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Who Will Come Out in 2021?

Any guesses?

Will this be the year for Julian Morris?

by Sakurareply 60002/06/2021

The sun

by Sakurareply 112/16/2020

My hopes are:

Mitchell Hoog (pic below)

Liam Aiken - publicly asexual/not really sure, but would love it

Julian and Landon - just to finally say it

Jack Brett Anderson

Kyle Allen -publicly asexual, but would love it

Ross Haslam - UK diver

Sebastian Croft

Finn Jones - may have a dated a woman long ago, but there’s a good chance he’s been dating guys IMO

Tom Austen/Chance Crawford - basically the same person

Andrew Matarazzo - pretty sure he’s in a LTR with a man, is never shy about showing his assets, and clearly lives fabulously

Manolo Vergara - obvious

Kal Penn - like, gurl we know

Lukas Gage - although who knows how he will handle his new viral fame

Noah Urrea from Now United - cute as a button

Scott Eastwood - a long shot, but I have a hunch

Froy & Richard

Pedro Pascal

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 212/16/2020

Hopefully some more athletes

by Sakurareply 312/16/2020

Noah has a role in the upcoming Netflix "Metal Lords," from the "Game of Thrones" producers. I doubt he'll make any announcement, especially as he has said that he envisions himself married to a woman by age 30...

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 412/16/2020

Elliot Page

by Sakurareply 512/16/2020

I don't know a single person on R2's list.

by Sakurareply 612/16/2020

what makes you think Kyle Allen is asexual?

by Sakurareply 712/16/2020

By “publicly asexual”, I just mean that I’ve just never heard of him dating anyone, R7. It’s possible that he has a whole wife and kids in private, but he’s a cute brunette twink; so I’m going to hope for the best.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 812/16/2020

Miles Heizer

My guess is that he’ll finally come out on his own and comment on his sexuality/relationship when he has a new project to promote

by Sakurareply 912/16/2020

Mackenzie Davis

by Sakurareply 1012/16/2020

Fangirls have been shipping Joshua Bassett with Sabrina Carpenter (shades of Carpenter and Corey Fogelmanis...). Rather than play into it, he said the following on an IG Live


[Quote] I should get Franklin a girl bear? Ooh! I don't know if Franklin is ready for a girlfriend yet. I think, uh, he's gotta really do some soul searching and discover who he is before he can love somebody, so... I'm very inspired by him in that way.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 1112/16/2020

He also gets teary about to the season finale scene between the gay couple on the show.


Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 1212/16/2020

Excellent receipts, R11/R12! Joshua is adorable.

by Sakurareply 1312/16/2020

It WON'T be me, bitches!

I am straight, so don't you dare accuse me of being gay!

by Sakurareply 1412/16/2020

I forgot about Owen Joyner!

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 1512/16/2020

Who's Owen Joyner? He's cute

by Sakurareply 1612/16/2020

Who are ANY of these people mentioned so far?

by Sakurareply 1712/16/2020

Who are you hoping for, r17? Robert Conrad?

by Sakurareply 1812/16/2020

Owen Joyner is on that "Julie and the Phantoms" show, as part of a romance storyline with BooBoo Stewart.

by Sakurareply 1912/16/2020

Here are some names for R6 & R17:

Rock Hudson

Tom Cruise

John Travolta

Lindsay Graham

by Sakurareply 2012/16/2020

Will Lindsey be outed by those rent boys?

by Sakurareply 2112/16/2020

Wonder if any Spacey types will get outed as well?

by Sakurareply 2212/17/2020

Really nobody notable. Though Shawn Mendes does seem like a possibility.

by Sakurareply 2312/17/2020

[Quote] Though Shawn Mendes does seem like a possibility.

Do you smoke crack? Is that what you smoke?

[Quote] "It was so, so frustrating for me because there were some people in my life that I was very, very close to, who were gay and in the closet," Shawn revealed. "And I felt this real anger for those people. It's such a tricky thing. You want to say, 'I'm not gay, but it'd be fine if I was gay — but also there's nothing wrong with being gay, but I'm not.'"

by Sakurareply 2412/17/2020

Shawn Mendes will die in the closet

by Sakurareply 2512/17/2020

I know it sounds weird, but what if he's really straight?

by Sakurareply 2612/17/2020

[Quote] what if he's really straight?

Poor Michelle, is that you?

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 2712/17/2020

^ That isn't a straight man. No way.

by Sakurareply 2812/17/2020

Scott Eastwood is hot! He looks like he could have been a Sean Cody model 10 years ago.

If he did come out, what would daddy think? I don't think Scott really cares.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 2912/17/2020

Patrick Schwarzenegger

by Sakurareply 3012/19/2020

R30 over Arnie's dead body.

by Sakurareply 3112/19/2020

Millie Bobby Brown

by Sakurareply 3212/19/2020

[quote]Patrick Schwarzenegger

The straights can keep that nepo-douche.

by Sakurareply 3312/19/2020

Brendad Ickson

by Sakurareply 3412/19/2020


His autobiography "Career Suicide" will be released in 2021. He says the book will "change everything".

Yes, there are fans who will be shocked & destroyed by the news.

by Sakurareply 3512/20/2020

"Change everything" = Bill will become Jill?

by Sakurareply 3612/20/2020

Nolan Gould

Brent Rivera (Social media influencer with perpetual gay/theater kid face)

Jan-Michael Gambill (former pro tennis player)

by Sakurareply 3712/20/2020

Who will get outed?

by Sakurareply 3812/20/2020

Ariana Grande's fiance.

by Sakurareply 3912/20/2020

Lachlan Buchanan

by Sakurareply 4012/20/2020

Nolan Gould isn't out?

Even Shawn Mendes can call him a fàg

by Sakurareply 4112/20/2020

r32 maybe not this year, but I guarantee she will come out as 'queer'/ fluid, or 'they/them'. Standard zoomer girl with a large following move. r35 Come out as a woman maybe......

by Sakurareply 4212/20/2020

r29 Why do you think he is gay?

by Sakurareply 4312/20/2020

Millie had a football player bf. It was too random to be fake.

by Sakurareply 4412/20/2020

Lachlan Buchanan already came out as "queer"

by Sakurareply 4512/21/2020

Nobody important, that's for sure.

by Sakurareply 4612/21/2020

Leo & Tobey will finally walk down the aisle & Lukas will settle for flower girl 🌸

by Sakurareply 4712/21/2020

R10 She already came out as straight

by Sakurareply 4812/21/2020

Who is that at r8?

by Sakurareply 4912/21/2020

R49, just a twinky actor/dancer. I first saw him in a brief role on American Horror Story Apocalypse. He has a sort of JGL-look, so he piqued my interest.

by Sakurareply 5012/21/2020

If you were asking for the name, R49, it’s Kyle Allen.

by Sakurareply 5112/21/2020

r45 Huh how did I miss that?

by Sakurareply 5212/21/2020

Check out reply 29 at the link.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 5312/21/2020

Lachlan Buchanan is hot

by Sakurareply 5412/22/2020

R43 I was just piggybacking on r2 s comment. He is gorgeous though, up there with Matthew Bomer and Luke Evans.

by Sakurareply 5512/22/2020

I'm with r8 and r17. I wonder if these nobodies can actually even make a decent living out of Hollywood. And it's not an eldergay thing because they're certainly not as known, and make less money, than Youtubers of the same age. Nobody on r2's list is famous.

by Sakurareply 5612/22/2020

Will come out with a casual comment about partaking or not discriminating in the past:

Matthew McConaughey Keanu Reeves, James Franco, Alexander Skarsgard,

Will get outed by a messy situation like the Will Smith & Jada triangle:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper

by Sakurareply 5712/22/2020

[Quote] And it's not an eldergay thing

It is an eldergay thing to not understand fame in the present day.

by Sakurareply 5812/22/2020

Yawn, r57.

by Sakurareply 5912/22/2020

R56 thinks YouTubers make money. LOL. Not in 99% of all cases

by Sakurareply 6012/22/2020

Someone thinks Landon Ross is hardly getting by in Hollywood?! Lol.

by Sakurareply 6112/22/2020

Sebastian Croft is a BAFTA nominee, is he not?

by Sakurareply 6212/22/2020

Curran Walters. Likely from a secretly recorded hookup. And Noah Schnapp as my outside chance.

by Sakurareply 6312/22/2020

John Mulaney, post-rehab

by Sakurareply 6412/22/2020

[Quote] And Noah Schnapp as my outside chance.

Let's leave minors out of the discussion.

by Sakurareply 6512/22/2020

I feel the same way as R6. Who are those people?

I think I'm just going to throw some wacky consonant combinations together with trendy names and create my own list.

My predictions Kayden Abacab Jayden and Kyle Misha Sussudio Duke Gabriel (from MARVEL KITTENS) Finn Genesis (from 2GETHER) Frips Hunter and Cayden Kyle Gabriel Collins (always drinking tea and cute as a button)

by Sakurareply 6612/22/2020

R66, you must not be a regular, since many of those people are frequently discussed here

by Sakurareply 6712/22/2020

r67, being discussed here does not make them famous. R6 is correct.

by Sakurareply 6812/22/2020

r65 Fair point. For some reason I thought he was closer to 18 than he is.

by Sakurareply 6912/22/2020

Mac Parker, brit soap actor has come out as gay. In an interview with attitude magazine, he said he came out as bisexual at 18 and dated a woman for seven years. Only started dating a man a couple of years ago.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 7012/22/2020

R68, it means it's a bit silly to go on and on about how you haven't heard of them if you are posting here. Some of the people on that list are pretty successful and have been around a really haven't heard of Chace Crawford? As a datalounger?

by Sakurareply 7112/22/2020

[quote]thinks YouTubers make money. LOL. Not in 99% of all cases

Yup! Only about 22,000 Youtubers have over 1 million subscribers and in general that means they make about 60K a year from Youtube but by that point you're probably making more selling merchandise, guest speaking and other related things.

by Sakurareply 7212/22/2020

Joe Biden—that big girl!

by Sakurareply 7312/22/2020

Some 3rd-rate Marvel actor nobody cares about.

by Sakurareply 7412/22/2020

Abe Vigoda will be outed by a legion of black former twinks!

Jacob Tremblay

Corey Booker

by Sakurareply 7512/22/2020

Rahul Kohli

by Sakurareply 7612/22/2020

R29 I think your Scott has a resemblance to this Scott—

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 7712/22/2020

George Papadopolous!

by Sakurareply 7812/22/2020

Carl Lentz

by Sakurareply 7912/22/2020

I'll be surprised if Curran doesn't eventually come out as gay

by Sakurareply 8012/22/2020

Gabriel Mann

by Sakurareply 8112/22/2020

I’ve been on DL for a number of years. And every year about this time someone creates a post like this. Has anyone ever taken the time to see if any of your guesses were right? Most likely no. So stop with the stupid post unless you can give me a spreadsheet of who came out in what year and how many people on data lounge predicting it. You guys are just awful queens and think any cute guy is gay.

