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3 People Dead in Murder-Suicide after Snow Removal Dispute in Pennsylvania, Part 7

Link to Part 6, below.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 60003/25/2021

please some kind souls start with an actual list of the various artefacts that exist on the net re each of the three people involved. I've already gotten it that Goys seem like monstrous trashy idiots, and Spaide was a real quiet, very closed kind of person. Also the odd crmminess of Goy's side of street compared with Spaide's.

by Anonymousreply 102/11/2021

This has become like the alaMO

by Anonymousreply 202/11/2021

Except that there IS no basement.

by Anonymousreply 302/11/2021

OMG - I can’t believe that we are already on Part 7.

by Anonymousreply 402/11/2021

Listen, it's not as bad as those lunatics who have been discussing Lysol and toilet paper shortages since last March - over 6,000 posts about that in 11 just months.

by Anonymousreply 502/11/2021

Totally agree R1. I joined that FB page yesterday, saw the sister’s posts today, and then *poof.* We need archivist!

What I’m still wondering about is how the heck the Goys got permission to rip out their front lawn and put concrete down. If I recall my earlier Google Earth search, they did it somewhere between 2014 - 2016. Jeff purchased his house in 2015.

I know it’s not an HOA, but aren’t there permitting laws which prevent someone from ripping out their tiny ghetto front lawn and then going full ghetto with a parking pad?

by Anonymousreply 602/11/2021

Damn! I go away for a few hours and THIS happens! Is the sister still posting? I love you guys, lol!

by Anonymousreply 702/11/2021

If the Goys had been Schwartzes he could have just stood his ground, shot them and let Hannity pay for his lawyer.

by Anonymousreply 802/11/2021

Was Jeff Spaide gay? Who was Mr Fister? What happened to Alan, the Dallas A-Gay?

by Anonymousreply 902/11/2021

The mystery now is was Spaide's coworker who posted about him a troublemaker or was Spaide troubled? If the coworker was driving way too fast and the woman in the passenger seat asked him to slow down and he wouldn't maybe he deserved a punch in the head.

by Anonymousreply 1002/11/2021

I just came in to say I hope there is a part 8, this is riveting!

by Anonymousreply 1102/11/2021

Damn OP, no poll about Jeff being gay? I vote yes.

by Anonymousreply 1202/11/2021

Can someone do a recap of this case? I watched the original video and kept up with the original thread for awhile but how the hell did has the discussion continued for 6 threads?

by Anonymousreply 1302/11/2021

Someone needs to post the video of the shootings and all relevant information, the pics of Jeff from the article, the updates regarding his sister, Philip, etc....come on people!!

by Anonymousreply 1402/11/2021

What if Jeff had been Mr. Fister? Did anybody search for Alan's remains in his neatly kept basement? Maybe he realized that they Goys had connected the dots and that's the real reason...

by Anonymousreply 1502/11/2021

R13 It's worth it, trust me. It seems daunting at first but every 100 posts something new would be discovered. We put in the work, all you have to do is read. Some of it is serious, some of it is funny/punchy, and there are all sides taken into consideration. The journey is part of the destination and all that.

by Anonymousreply 1602/11/2021

R9- I can answer your Mr. Foster question, he remains an unknown hero. He single-handedly ( see what I did there?) performed first aid on Chris whilst his fist was still in fun mode. 🤜🤜🤜 His identify has never been revealed.

by Anonymousreply 1702/11/2021

Mr Fister, not Foster, lol! R17

by Anonymousreply 1802/11/2021

🤜 🤜 🤜 🌺

by Anonymousreply 1902/11/2021

That fat Karen bit it pretty hard, demanding to speak to a manager even after being shot in the face. I bet she was asking for it her whole stupid life.

by Anonymousreply 2002/11/2021

The Mister Fister threads were gold. They were also an example of what happens when people don't keep continuation thread titles named with...continuity. Some wise ass suddenly decides at what would be Part 4 for example, to totally change the title. It made it hard to follow. Also, often the same wise ass would generally forget to link to the prior thread.

Which reminds me. Shout out to the various OPs of these threads for keeping this untidy little gem of a story so very tidy thread-wise

ANYWAY...for those who don't know about the Chris Burrous saga and Mister Fister. Google Chris Burrous and Datalounge!

by Anonymousreply 2102/11/2021

[quote] If the coworker was driving way too fast and the woman in the passenger seat asked him to slow down and he wouldn't maybe he deserved a punch in the head.

You don't punch someone in the head who's operating 2,000+ pounds of metal on a highway, supposedly speeding. I'm sympathetic to Spaide, but let's not get crazy.

by Anonymousreply 2202/11/2021

I wonder if Jeff has a massage table and DJ lighting rig for sale too?

by Anonymousreply 2302/11/2021

Gif for this crime

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2402/11/2021

So a question for all you legal experts out there. Who do the tenants of these houses all pay rent to now that the Goys are gone? Sounds like it could be a mess.

by Anonymousreply 2502/11/2021

Too bad Jeffrey didn't get a security camera of his own and record every little trashy thing the Goys did to make their lives uncomfortable.

by Anonymousreply 2602/11/2021

R24 OMG!

by Anonymousreply 2702/11/2021

What I found so funny is that over on the Facebook group, people were commenting on how Lisa Goy looked like such a sweet, friendly lady. I can tell she was a cunt and an ultimate Karen just by looking at her! Am I alone?

by Anonymousreply 2802/11/2021

Not just you R28.

by Anonymousreply 2902/11/2021

^Rent will have to go to the grandparents in trust for the son, assuming the properties were owned by the parents. If the rent was owed to a family-held corporation, the g-parents will have to go through the rigamarole of setting up an estate and a trust. That will all have to be done anyway, so they can sue Spaide's estate for every penny it has, which is a foregone conclusion...

by Anonymousreply 3002/11/2021

^And let's face it, it's highly likely the two parents have other kids, from other relationships, who would also likely inherit from their parents, either by operation of law (where no wills were created), or through the provisions of their wills. If the son really was autistic, it seems more likely that there would be a will already, but who knows?

by Anonymousreply 3102/11/2021

The real messiness will come when the family starts fighting tooth and nail over Instant Pots and [italic]Roseanne[/italic] box sets.

by Anonymousreply 3202/11/2021

Would any of that depend on whether or not the Goys home was owned outright, R30? If Jeff had a mortgage or little equity in his house then I guess the Goys' wouldn't get much.

by Anonymousreply 3302/11/2021

Looks can be deceiving, but video proves who she was.

by Anonymousreply 3402/11/2021

^That's correct, the lender has to be paid off first what remains due on the mortgage, and the house would more than likely be foreclosed, and then sold by the bank. That's a matter of PA law and I'm not familiar with the details of estate and foreclosure law there, but that's generally what would happen.

by Anonymousreply 3502/11/2021

The Goys OUGHT to have had life insurance, and I guess that could help paying off their own mortgage. It's likely to be complicated and difficult.

by Anonymousreply 3602/11/2021

Was Frau Goy having sex with Rob Boranski or whatever his name is?

by Anonymousreply 3702/11/2021

Honestly, R37, who would want to have sex with her? Her gross husband was probably thankful he was too fat!

by Anonymousreply 3802/11/2021

One of the locals on that facebook group knew 'Bobo' Baranski personally, and declared that he was reputed to be a "lady's man" cop (whatever that may mean). The commenter ALSO knew that Bobo was a "morning cop" and would have been on duty at that time, a fact obvs. well-known to Ms. Goy.

by Anonymousreply 3902/11/2021

[quote] Craig Ivey, the tantric sex practitioner, said: 'I will not respond to anything about this,' while the other man, Justin Tway, said: 'I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.'

Tway is the gym manager.

by Anonymousreply 4002/11/2021

R39 I bet he was hitting those beef curtains

by Anonymousreply 4102/11/2021

R40, you've stumbled from the Marjorie Taylor Greene thread into the Lisa Goy thread. It's understandable how anyone could make such an easy mistake.

by Anonymousreply 4202/11/2021

I think this has been discussed to death already.

by Anonymousreply 4302/11/2021

Sorry, I lost my direction, R42.

by Anonymousreply 4402/11/2021

Move it along, toots, R43!

by Anonymousreply 4502/11/2021


by Anonymousreply 4602/11/2021

What I love about this after 3050 posts is that my first instincts were right.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4702/11/2021

I have so much to catch up on, namely The Sister.

by Anonymousreply 4802/11/2021

So who's all leaving digital flowers on Jeff's page? He has several now.

by Anonymousreply 4902/11/2021

I am certain The Sister wants to talk. And I'm certain she will do it, given enough time, and an assurance that the Goy klan won't come after her if she spills the tea.

by Anonymousreply 5002/11/2021

The sister’s passive diatribe confuses me. She seems to be confirming that Spaide was gay and had serious mental health issues while also insulting his co-worker and asking if they were lovers?


[quote]Thank you Dylan for joining the group and shedding light on my brother, Jeff with his underlying, undiagnosed mental disorders. I am now wondering if my brother, Jeff was a pathological liar in addition to everything else that is documented on the internet. I am Sharon, his sister. The underlying mentaL illness/ disorder must run in my family because I was under the impression that you were fired from DEP. Your linked in account has you leaving DEP in 2016 the same year as my brother.

[quote] Dylan Evans EIT did you engage in a homosexual relationship with my brother, get in a lovers quarrel, a fist fight occurred on the turnpike, and my brother was fired. Dylan are you a homosexual like my brother and could not live without Jeff? Is that why you left DEP in 2016 and moved all the way to Denver?

[quote] Or Dylan was it you was the driving the car and you are the co-worker who was fired ? My brother, Jeff told me that you were driving the car on the turnpike at a high rate of speed, you both were fired, and the third person involved was a woman pleading with you to slow down. Maybe the co-worker who my brother sucker punched can come forward and clarify the situation. This co-worker who was sucked punched never pressed charges or contacted the PA licensing board for disciplinary action against my brother, I wonder why that is. Possibly another homosexual lover of my brother. How many times were you written up by my brother, Jeff Spaide your direct supervisor while working at DEP? You got the position straight out of college based on being friends with the manager’s daughter, who resigned shortly after you were hired. Could the non issues you document on FB be that Jeff, your supervisor wrote you up for your tardiness, having your feet up on the desk watching you tube videos , insubordination and disrespect , no work ethic, taking two hour lunches ? As per our conversations the more write ups he gave you the more the behavior increased. It was my understanding that all Jeff could do was write you up, you were in the union and HR procedures were conducted in Harrisburg. I am not going to tell you what my brother told me about you as an engineer but I see that almost ten years later, you still do not possess your state PE license and remain an EIT. Jeff with all his underlying mental issues was able to complete the PE license in less than 5 years. Carry on with your facebook psychoanalysis of my brother, maybe a career as a psychologist is your true calling. I do hope the person who was sucker punched by my brother can come forward to clarify this situation.

by Anonymousreply 5102/11/2021

Spaide was unlikely gay if this is his Adult Friend Finder ad that he created a week before the murders. His birth date is only a month off...not uncommon for people posting sex I've heard.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5202/11/2021

This will delete in 1 hour.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5302/11/2021

I think she was confirming that Jeff was gay and trying to insult that Dylan person at the same time, R51.

by Anonymousreply 5402/11/2021

R53 Jesus.

by Anonymousreply 5502/11/2021

[quote] Who do the tenants of these houses all pay rent to now that the Goys are gone?

R25 - The Goy’s Estate, where it will be held until probate is settled.

by Anonymousreply 5602/11/2021

R52, wouldn't someone change their birthdate by a few years as opposed to a month, R52? Changing it by a month makes no sense.

by Anonymousreply 5702/11/2021

Sister Spaide

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5802/11/2021

She called him out on some bullshit, R58. Good for her.

by Anonymousreply 5902/11/2021

"Dylan Evans EIT..." That woman is ICE COLD. My husband is a mechanical engineer, around Jeff's age and still an EIT, not a PE. It grinds him, for sure. That lady don't play.

by Anonymousreply 6002/11/2021

Explain, R60, please?

by Anonymousreply 6102/11/2021

[quote]This will delete in 1 hour.

Wow. Moobs for days.

by Anonymousreply 6202/11/2021

I've missed the past couple parts. Is that really Jeff at R53? When was his picture found?

by Anonymousreply 6302/11/2021

After you graduate, you take a state test to become "an engineer in training." Then you have to work (I think in a more "managerial position") for five years and be under a "professional engineer's" tutelage for some time to move up to be a "PE", or professional engineer. My husband has changed jobs and, honestly, didn't have the drive to do it, but it's a pride thing. It's a big deal and she knew how to hit Dylan where it hurts.

by Anonymousreply 6402/11/2021

Ah, thanks, R64. If the sister is correct and Dylan had a poor work ethic and was reprimanded by Jeff, then obviously he'd hold a grudge.

by Anonymousreply 6502/11/2021

Is she really confirming that Jeff was gay, or was she just being sarcastic about the theories floating around that he was closeted? her use of the word "homosexual" seems to indicate the latter.

by Anonymousreply 6602/11/2021

Re R53 - that guy aged a LOT in just about 4 years. He looks about 15 years older than he does in that Lackawanna board meeting photo.

by Anonymousreply 6702/11/2021

I agree, R66, she is being sarcastic throughout.

by Anonymousreply 6802/11/2021

R67, I think it's a particularly unflattering photo. Very few runners have nice, photogenic faces in the middle of a race.

by Anonymousreply 6902/11/2021

It wafted through here earlier today that Spaide had been told he had cancer sometime recently before the altercation. It wasn't substantiated, but it was something that had reportedly come from a police source, I recall.

by Anonymousreply 7002/11/2021

R64, here's where she addresses Dylan as EIT

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7102/11/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7202/11/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7302/11/2021

R63 Yes that is Jeff.

