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I wanna say something

Beat it you 50 year old mattress!

by Anonymousreplies 1110 hours ago

I feel so butch on the weekends

Watching football and all that jazz.

There’s no VPL like college football QB VPL.

by Anonymousreplies 7610 hours ago

Dena Dietrich from the "It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature" margarine commercials is dead to me!

RIP Mother Nature!

by Anonymousreplies 1110 hours ago

ELECTION 2020 Part 24

Since this just won't end, the threads won't either.

Link to part 23 below

by Anonymousreplies 20610 hours ago

Dirt from the Star Trek: The Next Generation set

I just started re-watching TNG since it's on 24 hours a day. What was the set like? We have a number of tv show trivia experts here-- what do you know about this show?

by Anonymousreplies 25010 hours ago

No Country for Old Men Vs. There Will Be Blood

It feels like these movies will be forever entwined. Which one do DLers prefer?

by Anonymousreplies 410 hours ago

GSA agrees to transition

No, not that way.

by Anonymousreplies 2410 hours ago

Ari Melber is gutting Jenna Ellis like a fish.

It's kind of funny.

by Anonymousreplies 310 hours ago

Madonna shows off her shiny forehead in new selfie

Yet I am sure no one even noticed the shiny forehead. They’re all distracted by everything else wrong with her new face

by Anonymousreplies 1610 hours ago

Asian Muscle Dudes, Part 5 🔥

Damn damn damn

by Anonymousreplies 31210 hours ago


NOTE: Though creating this thread has come after much deliberation, and though I expect it to be met with a level of derision - this is DL, after all - I have decided to go through with it anyway. Weeks ago, I created another thread (“O Ye of Little Faith…”) to spur discourse on prayer, meditation, and contemplation and though it received 19 likes (not many by DL standards, I know), it was stricken.

In either case, I have decided to create this thread to post excerpts from my prayer journal because 1) I firmly believe in the power of prayer and believe more of us need to practice it along with meditation and contemplation; 2) I believe there are several DL members who are receptive to prayer and the discussion of it; and 3) I just want to share my prayers with you all.

As much as I find certain aspects of DL loathsome, I cannot deny that, for the most part, I simply love you cunts and bitches. Your wit, humor, intelligence, and ability to add levity to almost any situation is both admirable and addictive. Though I have periodically had to undergo a “DL purge,” during which I abstain from visiting this forum for prolonged periods of time, I often and inevitably return. I just can’t help being away from you all for so long.

Prayer is a practice we are both called and fall into. It must become for us a daily act as essential and necessary as breathing, consuming a meal, or bathing; as rest or sleep; for it does provide all of those things - and much more - in overflowing abundance. Prayer is an act of withdrawal just as much as it is an act of ultimate liberation.

And with that said, I hope and pray that you receive my prayers with some measure of willingness to understand and accept what I am attempting to do. I also hope it encourages some of you to pick up your own prayer, meditation, and/or contemplation practice. ::sending you all much love and prayers::)


by Anonymousreplies 2210 hours ago

Beached White Whale Blocking Biden's Transition

It might take a mountain to move her out of the way!

by Anonymousreplies 7210 hours ago

Betty Buckley

She sang back-up on Roberta Flack's "Feel Like Making Love" album and once saved Rufus Wainwright from drowning in a hotel pool.

Is there anything this budding ingenue can't do?

by Anonymousreplies 3510 hours ago

COVID vaccine

Will you be taking the one by Soros or Gates?

I kid, I kid.

Seriously, Im going to wait, because a rushed vaccine whose long lasting side effects are unknown doesn't seem like a good idea.

by Anonymousreplies 23710 hours ago

Can 'Big Sky' Survive After That Ryan Phillippe Twist?

*Spoiler Alert*

For weeks now, ABC has been busy promoting its new fall series “Big Sky.” Teasers ran on Instagram feeds, ads popped up online and trailers debuted during commercial breaks for “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Bachelorette.”

The mystery thriller, from esteemed television creator David E. Kelley, follows a group of detectives hunting down a kidnapping truck driver in Helena, Montana.

And, in case you missed it, the show stars Ryan Phillippe.

Aside from the occasional guest spot, Phillippe, ’90s heartthrob of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Cruel Intentions” fame, hasn’t been seen on network TV since his role as Ben Crawford in 2015′s “Secrets and Lies.” So, understandably, his casting in the Kelley drama sparked interest among stuck-at-home viewers.

Leigh Blickley·Senior Entertainment Reporter, HuffPost Wed, November 18, 2020, 5:19 AM HST ABC's "Big Sky" stars Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt, Ryan Phillippe as Cody Hoyt, and Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell. (Photo: ABC/Kharen Hill) ABC's "Big Sky" stars Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt, Ryan Phillippe as Cody Hoyt, and Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell. (Photo: ABC/Kharen Hill) For weeks now, ABC has been busy promoting its new fall series “Big Sky.” Teasers ran on Instagram feeds, ads popped up online and trailers debuted during commercial breaks for “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Bachelorette.”

The mystery thriller, from esteemed television creator David E. Kelley, follows a group of detectives hunting down a kidnapping truck driver in Helena, Montana.

And, in case you missed it, the show stars Ryan Phillippe.

Aside from the occasional guest spot, Phillippe, ’90s heartthrob of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Cruel Intentions” fame, hasn’t been seen on network TV since his role as Ben Crawford in 2015′s “Secrets and Lies.” So, understandably, his casting in the Kelley drama sparked interest among stuck-at-home viewers.


“Get your first look at Ryan Phillippe in David E. Kelley’s ‘Big Sky,’” an Entertainment Weekly headline read. “You’ll Be Hooked On This Love Triangle In Ryan Phillippe’s Thriller ‘Big Sky’: Watch a Sneak Peek,” E! Online wrote. “Does Ryan Phillippe’s new drama Big Sky hit the mark?” Digital Spy asked.

“It’s a cliffhanger, this show,” Phillippe warned during one of his many press interviews ahead of the Tuesday night debut of “Big Sky.” “It’s an edge of your seat, you can’t wait for the next episode, lots of twists and turns [show].”

The 46-year-old plays Cody Hoyt, a private investigator working alongside fellow detective Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and his estranged wife, ex-cop Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), as they search for two missing sisters (Natalie Alyn Lind and Jade Pettyjohn). Soon, they learn the women aren’t the only ones to disappear off a certain remote highway, leading Cody to meet up with state trooper Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) to learn more about the area.

Then, Cody dies.

Yes, Phillippe’s character is shot and killed by undercover bad guy Legarski in a “Game of Thrones”-like twist. Only, “Big Sky” isn’t “Game of Thrones.”

The closing moment of the pilot episode was almost irritating, and left Phillippe followers, understandably, reeling.

The death didn’t surprise everyone, though. Not only is “Big Sky” based on C.J. Box’s Cassie Dewell novels, those who tuned into “Good Morning America” live on Tuesday morning were prematurely spoiled when Bunbury accidentally said she was “shocked” to learn the writers kill off Phillippe.

“I also had some deep thoughts about what his fans are going to think about it,” she reportedly said as a flabbergasted Phillippe and Winnick reacted via video call. The interview was edited to remove Bunbury’s comments.

by Anonymousreplies 510 hours ago

what is the point of middle names ?


by Anonymousreplies 7210 hours ago

Yosemite National Park

I want to go in spring. Worth it? Do any DLers have any tips?

by Anonymousreplies 10510 hours ago

Looks Like Biden Is Going To Give Buttigieg Table Scraps.

God forbid you give a rising democratic star under 40 something solid on his resume, instead it will be something like VA which is a headache and a dead end politically.

by Anonymousreplies 30610 hours ago

THEATRE GOSSIP #405: The "Chad Kimball Makes a Cow's Ass of Himself" Edition

Breaking News- Chad Kimball has been losing his shit on Twitter, quoting scripture and railing against those who will not allow him to sing in church. The theater kids go ballistic. Further digging finds Kimball is following several QAnon'ers.

by Anonymousreplies 53710 hours ago

Would you dare serve pizza at Thanksgiving?

I'm hosting my family and I'm quite tempted to just call for pizza and salad. My treat but why not make life easy?

by Anonymousreplies 7810 hours ago

Tasteful friends, found us a beauty!

In booming Johnstown, PA!

by Anonymousreplies 27810 hours ago

So, who would YOU have cast for the two leads in Call Me by Your Name?

you gurls are so snarky about Armie & Timmy, so come up with better casting for the remake.

by Producerreplies 7410 hours ago

Do you remember this?

When Willard Scott gave the weather report dressed as Boy George on the Today Show circa 1985.

by Anonymousreplies 910 hours ago

'We blew it': U.S. reaches 'explosive' COVID-19 spread as virus is nearly impossible to control

With COVID-19 cases increasing in 46 states, 10 of which broke single-day records for new cases on Thursday, America has officially entered what experts refer to as the “exponential” phase of spread — a rapid multiplying of cases that can’t be contained through traditional measures. On Thursday alone, the U.S. saw 160,000 new cases of the virus, more than any day since the pandemic began.

In California, the second state to surpass 1 million cases, thousands of people in cars lined up at Dodger Stadium on Thursday to get tested; in parts of Washington state, individuals waited four to five hours.

The current spike in cases — which some states are calling a third wave — has brought more than 100,000 new cases a day since Nov. 4. But that’s not counting those that may be going undetected. “We have widespread, uncontrolled COVID-19 in many parts of the country,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “And we know the cases reported are an underestimate of what is out there ... we’re missing many cases because people aren’t getting tested. So the true number is much higher than what we’re actually seeing.”

Adalja says that exponential spread means a virus is no longer increasing on a linear scale but is instead spiking at a rapid rate. Dr. Oguzhan Alagoz, an engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who models the spread of infectious diseases, agrees, saying exponential spread refers to an “unbelievably high growth rate.” In this case, that means new COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country are doubling or tripling each week. Part of this, he says, is due to the fact that COVID-19 seems more contagious than other viruses.

With influenza, for example, the R0 (basic reproductive number) — or the average number of people to whom someone spreads a virus — is one to two. With COVID-19, the R0 number has hovered around three. “So say if I infect three people, those three people are going to each infect another three people, and those three are going to infect another three,” Alagoz explains. “This is why it’s multiplying in such a short time.”

Looking closely at the numbers in the U.S., it’s not hard to find examples of exponential spread, both on the national level and among individual states.

According to the COVID Tracking Project, the U.S. surpassed 5 million cases of COVID-19 on Aug. 9, but by Nov. 9 had nearly eclipsed 10 million. In Wisconsin — one of the hardest-hit states — the average number of new cases a day went from 2,800 in early October to nearly triple that this week. In Michigan, another Midwestern state recently affected by the pandemic, active hospitalizations went from 669 in early October to more than 2,000 this week, filling up intensive care units and leading Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to declare it a “dire” situation.

In North Dakota, where a motorcycle rally of nearly 500,000 people in neighboring South Dakota is believed to have set off an outbreak, average daily cases have gone from 400 in early October to 1,800 a day this week. Adalja says spikes like this are dangerous. “When you see an outbreak, it may not necessarily begin with exponential spread, but once you start to get a critical number of cases, then the spread really just takes off in a way that’s really explosive,” he says. “It is a particularly worrisome type of spread because it becomes very hard to control when you’re in that type of a phase of growth.”

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, agrees that the U.S. has reached a new level in the pandemic. “The virus is spreading rampantly. I’ve heard someone refer to it as ‘volcanic’ and I think that’s accurate.” Schaffner says that COVID fatigue is likely playing a role, with individuals becoming more lax with social distancing and mask wearing.

by Anonymousreplies 24210 hours ago

GSA Head Emily Murphy Finally Signs The Transition Letter

Look for the sow to be fired before she goes to bed tonight.

by Anonymousreplies 110 hours ago

Live: Michigan Board of State Canvassers Certification Meeting

Sorry if link has been posted somewhere. I searched and scrolled. Currently streaming.

by Anonymousreplies 1410 hours ago

Coronavirus Megathread 3: There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)

Please continue all things COVID and feel free to actually allow that small glimmer of hope take root.

by Anonymousreplies 58310 hours ago

Depraved lush Armie Hammer embraces new identity by growing pervert mustache

“C’mere little girl! I got candy!”

by Anonymousreplies 21510 hours ago

Kylie Minogue STILL Gives the Gays What They Want

Our first thread dedicated to the DISCO era of Kylie Minogue has already filled up. Let's celebrate Kylie's 15th studio album. DISCO = gay rights!

by Anonymousreplies 11210 hours ago

Trevor Donovan is he apart of the team?!

He’s to sexy to be single and apparently still is. I’ve never really seen a female on his IG feed, in stories or pics. He always takes pics of his dogs and there is always a male normally taking his videos. Anyone know his story?

by Anonymousreplies 27310 hours ago

Tasteful Friends: All this and Staten Island too

Price reduced!

by Anonymousreplies 1610 hours ago

Star Trek: Discovery (Season 3)

It’s back. Six episodes in and I am still in love.


by Anonymousreplies 110 hours ago

MSNBC - Part 19

It's still all about Vaughn.

Biden will be President.

Pelosi will be Speaker.

Stay tuned!

by Anonymousreplies 29510 hours ago

What Is The Most NSFW or Shocking Thing to Happen at Your High School?

UInspired by a couple of Reddit threads.

When I was in high school, an albino classmate raped a nun in front of the Roman Catholic church at about 2 in the afternoon. He was caught and put away and we never saw him again.

by Anonymousreplies 7210 hours ago

Did you ever see "Voyage Of The Damned" (1976)?

Faye really was excellent in it. Makes me see her with different eyes.

Tragic true story.

by Anonymousreplies 5310 hours ago

Marilyn Monroe dyed her carpet to match drapes

Anecdote from Kenneth Batelle, hair stylist: "...they shared an intimate styling moment together after a film exec spilled Champagne on her beige silk dress, rendering it transparent.

“You could see everything, like she was in a wet T-shirt,” he said. “She was going to throw the mink coat over the stains for the press conference, but I told her that if she wasn’t changing her dress, she should at least put on some underwear.”

But Monroe didn’t want to wear panties, since they would show through her dress, so Battelle thought up another solution.

“I said, ‘I hear Jean Harlow didn’t wear underwear, either — but she used to bleach her [pubic] hair so it wouldn’t show through,’ ” he said. “So I went downstairs to the hotel drugstore and bought her powdered milk of magnesia, 20% peroxide and spirits of ammonia. It’s a very old formula for decolorizing hair. I told her, ‘Now go in the bathroom and bleach.’ Nothing showed through when they switched on those bright lights.”

by Anonymousreplies 25110 hours ago

Let's be an episode of The Twilight Zone.

I'm the atomic war that has devastated the earth.

by Anonymousreplies 25210 hours ago

La Belle Farrow shares new selfie

She’s having too much fun with filters.

by Anonymousreplies 3310 hours ago

Max Gail

Beefy actor best known as Stan "Wojo" Wojciehowicz on "Barney Miiier". Here's a clip of him in short-shorts from the 1980 TV movie "The Aliens are Coming". Woof!

by Anonymousreplies 58010 hours ago


What is your favorite form of escapism these days, the thing you do to run away from the horrors of a 2020 reality? I'm turning to Game Of Thrones. What about you?

by Anonymousreplies 3910 hours ago

John Belushi

Just watched a doc on him on Showtime. I don't really get it. I understand he had ambition and was fearless. But was he really all that funny? If so, what am I missing?

What am I missing for those here that were young during his heyday? (For the record, I think his contemporaries Gilda Radner and Bill Murray are comic geniuses.)

by Anonymousreplies 7011 hours ago

We need a Marshall Plan for Middle America

Mayors from four states: KY, PA, OH, and West VA, says we need billion to rebuild a decaying Middle America,

But these states, in 2016, voted for Trump. Didn't he make America Great Again? Didn't he get them huge increases in coal mining and manufacturing, like he promised?

No? Then why did three out of the four voted for Trump AGAIN in 2020???

You get what you voted for. FUCKING POVERTY

by Anonymousreplies 3811 hours ago

Trump campaign dumps Sasquatch Sidney Powell from legal team

She's fired!

by Anonymousreplies 11411 hours ago

How the Reagans fooled America. The film I've been waiting for. What took it so long?

The Reagans, a new four-part documentary airing on Showtime, pinpoints this flair for PR as the genesis of Ronald Reagan’s swift rise in government and the secret to his administration’s sweeping popularity within the Republican party. The 40th commander-in-chief and his first lady, Nancy Reagan, exercised a then-unprecedented degree of control over how they were seen, and for it, they were anointed as the new saviors of the rightwing way of life during their stint in the White House during the ‘80s. “More than any modern president, the myth-making around Ronald and Nancy Reagan has been extensive and effective,” series director Matt Tyrnauer tells the Guardian from his home in Los Angeles. “They created a false image that doesn’t conform with reality, one that is only now being fully examined.”

by Anonymousreplies 23111 hours ago

Quoting posts for a linguistic study (female pronouns)

Hello, I hope you are all keeping well. I am a Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics student at the University of Oxford, researching how contemporary cisgender gay men use female pronouns for themselves/other men, as well as other contemporary gay men’s attitudes towards this pronoun-usage. I have seen that this has been a frequent topic of discussion on this forum and I was therefore interested in analysing some of the forum’s posts. In particular, I was hoping to directly quote anonymously made posts from the following threads in my research (I am not able to directly link them due to a recurring error message, but the threads can be easily found through a Google quote search): "Gay guys using female pronouns??" "Gay men.... do you refer to your gay male friends using the feminine pronouns?" "Tops using feminine pronouns for bottoms" "She thinks she's cute today!" "Referring to other gay men as "ladies" or using feminine pronouns is one of the most self-hating things you can do" As most of the users of this forum are anonymous, I cannot get in touch with anyone directly to ask for consent to directly quote their posts in my research. However, if you posted anonymously in any of these threads and do not want your post to be used, please email me at and inform me of your post(s), and I will happily exclude them from the study. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to get in touch with me either here or via email. I would also be eager to hear the community’s opinions on this potential post-usage. Have a nice day!

by Anonymousreplies 1111 hours ago

Wig Out: The Undoing (2020) Part 2

Continue the discussion of everyone's favorite craptastic HBO show.

by Brought to you by Juvedermreplies 13311 hours ago

Catching a Smart Mama Cat

Oh Cat People of DL, I am desirous of your input!

In the summer, we had a mama kitty show up at our house with two kittens, literally crying/begging for food on our front porch. We of course provided, so Mama and babies moved in under the porch. The mama is less feral, but still very quick and you can't really touch her. The babies are more feral.

This past weekend, I was able to trap the babies and get them to the vet to be spayed (turns out we had to little girls - sooo glad they are now spayed!) but Mama wouldn't go near the traps we had set, even when I put stinky sardines leading up to them and in them. THEN, she witnessed her two babies get trapped so she isn't going near these traps as far as I can tell.

Since she's the source of the problem (more kittens soon if we don't do something!), I'm getting increasingly anxious about finding a way to catch her to get her fixed.

This is our weekend house out in the country, so there aren't any nonprofit services or anything like that to access.

Any pointers or any resources you could share in how to snag this pretty Mama and get her fixed? She's had enough babies.

by Anonymousreplies 911 hours ago

The Crown Season 4 - Official Watch Party Thread - Part III

I'm back on my Diana bullshit and couldn't be happier.

by Anonymousreplies 20711 hours ago

Men who hate women: A new book takes us deep into online misogyny

Bates spent 18 months “wading through bile” in the online 'manosphere'.

“Imagine a world in which the hatred of women is actively encouraged, with sprawling, purpose-built communities of men dedicated to fuelling and inflaming the cause… a world in which thousands of men band together, demonising and railing against evil, soulless, greedy women, graphically plotting their rape and destruction. Imagine a world in which some men actually enact such fantasies… a world in which vulnerable men, lost boys, and confused, scared teenagers are swept up and preyed upon by such communities.”

Where are we? A Margaret Atwood dystopia? Nope.

"You don’t have to imagine this world," writes Laura Bates in her new book, Men Who Hate Women. “You already live in it.” Bates founded the Everyday Sexism Project in 2012, and published her first book, Everyday Sexism, in 2014. Her second, Men Who Hate Women, takes us deep into online misogyny, and how it spreads outwards, to teenage boys, to mainstream media, to the White House. It is a shattering read, because when we think about violent, online misogyny, we assume it’s just a handful of creepy losers at the far end of the internet. It’s not.

"What if our desensitisation to low-level, ubiquitous misogyny is preventing us from recognising a full-blown crisis?" asks Bates. Yet, increasingly, mainstream male attitudes are changing, with men now more likely to view themselves not as perpetrators, but as victims. (The Me Too movement, for example, elicited 12m responses from women, but resulted in consequences for only a few hundred men, yet was deemed a witch hunt by the BBC and other mainstream media outlets.)

Bates spent 18 months "wading through bile" in the online manosphere, to places far beyond low level. Posing as Alex, "a disillusioned, young white man…not a hardened misogynist, just a bored guy surfing the internet," she encountered the incel community.

Incels are 'involuntary celibates': Men who are not having sex with women and who subsequently hate women, whom they refer to as 'foids', that is female humanoids. (At no point do these guys join the dots between their misogyny and their celibacy, because they are too busy posting female-directed hate.) They number in their tens of thousands, have forums, podcasts, chatrooms, and YouTube channels. They are almost exclusively white Americans, Canadians, Australians, British; they believe the world is a gynocracy, "a feminist conspiracy and a deeply rigged sexual market place". They use extensive jargon. They hate women, they hate men who have relationships with women, and they hate themselves. Common threads include, 'Should women be considered human?'; 'All women are whores'; 'Women are not sentient'; 'Why I support the legalisation of rape.' The owner of one incel site, which promoted rape, incest, and acid attacks on women, turned out to be a married, 37-year-old father, an accountant and pro-Trump congressional candidate from Virginia.

There have been several incel mass shootings, most infamously the Parkland Florida high-school massacre: The gunman was 'inspired' by an earlier incel killer; such murderers become deified within the incel community, while being treated as disturbed loners by the law, rather than as actual terrorists. "I will slaughter every single, spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut I see," one mass murderer posted on YouTube. He did just that, at the University of California in 2014. His upload has been viewed more than 1.5m times and liked almost 10,000 times. A month later, a teenager in the UK attempted to murder three women with a knife, writing in his diary how he wanted "revenge" against women because he was a virgin.

by Anonymousreplies 511 hours ago

Actors Who Are Only Sexy in Character

Jon Hamm as Don Draper.

by Anonymousreplies 711 hours ago

Non-Holiday Music Titles In Your Holiday Playlist

What are they? I collect film scores, and added both Danny Elfman's "Batman Returns" score, and Stanley Myers' suite from "The Witches" (1990) to my holiday season playlist years ago. Myers' suite is warm, whimsical, upbeat, and even a bit cold, dark & mysterious. That describes a lot of scores, but it definitely applies here, which is why I believe it's perfectly suited to a holiday music playlist.

by Anonymousreplies 011 hours ago

Has anyone noticed bighorn sheep throwing bones into the air? Just checking.

[bold]Helicopter pilot finds 'strange' monolith in remote part of Utah

State employee spotted mysterious metal structure amid red rocks while counting bighorn sheep[/bold]

A mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of Utah, after being spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter.

The structure, estimated at between 10ft and 12ft high (about 3 metres), appeared to be planted in the ground. It was made from some sort of metal, its shine in sharp contrast to the enormous red rocks which surrounded it.

Utah’s highway patrol shared images of both the sheep and the monolith.

more at link, please, watch the video, at least the part about turning around

by Anonymousreplies 811 hours ago

America’s Favorite Fast Food Chains by State 🍔🍟🥤

What is your state’s favorite? 🤤🤗

by 🌮replies 2511 hours ago

The Black Male Porn Star, Part 4 💪🏿

Part 3 is almost full

Damn Jacen Zhu is getting THICK. Id be smacking that pretty ass! 🤚🏽🍑

by Anonymousreplies 011 hours ago

It's time someone said this to the Jews

OMG. Chocolate Babka. OMG. Just had it for the first time. It's just. It's I wanna convert.

by Anonymousreplies 4111 hours ago

Am I never going to have another boyfriend for the rest of my life?

My bad points: I’m old, semi-broke, average looking to ugly, huge nose, soft belly, undisciplined, a pathological procrastinator, positively addicted to reading to the point where I ignore my responsibilities.

My good points: I’m kind to people and animals, I make the best breakfasts, I have a generous spirit, I can walk for hours without getting tired, I get big and hard very easily, I slay on Jeopardy, I have great color sense and an uncanny sense of direction, I’m positively addicted to reading to the point where I ignore my responsibilities.