I dare you

by Sakurareply 8212/22/2020

Ma'am Papadopoulous

by Sakurareply 8312/22/2020

r82 There was one year where everyone listed in the OP post of who would come out that year came out. prove me wrong.

by Sakurareply 8412/22/2020

Take it more as who SHOULD come out rather than who WILL come out.

by Sakurareply 8512/22/2020

R82, I disagree. This is one of the most enjoyable thread series on DataLounge, IMO. It doesn’t matter whether we’re right or wrong; it’s loads of fun to discuss attractive celebrities and guess potential family members. These threads bring our bitchy family together around the holidays, and that’s better than some people’s real families.

by Sakurareply 8612/22/2020

Noah Beck.

by Sakurareply 8712/22/2020

[Quote] Some of the people on that list are pretty successful and have been around a really haven't heard of Chace Crawford? As a datalounger?


by Sakurareply 8812/23/2020

R57 Most of those guys aren't gay

by Sakurareply 8912/23/2020

Cameron Gellman and/or Hunter Sansone from Stargirl.

by Sakurareply 9012/23/2020

Max Parker has had some cuties.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 9112/23/2020

Someone's taking notes from Shawn Mendes...

[Quote] Haze Carp 18 hours ago (edited) For anyone curious the video came from anon Twitter from an account that was made earlier this year. They posted the video today a couple of minutes ago and then shortly deactivated.

"Papped" by the intern at his representation, no doubt.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 9212/23/2020

Tracee Ellis Ross , I have heard rumors

by Sakurareply 9312/23/2020

R91, Max Parker is getting press for coming out today, but he must’ve been glass closeted.

by Sakurareply 9412/23/2020

Yeah, it's another "gay on social media" progressing to "interview mentioning gayess" a la Ben Platt.

by Sakurareply 9512/23/2020

[Quote] I’ve been on DL for a number of years. And every year about this time someone creates a post like this. Has anyone ever taken the time to see if any of your guesses were right? Most likely no. So stop with the stupid post unless you can give me a spreadsheet of who came out in what year and how many people on data lounge predicting it. You guys are just awful queens and think any cute guy is gay. I dare you

And I condole you.

The earliest thread with this title to show up for me was 2013, though there was a link to a 2011 thread which featured the following guess:

[Quote] 12/14/11 Alia Shawkat

The thread linked Shawkat to Ellen Page.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 9612/23/2020

Shawkat came out in May 2017.

by Sakurareply 9712/23/2020

In the main 2013 thread, a bunch of names were thrown out on 01/07/13.

[Quote] I have a feeling that Ellen Page will.

Page then came out in February 2014.

[Quote] Am I correct that Brian Boitano has still not officially come out after all these years?

Boitano then came out in December 2013.

[Quote] My guess is that someone like Wentworth Miller or Lee Pace will come out. Maybe Colton Haynes will finally have the balls to come out

Miller then came out in August 2013. He was joined by Pace in June 2018 and Haynes in May 2016.

[Quote] Van Hansis

Hansis then came out in May 2014.

[Quote] Tom Daley

Daley then came out in December 2013.

[Quote] Raven Symone

Raven then came out in August 2013.

[Quote] Kevin McHale

McHale then came out in April 2018.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 9812/23/2020

[Quote ] 01/08/13 Maybe Johnathan Bennett

Bennett subsequently came out via his relationshp with Jaymes Vaughan. I couldn't be bothered to pin down a date but it was subsequent to the guess above.

[Quote] 01/16/13 Kristen Stewart. Still think she's a gayling

Stewart then came out in March 2017.

[Quote] 11/30/13 I don't rule out Aaron Carter coming out

Carter then came out in August 2017.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 9912/23/2020

[Quote] 12/30/13 Barrett Foa

Foa then came out in February 2019.

[Quote] 12/31/13 Thomas Dekker

Dekker then came out in July 2017.

[Quote] 12/31/13 Garrett Clayton

Clayton then came out in August 2018.

[Quote] 01/01/14 Paris Jackson, MJ's kid

Jackson then came out in July 2018.

[Quote] 01/01/14 Is Gio Benitez a celebrity?

Benitez then came out in September 2015.

[Quote] 03/01/14 Brian J Smith

Smith then came out in November 2019.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 10012/23/2020

[Quote] 12/01/15 Charlie Carver

Carver then came out in January 2016.

[Quote] 02/06/16 Hottie Joey Pollari

Pollari then came out in March 2018.

[Quote] 03/09/16 Fingers crossed for Connor Jessup.

Jessup came out in June 2019.

[Quote] 03/24/16 RIck Cosnett

Cosnett then came out in February 2020.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 10112/23/2020

[Quote] 12/24/16 Ben Platt

Platt then came out in February 2019.

[Quote] 11/23/17 Rafael de la Fuente

Rafael then came out in July 2019.

[Quote] 12/26/17 Tyler Blackburn

Blackburn then came out in April 2019.

[Quote] 01/12/19 Nic Hamilton

Hamilton then came out in September 2019.

[Quote] 01/24/20 Max Parker

Parker came out in December 2020.

by Sakurareply 10212/23/2020

^ Yeah, most of the guesses here are decent, for the most part, aside from the occasional "I'll mention someone's who not even gay"

by Sakurareply 10312/23/2020

[quote]"gay on social media" progressing to "interview mentioning gayess"

I predict that's the route for Jack Bannon from the Batman prequel series "Pennyworth" (that, yes, I'm aware nobody watches) will take. He deleted other photos of them but he still has one photo up of his ex bf from last year. He's never bearded.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 10412/23/2020

Bannon is a cutie

by Sakurareply 10512/23/2020

Bannon, like Tom Austen, is also close with Oliver Jackson Cohen...

by Sakurareply 10612/23/2020

^ They're just straight dudebros who hang out together. No homo!

by Sakurareply 10712/23/2020

OJC actually has a candid video of him and Jack Bannon, both drunk/drinking and leaning on each other whilst sharing a carousel horse, saved to his Instagram highlights. It's under PFW.

by Sakurareply 10812/23/2020

[Quote] Tracee Ellis Ross , I have heard rumors

Regina Hall.

by Sakurareply 10912/23/2020

Regina Hall is a good bet.

by Sakurareply 11012/23/2020

Connie Britton, maybe.

by Sakurareply 11112/23/2020

R19 Is BooBoo Stewart gay? He's adorable.

by Sakurareply 11212/23/2020

BooBoo Stewart has unveiled a girl on his social media account (and vice versa). I don't follow him so I don't know if that just happened when he started playing gay.

by Sakurareply 11312/23/2020

How Michael Vlamis and Cameron Monaghan of him, R113.

by Sakurareply 11412/23/2020

Armie Hammer, obvi.

by Sakurareply 11512/23/2020

Does he ping?


Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 11612/23/2020

Tom Austen is a pretty good bet too. He made some half hearted attempts to beard with Alexandra Park, his costar/love interest on "The Royals," but after it was cancelled she finally admitted she had actually been dating their costar actor James Lafferty the entire time, to whom she's now engaged.

by Sakurareply 11712/23/2020

Ben Barnes?

by Sakurareply 11812/23/2020

Ben Barnes identifies as straight. Julian Morris has never confirmed nor denied.

by Sakurareply 11912/23/2020

Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin "identified as straight" at one point...

by Sakurareply 12012/23/2020

Has Gregg Alexander ever come out?

by Sakurareply 12112/23/2020

[Quote] Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin "identified as straight" at one point...

Different time. Ben Barnes said that in recent years. He doesn't belong in a thread about people who might come out.

by Sakurareply 12212/23/2020

[QUOTE]Yeah, most of the guesses here are decent, for the most part, aside from the occasional "I'll mention someone's who not even gay"

OK. who's "not even gay"? I'd like to see your list please. Because you're going with as much information (or less) as the person that posted it.

by Sakurareply 12312/23/2020

R123 lol I wondered too but there are always a couple of literal minded dumbasses in these threads who don't understand their only purpose is to guess and speculate, and not to state our 100% accurate visions of the future.

by Sakurareply 12412/23/2020

R122 receipts? Can't seem to find a source on Ben Barnes "coming out as straight."

by Sakurareply 12512/23/2020

Saoirse Ronan

by Sakurareply 12612/23/2020

Barnes tweeted out "As a straight man..." I think it was something about being an ally, not necessarily to gays, but to women. It might have been MeToo related.

by Sakurareply 12712/23/2020

R101 Connor Jessup's coming out post is still my favorite:

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 12812/24/2020

The people that come out can't be A-listers. Receipts, over the years, prove that DL pretty much has an idea about who might be gay in Hollywood. However if, as per DL, say Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Keanu Reeves or Bradley Cooper are probably gay/bi, they're never coming out because they have too much money riding on them. The industry will not allow it. Too many peoples' livelihoods depend on the A-lister. Just like John Travolta never came out even though everybody and their grandma knows he's gay.

But stakes aren't as high for lower-tier actors such as close buddies Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgard. So these two are my guess.

by Sakurareply 12912/24/2020

Once an actor or any headliner, really, is past their prime, they can't really use that excuse ("Everybody's job depends on me"). People go to see Elton John sing his oldies. They don't care about the Bel Ami performers he takes on vacation. Ditto they don't care what Gandalf does with his big stick once he gets back to his dressing room.

by Sakurareply 13012/24/2020

R126 She has a bf, and is not even that public with him like one would be if it was a beard. How is she coming out as anything next year?

by Sakurareply 13112/24/2020

What's the logic behind the people who think that Brad Pitt is gay? So Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were his beards? Ok, let's say they agreed to beard for him for some reason let's say publicity. Why did Juliette Lewis and especially Robin Givens dated him when he was an unknown actor? Let's say he was closeted to himself back in those days. How the fuck do you explain Angelina Jolie? Why would she agree to marry a gay man and have children with him, all while being accused of being a homewrecker, when in those days she could basically have almost any man she wanted?

by Sakurareply 13212/24/2020

Look what happened with that Hillsong Church pastor's story. A tabloid reports a firsthand account of a dogwalker catching him having sex with a "young celebrity". The tab automatically protects the celebrity (wouldn't have if they had been a D-ister) and meticulously uses gender-neutral pronouns that leads one to believe the celebrity is likely male. This simply means the celebrity is still viable and makes a ton of money for a bunch of people.

by Sakurareply 13312/24/2020

Angelina Jolie enjoys pussy so I don't understand your line of argument. Some people are gay, some are bisexual, some are sick and boring.

by Sakurareply 13412/24/2020

I don't go into Brad Pitt threads but I presume some see him as... flexible due to living with that old queen soap writer when Pitt was starting out.

by Sakurareply 13512/24/2020

Emmanuel Macron

by Sakurareply 13612/24/2020

Taylor Swift

by Sakurareply 13712/24/2020

[quote]What's the logic behind the people who think that Brad Pitt is gay? So Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were his beards?

They don't think he's gay. Those women were not beards. But bisexuality exists (interesting you don't question Angelina Jolie's man-eating credentials) and, since this is a gossip site, there have been stories about his former friendship with Clooney and that Eric Bana incident which was too random to not to be true.

by Sakurareply 13812/24/2020

[quote]Emmanuel Macron

He will never come out. But the gay rumors are very credible. Ask any Parisian who's in the know about such things.

by Sakurareply 13912/24/2020

R134 What does Angelina being bisexual has to do with anything?

by Sakurareply 14012/24/2020

R95 To be fair, Ben Platt mentioned an exboyfriend on a red carpet when he was on Evan Hansen. The press decided to ignore it just like they ignored Nicholas Hamilton going to It premiere with his boyfriend

by Sakurareply 14112/24/2020

^ Because you literally said Brad Pitt has dated so many women that can't be into guys.

by Sakurareply 14212/24/2020

The poster above framed it as "why would such a desirable woman as Angelina Jolie, who could have any man, go for someone who's not a red blooded heterosexual." Inherent in that question is the view that hets are the top and a "real" woman wouldn't settle for anyone other than a straight man... (Tell that to Kelly Preston, who could have had "any man she wanted" too. Preston chose Travolta.) Jolie is bisexual. She wouldn't buy into that hierarchy bullshit.

by Sakurareply 14312/24/2020

R122 Barnes is obviously gay, but you are right, he is not going to come out.