A number of us searched through photos of Jeff's marathon runs. He appears across a number of years.

by Anonymousreply 7402/11/2021

And the way she was able to talk about Jeff's profession and work history? Let's just say the Goy family would be punching way above their weight against a battle of wits against the Spaides. It feels like a Harvard vs. Romper Room situation.

by Anonymousreply 7502/11/2021

How many dicks wilted?

by Anonymousreply 7602/11/2021

I'd have loved to see Lisa Goy get into it with Sister Spaide, R75!

by Anonymousreply 7702/11/2021

R77- Everyone should give Mrs. Gypsy Goy a break. She was born in a wagon on a traveling show. Her mama had to dance for the money they'd throw. Her poppa would do whatever he could. Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of Dr. Good.

by Anonymousreply 7802/11/2021

The sisters repetitive use of “my brother Jeff” and “homosexual relationship” is odd. I think I believe it because of her animosity towards Dylan. But then it makes no sense the way or why Dylan started the issue of implying Jeff had a temper as if it was second hand news. While its tempting to pat ourselves on the back for DL sleuthing, I’m not fully convinced yet.

by Anonymousreply 7902/11/2021

R47 Or 3650?

by Anonymousreply 8002/11/2021

R58- What mental illness is she talking about? As far as Jeff hitting the driver who was speeding, so what? This happened to me once when the person was driving dangerously. I was hitting the back sit yelling at the SOB to slow down before he killed us. When he stopped at a light , I slapped the back of his head because he put us in great danger. It is a gut reaction to some idiot endangering your life. We where very young and he was showing off. I do not see that as a fitif temper. He was probably frightened and anger at being endangered. IDK .

by Anonymousreply 8102/11/2021

R81 It must have been a “gut reaction” to riddle two assholes in the street with bullets before blowing his own brains out, too.

Some of you have become insufferable and irrational regarding this man.

by Anonymousreply 8202/11/2021

r52 Note that while he lists his orientation as straight, and that he is seeking women, he is also seeking couples noted as (man/woman) on the screen. I mentioned in the last thread, maybe he wanted to meet some normal aka not insane people to have for friends, or he was a bit of a swinger.

R53 He could well have been on antidepressants which are notorious for causing weight gain.

by Anonymousreply 8302/11/2021

r81, I think she's being sarcastic and hyperbolic, since many of the comments online have theorized that Jeff may have been suffering from an metal illness (PTSD is one I've seen a lot of). So she's like, "Yeah Jeff was a homosexual, he was sleeping with every guy in Wilkes-Barre! He had all the mental illnesses, don't you know!"

by Anonymousreply 8402/11/2021

What time will Sharon be joining us on the thread for her DLers' Q & A session about Jeff?

by Anonymousreply 8502/11/2021

So who is this Dylan guy and why did Jeff’s (alleged) sister Sharon go off on him in that FB group? What did he say that set her off like that?

by Anonymousreply 8602/11/2021

That's not his profile, it's a pure guess. Besides when people like about their date of birth on apps, it's usually several years not one month.

by Anonymousreply 8702/11/2021

We saw (I think) a recent pic of him. Maybe he was self aware enough to realize he couldn't shave off even a couple of years.

by Anonymousreply 8802/11/2021

Dylan was a former co-worker of Jeff's, R86 and basically went to that Facebook group to gossip and tell half-truths (according to Jeff's sister, who seemed to have a lot of inside information herself) about Jeff and his career.

by Anonymousreply 8902/11/2021

Does anyone have a link to the interview with the cop about the leaked video?

by Anonymousreply 9002/11/2021

[quote]Dylan was a former co-worker of Jeff's, R86 and basically went to that Facebook group to gossip and tell half-truths

As opposed to all the gossip, half-truths and made-up shit on seven DL threads, and counting.

by Anonymousreply 9102/11/2021

Gossiping on an anonymous message board is one thing, R91, being a former co-worker who held a grudge and going to a public Facebook group to air grievances is another.

by Anonymousreply 9202/11/2021

Find a Grave flowers received to date:

Jeff - 9

Scummy Fuckers - 0

by Anonymousreply 9302/11/2021

Get out, R93!!

by Anonymousreply 9402/11/2021

R47 or 3650?

by Anonymousreply 9502/11/2021

So after seeing these threads on DL all last week when I spoke to my parents in PA on Sunday I mentioned this and they had no idea what I was talking about, and they are hardcore news junkies.

by Anonymousreply 9602/11/2021

We forget to link the video in this thread!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 9702/11/2021

R93 It's good to see Jeff receive the recognition he deserves.

by Anonymousreply 9802/12/2021

We don't know that Dylan lied, we only know that Sharon was mad and yelled at him about EVERYTHING, including about people wanting photos of Jeffrey and calling Jeffrey closeted. Dylan said nothing about either of those two things. She also started out asking if Dylan was the guy who was driving, then later said he was, but she obviously didn't really know.

You can leave all the roses and plant all the memorial trees you want, it's not normal or right or good to punch a guy in the head while he's driving down the highway, or to murder a couple of people who mouthed off at you and were "trashy."

by Anonymousreply 9902/12/2021

[quote] You can leave all the roses and plant all the memorial trees you want, it's not normal or right or good to punch a guy in the head while he's driving down the highway, or to murder a couple of people who mouthed off at you and were "trashy."


by Anonymousreply 10002/12/2021

I she was trying to get him to admit that he was the one driving and speeding since he was also fired, R99, which he failed to mention in his posts.

by Anonymousreply 10102/12/2021

[quote]It's good to see Jeff receive the recognition he deserves

Oh, don't you worry about that. He's getting lots of recognition these days.

by Anonymousreply 10202/12/2021

This newscaster says "Wilkes Berry". This is what will stay with me - the bizarre pronunciation.

It's just too hard to sympathize with the bullies who started the fight - though America really needs to do something about every Tom Dick & Harry owning a fucking AR-15.

by Anonymousreply 10302/12/2021

*Forgot link

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 10402/12/2021

It's been pronounced "Wilkes-Berry" on tv all my life, never heard it said any other way...

by Anonymousreply 10502/12/2021

Pennsylvania is very strange that way, you should hear how they pronounce Juanita and Versailles. But most people outside the state pronounce Reading and Lancaster wrong.

by Anonymousreply 10602/12/2021

[quote]I guess the Goys' wouldn't get much.

Oh, dear!

by Anonymousreply 10702/12/2021

Lisa and James Goy had fat asses but they couldn't live forever.

by Anonymousreply 10802/12/2021

[quote] So a question for all you legal experts out there. Who do the tenants of these houses all pay rent to now that the Goys are gone? Sounds like it could be a mess.

It’s free. When your landlord is a total POS and then Karma takes them out, that’s the world’s way of saying thank you, and paying you back for putting up with those fuck’n cunts. Enjoy your rent free living.

by Anonymousreply 10902/12/2021

I have watched this video over a dozen times and this exchange always make me laugh. Not proud of it, but it does. Goes to prove, Jeff had their number. Poor guy just wanted to live in peace and he happened to run across these evil bitches who lived to make others miserable.

Lisa Goy : “You’re the fucking scumbag. You don’t fucking bother with nobody ”

Jeff Spaide: “That’s because you’re fucking scum”.

by Anonymousreply 11002/12/2021

Mrs. Goy looks great draped in yellow.

It’s her color!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 11102/12/2021

Nah, I disagree, r111.

She looks much better in the blue from r24’s gif.

by Anonymousreply 11202/12/2021

I haven't seen this noted on any of the threads, I don't think, but as a person who lives where it snows, WHY were any of them out there shoveling in the first place? It was obviously not done snowing yet as shown in all of the subsequent coverage. There is no point in shoveling your driveway until the snow has stopped; you just end up having to go over the same ground.

Just more evidence that all three of them were idiots as well as white trash.

by Anonymousreply 11302/12/2021

Just shut up, R113.

by Anonymousreply 11402/12/2021

R113, FEET of snow were predicted. You can either do it relatively easily a few times during the day or once which will be a Herculean effort without tools other than a snow shovel.

I’m the type that likes to do it once and be done no matter the difficultly. Others in my family prefer to do it several times so as not to get such a heavy task.


by Anonymousreply 11502/12/2021

R112, your post doesn’t make sense in respect to the image you linked

by Anonymousreply 11602/12/2021

R116, at r24 is a gif, not a steady picture.

The third or fourth picture in is a picture of the street and they are covering her using a blue tarp. Presumably the ME was examining the body because they’re holding up the tarp to prevent pics and onlookers seeing.

by Anonymousreply 11702/12/2021

Got it! R117

by Anonymousreply 11802/12/2021

lol....He said Versales

by Anonymousreply 11902/12/2021

The media reported this as Philadelphia. They’re not too bright.

by Anonymousreply 12002/12/2021

What's your problem, R114? All I said was that it is stupid to shovel snow before it has stopped, and it is. It takes a lot more time to go over the same ground multiple times. R115, you are obviously smarter than the rest of your family!

by Anonymousreply 12102/12/2021

R121, elders go out an shovel a bit at a time. I can understand that.

by Anonymousreply 12202/12/2021

No, elders hire people to shovel for them. Once. When it is done.

by Anonymousreply 12302/12/2021

Not some of the feisty ones, R123. My neighbour is in his 80s and insists on doing it himself, unless there's a huge blizzard.

by Anonymousreply 12402/12/2021

And you'll find him face down dead in a snow drift some day as well. Heart attack or slipping and breaking a hip, take your choice. Unless he is as mouthy and low class as the Goys in which case I take it you have your firearms loaded and ready to go.

by Anonymousreply 12502/12/2021

Are you his daughter, R125? He's very nice, just very independent.

by Anonymousreply 12602/12/2021

They should have hired the teen boys -- Gary? Jimmy? -- to shovel for them. Crisis averted. Too bad the Goys were cheapskates.

by Anonymousreply 12702/12/2021

What kind of teen boys are named Gary and Jimmy these days? Shouldn't they be Jaxcion, Tielar and Cenadie?

by Anonymousreply 12802/12/2021

[quote] What kind of teen boys are named Gary and Jimmy these days?

Well one of them is named Jimmmmmaaaaay!

by Anonymousreply 12902/12/2021

Are we sure one of the boys is Jimmmmmmmaaaaaay? What if someone was calling out for James Goy?

by Anonymousreply 13002/12/2021

[quote]I have watched this video over a dozen times

You sound deeply disturbed.

by Anonymousreply 13102/12/2021

Why would you say that about him, r131?

This is like a modern day Zapruder film. With sound!

by Anonymousreply 13202/12/2021

And cursing. And snow.

And Jimmmaaaaaayyy.

by Anonymousreply 13302/12/2021

And instead of the babushka lady,R132, we have Jimmmmaaaaay!

by Anonymousreply 13402/12/2021

And instead of Umbrella Man, r134, we have Gary.

by Anonymousreply 13502/12/2021

So did the whole Philip thing end up being a dead end?

by Anonymousreply 13602/12/2021

I think Sharon knew Jeff was gay (Many gays come out to sisters before full family) AND was Mr. Fister as in the act of FF. She wanted to know if Ryan was into FF with him. In the news article picture of Jeff with glasses, he looks like a guy I've seen cruising at Crew Club in DC. Any other DMV sightings?

by Anonymousreply 13702/12/2021

Was a picture of Jeff ever uncovered?

by Anonymousreply 13802/12/2021

Yes. And likely his Adult Friend Finder profile. How many 47 year old men in Wilkes Barre would identify so much as being an engineer that it would be their sex profile nickname?

by Anonymousreply 13902/12/2021

0h look, the smartest one in the room has arrived at R131.

Go fuck yourself.

by Anonymousreply 14002/12/2021

R131, you’ve posted at least 11 times on these threads.

You must be deeply disturbed.

by Anonymousreply 14102/12/2021

R131, you had posted at least 14 times on the Naya Rivera threads.

You must be deeply disturbed.


by Anonymousreply 14202/12/2021

Good thing neither of you have AR-15s.

by Anonymousreply 14302/12/2021

R142 keeps a tally on how many times one posts on a thread, but calls others disturbed??

by Anonymousreply 14402/12/2021

My mistake. R131 has posted at least 19 times on these threads.

by Anonymousreply 14502/12/2021

R121 You insulted it by calling Mr. Spaide trash.

by Anonymousreply 14602/12/2021

I think we have a few Mr. Spaide types on this thread...

by Anonymousreply 14702/12/2021

R147= fucking scum

by Anonymousreply 14802/12/2021

R148 Take your pills, dear.

by Anonymousreply 14902/12/2021

Only because the asshole came here with an idiotic rebuke, R144?

