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WHET Rachel Davis Frame Cory Hutchins?

You know. Lady Eyes-a-Buggin'. We left town in '99 and lost touch.

Rachel...she took us away.

by Jake and Vickyreply 240Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Michael Hudson must have thrown a mean fuck. He was always shaking his finger in Donna's face -- always reprimanding her. He was such a downer. I can only imagine he made up for it in bed, otherwise, I can't see Donna putting up with a dude with feathered hair and a bad attitude.

by Jake and Vickyreply 102/12/2021

Michael Hudson's was my favorite soap opera funeral of all time. It was snowing, and I found out later it was the New York Gay Men's Chorus was who sang "No One Is Alone."

by Jake and Vickyreply 202/12/2021

Not this thread again...

by Jake and Vickyreply 302/12/2021

Agreed. That stableboy was not worthy of Donna.

by Jake and Vickyreply 402/13/2021

r4 = Reginald Love

by Jake and Vickyreply 502/13/2021

I remember after Catlin ended his affair with Donna (in the stables), he pushed her into a pile of horse shit. The look on her face was priceless, and she only had one word..."Eew!"

by Jake and Vickyreply 602/13/2021

The Hudson brothers....well, they both shared one very impressive trait.

I'll leave it dangling at that.

by Jake and Vickyreply 702/13/2021

And honestly, OP, must we always talk about Rachel?

I mean.....

Cecile? Is that you? I should have known.

by Jake and Vickyreply 802/13/2021

If you want to keep the threads really obscure, you can do WHET to the following:

Missy Palmer Matthews

Kit Vested

Judge Lowell

Lenore Moore

Carol Stallings

Winter Austin

by Jake and Vickyreply 902/13/2021

And also:

Meta Bauer

Carolyn Crawford

Bennett Hadley

Doug Cummings

Jennifer Richards

Meredith Reade

by Jake and Vickyreply 1002/13/2021

I always thought David Forsyth (John Hudson) was pretty sexy.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1102/13/2021

Just teasing OP, by the way, but R9, good ideas.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1202/13/2021

R11 Me too.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1302/13/2021

WHET Eileen Simpson?

by Jake and Vickyreply 1402/13/2021

Talk about obscure. I completely forgot about Eileen Simpson.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1502/13/2021

[quote]I completely forgot about Eileen Simpson.

I did too.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1602/13/2021

Eileen’s mother Rita was a bible thumper, remember? She was such a pain in the ass.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1702/13/2021

Joey Perrini could punch me in the fartbox with his big Italian sausage.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1802/13/2021

Were all the Jamie’s gay? Bekins sure was.

by Jake and Vickyreply 1902/13/2021

Russell Todd certainly was and it’s been widely speculated that Laurence Lau has dabbled in the homosex although on Locher’s webcast he mentioned currently having a girlfriend.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2002/13/2021

Todd was married (to a woman) while he was on AW.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 2102/13/2021

An article about Russell and his partner (see about two thirds down)

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 2202/13/2021

In case it was missed at the end of the other thread.....

[quote] Christopher Pennock has died. He was on several soaps, I think best known for GH, but he played the Justin Marler that was on circa 1989-90 when Samantha Marler was in the cast.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2302/13/2021

I met Russell Todd about 20 years ago at an Outfest screening of Circuit, a drama about circuit parties and the drug use associated with them.

He was definitely out of the closet at that point. Very friendly and pleasant.

He didn't appear in Circuit, but was at the screening to support his friend, fellow AW alum Brian Lane Green (one of the Sam Fowler replacements), who had a large supporting part in the flick.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2402/13/2021

Russell Todd had such sexy lips. I bet he is a great kisser.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2502/13/2021

He has the blowjob lips.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2602/13/2021

R26 he is a total top.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2702/13/2021

*I* am the butchest top there ever was, or will be.

by Jake and Vickyreply 2802/14/2021

Ain't grandma a kick in the bussy?

by Jake and Vickyreply 2902/14/2021

Admit it, Jamie.

You've had Sam Fowler, haven't you?

by Jake and Vickyreply 3002/14/2021

I've had the Danny Markel Sam Fowler, r30. He was delicious. Delightful. Dongful.

by Jake and Vickyreply 3102/14/2021

My favorite Jamie was Bekins and I loved his scenes with Wyndham and Connie Ford

The hottest Jamie was Todd

The Jamie I tolerated - Lau (there was just no way Rachel and Steve's genes combined to create Lau -- and yes, I know it's all make believe)

The Jamie I didn't like - Yates

by Jake and Vickyreply 3202/14/2021

No matter how much of an asshole he is, Robert Kelker-Kelly was hot as fuck and I wanted to ride that ride until there were no more rides to ride!

by Jake and Vickyreply 3302/14/2021

[quote] The Jamie I didn't like - Yates

He was the one that looked most like he was plucked from the Gayborhood. Maybe it was those cutoffs. LOL

by Jake and Vickyreply 3402/14/2021

I don't think Laurence Lau is gay despite some DLers saying he is. The girlfriend he sometimes is pictured with sometimes on his twitter lives in the same apartment as him according to public record sites. He barely works as an actor anymore and is in his mid 60s now, so don't see any reason he's need or want a beard at this point.

by Jake and Vickyreply 3502/14/2021

R35 I don't think most comments here have suggested he was a full time gay, but he's definitely been with men and/or had relationships or flings with them.

We've had some posters here back in the day when legit tea was being poured who confirmed it.

by Jake and Vickyreply 3602/14/2021

Of all the profiles to randomly show up on my FB today.....Brody Hutzler popped up.

Apparently selling real estate.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 3702/14/2021

Brian Lane Green was in the gay circuit? I never got his appeal. Vanilla and boring.

by Jake and Vickyreply 3802/14/2021

Brian’s a homo. Sucks alot of cocks.

by Jake and Vickyreply 3902/15/2021

Brody was a terrible actor but he sho was pretty.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4002/15/2021

Hey, just a reminder to the male queers: The soaps do NOT care about you. #truth

by Jake and Vickyreply 4102/15/2021

R38 I usually like ginger/auburn haired guys but BLG was one of those guys who just seemed so doughy to me, like he had a Campbell's Soup Kid face. Nothing sexy about him and he was a wet noodle as an actor.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4202/15/2021

BLG wasn't Sam. Sam smoldered and was sex. BLG just couldn't convey that.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4302/15/2021

Rachel Slaps Cecile

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 4402/15/2021

Other soap stars selling real estate

Susan Pratt (ex-AMC & GL)

Lisa Peluso (ex-SFT & Loving + AW)

and Shane McDermott (ex-AMC)

In addition to Brody Hutzler

by Jake and Vickyreply 4502/15/2021

VW's hair in that clip was not flattering.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4602/15/2021

BLG as Sam was easily one of the worst soap recasts ever.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4702/15/2021

Vincent Irrizarry sells real estate in LA area.

by Jake and Vickyreply 4802/15/2021

[quote]Rachel Slaps Cecile

Who knew Nancy Frangione would turn out to so good at comedy after her first run was so fraught with drama and angst?

by Jake and Vickyreply 4902/15/2021

R45 I know Michael O'Leary was for a while.

by Jake and Vickyreply 5002/15/2021

[quote] Rachel Slaps Cecile

Who hasn't wanted to at least once, darling?

by Jake and Vickyreply 5102/15/2021

Cass didn't slap Cecile but he sure wanted to.

