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Which celebrities will come out in 2013?

We had several celebrities finally come out in 2012.

What are your predictions as to who will come out during 2013?

by Zachary Quintoreply 57406/28/2014

Actor Matt Dallas is the first of 2013. He announced his engagement to muscian Blue Hamilton.

by Zachary Quintoreply 101/06/2013

Diana Ross

by Zachary Quintoreply 201/06/2013

Latifah, maybe.

by Zachary Quintoreply 301/06/2013

I have a feeling that Ellen Page will. But not in a magazine announcement way, more like bringing a female date to an event way. I don't know.

Is she still dating Clea Duvall?

by Zachary Quintoreply 401/06/2013

Brian Unger.

He's not already out, is he?

by Zachary Quintoreply 501/06/2013

Juliane Moore ... Seriously.

by Zachary Quintoreply 601/06/2013

Is Page doing anything noteworthy? You think you'd see her around more, but it's all Stone and Lawrence at the moment. It's a shame, I like her a lot.

by Zachary Quintoreply 701/06/2013

Latifah IS coming out to coincide with her new talk show which premieres next fall. First she'll come out of a KFC and then she'll come out of Dairy Queen.

by Zachary Quintoreply 801/06/2013

Ellen Page seemed to disappear after her Oscar nomination.

by Zachary Quintoreply 901/06/2013

I predict at least one high-profile sports star. I just don't know which one yet.

by Zachary Quintoreply 1001/06/2013

Page has Whip It, which I really enjoyed, personally, and Inception, but that's been about it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 1101/06/2013

Richard Simmons

by Zachary Quintoreply 1201/06/2013

Not me!

by Zachary Quintoreply 1301/06/2013

Am I correct that Brian Boitano has still not officially come out after all these years?

by Zachary Quintoreply 1401/06/2013

so Matt Dallas, after all the drama about outing him, has announced he's engaged to a guy

by Zachary Quintoreply 1501/06/2013

Matt Dallas finally came out? Yea, now that he has no career.

by Zachary Quintoreply 1601/06/2013

Don't forget Juno, R11

by Zachary Quintoreply 1701/06/2013

R15 Yep, same old story: Wait until the peak of your career is over when you've got nothing to lose.

Too bad more people don't come out when they're actually still relevant.

by Zachary Quintoreply 1801/06/2013

yes R16 he announced it on twitter...

by Zachary Quintoreply 1901/06/2013

[quote]Too bad more people don't come out when they're actually still relevant.

That's why we have to give some credit to Zachary Quinto - he came out while he is still starring as one of the leading characters in the 'Star Trek' film franchise.

He didn't wait until years after all the films were done.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2001/06/2013

Thanks r19. Wasn't sure if it was legit because I typed Matt Dallas into Google and NO news articles came up about it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2101/06/2013

Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles will be the two high profile guys to come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2201/07/2013

[quote]Wasn't sure if it was legit because I typed Matt Dallas into Google and NO news articles came up about it.

Well, he just announced it a few hours ago and honestly, he's not exactly that relevant anymore for it to be big new. But I'm sure the gossip blogs and maybe a few magazines will make a small blurb about it within the next day.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2301/07/2013

R20 I agree - people like Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, and NPH (even though he pretty much had no choice to admit it after all the rumors) will always have my respect for coming out while they were popular instead of being wimps and waiting until no one cared.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2401/07/2013

You mean Matt Dallas lied about banging 50 chicks in high school?

by Zachary Quintoreply 2501/07/2013

[quote]You mean Matt Dallas lied about banging 50 chicks in high school?

Now, wasn't 50 chicks - he said it was "about 20".

But yeah, I can't believe it either. His Stern interview seemed SO believeable!

by Zachary Quintoreply 2601/07/2013

You guys act like famous gay people are coming out to a supportive gay community who will travel across the country to see them, buy their products, sing their praises to friends etc. There is a tiny bit of that. You don't see the fanaticism with any gay star among the gay community as you do with their worship of heterosexual celebrities particularly music divas like Madonna. Gay people have done more to create heterosexual proxies for talking about gay people like Kathy Griffin than actually supporting famous gay people. There are gay clubs in every major city. Has the gay community ever supported a gay comedian to mainstream success? I can't think of any. All the ones I'm thinking of worked in mainstream clubs or went right to Hollywood.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2701/07/2013

[quote]Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles will be the two high profile guys to come out.

I doubt either one of those two will come out this year, and I'm not even sure if the latter is gay yet.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2801/07/2013

Now now R14, if I cooked like that I would not have come out of the closet either.

by Zachary Quintoreply 2901/07/2013

You're wrong r27 on several fronts.

First of all, life is not all about money making ethical decisions for you. Coming out is about being honest. Lying about your sexuality to placate homophobia for profit is bad. See how that works?

But, I know I bought more k.d. Lang discs than I would have but for knowing she was gay, same with Scissor Sisters, Indigo Girls, etc.

And people like Anderson Cooper and Matt Bomer have been pumped up with gay fans before they came out. And they haven't been abandoned after coming out.

Finally most of us support gay talent for their work. I will see Simon Russell Beale, Antony Sher and the adorable Sam Barnett in whatever they do. By doing that we are supporting the same principle we started with - coming out is not about doing it for the money, it says if your work has merit, your sexuality shouldn't matter.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3001/07/2013

[quote]Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles will be the two high profile guys to come out.

No and no. Taylor Lautner still has too much to lose by coming out now. The fangirls are still much too important for his future career. Harry Styles won't come out as long as he's in One Direction and bound to a contract. That said, I'm pretty sure they're both gay (or bisexual in Harry's case).

by Zachary Quintoreply 3101/07/2013

[quote]Taylor Lautner still has too much to lose by coming out now.

I agree. The Twilight films may finally be over but they are now going to try and continue marketing him as an action film star, even though the last one bombed. Remember that he will need to appeal to a straight male audience, too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3201/07/2013

John Travolta.

Harry Styles.

James Franco.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3301/07/2013

I predict 2013 will be the "coming out" year of male celebrities. Lord knows half of the male actors out there are gay.

My niece's generation (teenagers rights now) might be the first to finally accept an openly gayboi heartthrob vs. forcing the mandatory closeting and bearding.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3401/07/2013

[quote]Actor Matt Dallas is the first of 2013. He announced his engagement to muscian Blue Hamilton.

Good for him!

by Zachary Quintoreply 3501/07/2013

Also, so with which of his Kyle KY co-stars was he sleeping, Cory Monteith or Jean-Luc Bilodeau?

by Zachary Quintoreply 3601/07/2013

Both, obviously. Monteith will come out when he's 40, so we only have to wait a couple more years.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3701/07/2013

My guess is that someone like Wentworth Miller or Lee Pace will come out. Lee Pace probably would have come out if it wasn't for The Hobbit. I don't know.. all of the male celebs that I knew were partnered and gay have come out, like Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Jim Parsons. Maybe Colton Haynes will finally have the balls to come out, or someone in his posse, like JC Chasez, Shawn Pyfrom, Chace Crawford etc.

Oh, and btw.. according to some BIs lately Jake Gyllenhaal and Orlando Bloom are gay, but they also say that Leo is straight. I find that interesting.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3801/07/2013

Well, Wikipedia's already been updated with news of Matt's engagement.

by Zachary Quintoreply 3901/07/2013

I don't think John Travolta will ever willingly come out. I do think Latifah might be the big one this year.

I'm happy for Dallas but I do remember his pathetic Stern interview and desperate attempt to convince people he is straight.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4001/07/2013

Lee Pace must be expecting a big career boost sometime soon, when in reality I can't see him as anything more than a great supporting actor, as far as big Hollywood movies are concerned. His role in The Hobbit is miniscule, and isn't exactly a demanding role.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4101/07/2013

Tom Cruise John Travolta Anderson Cooper

by Zachary Quintoreply 4201/07/2013

R42, were you asleep in 2012 when Anderson Cooper ALREADY came out?

Hit refresh on your Windows 97, hon.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4301/07/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 4401/07/2013

[quote]I do think Latifah might be the big one this year.

Don't hold your breath. She seems hell bent on staying in the closet. And the fact that coming out did nothing to save Anderson's talk show or help ratings will give Latifah no reason to do so on hers.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4501/07/2013

[quote]Both, obviously. Monteith will come out when he's 40, so we only have to wait a couple more years.

At the same time? Isn't Bilodeau a lot younger than the other two?

by Zachary Quintoreply 4601/07/2013

Kevin Spacey?

by Zachary Quintoreply 4701/07/2013

Matt Dallas. No wait, he just did.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4801/07/2013

I thought Ellen Page was out to people around her but had a none-of-your-business attitude toward the press, similar to Jodie.

Taylor Lautner will probably fight his way out. And if the rumor that Hayden Christiansen is now a rentboy are true because he has no acting career, well, he's coming out whether he wants to or not.

by Zachary Quintoreply 4901/07/2013

Gerard Butler.

The "girlfriend" that he has (after years of not having one) is obviously nothing more than a PR setup. He looks miserable pictures with her. Even the fraus on JustJared don't think it's real.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5001/07/2013

I'm not entirely sure why, but there's something about the way Matt came out that really makes me happy. It's just nice we live in a world where an actor, even one of rarely minor fame, can announce that he's marrying another man and the reaction is overwhelming positive.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5101/07/2013

I thought Latifah was already out? Or is that Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott?

by Zachary Quintoreply 5201/07/2013

[quote]I thought Latifah was already out? Or is that Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott?

Neither one have come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5301/07/2013

When the there was buzz going around that a female in the music industry was about to come out, we all got really excited because we thought it was Latifah. Not to knock Chelly Wright, but that was kind of a let-down.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5401/07/2013

R51 I totally agree with you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5501/07/2013

Isn't Ellen Page suppose to be playing Kristin Hersh in a Throwing Muses biopic?

by Zachary Quintoreply 5601/07/2013

Keanu Reeves

by Zachary Quintoreply 5701/07/2013

Van Hansis now that is not relevant anymore. Mark Sanchez now that he can't play football anymore.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5801/07/2013

Actually I don't think Cooper's experience will stop Latifah from coming out because rumour is that she wants to marry her gf this year. Hard to keep something like that quiet.

by Zachary Quintoreply 5901/07/2013

[quote]Actually I don't think Cooper's experience will stop Latifah from coming out because rumour is that she wants to marry her gf this year. Hard to keep something like that quiet.

Janet Jackson was secretly married 9 years and nobody knew until the divorce. It can be done.

IF (and that's a big IF) she came out, then I'd be really surprised since as recently as last year she refused to say she was gay after performing at a gay pride parade. She's vehemently denied it for the last two decades.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6001/07/2013

Nathan Adrian? Or at least some other Olympian. Probably not Tom Daley, though.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6101/07/2013

[quote]My guess is that someone like Wentworth Miller or Lee Pace will come out.

I didn't realise Lee Pace was still in.

Wentworth Miller will never come out. He's pathological about his privacy. He transitioned from acting to screenwriting rather than face the glare of publicity that comes with being a famous actor.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6201/07/2013

I could see both Leo and Lukas Haas coming out. It seems to me that Leo might want a real life now and it wouldn't matter if he came out. Haven't people pretty much accepted the possibility he's gay?

by Zachary Quintoreply 6301/07/2013

Queen Latifah tho obvious will never come out, she enjoys the attention of being in the closet too much...

by Zachary Quintoreply 6401/07/2013

I notice that Matt and Colton Haynes follow each other on Twitter.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6501/07/2013

Matt Dallas

by Zachary Quintoreply 6601/07/2013

[quote]I predict 2013 will be the "coming out" year of male celebrities. Lord knows half of the male actors out there are gay.

You may be right about the first part - we are at a time now where a record number of celebrities may come out. We are living at a time in which a President of the United States endorsed gay marriage for the first time and then went on to be re-elected. In that same election an openly-gay Senator was elected for the first time.

Not sure if I agree with the second part - I'm not sure if as many as 50% of all actors are gay. There are more than in the general population, but there are a lot of straight guys in acting too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6701/07/2013

[quote]Haven't people pretty much accepted the possibility he's gay?

Not among his fanbase of women, I don't think. And I think we're still a few years away from a major A-list Oscar winner coming out.

There are some prominent people who have come out, but remember that none of them have been A-listers.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6801/07/2013

[quote]I could see both Leo and Lukas Haas coming out. It seems to me that Leo might want a real life now and it wouldn't matter if he came out. Haven't people pretty much accepted the possibility he's gay?

