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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 5, Part 2

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by Airlinereply 43607/21/2020

My the ears on young DUI Blair!

by Airlinereply 107/04/2020

Blair, like Trinity and Detox, looks very odd out of drag

by Airlinereply 207/04/2020

R2 they've turned their faces into such extremes that they look amazing in drag but you are right, odd out of it.

by Airlinereply 307/04/2020

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s hilarious! Isn’t that hilarious?? So hilarious....”

by Airlinereply 407/04/2020

re: India and Alexis. I seem to remember when Shea was on the bottom one week, Alexis did approach a couple of the other queens, saying Shea had been doing well up to the that point and appeared to be a threat so there might not be another chance to eliminate her. That was the only instance I can recall where Alexis actively sought to get rid of Shea.

by Airlinereply 507/04/2020

r5, yeah I'm surprised that they didn't flashback to that- they usually do.

by Airlinereply 607/04/2020

Alexis came out and said she voted for Shea, so not like she was keeping it a secret. And why only try to recruit India? They needed another vote.

by Airlinereply 707/04/2020

Let go and let God!

I didn't mean to say that.....LOL......Ru was hilarious.....

by Airlinereply 807/04/2020

I don't think it was the big conspiracy that India the Idiot was making it out to be. He knew his time was up and just wanted to make a messy exit. His antics will leave a bad taste among the remaining contestants and sow some seeds of suspicion where there should be none.

He is a troublemaker - and his Snatch Game shows he has NO talent, wit, or understanding of how to be entertaining.

I hate the stupid doesn't mean anything excuse: "I got in my head...." Especially when there's no there.....there.....

by Airlinereply 907/04/2020

Miz's choice for Snatch Game was so weird. Who was booted after the first Snatch Game in Season 2? And who did she impersonate? Exactly. At least Sonique put in a bit of effort in her Lady Gaga look.

Alexis should have won this week.

by Airlinereply 1007/04/2020

Blair should have done Justin Bieber and taken a note from Kate McKinnon's Justin.

by Airlinereply 1107/04/2020

For anyone that wants to discuss Canada's Drag Race.

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by Airlinereply 1207/04/2020

Miz Cracker's runway acne pimples were flat out disgusting. I've had acne so it's not a dig at anyone who has it I was just repulsed by it. Exactly where was the joke in that?

by Airlinereply 1307/04/2020

Alexis was so fucking funny. Improvisationally funny. He has a great spirit about him. "He smells like confusion and lots of regrets." But Shea came prepared to slay Snatch Game and that Runway challenge. A lot of her stuff was rehearsed, but he's a good actor. And her runway was crazy wild real sexy fashion on a BIG hunk of man. Not everyone gets him. He's not demure.

The judging panel was lit. Owweee. I haven't see Ru have so much fun since the last time he appeared high on the show. They were having some fun. Tommy Dorfman and Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman are both sexy boys in their different ways. JBC is so fucking dreamy when he smiles. I want to be deeply inside of him, often.

Good episode. Juju was funny and her prom look was well realized but not enough to be ironic or win any prizes. She's pretty old fashioned. India behaved like a pig. With the face to go with it.

by Airlinereply 1407/04/2020

I don't particularly want to LIKE Alexis Mateo, but I find her hard not to enjoy. She just has a REAL personality, flaws and all. "This is why Derrick don't like you" is one of my favourite quotes of the season.

Jujubee is in a class of her own. I've never been a Sasha Velour fan, but after hearing Shea bitch and moan about how traumatic it was for her to not win Season 9... I'm kind of glad Sasha won?

by Airlinereply 1507/04/2020

Shea was robbed on Season 9. That's why they have terrible All Stars Seasons. To give back the crown.

by Airlinereply 1607/04/2020

MSM is talking about RuPaul deleting Twitter and Insta. Are allegations coming?

by Airlinereply 1707/04/2020

JB-C is touched by an angel. You look at him and think, “he’s really cute,” and then he smiles and my heart goes pitter patter.

Alexis and Jujubee were very good, and A+ by Drag Race impersonation standards.

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by Airlinereply 1807/04/2020

THIS guy.

I have the vaguest memory of him from childhood, but I didn’t realize he was the face of the Psychic Friends Network. Wasn’t that Dionne?

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by Airlinereply 1907/04/2020

More about Señor(a) Mercado!

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by Airlinereply 2007/04/2020

Oh god, if you don't know who Walter is/was, you are a young'un!

He was the face of anyfuckingthing that would make a coin. He was strangely endearing.

by Airlinereply 2107/04/2020

How did Alexis not win this week?

by Airlinereply 2207/04/2020

Alexis was hysterical and pretty imaginative. JuJu really was a divine off the wall parody of Eartha Kitt - it could be a recurring SNL sketch. She's always in on the joke that one. Real elements of genuine camp. She's special.

Doing a perfect impersonation can still be mediocre. If YOU'RE mediocre.

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by Airlinereply 2307/04/2020

Even if India was telling the truth, it makes her out to be a horrible person, as Alexis was doing it to help her, as she did all through the show. So either way, India is despicable. And anyway, Alexis should have won this week.

by Airlinereply 2407/05/2020

Meh, R18. He’s handsome in pictures. But boy did he get fucking annoying by the end of Unreal. Every scene he’d be weeping and judgmentally railing against the other characters. Bad actor, but that kind of shit is catnip to Drag Race fans.

He has no right judging Canada’s Drag Race.

by Airlinereply 2507/05/2020

R25 I didn’t say I think he’s a good actor. I’ve never seem Unreal. He was terrible in AHS, but AHS is reliably unwatchable because of it script. The “the stew is...Stu!!!” is the greatest offense to scriptwriting I’ve ever seen.

But what does that have to do with my wanting to feel him squirtling all up inside my insides? Nothing at all.

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by Airlinereply 2607/05/2020

Alexis was robbed - Shea needs to take her $$ and go home and sit down AND SHUT UP.

by Airlinereply 2707/05/2020

Alexis and Jujubee were both funny, but Shea was the right Snatch Game winner. Perfectly realized impersonation that was always in character and adapted to the situation.

by Airlinereply 2807/05/2020

Shea is excellent. Excellent. Based on his performance and outfits, I think Shea is the clear frontrunner.

AND YET, based on charisma, uniqueness and talent, Jujubee should win and he should have been a winner in past seasons.

The way RuPaul overperformed laughing at Jujubee last night makes me think the season was designed for him to win, and I actually hope so.

I think Shea is very talented and looks good and all the rest, but a good technician can’t measure up against a natural-born star, which Jujubee is. Jujubee is by far my favorite Airline.

by Airlinereply 2907/05/2020

Jeffrey is divine, and Ru seems to agree! ;) Speaking of Ru, James Ross aka Tyra leaked his phone number on Instagram. I imagine that his number was changed immediately afterwards. & Ru's Instagram is still wiped of posts...what is going on?!

Agreed. R24. I don't mind India but I agree that her reasons for revealing all were not because cared about Shea. If she really cared she would have told her as soon as it happened but she did it to stay in the show.

I thought Alexis was the funniest this week. I do like Shea, I know some don't. And Juju's personality alone has made this series for me.

by Airlinereply 3007/05/2020

Shea’s impersonation was funny, but to me drag means dressing up as a woman.

by Airlinereply 3107/05/2020

I couldn't believe Miz Cracker picked Gaga r10. Gaga is not funny, you need a big personality for Snatch Game that is easily turn into a caricature. She is smart so I was surprised to see her be so dumb.

She better be happy that India was there and managed to be even worse.

by Airlinereply 3207/05/2020

I was underwhelmed by Shea. He didn’t have Flav’s voice down. It was more like a gay guy doing an impression of a straight bro.

And, I’m sorry. It’s a drag show. I want them to play outrageous female characters during Snatch Game, not watch them rehash a failed audition for a community theater show.

Also, her runway outfit was sloppy. Production is just scared of Shea’s obnoxious fanbase. Jujubee won on challenge and runway.

This is going to boring if the rest of the season is going to be unwarranted Shea Coulee praise.

by Airlinereply 3307/05/2020

R32, the weird part is that Gaga IS funny, particularly in the last few years since she’s lost all sense of reality. When she was a runway judge, she kept telling all these totally unrelatable anecdotes that did nothing to help the queens. The problem is that Gaga’s fans have too much hero worship to acknowledge that she’s funnier as the butt of the joke.

I do think there’s more potential for a good impression there than Beyonce, who doesn’t have much of a personality and queens only do her to follow whatever cosplaying fantasy they have of being her.

by Airlinereply 3407/05/2020

Also every queen except the winner being in the bottom means the show is abandoning all pretense that this is a talent competition. We are going full reality TV hijinks.

by Airlinereply 3507/05/2020

Cracker seemed to think if she wore her oscar dress and a blonde wig that was enough. There was zero mannerism.

by Airlinereply 3607/05/2020

Cracker just sucks in general. Every confessional is some forced joke with some very rehearsed bit of physical comedy. It’s grating to watch her on camera.

by Airlinereply 3707/05/2020

Tommy used to date Violet Chachki. Amazing

by Airlinereply 3807/05/2020

Violet is good sex. Smelly but good. Cracker isn't funny. He's desperate to BE funny. I'm starting to feel sorry for the little troll. He was disappointing in Season 10, he's disappointing and FAT in All Stars.

by Airlinereply 3907/05/2020

To make Gaga funny, the impersonator would have to play up and exaggerate Gaga’s super-seriousness about performance art in a way that was ridiculously over the top.