And Julian Morris is the proof that if you are a nice guy you can come out clean of some shit, because his "i was inspired by some gay friends" to play a gay character in the Man in an orange shirt would make almost anyone being trashed here but not him

by Sakurareply 14412/24/2020

Sophie Trudeau.

by Sakurareply 14512/24/2020

R145 No, her husband

by Sakurareply 14612/24/2020

I still don't see how Angelina being bi (who only dates men and can't see herself in a serious relationship with a woman's;her words) has to do with anything I said.

by Sakurareply 14712/24/2020

R98, maybe I'm misunderstanding, Kevin McHale from the Boston Celtics came out?

by Sakurareply 14812/24/2020

I still can’t believe Richard Armitage open upkn an interview and hinted about being gay in Jan of this year.

by Sakurareply 14912/24/2020

Really? Armitage is British and well on his way to 50. And the closet likely soured his relationship with Lee Pace. He's likely taking baby steps to see that it doesn't happen again with the current beau.

by Sakurareply 15012/24/2020

anyone know who his current beau is?

by Sakurareply 15112/24/2020

I know CDaN is shit but...

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 15212/24/2020

^^^ John Travolta; the close death would be Kelly Preston

by Sakurareply 15312/24/2020

Oliver Jackson-Cohen commented "Cutie Patooti 🖤" today on Paul Mescal's Instagram post about his latest photo shoot. Unlike Julian Morris, he said he "connected very personally" to his gay role in "Man in an Orange Shirt" and I think his role in his next film is also gay. Maybe he'll come out this year.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 15412/24/2020

I haven't watched that many interviews with OJC but I saw one for the Invisible Man where he talked about fashion. He seemed relaxed in his pinging.

by Sakurareply 15512/24/2020

I wonder how much Paul Mescal got for that ad.

by Sakurareply 15612/24/2020

I wonder who is Richard Armitage ‘s mystery man? The answer sometimes lies on sm..there must be someone who he follows and likes on insta frequently and his friends and family also follows and vise versa..

by Sakurareply 15712/24/2020

Maybe he's with his manager.

by Sakurareply 15812/24/2020

Armitage is like 90 does he even know what social media is?

by Sakurareply 15912/24/2020

What about Oliver having a long time girlfriend up until a year or two?

by Sakurareply 16012/24/2020

Is that the girlfriend who has a girlfriend?

by Sakurareply 16112/24/2020

Frankie Jonas

by Sakurareply 16212/24/2020

r146 She'll come out first, her husband will follow.

by Sakurareply 16312/25/2020

R161 No, she doesn't have a gf. That's something DL made up. Even the gals on LChat don't buy it. She has a best friend though

by Sakurareply 16412/25/2020

LChat has spoken. Herbal tea leaves were read.

by Sakurareply 16512/25/2020

^ That's funny

by Sakurareply 16612/25/2020

As trans?

by Sakurareply 16712/25/2020

I see the LChat frau troll finally found her way over from the 2020 thread.

by Sakurareply 16812/25/2020

[Quote] I see the LChat frau troll finally found her way over from the 2020 thread.

And it's rather telling that it's a specific pair that gets her to flapping her gums...

by Sakurareply 16912/25/2020

^ Aww, you guys. I'm not even a chick

by Sakurareply 17012/25/2020

No. You're the best friend of a chick.

by Sakurareply 17112/25/2020


by Sakurareply 17212/25/2020

Like straight fangurls are experts on Lchat....

by Sakurareply 17312/25/2020

[quote]I haven't watched that many interviews with OJC but I saw one for the Invisible Man where he talked about fashion. He seemed relaxed in his pinging.

His parents are designers. He's been raised around the industry which is why he always brand drops.

by Sakurareply 17412/25/2020

R173 There's more straight women on DL than on LChat

by Sakurareply 17512/25/2020

Tom Hiddleston.

by Sakurareply 17612/25/2020

Can the weird LChat troll go start her own thread or take her uncomfortable obsession with proving OJC's raging heterosexuality to one of the several existing OJC threads and leave the rest of us to speculate here in peace, thanks.

by Sakurareply 17712/25/2020

Nathaniel Rateliff, but not the Night Sweats.

by Sakurareply 17812/25/2020

R177 Nah

by Sakurareply 17912/25/2020

R162 The Bonus Jonas? I dunno much about him but all three of his brothers have always pinged for me, especially Kevin.

by Sakurareply 18012/25/2020

It's 2020. Can we leave Tom Hiddleston to five years ago.

by Sakurareply 18112/25/2020

Don't look at me, for fuck's sake.

I have a wife. AND son. Who is obviously mine.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 18212/25/2020

^ who are those people? One looks like a chubby queen, the other looks like a drag queen

by Sakurareply 18312/25/2020

Creator of Downton abbey. He son (spitting image) and his aristocratic wife. Julian is butthurt she didnt inherit her fathers title due to primogeniture, and has made it his little soap box.

by Sakurareply 18412/25/2020

r180 He has a tiktok and pings to me. all this pinging in that family one of them has to be gay

by Sakurareply 18512/25/2020

r176 He likes pussy. No thank you.

by Sakurareply 18612/26/2020

Kids follow straight-up nobodies now of days. Not even musicians or anything.

by Sakurareply 18712/26/2020

Prince Harry.

by Sakurareply 18812/26/2020

[Quote] Kids follow straight-up nobodies now of days. Not even musicians or anything.

Was Leif Garrett even a musician, though? He hadn't a note in his head.

by Sakurareply 18912/26/2020

Who do y'all think will be the first to come out in 2021?

by Sakurareply 19012/27/2020

Someone will come out as a non-binary attention whore

by Sakurareply 19112/27/2020

R2 Pretty much nailed it. My guesses:


Richard Madden

Lukas Gage

Pedro Pascal

Kal Penn

Finn Jones

Edgar Ramirez

by Sakurareply 19212/27/2020

Miles Heizer

by Sakurareply 19312/27/2020

Daveed Mazouz.

by Sakurareply 19412/27/2020

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

by Sakurareply 19512/27/2020

Ronen Rubinstein

by Sakurareply 19612/27/2020

Lukas Gage would be funny. The fact that a very gay show without gay actors make the only gay one the villain is quite funny.

R196 I don't know if he is gay or not, but he is gorgeous and he is very commited to promote his show and his storyline (not all actors playing gay character can say the same)

by Sakurareply 19712/27/2020

[R197] he could be an ally but he seems really flirty with his hot gay costar Rafael on his live. The way he looks at him and calls him papi here and there kinda makes you wonder

by Sakurareply 19812/27/2020

Lukas Gage is hetero and has a gf. Funny how rumours start at the DL. Young actor you fancy=he's gay. If he has a picture with a male friend, then he's gay, because straight men don't have friends.

Some of you make fangirls look like Nobel laureates in comparison.

by Sakurareply 19912/27/2020

r199, a fangirl is calling other people fangirls? Pot paging kettle. Funny how things work in Fangirl-land. Any actor who has been linked to a woman at any point is straight - even though most actors who are out now dated or pretended to date women at one point. If a guy drags a female friend to a premiere, that means he's straight and she's his gf because we all know gay men don't have female friends. You make the 1950s fraus who thought Liberace was straight look like Nobel laureates.

by Sakurareply 20012/27/2020

Barron Trump

by Sakurareply 20112/27/2020

R199 Frankly, i don't think anybody fancy him that much, at least not here.

Maybe it was the unflattering haircut or the fact that he was a little chubby, but people who watched Love, Víctor didn't undertand why Benji was dating his character

R198 He and Rafael seem to understand that chemistry is the way a gay couple last on a tv show and they work on it for sure. They must be one of the most attractive gay couples on tv right now

by Sakurareply 20212/27/2020

R199 If that is true, why did an article out him as gay? It literally said all the actors in Midnight Kiss were gay. Also... he follows a ton of gay people on Insta for a hetero breeder as you claim.

by Sakurareply 20312/27/2020

Pierson Fodé.

by Sakurareply 20412/27/2020

I really do get a gay or bi vibe from Pierson

by Sakurareply 20512/27/2020

Why do the fanfraus never seem to grasp that this thread is for guesses and speculations, and not for definitive psychic visions from the future that should be hotly debated at every turn? So fucking tiresome.

by Sakurareply 20612/27/2020

God forbid someone not be straight

by Sakurareply 20712/27/2020

r200 He isn't gay. Keep dreaming, fat whores.

by Sakurareply 20812/27/2020

Lukas Gage is not straight

by Sakurareply 20912/27/2020

r209 and you are not gay

by Sakurareply 21012/27/2020

R206 True. Also, there is a lot more circumstancial evidence for Lukas Gage than for most people mentioned here. An article literally outed him as gay.

by Sakurareply 21112/27/2020

I really think Ross Butler is but I'm not sure if he'd ever come out. I think he is based on the fact that he's never been rumored to date anyone. At all. At 30. He really wouldn't have anything to lose with a girlfriend. He's roommates with Sam Lutfi, Britney spears ex-manager or something. Who might also be gay considering he's single too and never married. I think because he's playing a background superhero in a movie series, he might want keep it hidden. He wants to be a part of the Crazy Rich Asians movies and about 6 months ago he was trying to get people to see him and fan cast him as Terry McGinnis in a Batman movie, he deleted the tweet.

I think he'll realize he's too old to play those roles and just come out, but then again, he's Asian so I think that would hurt him even more when it comes to getting roles since racism.

by Sakurareply 21212/27/2020

I thought Lukas Gage was already out. He was listed as an openly gay actor.

by Sakurareply 21312/27/2020

Dominic Thiem

by Sakurareply 21412/27/2020

R208, keep dreaming fat frau

by Sakurareply 21512/27/2020

r215 You wish I was fat and a frau, you jealous animal. You hate women, because we get all the straight guys, this is the problem you have with us and the motivation for your misogyny, bunch of hairdressers.

by Sakurareply 21612/27/2020

R214 I don't think so. In a recent interview he said that sooner or later he'll have another girlfriend cheering for him in the crowd so even if he weren't straight it's pretty obvious he is not thinking on coming out

by Sakurareply 21712/27/2020

Pedro Pascal is so gay

by Sakurareply 21812/27/2020

Pedro Pascal is a good guess, he doesn't seem to care anyway

by Sakurareply 21912/27/2020

Threads like this always bring out the crazies

by Sakurareply 22012/27/2020

R220 Yes, i never thought Lukas Gage had such rabid fandom

by Sakurareply 22112/27/2020

If Ross is r212 I'm not he'll come out because he currently wants leading man roles just like DL fave Christopher Sean who follows him on social media. I think awhile back supposedly Ross was complaining about being discriminated against by some company because he's 30 and single. Ross was also caught up in some serious drama with friend Courtney Love.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 22212/27/2020

R216, if you're so hot and get so many men....why do you have nothing better to do than troll on gay boards?

by Sakurareply 22312/27/2020

R222 It's funny that Ross's go-to-excuse for not dating anyone or being single in interviews is that he's been busy with this career. Very "I don't have time for girls. I'm focusing on my studies" lol

He said his early 20s were dedicated to his career and that's why he couldn't date and here is now in his 30s. Still single. Never dating anyone.

by Sakurareply 22412/27/2020

r224 Some people prefer to be single.

by Sakurareply 22512/27/2020

[quote]Pedro Pascal is a good guess, he doesn't seem to care anyway

He really doesn't, which is why it surprises me that he doesn't just say or maybe show off a boyfriend on his IG. His younger brother Lucas is out and (was?) dating fellow actor, Jose Antonio Raffo. Lucas also recently came out as non-binary

by Sakurareply 22612/27/2020

But is he crushing puss?

by Sakurareply 22712/27/2020

Don't reward the trolling of r199.