That's never going to happen.

by Zachary Quintoreply 6901/07/2013

Way to read the rest of the thread, R66.

by Zachary Quintoreply 7001/07/2013

[quote]And if the rumor that Hayden Christiansen is now a rentboy are true because he has no acting career, well, he's coming out whether he wants to or not.

OMG - surely you aren't one of the delusional anti-Hayden trolls, are you? Hayden is a multi-millionaire (he owns a $3 million dollar home) and is still working. He is NOT a rentboy.

Amazing that people fall for these ridiculous rumors. He's also in a relationship with Rachel Bilson who has money of her own and whose father is very wealthy.

by Zachary Quintoreply 7101/07/2013

R71=Hayden Christensen

by Zachary Quintoreply 7201/07/2013

Keep it up, gullible FOX News viewer at R72.

by Zachary Quintoreply 7301/07/2013

[quote]Taylor Lautner will probably fight his way out.

Fight his way out? You mean by putting on little boxing gloves and shouting how AMAZING everything is?

by Zachary Quintoreply 7401/07/2013

Hayden hasn't had a real career in years. How do you know how much money he has? Do you have access to his bank account? Between agents, managers, publicists, taxes, living an expensive lifestyle, it's easy to blow a few million living in LA.

R71 seems to think he knows Hayden personally.

And nice try with the Fox News shit. Is that how you argue with somebody who disagrees with you? Are you a child?

by Zachary Quintoreply 7501/07/2013

Come out as what? Straight?

by Zachary Quintoreply 7601/07/2013

[quote]OMG - surely you aren't one of the delusional anti-Hayden trolls, are you? Hayden is a multi-millionaire (he owns a $3 million dollar home) and is still working. He is NOT a rentboy.

You actually believe there are "anti-Hayden trolls" on DL? I think you might want to step away from your Star Wars poster. The only one delusional is you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 7701/07/2013

R75, I am quoting publicly available information on Hayden Christensen's house, finances and career. Why on earth would you believe some rumor you read online that a millionaire actor who lives in a mansion, who has new films coming out and who has a wealthy girlfriend who is also an actress, would be a rentboy?

Ask yourself who is being more ridiculous.

[quote]Hayden Christensen to sell off property for $2.65m - and search for love nest with Rachel Bilson

by Zachary Quintoreply 7801/07/2013

Moving on from Hayden...

I'd say Seann William Scott. He's close friends with Chelsea Handler and that queen from "The A-List". There were also, of course, the rumors about his brief affair with the Rock. He's basically hiding in plain sight at this point.

by Zachary Quintoreply 7901/07/2013

Ah yes, the DM. The BASTION of truth.

You don't know how much money he has. All you know he has a house that he's selling. Gossip is speculating which is what we do here on DL. You seem to think you are intimately acquainted with Hayden and his life and his bank account.

He COULD be a rentboy. We don't know how much dough he actually has on hand.

What a tedious argument. The real question is why R78 is taking all of this so personally from one post about Hayden POSSIBLY being a rentboy.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8001/07/2013

[quote]who has new films coming out and who has a wealthy girlfriend who is also an actress, would be a rentboy?

Now I'm definitely convinced this is Hayden himself.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8101/07/2013

Many/most of the these people are hardly famous. Ellen Page? THREE people know who the hell that is. Zachary Pinto Bean? Matt Boner? Please. File them all under the "Who cares" category.

The last "famous" person come out was Anderson Cooper. And that was a big deal last year. I suspect that it will take someone who is a big old SURPRISE this year for it to have any similar impact. Most of these people are a big yawn.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8201/07/2013

[quote]I notice that Matt and Colton Haynes follow each other on Twitter.

I always thought it was funny he tweeted some comment about brave role models when Quinto came out.

It's the people who are barely closeted that are most likely to come out: Lee Pace Ben Whinshaw Luke Evans (does this count since he already has?) Colton Haynes Raven Symone Kevin McHale Allen Leech

(Monteith is showmancing with Lea, I don't think he is coming out anytime soon)

by Zachary Quintoreply 8301/07/2013

R80, Hayden's house is worth millions, and now you are complaining about the source I found that reported it. It's the same house listing regardless of whether it's in one newspaper or another.

Do you believe Hayden is a rent boy? Is that what you are saying?

It's ridiculous even having this discussion with you. Do you think Rachel Bilson would even let Hayden be a rent boy? Hayden is still working, has millions from Star Wars and owns his own successful production company.

And since he is famous for Star Wars he could never get away with being a rent boy anyway.

Amazing what people will believe.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8401/07/2013

Speaking of Van Hansis - would have been quite cool if he'd have come out for the premier of his web series. Btw, were there really only 2 episodes?

by Zachary Quintoreply 8501/07/2013

Owen Wilson. You heard it here first.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8601/07/2013

I should add that it would blow the minds of many straight men to know that the actor who played Stifler (an icon among the 'bros' of my generation) was gay. His coming out would have an even greater impact on straight society than NPH's did.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8701/07/2013

You're crazy, R81. I point out to you that a multi-million dollar actor is very unlikely to be a rent boy, and you think that makes me Hayden Christensen? You're a loon.

[quote]Hayden Christensen is a Canadian actor with a net worth of $17 million.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8801/07/2013

I actually do think Kevin McHale might join Chris Colfer if this is Glee's last year. Just a guess.

by Zachary Quintoreply 8901/07/2013

Jesus fucking Christ, R71/R73/R78/R84/R88. You are one dizzy, delusional queen.


by Zachary Quintoreply 9001/07/2013

R90, I just disproved your ludicrous contention that Hayden has no money by showing you he has a net worth of $17 million and that makes me delusional?

Do you agree you were wrong and delusional to think Hayden is a rent boy or not?

by Zachary Quintoreply 9101/07/2013

Agree 100% r82

by Zachary Quintoreply 9201/07/2013

Um, you do know, R88, that Celebrity Net Worth site is hardly accurate.

by Zachary Quintoreply 9301/07/2013

[quote]Do you agree you were wrong and delusional to think Hayden is a rent boy or not?

Nobody cares about Hayden. He has no career. Maybe he's a rentboy, maybe he's not. If he came out it would be a minor splash because he's bearded for so long. Otherwise, it would be a big meh.

by Zachary Quintoreply 9401/07/2013

R88 Most of those net worth websites usually don't talk about actors' personal welth, but how much they are worth for studios. In other words: how big could be a budget of the movie greenlit by studio, if that star was a lead of the movie. It's simplification, but generally something like that.

by Zachary Quintoreply 9501/07/2013

How do you know his net worth r91?

by Zachary Quintoreply 9601/07/2013

Well R82 and R92, everyone that comes out matters. They all have different fanbases who it affects.

Frank Ocean came out to a hip hop fanbase not used to having anyone admit to not being straight. Huge deal to them. Matt Bomer was a handsome and masculine lead of a show popular among straight guys. Big deal to them. Zach Quinto plays an iconic character in a famous franchise. Big deal.

Regardless, everyone that comes out matters in some way. If you are a fan of whatever show/movie they are a part of you now know...oh, that actor happens to be gay but guess what it isn't even a big deal.

It becomes all become more normalized and makes an actor/celebrity being gay slowly start to not matter..which is the goal. Geting rid of the whole culture where gay celebrities feel strongly encouraged to hide their sexuality.

by Zachary Quintoreply 9701/07/2013

R93, the exact number is not what is significant - the point is that it's ludicrous to suggest that Hayden Christensen is so destitute that he needs to have sex for money when most sources are reporting that he has MILLIONS.

The actual house Hayden owns exists - you can see it above and you can see the listing for it. Most people who own a multi-milion dollar house and who have a wealthy girlfriend do not need to turn to sex for money.

That's all I'm saying - if the person who is trying to convince us that Hayden is selling his body would admit he was wrong I wouldn't bring it up again. I'm not Hayden, but I am a lawyer, so I like to deal with facts.

I know some people don't like dealing with facts, but you can't make the house disappear - it's proof that Hayden is wealthy.

Incidentally, in another sign that Hayden is no idiot, he won a major court battle last year in his lawsuit against USA Network:

[quote]Hayden Christensen Wins Big Victory Against USA Network in 'Royal Pains' Appeal

by Zachary Quintoreply 9801/07/2013

R96, it was linked to above. And if you do a search you will see many websites that report that Hayden Christensen is a multi-milionaire. It's just research.

by Zachary Quintoreply 9901/07/2013

[quote]I know some people don't like dealing with facts, but you can't make the house disappear - it's proof that Hayden is wealthy.

That the thing. You *don't* know the facts. You know he has a house that's worth $2.6 million that he's SELLING.

That's about all you know. Maybe he can't afford that house? Isn't that possible? He's certainly not pulling in a million dollar salary anymore. He hasn't had a hit movie in YEARS.

Again, I don't care about Hayden or his finances but it's quite funny to see some fangurl Goggle search and froth at the mouth at just the THOUGHT that Hayden could be a rentboy.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10001/07/2013

He's way too old to be a rentboy chere.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10101/07/2013

R97 I totally agree with you. Everyone that comes out matters.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10201/07/2013

eh R87, maybe if he came out a few years ago, no one really remembers who he is now. It would be like if Jorja Fox came out, no one remembers who she is anymore. Although his public profile was much larger than hers years ago.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10301/07/2013

Nathan Adrian is worth repeating. He is smart and just came off of an amazing olympics. He could come out as a career move at this point.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10401/07/2013

The better question is would Hayden make enough money to make being a rentboy worth it? Couldn't he make just as much by taking a TV gig? He's still a name and probably wouldn't have to much trouble getting something if he wanted to have one. I just don't see why he would choose a rentboy path.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10501/07/2013

I would love it if Nathan Adrian came out. He's so cute and seems like a real sweetheart, plus he's actually talented at what he does.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10601/07/2013

[quote]I just don't see why he would choose a rentboy path.

That's because he hasn't. He has enough money to last him for the rest of his life.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10701/07/2013

There was a BI a few years ago about Rachel Bilson being a prostitute.

by Zachary Quintoreply 10801/07/2013

Speaking of Ellen Page...

by Zachary Quintoreply 10901/07/2013

Owning a huge house is not proof Hayden is wealthy. It's proof he has big bills. Name the last major movie he starred in.

Anyway, here's the CDAN BI that pointed to Hayden.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11001/07/2013

Zal Batmanglij is the brother of the gay guy in Vampire Weekend.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11101/07/2013

[quote]There was a BI a few years ago about Rachel Bilson being a prostitute.

Oh, lord. I hope you are joking. Her net worth is sometimes estimated to be even higher than Hayden's. Her father is also very wealthy.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11201/07/2013

Baloney, R110. Continue to live in your fantasy world.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11301/07/2013

Hopefully Jake G., but that won't happen if ever.

Ditto for Travolta. Even the Alabama meemaws who read "People" wouldn't give two shits, but he lives in a self-made reality bubble that's hard for him to..uh..prick.

Maybe Johnathan Bennett, since today's announcement pretty much outed him as well.

Wentworth would be cool. As his writing career continues to flourish, I think he will consider it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11401/07/2013

Yeah, because Rachel Bilson got rich off The OC. That must be why Mischa Barton is rolling in dough.

This Hayden Troll is fucking wacked in the head.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11501/07/2013

To quote Braveheart, don't change the subject, answer the fucking question, R113. Name the last major movie he opened.

He was awesome in 'Shattered Glass.' I thought he'd have a career. But I guess not.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11601/07/2013

R85 Yeah the webseries so far only has two episodes and but apparently the writer of the series is starting some fundraising to get the money for the rest, LOL It seems Hansis and his old acting partner Jake Silbermann are always depending on fans to fund their little projects. Van is probably going no further than this I would think.

by Zachary Quintoreply 11701/07/2013

Wait, enough of this shit about Hayden, you fangurls go hijack another thread.

Stifler is gay?

by Zachary Quintoreply 11801/07/2013

According to the NYD today Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have already broken up. Maybe he is next!

by Zachary Quintoreply 11901/07/2013

Hayden probably had points in the two Star Wars movies he did that ensured he never has to work again. (Fans may have hated them but they were still massive hits). Even though he was an unknown I'm sure that was still part if his deal -- Lucas gave them to the leads of the original movies.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12001/07/2013

I have a feeling that Matt Dallas will finally come out this year. Time to start digging up old online images of him hanging out with the other Hollywood boys...

by Zachary Quintoreply 12101/07/2013

Tell me if you think my predictions are far-fetched:

James Franco will admit to same-sex activity while rejecting "labels".

Keanu Reeves will be papped in casual PDA with another guy, won't try to hide it but won't speak about his private life either.