Do you have an issue with that? If so, why?

by Anonymousreply 15002/12/2021

I finished my cake and Valentine's Day card just in time, I think Jeffrey was a punctual guy and would have appreciated it.

by Anonymousreply 15102/12/2021

Which design did you choose, R151?

by Anonymousreply 15202/12/2021

Let me get in on this re R131. You know what YOU sound like don't you? Every time you open your mouth!

by Anonymousreply 15302/12/2021

Waiting for an answer R144, or are you going the passive aggressive route?

by Anonymousreply 15402/12/2021

r152 It's a monkey with a big banana and says "I'm Bananas For You, Be My Valentine!"

by Anonymousreply 15502/12/2021

I was going to have it say "Don't go bananas, be my valentine!" but I thought it might be in poor taste.

by Anonymousreply 15602/12/2021

will there be residual psychic energy of Lisa Goy's "you fuckerrrrr!" in the street where she died?

by Anonymousreply 15702/12/2021

Will all of their wills be made public?

by Anonymousreply 15802/12/2021

I like Jeff more now that we know his sister is a badass.

by Anonymousreply 15902/12/2021

In memory of the Goys, they will be putting in a speed bump in front of the house. Each time you drive over the bump, it will trigger a audio memory in there honor. Lisa Goy's "you fuckerrrrr!

by Anonymousreply 16002/12/2021

No, it's "You fuuuucckkkaaher you"

by Anonymousreply 16102/12/2021

[quote] Lisa Goy's "you fuckerrrrr!"

Famous last words. This really should be engraved on her tombstone.

by Anonymousreply 16202/12/2021

if people were bitchy and vindictive enough they should isolate the "you fucckkkker you" audio and spam the surviving Goys' phone numbers with it. (I like dark humour, sue me - lol)

by Anonymousreply 16302/12/2021

R155, how are you going to get it to him?

by Anonymousreply 16402/13/2021

This topic has more unnecessary sequels than the Halloween franchise.

by Anonymousreply 16502/13/2021

[quote] it will trigger a audio memory in there honor.

Oh, dear!

by Anonymousreply 16602/13/2021

R149, I don’t think you got his joke.

by Anonymousreply 16702/13/2021

[quote] Will all of their wills be made public?

No, only their wonts.

Won’t shovel snow onto neighbor’s property;

Won’t call neighbor with a gun a pussy, then run and scream like a pussy myself when he shoots me;

Won’t be a Karen to a neighbor with a gun to my head, (aka I’ll keep my fucking mouth shut).

by Anonymousreply 16802/13/2021

Oh FANK you, Mr. Spaide for killing my trashy parents.

by Anonymousreply 16902/13/2021

^AND for leaving me ALL your stuff !!

by Anonymousreply 17002/13/2021

^^INCLUDING all those neato GUNS!!

by Anonymousreply 17102/13/2021

^^ Which I'll probably use on my schoolmates one day!!

by Anonymousreply 17202/13/2021

R130: yes, I’ve wondered that too. James Sr and Margaret Goy own 23 and 29 W. Bergh St which are 3 and 4 house structures west of James Jr and Lisa’s 13/15 W Bergh St duplex ghetto structure. As far as I can tell, James Sr and Margaret Goy are still alive and in their 60/70s.

However, the plaintive cry of Jimmmiiiieee doesn’t sound like it’s coming from 3 or 4 houses down. Perhaps Margaret Goy was visiting? It sure sounds like it’s coming from the 13/15 house.

I’m sure we will find out in short order.

by Anonymousreply 17302/13/2021

[quote] Jimmmiiiieee

Oh, dear!

by Anonymousreply 17402/13/2021

[quote] Was a picture of Jeff ever uncovered?

Nope. Never. Not even one.

Nuh uh

And don’t read the thread to find them all, because, you know, they won’t be there.

by Anonymousreply 17502/13/2021

But if it came from the 13/15 house, the person still could have been calling for James Goy. Remember the trashy looking neighbour who they interviewed? She said the Goys were like family.

by Anonymousreply 17602/13/2021

R176 meant for R173.

by Anonymousreply 17702/13/2021

Its sad, Spaide was Catholic and now will have to spend eternity in hell, while the Goys will likely be in heaven.

by Anonymousreply 17802/13/2021

Don't ignorant Protestant fucks like you r178 even bother to understand Catholic theology and traditions?

by Anonymousreply 17902/13/2021

Spaide will get a pass into Heaven for taking out the trash.

by Anonymousreply 18002/13/2021

[quote] Lisa Goy's "you fuckerrrrr!" Famous last words.

And Spaide’s “Shoulda kept your fucking mouth shut” as he fired the final shot to her head.

by Anonymousreply 18102/13/2021

How long does the post mortem reports take to be released?

by Anonymousreply 18202/13/2021

[quote]Lisa Goy's "you fuckerrrrr!" Famous last words.

Weren't her last words about calling Baranski?

by Anonymousreply 18302/13/2021

R183 Have you not read the extensively rewritten transcript in part 2?

by Anonymousreply 18402/13/2021

I want to hear more from Gary, preferably without a mask.

by Anonymousreply 18502/13/2021

Pussy, huh?

by Anonymousreply 18602/13/2021

Wait, who had a cat?

by Anonymousreply 18702/13/2021

Can someone please copy the transcript and paste it in this thread?

by Anonymousreply 18802/13/2021

The Goys are definitely not in heaven. You have to have a good soul for that to happen.

by Anonymousreply 18902/13/2021

Mr. Spaide sure as hell isn’t either.

by Anonymousreply 19002/13/2021

That Goy woman screeching “You FUCKERRRR!” lying on the street after being shot several times is amazing, as is Spaide walking up to her saying “Shoulda kept your fucking mouth SHUT” before finishing her off.

by Anonymousreply 19102/13/2021

R191, why waste time praying when you can insult your enemy one last time?

by Anonymousreply 19202/13/2021

Is it just me or did the Frau Goy look way older than her age?

by Anonymousreply 19302/13/2021

I couldn't bear to watch the footage again but listening to the audio was less confronting - and also very illuminating. Spaide's homicidal frenzy was indefensible. Yes, the Goys verbal provocation was obnoxious and in-your-face but they weren't physically threatening Spaide, just annoying him. Spaide's cold-blooded assassination of these two stupid people was nothing less than psychotic. Anyone trying to justify it needs psychological help, just like Spaide himself. He was a sick fuck.

His actions that day were [italic]cold[/italic] - and it was a "pussy" move.

by Anonymousreply 19402/13/2021

R194 - LOL. get off your moral high horse.

by Anonymousreply 19502/14/2021

R194 - Actually, the Goys WERE physically threatening Spaide - they threw objects at him and then threatened to “make his life Hell”.

by Anonymousreply 19602/14/2021

I wonder what the Goys had planned for Valentine's Day.

by Anonymousreply 19702/14/2021

An Arby’s night.

by Anonymousreply 19802/14/2021

[quote] Yes, the Goys verbal provocation was obnoxious and in-your-face but they weren't physically threatening Spaide,

Apparently you haven’t been following the case.

by Anonymousreply 19902/14/2021

I’m confused, is there a full video of the entire scene still available online?

by Anonymousreply 20002/14/2021

I wish that woman wouldn't have taken down the Facebook group. I think Jeff's sister would have dished some more on Jeff, the coworker and maybe even the Goys.

by Anonymousreply 20102/14/2021

R194 Karma called, and Jeff came through with the answer. As R180 so eloquently stated, by taking out the trash.

by Anonymousreply 20202/14/2021

And the Goys don't know what day it is.

They don't know who Faye Dunaway was, or what praying is.

by Anonymousreply 20302/14/2021

Per request, the transcript compliments of Ginny.

Updated transcript, pt. 1, with your revisions from yesterday:

JS: Scummy motherfuckers. Jesus Christ.

JG: Who?

LG: Who? You?

JG: Who? Me?

JS: Yeah.

LG: You?

JG: Put the shovel back.

LG: You know what?

JS: What?

JG: Go ahead, motherfucker.

LG: Lookit, you know what? This is bullshit. We have been…

JS: [inaudible]

JG: You wanna call me a scummy motherfucker, I’ll knock your goddamn head off your [inaudible].

JS: Motherfucker.

JG: You go fuck yourself, you fucking queer.

JG: Call me a scummy motherfucker. Step out here, I’ll knock your ass out.

JS: Motherfucker.

JG: Fuck you!

JS: Fuck you, you fucking scum.

JG: I’ll make your life a living hell living here, dickhead.

JS: What?

JG: You heard me.

JS: Fuck you, you fucking scum.

JG: You would probably like that.

LG: You’re the fucking scumbag. You don’t fucking bother with nobody.

JG: [inaudible] He’s got a hunting knife. ([R303]) He’s got a hunting knife and he’s a fucking scum.

JG: You’re a pussy.

JS: Fuck you.

JG: Pussy, pussy, pussy.

JG: Put the gun down.

JG: Put the gun down.

LG: Go ‘head. Go ‘head. Go ‘head.

(Shooting starts)

LG: [inauble] …can see you.

JG: Aoooggghhhh.

LG: Aaaagh, you fucker, you.

JG: Call the cops. Aaaaghhhh. He shot me, aaaaagh. He shot me.

LG: You fucker, you.

Neighbor: Oh my god. Oh my god, [inauble, sounds like “Charlotte”]

JG: [rhonchi noises in the foreground]

LG: Oh my god.

by Anonymousreply 20402/14/2021

This is reaching operatic proportions and should be an opera! Imagine the stage setting white and snowy and then running blood red after the shootings. A tenor, a baritone and a soprano all wailing and singing their hearts out with 12 minute arias death scenes. If they can turn Death of Klinghoffer and Jerry Springer into operas, they can surly do this too.

by Anonymousreply 20502/14/2021

Fuck YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU; fuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

A great operatic song.

by Anonymousreply 20602/14/2021

R206 Don’t worry, it sounds way better in Italian.

by Anonymousreply 20702/14/2021

JG: Put the gun down.

JG: Put the gun down.

LG: Go ‘head. Go ‘head. Go ‘head.

I missed this part of the interaction when I first read it. So Jiiimmay did make an effort to deescalate once he saw the gun (which he earlier mistook for a hunting knife?), but the wife is still going at it like a pitbull with its jaw clamped around something.

I wonder how well this characterizes how they interact with the world? They both grumble about perceived mistreatment but she takes it to the hilt as an instigator. Their restaurant disputes (throwing dishes, claiming to be shortchanged, James explaining to the new embarrassed tenant that they don't go out much because of poor service as Lisa's off bitching to a manager) and tenant issues (a couple of them said they couldn't wait for their leases to expire).

A dysfunctional couple dynamic. An us against the world perspective with Lisa continuing the charge as things get heated. Real deplorables with manufactured grievances against the world that give them permission ( in their minds) to lash out and act like utter assholes. Especially against the libruls, minorities cuz they get "special treatment," and those who have more education, money, and stuff.

by Anonymousreply 20802/14/2021

[quote] So Jiiimmay did make an effort to deescalate once he saw the gun


That is NOT our Jimmmmmaaaaay.

by Anonymousreply 20902/14/2021

In the opera Lisa’s name will be Karen. Not to hide the identity of the real person, just an artistic choice to drive the nature of the character home.

by Anonymousreply 21002/14/2021

We need to have a moment of silence: You know, Ginny in Bookkeeping killed herself after heroically finishing that last transcription on this. It was pointed out someplace up above, right after she handed it in. She just couldn't take all the pressure anymore. RIP.

by Anonymousreply 21102/14/2021

All of their funerals were shorter than a single DL thread on this subject.

by Anonymousreply 21202/14/2021

R200: The Tarantino theatrical version with silent snow falling at the end is at YouTube channel Active Self Protection. Under “A Terribly Disturbing Ego Battle.” Since Active Self Protection is an education channel which tells us when to whip out our guns, YouTube hadn’t delete it.

by Anonymousreply 21302/14/2021

You’re the fucking scumbag. You don’t fucking bother with nobody.

So, was she saying he was a jerk because he didn't socialize with neighbors?

This never would have happened if they lived in a warm climate.

by Anonymousreply 21402/14/2021

What she said is literally violence towards introverts.

by Anonymousreply 21502/14/2021

R204 That transcript leaves out the very important "call Baranski"

So who said it? To me it sounds like LG.

by Anonymousreply 21602/14/2021

[quote] You know, Ginny in Bookkeeping killed herself

Ginny was in BILLING!

by Anonymousreply 21702/14/2021

Margaret Goy died in early 2020. James Goy's sister also died in 2020.

James Goy Sr lost his wife, his daughter and his son within a year.

by Anonymousreply 21802/14/2021

So is it that Lisa wanted Christine Baranski to play her in the movie of the week?

by Anonymousreply 21902/14/2021

Thank you R218. So mother Margaret Goy from a few houses west of James Jr and Lisa’s 13/15 W Bergh ghetto house is deceased. Thus, it is not her plaintively crying Jimmieeeeaaaaay. So who did it? A mother of the unnamed teen or someone familiar with James Jr?

by Anonymousreply 22002/14/2021

Autistic or not, you know that son had a horrible childhood from the time he was aware of his parents. My mom came to pick me up from a school event at night with curlers in her hair (she stayed in the car!) and I was embarrassed by her for years. This kid was banned from dining establishments, hated by the neighborhood, and known by "Brian Baranski" because his parents were such loudmouth troublemakers. They had no friends as evidenced by the fact that not one person who knew them had a kind word to say about them, even after death--- when even the biggest assholes seem to be lionized by the people who knew them. The one family member, who lived in France (which is telling in itself) said they didn't deserve to die like cattle. She had to qualify that it was the cattle part that got to her.

by Anonymousreply 22102/14/2021

R217 Has Ginny died too or gone on to a better place...HR?

by Anonymousreply 22202/14/2021

I wondered if it was the Goys tenant, but it seemed to me that the voice was coming from the other direction, R220, especially since the boys seemed to run towards it. I could be wrong though.

by Anonymousreply 22302/14/2021

Every time I see that transcript, I wonder what the fuck "ronchi noises" are.

by Anonymousreply 22402/14/2021

I think that was our medical correspondent chiming in with that technical term.

by Anonymousreply 22502/14/2021

R224 Rhonchi is a medical term for ‘noisy breathing.’

by Anonymousreply 22602/14/2021

As in he was breathing his own blood and fluids that made breathing labored, difficult and bubbly.

by Anonymousreply 22702/14/2021

Shut him the fuck up though, didn’t it?

