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Ms. Jackie Templeton, Formerly of Port Charles, NY

What a whore.

That poor Chase is going to need a lot of comforting when he finds out his brother is his father and his father is his grandfather and his mother is a whore.

And WTF has Kim Delaney done to her face.

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14711 hours ago

Previous thread, which will lock soon:

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by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 110/07/2020

She looks like Kathie Lee Gifford.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 210/07/2020

I am available to comfort Chase. All night.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 310/08/2020

Thanks, OP.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 410/08/2020

Delaney looks good. She also doesn't look like herself.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 510/08/2020

Thanks OP, very much appreciated.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 610/08/2020

Alexis and her EXTREMELY large bottle of vodka was comical. Come on. And why the hell is Sam so damn miserable.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 710/09/2020

For a woman with a recent osteoporosis diagnosis, Alexis has been riding hard in the sheets lately. Slow your roll honey, you're going to break a hip!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 810/09/2020

How is GH meeting CDC guidelines? Covid outbreak in 3,2.......

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 910/09/2020

^^ They are all very touchy feely.

Did Ingo get them all supplies of Regeneron courtesy of his favorite president?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1010/09/2020

Alan Sarapa, the HOTTIE from twitter had a hard on when the awful blonde Jocelyn sang at Mike’s funeral. Alan is fugly and a big homo but his dick gets hard at that ugly actress.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1110/09/2020

Kim McCullough is tapped to direct the Women's suffrage episode. Eboni will be centered heavily, as will one of the younger male actors (Cam) who will be playing a MTF Trans woman newly transitioning, who had a larger role in the suffragette efforts than anyone ever acknowledged.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1210/09/2020

Jocelyn is really pulling in tween viewers! Not!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1310/09/2020

Vee from SON approved Alexis’ big bottle. Vee is in the biz, ya know.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1410/09/2020

NLG pushed against the Cassadine watch storyline for this?

Does she think she's going to get an Emmy for her upcoming scene at the MetroCourt bar, with her big bottle of purse vodka, screaming at Olivia, "I schlept with your huszband"

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1510/10/2020

Vee signed off on the twists and turns in the Alexis story around the time he was tying up the trash bags in Frank V’s office on the last Friday of July. This was before he vacuumed the floors.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1610/10/2020

R15 It is obvious that both NLG and MB, should have NO control over their character's stories.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1710/10/2020

Is Cyrus behind Nelle's body suddenly appearing "on the Pennsylvania side of the river?" Could be some kind of a frame up plan to leverage Julian into working for him. Something about the way he pointedly sneered about how Julian should be mourning the loss of his beautiful, young wife when he spoke to Ava made me wonder.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1810/10/2020

And we still have the Nelle/Nina story coming.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 1910/10/2020

No, R2, she looks like the illegitimate love child of Caitlyn Jenner and Kathie Lee Gifford on a bad hair day.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2010/10/2020


So she's not really dead? Still waiting for that damn autopsy....

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2110/10/2020

Kelly Monaco is close to joining the Jackie Zeman club.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2210/10/2020

Before offering the role to Kim Delaney, did they try to get Demi Moore back? It's not like she's unavailable.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2310/10/2020

R21 They’re still going forward with the story. Not sure if she’s actually dead. I guess it just depends on when CL is ready for a steady paycheck again.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2410/11/2020

Vee never signed off on Demi returning so they had to cacast.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2510/11/2020

Is Cousin Gladys in on the ruse, or just a useful idiot about to step in it big time?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2610/12/2020

The OPs picture looks unfortunate.

Middle-aged, wrinkled women should wear their hair on their head and NOT draped down like a shroud over their torso like strumpets do.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2710/12/2020

Was Demi Moore unavailable to play her signature soap role again?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2810/12/2020

After looking at her face, I now know why she went back to soaps. Poor thing.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 2910/12/2020

Kim Delaney doesn't look bad for 62 (her real age) and considering she was a drinker. She should've eased on the face work she had done.