Chace Crawford will be outed against his will by a former trick.

Seann William Scott will come out without being prompted

Jake Gyllenhaal will stop bearding and playing tabloid games re his sexuality.

A few guys in rock bands will start to admit their bisexuality.

A major political figure, not Lindsey Graham, will come out

There will be a huge gay scandal in a major team sport with far reaching consequences.

The backlash against gay for pay porn will force even some straight stars to pretend they're gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12201/07/2013

I'd love for Seann William Scott to come out. I agree that his coming out would be big.

Similarly, I'd like to see a major American sports star come out. Really shatter some stereotypes.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12301/07/2013

I hope a gay sex-tape leaks for a major celebrity so it can put any speculation to rest.

I could see Emma Stone coming out as bisexual. After her "engagement" to Andrew Garfield, but before they call it off.

As for guys, It seems Zac Efron is going with the out to everyone, but unspoken in the press approach now that his Disney obligation to a beard is over. Maybe he'll finally make it public.

As for the Twilight Gang until their post-franchise careers take off (or don't) we won't be hearing a peep from any of them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12401/07/2013

Will Keanu EVER come out? I mean, he's almost 50 and he's days as a leading man have been over for years, so it's not like he's got anything to lose.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12501/07/2013

Perhaps, r125, it has to do with the fact that he's not gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12601/07/2013

[quote] Seann William Scott will come out without being prompted

Doubt it. He announced several months ago that he's engaged. To a woman. So I doubt he's coming out anytime soon.

by Zachary Quintoreply 12701/07/2013

Matt Drudge will finally come out (or is he already out?)

by Zachary Quintoreply 12801/07/2013

uh, Ben Whishaw is already out

by Zachary Quintoreply 12901/07/2013

Black female celebrities will never come out.But so many of them need to. Raven Symone, Missy, Queen La, Condie Rice, MC lyte, Kim Coles, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry...the list is too long.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13001/07/2013

Everyone that Taylor Swift has "dated".

by Zachary Quintoreply 13101/07/2013

Actually he isn't R129. The best he has done is hint at it in an early interview but other than that he has purposely avoided ever saying he is gay.

And R130, Wanda Sykes, Frank Ocean and Don Lemon all say hi.

[quote]James Franco will admit to same-sex activity while rejecting "labels".

I'm kinda surprised this hasn't happened already, it seems very much like something Franco would say. I feel like Ezra Miller completely one-upped his hipster alternative image by also playing multiple gay roles but having the balls to admit he has fooled around with guys and and calling himself the ambiguous "queer". He is like Franco but with balls.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13201/07/2013

black FEMALE celebrities r132.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13301/07/2013

Wanda Sykes is not a black female celebrity...?

by Zachary Quintoreply 13401/07/2013

R130 Kerry Washington? I never heard rumors about her.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13501/07/2013

You named Wanda Sykes, Frank Ocean, and Don Lemon as counter to my point. Two of your three examples are male which only highlights my point that Black female celebrities don't tend to come out.

I am proud of Wanda, but really she is pretty much the only example for the past 25 years.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13601/07/2013

Ezra Miller is everything James Franco wants to be and his quote is less.

Fran Lebowitz will come out in 2013 if she gets the talk show.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13701/07/2013

She pretty much got outed as dating Bai Ling by Media Takeout and a few other gossip sites back in 2007. But, I haven't heard anything about it since. There were lots of pictures but they have since been taken down for the most part. Anyway, She may not be les or bi, but based on one of the pictures I saw, they were definitely screwing each other.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13801/07/2013

I don't think anyone who has bearded up is going to be coming out until their career is over. So that pretty much leaves queen latifa.

by Zachary Quintoreply 13901/07/2013

Seann William Scott, if he is gay, won't be coming out anytime soon - he is engaged to his girlfriend.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14001/07/2013

Probably The Situation from Jersey Shore, in a last ditch effort to remain in the spotlight.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14101/07/2013

Excuse me, R138, you aren't saying that Fran Liebowitz dated Bai Ling?

Because that would be the most random couple in the history of the universe.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14201/08/2013

R69 I don't know. DiCaprio has been careful to have a very uninteresting public love life. Imagine he would have showmanced Kate Winslet for a while! Fangirls would be committing suicide left and right whenever she marries another man and definitely if he did, but as it is, who cares? Most people have never even thought about his private life and would probably think he was always out, a couple of months after he theoretically came out for real.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14301/08/2013

I don't know.. I actually disagree with people saying that 2013 will be the year where gay celebrities will come out. I don't see it, at least not on the male side. I could see someone like Queen Latifah or Ellen Page coming out. But on the male side.. doubtful. Most of the closeted gay celebs are famous because of fangirls and rely too much on them. I know guys like Taylor Lautner and David Archuleta are probably gay, but I still don't see them coming out anytime soon. I'm positive Lee Pace is gay and partnered, but I don't see him coming out anytime soon either, because of The Hobbit movies, and he still has a rather large female fanbase. If I had to bet on a celebrity coming out I'd have to say either Wentworth Miller (very likely imo), Jonathan Bennett (Matt basically outed him by coming out anyway) or Colton Haynes (less likely imo since he seems determined to stay in the closet). It could also be someone in Colton's posse, like Shawn Pyfron, JC Chasez or Chace Crawford. But my money is on Wentworth Miller or Jonathan Bennett.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14401/08/2013

[quote]It could also be someone in Colton's posse, like Shawn Pyfron, JC Chasez or Chace Crawford.

Why on earth would JC Chasez still stay in the closet when his career ended over a decade ago? If he is gay, he may as well just come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14501/08/2013

R143.. according to Blind Gossip Leo is straight, but Jake and Orlando are gay. I don't know.. I'm confused. I always though Leo was gay but I'm not so sure anymore. Here is the BI about Jake, and his significant other is Austin Nichols. I'll see of I can find the BIs about Orland and Leo too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14601/08/2013

How come you don't name any ugly celebrities. It's like when Louie Anderson, who is hysterically funny, came out.

All you 'mos could say was, "YECH"

by Zachary Quintoreply 14701/08/2013

[quote]Fangirls would be committing suicide left and right whenever she marries another man and definitely if he did

LOL what a joke. Leo is a fat old man. No one cares about him anymore.

by Zachary Quintoreply 14801/08/2013

Kate Moennig

by Zachary Quintoreply 14901/08/2013

[quote]Why on earth would JC Chasez still stay in the closet when his career ended over a decade ago? If he is gay, he may as well just come out.

True. You're right. I guess he's one of the more likelier gays to come out. If he is gay of course.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15001/08/2013

And Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay, no matter how much people want him to be gay

by Zachary Quintoreply 15101/08/2013

R151.. maybe not. The last BI certainly implied that he was though. Maybe it's made up, who knows.. but Jake was the answer to it. Oh, and I was wrong about Orlando.. Orlando and Leo are actually straight according to a BI from Lainey, but again.. who knows.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15201/08/2013

[quote]according to Blind Gossip Leo is straight, but Jake and Orlando are gay.

Sorry, but I think that site is full of shit. Orlando is married and has a kid and they think he's gay, but they think Leo who goes through one carbon copy "girlfriend" after another is straight??? Please.

I know that having a kid and being married doesn't necessarily mean you're straight and that never being married doesn't necessarily mean you're gay, but at least Orlando actually looks happy in pictures with his wife whereas Leo looks miserable and disinterested with all his "girlfriends".

by Zachary Quintoreply 15301/08/2013

maybe gale harold? twelve years and gossip hasn't died down yet over here at datalounge.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15401/08/2013

R153.. the new BI ins him, so he obviously isn't gay. They actually have his wife cheating on him, but there's nothing about Orlando's sexuality. But they claim that Jake Gyllenhaal is seeing Luke Nichols. I agree with you though. Leo is likely gay and Orlando is likely straight. I don't buy all of these BIs. I'm just letting you know that they claim he's straight. That's all. Make of it as you wish, but they're saying he's straight. I actually trust Blind Gossip more than other gossip websites. They have been right about so many BIs in the past. I'm not saying they're right about everything, and they might be wrong about Leo. I'm just saying that they consider Leo to be straight.

Here's the BI where Miranda Kerr supposedly cheats on Orlando with Justin Bieber and Leo.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15501/08/2013

I would of thought now would be a good time for Lee Pace and Armitage to come out because The Hobbit movies will be successful no matter what any of the cast do, say or reveal. Plus he hopefully has the support of a partner which should hopefully give him strength.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15601/08/2013

According to this critic Hayden C is not gay, I never thought he was, just a sorta "faggy" humorless straight boy. He and Rachel look so snotty and humorless straight couple.

Ans this list seems to be OK.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15701/08/2013

I can't stop laughing at the thought of Fran Liebowitz and Bai Ling dating. Please god, let it be real. Its like if Margaret Atwood started dating Scott Baio.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15801/08/2013

r148 Obviously the suicides part was not serious, so kind of a joke. However, the point is such a relationship would matter even to casual fans and would not be forgotten easily. And if I may observe, you seem a teeny bit biased about Leo's importance as a celebrity.

About Blind Gossip: You always have to consider the source and in case of blind items it's unknown. Even if Blind Gossip has a lot of good gossip, there could still be a lot of bullshit too, including straight up lies from PR camps to muddy the waters. I would at best take everything as a possible truth until there is other proof.

by Zachary Quintoreply 15901/08/2013

R156, I doubt it. I would love it if they were to come out. I just don't see it happening. I think Lee Pace wants a big career. I think he's happy and content by staying in the glass closet right now. He definitely won't beard, but I don't think he'll come out either.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16001/08/2013

[quote]About Blind Gossip: You always have to consider the source and in case of blind items it's unknown. Even if Blind Gossip has a lot of good gossip, there could still be a lot of bullshit too, including straight up lies from PR camps to muddy the waters. I would at best take everything as a possible truth until there is other proof.

I agree, and that's exactly what I've said. I only tend to believe those BIs that seem likely to be true, like where I've heard rumors etc before. Blind Gossip definitely has been right about a lot of BIs in the past though. But yeah.. some can still be fake and made up.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16101/08/2013

Yeah a lot of BI are fake along with the truths buried in, they are a way to generate traffic to sites at the end of the day, they are fun gossip but you would be a fool to think they are all true.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16201/08/2013

blind gossip takes an existent rumor and fabricates a blind item around it

by Zachary Quintoreply 16301/08/2013

I know that R162. It's just that a lot of the blinds on Blind Gossip have ended up being true. They are often spot on with their blinds. I'm not saying they never lie or fake some of the blinds, they probably have and will continue to do so in the future.. but many of the blinds they have on their website end up being true. That's all I'm saying. And btw.. I don't believe that Leo is straight, so I clearly don't believe everything they say... I only believe those blinds that seem most likely to be true, and where there's been substantial gossip before to back it up.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16401/08/2013

Leo is gay. I heard this directly from the closest possible source who would know. I have posted this many, many times in here so I won't bother to go into details again.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16501/08/2013

I don't know why people wouldn't believe DiCaprio is gay. If you look at his dating history with women it all seems pretty fake.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16601/08/2013

And look, before even marrying Orlando, Miranda was cheating with Lukas Haas! Hmmm.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16701/08/2013

Well, I guess it won't be Alexander Ludwig. However, that boy has a BIG FUCKING COCK!

by Zachary Quintoreply 16801/08/2013

[quote]Why on earth would JC Chasez still stay in the closet when his career ended over a decade ago? If he is gay, he may as well just come out.

If he really is gay and hasn't come out, who knows? Maybe he has issues with his family or his privacy. Didn't Lance Bass say that he never came out to his family? They found out he was gay along with the rest of the world when Lance was outed.

by Zachary Quintoreply 16901/08/2013

Well you can add Lukas to the 'for sure' list. He and Leo are virtually gay brothers - they couldn't be closer and always will be. Leo is a part of Lukas's family and I can't see that changing. Leo is close to Lukas's brother, but I don't know anything about his sexuality. Since I know this for sure it's a interesting 'case study' on how PR firms try to beard some celebrities. Anything that tries to tie either of them to a female romantically or sexually is a fraud and I suspect any woman who participates. I don't know anything about Bloom.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17001/08/2013

The list of gay actors at r157's link, is hard to believe.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17101/08/2013

R165 I believe you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17201/08/2013

[quote]And if the rumor that Hayden Christiansen is now a rentboy are true because he has no acting career, well, he's coming out whether he wants to or not.

Link to his rent boy profile please!

by Zachary Quintoreply 17301/08/2013

[quote]Here's the BI where Miranda Kerr supposedly cheats on Orlando with Justin Bieber and Leo.

