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That Port Charles Show

All the mayhem, all the tears.

Maybe not enough sex (or reptiles) but it sure has been hopping lately.

Carry on, Chucksters.

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by Bisous, chatons!reply 11910 hours ago

Thanks, OP!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 111/10/2020

You're welcome.

Previous thread, which is still open for a little while:

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by Bisous, chatons!reply 211/10/2020

Valentin is so fucking hot.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 311/10/2020

Missing DeVry already (sob).

by Bisous, chatons!reply 411/10/2020

I'm about three days behind- what happened with Julian? Did he fake his death and go underground?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 511/10/2020

I am here!

Offsite Link
by Bisous, chatons!reply 611/11/2020

Want to see Daddy Julian go at it with Lucas! Or at least a drunk Michael and Chase hook up.

GH is so vanilla.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 711/11/2020

Gregory Harrison is still so hot. He looks more like ME's brother than his father. Maybe if they really do make Chase Finn's son, then Chase and dad can have a go.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 811/11/2020

^meaning GH, not ME. Yuck.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 911/11/2020

I think the Jackie thread finally locked up.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1011/14/2020

Right you are, R10. It got an extended life because we picked up a few extra new posters toward the end. Number of posters x 8 is usually when it shuts down.

I'm a little behind, but I understand Sasha had a big day on Friday? I was so hoping Cyrus was going to get her strung out and run her as a high-priced yacht girl. After he strong-armed the Haunted Star away from Lulu, of course.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1111/14/2020


by Bisous, chatons!reply 1211/15/2020

How did Ava’s daughter end up with the necklace? I hadn’t been watching until Genie returned.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1311/15/2020

When Ava and Avery went to the cabin for a getaway (same cabin Nelle hid out at), Avery wandered away in the middle of the night and she found the necklace. IIRC Ava didn't see the necklace and Avery hid it away in her backpack.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1411/15/2020

Thanks R14

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1511/15/2020

Nelle being Nina's daughter is so stupid.

I loved Nelle at first, but her story arc got dumb and annoying. She should've been the daughter of Karen or Hannah or AJ out for revenge.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1611/15/2020

So they're really killing off Lulu? So exciting. Her first death! Every member of the Spencer/ Cassadine clan has died or been presumed dead at least once. Nicholas did it twice, and I think was killed off 3 times.

Maybe when they resurrect her, Julie Berman will return.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1711/15/2020

^^I think Laura was killed or presumed dead three times.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1811/15/2020

Will DeVry makes me hard......down there.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 1911/15/2020

R19 I thought he made you moist. Which is it?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2011/15/2020

He makes me hard in one place and moist in another. I love William de Vry!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2111/16/2020

I like Chad Duell and his dick of death.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2211/16/2020

Is the Floating Rib going KABOOM! this week?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2311/16/2020

We can't we get a scene of Chad Duell in the shower, like we had for the hot cop two weeks ago? At least an image of the Great Bulge in the towel?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2411/16/2020

I hope before he leaves, Julian will fuck Valentin.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2511/16/2020

I think we got the explosion last week with Alex's near miss on Anna and Valentin. Unless the show is trying to spend its special effects budget before year-end, I don't think we'll see another explosion for a while

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2611/16/2020

Not Susan Moore’s Floating Rib! No. Alice Grant used to go there wearing her tattered coat.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2711/16/2020

Okay you core DL GH'ers. Trivia question going wayyyy back. How did Lesley Meet Rick Webber? A long-forgotten character introduced them. A character that was center-stage when she was on, then disappeared never to be heard from - or heard about! - ever again. Apparently even more obscure than Pat, Bobbie and Luke's sister.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2811/16/2020

Alex Quartermaine?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 2911/16/2020

Is this NuLucas a recast or just a temp?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3011/16/2020

Terri Arnett?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3111/16/2020

Yes R31. The completely forgotten older sister of Rick and Jeff. I'm surprised this character has never been mined for offspring. Is Elizabeth aware she even has an Aunt? I wonder if Becky Herbst even knows. lol

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3211/16/2020

I remember Terri Arnett! She used to play the same song, again and again, on her little electric piano and sing along. Was it "For all we know, we may never meet again?" She was in love with a doctor friend of her brothers, who had a wife in a sanitarium, as I recall.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3311/16/2020