She was supposed to have been on the NYPD Blue reboot, but ABC didn't pick up.

I've always liked her and glad she's working again.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3010/12/2020

btw OP.... Brilliant Title and opening remarks! Better writing than anything Port Charles has seen in years!!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3110/12/2020

Look, OP: These things happen.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3210/12/2020

The OP forgot one: And his niece is really his sister!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3310/13/2020

Casting news:

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3410/14/2020

You can thank me for this news later. I signed off on Harrison’s casting. I am in the biz.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3510/14/2020

Vee, you cast Van Hansis on ATWT more than 15 years ago. Don’t you love me anymore?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3610/14/2020

So THAT was the much-hyped, super-fabulous jingle to end all jingles we've been waiting on the edge of our seats for? That idiotic ditty couldn't launch a lemonade stand, let alone an international cosmetics empire!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3710/14/2020

🎶 ruins ruins ruins ruins ruins

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3810/14/2020

Because nothing says glamour like RUINS!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 3910/14/2020

Gregory Harrison lost his looks. He’s desperate for any work.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4010/14/2020

If Jackie cheated on Gregory with Finn (resulting in Chase), she needs to get her eyes checked.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4110/15/2020

The Deception jingle was the longest on record. It seemed more like the opening number to Deception The Musical

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4210/15/2020

Formerly Fat Amy was embarassing.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4310/15/2020

Formerly Fat Amy acts like she’s on a Nickelodeon show. I hate watching her.

She’s still prettier than Currently Fat Maxie though.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4410/15/2020

FFA is very pretty. When Sasha showed up looking like roadkill, I was actually thinking that FFA would have made a better brand ambassador, especially if they ever decided to do one of those "women of all shapes, sizes and colors" type campaigns.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4510/15/2020

Don’t ya ever just want to slap Vee upside the head and say SHUT THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLE!!! lol

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4610/15/2020

I haven't visited this thread in awhile. Could somebody please fill me in. Who is Vee?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4710/15/2020

Vee is an asshole poster from the SON board who claims to work for the soaps and is in the know about every soap decision. Of course, he’s full of shit. IF he’s in the biz as he claims, its to scrub Valentini’s toilet. Nothing more.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4810/15/2020

That's fine about Vee, but I suspect no one here really gives a shit, one way or another. If we take your word and accept that Vee sucks, will you please stop mentioning her/him? I think you're the only one in on this joke.

Is it me or has Kirsten Storms looked a little better this week? I noticed yesterday she looked slimmer, and her hair and makeup weren't as busted as usual.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 4910/15/2020

[quote] Could somebody please fill me in. Who is Vee?

There's a mentally ill poster here who talks at great length about posters on some other soap board, as if any of us give even the remotest, tiniest shit. They're seriously obsessed to the point of a restraining order. Anyway, Vee is apparently one of these posters elsewhere.

Muriel desperately needs to block this demonic poster's ass, yesterday.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5010/15/2020

Back to the show!

GH's very own beloved (NOT!) Colonel Sanders, i.e., George Hamilton, admitted to having an affair with his own stepmother at the tender age of 12. Is this what happened with Finn and Jackie? Is she a child molesting pervert in addition to being a whore?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5110/15/2020

R50 You’re an asshole. Like Vee.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5210/15/2020

Is Marcus Coloma giving Frank blowjobs on his lunch break?

I can't figure out any other reason why GH keeps him in the cast as Nikolas.

Marcus just isn't cutting it! He can't play subtext. Can barely even deliver his lines with any flare. When you look into his eyes, you just see a void.

Show needs a better actor to play this complex role! Mara West deserves a worthy screen partner and Marcus Coloma is NOT it!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5310/15/2020

I totally agree with everything you said r53.

Is FV afraid of the $cientos if he fires dead behind the eyes MC?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5410/15/2020

Has it already been a year with NuNik? Wow. I don’t hate him then again I’ve always been indifferent to Nik. I’ve always just kind of ignored him. However, I’d rather watch him than CD, MB or SBu.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5510/15/2020

I've never particularly been a fan of Tyler Christopher, but I will admit he did an good job of giving Nik some humanity.