That blind comes from Lainey. And while I can't stand her and her fangirl blathering, some of her blinds do tend to be true.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17401/08/2013

I'd like to see Tom Cruise and John Travolta come out so that the healing can begin.

Won't happen though.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17501/08/2013

Hayden made over $30 million in box office and merchandising percentages from the Star Wars prequels, so I don't think he needs to whore himself out to pay his mortgage.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17601/08/2013

FUCK Hayden. Who cares? Let everyone else discuss the other gay stars, and make your own stupid Hayden thread.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17701/08/2013

Agreed, R177. He's a has been anyway.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17801/08/2013

No, r142. Sorry I should have referenced the post. I am saying Bai and Kerry Washington used to screw around. There wasn't enough evidence to say they dated, but they surely fucked each other.

by Zachary Quintoreply 17901/08/2013

I think Dave Franco will scoop his own brother and come out in 2013.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18001/08/2013

James franco PLEASE

by Zachary Quintoreply 18101/08/2013

Thom Bierdz.

I mean, he already has but he loves attention so she'll do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Zachary Quintoreply 18201/08/2013

R157, that list looks accurate and the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood should be renamed Gaywood.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18301/08/2013

[quote]According to this critic Hayden C is not gay, I never thought he was

I'm beginning to consider for the first time that Hayden may not be gay, too. I used to think he was for years because he pinged to high heavens, at times almost as much as Taylor Lautner. But the longer the relationship with Rachel Bilson goes on, the less likely it becomes that he is gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18401/08/2013

R184 The length of someone's relationship really doesn't prove anything. Fran Drescher was married 21 years before her husband came out. Some people hide in straight relationships for years before they come out, and some never come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18501/08/2013

Yes, we know that, R185. Some of us are simply saying that those individuals who are in straight relationships, while sometimes gay, are more likely to be straight than those who are single or who are known to be in gay relationships.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18601/08/2013

Jamie Foxx just all but came out in the nightline interview that aired tonight.

First this - "I looked at my Louis V bag and my Range Rover keys"

and then this - "I just want to be able to live my life and be in love with who I want to be in love with..."

by Zachary Quintoreply 18701/08/2013

R156 I agree there...but, Lee Pace (and Wentworth Miller) look sort of rebellious to me, they won't come out not because they're coward (yeah maybe a little bit) but more of "why should we?"

by Zachary Quintoreply 18801/08/2013

Let's not forget that even Luke MacFarlane couldn't get Wentworth Miller to come out, and that it is rumored to be one of the reasons why they broke up.

by Zachary Quintoreply 18901/08/2013

R189 Yeah, like i said before, he (and Lee Pace too) won't announce it not because he wanna pretend that he's straight, but it's just that he and Luke doesn't share the same opinion and principles.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19001/08/2013

Apparently Wentworth was considering coming out or going public with his relationship with Luke after they got photographed together out on their dates several years ago but then changed his mind and that bothered Luke.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19101/08/2013

What are these principles then? Do a lot of the gay people in entertainment think it's simply no one else's business?

by Zachary Quintoreply 19201/08/2013

R192 Do you expect every person in th world has the same mind/mentality? It's ridiculous to think that every person is comfortable with the idea of shout your bedtime stories from the rooftop, instead of letting people (who are interested) to figure it out by themselves.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19301/08/2013

R191 I don't blame Luke for dropping Wentworth. There's no reason someone who's comfortable with their sexuality should be stuck with some closet case who wants to hide everything they do.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19401/08/2013

R194 I wanna ask you, What is wrong with wanting "hide" things that we do? Does that equal to being pretentious? The problem Luke & Miller faced happens to many straight couples too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19501/08/2013

R194, here are the photos of when Wentworth & Luke were together back in 2007.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19601/08/2013

R196/R191 Yes, I already saw those photos when they came out and those are the ONLY photos that were ever seen of them together. It wasn't long after that when they supposedly broke up. My guess is Went panicked (since he was still popular back then) and probably insisted that they be more secretive and Luke was probably tired of it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19701/08/2013

Luke wasn't exactly always out and proud as is being depicted. Remember the history: he was out...then went back in as soon as he was famous....then came out again.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19801/08/2013

Luke Evans, Wentworth Miller, Luke Evans and company are cowards and liars. Don't make excuses for them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 19901/08/2013

Luke Evans, Wentworth Miller and Lee Pace

by Zachary Quintoreply 20001/09/2013

Don't forget that there are a lot of closet cases at DL, r199.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20101/09/2013

R201 You're right, guess who they are.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20201/09/2013

[quote]And Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay, no matter how much people want him to be gay

Dear god, people don't 'want' him to be gay, fangirl, it's because he is bi or gay, and deeply closeted.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20301/09/2013

whatever else one can say about that list at R157, he's a prick for saying who cares to great people like Wanda Sykes and Tim Gunn, and saying someone like Garbo is irrelevant.

And he's wrong about Hugh Dancy. Huge bi slut.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20401/09/2013

[quote]Luke Evans, Wentworth Miller, Luke Evans and company are cowards and liars. Don't make excuses for them

We are one of them to, you know, an internet anonymous coward and liar who loves making excuses to hate certain people, even loves to play victim.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20501/09/2013

R198 He never went back in.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20601/09/2013

Joe Jonas. Why bother to hide any more?

by Zachary Quintoreply 20701/09/2013

Hey i've got news for you guys. Most famous people will remain in the closet and won't come out this year.

by Zachary Quintoreply 20801/09/2013

The lists at R157 are no more than that particular writer's guesses based on his own impressions and/or common gossip.

He also lists McBongo, Marky Mark, Tom Hardy, and Paul Walker as straight. Not even the "maybe bi" awarded to Ben and Matt. So take it with a big grain of salt.

R207 Is Joe Jonas even bothering to beard anymore?

by Zachary Quintoreply 20901/09/2013

Article from AfterElton regarding chasing up Luke Evans' sexuality, and the probable PR-driven brick wall they came up against in trying to do so. A really good read throughout.

Below that is the actual article on Luke Evans admitting his sexuality in The Advocate a few years ago.

For the resident fraus who need BIG PRINT on these matters.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21001/09/2013

Luke Evans Advocate interview. I suggest people save a copy, in case it goes mysteriously missing in action as well:

by Zachary Quintoreply 21101/09/2013

It's worth noting from the above articles Evans 'didn't have much time for the closet' - back then.

The closet only became relevant once Hollywood came seriously calling.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21201/09/2013

the list @ r157 seems like wishful thinking.

Joe Jonas is not gay. He has been in-ed as a straight creepy junkie by many a bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21301/09/2013

R208.. that's what i've said. I doubt anyone else will come out this year.. I think it's more likely that a lesbian comes out, like Queen Latifah or Ellen Page. All the celebrities that are gay are too far in the closet to come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21401/09/2013

I'll guess a married couple with personal and professional ties to a naturally blonde, now redheaded, fortysomething, actress from a former hit cable show that spawned two feature films, and who came out herself not too long ago.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21501/09/2013

R157's link to the Gay List might be bullshit but there's a very very important piece in that article that you should all read and note. Then sit back and wonder why many people still can't come out. (The world was never an 'equal' place and it is still not):

[quote]However, if you're Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, John Travolta or George Clooney, and 60% of your movie's revenue comes from overseas, where being gay is still subject to death by stoning, your studio, publicist, manager and hangers-on don't want you to admit to your sexual proclivities.

[quote]Why? Because the bottom line is if people in China and other parts of Asia, as well as the Middle East, who make up a significant amount of a movie's box office, know you're gay, they most likely won't go to see your movies, which, in turn, would put a huge dent in the overall gross of said movie!

by Zachary Quintoreply 21601/09/2013

Thanks for the link to the Advocate article (from September 2002!), R211. The tone of the first article made me sad:

[quote]It isn't just the photograph--it's what he says that leaves me slack-jawed: "People come up to me in pubs mind you, and can't believe that I'm gay," he says. [italic]What did he just say?[/italic] I'm thinking. [italic]Did this young actor in his first major role really announce that he's gay? Doesn't he have handlers or agents who know what's best for him?[/italic]

The next paragraph is a setup for Luke's career as of 2011:

[quote]Off I went to see the show--and found Luke to be a fine actor, a terrific singer, and completely at home playing the straight guy who's the object of the Boy George character's affections. So I decided I'd better talk to this young man--before Luke Evans becomes a household name here in the States and changes his mind![/quote]

That last sentence in the first paragraph would piss me off if I were to see it in any gay magazine in reference to any gay actor. Since it was 2002, it makes me more sad than angry. I can only hope that this mindset starts to change from here on out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21701/09/2013

Yes but that very last sentence (second quote) was entirely prophetic wasn't it, r217.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21801/09/2013

[quote]He also lists McBongo, Marky Mark, Tom Hardy, and Paul Walker as straight. Not even the "maybe bi" awarded to Ben and Matt. So take it with a big grain of salt.

To be fair they have those people listed because they have been in marriages which have either been deemed sufficiently real or produced children, so technically the default setting would be straight for those people but it seems like they are open to question should any evidence come along.

It's not as if their list of gays and bi's is weak or short!

Personally I'm on the fence re: Tom Hardy. I think he could be bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 21901/09/2013

From r157's list.

from the Confirmed Gay A and B and C and D-List Celebrities list:

Jonathan Togo gay, never heard this before.

Edward Norton, no effin way.

Richard Gere - NTA, gay friendly does not mean gay.

Darren Criss, not gay

Jake Gyllenhaal, not gay

Jared Leto, not gay

George Clooney, not gay.

From the "WE'RE 99.9% CONFIDENT: YES (And we put our money on everyone listed below being card carrying members of the Friends Of Dorothy club, no matter what anyone, including they, say)."

Sorry not one of those guys are gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22001/09/2013

[quote]He also lists McBongo, Marky Mark, Tom Hardy, and Paul Walker as straight.

And what's wrong with that? There's no proof any of those guys are gay. Paul Walker certainly doesn't appear to be since he has never been connected with a guy and amongst other things has fathered a child. Mark Wahlberg has always been involved with women as far as I can tell, never men. Hardy could be bi, but he could also be telling the truth that his main interest is women (he also has a child) and that he was just with a guy as an experiment when he was drunk.

As for Matthew M, it's possible he could be gay, but he could also be no more than bi, if that. He's mainly had relationships with women and has a couple of children with his current girlfriend/wife. Never really been proven to be with a man.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22101/09/2013

r220, how do you know anything about those guys and their sexuality?

by Zachary Quintoreply 22201/09/2013

Michael Chiklis, just to break the pattern that everyone on this thread only wants hot celebrities to come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22301/09/2013

Matthew McBongo had an affair with Lance Armstrong but he can't very well come out when he is married with kids. Why do these guys get themselves in such a mess? Only Hugh Jackman has pulled it off without a hitch.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22401/09/2013

R213 We've definitely been reading different BIs. Can you direct me to one suggesting Joe is straight?

I can believe JJ is on drugs but he never even makes much effort to act interested in any of the beards he's been photographed with.

On the other hand, he looks pretty damn happy when sashaying around with his peen posse.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22501/09/2013

[quote]Matthew McBongo had an affair with Lance Armstrong

Right. (rolling eyes)

by Zachary Quintoreply 22601/09/2013

R225 is on the money. His peen possee is yummy too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22701/09/2013

[quote]There's no proof any of those guys are gay.

Nope. And no proof any of them are straight, either.

All closeted actors have public relationships, even marriages, with women. Not to mention kids, to boot.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22801/09/2013

They were together everyday here in Miami and when Matthew was giving an interview he almost got teary eyed when discussung Lance. He said they had some kind of destiny. I mean, after them being together day after day I assumed but when I saw that interview, I had no doubts.

So roll your eyes...believe me, I'm rolling my eyes too, over your complete ignorance.

by Zachary Quintoreply 22901/09/2013

Clooney IS gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23001/09/2013

[quote]Apparently Wentworth was considering coming out or going public with his relationship with Luke after they got photographed together out on their dates several years ago but then changed his mind and that bothered Luke.

Why would that bother Luke if Luke wasn't out yet at that time either?

By just about all accounts, Miller was out in his personal life and known to be gay by coworkers. Miller was the blind item of the actor that wanted to be out but wasn't allowed to be and discouraged from being. ('please, just [wait] a little bit longer...') I thought it was telling (and FOX-like) that the two year mark at the start of season three was accompanied by the National Enquirer "story" of Miller acting like a "diva princess", "downright prissy!" with "whines with 'high pitched voice'." It also co-insided, of course, with the weekend out and about pics with Luke.

r206, Luke, himself, mentioned going back in the closet when a publicist or some such asked him if he was gay. He said no and then dated her briefly.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23101/09/2013

I actually FEEL that the following are gay. But I doubt it if they will come out sooner...