Really want someone to hold and to hold me as we fall asleep.

by Anonymousreplies 2411 hours ago

I'm straight but I'm addicted to this forum.

Sometimes I wonder what I did with my life.

by Anonymousreplies 3911 hours ago

Florida man saves his puppy dragged into water by gator - video

'Instinct just took over and adrenaline kicked in,' said Richard Wilbanks, who jumped up from his backyard chair for the rescue.

So what act of heroism have you performed lately to save your pet?

by Anonymousreplies 1611 hours ago

Coronavirus Megathread 4: The Last DLers on Earth

As the weeks go by, more and more I feel as if all of us in these threads are Vincent Price and everyone else is the infectious living dead.

Carry on.

by Anonymousreplies 111 hours ago

Tasteful Friends, what do you think of this Galveston home?

I’m obsessed with the QEII wallpaper.

by Anonymousreplies 4911 hours ago

That Port Charles Show

All the mayhem, all the tears.

Maybe not enough sex (or reptiles) but it sure has been hopping lately.

Carry on, Chucksters.

by Bisous, chatons!replies 9711 hours ago

When it comes to coronavirus, U.S. media coverage is far more negative than elsewhere, university researchers conclude

“The U.S. media are in this bizarre and impossible situation where you have this person in the White House doing these unusual things. And they feel compelled to cover it. At the same time, we don’t think of this as a Trump effect; we really think this is broader than that."

by Anonymousreplies 811 hours ago

What are your perceptions of non-Western art? Any favorite pieces?

I have never studied art history formally, but I know something about Italian and Northern Renaissance paintings and book illustrations, and a little about medieval manuscripts.

I have looked at a lot of Chinese art and now I'm onto art of the Persian and Mughal Empires. Chinese art, at least for me, is an acquired taste. In particular, the use of perspective is so different from European Renaissance painting and it really requires a shift in expectation on the part of the viewer. I really like Chinese painting now, especially of the Ming and Qing dynasties. (Tang, Song, and anything earlier I don't like quite as much.)

For whatever reason, I am not warming to Persian and Mughal (below) art. I'm not sure why ... something about it -- the colors? -- grates. Maybe I just haven't looked at enough. And I admit I am very ignorant of its art historical context. Sometimes I wonder if I've been unconsciously conditioned to look at all art through a Western perspective and it negatively impacts my taste.

What are some of your favorite pieces of non-Western art, DL? Help me expand my horizons.

by Anonymousreplies 4711 hours ago

Conservatives are flocking to Parler, the new social media app. Millions, in fact.

Amid claims of social media platforms stifling free speech, a new challenger called Parler is drawing attention for its anti-censorship stance.

Debates surroundings free speech and censorship have taken centre stage in recent months. In May, Twitter started adding fact-check labels to tweets from Donald Trump.

More recently, Reddit permanently removed its largest community of Trump supporters.

In this climate, Parler presents itself as a “non-biased, free speech driven” alternative to Twitter. Here’s what you should know about the US-based startup.

Parler reports more than 1.5 million users and is growing in popularity, especially as Twitter and other social media giants crackdown on misinformation and violent content. [bold](OP note: On Sunday 7/12, Parler CEO John Matze gave an interview on Breitbart's SiriusXM program and said they added around a million more users in the last 2 weeks. They are hovering around 3 million now.)[/bold]

Parler’s main selling point is its claim it embraces freedom of speech and has minimal moderation. “If you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler”, founder John Matze explains.

This branding effort capitalises on allegations competitors such as Twitter and Facebook unfairly censor content and discriminate against right-wing political speech.

While other platforms often employ fact checkers, or third-party editorial boards, Parler claims to moderate content based on American Federal Communications Commission guidelines and Supreme Court rulings.

So if someone shared demonstrably false information on Parler, Matze said it would be up to other users to fact-check them “organically”.

by Anonymousreplies 16811 hours ago

Trump tweets then deletes tweet saying “They will have to drag me out of the White House!”

This is the leader they follow? I can’t. He’s pathetic.


by Anonymousreplies 8611 hours ago

I want to be tied down and fucked HARD by 100 men

anyone want to help make it happen for me?

by Anonymousreplies 911 hours ago

Shawn Mendes Documentary “In Wonder” being torn apart by critics

It has a 33% Critics Score on Rottentomatoes

I guess him showing his tits couldn’t even save this mess of a documentary.

At least he looks good and we get to see a glimpse of his life with Camila.

by Anonymousreplies 1311 hours ago

Positive Threads About Black People

Name one.

by or a positive one that didn't descend into race-bashingreplies 5811 hours ago

Netflix "The Queen's Gambit"

Did anyone manage to catch it?

I thought it was a great show to binge since it was only 7 episodes. I don't know anything about chess but in a way it didn't require you to. It wasn't perfect but as Time Magazine said it's the kind of show that people don't make anymore. It was satisfying to finish.

by Anonymousreplies 18411 hours ago

Goodbye to Gay Rights!

[quote] People aren't talking nearly enough about the Equality Act that Biden says he'll enact within 100 days of taking office.

[quote] This act changes the definition of "sex" in the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include "gender identity." This will make all sex-based rights impossible to enforce.

by Anonymousreplies 21511 hours ago

Zachary Quinto Shows Off His Six Pack & Feet

What a slut

by Anonymousreplies 1811 hours ago

WHET Beth Raines?

The other thread was Murieled. Let's continue our discussions and remembrances of the wonderful towns of Springfield and Oakdale.

by Anonymousreplies 7211 hours ago

This Student Teacher In My Art Class Is Effeminate And I Can't Tell If He's Gay Or Trans FTM

It's really really hard to tell. How do I figure this out?

by Anonymousreplies 1011 hours ago

Diane Downs vs Ann Rule - Oprah

This is quite a performance.

by Anonymousreplies 1111 hours ago

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber release song together called “Monster”

It’s shit.

by Anonymousreplies 211 hours ago

Our Froy is a Fendi ambassador now

She’s moving up in the world. I wonder why? Wink wink

by Anonymousreplies 24711 hours ago

DL Fave/Stefoknee Wolscht cosplayer Emily Murphy is having a BREAKDOWN!

Won’t somebody from the Hostess Bakery please send her a care package?

by Anonymousreplies 6111 hours ago

Fellow eldergays, tomorrow is the 57th anniversary of one of the most memorable events in our lives

Please share your recollections to enlighten those who came after us.

by Anonymousreplies 6011 hours ago

Do you like Swiss people?

I think I don't. At least the German speaking ones. I think they are arrogant, boorish, boring and stuck up. I also slightly dislike Swedes and Dutchies due to their arrogance in the pandemic.

by Anonymousreplies 5311 hours ago

Mary Lou Retton is an obnoxious frau on Instagram!

Posting endless famewhoring selfies, bragging about her daughters and her perfect life. She's a mug cradler for sure!

How does she have 65,000 followers?

by Anonymousreplies 11811 hours ago

Matt Bomer shares terrifying family portrait

Oh, Duckling.

Was it done on velvet?

by Anonymousreplies 3111 hours ago

So what is Biden like as a person?

If this has been discussed as nauseum, you make have me flogged in the public square of Gaytown by a sweaty muscular brute.

If not, shoot.

by Anonymousreplies 3411 hours ago

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 - Official Thread

This crap fest will be airing in a little over a month (October, according to rumors).

No Vicki, no Tamrat. Will Emily and Cro-Magnon finally split? Will swingers Braunwyn and her husband renew their vows? (Newsflash: they will.) Will Shannon drive away her beady-eyed, closeted boyfriend? Will Gina enter rehab for her obvious coke problem? Will Kelly be fired for being a horrible, Trump-fellating human being? Can Dr. Deb please stay the fuck off my TV screen?

by Brooks's Meaty Cock replies 27011 hours ago

Supernatural - Part 25

The end of the road.

The end of the journey.

And a two-hour series finale, next Thursday November 19.

by Anonymousreplies 24011 hours ago

Chris Hemsworth is JACK'D on Instagram

Does this make you horny, baby?


by Austin Powersreplies 1411 hours ago

Forgiving student loans should only be for certain degrees

STEM degrees, nursing, etc.

But my friend who spent 75K on an MFA in Acting and actually got a few jobs and a major movie role but quit because making a movie was "too boring."

She needs to keep paying without any govt. help.

by Anonymousreplies 10111 hours ago

Michael Yerger 🔥

I feel like we don't talk about him enough here. He has all the makings of a DL legend, smoking hot, immersed in LGBT drama and rumors, fancy lifestyle despite no real job, etc etc, hunty!

I guess since he has been a subtopic of other threads, his name doesn't come up more often.

by Anonymousreplies 6411 hours ago

General Recipe Sharing and Discussion Thread

I know that a lot of my fellow Dataloungers are doing more cooking and baking these days, so let's share some of our successes and failures.

Some things I've made lately: Cook's Country's Slow Cooker Sausage Ragu (delicious and easy.)

Pioneer Woman's Brown Butter Crispies (OK, but kind of dry.)

Chocolate Malt Ice Cream with Malt Ball Crunch (VERY good.)

I'm making Emeril's Chicken Gumbo this weekend. I just finished the "Rich Chicken Broth"; will make the gumbo tomorrow.

Things I'm considering making in the future:

Lahm Bi Ajeen (from the current issue of Food Network magazine)

Swiss Steak

Alfajores (Argentine sandwich cookies)

Spaghetti w/Pancetta & Ricotta

Sourdough Bread


Deep-Fried Turkey

Please share your experiences!

by Anonymousreplies 14211 hours ago

Let's speculate wildly! How would Princess Diana treat her daughters-in-law?

My guess: Initially, she would have been tolerant of Kate, who would defer to her, but at passive-aggressive war with Carole Middleton, which would reach a boil during wedding planning.

She'd "act" as a champion of Meghan in the early stages of the courtship. Maybe even support her through all the Markle family mess pre-/post-wedding. But there's no way in hell she'd let that minor-league drama queen usurp her major-league drama queen throne in the long run.

God, I wish she was still alive! I miss her crazy-ass nonsense.

by Anonymousreplies 1611 hours ago

Let's cast the Trump Family Christmas Variety Show!

Ricky Schroeder and Kyle Rittenhouse will cover the David Bowie/Bing Crosby version of the Little Drummer Boy

Judge Box of Wine will do a dramatic presentation on how Antifa will never force her to say Happy Holidays

Melania will hang a few wreaths, then mutter that she doesn't give a fuck about Christmas and walk off the set in a huff

by Anonymousreplies 2011 hours ago

Secret plans helped Brooklyn synagogue defy Cuomo to pull off 7000 person maskless wedding.

A Hasidic wedding in Brooklyn slipped under the radar of city officials as it crammed 7,000 maskless people into a synagogue in defiance of Governor Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus restrictions.

On November 8, crowds gathered shoulder to shoulder in the Yetev Lev temple in Williamsburg to celebrate the nuptials of Yoel Teitelbaum, grandson of Satmar Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelman.

To keep the celebration under wraps, the community shared information on the wedding only by word of mouth as organizers schemed to avoid it being broken up by 'the ravenous press and government officials'.

The crowd crammed into the wedding even as coronavirus cases in the city and state rise and Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cuomo threaten further lockdowns if the outbreak isn't taken back under control.

by Anonymousreplies 3811 hours ago

CDC Alert: Don't travel for Thanksgiving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that Americans stay put for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and celebrate only with their immediate households to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“CDC is recommending against travel during the Thanksgiving period,” Dr. Henry Walke, the CDC’s COVID-19 incident manager, said in a press conference Thursday. “For Americans who decide to travel, CDC recommends doing so as safely as possible by following the same recommendations for everyday living.”

The official announcement is a “strong recommendation” and not a mandate required by law, but aims to serve in the interest of public health at a time when cases are rising at an alarming pace across the country, hospitalizations are reaching new peaks, and the death toll surpassed 250,000 this week.

“From an individual household level, what’s at stake is basically an increased chance of one of your loved ones becoming sick, and then hospitalized, and dying,” Dr. Walke said. “We certainly don’t want to see that happen. These times are tough. It’s been a long outbreak.”

Thursday’s announcement is also stricter than the agency’s prior suggestions for group gatherings that were criticized by leading physicians, who felt the guidelines were unrealistic and lacked a definitive stance, therefore setting the country up for another massive case spike.

Dr. Dara Kass, associate professor of emergency medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, has been vocal about her opposition to those suggestions, saying they gave “permission for people to be exceptions to the rule,” rather than “hard stops” and a “clear case of rules that people need to follow.”

During the pandemic, Dr. Kass noted that the CDC has made a habit of rolling back its own suggestions regarding public health and safety. This latest announcement comes just a week before Thanksgiving and just before the travel rush kicks off.

“I don't have time to wait for a retraction,” Dr. Kass said.

For those who already made plans but are now reconsidering how to spend the holiday, there’s time to recoup some financial losses. Major U.S. airlines like American Airlines, Delta, and United are honoring refunds, free change fees, or providing customers credits for future travel. Amtrak is also waiving change fees for reservations booked by Dec. 31.

by Anonymousreplies 3611 hours ago

Dateline Genoa City: Nikki Newman in quarantine

The poor dear can't go to the hairdresser and clearly, her wig game is NOT on point.

by Anonymousreplies 33411 hours ago

Need Practicing RN/NP Advice

My husband needs a cardiac cathertization. I haven’t worked in a hospital in 20 years, but back then we only did cardiac caths at hospitals where they did heart surgery. My husband is raring to go get his cath at a local community hospital on eastern Long Island. I’d rather he go to one of the hospitals that do heart surgery. Is cardiac cath a much safer procedure now? We used to have an on-call OR room when we did caths in case of dissection

by Anonymousreplies 211 hours ago

GOP asshole Steve King demands to know if Kamala Harris is descended from slaves

I hate this guy

by Anonymousreplies 611 hours ago

The new Rose Garden sculpture

A Noguchi. I kind of like it.

by Anonymousreplies 3912 hours ago

Why wasn't the Queen a good mother?

I'm not surprised that Philip was not a particularly good parent, since his parents were always absent and his father didn't care for him. But I am surprised the Queen was not better since her own parents were so warm and loving to her. Unless the stories of her family holed up together at Windsor during the war were just propaganda, she had the example of what it was like to have parents who spent time with their children and were kind and supportive to their children.

It cannot be just because she was so busy as queen--Diana was a great parent to her boys (except for forgetting to buckle up that one crucial time), and William and Kate have seemed attentive and loving towards their own kids.

by Anonymousreplies 4012 hours ago


Who still uses DVDs? I don’t think I’ve touched one in a while, although I keep my Eames films DVDs, just in case.

by Anonymousreplies 27212 hours ago

Parler freaks call for Georgia runoff election boycott

Best news I’ve read all day!

by Anonymousreplies 7812 hours ago

After Thanksgiving

Do you think there will be a COVID explosion of nuclear proportion? I do.

by Anonymousreplies 912 hours ago

Fitness Model Matt Sabatino 🔥

Fine AF

by Anonymousreplies 1612 hours ago

Is this holiday gift adorbs squee or tacky?

It's for my sister, who is somewhat of a suburban Frau. She collects snowmen. It's Thomas Kinkade, whose company apparently makes lots of wintery things.

"This molded crystal snowman inspired by renowned holiday artist Thomas Kinkade’s original artwork displays a twinkling winter scene encircled by a miniature moving train. A three-dimensional, handpainted winter tableau inside the snowman depicts snowcapped Victorian homes with illuminated windows, an “icy” pond, and holiday revelers in rich detail. A five-car train circles the snow-covered base and the snowman is trimmed with a top hat, silvery scarf and mittens, and a 19th century-styled lantern. A plaque on the base bears the title “Thomas Kinkade White Christmas.” Includes a numbered certificate of authenticity. Requires three AA batteries. 12" H x 7 1/2" Diam. (5 lbs.)"

by Why's it gotta be WHITE Christmasreplies 2512 hours ago

The Sopranos Thread

I think us fans need our own little corner to discuss our thoughts and feelings about this everlasting TV progrum.

by Anonymousreplies 14412 hours ago

More Unpopular Opinions

Let's de-stress for the holiday season by getting some stuff off our chests.

No judgments. Ready, set, go...

by Anonymousreplies 31612 hours ago

Donald Trump’s Sad Last Days

[QUOTE]For half a century, time and again, Trump was able to fail and yet persuade the world that he hadn’t. Now, though, for the first time in his life, in a public and historic way, he has lost.

by Anonymousreplies 3712 hours ago

how to know what someone is doing at all times?

his social media is private so i can't use that and he lives far away 😢

by Anonymousreplies 1512 hours ago

The Great Fucking Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

These kids live in the suburbs and have money. They should be able to afford something better than bed sheets.

by blockheadreplies 11512 hours ago

What is a "Billie Eilish" and why does it have a career?

She pretty much *is* that yellow splotch on her head. If she ever changes her look she can say goodbye to the hits. Just ask Jane Child.

by Anonymousreplies 3912 hours ago

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Muscle Yacht Party 💪🏽

Cristiano Ronaldo's Musclebound Yacht Party, Must Be Shredded to Ride!

by Anonymousreplies 13812 hours ago

Wentworth Miller Returns To Law & Order SVU

Wentworth Miller will reprise his role as ADA Isaiah Holmes

When Holmes returns to the show, he’ll have been recently promoted to lead the Brooklyn DA’s Civil Rights Unit. He’ll be pulled back into the SVU fold after one of his old schoolmates comes under investigation and ADA Dominick Carisi Jr. (Peter Scanavino) seeks Holmes’ help.

Since Wentworth Miller says he only interested in playing openly gay characters, the producers have acquiesced to his request to make the character come out off-screen, and is now an openly gay D.A.

by Anonymousreplies 2112 hours ago

Anal Sex Horror Stories

Post them!

by Anonymousreplies 6212 hours ago

Americans, we need to do something about this!

But what? How do we convince half the country that FOX News in known worldwide as a disinformation and misinformation bubble?

by Anonymousreplies 1012 hours ago

For What Are You Thankful?

When you think life sucks, turn it around and recognize how it could be worse.

I have pneumonia, but I am thankful that it isn’t bothering me much, and I am COVID negative. Also thankful that I have great medical insurance.

Even though I am not seeing family for Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I have family and friends who care about me.

by Love, Pierrereplies 1312 hours ago

Russell Crowe’s Appetite is ‘Unhinged’

This July, angry road raging Russell is coming to a very big screen near you.

by Anonymousreplies 12912 hours ago

Things in porn that ruin a scene for you.

What immediately turns you off in a porn scene. For me, it's spitting, hitting, and anyone that fake growls or Woofs.

by Anonymousreplies 24512 hours ago

NYC Businesses Must Now Take Cash

Effective November 20 the law that businesses must take cash came into effect. Businesses have had since last January to "prepare" for it.

Yesterday a chain store in the Village refused U.S. Currency, saying "We don't have a cash register." Fine for first offense in $1000.

Present your cash (no bills over $20) and if a business refuses it, call 311. Let's get those $1000 fines rolling folks!

by Village Elderreplies 26812 hours ago

Young boy comes out publicly as young girl

At least, I think that's what's happening in this video. It's all over Twitter today, with numerous right-wing/Christian people saying it's child abuse. It does kind of remind me of my Christian relatives when they have their little tots go up on the pulpit and profess that Jesus has entered their hearts.

Don't pay attention to the Twitter poster - I just did a search and chose his account at random. But if you want to read the "disguted with it" posts, just click on "Quote Tweets" below the vid.

by Anonymousreplies 512 hours ago

Caitlyn Jenner 'Out Of Control' And 'Hurtling Towards A Crash'

According to the National Enquirer, Jenner is “on a downward emotional spiral that some friends believe has left her one step from the psycho ward.” The “angry and isolated” Jenner reportedly feels left out of her family and “can’t find romance” either. The article cites Sophia Hutchins as a specific point of romantic devastation. An insider said, “Caitlyn is so tense, insecure, and sensitive about everything.”

by Anonymousreplies 1312 hours ago

Sandy Dvore is dead to me

Sandy Dvore, best known to soap fans for his iconic brush stroke logo on The Young and the Restless, has died at the age of 86.

Outside of the soap world, Dvore was well known for his title sequences on TV staples like, The Partridge Family, Knots Landing, The Waltons, Falcon Crest, North and South, among many others.

In 1987, Dvore won an Emmy for his artistry for the main title sequence for the TV special, Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin.

by Anonymousreplies 212 hours ago

Do you like Lindor?

It's one of my favorite chocolates out there.

by Anonymousreplies 1712 hours ago

Introducing...Miss Dionne Warwick on Cameo

Get your shout outs now!

A steal at $250!

by Damontreplies 112 hours ago


Who assaulted you, DL?

by Anonymousreplies 32412 hours ago

Miss Lindsey Graham faces ethics complaint

USA TODAY, Nov 19, 2020

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham, a staunch ally of the president, is the target of an ethics complaint after his controversial phone call with a key election official in Georgia over how the state counts ballots.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger accused Graham earlier this week of pressuring him to find ways to exclude or invalidate legally cast absentee ballots and reverse Trump’s loss in the state, an accusation the South Carolina Republican called "ridiculous."

Graham said he had also spoken with Arizona's Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and was briefed about the process in Nevada, both swing states that helped Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump for the White House.

The senator's contact with other states over election counting efforts came as Trump and his campaign have lodged multiple lawsuits over baseless voter fraud allegations in a longshot attempt to overturn the election results.

A complaint filed Wednesday to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics asks the panel to investigate Graham's phone call with Raffensperger, whether Graham suggested not counting all legal votes and whether he had threatened election officials, who are in the midst of a recount, with a Senate investigation. The complaint was filed by Walter Shaub, a former top ethics watchdog for the federal government under President Barack Obama; Richard Painter, the top ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush; and Claire Finkelstein, who heads the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law.

"If these allegations are true, Senator Graham's conduct constitutes an abuse of office and conduct unbecoming of a senator," the complaint states.

[More at link]:

by Anonymousreplies 3812 hours ago

Disney Gays, Part 2

Hans is here with me. Envious, fellow Disney gays?

by That ass... 🤣😝replies 27312 hours ago


Twas this day many yrs ago he was murdered by those who deemed him a huge quickly the media forgets.

by Mrs JFK replies 5612 hours ago

Southern Charm - new season

Craig looks like a drunk, Austen looks like a thumb and Shemp gotta a girlfriend

by Anonymousreplies 6612 hours ago

Hollywood's professional "beards"

People who have fake relationships with gay celebs to give them cover against rumors.

Julianne Hough; Kaley Cuoco; Selena Gomez; Gwyneth Paltrow; Vanessa Hudgens; Taylor Swift; Steadman..

by Wiljada Pinsketsmithreplies 2612 hours ago

Queens NY (Straight) Sex Club Gets Busted

An underground swingers sex party was broken up overnight in Queens for violating pandemic gathering restrictions, the New York City Sheriff’s Office announced.

Caligula, which bills itself on Facebook as a “private upscale on premise swingers club” in Astoria, was caught hosting more than 80 people, bumping loud music and unlawfully serving alcohol, Sheriff Joseph Fucito said.

When sheriff deputies arrived, they found three couples having sex in a small room while others were gathered across the venue unlawfully drinking alcohol and socializing, according to the sheriff and pictures of the event.

Jennifer Hayes, 47, was the only attendee who was fined and given a summons for disorderly conduct.

by Anonymousreplies 1112 hours ago

Fauci says Santa has 'innate immunity,' won't spread COVID-19 for Christmas

Not even a global pandemic can get in the way of Santa's sleigh.

That's according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert. He told "USA Today," "Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity."

Kids have been worried -- for both themselves and for Santa's arrival.

"Santa is not going to be spreading any infections to anybody," he said.

by Anonymousreplies 612 hours ago

Susan Smith, convicted of killing her young sons, could be freed in 2024

Good God let's hope there's no parole board who'll let this demon out.

by Anonymousreplies 8912 hours ago

Emily Murphy: Does Her Pussy Stink?

The fat Trump cunt delaying the Biden transition. She’s a real beauty, ain’t she?! Emily is an American attorney and government official who currently serves as the Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA).

by Anonymousreplies 17012 hours ago

If They Remade the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" Today

What casting changes would you see?

Lou Grant would be the same.

Murray would be gay

Rhoda would be Mary's sassy black friend

Georgette would be East Asian

Phyllis would be raising Bess in a lesbian Thruple

Ted would be transgendered

What would you do?

by Anonymousreplies 6312 hours ago

Australian golfer beach pic with big boner goes viral.