Some other examples of his posts:

[Quote] Lukas Gage is hetero and has a gf. Funny how rumours start at the DL. Young actor you fancy=he's gay. If he has a picture with a male friend, then he's gay, because straight men don't have friends.

[Quote] Some of you make fangirls look like Nobel laureates in comparison.

[Quote] He isn't gay. Keep dreaming, fat whores.

[Quote] You wish I was fat and a frau, you jealous animal. You hate women, because we get all the straight guys, this is the problem you have with us and the motivation for your misogyny, bunch of hairdressers.

by Sakurareply 22812/27/2020

R228 I blocked her and all the Lukas Gage is straight posts went away. What a surprise. I knew it was a troll.

by Sakurareply 22912/27/2020

Lukas Gage's "Midnight Kiss" was promoted with the info that it featured an out male cast.

by Sakurareply 23012/27/2020

I want to be convinced by this whole Ross Butler thing but after the disappointments Adam Dimarco and Nico Greetham have given me in 2020 I can't

by Sakurareply 23112/27/2020

Were you disappointed when Colton posted pics with Lucy Hale? You sound like a patsy.

by Sakurareply 23212/27/2020

Pedro is obviously gay he is always photographed arm-in -arm with a woman while their husband/boyfriend trails behind..

by Sakurareply 23312/27/2020

[Quote] He's roommates with Sam Lutfi, Britney spears ex-manager or something.

Well that's going to end well 😐

[Quote] Were you disappointed when Colton posted pics with Lucy Hale? You sound like a patsy.

What kind of pics?

by Sakurareply 23412/27/2020

How is Ross Butler a friend of both Sam Lutfi AND Courtney Love? That makes no sense. Is he friends with Britney & Jamie Spears too?

by Sakurareply 23512/28/2020

These kind of pics...

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 23612/28/2020

ya know, close pics...

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 23712/28/2020

R327 that is a cute photo. And it has Lucy's old face.

by Sakurareply 23812/28/2020

Former contestant on "The Voice", Avery Wilson, with his boo.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 23912/28/2020

R231 Adam DiMarco is straight?! Wow, I thought for sure he was gay.

by Sakurareply 24012/28/2020

Straight men do not dress up as "Call Me By Your Name."

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 24112/28/2020

AFAIK Ross is not friends with Britney r235.

[Quote]A good friend of mine is her manager. I met him [through a mutual friend] when I moved to L.A. and he was like, “Hey, do you wanna meet Courtney Love?” and I said sure. She and I just clicked really well. She’s super educated, like a walking encyclopedia. She’s just decided to keep me around, and has been my mentor and my big sister ever since. She’s actually helped me be more confident about wanting to be a leading man who’s Asian-American. When I moved here I had no direction, and she brought it up to me as something I should feel confident about.

by Sakurareply 24212/28/2020

R241 Then why did someone say he was straight?

by Sakurareply 24312/28/2020

Jabba the Hutt

by Sakurareply 24412/28/2020

[Quote] Then why did someone say he was straight?


by Sakurareply 24512/28/2020

Frankly i don't understand why actors and singer waste their time bearding (which is specially dangerous if you don't find the right beard) when you get the same effect just going out with a female friend and posting a pic with her on instagram.

Other thing is using the relationship for promotion but if it's only to skip gay rumours going out with a friend is as effective and way more useful if you want to come out in a future

by Sakurareply 24612/28/2020

But what happens if the female friend gets a boyfriend? Especially if it's a boyfriend who's also aiming for celebrity?

by Sakurareply 24712/28/2020

Remember Matt Dallas trying to beard with Blu Cantrell? (She's an ex of Michelle Rodriguez').

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 24812/28/2020


by Sakurareply 24912/28/2020

R247 Absolutely nothing, because one of the keys is never confirm or deny anything. If she starts to date someone, perfect, because you were just friends.

In fact if the media ask you you should always say you are just friends, the media doesn't care at all about denying, they publish you are in a relationship anyway, but you just told the truth (which makes easier anything you'll do in the future).

And of course, if people insult her on twitter for "cheating" you, you will defend her inmediately.

There are zero risks if you do it right (and not everybody deals well with lying so it's a perfect solution for that kind of guy)

by Sakurareply 25012/28/2020

Hillary Duff? Doubtful.

by Sakurareply 25112/28/2020

But what if you beard with somebody like E. Page? Does it not lead to more arrows pointing your gay, I mean, your way?

by Sakurareply 25212/28/2020

I still can't quite believe Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez thought it would be a good idea to put on shows for the paps...

by Sakurareply 25312/28/2020

Hillary Clinton..

by Sakurareply 25412/28/2020

R252 That's one of the reasons bearding is dangerous. Just imagine all gay Taylor Swift boyfriends coming out, dating one gay boy can make you a gay icon but so many it's a little too much.

Of course you can go the Jonathon Schaech route and say you were just helping a friend (a good bunch of friends in this case)

by Sakurareply 25512/28/2020

R252 I find curious nobody questioned Page. He (then she) went full activist when the truth is the coming out came when his mainstream career was fading. When he was getting great jobs he didn't have much problem in faking relationships

by Sakurareply 25612/28/2020

Luke Evans just got an award from ATTITUDE magazine. Any heroism he displayed lasted about five minutes when he was orgying with Boy George.

by Sakurareply 25712/28/2020

R255 Who are all these "too many" gay men that Taylor has dated?

by Sakurareply 25812/28/2020

Luke Evans is full of shit. He said in a recent interview that he never was in. Unfortunately i remind some interviews that tell otherwise.

Frankly, i don't understand why actors feel the need to blatantly lie when there are proofs they are lying.

It's perfectly ok to say that you were scared and ill advised, you fear your career will dissappear if you come out so you needed your time to be comfortable.

But no, they all say they never were in

by Sakurareply 25912/28/2020

R252 Alexander Skarsgard dated E. Page and there are rumors that he's been dating Southern belle Jack McBrayer for years now.

This Deuxmoi subreddit talks about his brother Bill likely being gay, and Alex and E. Page

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 26012/28/2020

Billy fathered a child a while ago. Is he in a relationship with the mother?

by Sakurareply 26112/28/2020

R253 you know they were both high as a kite during that "tryst" lol

by Sakurareply 26212/28/2020

Is it an open secret in the entertainment industry that Jack McBrayer and alexander skarsgard are dating?

by Sakurareply 26312/28/2020

Alexander Skarsgard was spotted with E. Page right before the lesbian coming out. He's rumored to be gay since he's "BFFs" with Southern belle Jack McBrayer (who acts so obviously gay). They go everywhere together like a couple. I read on a Deuxmoi forum that his brother Bill is also rumored to be gay and that Alexander dated a man back in Sweden, but that sounds like a lie.

by Sakurareply 26412/28/2020

Why would Alexander dating a man in Sweden sound like a lie?

by Sakurareply 26512/28/2020

R265 Sounds very heard from a friend who heard from a friend so maybe not a lie but there's no lead on that.

by Sakurareply 26612/28/2020

R67, you must have a limited scope of popular culture, current events, or life in 2020.

Just because the tik tokkers, d-list models and Disney extras are celebrities in their own minds and in yours doesn't mean the general public or anyone who isn't on DataLounge hourly will know who they are.

by Sakurareply 26712/28/2020

Bryan Tyree Henry

by Sakurareply 26812/28/2020

Give it a rest, r267.

by Sakurareply 26912/28/2020

Isn’t A. Skarsgard supposed to be a big bottom? Does this make Jack the top?

by Sakurareply 27012/28/2020

Why wouldn't Skarsgard just come out?

by Sakurareply 27112/28/2020

R271 because he's hot enough for women to want him

Do you think he'd be playing Tarzan if he was out?

by Sakurareply 27212/28/2020

Tarzan was years ago.

by Sakurareply 27312/28/2020

[quote]Bryan Tyree Henry

In Pedro Pascal's IG story the day Biden and Harris election win was announced, Pedro had a screenshot of him Facetiming Bryan who was hugged up with some other dude. Looked coupley.

by Sakurareply 27412/28/2020

[Quote] Why wouldn't Skarsgard just come out?

Why wouldn't Travis Fimmel come out?

by Sakurareply 27512/28/2020

UK dancer AJ Pritchard has a girlfriend apparently. This is almost a reverse coming out lmao.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 27612/28/2020

R276, which one is the man and which one is the woman?

by Sakurareply 27712/28/2020

I've been catching up on that new show Big Sky, and I definitely get a vibe from Gage Marsh, the actor who plays Ryan Phillippe's son. Anything known about him?

by Sakurareply 27812/28/2020

You know what, seeing as AJ's brother pings and I would have bet 100 bucks on him being gay, maybe they are just fey straight guys. It might just be their biology that makes them have 'gay' face. It really is pretty bad if they are both closeted. Both seem gay, do a 'gay' job, and are vocal about supporting gay causes/ if they are doing all that while bearding, that's really low imo.

by Sakurareply 27912/28/2020

James Safechuck

by Sakurareply 28012/28/2020

I don’t doubt that A. Skarsgard is gay, and of course Jack McBrayer is, but the notion that those two are somehow a couple is so odd and hilarious that maybe it IS true.

by Sakurareply 28112/28/2020

It's very Danny Kaye and Lawrence Olivier, minus the talent.

by Sakurareply 28212/28/2020

AJ Pritchard is not gay and I'm the dame to prove it!

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 28312/28/2020


[Quote] For me, it's never been about being this or being that. It's always been about being happy and proud, and kind of, just enjoying your life for what it is at that day or time or year. And people sometimes have to put labels on things or statements. You've always got to have a reason or something. Whereas, I've always lived my life like 'Hey, if I'm feeling this today, if I'm feeling that tomorrow, like, just have fun.' Life is too short.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 28412/28/2020

Curtis, AJ's brother, has also given similar "talking around the subject" comments. The pair of them are clearly quite cynical about the whole thing. That's show business, kid.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 28512/28/2020

Lol. Tatum does look VERY queen in that pic. Its like a cookie factory there......

by Sakurareply 28612/28/2020

Gays never dress up as women for Halloween, r231.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 28712/28/2020

Bassett is really leaning into the fey physicality.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 28812/28/2020

r285 but which side do you think their cynicism falls on pretending they're straight or not admititng they're straight for attention?

by Sakurareply 28912/29/2020

[Quote] but which side do you think their cynicism falls on pretending they're straight or not admitting they're straight for attention?