He wasn’t shouting “pussy!” anymore.

by Anonymousreply 22802/14/2021

He most certainly wasn't.

I wonder how long jail time Jeff would have got, with a skillful lawyer, if he hadn't of killed himself?

by Anonymousreply 22902/14/2021

[quote] if he hadn't of killed himself?

Oh fucking dear!

by Anonymousreply 23002/14/2021

^^A VERY long time. And Junior probably would have been waiting for him when he got out, to mow him down with his own gun. Temporary Insanity would not have worked here, I'm afraid.

by Anonymousreply 23102/14/2021

20 years + R231?

by Anonymousreply 23202/14/2021

The court system likely would have given him the maximum allowable under the laws of PA (for murdering 2 people in cold blood), which I know nothing about. It was a very heinous thing to do, although taking a look at the 10 minutes of film that we haven't seen could have an impact on what would have happened in court. The backstory might have gotten him a LITTLE leniency, but I doubt it would have had much impact.

by Anonymousreply 23302/14/2021

[This is what I'm doing on Valentine's Day night....]

Murder – 18 Pa.C.S.A. §2502

A Criminal Homicide constitutes a first degree murder when it is willfully or deliberately committed. Upon conviction, an individual shall be sentenced to death by lethal injection or to a term of life imprisonment.

by Anonymousreply 23402/14/2021






by Anonymousreply 23502/14/2021

Actual DLers - is r235 worth reading? The caps scream Lisa Goy acolytes

by Anonymousreply 23602/14/2021

Yes, R236.

by Anonymousreply 23702/14/2021

Or meth. There's always that.

by Anonymousreply 23802/14/2021

[Quote]This kid was banned from dining establishments, hated by the neighborhood, and known by "Brian Baranski" because his parents were such loudmouth troublemakers

Are you talking about the Goy's 15 year old autistic son? This is the first I've read of it on these threads. Was this in the deleted FB thread or Reddit?

by Anonymousreply 23902/14/2021

Sort of, R239. A former tenant of the Goys said on the now deleted Facebook group that the couple had been banned from local restaurants for trying to scam servers, making scenes, etc..

by Anonymousreply 24002/14/2021

Toxicology reports of all three.


Find out how this surveillance video made it online.

Who's camera recorded this crime?

by Anonymousreply 24102/14/2021

Whose camera, dammit.

by Anonymousreply 24202/14/2021

It was the Goys’.

by Anonymousreply 24302/14/2021

R234, Don't you have to prove that the murder was premeditated to get a murder in the 1st degree? And I don't just mean going back to get the shot gun, that's someone still in a fit of rage. Someone who plans days ahead or hours before the incident shows thoughtful careful planning, that's premeditated right?

by Anonymousreply 24402/15/2021

[quote]Someone who plans days ahead or hours before the incident shows thoughtful careful planning, that's premeditated right?

It has nothing to do with time or thoughtful, careful planning. It can happen in seconds. All it takes is the time to form an intent to kill and then act on it after having had a moment in which to reconsider.

He had ample opportunity to change his mind in the time it took to walk up the driveway, go into the house, retrieve the handgun, then walk back down the driveway. But he didn’t do that. Why? Because his intent was to shoot and kill them and he had already decided that he was going to follow through on it.

If the next question is, “But maybe he didn’t want to kill them. Maybe he just wanted to shoot the ground next to them and scare them.” No. Watch him moving the handgun around trying to bypass Lisa Goy’s arm when she was on the ground with her hand up in a defensive posture. He did that because he was trying to get a clean shot to her head.

Then, when the handgun didn’t get the job done, he repeated the whole process of up the driveway, into the house, back down the driveway, only this time with a semi-automatic rifle — because his intent was to finish them off.

If all of that doesn’t satisfy the requirement of intent and premeditation, what would?

by Anonymousreply 24502/15/2021

R240 - So it was the Goys banned for their bad behavior not that the son had acted out. I had read the tenant's report about a scene they made claiming the waitress was stealing their change

I can't imagine what it must have been like for an autistic child growing uo with such belligerent parents. The have difficulty processing loud sensory information like screaming and can become easily overwhelmed. And the parents were modeling the worst behavior possible for a teen who has trouble reading social cues and behaving appropriately ib social settings.

by Anonymousreply 24602/15/2021

I dont know R245, I would l like to know what a person with a law background thinks of this. Your argument makes sense but there are lots of grey lines there. He clearly didn't wake up that morning and say "hey today I am going to kill off my neighbors and the commit suicide" It's an argument that got out of control. Even trying to finish them off he's still in a fit of rage.

Premeditated means time enough to form the conscious intent to kill and then act on it after enough time for a reasonable person to second guess the decision. Premeditation must occur before, and not at the same time as the act of killing. So just because Lisa Goy was raising her hand, that's not time enough time for him to to form a second guess, his anger is clouding his ability to think about the consequences in that moment.

Additionally, he didn't shoot himself in the head right after that. He went back into his house, was scene pacing back and fourth which implies he was just then processing what he did and what the consequences might be. Only after the police arrived did they hear a gun shot.

by Anonymousreply 24702/15/2021

If only the Goys watched more YT videos

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 24802/15/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 24902/15/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25002/15/2021

If only the Goys watched more ice hockey matches =

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25102/15/2021

This one with the hockey sticks is pretty close to some snow shovels =

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25202/15/2021

A real two-on-one ice fight =

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25302/15/2021

A good case can be made that if he had lived and been brought to trial, the prosecution could have gone for first degree murder. His defense attorneys best chance to get him off from that would have been to bring up what horrible people the Goys were in hopes of either a reduced conviction for manslaughter or a not guilty verdict on the basis of justifiable homicide.

by Anonymousreply 25402/15/2021

R254 Thank you Perry Mason.

by Anonymousreply 25502/15/2021

^There are always "grey lines" in all these aspects of criminal law cases. It's hard to say what would have happened to Spaide in the criminal justice system, but I don't think anybody would have been feeling sorry for him, if that's what some of you seem to be expecting. I DO feel sorry for him, in a way, but just shooting 2 people to death because they're acting like assholes is EXACTLY the kind of behavior that the criminal law is designed to discourage.

by Anonymousreply 25602/15/2021

You don’t need a LexisNexis account to read up on precedent-setting cases involving the how little time it takes for intent to be formed. It’s probably a good idea the clear that up before delving into what constitutes heat of passion.

Here’s a hint: cases abound in which a defendant is found to have formed intent and acted with malice aforethought in the heat of a physical or verbal altercation — no time to walk up and down driveways and think things over. They are in an argument/fight one second; pull out a weapon the next; have committed first-degree murder the third.

State v. Schrader, W.Va., 302 S.E.2d 70 (1982) is a good place to start re: timing. I can’t link because I’m quoting from LexisNexis, but I’m sure it’s all online somewhere. From the judge’s charge to the jury:

[quote]I would advise you that to constitute a willful, deliberate and premeditated killing, it is not necessary that the intention to kill should exist for any set length of time prior to the actual killing; it is only necessary that such intention should have come into existence for the first time at the time of such killing, or at any time previously.

by Anonymousreply 25702/15/2021

Are y'all retarded 😳 or OCD?

by Anonymousreply 25802/15/2021

"For premeditated and deliberate murder, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant intended to kill another person, and that before this occurred, he or she had time to consider the wrongfulness of the act. Premeditation and deliberation can happen in just a few seconds."

For the full article, see the link below.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 25902/15/2021

What WAS on the Goy’s Youtube feed?

by Anonymousreply 26002/15/2021

R269 What? The Goy’s had a YouTube feed. What on earth could they possibly have to share that was even remotely worthwhile

by Anonymousreply 26102/15/2021

Ooops, that was supposed to be R260. Damn, fat fingers.

by Anonymousreply 26202/15/2021

[quote] Premeditated means time enough to form the conscious intent to kill and then act on it after enough time for a reasonable person to second guess the decision. Premeditation must occur before, and not at the same time as the act of killing. So just because Lisa Goy was raising her hand, that's not time enough time for him to to form a second guess, his anger is clouding his ability to think about the consequences in that moment.

Under the law, it can take one second for something to be deemed premeditated. He was looking at the death penalty and would have probably gotten it. His life was over.

by Anonymousreply 26302/15/2021

Didn’t Spaide get fired for assaulting an employee?

by Anonymousreply 26402/15/2021

Don't bother reading all the threads. They're full of DL speculation and "revelations" of small, irrelevant facts from mining social media comments. Here's the recap:

The Gays of Datalounge made up this elaborate scenario of Jeff Spaide being a hot fit intellectual closeted gay with an immaculate home and impeccable morals, who had to kill the Goys because they were evil grasping Trumpster homophobes who waged psychological warfare against him for years, including throwing piss on his property along with the snow, and who belonged to a biker gang that was responsible for multiple murders, and were trying to steal his home from him because it was on a hill which they could use to survey their real estate empire.

Instead it was a bunch of schlubby GenX assholes who were too stupid to deescalate a petty and pointless beef with each other over snow.

The end.

by Anonymousreply 26502/15/2021

R265 The three of them were obviously mentally ill, with one of them being physically violent and murderous to boot!

by Anonymousreply 26602/15/2021

[quote] Don't bother reading all the threads. They're full of DL speculation

On a gossip board?! Well I never in all my life.

[quote]and "revelations" of small, irrelevant [bold]facts[/bold] from mining social media comments.

Oh, well we can’t have facts springing up their ugly heads into this, can we?

by Anonymousreply 26702/15/2021

My take on premeditation. Yes, the laws say that you can form intent (premeditation) in a few seconds. But it's the jury you have to convince. Maybe not that easy to convince 12 people that homicide was premeditated.

A more obvious form of premeditation would be poisoning someone. The killer does research about lethal substances. He buys the lethal substance. He slips the poison into someone's drink or food, etc. All of that takes place over at least a couple of days. Easier for a jury to buy that the killing was premeditated.

There's also something called the "extreme mental or emotional disturbance" defense. EMED for short. It comes from the Model Penal Code, which some states have adopted as their law. Not sure about PA.

I'm not saying that EMED applies here, but if Spaide had survived, his attorneys would probably be asserting this defense.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 26802/15/2021

A good defence lawyer would have arguements that we've never even thought about brought up.

Jeff could have returned to the home to defend himself after Pa Goy assaulted him with the snow shovel and threatened to make Jeff's life 'a living hell living here" as a defensive tool. That Jeff killed them due to diminished responsibility, suffering from the Goys persistent dehumanising abuse.

All sorts of defences spring to mind. It doesn't really matter that we don't buy any of them. We're not 12 good men and true, sat in a courtroom, listening to evidence and skilled lawyers arguing the case.

by Anonymousreply 26902/15/2021

R269 How would those defenses have held up once it was brought up that Mr. Spaide also physically assaulted a former co-worker/employee and was terminated for doing so?

by Anonymousreply 27002/15/2021

R270, there's something called Rule (of evidence) 404(b) that limits evidence of "prior bad acts."

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 27102/15/2021

Let's say Spaide didn't carry through with shooting the Goys. What charges could they have been up against if Jeffrey had decided to call the police on them? Could their own video surveillance be used against them?

by Anonymousreply 27202/15/2021

R272 Chiiile...

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 27302/15/2021

At this rate, the ongoing threads about this threesome will chronologically outlive these three idiots.

by Anonymousreply 27402/15/2021

[quote] after [bold]Pa Goy[/bold] assaulted him

That’s it!

We’ve got

Frau Goy and

Pa Goy!

by Anonymousreply 27502/15/2021

It's been 15 days now and still no obituary for either Goy. I realize that the family may not want comments, but comment sections are easily shut down or not available in the first place.

by Anonymousreply 27602/15/2021

R272- Premeditated murder, I would think. Because he went inside, retrieved another weapon and shot them again. Kill shots.

by Anonymousreply 27702/15/2021

Unlawful killing whilst his mind was unbalanced.

Manslaughter tops.

by Anonymousreply 27802/15/2021

Reread my post at R272, R277.

by Anonymousreply 27902/15/2021

One aspect of this incident that hasn't been brought up or examined/explored is that it appears Spaide fired Warning Shots prior to actually turning the gun on the scummy neighbors.

I know some commentators made a number of snide remarks about how Jeffrey Spaide was a "lousy shot" or "didn't know how to use a gun", but it really looks like he fired off a few warning rounds to intimidate/scare off the the Goys. Problem is, it didn't work. Even in the face of someone unloading a weapon 6 feet away from them, the Goys just kept up their belligerent taunts and didn't have the presence of mind to GTFO of there.

by Anonymousreply 28002/15/2021

They were bullies, R280. Bullies aren't used to anyone standing up to them.

by Anonymousreply 28102/15/2021

God this story feels so nostalgic. It happened around the same time as that “guy rides a London bus and live feeds it” thread, even though it turned out he wasn’t really live streaming.

Remember those days? Sigh.

by Anonymousreply 28202/15/2021

Link R282

by Anonymousreply 28302/16/2021

[quote]it was a bunch of schlubby GenX assholes who were too stupid to deescalate a petty and pointless beef with each other over snow. The end.