Fetch, doggie, fetch!

by Anonymousreplies 3512 hours ago

I want a Hot Personal Trainer

It’s so motivating to have a hot buff dude touching you and complimenting your physique

by Anonymousreplies 2812 hours ago

Are British Actors Better Educated than American Ones?

I've noticed that many British actors seem to be much more thoughtful than American ones.

I look at people like Leo Dicaprio, who didn't even graduate from high school. Then you look at a British actor like Jamie Dornan (for example), who has some college, but is very well-spoken, and speaks intelligently about issues. Is it because American actors are so overpaid?

Name some dumb American actors, and impressive British actors.

by Anonymousreplies 17712 hours ago

Cyd Charisse

WTF was that all about?

by Anonymousreplies 22112 hours ago


Do people in Britain still use 'smashing' to mean 'great'? If so, I bet it gets a lot of snickers from younger people, since now it means 'fucking'.

by Anonymousreplies 713 hours ago

AOC fires a warning shot: Progressives will not accept former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in President-elect Biden’s cabinet

Oh, boy.

by Anonymousreplies 33213 hours ago

DL appears with very tiny type on my new IPhone’s browser

Is there any way to make it normal sized type again?

by Anonymousreplies 513 hours ago

Celebrities with edible asses.

It's been a while since we've had one of these threads. They're fun!

I'll start.

Ryan Phillipe James Franco (after a Silkwood shower) Channing Tatum

by Anonymousreplies 2313 hours ago

Fat whores rejoice! It's pie season!

Everyone loves pie! It's so warm and cozy! Do you bake your own pies? I love pumpkin, dutch apple, and pecan pies. Sometimes I have cold pumpkin pie for breakfast. 😋

by Anonymousreplies 14413 hours ago

Bo Derek looks haggard!!

No longer a Perfect 10!

by Anonymousreplies 15913 hours ago

Tell me everything about Suzanne Pleshette

I worshipped her in The Birds and The Bob Newhart Show. She seemed like the absolute best kind of gal. Share some stories.

by Anonymousreplies 11513 hours ago

Trains and Obstacles

At the link, trains and snow. I like when the train showers snow on expecting pedestrians at train stations, because I’m a sadistic, or something.

They used to have “cow catchers” on the front of trains, which would push a cow out of the way. Bison were too big, so the train people decided that they had to go.

by Anonymousreplies 313 hours ago

Why is no one suing Sidney Powell?

She's accused Peter Neffenger, a member of Biden's transition team, of orchestrating mass electoral fraud.

She's accused Dominion Votings Systems of falsifying vote totals.

She's accused GOP Senators of rigging races in 2016 and 2018.

She's accused the CIA of an attempted Coup d'État.

by Well?replies 213 hours ago

Luke Evans shares closeup of disgusting sunburned skin

He nasty.

by Anonymousreplies 113 hours ago



Let's give Joe a government that will work with him!

Keep in mind that the GOP will be redrawing districts in a couple of years. Gerrymandering is coming. Scary times will continue.

by Anonymousreplies 11813 hours ago

why can't I speak to the manager?

What is wrong with speaking to management about any issue, in the attempt to resolve something? Asking to speak to the manager has everything to do with how you deal with any contract issue at any business so you can resolve it easily. It is how problem resolution has always happened in commerce (or other sector government and non-profit). In fact, many sale associates and wait staff are not given the authority to do anything, only management has this authority. So you have to deal with a manager.

This has NOTHING to do with racism. I find it very odd, and disturbing that business (wall street) is trying to link asking to speak to the manager and racism in our society at all. It is more absurd that people are falling for it.

Wall Street has more influence over structure violence and public policy than individuals anyway. Wall Street is responsible for racism in our society. They are also responsible for poor customer service and horrible working conditions. Now, they are responsible for the spin on this.

Yes, I want to speak to the manager. Yes, you are a racist for using racism to get away with poor customer and labor treatment.

by WALL STREET SUCKS!replies 513 hours ago

🍹 Pennsylvania Governor Temporarily Bans Alcohol Sales In PA Bars and Restaurants

Beginning Wednesday, November 25th @ 5:00 PM thru Thursday, November 26th @ 8:00 AM, [italic] No Drinks For You!

by Anonymousreplies 2913 hours ago

UPDATE: Apparently she got the covid from her maid.

[quote]Her spokesman Simon Astaire told the paper: "Princess Michael of Kent’s housekeeper fell ill three weeks ago, and HRH was immediately tested and was found to be positive for COVID.

full link @ R1

by Anonymousreplies 1513 hours ago

Have any of you ever been to high end restaurants, like the ones that have Michelin stars?

Do you get why their style of cooking and preparing food is special and sets these places apart from average restaurants, or is it just over hyped BS.

by Anonymousreplies 5213 hours ago

Americans Ignore Pleas To Stay Home - Airports Packed

What does that say to you?

by Anonymousreplies 8913 hours ago

Let's pretend we're Datalounge 2050!

Who ever thought nonagenarian Abbess Madonna would steal the Pope's smoking hot husband!

by Anonymousreplies 3413 hours ago

Jack Dylan Grazer from "IT" to star in Luca Guadagnino’s TV series “We Are Who We Are”

Chloe Sevigny, Kid Cudi and Alice Braga also join the cast.

[quote] The “Call Me by Your Name” director is set to start shooting this month on the eight-part HBO-Sky original, which centers on a group of American teenagers living on a U.S. military base in Italy.

[quote] In May, Guadagnino told Variety that the lead characters are two 14-year-olds, a boy and a girl named Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Harper. The two become close amid their posse of teenage friends, who think they’re a couple. But Fraser is experiencing confusing feelings about his identity and develops an innocent romantic connection with an older soldier.

With Grazer (who played young Timothee Chalamet in "Beautiful Boy") in the lead this seems even more like a CMBYN redux than before.

by Anonymousreplies 37813 hours ago

Drake Bell’s Ex-Girlfriend Trying to Cancel Him

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell’s ex Melissa Lingafelt has posted a video to TikTok claiming Drake verbally & physically abused her. She claims to have photo evidence, but has refused to release the photos. She then alludes to something involving Drake and “underage girls” at the end of the video. The two dated nearly 15 years ago.

by Anonymousreplies 2613 hours ago

Great British Bake-Off (AKA Great British Baking Show) Is Back! PART 2

The other thread maxed out at 600, so let's continue.

They mentioned on this week's episode that this was Paul's 100th show. He's the only on-air person who's been with the show since the beginning. On "Extra Slice" they showed some brief clips of him over the years and you can see how his appearance has changed.

by Anonymousreplies 31913 hours ago

What is your favorite Film Noir film?

Mine is Diabolique with Simone Signoret.

by Anonymousreplies 12213 hours ago

What is the absolute nadir of the Trump presidency?

The Ukraine shit?

The bounties on the troops?

Abandoning the Kurds?

Blaming an elderly man who was beaten by the police for being an antifa super spy?

Calling the coronavirus a hoax?

Holding superspreader rallies?

Trying to stage a coup when he lost?


by Anonymousreplies 1013 hours ago

Bieber and Shawn Mendes performing on American Music Awards

Together right now!

by Anonymousreplies 2313 hours ago

Ricky Schroeder and the MyPillow guy paid for Kyle Rittenhouse's bail

They're truly deplorable

by Anonymousreplies 13013 hours ago

what do you order at DQ?

I like a big ol blizzard with extra reece's peanut butter cups.

by Anonymousreplies 2213 hours ago

What if the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City happened today?

The thread about Ricky Schroder and the Pillow Guy bailing out the Oshkosh killer made me wonder how much lawlessness and disorder deplorables are willing to tolerate in furtherance of "defeating socialism."

How they would react if the Oklahoma City bombings occured this year and it was abundantly clear that one of theirs was behind it? If alive, Timothy McVeigh would be a deplorable today and would likely have been among the militia that plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan (where he was from), the takeover of the state Capitol, the taking of hostages, and executions of public officials (the last two were revealed this last week, in case you blinked).

It's a crazy brew of nasty, unhinged people filled with all sorts of amorphous or specific grievances (black and brown people). Some have been prone to extreme violence and are OK with it, but can the rest of the MAGAts rationalize it or even attempt to?

by Anonymousreplies 2413 hours ago

Republican Clown Car 2024

A thread to discuss the entire hypothetical field. Candidates lining up: Trump, Don Jr., Pence, Pompeo, Haley, Cruz, Rubio, Cotton, Noem, Hogan, Hawley, Scott, Scott, Sasse, Christie, Abbott, DeSantis, Ducey, Ricketts. I would add Hurd to this list.

by Anonymousreplies 12413 hours ago

Faye Dunaway vs. Jane Fonda‏

One is crazy (Faye Dunaway) and the other is an attention seeking phony (Jane Fonda).

Which one do you prefer (as an actress or as a person)?


by Anonymousreplies 12013 hours ago

Aaron Carter OnlyFans Pics and Sad Final Days part Two

Because part one is almost full yet the dumpster fire continues

by Anonymousreplies 22413 hours ago

If Instead You Could Block Certain Topics instead of Certain Users....

what would you block? I would start with Armie Hammer threads. Who is the loon troll obsessed with everything Armie?

by Anonymousreplies 3013 hours ago

Why do gay men hate Lady Gaga so much?

She has become a brillianté artist in her own right. Chromatica really is a quality album and I hope she at least gets an AOTY nomination at the 2021 Grammys.

It seems to me most gays hate Gaga. Perhaps this is because she has actual talent and artistry, unlike some of the girls gay guys tend to get behind (Britney, Billie Eilish). Gays tend to like basic, untalented female music artists because they aren't a threat to them in some way. If they make basic music, like those two, even better.

Gaga is the little bitch who aimed for higher concepts and became a "try hard" according to some gay fans. Perhaps the real question is, what do gays have against ambition?

NEWS: Gaga will be starring in "Bullet Train", opposite Brad Pitt, some time in 2047.

by Elireplies 6613 hours ago

Hear me out - Kevin Spacey as LADY G!

It can be his comeback vehicle!

by Anonymousreplies 213 hours ago

DL Icon Melissa Beth Miller's Television Debut!

Playing the non speaking role of "Fat Store Employee Rolling Her Eyes" for an Ebay Christmas commercial.

by Anonymousreplies 18313 hours ago

Karens screeching and melting down at Protestors in NYC

Thinking the NYPD are their servants.

"Do your fucking job! You beat the shit out of us every fucking day!"

by Anonymousreplies 613 hours ago

Being 32

It's such a weird age. Old enough to not make stupid mistakes any more, yet still young enough to go ahead and make them anyways.

I'm turning 33 in three weeks. Perhaps 33 is the pivot point where you better get your shit together before its too late. I have a lot of things in the works and my life is due to change very soon.

How did you traverse your early 30s and what were your 30s like generally?

by Anonymousreplies 2613 hours ago

S&H Green Stamps

I always felt sorry for the people that had to use them. So tacky.

by Anonymousreplies 8113 hours ago

When are you putting up your Christmas tree?

Just wondering?

by Anonymousreplies 6613 hours ago

What is your favourite Agatha Christie adaptation?

Agatha Christie has been subject to countless and continuing adaptations. That , in itself, is intriguing. But what is your favourite? For all the several attempts, I don’t think there is a consensus on the definitive adaptation.

On the poll i tried to include the most famous ones. Excluded the latest Murder on the Orient Express as I-think nobody liked it much.

My favorites are: And there were none (2015), Five Little Pigs (David Suchet), A Murcer is Announced (both tv versions are great), A Murder On Tne Orient Express (1974, for the scary intro and the boarding and Ingrid Bergman) and Evil Under the Sun (for Nicholas Clay’s bathing suit).

by Anonymousreplies 41714 hours ago

Gay and Straight Porn Stars With The Best Asses

My favorite subject, so I'm reviving it. Which male porn star do you think has the best ass? Could be gay or straight. Only ass lovers need respond!

by Anonymousreplies 11114 hours ago

Nikolaj Coster Waldau from Game of Thrones

What up with that wife? He’s so handsome. I don’t get it

by Anonymousreplies 1414 hours ago

Favorite California Restaurant?

What’s your favorite CA Eatery? Am I missing any in the poll? Poor Marie will be no longer soon.

by Anonymousreplies 20514 hours ago

Tell me about your real life, sexual experiences with blue collar men

One time hook ups or reoccurring fuckbuddies. Doesn't matter.

by Anonymousreplies 11214 hours ago

Hot Dudes in Underwear, Part Six (6)

Jordan Torres

by Anonymousreplies 19114 hours ago

Carl Bernstein outs all the Republican senators who bitch about Trump privately but won't call him out publicly

I'm not violating any pledge of journalistic confidentially in reporting this: 21 Republican Sens–in convos w/ colleagues, staff members, lobbyists, W. House aides–have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump & his fitness to be POTUS.

The 21 GOP Senators who have privately expressed their disdain for Trump are: Portman, Alexander, Sasse, Blunt, Collins, Murkowski, Cornyn, Thune, Romney, Braun, Young, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Rubio, Grassley, Burr, Toomey, McSally, Moran, Roberts, Shelby.

With few exceptions, their craven public silence has helped enable Trump’s most grievous conduct—including undermining and discrediting the US the electoral system.

by Anonymousreplies 3214 hours ago

Nick Jonas Is President Erect - Most Searched Nude Male Celeb of 2020!

Congrats to the sexy Nick Jonas!

by Anonymousreplies 9314 hours ago

Conservatives slam Vogue and Harry Styles: "Bring Back Manly Men!"

Harry Styles made history this week as the first ever male to grace the cover of Vogue’s December issue — and he did so in a periwinkle floor-length gown.

While many celebrated the cover as a joyful expression of male femininity, outspoken conservatives such as Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro tweeted their contempt for the magazine’s cover choice, with Owens pleading, “Bring back manly men.”

But speaking on her virtual Yahoo series The X Change Rate this week, host and aqua-haired drag queen personality Monét X Change objected to such shade.

“I just don’t understand why they immediately jump to the feminization of men being a negative thing,” she said during one segment of the episode. “Men being feminine is not the problem, men should be allowed to be feminine.”

Her guests, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon, also weighed in on the backlash. “If you were well-versed in the world of fashion, then you would know that it used to be masculine to dress in forms that we would now refer to as feminine,” said Monsoon. “[Conservative straight people] don’t have any concept of how gender expression has evolved throughout the generations… to be where we are now, where men are confined to suits.”

BenDeLaCreme added, “The flip side of making the kind of progress that we’re making is that we have to listen to these idiots comment on it,” noting that displays like the December Vogue cover are, “ultimately, what’s going to get us towards where we need to go.”

Monsoon referenced an Instagram post from activist and author, Alok Menon, who pointed out the differences between how Styles was generally received and how trans women of color are treated in the world: “Am I happy to see Harry be celebrated for openly flouting gendered fashion norms? Yes. Do trans femmes of color receive praise for doing the same thing every day? No.”

“We as the queer community, are allowed to feel both ways about it,” says Monsoon. “We’re allowed to be happy that this is happening and that someone of such prominence is breaking down gender boundaries and binaries in such a big way, and we’re also allowed to feel disappointed that it’s not a trans femme queer person of color on the cover of Vogue, because they have been breaking down these boundaries and binaries for a lot longer than Harry Styles has.”

by Anonymousreplies 2914 hours ago

The bully in middle school tackled me while I was walking to math class and I hit my knee

It was awful. He tackled me and I fell to the ground, hitting my leg. It was bleeding really bad. I raised my hand and told the teacher I need to go to the nurse. Everyone stared at me and my bloody knee. I was so embarrassed. I really hated that class because numerous students would make fun of me and the teacher. They were so mean.

by Anonymousreplies 1414 hours ago

The Cat Thread

Tell us about your personal sphinx(es) please DLers. Do you have one or more? Would you like to have one? What’s the cutest thing about your feline(s)? Any preferences when it comes to breeds? Pics are welcome and tips and tricks too we all know they’re quirky.

I have a soft spot for red and blue ones but currently more than happy with my tuxedo. Posted a pic of him in another thread but this is him in the laundry room.

by Anonymousreplies 45514 hours ago

The Real Housewives of Potomac season 5 thread #2

original thread just got paywalled

so we're now seeing the aftermath of psychotic Monique assaulting Candiace

by Anonymousreplies 4514 hours ago

Cybill Sitcom

How come this show had such a short run?

by Anonymousreplies 40714 hours ago

wow the Georgian language is unique and fascinating

it has so many interesting sounds

by Anonymousreplies 3414 hours ago

Today I will be binge watching cartoons from Hanna-Barbera Adventure series of the 1960's and 1970's

Here is my list:

Goober And The Ghost Chasers

Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor

The Herculoids

Space Ghost & Dino Boy

Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles

Space Kidettes/Young Samson

The Funky Phantom

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan


Birdman & The Galaxy Trio

by Anonymousreplies 914 hours ago

Sting's been stung by sexual assault claim

Sting is being accused of sexually assaulting a minor more than four decades ago, a new lawsuit shows. Through his attorney, he “categorically denies” the allegation.

The civil lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Arizona federal court and obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, alleges that the British singer (real name: Gordon Sumner) committed statutory rape by having sex with a 15-year-old “Jane Doe” after meeting at a Police concert in Scottsdale on May 14, 1979. He was 27 at the time. Sting, as well as his the Police bandmates and the group’s tour bookers, are being sued.

Will it stick?

by Anonymousreplies 24014 hours ago

Once again Brianna Keilar is destroying a Trump flunkie on CNN

Today it is Ken Cuccinelli.

by Anonymousreplies 13914 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren

Is she left in the dust?

by Anonymousreplies 1314 hours ago

Hunter Biden

It will be nice to have a hot First Son. Do you think Trump is jealous because he's stuck with two ugly losers?

by Anonymousreplies 2714 hours ago

What Did Nosferatu Say About COVID?

Has anyone consulted the official DL oracle?

by Anonymousreplies 314 hours ago


I have it for lunch a few times a week, but only in the fall and winter. I'm having my first bowl of the season and enjoying it immensely.

by Anonymousreplies 8014 hours ago

DeBlasio has lost all control of NYC streets

I wish the Mayor would just resign at this point in time. This feeling of lawlessness will not help with bringing back tourists or high paying jobs to NYC. Also, the ads in Georgia write themselves about the "Defund the Police" Democrats who ended the policy of searching gangs for weapons. Throw in bail reform and you have a winning hand!

by Anonymousreplies 2214 hours ago

When ‘Karen’ met MAGA

This guy is absolutely hilarious! Best laugh I’ve had in ages. Give it a watch, you won’t regret it.

by Forrrrrr MEEEEeeeeereplies 2614 hours ago

The most beautiful man you've ever seen in film or onscreen

Juan Diego Botto from "Good Behavior" (with Michelle Dockery).

by Anonymousreplies 40714 hours ago

NYT Says Everyone Is Gay On TikTok

Foster Van Lear, a 16-year-old TikTok personality from Atlanta, has posted videos of himself kissing guy friends on the cheek. “Everyone is fluid and so men have become less hesitant about physical stuff,” he said.Devin Oktar Yalkin for The New York Times Connor Robinson, a 17-year-old British TikTok star with rosy cheeks and a budding six-pack, has built a large following by keeping his fans thirsty. Between the daily drip of shirtless dance routines and skits about his floppy hair, Mr. Robinson posts sexually suggestive curve balls that, he said, “break some barriers.”

In an eight-second video set to a lewd hip-hop track by the Weeknd, he and a fellow teenage boy, Elijah Finney, who calls himself Elijah Elliot, filmed themselves in a London hotel room, grinding against each other as if they’re about to engage in a passionate make-out session. The video ends with Mr. Robinson pushed against the tiled wall.

But as racy as the video is, fans are under no pretense that the two are in the throes of gay puppy love. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Finney identify as heterosexual, but as some TikTok influencers have discovered, man-on-man action is a surefire way to generate traffic. Uploaded in February, the video has gotten more than 2.2 million views and 31,000 comments (lots of fire and heart emojis).

“Normally, I do jokey dance videos and stuff like that, but it seems like things have kind of changed now,” Mr. Robinson said from his bedroom in Cumbria, England, which is painted forest green to stand out on TikTok. He estimates that 90 percent of his nearly one million followers are female. “Girls are attracted to two attractive guy TikTokers with massive followings showing a sexual side with each other,” he said.

Connor Robinson, left, a British TikTok star, posted this racy video with Elijah Elliot on his feed in February.   Gay and bi-curious male followers are welcome, too. “If watching my videos makes you happy and stuff, that’s cool,” he added. As devotees of TikTok’s young male stars know, Mr. Robinson’s hotel seduction video is veering toward becoming a modern-day cliché. The youth-oriented social media platform is rife with videos showing ostensibly heterosexual young men spooning in cuddle-puddle formation, cruising each other on the street while walking with their girlfriends, sharing a bed, going in for a kiss, admiring each other’s chiseled physiques and engaging in countless other homoerotic situations served up for humor and, ultimately, views.

Feigning gay as a form of clickbait is not limited to small-fry TikTok creators trying to grow their audience. Just look at the hard-partying Sway Boys, who made national headlines this summer for throwing raucous get-togethers at their 7,800-square-foot Bel Air estate in violation of Los Angeles’s coronavirus guidelines.Scrolling through the TikTok feeds of the group’s physically buff members can feel as if you’re witnessing what would happen if the boys of Tiger Beat spent an uninhibited summer in Fire Island Pines. There is a barrage of sweaty half-naked workouts, penis jokes, playful kisses and lollipop sharing.

by Anonymousreplies 4514 hours ago

23 y.o. obese incel shoots and kills 2 and firebombs Sonic drive thru... an act of revenge. Get a load of the mugshot.

[Quote]Silva had been arrested at the restaurant Wednesday night on suspicion of identity theft after someone reported that a person had charged $57 on his Sonic app to pay for hamburgers and corn dogs. Silva was released from jail Thursday after posting 10% of $1,500 bail.

[Quote]When a reporter went Sunday to a residence in southwest Omaha where Silva lived with his parents, someone inside declined to open the door.

by Anonymousreplies 2114 hours ago

Henry Cavill Part XXVI: The Durrell Creatures have new hot hat!!!

Our baby is still worried about animals and made a super cool race for it!

by Anonymousreplies 12914 hours ago

Help for Bear Friend’s Health

My best friend is a bear, with a large network of bear friends. I’m very concerned about him, during the pandemic he has just gotten bigger and bigger. He credits his bear friends for helping him get through the pandemic, but I see them as enabling excessive eating and drinking. What should I do?

by Anonymousreplies 2014 hours ago

What Books Are You Reading in 2020 Part 2

Last thread was closed out without a link to Part 2. Yes, I searched--didn't find Part 2. If there is already an active Part 2, happy to ignore this one. If not, nerd out here on books you are reading.

by Anonymousreplies 38514 hours ago


Watching her calm his anxiety before their performance together at the VMAs... omg... so sweet!!! I wanna be in love like them 😢

by Anonymousreplies 414 hours ago

Scott Baio, Ralph Macchio, Glenn Scarpelli

I always had trouble telling them apart. Some help, please?

by Anonymousreplies 414 hours ago

Guess who's getting Frogmore?

Not like we didn't see this coming.

All will be revealed @ R1.

by Anonymousreplies 21314 hours ago

Hot East Indian Dudes Part 7


by Anonymousreplies 21914 hours ago

Will the Never Trumpers form a new political party?

I can't imagine they'll join the Democratic Party.

by Anonymousreplies 714 hours ago

Anyone knows about makeup for men?

I am trying to do a natural blush look, but I have no idea what brush to use and how to clean it. I have so many questions! Can someone in the know help, PLEASE?

by Anonymousreplies 10414 hours ago

Al Jolson v Eddie Cantor - what's the diff?

They pretty much had the same act.

by For really really Elder Gaysreplies 114 hours ago

Predictions for 2020 Part 6

Lee them coming!

by Anonymousreplies 2714 hours ago

Things that are way more common in movies/tv than in real life

People who have low-paying jobs but live in huge apartments

Cops who look like models

Homeless people with perfect teeth

by Anonymousreplies 7414 hours ago

Bobby Brown's son has died

Very sad.

by Anonymousreplies 11814 hours ago

Actors who are/were gay but don't ping for you onscreen

Rock Hudson

Raymond Burr

Luke Evans doesn't ping for me in the roles I've seen him in

by Anonymousreplies 5314 hours ago

Jared Padalecki vs. Jensen Ackles

"Walker" on the CW vs. "The Boys" on Netflix

Which will you be watching?