Well, AJ got his first girlfriend at the ripe old age of 24, so you do the math...

by Sakurareply 29012/29/2020

AJ getting a girlfriend coincided with his plans to leave "Dancing With the Stars" UK and launch a "solo" career. He's already been touring with his own theatre show. He also has TV hosting ambitions.

by Sakurareply 29112/29/2020

r272 Skarsgard seems low-key enough to maybe get away with it. I dunno.

by Sakurareply 29212/29/2020

James Charles will come out as trans.

by Sakurareply 29312/29/2020

Has Ryan Kwanten found the right girl yet?

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 29412/29/2020

r294 That's a great find.

by Sakurareply 29512/29/2020

R294 lol Kate looks cute.

by Sakurareply 29612/29/2020

Josh Bassett may supposedly have a girlfriend but he just gets gayer and gayer

by Sakurareply 29712/29/2020

r283 Camp Podwall still exists!? When was the last time that man managed to get anybody work?

by Sakurareply 29812/29/2020

R298 Chace is on The Boys show.

by Sakurareply 29912/29/2020

I should have known Chace'd know where to find The Boys.

by Sakurareply 30012/29/2020

Aj is very cute. I know dancing is a camp profession but both brothers really ping to me. When people mention 'not putting labels on anything', it kind of speaks for itself. And it is true, as a previous poster said, Curtis has also talked around the subject.

As for Curtis, anyone who saw him on Love Island would notice that he always looked more interested in Tommy Fury than he did Amy or Maura. Also, there's a segment where the guy has to do a sexy dance for the girl and..well, Curtis did this:

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 30112/29/2020

The lead singer of FRANZ FERDINAND as bisexual, Alex.

by Sakurareply 30212/29/2020

Well, if we're talking that era, Carl Barat has always pinged for me. The vest alone...

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 30312/29/2020


Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 30412/29/2020

Is this not something Jimmy Sommerville would have worn?

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 30512/29/2020

R302 Well, they have gay classic Michael in their first album, something those kind of bands rarely touch back then

by Sakurareply 30612/29/2020

technically a 2020 coming out, but German actor Jannik Schumann is gay

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 30712/29/2020

German coming outs are rare, right?

by Sakurareply 30812/29/2020

^^ he was the hot new pupil /love interest in "Center of my world" [Die Mitte der Welt]. Good for him!

by Sakurareply 30912/29/2020

Matarazzo with his quack doctor bf Jonathan Leary. Glass closeted indeed.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 31012/29/2020

Any woman?

by Sakurareply 31112/29/2020

r302 and? He is old and only dates women. I dont give a fuck about some closeted bi guy

by Sakurareply 31212/29/2020

Will Tudor

by Sakurareply 31312/29/2020

Gabriel Clark, the new Olli on Hollyoaks, is gay

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 31412/30/2020

Chace Crawford

by Sakurareply 31512/30/2020

One of the FRIENDS actors.

by Sakurareply 31612/30/2020

Miles Heizer

by Sakurareply 31712/30/2020

Jon Kortajarena

by Sakurareply 31812/30/2020

Lukas Gage

by Sakurareply 31912/30/2020

feels like y'all are just throwing out random names now

by Sakurareply 32012/30/2020

Julian Morris

by Sakurareply 32112/30/2020

KJ Apa

by Sakurareply 32212/30/2020

Richard Armitage

by Sakurareply 32312/30/2020

Leo Suter

by Sakurareply 32412/30/2020

[Quote] One of the FRIENDS actors.


by Sakurareply 32512/30/2020

who's Leo Suter?

by Sakurareply 32612/30/2020

Finn Jones

by Sakurareply 32712/30/2020

Jeremy Irvine

by Sakurareply 32812/30/2020

Grrl, r328.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 32912/30/2020

Chace Crawford will be closeted until he dies

by Sakurareply 33012/30/2020

Disagree. I think he'll be out before age 50.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 33112/30/2020

Who is the hot guy with him in that pic?

by Sakurareply 33212/30/2020

A "pal."

by Sakurareply 33312/30/2020

Good for him r314.

by Sakurareply 33412/30/2020

Is R304 Harry Styles?

by Sakurareply 33512/30/2020

R331 Jesus, why do so many guys wear shirts that are few sizes too small for them. And those socks stretched halfway to your knee? Just why?

by Sakurareply 33612/30/2020

RE: Connie Britton. I remember seeing her name on another thread about closeted lesbians. Why do people think she's gay?

by Sakurareply 33712/30/2020

R337, she hasn't been linked to a man in years

by Sakurareply 33812/30/2020

Someone sent this into Deuxmoi. Feel bad for Chace.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 33912/30/2020

Skarsgard should come out. At this point, everybody knows.

by Sakurareply 34012/30/2020

Skarsgard can't be gay. He dated Elliott Page!

by Sakurareply 34112/30/2020

Heizer and Kortajarena don't need to come out, everybody knows their dating life

by Sakurareply 34212/31/2020

Jon Kortajarena is so beautiful.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 34312/31/2020

I don't think Jon has any problem with being gay, he simply doesn't want to talk about his private life. If you don't want people know you are gay you don't go to a public beach with your boyfriend (who back then was a known actor, Alfonso Basave)

by Sakurareply 34412/31/2020

R341 Wouldn't that make him gay?

by Sakurareply 34512/31/2020

I don't really know who he is, but some people are saying that actor Lukas Radovich, from the Aussie soap Home and Away has a boyfriend.....

by Sakurareply 34601/01/2021

well, he seems to play the most popular character of that show.

by Sakurareply 34701/01/2021

R346 you can tellI he's gay just by looking at his instagram.

by Sakurareply 34801/01/2021

r347 Tell that to the troll on the Miles & Connor threads. He or she thinks Miles is still closeted because he's never announced he's gay, even though he's done everything but present hole to show that he is.

by Sakurareply 34901/01/2021

I meant r342

by Sakurareply 35001/01/2021

Do you still think this is queer baiting?

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by Sakurareply 35101/01/2021

[Quote] Tell that to the troll on the Miles & Connor threads. He or she thinks Miles is still closeted because he's never announced he's gay, even though he's done everything but present hole to show that he is.

This is DL. If a thread has two subjects, one of them has to be villainized.

by Sakurareply 35201/01/2021

R35 no-one can possibly be shocked by Bill Kaulitz coming out as gay. From the harshest critic to the dumbest teenybopper fantroll, we all know and did from the jump, so it won't 'change everything'. No-one will care, it's irrelevant, old news and obvious.

But if it came out that he was fucking his twin brother like all those rumors claimed, well, that's another story...

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by Sakurareply 35301/01/2021

^^and in any event, fellow German Millennial glamrocker Jack Strify came out years ago to no fanfare, so we shouldn't give Billa preferential treatment just for holding out like a coward and being a tease.

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by Sakurareply 35401/01/2021

[Quote] it won't 'change everything'. No-one will care, it's irrelevant, old news and obvious.

Not to the those who live in a fan bubble, like Bill himself, probably.

by Sakurareply 35501/01/2021

R348 his boyfriends Instagram is even more obvious

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by Sakurareply 35601/01/2021

That's nice. How long has Radovich been on the show?

by Sakurareply 35701/01/2021

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr will both end up coming at as the bisexual queens they are, in written journalist articles, two separate occasion, Jude will be the one to come out first

by Sakurareply 35801/01/2021

All the Skarsgard brothers

by Sakurareply 35901/01/2021

Richard Madden will never come out in words, but eventually he'll be caught making out with one of his Netflix twinks by the paps.

As if living with them and going on walks with them wasn't coming out enough, but he, he's denying it.

by Sakurareply 36001/01/2021

Armie Hammer

by Sakurareply 36101/01/2021

Armie Hammer

by Sakurareply 36201/01/2021

^ The guy who cheated on his now ex-wife with a woman will come out this year? That makes sense

by Sakurareply 36301/01/2021

[Quote] As if living with them and going on walks with them wasn't coming out enough, but he, he's denying it.

Where is he denying it?

by Sakurareply 36401/01/2021

Busy Phillips outed her 12 year old child

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by Sakurareply 36501/01/2021

This won't happen, but it would make 2021 for me and send me into apoplectic fits of hilarity if one of those old dumbasses in Motley Crue slipped up and outed themselves doing promo for their stupid money-grab nostalgia tour that has been rescheduled. Imagine all that posturing and misogyny sent up in a hypocritical puff of smoke. Would ruin their gimmick and I'd die laughing.

It's probably just me, but based on anecdotes I've heard and things I've see think Tommy & Nikki are closeted bisexuals (female/drug-leaning, of course), and that while Vince is straight he likely has experimented some with men before (back in the 80s). I don't ever want to think of Mick Mars in any sexual light, but good for him if he's gay.

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by Sakurareply 36601/01/2021

Well, Armie Hammer has been been pictured with Rumer Willis, so ya never know...

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by Sakurareply 36701/01/2021

Let's leave minors out of the discussion.

by Sakurareply 36801/01/2021

R365 She outed her child as an annoying attention seeker.

by Sakurareply 36901/01/2021

R362 Armie Hammer will never come out. He stands to inherit billions. Most of it from his fundie grandparents who would disinherit him. Plus he's gone through the trouble of having multiple beards and marrying one. Allegedly. You don't do that if you're ever coming out.

by Sakurareply 37001/01/2021

Papa Joe Simpson was a minister.

by Sakurareply 37101/01/2021

R370 bye charmie

by Sakurareply 37201/01/2021

R372 Lmao. Nobody with a brain believes in Charmie. But I still think he's gay.

by Sakurareply 37301/01/2021

R373 Lol you are delusional

by Sakurareply 37401/01/2021

R370 Also cause he's not gay.

by Sakurareply 37501/01/2021

368 Why?

by Sakurareply 37601/01/2021

Where did Richard Madden ever deny he wasn't straight?

by Sakurareply 37701/01/2021

Lewis Hamilton

by Sakurareply 37801/01/2021

R378 I don't see Lewis Hamilton as a gay at all. If anyone is gay in F1 it would be Lando Norris, George Russell, and Alex Albon.

by Sakurareply 37901/01/2021

^ Why? Care to elaborate on F1 gossip?

by Sakurareply 38001/01/2021


There's a whole thread on F1 drivers.

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by Sakurareply 38101/01/2021

r379 I think land is super cute and follow his gaming channel, but I'm not sure he is gay tbh.

r356 is that an FTM?

by Sakurareply 38201/01/2021

Tony Stewart

by Sakurareply 38301/01/2021

David Muir.

He is inching out by the day...

by Sakurareply 38401/01/2021

Sam Heughan

by Sakurareply 38501/01/2021

Some barely-there Millennial Brit actor or popstar who hasn’t worked on anything high-profile for ages, or whose career is majorly on the downturn.

Ed Westwick? Douglas Booth? Will Poulter, maybe?

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by Sakurareply 38601/02/2021

Poulter and Westwick are british?

by Sakurareply 38701/02/2021

R387 both very much Englishmen, yes.

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by Sakurareply 38801/02/2021

Didn't Westwick metoo some women?

by Sakurareply 38901/02/2021

Indeed R389.

The GOSSIP GIRL pilot was an ill portent we all ignored.