"You're a bitch Cecile, You always were and you always will be!"

Go to 5:45 for Cecile's farewell from Majorca.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 5202/15/2021

Dana Sparks (Falcon Crest, Passions, Y&R) was (is?) a realtor, too.

by Jake and Vickyreply 5302/15/2021

Bug eyes was a cunt!

by Jake and Vickyreply 5402/15/2021

WHET Daytime Careers?

They all moved to Redfin!

by Jake and Vickyreply 5502/15/2021

The actor's name escapes me right now, but I remember being in Chicago at a nice restaurant and the waiter was some young actor who I eventually recognized as being a younger character on GL or ATWT. I think it was maybe the one who played Cricket Montgomery's son, or was someone whose name I never knew but the face clicked for me.

Speaking of Chicago - Kelley Menighan is back there now. I believe she's helping to manage her family's salons (they have a chain of upscale salons).

by Jake and Vickyreply 5602/16/2021

[quote] Rachel Davis Frame Cory Hutchins

Meh. A little one note.

by Jake and Vickyreply 5702/17/2021

Can't anyone corner Nancy Curlee? Pam Long?

Who the fuck wants to hear from these nobodies?

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 5802/17/2021

Has Rachel had her thyroid checked lately?

by Jake and Vickyreply 5902/17/2021

Nancy Curlee doesn’t want to be asked what she has learned about herself. Jesus Christ.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6002/17/2021

I mean, someone should have been able to get Pam Long to chat.

She's in the biz, you know.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6102/17/2021

If we could please make sure Kim doesn't participate when Pam does ... I'd like to keep my lunch down, please.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6202/17/2021

Are they even on speaking terms? Pam is either the best thing since sliced bread or Kim's worst enemy, depending on who she's talking to.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6302/17/2021

Alan Locher is in touch with Jay Hammer, who should be able to put him in touch with his ex, Pam Long.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6402/17/2021

Vee is preventing Pam Long from being on The Locher Room. Vee is in the biz, you know.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6502/17/2021


by Jake and Vickyreply 6602/18/2021

Soap actors selling real estate? I'm sure they will be amazingly helpful when it comes to the contract phase and making sure the due diligence is appropriate.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6702/18/2021

[quote] Vee is preventing Pam Long from being on The Locher Room. Vee is in the biz, you know.

This joke was funny the first 500 times.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6802/18/2021

That's why we shun the severely mentally ill person, R68.

by Jake and Vickyreply 6902/18/2021

And we certainly don't quote him, r68.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7002/18/2021

The anyway troll hangs on my every word.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7102/18/2021

I loved the Seven kidnaps Rachel storyline. I know Lemay hated doing it, but that was AW's last gasp in the ratings. It sort of just limped by in the bottom tier for the next 20 years.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7202/18/2021


by Jake and Vickyreply 7302/18/2021

TEXAS! Starring Carmen Duncan

by Jake and Vickyreply 7402/18/2021

TEXAS! Starring Suzi Rogers and her $5.99 McCrory's Wig

by Jake and Vickyreply 7502/18/2021

Did DL fave Geri Court, um, dabble with any of her AW female costars when she played June Laverty? I must know.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7602/18/2021

I think the inner workings of Ms. Court and Ms. Kibbee's ladyhams have been discussed and dissected ad nauseum here.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7702/18/2021

I think Geri dabbled in Ms Ford’s yummy snatch. And probably her bestie Anna banana’s.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7802/18/2021

Geri was no lez. She and David O'Brien were a hot item. The daytime rags always had pics of them about town together. They were joined at the hip. They used to double date with Joel Crothers and Veleka Gray a lot.

by Jake and Vickyreply 7902/18/2021

Yeah and don’t forget to add that John Wesley Shipp and Marsha Clark always hung out together and were dating.

by Jake and Vickyreply 8002/18/2021

Wie auch immer...

by Jake and Vickyreply 8102/18/2021

Don't forget about us!

by Jake and Vickyreply 8202/18/2021

FUCK Lenore and that FUCKING scarf!

by Jake and Vickyreply 8302/19/2021

Olive was my EVERYTHING as a gayling. I wanted to BE her, married to an old fuddy duddy sugar daddy like John Randolph and fucking a hot piece of tail like Evan Webster on the side. Lucky bitch!

by Jake and Vickyreply 8402/19/2021

Where is Penberthy’s gay homo nephew? We need him here!!!

by Jake and Vickyreply 8502/19/2021

I know it’s not P&G, but can we have more details about what James Scott did to MEK?

by Jake and Vickyreply 8602/19/2021

The James Scott/MEK thing is just an urban legend. Both men are straight. MEK was married to Catherine Hickland so he's not gay.

by Jake and Vickyreply 8702/19/2021

R87 thanks, but that’s not the info I was looking for.

Now I’ll ask again: does anybody have the story of James Scott cockteasing MEK so I can jerk off to the details? Whether it “actually happened” is irrelevant, just make it hot and believable.

by Jake and Vickyreply 8802/19/2021

Yes but your question is totally moot since MEK is 100% STRAIGHT and thus not susceptible to cock teasing. Very few soap actors are gay. I'd say 99.99% of soap actors are straight. Many are assumed to be gay because they're extremely good looking. Don't fall into that trap, hon.

by Jake and Vickyreply 8902/19/2021

I went to Youtube to watch some of the old Tad the Cad clips. I don't know anything about MEK's personal life or sexuality, but I didn't get it. I even tried to take into account that this was 40 years ago, but I was expecting some kind of overpowering male sexuality and got none of that from his performance. All I kept thinking was this guy is chasing women? Even Tony Geary was more butch.

by Jake and Vickyreply 9002/19/2021

I 100% appreciate what you’re trying to say r89. I feel really bad belaboring the point. OJ Simpson famously wrote a book called [italic]If[/italic] I Did It detailing how he would have killed Nicole and Ron. Now sometimes speculating and pretending is a lot more fun than reality. Considering that this is a gay message board and we often fantasize about these men being gay, it is no harm to speculate. All I’m asking is [italic]if[/italic] James Scott cockteased MEK, how would it have happened?

by Jake and Vickyreply 9102/19/2021

R88 it's not that we have blow by blow details. But it is a rumor that was on the old RATSC boards and came from some reliable sources.

All we know is that MEK was hopelessly smitten and James S played on that. Nothing ever happened, but apparently MEK's friends were very angry on his behalf. It was a pretty sustained mindfuck, done with a certain amount of cruelty.