Someone gave great advice during the last season (I think) of Drag Race, which was that sometimes an impersonation by itself is not funny, but it can become funny when the impersonator chooses one invented add-on quality. So for example, an overly serious, overly researched and rehearsed Gaga who *also* is on anesthesia recovering from a nose job, or who *also* inexplicably has just discovered chicken McNuggets and just cannot fucking get over how good they are and obsessively wants everyone else to know. Something like that.

But yeah, not only have Gaga impersonations failed two (three?) times in the past, but RuPaul has specifically lectured contestants that Gaga is not funny because her primary distinctive characteristic is that she is always changing herself, and that’s not a thing that can be zeroed in on and exaggerated.

by Airlinereply 4007/05/2020

Jeffrey is a dreamboat of a man, delicious from head to toe. One of the sexiest judges they've had on for a while now. But I was nearly put off when Rupaul was coming onto him, that weird skit between them was obviously a decoy for Ru. Thank God they didn't kiss! That would've been a thing of nightmares.

by Airlinereply 4107/05/2020

R41 They do that almost every time Jeffrey is on the show. Have you watched past seasons? It’s a running ‘joke,’ beginning, I think, with ‘The Bitchelor’ skit.

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by Airlinereply 4207/05/2020

If Cracker would just lower what she thinks are her standards and just do Joan Rivers for Snatch Game - she MIGHT be funny and do better. He's very stream of consciousness and fast on his Review with A Jew shows. It's grating sometimes, but he's a lot more fun. The bitch attempts to be too cerebral on Drag Race. And too much of a bitch.

Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman makes me cum. Every time. He is gorgeous in every way and GAY!!! Husband.

by Airlinereply 4307/05/2020

r40, a contestant can take advantage of that situation and maybe do 3 costume changes reflecting her career (pop tart, meat dress, the character on Star is Born or Serious Actress.

I do hope Jujubee wins. It would redeem the Manila loss.

by Airlinereply 4407/05/2020

R42, I have and I honestly don't remember that lol I must've blanked it out of my memory.

by Airlinereply 4507/05/2020

Yes the Jeffrey/RuPaul thing is a running joke which was an extension of the The Bitchler, but they were too heavy handed with it this episode where it crossed over into awkwardness. Brevity is the soul of wit.

by Airlinereply 4607/05/2020

R44 True, but costume changes are not inherently funny, and funny is the name of the game. No one has successfully pulled off Gaga-as-funny as a thing yet. Gaga is always very eager and earnest in interviews, and it seems like that is a quality that could be exaggerated for comedic effect, but I think people are not familiar enough with that aspect of her to necessarily get it. I think to be a funny Gaga, you need to look and you probably would need to just be funny while trying to impersonate her manner of speaking, but even that is a challenge because she is basically so exaggerated that it’s hard to parody her.

Someone made this compilation of her ‘funny moments,’ and most of what she says seems to me like the kind of thing a drag queen would say while impersonating her on Snatch Game that would fall totally flat...because it’s not funny at all. She’s not clueless and so to play her as daft doesn’t work. She is pretentious but not really to the extreme of someone like Madonna. She brings...a goat? But that’s not funny, just odd. Maybe if she were played as just simply trying too hard to shock that could work.

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by Airlinereply 4707/05/2020

Lady Gaga is tough to do for the same reasons that Beyonce is tough to do.

by Airlinereply 4807/05/2020

Beyonce is hard because she's a cypher- there is her onstage persona and that's it.

by Airlinereply 4907/05/2020

Maya Rudolph does a great Beyonce

by Airlinereply 5007/05/2020

They choose Gaga for the same reason that so many other contestants chose Bey. They stan her, fanatically. That's not funny. If you admire Streisand or Liza or Joan Crawford - you still know they are ridiculous monsters or terribly flawed human beings.

Jinkx Monsoon had some good and harsh criticism of the Snatch Game performances on The Pit Stop this week. That bitch is always high. She looks like Eve Arden in Grease at this point, but it's nice to be reminded how delightful s/he is. Jinkx of course does a funny Liza and a sloppy Bette Davis as well as quite a few others. I'm not a proponent of young queens doing forgotten stars - unless they really get it. Jinkx gets it.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 5107/05/2020

To be fair, R50, it’s not REALLY Beyonce. It’s more like a funny character she assigned to Beyonce.

by Airlinereply 5207/05/2020

Yes, but it captures an essence of the real Beyonce, which is what makes it so funny.

by Airlinereply 5307/05/2020

I watched Canada's Drag Race and I was very impressed. Ru and his judges were NOT missed.

by Airlinereply 5407/05/2020

Alexis is overrated. None of her lines are original, from "Bam!" onwards.

by Airlinereply 5507/05/2020

One thing Alexis is not, is overrated. She's not young or pretty, thin or fashionable. For sure not a judge or fan favorite. Her performances keep her in the running. Same as in Season 3. She's good at the game and she's got good sense and something very real about her. She lies and manipulates - what gay man doesn't. Boy is funny too. Bitchy but not a bitch. What strikes me as most original about Alexis - she's a gay man. And against a lot of odds - a professional drag queen. Fat and 40.

by Airlinereply 5607/05/2020

Maya Rudolph is also a supremely gifted comedienne. And with the good will in the world, most of the Drag Race queens - be they All Stars or otherwise - are not.

by Airlinereply 5707/05/2020

I actually think Cracker would do a funny Donatella Versace.

by Airlinereply 5807/05/2020

I have been harsh to SHEA and critical of her face, but ya know - she did the right thing in sending India home, so I give her points for that.....

by Airlinereply 5907/05/2020

R58 Cracker endlessly proves she could do a funny nothing. Ever.

by Airlinereply 6007/05/2020

So the crap about Shea winning is true. They've stomped everyone else out and refuse to give anyone but Cracker a win to make it appear Shea has competition. And they're treating Jujube like something to smile at and ignore.

by Airlinereply 6107/05/2020

My opinion of Bob the Drag Queen waxes and wanes, but I've been enjoying him on The Pit Stop. I think he's been doing a really good job with it.

I haven't been watching Fashion Photo RuView for the last 2 seasons. Raven's looking grotesque.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 6207/05/2020

^ Already posted at R51.

by Airlinereply 6307/05/2020

Well, my point still stands. Bob has done a very good job hosting The Pit Stop for AS5 and S12.

by Airlinereply 6407/05/2020

R61, not sure about that.

Monet, Yvie and Jaida are the recent winners. I think that might give Juju the advantage. Monet got an advantage cause Shangela lost. Maybe Jujubee will get one cause Manila lost? And unlike Money, Jujubee is actually worth it.

by Airlinereply 6507/05/2020

R65 But right now, BLM is everywhere. That helps Shae. And honestly, if they wanted Jujubee to win, they would have had her win Snatch Game. She was funnier and than Shae.

They probably havnt officially decided their winner yet, so maybe Jujubee has a chance. It would be nice to have an East Asian winner.

by Airlinereply 6607/06/2020

I've posted here before and expressed my preference for Jujube.

But I finally understand why.

Desperate need is never a winning quality in an entertainer of a winning queen. Both Cracker and Shea Coulee have a push-push-push feeling in everything they do that tells how they are thinking and worrying and preening, even when looks or performances are good. I've appreciated Shea more in this season, but she's still inauthentic by never, ever letting down and just "being" in the moment.

Every winner since Season 3 has had a good performer's detachment. What they presented was always true to their characters' persona, whether their characters were close to their own personalities or different. At some points they let loose and just delivered and you could tell that that mattered more than winning, or appeared to.

A lack of that critical detachment in a performer produces an over-processed, ultimately creepy feeling. Shea and Crack both give that sense to me. They get in their own ways.

Jujube, however, delivers and is quite fine (if subdued in an almost passable way so far in her runway looks). She's smart, funny, insightful, and DETACHED.

So there's too much about why I think Jujube fits the profile of other winners best, even if someone else seems a shoo-in.

by Airlinereply 6707/06/2020

Shea should have gone to a therapist if she's still upset about losing her season.

by Airlinereply 6807/06/2020

drag race has reached a critical point in the generation gap between Ru and the contestants. This is seen whenever Ru makes her ancient cultural references, while obvious to any boomer or gen xer, is not to millenials or gen zers. When Ru makes her references the queens dont know what she is talking about. Crystal Methyd didn't get her el debarge reference, and didn't know what she was talking about. That was just an 80's reference. Ru has much older references than that. What will Ru do as time goes on and the queens keep getting younger and younger. Not all of them will be like Jinxxx Monsoon with a sincere love of 20th Cent pop culture. At least Ru keeps up with current pop culture ? But they are saying that Ru isn't interested in Youtubers at all. So many influencers would make great snatch game characters if you are into Youtube, which has its own gossip / scandal industry going on. But Remember when no one knew who the hell Poppy was ? LOL I had to Google. Now I know.

by Airlinereply 6907/06/2020

I’m team JuJu but this one is already in the can. Cracker won. Clueless WOW execs think that Jaida winning season 12 was enough diversity for this year.

by Airlinereply 7007/06/2020

Cracker winning would be a big win for the Jewish Dwarf community.

by Airlinereply 7107/06/2020

Cracker is the least interesting queen on there now

by Airlinereply 7207/06/2020

Well this blows. You would think at least a Latino or Asian queen would win, if they want to be diverse. I guess they went with Cracker because she'll support WoW indefinitely, while Juju and Alexis wouldn't. Valentina definitely would.

by Airlinereply 7307/06/2020

If its funny r69, it's funny. A few queens have tried to do youtubers, it's not been funny.

by Airlinereply 7407/06/2020

R70 Source?

by Airlinereply 7507/06/2020

As long as Shea is not the winner, I'm okay.