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by Sakurareply 39001/02/2021

I doubt Poulter will come out. I remember back in the day the rumours he was dating another famous actor (i don't remember who) but he made a real effort to let everybody know that he is straigth (or at least that's what he says). The same for Ben Barnes (even it was rumoured that he never break into mainstream lead roles because it was pretty obvious he was gay)

by Sakurareply 39101/02/2021

Poulter was part of Camp Podwall for a time, no? Not everyone involved in that is gay (e.g. Matt Morrison, Kyle Howard etc.)

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by Sakurareply 39201/02/2021

Thanks, r381

by Sakurareply 39301/02/2021

Sometimes, it just pops into my mind that Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn’t actually out yet, and that he’s somehow still alive. If you told me back in 2000 this would be the future, I’d have laughed in your face.

Next time he relapses and almost kills himself he should come out. Just give it a try, what’s the harm at this point? He might find that sobriety suddenly miraculously becomes a lot less lonely and arduous.

It would be such a relief and such a nice gift for the New year & decade if he just got off his bullshit for good.

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by Sakurareply 39401/02/2021

On Lewis:

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by Sakurareply 39501/02/2021

He isn't an alcoholic because of his sexuality.

by Sakurareply 39601/02/2021

R396 no, and I apologise if it seemed I meant to suggest that. Jonathan is an alcoholic due to childhood neglect & abuse coupled with religious brainwashing.

However, when one is dealing negatively one ineffecticely with trauma using intoxicants over a long period of time, then every bit of external pressure acts as a ballast against any attempt to break free. We’re only as sick as our secrets; if he can’t fully disclose or admit the full extent of his abuse, that’s fine and his prerogative, but it may help ease his burden and emotional torment if he could release anything else he’s carrying.

I say all this as someone who admires his talent and would like to see him well and happy. There’s no shame in being a victim of abuse, and there’s no shame in being gay either, but it seems Meyers has not fully accepted this idea. I see this as the correlation point.

by Sakurareply 39701/02/2021

If he had shame attached to "the ghey" would he play gay roles? And he's never tried to butch it up in interviews.

by Sakurareply 39801/02/2021

Well, in the past actors who played gay roles usually introduce themselves as straight allies (even in some cases where they were not straight at all), right now the trend is being no labels, on the spectrum or in some cases queer (in most of the cases introducing the girlfriend, noboyd knew before, inmediately after).

The cases of gay actors who avoid gay roles because they are in the closet are quite rare

by Sakurareply 39901/02/2021

R367 two years....maybe three 🤔

R392 Matt's straight??

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by Sakurareply 40001/02/2021

[Quote] Matt's straight??

He worked his way through the chorus girls of Broadway pre-GLEE. He went beyond the call of duty if he was trying to closet himself.

by Sakurareply 40101/02/2021

Dougie Booth would be a nice get for us. He's actually a decent man, and seems quite humble and gentle and good-natured.

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by Sakurareply 40201/02/2021

Dougie Booth would be a nice get for us. He's actually a decent man, and seems quite humble and gentle and good-natured.

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by Sakurareply 40301/02/2021

Is Booth still with Cole Escola, I mean, Bel Powley?

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by Sakurareply 40401/02/2021

R366 Tommy Lee already has - sort of - come out about having had willing sexual contact with guys before. However, he maintains that this gay activity was long ago in his youth, and that since then he still hasn't ever gone all the way with a man.

[quote] TOMMY LEE: (on types of sex he's never had) "Just a straight-up buttfuck...some guy." INTERVIEWER: "You've never done with a dude....anything?" LEE: "Well, not fucking." INTERVIEWER: "Blowjobs? Have you given or received one, from a man?" LEE: *laughs* "Here she goes! I knew we were gonna go here! Well, um.....*vacillates* There was no story. That was...let's just file that under, 'experimentation...(beat) experimentation, slash boredom."

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by Sakurareply 40501/02/2021

It's pathetic when straight identifying celebs use same sex experimentation for publicity.

by Sakurareply 40601/02/2021

R379 don't forget other cute twinks like Ilott and Fenestraz. But I doubt any of them are coming out soon, even if they are gay.

I file Lando under the nerdy gamer category. I get the straight and horny vibe from him. He kinda reminds me of Asa Butterfield.

by Sakurareply 40701/02/2021

[Quote] I get the straight and horny vibe from him.

What does this even mean?

by Sakurareply 40801/02/2021

R408 that he seems straight and horny? Have you seen his Instagram activity? Thirsting after a lot of half-naked insta 'models'. But then again, he's not dating anyone. I would assume he'd be swimming in pussy if he were straight. I just don't get a gay vibe from him.

by Sakurareply 40901/02/2021

This is a "miscellaneous" thread. It's best to elaborate on your impressions rather than just post "he seems straight and horny."

by Sakurareply 41001/02/2021

R410 he's been asked several times this past year whether he has a girlfriend. He always says 'no'. His reactions to questions about picking up girls and straight sex seem more 'shy straight guy' than 'closeted gay guy'. Granted, my gaydar is shit. But I don't get a gay vibe from him at all. What's your impression?

by Sakurareply 41101/02/2021

"It's pathetic when straight identifying celebs use same sex experimentation for publicity."

Do they? It seems like most male celebs go out of their way to hide any kind of involvement with men, even "experiments"

by Sakurareply 41201/02/2021

Devin Ibañez a rugby player came out on either the 30th or 31st of last year.

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by Sakurareply 41301/02/2021

Cute pic.

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by Sakurareply 41401/02/2021

I think his boyfriend invented gay.

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by Sakurareply 41501/02/2021

Aw, I think they're cute together

by Sakurareply 41601/02/2021

[Quote] Do they? It seems like most male celebs go out of their way to hide any kind of involvement with men, even "experiments"

Who was talking about most celebs?

by Sakurareply 41701/02/2021

[quote]Is Booth still with Cole Escola, I mean, Bel Powley?

LOL Cole Escola Yes, Douglas Booth is still dating ("dating"?) Bel Powley. He's part of the whole Jack Fox/ Tom Austen/ Julian Morris/ Richard Madden/ Oliver Jackson Cohen circle of friends though, so who knows.

by Sakurareply 41801/03/2021

Is Jack fox gay?

by Sakurareply 41901/04/2021

Jack Fox the NFL punter or the British actor? R419

by Sakurareply 42001/04/2021

Jack is better looking than Laurence.

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by Sakurareply 42101/04/2021

He reminds me of Sam Reid here. WHET Sam Reid?

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by Sakurareply 42201/04/2021

Is Jack Fox an insane right-winger like Laurence?

by Sakurareply 42301/04/2021

Oh, Freddie!

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by Sakurareply 42401/04/2021

Lily James is so cockhungry that it seems unlikely she'd spare a minute to beard.

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by Sakurareply 42501/04/2021

Love it when DLers who have sex with strangers in bathrooms call straight women "cockhungry"

by Sakurareply 42601/04/2021

You don't how I have sex. Nor do you know if I meant it as a pejorative.

by Sakurareply 42701/04/2021

*don't know

by Sakurareply 42801/04/2021

R424, Freddie is so yummy. I’ve loved him for years. Why can’t he just confirm for us!?

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by Sakurareply 42901/04/2021

Cameron Kasky

by Sakurareply 43001/04/2021

Who the hell is Freddie?

by Sakurareply 43101/04/2021

R431, Freddie Fox is a member of the “Fox” acting family in the UK. He’s cousin to the lovely Jack (mentioned above) and the detestable Lawrence Fox, who are brothers. He’s never confirmed his sexuality or (to my knowledge) publicly dated.

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by Sakurareply 43201/04/2021

R432 This is what he said in 2015

‘I’ve had girlfriends, but I wouldn’t wish to say “I am this or I am that”, because at some time in my life I might fall in love with a man,’

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by Sakurareply 43301/04/2021

But then he said this in 2020

“I think that being able to say that you have a more rounded experience as a human being, whether it be through sexuality, or whatever, is now perceived as a real advantage.”

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by Sakurareply 43401/04/2021

Wasn't Freddie Fox one of Spacey's "proteges" at the Old Vic?

by Sakurareply 43501/04/2021

[quote]Wasn't Freddie Fox one of Spacey's "proteges" at the Old Vic?

Here I am with *my* protege, Lance Leopard. Youth will be served!

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by Sakurareply 43601/04/2021

I didn't mean to suggest Jack Fox himself is gay, just that that entire circle of British mostly C/D-list actors includes a lot of guys with a fuck ton of gay/bi rumors about them. Almost all of them are friendly to varying degrees with Jeremy Langmead and his husband too.

BTW, Jack's official stance on Laurence's disgusting right wing politics is basically "he's my brother so no comment" so the straight girls can keep that one as far as I'm concerned..

by Sakurareply 43701/04/2021

[quote]BTW, Jack's official stance on Laurence's disgusting right wing politics is basically "he's my brother so no comment"

That's essentially Freddie's stance.

When asked if he shares any of Laurence’s political views, Freddie replied: “Not really. But I respect Laurence’s path. And he must do what he must do. I don’t share that many opinions with him… but I love him very much as my cousin and we do share private time and I care for him enormously.”

by Sakurareply 43801/04/2021

[quote] I love him very much as my cousin and we do share private time and I care for him enormously.


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by Sakurareply 43901/05/2021

Three hetrosexuals.

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by Sakurareply 44001/05/2021

I do think Dougie B might be straight. I think he just has that slightly public school boy somewhat effete manner to him which confuses non Brits. The other two are definitely not.

by Sakurareply 44101/05/2021

[quote] think Dougie B might be straight. I think he just has that slightly public school boy somewhat effete manner to him which confuses non Brits.

That's what they say about Harry Judd, too, and I still don't buy it.

I'm British, so I know exactly the sort you're talking about (Hugh Grant springs to mind), but gay & English-effete are only sometimes mutually exclusive.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 44201/05/2021

R442, that is why I qualified it with might. It is hard to know sometimes and as you said the two are not mutually exclusive.

by Sakurareply 44301/05/2021

Well, Booth has the least prospects so he's the least likely to rock the boat.

by Sakurareply 44401/05/2021

When Richard Madden broke his foot and had to pull out of the West End production of "Romeo & Juliet," he was replaced by Freddie Fox.

by Sakurareply 44501/05/2021

R441 Eddie Redmayne gives me that vibe as well. Does he have gay rumours?

by Sakurareply 44601/05/2021

R446, a high number of men who have been through the English public school system will give off that vibe. I don’t know if there are any specific rumours about ER. I am sure others in the thread know better than me though.

by Sakurareply 44701/05/2021

I've never heard of any gay rumours about ER and would actually have no trouble believing he's straight. So take that, "you gays think every cute guy is gay too" trolls.

by Sakurareply 44801/05/2021

Not Harry Styles apparently

by Sakurareply 44901/05/2021

The Entertainment Lawyer has a bunch of blind items about Redman being gay, so I guess someone thinks he is (although probably 95% of EL blind items are bullshit)

by Sakurareply 45001/05/2021

Queen Latifah

by Sakurareply 45101/05/2021

[Quote] The Entertainment Lawyer has a bunch of blind items about Redman being gay

Did they say anything about Method Man?

by Sakurareply 45201/05/2021

^Oops, autocorrect changed Redmayne to Redman

by Sakurareply 45301/05/2021

4453 I thought you were talking about the rapper before you corrected

by Sakurareply 45401/05/2021

Kanye West apparently

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by Sakurareply 45501/06/2021


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by Sakurareply 45601/06/2021

Maybe the pressure of COBRA KAI Season Four's success gets to Ralph Macchio enough to crack him into admitting bisexuality.