Leonardo DiCaprio Nicholas D'Agosto Andrew Garfield Daniel Radcliffe Joe Jonas Josh Hutcherson Logan Lerman Chace Crawford Jude Law Justin Bieber Ed Westwick Ellen Page Jennifer Lawrence (Yes, JLaw!) Amanda Seyfried

by Zachary Quintoreply 23201/11/2013

I have a feeling it will be some former child star.. like Justin Berfield or JTT. On the other hand.. Wentworth Miller, Colton Haynes and Lee Pace seem the most ready to come out.. maybe less Colton though. I'd also like to add Jonathan Bennett. He was basically outed when Matt came out, so he might as well come out officially.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23301/11/2013

[quote]Dear god, people don't 'want' him to be gay, fangirl, it's because he is bi or gay, and deeply closeted.

There's a new BI and people keep saying it's Jake Gyllenhaal. It seems to fit with the another item that was about him too.. they're even using the same language "hanging out with a girl" i.e. Katie.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23401/11/2013

Leonardo DiCaprio is supposedly bi, not gay. And Justin Bieber, supposedly is straight, no matter how unbelievable it seems.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23501/11/2013

I think Beiber is straight but he's only about 15, so who cares? By the time he's 30, no one will recognize him.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23601/11/2013

It's true..just because you come out, it doesn't mean the gay community will support you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23701/11/2013

Well.. Taylor Lautner certainly doesn't seem ready to come out anytime soon if he's gay. He was supposedly out on a date with his high school sweetheart. This is from CDAN.

by Zachary Quintoreply 23801/12/2013

Not us!

by Zachary Quintoreply 23901/12/2013

R220, why should we care about what YOU think over someone who at least explains his rationale and has access to first or secondhand Hollywood gossip? He even thinks some of DL's most famous wish list actors are straight.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24001/13/2013

R240.. just ignore her. It's obvious she's just an annoying fangirl.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24101/13/2013

Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon a few years ago. I have been friends with this guy who is close friends with her. I have known him well for 10-12 years. He has been in a few magazine articles with her - they did something big together years ago. When Reese was supposedly dating Jake he told me that they were just friends and it was not a romance and NO SEX was involved. Reese is a fag hag and likes gay guys, including my friend. He said PR firms played up this romance that didn't exist and neither Jake or Reese minded and will will participants. I don't know if Jake is gay or not.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24201/13/2013

R242, even without your post Jake has screamed 'mo for years to me, not least due to his desperate beardy ways.

To be fair to him, Ted's over-eager Toothy Tile stories put paid to any hope of Jake ever being able to admit he was bi/gay or come out if he was. In a sense, many blind items and the ripples that come from them (that can last for years) force people even further back into the closet when they actually could have been comfortable enough to come out had the blind item not been written and pushed relentlessly.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24301/13/2013

Eh, no one really cares about blind items except for us handful of internet gossips, and how does "Toothy Tile" make it less likely for any of us to watch Jake Gyllenhall movies after he came out? I don't know, the question is still will (more) people stop hiring him or seeing his movies once everyone knows that he is gay, Toothy doesn't really factor into that.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24401/13/2013

Am I the only one that sometimes stops and thinks how unbelieveable it is that in 2013, pretty much nothing has changed since the beginning of Hollywood in terms of bearding and closted actors? Sad when you really think about it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24501/13/2013

I agree with you R245

by Zachary Quintoreply 24601/13/2013

Because they can, dear. Because they can.

by Zachary Quintoreply 24701/13/2013


It made me cry!!!!

by Zachary Quintoreply 24801/13/2013

No one mentioned Jodie Foster?

by Zachary Quintoreply 24901/13/2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first fully "out" A-list superstar.

History has been made tonight.

Thank you, God!

by Zachary Quintoreply 25001/13/2013

Jodie Foster, yo.

by Zachary Quintoreply 25101/13/2013

Another celebrity comes out after their career is essentially over. Which makes me appreciate Frank Ocean more than anyone in Hollywood.

by Zachary Quintoreply 25201/13/2013

Why the fuck would you pick Frank Ocean to appreciate? He's never even said that he's gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 25301/13/2013

So you think he is playing straight, r253?

by Zachary Quintoreply 25401/13/2013

No one seems to know whether Jodie Foster officially came out.

It's being debated by the entertainment media and news sites all over Twitter.

by Zachary Quintoreply 25501/13/2013

She came out, for goodness sake. In context she said:

[quote] [bold]be a big coming-out speech tonight because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the Stone Age, in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family[/bold and co-workers and then gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met. But now I’m told, apparently that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference...

by Zachary Quintoreply 25601/13/2013

Foster is not considered gay until she says the words "I am gay".

Wikipedia won't even refer to her as gay in her Personal Life section.

That's the rule of the media.

by Zachary Quintoreply 25701/13/2013

[quote]Jodie Foster's Golden Globes acceptance speech: Did she come out? Depends on whom you ask

by Zachary Quintoreply 25801/13/2013

The word 'gay' is not mentioned once on her Wikipedia entry - I just checked:

by Zachary Quintoreply 25901/13/2013

how do you shut off bold?



by Zachary Quintoreply 26001/13/2013

Why is she so ashamed of being a lesbian? Is it because of Lena Dunham?

by Zachary Quintoreply 26101/14/2013

Is it Jorja Fox's turn?

by Zachary Quintoreply 26201/14/2013

Jodie Foster couldn't bring herself to say "I'm a lesbian" hence that incoherent, rambling mess. I wonder if this confirms the Kelly McGillis, Whitney triangle.

by Zachary Quintoreply 26301/14/2013

What is Matt LeBlanc's deal? It looked like he was sitting next to the bearish guy people said was his bf a few years ago, and I think he brought his ex-wife as his date? And he's cupping her breast in this pic from the red carpet. He was also holding hands on the red carpet a few months ago with another blonde who looks a bit different than his ex-wife.

by Zachary Quintoreply 26401/14/2013

Jodie Foster......kind of.......well,maybe........sort of ........oh fuck girl, just say it

by Zachary Quintoreply 26501/14/2013

Remember last year when Perez Hilton said that Anderson Cooper, Jodie Foster, and Kevin Spacey should officially come out because everyone knew they were unofficially out already. Well, Anderson and Jodie have since officially come out; however, Kevin has not. So, will there be more pressure on Kevin to now do so?

by Zachary Quintoreply 26601/14/2013

I don't see Kevin Spacey coming out for at least a few more years.

by Zachary Quintoreply 26701/14/2013

R261, Lena Dunham couldn't be more het. A disgustingly stereotypical one at that.

by Zachary Quintoreply 26801/14/2013

Marcia Cross.

by Zachary Quintoreply 26901/14/2013

Chace Crawford.

James Franco will be the big-named male celebrity.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27001/14/2013

I don't see Chace Crawford coming out just yet.

And if James Franco is gay and not merely bisexual, I'm not sure he plans on coming out for a few more years, either.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27101/14/2013

James Franco coming out will be another of those, "everyone knew" events. What the mainstream needs is a shock.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27201/14/2013

I know, R268. But she would make any lesbian ashamed of loving women.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27301/14/2013

[quote]James Franco coming out will be another of those, "everyone knew" events.

Is it possible that James Franco is bisexual? He claims he's had sex with women and once did a sex tape with a girlfriend.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27401/14/2013

Spacey's got House of Cards debuting next month, which is the biggest thing he's done in years. He won't be coming out anytime soon.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27501/14/2013

Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Victor Garber also confirmed he's gay in an article published today:

by Zachary Quintoreply 27601/14/2013

Let's try that again:

by Zachary Quintoreply 27701/14/2013

Joan Rivers on the Today show in 2007 joking about Jodie Foster the first time she "came out" back then...

by Zachary Quintoreply 27801/14/2013

When the whole issue of celebrity sex tapes came up in a discussion a few years ago, that is when James Franco revealed that he and a girlfriend once made a sex tape but destroyed it not long after so that it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

by Zachary Quintoreply 27901/14/2013

I said it R265. I'm single and I'm proud as shit.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28001/14/2013

Matt LeBlanc coming out would be huge. Not too many guys known for being sexy have come out, but those who have have done well. It's a win win.

Que the "has-been" trolls. To them I say that Friends is still in syndication and is played around the world everyday. By those standards he still has the exposure.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28101/14/2013

[quote]Que the "has-been" trolls.

Cue not que, sorry.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28201/14/2013

Jodie Foster

by Zachary Quintoreply 28301/14/2013

Dana Delany will come out in 2013

by Zachary Quintoreply 28401/14/2013

Here's an almost accurate list of gay people in Hollywood. At the very bottom there is a link to another list.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28501/15/2013

Who are you talking about, R215?

by Zachary Quintoreply 28601/15/2013

R286. My guess is Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28701/15/2013

R287, I thought of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny. But although I think Leoni is bi I don't see Duchovny as anything else except straight.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28801/15/2013

I think "former hit cable show that spawned two movies" refers to Sex and the City although I've never heard any rumors about SJP being gay, I wouldn't be surprised about Broderick. X-Files wasn't on cable and I think there was only one movie.

by Zachary Quintoreply 28901/15/2013

Predictions 2013

Now that Usher is coming back from obscurity and is going to be a judge on the Voice, this might be the year to get that extra dose of publicity by coming out .

Queen Latifah is going to feel some pressure to come out now that Jodie Foster has done it.

Also someone younger with a mediocre career now might come out like Sean Pyfrom or Chace Crawford.

Then someone everyone knew was gay will finally come out like Kevin Spacey.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29001/15/2013

It won't be an A or B list actor, signer.

I'm thinking maybe someone who's career has peaked long ago, or a young actor who never lived up to their potential and now they are looking for some attention.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29101/15/2013

Sorry singer, not signer.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29201/15/2013

A married couple with professional ties to Miranda from SatC, I'd say.

Married couples are very unlikely to come out, unless, of course, they are the same sex.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29301/15/2013

Um sorry, forgot to reload DL to see all replies. SatC was already solved.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29401/15/2013

r290, Usher hasn't been in obscurity, he had a hit song in 2012. Scream

Latifah performed at gay pride this year

by Zachary Quintoreply 29501/15/2013

It's harder for black people to come out, which is why Frank Ocean was brave because he everyone around him must have told him he risked total rejection.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29601/15/2013

Uh R295 You must not have seen how after this she went out of her way not to come out.

"Queen Latifah is denying that she came out during a recent appearance at the Long Beach lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Pride festival.

According to the Advocate, while on stage on May 19, Latifah reportedly referred to the crowd as "her people" and asked "Are you feeling all the unity?" causing some to believe that she had indeed come out.

However, Latifah tells Entertainment Weekly “that definitely wasn’t the case," and added, "I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public. It’s just not gonna happen.”

I expect later on down the road at some random award ceremony Queen Latifah will then tell us just like Jodie Foster, that she's been out for a thousand years.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29701/15/2013

Seem to recall there was a blind item about LebLanc being poz last summer.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29801/15/2013

Has Betty White been mentioned? Now that would shock some folks.

by Zachary Quintoreply 29901/15/2013

R285, that's another lesbian wishlist from a fangurl.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30001/15/2013

Logan Lerman!

by Zachary Quintoreply 30101/15/2013

I basically agree with what R290 said.