Beyond that, maybe you can ask your question on the most recent AMC thread, where people might know, or be more willing to indulge your request.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 9202/19/2021

Did McKinsey get an offer to reprise Iris when they brought her back circa 1988? She was really being misused by GL at that point and didnt really come back alive till they paired her with Zas, so I'm wondering if she entertained the offer if one was made.

by Jake and Vickyreply 9302/19/2021

Oh Jesus. Has amc2008 from SON found his way here? Vee, please ban him!

by Jake and Vickyreply 9402/19/2021

amc2008 is camming on chaturbate and pretending to be bff with kay alden and her daughter!

by Jake and Vickyreply 9502/19/2021

I know Lemay casually inquired when he was going back, but she was under contract at GL. He said that in an interview somewhere.

Beverlee herself said that around the time of Goutman they asked her back. GL had also asked her back around the time of Claire Labine as HW, and she was retired by then and said no.

by Jake and Vickyreply 9602/19/2021

Amc2008 jerks off with Soapsuds while looking at loser Chandler pics. Wasn’t Chan supposed to get an office job? lololololololol

by Jake and Vickyreply 9702/19/2021

dumb dylan is asking dumb questions about shows he never watched! vee let him have it the other day. he’s in the biz, you know.

by Jake and Vickyreply 9802/19/2021

Wie auch immer...

by Jake and Vickyreply 9902/19/2021

Op, you deserve a kick in the cunt for omitting a couple of surnames. She was also a Matthews and a Clark.

by Jake and Vickyreply 10002/20/2021

If you were porked by boring ole Russ Matthews you'd want to forget it too

by Jake and Vickyreply 10102/20/2021

Russ wasn't boring. He was sweet and dependable. But that tramp Rachel needed more.

by Jake and Vickyreply 10202/20/2021

Doug Watson, McFlimsy, and all the "theatuh" actors hired by Rauch and Lemay were hysterically bad in retrospect. They'd be laughed off the screen of any modern-day soap or any TV series for that matter.

by Jake and Vickyreply 10302/20/2021

I'm only doing this to see if it's correct.

Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Cory Cory Hutchins

Is that right?

by Jake and Vickyreply 10402/20/2021

Thank you so much, r100. I knew if I missed any, someone would come along and kick me in the cunt with the missing names. I didn't watch a single day of the show until 1988. I only know Russ Matthews as Josie and Olivia's father.

Now, could you add "Matthews" and "Clark" so the names are all in the correct order, please? (Never mind. I see r104 may already have done that.)

by Jake and Vickyreply 10502/20/2021

Which of these actors played Russ Matthews when he was married to Rachel? And who is the second one, wearing the red shirt?

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 10602/20/2021

[quote]Russ wasn't boring.

David Bailey Russ was indeed boring. Sam Groom Russ was more interesting (and better looking).

by Jake and Vickyreply 10702/20/2021

Doug Watson and McKinsey bad actors? Keep huffing that paint thinner, Mary.

by Jake and Vickyreply 10802/20/2021

Sam Groom played Russ when he was married to Rachel. You have to remember in those days in soaps, there were certain tent pole good buy characters. They were the sons of the main family and they were usually doctors or lawyers. It was sort of the Irna Phillips formula. If they weren't in love triangles with a good girl and a bad girl, they were being duped by a bad girl. They weren't boring, they were just the goal.

Bill Bell was probably the first writer who altered this a bit with the Horton brothers on Days. Mickey and Bill were in good guy roles, but they weren't always good guys. Then other soaps sort of followed in that path for a bit. Then we get to the 70s and Luke Spencer where you have a leading man who is a straight up bad guy.

by Jake and Vickyreply 10902/20/2021

McKunty and that voice of hers! Gawd awful!

by Jake and Vickyreply 11002/20/2021

Poor Geri Court was always the "other woman" whether it was AW or the Doctors or GL. At least there was plenty of P&G and Palmolive pussy on the set for her to indulge in.

by Jake and Vickyreply 11102/20/2021

Beverlee McKinsey son (Scott McKinsey) just posted a RARE one-hour interview Beverlee did

"Texas" was a big hit in Canada, but Beverlee felt she had a responsibility to let her Canadian fans know why she left

So she flew her way all the way to Canada to sit down for a RARE one-hour interview to talk about why she left and her career

DL won't let me post the link here, but you have to go to Scott McKinsey Facebook page to watch it

by Jake and Vickyreply 11202/20/2021

Another world was always a big hit in Canada. Even into the 90s, it would show up in the weekly top 20 of all programs on the air, daytime and primetime.

by Jake and Vickyreply 11302/20/2021

Saw the character name and recognized it. I’m Beverly Penberthy’s nephew. She’s doing well. She didn’t really work much with the second Rachel, but she did with the first one.

by Jake and Vickyreply 11402/20/2021

I believe Susan Sullivan and Bev Penberthy are still close. Does Susan have a gay nephew who can come here and spill the tea? I'd like to get a definitive answer as to whether Val Dufour was straight or gay.

by Jake and Vickyreply 11502/20/2021

R114 I’m Beverly Penberthy’s nephew

You are BACK

Where have you been?

Glad to hear your aunt is doing well

by Jake and Vickyreply 11602/20/2021

I have been busy during the pandemic. Another World fans would be happy to know that last summer I helped Aunt Bev go through some of her career memorabilia. Many pictures and a few tapes of her days on Another World. And yes to the above poster my aunt does keep in touch with Susan Sullivan.

by Jake and Vickyreply 11702/20/2021

The idea of Beverlee returning to AW in 1988 creates quite a ripple effect. What would have happened over at GL, about to lose original Alan?

by Jake and Vickyreply 11802/20/2021

Beverly Penberthy’s nephew - would your Aunt consider doing The Locher Room to go down Another World Memory Lane?

by Jake and Vickyreply 11902/20/2021

Watching the Beverlee McKinney Interview

She dated Burt Reynolds!

by Jake and Vickyreply 12002/20/2021

I’d have to ask her. She does keep in touch with some former cast mates. As said before, Susan Sullivan, Jennifer Leake, and a few other names I forget. She’d love to catch up with Victoria Wyndham.

by Jake and Vickyreply 12102/20/2021


OK thanks Beverly Penberthy’s nephew

by Jake and Vickyreply 12202/20/2021

Watching the Beverlee McKinney Interview

Beverlee talks about her FEUD with Ruth Warrick (All My Children)

Never knew they had a FEUD!

by Jake and Vickyreply 12302/20/2021

Watching the Beverlee McKinney Interview

She blamed the demise of Soaps to ABC - and the "jiggle" TV being transferred into Daytime

by Jake and Vickyreply 12402/20/2021

Beverlee hated working. She left Texas because she was over worked. She left GL because she was over worked. Blah blah blah. She had at least 6 - 8 weeks of vacation a year and rarely, if ever, worked 5 days a week. The poor dear.

by Jake and Vickyreply 12502/20/2021

Robert Newman (Josh GL) said it best

They don't pay you to act, they pay you to WAIT

and Beverlee didn't want to be paid to wait around a studio anymore.

by Jake and Vickyreply 12602/20/2021







by Jake and Vickyreply 12702/20/2021

I loved every second of the interview. Thank you telling us about it. The Ruth Warrick stuff was the awesome!

by Jake and Vickyreply 12802/20/2021

OMFG I am a third of the way through that interview and I am LIVING FOR IT.