I don't have Netflix, so it'll have to be Walker. Anywho, Jensen Ackles talks "The Boys," and the similiarities between Dean Winchester, and his character on The Boys.

[quote] Jensen Ackles Reveals What Dean Winchester and His New 'The Boys' Character Have in Common

"Supernatural" came to an end last week, and if you're still having a hard time letting go of Dean Winchester following his (spoiler alert!) death, we have one piece of good news: Jensen Ackles' new character on "The Boys" has something in common with the badass hunter he played on the long-running CW series. Well, two things actually.

"Through no planning or work of my own devices, I somehow managed to end up with the same kind of boots for Soldier Boy that I wore as Dean Winchester," Ackles, who landed his role on "The Boys," which is executive produced by "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke back in August, told Entertainment Weekly. "Different color, but same boot."

"And they'd given me a variety and I just immediately looked at them and I just kind of chuckled and I'm like, 'Well, I can tell you which ones I know work.' And they're like, 'Oh, which ones?' And I'm like, 'Those right there.' And they're like, 'Oh, do you have a pair?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I do.' And they're like, 'Oh, well perfect. Those were my favorite anyways so let's just go with those.' And I'm like, 'OK!'"

We're not crying, you're crying.

Now, we don't know a ton about Season 3 of "The Boys" yet, but we do know a little bit about Soldier Boy, courtesy of Amazon Prime Video, who describes the character as "the original superhero," who fought in World War II and became "the first super celebrity, and a mainstay of American culture for decades."

Soldier Boy was a member of the team Payback in "The Boys" comics, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, and Kripke told Entertainment Weekly, Season 3 will explore "the history of that team and all the members in it."

In case you didn't catch the series finale of "Supernatural" last week, you can find out how it all ended for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean right here.

by Anonymousreplies 314 hours ago

John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls)

OMG! What is happening to his face?!?!

You guys make fun of Madonna but she looks fresh and actually human compared to this...

by Anonymousreplies 16714 hours ago

Latina food critic employed by the LA Times demands the same wage as more experienced, more awarded male colleague, gets told no

And ofc, Twitter is now slamming the LA Times as white supremacist.

by Anonymousreplies 1514 hours ago

Hillary Clinton To Voter: 'Why Don't You Go Run for Something, Then?' | NBC News

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responds to a young woman in Minnesota who appears to challenge Clinton on whether she has a plan on addressing diversity of elected officials.

by Anonymousreplies 5914 hours ago

Madonna goes shopping for new grillz

62 years old and not a brain cell left in her head.

by Anonymousreplies 914 hours ago

Military concerned about Explosion of sizzling ‘Thirst-trap’ posts on TikTok 💦

For those who aren’t aware, Urban Dictionary defines “thirst trap” as “a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the posters ego or need for attention.” This phenomenon has made its way onto the TikTok video-sharing platform in the form of 15- to 60-second videos, and even more specifically into the platform’s military subculture. And while the women seem to take the most heat for sharing “provocative” content, there certainly is no shortage of male service thirst trapping.

A soldier using the name John Bland, who goes by the handle @notohkayjohn on TikTok, is perhaps one of the most infamous military TikTok users. His account primarily features him partially dressed in uniform, staring off seductively while music plays in the background. In some of the more risqué posts, however, he can be seen suggestively grabbing his crotch or tugging at his underwear.

Bland has 5.1 million followers to date, but he’s not the only one who uses TikTok this way. A purported Marine Reservist, Garrett Nolan, who posts as @garett__nolan, shares similarly seductive TikTok videos. He boasts a whopping 6.3 million followers. There are an unknown number of service members across the platform in uniform thirsting, dancing, working out and sharing their life stories despite the late 2019 ban of the Chinese-made app by the Pentagon, Army and Navy. However, as it turns out, the ruling on TikTok stands that individual service members are technically free to use to the platform in non-work capacities. The ban only extends to formal military entities connected to a chain of command or formal military group, Army Col. Joe Buccino, spokesman for XVIII Airborne Corps told Military Times. “With regard to conduct on TikTok, it’s the same as conduct on any other platform,” he said. “The governing document is under regulation 600-20, which is understandably vague on this matter. However, Buccino notes, “A good way of thinking about this is if you would not say it in front of formation, you should not say it on social media.” The Army’s social media handbook in particular embraces a three-pronged approach when it comes to individual soldiers posting on social media in general: Think, type and post. “The U.S. Army defines online conduct as the use of electronic communications in an official or personal capacity that is consistent with U.S. Army Values and standards of conduct. It is important that all Soldiers know that once they have logged on to a social media platform, they still represent the U.S. Army,” the guide says. “Online misconduct is a term that describes unacceptable or improper behavior through the use of technology.” But whether or not “thirst trap” posts in uniform mark of a violation of that policy is, as of yet, unclear.

by Anonymousreplies 10814 hours ago

Which Friends star was the least talented on the show?

I'm trying a pair of most and least talented polls here. In your opinion, which Friends star brought the least to the series, in terms of comedy and character?

by Anonymousreplies 1514 hours ago

i sold my lovers dirty underwear

should i give him some of the money?

by Anonymousreplies 515 hours ago

I Want to Be Underwhelmed, Winter 2020-21

Where no topic is too mundane for discussion.

by Anonymousreplies 3615 hours ago

Let's be a lesbian Thanksgiving 2020 style.

I'm Kim, the lipstick lesbian nurse manning the front door with infrared thermometer in hand and a vagina face mask.

by Anonymousreplies 5215 hours ago

What was your best Craigslist M4M hookup story?

Well?? I know you guys used it once or twice to meet men secretly...

by Anonymousreplies 8515 hours ago

Rocky wears a snood. Do you have unusual articles of clothing you wear?

No, caftans are not unusual in here.

by Anonymousreplies 315 hours ago

Instagram just "recommended" this identical gay couple's profile to me!

We must discuss them!

by Anonymousreplies 40115 hours ago

The 355 starring Fan BingBing, Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger and Lupita Nyong’o,

It’s pitched as a female Jason Bourne series and it looks bland af.

by Anonymousreplies 2915 hours ago

Adam Lambert shows off dad bod and new twink boyfriend

It looks like Adam Lambert has a new special someone in his life!

The 38-year-old Queen frontman and former American Idol contestant was spotted packing on the PDA with new boyfriend Oliver Gliese on Tuesday (November 17) during a trip to Tulum, Mexico.

The couple was seen sharing some cute kisses and having a playful afternoon at the beach. Adam went shirtless in a zebra-print swimsuit while Oliver wore a blue speedo.

After the photos start spreading online, Adam took to Instagram Stories to seemingly comment on the pics. "I love my Dad Bod," he captioned a video of himself in which he used a filter to distort his face.

Oliver is the Innovation Forum Assistant for Global Fashion Agenda, where he supports the global partnerships team with the operation of the Innovation Forum during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

Adam was most recently linked to Javi Costa Polo, though it's unclear when they split.

by Anonymousreplies 14915 hours ago

The Gays and Tennis Part 66: end of the season!

so Medvedev won the Paris masters over scandal-plagued Zverev 5-7 6-4 6-1 for his first title of the year, now the 2 are tied with 3 masters each

This week we have a men's event in Sofia but no hometown hero Dimitrov and the ladies are in Linz without defending champ Gauff.

by Anonymousreplies 19915 hours ago

Alicia Vikander Set to Star & Produce 'Dial M For Murder' Anthology Series.

Alicia Vikander has signed on to star in a new version of Dial M For Murder.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old Oscar winner is expected to star in the television anthology drama and also executive produce.

This version of Dial M for Murder would be an anthology series that will reset each season, and it is a new take on the 1952 play and 1954 film which will be told from the female perspective.

In the 1954 movie, ex-tennis pro Tony Wendice wants to have his wealthy wife, Margot, murdered so he can get his hands on her inheritance. When he discovers her affair with Mark Halliday, he comes up with the perfect plan to kill her.

Alicia has been attached to a ton of new projects this year, despite the pandemic looming over the world.

She has a movie with John David Washington that will debut on Netflix, and her flick with Justin Chon just got a release date too!

Just recently, Alicia and her husband, Michael Fassbender, were spotted out in a rare sighting in this international city!

by Anonymousreplies 3015 hours ago

Who should be the next James Bond?

For me is clear that Henry (we all know which one) has born to play that role.

I mean some say Tom Hiddleston (who has always looks kind of gross and raped to me I don’t know why) or Tom Hardy, who bored me as fuck and apparently is a crazy asshole. There are lots of other names in this article but I would be surprised if they don’t cast one of this three.

What are your guesses girl? Discuss!

by Anonymousreplies 40615 hours ago

Shawn Mendes Says He Hasn’t Seen Girlfriend Camila Cabello in a Month

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were staples in our newsfeeds back in the early days of the quarantine—taking long walks together and performing music on Instagram Live.

But in recent months they've been keeping a pretty low profile to the point that some wondered whether they were even still a couple. Rest easy, fans. They are, though Mendes said in a new interview with Sirius XM the two haven't seen each other in a while.

“I haven't seen her actually in, like, a month and two weeks, not that I'm counting,” he said, according to Elle. “She's back really soon, and I think it's interesting ’cause when your girlfriend is an insanely talented, real musician who writes her own music, it's scary to write an album around her. And she was with me when I was kind of in the studio doing it. I realized the trick is, like, show her the really rough demo version from your phone that you recorded, and if she doesn't like that, she'll tell you. Then don't wait to show her the mixed finished product. Because if she doesn't like it then, then you're kind of, I don't know what to say to you. I'm sorry.” (Mendes's new album, Wonder, comes out in December.)

Mendes also offered some insight into that very slow walk the couple took that had the internet cracking up.

“There's this one video of Camila and I, and we're, like, walking down the street really slow. We almost look like zombies from The Walking Dead,” he said. “And we're, like, really…and everyone's like, 'What the heck is going on with them? Are they on drugs?' And I was like, it's funny ’cause in that moment we were just pretty overwhelmed by the world. And we were like, 'Oh, man. This is a really hard time. This is scary for everyone.' And you know, we were just like, 'Let's just walk slow and kind of just meditate and be chill.’

“It was this really peaceful moment between us, but it's just so funny to see that, watching that video back,” he continued. “We were dying laughing because we literally looked like zombies.”

Cabello also had her boyfriend on her mind this week, gushing over his new music.

But in recent months they've been keeping a pretty low profile to the point that some wondered whether they were even still a couple. Rest easy, fans. They are, though Mendes said in a new interview with Sirius XM the two haven't seen each other in a while.

“I haven't seen her actually in, like, a month and two weeks, not that I'm counting,” he said, according to Elle. “She's back really soon, and I think it's interesting ’cause when your girlfriend is an insanely talented, real musician who writes her own music, it's scary to write an album around her. And she was with me when I was kind of in the studio doing it. I realized the trick is, like, show her the really rough demo version from your phone that you recorded, and if she doesn't like that, she'll tell you. Then don't wait to show her the mixed finished product. Because if she doesn't like it then, then you're kind of, I don't know what to say to you. I'm sorry.” (Mendes's new album, Wonder, comes out in December.)

Mendes also offered some insight into that very slow walk the couple took that had the internet cracking up.

“There's this one video of Camila and I, and we're, like, walking down the street really slow. We almost look like zombies from The Walking Dead,” he said. “And we're, like, really…and everyone's like, 'What the heck is going on with them? Are they on drugs?' And I was like, it's funny ’cause in that moment we were just pretty overwhelmed by the world. And we were like, 'Oh, man. This is a really hard time. This is scary for everyone.' And you know, we were just like, 'Let's just walk slow and kind of just meditate and be chill.’

“It was this really peaceful moment between us, but it's just so funny to see that, watching that video back,” he continued. “We were dying laughing because we literally looked like zombies.”

Cabello also had her boyfriend on her mind this week, gushing over his new music.

by Anonymousreplies 45315 hours ago

Connor Jessup & Miles Heizer (part 28)

Continue discussing our favorite Canadian-American couple here.

by Anonymousreplies 14115 hours ago

The Best Time in the World to be Gay

In his podcast conversation with Matt Yglesias, Andrew Sullivan notes that he received an HRC email arguing that gays & lesbians have been under an unprecedented assault by the Trump Administration. To which he responds that this is the best time in the world to be gay & lesbian. He's right, isn't he?

by Anonymousreplies 815 hours ago

Twins or lovers?

I honestly can't tell.

by Anonymousreplies 9615 hours ago

Josh Barro

Does DL like him?

by Anonymousreplies 1815 hours ago

New TLC Show Features Am Almost Offensively Blond Family Who Have Never Heard Of Coca-Cola Or Justin Beiber

Im watching the first episode and I think we're watching the 21 year old become an alcoholic in real time (he was previously forbidden from alcohol and he's making up for lost time after marrying a non-fundie).

by I searched and found nothing, if there's another thread oh wellreplies 20715 hours ago

Orlando Bloom wearing short shorts

Looks like he didn't skip leg day. Hot!

by Anonymousreplies 3915 hours ago

When Did White People Stop Dancing

Dancing used to be a huge thing. It was present at almost all social events, it was the way you found people to hook up with, it was the way you impressed others. Dancing was as basic a skill as cursive, almost everybody knew how to dance and did it often. Eventually dancing became "embarassing" and people rarely did it (I think it has to do with how repressing your emotions and not publicly displaying joy became "cool)), but this especially happened in white culture. Dancing is still a prevalent thing in black culture, it's still second nature and is still the way you get dates, impress people, etc etc. My question is, why is it that white people have done away with dancing for the most part in their culture while black people haven't? And what made white culture get rid of it that didn't but didn't affect black culture?

by Anonymousreplies 12615 hours ago

Who Will Come Out in 2020 Part 4

One of Sweden's top selling music artists, apparently.

by Anonymousreplies 37715 hours ago

Call Me Kat

Mayim Bialik stars as a 39-year-old woman who decides to use the money her parents had been saving for her wedding to open a cat-themed cafe.

Co-starring Leslie Jordan as the sissy eldergay, Cheyenne Jackson as the meth gay, and featuring Swoosie Kurtz as the ginger martini. Laugh track provided by Chuck Lorre Productions. This winter on Fox! (winter release not an indication of no confidence).

by Anonymousreplies 4815 hours ago

For the DataLoungers on Your Christmas Gift List

The Original Kaftan...

by Anonymousreplies 215 hours ago

Leaving Manhattan for Connecticut

Read this portrait of Murray Moss, who closed his iconic shop and moved to Connecticut. I love the house! I find it fascinating where people move after years of living in NYC, usually it’s somewhere with more space.

by Anonymousreplies 2015 hours ago

Hottest Statue?

I'll start us off with the David, just to give the art historians among us something to start from. I love statues. Especially photographing them. I admire sculpture so much. Blows my mind, really. Anyway, I went to Italy one summer and it's such an erotic country. All those statues and their beautiful bodies kept me in a constant state of arousal, as did some of the men, and the pizza, and the Arno. Anyway, uhhhhhhh, hot statues please!

by Anonymousreplies 27815 hours ago

Beloved Stars (Dead or Alive) You Can't Stand

I'm watching "An American in Paris" and holy shit I can't stand Gene Kelly. "Singin' in the Rain" has been one of my favorite movies since I was young, but it just occurred to me he plays an obnoxious jerk in both. However, I find he lacks the charisma or looks to come across as anything but a smarmy asshole. His voice, his looks, his singing, his dancing...none of it does anything for me.

by Anonymousreplies 10515 hours ago

Tiny owl found inside Rockefeller Center tree

He should be DL's mascot!

by Anonymousreplies 11015 hours ago

Kylie Minogue performance in 'Infinite Disco'

This might be the most impressive thing I've watched this year. Beautiful!

by Anonymousreplies 2916 hours ago

Ballet Dancers

They are not just hot, but they move beautifully too...just saw this one dancer, Elisha Nilsen.

Who are your favorite male ballet dancers?

by Anonymousreplies 1816 hours ago

Thicc Swimmer

I usually don’t like dudes in speedos, but this is the huge exception .....

by Anonymousreplies 6016 hours ago

DL fave Brendad Ickson melting down over the "Pensalvina" vote counting

[quote]Fox News. Get rid of Wallace, why is he on Fox News? I dont want him critiquing President Trump. I forced to listened to two biased people talk. Waiting for President Trump to talk! This is a hudge number!

[quote]Donal Trump stated to night after winning in most all states tonight. We won the election. They are tying to defraud us❤ He is up 690, 000 in Pensalvina!

[quote]The Attorney's for Trump. Say at the last minute, Pensalvina asked the court to let ballots without signature matches to pass. And unclear dates

We also got this glam shot of her dining area.

by Anonymousreplies 40016 hours ago

Fans Are Begging Adam Levine To Return To “The Voice”

Not surprised

by Anonymousreplies 2316 hours ago

Why I’d Irene Cara’s Career Go Down the.... know...

by Anonymousreplies 25416 hours ago


Has anyone ever had this? It's a fucking nightmare. The reward system in my brain is broken and I can't feel pleasure. I can't laugh. I can't enjoy music - it's like listening to white noise. I'm underweight, because eating is more of a reflex than anything. Drinking alcohol is fairly pointless. No interest in sex or romance. I can find books and TV engaging but not enjoyable, if that makes sense - i.e. something can interest me but I don't feel any positive emotions. I'm pretty sure I got it from an SSRI I took a few years ago. Doctors have put me on Wellbutrin and Pramipexole at different times but neither of them worked.

Has anyone here ever had anhedonia and recovered from it? Did anything help? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

by Anonymousreplies 2916 hours ago

Dylan Geick is now stationed in Fort Hood, TX

If anyone keeps up with the news, you know many soldiers have gone missing or been found dead there. Let’s pray for his safety and that he is safe there.

by Anonymousreplies 17516 hours ago

Canadian gossip

We have one thread about Australian gossip, so why not about Canadian. Lets talk about major and minor celebs here. Who is gay, who is closeted?

by Anonymousreplies 59316 hours ago

The Queen’s Gambit is a huge hit - why?

Does it have a lot of shirtless men or something?

by Anonymousreplies 816 hours ago

Andrew Cuomo’s Renaissance

“Andrew Cuomo is to Coronavirus what Rudy Giuliani was to 9/11. In a crisis, his authoritarian tendencies get retconned as leadership and their destructive impacts on people forgotten. When it comes time for the next phase of his ambition, there’ll be bewilderment re his behavior.”


by Anonymousreplies 28516 hours ago

Datalounge “watch” on Reddit

There’s a Reddit thread keeping track of DL being anti-Semitic, homophobic (?) , sexist etc. They even mention Edwin. This poster is obsessed. Has anyone seen it? It’s Like a hate watch from SOuthern Poverty Law Center. It goes on for pages cataloging all the threads.

by Anonymousreplies 11916 hours ago

I'm thinking of buying a Popeye's Cajun Style Turkey this year

Feeling super lazy, unmotivated, and it looks fast and easy.

Plus sides.

What do you think?

by Anonymousreplies 3716 hours ago

Will Smith and Aunt Viv Bury the Hatchet

Can Lee Daniels and Mo'Nique be far behind?

One of the main segments of the show that many will be itching to see is the meeting between Smith and the original Aunt Vivian played by Hubert — and it is a good meeting that will take you on a whole other journey.

Hubert exited Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after three seasons and was replaced by Reid. As a result, there was a very public feud between Smith and Hubert that continued for almost 30 years.

“For me, it felt like I couldn’t celebrate 30 years of Fresh Prince without finding a way to celebrate Janet,” said Smith.

But what would this reunion be like? Will be more of a catty Real Housewives reunion? Or more of an Oprah Winfrey Show moment? Luckily, it was the latter.

“Been a long time,” Hubert greeted Smith as they met one-one on the set.

Hubert was the “OG Aunt Vivian”. She said she never saw anyone that looked like her that played a role like Aunt Viv. A dark-skinned Black woman who was regal, a good mother, role model, professional and as Hubert put it, could throw down. Hollywood never looked to an actress like Hubert to fill that type of role so in that sense, Hubert was a trailblazer. She was definitely a favorite when the series launched. She could act, sing and dance (remember that iconic dance she did to C+C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now”?) But then after season 3, she left, disrupting the show and this special was an opportunity for the two to hash things out.

“This has been tough,” Hubert told Smith at the start of this very candid conversation. “I just wanted to know one thing: why did you guys go so far? I lost so much.”

Smith responded that he didn’t know her story.

“You have no idea,” she said. Hubert went on to clarify that during the third season when she got pregnant, there was a lot going on in her life and in Smith’s life which caused the friction between the two. “I was no longer laughing, joking smiling because there were things going on that nobody knew about.”

Smith admits that during her pregnancy that he wasn’t sensitive to Hubert, but now that he has matured he wishes he would have done things differently. “I can see where I made the set very difficult for Janet,” he said.

by Anonymousreplies 5516 hours ago

Where Do You Get Your Covid News From

Earlier in the pandemic I tuned out the news as all it did was depress me, but now that a vaccine is on the horizon while a surge in cases is simultaneously happening (and we're apparently entering our second wave), I want to start paying attention to COVID news again. So, my question is what should I pay attention to. What news source (CNN, NBC, Washington Post, etc etc) is the best for COVID news and COVID updates? Or, what do YOU pay attention to to keep track of COVID?

by Anonymousreplies 216 hours ago

Full Bush

Post some of the best you've seen.

by Anonymousreplies 3116 hours ago

The Howard Stern Show

Has Howard decided whether or not he is retiring yet?

He might as well.

The show is pretty much now 24/7 Ronnie the Limo Driver.

All Ronnie, all the time.

It is unlistenable to at this point.

by Sick of Ronniereplies 40616 hours ago

Have you bought your Turkey for Thanksgiving

If not why not?

And if you have, what else will you be cooking with your turkey

by Anonymousreplies 916 hours ago

Industry, Lens Dunham's new show on HBO

Just what we needed during the pandemic: A show about obnoxious, self-important investment bankers and stilted conversations that would never take place in the real world. In case you think I'm being harsh, the New York Times also hated it. Lens directed. At least she didn't write this pile of dung. I gave it ten minutes and that was all I could take. Other opinions?

by Anonymousreplies 4516 hours ago

Ratched: teh Series

The reviews aren't good, but the first episode has the best clothes and sets I've seen all year (much more beautiful than even Murphy's own "Hollywood"), and it's hard not to watch any show that has an extended scene of Corey Stoll in boxers and a wife-beater.

The underscoring Herrmann music from "Vertigo" actually works beautifully so far (one episode in).

by Anonymousreplies 22416 hours ago

I think I might be slightly racist...

Am I?

by Anonymousreplies 916 hours ago

Americans, which word do you think Brits pronounce the strangest?

It is every bit as valid a pronunciation there as our pronunciations are valid here, yet it still sounds bizarre to American ears.

I left off "aluminum" because they spell it differently (with an extra 'i').

by Anonymousreplies 25716 hours ago

Roseanne Live Streams

She interviews people frequently. She wears different outfits and wigs.

by Anonymousreplies 2316 hours ago

Paramount Network Announces LGBTQ+ Holiday Film Starring Juan Pablo Di Pace & Peter Porte!

Paramount Network has an LGBTQ+ holiday film coming soon!

The network just announced the movie Dashing in December, which was produced by MTV Studios under its new original movies’ division.

The movie stars Fuller House's Juan Pablo Di Pace, Baby Daddy's Peter Porte, and Golden Globe nominee Andie MacDowell. It will premiere on Paramount Network on Sunday, December 13 with simulcasts on Logo, Pop and TV Land.

Dashing in December follows Wyatt (Porte), a sophisticated, New York City financier who returns home for the holidays in an effort to convince his mother, Deb (MacDowell) to sell the family’s ranch and beloved magical Winter Wonderland attraction. In the midst of his mission, an unexpected romance ignites with the new ranch hand Heath (Di Pace) reawakening the spirit of Christmas.

“This feel good project captures the importance of inclusive storytelling, the power of love and the spirit of the holidays all rolled into one,” said Meghan Hooper, EVP, Head of Original Movies and Limited Series.

by Anonymousreplies 7416 hours ago

Brandon Cody - Going To College! Part 2

Jeff is needing funds for the new school year - can YOU help him out?

Also, what's this "racist tweet" someone mentioned on the last thread?