I don't think Logan will come out this year, R301. I see him as a pretty ambitious guy, and I doubt he would be willing to come out and potentially sacrifice his career. Besides, the cast of Perks did an interview with a gay magazine. Ezra Miller came out as queer, but Logan said nothing and he could have come out then and there if he wanted to. I doubt he's ready to come out yet. I think it'll take years before he comes out. That said, I do have a feeling he's gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30201/15/2013

I think Logan Lerman is cute as hell. Fell in love with him in "Perks".

by Zachary Quintoreply 30301/15/2013

Probably someone will get papped with Luke Macfarlane.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30401/15/2013

Someone already did, and he didn't come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30501/15/2013

In a perfect world Mariska Hargitay would announce she's a lesbian, dump her beard husband and proudly proclaim she likes to investigate a women's special vagina unit

by Zachary Quintoreply 30601/15/2013

R285 - Since when is Nathan Lane in the closet?

by Zachary Quintoreply 30701/15/2013

r301, r302 - Logan could be the first to make an A-List career as an out gay person. He won't (come out), but he could.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30801/15/2013

Most people don't actually know who Logan Lerman is.

by Zachary Quintoreply 30901/15/2013

Which would mean him coming out would precede a climb to movie stardom, r309. Which is the point of my comment.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31001/15/2013

How do we know Logan Lerman is gay, btw?? All I know about him is that he's a young Jewish kid that tends to play the brainy guy in the few movies I've seen him in, including the one with Renée Zellweger where she played his mom.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31101/15/2013

He seems gay. I think he's gay because I can observe people and often spot those with fellow inclinations. It's not that he pings in some sort of derogatory Boys in the Band way, he just seems gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31201/15/2013

Interestingly enough, I don't believe that Ezra Miller is actually bi. I think he's just playing it up for 'street cred'. I doubt he's ever even touched another guy's dick.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31301/15/2013

R313, actually he did admit to that in a magazine earlier.. but whatever. I've heard the "Ezra is not really gay" speech before and I refuse to get into that again.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31401/15/2013

Yeah, I know he did - I even read the article. I still don't think he's bi, though.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31501/15/2013

What year will Henry Cavill come out? 2017?

by Zachary Quintoreply 31601/15/2013

I've thought Logan Lerman was gay since "Jack & Bobby." I was watching it with an old friend, and she said to me, "OMG, he reminds me of you when you were that age."

by Zachary Quintoreply 31701/15/2013

Logan Lerman's apparent new girlfriend is Amy Vaver, a friend of Emma Watson's, make of that what you will.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31801/15/2013

Logan Lerman turns 21 this weekend.

by Zachary Quintoreply 31901/15/2013

The main movie I remember Logan Lerman from is 'My One and Only', which also stars recent porn store arrestee, Nick Stahl.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32001/15/2013

I might have become an actor if I'd grown up in BH.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32101/15/2013

BH ?

by Zachary Quintoreply 32201/15/2013

Kristen Stewart

by Zachary Quintoreply 32301/15/2013

Jodie Foster did just come out and Kristen Stewart has made a bunch of recent comments about trying to be more open. I could see her coming out, more likely as bi or without a specific label.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32401/15/2013

Pat Robertson. That mother fucker is decades overdue to come out. Of course, if he ever comes out, I'm going back into the fucking closet. LOL.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32501/15/2013

R322 - BH = Beverly Hills, where Logan Lerman grew up.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32601/15/2013

Kristen Stewart, if she is gay, won't be coming out for a long time yet. Get real.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32701/15/2013

Stewart is such a dyke, I'm sure she has to practice being a girl, every day of her life.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32801/16/2013

I used to think Stewart was gay, but now I'm not so sure.

by Zachary Quintoreply 32901/16/2013

Just because she had that convenient photo of her means nothing. My gaydar could not be THAT off.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33001/16/2013

Well what about Robert Pattinson then, R330? Is he gay too? If not, who is he involved with if not Kristen?

by Zachary Quintoreply 33101/16/2013

Nothing about that photo was convenient. The photos prove that she is having sex with men in the most PR unfriendly way possible, don't be ridiculous.

She could still find herself as a lesbian or of course be bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33201/16/2013

I wish that Logan kid would come out! He's actually trying too hard to conceal his sexuality.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33301/25/2013

Amber Heard just outed herself, I never got a ping though! Unbelievable. And I just learned recently that Victor Garber and Ian McKellen were gays! My gaydar was off with them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33401/25/2013

Kristen's not gay, she's a bit butch like her (also straight) mommy, but she does genuinely love some British cock . Some of her Twilight co-stars however...

by Zachary Quintoreply 33501/25/2013

Kristen is a lesbian or there are NO lesbians! The girl is a dyke, period and she played Jodie Foster's little dyke daughter. There is no mistaking it so don't tell me, "Kristen's not gay."

by Zachary Quintoreply 33601/25/2013

R335, are you talking ladies of Twilight?

by Zachary Quintoreply 33701/25/2013

We have no proof, R336.

And from what we do have so far, she appears to like men.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33801/25/2013

Clea Duvall. Although she is not a huge star, it is important for everyone to come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 33901/26/2013

Kirk Douglas

by Zachary Quintoreply 34001/26/2013

[quote]And Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay, no matter how much people want him to be gay

Jake is gay, so get over it!

by Zachary Quintoreply 34101/26/2013

Logan Lerman must come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 34201/26/2013

Nope, Jake isn't gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 34301/26/2013

Yes Jake is gay. Who is the idiot who keeps denying it. I'm sure Jake doesn't care who thinks he's gay...except he does like to beard, so maybe I'm wrong?

by Zachary Quintoreply 34401/26/2013

How dare you say Jake G. Is gay? No way!

by Zachary Quintoreply 34501/26/2013

I only have eyes for you!

by Zachary Quintoreply 34601/26/2013

What? Me gay?

by Zachary Quintoreply 34701/26/2013

Ain't gay!

by Zachary Quintoreply 34801/26/2013

Is this Seann William Scott finally inching out of the closet?

by Zachary Quintoreply 34901/26/2013

I hope it is Ben Whishaw~~

by Zachary Quintoreply 35003/01/2013

Olivia Newton-John?

by Zachary Quintoreply 35103/01/2013

I think the days of big announcements are pretty much over. I think the new PR strategy is to gradually come out, and when people finally figure out your gay, you just smile and say "of course! " So someone like Kevin Spacey and Latifah are my picks.

by Zachary Quintoreply 35203/01/2013

'I don't need to come out, I was never in the closet!'

Seems to be the new coming out announcement.

by Zachary Quintoreply 35303/01/2013

Exactly, R353. The only people who will make announcements they're gay are the ones whose careers are in the toilet and they're after publicity. They do it for the shock value. There are still huge stars who are closeted, but don't expect them to announce anything.

by Zachary Quintoreply 35403/01/2013

Logan Lerman, please come out!

by Zachary Quintoreply 35503/11/2013

R6, why Julianne Moore?

by Zachary Quintoreply 35603/12/2013

Josh Groban

by Zachary Quintoreply 35703/12/2013

So we're 3 months into the year and the only person who's come out so far is that has-been from Kyle XY.

Disappointing - I hope there will be more interesting ones soon.

by Zachary Quintoreply 35803/12/2013

Do you have anyone in particular in mind, R358?

by Zachary Quintoreply 35903/12/2013

Didn't Jodie Foster come out this year? I think so.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36003/12/2013

[quote]Didn't Jodie Foster come out this year? I think so.

That's still a matter of debate.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36103/12/2013

Hopefully Taylor Lautner & Patrick Shriver are on the verge of coming out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36203/12/2013

Zsa Zsa

by Zachary Quintoreply 36303/12/2013

No it's not r361.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36403/12/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 36506/02/2013

Maybe no one is coming out, because there is no one to come out. Ial;ways thought DL over-exaggerated the amount of gays in a/b list showbiz.

Look at gay porn, the majority of models are gay 4 pay, so if gay porn can#'t even mount up a decent % of gays, how the fuck is mainstream Hollywood gonna do it?

by Zachary Quintoreply 36606/02/2013

R49, you're right. Ellen Page has been out in a low-key way for quite a while.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36706/02/2013

Charice Pempengco came out as a lesbian

by Zachary Quintoreply 36806/02/2013

Oh STFU r366. There are tons of gays/bisexuals in entertainment, politics and sports, just because they're not waving flags.

If you look down your nose at this place what on earth are you even doing here.

by Zachary Quintoreply 36906/02/2013

Thanks for the link, R368. Good for her.

The article's headline:

[bold]Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco Admits in TV Show That She is Lesbian[/bold]

Now if people would only stop using the word "admit" as if equating coming out to confessing to a crime...

by Zachary Quintoreply 37006/02/2013

Logan Lerman isn't gay. Yes, there was a picture that Logan probably did not want to be made public, since he is a very private person... a picture of Logan kissing Amy Vaver, who is pretty obviously his girlfriend. She is Jewish, like him, and I believe Emma Watson introduced them.

From the picture, it certainly did not look like Logan needed any prodding from his mother to be there.

by Zachary Quintoreply 37106/18/2013

lollolol @ jackman being straight

by Zachary Quintoreply 37206/18/2013

I'm really sick of Gyllenhaal. He's annnoying and he is so transparent.

Franco is going to milk the mystery about him for all it's worth.

R366, are you drinking. This site exaggerates, of course, no denial there, but there are so many gay/bi guys in Hollywood, who are famous, it's unreal.

It is who you think it is most of the time.

The reason they're aren't rumors about Paul Walker being gay is because while Paul is hot, he's not gay, but if you want to talk about Hugh Jackman, that's a whole different story.

by Zachary Quintoreply 37306/20/2013

Actor Ben Whishaw has come out of the closet and revealed to be married to longtime partner Mark Bradshaw.

by Zachary Quintoreply 37408/05/2013

Whishaw was not in the closet.

by Zachary Quintoreply 37508/05/2013

[quote]Whishaw was not in the closet.

to the press he the statement above

by Zachary Quintoreply 37608/05/2013

And of course Raven Symone has to be mentioned in this thread as she finally came out.

And Whishaw had never publically confirmed he was gay, he was glass-closeted, but still closeted.

by Zachary Quintoreply 37708/06/2013

Well obviously it won't be me, bitches, because I'm STRAIGHT!

by Zachary Quintoreply 37808/06/2013

[quote]R114 said: Wentworth would be cool. As his writing career continues to flourish, I think he will consider it.


by Zachary Quintoreply 37908/21/2013

Those of you who said Wentworth Miller were right!

So far this year actors Matt Dallas and Wentworth Miller have come out. Two minor "celebs" (if you can even call them that) have also come out: Lucas Cruikshank and Troye Sivan.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38008/22/2013

Ahem, R80.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38108/22/2013

I'm a bit surprised that Wentworth Miller finally did it. I got the sense he was going to wait several more years, but perhaps this Russia issue struck a chord with him and provided the right time.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38208/22/2013

I wonder whether the Russian situation will prompt more celebrities to come out?

by Zachary Quintoreply 38308/22/2013

black celebs

by Zachary Quintoreply 38408/22/2013

[quote]Wentworth Miller, Colton Haynes and Lee Pace seem the most ready to come out.

Turns out you were right, R233. Wentworth seemed ready to do it this year when the Russian situation inspired him to react.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38508/22/2013

R385 I disagree with you on Lee Pace. At present he's with Richard Armitage who's in the Narnia closet so I don't think Lee will come out soon.

Kudos to his former boyfriend, Carter Smith who's more honest than he is.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38608/22/2013

[quote]My guess is that someone like Wentworth Miller or Lee Pace will come out.

Looks like R38 called it as well. Good instincts in predicting that this would be the year Wentworth would come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 38708/22/2013

Dana Delany

by Zachary Quintoreply 38808/22/2013

[quote]Kudos to his former boyfriend, Carter Smith who's more honest than he is.

Smith was so in love with Lee, and Lee didn't mind to be seen with him publicly when he was so ambitious about becoming a film actor. How's that a dishonesty?

by Zachary Quintoreply 38908/22/2013

Let's say Andrew Garfield after summer 2014.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39008/22/2013

R389 It's dishonesty because he went back from the glass closet to the closet, while Carter publicly dates his new boyfriend Helio Campos.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39108/22/2013

R391 He's "dishonest" Just because he doesn't announce to your obsessed ass his personal status?... and Carter isn't a celebrity you dimwit!

by Zachary Quintoreply 39208/22/2013

The Lee Pace frau is one of the most obsessed and annoying fraus on DL.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39308/22/2013

Lee Pace obsessed troll is the dumbest and most hypocrite on DL. And quite active too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39408/22/2013

You're mentally ill, frau. And the one asks why we can't stand them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39508/22/2013

Prince Charles

by Zachary Quintoreply 39608/22/2013

R395 FAG, if you're not mentally ill, find a better things to do as OUT PROUD gay instead of being a useless one gossiping and pulling hair with girls 24/7! The worse hypocrite on earth that's you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39708/22/2013

Mentally ill, fat, ugly and what else? Jobless?

by Zachary Quintoreply 39808/22/2013

But you are the WORST.

by Zachary Quintoreply 39908/22/2013

said the frau

by Zachary Quintoreply 40008/22/2013

What are you then R398? A busy yuppie with a bf and friends to hang out after work? This is why I said this Lee Pace obssessed troll is the dumbest on DL.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40108/22/2013

Lee Pace is gay, gay, gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40208/22/2013

[quote]Franco is going to milk the mystery about him for all it's worth.

