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Gay or Not Gay threads Replies
Which Closet Case is Trying Too Hard to Seem Straight Today? 115
Which Actors Seem Genuinely Conflicted About Being Closeted? Part 2 105
Josh Hutcherson Bisexual 231
Darren Criss - When will he come out? 591
Joe Jonas seems to have a type 31
Tom Cruise doesn't ping 270
Hillary Clinton is a closeted lesbian 46
Kevin Spacey 10
Taylor Swift and Mariska Hargitay Is this a thing now? 23
Next Food Network Star - Gay or Not Gay Edition 15
Let's play "Out That Closet Case!" 115
Let's get this straight. Zac Efron : Gay or Striaght or Bi ? 82
Closeted Garrett Clayton and his twink booty 372
Zac Efron - Is he gay, straight or bi? 41
Angie Harmon 50
So is Patrick Chan dating men now? 26
NBC News Jacob Rascon 44
Is Tom Hardy gay or bi? 19
Mark Cuban is gay right? 25
Is Chris Pratt the next big thing? 157
Which (ex-)Disney star is most likely to have had a dick in his ass? 34
Max Greenfield - Gay? 23
John Ford: was he gay? 38
Closeted actor Jeremy Renner hates gay rumors 406
Jer Renner responds to the "gay rumours." 600
Was Benny Hill gay 17
Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Lovers? 490
Broadway actor Matt Shingledecker - Bi? 14
The ' Look At Me, I Am So Straight With My Hot Boyfriend/Husband !' Definite Lesbians List 600
Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo have called it quits 250
Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop 2
Aaron Schock shells out $1M-plus in legal fees...that in itself is pretty incriminating. 58
Chief Justice John Roberts 61
Taylor Kitsch: Gay, Bi, What's the Deal? 114
Miley Cyrus' sexuality 22
If I can't marry my boyfriend then I'll marry your daughter! - Part 16 of the Aaron Rodgers & Kevin Lanflisi saga 600
Who's gay in NFL (other than Aaron Rodgers)? 14
Cockgobbler Aaron Shock in Peru! (Personal photographer not present) 40
Pretty sure the Target CEO is gay, Brian C. Cornell 18
Psychology Today: Straight Dudes who have Sex with Dudes explain themselves to researchers 266
PBS personality P. Allen Smith 19
Were Cecil & Jericho a gay couple? 12
******BREAKING***** Rip Taylor is Straight!!! 25
Blake Shelton and the male huggy-kissy factor 32
Jeremy Brett - Gay or Bi? 5
Let's play beard/merkin matchmaker! 6
Ewan McGregor 68
Ben Schnetzer - Is he one of us? 15
The Miuccio Brothers 3
British Actor Tom Wisdom 10
New Format= a New Update for our beloved cockgobbler - Aaron Schock!! 7
Is Matt Drudge gay? 55
Shemar Moore & his bf pix 15
Was George Clooney one of "Merv's Boys"? 43
"Heterosexual" Actor Hugh Jackman's aging bag of beard, Deb bans him from working with Angelina Jolie 10
Is Gawker subtly outing Hugh Jackman here ? 16
Is Elena Kagan A Dyke Or Not 7
Hugh Jackman confuses me 4
Guy Benson gay republican--cutey 23
Can Elena Kagan now officially come out? 23
Frauling at Hollywood Reporter tries to make "Stromo" happen 13
WHET Tom Cavanaugh? 27
McClurkin slams Supreme Court Ruling: "The truth will not change!" 2
Marcus Bachmann Files For Divorce, Fresh on Heels of SCOTUS Ruling 21
Dean Superman Cain 18
Anne Clark vs. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) 2
So is Madonna supposed to be bi? 17
IndIsputable proof that Matt LeBlanc must be gay 13
Daniel Merriweather 0
Sean Varracchio of Married At First Sight Season 2 Gay? 3
New MSNBC correspondent Benjy Sarlin 4
Dennis Hastert’s Lonely Downfall 17
Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo's bearding contract is over! 3
Gene Wilder - does he bat for our team? 0
Eldergays, was Richard Davalos bisexual? 18
Hey y'all, Lindsey Graham here! 2
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