Wow are you really that much of a simpleton? You have no understanding of context do you? No one thinks that fight was about snow. The props, the setting are not the MOTIVE of the murders.

by Anonymousreply 28402/16/2021

What's the story about the MOTIVE now R284?

by Anonymousreply 28502/16/2021

ZOOOOOM! Wow that went right over your head R285.

Lets say a guy owns a liquor store. He also is in debt to a Mafia. He can't pay. They send someone in to take him out. A guy enters the store, puts a soda on counter and then blows the guys head off and takes off running with the soda, that's all you see on camera. By you logic, all we know is the guy wanted a soda end of story. That's not how murders are investigated, they need to know THE MOTIVE not just the result. It starts with speculation which eventually leads to facts. That's was people are doing here, speculation. There's nothing wrong with it. It's first step in finding the true motive. You're simplistic "people shot over snow, end of story" highlights your ignorance and inability to see past the surface of a tragic event.

by Anonymousreply 28602/16/2021

The Goys campaign of hate against Jeff is sure to figure in future legal moves.

by Anonymousreply 28702/16/2021

[quote]A guy enters the store, puts a soda on counter and then blows the guys head off and takes off running with the soda,

It ain’t gonna be no soda. If my guy didn’t come out with a case of good vino after da job he gonna be next.

by Anonymousreply 28802/16/2021

R288- Bada- bing.

by Anonymousreply 28902/16/2021

So where is the DA at with this case ATM?

by Anonymousreply 29002/16/2021

Didn't they close it, R290?

by Anonymousreply 29102/16/2021

Couldn't there be a wrongful death civil suit against Spaide by the Goy family, especially the guardian of the autistic son (did they have other children?)

I assume it would be a civil suit - but maybe in criminal court? Don't know how those things are handled - but didn't O J Simpson lose such a suit after being acquitted of murder in criminal court?

by Anonymousreply 29202/16/2021

Yes, a civil suit, not criminal since the perpetrator is dead.

Yes, OJ lost a civil suit when a jury found him liable for Nicole and Ron’s deaths.

by Anonymousreply 29302/16/2021

Crazy that not one person came out to speak positively about the Goys.

by Anonymousreply 29402/16/2021

If they do, and they win, R292, I'd imagine that the Goy's son would have more money coming to him from Jeffrey's estate than his parents.

by Anonymousreply 29502/16/2021

That boy could get the nicer house across the street with the dedicated parking space! Not to mention his loud-mouth parents off his back.

by Anonymousreply 29602/16/2021

[Quote]I assume it would be a civil suit - but maybe in criminal court?

God, I hope you're not American. Why would anyone assume that civil litigations take place in criminal courts? Why?

by Anonymousreply 29702/16/2021

I doubt the neighbours would be happy about that, R2926!

by Anonymousreply 29802/16/2021

There are two parts:

1. a wrongful death claim that will allow the son to be compensated for the loss of his parents

2. a survival action — the decedents’ cause of action, which survives their death — that covers punitive damages as well as pain and suffering.

Since it was an intentional act, they’re going to be limited to Spaide’s estate.

by Anonymousreply 29902/16/2021

[quote] as well as pain and suffering.

What about DL’s pain and suffering from having to hear Frau Goy’s screeching?

by Anonymousreply 30002/16/2021

Class action lawsuit against the Goy's estate, R300?

by Anonymousreply 30102/16/2021

That’s what I’m thinking!

by Anonymousreply 30202/16/2021

Dibbs on the security cameras, R302!

by Anonymousreply 30302/16/2021

Oh, no fight here. You can have those.

I’ll take the hard drive all of the videos were uploaded to.

(Tee hee)

by Anonymousreply 30402/16/2021

As long as you post them here, R304.

by Anonymousreply 30502/16/2021

If there is a civil case and the police didn't do an in-depth investigation (because it was a cut and dry case), would the plaintiffs be responsible for hiring investigators?

by Anonymousreply 30602/16/2021

Maybe then Jeffrey's estates lawyers could get their hands on other videos from the Goys surveillance cameras, R306?

by Anonymousreply 30702/16/2021

The tribute wall on Jeffrey's obit page is up again.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 30802/16/2021

To what end, R306/R307? The standard of proof is very low. There is no “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a civil case. It’s “preponderance of the evidence” and occasionally the elevated standard of “clear and convincing evidence,” but the latter wouldn’t apply here.

In other words, the only determination to be made is whether or not the evidence presented is strong enough to show that the deaths were caused by the defendant’s actions.

The Court of DL has some very strange ideas, seemingly borne of the vigilante fantasies of bullied children, about how degrees of murder are classified.

There is no such thing as open season on asshole neighbors. You do not have the right to shoot them when they call you mean names; when they shovel snow into your yard; not even when they’ve carried on a campaign of harassment. That’s why we have a judicial system.

by Anonymousreply 30902/16/2021

Jeffery didn't have a right to just kill his neighbors, no matter how despicable they may have been.

by Anonymousreply 31002/16/2021

R308 from the obit:

[quote] nephews, Derek, Bryonna, Che, Erycea and Jayden.

wtf kind of names are these? Erycea? Che? JAYDEN???

by Anonymousreply 31102/16/2021

I know, I could totally see Ecru, but what the hell is Erycea?

by Anonymousreply 31202/16/2021

[quote]wtf kind of names are these? Erycea? Che? JAYDEN???

I initially read Bryonna as Bayonna, as in Bayonne, N,].,, and thought, "That has to be a first."

by Anonymousreply 31302/16/2021

I have no idea what these people look like, those following this who would play them in a movie of the week?

by Anonymousreply 31402/16/2021

A fattened-up Richard Quest as Jeffrey Spaide

Brent Terhune as James Goy

Matt Lucas as Lisa Goy (after they try and fail to get Melissa Leo)

by Anonymousreply 31502/16/2021

Bruce Vilanch as Lisa Goy.

by Anonymousreply 31602/16/2021

[quot]Jeffery didn't have a right to just kill his neighbors, no matter how despicable they may have been.

No one is arguing that. However, no one on the block is sad that he did it either.

He took out the MAGA trash. A true patriot!

by Anonymousreply 31702/16/2021

[quote]You do not have the right to shoot them when they call you mean names; when they shovel snow into your yard; not even when they’ve carried on a campaign of harassment. That’s why we have a judicial system.

Stop cherry picking facts you bitter cunt. They threatened him with violence, not just words. The police report says Mr. Goy went over to him and raised his fist to his face. It's not like the movies, you can kill someone with a fist to the face. Stop with the "be a man" BS.

Imaging if he was a woman who had someone raise a fist to her, women would be justifying it all over social media. Even if she had served in the military and was trained to use a gun.

by Anonymousreply 31802/16/2021

[quote]If they do, and they win, [R292], I'd imagine that the Goy's son would have more money coming to him from Jeffrey's estate than his parents

Not necessarily. Spaide just bought that house 5 years ago. There is probably very little equity in it, and it's not like a rich neighborhood. I don't think his job was more than average pay. He could have been living pay check to pay check for all we know.

Plus, if he had any brains at all, which it looks like he did, he would have put his money in a trust for his nephew that he liked so much. That's untouchable by most types of lawsuits, it's not technically his money at that point.

by Anonymousreply 31902/16/2021

Let us know when you get your oh-so-innocent client acquitted, you ignorant cunt. Your hero didn't simply hit them with the shovel in the heat of the moment. There was a bit more to it than that, but you already know that.

by Anonymousreply 32002/16/2021

[quote] You do not have the right to shoot them when they call you mean names; when they shovel snow into your yard; not even when they’ve carried on a campaign of harassment.

You forget that Pa Goy assaulted Jeff with a snow clearer. Causing Jeff pain. It was Pa Goy that escalated things. Then he threatened Jeff by telling him he was going to make his life a living hell. At that point Jeff was in fear for his life. Jeff had been on the receiving end of a campaign of hate by the Goys. He knew that the Goys were intent on turning their verbal assaults into physical ones. Jeff returned to the house to reasonably protect himself, on his own property, from an imminent attack by Pa Goy. Pa & Ma Goys' persistent and violent disorder is what Jeff responded to to protect himself and his property from.

by Anonymousreply 32102/17/2021

MARY! You and R319 really should study the hierarchy of degrees instead of embarrassing yourself by flaunting your lack of legal knowledge here.

Better yet, keep trying your case here; it's entertaining. Now tell us why, in this state of abject terror and fear for his life, the reasonable and prudent action to take was leaving the safety of his house, where he could have just called 911, to go back outside armed (twice!) and face an "imminent attack. Think hard.

I won't comment again. I'll just read. Go!

by Anonymousreply 32202/17/2021

Jeff was in immediate fear for his life. Shelter was not an option for Jeff. Phone records will show that Jeff's phone was out of action following sabotage, which is suspected to be at the hands of the Goys.

by Anonymousreply 32302/17/2021

So, we have the gentiles in this story, who are the Jews?

by Anonymousreply 32402/17/2021

Jimmmmyyyyy of course!

by Anonymousreply 32502/17/2021

Was Jeff “in immediate fear for his life” when he assaulted an employee? You know, what he got fired for?

by Anonymousreply 32602/17/2021

[quote] Stop cherry picking facts you bitter cunt.

r318 wins. No further discussion is necessary.

by Anonymousreply 32702/17/2021

[quote] There is no such thing as open season on asshole neighbors. You do not have the right to shoot them when they call you mean names; when they shovel snow into your yard; not even when they’ve carried on a campaign of harassment.

Are you sure about that? Cause if you’re sure we got us some progums over hea in my neighborhood. Ain’t nobody ever told us different.

by Anonymousreply 32802/17/2021

I am sure there is in Florida.

by Anonymousreply 32902/17/2021

Could Jeffrey's estate sue the Goys estate?

by Anonymousreply 33002/17/2021

Any concrete news?

by Anonymousreply 33102/17/2021

I just stopped by by to ask if we had a photo of Spaide yet. I checked Google and still haven’t seen one there.

by Anonymousreply 33202/17/2021

OMG, R332.

by Anonymousreply 33302/17/2021

R332 Chiiile.

by Anonymousreply 33402/17/2021

[Quote]Any concrete news?

Ask Carmine from Brooklyn at r328.

by Anonymousreply 33502/17/2021

What! Did we get a pic? So is he hot or not??

by Anonymousreply 33602/17/2021

Yes, omg, R336. We got a pic. Were have you been!!??

by Anonymousreply 33702/17/2021

JFC R332 we got the scoop on Jeff's pic in about thread number 2!

There was a team of us working on the case behind these scenes. A number of fake pics appeared which we managed to exclude as being fakes.

by Anonymousreply 33802/17/2021

JFC, r336!

Read the goddamn thread.

by Anonymousreply 33902/17/2021

R339 At this point the Bible is a quicker read, asking directly to the insiders cuts to the chase.

by Anonymousreply 34002/17/2021

FFS, R340. I feel that you should read all the threads instead of helping you out.

by Anonymousreply 34102/17/2021

Are you asking for a pic R340?

by Anonymousreply 34202/17/2021

R316, John Goodman would make an excellent Frau Goy as well.

by Anonymousreply 34302/17/2021

R340 I wasn’t the one asking, I’m just pointing out this is a very dense and contrived number of threads, especially for a newcomer to tackle. I still can’t find out if the full extended video is still available, all the links I’ve seen to it are dead, like the main protagonists.

by Anonymousreply 34402/17/2021

Here's Jeffrey

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 34502/17/2021

And here's the video

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 34602/17/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 34702/17/2021

R246 Thanks, I guess it’s much less shocking having read about it for a week plus. The sound quality was fantastic, it must have been edited and enhanced?

by Anonymousreply 34802/17/2021

Who says, "put the shovel down" at the beginning of the video? I assume it's Jeffrey?

by Anonymousreply 34902/17/2021

Jeff up close and personal!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 35002/17/2021

"Put the shovel down" was not included in the transcript. GINNY, you need to update your work.

by Anonymousreply 35102/17/2021

R345 wow, NOT what I expected.

by Anonymousreply 35202/17/2021

It’s there as “put the shovel back.”

by Anonymousreply 35302/17/2021

Scummy motherfucker, R353.

by Anonymousreply 35402/17/2021

R354 = fucking scumbag who don't bother with nobody.

by Anonymousreply 35502/17/2021

Whenever I see "scummy motherfuckers", I think of this Prince song.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 35602/17/2021

Big snow headed to Pennsylvania tomorrow, will there be more bloodshed in the half shoveled streets?

by Anonymousreply 35702/17/2021

Regardless of what one thinks of Spaide's final acts, the people posting on his tribute page clearly identify with being abused or bullied by others and offer sympathies. One has to wonder if or how many Spaides are out there.

by Anonymousreply 35802/17/2021

I think a lot of people disagree with violence but can relate to being pushed too far, R358,

by Anonymousreply 35902/17/2021

R358 I think we should call a Spaide a Spaide.

by Anonymousreply 36002/17/2021
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 36102/17/2021

Thanks for posting that R36

"Mr. Goy threatened Spaide and then seen making obscene gestures at him"

Why is this fact leaf out of so many other descriptions of the incident? It's from the police report. The key word: THREATENED

by Anonymousreply 36202/19/2021

It's funny how that press release mentions that the Goys don't seem to react to the gunfire until several shots were fired. That's still the most fascinating part of the video. They nonchalantly stand there while bullets whiz by them

by Anonymousreply 36302/19/2021

R363 - This fact was already noted here in an earlier post.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 36402/19/2021

Meant to reference R280, sorry!

by Anonymousreply 36502/19/2021

We are still spending time talking about this sad event?

by Anonymousreply 36602/19/2021

Well you are doing the same R366. Why don't you bother us no more. You scummy mother fukar.

by Anonymousreply 36702/19/2021

I like how that report, which was released the very next day after the incident, ends with a very clear conclusion: 'nothing to see here, everyone's all dead, move along, this case is closed.' There is more to the story which would have been clarified in the earlier, unseen, part of the security video, clearly, and the cops had seen it, or their report would not have said anything conclusive about the altercation that is not in the released film. One remaining question is, how did the edited video manage to get onto the internet, and why? It was wrongful to "publish" it, as a matter of law.

by Anonymousreply 36802/19/2021

Absolutely agree R368.