She's in fabulous form, with an appropriate cookie smeller interviewing her!

by Jake and Vickyreply 12902/20/2021

I can never stand listening to McFlimsy for that long.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13002/20/2021

I am in tears. What an intelligent conversation.

One of those moments where I just wish I could open the time continuum and travel back to where it all made more sense.....

by Jake and Vickyreply 13102/20/2021

Revealing interview, although her ego seemed out of control! I teared up a little when she talked affectionately about Vicky Wyndham. I know, MARY!

by Jake and Vickyreply 13202/20/2021

Could you imagine a dinner party with McKinney on one side and Wyndham on the other. My little gay heart would burst.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13302/20/2021

People have suggested a feud between her and Vicky Wyndham but it sounds like they got along fine as coworkers. Her story about the Emmys was a riot.

She seemed so hopeful at the end. Sad that her husband's illness and death would take her right back to where she'd escaped from - though we GL viewers were thankful for it.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13402/20/2021

It's Rachel Davis MATTHEWS CLARK Cory Cory Cory Hutchins you dumbfuck.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13502/20/2021

She was so bang-on when she said "ABC is killing Soaps" despite the record numbers of viewers, ratings and profit

In the end all the over-the-top storylines and half-naked people just tried the audience

Good story-telling is what keeps a soap afloat, and we have had NONE of that the last 20 years in soaps.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13602/20/2021

Lmao @ r135. What a fabulous insult that could only be delivered in a DL P&G thread.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13702/20/2021

[quote]It's Rachel Davis MATTHEWS CLARK Cory Cory Cory Hutchins you dumbfuck.

You left out Frame.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13802/20/2021

[quote]Good story-telling is what keeps a soap afloat, and we have had NONE of that the last 20 years in soaps.

Depending on who's counting, it's been since 1994, after Douglas Marland died (1993), or 1995, when Lisa sued John Dixon after Eduardo died. Also that year, Viki's DID story on OLTL was one of the best stories that show ever did.

by Jake and Vickyreply 13902/20/2021

Penberthy’s gay homo queeny nephew is here? He sucks cock.

by Jake and Vickyreply 14002/20/2021

[quote]It's Rachel Davis MATTHEWS CLARK Cory Cory Cory Hutchins you dumbfuck.

[quote]You left out Frame.

Oh, burn!

r105 / OP

by Jake and Vickyreply 14102/20/2021

I'm gonna queef and shut you all the fuck up!

by Jake and Vickyreply 14202/20/2021

How was it that Connie played the mother of a teenage girl in the 1950s AND the1980s?

by Jake and Vickyreply 14302/20/2021

[quote] Also that year, Viki's DID story on OLTL was one of the best stories that show ever did.

I found that whole era of OLTL so insufferable. I always preferred the P&G soaps for not trying to do “serious issues” like the ABC soaps did. The one time they did, with Margo getting raped, it was wayyy too deep and depressing for daytime.

That OLTL storyline retconned history and turned a beloved character into a child rapist, also it led to La Slezak chewing all the scenery in Manhattan.

No thank you. I preferred my P&G soaps.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 14402/20/2021

Laurie Heinemann was the best Actress EVER on AW!

by Jake and Vickyreply 14502/20/2021

[quote] La Slezak chewing all the scenery in Manhattan.

I hate when actresses go over the top and chew all the scenery.

by Jake and Vickyreply 14602/20/2021

[quote] I hate when actresses go over the top and chew all the scenery.

I concur!

by Jake and Vickyreply 14702/20/2021

R144- I actually disagree with you on THAT storyline as well as Marty's Rape on OLTL, but other than that, I was 100% agree with you. I despised social issue stories on most soaps. Especially Y&R. Oh my god. Bill Bell wrote that shit straight out of Encyclopedia Britannica. It was embarrassing. Overall, in hindsight, not a fan of Linda Gottlieb's OLTL. It was truly like an after school special. (I am stealing a term someone coined in a OLTL thread).

No more OLTL talk. I love these P&G threads. (I only watched GL sometimes in the late 80's) but have grown to enjoy these shows on Youtube.

by Jake and Vickyreply 14802/20/2021

Sorry, I could watch Elizabeth Hubbard read the phone book and be perfectly happy. I fucking love watching her on Youtube videos.

And after seeing the Locher Room Martha Byrne/Elizabeth Hubbard video- I am a fan of hers for life. She must have been incredibly exciting to work with. (And I am sure, infuriating)

by Jake and Vickyreply 14902/20/2021

These P&G threads have been dormant for too long. It's great to see activity once again. I love that R114 Beverley's nephew is back contributing.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15002/20/2021

[quote] (And I am sure, infuriating)

I've told this story before, but maybe some of you haven't seen it... I used to watch ATWT on the treadmill at home back in the early 90s and since the treadmill was so loud, I watched the show with closed captions on. At that time, the captions were based on the script, not the actual performance. So you could tell who was off and who was letter perfect. Shawn Christian never got a syllable wrong. La Hubbard was lucky to be in the same universe as her scripted lines. And reading the closed captions really made it obvious that Tom Wiggin was sick and tired of trying to work with what Hubbard gave him, so he just stoically stone-faced said his actual lines whether they made sense with what Hubbard was doing or not.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15102/20/2021

R149 I do too.

But she's a ham and a half! Part of what I love about her.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15202/20/2021

It’s a crime that Lucinda really was never front burner after Hubbard briefly quit in protest in 1999.

The complicated relationships between Lucinda/Barbara/Emily should have been the centerpiece of ATWT in the 2000s. It really could have taken on a tone similar to the Jill/Kay feud on ATWT. Imagine if Emily had also bedded Bryant, or took Holden back from Lily. Or have Barbara and Lucinda fight over a new love interest.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15302/20/2021

[quote] Imagine if Emily had also bedded Bryant...

Imagine if Goutman didn't keep killing or ruining legacy children? (Bryant, Jennifer, Adam...)

by Jake and Vickyreply 15402/20/2021

After watching the McKinsey interview, one thing that struck me (after the initial joy of it) is that the actors were overworked for years. It was a complaint of hers there, and I know it was part of the reason she left GL.

Zimmer and Martha Byrne were working with the union to give them overtime or turnaround time, because in the late 90s/early 2000s it was STILL happening (see link).

So that was an issue going back decades or more.

