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Boris's tantrums are growing more desperate and ridiculous, just like Trump's

From "Have you even been to Russia?" to "The U.S. is a failed state" to "I'm going to punch you with brass knuckles if you don't vote Democrat" mocking of liberals, to "Portland shenanigans," Boris is getting as desperate and childish as The Great Trumpkin. Any chance of losing with grace, dignity and introspection is OUT THE WINDOW.

What will Boris say next?

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by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 66Last Tuesday at 1:40 PM

I think OP aka Trolololol Russian Troll hound!!!! is more deranged than any Russian trolls.

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 108/14/2020

OP's opener is way too meta and OCD.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 208/14/2020

OP is deranged.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 308/14/2020

Just block OP and then scroll through your blocked posters if you want to see what real tantrums are.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 408/14/2020

Boo hoo hoo, Boris 😭😢😢😢😭😭

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 508/14/2020

Welcome to DL, you unbiased newbie @ r3 with just 16 posts to your name!

What a spectacular coincidence you only make right-wing statements.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 608/14/2020

r4 = r3

What a talented clairvoyant you must be, to be able to just barely join DL this summer and divine my mental health after just 16 posts of deplorable, right-wing horse shit!

Nothing Boris about you.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 708/14/2020

Scroll, bitch, scroll. Stop obsessing about individual posters; we're not your friends.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 808/14/2020

Wow, OP. You're a regular Columbo. If you weren't so deranged and mentally challenged, you'd know that when you block someone, not every single post they've ever made appears in the thread blocker. You are so fucking stupid it hurts.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 908/14/2020

OP, you're the troll and you're trying to throw scent off the trail by accusing the rest of us of being trolls. Weak.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1008/14/2020

r3 / r4 is batshit crazy

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1108/14/2020

I have been wondering about our British brothers and sisters. What is with Brexit? Anything? Does anyone give a damn in this pandemic, or is it still a big thing?

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1208/14/2020


Nice try, Boris.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1308/14/2020

Welcome to Datalounge, starry-eyed newbie @ r10 who's only been posting at DL a mere month, but has us all pegged!

How did a fresh-faced newbie such as yourself become such a jaded cunt so quickly? Your posts alternating between radical right-wing propaganda and SJW must be schizophrenia, right?

It couldn't possibly be dedicated political division troll tactics at all.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1408/14/2020

So you pretty much confirmed it.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1508/14/2020

I don't get the OP. Boris Johnson didn't say any of these things. This joke has gone over my thick skull. Sorry.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1608/15/2020

I wish Joe Exotic would come back.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1708/15/2020


by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1808/15/2020

We've confirmed you're a piece of shit, r15.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 1908/15/2020

You have refuted nothing I have said. Keep digging; eventually, you'll reach China.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2008/15/2020

But you've said nothing.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2108/16/2020

The Obamagate troll is trying to copy the OP's schtick.

Oh, dear.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2208/16/2020

Putin hates America and Trump. Putin resents the fact that Russia is no longer a world power. Russia has never been able to feed it's people. Putin is likely gay and Jewish.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2308/16/2020

r23 = disinformation FAIL

If Putin hates Trump, why does RUSSIA TODAY plug Donald Trump as the Great and Glorious Savior of America?

Watch the facts and disregard all the Boris noise from r23:

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2408/16/2020

Now Boris is trying to make Nazi cunt Nikki Haley into a gay icon.


by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2508/16/2020

Today Boris is posting FAKE POLLING NEWS that Trump has a 91% chance of winning the electoral college.

I've been saying for 2 years that Trump's white trash army of suckers are going to be completely shocked when Trump loses because they don't report the facts on Fox.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2608/16/2020

Now Boris is pretending Congress would care what Rush Limbaugh thinks.

Desperate Mary!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2708/17/2020

Boris has taken to bumping every 2015 and 2016 poll showing HIllary ahead of the Trumpster Fire..

This Democratic Convention and Biden's commanding lead are really burning Boris up!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2808/19/2020

I not throw tantrum. Soon to be vote loyal democratics for Bideen. Am very good homosexual and have very good taste in clothes, speak many times like black woman.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 2908/19/2020

The DNC convention really made them swarm like shit attracts flies. Normally, I have 3-4 posters on "ignore". Within the past couple of days that number has skyrocketed to 22. And I only ignore heavy-duty trolls.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3008/19/2020

One thing I've noticed with their posts is that they are not good at posting/responding on the fly. Their posts always read very practiced and manufactured. They can't keep up on a thread moving as quickly as the DNC ones.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3108/19/2020

There's not a swarm of people, it's the same guy with a swarm of sock puppet accounts. Look at their posts after the ïgnore" button and you'll see they've only been posting for a day or two; one month max and they have like, 10 posts.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3208/19/2020

They can only recite what they've been scripted by their puppetmasters, r31.

