauncey is pictured here begging for peanuts.

by Bird Man of DataLoungereplies 1410 hours ago

Karina Vetrano - 30 year old killed while out for a run in Howard Beach

Continue the discussion here, the other thread was closed.

[quote]Cathy Vetrano, in a profane tirade against her daughter’s fugitive killer, warned that he attacked the wrong woman — and guaranteed a never-ending karmic payback.

[quote]“My daughter was a force to be reckoned with,” warned the enraged mother, her hands visibly shaking Sunday outside their Howard Beach, Queens, home.

[quote]“And I guarantee you, you motherf-----, that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you f------ burn in hell.”

by Anonymousreplies 60110 hours ago

Millennials have bigger dicks

Because puberty starts earlier. So said someone on a different thread. What's your experience?

by Anonymousreplies 2310 hours ago

Old Pron Star, Marc Wallice

I know he has a terrible reputation for having hid his HIV status and infecting several female performers but I always had the hots for him.

His cock was not the biggest, but he did shoot some pretty hot, watery loads.

I ordered a gay mag called STROKE off of eBay that has him on the cover with a cock in his mouth. HOT!

Did he do much gay work?

by Anonymousreplies 28810 hours ago

Rick Perry to join 'Dancing With the Stars' cast

August 29, 2016

Former Texas Gov. and presidential candidate Rick Perry (R) will appear on the next season of the reality competition show “Dancing With the Stars,” Entertainment Tonight reported Monday.

Perry will join the 23 season of the ABC show, along with rapper Vanilla Ice.

The fall cast will also include Olympians Laurie Hernandez and Ryan Lochte, ET reported.

by Anonymousreplies 1210 hours ago

Florence Foster Jenkins is at 91% fresh with 41 reviews in!!!


click click click indeed.

by M, my first comedic Oscar!!!replies 3211 hours ago

Best Actress Oscar Race 2017

Also known as The Viola Davis and Ruth Negga Showdown

by #OscarsNotGonnaBeSoWhiteThisTimereplies 11511 hours ago

Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking to join the Navy. I may have been diagnosed with ADHD when I was in college. This was nearly 8 yrs ago and I would only get prescriptions for adderrall, and vyvanse occasionally based on past doctors prescribing it, never the original diagnosis. I sort of kind of brought it up during my initial meeting with recruiter and it was like a punch to the gut. I don't want this to disqualify me. I haven't been on anything in nearly 3 years. Is this something they will hold me to? Must I submit my medical records. I was told this was something I didn't even need to bring up; that they would never know. I hate being an honest abe sometimes. What are my chances? Anyone have any input?

by Anonymousreplies 2311 hours ago

Is there really nothing new under the sun?

Anyone care to challenge that with a totally unique idea or tale?

by Anonymousreplies 511 hours ago

Anthony Weiner

Well ??

by nodding, head hung in shamereplies 1611 hours ago

Things that make you nervous

Movies where someone is falsely accused of something.

A pit bull not on his leash.

by Anonymousreplies 4412 hours ago

What did you just eat?

I ate microwavable pizza.

by Anonymousreplies 46212 hours ago

What do s the youngest and the old age of a guy you would date? Not just fuck but date.

I'm 35. Im not going any younger than 32 and no older than 45.

by Anonymousreplies 1412 hours ago

How do you sexually please a woman?

I'm a gay man, but lately I've felt like being with a woman. I'm not bi, just curious.

The only problem is that I've never been with a woman. I have absolutely no clue what to do.

Any pointers? I want to make it as good as possible for both of us.

by Anonymousreplies 9912 hours ago

The 5 Most Beautiful Women in Cinema History.

Charlotte Rampling .

Maude Fealy,

Michelle Pfeiffer

Carole Bouquet

Catherine Deneuve (link)

by Anonymousreplies 56612 hours ago

Epi-Pen CEO's pay jumps from $2 million to $19 million

as the price of Epi-Pens jumps from $57 to $318.

The CEO of EpiPen company Mylan not only quadrupled the price of the life-saving allergy tool - she also started taking home 671 per cent more money, it has emerged. Mylan is currently facing Congress scrutiny after its EpiPens increased in price from $56.64 per pen in 2007 to $317.82 in 2015 - an increase of 461 per cent. But perhaps even more shocking is the even bigger increase in some Mylan execs' wages in that period - including those of CEO Heather Bresch, whose total compensation raised from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, NBC reported.

Other execs also benefited from much-increased pay. In 2015 president Rajiv Malik's pay increased 11.1 per cent to $1million. And chief commercial officer Anthony Mauro began taking him $625,000 that year - an increase of 13.6 per cent. This came after nine years spent gradually increasing the price of the EpiPen, which gives lifesaving shots of epinephrine to those suffering dangerous allergic reactions. Prices were hiked as frequently as every second quarter, and now cost 461 per cent more than they did in 2007. The price and pay hikes aren't the only big figures in Mylan's recent past. The company also increased its lobbying from $270,000 to $1.2million in 2008. It would appear that move paid off, as in 2010 the FDA changed a recommendation that the company ship the pens two-to-a-box to just one per box. It also said they should be prescribed to at-risk patients as well as those whose allergies have been confirmed.

These plan certainly worked out well for the company: its shares shot up from $13.29 per share in 2007 to a peak of $47.59 in 2016. But the price increases have brought with them anger from Congress, which is demanding to know why those prices increased so dramatically - especially as no generic equivalent of the EpiPen exists. Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Mark Warner (D-Virginia) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) have already written the company to complain about the cost to parents and schools. On Monday Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) called on the Federal Trade Commission to begin a probe. And on Tuesday Representative Grace Meng (D-NY) asked the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to hold a hearing on the issue. In a statement, Mylan said most customers have insurance that limits their copayments, or they can use a copay discount card to save $100. It recommended people review their coverage. It also said that since 2012, Mylan's EpiPen4Schools program had given schools more than 700,000 free EpiPens. Mylan shares were down more than 4 per cent Tuesday.

by Anonymousreplies 20313 hours ago


Film at 11.

by Anonymousreplies 42613 hours ago

Celebrities Who Seemingly Like Projecting Living High Class (Old school WASPy) Lifestyles - Who are they?

You know the types... The ones who come from nothing, take themselves super seriously but seem to crave the mega-glam of having only celebrity friends and attending/hosting lots of high-brow fundraisers and such? I say they include:

Howard Stern Sarah Jessica Seabiscuit Andre Leon Talley Tom Cruise Tom Hanks Jared Leto

by Anonymousreplies 3013 hours ago

Mark Zuckerberg visits the Pope


So bizarre.

by Anonymousreplies 713 hours ago

Take a look at this hot Kurdish fitness model/aspiring bodbuilder/instagram narcissist

I can't believe he's only going to be 21 in a few days as he looks older. Very hot though! Great face and body! and yes he lives in Kurdistan

by Anonymousreplies 7713 hours ago

Partner in AA

Sober for 30 years, still goes to meetings twice a week. Hangs out with AA people a lot, all of whom I can't stand.

They're a different breed, aren't they?

We've been together for six years, but I'm not sure how much longer I can do it. It's just so goddamn boring.

by Anonymousreplies 19013 hours ago

Do you use the Butt Machine in the Gym?

And do other dudes use it at your gym?

by Anonymousreplies 10914 hours ago

America's Race Relations 2016

Pessimism about race relations in America is higher than it has been in nearly a generation, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. In the aftermath of the mass shooting of police officers in Dallas and the high-profile police shooting deaths of two black men, in Baton Rouge and suburban St. Paul, Minn., more than 6 in 10 adults say race relations are generally bad, and a majority say they are getting worse.

“This is certainly the worst political climate that I’ve seen in my lifetime, but on some level the violence and hatred have always been around,” said Peniel Joseph, the founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and a professor of history at the University of Texas.

While there is agreement that race relations are deteriorating, the common ground ends there, according to follow-up interviews with those who took part in the survey. There is no gathering consensus on how to solve the issue or who is to blame.

The Post-ABC poll finds 63 percent saying race relations are in bad shape, up from 48 percent in a Pew Research survey this spring.

by Anonymousreplies 1314 hours ago

Julia Roberts Blind Items dirty Reveals

December 28, 2006

This married A++ actress was attached to do a movie but wanted a certain actor to play opposite her. The actor was not interested but our actress thought she could convince him and the studio believed her. The studio chartered a jet and our actress flew 11 hours one way and 12 hours on the return flight. All of this travel for about six hours of alone time with the actor who still did not want to do the movie but had a great deal of fun doing something else. The actress returned home, broke the sad news to the studio, broke off her own involvement in the project and ultimately cost the studio a great deal of money but it was her satisfaction that was most important and so they still do business together. Julia Roberts

August 6, 2013

This A list mostly movie actress who used to be A++ list got in touch with this A list mostly movie actor who she had a brief fling with when they made a movie a few years back. She called him to congratulate him and then said she was in town on a whim and they should meet for coffee. Javier Bardem, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz

August 18, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actress yelled and screamed with spit flying at an employee for an hour because she thought the employee was hiding her cell phone and what would be a very incriminating video of our actress. Julia Roberts

August 29, 2013

This still A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner was at dinner this week with her husband and a few of her friends. When the husband started to correct something our actress was saying, she turned to him and said, “When I want you to talk, I will tell you.” The husband shut up for the rest of the dinner and just stared down at his phone. Julia Roberts

December 20, 2013

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably be an A permanently just because of her name didn’t let her marriage vows stand in the way of making it very clear to the lead singer of this B list band with the catchy name that she would be more than willing to fuck him all night long. Yeah, those were pretty much her exact words and she was pretty ticked off when he turned her down. I believe she used the word hack or something that rhymes with brick when earlier she had been gushing about the music. Caleb Followill, Julia Roberts

October 2, 2013

This war between A list mostly movie actresses who are also Academy Award winners has reached epic proportions. #1 won the award but has way less nominations. She is the one who started the fight and has also threatened to expose #2’s infidelities with her leading men. For her part, #2 has threatened to not only expose #1’s infidelities but also release recordings of #1 having sex with a co-star when #1 got too loud and everyone could hear them outside #1’s trailer. Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep

June 26, 2014

This forever A List actress is having a hard time coming to the realization that she is past her prime for many leading roles she is interested in. In her day, she was everywhere and pretty much had her pick of any movie …or any man. Always had smiles and sweet demeanor for her adoring public, but in Hollywood she was known to be extremely difficult to work with. People cringed when she came on set and she rarely spoke to anyone “beneath” her. That didn’t keep her from getting work because it was a guarantee hit if she was in it. I’ve seen firsthand what she reduces a man to once she’s decided she’s through with him. Julia Roberts

June 17, 2014

This married Academy Award nominee/winner actress was A+ list back in the day and part of a famous family. Now, she makes commercials and is pretty whiny about everything. What she wants you to believe is that she is straight and narrow. What she won’t tell you is that she got so wasted on LSD one night during the filming of a movie that she took on four guys at once. She was legendary. Julia Roberts

by Anonymousreplies 12615 hours ago

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your problem solving skills?

I would say a 5, what about you?

by Anonymousreplies 715 hours ago

Colto Wasn't the Only HRC Visibility Award Recipient

Everyone is talking about Colton Haynes, but no one realized that Conrad Ricamora also received the award

by Anonymousreplies 115 hours ago

Can we discuss Jack Laugher's legs?

by Anonymousreplies 3815 hours ago

Obama DOJ Labels Law-Abiding Employers ‘Discriminatory

New video tells businesses not to check mandatory work authorizations for immigrants.

More encouragement to illegal immigrants when more than 90 million american are out of workforce

by Anonymousreplies 215 hours ago

Why is Ralph Macchio So Weird?

He looks and acts...strange, doesn't he? He seems a little "touched in the head". Why is he like that? He used to be such an adorable kid. Now he looks like he's been through Hell and back. Washed up and still has the voice of a 14 yr old.

by Anonymousreplies 6115 hours ago

Nearly 9,000 unaccompanied refugee children have gone missing in Germany

The number of unaccompanied refugee children reported missing in Germany has doubled in the past six months.

According to figures released by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (link in German), the total number of children who’ve gone missing after their initial registration hit 8,991 in July—up from 4,749 on Jan. 1.

The BKA said the majority of the children who had disappeared from the system were between 14 and 17 years of age. More than 860 were younger than 13.

The Federal Crime Office said there was no “concrete evidence” that some of the missing children have fallen into criminal hands.

A BKA spokesperson told the paper that when unaccompanied children leave their refugee reception centers, they are registered as missing by the police. Refugee children can sometimes be registered as missing when they move to other refugee centers, as often they have no identity papers, or their names are misspelled. In other cases, the young person might leave to join family or acquaintances elsewhere without notifying the police. But there are other, darker possibilities.

“Many are missing because they are trying to reach family or community,” Federica Toscano from Missing Children Europe told Quartz. “But in many cases, they may be abducted, they may have trusted a person who wants to profit from their vulnerability, or they may be a victim of trafficking.” She said it should not be assumed that children go missing because they have a certain plan of their own.

by Anonymousreplies 2215 hours ago

People who died of AIDS but managed to cover it up

or there must have been famous people before Rock Hudson who died?