Full disclosure, my interest in the man's sexuality is selfish, stupid and not a bit lustful; I have a playground bet still going from the '90s about this. But after the Year From Hell, I'm in the mood to finally be right.

Also, it would be nice to get someone decent having a modicum of talent and class on the team, for once.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 45701/07/2021

[Quote] Maybe the pressure of COBRA KAI Season Four's success gets to Ralph Macchio enough to crack him into admitting bisexuality.

Have you been drinking?

by Sakurareply 45801/07/2021

R457, that man has been married to some random Italian nurse since the 80s. He's known her since he was 15 years old. It might be time to let that one go.

by Sakurareply 45901/07/2021

How long has Phillip Schofield known his wife?

by Sakurareply 46001/07/2021

[quote]How long has Phillip Schofield known his wife?

1987 when they worked together at Children's BBC.

Graham Norton suspects Schofield has a boyfriend that he's hiding away.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 46101/07/2021

[quote] that man has been married to some random Italian nurse since the 80s. He's known her since he was 15 years old.

Exactly. Isn't that weird? Who does that? Especially movie stars, and New Yorkers, and people who were young adults of means in the boom years of 1980s & 90s.

It's an open secret that he cheated on his wife with that woman he partnered with on DANCING WITH THE STARS. Why is it a stretch to assume that sometime between 1988 and now he might have hooked up with another guy, even just out of curiosity or because that's what actors tend to do? It's not even like he's a homophobe, he's played gay a couple of times before.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 46201/07/2021

All right, dear.

by Sakurareply 46301/07/2021

has anyone come out in 2021 yet?

by Sakurareply 46401/07/2021

Ralph is straight and has been married to a woman he knew since he was 15 and who accepted him for his late stage puberty took years for them to actually conceived for that reason.

by Sakurareply 46501/08/2021

[Quote] accepted him for his late stage puberty took years for them to actually conceived for that reason.


by Sakurareply 46601/08/2021

R484 no one that I'm aware of, but then, the news cycle this week has been a bit preoccupied.

by Sakurareply 46701/08/2021

Not these guys.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 46801/08/2021

R21 well, I’ll swanee and drink sweet tea. R21 is madder’n a wet hen. What gumption!

Why, my gentleman callers are nothing less than honourable. Y’all simply can’t contemplate a bonafide lady who can soirée.

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by Sakurareply 46901/09/2021

He pings, no?

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 47001/09/2021


by Sakurareply 47101/09/2021

R470 His shirt is two sizes too small. Also, did his upper buttons popped right off, that's why he's showing his chest?

by Sakurareply 47201/09/2021

Trevor Donovan

by Sakurareply 47301/09/2021

[Quote] Jesus, why do so many guys wear shirts that are few sizes too small for them. And those socks stretched halfway to your knee? Just why?

[Quote] His shirt is two sizes too small. Also, did his upper buttons popped right off, that's why he's showing his chest?

Are y'all friends?

by Sakurareply 47401/09/2021

I wonder if any oldsters like Stanley Baxter will come out

by Sakurareply 47501/09/2021

The Irish President?

by Sakurareply 47601/09/2021

The irish president came out ages ago

by Sakurareply 47701/09/2021

No, that's the Irish premier.

by Sakurareply 47801/09/2021

Michael D. will not be coming out. The previous Taoiseach and next Taoiseach is out.

by Sakurareply 47901/09/2021

r470 Even if he is gay (which I strongly doubt he is) he won't be coming out; he talked about his girlfriend in this video a few months ago

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 48001/09/2021

[Quote] which I strongly doubt


by Sakurareply 48101/09/2021

r481 Im an Aussie and he doesnt ping at all to me

by Sakurareply 48201/09/2021

When asked about his childhood superhero favorites, he says that he was more interested in interior design...


Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 48301/09/2021

r483 And in the video I linked he talks about lighting, the interior design of their apartment and his obsessions with candles........still dont think he is gay

by Sakurareply 48401/09/2021

At least his favorite superhero wasn't Beyoncé R483

by Sakurareply 48501/09/2021

Or his crush wasn't Cloris Leachman!

by Sakurareply 48601/09/2021

The Irish President Michael D Higgins apparently isn't averse to a bit of 'bum fun'

There have been rumours for years

by Sakurareply 48701/09/2021

Up and coming English actor Harris Dickinson.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 48801/12/2021

Not familiar with him, but a YouTuber bamed Chris stuckmann came out... as pansexual

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 48901/17/2021

Nats getting came out as FTM

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 49001/20/2021

R490 who?

by Sakurareply 49101/20/2021

r491 trans YouTuber Gigi gorgeous's wife (now husband?) who is a Getty - she/he is in line to inherit potentially a couple of billion.

by Sakurareply 49201/20/2021

[quote]Nats getting came out as FTM

I love Nat and Gigi, but it's so unnecessary for Nat to get top surgery when she's been flaunting her A cups for years. I guess those itty bitties were getting in the way of her being the true stud she sees herself as.

by Sakurareply 49301/20/2021

Romeo Beckham

by Sakurareply 49401/20/2021

Sean Burke

by Sakurareply 49501/20/2021

R492 Wait, I thought Gigi was a trans lesbian.

by Sakurareply 49601/20/2021

Interesting that Nats top surgery vlog heavily shows gottmik in it as they went with to SF with Nats. Maybe Nats will become a drag queen like gottmik? Maybe going on T will turn Nats in to a horny 'gay' man like a lot of former lesbians.

So exciting!!

by Sakurareply 49701/20/2021

Sean Grandillo

by Sakurareply 49801/20/2021

Some internet celebrity and a millionaire called Jojo Siwa, apparently. Have no idea who that is.

by Sakurareply 49901/21/2021

AOC - as non-binary

by Sakurareply 50001/21/2021

R499 huh, she came out? As what?

by Sakurareply 50101/21/2021

R498 His most prominent roles are gay anyway, so maybe this way he get the main gay instead of the boyfriend

by Sakurareply 50201/21/2021

r501, her lipsynching a specific part of Lady Gaga song (born this way? I forgot) is such a coming out to these people. As nothing. Twitter comments have been: "You can have an ex boyfriend and still be a lesbian" / "She does not need to label herself" / "You don't need to know what she is (les, bi, pan, ... kweer, ally?)" etc.

by Sakurareply 50301/21/2021

r493. It doesn't matter the size of previous boobs to this cult. They exactly want this symbol, sign, badge of honour, aka. double mastectomy "scar". As FTM, well to be clear "TRANSGENDER NON-BINARY" (Nat's all caps). It seems to be the thing now: Trans + NB, just like Ellen Page.

by Sakurareply 50401/21/2021

Now finally realised their dream of being a perfect hetero couple, Nats and Gigi

by Sakurareply 50501/21/2021

R498 He reminds me a lot of Darren Criss. Someone who seems gay and has played gay multiple times, but then somehow ends up being straight.

But who knows for sure.

by Sakurareply 50601/21/2021

[quote]He reminds me a lot of Darren Criss. Someone who seems gay and has played gay multiple times, but then somehow ends up being straight.

Somehow? It's called bearding. He's about as straight as the yellow brick road.

by Sakurareply 50701/21/2021

[Quote] Now finally realised their dream of being a perfect hetero couple, Nats and Gigi

They should form a foursome with Nico and his wife.

by Sakurareply 50801/21/2021

r508 😨🤮

by Sakurareply 50901/21/2021

Ronen Rubenstein

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 51001/21/2021

Daniel Silva is totally out, but if you don't know anything about them and watch a video i think most people will think Ronen is the gay one.

They are one of the hottest gay couples on tv shows and for sure they promote their storyline

by Sakurareply 51101/21/2021

R503 wow ok. Thanks!

by Sakurareply 51201/21/2021

R511 Do you mean Rafael Silva?

by Sakurareply 51301/21/2021

R513 Yes, i changed his name

by Sakurareply 51401/22/2021

An 18 year old singer and actor named Bryce Xavier has come out as pansexual posing next to his boyfriend.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 51501/22/2021

that's one goofy looking black guy

by Sakurareply 51601/22/2021

When did comfort become comfortability?

by Sakurareply 51701/22/2021

R499 though she has active YouTube and TikTok channels, Jojo Siwa isn't strictly an Internet celebrity, per se. She was a child breakout star from the reality series "Dance Moms" and she's been a very big brand with the elementary school/tween set for a few years now. She has tons of merchandise, several albums, and had a sold-out tour in 2019. I think she was named one of TIME's 100 most influential people in the world last year. Her channels have literally billions of views. It can't be overstated that her brand is HUGE, so for her to come out as a lesbian is a very big deal and even though I personally find her little-kid brand and persona fucking annoying, I'm sure it means a lot to baby gaylings everywhere to see it.

by Sakurareply 51801/22/2021

I didn’t know skarsgard had so many rumors about him but I’m not shocked.

by Sakurareply 51901/24/2021

(R391) I always have had a long vine with Poulter

by Sakurareply 52001/24/2021
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by Sakurareply 52101/24/2021

After following Aaron Alreraz ( Mario and orthodox) on IG I do believe he may be Bi or fluid. He has some very homoerotic posts and I’m pretty sure one was a blurred post of him making out with a guy and he was at a Tom of Finland exhibit. Maybe he will come out as Bi

by Sakurareply 52201/24/2021

Alright, since no one else has said it, Sam Heughan and Henry Cavill.

by Sakurareply 52301/24/2021

This thread is about who will come out in 2012.

by Sakurareply 52401/24/2021

Or at least, who MIGHT...

by Sakurareply 52501/24/2021

R523 Not going to happen.

When you react at gay rumours saying that you are "normal" it's there's no intentions to come out (and a lot of self hate)

by Sakurareply 52601/24/2021

r519 Same here, I had no idea, although "dating" Elliot Page should have tipped me off.

by Sakurareply 52701/24/2021

Bolu Okupe, Son of Homophobic Nigerian Politician

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by Sakurareply 52801/24/2021

r522 is that how you're supposed to spell that last name?

by Sakurareply 52901/24/2021

R529 I think it's Altaras who I believe is straight and artsy .

by Sakurareply 53001/24/2021

(R529) maybe but would not be shocked at all if he was bi. Give his IG a follow you will see.

by Sakurareply 53101/25/2021

Have I got a good one!

I was so late to watch Bridgerton and was disappointed the show didn't deliver anything gay, but I liked it enough to see some interviews on Youtube and the first thing I noticed was the hot Regé-Jean Page seemed a little you know.... and never would I have thought he could be gay or bi outside of the show, but he's got a lot of people wondering.