Brandon has so many Insta and Twitter accounts, it's hard to keep up.

by Anonymousreplies 17716 hours ago

People’s Sexiest Man Alive is Michael B Jordan

Third consecutive black actor, I mean I like him, but there are other minorities races other than black.

by Anonymousreplies 11516 hours ago

Meghan Markle Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Kate Middleton

Royal Family News: Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton In A Way He Never Did With Meghan Markle

by Anonymousreplies 1216 hours ago


Growing up, my family quickly assigned nicknames to everyone, sometimes several. Even my grandparents (1st generation from England) and their siblings had nicknames that stayed with them their entire lives. I was chatting about this with my friend, from a big Italian family, and he did not share the same experience. Is this something that Italians don’t do? What’s your experience?

by Anonymousreplies 016 hours ago

When AOL connected and made this noise

Did you get excited, knowing a new Internet hookup was just around the corner?

by Anonymousreplies 116 hours ago

Where R They Now? Gay Porn Edition

Anyone know what ever happened to the Rockland Brothers? It was hard to choose which was the hottest. They all fucked like pros. At least one of them must be gay?

Please if you know, let us all know. Any update would be appreciated, along with updated pics.

Also, if there is a gay porn star from the past and you want to know where is he now, please post his picture and what you like about him.

by Anonymousreplies 56316 hours ago

He could have been a datalounger, now missing.

A gay man is missing in Dallas after early workout before work.

by Anonymousreplies 5616 hours ago

Isn’t it rather hypocritical for well-off white people to state, “Rioting is unacceptable!”

They are the ones who usually set up the circumstances that cause people to take to the street?

by Anonymousreplies 5716 hours ago

Aunt Bea and Clara

Were they lovers?

by Anonymousreplies 1016 hours ago

Do you think Madonna is despondent over Kylie Minogue's INCREDIBLE success with "Disco"?

Let's face it, Madonna has done everything to piss on her legacy as Queen of Pop. I say this as a fan of Madonna's since 1983. The last few years have been painful.

I've always thought of Kylie as the Princess of Pop (although I guess one could argue Britney takes that title).

But, Kylie is now deserving of the title of Queen of Pop. She cares about her fans. She seems to enjoy herself. Her music is still fun and it's uniting people during a time like this. That's what the Queen of Pop SHOULD do.

Madame X, who?

Do you think Madge is going on a bender and yelling at the kids?

by Anonymousreplies 8416 hours ago

Stockholm Syndrome- Myth?

Psychiatric community doesn’t recognize it either.

by Anonymousreplies 316 hours ago


Next time, wear a better disguise, sweetie!

by Anonymousreplies 9917 hours ago

Why do Democratic politicians continue to do stuff like this?

Did Eric Adams really think no pics would come out? At least they have on masks but even so, having all these folks crammed in this restaurant is a slap in the face to all the other restaurants who can only operate at 25% capacity.

by A pissed New Yorker replies 2017 hours ago

Should America fine fatties for being so fat?

maybe that will finally stop all the obesity

by Anonymousreplies 917 hours ago

Fag Hag-sploitation

I want to hear stories of how your Fag Hags betrayed and abandoned you. I had one who used to be a really cool & fun smoker/drinker/cocksucker back in the day, become a Jesus Freak Mommy, who’s trying to have the perfect image on Instagram and sells Energy Patches, tell me that her rich hillbilly husband wasn’t comfortable with me being around the kids because of my “lifestyle”. Um excuse me, Bitch! Isn’t this the same fucking slut who willingly got gangbang’d by 7 guys in High School and giggled about it, while also revealing their cock sizes. Like fuck you, you cum-guzzling cunt slut. Needless to say I’m done with her.

by Anonymousreplies 11717 hours ago

Modern Men in Short Shorts Part Three 🔥

Winter is coming but short shorts 🩳 are still hot!

by Anonymousreplies 5217 hours ago

What is your favorite brand of chocolate?

Mine is Ferror ROcher. And also I like an Italian brand, which I can't remember the name of. It's pretty famous. It has silver wrapping and has dark blue words on it. A patient gave me those chocolates for taking good care of her.

by Anonymousreplies 5417 hours ago

Swede Oliver Forslin 💪🏽

I would drink his bathwater

by Anonymousreplies 10117 hours ago

Rice and Pasta

Tell me again, why these foods are bad?

Because I see a whole lot of skinny Asians and Italians.

Conversely, I see a lot of heavier Americans who supposedly "eat healthy" by cutting out rice and pasta.

There, I said it.

by Anonymousreplies 4217 hours ago

Aaron Hernandez Documentary Now on Netflix


by Anonymousreplies 42017 hours ago


Which are your favorites?

I really like Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando. Immersively themed, and excellent hookup scene.

The Tapu Tapu wristbands make things really convenient (buying drinks, etc.).

by Anonymousreplies 917 hours ago

Why have there only been two Catholic presidents in the history of the US?

Catholics make up the largest Christian denomination in the United States by a landslide—and yet, aside from Biden, the only Catholic elected president we've had is JFK. It seems odd given the sheer numbers.

by Anonymousreplies 23117 hours ago

Jenna Ellis standing behind Giuliani at the press conference.

Who here wanted to smack that smirk off her face during that press conference?

by Anonymousreplies 617 hours ago

The Walking Dead Among Us: People Who Scare the Children

So many people out there look like they are beating their dirt naps. We need a catalog of who may be out there waiting for brains.

The chief among them is Prince Philip.

Being old is no excuse for looking dead.

by Anonymousreplies 1117 hours ago

What are the current TV shows with gay male characters? Part 4

Keep talking about it here!

by Anonymousreplies 12917 hours ago

Study shows women's public hair contains 30% fecal matter

You filthy fraus.

by Anonymousreplies 7817 hours ago

Why do Australian men tend to look like this?

They all look like this.

by Anonymousreplies 7417 hours ago

Aaron Rodgers is Beardless - Part 29 of the Aaron Rodgers Saga

Now that Aaron has "broken up" with Manica and the other thread has been paywall locked, let's continue the discussion here.

by Anonymousreplies 52117 hours ago

Couple Marcello and Felipe

A very popular cam couple

by Anonymousreplies 2817 hours ago

Why was Jennifer Aniston famous?!


by Jennifer Aniston's chinreplies 8617 hours ago

Why do so many actresses date ordinary white nerdy guys?

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena

Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett

Amy Adams' husband, Darren Le Gallo

by Anonymousreplies 917 hours ago

Who do you think was the youngest poster on dl?

I posted on dl when I was 18; I can imagine the age of some posters, although quite rare, to be extremely young.

by Anonymousreplies 2917 hours ago

Trump supporters think social media is going dark on Dec. 2 or 3

and that the Youtube outage on Veteran's was a test run.

This would presumably be to prevent Trump from organizing and his supporters from communicating with each other.

Election certification has to happen by Dec. 3.

by Anonymousreplies 917 hours ago

The worst play or musical you ever saw

We have a thread about the worst concerts....let's do one for the theater!

I saw a regional theater production of The Diary of Anne Frank that was the worst. The lead actress forgot her lines at least a couple times and looked ten years too old for the role

by Anonymousreplies 29017 hours ago

Cute Grifter Dad Part 3

It's only three months until Xmas! Are Dylan's boys going to need a new GoFundMe for gifts this year again?

At least Dylan is still working hard for The Resistance to rid our country of the evil of Donald Trump:

[quote]We must walk over glass, through burning fire, no matter what it takes, to vote out Donald Trump or all is lost.

by Anonymousreplies 917 hours ago

Surprisingly edible store cupboard meals

I'm not feeling very well and couldn't be bothered to shop so I made dinner tonight just with stuff I already had. No fresh ingredients at all. It was actually surprisingly OK. I made up a box of Kraft mac'n'cheese and added some frozen broccoli, peas and mushrooms to it, smoked paprika, some Panko and frozen grated Parmesan on top, stuck it in the oven and it turned out quite tasty.

by Anonymousreplies 3917 hours ago

The weekend white trash demographic menu ...

tuna potato chip casserole

by Anonymousreplies 1517 hours ago

MSNBC, Part 19

Please continue the discussion here.

by Anonymousreplies 417 hours ago

Joan Crawford, drunk on Pepsi and wearing a turban, talks about Bette Davis and her Oscar triumph

I love her so much. America never produced a better woman.

by Anonymousreplies 3517 hours ago

Shopping For Groceries Is Like Hell Right Now (PT 11)

Continuing the discussion... we're gonna need it.

by Anonymousreplies 19017 hours ago

I'm Still Here!

Did you miss me?

I think Jon Ossof is so sexy. I love the way he says 'y'all'!

by Anonymousreplies 317 hours ago

Porn matchups you'd like to see that haven't yet happened (or may never happen)

I know there are many threads dealing with porn here, but I'd like to try a different angle. I'm thinking specifically about porn stars who have never done a one-on-one scene together that you'd like to see. These can be people currently in the business, or those who have retired. These pairings may never happen, but you'd like to see it anyway.

I'd go first with Zeb Atlas and Chris Rockway. I think both are retired now, but I always wanted to see them do a video together.

by Anonymousreplies 1217 hours ago

The Gay Hallmark movie with Jonathan Bennett premieres

Will you be watching? Finally gays also have their cheesy holiday fluff.

by Anonymousreplies 4017 hours ago

*****Breaking News***** Trump to barricade himself in White House during Thanksgiving!

Scared that if he flees to Traitor-Lago, he won’t be allowed back in White House.

by Anonymousreplies 12318 hours ago

Duncan Hines Cake Mix and Frosting

On a whim I baked a cake from a boxed mix and with canned frosting this weekend. I haven't done that in years and years. I was a child of the 70s: "fancy" bakery cakes were for special occasions only, so my mother would make cakes from mixes regularly.

It was quite disappointing. The frosting is super sweet, and the cake itself is a nice texture. But it tastes like packing material. Really, a big nothing.

Thoughts, DL?

by Anonymousreplies 25718 hours ago

Gay KPMG executive missing in Dallas

Datalounge detectives, please solve this case....

by Anonymousreplies 6818 hours ago

Remember that to Trump the election is no different than a zoning board

If media coverage has you screaming MARY!!! this week, remember that Trump has zero respect for the office of the presidency and to him, losing the election is like having the local zoning board tell him he can't build a hotel on the property he just bought.

Meaning he will go to any extreme necessary to get the zoning board to overturn their decision because it's just a zoning board and sometimes fear and intimidation can get Trump what he wants, ditto filing hundreds of lawsuits that they are in no position to defend.

Fortunately the Federal election system is not a local zoning board, but remember that Trump is too dumb to realize that or have any sort of Grand Scheme in place beyond using any means necessary to win, he has not thought through what would happen if he did win, he has not thought through the negative impact claiming "elections are rigged" has on voter turnout among his base during the Georgia runoffs and beyond, or on the election system in general.

At some point he will declare that disloyal Republican judges (possibly even disloyal Republican Supreme Court justices) and incompetent Republican politicians cost him the election that he really won, fly off to Mar A Lago and continue raising money for 2024, because he's figured out he can raise millions from the winged monkeys this way and never have to return a dime of it.

Happy Thanksgiving

by Anonymousreplies 318 hours ago

Last Days of Lisa ("Left Eye") Lopes - Full Documentary

April 25, 2018 marks the 16th anniversary of the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, a founding member (and arguably the most talented) of the Hip-Hop phenomenon "TLC." She was only 30-years old when she died.

Mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted of the turmoil associated with the industry that brought her talent to the mainstream, she and her cousins drove from Atlanta, GA to Honduras, SA to find much need respite.

In addition to footage of her and her family enjoying the natural beauty of Honduras, it also contains footage of her accidentally killing a local Honduras boy; he ran into the street the moment the vehicle she was driving crossed his path. Remorseful, she visits the boy's family, learning the family's last name is "Lopez." Upon learning this fact, she looks into the camera, saying, "A spirit has been chasing me for a long time; it accidentally took him instead of me."

Of the five other passengers in her vehicle at the time of her fatal car accident, she was the only one who wore a seatbelt.

by RIP, Lisareplies 2018 hours ago

Trump is getting hit with his own medicine-- Voters in Michigan sue him for Voter Suppression

It's about time. His lawsuits and multiple requests for recounts are nothing but voter suppression.

by Anonymousreplies 1818 hours ago

Where Is Your Lover?

Do you know where your lover is right now?

by Anonymousreplies 1118 hours ago

Rewatching Hannah and Her Sisters

It’s been a couple years since I watched it and it’s much more narratively flawed then I remember. It seems like huge portions of the second and third segments were probably left on the editing floor - imaginable since this was Allen’s answer to Bergman’s five hour Fanny and Alexander. Despite being the title character, Farrow’s Hannah never seems to become three dimensional. Hershey’s Lee is sort of abandoned by the end despite being the most interesting character in the first half of the movie, it seems as if Weist’s Holly begins to dominate the storyline at Lee’s expense. Michael Caine’s character is so loathesome and definitely did not deserve the Oscar, especially since most of the acting is done in voiceover. If Max von Sydow had another scene in the movie, he probably would had been the nominee and won.

Still I’m always completely charmed by this movie’s timeless, mid-eighties New York, filmed in cool blues and grays like a Scandinavian film, and set against the eclectic soundtrack of baroque chamber music and big band jazz. The interiors done inside Farrow’s real Central Park West apartment also really anchor the film with a kind of realism not usually found in Allen’s apartment porn-y films.

Any other recollections of this film? I know it’s usually the most loved of Allen’s films among the DL crowd.

by Anonymousreplies 12618 hours ago

Switching from regular soda to the ICE drinks

They are fruit flavored carbonated water with zero calories. I really need to lose weight and hope this helps because currently I have been drinking 4 cans of regular soda a day.

by Anonymousreplies 8518 hours ago

Why are Homies so Thicc these days? 🍑

Did dudes have so much cake in the olden days?

by Anonymousreplies 3718 hours ago

Movie Posters You Love

Post some pics, please.

by Anonymousreplies 10118 hours ago

Vegetable Spiralizer

Those who have one -- Yes or no?

Do you use it often/occasionally/never?

by Anonymousreplies 118 hours ago

Amazing Men!

Would you like to play golf with him?

by Anonymousreplies 23918 hours ago

Make a declarative statement

No one is gonna buy or sell me ever again.

by Anonymousreplies 9118 hours ago

What is your daily diet like ?

As in, what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily ? Do you cook or eat out ? I for one, eat rice and curry for lunch daily

by Anonymousreplies 7518 hours ago

The Helix Studio Soap Opera Thread Part 3

Hopefully our favorite twinks and their rabid fans won't shut down this one! Continue the discussion of everything Helix related here!

by Anonymousreplies 59718 hours ago

Who are the most smug and insufferable celebrities?

I say James Woods. I will not watch a movie starring him.

by Anonymousreplies 19718 hours ago

Fall Comfort Food

Alright, bitches.

I've cranked up the A/C, put on a wool sweater, made some hot chocolate, and now I'm cradling it in my hands, dreaming up some hearty dishes for the impending cold weather.

Please share your favorite comfort foods, and recipes, if you have any!

by Anonymousreplies 8818 hours ago

Candace Cameron Bure's 20-year-old twink son is engaged to a girl

She’s a religious nut. Did she force this on him?

by Anonymousreplies 42518 hours ago

Moo With a Mask, Please


by Gertiereplies 9518 hours ago

Adobo in your Monday morning WTH Bloody Marys


by Anonymousreplies 318 hours ago

HBO true crime documentary “Murder on Middle Beach”

First episode premiered on Sunday. It seems obvious the husband did it but the plot twist at the end with the pyramid scheme sounds interesting. Frau on frau crime or deadly divorce murder? And the son (the director)is SMOKING hot!

by Anonymousreplies 3018 hours ago

Photos! Photos! Photos! How Do You Back Them Up? Do You Keep Photo Albums?

Along the lines of the dvd thread, what are you all doing with your photos? Do you back them up on a hard drive or to a cloud service? If you've digitized old photos, do you keep the originals or throw them out?

by Anonymousreplies 1418 hours ago

Blanche DuBois, High School English Teacher

This could have been a spin off of A Streetcar Named Desire, in the 50s. A sitcom like Our Miss Brooks, but a little darker.

Anyway, Blanche's occupation was teaching English. What do you think Blanche would have been like, teaching high school English? She actually does remind me of some English teachers I've known. Other than seducing underage boys, do you think she was a good role model? Can you picture her in the Teacher's Lounge with the rest of the faculty, having a cig or eating cottage cheese and a baloney sandwich for lunch? What did she do on her summer vacations? Did she coach a sport? What were her favorite authors and poets? Did she regale the class with stories of her days at Belle Reve?

by Anonymousreplies 1418 hours ago

Royal Fashion: Diana Edition

We begin with the iconic "Revenge Dress". Di wore it the same evening Prince Charles confessed to adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Designer Christina Stambolian revealed that the dress had actually been made for Diana three years prior to its first appearance in the spotlight. At the time, the princess had been too nervous to wear it because she claimed it was “too daring.”

In fact, Diana had initially planned on wearing a Valentino dress until her outfit of choice was released to the press ahead of the event, according to reports from the Telegraph. Instead, she made a last-minute switch and opted for the “daring” Stambolian black dress. Anna Harvey, her former stylist, said that she wanted to “look like a million dollars” that night. If the dress was Diana’s small act of revenge, she sure did look like a million bucks doing it.

by Anonymousreplies 9819 hours ago

Sam Smith is the new Luther Vandross

I can't believe it took me so long to make the connection. I've been scratching my head wondering about the nature of Sam's appeal to the mass audience. All that moping and screeching, and that dreadful Bond song. I was particularly intrigued that "Stay With Me" gets recurrent play on the adult R&B radio station.

Now I've got it! All of that naked longing, sorrow, sadness and unrequited love is how the public is conditioned to hear gay men -- courtesy of Luther Vandross. Luther was not openly gay but even his most ardent female fans knew he was gay. Sam Smith has jumped right into the space created by Luther albeit with greater mainstream appeal (because he is white).

There, I've figured it all out.

by Clever Catereplies 3219 hours ago

Hated Golden Girls episodes

When Blanche’s daughter Becky gives birth to Aurora. All of the labor screaming is maddening.

by Anonymousreplies 11419 hours ago

Words you never hear straight guys say


by Anonymousreplies 36019 hours ago

The most depressing songs ever

What are the most depressing songs you've ever heard (regardless of the quality of the songs)?

by Anonymousreplies 27019 hours ago

OMG this animator did a 3D model of Henry Cavill and Kal!


Artist is @gabriel.soareszz on Instagram

by Anonymousreplies 819 hours ago

Hermey the Misfit Elf

Who's had him?

by Anonymousreplies 2419 hours ago

Toilet paper 🧻 and paper towels are disappearing from store shelves again!

Not again!🥺

by Anonymousreplies 9919 hours ago

What is your favorite Heinz sauce?

Mine is mayochup or “salsa rosa” in Spanish. The mix of ketchup and mayonnaise is one of the best inventions of 20th Century. It works for fish, burgers, veggies, even with bread. Call me a fat whore but I could eat a whole jar only with a spoon. What’s yours?

by You need to know that if you say ketchup your a basic bitchreplies 1019 hours ago

Ben Whishaw.

Gay, married, talented and handsome.

Why isn't he a DL fav???

by Anonymousreplies 19719 hours ago

The Wizard of Oz...

Just in time for Thanksgiving, cable tv is once again having mass airings. Ive seen it a hundred times like most, but for the first time in a long time, I actually WATCHED it. I really is a masterpiece in film making. The sets, the costumes, the songs, the special effects, the performances. It really is an iconic movie. Its even harder to believe its over 80 years old and still holds up against modern films.

by Anonymousreplies 3119 hours ago

Which Friends star was the most talented on the show?

I'm trying a pair of most and least talented polls here. In your opinion, which Friends star brought the most to the series, in terms of comedy and character?

by Anonymousreplies 119 hours ago

Trump threatens to wreak havoc on GOP from beyond the White House

I doubt it.

by Anonymousreplies 7119 hours ago

Is Reese W. a bitch?

This actress is A list through and through. She has achieved about the most success an actress can receive. Money, fame and awards. She wanted to be the world's sweetheart, but if they knew how she got to her lofty position they would be rethinking their judgment.

When Backstabber came to Hollywood she thought she was hot and that she could make it on her looks. Back home she was always the prettiest and she figured she would be here too. Nope. Not even close. She was smart enough to figure that out and also learned about the casting couch really quickly. Her first roles were secured via the casting couch and also led her to do some things she has never done since on film. It is true that she has attempted to buy some of those earlier films and then make sure no new copies are ever released.

In one of her casting couch experiences she met a mentor who has guided her almost every step of the way. Although they stopped sleeping together after six months when Backstabber threatened to tell his wife, they have been good friends ever since and Backstabber makes sure to send over some young actresses she runs into looking for a break to his office to keep him happy.

It came to Backstabber's attention that there was a role which would be perfect for her but the lead had been promised to someone else. Another actress who had very similar qualities and beat out Backstabber for a career defining role and made her white hot. Destined for A list (and still with great name recognition, but not Crash & Burn from yesterday), she made a few more movies and now has one bomb after another on television and in movies. Backstabber started whispering in ears that this actress had a drug problem and could not be relied on. She told everyone she could about the drugs and booze and erratic behavior. None of it was true, but what was a shoo in for the actress and her spot as the actress to watch disappeared in a flash and went to Backstabber.

This is where it gets interesting. On the set, Backstabber met her soon to be husband, but he was already having sex with two of the other still B list co-stars and would have laughed if you told him what Backstabber had in mind. Aside from the casting couch, Backstabber was not and is not a sexual person. She does it out of duty. For this guy though, she knew that would not work. She seduced and teased and the next thing you know, the guy had left the other two co-stars in the dust and was on his knee in a second trying to marry Backstabber. To be the world's sweetheart you needed a husband. Mission accomplished. The only misfire Backstabber had was that her husband would chat in a second and with Backstabber only having sex with him once a month at the most, he would go wandering and straying. She did not mind when he was quiet about it, but after she paid for the third abortion for him, he was out the door.

While they were married, Backstabber continued to climb the Hollywood ladder. Drug accusations here, sending over some of her "friends" from back home to spend the night with a studio executive. To get the ultimate prize, she actually did have sex with a few people who could make or break things for her. She has no actress friends left in Hollywood because she has talked smack about everyone of them. She works for charities but only because it is expected. She has said privately that she keeps every penny she has ever made and that she is not going to give her money to a bunch of broke people or the N word on the street. Oh yeah, she is racist. Probably more so than anyone at a KKK rally. Movies with black people? Not if she can help it. Earlier in her career she could not control it. Now? Casting approval. No black people. Other minorities? No thank you. If she sees you drinking she will try and have you fired. Swearing? She better not hear you. Yeah, so it was a real treat when she had to work with a guy who dropped F bombs every five seconds and had a string of hookers and booze in his trailer the whole shoot. You can see her grimacing the entire movie.

by Anonymousreplies 719 hours ago

Who else thinks he’s hot?

And especially in a few years if he starts working out. Yum! And he’s just a victim of bad parenting. Sure he was wrong, but he shouldn’t have his life ruined.

by Anonymousreplies 3419 hours ago

The only role you liked them in

You otherwise didn't care for them at all.

Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza.

by Anonymousreplies 11619 hours ago

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - what's the story with the husband?

My friend met Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fake husband recently and said JTF was a complete and unjustifiable cunt.

Do you think JTF's husband is only with him for the money/fame? It reminds me of one of those couple situations where one of them (JTF) is desperately in love with someone and the other is sort of - eh, sure, I love you honey. [html removed]

by Ty Stonestreetreplies 19819 hours ago

Sidney Powell: is she a LESBIAN?

She spells her name the male way.

by Anonymousreplies 619 hours ago

Have you ever stuck your dick in a glory hole? I want to but I'm afraid.

How did you get over the fear of being bitten or worse?

by Anonymousreplies 2319 hours ago

Hypocritical Prince Harry Vows That Netflix Will Never Depict Him In The Crown

Hypocritical Prince Harry Vows That Netflix Will Never Depict Him In The Crown

by Anonymousreplies 1619 hours ago

Sam Elliott takes a shower

Because it's my birthday today. You're welcome

by Anonymousreplies 3619 hours ago

i haven't pooped in 11 days


by Anonymousreplies 2619 hours ago

My stepdad’s BFF now, has CoViD-19

First off, I’m writing this so that all of you who believe in prayer, to please pray for him.

He’s a wonderful and amazing older gentleman. He’s a good guy, and he has some respiratory issues, so please pray for him, please. The rest of us agnostics and atheists can send him good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Thanks so much. I mean that sincerely.

We just found out last night.