What about in the early eighties before people knew what it was.

by Anonymousreplies 115 hours ago

Define "Alt-Right"

I've only encountered the term lately, but no definitive assessment of the membership. Bro-publicans? Jaded-liberal white men? Marginalized dope smoking anti-hipsters?-

by Way too politically radical to fit the categoryreplies 715 hours ago

Pitcher Noah Syndergaard aka Thor

He's a pitching sensation with the New York Mets. I know a lot of the drooling on DL when it comes to baseball players is with his former colleague on the Mets, Anthony Recker, but I think Syndergaard's flowing golden mane of hair makes him sexy.

Here are a few pictures of him.

by Anonymousreplies 3016 hours ago

Tiffany "New York" Pollard from VH1's "Flavor of Love"

It's about time for this crazy bitch to come back to TV!

by Anonymousreplies 2016 hours ago

Donald Trump donated money to Anthony Weiner

In 2007 & 2010.

According to Open Secrets:

by Anonymousreplies 116 hours ago

The man that got away

Ever have a one night stand (or a series of one night stands) and wish you could find him again?

I do - big-dicked Jim from DC - I miss making out with you in Rock Creek park.

by Anonymousreplies 616 hours ago

I Need Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Miguel, from Almodóvar's Los Amantes Pasajeros to Sense8 to Velvet, this man is hotness. I love Spanish men and this Valencian hunk is a joy to watch. He's hot, beautiful and those eyes, who could resist his invitation?

by Anonymousreplies 1416 hours ago

Thoughts on this YouTuber's cock?

His name is Joey Salads. Italian fella.

by Anonymousreplies 516 hours ago

Which actors have the most beautiful voices?

The Charles Boyer thread started me thinking: a huge part of his appeal was his voice.

What other actors would you say are attractive chiefly due to their voices?

In classic films, I'd say Robert Preston and Oraon Wells (pre weight gain).

by Anonymousreplies 2816 hours ago

What's the sappiest movie ever made?

Can anything beat The Song of Bernadette?

by Anonymousreplies 10816 hours ago

Quality of life: Canada vs. US?

Just returned to the US after a long weekend in Canada (Montreal and Ottawa) and I'm depressed to be back. Everything just seemed more pleasant, more civil, more respectful there.

A few examples:

> Almost every bus I rode in both cities ran exactly according to the posted schedule. Never happens here. Ever.

> People on subways and buses were quiet and respectful of fellow passengers. No manspreading, no listening to music or watching videos without earbuds, no loud phone conversations on speakerphone.

> I saw baskets of beautiful flowers hanging in public on streets all over - and not just in posh neighborhoods. Can't imagine flowers like that surviving here without being damaged or stolen.

> Neighborhood parks were well-groomed and litter-free. Again, not parks for the rich or for tourists. And such parks were plentiful. Many had gorgeous functioning fountains. Some had fabulous cafes with great coffee and homemade pastries. In some pocket parks, people played piano or violin or classical guitar. It was idyllic. Furthermore, these parks weren't ringed by gates and fences. It felt like not another country, but another galaxy.

> Even in working-class areas, I almost never saw the bars on windows and tall fences and gates that are ubiquitous in many US cities.

> I spent a lot of time biking around in both cities and not once did I encounter the hostility and vulgarity I find (interestingly, more from pedestrians than from drivers) when I travel by bike in US cities.

I could give even more examples, but I think my point is clear. I don't mean to say that everything there was perfect, but day-to-day life just seemed so much nicer and less stressful.

Wondering how others with experience in both countries feel.

by And then, of course, we could talk about the men...replies 9216 hours ago

Megan Ellison: Film Producer

She is a film producer who got all her money from daddy. She is the female Harvey Weinstein in more ways than one. Who are her famous conquests and what is the gossip on her? Is she really bi-sexual?

by Anonymousreplies 12416 hours ago

Former Teen Heartthrob Cody Linley from "Hannah Montana"

He was on Dancing with the Stars a few years back. Now he's all grown up. Before:

by Anonymousreplies 3716 hours ago

Food Trends

It seems every few years, we go through food trends. For example, I remember in the early 80s that nachos became popular in every mall food court. Also in the early 80s, soft pretzels with mustard were trendy.

In the late 80 and into the 90s, sushi became a huge trend. And it seemed like every hostess with the mostest was serving kiwi fruit and star fruit.

Recently, cupcakes and hamburgers have become trendy.

What other food trends have you seen and can you pinpoint them to a certain time period?

by Yes I Type Fatreplies 32316 hours ago

Which Movies Should a "Sophisticated" Person Have Watched - From Silent Films to Modern Day Flicks

DLers have a lot of obscure film knowledge, so I'd like to find out which movies should a pretty well educated, well-read, and "sophisticated" person have watched (note, I'm not claiming to be any of those things).

I'm most interested in silent films up to the early 2000s, but all opinions are most welcome. Be as obscure or esoteric as you like.

My picks would be Last Year at Marienbad and Battleship Potemkin.

by Knowledge Seekerreplies 42716 hours ago

Gay men.... do you refer to your gay male friends using the feminine pronouns?

I love her... she is my best friend... stuff like that.

by Anonymousreplies 10417 hours ago

The Goodies - 1970's UK TV show

Anyone else remember watching this fun silly show? It aired in Canada in the mid-70's. I was 4 years old when I first watched it and Tim Brook-Taylor was my first crush. Didn't like Bill.

by Goodie goodie, yum yumreplies 717 hours ago

Adam Hagenbuch

Who is this hot piece, and why isn't he inside me quite deeply?

He's on Switched at Birth this season:

by Anonymousreplies 6117 hours ago

Graham Phillips, who plays the son on The Good Wife

I want this twink bad.

Is he gay? He sure seems like it.

by Anonymousreplies 5217 hours ago


Has anyone here tried this? I'm considering it to overcome debilitating shyness and anxiety that is preventing me from moving forward in my career.

by Anonymousreplies 517 hours ago

"Stop Telling Me I'm 'Beautiful'. I'm Ugly. It's Fine".

This writer Kristin Salaky makes a great point about how the elevation of "beauty" as a virtue is not actually empowering for all women, but most of the responses online miss the point entirely, saying "the beauty of your soul shines through", "you have the cutest face!" And "you'd look 100 times better with simply a new haircut and by losing a few pounds".

by Anonymousreplies 6717 hours ago

Very Drunk Ben Affleck Interview

Wherein he repeatedly gropes Anne-Marie Losique and makes inappropriate comments about her boobs. Pretty funny.

by They were totally fuckingreplies 4517 hours ago

Desperate Lisa Marie Presley Moving Back To Graceland

Devastated Lisa Marie, 48, is so heartbroken over the collapse of her marriage to MichaelLockwood that she is moving back into her childhood home, Graceland, has exclusively learned. Pals say Elvis Presley's only child told them she is heading home to Tennessee to spend time thinking about what she should do after her fourth marriage imploded and the divorce quickly turned nasty.

And while she had "sworn off men," insiders say she intends to pour her energies into rebuilding her fortune and her dead father's legacy. Sources say Lisa Marie plans to take better care of her father's estate to ensure her $700 million fortune stays intact, on the heels of her claims that her estranged husband,Lockwood, 55, may have blown through a shocking amount of her money during their 10-year marriage.

Meanwhile, friends said Lisa Marie also feared her dad's beloved Memphis mansion could end up in bankruptcy. "Graceland has fallen on hard times and is in serious danger of having to be shut down," claimed an insider. "Visitor attendance has slipped in recent years and the fear is that unless something drastic is done, business will fall off to the point that the gates will be padlocked."

Although thousands of tourists traipse through the downstairs rooms, the family quarters are strictly off-limits. They haven't changed in over 30 years, and the familiarity could be good for Lisa as her life has shifted following her latest split.

"Lisa Marie has spent so much of her life trying to flee from her past. At one point, she and husband Michael moved to a quiet English village where she served locals fish and chips so that she could feel 'normal,'" said a source. But pals said her failed marriage finally made her realize who she was — the daughter of rock 'n' roll royalty — and nothing can change that, so she will now embrace it.

In 2012, Lisa Marie laid the groundwork to go home when she made a pilgrimage back to her childhood home. Walking through the doors with her twin daughters, she cried hysterically as memories came flooding back. In an interview she said, "I walked in with my twins (Harper andFinley, now 7), looked around, and I gasped. I couldn't tell if I was going to laugh or cry."

Since filing for divorce from Michael on June 24, 2016, Lisa Marie told pals she had to make a move. And although she owns homes in L.A., Tennessee and England, she learned a valuable lesson.

by Anonymousreplies 7717 hours ago

What is your favorite movie scene?

Mine is the "have yourself a merry little christmas" scene from Meet Me In St. Louis.

It gets me every single time.

by Anonymousreplies 418 hours ago

How bad is "Sully" going to be?

Really, really bad? Or just really bad?

by Anonymousreplies 5618 hours ago

Official Celebrity Big Brother UK January 2016 Thread

Bianca Del Rio, Willam Belli, Octomon, Scott Disick, and Vanilla Ice are listed among the nobodies rumored to be entering the house on January 5th. Here's the full list....

by Anonymousreplies 33718 hours ago

We're overdue for another major celebrity death, aren't we?

Maybe it'll be Mary Tyler Moore. God knows we can stop counting on Zsa Zsa.

by Anonymousreplies 29318 hours ago

Model/Actor Anthony Hamilton

Remember him? He was the gorgeous blond British guy who replaced Jon-Eric Hexum (after Hexum's accidental death) on COVER UP. He died of AIDS at 42. He was gay.

by Anonymousreplies 18018 hours ago

"NON-FEM Bottom Bear in Stockings"

"non fem but wears women's clothing here"

Which one of you bitches is this? Don't be ashamed.

by Anonymousreplies 2018 hours ago

What's your favorite old-timey name?

I'm partial to Esther, Ethel, Eunice, Gussie, Hester, Myrtle, and Grizelda.

How about you?

by Anonymousreplies 11618 hours ago

Dating Naked

Anyone watching this new season?

I love this show. So many hot guys and naked asses.

Zach is a keeper. He has a beautiful butt! Vinny was a crazy nut, but he was very amusing.

by Anonymousreplies 818 hours ago

What kind of food do you wish you can eat everyday?

I sort of wish I could eat lobster everyday which is what makes the idea of going to Australia rather nice since you could eat it for free there.

by Anonymousreplies 16218 hours ago

Labor Day is coming up...

And Beverly Sutphin has some advice for you.

by Anonymousreplies 218 hours ago

Biden expects Guantanamo to close before Obama presidency ends

STOCKHOLM, Aug 25 (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday he expected the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, would close before President Barack Obama leaves office in January.

“That is my hope and expectation,” he told a news conference in Sweden.

The White House has been trying to close the facility since Obama took office but has been stymied by opposition in Congress.

by Anonymousreplies 418 hours ago

A good back scratch is better than sex

There, I said it.

by Anonymousreplies 1618 hours ago

Let's be moments in The Little Rascals

I'm a lady's black shoe in "Birthday Blues" (1932) about baking the birthday cake. Spanky says about me: "Here, but this in it."

by Anonymousreplies 6918 hours ago

Patty Duke- singin' star!

Why was there such an attempt to make this girl a vocalist in the '60's? There are literally dozens of recordings (some unreleased) from albums, TV shows, movies, etc. on Youtube.

Here she is singing AND dancing.

by Helenreplies 518 hours ago

Trump vs. Clinton Will Come Down to the Debates

Conventional wisdom says Donald Trump is going to lose, and lose big.

You see it everywhere in corporate media. Republican Party insiders are bereft and in denial, simultaneously refusing to accept the reality that their party is facing the possibility of catastrophic defeats in races all over the country this fall; indeed, some pundits say Trump marks the beginning of the end of the GOP. The New York Times is running a 24-7 odds placement that puts Hillary Clinton’s chances of victory at 86% against his 14%.

Indeed, if the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would beat Trump by a sizable margin. But the election is in two months. Two months is a long time. Old scandals percolate; new ones emerge. Another terrorist attack could prompt voters to turn to the right.

By far the biggest potential game changer, however, is the presidential debates. Conventional wisdom says Hillary Clinton will use her superior command of the facts and her ability to namedrop world leaders to run circles around Trump. But conventional wisdom is often wrong – just ask unstoppable 2016 Republican presidential nominee Jeb Bush.

I think Donald will trounce Hillary in the debates.

by Anonymousreplies 24918 hours ago


That didn't take long.

by Anonymousreplies 218 hours ago

Maine's GOP Gov says people of color and of Hispanix origin should be shot "you cocksucker!"

In defending himself from accusations of racism and homophobia on Friday, Maine Gov. Paul LePage made yet another explicitly racist comment — arguing that people of color or of Hispanic origin are “the enemy” and suggesting that they should be shot.

LePage said:

A bad guy is a bad guy. I don’t care what color he is. When you go to war, if you know the enemy, the enemy dresses in red and you dress in blue, you shoot at red. … You shoot at the enemy. You try to identify the enemy. And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in are people of color or people of Hispanic origin.

See link for more

by Anonymousreplies 719 hours ago

Mariah Carey's Sister Arrested for Prostitution

She wasn't joking when she said she had problems of her own.

by Anonymousreplies 3619 hours ago

Have you ever been with a very tall guy?