Given that although there may not be any criminal proceedings outstanding, there certainly will be civil proceedings in due course.

Why did the video get leaked now? Who leaked it? Why did they leak it? Who gains from it being leaked.

The more this case is studied, the more one realises that it is far from being an open and shut case.

by Anonymousreply 36902/19/2021

[quote] Why is this fact leaf out of so many other descriptions of the incident?

Because it’s winter and the leaves are dead?

by Anonymousreply 37002/19/2021

[quote] Why did the video get leaked now? Who leaked it? Why did they leak it? Who gains from it being leaked.

Hi, Mr. X!

by Anonymousreply 37102/19/2021

"Why is this fact leaf out of so many other descriptions of the incident?"


by Anonymousreply 37202/19/2021

[quote] "Why is this fact leaf out of so many other descriptions of the incident?"

[quote] Oh, DEAR!

[quote] —My first "Oh Dear!"

Oh, dear.

Your first "Oh, Dear," is invalid, R372 since you didn't quote properly and you capitalized "dear." Therefore, I'm "oh, dear-ing," your post!

by Anonymousreply 37302/19/2021

Well done R373.

by Anonymousreply 37402/19/2021

How does one quote properly in DL?

by Anonymousreply 37502/19/2021

R375, like this - [quote] in front of what you want to quote

[quote] How does one quote properly in DL?

by Anonymousreply 37602/19/2021

I think we need to refocus on the case.

Do we have any update on how, why and who leaked the video?

by Anonymousreply 37702/19/2021

R375, you’re too cute to feel inadequate.

By the way, when you quote something using the method r376 listed, you don’t “close” the quote like most boards. In other words, you don’t type [/quote] at the end.

by Anonymousreply 37802/19/2021

[quote][R375], you’re too cute to feel inadequate.

[quote]By the way, when you quote something using the method [R376] listed, you don’t “close” the quote like most boards. In other words, you don’t type [/quote] at the end.

[quote][R375], like this - [quote] in front of what you want to quote

[r376] is correct, but to clarify, you cannot have a space between [quote] and whatever you are quoting, and it only works if [quote] is all the way to the left of the page. If you want to reference a post without bothering with a quote, just add an "r" in front of the post number, within [ ]s. Then others can hover over that to see that post. I join [r378] in finding [r375] adorable. Were I not happily wed, I would take you in a manly fashion (or you could take me. I'm verse).

[r377]The general consensus is that the video came from a security camera, most likely owned by the Goys, the verbally abusive and physically threatening couple that Spaide, a veteran who may or may not have been gay and/or suffering from PTSD, finally snapped and murdered. Most people seem yo understand if not condone the murders. No one knows how, why or who released it. Possibly the Goy's autistic son? This "case" is over 2 weeks old, and is deader than the 3 people who died that day when they just should have exchanged greetings over the miserable task of shoveling snow. Or y'know, just shoveled snow in silence. Does that pretty much bring you up to date? Or you could have just read ALL of these posts, as I did.

I don't think you need to worry, [r377] - these threads will go on on (and on and on), like Rose's heart. Let us have our rare DL teaching moment.

by Anonymousreply 37902/19/2021


[quote] you cannot have a space between [quote] and whatever you are quoting,

Yes, you can.

by Anonymousreply 38002/19/2021

Good to know, r380, thanks. I think I just learned something else. You can simply type "r" in front of a post number and brackets will appear. That's why my post has double brackets?

by Anonymousreply 38102/19/2021


An old dog can learn new tricks! Thanks, r380!

by Anonymousreply 38202/19/2021

You’re right (this time), r381.

Just an R and a number. No brackets.

by Anonymousreply 38302/19/2021

I saw a "Fear Thy Neighbor" episode last night and was reminded of the Goys. Both sets of neighbors were married, but in only one couple did they seem to "tag team" the other neighbor. In the end, "Jeff" called his wife to come out to the end of the road. Jeff and his wife "Myla" scream at neighbor Chad, complete with Myla holding up a phone. Chad guy shoots them both and winds up getting 38 years to life. I swear I don't mean to be misogynistic, but my God both those women were like a dog with a bone. In a husband and wife bully situation, the wife just feeds the fire, upping the ante and never letting anything go. The show had Myla's mom ans sister on, and even they couldn't make her look good.

by Anonymousreply 38402/19/2021

I'd have rather lived next door to Jeff than the Goys. Jeff probably minded his own business compared to the trashy, obnoxious Goys.

by Anonymousreply 38502/19/2021

R377 Thank you for the update.

On the question of who uploaded the video. There two editions. The original and the Director's cut.

Does the autistic son have video editing skills to release both editions?

by Anonymousreply 38602/20/2021

R385 doesn’t value his innards as much as his aesthetics

by Anonymousreply 38702/20/2021

R385 Jeff kept himself to himself. He was a very private individual. This has been commented up by impartial neighbors. The ideal neighbor.

I wonder where he practiced for his marathon runs? I wonder if he was seen jogging around the neighborhood?

by Anonymousreply 38802/20/2021

R368’s questions absolutely need to be answered. As well as mine which obsess on how the heck did 13/15 W Bergh get permitted to rip out their front lawn and create a ghetto parking pad during 2014 - 2016? Scummy mfs. In no civilized place have I ever lived can one just do that. And I’ve lived in poor but civilized places. If Dateline or ID do this story, we need answers!

by Anonymousreply 38902/20/2021

Not sure why people keep saying he had PTSD because he was an engineer, I don’t think he was on the front lines in Afghanistan. 🙄

by Anonymousreply 39002/20/2021

R384 - I made a similar observation at r208 about the dynamic. Lisa kept going after her husband suddenly became reasonable, ("put the gun down"), but she upped the ante. FWIW, I'm a female and I don't think it's misogynistic. It's just a description of how things unfolded.

by Anonymousreply 39102/20/2021

So many questions unanswered.

Did Jeff have PTSD from his exposure to water?

What was the zoning authority doing approving additional off-street parking?

Did autistic Goy Jnr have video editing skills?

by Anonymousreply 39202/20/2021

About Goy Jr. - A poster on the first or second thread relayed that he'd read (either on Facebook or Reddit) the boy is high functioning and had recently participated in some kind of STEM camp or program for high school students and did very well.

And I'm sure everyone can see the irony of the parents harassing a man who their only child might grow to be some day.

by Anonymousreply 39302/20/2021

Absolutely R393

by Anonymousreply 39402/20/2021

Is it possible the sound is out of sync and that is why it appears like they are just standing there when the gunshots start?

by Anonymousreply 39502/20/2021

Lisa Lampanelli in the role of Mrs. Goy.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 39602/20/2021

Huh, I didn’t think of this before, the Goys who have a son with Autism and should be knowledgeable and understanding of a social disability were shaming Jeff for being a loner and keeping to himself and he literally had a personality that bordered on sounding like Aspergers. (Not an unusual trait for engineers) That makes what they did even more horrific in a way, they should have been a hundred more times sensitive to that then your average yokel? And they had a lifetime of dealing with someone who had rigid structures and rules for doing things and understanding when people become agitated when not following that? Were they somehow taking out their passive aggressive nature on him because they couldn’t on their own child and when he acted like their son it even enflamed them more exponentially?

by Anonymousreply 39702/20/2021

R397 Makes you wonder how they treated Goy Jnr doesn't it?

by Anonymousreply 39802/20/2021

I don't think that was ever verified, R393. For all we know, Goy Jr didn't function much more than a potato, but still, the Goys were trash for how they treated a neighbor, especially one who pretty much kept to himself.

by Anonymousreply 39902/20/2021

So you're saying that Goy, Jr. either did or didn't function above drooling stage?

What about other reports about the Goy parents poor, paranoid interactions and mistreatment of servers in restaurants? Reported more than once. For all you know, they were ideal customers who tipped at least 20%, right? Since lack of verification and all that...😒.

If the Goys had a profoundly disordered, drooling couch potato at home, we would never have heard of it, riiight? Even as beleaguered parents with a known propensity to complain and portray themselves as victims...

Uh, huh.🤔

by Anonymousreply 40002/20/2021

That comment about Goy Jr. was speculation from someone in the Facebook group who was under the impression that all autistics are idiot savants, R400, unlike the person on Facebook who was the Goys tenant and reported their behaviour in restaurants.

by Anonymousreply 40102/20/2021

Say ‘restaurant’ for me, r401.

I love the way you Brits say it versus the way we say it in the States.

by Anonymousreply 40202/20/2021

Can we talk about the absence of any obituary or tributes to the Goys?

Jeff's obit seems to have a genuine outpouring of grief and sympathy messages. Very strange go someone described as a loner. Strikes me, he was more sociable and popular than the Goys presented him as.

by Anonymousreply 40302/20/2021

I have to admit i occasionally check the websites for the nursing homes in their town to see if anything is posted but nothing so far. And by now I would think it's too late.

by Anonymousreply 40402/20/2021

Um, yeah, I think we can all agree it’s too late for nursing homes.

They’re beyond nursing at this point.

by Anonymousreply 40502/20/2021

R396 Lisa Lampanelli would be perfect, except she would have to class it down a bit more.

Side note, I saw her preform on stage in Orange County CA once. The crowed loved her, she made jokes about Blacks, Mexican, Jews, Italians, Gays, but when she made a joke about Republicans, total silence! You could hear a pin drop. I guess they cant take what they dish out. Typical.

by Anonymousreply 40602/20/2021

Weren't most of the tributes on his obit just random people sympathizing with his situation, R403?

by Anonymousreply 40702/20/2021

R403 It was a mix of 'I didn't know you but' and people who clearly were on personal terms with him.

by Anonymousreply 40802/20/2021

Did they say anything interesting, R408? I can't find the link.

by Anonymousreply 40902/20/2021

[Quote]That comment about Goy Jr. was speculation from someone in the Facebook group who was under the impression that all autistics are idiot savants

Please tell us how you know such privileged information that no one else on this series of threads has access to? Tell us more about the naive/idiot FB poster who believes this? Like links.

Stop being such a contrary cunt who cannot provide a scintilla of evidence. You are not convincing in any way. Unless, you knock us over with a feather and actually provide an exculpatory link for yourself and your claim that Goy, Jr. is functionally incapacitated.

In light of your claim to bask in the light of truth, please tell us more that we do not know...

by Anonymousreply 41002/21/2021

Relax, R410! Early on in the case, there was someone who wondered about the Goy's son on Facebook. The person didn't appear to know the Goys at all and simply speculated that the son could be some sort of savant like he or she imagined Jeff was. That discussion group has been taken down ever since Spaide's sister commented and wanted to argue with the guy who said he worked with Jeff.

I'll turn this on you. Show us some evidence that the Goy's son is some sort of autistic genius who excelled at STEM as Jeff did? You don't have any evidence of that either, now do you? What's your angle for wanting us to believe that Goy junior is a high-functioning autistic with a high IQ?

by Anonymousreply 41102/21/2021

R409 There you go. You'll see his tribute wall has a number of contributions.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 41202/21/2021

Thank you, R412.

by Anonymousreply 41302/21/2021

[quote]Jeffrey A. Spaide, 47, of Plains, passed away Monday, February 1, 2021 at his home.

That sounds much more genteel than "blew his brains out Monday, February 1, 2021, at his home."

by Anonymousreply 41402/21/2021

R414 We've seen many threads on the subject of how newspapers report deaths. Jeff's demise is just as sensitivity handled.

Has anyone seen the Goy's obituary?

by Anonymousreply 41502/21/2021

No, r415, in spite of several posters actively looking for it. None able to find it (yet?).

by Anonymousreply 41602/22/2021

It is interesting that Spaide has received such an outpouring of sympathy.

by Anonymousreply 41702/22/2021

I guess the only big question still unanswered is who leaked the video?

by Anonymousreply 41802/23/2021

Absolutely R418

Has there been any investigation into that?

by Anonymousreply 41902/23/2021

TYpical Rage filled GenX assholes

by Anonymousreply 42002/23/2021

Well, not anymore.

by Anonymousreply 42102/23/2021

I say it's the neighbour kids who hacked it, R418.

by Anonymousreply 42202/23/2021

There’s nothing to hack. It records to an SD card in the monitor.

by Anonymousreply 42302/23/2021

Can't the homeowner access footage remotely via their cell phone? If so, would that make the system hackable?

by Anonymousreply 42402/23/2021

No. The excellent sound quality might have you thinking it’s an up-to-date system, but it’s not — it’s just two cameras with an intercom and a little monitor, and no internet connection at all.

There was a closeup of the cameras in one of the early news reports and Defender only makes one system that matches them. I posted a link to the specs several threads back.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 42502/23/2021

Thanks, r425. So someone in the police department or the DA's office, or it came from inside the house.