My stepfather is also a good person who has unfortunately, fallen into the miasma of FOX News, and he’s been a staunch Trump supporter, and I have already judged the ever loving crap out of him for this, however, I have chosen to not continue to do so, because moving forward is best not only for our country, but individual households and families, such as mine.

People make mistakes. Horrible mistakes sometimes, and they can be wrong, even when all evidence is flying in their face at 100 mph, telling them that perhaps they’re not right.

He has been exposed to the virus, because he has been around his best friend in the last week. He doesn’t wear masks whenever he doesn’t have to, and quite frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t been infected previously, which he may have. Who knows?

He’s getting tested this week. Hopefully, he’s OK.

I’ve had a sore throat all weekend and while it hasn’t been horrible, it’s a sore throat, nevertheless, so I am making plans for testing as well, since I live with my mom and stepfather. Wearing a mask will become something I also will have to do inside the house, rather than just outside, because it’s the only way to go, so it seems. I wanted to do so previously, yet chose not to because I figured it would cause more trouble than it’s worth, being that my parents both had a very erratic reaction to my telling them that a former coworker whom I’d been in contact with, died of COVID, back in late March. I just didn’t want to upset them again and make them angry at me. I understand it makes zero sense to the rest of us who use logic and reason to approach these matters, however, it makes sense when you’re living with two hardcore Trump supporters who are addicted to hate and divisive driven news on FOX, and who see CoViD-19 as a personal failure on the infected person’s part, due to not having enough faith in God and becoming infected due to lack of faith and fear instilled by the “enemy” or Satan.

I know that this is a highly contagious virus, and I have researched the living heck out of it and understand as much as there is to be understood about it, at this time, so shame on me for not wearing a mask at home, while living with people who believe that a higher power will grant them immunity, while not granting it to their friends who are becoming infected or dying, like my stepfather’s other friend who just died from CoViD and who’s funeral he attended this weekend.

Anyhow, I needed to vent and tell some rational and normal people who won’t scream at me for being concerned and even scared.

Thanks for listening. Well, reading. Lol. Love u bitches, as always.

by Blue in the Southreplies 320 hours ago

Why is Covid suddenly surging again?

Or was the news just not covering it and focusing on the election?

by Anonymousreplies 27220 hours ago

60 Minutes story on COVID Long haulers

Yesterday's 60 Minutes story on the COVID Long Haulers was terrifying.

Most are young healthy people in their 20's and 30's who barely had COVID symptoms. And then, after COVID was over, continue to have balance, memory, strength, vision problems for months and months.

Scary as hell

by Anonymousreplies 020 hours ago

I bought magic mushroom spores on Etsy to attempt to grow them in my house.

They seem to be complicated to grow, which surprises me.

by Anonymousreplies 10620 hours ago

Would this Marky Mark interview go over well in 2020?

If a young hot white bro asked a female presenter if he gets to do the same to her would it go over well? Even if she asked first?

You just know social media would be outraged and go on and on about straight white male privilege 😂

It’s a fun interview though.

by Anonymousreplies 2420 hours ago

Jeremy Corbyn suspended by UK Labour party

The #UK's main opposition Labour party has suspended its former leader Jeremy #Corbyn, after a government watchdog found his office broke equality law through its "inexcusable" handling of anti-Semitism complaints

by Anonymousreplies 31420 hours ago

Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program

President Trump asked senior advisers in an Oval Office meeting on Thursday whether he had options to take action against Iran’s main nuclear site in the coming weeks. The meeting occurred a day after international inspectors reported a significant increase in the country’s stockpile of nuclear material, four current and former U.S. officials said on Monday.

A range of senior advisers dissuaded the president from moving ahead with a military strike. The advisers — including Vice President Mike Pence; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Christopher C. Miller, the acting defense secretary; and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — warned that a strike against Iran’s facilities could easily escalate into a broader conflict in the last weeks of Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Any strike — whether by missile or cyber — would almost certainly be focused on Natanz, where the International Atomic Energy Agency reported on Wednesday that Iran’s uranium stockpile was now 12 times larger than permitted under the nuclear accord that Mr. Trump abandoned in 2018. The agency also noted that Iran had not allowed it access to another suspected site where there was evidence of past nuclear activity.

Mr. Trump asked his top national security aides what options were available and how to respond, officials said.

After Mr. Pompeo and General Milley described the potential risks of military escalation, officials left the meeting believing a missile attack inside Iran was off the table, according to administration officials with knowledge of the meeting.

Mr. Trump might still be looking at ways to strike Iranian assets and allies, including militias in Iraq, officials said. A smaller group of national security aides had met late Wednesday to discuss Iran, the day before the meeting with the president.

by Anonymousreplies 1520 hours ago

I have a theory that Incels are deeply self-loathing gays

That's why they can't get a woman: the females sense something amiss.

by Anonymousreplies 2320 hours ago

Is Eminem a bottom?

I legit had no idea he had such a nice 🍑

(this was apparently from the 2004 VMAs)

by Anonymousreplies 520 hours ago

Faye Dunaway and Marcello Mastroianni

I knew that they had dated for a few years back in the late 1960s, but I was surprised to come across an old interview with Mastroianni from 1987 in which he said she was basically the love of his life and the one that got away. Apparently she wanted to marry him and have children, but he would not divorce his wife even though they had already been more or less separated for a number of years, and Dunaway eventually got tired of waiting and moved on. It surprised me because she seemed more abrasive than some of the other women he dated, and yet more than 20 years after they broke up he still viewed her as the one. He never did get a divorce from his first wife at any point, but they were only really married on paper, and over the years he became quite open about other women he dated like Catherine Deneuve (with whom he had a daughter just a couple of years after he and Dunaway split). I wonder if Dunaway had any regrets later on about the way things worked out.

by Anonymousreplies 1720 hours ago

Keira Knightley Gets A Surprise


by Anonymousreplies 420 hours ago

When your mom is Diane Downs

She's a convicted murderer, you know.

by Anonymousreplies 220 hours ago

Curt Boettcher - forgotten sunshine pop 60s gay music legend (The Millennium, The Association)

Curtis Roy Boettcher -- Producer of Along Comes Mary (The Association, written with fellow gay Tandyn Almer) -- He is a known colleague of Brian Wilson in the '60s and worked on disco records with The Beach Boys (Here Comes The Night). He had a wife and child but is long known to have been gay. He, later on, was a DJ for numerous discos and gay clubs. Worked at a gay bar serving drinks called The Hayloft in Studio City, CA in the latter 70's early 80s. He started in folk and ended up being one of the most innovative, psychedelic 'sunshine pop' producers. He is known as the king of Sunshine Pop. He collaborated with Gary Usher on a project known as Sagittarius in the mid to late 60s. Afterwards formed the group The Millennium, which it's album 'Begin' is one of the greatest 60s albums of all time.

Any Californian eldergays know anything fresh about him? He was known by many compared to other obscure gay music legends. Produced strange stuff towards the end of his career. He died of a lung infection and was HIV positive at the time of his death. A best friend of mine and I are obsessed with this talent, and we are hoping to bring more of his story to light, no matter how NSFW or debatable it gets.

by sad gay musician boy in his 20s with too much timereplies 320 hours ago

Favorite daddies in porn

Past or present. Top or bottom daddies.

by Anonymousreplies 30820 hours ago

Everyday Treasoning: I Melt With You (The Treason Thread, Part 41)

Continued Discussion

Good Ole Rudy has spent the day on Fox News on some unhinged rant about how they've cracked the case!

Let's not ignore whatever is happening down the side of his face.

I'll stop the world and melt with you!

by Anonymousreplies 3320 hours ago

Do you believe organic food really tastes better?

I rarely buy organic food because I can’t afford it, but I recently bought organic carrots because it was all they had at the store and they didn’t taste any better than the carrots I usually buy.

Is this usually the case with organic food?

by Anonymousreplies 4120 hours ago

DL Fave Taylor J Phillips reveals freakishly large feet

They’re like two large pizzas.

by Anonymousreplies 11220 hours ago

Creamy Gorilla 💪🏽

The Ultimate

by Anonymousreplies 24220 hours ago

Celebrities you are surprised are still alive

Bob Barker

by Anonymousreplies 220 hours ago

Was Peppermint Patty a man?

I don’t get any feminine vibes from her. I can’t believe she invited herself, Marci and Franklin over to Chuck’s house for thanksgiving!

by Anonymousreplies 4820 hours ago

Ivanka Trump was a jerk in prep school?!

I did a search and didn’t see this yet.

by Anonymousreplies 22020 hours ago

Gym Closures

OK, call me a fat whore (I may be one, but I'm not both) but why is there such outrage about gyms closing? Think of all the touch points that serve as vectors? Is working out really such a performative act? Can't you do a lot of exercises at home? How about 200 jumping jacks? They're supposed to be the best workout anyway.

The anger and newsworthiness of gyms closing tells me something else is going on. I know a lot of people across all age groups and those who go to gyms are in the minority. You don't see people at bars, restaurants, shops, barbers, etc. screaming at inspectors. Interesting piece of this craziness.

by Anonymousreplies 1720 hours ago

Eldergays, tell me about the tv show, " The New Girl."

I don't remember this tv show? Was Zooey Deschanel was a big star after it? Who watched it?

by Anonymousreplies 1520 hours ago

Cooper and Oliver on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE

Will they or won’t they?

by Anonymousreplies 1120 hours ago

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Stupidest song ever?

by Anonymousreplies 1320 hours ago

Rex Woodbury, Ian Spear

DL's old faves Rex and Ian have been somewhat quiet on IG lately. I wondered if maybe they had broken up but looks like Rex posted some pics of them together recently. Just getting on with life quietly now? They've still got loads of followers though. Still fit despite their high tech jobs.

What's next for them do you think?

by 1920 hours ago

Taylor Swift sets AMA record

She’s won the most in all of her categories. She has won the Female Pop/Rock Vocalist award 5 times, pushing past Whitney Houston and Olivia Newton-John who each won 4 times.

by Anonymousreplies 420 hours ago

The Flight Attendant on HBO Max

This looks good! And Michiel Huisman is so beautiful.

Too bad it’s on HBO Max so no one will see it.

by Anonymousreplies 2220 hours ago

What Time Do You Serve Your Thanksgiving Meal?

Growing up, when did your family sit down to Thanksgiving dinner? Do you still observe the same time as an adult, or have you changed?

I don’t know whether it’s a class or regional thing, but for my blue-collar western PA family, Thanksgiving was a midday meal. We only lived seven miles from my grandparents’ house, so each year would involve going to their house fairly early in the morning so my mother could help with the cooking, sitting around with my younger uncles watching the whole Macy’s parade while the turkey roasted, eating in the early afternoon, then spending a few hours playing outside with my cousins.

I still serve Thanksgiving at mid-day. I’d rather not be cleaning dishes and dealing with a turkey carcass long into the night.

by Anonymousreplies 2720 hours ago

Dan Levy on People’s Sexiest Man Alive List

Some of you old queens hate this!

by Anonymousreplies 9620 hours ago

YouTube Has Jerk off Video

Learn to give a sensual massage.

by Anonymousreplies 3520 hours ago

Why did Liza or Lorna never play Judy?

In a made-for-TV biopic. I wonder if they were ever considered when that Judy Davis trolley-wreck was made.

by Anonymousreplies 1321 hours ago

Kevin Spacey Denies Sexually Assaulting Anthony Rapp And Another Plaintiff

Spacey responds to underage abuse allegations for the first time in court documents.

by Anonymousreplies 2021 hours ago

Royal DL super-fave Princess Michael is unwell.

[quote]PRINCESS Michael of Kent has been diagnosed with Covid and is self-isolating at her home at Kensington Palace. The royal, 75, previously known as Princess Pushy, is married to the Queen’s paternal cousin Prince Michael of Kent, has been unwell for almost a month.

[bold]TRY NOT TO PANIC[/bold]


[quote]Her spokesman Simon Astaire told the Sun on Sunday: “Princess Michael of Kent’s housekeeper fell ill three weeks ago and HRH was immediately tested and was found to be positive for Covid. “She and her husband Prince Michael have remained in isolation at Kensington Palace ever since.“Prince Michael did not test positive.”


[quote]A source close to the couple said: “The Princess is is suffering from extreme fatigue and has terrible fevers.”

Thoughts and prayers.

by Anonymousreplies 1121 hours ago

So with COVID, are Pump and TomTom Out of Business Now?

Is Lisa going to have to declare bankruptcy?

Are the Toms going to have to set up an OnlyFans and fuck each other on camera?

Are Ariana and Katie going to have to do live lesbian shows?

Will Jax make special appearances with the Toms?

by Anonymousreplies 221 hours ago

Miss Coco Peru!

I love her. Her talent is making the mundane interesting. Is she the best drag queen on YouTube?

by Anonymousreplies 15521 hours ago

Is the Apple TV Device worth it?

I have an older Samsung Smart TV. The picture still looks amazing, but the smart part isn't as good as it once was. I think it's a software thing and I don't think Samsung supports it any longer. Any way I am thinking either Apple TV or a Firestick is the way to solve the problem. Thoughts?

by Anonymousreplies 4821 hours ago



by Anonymousreplies 921 hours ago

Trump Has 67 Indictments Pending

NY Attorney General Letitia James has 67 indictments on trump ready to be unsealed on January 21, 2021

by Anonymousreplies 1121 hours ago

Biden: I’ll continue the US tradition of sucking Israel’s dick...

Selects Tony Bilkins for SoS

by Anonymousreplies 4321 hours ago

Eldergays, tell me about LOLA FALANA!

I'm 39, so it looks like she's a little before my time. Not that that's an excuse -- of course I know of artists and performers who were popular before I was born -- but she certainly wasn't a household name when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s. A friend in his 50s posted this video on his Instagram today and it took me down a Lola Falana rabbit hole. A powerful voice, a beautiful body, a sensual and powerful dancer and charisma out the tooter. That said, a lot of the material I saw her performing was rather... trite. Very dated, Vegas strip variety shows of the 60s-70s. Is that why you think she perhaps didn't have greater longevity?

Did anyone see her on Broadway? Her powerful presence and beautiful movement make me think she'd have been fabulous in Chicago (or any Fosse work, for that matter.)

by Anonymousreplies 1221 hours ago

Antony Blinken names as Secy of State

Biden will announce the rest of his cabinet choices Tuesday.

by Anonymousreplies 721 hours ago

Douglas Murray

British author and intellectual. Who's had him? I really think he's so intelligent, handsome, and witty. I was happy to learn that he is family. He is not very well known here in the United States, unfortunately. Maybe none of you have had him. I can't imagine he would be into whores like you.

by Anonymousreplies 25821 hours ago

What's Putin trying to get out of the White House before Trump leaves.

I imagine they can be rescinded.

by Anonymousreplies 1321 hours ago

Non-Binary Superheroes Multiplying, As DC Comics Adds ‘Kid Quick’ To ‘The Flash’


by Anonymousreplies 17a day ago

Oud (agarwood) perfume — any recommendations?


by Anonymousreplies 2a day ago

Trump rushes to sell off drilling rights in Alaska's Arctic refuge

The revolting Orange Bowl has decided to leave a nefarious legacy by devastating the arctic and very likely, driving polar bears in Alaska to extinction.

Way to go, Orange Bouffant Twat! Instead of pardoning Assange and Snowden, you leave a legacy that is just as bad as Obama's...

by Anonymousreplies 41a day ago

Let's be a character from an X-files episode

I'm The Great Mutato in the Post-Modern Prometheus.

by Anonymousreplies 11a day ago

Stepmom (1998) - Did you like it?

I haven’t watched this movie in years but do want to sit down and watch it. It came out when I was 12 years old. I used to love this movie so much cause I loved Julia Roberts and the movie as a whole.

Also had a crush on Ed Harris lmaooo.

It gave us Jena Malone, who I hated until I saw in The Hunger Games sequels. I thought she was the best part of those films, even with a small role in both Mockingjay movies.

by Anonymousreplies 39a day ago

Next US Surgeon General

May be a trans identified doctor who urges medical experimentation on gender non-conforming children.

by Anonymousreplies 64a day ago

Why were the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein Jeans commercials so controversial back then?

I get she was 14/15 in the ads, but she isn’t doing anything inappropriate. I remember some parents being upset by these commercials at the time, but even then I never got why they were an issue.

PS she was such a beautiful young woman. It’s weird how her face shape changed so much as she got older. Her soft jaw became wider and more masculine. She had such gentle, feminine features and then became masculine. Odd.

by Anonymousreplies 207a day ago

It's Turkey Lurkey time!

How do you prepare your bird? I'm thinking of doing a cider brined turkey this year.

by Anonymousreplies 15a day ago

How far did Mike Pence get with Mother before they were married?

Despite his protestations to the contrary, you just know Mike was after this hotties’s goods. Do you think Mike got to third base? The full mother?

by Anonymousreplies 16a day ago

Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit

[quote] The American Journal of Psychiatry has issued a major correction to a recent study. The Bränström study reanalysis demonstrated that neither “gender-affirming hormone treatment” nor “gender-affirming surgery” reduced the need of transgender-identifying people for mental health services. Fad medicine is bad medicine, and gender-anxious people deserve better.

by Anonymousreplies 24a day ago

You know you’re an Eldergay

When your doctor prescribes compression socks for your varicose veins.

by Anonymousreplies 75a day ago

The moment when a character completely changed, for better or worse

For the better: Ross's Thanksgiving sandwich, sending him into a crazy spiral on Friends.

by Anonymousreplies 162a day ago

What Celebrities Will Die In The Closet? They Will Never State They Are Gay.

Tammy Cruise Hugh Jackman

by Anonymousreplies 217a day ago

former clebs - then and now

for you gurls to peruse and comment.

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Diana: In Her Own Words

Interesting this documentary and her portrayal as a victim of the evil BRF in The Crown comes on the heels of Harry and Meghan's Netflix deal.

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Let’s be a Sophia and Angela fight DL style.

May your pussy never smell fresh again!

May your pubic hair get tangled up with your asshole hall and pull your dick off!

May you never look a day over 95!

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Would you horny bitches hit this?

Why or why not?

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Trump privately plots his next act — including a potential 2024 run

[quote] President Trump would have the world falsely believe that he won the election and is preparing for a second term. In private huddles and phone conversations, however, Trump has been discussing an entirely different next act: another presidential run in 2024.

[quote] In a nod to the reality that he is destined to leave office in January, the president is seriously contemplating life beyond the White House, telling advisers that he wants to remain an omnipresent force in politics and the media — perhaps by running for the White House again.

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Lupo Cambridge has died.


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Eldergays, did you hate Jose Feliciano's version of the national anthem?

It was certainly different than what people were used to hearing.

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Jennifer Aniston says she has quit sunbathing after becoming too concerned with getting a tan

'I gave myself a sun-tanning intervention a few years ago, where I was basically saying, "Let’s just quit while we’re ahead,”

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Anne Boleyn was a black woman

According to "Queen & Slim", an upcoming "psychological drama" from the UK

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Perky actresses that are lesbians

-jennifer love hewitt -golden hawn -suzanne summers -meg ryan -jennifer garner -selena gomez -cher

They flirt with male interviewers so we'll. Why can't lesbians on the net be perky?????? No coincidence that all theses actresses were raped.

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Well, Hello! Welcome to My Book Club!

Tonight we begin reading Brenda Dickson's "memoir of sexual harassment, blacklisting, and love affairs with the most powerful men in Hollywood" (like the guy who played John Boy on The Waltons!), "My True Hidden Hollywood Story", self-published by the author via Bluetooth Boulevard Publications. Grab yourself a copy, along with a side of potato salad, wear your best charity red dress, and join in the fun!

As Hollywood autobiographies go, this promises to entertain and enlighten. It left one Amazon reviewer shouting, "Brenda! You need serious help!"

(Which Brenda took as permission to hire a stone-faced housekeeper.)

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Did any of you bitches read Nancy Drew books?

A question for gay men only.

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Elders in the steam room

I walked past Steam Works on Halsted Street last night and what looked like a 90 year old man emerged. Mixed feelings.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Say They Are Fraternal

But they look identical

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I don't why they scold me...

For doing what I'm trying not to do

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Should I give up the DC shows on The CW next season?

There is just too much TV and I don't think they're good anymore. What are your thoughts?

Arrow - I don't know why I've hung around this long. Maybe there is some part of me that hopes it will get better. Just how many enemies from Oliver's past are going to come out of the woodwork?

Flash - It was going down hill, but that daughter just sucked the life out of it.

Legends - Meh.

Supergirl - Meh with Meh on top.

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Singer Teddy Geiger Announces ‘I Am Transitioning’

Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger has announced he is transitioning.

The 29-year-old revealed the news in an Instagram post on Friday morning in response to a fan who had asked, “why do you look different lately?”

The image featured Geiger’s reply, which said, “Okay… because u asked nicely… I am transitioning. I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process. I feel like the next step is to tell all y’all. So here goes.”

“Love it or hate this is who I have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee,” Geiger added.

The singer first came to prominence in 2004, appearing on VH1’s reality series “In Search of the Partridge Family”. In 2006 he released the album “Underage Thinking” and the hit song “For You I Will (Confidence)”.

More recently, Geiger has been known as a songwriter, writing the words to One Direction’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, and several songs for Shawn Mendes, including “Treat You Better”, “Stitches” and “Mercy”.

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Mama’s Family Thanksgiving Special

I’m watching it now on MeTv. I love it!

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Words that make you laugh.




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Clifton Webb

Is anyone here a fan of his movies? He was a hoot!

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. . . starring Joey Biden as The Beaver!

How cute is this?

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The Trans declare WAR on Sir John Cleese!

Trans is beautiful!

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Labour Party in UK Still Losing Support

Westminster Voting Intention:

CON: 41% (+3)

LAB: 38% (-4)

LDM: 6% (-1)

SNP: 6% (+1)

GRN: 4% (+1)

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"Enough With The Lesbian Period Dramas"

As a gay man, I never noticed this trend, but thought this article was interesting.

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Eldergays, please tell me you didn't buy Michael Douglas as a sex symbol back in the 80s and 90s! If you did...why?!

Coronavirus has encouraged me to clear out my streaming libraries and I'm now watching Jewel of the Nile.

It's my second Michael Douglas movie in a month (the other being Basic Instinct), and I just don't buy him as some suave sex object...even if he's cast that way in several films.

Was he really the type of guy people fantasized about back in the day?

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What Were The Successes of the Obama Administration

Everyone always talks negative, what did they accomplish?

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Let’s be a summer share in Fire Island Pines!

I’m the daylong drama of whether to cook individual game hens or one large rack of lamb for our dinner. Tears are shed, but consensus is finally reached among the 8 would-be gourmets in the house and they sit down to eat at midnight.

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How many Americans do you think died during the 1918 Flu Pandemic?

Just off the top of your head (without using Google) - approximately how many Americans do you think died during the 1918 Flu Pandemic?

It would be interesting to know what we all think compared to the actual number.

Please take my pole.

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Drug laws relaxes across country

NJ, AZ, Montana, SD approved recreational pot use.

Mississippi will allow medical marijuana.

Oregon approved small amounts cocaine, heroin, meth and other street drugs

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Netflix binge watching any suggestions?

Does anyone have good movie or series suggestions for Netflix?

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Can recipes be racist? Is cultural appropriation of food a thing?

As a Bon Appetit fan, I've been following the the forced resignation of its creepy Editor-in-Chief, Adam Rapoport, after a photo of his Halloween cosplay as a Hispanic street tough appeared. Massive pay disparities between white staffers and people of color also were uncovered and are reportedly being addressed. Yesterday, the magazine published a statement of intent to revise and delete recipes and articles that were insufficiently respectful of ethnic cuisine or failed to acknowledge the recipe's ethnic origins or used white experts on a country's cooking in place of those with ethnic ties. I'm struggling with this. I can understand the importance of locating people of color as experts and of educating an audience on how a take on a particular dish varies from the original. What I don't understand is branding interpretations and simplifications of an ethnic dish as disrespectful and inherently inferior to an ethnic dish that may have 10 more steps and ingredients that are next to impossible to find. I don't see what's wrong with an adaptation of pho or curry or tagine, particularly if it tastes delicious. I realize this is called "columbusing" and "applying a white gaze" to ethnic food but I see nothing wrong with this. When I read that BA's recipes are being contextualized, I think my days there are numbered. You?

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Is Pokemon Go still a thing? Part 2

The previous thread was paywalled.

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Chambo No. 16 - The Ongoing Chandler Massey Thread

Chandler is back in LA for his "Farewell Tour"! Later this month Gay Will Horton will leave Salem for good on Days! Will Chambo leave LA behind as well? Is this really be the end for Chambo/Will?