I'm watching Shaq on Bear Grylls show, and realized I've never been with a really tall guy. When I say tall, I mean like 6'8" and taller.

by Anonymousreplies 119 hours ago

YET again, Men presenting their Dicks to the world, Forever!

from the last thread

by Anonymousreplies 7519 hours ago

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Any updates?

by Anonymousreplies 50119 hours ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer

I just got a call I didn't get the job despite my interview going pretty well and even being complimented on my knowledge and insight during the process. I feel pretty down now, because it keeps happening and I have no idea if and when I am doing okay anymore. Anyone can tell when you should expect rejection? How do you deal when an interview goes well but you don't get hired?

by Anonymousreplies 6719 hours ago

Donald Trump weighs in on Colin Kaepernick firestorm

FILE - In this Aug. 27, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Des Moines, Iowa. Trump promises on Twitter that he'll make a major speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, carrying his self-declared "immigration week" into a second. Trump appears unable to make a decision on what his policy on his signature issue ought to be, an odd place for a candidate 10 weeks before Election Day and a dark harbinger of indecision for a potential president. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, File) AP It was only a matter of time until presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the Colin Kaepernick situation. And it was only a matter of time until Trump said exactly what you would expect him to say about Kaepernick.

“Well, I have followed it, and I think it’s personally not a good thing,” Trump told The Dori Monson Show, via “I think it’s a terrible thing. And, you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try. It won’t happen.”

The argument that Kaepernick’s concerns about the only country in which he ever has lived mean he should leave it easily can be turned around, however, to Trump and anyone else who is convinced that America needs to be made “great again,” which implies a clear belief that it’s currently not. And those people surely would say they have the right to stay here and try to make things better, which is precisely what Kaepernick is trying to do.

On Sunday, Kaepernick criticized both of the major-party presidential candidates, saying that Hillary Clinton has “called black teens or black kids super-predators” and has “deleted emails and done things illegally,” and calling Trump “openly racist.”

by Anonymousreplies 219 hours ago

Clowns try to lure children into woods .

What fuckery is this ?

by anonymous replies 619 hours ago

Thug Porn Part II

by Anonymousreplies 12619 hours ago

'Bea Arthur' Shelter for LGBT Homeless Youth to Open in Early 2017

August 28, 2016 -- EAST VILLAGE — An upcoming homeless shelter serving LGBT youth — The Bea Arthur Residence — is slated for completion in the coming winter, according to one of the neighborhood organizations behind the endeavor. The home, named for the “Golden Girls” star whose generous donation made the project possible, is expected to open shortly after construction is completed in February of next year, said the director of a housing preservation group working to renovate the structure.

by Anonymousreplies 1719 hours ago

Huma Is Done WIth Weiner

Huma Abedin has announced her separation from the horny and irresponsible Anthony Weiner.

by Anonymousreplies 419 hours ago


Birmingham is nice and somewhat inclusive, but are smaller towns like Wedowee and Roanoke welcoming to minorities such as Latinos and Asians? It's a beautiful state and I'd be interested in relocating to there, but to be honest, I'm not sure what life would be like. Any insight from Alabamans or others who've lived/visited?

And how are the men there?

by Anonymousreplies 12319 hours ago

Dat Ass Bro: Beautiful Black Booty

Because the first thread OP really meant well, but really screwed it up with the opening and introductory pics. Cake, Cake, Cake!

by Anonymousreplies 18519 hours ago

Mock Mars Crew Returns

Mock Mars Crew Returns to Civilization, After Year in Isolation

The mission was meant to simulate the isolation of a trip to Mars on Hawaii

by Anonymousreplies 019 hours ago

Keep Fucking That (Mc)Chicken

I'm confused and amused...

by Anonymousreplies 019 hours ago

Same Song, Different Singer

Sometimes two singers can sing the same song and come out with totally different interpretations of the song. What are some of your favorites.

Cyndi Lauper originally came out with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." It was an anthem to party girls. Greg Laswell slowed the song down and from a male perspective, he makes it sound like a guy who is under pressure to find a girl and can't really seem to find one that is right for him.

"Stand By Your Man" the big country hit had Tammy Wynette telling women to stand by their man with the intention that if you don't, he'll go to someone else. Lyle Lovett then sang the song from a male perspective with an interpretation of a man who didn't have a woman who stood by him.

by Anonymousreplies 25720 hours ago

Fucked Up Dreams

I had a weird ass dream last night. I usually go for hot daddy types but I had this strange dream that I went out with a guy who was like 18 or 19 who I didn't find attractive and I let him creampie in me TWICE. Then I went shopping for salsa. What in the hell could this mean? What are some of the more fucked up dreams you've had?

by I had a dream, a wonderful dream Papareplies 720 hours ago

So the Universtiy of Chicago....

you won't be triggered but you will be murdered. Right?

by Anonymousreplies 020 hours ago

Men Showing Affection To Each Other - Chapter Four: The BEST thread ever on DataLounge!

The moment I wake up Before I drink my protein shake up I say a little pray for you

While combing my hair now And wondering what suit to wear now I say a little prayer for you

Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever, we never will part Oh, how I love you Together, forever, that's how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me

I run for the bus, dear While riding I think of us, dear I say a little prayer for you

At work I just take time And all through my coffee break time I say a little prayer for you

Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever we never will part Oh, how I'll love you Together, forever, that's how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me

by Anonymousreplies 33120 hours ago

A landslide election? and for Hillary Clinton

I got a call from a friend in Washington who knows more about political polling than anyone in America. He was almost breathless with excitement. “It’s gonna be a landslide,” he said. “In which direction?” I joked. “Hillary’s going to win in places we haven’t won in years – Georgia, Nevada, Arizona. She’ll take the entire West, the whole East Coast. Trump is sinking like a stone.” “So do we get the Senate back?” “You bet.” “Sixty votes?” “No, but a nice majority.” “And the House?” “We won’t win it back, but Democrats will get 14 of the 30 they need. So still a Republican majority, but far weakened.”

by best pollsterreplies 2920 hours ago

The Karate Kid (1984)

A favorite of mine! (Yes, I have simple taste in films).

I was around the same age as Daniel LaRusso in the film, lived in the valley, and boy did I have a crush on Ralph Macchio afterwards! What a cutie! Hard to believe he was in his twenties when it was filmed. Still relevant as ever, what with all the recent news about kids bullying each other.

Do you remember seeing this when it came out?

by Anonymousreplies 4120 hours ago

Hot Good Ole Boys

Cornfed hunks

by Anonymousreplies 56920 hours ago

Nick Jonas lit VMAs 🔥🔥🔥

Hot to death

by Anonymousreplies 3120 hours ago

Bradley James -- PART III...III...III

Continue discussion here.

Revelation 13King James Version (KJV)

13 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

by Anonymousreplies 35720 hours ago

Fear The Walking Dead, Season 3

Let's Do This.

by Anonymousreplies 3820 hours ago

Do you ever get a ominous feeling??? I have felt lately something bad is about to go down. Not sure if I feel something bad

will happen to me personally or on a larger scale. It might just be this election. The thought of a Trump presidency is horrifying. I wish I could shake this .

by Anonymousreplies 1820 hours ago

Son of the Revenge of the "Lets Post Pics of Guys Presenting Their Hairy Chests" thread

Because a hairy chest is still a thing of beauty...

by Anonymousreplies 39520 hours ago

Big Pecs That Just Out #3

Next thread goes...

by Anonymousreplies 48120 hours ago

"Nadia's Theme," or "Theme To The Young And Restless" or "Cotton's Dream"

Which do you call this classic 70s instrumental?

by Anonymousreplies 820 hours ago

Good Looking Blonds

Yum yum yummy

by Anonymousreplies 48320 hours ago

Thick Dick Hotties

Not just thick dicks, but hot dudes with thick dicks.

Part 1

by Anonymousreplies 8120 hours ago

5 cheap airlines

I tried out 5 cheap airlines this summer. Here's what I found:

by Anonymousreplies 020 hours ago


First thread now closed at 600 posts.

by Anonymousreplies 55521 hours ago

WEHT Eric and Morné

Remember the balloon-titted muscle marys who the internet ripped to pieces after their tried to crowd-fund their FOUR wedding ceremonies and luxury honeymoon? There was an epic DL thread on them which got closed, but not before much gossip percolated about Eric's prissiness in Houston and his gym etiquette. At the time, DL predicted their marriage wouldn't last longer than a year.

Does anyone know what they are up to? Apparently Eric has just kickstarted a #hunksforhillary campaign as a means to get his tits out more prominently. What about the other one? Still married? WEHT WEHT?

by Anonymousreplies 521 hours ago

BREAKING Trump Advisor Tweets Hillary Clinton Cartoon in BLACK FACE!!!

How low can this campaign go?

by Anonymousreplies 1321 hours ago

Theo James

This guy is gorgeous, not a bad actor either. Although his latest film, London Fields, is getting killed by critics. Not his performance though, mostly the film itself and Jim Sturgess' performance. Remember when he was the next big thing? Hope Theo won't meet the same future.

Not much known about Theo personally. Any gossip people of England?

by Anonymousreplies 2821 hours ago

The hot muscle guy in the Bell & Howell Tac Light ad

Damn he be sexy! Anyone know who he is?

by I thought Bell & Howell made home movie projectors replies 1821 hours ago

Gus Kenworthy on Celebrity Family Feud

His charity helps homeless gay youth.

Steve Harvey said he'd never throw out his kid if he was gay, and doesn't understand how a parent could do that. He said he'd love him just the same.

But if the kid wouldn't get a job, out he goes.

Nice to see gay issues front and center on mainstream Family Feud...

by Nice being mainstream...replies 721 hours ago

Catherine Zeta-Jones to play DL favorite Olivia de Havilland in Feud

This looks like the worst Ryan Murphy casting error since Cuba Gooding Jr in The People Vs OJ.

by Anonymousreplies 6921 hours ago

Willy Wonka dead at 83

There is no Life I know To compare with pure imagination Living there You'll be free If you truly wish to be

If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it Want to change the world? There's nothing to it

by Anonymousreplies 821 hours ago

Colonial times

Life seems like it was miserable then.

How lucky we are, when you really stop to think about it, to have been born when and where we were.

by Anonymousreplies 9421 hours ago

Longest Living Man, Age 145, Ready to Die

Jesus. What if this is actually true? 145 years? That's... insane.

I've never said this phrase before, but he looks good for 145.

by Anonymousreplies 5021 hours ago

Why is Anthony Recker so popular on DL?

He's a nobody.

by Anonymousreplies 53221 hours ago

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 TRACK

The primary reason the eight-track became extinct was because it was an unreliable piece of shit. They simply weren’t built to last and subsequently earned a reputation as being ticking time bombs. Truth be told, brand new eight-tracks often sounded good, and the tapes themselves were virtually indestructible: they never melted in the sun or cracked. It was the internal components that started to fall to pieces over time. If the manufacturers hadn’t opted for cheap construction, things might have turned out differently.

It was quite common for a single song on an album to fade out and fade back in as it transitioned to a new track. Eight-track tapes consisted of actually 4 tracks (each in stereo, totaling 8). Unfortunately, this meant that they had to be equal in length, which didn’t necessarily jive with the original LP. Suffice it to say, things had to be adjusted and some songs had to be split into two parts – thus the annoying song fade out and in.

It may seem trivial, but not being able to rewind become a real downside to the eight-track. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to roll backwards with the cassette tape. This negative wasn’t quite outweighed by a strong positive quality of the eight-track: it was on an infinite loop. While the cassette and record would abruptly stop when it reached the end of a side, the eight-track would play for all eternity…. or at least a few hours before it busted.

by Anonymousreplies 921 hours ago

The Gays and Motorsports

Who's gay and who's hot in NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, et al?

by Anonymousreplies 9821 hours ago

Roasted Kabocha Squash

Superior to the potato in every way, shape and form, and makes for a much more delicious mash.

by Anonymousreplies 1621 hours ago

Game of Thrones - Season 6: The Epilogue

Please continue the discussion of Season 6 and your theories for the upcoming final 13 episodes.

by Anonymousreplies 53921 hours ago

Anti-gay pastor who celebrated Orlando massacre arrested for molesting underage boys

See link below

by Anonymousreplies 1021 hours ago

Random stuff

Casey Affleck is 40.

Happy Birthday.

by Anonymousreplies 5721 hours ago

Mr. Dylan Sprayberry

The last thread maxed out so....

by Anonymousreplies 51021 hours ago

Food Network Gossip

What's the dish on all of the celebrity chefs?

I love Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen, Marcus Samuelsson, and Amanda Freitag. I hope they're nice people, because they seem nice.

Is Rocco DiSpirito still single? Mmm hmmm.

Anybody else in love with Tyler Florence? He's hottie.

Jeffrey Zakarian and Bobby Flay both seem like total dickholes! No wonder Bobby is with anorexic Giada. The ginger and the lollipop...

by Anonymousreplies 38521 hours ago

What would you do in this situation?

Pretend that you are a healthcare worker who is assigned to take care of a family: mom, dad, 5 year old son and cat. The grandma of the mom has been living with the family for a month has been to the hospital due to a broken arm and has recently arrived home. Which of the following statements made by the 5 year old would you be concerned with? 1. "Could you make the cat come out of the corner, it has been in the corner because it has a cut on its stomach" 2. "I throw up sometimes when I drink milk". 3. "Since grandma has moved in with us, we never go anywhere?" 4. "I want to become a veterinarian so that no animal would ever feel pain ever again"

Which statement would concern you and why?

by Anonymousreplies 40a day ago

No Prince or Bowie tributes at VMA's

Prince had one of the most memorable VMA performances with those assless pants.

Bowie practically invented the music video genre.

Why no love for either?

by Anonymousreplies 7a day ago

Flipping Out is back!