There is no mystery. Only someone stupid would think he's straight. No "straight" person is THAT interested in gay subjects. Hell, I'm gay and even I'm not as interested in gay culture as he is.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40308/22/2013

R403 Good point.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40408/22/2013

In a surprising twist, Vladamir Putin comes out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40508/22/2013

[quote]"white people are trying to "homosexualize" black men in order to make them more effeminate"

by Zachary Quintoreply 40608/22/2013

[quote]Lee Pace is gay, gay, gay

No one here is denying it you dumb, dumb, dumb jealous little shit.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40708/22/2013

Obsessed Lee Pace frau, I'm sorry you can't have him. He will run from you as soon as he sees you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 40808/22/2013

My guess is Matthew Rhys

by Zachary Quintoreply 40908/22/2013

R408 ??! So you like him? So go see him then, I'm not gonna compete with you, sorry. I still know my place.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41008/22/2013

I doubt that you know your place. You wouldn't be here, otherwise.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41108/22/2013

R411 This is still a free forum. If you liked him go on, but i doubt that he's into an angry nutcase like you.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41208/22/2013

As I said, you don't know your place maybe because you're nuts.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41308/22/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 41408/22/2013

Seann William Scott, Shawn Pyfrom, and Colton Haynes will be next.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41508/22/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Zachary Quintoreply 41608/22/2013

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg

by Zachary Quintoreply 41708/22/2013

Ari Melber, Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes

by Zachary Quintoreply 41808/22/2013

It will be someone obvious again.. like Colton Haynes, Jonathan Bennett, Lee Pace or Luke Evans.

by Zachary Quintoreply 41908/28/2013

I have some doubts about Lee Pace and Luke Evans.

by Zachary Quintoreply 42008/28/2013

Someone DLers think he was straight.

by Zachary Quintoreply 42108/28/2013

Who? R421

by Zachary Quintoreply 42208/28/2013

Fingers crossed for Ari Melber!!

by Zachary Quintoreply 42308/28/2013

Louise Lasser and Armand Assante.

by Zachary Quintoreply 42408/28/2013

We need a new thread at the end of the year for 2014. Just 4 months left now!

by Zachary Quintoreply 42508/29/2013

Chandler Massey... Just kidding

by Zachary Quintoreply 42608/29/2013

@371 Oh come on. Logan Lerman is. Those photos of him kissing a girl doesn't guarantee he's straight. Open your eyes. Bet he's gonna come out in two years or so along with Andrew Garfield.

by Zachary Quintoreply 42708/29/2013

Why are you rushing 2014, R425?

by Zachary Quintoreply 42809/01/2013

He can`t wait for Christmas.

by Zachary Quintoreply 42909/01/2013

Someone from the CW.

by Zachary Quintoreply 43009/01/2013

It won't be me!

by Zachary Quintoreply 43109/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Zachary Quintoreply 43209/01/2013

George Eads?

by Zachary Quintoreply 43309/01/2013

Bruno mars

by Zachary Quintoreply 43409/01/2013

R430, in other words Chace Crawford.

by Zachary Quintoreply 43509/14/2013

I will not be coming out for another 5 years.

by Zachary Quintoreply 43609/14/2013

gina carano aka mr butch mcbutchington

by Zachary Quintoreply 43709/14/2013

Carano apparently has a new boyfriend, according to the latest articles.

by Zachary Quintoreply 43809/14/2013

Bruno Mars is the 2014 Superbowl halftime show star. I can't see him coming out before that.

by Zachary Quintoreply 43909/14/2013

R438 Poor Henry must be devastated. Two girlfriends left him in such short time. He was so much in love with them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44009/14/2013

As usual, someone we all knew was and has nothing going on.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44109/14/2013

If history has taught us anything, it's someone who hasn't had a hit in five years, needs the publicity boost, and previously denied being gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44209/14/2013

[r442] You raise an interesting point. If coming out is considered a publicity boost, and I agree that it is, how can it at the same time be a career-killer for people who are currently popular? It seems like a contradiction to me.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44309/14/2013

[quote] it's someone who hasn't had a hit in five years, needs the publicity boost, and previously denied being gay.

JC Chasez

by Zachary Quintoreply 44409/14/2013

Well, R443, if you can't be famous for what you were famous for before, you might as well be famous for being gay.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44509/14/2013

Charice was a surprise to me....

by Zachary Quintoreply 44609/14/2013

Seriously, is anyone on Glee straight?

by Zachary Quintoreply 44709/14/2013

After they'd done their sets on James Franco's CC roast, many of the comedians closed by saying they don't care if he fucks girls or guys. I felt like they were urging him to come out already, and from his expression, he seemed to appreciate this line in particular.

James Franco will come out sooner or later and the world will let out a collective yawn.

by Zachary Quintoreply 44810/03/2013

James Franco is straight.

I predict in no particular order

Shawn Pyfrom

Colton Haynes

JC chasez

Chase Crawford


Zac Efron

And during May sweeps Queen Latifah

by Zachary Quintoreply 44910/03/2013

What about Penn Badgley?

by Zachary Quintoreply 45010/03/2013

Badgley is straight. Franco is not.

by Zachary Quintoreply 45110/03/2013

Someone up thread mentioned Matthew Rhys. I love him. Any scoop there?

by Zachary Quintoreply 45210/03/2013

Ha! I predicted Wentworth Miller right!

by Zachary Quintoreply 45310/03/2013

Taylor Lautner won't come out for a few years, R449. He is too young and is still trying to do some action films. That would turn off the straight guys. He also comes from a fundie Christian family in Michigan, and his Dad in particular is still very controlling.

by Zachary Quintoreply 45410/03/2013

Isn't his 'friendship' with Penn Badgley the reason people think Shawn Pyform is gay?

by Zachary Quintoreply 45510/04/2013

Did JOSH HUTCHERSON just 'out' himself? or just open-minded?

His statement on an article:

“Maybe I could say right now I’m 100 percent straight, but who knows? In a f--king year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I’m attracted to this person.”

“I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s a good-looking guy,’ you know?” he said. “I’ve never been, like, ‘Oh, I want to kiss that guy.’ I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100 percent anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.”

ARTICLE LINK: sifies-himself-mostly-straight-1420458

by Zachary Quintoreply 45610/12/2013

It sounds to me like josh is testing the waters to see how the public reacts.

by Zachary Quintoreply 45710/12/2013

Stephen Fry was on TV show this morning in the UK, he talked about how young gay actors are sent to a voice coach to de-gay their voice.

by Zachary Quintoreply 45810/12/2013

R456, sounds to me that he's just open minded. I don't think he's gay, or even bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 45910/12/2013

I think Josh Hutcherson is bi. His statement is a revelation. He said that he is sort of bi but in a very safe way. One where he 'outed' himself but not entirely because it might hurt his career.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46010/13/2013

And does he approve, R458?

by Zachary Quintoreply 46110/13/2013

It might "sound bad" but your voice is an important part of the package of being an actor. You can't expect to have a real career if you talk with "obvious" gay voice. Hell even in nonacting jobs having gay voice can hinder your progress in many career fields.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46210/13/2013

What a "gay voice" sounds like?

by Zachary Quintoreply 46310/13/2013

My prediction: No MAJOR celebrities will come out in 2013 or any other year. They are fucking cowards. The hire girlfriends to walk red carpet events with them and brag about what pussy-hounds they are, while taking cock after cock when nobody is looking. Fuck those Hollywood phonies. Fuck the whole lot of them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46410/13/2013

I agree with you 464. I work for a major publicist and I would love to out some of those fakes personally. I won't, but the temptation is definitely there. Another thing, there are far more gay male actors in Hollywood than straight ones, so if you suspect a certain actor is gay, nine times out of ten you will be correct.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46510/13/2013

What about Diego Forlan? Gay? Coming out? Hired a wife or straight?

by Zachary Quintoreply 46610/13/2013

Justin Timberlake And I will say this ever year until he does.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46710/13/2013

Justin Timberlake won't be coming out anytime soon. Certainly not so soon after getting married.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46810/13/2013

[quote]Another thing, there are far more gay male actors in Hollywood than straight ones

This i of course not true. There is a higher percentage of actors who are gay then there are in the general population. Sure. This does not come close to a freakin majority. The recent SAG survey had 15% of the union identifying as gay or bisexual.

by Zachary Quintoreply 46910/13/2013

He's extremely wealthy and still refuses to come out, fuck him and fuck Leo, too.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47010/13/2013

R10 As if fraus are interested in him. Just because you wank off to his pictures doesn't mean others think much of him. Most people, let alone fan girls would be able to pick him out of a police line up.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47110/13/2013

Forlan is not gay, so he won't be coming out. The headband is throwing you off.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47210/13/2013

^^Would NEVER be able to pick him out of a police line up

by Zachary Quintoreply 47310/13/2013

Christian Jules Leblanc?

Maybe now that Greg Rikaart has.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47410/13/2013

Who cares?

by Zachary Quintoreply 47510/13/2013

Is Christian Leblanc still not out?

by Zachary Quintoreply 47610/13/2013

R-469 The key word in your response is "IDENTIFYING". Most of the queers in Hollywood do not "identify" themselves as gay. You silly thing.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47710/13/2013

I know, they all think they are bi. When a gutsy journalist ask, "are you gay?" They gladly say NO!...because two years ago they slept with a fangirl.

by Zachary Quintoreply 47810/13/2013

r465, is this thread on the right track in it's speculation?

by Zachary Quintoreply 47910/13/2013

[quote]there are far more gay male actors in Hollywood than straight ones

I'm not sure I buy that, R465.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48010/13/2013

I can understand why stars in the prime of their careers don't come out but *don't* understand why stars like John Travolta still feel the need to beard. Does he really think he is fooling anyone at this point? Does he think that Grease III is about to start filming? His career is over so why not come out? After all the massage scandals have blown his cover, I can't see a need to keep up pretenses.

I would like to see some older stars like Tom Seleck, Richard Dean Anderson, or Scott Bakula come out of hiding. I personally feel 60 should be some kind of cut off date for the bearding nonsense.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48110/14/2013

Not me!

by Zachary Quintoreply 48210/14/2013

Once they come out though r481 they have to deal with questions about why they lied. Those are hard to answer without pissing people off.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48310/14/2013


Well Fedora and Poke-a-dot shirt have been talking and they decided they're just going to throw Justin out. I think the Air Jordans are on board as well.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48410/15/2013

"The recent SAG survey had 15% of the union identifying as gay or bisexual."

Sounds about right (although the publicists would have us believe it is .00001%)

by Zachary Quintoreply 48510/15/2013

Re. Selleck and Travolta - it is harder to come out when you're married and have kids (and JT has a toddler and a school age kid at home)

by Zachary Quintoreply 48610/15/2013

I think Bruce Willis will come out in a gloriously huge way.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48710/15/2013

Maybe it is time for us to let Travolta do and be whatever he wants. Forcing somebody's husband and father to come out is just selfish and is as bad as forcing someone into the closet.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48810/15/2013

[quote]Re. Selleck and Travolta - it is harder to come out when you're married and have kids

I agree. Those coming outs are very rare. If you look at all the celebs who have come out over the past several years, I don't think any of them have been married with children at the time.

Wentworth Miller

Matt Bomer

Anderson Cooper

Zachary Quinto

Clay Aiken

And so forth. Most guys that come out are either single or have a male partner, but I can't think of any that were married to a woman and had kids.

by Zachary Quintoreply 48910/15/2013

Bomer was married with children.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49010/15/2013

Married to a WOMAN, R490?

by Zachary Quintoreply 49110/15/2013

r88 is a Scientologist.

I wonder if Travolta came out if the CoS would take Kelly's side and have her make it seem like she was a victim of John's lies. It's not about being part of a family that's his problem, it's being a part of a cult.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49210/15/2013

And Josh Hutcherson is so gay, not bi. He even "dated" Vanessa Hudgens for a bit.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49310/15/2013

the entire Glee cast

by Zachary Quintoreply 49410/15/2013

[quote]Another thing, there are far more gay male actors in Hollywood than straight ones

I think there are more bisexual men, or experimental men, than they care to admit.

And forget the surveys whoever posted tat tosh about 15% of men or whatever it was, who ever tells the truth on a survey everyone knows can be traced back to you?

My guesses are:

Gillian Anderson might make further remarks.

Another member of the Glee cast (female).

Shawn Pyfrom, because he seems at ease with himself and the world.