Of all the people who've played Nik, the one I liked most was Nick Stabile. Ironically, Nick Stablile was just a sub, filling in as Nikolas when Tyler was fired for being drunk.

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5610/15/2020

Are they really going to saddle Maxie with another kid? Especially another Faison grandchild? They've made big deals in her other pregnancies about not be able to fully deliver, now would be a great time for that to actually happen.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5710/16/2020

I know people love Maxie, but they could rest that character forever and I wouldn't miss her. Same with Lulu.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5810/16/2020

Vee really sucks. SON used to be fun to read when Jonnysbro was there. Jonny is now a troll at QVC boards obsessesed with one gal and in comments sections stanning for Trump. Google it if you dont believe me

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 5910/16/2020

R58 yes, they're like 40 now, time to go away

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6010/16/2020

Vee has transportation problems these days. Woe is me. He can’t get to work easily to scrub the shit off Valentini’s ass.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6110/16/2020

Maxie and Lulu would’ve had better potential as the spawn of legendary characters if they were portrayed by better actresses and weren’t saddled with multiple kids so early on.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6210/16/2020

I will always love Maxie. She's Frisco & Felicia's daughter -- and in a very real way, Mac Scorpio's, too.

I adored Maxie back in the mid-aughts when she was the shit-stirrer of the teen/young adult crowd -- always looking for a way to stick it to Lulu, or get under her skin.

But my absolute FAVORITE thing about Maxie, back then....was her complete & utter contempt for Jason & Sonny! (which mirrored my own). It was also one of my favorite things about sweet-as-pie Georgie. They were pretty much the only two characters (other than Mac) that hadn't drank the Jason & Sonny Kool-Aid. They would openly say: "Sonny & Jason are mobsters!" and "Jason is brain-damaged!

And then Spinelli came along.....hilarious at first, with his quirky manner of speaking, and smoking weed with Alexis (at Jason's request). And then Spinelli served to normalize/humanize Jason. I liked the potential romance with Georgie, and the bond/friendship formed with Maxie after Georgie's death. But the Maxie/Spinelli romance should have never happened.

I thought Kirsten Storms' performance, when Maxie learned that Georgie died, was pretty powerful. All those performances were great -- John J. York, Kim McCullough. And when Felicia showed up for Georegie's funeral.....whoooooooo!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6310/17/2020

R63 Oh, I thought Kirsten was horrible when Georgie died. There was a scene in Kelly’s where she’s throwing dishes and made that her Emmy reel. It was hilarious to me. The best work she’s ever done was at Georgie’s funeral but it was still very mediocre. And also wrong for other reasons but the character has run its course. She’s a dud.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6410/17/2020

Well said r63

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6510/17/2020

To maxie:

Bye, Felicia!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6610/17/2020

The janitorial staff at the show needs to step up their game. Both Alexis and Jackie have their arms in casts. Dry those floors after mopping!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6710/18/2020

You can never have enough hats, gloves, shoes and slings!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6810/18/2020

That cast on Alexis gets bigger each episode.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 6910/18/2020

[quote]That cast on Alexis gets bigger each episode.

They're using it as a Pinocchio's nose metaphor. The more she lies about drinking, the bigger the cast gets.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7010/18/2020

Randomly....I used to work at a Trader Joe's that John J. York frequented. There were a few of us who watched GH & would talk to him. Nicest guy ever! Shortly after AMC was cancelled, he came through my register line. I asked what he thought about the AMC cancellation and what it that meant for GH. Would GH be next?

He replied: "I don't know. I just need it GH to go two more years -- 'til my daughter is out of college." Real-Talk.