One of my favorite Bravo shows.

by Anonymousreplies 101a day ago

"Maury, I am out of control!"

I have been thinking of this DL meme all day because of Anthony Weiner getting in trouble yet again for his endless extramarital sexting.

So, to celebrate his sluttiness and lack of control, here are the 10 sluttiest girls ever on "Maury Povich."

They all deserve to be celebrated because it's THEIR sexy bodies! No one tells THEM what do do! They do what they WANT! What-EVVAH!

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

Hot Dudes in Swimwear

All types of swimwear, but only hot dudes!

by Anonymousreplies 53a day ago

Legion M members?

DL, Familiar with Legion M's supposedly innovative concept? Membership is voluntary and I believe free as they've reached their limit of investors.. Would be curious if there are any big names involved who have risked $$.

by Anonymousreplies 0a day ago

Whig profession do you think live a glorious life?

I think fiction novelists do. It's a comfy life and if you are good at it, you can potentially make millions.

by Anonymousreplies 10a day ago

Make Me Want To Read Your Favourite Book By Quoting One Sentence or Paragraph

I'm looking for something to while away the last summer days.

by Anonymousreplies 36a day ago

CSPAN: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump's Commitment To Minorities, 'Under-Served Communities'

"Helping black people for over 30 years "

Makes sense. Trump would certainly never have been invited to Chelsea's wedding if he was a bigot now would he.

by Anonymousreplies 0a day ago

‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Donald Trump as ‘Amnesty Don,’ Twitter Loves It

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” continued its daily attack on Donald Trump on Monday morning with Joe Scarborough nicknaming the GOP nominee “Amnesty Don,” while co-host Mika Brzezinski suggested Trump’s mental health should be examined.

#AmnestyDon became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter after Scarborough’s comments.

“Think about this, for 14 months, Amnesty Don, and a lot of people are calling him Amnesty Don. People are saying it, they’re calling him Amnesty Don. Amnesty Don, that’s what people are calling him… I’m not calling him that, Amnesty Don. Hashtag #AmnestyDon,” Scarborough said, clearly mocking the way Trump often nicknames opponents.

Scarborough went on to call Trump by the new nickname several times during the remainder of the show. Meanwhile, Brzezinski used airtime to essentially insist that Trump has mental issues.

“Let’s just take this seriously at this point — at other stages at other campaigns, a network might be snarky and get a psychologist out,” she said. “I actually think it’s time to hear from somebody in the mental health community to look at this person who’s been on television for months and give us a sense of what we have going on here. And, I’m sorry, let’s just not — let’s stop pretending we’re dealing with someone who we can completely understand. When you see somebody with problems, you know it. And there’s not anybody at this table who doesn’t think he has some sort of problem.”

Last week, Trump called the MSNBC morning show “unwatchable” in a series of harsh tweets directed at the MSNBC duo.

Trump has a bizarre history with Scarborough and Brzezinski, who were so cozy with the GOP nominee during primary season that some people even speculated that Scarborough was angling for the vice presidential gig on Trump’s ticket. “Morning Joe” took Trump serious from the day he announced, and allowed Trump to frequently call in, often lobbing him softball questions.

Brzezinski and Scarborough were accused of turning a February MSNBC Town Hall with Trump into a “puff session” — and that was before audio leaked from a hot mic that captured the trio talking during commercial breaks.

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

GRE math

Math has never been my favorite subject---I could learn and apply Algebraic rules, but I always had a little trouble wuth conceptualization (FWIW, I went to shitty public schools, and my parents and teachers gave me a free pass for doing well in other subjects).

I'm considering going to grad school (for a social science), and want to take the GRE. I'm struggling with the math practice questions, especially the word problems. How can I both brush up on the rules, and improve my conceptual understanding of Algebra? Are there catchy videos I can watch, or fun games I can play?

by Anonymousreplies 9a day ago

I use way too much salt in my vegetables

I love vegetables. I eat fairly healthy - usually cooking up a main protein (fillet of catfish, salmon, trout or chicken breast or pork chop etc.) with a side salad or a side of steamed, grilled or baked vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts etc. But, I find myself having to use a LOT of salt to flavor the vegetables. That's whether I'm doing them simple and unadorned (say, just steamed with a touch of butter, salt & pepper) or cooking them in a marinade or sauce. I tend to evenly salt them 30 mins before preparing, allowing them enough time to absorb the salt. But inevitably, I find I need to add more after cooking to avoid blandness. What am I doing wrong? No, I don't have a salt deficiency and, no, I don't tend to like aggressively salty food.

by Anonymousreplies 63a day ago

Do you ever have daydreams?

I daydream a lot, maybe too much. My dad says daydreaming is fine up to a point, but too much of it can turn a person idle-brained and not strive for enthusiasm. I daydream that the guy I like leaves his gf and falls in love with me and we go on a magical adventure to Australia or California, just the two of us.

by Anonymousreplies 33a day ago

Gene Wilder dead at 83. Sads.

BREAKING: Gene Wilder, star of ‘Willy Wonka’ and Mel Brooks comedies, is dead at 83, his family says.

by Anonymousreplies 12a day ago

NY Sex Party

Anyone been?

by Bitter Lemonreplies 0a day ago

Will Gus Van Sant ever talk about what really happened between Stipe and Phoenix?

Courtney Love is recording "Live Through This" in Stipe's hometown, Athens, while River is dying in LA. "Live Through This" is released one week after the death of Kurt Cobain.

Gus met Stipe for the first time through River, who brought him on the set of MOPI. This was also the movie he allegedly got hooked on drugs in. Was there something else going on? We hear news this week that Prince's meds were mislabeled and his last Tweet was "Just when you thought you were safe" and he died in an elevator, after having a long fear of them and associating them with The Devil.

So what is going on in the Music industry and what does Van Sant really know about the events surrounding the untimely deaths of both Phoenix and Cobain? Keanu Reeves, Phoenix's best friend at the time was allegedly involved with David Geffen at the time, who was having trouble with Cobain a few months before his death.

Where's Gus?

by Anonymousreplies 233a day ago

How do I properly visit LA as a tourist?!

First time there and I want to avoid being one of those awful tourists who end up trapped in places like the Hollywood Walk of Fame area or the Santa Monica Pier!

7 full days, by myself, with a car rental, and I'll be staying through AirBnB in Hancock Park.

What are your favorite, less touristy, off-the-beaten path things to do to really experience the "real LA?"

by Gay man, late 30sreplies 239a day ago

Which family member do you like the most?

And why?

by Anonymousreplies 16a day ago

Coronation Street on ITV

This is a thread for those of us watching the show on ITV.

by Anonymousreplies 91a day ago

Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano, hot Brazilian gymast

The games are on in Glasgow and cannot help but enjoy the beauty of male body. Arthur is 22-year-old and looks cute.

by Anonymousreplies 84a day ago

Phone-talking Frau at the cafe where I'm trying to write: the avocado toast is TO DIE!

It's avocado on a piece of toast, Hon. Put your pants back on. Jesus Christ.

And how about wiping the crud from around your kid's mouth while you're at it? I know, you're a BUSY MOM, but for the love of God, people are eating.

by Anonymousreplies 22a day ago

I'm a Porn Star: Gay4Pay Official Trailer

Oi, vey. A bunch of Sean Cody performers declaring their heterosexuality. Curtis: dumb as a box of hair; Dean, who literally inhales every cock he meets, is so far in the closet he's in Narnia. I've seen straighter Pride floats; Brodie: I don't have gay sex in 'real' life, so I'm not gay even though I take $$ to eat ass and cream pie other guys. You could write a thesis on these guys self-loathing.

by Anonymousreplies 46a day ago

Were airplanes really this much fun in the 70's?

Did high black men play saxophones while girls danced in that tiny space by the exit?

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

How do sociopaths learn to wind people up?

A new guy started at work a few months back and after pumping everyone for info about the company and other employees (I assume to look for ways to avoid doing any work,) he went about harassing people and playing us off each other.

I was his first target because every time he came to me looking for gossip and info I'd refer him to human resources or the company manuals.

He must have found out that I'm very anal about how packages are received and he started messing about with things in the stockroom. I guess he figured I'd assume it was the person who works with me, but sadly for him I have a security camera in the storage area and had him on video moving things around and tearing up labels.

I took him to HR and he was written up as he doesn't have permission to access the storage room. Of course it was everyone's fault but his, but he was still written up.

After having a word with him and making it clear I would smash his head in if he did anything like that again, he tried playing the HR woman and me off each other. Sadly she fell for it and he has her all worked up.

I've tried warning others about him, but every single employee tells me what a great guy he is and he could never do anything mean to anyone. They've only known him for three months but they act like he's their best friend.

Right now there are four employees who hate each other who worked together for years and didn't start arguing until this guy showed up.

How the fuck do people learn to do this to other people? Is it inborn? Learned? What?

by Anonymousreplies 27a day ago

The Queen needs a maid, y'all

Salary is "competitive"

by Anonymousreplies 2a day ago

Plain Socks or Patterned Socks? Which do you wear?

Which do you prefer & wear? Vote below then discuss

by Anonymousreplies 13a day ago

New interview with "preppy killer" Robert Chambers tonight.

"48 Hours" will air a new interview with the preppy killer Robert Chambers tonight at 10 eastern time on CBS. He was looking rough around the edges the last time we saw him when he was busted for selling drugs out of his NYC apartment several years back. I know he went back to prison, but I'm not sure if this is a jailhouse interview or if he served his time and is now free...again.

by Anonymousreplies 127a day ago

Does the CPI Reflect Your Experience?

The Consumer Price Index. Does it really represent what the typical middle class person buys and therefore spends?

Because most things I BUY seem to be getting pretty damn expensive! I have sticker shock at the supermarket all the time.

by Anonymousreplies 0a day ago


Joe Scarborough's revenge!

by Shrill Mikareplies 5a day ago

Anthony Weiner was the Ted Cruz of the left

Weiner's congressional career wasn't exactly brought down by the sexting scandal. It was brought down by the sexting scandal [italic]and[/italic] by Weiner's status as a terrible co-worker.

When Weiner became embroiled in scandal in 2011, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she'd like him to resign, as did Steve Israel, the congressman who ran the campaign committee charged with electing Democrats to the House.

Weiner's lack of intraparty support in the face of the scandal was what made his position untenable. And he lacked support within the House Democratic conference for a reason.

"Offstage, those who worked alongside him say, Mr. Weiner was a lawmaker with little patience for making laws and a single-minded focus on generating attention so he could run for mayor of New York," the New York Times reported in 2013, when Weiner was seeking his comeback in the New York mayor's race.

In one instance, Weiner threatened to hold up the Affordable Care Act in committee if he was not allowed to offer an amendment to replace it with a single-payer plan. This would have burnished Weiner's left-wing credentials. But it would not have led to the enactment of single payer — it would have forced Democratic colleagues to take another politically difficult vote. And if the amendment had passed, it would have led to the ACA being defeated in Congress.

Weiner gave up his demand to offer the amendment, but the Times reported he got a concession in exchange: A prime speaking slot on the night of passage, and the vote-tally sheet, which he held up on the cover of the Daily News.

In a way, Weiner was his party's Ted Cruz: He made a lot of noise about ideas like single-payer health care that turned on his party's ideological base, but he had few actual legislative accomplishments, and he made the hard work of enacting his party's achievable goals more difficult. This annoyed his colleagues, and it's no surprise that when a scandal had his career teetering over a ledge, they chose to push him.

So, one lesson to take from Weinergate is not to text pictures of your junk to strangers, repeatedly, even after you have promised not to do so anymore. But another lesson to take is that there are consequences to being a bad co-worker.

by Anonymousreplies 1a day ago

Hello London?

Are you still there? How's the Brexit? Call us if you need us.

Your Friends at DL

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

Fantasy Island

What the fuck was that show all about?

The person who thought of it must have been on crack!

Also, would the "Tattoo" character be considered to be politically incorrect today? There's no way something like that would be greenlighted nowdays, right?

by Anonymousreplies 28a day ago

Stinky Celebrities

So many celebrity gossip items seem to be about their poor hygiene and aversion to bathing.

Yet other than the occasional cab driver in NYC and the homeless, I have not really met anyone in the US who does not bathe on a regular basis.

You'd figure that most celebrities work out frequently in order to stay in shape, which would lead to frequent showering--nothing feels worse than not showering after a tough workout.

So where do these rumors come from? Is it just that saying "McBongo stinks" is one of the worst things you can say about him?

by Anonymousreplies 36a day ago

Sexy Skinny Male Celebrities Over 30

Name the ones who are skinny AND sexy. Discuss.

by Anonymousreplies 0a day ago

Mean Kids in HIgh School

How did the mean girls and boys in your high school bully the other kids?

The mean girls in my school used to take water guns and squirt fish oil on the underclassmen during homecoming week.

The boys in my school weren't as creative. They just beat up the younger kids.

by Anonymousreplies 3a day ago

Mexican singer and homosexualist, Juan Gabriel is dead to me!

Heart attack!

by Anonymousreplies 4a day ago

Gene Wilder: QUITTER!

Maybe we can, finally, stop seeing those "SO TELL ME . . . " Willy Wonka memes.

by Anonymousreplies 19a day ago

Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers

Yes, they are skinnier and do save closet space, and yes, the velvety lining prevents slippage. And they look nice.

But do they prevent pointy shoulders in dress shirts? I thought that was the main point with wider wooden garment hangers.

by Anonymousreplies 17a day ago

From where is this?