From ABC7 Chicago--

PROGRAM NOTE: 'General Hospital' to air in late night at 1:37 a.m.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3411/16/2020

Maybe it's a temp r30 who filled in while Ryan was busy with another project.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3511/16/2020

New Lucas is WAY hotter than old Lucas! Keep him, Miss Frank.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3611/16/2020

who is New Lucas?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3711/16/2020

I think Terri was in before her brothers as well. Her doctor friend was an actor stolen from The Doctors. I can’t remember his name. And his wife was Julie Toland from OLTL. I’m too lazy to look up the actor’s and character’s names.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3811/16/2020

New Lucas, C. J. Thomason, is an old Lucas. He played Lucas form 2002-2003. I wasn't watching with any regularity then so I don't remember him.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 3911/16/2020

I think there’s another explosion this Friday.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4011/16/2020

Terri was mixed up with Dr .Nick Dante (Gerard Gordon ) . He had a sister Dr. Gina Dante ( Anna Stuart) . She ended up with Dr . Gary Lansing . I want to say his brother Howard Lansing, was played by Daniel J Travanti .

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4111/16/2020

It’s still so bizarre to me that Liz Webber has been on 23 years and they never established a real family for her.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4211/16/2020

Daytime Confidential claims that the Lucas recast is actor Matt Trudeau while other sites says it's C.J. Thomason. DC also claims that the recast is not a temp.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4311/16/2020

Temp Brook Lynn is done taping. I really enjoyed her in the role. More than AS actually. She had more chemistry with her costars IMO.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4411/17/2020

Why wasn’t Miss Valentini wearing a mask in the pic of the Brooke Lunn actress?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4511/17/2020

The temp Brook Lynn grew into the role. AS can take her time coming back

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4611/17/2020

Do you think that Chase will claim to be the daddy of Brook Lynn's baby?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4711/17/2020

Brook Lynn shouldn't expect her new Quartermaine heir to live off child support from a PC detective salary, she needs to come back to PC, march into the office of the current ELQ chairman and demand to get PAID!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 4811/17/2020

You all should really be tuning into THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, television’s number one daytime drama. Kay, as played by me, Scoche Marin, already has the glow of pregnancy. This will develop into an umbrella story for the entire canvas. Every character will be connected to the love child of Nicholas Newman and Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Bisous, chatons!reply 4911/17/2020

Liz should have a family on this canvas! I’d love to meet her mother who abandoned her. Played by a name soap diva! Or her adventure seeking father. And of course a revamped Doctor Sarah Weber to continue the sibling rivalry dynamic.

I’d even take Steven Lars back! Or Budig as faux sis!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5011/17/2020

I hate Budig. Never got the hype.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5111/17/2020

What about Heather? I wouldn't mind her back for a while. I would love for them to bring on ES, OLTL's Viki, for scenes with Franco. What ever happened to the actress who played Brooke on AMC? She was one of the few AMC actresses I could tolerate.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5211/17/2020

Will Luke return for Lulu's funeral? What about Lucky?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5311/17/2020

I think Robin Mattson has retired according to Kin Shriner.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5411/18/2020

Did gay Kin ever do Luke (Tony)? Genie was working with 2 gay men.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5511/18/2020

Tristan / Scorpio a gay too? Ian Buchanan/ Duke is. What other GH males?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5611/18/2020

Not me!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5711/18/2020

Kin can do way better than tony. Yuck.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5811/18/2020

Mo stammering and sputtering his way through scenes and it's obvious when he forgets his lines.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 5911/19/2020

I don’t understand the hospital takeover angle if Cyrus is connected to the David Hamilton story.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6011/19/2020

Peter has NO ASS but the rest of him looked particularly delicious today.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6111/19/2020

Tears in MW's eyes yesterday in last scene with WdV

Tears in WdV's eyes today in last scene with NLG.

ER unable to muster any real tears in her last scene with GF because she's pissed.

GF will be giving a master class in crying next week.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6211/20/2020

I can’t warm up to Genie.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6311/20/2020

I won’t miss ER but damn, who did WDv piss off to get this exit storyline?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6411/20/2020

What is going on with Rebecca Herbst’s hair?!?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6511/20/2020

WdV must have coughed in Frankie's face to get this storyline. It's going to need to be a hell of a redemption to get past this one.