And she had a point re: credit. Most shows still don't have billing for their actors.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 15502/20/2021

She was wrong when she said she was the first actor to get star billing. Rosemary Prinz got it 10 years earlier on AMC and I'm pretty sure Dana Andrews had it with Bright Promise. Mac Carey got the starring credit in the closing credits, but not in the opening, so I guess that doesn't count.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15602/20/2021

R151- HOLY COW THAT IS AWESOME.... I am so glad to read that!!!!!! Great story-

Yes, Even as a OLTL/Y&R only watcher for many years as a kid/teenager- I was fascinated by Hubbard's Emmy clips..

I recall actually watching ATWT around 1990?1991?? During OLTL's commercials- it was during the Walsh Industries takeover- I WAS FUCKING SO IMPRESSED- Loved Hubbard from those Emmy Awards clips and the minimal Walsh Industries scenes that I saw.

And I am telling you, my fandom was solidified after many Youtube clips and finalized with the Locher Room. She is a TRUE actress. Very intelligent and captivating woman.

I have tried to find those Walsh Takeover scenes I recall on YouTube, but there is NOTHING. I think the character was Conor Jamison? Anyway. Huge Hubbard fan "from afar"...

by Jake and Vickyreply 15702/20/2021

[quote] Rosemary Prinz got it 10 years earlier on AMC

She got it on "How To Survive A Marriage"

But both stints of Prinz was only for 6 months, as it was a short-term contract

Bev was almost two years

by Jake and Vickyreply 15802/20/2021

That interview with La Bev was astounding! Thank you so much! This is why I still come to DL...for this kind of treasure.

by Jake and Vickyreply 15902/20/2021

[quote] The complicated relationships between Lucinda/Barbara/Emily should have been the centerpiece of ATWT in the 2000s.

Unfortunately, Kelley Menighan Hensley was never really Emily. I wonder if they ever tried to get the fabulous Melanie Smith back

by Jake and Vickyreply 16002/20/2021

Joan Bennett was top billed on Dark Shadows. Suzanne Rogers is top seed on DOOL for since Fra Reid died.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16102/20/2021

Wait...are we talking first credited or credited above the title?

by Jake and Vickyreply 16202/20/2021

Top billing is different than what she was talking about. Beverlee got billed each and every day in the main title right after the Bill Wolff said "Texas" for two straight years. Soaps, at least in those days, didn't do full end credits every day. So Beverlee got billed right along with the title, just as Prinz had in both AMC and How to Survive a Marriage and Dana Andrews in Bright Promise.

Mac Carey got the starring credit at the end of Days and he said his name each day in the main title.

Frances Reid negotiated an also starring credit in the 80s.

Wayne Northrop got the "with" credit in the 90s

Dee Hall got the "and" credit in the 90s.

Joan Bennett got a starring credit in the end credits.

Alexandra Moltke got an Introducing Credit.

Jonathan Frid also eventually got a starring credit.

Eileen Fulton got the "and" credit.

George Reinholdt and Jacquie Courtney were moved to the top of the seniority list on Another World, but never got starring. Same for Wyndham and Douglass afterwards.

John Berandino got a "starring" on GH. GH also did a thing back in the day where a few select actors got special single card billing.

Over at the Doctors they also did the special single card billing for Jim Pritchett, Liz Hubbard, the Maggies, David O'Brien, the Carolees, and Gerald Gordon and I believe Glenn Corbett.

Donald May got the "and" credit on Edge of Night.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16302/20/2021

Today’s actors don’t put in anywhere close to the hours the ‘80s and ‘90s stars did ... I’m guessing most would be happy to put in longer hours if they could make ‘80s and ‘90s money.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16402/20/2021

Moltke got the "and" credit on Dark Shadows, not "introducing."

On GL, Don Stewart and Charita Bauer were always top billed in the closing credits, followed by the rest of the cast in alphabetical order.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16502/20/2021

You are right about Moltke, I don't know where I got and introducing from.

Bob from ATWT was also always top billed, even when the show switched from seniority credits to alphabetical credits.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16602/20/2021

Beradino and McLaughlin top billed on GH; Pat Breslin, Peter Hansen and later Denise Alexander got co-starring credits.

Search for Tomorrow had With Mary Stuart as top billed performer.

The Doctors was always Starring James Pritchett, after the analogies ended.

by Jake and Vickyreply 16702/20/2021

Just saw an old thread from when McKinsey died and someone posted this

[quote] The tramp didn't even rate an obit in the NYT.

Salty old bitch was wrong!

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 16802/20/2021

nice that the NY Times did something, but she came onto AW in 1972 -- not 1970

And no mention of her initial gig as Emma Ordway?

They're slipping

by Jake and Vickyreply 16902/20/2021

On General Hospital in early 80s on days when they didn't have time to run full credits, they did a short credits sequence that included the single card credits of some of the main actors, as r163 and r167 mentioned. Several of the younger actors got those single card billing during the short end credits, including Anthony Geary and Genie Francis. Also think Tristan Rogers got one too.

By the way r163, wonderful summation of the special credits actors got. Thanks for putting that together.

by Jake and Vickyreply 17002/20/2021

The idea of Beverlee and Ruth Warrick feuding just tickles me! "You *brief glance at the cue card* BITCH!"

by Jake and Vickyreply 17102/20/2021

R112, THANK YOU for the heads-up on the Beverlee McKinsey interview. Damn, it’s good. I especially loved hearing her talk a bit about her time in London in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? UK Immigration tried to kick her out of the country three months early?

R155, McKinsey was correct when she said they got worked in the 70s like slaves. In a recent interview Jane Elliot said on GH back then actors often worked from 7 am to midnight and then had to be back on set at 7 am the following morning. I thought she was exaggerating but McKinsey actually mentioned that about GH in her interview.

by Jake and Vickyreply 17202/20/2021

[quote] I’m guessing most would be happy to put in longer hours if they could make ‘80s and ‘90s money.

It is a mixed bag - some actors HATE the new shooting format. No rehearsal, you show up 90 minutes before your filming - you block and tape. and you are doing multiple scenes, and many more pages. This is what some actors call filming "dress rehearsal" - many actors hate it

But on the other hand other actors like it, These are the ones that don't like waiting around for hours for their scene to be shot. even if they have to do multiple scenes, they;d rather just go in, do it, then leave, Rather than just hanging around all day

by Jake and Vickyreply 17302/20/2021

[quote] In a recent interview Jane Elliot said on GH back then actors often worked from 7 am to midnight and then had to be back on set at 7 am the following morning.

that is when the Union got the 12 hour turn around rule. if you finished at midnight, you can only be called back 12 hours later.

by Jake and Vickyreply 17402/20/2021

It was nice to hear that Beverlee got a really good salary when she went to Texas. The highest paid in daytime is a pretty good deal. She must have had a great agent to negotiate such good contracts. And based on Wyndham's past interviews, I can totally see her telling Bev to look out for herself first so that she could set a precedent.

by Jake and Vickyreply 17502/20/2021

[quote] She must have had a great agent to negotiate such good contracts.