TV show ?

by Anonymousreplies 4a day ago

10 Truly Disgusting Facts About Ancient Roman Life

10 People Washed Their Mouths Out With Urine

9 You Shared a Sponge After Pooping

8 Toilets Regularly Exploded

7 Gladiator Blood Was Used As Medicine

6 Women Rubbed Dead Skin Cells Of Gladiators On Their Faces

5 Pompeii Was Filled With Obscene Art

4 Dangerous Places Had Drawings Of Penises For Good Luck

3 Romans Hold The First Recorded Mooning

2 Romans Vomited So They Could Keep Eating

1 Charioteers Drank An Energy Drink Made Of Goat Dung

by Anonymousreplies 50a day ago

TV Series Casual

About heteros divorcing, hooking up, fucking and using sex aps. Anyone? Makes me laugh.

by Anonymousreplies 5a day ago

Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe

Roasters will be Jimmy Carr, Ann Coulter, Pete Davidson, Nikki Glaser, Jewel, Ralph Macchio, Peyton Manning, Rob Riggle, Jeff Ross and roast master David Spade.

No one from West Wing or Parks and Recreation. Guess the rumors are true that everyone on those shows hated him.

Can't believe Ann Coulter will be doing this.

by Anonymousreplies 72a day ago

I guess Britney really is over, bitches

The morning shows barely mentioned her performance at the VMAs, it was all Ri and Bouncy.

Will her new CD bring her back into the spotlight or is it Vegas forever?

by Sad 4 Britreplies 3a day ago

Vinyl albums

Just wondering who here has a record player - old/vintage or new.

Do you still actively buy vinyl?

by Anonymousreplies 37a day ago

The New Joel McRae Programme

The Great Indoors. It looks pretty funny and takes a lot of jabs at millennials. Given DL's dominant boomer demographic, combined with DL-fave Joel McRae's strapping good looks, will we be watching?

Of course, it has the now mandatory racially mixed cast, with the also now mandatory gay character. They killed two birds with one stone making the black guy gay.

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 4:35 PM

Tasteful Well Read Friends

Can you identify differences between the French novel and the English novel? As in style, syntax, grammar, or.... whatever. Are there basic differences we can correlate with the language? Obviously both literatures are immense and centuries old, with many genres.

Or can you point me to a source that discusses this?

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 4:26 PM

Freak lightning storm kills 323 reindeer in Norway

A freak lightning storm has killed 323 reindeer in a remote mountainous area of Norway, officials said on Monday.

Dead animals were found lying on top of each other, many with their antlers entangled, after the thunderstorm on the Hardanger plateau in southern Norway on Friday.

"We've never had anything like this with lightning," Kjartan Knutsen of Norway's nature surveillance agency said, adding there were sometimes isolated cases of sheep or reindeer struck down.

Reindeer tend to group together when in danger. It was unclear whether the herd had been killed by a single lightning bolt or several.

Hardanger was extremely wet on Friday, helping conduct lightning.

"The high moisture in both the ground and the air was probably an explanation for why so many animals died," Olav Strand, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institue for Nature Research, wrote in a statement.

Experts flew in by helicopter to take samples of the dead reindeer, amid a rising stench of decay, as part of a project to monitor elk and deer for diseases. Five of the 323 animals were found alive but badly injured and were shot by wildlife officials.

It was unclear what would happen to the bodies. One option is to leave them to decay.

"It's part of the natural ecology, this is far from where people live," Knutsen said. Hardanger has about 12,000 reindeer and hunters are allowed to shoot 2,000 a year for their meat.

by Anonymousreplies 15Yesterday at 4:25 PM

"Stranger Things" on Netflix

Has anyone else started watching? It started today.

It's very Spielbergian, with the setting a "normal" Indiana town (like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS) filled with twelve year old boys in messy houses who love to play Dungeons and Dragons and ride their bicycles at night (like ET). And a boy disappears when he is abducted by extraterrestrial forces and his loss is mourned by his single mother (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS again) who can only communicate with her missing child in another dimension via an electric household appliance (like POLTERGEIST).

Winona Ryder has improved as an actress significantly (she's rid herself of a lot of her child actress mannerisms--finally), and is affecting, although her voice makes her sound like she's still in her twenties.

by Anonymousreplies 154Yesterday at 4:24 PM

Patrick Healy of the New York Times and CNN.

But I love him.

by I do.replies 22Yesterday at 4:19 PM

Oh, the irony

"Darrell Ward, Star of 'Ice Road Truckers,' Dies at 52"

Darrell Ward, star of the History Channel's reality show "Ice Road Truckers," died Sunday in a small plane crash.

The 52-year-old Ward was heading from the Great American Truck Show in Dallas to Missoula, Montana, to begin filming a pilot for a new show about the recovery of plane wrecks when his plane crashed. He and his co-pilot both lost their lives.

The adventure-loving trucker was also a father and a grandfather.

Ward, who lived by the motto, "Any road, any load," rose to fame through his four-season documentary series, "Ice Road Truckers," which followed him as he navigated icy roads. Season 5 of the show was set to begin filming in the winter.

According to a press release posted to his Facebook page, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 4:13 PM

WHET to Chris Colfer

He was such a hot commodity during GLEE . We all thought he would be next Gay superstar . But it seems his star has been faded and now he is peddling some of his boring books to his followers on twitter .

He is completely forgotten by DL and even other media outlets

by Anonymousreplies 288Yesterday at 4:10 PM

"Woman Pillow With Flair"

Now you can have the Michfest experience at home.

Only $18!

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 4:00 PM

Why do FTMs seem to have a lot of lesbian drama, despite their transition?

Now I know that it *technically* isn't lesbian drama, but the shit I've seen from the FTMs I know never happens with biological straight men.

by Anonymousreplies 9Yesterday at 3:57 PM

Oh lord not again! Joe Manganiello now rumored to be playing DCEU's Deathstroke

How will he fuck this one up?

by Simon Halls Squirrelreplies 5Yesterday at 3:34 PM

Are you supposed to take a hit off a vape pen with every single breath?

I just saw someone doing that and I got curious. I presume it was tobacco.

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 3:32 PM

MSNBC Plays Fried Chicken Commercial

Instead of a clip of Hillary's racism speech. You can't make this shit up. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a longtime. The host overreacts a little but to his credit it looks like the black has to try his best not to crack up.

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 3:18 PM

Mr. Teasy-Weasy, Britain's Stylist to the Stars

Saw him mentioned in an old thread about Fanny Cradock -- he was one of the very first celebrity hairdressers, and a fabulous queen with a John Waters sartorial flair. His name was Raymond Bessone, but he got his nickname from his saying "a teasy-weasy here, a teasy-weasy there." He was also openly gay in the '50s.

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 3:10 PM

DL Fave Phylicia Rashad joins EMPIRE!


by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 2:48 PM

Do you shave your pubes?

Have you ever shaved off all of your pubes? Would you?

by Anonymousreplies 33Yesterday at 2:35 PM

We have a little over 5 months to get ready for... THE RETURN OF THE SPEEDO!!!

You've been following:

-Men In The Kitchen

-Hot Guys in Underwear thread

-Let's talk about Personal Trainers: What's Their Value To You?

-Pictures Of Hot Beefy Men

-HOT! HOT! HOT!!! Men In Exercise Wear!

-Hot Dudes Working Out

-And more!

It's time for you to put up... or, shut up! Many circuit parties will be here before you know it. Or, you want to get all of the boys on the beach! Post Hot images of men wearing speedos! Exercise routines! Whatever the hell ya want that is speedo related! Make this the HOTTEST thread ever!

by Yup! I'm a Speedo wearerreplies 349Yesterday at 2:33 PM

Is Amscot what they call 'payday lender'?

So you borrow $500 and have to pay back 1000% interest!

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 2:32 PM

Anyone here have his back hair lasered?

After I turned 40, I started getting hair on my back. Not a lot, but patchy. I'd control it with waxing or shaving. I'm 46 now and I'm tired of it and it seems to be getting more abundant.

Laser is expensive but if it works I'll give it a shot. I have dark blond/light brown hair, which I believe can be more difficult to remove since it doesn't absorb as much of the laser energy.

Anyone here have laser for their back (or anywhere I guess)? Would you do it again? Was it worth the cost?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 2:31 PM

Has Camilla Give Up Completely - How Does She Manage to Look So Bad?

Camilla was never a beauty but I'm continually amazed at how unattractive she looks and it seems to be getting worse? She always manages to look as if she just stepped out of a Council Flat.

Her mother-in-law is one of the richest women in the world - does Camilla not care about her teeth or her skin or her hair. Is this some kind of passive-aggressive game with her in-laws?

by A Member of the Royal Household - Asking for Helpreplies 331Yesterday at 2:26 PM

ITALY REACHES BREAKING POINT: Rome sending migrants BACK to Sudan on private jets

August 27, 2016 - Sudanese and Italian authorities are working together to tackle the migrant crisis.

Some 48 people in Ventimiglia have been deported as human rights organisations protest against the move.

The migrants, who were hoping to cross the Italian border into France, were flown to the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on a chartered EgyptAir flight.

In a bid to avoid protesters expecting the flight to leave from Milan Malpensa Airport, the migrants were actually flown from Turin-Caselle, an airport over an hour away.

The deportation, the first of its kind in Italy, has been met with outrage.

Speaking to local media, protesters said: "We knew well two of the guys that were on that plane.

"Until yesterday they were in the Red Cross centre, they felt safe and they were preparing everything to ask for asylum.”

Italian officials are yet to comment on the deportation.

Alessandra Ballerini, a lawyer in Caritas Ventimiglia and expert in immigration law, said: "This is a mass deportation to a country where fundamental rights are violated and where their lives are in danger.

“With this operation, our country becomes an accomplice.”

In 2015, 60 per cent of Sudanese asylum seekers were granted humanitarian protection in Italy.

But Sudan and Italy signed an agreement earlier this month to work together on migration and border control issues.

A team of Sudanese officials have been sent to the Italian-French border to identify migrants to be repatriated.

Amnesty International says human rights abuses have taken place during conflicts in Sudan.

President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

(Continued at source)

by Anonymousreplies 80Yesterday at 2:17 PM

Mariah's sister is a whore!

Wasn't it rumored that Mariah was hooking before she hit it big? This is the sister that Mariah has washed her hands of years ago I believe, something about her not paying for medical treatment.

One would think that Mariah would just give her an allowance to keep her out of trouble.

by Tony Woodardreplies 1Yesterday at 2:14 PM

How can Hillary deal with trump's crazy, during the debates?

It is a bit of a problem. What advice would you give to Hillary? What would you do if you were in the place?

by Anonymousreplies 14Yesterday at 2:14 PM

Are Polish really the Mexicans of Europe?

I've heard this before but never knew if it was true or not. To what are they making the comparison? Agricultural workers? Undocumented immigration? (Perceived) laziness? (although i think Mexicans are some of the hardest working people, not sure where they get the laziness rap).

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 1:42 PM

Sportscenter is doing a segment on Mark Bingham tonight

Heads up!

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 1:31 PM

Surprising tops and bottoms

Inspired by the Andy Cohen thread...who are some celebs who seemed like power bottoms but turned out to be tops, or the opposite - they seemed like tops but are total bottoms?

by Anonymousreplies 33Yesterday at 1:30 PM

The Freddie Mercury Biopic - Will the show go on?

Why has it been so hard for this film to get made? Sacha Baron Cohen's moved on. It's time to perfect the script and cast another actor. Preferably an actor of Indian or Persian descent, given Freddie's heritage. But, come one, what an amazing character Freddie was. Surely someone can make this happen!

by Anonymousreplies 17Yesterday at 1:16 PM

DON CHEADLE to TRUMP: "Die in a grease fire!" Donny boy family? Is he... one of us??

by Anonymousreplies 4Yesterday at 1:06 PM

Life is sad when your vulnerability overcomes you

And it is hard as it is already.

However, it is also true what i read today :'Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage'

It's complicated, one more time. It's so complicated.

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 1:04 PM

Cardiff At Night

Remember this series of photos of about 10 years ago? The pictures he took were on the nights of big rugby matches, hens parties and concerts, They taken by a Polish student, Maciej Dakowicz. Unfortunately, he takes travel porn images of doe-eyed brown people, colorful sarees and the Holi festival these days, but the Cardiff pictures had the certain vibrancy and ugliness of a bacchanal.

by Anonymousreplies 7Yesterday at 12:57 PM

Take Down (1979), aka "That Movie Where Lorenzo Lamas Plays a High School Wrestler and Marcia Brady is His Girlfriend"

An independently produced film that briefly got picked up by Disney's distribution company, Buena Vista, for theatrical distribution only and got a PG rating. They only had theatrical rights for a short time, and some no-name company released it on video in the 1980s. Sorry about the video quality.

Yes, he goes shirtless. Any of you ex-high school wrestlers want to comment on its accuracy?

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 12:47 PM

Rick Glassman

Hot Hipster comedian

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 12:45 PM


They were before my time and I didn't really grow up watching them, but I've grown to love them. My favorites in no particular order are The Rifleman, Laramie and Cheyenne, which are shown regularly on cable. They don't make TV leading men like that anymore.

by Anonymousreplies 30Yesterday at 12:34 PM

WEHT Jesse McCartney

WEHT once rising singer/actor Jesse McCartney?

by Anonymousreplies 22Yesterday at 12:29 PM

This woman is NOT Black.