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Classic movie stars who ping for you

Vincent Price flames for me, in everything I've seen him in

Greta Garbo seems so dykey in all her movies, too, you wonder how people accepted her as a straight leading lady

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how do people know which is right hand and which is left hand?

i only know the difference bc i have a scar on my right hand

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Alcoholic Niall Horan of One Direction

He drank beer all the way through an hour long live appearance yesterday on Instagram and was visibly drunk, slurring his words. 50% of songs on his album are about alcohol. He also broke his ankle running when drunk a couple of days ago.

He's fat and out of shape. GET HIM TO REHAB.

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What is your favorite dish?

Mine is Lasagna. Yummer!

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Home workout equipment--what do you have and do you use it?

I have a chin-up bar and a 20 lb kettle ball and would like to add a treadmill. How about you?

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Fetishes that you just don't understand


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Which Eastern European men are the sexiest? The hungest?

Pics please. I have a hankering for the EE.

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Does this mean we'll never see the America First Healthcare Plan?

aka Trumpcare?

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Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are set to complete takeover of Welsh soccer team

The gang has bought a soccer club.

You may have never heard of Wrexham AFC, but you might do soon.

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney moved a step closer to becoming investors in the Welsh soccer team — one of the world’s oldest professional soccer clubs and currently playing in English soccer’s fifth tier — after their takeover bid was overwhelmingly approved by the club’s board.

The Wrexham Supporters Trust Board, which currently owns the club, voted in favor of the deal that would see the celebrity duo take complete ownership of the club.

The bid is still subject to final agreement and official confirmation from governing bodies, but the stars have said they already have lofty ambitions to turn Wrexham into a “global force.”

Reynolds, known for appearing in blockbusters such as “Deadpool,” and McElhenney, co-creator and star in US sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” first expressed their interest in a takeover back in September.

Last week they said they wanted to develop the squad, get the club back into the English Football League (EFL) and make a difference to the wider community.

A club statement had previously confirmed that the potential investors, who were then unknown, would immediately invest around $2.5 million.

“As Wrexham supporters, we would like to wish them the very best of luck in charge of our Football Club and look forward to what the future brings,” read a Trust statement on Monday.

Both men reacted to the news with a message on Twitter.

“Wrexham Is The Name,” they wrote in identical posts.

The pair also created a comical video in which they promoted the club’s kit sponsor, Ifor Williams Trailers.

“You may never have heard of Wrexham, The Racecourse Ground or Ifor Williams, but you will. So to the Wrexham Supporters Trust, thank you for your faith and trust in us,” McElhenney said.

To which Reynolds added: “We are humbled and we are already getting to work. Is this really happening?”

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DL Face, Susan Collins: “I’ll keep Biden and the Democrats in line”


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Cunt Stories

There is a pig at work who is the biggest Cunt I’ve ever met. She’s a little fat and wears ill-fitting clothes. The worst thing she’s ever done was manage to get a new gay fired for talking about his weekend hookup at lunch in PG-13 details, even though she has regaled the lunch group with details of her husband’s penis size and many other sexual details. I think she’s a homophobe and fucking the boss.

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Christmas Moose is on his way!

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Yes! Yes! The reviews for Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy are as awful as you’d hoped they be!

This review brands it “possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in years”!

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Life isn't the same without an audience

Have you noticed that?

The reason why ratings on almost every televised event is down, is because there is no audience.

Sports, debates, entertainment awards shows.... all of it.

Networks are trying to resume life as normal, but with "social distancing" and no audience, but they have failed to realize that the audience is what actually makes an event exciting.

Whether it's the roar of the crowd at a football game, or the jeers at a debate, or the oohs and ahhhs at an awards ceremony.

You need an audience.

Without it, you have nothing.

Life will not get back to normal, until people can get together again.

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Best podcast recommendations

The more obscure, the better

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Hey Men!

I didn’t really think I’d do this today cause I’ve been in a pretty miserable mood, but maybe this will help! Today is my birthday and I’d love to see pictures of you in your favorite underwear! You can comment here or send to my DMs! We can also trade pics if you’d like

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Johnny Rotten Rushed To Hospital Over Bitten Penis

How did that happen?

by Anonymousreplies 18Last Sunday at 7:28 PM

Damon Erik Williams

Whats the juice on this sexy, up and coming actor. Has a recurring role on Animal Kingdom. Is he family?

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Death in the Royal Family

Kate Middleton and Prince William's dog Lupo dead at age 9

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i was caught having sex with my stepdad

we were caught by my half sister who threatened to tell my mom how do i stop her PLEASE HELP

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Brooklyn Man Seeks To Undo NYS Sex-Parity Rules

ACTION ALERT: Calling all #Brooklyn supporters! Please prepare comments in favor of maintaining Eleanor Roosevelt’s sex parity rule, designed to ensure females have representation in the political process.

Request for public comments from Brooklyn residents or BK-based orgs. Comments need to be submitted in writing in advance of a Brooklyn Democrats Task Force forum on this issue, scheduled for Dec 7 & 8. We’ll have more information soon about the forum and where the comments can be sent.

Please share widely so we can reach supporters in Brooklyn!

Reminder about who is behind the push to eliminate the sex-parity rules, trans individual Emilia Decaudin, who took two seats designated for females in a recent election and plans to dismantle the sex-parity rule across #NewYork state.

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Eldergays - how does the COVID pandemic compare to the AIDS epidemic?

Anyone who is old enough to remember those days see/feel any similarities? Does it bring back memories or do you see any parallels?

by Anonymous replies 38Last Sunday at 6:45 PM

I just jacked off to Davy Jones from the Brady Bunch episode.

He was such a sexy little fucker.

Should I be ashamed?

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Biden to name some nobody as Secretary of State

Who the fuck is this?

by Anonymousreplies 17Last Sunday at 6:40 PM

Have you ever visited anyone in prison?

How was it?

(I tried to find a gays in prison photo - but they're all pornographic - but I'm not asking about anything sexual).

by Anonymousreplies 48Last Sunday at 6:38 PM

Hollywood Studio Club

The Hollywood Studio Club was a chaperoned dormitory, sometimes referred to as a sorority, for young women interested in becoming actresses or work in film from 1916 to 1975.

It was run by the YWCA and originally formed in association by the same Central Casting bureau that still exists today, as a safe space for women since so many from out-of-state were being assaulted on set by directors and crew members.

Residents included Marilyn Monroe (twice), Kim Novak, Sharon Tate, Donna Reed, Rita Moreno, Ayn Rand, Barbara Eden, Linda Darnell, Ann B. Davis, Barbara Hale, Nancy Kwan, Maureen O'Sullivan, and Sally Struthers.

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“UPLOAD” Amazon Original Series starring Robbie Amell Official Thread

It dropped today, May 1, and looks super cute! I just started episode one, and it’s very entertaining.

I will be honest, I am only watching because I have had a crush on Robbie since I first saw him while I was a teen still.

Forget that bullshit Hollywood, watch this!!!

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What's My Datalounge Line?

"Now that we've established you've been known to raise your voice in song, might we know you for something else? Say, kicking someone in the vagina bone?"

by Brought to you each week by Red Dragon Cheese — it's tasty!replies 445Last Sunday at 6:30 PM

Celebrities You'd Like To See Cancelled

Who are some? And ignore the obvious ones like the Trump family.

by Anonymousreplies 339Last Sunday at 6:29 PM

Post Pictures of Gorgeous Gay Men, Part 21

Muriel murieled Part 20, so here's Justin Clynes for Gorgeous Gay Men, Part 21.

by Anonymousreplies 239Last Sunday at 6:28 PM

Biden should be like Theodore Roosevelt. Speak softly and carry a big stick. But wallop with it.

The best way to deal with a noisy Trump. And foreground the fight for climate change. The kids will love Unca Joe.

Who should be Bidens model you think?

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 6:18 PM

Is Russia in 2020 still the big chess powerhouse?

Watching The Queen's Gambit. Just wondering.

If Russia isn't, which countries frequently win the chess tournaments these days?

by Anonymousreplies 0Last Sunday at 6:16 PM

Was Eve Made From Adam’s Missing Penis Bone?

"Eve was actually formed out of Adam’s os baculum or, to put this much more directly, man’s now-missing penis bone."

Any other origin stories from other cultures of there are cultural anthology anthropologists in our midst?

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The Dump is literally doing nothing. While 1000s die every day.

“12 out of the last 16 days, he’s had nothing on his public schedule,” Berman said. “Nothing! I covered the White House for a year, I’ve never seen anything like this. People who have covered it for far longer than I have have never seen a stretch like this. He’s doing aggressively nothing.”

by Ivanka, worried. replies 153Last Sunday at 6:04 PM

Tonight, on a Very Special Episode of the DataLounge, we present:

Mr. Willem Dafoe


Miss Taylor Swift.

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 6:03 PM

So many gay-themed movies out this 2020 holiday season

It's hard to keep track, but here are some:

Happiest Season -- on Hulu

Uncle Frank -- on Amazon

Dashing in December -- on Paramount Network

Christmas on the Square -- on Netflix

Benjamin -- on tubi

Any other titles that I've missed?

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 6:02 PM

Josh Groban

Guest with Kelly and Ryan tomorrow. 39, never married. What do we know?

by Anonymousreplies 22Last Sunday at 6:02 PM

Amber Heard: Sealed With A Kiss


by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 5:58 PM

NYC Suburbs--why is Long Island so Republican?

Trump won both Nassau and Suffolk counties -- 50% and 56%, respectively. Rockland was the other suburban county (55% but lots of Orthodox Jews)

But Westchester went for Biden with 64% , CT towns- Greenwich (64%), Westport (74%), New Canaan (59%), Darien (61%) -- all for Biden [NYT does not break up CT by county]

And Biden swept NJ too-- Bergen (58%), Essex (77%), Union (73%), Morris (56%) Middlesex (66%) and even Monmouth (50%--Jersey Shore)

I had not realized Long Island was so much more Republican than any of the other suburbs.

by Anonymousreplies 173Last Sunday at 5:56 PM

Kelly Dodd’s Brother Eric Meza Says Their Mom Is In The ICU Battling COVID

Kelly Dodd‘s brother Eric Meza revealed that their mother, Bobbi Meza, has contracted COVID following the reality star’s controversial comments about the pandemic.

Eric posted a photo via Instagram on Saturday, November 21, that read, “Prayers for my mother. She has COVID19.” He captioned the photo, “Prayers needed for my mother. Thank you. She is in ICU.”

Dodd, 45, commented on the post, “Mom has me blocked! Jr said she’s not in ICU,” in reference to her other brother, JR Meza. The comment has since been deleted.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star faced backlash in April when she claimed that the pandemic is “Gods way of thinning the herd,” adding that those who have died from the disease “would’ve died this year” because “they were compromised” anyway.

“Do you know how many people died from the h1n1 the swine flu or SARS ?? It’s 25% get your facts straight you are only hearing the numbers not the reality !!” she tweeted at the time. “If you are vulnerable or compromised stay inside if you don’t protect others by wearing masks and gloves keep your distance and don’t go out if you are ill !! It’s common sense!”

Later that day, she issued a public apology in a series of videos on her Instagram Stories. “When I wrote that it’s ‘God’s way of thinning the herd,’ that’s not what I meant,” she explained. “What I meant was, ‘Do these pandemics happen because it’s God’s way?’ I’m not God. I’m not insensitive. I feel bad for all the families that have lost loved ones, and I do think we should all stay at home and protect everybody. That’s not what I meant, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended, OK? I’m sorry.”

One month later, Dodd came under fire again when she posted about the reopening of restaurants in her hometown. The Bravo personality shared a video of herself dining with her mom and her 14-year-old daughter Jolie, whom she shares with ex-husband Michael Dodd.

“Yay, we finally get to have a meal out,” Dodd said in the clip. “Yay, no one is wearing a mask. I love it. Yay!”

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 5:56 PM

Going Vegan

It's just a wealthy, cosmopolitan thing. Elitists ara vegan. Half of Yale undergrads are vegan these days.

by Anonymousreplies 213Last Sunday at 5:54 PM

DOOL thread 19

To discuss Days

by Anonymousreplies 24Last Sunday at 5:53 PM

Welcome to Man Flow Yoga

Such a sexy man. I need to get off my lazy ass and start doing this lol

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 5:50 PM

The Simone Biles commercials suck.

Her time is over and the guy is way too queeny.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 5:34 PM

Meghan and Harry's Belongings Were Removed from Frogmore in "Dead of Night" to Make Way for Princess Eugenie

Looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren't planning to return to their residence in the United Kingdom anytime soon, because Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank have reportedly moved in.

The Sun reports that Meghan and Harry's belongings were moved out of Frogmore Cottage in "the dead of night," and that—while it technically remains the Sussexes’ residence—Eugenie and Jack moved in about two weeks ago. As for Meghan and Harry's belongings, they were reportedly sent to the couple's new home in California.

[quote] “Removal vans pitched up in the dead of the night and cleared out the cottage. They definitely did not want to be seen," a source said. "Emptying their home and handing over the keys is a pretty strong sign Harry and Meghan have no plans to return. It appears they are tying up loose ends as they plan to extend their stay in the US perhaps permanently.”

Back in September, Eugenie and Jack announced that they'e expecting a baby—and Frogmore was renovated with young children in mind: “Frogmore was kitted out to Meghan and Harry’s tastes with son Archie in mind, so it is the perfect place for a couple to bring up a baby. It has the bonus of being around the corner from her parents and, of course, the Queen. Harry and Meghan didn’t fancy Frogmore for whatever reason but Jack and Eugenie are delighted with it.”

by Anonymousreplies 39Last Sunday at 5:33 PM

I finally watched the movie Se7en today

Yes, I know I’m 25 years behind, but better late than never. I already knew about the ending, but that knowledge didn’t keep me from enjoying it. It was a well-done thriller, and Morgan Freeman was never better. He had a really good run, didn’t he?

I was sure the setting was New York, but the last scene clearly takes place in California.

by Anonymousreplies 17Last Sunday at 5:31 PM

The best film with the worst sequel. What are they?

Share your disappointment. After all, it is DL and time to think about family.

by Anonymousreplies 70Last Sunday at 5:22 PM

Is Dolly Parton

Is Dolly Parton

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 5:22 PM

Was Jordan Knight of NKOTB being groomed to be the Justin Timberlake of that group?

I just stumbled upon this video from 1991 of Jordan performing his solo song from the groups “Step By Step” album. He performed the song with his shirt open and a wind machine.

I was born in the late 80s, so I was too young for them, but was Jordan being groomed to be the JT or Beyoncé of that group? By their 3rd album it was his face they used most to promote, his vocals were mostly the lead throughout, they even gave him a solo song for their 3rd album (similar to what they did to Timberlake on NSYNCs 3rd album “Celebrity”) and would have him perform it without the other 4 guys on stage at all.

My cousin said they wanted to bring him solo after that album cause he was so popular but his anxiety kept him from doing it and instead he wanted time off. That time led to them going on hiatus for a few years and then years later he finally went solo, when no one cared anymore. But idk if this is true.

by Anonymousreplies 336Last Sunday at 5:14 PM

Jon Secada

Wtf happened? Has to be more than just being 59. In fact this pic was taken before his birthday.

by Anonymousreplies 35Last Sunday at 5:08 PM

PACHINKO by Min Jin Lee

Apple is turning it into a series for Apple TV+

Is the novel worth a read?

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 5:07 PM

How did you discover DataLounge?

I discovered it in 2002 from a guy I dated at the time. None of the gays I know now have heard of it. There seems to be a lot of younger folk on this, and am curious how they've stumbled upon it.

by Anonymousreplies 117Last Sunday at 4:59 PM

Would You Hire A Transwoman

as a surrogate, if you and your partner decided to have a baby?

by Anonymousreplies 10Last Sunday at 4:54 PM

Twisted fucked up movies

The kind of movies I personally most like are those with twisted characters and script. For example: Gone Girl, The handmaiden, Parasite, The favorite, Elle, etc.

You guys can recommend me more movies of this type?

by Anonymousreplies 179Last Sunday at 4:53 PM

Actor Mitchell hOOg

I was checking out various channels and happened upon a crappy (of course) Lifetime film called Sleeping With My Student. What caught my eye was an actor in it named Mitchell Hoog. I had to immediately Google his name. I find him exquisitely beautiful. Have you seen him before, and if so what do think of him and his looks?

He has many moles, so the DL Mole Patrol would not like him.

by Not Without My Daughterreplies 42Last Sunday at 4:52 PM

Things or places deplorables were doing in the past.

Attending a Bon Jovi, Van Halen or some other crap rock band concert in the mid to late 80s.

by Anonymousreplies 129Last Sunday at 4:51 PM

“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark is truly an All Time BOP

It deserves more love and praise. It’s such a great song, and almost like comfort food for the ears. Marky Mark has so much talent and beauty, still to this day. I don’t get the hate for him. He’s repented of his wrong doings and has grown and changed.

As for the song, a BOP. Not shocked to learn it was a number 1 hit in many Countries, including the USA.

I wish he would make new music.

by Anonymousreplies 85Last Sunday at 4:48 PM

Tasteful friends, behold the most expensive home in Utah is for sale.

The land is beautiful.

by Anonymousreplies 69Last Sunday at 4:48 PM

47 Out Of 50 States In Red Zone

Can you believe we are in this situation?

by Anonymousreplies 25Last Sunday at 4:46 PM

Megyn Kelly Has Had Enough of New York City

She’s pulling her kids out of their $56,000 a year private school and fleeing the city because it’s too woke and anti-white.

by Anonymousreplies 256Last Sunday at 4:44 PM

What Was River Phoenix Like?

Anyone here ever meet him? Any stories?

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 4:40 PM

Has DL fave Meredith Talusan turned over a new leaf?

Admits she used to bully other transwomen...

by Anonymousreplies 33Last Sunday at 4:37 PM

What Did Mother Cook?

What was that special thing mother uses to cook for you? Or, maybe it was something she uses to do for you, like tuck you in. Maybe she let you play with her hair rollers. I know you’re all total tops now, but let’s get emotional and talk about your dear mother.

by Anonymousreplies 84Last Sunday at 4:34 PM

ANDIE Macdowell is her generation's Ali MacGraw.

A beautiful woman who by most accounts is well-liked off-screen and who was effective in one or two well-made films and otherwise cannot act.

They even have the same initials.


by Happy now? replies 38Last Sunday at 4:31 PM

Joe Biden will pass the Equality Act

Within his first 100 days.

by Anonymousreplies 29Last Sunday at 4:30 PM

Thanksgiving Cocktail and an Hors d'oeuvres

What cocktail are you fancying this Thanksgiving?

Have an hors d'oeuvres pairing.

To the least amount of work you have to do.

by Cheers to all Dlersreplies 8Last Sunday at 4:28 PM

Will John Kasich be the next Secretary of Defense or State?

Take my "Pole" please.

by Anonymousreplies 15Last Sunday at 4:20 PM

Physical Therapy

Is it better to go to a center or have them come to you?

Tips on physical therapy in general after a broken bone.

by Anonymousreplies 0Last Sunday at 4:18 PM

a prisoner wants my hole

this guy on grindr whose pic is him posing in front of what is obviously a prison bunk bed, should i respond?

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 4:16 PM

Obama's Amazing Grace!

Yesterday Obamacare, today gay marriage and his speech and now singing Amazing Grace! He has truly taken the right road to walk!

by Anonymousreplies 5Last Sunday at 4:15 PM

Why Football is so Hot, Part 2 🏈

Football and its hotness is back!

by Anonymousreplies 345Last Sunday at 4:10 PM

Am I the only one who thinks Trader Joe’s is overrated?

Whole Foods is better

by Anonymousreplies 133Last Sunday at 4:00 PM

'Breakthrough finding' reveals why certain Covid-19 patients die

Dr. Megan Ranney has learned a lot about Covid-19 since she began treating patients with the disease in the emergency department in February.

But there's one question she still can't answer: What makes some patients so much sicker than others?

Advancing age and underlying medical problems explain only part of the phenomenon, said Ranney, who has seen patients of similar age, background and health status follow wildly different trajectories.

Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

"Why does one 40-year-old get really sick and another one not even need to be admitted?" asked Ranney, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Brown University.

In some cases, provocative new research shows, some people — men in particular — succumb because their immune systems are hit by friendly fire. Researchers hope the finding will help them develop targeted therapies for those patients.

In an international study in Science, 10 percent of nearly 1,000 Covid-19 patients who developed life-threatening pneumonia had antibodies that disable key immune system proteins called interferons. These antibodies — known as autoantibodies, because they attack the body itself — weren't found at all in 663 people with mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 infections. Only four of 1,227 healthy patients had the autoantibodies. The study was led by the Covid Human Genetic Effort, which includes 200 research centers in 40 countries.

"This is one of the most important things we've learned about the immune system since the start of the pandemic," said Dr. Eric Topol, executive vice president for research at Scripps Research in San Diego, who wasn't involved in the new study. "This is a breakthrough finding."

In a second Science study by the same team, the authors found that an additional 3.5 percent of critically ill patients had mutations in genes that control the interferons involved in fighting viruses. Given that the body has 500 to 600 of those genes, it's possible that researchers will find more mutations, said Qian Zhang, lead author of the second study.

Interferons serve as the body's first line of defense against infection, sounding the alarm and activating an army of virus-fighting genes, said virologist Angela Rasmussen, an associate research scientist at the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.

"Interferons are like a fire alarm and a sprinkler system all in one," said Rasmussen, who wasn't involved in the new studies.

Lab studies show that interferons are suppressed in some people with Covid-19, perhaps by the virus itself.

Interferons are particularly important for protecting the body against new viruses, such as the coronavirus, which the body has never encountered, said Zhang, a researcher at Rockefeller University's St. Giles Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases.

When infected with the novel coronavirus, "your body should have alarms ringing everywhere," Zhang said. "If you don't get the alarm out, you could have viruses everywhere in large numbers."

Significantly, patients didn't make autoantibodies in response to the virus. Instead, they appeared to have had them before the pandemic even began, said Paul Bastard, the antibody study's lead author, who is also a researcher at Rockefeller University.

For reasons that researchers don't understand, the autoantibodies never caused a problem until patients were infected with Covid-19, Bastard said. Somehow, the coronavirus, or the immune response it triggered, appears to have set them in motion.

"Before Covid, their condition was silent," Bastard said. "Most of them hadn't gotten sick before."

Bastard said he now wonders whether autoantibodies against interferon also increase the risk from other viruses, such as influenza. Among patients in his study, "some of them had gotten flu in the past, and we're looking to see if the autoantibodies could have had an effect on flu."

by Anonymousreplies 67Last Sunday at 3:57 PM

Shonda Rhimes: I left ABC/Disney because a Disney exec balked at giving my kid a Disneyland pass


by Anonymousreplies 212Last Sunday at 3:55 PM

The woke movement and white women

The woke movement is turning on white women slowly, but it is odd how white women were the forerunners of it for so long and only used it to bash white men. Perhaps they thought it wouldn't backfire? It will, it also will on really anyone in the end. It's a giant struggle session and when they have gone through one dead horse they're looking for a fresh one. See, "Black men are the white people of black people" and the like. You'll have your time in the sun according to you preceived place on the totempole until you become a relative oppressor to the one below you

by Anonymousreplies 142Last Sunday at 3:54 PM

Lana Del Rey covers George Gershwin's 1935 aria "Summertime"

What do we think?

by Anonymousreplies 49Last Sunday at 3:53 PM

A merry Christmas for all: Hallmark Channel to add LGBTQ+ storylines to its holiday lineup

Well, you bitches asked for it.

by Anonymousreplies 69Last Sunday at 3:52 PM

Monday morning awaits, another 😱fabulous 🥺 day of online work.

It's midnight in Europe and I think I need a melatonin or a whisky. Or a sleeping pill.

I'm thankful for the salary, like many of you must be. I like my job and it's very social. Technology is miraculous in that everything hasn't collapsed yet many of us are not going to face-to-face work. We are all making the best of it.

But this life is surreal and trying. Also. I'm wiped out after 4 hours online and tomorrow is going to be 9.

How are you doing?

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 3:50 PM

Miss Joan Crawford cuts the ribbon at a new Pepsi bottling plant

Apparently she no longer has a son.

by Schlemiel Schlamozzlereplies 32Last Sunday at 3:49 PM

Idiot, Trumper nurse amazed she's not qualified to work in Canada

Even though the article doesn't mention it, she's a hard-core Trumper. Her social media is full of Trump shit, election and Covid conspiracy theories. She's also an anti-vaxxer and is against masks. I love how she suggests she's being discriminated against because she's American.

by Anonymousreplies 60Last Sunday at 3:46 PM

Len Barry - the 1-2-3 man died a few weeks ago (Nov. 5th)

One of my fave songs of all time.