He also inquired about a management position with TJ's in 2016-17, when it looked like GH was going to cut him loose, permanently.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7110/18/2020

Why is Valentini still there? Don’t give me that shit of how he cums under budget. He cums for younger men, sure. There are many others out there Who can come under budget. Ginger Smith, for one. Jen Pepperman for another.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7210/19/2020

I figure it’s because ABC doesn’t care and is just waiting to dump the show?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7310/19/2020

My contribution to the John J. York conversation:

John lives on the same street as NLG.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7410/19/2020

I thought Storms was great in this scene where she rips Felicia a new one after she shows up at Georgie's funeral.

I concur on York being a sweetheart; he's an easy going nice guy.

I think some people care about the show and others not so much; I do think GH is the best show on the air right now; that's not saying much though given the sorry state of Y&R.

If I were Lola, I'd get a restraining order on Kyle AND Summer; Summer needs therapy and Kyle needs to come out.

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7510/19/2020

John J. York is from the southwest side of Chicago, a humble, working class area, so no surprise that he's attitude-free. Funny that NLG lives on the same street as him, because she's also from Chicago, the north suburban area.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7610/19/2020

I liked Alexis and Mac but they never gave us that

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7710/19/2020

Does NLG’s pussy stink? Well does it?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7810/19/2020

NLG was fantastic today. I love when Alexis calls out Sam. KeMo, as usual, brought nothing to the scene but her new face.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 7910/19/2020

Shouldn’t Brooke Lynn’s vocal cords be healing? She screams all the time.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8010/19/2020

R71. I find it incredibly sad that he asked about a TJ management position ... after all those years on GH, no other investments or real estate to fall back on? It seems like someone couldve created a financial advisor niche for themselves back in the 70s smart money moves for soap actors ...

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8110/19/2020

Anyone remember a young John J. York in the show Werewolf? I think it was on in the 80s. My dad and I used to watch it together. He was pretty good if memory serves and certainly hot to look at.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8210/19/2020

JJYork was great in Werewolf.

Beautiful eyes. He was in the Bear with Jon Erik Hexum; at first when I saw JJY I thought it was JEH

York screentested at B&B for the role of Jake Maclaine which went to Todd McKee.

He is a sweetheart; nice guy.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8310/19/2020

Would they ever go there with Chase and Michael?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8410/19/2020

John York ate out whats her name back in the day.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8510/19/2020

His wife?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8610/19/2020

What the hell did she do to her face?

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8710/20/2020

Her face looks like it's made of Silly Putty.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8810/20/2020

IDK what’s worse - that face or Sam going to Sonny about Alexis’s drinking problem. He doesn’t care and he’s not a counselor/sober coach or an addict. WTH.

The entire episode was really stupid today.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 8910/20/2020

R84, I don't think they could.

Michael's not aware enough and Chase is sickeningly straight.

Now, Xander and Ben on DAYS? Maybe.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9010/20/2020

[R81] Unless you’re top tier, Soap actors don’t make much. Why they were such money makers when the ratings were huge.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9110/20/2020

If this was Hollyoaks R90 one of them might have at least once experimented with another man.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9210/20/2020

Isn't Demi another one of those that prefers to remain silent about her soap past?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9310/20/2020

Well well well.... the old whore is back!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9410/20/2020

I'd be curious to see if they even approached Demi; not sure she could handle the rigors given how quickly they tape, but Delaney has had to step up so who knows?

I think it's actually good casting.

GH is the only show that I feel I want to see every day.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9510/20/2020

"Due to Governor JB Pritzker's Illinois COVID-19 update, scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m., "General Hospital" will air overnight at 1:37 a.m."

Looks like this is going to be a daily interruption for a while again.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9610/20/2020

Audrey died!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9710/21/2020

Is the 40 yr old case Cyrus is interested in the David Hamilton case? Is that the reason for his interest in Laura?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9810/21/2020 he looking for kompromat on the Mayor, or could he be related to the erstwhile Hamilton, and out for vengeance? Perhaps the person at the address Curtis keeps dangling is where Cyrus' dear sweet mama, the widow (or former mistress) of DH resides?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 9910/21/2020

Bring Lesley Webber back! Denise Alexander is waiting by the phone, Frank.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10010/21/2020

DL fave Gregory Harrison is Gregory Chase!