The person who mentioned Ru's references makes an interesting point. If the gossip is to be believed Ru hated apologizing for her anti trans comments and removing the whole shemale thing. I'm gonna make a wild guess based on nothing that this thing has a few more seasons left and then, Ru will transition to a full time producer role and hand over the hosting duties to someone like Bianca or Bob. We know she hates getting into drag and you can tell most of the young queens annoy her, except for someone like Heidi, who she identifies with.

by Airlinereply 7607/06/2020

They’re giving the crown to Cracker with THAT edit!? Okay... 🤣

by Airlinereply 7707/06/2020

No one knows who won. The winner doesn't even know it yet. They film each crowning.

by Airlinereply 7807/06/2020

Not true with All Stars R78. The winner is chosen on the last episode. The winner has been chosen, almost a year ago. Keep in mind this weeks "twist." This fuckery puts everyone in the bottom who doesn't win the challenge. Miz Cracker is the type to eliminate Shea or Juju because they are frontrunners. She'd call it gameplay. And it is. Except compete with the best and try to win fairly. This fuckery is not unlike the shit that happened to Shangela and Manila. Except this gives the challenge winner ALL power. Miz Cracker is not very popular with the fans or the reviewers this season. Did y'all see her stupid coffee grinder lip synch? Bitch ain't good at anything but purchasing good costumes and wigs. If she wins because she unfairly eliminates Shea or Juju, it won't be popular with anyone. Regardless. She's not the winner of any season. Trixie shouldn't have been either, but at least some demented fans think she has talent. Miz Cracker is a bridge troll. Under it.

by Airlinereply 7907/06/2020

[Quote] Miz Cracker is the type to eliminate Shea or Juju because they are frontrunners. She'd call it gameplay. And it is. Except compete with the best and try to win fairly. This fuckery is not unlike the shit that happened to Shangela and Manila.

That is how this game show has been set up. Nothing new. It's there if people want to use it and some have and rightly so. Just as those talk about kicking out the top girls at first chance they are voted out immediately. Gameplay.

by Airlinereply 8007/06/2020

It is new r80. Most of drag races tenure it was fairly straight forward competition, not a Survivor-style show filled with these hijinks.

by Airlinereply 8107/06/2020

Exactly R81. They only do this on All Stars first of all. And second, they only do it recently. For drama. Nobody fucked up Chad's or Alaska's anointing. It's not how the show was set up. There have been a few questionable winners in regular seasons, but the question was whether they should have won or come in second. Miz Cracker should be gone in 5th place. Not given a fake challenge win so she can eliminate the top competitor. Alexis, Juju, Shea and even Blair are all better competitors than Cracker is.

But there is a poster here who REALLY hates Shea Coulee. He also hated Kennedy Davenport, Silky, Monet, Monique Heart, The Vixen, Jaida and Tyra. Makes you wonder, huh?

Nobody anywhere is shouting * Miz Cracker for the Win*. But Drag Race does like to stir the fucking racial pot and Ru has deleted himself from the socials. Maybe they did give it to the mean lil ugly cracker. Ru is a white woman after all. Like R80.

Jaida Essence Hall remains the most impressive winner in many season, years of Drag Race. Years. It ain't about color. Anyone who thinks Miz Cracker is more talented than Shea Coulee or Jujubee, is.

by Airlinereply 8207/06/2020

R82 Shouldn't you be out protesting, you are so woke you must have insomnia.

by Airlinereply 8307/06/2020

R81, it isn't new because the queens had control of who stayed and who went home in AS3 and 4.

by Airlinereply 8407/06/2020

R84 And look how that turned out...

by Airlinereply 8507/06/2020

Trixie looks like uncle fester the child molester. And given his simple minded music and the tiny size of his pee pee and that incomprensible makeup - maybe he is. Just a creepy doll. Trixie is a sore winner too. OUCH. Leave the children alone Trixie Pie.

by Airlinereply 8607/06/2020

r79 not true- the last all stars they filmed Monet winning and Trinity winning, they found out live at a club that they both won - they edited it together to make it look like they both knew on the show but you can clearly see in the live piece Trinity is confused and asks Monet if they have to split the money.

by Airlinereply 8707/06/2020

[Quote] And look how that turned out...

It was fine.

by Airlinereply 8807/06/2020

R77, stay tuned for Cracker’s “amazing” rebound over the next few episodes!

by Airlinereply 8907/06/2020

Yeah r79 is clueless, they always film multiple endings.

The funny thing is Trixie has talked about how they did film a tie between her and Kennedy for AS3. Often the show will film a tie just in case.

But yet for AS4, the one time they wanted a tie, they never filmed one.

by Airlinereply 9007/06/2020

Why would the fans get upset because a queen uses the rules of the show to win the show? If someone is competition, wouldn't you knock them out if you had the chance?

by Airlinereply 9107/06/2020

The reason why the winner in known in spoiler circles is exactly because they only filmed one crowning this time, which yes, is a break from tradition. That's another reason is has been so widely discussed.

by Airlinereply 9207/06/2020

Not true r92. They filmed a crowning for every finalist.

by Airlinereply 9307/06/2020

Thank you, r91. Yes!

by Airlinereply 9407/06/2020

The Cracker winning rumor came out of RuPaul and Michelle Visage quitting social media, so who knows.

Nobody gets screwed out of the final though except Alexis.

by Airlinereply 9507/06/2020

Of Cracker wine, after a lack luster season will be exactly like Trixxie winning.

People will go nuts.

by Airlinereply 9607/06/2020

But Miz Cracker can't legitimately win a challenge, never mind a LSFYL against an assassin. So it would be fuckery regardless. Even Bob and Jinkx said she didn't deserve to tie with Morgan. It's Fixed. But Miz Cracker won't win All Stars. So no worries. There's a reason they did what they did with Trinity and Monet. Some very sloppy last minute editing and "live" finale to make it a tie. They're going to have to last minute fuck with the editing again on All Stars 5. It ain't gonna be Miz Cracker.

by Airlinereply 9707/06/2020

Of course Cracker can win. What a ridiculous thing to say

by Airlinereply 9807/06/2020

Give me a good argument why Cracker should win R98? Could is a different thing. As explained, it would be unfair and fucked up. We're watching the same show. Why should Miz Cracker win All Stars V?

by Airlinereply 9907/07/2020

r99 I can give you an argument - Trixie Mattel. Who would have thought she would win AS3 even when it was Final 4.

by Airlinereply 10007/07/2020

I don’t know how they are handling the final three, but Cracker or Jujubee could easily have voted off Shea. Then if Cracker wins over Jujubee then it’s easy for her to be the winner. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean they should the winner.

by Airlinereply 10107/07/2020

All Stars is less about talent and more about strategy

by Airlinereply 10207/07/2020

Trixie only won because the other girls disliked Shangela. Plus Ben eliminated himself.

Shea has been suggesting for a long time that he did not like All Stars, I would assume because he was voted off.

by Airlinereply 10307/07/2020

Duh. I get it. But why SHOULD miz crackhead win? What has she done to accomplish a win? I want to hear a good argument and a list of her highlight moments. I've seen every episode. Don't fuck with the strategy - give me some reasons why that bitter unfunny troll in her well made forgettable fashions would win this show? What. She's not in the final three by herself. Just because Trixie also won without deserving it? Yes. I heard. But Miz Cracker has a fan out here on DL - who can't seem to defend her. Why does the Jew with no curfew DESERVE to win this show?

by Airlinereply 10407/07/2020

Because she’s a woman

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 10507/07/2020

R104 Don't you get it? She's a FUNNY COMEDY QUEEN. She's so FUNNY. She's so STUPID!! So much GLAMOUR!! But FUNNY!!!

Well, at least that's what she seems to constantly tell us in her talking heads. Personally, I've yet to see her do ANYTHING funny.

by Airlinereply 10607/07/2020

Cracker makes me sad.

by Airlinereply 10707/07/2020

Since this show has been in the can for almost a year, obviously well before the protests happened, they could easily fuck with the editing to show a winner that reflects what is going on right now. Juju really should win this, and I don't think she'll get it which pisses me off. Alexis...also has a great crack at this AND in a way would solve the "no big girls win" issue, though she's not THAT big. I think given things right now, rightfully or wrongly it will be given to Shea. They can't have a tie twice in a row so....

No fucking way can or should Cracker get this. I don't mind the bitch, but def. weakest link.