He's not a GAY fave, but still...his loss deserves a mention on here.

by Anonymousreplies 34Last Sunday at 3:43 PM

Post your favourite instrumental pieces here.

I'll start.

by Anonymousreplies 108Last Sunday at 3:42 PM

Frankenstein lives in Ghouliani's tortured brain

So say the righteous judge. "A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit critical to President Donald Trump’s long-shot bid to overturn his Nov. 3 election loss to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, calling his legal claim a “Frankenstein’s Monster.”"

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 3:42 PM

Foibles of Royals Returns - Part Whatever

So, what's the tea on Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (son of ex-King Constatine and ex-Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (nee HRH Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark)?

Married five year to the very elegant blonde Tatiana, he's already 50 no children.

Is Tatiana a beard?

He's quite good-looking in a greasy suspicious sort of way.

by Anonymousreplies 283Last Sunday at 3:41 PM

Songs That Make You Want to Get Up and Boogie

Name a song and its artist that, when it comes on, you have to get up and shake your booty. Post a video link too, if you don't want to be called a huge douchebag.

I'll start: Promises by Basia

by Anonymousreplies 26Last Sunday at 3:36 PM

Deplorables tried to assault me for celebrating Biden victory

I was like many of us tremendously relieved and overjoyed with Biden's landslide victory! Character counts, and this election proved it. Unfortunately, the gross, violent, homophobic deplorables are just waiting for some Civil War insanity to overtake us. The Boogaloo boyz are everywhere, some even in our workplaces, ready to pounce in random outbursts of racial and homophobic violence and degradation. When I first heard the news that the 2020 Erection was being called for Biden, my husband and I took out the good crystal :) and started celebrating. We're both in our late 50s, but we celebrated like college kids, with my husband wheelbarrowing me around the house with his lovely thick cock buried in my mancunt. Our adopted sons were a little embarrassed, but they were happy, too, since they are adopted from Central America and feel safer that a racist is no longer in the White House.

We then decided to go out and join a street party. I live in an upscale suburb of Portland that abuts a very red rural area, so there's always danger in sight. I called the cops once on a convenience store owner in a small rural gas station who was eyeballing me in an aggressive and homophobic manner. I sometimes feel my personal safety and that of my gay, multiracial family is in danger. Anyway, while I was out partying in the streets, a group of violent deplorables accosted me. They were wearing military sunglasses, bandanas, and US flag face masks. They were very large, probably gym rats, and they had out of town accents. One of the sounded like he was a New York wop or something. They started hurling homophobic and misogynistic insults at me, and then dragged me, screaming for help, into an alleyway. They then proceeded to beat down my ass. They punched me in the gut, and beat me with bike chains and the butts of their pistols.

The wop said, "Youse faggots ain't welcome here no more!" He then undid his belt and his heavy beer gut fell out. He was fucking huge. 8 inches and THICK. The smell of ball sweat and smegma assaulted my nostrils. He was hard. His cheesy cockhead was dripping precum. "This is whats we does to faggots out here, boy!" He bellowed. Two of his accomplices pulled down my spanx shorts. One of them, may be a Midwestern polack, said, "Hell someone done blown out his fuckhole."

The wop said, "Let's get this mounting bitch knocked up! Giddy up, bitch," he then slid his master rod of pain and pleasure into my devastated boihole. I screamed, but then they done beat me harder for bein queer. They was all unwashed, and smellin of sweat, piss, and Old Spice. They was so fuckin masc and horny I popped a boner while the wop was wreckin my pussy. My tiny, inferrio, f@ggy cocklet stood to attention, dwarfed by all the hot, str8 blue collar cocks popping hard around me. The polack was jerking off watchin the wop do me, screaming insults, foaming at the mouth. His pecs was huge, like millstones; he had a chode, thicker than fag's wrist; his delts was fabulous, and he took of his shirt on account of him sweatin and beatin hisself off.

"Here's your Dhimmicrat victory, queer!" The polack bellowed. The wop shot his load and flooded my bowels with a hot beef injection. When he pulled out, my boitwat was a-gapin, and the polack done pissed in my gape, filling me with hot, rank piss. Then one of the deplorables - I done thunk he musta been a fenian on account of bein a redhead - kicked me in the balls. I felt my right nut rupture. My sac expanded, bruised, blue, and bloated. The mick screamed the foulest homophonic slurs I ever heard and done begun batterin my balls with his boots. I was fuckin wrecked. My cocklet was pissin precum. Then the police arrived, and dispersed the nasty deplorables. The kwaps were built, mustachioed men, but they were from the county PD, not Portland! I began to fart in terror, knowin that they be deplorables, too. They took out they nightsticks and sta

by Anonymousreplies 21Last Sunday at 3:34 PM

Roy Strong Diaries - 'Fashion chaos,' at Royal Wedding ...

Delicious escapism ...

by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 3:30 PM

Attempted Coup - is it actually possible?

Trump firing Esper would just seem like pettiness on his part but Esper's own remarks about his replacement have me rattled.

Is it possible that Trump really could initiate what would be, for all intents and purposes, a coup of sorts?

And is McConnell likely to go along with it if Trump does?

Possibly I'm completely misreading the situation, and simply being stupid, and if so, Thank God, but I've learned that the stupidest, most vile and ridiculous things are daily reality in Trumpie-Land.

by Anonymousreplies 488Last Sunday at 3:29 PM

Ryan P is giving telenovela drag queen realness.

That face! Beat for the gods!


by Anonymousreplies 55Last Sunday at 3:21 PM

Joe Burrow suffers horrible knee injury against Washington Football Team

Players from both teams surrounded Joe Burrow as he was carted off the field 🙏

(via @JPFinlayNBCS)

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 3:19 PM

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Planes (check!), Trains, and Automobiles (check!)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers might be dealing with some old demons again ... because he just got busted for DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops got a call about a solo, minor car accident Sunday in Malibu around 5:00 PM. We're told when cops showed up at the scene, they noticed Jonathan showing signs of being intoxicated. It's unclear what led to the solo crash ... but cops ultimately gave Jonathan a field sobriety test, which we’re told he bombed.

Jonathan, whom cops say blew well past the legal limit, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and currently remains behind bars. The actor has had a long history of substance abuse and has been to rehab several times.

As we reported, a little over 2 years ago ... Jonathan had been drinking before going on an expletive-laced tirade directed at his wife while on board an American Airlines flight.

We've reached out to Jonathan's rep for comment, so far no word back.

by Anonymousreplies 218Last Sunday at 3:16 PM

The college kids and out of town family members are descending upon my town...

for the Thanksgiving holiday, and not a single one are wearing masks or social distancing.

Why am I even surprised?

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 3:16 PM

Tasteful Friends – Victorian Stunner

5BR/5BA 2640 sq.ft. Onbly $240000.

But... it is in small town, Trump-voting Appalachia at 310 Fair Ave NW, New Philadelphia, Ohio

This gorgeous historical home is everything you can expect from a Victorian home. The steep, gabled roof, round angles, dormers, shapely windows, stained glass, decorative woodwork & bright colors - topped off with being built during Queen Victoria's reign therefore classifying it as a true, authentic Victorian. The wood exterior has been scraped, repainted & restored. The yard is beautiful, fenced in & features an in-ground sprinkler system. The home features gorgeous woodwork throughout, a first floor laundry room, partially finished basement with Wainscoting, a sun room which opens to a nice wooden deck, a very spacious dining room, a remodeled kitchen with new countertops & flooring, gorgeous chandeliers throughout the home contributing to its historical essence, a fireplace in the living room, two first floor bedrooms, a very large master upstairs, with an en-suite and its own balcony, a totally remodeled bathroom toward what used to be the maid's quarters, a walk-in close, a Coca Cola themed second kitchen, which features its own balcony as well, two furnaces, two air conditioning units - as the home was once a duplex, and plenty of memories held within its walls that you can help contribute to.

by Anonymousreplies 4Last Sunday at 3:12 PM

Meet Kalvin, Professional Gay

What is it with these professional gays? Made up name, weird hair and spend all their time being activists. How are they paying their rent? The rest of us have to work a corporate job to survive.

by Anonymousreplies 14Last Sunday at 3:12 PM

WHET the DL Trolls of Christmases Past?

What happened to all of the obsessed trolls who used to #OccupyDL with their peculiar obsessions?


The Tom Hardy Troll

The Jake Silberman Loon

The Jon Kortajarena Troll

The Hate-Filled Biracial Bisexual Loon

The "Joan Jett Is Bi/Strait, NOT Gay!" Freak

Matthew Ansch-whatever (Didn't he make a comeback recently?)

Erna (Wasn't his death misreported?)

The PAID Disney/Marvel Shills

Did they all die? Give up their obsessions?

by Anonymousreplies 30Last Sunday at 3:06 PM

Outdoor dining has transitioned into shed dining

Nothing like eating in what is basically a tool shed on the middle of the sidewalk.

by Anonymousreplies 36Last Sunday at 3:06 PM

Best song renditions in TV

Existing pop songs in our universe, not originals written for the show. Bonus if it's a gay song, or sung by gay characters/actors.

Mine is the performance of Manilow & Tomlin's 'The Last Duet', sung by Tobias 'Toby' Beecher & Vernon 'Vern' Schillinger (played by Lee Tergesen & J.K. Simmons, respectively) on OZ. Out-of-context, it's a well-done showtune version with amusing choreo and surprisingly-decent vocals; in context, it's hilarious and shocking, as these two characters have a violent, torturous history between them, and while OZ does have prominent gay content it isn't the kind of show for surreal Cabaret moments.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 3:04 PM

Hallmark's Ho Ho Ho-mo Holiday Movie, The Christmas House

World premier today! Official DL Thread.

by Ho Ho Horeplies 18Last Sunday at 3:01 PM

Will Trump share his health plan?

If Trump leaves office, do you think he'll share the health plan he's been touting for years? It would be un-American if he didn't, think of the lives he could save.

by Anonymousreplies 6Last Sunday at 2:59 PM

The Crown Season 4 - Official Watch Party Thread - Part II

Bottoms up.

Not you, Your Royal Highness.

by Anonymousreplies 603Last Sunday at 2:58 PM

How Did Friends Get Away with Ripping off Mr Bean?

The turkey on the head was a well-known Mr Bean gag. Don’t people realize this? Somehow the Friends episode is considered a classic because of the turkey. Yet another reason I hate that show.

by Anonymousreplies 15Last Sunday at 2:56 PM

Is covid being overhyped?

If the majority of people don’t die from it then why is everyone going nuts. 80% are asymptomatic. 1% fatality. Testing has a 50% failure rate as well. Why not just demand that people who are at the most risk quarantine and let everyone else get on with their lives?

by Anonymousreplies 105Last Sunday at 2:53 PM

"The Outsiders"

Just saw this for the first time. It launched the careers of Ralph Macchio, C. Thomas Howell, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze... The extras blather on about the exhaustive casting and rehearsal process, but you'd never know it- not one frame rings true. I guess I saw the later director's cut with rock music instead of orchestrations, and Rob Lowe's deleted scenes added back in (wouldn't he blow Francis or something?). It just feels like Tiger Beat Community Theater. Lots of hair blowing against the sunset, etc. They are toughs like Michael Jackson's posse in the video "Bad". Just... weird.

by Anonymousreplies 107Last Sunday at 2:52 PM

Will Trump Write His Mein Kampf in Jail?

What do you think?

by Anonymousreplies 16Last Sunday at 2:48 PM

Dogfight( 1991)

I finally saw this last night.

River Phoenix and Lili Taylor were absolute babies! What a great premise and a great little film.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 2:46 PM

Trump ended the Iraq and Afghanistan wars this week and no one cares

If you had told me that 15 years ago, I would have been overjoyed and beyond confused. Donald Trump?

by Anonymousreplies 20Last Sunday at 2:45 PM

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas passionately kiss as they reunite on set of erotic thriller in New Orleans...

And she is seen admiring ring on THAT finger.

by Anonymousreplies 58Last Sunday at 2:45 PM

Will Theo James be the first non-white James Bond?

Take my poll please.

by Anonymousreplies 99Last Sunday at 2:39 PM

The 4-year plot to make losing look like a win

"We're going to challenge every vote"

by Anonymousreplies 2Last Sunday at 2:38 PM

Chemex vs. Hario pourover

Due to a mistake in online ordering, both are arriving today. I want to keep only one of them. Please help me decide!

I drink pourover coffee exclusively, but I've always used a cheap plastic cone filter. I want to upgrade but I'm not sure which I should keep. Is there a noticeable difference in taste between a Hario ceramic filter and a cheap plastic filter with high quality paper filters? Is the Chemex worth the additional fuss? I can't decide.

My favorite coffees are Kona (real Kona) and Kenya AA if that makes a difference.

by Anonymousreplies 32Last Sunday at 2:35 PM

Giuliani's Hair Dye Running Down His Face

During his press conference. Shades of "Death in Venice".

by Anonymousreplies 143Last Sunday at 2:33 PM

Decent Looking "Jetman" Vince Reffet Dies In Training Accident


by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 2:30 PM

Are Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock the only A-list actresses who didn't f*ck Harvey Weinstein?

Never seen anyone mention this but I think it's interesting. I've looked through their IMDB pages and they've NEVER worked with Harvey Weinstein, not even once, even during his peak. This is a huge rarity for A-list actresses of their generation. I've never been a Reese fan but I have a lot of respect for her for boycotting him and his behavior from the beginning; she was on her way up at the exact time Harvey was and he probably could have benefitted her career a lot & she seems like his physical type. I have to think her avoidance of him was very intentional.

by Anonymousreplies 73Last Sunday at 2:28 PM

PM Trudeau tells 'sick and tired' Canadians to 'immediately' cut contacts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a stern and emotional message to Canadians as the country sees COVID-19 cases “spiking massively” - everyone needs to reduce their contacts “immediately.”

“I don’t want to be here, you don’t want me to be here – we’re all sick and tired of COVID-19. But this virus is not going away any time soon,” the PM started his message to Canadians.

“We need to do everything we can right now to slow the spread of COVID-19, to stop this spike in its tracks,” Trudeau said. “We are now going to have to really tighten up once again.”

“This is frustrating because I know we’ve all heard stories of people who have thrown up their hands and are not doing their part anymore, and it’s tempting for all of us to say, OK well maybe I can loosen up a bit more too, but the reality is we need to go in the opposite direction.”

The prime minister also spoke about how the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada are overwhelming hospitals, putting extensive pressure on frontline workers in the healthcare system.

“They’ve been on the front lines for almost 10 months now, putting in incredibly long hours, being creative in how they can save people and protect people, while at the same time trying to keep themselves safe, while at the same time having the same worries that each of us have about our loved ones, about our kids and schools, about our parents and grandparents,” Trudeau said.

“They keep showing up every single day to be there for us, putting their health, their lives and in many cases, their family’s lives on the line to keep us safe, and they’re tired, They have been heroes, they have been going above and beyond anything they might have thought they were signing up for. We need to help them.”

When asked about the Christmas holiday, the prime minister said that a “normal Christmas” is going to be “out of the question” this year but the extent of the regulations depends on the actions that Canadians take right now to limit contacts.

“I think the arrival of imminent vaccines on the horizon is both motivating people to say, OK we’re almost there, and others to say, OK that’s it I’m done, I’m just going to wait,” Trudeau said. “We’re not in a fair situation and all we can do is try and be there for each other as best we can.”

“If you were planning to see friends this weekend, maybe don’t. If there was a birthday party or a gathering for dinner you were thinking about doing, don’t do it.”

Although B.C. and Alberta governments have not adopted the federal COVID Alert app, the prime minister still urged people in those province to download it. He said he is still “hopeful” that local authorities will be able to provide that code for people to be identified as COVID-19 cases in the app, but also stressed it can still notify people in B.C. and Alberta if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, who inputted a code into the app that they received from a test in another province.

Current border restrictions between Canada and the U.S. have been extended for another 30 days, until Dec. 21.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared the update on Twitter on Friday, stating that “non-essential travel between our two countries remains restricted” until that date at the earliest.

This comes as federal officials released Canada’s latest modelling data, which showed that with the existing restrictions in place, the country will see 20,000 COVID-19 a day by the end of the year.

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 2:28 PM

Let's Talk About The News

In this age of fake news, unreliable sources, and reactionary headlines, where should I turn to for news? I don't know who to trust. Which news channels/organizations/sites/whatevers do you guys pay attention to? I need suggestions because I want to start paying attention to the COVID vaccine development course.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 2:28 PM

Vegans are such assholes.

I own a diner and i got named and shamed today for my lack of plant based options. FUCK YOU VEGANS! That is all.

by I hate vegans.replies 119Last Sunday at 2:26 PM

WHET GermanGayGuy?

I'm worried about him.

by Anonymousreplies 86Last Sunday at 2:25 PM

“Daybreak “ actor Colin Ford is becoming a THOT

Look at those nipples. I mean muscles. I’m not unnaturally focused on his very large, dark nipples.

by Anonymousreplies 7Last Sunday at 2:21 PM

Anna May Wong

Let's discuss the life and career of this wonderful actress.

by Anonymousreplies 42Last Sunday at 2:18 PM

Popular Model Addis Miller


by Anonymousreplies 216Last Sunday at 2:18 PM

Veganism = Eating Disorder

I’ve heard this mentioned in several threads. Can someone explain the thinking behind this?

by Anonymousreplies 87Last Sunday at 2:17 PM

What do you think about Ruel?

Elton John thinks he's peachy keen.

by Anonymousreplies 37Last Sunday at 2:16 PM

Most Memorable Holiday Dinner

Since the holidays are upon us soon, let's hear your most memorable holiday stories. Be they good, bad, or cringeworthy.

I remember a year I was 17 and we went to a family friends' dinner party for Thanksgiving. The hostess and my mom had worked together in college. She was a cute and nice blonde lady who was in love with a much younger alcoholic waiter who gave me a first edition of "The Grapes of Wrath". Sadly he was straight and died a few years later. There were two other gay men there. A greasy queen who had also worked with them and often stole tips had brought some God forsaken soup with quail eggs which I swear smelled like sulfur. He ran to the bathroom halfway through the dinner ro throw up. The other guy had red hair and spoke incessantly of Star Trek and his partner looked and behaved just like a sloth. Years later, I went with my folks and late partner to Vegas and my dad HAD to have a cold beer so we wondered into the seediest casino where said Trekkie was now fat, old and working the bar. He ran away ashamed to be seen by my folks in this condition and I always wondered how he ended up there.

by Anonymous replies 27Last Sunday at 2:15 PM

BREAKING: Rudy Throws Sidney Powell Under The Bus

Just about an hour ago

[quote] "Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity," said a statement from Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis.

Many were quick to point out that Trump tweeted just last week naming her as a member of his legal team.

That was before the Ghost Of Hugo Chavez fixed the election with a Kraken

by Now With No Firewall Links!replies 1Last Sunday at 2:14 PM

Battle of the Nighttime Soaps

What would you say was your favorite Nighttime Soap vs the actual best written?

Which had the hottest male casts?

Which had the best actors?

Which had the best storylines and editing etc.?

Which were the worst, in your opinion?

I love Melrose Place, and adore Billy aka Andrew Shue. So sexy. And Marcia Cross was the best actor to come out of these shows. She was brilliant and elevated the material with her terrific acting

by Anonymousreplies 12Last Sunday at 2:11 PM

Lewis Fataldi has doubled in size since 2015

Whoa he used to be quite hot.

by Anonymousreplies 83Last Sunday at 2:10 PM

Let’s Be the Home of a 90s Gay

I’m the Chat Noir black cat poster hanging up in the wall between the living room and kitchen. I’ve been professionally framed. I pair well with the rest of the insanely eclectic furnishings and decor.

by Anonymousreplies 10Last Sunday at 2:04 PM

Cheers - Thanksgiving episode (1986)

Food fight!

by Anonymousreplies 1Last Sunday at 2:04 PM

The old Alfred Hitchcock show is on every night at midnight. Scares the crap out of me.

This series has to be at least 60 years old and it's scary as hell. The Twilight Zone doesn't spook me the same way. Last night, I saw "The Open Window" -- 'Stella, you're such a pretty nurse!' I had to sleep with the lights on. The shows are one-half hour long and pack a mighty punch. Are they available to you? Do you have a favorite?

by Scaredy Catreplies 348Last Sunday at 2:04 PM


Is anybody on the DL a practicing pagan? I'm curious to see if any of my brethren frequent this site.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 2:03 PM

HBO's _Industry_. Wow--the nudity!

Wow. Just watched the first two episodes of HBO's _Industry_.

Wow. Just wow. Great story line and all the English cock!

by Anonymousreplies 11Last Sunday at 1:53 PM

Dat Ass Bro: Beautiful Black Booty Part Two

Only Top Shelf Cakes

by Anonymousreplies 298Last Sunday at 1:50 PM

Leo Suter, an English actor

Is he family ? Plays a gay victorian in victorian drama Victoria.

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 1:44 PM

Why Are All of These Young Men So Muscular Today?

Seems like every young guy is some sort of bodybuilder, or trying to become one. Are girls attracted to this look?

by Anonymousreplies 258Last Sunday at 1:42 PM


This guy, Jeff Kasser, is now my EVERYTHING! He's stunning, great personality, and very "heteroflexable"! (He likes to touch and kiss and his male friends.) (And get naked!)

Christ! Just watching that video... I think I'm now pregnant!

by Anonymousreplies 23Last Sunday at 1:41 PM

Angie MacDowell is her generation's Ali MacGraw

A beautiful woman who by most accounts is well-liked off-screen and who was effective in one or two well-made films and otherwise cannot act.

They even have the same initials.


by Anonymousreplies 22Last Sunday at 1:37 PM

What do we think of this ass?

Love how it catches the morning sunlight.

by Anonymousreplies 17Last Sunday at 1:36 PM

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner - is the D still intact? Has any reporter dared to ask?

Well? I'm kind of doubting it was cut

by Anonymousreplies 34Last Sunday at 1:33 PM

Tori Amos is insightful about politics.

Tori Amos was interviewed for a literary festival this week because she published a politically themed memoir called “Resistance” this year.

I wouldn’t have thought to post this except I just saw a thread about Mitch McConnell in which someone said he wants us all to die, and it recalled in a way some of what Tori says in this interview. She’s very insightful and I can’t really paraphrase this long discussion in a way that doesn’t sound a little trite, but what stood out to me most is when she discusses how the United States has been converting for years into a social system in which the majority have been reduced to a serfdom class and are regarded as existing only for the use and disposal by the small ruling class of oligarchs. She says that this has been going on for many years and that American people just have not acknowledged it by and large because it’s too ugly a reality, and too out of keeping with what we were taught we are. She talks about meeting people in Russia and Ukraine on tour who say they know all the information they get from official sources is lies, constant lies, and they insulate themselves from it and preserve their sanity with “an armor of art.” On two different albums, she sings about how “we must out-create” destructive forces rather than being destroyed by them or assimilating to them.

Anyway, you might enjoy this discussion unless you’re one of the DL’s resident Russian trolls.

by Anonymousreplies 3Last Sunday at 1:33 PM

These two ughh...

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reportedly Refuse To Let Netflix Include Their Story In The Crown

by Anonymousreplies 37Last Sunday at 1:32 PM

Harry Styles is the first male solo cover on Vogue!

Trans is beautiful!

by TIB trollreplies 428Last Sunday at 1:31 PM

Female armor is sexist, amirite?

This just tells us how far back the patriarchy goes.

by Anonymousreplies 8Last Sunday at 1:28 PM

Do you have any Bose Wave Music System with CD Player? How to you like it? Positives and negatives?

I'm thinking of buying one and any info would help. I have so many cds and that and sound quality are the main reasons for wanting one. Thanks.

by Anonymousreplies 13Last Sunday at 1:24 PM

Lara Trump considering Senate run

And so it begins ....

by Anonymousreplies 19Last Sunday at 1:18 PM

Do you think Noah Beck is gay?

TikTok star Noah Beck has been accused of being homophobic and mocking feminine men in his videos so a lot of people are trying to "cancel" him.

Now he's clearly trying to make himself look better by hanging out with gay YouTubers Larray and James Charles. But does he ping for anyone else?

Skip to 14:48 for Noah in short shorts.

by Anonymousreplies 133Last Sunday at 1:11 PM
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