Haha, leave it to the Goys to have an outdated system to match their impromptu. ghetto parking spaces. They're the sorts who'd put an old sofa on the porch.

by Anonymousreply 42602/23/2021

So, if this was the Goy’s camera, how much of installing it was about trying to catch Jeff doing things?

by Anonymousreply 42702/23/2021

^I.e. catch him exacting revenge for some of their previous redneck bullshit.

by Anonymousreply 42802/23/2021

R426, now I'm thinking it could have been that shifty-eyed cop that someone else mentioned.

by Anonymousreply 42902/23/2021

Brian Baranski, who Lisa Goy either yelled into her phone or asked bystanders to call for her. According to the Reddit thread, Baranski is a local "ladies man" cop who had fingers everywhere. Why they might be in such a nasty, horrendous, aging snatch as Lisa Goy's should truly be a municipal question in that community.

by Anonymousreply 43002/23/2021

It's interesting that the camera wasn't visible on Google Street View, but is on recent pictures of the Goys' property. So, they camera must have been installed in recent time. Yet, as has been stated above, isn't a state of the art, internet connected one, but a rather old style one. Was this because the Goys had a limited budget and money worries?

by Anonymousreply 43102/23/2021

I think the Google street view is from 2014, R431.

by Anonymousreply 43202/24/2021

Thank you

by Anonymousreply 43302/24/2021

[quote]Baranski is a local "ladies man"

LOL but have you seen what he looks like? He's the guy on the right.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 43402/24/2021

Let’s hope they cast up when ever they put together this movie of the week.

by Anonymousreply 43502/24/2021

Who would make a handsome Jeff Spaide? Can we get the guy we first thought was him in the first thread? LOL

by Anonymousreply 43602/24/2021

Baranski has quite large feet in that photo, R434, and looks like he has a firm grip .

by Anonymousreply 43702/24/2021

That's considered hot in Pennsylvania, R434.

by Anonymousreply 43802/25/2021

[quote]Most people seem yo understand if not condone the murders.

That's not true. There's a handful of people who have concocted a fiction around this crime and they're the only ones still talking about it, but don't mistake that as evidence of "most people understanding why he murdered."

Think about it: Spaide murdered this couple because they called him names and maybe put snow in his driveway, possibly. He shot them (while also snotting off with the same kind of quips Lisa Goy was snotting off with, and has been condemned for) and then went inside to get a higher-powered gun to shoot them again. He then blew his brains out with a third gun right when cops arrived, guaranteeing they, the medics, and the cleanup crew would be at least upset, if not traumatized. He actively traumatized his own family, the two teens who tried to help, his neighbors and any witnesses, plus the Goys' family. I can't imagine what this has been like for the poor woman who was stuck in the back seat of a car where a driver was speeding down an interstate and Dear Sainted Jeffrey was punching him in the head, increasing their chances of a major accident by at least an order of magnitude.

In order to make Jeffrey sound like he was within his rights to do this, people have created a fiction that is incredibly similar to the "tragic gay" stories so popular for decades: the closeted gay is emasculated and has to wield a gun to exact revenge, becoming an example of ye olde homicidal homosexual trope, who then offs himself for the good of society.

The truth is there is no evidence for about 95% of what they're claiming, and as such, people who know the actual facts don't "understand" why he committed multiple murders and traumatized a whole bunch of people for life.

by Anonymousreply 43902/25/2021

Objection - pure speculation that Jeff murdered the Goys.

Sure we can see he killed them, but it would be for a jury to find him guilty of murder.

by Anonymousreply 44002/25/2021

[quote] Sure we can see he killed them,

But can we really, Counselor? Can anyone here honestly testify that the person seen with the weapons is, without a shadow of a doubt and with certainty, Mr. Spaide?

by Anonymousreply 44102/25/2021

Boy these threads sure died down when it revealed that Spaide didn't look like a 47 year old Jeremy Diamond!

by Anonymousreply 44202/25/2021

^when it was* revealed

by Anonymousreply 44302/25/2021

[quote]Boy these threads sure died down when it revealed that Spaide didn't look like a 47 year old Jeremy Diamond!

This is the seventh thread. Perhaps most people have had sufficient.

by Anonymousreply 44402/25/2021

The issue of who leaked the video and why remains unanswered.

Until that and Brian Brianski's role in all of this is addressed, then I can see threads continuing.

by Anonymousreply 44502/25/2021

Does anyone know which site the leaked footage first appeared?

by Anonymousreply 44602/25/2021

I do not, but I think some others might have an idea.

by Anonymousreply 44702/25/2021

Has there been any updates? Any new local gossip?

by Anonymousreply 44803/07/2021

I think they’re still dead.

by Anonymousreply 44903/07/2021


by Anonymousreply 45003/07/2021

You fucker, you, R449.

by Anonymousreply 45103/07/2021

I totally forgot about this until it popped up on my Recents.

by Anonymousreply 45203/07/2021

There's a new Facebook group discussing the matter, but it's private.

by Anonymousreply 45303/07/2021

R347, thanks. I thought the extended director’s cut had been lost.

by Anonymousreply 45403/07/2021


Some Frau on Facebook is linking Datalounge threads to the "new" discussion group.

by Anonymousreply 45503/07/2021

I already saved the theatrical. Glad we’re still have the extended director’s. And thanks to the reply above re the more recent commentary edition.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 45603/07/2021

Theatrical: more at the end (haunting quiet snow with desperate panicked “Oh my god!” repeated very quietly in the background).

Director’s extended: more at the beginning (including the “queer” slur), less at the end.

by Anonymousreply 45703/07/2021

Turns out the Goys did own two properties on the street. Goy Sr owned three.

by Anonymousreply 45803/07/2021

That's interesting. We're all fitted with CCTV?

by Anonymousreply 45903/07/2021


by Anonymousreply 46003/07/2021

Seeing this thread again makes me want to watch that guy driving around on London buses live, but not really live.

by Anonymousreply 46103/07/2021

Scummy motherfucker.

by Anonymousreply 46203/07/2021

So did the Goys funeral take place?

by Anonymousreply 46303/08/2021

I don't know, R463. I still find it strange that there was no outpouring of sympathy or stories in the local press about how tragic that a wonderful couple like the Goys were shot down.

by Anonymousreply 46403/08/2021

R464 Yes I so agree about that, hence why I asked.

Has there been anymore developments about Goy Jnr suing Jeff's estate? Any civil court cases listed or is it too early?

by Anonymousreply 46503/08/2021

R455, by any chance is it a cunt by the name of Cheryl Connors?

She’s the one who had posted Datalounge links on Brendad Ickson’s Twitter account, before Brendad deleted her account or Twitter did it for her.

by Anonymousreply 46603/08/2021

[quote] Has there been anymore developments

Oh, dear!

by Anonymousreply 46703/08/2021

I don't think so, R466 - but the replies to the comments about DL tells me where the Trump supporting fraus who've invaded DL lately came from.

by Anonymousreply 46803/08/2021

The "new" Facebook group is a dumpster fire of right wing Christians who don't "approve" of homosexuality and claiming that Jeffrey being single and without children was a "warning sign."

by Anonymousreply 46903/08/2021

It's amazing how someone, who had a successful career, a nice home, who kept himself to himself, enjoyed running half marathons, is being portrayed, as being a tinderbox of fury on account of his perceived homosexuality.

Some people are disgusting.

by Anonymousreply 47003/08/2021

What’s amazing is how many unnecessary commas you tossed in there.

by Anonymousreply 47103/08/2021

Even if the guy was straight, R470, how is being single and without children a warning sign? As if there aren't plenty of married people with children who commit terrible acts.

by Anonymousreply 47203/08/2021

There’s no arguing with those nutty fundamentalists.

by Anonymousreply 47303/08/2021

So true R472

Have the Goys been laid to rest?

by Anonymousreply 47403/08/2021

He was straight based on the Adult Friend Finder profile he created a week before the murders using the screen name that included "engineer." He was an engineer.

by Anonymousreply 47503/08/2021

You don't know that was him for sure, R475. But regardless, straight or gay, being single and childless isn't a warning sign of anything. That was a stupid comment by a right-wing fundie.

by Anonymousreply 47603/08/2021

I really, really want Dateline, 20/20 or 48 Hours to do an in depth episode about this whole thing. It's extremely weird that there have been no obituaries or loving tributes or anything AT ALL about the Goys. I want Keith Morrison or one of his ilk to head to the community and get the scoop.

We're the Goys the Ken McElroy of their little community and street?

by Anonymousreply 47703/08/2021

Back in the earlier thread people speculated that the Goys wanted to take over the street. Now that's it's been confirmed that they owned two separate properties, and that Goy Sr owned three (someone on Facebook posted the images showing ownership of said homes), I wonder if that could be the case? Especially since Lisa Goy said, "You don't bother with nobody" to Jeff (as if that's a bad thing). It's as if she expected him to partake in various neighbourhood functions if she should be able to dictate the behaviour of her neighbours.

by Anonymousreply 47803/08/2021

bump for this endlessly fascinating tale of real Americans

by Anonymousreply 47903/08/2021

"You're the one that doesn't bother with nobody!"

by Anonymousreply 48003/08/2021

[quote]It's amazing how someone, who had a successful career, a nice home, who kept himself to himself, enjoyed running half marathons, is being portrayed, as being a tinderbox of fury on account of his perceived homosexuality.

I think his killing two people in cold blood may have something to do with his being perceived as a tinderbox of fury.

by Anonymousreply 48103/08/2021

Scummy motherfucker R480.

by Anonymousreply 48203/08/2021

I must admit I'm still fascinated with the fact that everyone associated with the Goys is a Trumper. Every single one of them so far.

by Anonymousreply 48303/08/2021

R483 nothing attracts trash like other trash

by Anonymousreply 48403/08/2021

R481 but Jeff also did so many good works for his community,

Trying to frame him as some sort of multiple cold blooded murderer, doesn't contextualise Jeff fully.

by Anonymousreply 48503/08/2021

So are we sure the whole Philip thing was nothing?

by Anonymousreply 48603/11/2021

R347, that site, Kaotic, is terrifying.

by Anonymousreply 48703/11/2021

I found it by googling the story, R487. The rest of the site looks creepy. Is it one of those gore sites?

by Anonymousreply 48803/11/2021

One thing I wanted to read were the autopsy reports- but they are nowhere to be found.

That being said, this was one ugly story from start to finish. A shameful and sad end to 3 lives.

by Anonymousreply 48903/11/2021

R488, yes, it's like liveleak I think (I haven't seen liveleak much but I think it's similar).

by Anonymousreply 49003/11/2021

Is Jeffrey's house for sale yet?

by Anonymousreply 49103/11/2021

It seems that it would have been appropriate to, instead of burying Lisa Goy, just paving over her in the middle of the street, where she fell, to create a speed bump. That would help the neighborhood far more than she ever did in life, I imagine.

by Anonymousreply 49203/11/2021

So, no autopsy reports, no obituary, no funeral notice, no information on any pending court cases by Goy Jnr.

The case has gone pretty cold then?

by Anonymousreply 49303/11/2021

[quote]The case has gone pretty cold then?

Everywhere except on DL.

by Anonymousreply 49403/11/2021

DL! We need to pool our money and buy Jeff’s home.

by Anonymousreply 49503/11/2021

And now that the Goys are gone, I'm sure the neighborhood is much nicer!

by Anonymousreply 49603/11/2021

Call Brian Baranski!!!

by Anonymousreply 49703/11/2021

And Jiiiiiimmmmaaaaaaayyyy.

by Anonymousreply 49803/11/2021

[quote] We need to pool our money and buy Jeff’s home.

Hell no. That place got bad joo-joo.

by Anonymousreply 49903/11/2021

I posted this in one of the earlier threads but now after seeing Jeffrey's picture in the suit I'm a little more leaning towards that I did talk to him years ago on one of the hookup apps. That blob in the marathon is a different person. The guy I chatted with dud have a gym body. As far as the Goys paving over their front yard the idea if zoning and enforcement and planned communities is something most of this part if the state is 50 years behind. There is also a mafia connection to this story. The one picture shows Jeffrey testifying about a controversial expansion of a huge landfill owned by local reputed mobster kingpin Louis Denaples. Also the local DA is a ditz. She was elected after only being an attorney for one year. A lot of gay men around here want to be or try to be straight.

by Anonymousreply 50003/11/2021

Tell us more, R500!!

by Anonymousreply 50103/11/2021

Yes, just proofread first.

by Anonymousreply 50203/11/2021


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 50303/11/2021

Are they going to be able to film the movie of the week while there’s still winter weather, I’m hoping we don’t have to wait a whole year plus to see it?

by Anonymousreply 50403/11/2021

Not sure what more to tell you. I apologize for being lazy and not proofreading. The only other thing which I mentioned in the previous post was that at the time he had broken up with his younger boyfriend who also had a government job like him. He wasn't sure how he was going to be able to afford the mortgage on his house. And I remember his job had something to do with engineering or the environment. I wish I had hooked up with him just so I would have more to tell. I didn't though for whatever reason.

by Anonymousreply 50503/11/2021

R500 'That blob' is Jeffrey Spaide.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 50603/11/2021

His bib number is visible on the pic above.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 50703/11/2021

[quote]It's amazing how someone, who had a successful career, a nice home, who kept himself to himself, enjoyed running half marathons, is being portrayed, as being a tinderbox of fury on account of his perceived homosexuality.