Reminder, Trixie wouldn't have won, if Bendela hadn't taken herself out of the running.

by Airlinereply 10807/07/2020

The only way Cracker would win this is if the other person in the final two was Blair, a filler queen if there ever was one

by Airlinereply 10907/07/2020

I was watching "Werk the World" series, and no wonder Bendela didn't want to win. I won't be surprised if they all have knee and hip problems in 3 years.

by Airlinereply 11007/08/2020

[quote]Shea’s impersonation was funny, but to me drag means dressing up as a woman.

With how femme drag queens are, it's more impressive to pull off a funny Flavor Flav than a mediocre Lady Gaga. I liked Alexis' Walter Mercado, but the look fell a bit short of La Walter's regal presence.

[quote]Also every queen except the winner being in the bottom means the show is abandoning all pretense that this is a talent competition. We are going full reality TV hijinks.

Back to basics, baby. This show started as a parody of reality TV and it's fun to see it still pull the reality TV tropes every now and then.

by Airlinereply 11107/08/2020

Don’t cry for her

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by Airlinereply 11207/08/2020

It should be Juju, Shea and Alexis in the top three - for me anyway. I don't hate Cracker but...I just don't get it, like I never really got Trixie's appeal. But again, each to their own!

by Airlinereply 11307/08/2020

R112 maybe she should have lavished as much care and attention into making her snatch game character funny as she did on that rather silly video.

by Airlinereply 11407/08/2020

The top 3 is allegedly Shea, Cracker and Jujubee.

by Airlinereply 11507/08/2020

Yes, we know R115. That still doesn't explain how the fuck Cracker could possibly win, unless Shea and Jujubee have succumbed to Miss Rona since taping ended.

by Airlinereply 11607/08/2020

Anyone can win. It’s a game show

by Airlinereply 11707/08/2020

Mix Cracker is Bob the Drag Queens daughter, right? So why mother didn't feed her any good jokes?

by Airlinereply 11807/08/2020

Miz Cracker is a professional malcontent, neurotic unfunny mess. Always defensive. I can see why Aquaria hates her. MIz Cracker ain't cute, fashionable, musical or talented. Her humor is desperate and anxious. And she looks like a dwarf pony.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 11907/08/2020

Does anybody here watch The Wilma Fingerdoo review show? Or any other particular review show? I find the review shows on all stars 5 are more interesting to watch than all stars 5.

by Airlinereply 12007/08/2020

PLEASE listen to R69 and continue to dumb-down everything to fit the "I'm 12 and wear makeup and I'm fabulous (sic)" viewers who matter so much to her and the future of televised drag faux-reality shows.

Because the best way to fight ignorance, lack of education, lack of socialization and lack of context is to ignore it and embrace the nonstop meaningless chatter of those 12-year-old minds!

Christ on a crapper.

by Airlinereply 12107/08/2020

I watch The Pit Stop of course, Wilma Fingerdoo and Ms. Mojo's review shows. Sometimes Matty Rants. I used to jerk off to that Lew guy from England. His reactions were so over the top, but you know he's a dirty lil boy in a leather harness on Thursday night in Leeds. He's adorable and so fuckable. He recently appears to have smoked too many cigarettes and perhaps spends too much time indoors. That boy needs some Vitamin D.

by Airlinereply 12207/08/2020

The MS Mojo reviews from a Canada are great. Sam is cute and it’s like watching the whole show but only in ten minutes.

If Cracker wins, it’s because RuPaul wants her to.

by Airlinereply 12307/08/2020

Ru does say "The ultimate decision is MINE." so....

by Airlinereply 12407/08/2020

R124 It's funny that people always try to claim that Ru has little to do with which winner is chosen and that it's up to the producers. Uh... Ru IS a producer!!

by Airlinereply 12507/08/2020

R125, not very bright are you?

Ru May have power but it’s nothing compared to the people she works for.

She even said that if Drag Rave ever went mainstream, that’d be proof she sold out.

The show started changing the most went it went mainstream.

Proof is Trixie. Ru didn’t pick her, the producers did.

Who are those people who can’t read a room and think Ru has more power than the people she sold out to?

by Airlinereply 12607/09/2020

May has put out a line.

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by Airlinereply 12707/10/2020

R127, Hank and Henry are about to lose a lot of money.

by Airlinereply 12807/10/2020

LMAO at R126. RuPaul is an international celebrity. World of Wonder was a fledging, niche production company when the show started. If she wanted to quit Drag Race and start a new competing show, she’d have every major studio in Hollywood ready to sign on the dotted line. She was given star vehicles by the BBC, WB, Netflix, CBS, and Fox just in the past year.

Who are these people who can’t read a room and think some anonymous gay show producer has more power and influence than someone who has been a global superstar for the past thirty years?

by Airlinereply 12907/10/2020

Ok, Ru has his real sisters on TV tonight. And a REAL sewing challenge. Back to his roots and just in time. Because the powerful bitch that R129 describes is as vulnerable as anyone else. He left the counter culture for W I D E acceptance and to banal narcissitic products. NOW Ru is gonna deal with CANCEL culture. Sold old his show and his vision for fame. Faustian. And anyone on the street could tell you how imperfect, impure, uncaring and greedy he is. He doesn't give a shit about his "girls." He did once, his favorites. Its very well known that Ru hasn't selected the winner of Drag Race since Season 7. Violet Chachki was his last gamble. In my opinion, the right choice was made. Should Ginger Minj have a crown? No.

Shea, yes.

by Airlinereply 13007/10/2020

Why do people like Shea get obnoxiously white, obvious veneers on the top but ignore the bottom teeth? It looks so stupid and tacky.

by Airlinereply 13107/10/2020

Shea is a handsome guy. And a fierce fucking performer. Leave your house someday and see.

by Airlinereply 13207/10/2020

r131, I think a lot of the queens go to the same dentist for their "glow up" teeth, maybe s/he gives them some Drag Queen Special, because they're all uniformly giant and white.

by Airlinereply 13307/10/2020

Notice how R131 didn't comment on India Ferra's huge new teeth? They didn't barely let her speak in her talking heads. Maybe they didn't look "too white" because she is.

by Airlinereply 13407/10/2020

Ugh. I hate to admit it, but it's refreshing to see a more relaxed Ru on this season.

by Airlinereply 13507/10/2020

Shea is so annoying 🙄 Oh yes a wedding outfit for a cookout wow so amazing. Where’s Aja to talk some shit about undue judge praise when you need her?

Juju was the best let’s be real.

by Airlinereply 13607/10/2020

That was theee most boring lip sync in probably forever.

by Airlinereply 13707/10/2020

Miz Cracker really is quite pear-shaped.

by Airlinereply 13807/10/2020

[Quote] Violet Chachki was his last gamble.

Yes and he lost.

by Airlinereply 13907/10/2020

What was the lip sync song tonight?

by Airlinereply 14007/10/2020

Juju was robbed. Shea's wedding outfit looked like shit.

by Airlinereply 14107/10/2020

Jujubee with MSG!! I love him.

by Airlinereply 14207/10/2020

Miz Cracker DESERVED that win. I don't much like her, but both of her looks and the characterization of the cousin were ART. She's very conceptual and it when it works, it really works.

We know who should have gone home and it wasn't Shea. Don't be crazy. They all saved her on the runway without even being asked. I do declare. Send home Blair St. Clair.

by Airlinereply 14307/10/2020

The assassin was great. I never liked her but she looked beautiful and she LS the shit out of that song. She was joyful in her LS and seemed to be thrilled to be there.

by Airlinereply 14407/10/2020

Are the assassins really assassins or are they the ones who weren’t booked at the time of filming? The one from tonight I had too Google.

by Airlinereply 14507/10/2020

You really didn't know who that is r145?

by Airlinereply 14607/10/2020

No clue R146. I had to Google because I could not remember who the queen was or her season.

by Airlinereply 14707/10/2020

[Quote] Are the assassins really assassins or are they the ones who weren’t booked at the time of filming?

I said something similar in the 1st thread. I think yes who was around during the filming and who lives in LA. Tonight the assassin was legit, IMO. It was interesting the other girl was trying EVERYTHING to the the attention of the judges. All her moves were overly done and choreographed compared to the assassin. The judges eyes were on the assassin almost the entire time and rightly some. I was the best of the season so far, IMO.

by Airlinereply 14807/10/2020

I will say the assassin didn't need the stunt she pulled. Totally unnecessary. She did a lovely job.

by Airlinereply 14907/10/2020

Blair's 2nd look was a hot mess. I too thought that the Lip Sync was weak tonight too, but Roxy looked amazing.

by Airlinereply 15007/10/2020

Roxy is gorgeous and a true lip synch assassin. The song just didn't give them much to work with. But it sure was clear who won the LSFYL. And her win did change who went home. I'm sure Cracker would have kept Alexis and sent Blair on her way. Blair isn't even the Roxy Andrews of the season. Roxy is pretty famous in Drag Race history. A top 3 finish and the top four in the BEST season of all stars. Because she lent me this top.

by Airlinereply 15107/10/2020

God, I just reread my post at r148. I'm a mess! Missing words and the rest. Sorry but you get the idea. Whatever.

by Airlinereply 15207/10/2020

I'm going to miss Alexis Mateo. That was ridiculous.

by Airlinereply 15307/10/2020


by Airlinereply 15407/10/2020

thick & juicy

by Airlinereply 15507/10/2020

Alexis was fine on the show.

by Airlinereply 15607/10/2020

Lip Sync from tonight for those who want to see it.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 15707/10/2020

I never want to be with a man who calls himself juicy.

by Airlinereply 15807/10/2020

Never forget.