I found people asking this same question on the Deuxmoi subreddit

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by Sakurareply 53201/26/2021

[Quote] never would I have thought he could be gay or bi outside of the show

You never would have thought an actor could be family? Are you out of your mind?

by Sakurareply 53301/26/2021

Yes, he certainly piqued my gaydar. But I at the stage of my life where I have n interest in looking deeper or caring about closet cases (Mary me all you like), especially when there is a handsome openly gay man in the cast to spend my energies on.....

by Sakurareply 53401/26/2021

Greta Thunberg

by Sakurareply 53501/26/2021

R533 not this one lol He was really selling that hetero fantasy! his voice is completely different on the show. He's more theatrical in interviews and he seems sexier for it. Maybe he's not trying to hide it so much. He could really go all out, like on the show, to seem more straight if he wanted to

R534 he's hot too, but not nearly as hot as Regé and I don't think Regé's trying to hide it too well in his interviews.

by Sakurareply 53601/26/2021

Iain Armitage

by Sakurareply 53701/26/2021

JoJo Siwa

by Sakurareply 53801/26/2021

Yeah. Family.


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by Sakurareply 53901/26/2021

R539 I don't get it. he's gay because he'd run away from a squirrel? lol

by Sakurareply 54001/26/2021

It's the sass, hon. The sass.

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by Sakurareply 54101/26/2021

One of those very Christian actors

by Sakurareply 54201/27/2021

Like Letitia Wright?

by Sakurareply 54301/27/2021

Hey, I’m sure no one had this vloger in their 2021 list, but I wanted to post this on the thread. This very sweet, quirky, Brit Youtuber who volgs about theatre, musicals, West End and Glee came out this month, and it seems it was quite a shock to herself as well! When I saw Bridgerton, I wished she had been cast as the chubby neighbor daughter, that’s how delightful and comedic I find her to be. She’s one of those drama club girls from high school who you wonder what will become of them. But she seems to have really found her niche and has been doing well on YouTube and I hope this announcement bumps her up to another level.

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by Sakurareply 54401/27/2021

Any hot guy?

by Sakurareply 54501/27/2021

Is Billie Eyelash out?

by Sakurareply 54601/27/2021

Not yet.

by Sakurareply 54701/27/2021

Chord Overstreet

by Sakurareply 54801/28/2021

In honor of his birthday, I propose Elijah Wood. Never mind the girlfriend and infant I found out about this morning.

by Sakurareply 54901/28/2021

Tommy Lee's wife talked about going on a date with Elijah Wood. I think they met on Raya.

by Sakurareply 55001/28/2021

I can't believe anyone in the US under 65 is still in the closet. I can make some excuses for people having deeply rooted psychological issues, I guess, but the judgmental part of me has a hard time respecting anyone who is closeted today.

Someone like Barry Manilow who came out a few years ago--OK, the guy is old and clearly has lifelong issues. Maybe John Travolta is old enough to make an excuse for (but he loses major sympathy points for the cult). But someone the age of, I don't know, Tyler Perry, just doesn't get a lot of sympathy from me.

by Sakurareply 55101/28/2021

Tyler Perry is black.

by Sakurareply 55201/28/2021


by Sakurareply 55301/28/2021

Pedro Pascal and Edger Ramirez

by Sakurareply 55401/30/2021


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by Sakurareply 55501/30/2021

You probably dont care, but a relatively 'popular' YouTuber (in the social/political discussion side of it anyway) came out as trans today. Ollie is now Abigail. She (when a man) identified as queer/ bisexual and had dated men and women. Was quite masculine pre transition, but seems to pass quite well. I only sometimes watched their content. The coming out video isnt very good and a bit boring (sorry) but ill link it anyway. Skip to 26 mins in to see her now (the first part if an actor)

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by Sakurareply 55601/30/2021

Something tells me that Billie Eilish will come out as bi anytime this year and will probably date a girl.

by Sakurareply 55701/30/2021

R556, a man was quite masculine? Whoa. This thread is about coming out as gay or lesbian. I'm sure there's a make-believe thread somewhere on DL, though.

by Sakurareply 55801/30/2021

Right on cue......

by Sakurareply 55901/30/2021

R559, you mean right after you invaded a thread about people coming out as gay or lesbian with your nonsense? You're the cue and the eight ball.

by Sakurareply 56001/30/2021

A) it doesnt say anywhere that this is for ONLY gay and lesbian coming outs. Plenty go 'bi' and 'queer' coming outs are noted. B) Im also not the biggest fan of 'trans' in many ways (some of the rhetoric I think is homophobic - im not going to fuck some woman just because she cuts off her breasts and calls herself a gay man for instance) and have been called a TERF by people in other threads.......c) Invading? Clutch your pearls harder babes.

Just thought its an interesting coming out. I may not be a trans advocate, but I certainly dont hate them or wish them any harm and I think Abigail looks pretty good for first video. Also interesting if you follow YouTube, as this is just another in a series of leftuber/ politics side of bisexual and pretty woke guys coming out as transwomen. Contrapoints, Jim sterling, now philosophy tube.

by Sakurareply 56101/30/2021

What I find interesting is that someone who comes out as trans sported a goatee just prior to embracing their preferred exterior.

by Sakurareply 56201/30/2021

R562 It's quite absurd. One thing is you feel not ready to go full transition and other very different sport facial hair, specially right now were androginy is not a big deal.

Anyway, i won't call saying you are trans a coming out because it would be obvious no matter you tell it or not. And of course sexual orientation and gender identity are two very different things

by Sakurareply 56301/31/2021

Da Brat

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by Sakurareply 56401/31/2021

Da Brat came out in early 2020 when she posted her video reaction to her fiancee Big Booty Judy gifting her a Bentley.

by Sakurareply 56501/31/2021

I want to change my name to Big Booty Judy

by Sakurareply 56601/31/2021

Has Da Brat paid that woman who got a bottle over the head from her?

by Sakurareply 56702/01/2021

R565 is Judy the sister to Big Poppa Pump?

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by Sakurareply 56802/01/2021

[quote] Leo & Tobey will finally walk down the aisle

Only for Topher Grace to object at the eleventh hour, prompting Tobey to tear of the veil and take off running from the altar so he can drive away with the man he actually loves. JGL is their getaway driver, and he gives his friends a warm joyful pleased grin as he guns it through the desert to facilitate their elopement.

A betuxed Leo watches them go with sad understanding and acceptance in his eyes, Gatsby-esque, as if he knew it was coming and that he deserves it. However, Kevin Connolly, acting as now-redundant Maid Of Honor, is incandescently furious on his behalf. Kate Winslet hides her relief behind fake sobs into her gloves.

Somewhere, Molly Bloom clicks and drops a pen on her desk with satisfaction, reclines in her home office chair, and laughs and laughs.

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by Sakurareply 56902/01/2021

Why JGL always gots to be the driver and never the lover?

by Sakurareply 57002/01/2021

Speaking of ‘J’s with three names, will this be JRM’s year? Work has dried up, his beard is going quietly insane, the law is getting less lenient with his shenanigans, and he’s losing the ability to keep it together long enough to complete one shoot. The cracks of heterosexual pressure are showing, and soon his ‘son’ will be old enough to ask awkward questions. It’s probably only a matter of time before he’s outed or he dies.

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by Sakurareply 57102/03/2021

A country singer called T.J. Osborne.

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by Sakurareply 57202/03/2021

TJ Osbourne from the country band Brothers Osbourne has come out as gay.

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by Sakurareply 57302/03/2021

Did he come out twice?

by Sakurareply 57402/03/2021

Well, i don't follow country music that much but i remember how surprised me that they had a gay couple on his number one Stay a little longer. They are part of a bunch of progressive singers on Nashville (Kacey Musgraves is the most famous of the bunch).

It's very very rare that someome comes out in country music

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by Sakurareply 57502/03/2021

That's cool. There aren't a lot of out gays in country

by Sakurareply 57602/03/2021

I love that news, they're pretty big in country and I like their music. Congrats to TJ.

by Sakurareply 57702/03/2021

R576 There's a bunch of female gay country singers

by Sakurareply 57802/03/2021

^ not really

by Sakurareply 57902/03/2021

By "a bunch" do you mean 2 or 3? And there's Orville Peck and Lil Nas X and now TJ Osborne so there are very few out gay men in country too. I'm happy for him. A bunch of supportive progressive hillbillies are coming out of the woodwork on social media for him, including his brother. It really brings a yee to my haw.

by Sakurareply 58002/03/2021

T.J. is short for Thomas John, the inverse of his older brother and bandmate, whose name is John Thomas, named after their father, whose name is also John Thomas, though people call him “Big John.”

Oh, so they're COUNTRY country.

by Sakurareply 58102/03/2021



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by Sakurareply 58202/03/2021

Love the jacket. He has a genuinely good voice IMO.

by Sakurareply 58302/03/2021

TJ Osborne is a big deal because unlike Orville Peck for example, who’s a pretty niche fringe artist, Brothers Osborne are a hugely popular, hit-machine, mainstream country radio act on a major record label. I really think he might be the first one, tbh. Even Kacey Musgraves isn’t part of the Nashville machine like Brothers Osborne are.

by Sakurareply 58402/03/2021

I'm surprised no one has brought up Michael B. Jordan. His new beard Lori Harvey must really be working. People say their interactions are awkward, but she definitely benefits from the bearding. He's been dodging gay rumors since before Black Panther. There are a couple whole threads on it on Lipstick Alley. And in August, his former assistant told Heather McDonald that Michael wanted to kiss him and from those LSA threads, it looks like someone tried to out him before Black Panther in 2016.

by Sakurareply 58502/03/2021

[Quote] I'm surprised no one has brought up Michael B. Jordan.

MBJ has a thread from when that guy outed him on the Heather McDonald (Chelsea Lately) podcast. The gf news was posted there. It wouldn't make sense to post bearding news in a "Who Will Come Out in 2021?" thread. I guess we could just post: "Not Michael B. Jordan."

by Sakurareply 58602/03/2021

(R586) what are the rumors about MBJ? He really comes off as straight for me. I think it’s wishful thinking.

by Sakurareply 58702/04/2021

Wishful thinking? He's hardly Tyson Beckford in the looks department.

by Sakurareply 58802/04/2021

Some of MBJ's soap opera clips were linked in the thread below. He pinged pretty hard.

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by Sakurareply 58902/04/2021

Freddie Fox

by Sakurareply 59002/05/2021

Former WWE wrestler Tyler Reks came out as trans, a shame.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 59102/05/2021

The 'doesnt want to label it' and 'Ive never hidden it', followed by a suicide attempt and hospital admission....... Hugh Sheridan has a tikTHOT bf apparently

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 59202/05/2021

185 German actors staged a mass coming out recently. A few of them have even been on a few things outside of Germany. They decided there was strength in numbers. People in Hollywood should do this.

Offsite Link
by Sakurareply 59302/06/2021

How many are names?

by Sakurareply 59402/06/2021

Damn, if only all the Hollywood actors would come out all at once

by Sakurareply 59502/06/2021

R593 That's great but obviously no one of interest was there

by Sakurareply 59602/06/2021

R596 They say clearly that one of them was an actor in the most popular drama. The fact that they are not known outside germany doesn't mean some of them are not popular there

by Sakurareply 59702/06/2021

The fact that they're not popular in America doesn't mean it still wasn't a real risk for their careers back home.

by Sakurareply 59802/06/2021

Hunter Biden as trans. It would explain his self loathing, abuse, genital insecurities and having to self medicate to dull the pain of a world hostile to his gender identity. I think he could truly be our first trans president.

by Sakurareply 59902/06/2021

R593 many of those German actors were already publicly out. I think it was more about establishing a public gay community in the arts and I am sure a few came out for the event.

by Sakurareply 60002/06/2021
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