Bitch, are you fucking crazy? He is being portrayed as a 'tinderbox of fury' because he killed two people with a handgun in a fit of anger, THEN WENT BACK AND GOT A RIFLE TO FINISH THEM BOTH OFF, before then going inside the house to kill himself!

by Anonymousreply 50803/11/2021

R508 But I think it's unfair to characterise Jeff's life knowing just the last 5 minutes of it.

Clearly the Goys put him under severe mental and physical abuse. Jeff's actions clearly took place whilst his mind was unbalanced and he was under mental duress.

by Anonymousreply 50903/11/2021

^ using “whilst” will do the same to Americans.

by Anonymousreply 51003/11/2021

[quote] It seems that it would have been appropriate to, instead of burying Lisa Goy, just paving over her in the middle of the street, where she fell, to create a speed bump. That would help the neighborhood far more than she ever did in life, I imagine.

R492 Touché

by Anonymousreply 51103/11/2021

Thanks, R505!

by Anonymousreply 51203/11/2021

Who bumped this thread?

by Anonymousreply 51303/11/2021

R500 nearly hooked up with Jeff, R513. We needed the details!

by Anonymousreply 51403/11/2021

Oh, and now it turns out there's a mafia connection!

by Anonymousreply 51503/11/2021

R500 Scrant, you little skank! You are just teasing, you fucker, you...

by Anonymousreply 51603/11/2021

Well, this thread seems to have sprung some new life.

by Anonymousreply 51703/11/2021

You don’t bother with nobody!

by Anonymousreply 51803/11/2021

Scranton needs to come back and fill us in some more!!!

by Anonymousreply 51903/11/2021

Here's something from the Facebook group -

[quote] a man in the area went on tv to say he would've given him a , they made their presence known and left their..mark..

Who knows if it's true, but thought some of you may find it interesting.

by Anonymousreply 52003/11/2021

If a film is made about event....

by Anonymousreply 52103/11/2021

R521 Event

by Anonymousreply 52203/11/2021

Sorry but I haven't read the whole thread, can someone tell me if they ever found out the brand of security system?

by Anonymousreply 52303/11/2021

R523 It was your standard Bark Bell.

Hope that helps.

by Anonymousreply 52403/12/2021

[quote] so , they made their presence known and left their..mark..

Oh, sí, they left they mark. Hard to clean blood off street.

by Anonymousreply 52503/12/2021

I hope Hallmark doesn’t fuck this up!

by Anonymousreply 52603/12/2021

The housing is so relatively cheap in Luzerne County that many people buy houses on the same block for family members or to rent. It's not uncommon for a small clan of relatives to all live very close to each other. I've been told by more than one NYC resident that they actually make more profit on their rental properties here than they do in NYC.

by Anonymousreply 52703/12/2021

Do you know anything about the biker connection to this story, Scrantonian/R527?

by Anonymousreply 52803/12/2021

R523 We covered the CCTV brand and spec extensively in thread 2 or 3.

by Anonymousreply 52903/12/2021

For $2M you can live in Plains, Pa!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 53003/12/2021

I was just thinking about this story and how much I enjoyed the threads. It brought so much awe and amusement to my dreary winter days. A classic Shakespearean saga played out before our eyes. And now here it is, the last thread rises again. It's like any good book to read by the fire. I shall go back to the beginning of Episode 7 to see what I missed.

My only wish is that the Goy's son is in a safe place where he may heal from the trauma. He certainly didn't deserve what happened, but the other three principals in the drama certainly hastened their own demise.

by Anonymousreply 53103/12/2021

[quote] My only wish is that the Goy's son is in a safe place

by Anonymousreply 53203/12/2021

These threads MUST be nominated (and win) the DL Thread Awards for 2021. They had EVERYTHING!

- two videos of a shooting (directors cut and extended)

- the trashy Goys

-Lisa's mouth

-James running off like a little bitch after being such a tough guy and "aahhhhh he shot me, call the cops."

- Jimmmaaaaayyy!!

- the search for Jeffrey's picture

- honorable mention to Phil and the DLer who left a digital flower on his digital grave - that one had me rolling!!

What else???

by Anonymousreply 53303/12/2021


by Anonymousreply 53403/12/2021

Scummy motherfuckers.

by Anonymousreply 53503/12/2021

Delusional posters making up shit.

by Anonymousreply 53603/12/2021

[quote]I posted this in one of the earlier threads but now after seeing Jeffrey's picture in the suit I'm a little more leaning towards that I did talk to him years ago on one of the hookup apps. That blob in the marathon is a different person.

Sorry, no, the blob is Jeffrey. He just looks better in a suit.

by Anonymousreply 53703/12/2021

Well, what did Jeffrey sound like?

by Anonymousreply 53803/12/2021

R521, "Far-Goy," the sequel to Fargo.

by Anonymousreply 53903/12/2021

I have to go to the 309 Cinema Adult Bookstore and Move Theatre in Wilkes-Barre Township in a little while. I'm going to drive through the neighborhood on the way. Should I leave flowers at Jeffrey's house?

by Anonymousreply 54003/12/2021

Do it, R540. Take a pic and report back.

by Anonymousreply 54103/12/2021

R539 I love that title!

R540 Yes absolutely! Do tell us if the For Sale board is up too? Is there any sign of life at the Goys too?

R533 There was the excellent work put in by one contributor regarding the CCTV spec.

by Anonymousreply 54203/12/2021

Also, R540, try and get a pic of the sign that was in the Goy's window. Not the one about being recorded, the other one.

by Anonymousreply 54303/12/2021

Yes well done for remembering that R543

Has anyone found the Goys' funeral plans or obituary?

by Anonymousreply 54403/12/2021

[quote]Has anyone found the Goys' funeral plans or obituary?

It's possible there was no funeral because of the pandemic. The family might be planning a memorial service at a later date.

by Anonymousreply 54503/12/2021

Out of sight, out of mind. It is what it is.

by Anonymousreply 54603/12/2021

OK. I'm back. I skipped the adult movie theatre. I don't have much to report. There were people walking their dogs, kids playing in their front yards and an elderly couple walking. I felt like a creeper so just drive the block slowly three times. If some of this information is in the previous threads forgive me. Visually speaking the neighborhood was not anywhere near the level that you could call it trashy or ghetto. Some on DL might consider it such but most of the country wouldn't. It seemed like a quiet neighborhood. It's relatively far from what I consider the ghetto areas of Luzerne County. The entire neighborhood is on very gradual slope so that each street is just somewhat higher in elevation than the one below it. Think rolling hills-ish. The thing that struck me was how much higher the elevation was on James' side of the street as opposed to his neighbors like the Goys on the other side. The residents on one side of the street are practically looking down on the neighbors on the other side of the street. James' house looks to be the tallest house on the block. There are two types of houses on the street. You have one I call the original coalminer houses usually built between the 1890s and the 1930s. Sometimes they are built as single unit residences and other times they are what we call two half a doubles which is just two of them build with a shared wall/roof. That is the Goys house. To be honest guys I was scared considering what took place there and was afraid people might confront me since it was so obvious what I was doing. The other type of houe are very modest ranch or single story homes that look to have been built in the 60s or 70s. James' house with the total brown brick front and a unique design with the bricks really stands out on the block. It gave me the impression of a castle overlooking the town and villages within the castle walls. There was no for sale sign that I saw on his property and there were no cars in th garage. The people in the neighborhood loo like they maintain and upkeep their houses and yards however modest. When I saw the video I thought that it was a four way intersection. It is a three way intersection. I though James was walking up the street to enter into his house to the right. He was actually walking up his driveway to go back into his house which was on the left. It doesn't appear there is a fromt door access from the street entry to his house. Two doors down from him is this big trailer on a concrete foundation that ihas almost every square inch of their lawn and the exterior of the trailer covered with Trump and trumpish signs.

by Anonymousreply 54703/12/2021

Fuck! Paragraphs, dude!

by Anonymousreply 54803/12/2021

R531, MARY!!!

(It’s a DL requirement, I really had no choice.)

by Anonymousreply 54903/12/2021

[quote]and the DLer who left a digital flower on his digital grave.

That was me R533. I periodically check the site to make sure no one has left a nasty comment.

by Anonymousreply 55003/12/2021

R533, I’d like to add Lisa’s last words to your stellar recap:

“Call Brian Baranski”

by Anonymousreply 55103/12/2021

Hey Scrantonian, tell us more about the 309 Theater. I didn't think those places existed anymore.

by Anonymousreply 55203/12/2021

R551 You fucker, you!

by Anonymousreply 55303/12/2021

R547 Great work! Thanks for giving us a flavour of the area and it's topography.

Did anyone see you cruising the neighborhood?

by Anonymousreply 55403/12/2021

Just Brian Baranski driving around in his patrol car looking for a clue, R554

by Anonymousreply 55503/12/2021

[quote] I hope Hallmark doesn’t fuck this up!

R526 Are they going to get Dean Cain to play Jeff?

by Anonymousreply 55603/12/2021

R547, did you mean Jeffrey instead of James?

by Anonymousreply 55703/12/2021

Yes sorry I meant Jeffrey.

by Anonymousreply 55803/12/2021

Who will play Jiimmmaayyy!!??

by Anonymousreply 55903/12/2021

"I felt like a creeper so just drive the block slowly three times," R547

Excellent work, R547! Remember who you were being a creeper for, the Great DL! It's DLers like you who give this place class. You're skills of observation and willingness to drive up and down the street three times deserve an award.

by Anonymousreply 56003/12/2021

Your, not you're. ^

I had to correct that before R532 arrived.

by Anonymousreply 56103/12/2021

“The sky was so white that morning...”

by Anonymousreply 56203/12/2021

R562 “The streets were so white that morning...” is a little more apropos.

by Anonymousreply 56303/12/2021

R547, did you see the sign in the Goy's window?

by Anonymousreply 56403/12/2021

R547, next time, could you park your car a street over and go for a little stroll past the area?

by Anonymousreply 56503/12/2021

[quote]” I think his killing two people in cold blood may have something to do with his being perceived as a tinderbox of fury.”

R481 - Spaide did NOT kill two people “in cold blood”; he was bullied and taunted by two pieces of human garbage who didn’t even have the sense to flee after he fired off a few rounds of warning shots.

Wishing you MANY Goys in your future!

by Anonymousreply 56603/12/2021

Marry me, R492!!! 😘

by Anonymousreply 56703/12/2021

Sorry, R567, already taken. I appreciate the thought though.

Imagine how sweet it would be to drive over that bump and feel the rise and fall of the suspension.

by Anonymousreply 56803/12/2021

R547 Were there any bloodstains still visible or had nature or the municipal authorities taken their course?

by Anonymousreply 56903/12/2021

R481 and R508 (even though you’re the same person):

Wishing you a plague of 10,000 Goys until you finally come to your senses and take them out, followed by your suicide.

by Anonymousreply 57003/12/2021

Not the same person, R570, but thanks for playing.

by Anonymousreply 57103/12/2021

How come there has been no mention anywhere of the Goys funerals? I looked in the local paper and online generally . There's nothing, which for a slain couple is odd. I can find Pa Goy's sister and his own Pa's but not his or Ma Goy's. Surely their funeral has taken place, with a memorial church service coming later?

by Anonymousreply 57203/13/2021

[quote] “The streets were so white that morning...”

With a smattering of crimson.

by Anonymousreply 57303/13/2021

Blood on Snow 🩸 : A Suburban Nightmare

by Anonymousreply 57403/13/2021

^^Dateline producer.

by Anonymousreply 57503/13/2021

by Brian Brianski.

Abridged for television by Jimmmmyyyyy

by Anonymousreply 57603/13/2021

Jimmay!: The Story of a Hero’s Plight Cut Short

by Anonymousreply 57703/13/2021

I miss all you scummy motherfuckers.

by Anonymousreply 57803/22/2021

R578 You fucker, you!

by Anonymousreply 57903/22/2021


by Anonymousreply 58003/23/2021

“You should have kept your fu BOOM ing mouth shut!”

by Anonymousreply 58103/23/2021

You're the fucking scumbag, R581. You don't bother with nobody.

by Anonymousreply 58203/23/2021

So who leaked the video?

by Anonymousreply 58303/23/2021

Pussy. Pussy. Pussy.


by Anonymousreply 58403/23/2021

Pussy, huh? Bang!!

by Anonymousreply 58503/23/2021

Any developments?

Has Goy Jnr filed a court case yet against Jeff's estate?

by Anonymousreply 58603/23/2021

Is Jeff's house up for sale yet?

by Anonymousreply 58703/23/2021

Pushy Pushy Pushy

by Anonymousreply 58803/23/2021

Any updates guys?

by Anonymousreply 58903/24/2021

All three, still dead.

by Anonymousreply 59003/24/2021

Thank you R590

Has the Goys' funerals taken place?

by Anonymousreply 59103/24/2021

I think it’s hot that Jeff was a couples chaser.

by Anonymousreply 59203/24/2021

He was a people pleaser

by Anonymousreply 59303/24/2021

Maybe he was closeted and it was how he felt he could be near a man, R592?

by Anonymousreply 59403/24/2021

Was Jeff gay or bi?

by Anonymousreply 59503/25/2021

Can someone start Thread 8 please.

I'm not authorized to do it correctly.

by Anonymousreply 59603/25/2021

[quote] Can someone start Thread 8 please.

Done. See below link.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 59703/25/2021

[quote] I'm not authorized to do it correctly.

Neener neener.

(Thanks, r597!)

by Anonymousreply 59803/25/2021


by Anonymousreply 59903/25/2021

*gurgled breathing*

by Anonymousreply 60003/25/2021
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