Still can't believe that we're going to have to watch Laura grieve over another "dead" child. Hopefully, it's just Lulu in a long, long coma

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6611/20/2020

R65 I ask the same thing everyday. It looks like it went through a shredder. Just awful. She needs to chop off the ends ASAP.

R66 There are rumors they’re recasting Lulu. IDK. Julian is gone so they don’t need to worry about a redemption story. But holy shit.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6711/20/2020

If Lulu dies, are they going to at least bring back her brother Lucky for the funeral?

What about Luke? Will he show up? Or maybe that's why Tracey is returning to town.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6811/20/2020

Jane Elliott is coming back.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 6911/20/2020

They didn’t even ask Miss Geary back.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7011/20/2020

I will tune out after de Vry leaves. The hottest man by far on GH. Who else is there?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7111/22/2020

Ryan Carnes - oh wait he’s gone too.

Yeah GH is lacking hot men. old man Burton not cutting it.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7211/22/2020

I loved Lucas Jones' (Ryan Carnes') first bed scenes with boyfriend Brad a few years ago. He was so obviously a bottom. I didn't think the daytime show would go there (it was always ambiguous with Days of Our Lives and One Life to Live gay couples). But the scene was directed such that Lucas Jones couldn't wait to pull Brad on top of him. I was just waiting for Lucas to pull his legs up in the air.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7311/22/2020

R71 Mo

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7411/22/2020

Michael and Chase are bland BUT If we saw them go at it maybe collectively could be watchable?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7511/22/2020

MIchael has sexual chemistry with the men on the show... they should just go there

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7611/22/2020

Mo and Steve Burton are still virulent, vital men in their prime and will be more than enough to satisfy all of the audience's needs.

Word on set is that there is not a dry pair of panties in the house when Mo and Steve are doing scenes 💪🍑💦

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7711/22/2020

Virulent? Is it a mandemic?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7811/22/2020

I love Mo &Steve

by Bisous, chatons!reply 7911/22/2020

I’m still employed!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8011/22/2020

Just finished catching up on a week's worth of episodes.

Show is firing on all cylinders. Great November sweeps payoffs. Storylines moving nicely and keeping me involved. Don't know when the last time I enjoyed a GH November sweeps so much!

Really helps to have a good villain. Show has needed a Cyrus Renault character for a while. One that can really pose a threat to Sonny, The Good Mobster.

It'll take some adjustment to NuLucas, but I like the actor so far. He looks rather like a young Gilles Marini . I guess Ryan Carnes is getting lots of other work and has limited availability for GH. That would explain why the Wiley-reveal in February felt so rushed -- Carnes only had a few days available to film them.

The weakest actor in the cast continues to be Marcus Coloma. His attempt to have Nikolas be big and bad claiming he had Ryan stabbed in prison was laughable. Don't understand why he hasn't been replaced by now. Is he giving Frank blow jobs on lunch break?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8111/22/2020

You are the weakest link Goodbye homox

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8211/22/2020

Not a SB/Jackal fan but did watch this episode with Jeff Kober. JK says towards the end Cyrus was supposed to die awhile ago but they like his work so they continue to write for him and are pretty much letting him do what he wants with the character. The mandatory MB stroking was done by both hosts and guest.

Offsite Link
by Bisous, chatons!reply 8311/22/2020

I think Howarth is worse than Coloma. I can’t even take Franco’s tumor storyline seriously because RoHo can’t let go of the clown act.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8411/22/2020

I agree with R84 .

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8511/22/2020

We know Roger Howarth is capable of better performances, when he is motivated by the material. We saw what he could do during his first few years on OLTL.