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by Airlinereply 15907/10/2020

How do y'all not know who Roxxxy Andrews is?? Are you 12? I mean, she looks nothing like she used to but that is no reason to not know her!

by Airlinereply 16007/11/2020

I hate all-stars. It's so tacky with the "Whoever doesn't win is in the bottom." crap. Just like AS3 which also sucked. It really should have been Alexis, Jujubee and Shea in the top three. I'm just not a Shea fan and really hope Juju wins.

by Airlinereply 16107/11/2020

Pandora Boxx did that character better all the way back in Season 2, R143

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 16207/11/2020

“He doesn't give a shit about his ‘girls.‘“

R130 I do not get this AT ALL. He is the executive producer and the host of a television show. Why is he supposed to become the personal patron and adoptive parent to every person who is cast on the show?

Does Alex Trebek call every Jeopardy contestant and read them a bedtime story every night?

Does Andy Cohen pay all his cast members’ rents and dedicate his life to being their fairy godfather?

What the fuck does it even mean that RuPaul doesn’t care about the people who are cast on the show? He is their boss. Years ago, I left a job after 11 years of working my ass off and doing everything that was needed for my organization, and my bosses have been involved in my life in NO WAY, and that is exactly how I want it because professional relationships are not the same thing as family.

While we were in the office over all those years, they shared lessons based on their experiences. Sometimes they gave me little ego boosts and emotional support (and vice versa). Because people do that when they are together. But I never looked at them and assumed that they had adopted me and would be responsible for my adult life forevermore.

I feel like the world has gone psycho.

by Airlinereply 16307/11/2020

I can’t believe Blair imitated Trinity’s accent and stole the “Stanky” (the starfish) line for her voiceover. Blair seems both desperate and overconfident.

I like Roxxxy Andrews overall. I didn’t recognize her at first either but she is a middling-yet-memorable alumnus. I always appreciate a lip sync in which someone who actually emotes and obviously understands the lyrics trounces someone who does a gymnastics floor routine. It wasn’t a great song for a lip sync, but I am totally over the splits (yawn) and people acting like deranged marionettes instead of coming across as if they are actually singing the song.

by Airlinereply 16407/11/2020

Is anyone really a Blair St. Clair fan? What is she still doing on this show?

by Airlinereply 16507/11/2020

Blair is not good and Blair is not an all-star, and that she made it to the final few on this season really shows that the show is scraping the bottom of the barrel and needs to give it a rest.

More than half of the contestants of the last regular season IMO are more deserving of all-star status than most of these people.

I do consider Jujubee an all-star, as one of the most memorable and charismatic and naturally talented of the entire run of the series. She may not put on as much of an art show, but her personality is really just worthy of actual stardom IMO.

Shea seems to work harder and to be more conceptual and has delivered better visuals, and I like Shea a lot, and so if she wins, she deserves it. She still doesn’t have 10 percent of Jujubee’s inherent, irrepressible appeal.

Cracker is memorable and talented and from her original season, I have a fonder recollection of her than I do of Aquaria, who has been heaped with praise.

Blair is pretty with makeup on. Also sparkly. And that pretty much sums up all of Blair’s attributes.

by Airlinereply 16607/11/2020

Shea is soooo fake and it’s off-putting. And the constant deference to her during critiques was so pandering.

We get it. She has psycho fans, and if you don’t constantly kiss her ass, they have the criminal records to burn your house down.

by Airlinereply 16707/11/2020

R167 Based on the footage, Shea did help Mix Cracker and Jujubee construct their outfits. You really think they gave her credit for that because they are afraid of Shea’s following? Really?

by Airlinereply 16807/11/2020

Really? Roxxy is famous, or infamous, for being a raging cunt to Jinxx on their season. She's also a bit infamous for being drug to the final of All-Stars by Alaska and Detox.

by Airlinereply 16907/11/2020

Yes, R168. Everything Cracker says is manufactured in some way to seek some end. Ever since the S9 finale, the primary topic on Reddit has been how robbed Shea was and how she is the greatest competitor the show has ever seen. It’s incessant and boring, and yes, Cracker would know all that.

Even with the constantly bloviating over her from the general fanbase, the true Shea stans are deranged and dangerous. There’s risk involved with doing better than Shea any given week.

by Airlinereply 17007/11/2020

Roxxxy was awful in her original season. But on All Stars 2, Roxxxy convinced me that she had been self-reflective following that season and she seemed a lot more gracious and self-aware, up to the point of accepting that she didn’t deserve to win. She’s one who successfully rehabbed her image to me, unlike, for example, Phi Phi and Shangela, who both made me dislike them more with every appearance.

(Plus, Shangela is ALWAYS with Eliad Cohen, no matter where in the world he is, as featured by his IG stories, and Cohen appears to have been proud best friends with Aaron Schock after he fled to WeHo and grew his globetrotting whore business. And so I do not hold Shangela in high regard, despite having had a bit part in a legit movie. You are the company you keep.)

by Airlinereply 17107/11/2020

Drag Race fans seem extra fanatical and conspiracy-minded, even among today's online conspiracy theorists.

Can someone explain without going bonkers at me for allegedly attacking someone just for asking this: why are so many viewers SO invested in the lives of reality competition contestants like this? I watch the show like I watch, for example, Project Runway or uses to watch American Idol. I’m interested in the talent on display and (to a lesser degree) the competition. It seems like most people who discuss Drag Race online feel a very personal connection to the contestants and the judges and either feel like they have to be sword-wielding protectors or sword-wielding character assassins. Why? I genuinely don’t understand. It’s a TV show.

I REALLY do not blame RuPaul for unplugging from Twitter and Instagram. He probably gets death threats hourly because he eliminates someone every week or because he was exposed for having declined to give a sponge bath and suck the toes of some contestant. It all seems beyond insane to me.

by Airlinereply 17207/11/2020

Yeah, I always roll my eyes at Ru girls who are offended that she didn’t take a personal interest in them backstage. It’s really just narcissism at its finest. They think they’re special. They think they have that special quality that will instill in Ru some maternal instinct and she will make them the center of her universe. It’s will fulfillment at its finest. It’s also delusional and at odds with the reality of the situation that there are one of around 150 girls that came by for a month over the course of twelve years.

The problem is that these mentally unhinged queens have an audience of impressionable, naive young female fans who are gullible enough to take their comments at face value, will question none of it, and have no sense of context.

So the overwhelming online narrative is yet another chant of MEAN MOMMY RU. It’s the only accepted opinion and the media celebrates them for it.

by Airlinereply 17307/11/2020

Well India got her way - Alexis is gone.

And ugly Shea was out doing the exact same thing that India accused Alexis of - plotting with the other girls to get someone out. This time it worked.

I also think that the remaining queens thought that Alexis was much more of a threat than Blair - so goodbye, Alexis.

Blair's looks were both awful and her voice over story just was NOT funny - she couldn't be funny if she tried although she seriously thinks she is.....DEE-lusional. And Shea's wedding look was indeed terribly made and did not fit at all.....

by Airlinereply 17407/11/2020

“I also think that the remaining queens thought that Alexis was much more of a threat than Blair - so goodbye, Alexis.”


Blair made her delusion plain when she said that she thinks Cracker might vote her out because she’s her top competition.

One real-world benefit of watching these sorts of shows is that after seeing so many people with delusions of grandeur, I now habitually challenge myself to be as objective as I can and to more readily accept others’ points of view. I’m a creative person as a writer and sometimes-painter, and ultimately I am responsible for realizing my own visions to the best of my ability, and it is impossible to be objective about anything so personal. But when you’re in a writing workshop and everyone in the class is discussing your story and you don’t relate to anything they are discussing, then the problem is how you wrote out your idea, not their misreading of it.

by Airlinereply 17507/11/2020

Blair is in the same delusional territory that Silky Nutsack lives in.....they LOVE ME!

by Airlinereply 17607/11/2020

Blair is just bland.

The judges have criticized many contestants over many seasons for being too polished/uninteresting. “Resting on pretty.” That’s all I get from Blair the Unaware.

by Airlinereply 17707/11/2020

[quote]Really? Roxxy is famous, or infamous, for being a raging cunt to Jinxx on their season. She's also a bit infamous for being drug to the final of All-Stars by Alaska and Detox.

I've watched every season, except season 1. Except for these threads I'm not really big into the fandom. What I know about the behind the scenes stuff on the show is from DL. I wouldn't call myself a superfan or anything. Roxxy is someone who, I guess, didn't make an impression on me and then they jack up their faces and become even more difficult to remember. It could also be that when is a season is over, I'm done with it. IMO, the biggest "star" to come out of this show is Shangela. Followed by Bianca and Willam.