Bev was actually ready to go, but NBC was stupid enough to tell her about the spin-off saying "We built a whole show around you"

Knowing that she had the network at her mercy, she asked for the moon, and got it

by Jake and Vickyreply 17602/20/2021

Many, many thanks for letting us know about the La Bev interview on Scott McKinsey's Facebook.

Wonderful to watch it. Great to see Beverlee as a person rather than playsing a character. She just seemed so human and down to earth talking about her life and career, gossiping about people, etc.

And wow, a whole hour-long show devoted to interviewing one person. That's what talk shows did back then.

Don't know when the episode aired, but it was clearly taped in Dec.. 1981. It was clearly after her final airdate on Texas, which was Nov. 30, 1981. But they were making references to the Luke and Laura wedding on GH in Nov. 1981 haven gotten great ratings and suspecting GH was going to kill Genie Francis off when her contract was up (Laura disappeared in the fog on the pier on GH in early Jan. 1982).

by Jake and Vickyreply 17702/20/2021

[quote] Don't know when the episode aired, but it was clearly taped in Dec.. 1981. It was clearly after her final airdate on Texas, which was Nov. 30, 1981. But they were making references to the Luke and Laura wedding on GH in Nov. 1981 haven gotten great ratings and suspecting GH was going to kill Genie Francis off when her contract was up (Laura disappeared in the fog on the pier on GH in early Jan. 1982).

Good point, Liz!

by Jake and Vickyreply 178Last Sunday at 2:10 AM

Over worked? LMAO. Bev had so much time off. She’s delusional. Bitch was lazy.

by Jake and Vickyreply 179Last Sunday at 2:31 AM

I love that Bev has first-degree connections to DL faves Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls.

She was married to Angus Duncan, who played Mary's douchy bf in the MTM pilot. Duncan was also in the running to play Ted Baxter until Ted Knight's audition blew them away and they decided to go into a different direction with the character.

And her husband Berkley Harris had earlier been married to GG creator Susan Harris. Susan actually gave Scott McKinsey some behind the scenes job like PA or something on Soap.

by Jake and Vickyreply 180Last Sunday at 3:19 AM

If I'm not mistaken, Susan had considered casting Bev for one of the two sisters on SOAP. I want to say it was the role of Mary.

by Jake and Vickyreply 181Last Sunday at 4:09 AM

[quote]Over worked? LMAO.

She was doing 80 pages 3 or 4 days a week. She wasn't digging ditches, but memorizing scripts, playing melodrama every day can be draining both mentally and physically for actors.

by Jake and Vickyreply 182Last Sunday at 5:41 AM

[quote] She was doing 80 pages 3 or 4 days a week. She wasn't digging ditches, but memorizing scripts, playing melodrama every day can be draining both mentally and physically for actors.

Actually it wasn't the actually acting that got her tired - if she was able to get in and out and do the actual acting, she would be fine. Which is why she loved the stage.

It was the "waiting around" that got her tired and bored out of her mind. That was just too mentally exhausting for her to twiddle her thumbs and sit in her dressing room for five hours, waiting to be called on the stage.

by Jake and Vickyreply 183Last Sunday at 5:45 AM

I know in one interview Bev talked about wishing that Linda Bloodworth Thomason would write a role for her.

Bev and Kim Zimmer would have been perfect for Linda's writing style.

I can only imagine how the actors are faring now, especially on shows where they film more than 5 episodes in a week. The OLTL book talks about how they "six pack it" e.g. film six shows in a week. DAYS has been doing similar or same for a long time, so they can have long hiatus periods and save money.

Why they all just refuse to go to the half hour that most of us as consumers want.....I have no idea.

by Jake and Vickyreply 184Last Sunday at 6:49 AM

I would say that the biggest difference between now and then R184 is the scene length. In the 60s and 70s a five minute scene was sort of the norm. Especially in the 60s - mid 70s when 1 scene was more or less one act of the show.

Now, a two minute scene is considered long. Which would probably make it easier to film when you're doing 5 (1 minute long) scenes right after the other, versus filming the show in script order. I think it was Gloria Monty who introduced those changes to daytime during GH.

Go to some of the shows on Youtube, right after they expanded to an hour, they were painful to watch. ATWT was the worst. Days wasn't much better. Those actors must have hated it. It just took the writers some time to figure out how to write the hour, but my God the learning was not fun.

by Jake and Vickyreply 185Last Sunday at 7:12 AM

Kim, of course, made a guest appearance on Designing Women and apparently was nearly cast in Marilu Henner's role on Evening Shade.

by Jake and Vickyreply 186Last Sunday at 7:44 AM

I think Linda liked Kim's work, but for whatever reason CBS was not as supportive.

by Jake and Vickyreply 187Last Sunday at 7:45 AM

R182 Don’t you even TRY to pull the bullshit that McCunty was memorizing 80 pages a day 3-4 days a week! Absolutely not. An hour long soap script was 80 pages. And have you ever seen a soap opera script? Double spaced with large margins at the top and sides. A page had, at best, 15 double spaced lines. Beverlee was lazy. Wanted the money but didn’t want to actually have to work for it. And she had weeks of vacation a year. Soap actors love to say how hard they work, but they hardly work.

by Jake and Vickyreply 188Last Sunday at 9:36 AM

Wie auch immer...

by Jake and Vickyreply 189Last Sunday at 10:07 AM

McFlimsy was awful. Where's the daytime Emmy she ever won? Superior Emmy winning actors like Flannery, Slezak, Hubbard, Zimmer etc had the kind of admiration from the academy that she could never know.

by Jake and Vickyreply 190Last Sunday at 11:52 AM

If soaps stayed 30 minutes, we'd have more soaps. Half-hour show is more cost efficient, and easier to sell overseas

With an hour show, writers and producers wind up "padding" scenes to stretch it out to get to 39 minutes (minus commercials) -

by Jake and Vickyreply 191Last Sunday at 1:11 PM

McCunty was not a happy person. Over worked. Yeahright. You never heard 6 time Emmy winner Erika Slezak, who played multiples, complain about being over worked.

by Jake and Vickyreply 192Last Sunday at 8:42 PM

39 minutes? 35 if you're lucky. I used to watch OLTL on YouTube, and the last season clocked in at 36 an episode.

The problem with shorter episodes is that you can't cram more commercials into them.

by Jake and Vickyreply 193Last Sunday at 9:21 PM

Abit of gossip. Warren Burton said that Connie Ford was quite smitten with Bradley Bliss.

by Jake and Vickyreply 194Last Monday at 2:33 AM

Ok since we're already in a cancelled soap thread asking about closeted actors: Was Larkin Malloy of Edge of Night gay too? I think he died in 2016 but going through his social media profile (still up on Facebook) I don't see any significant female in his timeline

by Jake and Vickyreply 195Last Monday at 4:35 AM

R195 Marcia McCabe was out eating with Larkin when he had his heart attack and she has mentioned girlfriends that Larkin had. Larkin died in front of Marcia and Alan Coates, who was also on Edge. Maybe he was bi. He never married or had kids. Maybe he dabbled in both pussy and cock.

by Jake and Vickyreply 196Last Monday at 5:28 AM

[quote] Maybe he dabbled in both pussy and cock.