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10110/21/2020

The twitter HOTTIE Alan Sarapa is living off the tit of taxpayers. Another asshole who is ‘disabled’ but can be well enough to be a cunt about soaps. Get a fucking JOB, Alan Sarapa asshole! Stop living off the tit of taxpayers! Moron.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10210/21/2020

Maybe Michael can comfort Chase with shared bonding over both being raised by men who were not their real fathers

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10310/21/2020

Vee is angry that he successfully recasted another part. He is always mad because dumb dumb Dylan will not learn how to spell.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10410/22/2020

GH blew up a set yesterday and are taping the aftermath over the next several days.

If only the bomb could take out Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam and Peter.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10510/22/2020


by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10610/22/2020

Maybe Brando's Garage. It does seem strange that they would give a set to a character that they always seem to be on the fence about

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10710/22/2020

I would love it if Denise Alexander could make an appearance as Lesley if they're trying to dig up David Hamilton.

THIS was the story that ultimately propelled GH from the bottom of the ratings to the top.

Most kids are lucky to get 'don't slam the door' when they leave the house...but on GH Lesley was willing to throw her whole life away, her marriage, her career, her freedom and go to jail to protect Laura.

Doug Marland wrote this story again on GL with Jennifer and Amanda and on ATWT with Kim and Frannie.

There was a great scene where ace nursing student Bobbie Spencer called in sick for a day (Audrey said that's so unlike Bobbie!) but she wasn't sick; she stayed at home and watched the trial on TV with a big bowl of popcorn.

Anyway, it'd be great to see Denise do a show or two and be eligible for that guest category and get the Daytime Emmy next year. She's amazing.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10810/22/2020

I heard it’s Charlie’s that blows up. People are also speculating that a few characters die including Sasha and Julian. But they have so few sets they use, it’s sort of weird to eliminate one. Charlie’s is like the new Kelly’s.

Also, I wish GH could go there with a story like the David Hamilton one but the network wouldn’t even allow them to proceed with the Joss/teacher story. These teens are so vanilla.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 10910/22/2020

yeah, if you think about it, that was so adult ...16 year old Laura fucking David Hamilton and then she writes a love letter to him and he rips it up in her face and says Lesley was the one who always turned him on...that was some dark shit.

Soaps used to go dark. They don't anymore. They're safe. and boring.

If Charlie's goes, then Julian's done; they lost me on him when he held the knife to Alexis' throat, the same blade that took her mother's life.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 11010/22/2020

^^And then she fell in love with her rapist! Genie Francis used to get the best storylines!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 111Last Friday at 12:21 AM

Me, I resented Laura becoming the star of the show. I never thought she was all that. It got especially horrible once she took up with Luke and every other soap started to copy the GH Luke and Laura type stories. I actually think Genie is a better actress now and is used sparingly which is much better. Although I could actually use Laura taking some time away from Alexis who has become a pathetic excuse for a character. Like a woman in her mid to late 60s would be shocked to find out she has osteoporosis or would be fucking her brains out all the time. Her pussy would be so dry by now that sex would be the last thing on her mind.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 112Last Friday at 12:06 PM

Where is LeZzie Charleson? Eating out Denise Alexanders snatch?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 113Last Friday at 12:07 PM

If this was the old soap days Carly would have shown up during Nelle's funeral, she and Nina would've gotten in a catfight and one of them would've ended up falling in the grave.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 114Last Friday at 7:03 PM

I hope Julian, GH’s most fuckable man, does not die.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 115Last Tuesday at 6:08 AM

^^^Rumor is WdV's girlfriend got a job in Canada so he will be gone for a little but will be back.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 116Last Tuesday at 6:14 AM

Are these writers planning on wrapping up some of these years-long stories for November sweeps? I was listening to a podcast yesterday from 2018 wherein the discussion was about the twin mapping, and Anna v. Alex as Peter's mother, and Carly hating Nelle. Can we move on? With Laura off-screen, the only characters on this show I give two shits about are Ava, Julian, Chase, Cameron and Trani.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 117Last Tuesday at 6:37 AM

[quote]the only characters on this show I give two shits about are Ava, Julian, Chase, Cameron and Trani.