I like Blair. I think he's gotten this far based on his runway looks and just being seen as not a threat. Jujube should win this thing, but it looks like it's in the can for Shea -- who is just so uninteresting to me.

by Airlinereply 17807/11/2020

Shea lives the stereotypes.

by Airlinereply 17907/11/2020

r172, why does any celebrity have unhinged fans? The Prancing Ponies, the Beyhive, the Hiddlestans, the Cumberbitches, the Little Monsters? They're not even on our televisions weekly either.

by Airlinereply 18007/11/2020

r147, are you Roxxxy's mother?

by Airlinereply 18107/11/2020

Shea, the paraphrase Juju when talking about Tyra, has UNT. Shae has good looks and is polishe, and she is good in most challenges, but she is boring.

by Airlinereply 18207/11/2020

R182, I’d actually say she has NT. I don’t find it all that fresh. She had more charisma than Sasha Velour, but that’s almost damning with faint praise.

by Airlinereply 18307/11/2020

R169 & R171 I actually rewatched season 5 and I absolutely remembered Roxxxy being COMPLETELY nasty and vile. However, after re-watching it... she wasn't as awful as I remembered her being. Yeah, she was a cunt to Jinkx, but she even APOLOGIZED during season 5!!! She self reflected and explained why she lashed out, which is surprising considering how the queens on more recent seasons act! Not that I'm a Roxxxy fan, but it changed my opinion of her.

by Airlinereply 18407/11/2020

Shea’s bedazzled body suit this season was truly spectacular and one of a kind IMO, and she looked incredible in it. And her looks have been variable and interesting. I agree that she is missing charisma. A strong argument could be made for uniqueness, I think, but lacking the charisma makes it challenging to register how unique she is.

It’s too bad because I REALLY like her this season. Of all of them, I find her by far the most likable, and I don’t really have such strong memories of that from her original season.

I am one of the apparent few who actually liked Sasha, though. She is pretentious to be sure, and it gets annoying. But the aesthetic really works for me, and setting aside the irksomeness, otherwise I like what Sasha does and stands for. People say the rose petals thing is the only thing that she did well but I don’t agree with that. I especially loved the rainbow flag challenge, I loved the little house under the hat, I always liked the trademark crown, and I think he looks good both as male and in drag even with a bald head. I really do feel like Sasha is a whole package—but I feel like I stand alone in that regard.

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by Airlinereply 18507/11/2020

Between the focus on Alexis and Roxxxy, this was a plus-sized show. I'm glad both fatties are gone. Alexis is vastly overrated and I won't miss her struggle English. Roxxxy looked like she was in black face. Her face looked over injected and painful.

by Airlinereply 18607/11/2020

I agree, R184, and if you rewatch All Stars 2, you may find that you actually come to like and admire Roxxxy. Or maybe not, but I did. She seemed really gracious and also had a joie de vivre. I feel like she went through an authentic self-betterment process and it wasn’t just an act for the show.

I think that just about everyone who knows me thinks I am a very empathetic sweetheart of a person, sometimes overly eager and diplomatic. Yet sometimes—and it’s almost always in reaction to other gay men but rarely to someone else—I have a total asshole personality, and I am combative and disagreeable. There is one person in particular with whom I just act like a pissed off cat. I have no excuse and not rationale except that I don’t like him and we have bad chemistry, but I have had bad chemistry with many people and didn’t act like an asshole to them. It defies explanation. If I ended up placed on a reality show with him, I would without a doubt come across as vicious and crazy. And yet with almost anyone else, I would be the nurturing, supportive character. I have tried to make sense of it but it defies reason.

by Airlinereply 18707/11/2020

I’ve come to really like Roxxxy. She’s one of the nicest queens in real life.

by Airlinereply 18807/11/2020

R188, I’ve met Roxxxy as well and came back with the same observation. I’m glad she had a chance to show that side on AS2.

by Airlinereply 18907/11/2020

[quote]I am one of the apparent few who actually liked Sasha, though. She is pretentious to be sure, and it gets annoying. But the aesthetic really works for me, and setting aside the irksomeness, otherwise I like what Sasha does and stands for. People say the rose petals thing is the only thing that she did well but I don’t agree with that. I especially loved the rainbow flag challenge, I loved the little house under the hat, I always liked the trademark crown, and I think he looks good both as male and in drag even with a bald head. I really do feel like Sasha is a whole package—but I feel like I stand alone in that regard.

I like Sasha too. Even though she can be tiresome, I think she's a nice person. One thing she did do that got on my nerves was to announce that she was smart and quirky and weird, kind of like how Cracker is always talking about being a comedy queen.

This commercial she did for VH1 has become a meme on the RPDR subreddit.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 19007/11/2020

R190 I’m missing something...what does that video have to do with Sasha?

by Airlinereply 19107/11/2020

Hi, r121 Ouch. I wasn't disparaging Ru's knowledge of 20th Cent pop culture, and I hope you don't feel like I embody all the negative traits you listed in your post. I was just noticing the widening generation gap between Ru and his contestants, which gets a little wider each year. And, I thought that hey, it isnt a bad idea to get aquainted with the current pop culture landscape. But I see your point, r121.....

by Airlinereply 19207/11/2020

Cracker is gaining her momentum to be crowned the winner.

by Airlinereply 19307/11/2020

Gaaaah I actually liked Cracker when she first appeared, and this season is doing her no favors. She's so calculated.

by Airlinereply 19407/11/2020

Enough of the "Waaah!! So-and-so is my friend, she can't send me home!!" It's a competition.

by Airlinereply 19507/11/2020

I liked Alexis's fancy outfit better than Shea's (although I really liked Shea's makeup with the veil). I also thought for almost a full minute that Cracker came out on his knees for the first (Stevie Nicks) outfit. he has such short legs, he should never wear long skirts

by Airlinereply 19607/11/2020

Did Ru force his sisters to come on the show? Lol I felt embarrassed for them having to sit through that crap. The expression on their faces said it all.

by Airlinereply 19707/11/2020

R195 I think the element of each queen voting each other out of the competition sucks the air out of the show. Yeah, whatever, it's all scripted... but can't they do a better job at scripting it? To make it at least a little bit... interesting? Watchable? Enjoyable?

Blair irritates me almost as much as Naomi Smalls. Being skinny isn't a talent.

by Airlinereply 19807/11/2020

I’ve watched a couple of Bob’s recaps on YouTube, which appear to be produced by Drag Race, and he keeps saying things like, “They told me I can say controversial things, so I’m just gonna say that Blair doesn’t deserve to be there” and “Y’all keep telling me I hate Blair and I am mean to her. I. DO. NOT. HATE. BLAIR. Blair just is not good!!”

by Airlinereply 19907/11/2020

Well, Bob isn't wrong!!!

by Airlinereply 20007/11/2020

R200 I’ll go you one better: Bob is right.

by Airlinereply 20107/11/2020

I, too, like Sasha. She does have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. Isn't that what RuPaul is looking for in a winner? I think Jujubee is closest to this ideal than the rest of the remaining contestants.

by Airlinereply 20207/11/2020

Yeah, Jujube definitely is charismatic. She has nerve—she says anything anytime and yet doesn’t get sucked into drama. And she has talent.

She is rather traditional and ‘safe’ looking compared to a lot of others. She’s not usually avant garde or incredibly imaginative in her presentation. Yet, she is one of a kind. There’s no other Jujube, no one really like her because of her personality or even her lip syncing style. So she may not superficially appear to be unique, but she easily checks that box, too.

by Airlinereply 20307/11/2020

The Pit Stop has always said what it wants. Whether it was Bob or Manila or the gross Raja hosting. It's completely up to the personality of the host. Raja of course licked Drag Race ASS for a whole boring season. Manila was a bit more insightful and Bob is best at giving a monologue. He's an attention hog but this isolation zoom type show works great for him. Because although Bob is not very talented - he isn't dumb. He gives many scathing critiques regarding the queen's looks, costumes, makeup and performance that conveniently ignore that he WON his season with only blue eyeshadow, one pair of tights and a $30 bobbed wig. Money can't buy you class countess. Blair is silly. And BoB can be funny. But he is not one to critique fashion, runway or camera hogging. Ask any Ru girls on the tour what BoB wants to do after every long night of meet and greet and stage performance? He loves to tour through the local bars and soak up the adoration. Bitch don't drink either and his entourage of assistants are always by his side. BoB not only LAUGHS at his own JOKES- he comments on how funny they are. What a big failed rich man he is. A drag queen? He still doesn't look like one. His acting and comedy career failed. Them that can't do, pay others to make it for them. He still looks like SHITE and his jokes ain't much better. Season 8 and Bob's win signified the beginning of the END.

by Airlinereply 20407/11/2020

I loved Bob on his winning season and I love him now.