Whether it's scripted responses issued to them by the Russian troll farm or talking points handed down the echo chamber from Fox News, they have to wait for ideas, retorts and authorizatioin from the authorities they never question.

They don't think for themselves. They're fascists. Not thinking for themselves is their thing!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3308/19/2020

R33, exactly. If you ever press them on anything off the cuff, you have to allow them a time lapse so that they can regurgitate some manufactured template response.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3408/19/2020

Our resident trolls are not very good. They're like the D List of trolls.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3508/19/2020

Boris thinks Hillary Clinton's 2016 polls are going to save him and his orange shitgibbon. He's bumping every Hillary poll from 2015 and 2016 to deflect!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3608/20/2020

Now poor, butthurt, snowflake Boris can't bear to be called "Boris."

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3708/21/2020

Bump for Boris, too chickenshit to respond!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3808/21/2020

As much as it pains me, I have to admit I was wrong.

The Republicans went with "the Democrats dropped God from the Pledge of Allegiance" slander.

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 3908/22/2020

Did y'all see Boris on the Senate race thread, ranting about an and to the First and Second Amendments under one-party rule?

He's entering the death-nell-of-a-movie villian stage!

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4008/26/2020

He’ll just drink himself to death at a ripe old 45, with a side of krokodil-enhanced AIDS.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4108/26/2020

R3 - Are not all OPs deranged?

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4208/26/2020

No, just the ones who tolerate the modern Republican Party.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4308/26/2020

I TOLD you they would accuse Democrats of a COVID conspiracy!

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4408/28/2020

R34 usually with the buzzwords deranged or paranoid schizophrenic. When the shift manager gives them the signal, then they start dropping pedo accusations.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4508/28/2020

OP is schizo OCD cunt; please seek help ASAP.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4608/28/2020

r46 = projecting the condition of his bosses, Putin and Trump.

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4708/29/2020

Now Boris is comforting himself with notions that riots will continue across America, non-stop until Election Day and Bernie Sanders supporters will throw the election to Trump.

Silly Boris!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4808/29/2020

Bump for the flurry of right wing trolls this weekend!

Eat a dick, Natasha!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 4908/30/2020

Speaking of Trump's tantrums getting more desperate, this is what happens when your convention bounce doesn't raise your poll numbers above your opponent's, you lose the convention TV ratings war and you're criminally insane:

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5008/31/2020

right on cue r46

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5108/31/2020

Another triggered, crybaby Boris has decided to copy the OP's schtick!

How transparent and FAKE, like his precirous Fuhrer.

Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5209/05/2020

Boris thinks its funny with the right-wing "Let's Be" threads.

MORE klass in the jaws of defeat.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5309/06/2020

Now Boris has resorted to the "accuse the Democrats of committing the Republicans' crimes" disinformation tactic on the Woodward Book thread.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5409/09/2020

Wow, can anyone alert the loony bins? OP needs urgent medical help. This is not even trolling. Omg.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5509/09/2020

Oh, Boris, there you go again!

Trying to apply Trump criticisms to his critics.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5609/09/2020

Now it's Trump's "Bay of Pigs Award," guys!

What phony awards do you make up for yourself?

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5709/13/2020

У Бориса сегодня геморрой. Натыкаться на темы Хиллари отчаянно.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5809/15/2020

Better e-mail Vlad, Boris, that your efforts to re-elect Trump have failed. Orange Julius is going STRAIGHT DOWN THE SHITTER on Nov. 3!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 5909/15/2020

It's down to "yard signs in northern Wisconsin" today.

You see, Boris commutes past northern Wisconsin after he counts the yard signs in suburban PA, where there's nary a Biden sign to be found!

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 6009/16/2020

Poor little baby's going to take his toys and go home if he loses the election he's entitled to!

The Godtoddler says we'll "never see him again" if he loses the election.


Offsite Link
by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 61Last Monday at 11:26 AM

OP is a Russian troll accusing others of being Russian trolls to cover up for him being a Russian troll. And so is anyone who disagrees with that statement on any grounds.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 62Last Monday at 11:28 AM

R47 is a Russian troll projecting his projection onto R46.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 63Last Monday at 11:29 AM

r62 + r63 = Коне́чно, э́то непра́вда живу́т в лесу́ и не лю́бят люде́й.

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 64Last Monday at 1:47 PM

Boris has declared Trump the winner this week. Will the tantrums stop until Election Night?

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 65Last Tuesday at 1:40 PM

Boris has declared Trump the winner this week. Will the tantrums stop until Election Night?

by Life-long Republican, but ...reply 66Last Tuesday at 1:40 PM
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