She is a blonde Jewish woman from Long Island. Why did so many people get fooled?

by Anonymousreplies 49Yesterday at 12:23 PM

How long have you been finished with DL

I only started checking it out in september 2015 and I have been finished with it for a couple months. There has not been EVEN ONE interesting post in two months. The only way I could be more disgusted is if I saw Madonna eating Jabba Jackson's huge KFC eating ass.

by Finished with DLreplies 40Yesterday at 12:18 PM

Huma Abedin DUMP Anthony Wiener !!!

i think Hillary should follow the suit. They will make cute couple

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 12:01 PM

Ok DL, help me out here with my email etiquette dilemma:

Ok DL, help me out here with my email dilemma:

Last month I wrote an article in a trade journal about a guy who had a brief moment of (relative) fame back in the 80s. He was brilliant, but I think there were some health issues, the business changed, and his moment passed.

So, after the article appeared, I got a very nice comment from the man himself asking me to contact him, and gave his contact info. It's a small obscure publication I should say so it's not like he dropped this on Twitter or something.

I was pretty pumped because I've always wanted to work with him. Years ago he had a project that was making the rounds and there was a fair bit of excitement about it but it never happened, the nature of the beast in our industry. I think it's still relevant and doable, and in fact when I was a student in did a project outline that holds up today if I say so myself.

So I emailed the guy--didn't mention the project or go all fangurly, though in my experience unless they're Oprah-famous they don't mind flattery at all. And this guy does not have an asshole rep, and this is in a business notorious for it. Quite the opposite. A week went by and not a peep. Now, when I sent the email I was at work and we had a power surge which made everything spaz out for a while but the email did show up in the SENT folder.

But I thought, what the hell, I'll fire off another one, just a quick hey, great hearing from you, not sure if you got my email, hope all's well etc. One sentence.

So now what, DL?

I'm sure he's still working, though he's no longer at the center of his field, so he might be busy, and he's over seventy so I don't know how technology adept he is or up on the rules of web correspondence. It's also true I don't really know him aside from a brief meeting when I was a student, so he could be totally flaky or nuts.

But he was the one who contacted me, after all.

So do I just let it drop or what? I have my own research and funding issues going on, but I was hoping this might turn into a fruitful collaboration. I'm really bummed.

I know I can count on you bitches to think up the meanest explanation possible so have at it.

by Anonymousreplies 19Yesterday at 11:39 AM

Anthony Weiner is at it again !

This is what happens when you marry a lez.

by Anonymous replies 6Yesterday at 11:29 AM

"Eyewitness" series on USA

This fall... two closeted guys slip away for a tryst, and accidentally witness a murder... and barely escape with their lives. They can't say anything for fear of being found out... or having the killer track them down.

Looks really good.

Starts this fall

by Anonymousreplies 15Yesterday at 11:08 AM

Halloween Costume Ideas!

An old article from 2014, but still cool.

Definitive Proof Nobody Did Costume Parties Like the Bauhaus

by Anonymousreplies 7Yesterday at 11:08 AM

Longtime Friendship Ruined By Politics

My good friend of many years has always been a liberal Democrat, voting and even campaigning for Democrats, including Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. But when Trump decided to run for president last year, he suddenly switched sides to become an avid supporter of him. I was stunned. He said it was because 1) my friend is from Brooklyn, and 2) "things have gotten out of hand lately." Now he reads Breitbart and watches Fox News and promotes conspiracy theories. We have argued about this repeatedly and I have tried to be reasonable. He says we'll be friends again after the election, but now I don't think I can ever be close to him again. I can't just forget all the hateful, bigoted, and crazy things he has said. Any advice for me?

by Anonymousreplies 177Yesterday at 11:01 AM

Which Famous People (living or dead) Part (or Parted) Their Hair On The Right

They must be weirdos right?

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 10:56 AM

Southern Decadence 2016

Anyone been? Is it crazy hot with lots of nearly naked hotties or just old tired sweaty queens? Are any of the weekend passes really worth it? I imagine everywhere is going to be crowded so what's the point of the pass? Your sage advise is always well founded DL.

by Anonymousreplies 41Yesterday at 10:56 AM

China to limit how much actors are getting paid

Could you imagine if there was a similar move in America? Apparently they don't appreciate that actors salaries have ballooned so much and want to get it back down to reasonable levels.

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 10:43 AM

Were Both Weezie's Wigs?

The pull back home spun Wheezie of Archie Bunker and the coiffed Louise of the Hef Center? Both wigs?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 10:37 AM

Genius, frauds, savants and hucksters

There seems to be an abundance of people lately who claim to have suffered some kind of trauma and then developed savant-like abilities. It's like that gay dude who claimed to have had a serious seizure as a kid and then developed an extraordinary memory and mathematical abilities, but everything he does can be done to a more impressive degree by perfectly ordinary people using mnemonic techniques. The scientific community, possibly driven by the desire for research grants, seem ridiculously credulous here and, in the process, give these people the veneer of scientific credibility.

I vividly remember seeing a documentary when I was a kid of a teenager who was autistic and who could look at a cityscape for only a few minutes and then draw an exact copy of that scene from memory. As far as I know, eidetic memory doesn't exist. Or at the very least has never been verified using rigorous scientific methods. Yet the idea that a "photographic memory" is possible persists.

Maybe most people just want to believe in these instances of "genius" because it validates our laziness when we can overlook the fact that what these apparently special people claim to be able to do can actually be achieved by ordinary folks through practice and dedication?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 10:06 AM

Two celebrities who always make me puke and who I hate like I hate death are James Corden and Steve Harvey.

Am I the only one? Corden is a fat. Ugly. Disgusting. Talentless pig. Steve Harvey is ugly. Gross. Has set black people back about a hundred years. Both these cunts just really make me sick. Tell us why you hate these two fucks.

by I really really really hate these two.replies 39Yesterday at 10:04 AM

Hot Dudes Working Out

James Alexander EIllis

by Anonymousreplies 403Yesterday at 9:59 AM

Men In The Kichen

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

This thread is not only about showing HOT men in the kichen, but also to share those recipes and/or food ideas that help create scrumptious meals that will land that man!

by Foodiereplies 334Yesterday at 9:53 AM

If you can pick any period to be born in, which period would you choose?

I would choose to be born in 2020 since technology, health etc is a lot more advanced than now.

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 9:46 AM

The Holy Foreskin of Jesus

This is a thing?

by Anonymousreplies 0Yesterday at 9:41 AM

WEHT Debbie Reynolds

Last I read she was in a wheelchair and canceled a public appearance.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 9:40 AM

John Lennon Hypocrite and Over-rated

He is considered a hero by many while in reality he was hypocrite, weak and a fraud ,the complete opposite of a hero, he damaged his older son and treated his first wife like shit.

I don't hate him , i feel sorry for him because he was such a confused conflicted man. and i believe Yoko Ono helped destroying him as a human . and Yes, i believe she totally manipulated his mind and used black magic .

by Anonymousreplies 87Yesterday at 9:36 AM

US Economic Progress Report, 2016

The previous post from 2014 was approaching the 600 comment limit. I've posted on this topic because I've read so many erroneous posts about how terrible the economy is, and how it's getting worse. In fact, employment has been getting better, and the economy has been getting stronger.

From today's NY Times:

"In an impressive sprint at 2015’s end, employers added 292,000 workers to their payrolls in December, the government said on Friday, punctuating a year of healthy growth.

The unemployment rate stayed at 5 percent last month, the Labor Department said, but that was mostly because large numbers of people went looking for work.

The department revised its earlier estimate of job creation in October and November, adding 50,000 more jobs to last year’s totals. All in all, the economy added 2.65 million jobs for the year, capping a two-year gain that was the best since the late 1990s...."

by Anonymousreplies 65Yesterday at 9:31 AM

Juicy celebrity dirt!

Ben Affleck

Rude and a boor. "Boring." May possibly be more than just friends with Matt Damon and perhaps other men over the years. Has a filthy mouth. Tranny chaser. Recovering alcoholic. Has used hookers in the past; likes threeways with hookers and Matt Damon. One account has the two looking at each other (and getting off on that) while doing the pro. Has had work done on his teeth, hair, and chin. Linked with Pamela Anderson, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek, Lauren Holly, Famke Jannsen, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears (who he cheated on Jennifer Lopez with, while Spears was seeing Justin Timberlake ).

Jennifer Aniston

Has become a big pothead through her relationship with Brad Pitt. Has jealousy issues; "can be a real bitch if you're not in her 'circle.'"Used her pull with NBC to force them to rehire her father when he was let go from Days Of Our Lives. Good tipper. Linked with Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, Paul Rudd, and Brad Pitt.

Mariah Carey

A certain problem with faithfulness and hygiene. Her early career was funded by her sister's prostitution. Very difficult to work with, and very unpleasant to fans. (Although, as is par for the course here, I've received some e-mails contradicting this). "Has a staff member remove her tampons during concerts". Has breast implants. Linked to P. Diddy, Vin Diesel, Matt Dillon, Eminem, Grant Hill, Derek Jeter, and record company exec Tommy Mottola, who she used to get a record contract.

Jim Carrey

Unpleasant man, simultaneously rampantly insecure and hideously conceited. Extreme hypochondriac. Didn't make it through high school--and while in high school, according to one of my correspondents, "JC was incredibly mean to every student he could pick on (expecially when he was with a group of friends). Really mean, he'd pick on defenseless "losers" who had no hope of even excaping his cruelty. He would do this every chance he got." Has been known to act extremely childishly on-set, although there are some reports that one-on-one he's not bad. Has sexually harassed numerous actresses.

George Clooney

Reportedly a nice guy. Slut. Possibly swinging for both fences. Like lumberjacks, likes to try on women's clothes. May have a serious gambling problem. Linked with Lucy Liu, Ginger Lynn, Kelly Preston, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Charlize Theron, and Renee Zellweger.

Johnny Depp

Difficult to work with (or perhaps not; e-mailed accounts differ). Drug user/abuser. Experimenting sexually. Linked with Naomi Campbell, Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss (who he shared addictions with), Vanessa Paradis, Christina Ricci,and Winona Ryder.

Cameron Diaz

Self-important bimbo." Germ-phobic. Alcoholic and drug user. Very hard to work for; once made her assistant shave her armpits for her. The blonde nitwit in Lost in Translation is reportedly based on her. Has very bad acne, bad body odor, and bad breath.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Slut. Reportedly aggressively bisexual. Treated Claire Danes horrendously on the set of Romeo (although I've since been told that the latter rumor isn't so and that the two are friends). Reported heavy drug & alcohol use, to the point where it interferes with his acting performance. Hygienically challenged. Punk. Allegedly made gay porn under another name. Has used hookers in the past; likes anal sex with them. Tickle fetishist

by Anonymousreplies 42Yesterday at 9:27 AM

Conner Habib

Genuinely intellectual adult film star, or porn poseur?

by Anonymousreplies 88Yesterday at 9:18 AM

Jackson Galaxy - Is queen SERIOUS?!

From that My Cat from Hell show. This gross queen calls herself a "cat behaviorist" but all she does is tell people to move shit around their house and amazingly we're show a wild, violent cat suddenly become a docile angel.

Where the fuck did they find this absurd queen?

by Anonymousreplies 13Yesterday at 9:16 AM

Who Ever Heard of a Red Weirdo?

Since many of the new Datalounge crowd had not heard of the Prancercize lady, it occurred to me that maybe they never saw another DL classic: the film of Joan Crawford going to the supermarket.

by Anonymousreplies 86Yesterday at 9:04 AM

Should Dudes Wear Compression Leggings, Part 2

Chase Ketron

by Anonymousreplies 134Yesterday at 8:52 AM

Michael Hoffman rubbed down by his Bro

Brahs being Brahs

by Malcolm Kreplies 54Yesterday at 8:35 AM

It really sucks when you try hard all the time and always fail

It would be nice to win one every now and then.

by Anonymousreplies 22Yesterday at 8:19 AM

Chandler Massey is Following Days on Twitter and People At Days Again

Leading people to speculate he's back.

by Anonymousreplies 29Yesterday at 8:10 AM

New Music 2016 thread

Inspired by the What Are You Listening To Now thread.

So many new songs and new artists out now......

by Anonymousreplies 90Yesterday at 8:09 AM

Muslim TV channel fails

Nice to see they're able to disagree while remaining civilized!

by What is it with Muslims and shoe throwing?replies 6Yesterday at 8:00 AM

Let's Spend $2500 to Haul Around Our Crotchfruit...

Use this as ammo on the first frau that complains to you about the high cost of Epi Pens.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 7:47 AM

What is the weirdest place you had a pimple?

I have one currently near where my arm bends.

by Anonymousreplies 21Yesterday at 7:46 AM

Doctor Silva

Physician and personal trainer

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 7:30 AM

Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. No the kind that is over salted and mixed with icing sugar. Real peanut butter

The kind you store in the fridge upside down.

Those allergic kids don't know what they are missing.

The best peanut butter sandwich starts with an all natural product spread on unsalted buttered white bread and turned into a sandwich. With the crusts removed and fed to the sparrows.

by Anonymousreplies 7Yesterday at 7:25 AM

What is something interesting about you?

Currently I am the only one in my family who hadn't seen a ghost.

by Anonymousreplies 19Yesterday at 7:13 AM

Skin Care

Now that I'm starting my seventh decade (I'm 61), I've decided to get serious about skin care. I've never really used anything on my skin except (very infrequently) sunblock. (And of course there was no such thing when I was a boy and out in the sun all the time.) But my skin is not in bad shape ... very few wrinkles, at least.