I don’t have any expectations that anyone should be X or Y, and Bob is uniquely Bob. He’s one of my favorites—and he is funny and he is straightforwardly critical, which I respect. I can’t do any of the things the people do on the show, but I still have eyes and can make critical assessments. So if he only wore blue eyeshadow but he makes good observations, I’m fine with that.

by Airlinereply 20507/11/2020

All fags spend their life in critical assessment R205. With all his money and success, custom made clothes, wig makers and personal assistants - including a full time makeup artist - BOB still can't pass himself off as A Drag Queen. No style, no class, no beauty or camp. He's a confection of expensive ugliness and bad taste. He's the Bill Cosby of Drag. Chuckling at his ugly ass self and hitting on the young ones. BoB would be one of the first eliminations on an all Winner's Season. His EGO believes otherwise. We all have eyes.

by Airlinereply 20607/11/2020

Yes, R206, I get that you hate Bob the Drag Queen. Feel free to keep lashing out if it keeps your blood pressure down, but it is gratuitous at this point.

by Airlinereply 20707/11/2020

What I like about Jujube is that she appears to realize what this is and is just having fun with it. Maybe it’s age and life experience, but she seems comfortable in her own skin. Cracker is all nerves and insecurities. Shea is worried about backstabbing queens. Blair is kinda desperate.

by Airlinereply 20807/11/2020

Sorry but Bob looks great and is prettier than Viola Davis. She should get some makeup 💄 tips from him.

by Airlinereply 20907/11/2020

I'm happy with any of the top 3 winning. They're great queens.

by Airlinereply 21007/11/2020

Bob looks a lot older than Viola Davis. Why compare them anyways?

by Airlinereply 21107/11/2020

Bob himself jokes that he looks like Viola Davis

by Airlinereply 21207/11/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 21307/11/2020

Bob actually looked good in, "We're Here", because someone else did his makeup:

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 21407/11/2020

Bob wishes he looked like Viola Davis. Or Sammy Davis. Or Ossie Davis. Bob is hideous in drag.

by Airlinereply 21507/11/2020

R202, Oh, please. That boring, bold-headed bitch didn't even have the NERVE to take a skinny joke from that fat queen I can't remember the name of. If you're that sensitive you really shouldn't be a drag queen.

by Airlinereply 21607/11/2020

Don't Joke About That, R216.

by Airlinereply 21707/11/2020

When RuPaul was in the werkroom talking to the queens I thought his face looked different, like it was digitally blurred. It didn't look that way when he was on the runway.

by Airlinereply 21807/11/2020

RuPaul has been having fun this season. He was good in Season 12, which was so much better than this weak tea Some Stars V is serving. Ru had the full tug and yank, as did Visage. Just because she had her breasts removed doesn't mean she can't have a full facelift. She looks good too. Ru is running out of filters and makeup, masks and dresses to hide his age. He no look too good most of the time anymore.

I threw up a little when RuPaul's two hundred year old noseless freckled turtle head emerged from his shell shaped torso and slowly advanced toward the beautiful Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman last week.

by Airlinereply 21907/11/2020

RuPaul does look...different. I don’t like to be mean and so I will leave it at that.

But I did realize this week when he was judging that I actually register RuPaul himself (who I now think of as RuPaul) and RuPaul the drag queen (who I used to think of as RuPaul) as two entirely different people. It’s really interesting and I’m fascinating that I just noticed this. The real man seems older now, and I see him as a businessperson, I suppose, more than anything. And the drag queen seems so much livelier and younger and more vital and just...happier. I realize he is performing as that character but he also always has said that drag makes you more yourself and he certainly seems like a different human being when he is dragged up.

by Airlinereply 22007/11/2020

Don't forget when he's in drag, that his face is yanked up by yards of duct tape, which will give him livelier eyes and permasmile. You'll see a difference like that with Manila and Raven too.

by Airlinereply 22107/11/2020

R218 & R220 One has to note that RuPaul seemed to actually be showing emotion in this recent episode, laughing hard, crying, etc. I don't think we're used to seeing his face move that way anymore. Usually he's stone-faced and unimpressed with the regular season contestions in the workroom.

by Airlinereply 22207/11/2020

I’ll say it every week. There’s no ‘there’ there with Shea. Might as well crown Blair.

If the producers aren’t afraid of Shea’s fans, they’ll rightfully crown Jujubee.

by Airlinereply 22307/11/2020

So far the only true lip sync assassin they’ve had on has been Alyssa Edwards, but she phoned in her performance. Give us a Kennedy Davenport, a Kameron Michaels, hell even Laganja.

by Airlinereply 22407/11/2020

Agreed R224. I love Kennedy on stage. Kameron won like 4 lip syncs? Manila didn't have to lip synch often but she can assassinate. She's a great performer. And though she's not that well remembered, Trinity K Bonet was damn good too.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 22507/11/2020

Here is a question, how is a lip sync "assassin" determined? Is it the number of good lip syncs? Is it one great performance in a lip sync?

by Airlinereply 22607/12/2020

Manila and Jujubee are two ultimate all stars as far as I am concerned. No matter what they do, they are captivating onstage. They have presence just standing there and take attention from others. People will yell at me for this, but I feel the same way about Bianca, Adore, Alyssa, Bob, Ben and Jinkx.

There are others who I think are really great and incredibly talented, but the ones above just always command attention and feel to me like stars with natural gravitas...sort of the difference between a movie star and a talented character actor.

by Airlinereply 22707/12/2020

R226 It’s whoever is available to drive a couple hours into the desert where the show is taped.

by Airlinereply 22807/12/2020

Well R224, you’ll get your wish next week with one of those queens, but you probably won’t like her performance. Stunts were pulled.

Are you enjoying Cracker’s new trajectory to the top?

by Airlinereply 22907/12/2020

When do they announce that Miz Cracker is the winner?

by Airlinereply 23007/12/2020

When I saw the cast announcement, I figured Jujubee or Cracker would be the finalists for sure, and I kind of guessed Cracker might win because for whatever reason Jujubee never gets the recognition I have always felt she deserves.

I preferred Cracker to Aquaria in their season and I felt Cracker should have at least been a top contender. So I was excited to see her again. I don’t get the persona this season at all. It’s not what I remember, and I feel like there’s a whole lot of production manipulation at play there.

I didn’t remember anything at all specific about Shea when I saw the announcement. I looked her up and thought, “oh, yeah, I remember, she did a really great finale.” But I still didn’t remember anything specific. IMO, she has dominated this season, but I still really only have a vivid recollection of the rhinestoned body suit. It’s weird that Shea evaporates from my memory.

by Airlinereply 23107/12/2020

Roxxy Andrews was the best lipsync assassin thus far. Thick and Juicy indeed. Did you see how she made Ru laugh ? you guys always say its important to make Ru laugh...

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 23207/12/2020

[quote][R190] I’m missing something...what does that video have to do with Sasha?

Oops—fast-forward to about 3:12 for the commercial with Sasha.

by Airlinereply 23307/12/2020

R233 What a terrible and weird reading. I would have made her keep recording it until she found some energy. Or else I would have scrapped it and put out a packaged montage promo.

I still like her look, though. But that definitely was devoid of any kind of charisma.

by Airlinereply 23407/12/2020

I always pee a little when she asks, "Do you want all the hot Drag Race tea"?

by Airlinereply 23507/12/2020

[Quote] So far the only true lip sync assassin they’ve had on has been Alyssa Edwards

If that was true we would have seen it but we didn't. Roxxxy kills all assassins so far this season.

by Airlinereply 23607/12/2020

“...the only true lip sync assassin...”

What a completely ridiculous thing. There’s no such thing. The show is a farce. I can’t believe how seriously people now take something like ‘lip sync assassin.’

It’s supposed to be fun, not warfare!

by Airlinereply 23707/12/2020

The mention of Kameron up-thread brought back memories of when she lip-synced against Asia O'Hara and the butterflies

by Airlinereply 23807/12/2020

Trixie Mattel Crashes the Set of AS5!

Isn't she fab!!!!! Love her!

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 23907/12/2020

People have short memories. Yvie killed her lip sync in the premiere.

by Airlinereply 24007/12/2020

[Quote] People have short memories. Yvie killed her lip sync in the premiere.

We remember. We know. Thanks.

by Airlinereply 24107/12/2020

I wish I saw what you all saw in the lip sync. I actually fast forwarded through it after nothing happened for a minute. Awful song and anemic performances.

by Airlinereply 24207/12/2020

Haha. Bianca took a swipe at that Trixie appearance online today. Because it's true. Shangela was ROBBED. And Trixie can't show up anywhere near Drag Race without mentioning it herself how she didn't deserve to win. Trixie is funny, but like BoB, she's not a drag queen. A failed actor and singer who found success in a dress. I still don't get Trixie's look to this day. She doesn't resemble any fucking doll I've ever seen. But the ugliness works on him. Because, well. His shit is custom made for it now, but he was always gross and untalented. Another one who amuses HIMSELF far too much. Like BoB.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 24307/12/2020

I've never understood the pushback over Trixie winning. It wasn't her fault that all the queens hated Shangela. And it wasn't her fault that Ben quit. So you can say that Trixie didn't deserve to win, but she still won fair and square by the rules of the game. Shangela lost because the girls know more about her than we do, and none of them wanted her to win.

by Airlinereply 24407/12/2020

"Rules of the game" r244? Those were new rules invented for that season, not something the fans were expecting.

by Airlinereply 24507/12/2020

Trixie didn't come up with those rules; Ru and the producers did. Be mad at them, not Trixie.

by Airlinereply 24607/12/2020

Trixie was tanking all season, Ben quits, then all.of a sudden she's the second coming. Fuck Trixie.

by Airlinereply 24707/12/2020

Shut the fuck up. No one care about your screaming opinions.

by Airlinereply 24807/12/2020

what r246 said!

by Airlinereply 24907/12/2020

R243 Why do you keep stylizing Bob's name as BoB? You know he's not the rapper, right?