Kristi Ferrell (Roxie GL) did say on a "Locher Room" she encountered Marcia Cross crying outside the GL studios after her breakup with Larkin

by Jake and Vickyreply 197Last Monday at 5:30 AM

Larkin was gay - supposedly, he was brought on to GL to sort of take the place of Chris Bernau's Alan, and Larkin certainly had a lot of the same energy. Like Bernau, he was gay.

As for MC....well, the DL has spoken on that topic already! LOL

by Jake and Vickyreply 198Last Monday at 6:04 AM

Larkin and Bernau hooked up, allegedly.

by Jake and Vickyreply 199Last Monday at 6:15 AM

Slezak never complained about being overworked because she was one of the few people who was able to get the rights for her scenes to be up first into her contract. Bev had that at Texas, and I think Dee Dee Halls has it, but most other actors do not.

It's not a unique problem for daytime. Grey's Anatomy struggled for most of the first years it was on because they were doing 17, 18 hour days 6 days a week. I guess after Shonda ceded more control to other producers they finally had a more manageable schedule.

by Jake and Vickyreply 200Last Monday at 6:21 AM

She comes off as such an entitled bitch in that interview. Most actors, many of them much better than her, would kill to be making a living at their craft rather than waiting tables, and to be making her salary. Oh and her Emmy heart goes out to her. /: rolls eyes.

This backs up what I've always felt about her. Everyone always applauds her getting one over on JFP, but did she even think how her leaving so abruptly would affect the storylines and more importantly her fellow actors working in her storyline whose jobs could be in potential jeopardy because of her little stunt? It was a very cunty move on her part. It makes sense why guys with reputations as being very nice and generous like Zaslow and Nick Coster hated working with her.

by Jake and Vickyreply 201Last Monday at 8:57 AM

You can all just suck my dick!

by Jake and Vickyreply 202Last Monday at 9:14 AM

McCunty is a totally entitled cunty bitch! She’s wrong. She was NOT the first daytime star to get billing. She says the same shit that she said 10 years later in the Logan interview. The bitch was lazy and had a shit ton of time off but she claimed she was over worked. Shut the fuck up bitch. You didn’t know the meaning of hard work. She didn’t work 5 days a week and she had 8 weeks of vacation a year. Why the fuck is she talking about being over worked! Shut up, bitch!!!

by Jake and Vickyreply 203Last Monday at 9:14 AM

[quote] Shut up, bitch!!!

If only one would take one's own suggestion.....

by Jake and Vickyreply 204Last Monday at 9:16 AM

[quote]You can all just suck my dick! — Phillip S.

The line starts here.

by Jake and Vickyreply 205Last Monday at 9:18 AM

Is it just me or did she age considerably in the 2 years between leaving Texas and joining GL? Maybe it was the wig they made her wear on GL, but she looked much older.

by Jake and Vickyreply 206Last Monday at 9:20 AM

I'm busy with Kelly Nelson's right now but I'll be joining that line in just a second!

by Jake and Vickyreply 207Last Monday at 9:23 AM

[quote] Slezak never complained about being overworked because she was one of the few people who was able to get the rights for her scenes to be up first into her contract.

and you can only get that "perk" if you have enough seniority and star-power - by the time Slezak got it, she built up her seniority to ask for it. Same with Vicky Wyndham on AW. Deidre Hall never got that perk, as MacDonald Carey, Frances Reid and John Clarke were original cast members who had more senority.

Now to Bev McKinsey, though she was a daytime legend, she didn't have enough seniority on Guiding Light to ask for "First In, First Out" clause

You had Jerry Ver Dorn, Maeve Kinkead, Peter Simon, and so many more actors who had more seniority on the show than she did. and though Bev was beloved on the GL set, it would cause some dissension on the set if she got that perk over other actors who were there longer than her. And Bev knew that, which is why she didn't ask for the "First In-First Out" clause.

by Jake and Vickyreply 208Last Monday at 9:24 AM

R208 Dee got it eventually, from what I've read, but it was of course later after those other actors were either not there or no longer on contract.

by Jake and Vickyreply 209Last Monday at 9:27 AM

R208 Well then the bitch should shut the fuck up. Bev was such a whiner. She wanted the money but not have to put in the work to get it. Fuck her!

by Jake and Vickyreply 210Last Monday at 9:31 AM

Poor Bernau, having to act against some hot hung young guy playing his son.

That would be torture

by Jake and Vickyreply 211Last Monday at 9:50 AM

[quote]Everyone always applauds her getting one over on JFP, but did she even think how her leaving so abruptly would affect the storylines and more importantly her fellow actors working in her storyline whose jobs could be in potential jeopardy because of her little stunt?

But it's okay when actors are dropped at the end of a cycle, when they've been promised a 2 year story? When an actor finds out they're being recast because the show is taking the character in a new direction? Beverlee's only crime was that she knew what was in her contract and didn't give in to the kind of sentimentality that is never reciprocated when the shoe is on the other foot.

by Jake and Vickyreply 212Last Monday at 11:40 AM

[quote] Everyone always applauds her getting one over on JFP, but did she even think how her leaving so abruptly would affect the storylines and more importantly her fellow actors working in her storyline whose jobs could be in potential jeopardy because of her little stunt?

Bev leaving actually SAVED jobs - because JFP was in discussions to hire Justin Deas at the time. And he doesn't come cheap

So instead of axing contract players, to get enough money to pay Deas

Bev's salary went to Justin Deas, thus no one got fired to make financial room for Deas

by Jake and Vickyreply 213Last Monday at 11:43 AM

Bev deserting the role diminished the screentime of people like Hearst, who was a new dad. His salary was affected by her selfishness. He has spoken out about this and wasn’t thrilled with her.

by Jake and Vickyreply 214Last Monday at 12:03 PM


Ellen Parker was also fired to free up enough for Justin's salary.

by Jake and Vickyreply 215Last Monday at 12:08 PM

[quote] Bev deserting the role diminished the screentime of people like Hearst, who was a new dad. His salary was affected by her selfishness. He has spoken out about this and wasn’t thrilled with her.

100% LIE - Hearst storyline wasn't even with Bev (even though he played her nephew) - his storyline was the Alan-Michael/Eleni/Frank triangle

and with Bev leaving, he had MORE storyline as who do you think ran Spaulding Enterprises?

by Jake and Vickyreply 216Last Monday at 12:08 PM

[quote] WRONG. Ellen Parker was also fired to free up enough for Justin's salary.


Bev left WAY BEFORE Ellen Parker was fired

Again Ellen WAS NOT fired to make room for Justin Deas. And Bev made 3 times as much money than Ellen did.

by Jake and Vickyreply 217Last Monday at 12:10 PM

Exactly, R216.