I'm glad you like me, but watch your fucking trans-gressions, missy!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 118Last Tuesday at 10:04 AM


Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 119Last Tuesday at 2:24 PM

I'm no defender of Miss Rylan's acting, but she is smack in the middle of story and the progeny of Luke & Laura.

Is this maybe that Julie Berman is coming back?

Wasn't it mentioned the other day that a set was blown up (a set speculated to be Charlie's)? Are they thinning the cast with a disaster that actually yields death?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 120Last Tuesday at 2:46 PM

Yet Parking Lot hire WR lives on.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 121Last Tuesday at 2:59 PM

R121 Because WR is FUCKING HOT!!!!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 122Last Tuesday at 3:18 PM

I think it’s been obvious with WDV. I’m shocked about ER though. Sure, she’s a shitty actress but a ton of others should’ve been let go before her.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 123Last Tuesday at 3:31 PM

R120 I think The Floating Rib blows up. Here’s the photo:

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 124Last Tuesday at 3:33 PM

With the Charlie's speculation, I've been assuming Julian blew it up himself in order to fake his own death and escape the Nelle/Ryan/Sonny/Cyrus walls closing in.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 125Last Tuesday at 9:04 PM

It's The Floating Rib that blows up not Charlies.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 126Yesterday at 11:46 AM

Someone stop her.

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 127Yesterday at 3:42 PM

Blow up Laura Wright’s Carly!!! Take off the bandages and have it be Tamara Braun or SJB!


by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 128Yesterday at 3:51 PM

LW is close with FV. So I don't think she will be going anywhere.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 129Yesterday at 3:57 PM

KSt should’ve been let go before ER. I don’t get this decision at all.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 130Yesterday at 4:04 PM

Frank Valentini likes pussy! lololololol Frank is a homosexual.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 131Yesterday at 4:05 PM

So does anyone know what the fuck was up with Franco, at the end today?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 132Yesterday at 5:44 PM

^^Speculation is that he had a stroke since 10/29 is National Stroke Day.

but I don't know

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 133Yesterday at 6:11 PM

R132 They’re bringing back the memory-mapping bullshit.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 134Yesterday at 6:44 PM

is anyone in here an actor from the show? crew member? soap press? relative? connected to ABC?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 135a day ago

Vee from SON is in the biz, in case you didn’t know.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 13620 hours ago

Not the Floating Rib!!!!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 13719 hours ago

Who the hell is this?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 13819 hours ago

Tamara Braun is back at Days.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 13916 hours ago

I read Alexis and Sam get in a car accident. Don't know how accurate the rumor is but they wouldn't off Alexis would they? We know nothing will ever happen to sleepy Sam.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14015 hours ago

Kill off both Alexis and Sam they’ve run their course and the actresses problematic!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14115 hours ago

Kelly should’ve been gone well over a decade ago but NLG can stay. I’m loving drunk Alexis. I also love they put her back in Ned’s orbit.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14213 hours ago

NLG is playing herself.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14313 hours ago

Miss Valentini is on thin ice.

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14413 hours ago

Alexis is a vet who’s been on for decades yet her “legacy” daughters are barely a focus. Except for Sam who is a character who’s played out. Why waste the money on NLG and Alexis? She refuses to play cassadine stories and off screen is a big mouth bully. Check her Twitter for confirmation!

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14512 hours ago

Hey! I can play drunk. Where's MY storyline?

Offsite Link
by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14611 hours ago

Has Finn confessed to Roxy about his secret fatherhood? Will carrying this secret all these years drive poor Roxy to drink?

by Evelyn Mulwrayreply 14711 hours ago
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Yes indeed, we too use "cookies." Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on every single site you visit? I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. If you are interested you can take a look at our privacy/terms or if you just want to see the damn site without all this bureaucratic nonsense, click ACCEPT and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.


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