So ... what's the best skin care regimen and what are the best products (or types of products) to use? I'm thinking a day moisturizer with a high SPF (at least on days when I plan to be in the sun) and some kind of night cream.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. (And please don't recommend some exotic $500 product!)

by Anonymousreplies 136Yesterday at 7:10 AM

Daily Beasts may have outed athletes in their story about how busy Grindr is in Olympic Village

The internet is freaking out over a story they wrote where a (straight) journalist logs onto Grindr in Olympic village.

by Anonymousreplies 280Yesterday at 7:08 AM

Is anyone watching Tyler Perry's TOO CLOSE TO HOME?

It's on TLC as I type. It's pretty good so far. Social media sensation Brock O'Hurn is mouth-wateringly hot as the himbo trailer park landlord, and Heather Locklear as the scorned wife is so Botoxed that she's barely recognizable. It's reminiscent of Perry's OWN hit "The Haves and the Have Nots", but with better acting.

by Anonymousreplies 30Yesterday at 7:03 AM

Songs that express your current mood

'Black Cloud' by Morrissey

'Pictures of You' by The Cure

'Dead Inside' by Muse

by I'm going to be okayreplies 22Yesterday at 6:37 AM

Return To Amish

Final Episode tonight at 8:00ET on TLC. Any thoughts on if Mary will stay in Lancaster to find new Amish community?

by Anonymousreplies 1Yesterday at 6:27 AM

MR. ROBOT: season_2.0

Last summer's critically acclaimed breakout series will be returning to USA Network July 13 at 10pm!

The other thread hasn't quite maxed out yet, but the the official trailer for the second season is finally here so I thought go ahead and get the ball rolling.

by Anonymousreplies 368Yesterday at 6:14 AM

Doctor DaSilva

Physician and personal trainer

by Anonymousreplies 12Yesterday at 5:56 AM

Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" coming to Starz in 2017.

So fucking excited to see this! The casting looks perfect especially Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 5:34 AM

A Junk Drawer of Random Pics Just for Fun!!

So hot for Captain Joe...

by Anonymousreplies 566Yesterday at 4:43 AM

Have you seen the movie CLEOPATRA with Taylor and Burton?

CLEOPATRA was the notorious bomb that nearly killed a movie studio. because it was so expensive to make. Have you seen it? I figure it would be lavish because of the expense. Is it worth my time?

by Anonymousreplies 40Yesterday at 4:37 AM

Pass me a hot-dog, pass me the watermelon

I'm very hungry

by Anonymousreplies 5Yesterday at 3:17 AM

What do we think of the 1994 movie SPEED?? It was Keanu at his hottest. Meow. And Sandra B's breakthrough role.


by Anonymousreplies 71Yesterday at 3:07 AM

Expired Food. I Can't Throw Food Away.

Do you ever discover expired food in your cupboard? Do you eat it anyway? I live alone and haven't moved in 25 years, so things accumulate. I just found condensed soup that expired in Jan of this year. I ate it anyway. I have a (neglected) habit of going through things in Jan and eating old food, inspired by once finding a can of corn that was eight year's past its expiration date.

by Frugal Fannyreplies 70Yesterday at 2:53 AM

A Hillary Clinton Loss ..........

What could be more mortifying than losing to Trump (and horrifying for us) ??

Nate Silver says that the person leading six weeks (eight weeks ??) after the conventions usually wins the election.

PLEASE hold onto that lead, Hillary ......

Bad debates, Donald ............ Baaaaaaaad debates !!!!

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 2:35 AM


Anyone else enjoy it as much as I do? The nicest buzz and the most cinematic of dreams after imbibing. And so inexpensive. I especially enjoy Stark Raving Malbec.

by Anonymousreplies 2Yesterday at 2:30 AM

"Turning! Turning!" Tell us about the very first time you saw Boys In The Band. Part II.

Let's continue our conversation here >>

by Anonymousreplies 240Yesterday at 1:52 AM

What does anal feel like?

I'm new to this.

by Bi and confusedreplies 34Yesterday at 1:48 AM

What do trump supporters say are the reasons they will vote for him over Hillary?

list and vent here? I cannot believe this is happening still.

by Anonymousreplies 6Yesterday at 1:35 AM

Have You Ever Dreamed About DataLounge?

I had a dream about DataLounge last night; in fact, it was a whole social media dream, involving YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook and DataLounge.

I was reading an article on Wikipedia about an 80s/90s sitcom (that amazingly lasted for 10 years) about Lewis & Clark that aired on ABC's TGIF programming, so I went to YouTube to find clips, including one that had Urkel traveling back in time in a crossover episode with Family Matters, then I came across a documentary about the show that revealed the two hot male stars of the show had an affair and a sex tape (that I somehow managed to watch on YouTube), so I immediately had to share the information on Facebook and here at DataLounge, whereupon everybody piled on me claiming that it was all false and the sex tape was not the actors but men who just looked like the actors.

I guess I need to step away from the internet.

by Anonymousreplies 15Yesterday at 1:25 AM

Trudeau will make historic apology for persecution of gay Canadians.

Does this make Justin a DL fave?

by Anonymousreplies 30Yesterday at 1:16 AM

Amazing Balls #2

Because the original thread is full... and we need to have a thread about amazing balls!

by Anonymousreplies 62Yesterday at 1:06 AM

The Queen(1968)

Anyone else love this documentary? Frank Ocean has utilized a sample of Miss Crystal and her mini meltdown for one of his songs on his new recording.

Great documentary and time capsule. A precurser to "Paris is Burning"

by I am beautiful! replies 11Yesterday at 1:02 AM

Madonna and Janet are the last MTV icons

Now that MJ, Prince and Whitney are gone.

by Anonymousreplies 54Yesterday at 12:57 AM

Hey bitches, I'm watching Eating Out: Drama Camp

Is this one of those movies I should be high while watching? Drew Dickie is funny but is everything else.. On purpose?

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 12:48 AM

They might as well be flipping burgers at McDonald's: actors who have pretty much disappeared

Loren Dean

Bridget Fonda

Michael Rappaport

Dennis Franz

by Anonymousreplies 17Yesterday at 12:29 AM

Jaden Smith on the VMA's?

He is such a beautiful groomed little queen , did you see him present tonight at the the mess of a show tonight in his skirt? His Dad groomed him well , love it, and that voice , love it , comments?

by Anonymousreplies 3Yesterday at 12:28 AM

Bodybuilder Jay Cutler and his special "gift"

Do you think that could be an erection?

Whenever you see videos of him he seems to be sporting a glorious erection, but people who understand about bodybuilding will usually tell you that during competition bodybuilders lose almost all their sex drive so erections are practically impossible...

by Anonymousreplies 20Yesterday at 12:22 AM


It ain't just about genetics.

by Anonymousreplies 8Yesterday at 12:06 AM

Carter Jenkins

Nice ass

by Anonymousreplies 29Last Sunday at 11:55 PM

In Celebration of Sean Cody's Tanner

The adorable, thick bootied cumslut. Tanner recently beat Curtis as Sean Cody's most prolific model and shows no signs of quitting.

by Anonymousreplies 251Last Sunday at 11:13 PM

Transformation: From flab to fit 💪🏽

Have you transformed your bod from flab to uberfit? If so, how did you do it? How long did it take? Are you afraid of going back to flab?

by Anonymousreplies 45Last Sunday at 11:04 PM

LEGO Orders Gay 'The Bachelor'

If they're all going to be hooked up on the first night they're all there, what's the point?

The series follows 13 suitors living together and competing “to win the heart of one of the nation’s most eligible gay heartthrobs,” according to the network. The ultimate goal is as you’d expect: an inanimate connection, true love, and a committed, exclusive relationship. “Finding Prince Charming will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do,” Pamela Post, PVC of original programming for Lego, promised in a statement.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 11:00 PM

Trans twitter is yelling that Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo will be responsible for violence against TRANS Women

I think this deserves a thread of its own . Since it is not limited to Matt Bomer

It deals with the growing problem of violence gainst Trans women First of all I am no fan of Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo but it is ridiculous that Tran women are blaming them for violence against women if they Dare to release their movie

Apparently Matt Bomer is playing Trans woman in that movie

Dear @MarkRuffalo & @MattBomer: if you release this movie, it will directly lead to violence against already at risk trans women. 137 retweets 214 likes Reply Retweet 137 Like 214

What DL think about this ? Do you think that Matt Bomer's upcoming movie can be responsible for increase in violence against Trans women ?

by Anonymousreplies 16Last Sunday at 10:59 PM

Holiday Decorations

As Summer's light begins to fade, stores begin to bring out their holiday decorations. Halloween decorations are now out in force, and even saw the first hints of Christmas yesterday. Where do you stand on holiday decor?

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 10:56 PM

Ghosts - have you ever seen one?

Inspired by the OP who was the only one in his family who hadn't seen one.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 10:55 PM

NSFW Undeniably gay behaviour from "straight" men.

I found this video by accident of a famous YouTuber who thinks the world wants to see his dick, so he's posting it regularly on Snapchat and Twitter to a mostly male audience.

Why is it straight, douches are more likely to do gay things than regular straight guys?

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 10:46 PM

HBO's The Night Of...

This is an 8 part series that airs Sunday nights on HBO. James Gandolfini was attached to this project before his death. Robert DeNiro was to take his place in the role of attorney which ultimately fell on John Turturro.

I find it compelling and realistic. One can't help but feel a little 'Serial' in there. In this case I think our lead character, Nasir Khan, is guilty.

What do you guys think?

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 10:43 PM

Is something going on today in america?


by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 10:36 PM

Dozens of State Department officials just revolted against Obama's Syria policy

At least 51 "mid-to-high-level State Department officials" have signed a dissent channel cable breaking with President Barack Obama's policy on Syria and calling for US airstrikes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The cable was provided to several news outlets on Thursday, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

"Failure to stem Assad's flagrant abuses will only bolster the ideological appeal of groups such as Daesh, even as they endure tactical setbacks on the battlefield," the cable reads, according to The Journal.

Daesh is an alternate name for ISIS, aka the Islamic State or ISIL.

"We are aware of a dissent channel cable written by a group of State Department employees regarding the situation in Syria," State Department spokesman John Kirby told The Wall Street Journal.

"We are reviewing the cable now, which came up very recently, and I am not going to comment on the contents," he said.

The officials who signed the document "range from a Syria desk officer in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs to a former deputy to the American ambassador in Damascus," and have all been involved in formulating or carrying out the administration's Syria policy.

That policy has largely emphasized defeating the Islamic State over bolstering Syria's anti-Assad rebel groups.

According to the American Foreign Service Association, the dissent channel is "a serious policy channel reserved only for consideration of responsible dissenting and alternative views on substantive foreign policy issues that cannot be communicated in a full and timely manner through regular operating channels and procedures."

It is available to all "regular or re-employed annuitant employees" of the State Department and the US Agency for International Development.

The number of officials - at least 50 - who have signed the internal document calling for military action against Assad is unusual, a former State Department official who worked on Middle East policy told The Journal.

"It's embarrassing for the administration to have so many rank-and-file members break on Syria," they said.

The cable calls for the Obama administration to place more emphasis on defeating Assad - whose brutality is seen by many experts as the driver of Syria's jihadist problem - by arming and regaining the trust of Syria's moderate opposition.

That, in turn, will "turn the tide of the conflict against the regime [to] increase the chances for peace by sending a clear signal to the regime and its backers that there will be no military solution to the conflict," the cable reportedly says.

The CIA-backed factions of the Free Syrian Army - the majority of which are Arab and battling forces loyal to Assad - have at times clashed with Pentagon-trained fighters associated with the Syrian Democratic Forces, who are predominantly Kurdish and focused on defeating the Islamic State.

Their divergent military objectives and ethnicities have bred mistrust and fighting that is ultimately counterproductive to the cause of the revolution.

Several high-ranking government officials, moreover - including Robert S. Ford, a former ambassador to Syria, and Obama's former defense secretary, Chuck Hagel - have left their positions over Obama's failure to act decisively against Assad, whose brutality continues to fuel a bloody revolution that has left over 400,000 people dead and millions displaced.

"Many people working on Syria for the State Department have long urged a tougher policy with the Assad government as a means of facilitating arrival at a negotiated political deal to set up a new Syrian government," Ford told The New York Times on Thursday.

"The moral rationale for taking steps to end the deaths and suffering in Syria, after five years of brutal war, is evident and unquestionable," the cable said. " The status quo in Syria will continue to present increasingly dire, if not disastrous, humanitarian, diplomatic and terrorism-related challenges."

by what's a channel cable?replies 10Last Sunday at 10:22 PM

Hoe many pets do you have?

I have one and I can't have another because my cat hates other cats. And I can't imagine having a pet that isn't a cat.

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 10:13 PM

Whatever Happened To Aunt Alice

She's no baby Jane

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 9:52 PM

Bananarama - any fans here?

Keren and Sara are still performing 35 years after they started. And after almost 30 years after Siobhan left.

by Anonymousreplies 95Last Sunday at 9:51 PM

'This heinous crime has been resolved': Mississippi man, 46, is charged with stabbing to death two nuns

Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, of Kosciusko, Mississippi, was charged in the deaths of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill, both 68, Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain said in a statement released late Friday night.