The thing that killed Hearst's storyline was that abysmal AM/Lucy story. When half the audience wanted Marian to push Lucy off the lighthouse walkway, it should have been a sign.

by Jake and Vickyreply 218Last Monday at 12:10 PM

[quote] Bev left WAY BEFORE Ellen Parker was fired

She left six months before EP was fired and nearly a year before Justin arrived, so the argument that her salary went to Justin is nonsense in the absolute extreme.

by Jake and Vickyreply 219Last Monday at 12:11 PM

AM should have been with Gilly. Not really sure why the show didn't go there, because they had major chemistry and the two actors played it up every chance they got. But it was the early 90s and maybe they got letters.

by Jake and Vickyreply 220Last Monday at 12:13 PM

I remember hearing that Hearst talked about that a bit on one of the Locher Rooms. I loved Gilly and AM together.

They had chemistry to burn. And it's not like P&G shows hadn't done it before. But for some reason they wigged out.

by Jake and Vickyreply 221Last Monday at 12:19 PM

R220 duh there's a reason why all the black characters have romances with other black characters on these shows, except for a few who already look mixed. Even today on Y&R you have the 4 main black characters basically in each other's circle (Lily didn't even seen black to me so don't even mention her); and B&B the same thing. And DAYS the same thing. And GH the same thing.

by Jake and Vickyreply 222Last Monday at 12:21 PM

R211 did it ever come across on screen that he may have had deeper feelings?

by Jake and Vickyreply 223Last Monday at 12:29 PM

Ellen Parker was a boring actress. No wonder the focus group wanted her killed off. Her only good material was right before she got killed off. Smart move by JFP. I applaud the decision to kill boring as shit Maureen.

by Jake and Vickyreply 224Last Monday at 12:42 PM

[quote] She left six months before EP was fired and nearly a year before Justin arrived, so the argument that her salary went to Justin is nonsense in the absolute extreme.

Beverlee McKinsey left in August 1992

Justin Deas joined the show in February 1993

Six month between the two - so it is NOT nonsense that Bev leaving freed up money to hire Justin Deas.

by Jake and Vickyreply 225Last Monday at 1:05 PM

I actually think Bev and Justin could have had chemistry.

by Jake and Vickyreply 226Last Monday at 2:51 PM

[quote] They had chemistry to burn. And it's not like P&G shows hadn't done it before. But for some reason they wigged out.

The WORST thing about GL axing the A-M & Gilly romance, was the writers tossing out Gilly and shoving Marcy Walker in that storyline.

At the time TPTB mapped out a long-term story from Robert Newman & Marcy Walker. But audiences hated it. So the show had to do a 180. They axed the storyline, put Robert Newman on the backburner, then looked for a place to insert Marcy Walker.

They found it with the A-M/Gilly story (the two them on the hunt for a treasure). So they yanked Gilly out and stuck Marcy Walker in. Just like that -

Instead of A-M & Gilly looking for the treasure, It is now A-M & Tangie (Marcy's character) looking for the treasure. With GL hoping that A-M & Tangie would be the new "supercouple"

Obviously that didn't work as well.

by Jake and Vickyreply 227Last Monday at 3:04 PM

R223 Well.....I was a baby gay when I watched this but it sure rang those bells to me.

Offsite Link
by Jake and Vickyreply 228Last Monday at 3:14 PM

R227 That was about the time that they also decided that Tangie was somehow Blake's friend from back in boarding school.....I can't even remember what they were trying to do - was it that Tangie slept with Roger? Or Dietrich Lindsay? I can't remember. But it was shit out with no thought and escaped my brains as quickly as it came.

by Jake and Vickyreply 229Last Monday at 3:16 PM

R229 - They connected Tangie w/ Roger - suggesting that Roger adopted Tangie. Which would sort of make Blake and Tangie sisters

They talked about it for a few weeks, then it was dropped.

by Jake and Vickyreply 230Last Monday at 3:25 PM

R230 thank you. I knew there was something along those lines.

They wanted to attach her to as many in Springfield as they could so we would give a fuck. Alas, our bag of fucks was completely empty.

by Jake and Vickyreply 231Last Monday at 3:30 PM

Instead of making Marcy Walker Tangie, why didn’t they make her a Reardon or Norris. Lana Reardon was one of the Reardon kids we never met-could she have played her? Or Chelsea? Or what about playing Holly’s niece or Roger’s illegitimate sister?

by Jake and Vickyreply 232Last Monday at 4:00 PM

I always thought they should have cast Marcy Walker as Amanda Spaulding. That would connect her to a main family and give her a built-in romance with Roger, Ross etc.

by Jake and Vickyreply 233Last Monday at 4:03 PM

She would have been more age appropriate than Toby Poser.

by Jake and Vickyreply 234Last Monday at 4:04 PM

Marcy Walker last few months on GL coincided with Kim Zimmer's 13 week short-term return as a ghost (Zimmer would sign a long-term contract at the end of the 13 weeks)

Too bad those two never shared a scene

by Jake and Vickyreply 235Last Monday at 4:09 PM

Ironic since Kim essentially replaced Marcy on Santa Barbara during its last gasps.

by Jake and Vickyreply 236Last Monday at 4:14 PM

Robert Newman and Marcy Walker had previously worked together on Santa Barbara. Robert played Eden's crazy husband Kirk Cranston for about a month in April-May 1986 to wrap up the storyline when Joseph Bottoms left the show.

The two had decent chemistry on Santa Barbara, but nothing like what Marcy had with A Martinez or what Robert had with Kim Zimmer.

Amazingly, Marcy and Robert did NOT have chemistry together when they were paired on GL.

Agree, it was a poor idea to create a new character for Marcy rather than bring her back as someone who had connections to the canvas like Amanda Spaulding or Lana Reardon

by Jake and Vickyreply 237Last Monday at 5:41 PM

That is one of the things about soaps. It doesn't matter how popular you were on another show. It doesn't matter if you are the best actor in the history of acting. They can give you an intriguing story. They can connect you to every one on screen. But if your character doesn't work, it just won't work.

by Jake and Vickyreply 238Last Monday at 6:02 PM

One character Marcy Walker did have chemistry with, was Scott Hoxby (Det, Cutter) - I just don't understand why the writers didn't pursue this story. The set-up was PERFECT - Det. Cutter was solving crimes, while Tangie (Marcy character) was now a crusading reporter

The storyline possibilities was endless, with those two butting heads (him trying to solve crimes, her trying to report on the crimes)

but for some reason JFP was sold on an A-M/Tangie romance, and was content for the Cutter character to just say "just the facts"

by Jake and Vickyreply 239Last Monday at 6:19 PM

We seem to be Muriel'd again.

I was contemplating doing a WHET Diane Ballard thread (She left town with a BANG!)

But then I saw this one already exists AND is open, so let's use this?

This is the NEW (ish) thread.....

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by Jake and Vickyreply 240Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM
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