I think a boybander might come out in 2014, but not this year. It needs a good lead up to that.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49510/16/2013

[quote]Another member of the Glee cast (female).


by Zachary Quintoreply 49610/16/2013

R496, Yes - imo.

You do your knitting, I'll do mine.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49710/16/2013

You forgot to mention Tig Notaro.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49810/16/2013

I think 45 or 50 should be a cut off point, if you haven't made it by then, you aren't going to make it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 49910/16/2013

So what if they have children? If the child is a toddler, she won't know anyway. Grandpa having a baby? It's disgusting. if the child is older, it will hurt them but guess what, life is painful, even for rich kids.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50010/16/2013

"I think a boybander might come out in 2014, but not this year. It needs a good lead up to that."

Now that most of them are in their 30's and 40's, just be free.

Their now adult demographic, doesn't give a shit. And a large portion of their demographic back then, just assumed someone of them were gay and we still loved them all the same.

If were talking these young ones on the scene now, their fans, don't give a shit either. Only the most delusional fangirl, who actually thinks they can "hit that" will have a problem with it and their numbers are less.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50110/16/2013

Why should there be a cutoff point r499? They are people who come out at ages much older than 50. Let people choose for themselves when they are ready, everyone's different.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50210/16/2013

"And forget the surveys whoever posted tat tosh about 15% of men or whatever it was, who ever tells the truth on a survey everyone knows can be traced back to you?"

Why bother even taking the survey if you aren't interested in telling the truth? It's voluntary.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50310/16/2013

So, 2013 is almost over. Any last minute candidates for a coming-out?

by Zachary Quintoreply 50411/18/2013

[post redacted because thinks that links to their ridiculous rag are a bad thing. Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. Or not. We don't really care. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles.]

by Zachary Quintoreply 50511/18/2013

"a boybander"? Get real, there is only one boybander anyone gives a shit about.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50611/18/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 50711/18/2013

R506 JC Chasez?

by Zachary Quintoreply 50811/19/2013

Oh cool. That means Jessica Biel as well. Thanks, R507.

by Zachary Quintoreply 50911/20/2013

Looks like Michelle Rodriguez came out as bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 51011/20/2013

37 yr old Irish actor Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty on BBC's Sherlock, came out recently, the new way: just dropped it into a magazine interview, stating at one point that in preparing for a role that required a Russian accent, he stopped studying Vladimir Putin's accent and, instead, "being a gay person, I watched Rudolf Nureyev videos instead."

He also said "Mercifully, these days people don't see being gay as a character flaw. But nor is it a virtue, like kindness. Or a talent, like playing the banjo. It's just a fact. Of course, it's part of my make-up, but I don't want to trade on it. I am a private person; I think that's important if you're an actor.

"But there's a difference between privacy and secrecy, and I'm not a secretive person. Really I just want to get on with my job, which is to pretend to be lots of different people. Simple as that." And then he continued on to discuss other things.

by Zachary Quintoreply 51111/20/2013

Re Andrew Scott' coming out: Very nicely put.

by Zachary Quintoreply 51211/20/2013

Seriously.. I thought he was already out. All I ever heard from the Cumberbitches (they're all over tumblr, I'm not even in the fandom), was that out of the entire Sherlock cast, Andrew Scott (Moriarty) was the only gay guy. It seems like 90 % of the fans knew already. And my bet is most of the gays knew too. It was never a secret, he was never in hiding. He never lied. I don't see the big deal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy he's now out publicly. I just hope the next star to come out is not someone most people know is gay already.. you know?

by Zachary Quintoreply 51311/20/2013

Seems like the guys most likely to be ready to come out are the ones who put the least effort into hiding. So that = the fans already know.

by Zachary Quintoreply 51411/20/2013

R509 if we're lucky Biel will come out without telling Justin and leave his dick fluttering in the wind.

by Zachary Quintoreply 51511/20/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 51611/20/2013

R516 Hopefully some big name superstar and not a low-level player no one has heard of. I'm proud of Jason Collins and others like him, but I want big names with big endorsement deals to come out and prove that it's possible. Imagine someone like Ronaldo, Nadal or Crosby doing that!

by Zachary Quintoreply 51711/20/2013

Who is Crosby?

by Zachary Quintoreply 51811/20/2013

I wouldn't hold my breath for the guys with the most to lose to come out voluntarily. But can't some at least get outed? With all the cameras around, can't someone catch something interesting?

by Zachary Quintoreply 51911/20/2013

R518 Uh, Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins?

by Zachary Quintoreply 52011/20/2013

The ones with the least to lose.

by Zachary Quintoreply 52111/20/2013

Possibly Taylor Lautner, who's quite obvious and whose attempt at a post-"Twilight" career didn't pan out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 52211/20/2013

Did Ronan Farrow count?

by Zachary Quintoreply 52311/23/2013

Harry Styles

by Zachary Quintoreply 52411/27/2013

Chace Crawford

by Zachary Quintoreply 52511/27/2013

Epic neuspeh @ r524

by Zachary Quintoreply 52611/27/2013

Well, finally Bob Harper, he is hot and in excellent shape. Actually he came out at 17, so...

by Zachary Quintoreply 52711/27/2013

Jensen is encouraged by fan support and wants to come out. Jared will have nothing of it. The two are at a crossroads and may breakup if they can't resolve it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 52811/28/2013

If Jensen really wants to come out, r528, wouldn't he be wise to get a divorce first?

Agree both Js are gay and closeting. However the only way these two closet queens will come out is if someone else does it for them.

And I sometimes wonder if that's what they're waiting for.

by Zachary Quintoreply 52911/29/2013

[quote]Looks like Michelle Rodriguez came out as bi.

Bilingual, maybe.

by Zachary Quintoreply 53011/29/2013

Dana Delany will be coming out soon

by Zachary Quintoreply 53111/29/2013

529, that's part of the long term plan. The sticking point is 'when' for Jensen, but as of this moment Jared is thinking 'never'. Unfortunately the quiet holidays give one the opportunity to debate such things. It doesn't help that Jared's beard is not well liked by the other two.

by Zachary Quintoreply 53211/29/2013

Hilary Swank

by Zachary Quintoreply 53311/29/2013

Charlize Theron

by Zachary Quintoreply 53411/29/2013

Bob Harper

by Zachary Quintoreply 53511/29/2013

Alan Cumming came out as bisexual on Wendy Williams last week, mentioning that he had been married to a woman for eight years and really considered himself bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 53611/29/2013

Umm R536...Alan Cumming has been openly bisexual for YEARS. This is now news.

by Zachary Quintoreply 53711/29/2013

It is now news to me...

by Zachary Quintoreply 53811/29/2013

Alan Cumming has been married to a guy for years and years... And he pings so loudly I can't watch the Good Wife.

by Zachary Quintoreply 53911/29/2013


clarification, the other two who?

and aren't they both married with jared and his wife expecting a baby soon?

by Zachary Quintoreply 54011/29/2013

Yes, 540. Both are married. I think Jared and his wife already had a baby and Jensen and his wife are expecting their first child.

by Zachary Quintoreply 54111/29/2013

R539, I always find it weird his Good Wife character is straight for that reason! It's so hard for me to get my head around. But then again, some people totally buck my gaydar either way so..

by Zachary Quintoreply 54211/29/2013

Somebody post a 2014 version.

by Zachary Quintoreply 54311/29/2013

Not that I had any doubt that Maria Bello is into women but I didn't think she would come out. Did anybody guess her in this thread?

I bet Mariska is scared shitless.

by Zachary Quintoreply 54411/29/2013

r541, you're behind with the news. Jensen's baby is already born (June, if I remember?) and is, by the way, called JJ!

Jared and his beard are expecting a second child. Expected to be born some time in December but the due date is very vague.

r532, is there any more you can say? You sound as if you're sure that Jensen wants to come out - and moreover is planning on doing so.

As of this moment, he is still married to Danneel. Awkward to come out when a closeted man is still married to a woman?

Or are J/D planning on a divorce? Then Jensen will come out some time after that?

by Zachary Quintoreply 54511/29/2013

[quote]Hilary Swank

She may look like one, but I doubt she's a lesbian. And not only because she's always with men.

by Zachary Quintoreply 54611/29/2013

[quote]And not only because she's always with men.


by Zachary Quintoreply 54711/29/2013

Crystal Bowersox just came out as bi.

by Zachary Quintoreply 54811/29/2013


by Zachary Quintoreply 54911/30/2013

Crystal has always been openly bisexual and me and my friends pegged her as one of our own literally from her first AI audition, it's just that she's not famous enough to make a splash about it. I think she's really cute and talented, though.

I have no doubt he's gay - I've thought so for 15 years - but don't think Jensen Ackles will ever come out. Not with that family and for sure not while married to Danneel Harris. To his credit, he picked a smokin' hot beard, but as I understand it from LA friends, they don't even make a pretense of living together. He spends all his time in Vancouver filming, only visiting LA once in a blue moon for business (I hear he goes now more frequently for the baby though) and she is vocal about hating Vancouver and never visits.

I guess that's a pretty good arrangement for a closeted celebrity. They're C-listers at best; nobody looks too closely at their living arrangements.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55011/30/2013

The Jensen coming out talk is just holiday wishful thinking right now, no timeline has been set. But yes I assume divorce is in the equation. They are annoyed because they have to pretend they aren't together for the holidays, etc. Just that Jared is more willing to maintain the status quo for career and for the kids.

It's Jensen and Danneel that don't get along that well with Jared's beard, not because of their arrangement but personalities.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55111/30/2013

I don't rule out Aaron Carter coming out, not necessarily this year, but soon. He hasn't been trying that hard to hide it.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55211/30/2013

All that Jared Jensen shit stinks of fantasy.

Is Nick Carter gay too?

by Zachary Quintoreply 55311/30/2013

who do you think Aaron learned it from r553?

by Zachary Quintoreply 55412/01/2013

So I'm guessing both Maria Bello and Tom Daley had New Year's resolutions for 2013 that they are just now getting around to... good for them.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55512/02/2013

Yeah! Surprise TOM DALEY! I've always knew that he was.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55612/03/2013

Can someone create a new thread for 2014? The old one seems to be deleted.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55712/25/2013

There's less than one week left, so not very many.

by Zachary Quintoreply 55812/25/2013

2013 was a whitewash until the very end with Tom, Wentworth, and Maria. Of course we also had Jodie at the beginning of 2013.

Our success ratio was around 17%. Our best year ever!!!! :D

Snaps to us!

Our graduated class of 2013 are:





when will the next batch celebrities come out?

I'm assuming the next batch will have a combination of James Franco, Colton, Harry Styles, Lee Pace, Matt Rhys...

by Zachary Quintoreply 55912/25/2013

Justin Bieber. Step 1:announce retirement,step 2: come out.

by Zachary Quintoreply 56012/25/2013

What the fuck happened to the, "Who will come out in 2014" thread?

Why the fuck was it deleted?

by Zachary Quintoreply 56112/25/2013

R561 I know right? I bet another troll started shit. Can a paying member make a new one, please?

by Zachary Quintoreply 56212/26/2013

[quote]when will the next batch celebrities come out?

I said in the 2014 predictions thread that there would be one that would surprise no one (money's on James Franco), and one that would surprise millions of teenage girls (either Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner).

by Zachary Quintoreply 56312/26/2013

R559 Jim Nabors also came out in 2013. Yes, it has been an open secret for years. But, for Jim to come out at 83, is a big deal to him.

by Zachary Quintoreply 56412/26/2013

Why was the 2014 thread deleted? Someone needs to start another because it's fun bumping up the thread as the year goes by to see if our predictions were correct.

by Zachary Quintoreply 56512/27/2013

Is anyone going to make a new 2014 thread to replace the one that was deleted for some unknown reason?


by Zachary Quintoreply 56612/29/2013

R562, R565, R566, why can't you just fucking wait? We have just had Robin Roberts come out and it's still 2013. I find it slightly annoying that people make threads months early.

by Zachary Quintoreply 56712/29/2013

New thread created at link.


by Zachary Quintoreply 56812/29/2013

Thank you, r568. Much appreciated.

As for r567, who seems unaware it is December 2013, go sit on a spike and rotate.

by Zachary Quintoreply 56912/29/2013

Only one day left. Will someone surprise us?

by Zachary Quintoreply 57012/30/2013

Did anyone have a correct guess?

by Zachary Quintoreply 57102/08/2014


by Zachary Quintoreply 57202/08/2014

Richard Quest came.

by Zachary Quintoreply 57306/28/2014

R573, you do know we have a new thread for 2014, right? Just saying..

by Zachary Quintoreply 57406/28/2014
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