We don't have any evidence that Marcus Coloma is capable of better performances. What we're seeing from him may be as good as it will ever get.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8611/22/2020

I hate Franco so much. Such a boring, pointless character.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8711/22/2020

Bring back Tyler as Nik and Ryan as Lucas!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8811/22/2020

Roger Howarth makes me all hard down there!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 8911/23/2020

Howarth does have a strange sexiness about him. I imagine him to be an animal in bed. Weird face, good body, fine ass. Nutty personality. Yep, gets me hard, too.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9011/23/2020

Of course that dumb ugly Alan Sarapa from twitter managed to put ugly chipmunk toothed Eden McCoy into his best category. Eden is nice to him. Alan Sarapa is not objective. Asshole.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9111/23/2020

Tyler is never returning.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9211/23/2020

Last heard on the Floating Rib's jukebox:

The Blasters

The Smithereens


Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9311/23/2020

Ava thinks that Nik arranging Juilan to get out of town is a good idea?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9411/23/2020

LMAO @ Sonn'y reaction to Dev's death. "Damn it!" as if he just stubbed his toe.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9511/23/2020


by Bisous, chatons!reply 9611/23/2020

Bad acting all around today including Genie and the confession scenes with MB. Bad, bad day when Emme gives the best performance. Geez.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9711/23/2020

Is Lulu going to have a delayed reaction to her head injury, a la Natasha Richardson? Or just be "sent away" for her safety?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9811/23/2020

Maybe Lulu will just walk into a room one day and there will be an old-school - "The part of Lulu is now being played by..." and we'll have our nuLulu

by Bisous, chatons!reply 9911/23/2020

I’m thinking she doesn’t die, leaves town and comes back with a new face. I’m not sure why WDV gets to talk about his exit while ER can’t.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 10011/23/2020

Lulu hasn’t worked since JMB left. Could see Dante and Maxie falling in love as they mourn Lulu! Both of those actors need a viable romance.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 101Last Tuesday at 12:43 PM

Maxie, needs a one way ticket out of PC. Getting rid of Lulu is a good thing, getting rid of Lulu and Maxie would have been a better thing.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 102Last Tuesday at 1:23 PM

Temporary recast of Taggert starting mid Dec.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 103Last Tuesday at 1:26 PM

Part of me is wondering if Julie Marie Berman IS returning as Lulu and they've somehow kept it under wraps. I could see JMB and her husband needing the money due to the pandemic, and it would explain how secretive Emme is being about her exit, as opposed to Will DeVry. It would be pretty dumb to kill off a legacy character like Luke and Laura's daughter, so I'm starting to think they might have recast .

by Bisous, chatons!reply 104Last Tuesday at 1:45 PM

Genie has worked primarily with Emme so it will be interesting to see her work with Julie, if she is coming back.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 105Last Tuesday at 1:48 PM

GF and ER always seemed off in their scenes. Maybe I just got spoiled watching her and JJ. I’d welcome another actress other than JMB. I cannot stand the character and hated both JMB and ER but I get that Lulu *should* be on canvas. There is speculation that ER is returning as recurring though.

Maxie and Dante would be hilarious just for their size difference alone.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 106Last Tuesday at 2:10 PM

Are there any former OLTL actresses who might fit as Lulu? FV does like his OLTL alumni.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 107Last Tuesday at 2:23 PM

The Jen Rappaport actress had a similar look, but who knows now.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 108Last Tuesday at 2:27 PM

Miss Victoria Sleestack is the new LuLu.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 109Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

R108 God no. Jessica Morris was horrific. Probably worse than Emme. I wouldn’t mind Stephanie Gatschet.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 110Last Tuesday at 4:13 PM

Should I, Scoche Marin, play the new Lulu?

Offsite Link
by Bisous, chatons!reply 111Last Tuesday at 4:22 PM

They need to rethink the Spencer daughter character before just recasting with just anyone. ER was a name from Y and R and a disaster.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 112Last Wednesday at 4:25 AM

ER would’ve been better as a Maxie recast. KSt needs to retire.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 113Last Wednesday at 5:37 AM

Um, where's the pizza?

Offsite Link
by Bisous, chatons!reply 114Last Thursday at 8:21 PM

Genie looks old. What happened to her?

by Bisous, chatons!reply 11512 hours ago

R115 She suffers from a rare condition where she's 58 years old.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 11612 hours ago

If she cut her hair, lost weight and had better wardrobe she’d look years younger.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 11711 hours ago

Genie is a mess! Bad hair, too much weight, bad wardrobe.

by Bisous, chatons!reply 11810 hours ago

R116 Nancy Lee Grahn is 64 and she looks much better than Genie at 58. I’m shocked that Genie is only 58. Wow!

by Bisous, chatons!reply 11910 hours ago
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