The bodies of both women were discovered Thursday after they failed to show up for work at a clinic in Lexington, Mississippi, about 10 miles from where they lived.

'Sanders was developed as a person of interest early on in the investigation,' Lt. Colonel Jimmy Jordan said in the statement.

'With the cooperation of the Durant and Kosciusko Police Departments, Holmes County Sheriff's Department and the Attorney General Office this heinous crime has been resolved.'

Merrill's nephew, David Merrill, said he learned about the arrest of Sanders early Saturday morning.

He says the family is 'thankful that he's off the streets,' but the family still has to deal with the loss.

David Merrill says he agrees with the idea of forgiveness and trying to forgive the person who killed his aunt and her fellow nun.

But he says he's 'not as strong' as his aunt, and he's not sure if he's 'capable of completely forgiving.'

Authorities said Sanders was being held in an undisclosed detention center pending a court appearance.

State Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain tells The Associated Press that as of Saturday, 'investigators believe Sanders acted alone.'

Meanwhile, in the poverty-stricken Mississippi county where the two nuns were slain, forgiveness for their killer is hard to find, even if forgiveness is what the victims would have wanted.

Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill were nurse practitioners who dedicated their lives to providing health care to people in the poorest county in the state.

And as authorities sought the killer, many residents wondered how they will fill the hole the women's deaths have left.

Both women worked at the clinic, where they gave flu shots, dispensed insulin and provided other medical care for children and adults who couldn't afford it.

Their stolen car was found abandoned a mile from their home, and there were signs of a break-in, but police haven't disclosed a motive.

Authorities have not said how the women were killed, but the Rev. Greg Plata of St. Thomas Catholic Church in Lexington, where the nuns had led Bible study for years, said police told him they were stabbed.

With 44 percent of its residents living in poverty, Holmes is the seventh-poorest county in America, according to the Census Bureau.

The two nuns cultivated relationships with drug company representatives, who often left extra free samples, according to clinic manager Lisa Dew.

'This is a poor area, and they dignified those who are poor with outreach and respect for them,' Plata said. 'They treated each person as a child of God.'


Read it while you can. The American media will sweep this story under the rug.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 9:49 PM

Instagram Fitness Models 3

Brandon Williams

by Anonymousreplies 54Last Sunday at 9:35 PM

Sizemeats Andre The Giant and The Big Show

"Andre was friends with openly gay Pat Patterson. Big Show came out with other WWE Superstars and did a photo shoot supporting marriage equality. Has any one met them in person? In the locker room? Any stories?

How about the late great Sandy Allen? Any stories on her? She was a friend of Michael Jackson, spent lots of time at the San Francisco Guinness Book Of World Records Museum, and told kids it was okay to be different during the last 15 years of her life. I always thought she would have been a DL legend."

by Anonymousreplies 22Last Sunday at 9:34 PM

Waitress, The Musical

At the A.R.T in Cambridge, MA. Anyone see it?

I loved it. Sara B's music/songs are wonderful, Jessie Mueller was fantastic as Jenna, Drew Gehling is adorkable as Dr. Pomatter, Joe Tippett is a fucking stud as Earl.

And I think Jack Noseworthy, and his tight body, were in attendance as well.

by So what did you think?replies 8Last Sunday at 9:32 PM

How Old Was Popeye Supposed To Be?

He looks like he's 60, while Bluto looks in this 30s.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 9:31 PM

Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery

Before a preseason game on Friday, San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. When he explained why, he only spoke about the present: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. … There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Twitter then went predictably nuts, with at least one 49er fan burning Kaepernick’s jersey.

Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today it would be bizarre to expect African American players to stand for the Star Spangled Banner. Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African Americans.

Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the end of the third verse and you’ll see why the Star Spangled Banner is not just a musical atrocity, it’s an intellectual and moral one, too:

[quote] No refuge could save the hireling and slave

[quote] From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

[quote] And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

[quote] O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Star Spangled Banner, Americans hazily remember, was written by Francis Scott Key about the Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore during the War of 1812. But we don’t ever talk about how the War of 1812 was a war of aggression that began with an attempt by the U.S. to grab Canada from the British Empire.

However, we’d wildly overestimated the strength of the U.S. military. By the time of the Battle of Fort McHenry in 1814, the British had counterattacked and overrun Washington, D.C., setting fire to the White House.

And one of the key tactics behind the British military’s success was its active recruitment of American slaves. As a detailed 2014 article in Harper’s explains, the orders given to the Royal Navy’s Admiral Sir George Cockburn read:

[quote] Let the landings you make be more for the protection of the desertion of the Black Population than with a view to any other advantage. … The great point to be attained is the cordial Support of the Black population. With them properly armed & backed with 20,000 British Troops, Mr. Madison will be hurled from his throne.

Whole families found their way to the ships of the British, who accepted everyone and pledged no one would be given back to their “owners.” Adult men were trained to create a regiment called the Colonial Marines, who participated in many of the most important battles, including the August 1814 raid on Washington.

Then on the night of September 13, 1814, the British bombarded Fort McHenry. Key, seeing the fort’s flag the next morning, was inspired to write the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner.

So when Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.

With that in mind, think again about the next two lines: “And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

The reality is that there were human beings fighting for freedom with incredible bravery during the War of 1812. However, the Star Spangled Banner glorifies America’s “triumph” over them — and then turns that reality completely upside down, transforming their killers into the courageous freedom fighters.

After the U.S. and the British signed a peace treaty at the end of 1814, the U.S. government demanded the return of American “property,” which by that point numbered about 6,000 people. The British refused. Most of the 6,000 eventually settled in Canada, with some going to Trinidad, where their descendants are still known as “Merikins.”


by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 9:25 PM

Linda McCartney, Groupie

I did not know Linda was a groupie before she married Paul. The book "Mother of Rock: The Lillian Roxon Story" claims Linda had flings with Tim Buckley and Warren Beatty:

"I remember how impressed I was with her come-on hard-on talents as she sat in front of Mr. B in a mini skirt and her legs in a full wide-angle split for at least six rolls of Ektachrome."

Not bad for rather a homely girl! Who else did Linda bang?

by Anonymousreplies 46Last Sunday at 9:22 PM

Do you think something like Purge night could ever become a reality?

I don't think so. I mean, first of all, how would that night boost the economy?

Second, the insurance company would simply not agree with this. Think of all the damage caused.

Third, and finally, it would stifle growth. I could imagine two people trying out for a spot in the Olympics and one of them killing the other competitor to get the spot. It literally would be an extremely bad thing.

by Anonymousreplies 10Last Sunday at 9:13 PM

What was your favorite Power Rangers series

What was your favorite Power Rangers series, you can pick more then one and who were your favorite rangers.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 8:56 PM

Generally speaking, what do you think is the most reliable car?

cost and reliability combined. I say Toyota. They are cheaper than Hondas and better made. I don't have experience with trucks and SUVs.

by Anonymousreplies 53Last Sunday at 8:54 PM

What are your thoughts on John Oliver?

I watch his show, the free ones on Youtube. It's unfortunate that I don't have cable and have to pay to see his new full episodes.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 8:41 PM

Ice Cube rebukes Trump for lying about endorsement

RT @icecube: Stealing endorsements is not how you become the president of the United States, homie. Leave my name out ya mouth...

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 8:38 PM

Sea-faring trolley dollies reveal truth about life on cruise ships

They started a Reddit thread. Hookups with passengers are a no-no:

User heapsgoods worked on a cruise ship for three years and revealed they had three friends sent home for sleeping with passengers.It's a strict no-no for crew members. The Redditor wrote: 'Essentially you get busted, you have a masters hearing and you're sent home at the next port (on your dime).

'The cruise companies don't want to be liable for anything and rape accusations are all too real. We aren't allowed to take elevator rides with guests if you're the only two people in it either, for the same reason.'

by Anonymousreplies 27Last Sunday at 8:37 PM

Hottest Muscle Dudes and Bodybuilders Thread

Wayne Lucas: Fitness/Muscle Model - Owner of Nutrition King Supplements

by Anonymousreplies 39Last Sunday at 8:32 PM

Who gets the title of "Sleaziest Gay Man in America"?

Bryan Singer?


by Anonymousreplies 30Last Sunday at 8:24 PM

What movies are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to the following movies coming out on DVD:

1. Captain America Civil War 2. Independence Day 3. The Purge Election Year

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 8:21 PM

Besides DL, what forums/sites do you like to read to kill time?

I'm bored of the sites I regularly go on (ONTD and Twitter) I just recently got into reading the Relationships subreddit and it's pretty interesting how insane some people are.

by Anonymousreplies 29Last Sunday at 8:19 PM

Can someone tell me what this season of Ray Donovon is supposed to be about?

I've been watching all season and I don't have a clue what I've watched.

There is this boxer who is fucking his sister. There is some Russian mob thing. The wife has cancer. The boy wants to be a gangster. Bunchy's wife is crazy.

It's not coming together for me. Can anyone help?

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 8:18 PM

Oops! The receptionist left her journal out when she went home.

Of course somebody had to read it.

She had a lot of opinions about everybody, mostly bad. What an uproar! What a lot of hurt and anger! Personally I thought it was hilarious, but she didn't mention me at all.

She was "let go" the next day.

She was kind of a mess anyway and recently attended a staff party clearly fucked up on something.

by Anonymousreplies 23Last Sunday at 8:18 PM

What have you wondered about?

I've wondered about what it feels like to join the cadets (little kid or teenage) armies. I heard that there are a lot of bad things that go on there and do not grieve the fact that I never got the chance to join. But then again the same thing could be said about high school.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 8:17 PM

Benedict Cumberbatch

What's the verdict?

Is he, or isn't he?

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Sunday at 8:11 PM

Vetrano/ Marcotte murder cases may be related

Police hint clues may have similarities.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 8:06 PM

The children of your parents' friends

God they were awful, weren't they? Being thrown together all the time. Kids want to choose their own friends, don't they?

I could fill a page with horrible stories.

But tell us about your experiences of them first.

Did you like them, did you hate them?

by Anonymousreplies 40Last Sunday at 8:05 PM

Jean-Claude Van Damme happily posing with the brother of a convicted terrorist

Jean-Claude's publicist, told Daily Mail Australia on Sunday: 'He had no idea of the guy's brother.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 8:03 PM


So, Wegmans is coming to North Carolina. Everyone is acting like it's the biggest thing since indoor plumbing. What makes it better than Harris Teeter?

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 8:02 PM

How did bodybuilders cope with life before Instagram?

Who did the flex for every day?

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 7:58 PM

Mom killed baby by putting him in refrigerator, police say

What was on his iPod?

by Anonymousreplies 14Last Sunday at 7:53 PM

CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

I realize this show has been around for years but, as always, I am late to the party.

What a great show. Everyone is very calm and serene. No over-the-top reporting. The stories are diverse and I find them interesting and informative.

Bus safety, The Black Keys (?), Cuban BBQ, Guam...they make it all very interesting.

Anyone else a fan to this sweet way to start Sunday mornings?

by Anonymousreplies 217Last Sunday at 7:39 PM

Practising the Moon Landing

Lights, camera, action!

by Anonymousreplies 10Last Sunday at 7:26 PM

Armie HAMmer turns 30 today!

Poor boy - already 30 and still only one hit movie on his resume.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 7:20 PM

Hit and run accidents (in reverse)

I hit someone with my car in a minor little accident. I got out of the car but the people just yelled stuff at me and then left. They never stopped to get my info. They did write down my licence but they never got out of the car or even rolled down the window.

Now what happens?

by Anonymousreplies 15Last Sunday at 7:17 PM

FRAUTRAGE on Etiquette Hell!

An ugly duckling teen girl was asked by her Color Guard coach to do something about her unruly hair so she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, and the Ehell fraus are in hysterics!

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 7:16 PM

Stupid fucking list threads

People who create list threads are so unoriginal and pathetic. Stop wasting everyone's time. If you don't have anything to say, then it is perfectly fine to simply not say anything.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 7:14 PM

My chicken salad

What does DL think of my chicken salad recipe: I use 1 half of a supermarket rotisserie chicken, 1 or 2 green apples, Hellmans mayonnaise, maile honey Dijon mustard, celery seed, black pepper and a little sea salt

by Anonymousreplies 64Last Sunday at 7:12 PM

Nanette Fabray versus Shelley Fabares

Who's more famous? Who's the better actress?

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Sunday at 7:08 PM

Intentionally Crashed Planes

These intentional crashes by pilots who deliberately crash landed their air planes killed hundreds of people, with many more missing and wounded passengers.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 6:59 PM

What is, (or was), your favorite Data Lounge thread?

Let's bring some exposure and traffic to some of these threads! Name those threads which have you coming back to DL over, and over, again! You can post more than once, and hopefully you can link to the thread that you cite and like! That thread may gain some new fans!!! I know that I am curious, and interested, to learn about what others are looking at, and posting on.

So! What is your favorite DL thread???

by Anonymousreplies 268Last Sunday at 6:58 PM

Hot Dudes in Underwear


by Anonymousreplies 45Last Sunday at 6:58 PM

Amazon plans to open up a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Chicago after announcing similar shops in San Diego and Portland

This is a good thing, isn't it?

[quote]'The books in our store are selected based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads, and our curators' assessments.' The website explains: 'To give you more information as you browse, our books are face-out, and under each one is a review card with the customer rating and a review. 'You can read the opinions and assessments of's book-loving customers to help you find great books.'

by Anonymousreplies 27Last Sunday at 6:50 PM
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