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 25007/12/2020

BoB ain't nothing but what you see and quite a bit less.

by Airlinereply 25107/12/2020

Answer the question, R251!!!

by Airlinereply 25207/12/2020

Well Trixie is having the last screeching laugh. She's not really my cup of tea, but the bitch has a lot of hustle.

She was smart to branch out into a makeup line as soon as she could afford to do it, and it has apparently taken off fast with the kids and the Frauen, which I guess these days are all that matters. That alone is going to keep her power on.

Trixie along with Katya (who I find far more interesting, though I think they are best as a duo--when Trixie lets her get a word in, that is) also have their book and now two shows including the Netflix one. Again, not starving. But most queens are appearance/tour-dependent and as I've mentioned before, are likely sweating it right now. I feel horrible for them,. Some are making decent dough on Cameo from what I understand, but it can't possibly be close to their regular gig income.

My heart really goes out to Jaida. Wins the crown, but can't translate the momentum of the win into paid gigs. How fucking shitty.

by Airlinereply 25307/12/2020

R243 The irony of you knocking anyone who amuses themself while praising Bianca.

Bianca is funny but no one thinks Bianca is funnier than Bianca does. I tried to watch her movie and had to turn it off because it was literally unwatchable. I enjoyed Jinkx’s documentary, though.

I don’t get Trixie, either, but calling Trixie ugly out of drag is unnecessary.

by Airlinereply 25407/13/2020

Shangela is entertaining. I give Shangela that.

But Shangela annoyed the fuck out of me. Different people watch shows like Drag Race for different reasons. I watch to see the various talents on display, all the creativity and imagination. Shangela’s machinations and constant babble about being Daenerys and gaming her way to a win turned me off to her for good.

And when was Shangela robbed? On her first season, when she was first to go? Or the first time she was unfairly brought back to compete again? The second? The third?

by Airlinereply 25507/13/2020

Trixie is cute out of drag. He has a hangup about his eyes being small. I don't get it. I think he has endearing, even features, and a gentle, good energy about him.

by Airlinereply 25607/13/2020

A lot of American Indian people have small eyes, compared with European descendants, anyway.

Now that I’ve learned from DL that he is part Native American, I can see similarly ‘squinty’ almond-shaped eyes and a pronounced nose that can be seen in Tori Amos when she doesn’t wear eye shadow to make them look bigger. Unfortunate that he is insecure about the trait. Renee Zellweger was dubbed “Squinty” by Perez Hilton and she eventually fucked up her whole face by surgically altering her eye shape.


Both Tori and Brian/Trixie read as white at first glance, but knowing their backgrounds explains their features. I think Brian is adorable. Trixie kinda scares me, though...

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 25707/13/2020

You guys are gonna flip the duck out of the rumor going around is true...

Next week the lipsynch assassin is supposed to be Kennedy!!!

And she loses to.... Cracker!!!

by Airlinereply 25807/13/2020

R258 Not flipping out at all...

by Airlinereply 25907/13/2020

Time to block another spoilin' cunt

by Airlinereply 26007/13/2020

This makeup empire stuff is going to come crashing down very hard, very fast, very soon. I hope that these queens with makeup lines are saving their coins.

Trixie's veneers are horrible. Are there any RuPaul queens with decent veneers?

by Airlinereply 26107/13/2020

How many veneers are decent? Lots of people with them look like they have plastic horse teeth shoved up under their noses.

by Airlinereply 26207/13/2020

I love Trixie. She seems decent and lived thro a lot of trauma.

by Airlinereply 26307/13/2020

I'm not bothered about Trixie winning I'm just glad that phoney, limited cunt Bendela Creme didn't win. His weak ass shouldn't have been there in the first place if he was just going to quit. And I never bought the whole "I'm above the drama" BS he was touting. Darienne Lake was right when she said he was full of himself.

by Airlinereply 26407/13/2020

You can dislike Bendela all you want r264 but he made a mockery of the other contestants, easily winning all the challenges. It was like a varsity player playing with the JV squad.

by Airlinereply 26507/13/2020

[quote]I'm just glad that phoney, limited cunt Bendela Creme didn't win.

That is a very strong reaction. Does Bendela owe you money or something?

by Airlinereply 26607/13/2020

Trixie is the greatest! The biggest star in drag right now.

by Airlinereply 26707/13/2020

NOTHING excuses Shangela's low-intelligence greed and neediness.

by Airlinereply 26807/13/2020

Trixie last year at the Outfest. She's hilarious! Very fast on her feet.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 26907/13/2020

The scoop is that Ru doesn't care any more and Shea will get the prize just because no one wants to look at her any more. She's a nagging, self-pitying bitch and this way she can go her own way. She can't do the WOW podcasts because she's so dumb and lacks basic communication skills.

Strictly a bar queen.

by Airlinereply 27007/13/2020

Why don't you girls get back to the topic at hand-All Stars SEASON 5?

Jesus. This is why we have a separate "All Seasons Tea" thread.

by Airlinereply 27107/13/2020

[Quote] This is why we have a separate "All Seasons Tea" thread.

It's locked down and has been for weeks.

by Airlinereply 27207/13/2020

R265, so is that why he quit because he was "making a mockery of the other contestants" lol.

Really, there's nothing interesting about his drag, he's like every other basic chunky Seattle queen. Though, I will say the only thing remotely impressive about him was his snatch game performance and that's about it.

by Airlinereply 27307/13/2020

R273 He handled almost every challenge better than everyone else. His normal day-to-day drag may not be exceptional compared with others', but his ability to roll with every challenge on the TV show certainly stands out. Most people who are good at one or two things fail at a couple of things. He aced almost everything. For the sake of Drag Race, Ben was outstanding.

by Airlinereply 27407/13/2020

Not really. Ben was sent home twice in Season 6 and didn't even make the top four. He shone in All Stars for sure, but he is not a very interesting act. No one ever mentions Bendela being robbed. (Her exit was planned that way) They do mention that Shangela and Manila were. All the time.

Bendela is a very calculating person. Not well liked by the other queens and not someone the fans go crazy for either. Actually he just recently said that he would compete on another season of All Stars if asked. Bitch loves the exposure and kind of over rates himself. Then demures and says he doesn't care about winning. He's a weirdo, and not in a good way.

Shangela and Manila were robbed.

by Airlinereply 27507/13/2020

Manila was 'robbed.'

Shangela annoys the fuck outta me, so good riddance.

I have liked Ben since his first season, and even more in All Stars. You clearly don't like him. That's fine, but it doesn't change my opinion. :)

by Airlinereply 27607/13/2020

Is Ben still dating a tranny? TIF even, obviously not fucking her.

by Airlinereply 27707/13/2020

[Quote] No one ever mentions Bendela being robbed. (Her exit was planned that way) They do mention that Shangela and Manila were. All the time.

No, YOU do. No one else does, hon.

by Airlinereply 27807/13/2020

[Quote] Shangela and Manila were robbed.

It's a game show. They lost accordingly.

by Airlinereply 27907/13/2020

Kim Chi was robbed!

I learned about it on RuPaul's podcast. She was visiting Amsterdam and someone rode by on a bike and robbed her shit. She ran after the guy, knocked him off the bike and took her shit back.

Kim Chi was robbed. Kim Chi recovered her shit. Kim Chi ain't nobody's victim, bidge.

by Airlinereply 28007/13/2020

BenDeLa is the kind of drag I like. Not into model looks-girls. I like some wit and a wink-and-a-smile behind my drag queens.And that bitch was slaying AS3 until he self-eliminated.

by Airlinereply 28107/13/2020

For some weird reason, I like Shangie. Especially after seeing, "We're Here". She's a hell of an entertainer.

by Airlinereply 28207/13/2020

If Ben stayed in she would have won A3 for sure. I'm happy with Trixie winning.

by Airlinereply 28307/13/2020

R258 Kennedy puts on a show, and outside of drag race there is no way she would lose to Cracker. I’m starting to believe the conspiracy theories that certain assassins were told to phone it in (see also Alyssa Edwards).

On another note, something about crowning a winner named “Miss Cracker” feels so wrong, but so right in 2020.

by Airlinereply 28407/13/2020

R277, I think he married her. Trying to pass themselves off as a 'gay couple', embarrassing and gross. When Ru was being raked over the coals by the transtapo, Ben felt the need to chime in with how his girlfriend/wife is a real man blah blah blah... and all that. These 'woke' queens are really sucking the fun out of everything.

by Airlinereply 28507/13/2020

Yes R284. Kennedy Davenport IS the show. A fantastic live performer with great heart. Miz Cracker, please? She's a pinhead from that Freak's movie.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 28607/13/2020

However terrible a drag queen Cracker is, he sure has beautiful lips. Shame to cover them up with make-up.

by Airlinereply 28707/13/2020

I adore Kennedy Davenport, but that performance at r286 is basically a gymnastics routine. Yawn.

by Airlinereply 28807/13/2020

When do they announce that Miz Cracker is the winner?

by Airlinereply 28907/13/2020

Guys, I have to come out and say it... I really like Nina Bo'nina Brown's Rawviews!!! She reads Shea's obsessive fans to filth. I think her reviews are interesting because she doesn't owe anything to WoW. Sue me!

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 29007/13/2020

R288 have no fear, in addition to the twirls, kicks and splits, Miss Davenport also knows how to bring us to church

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 29107/13/2020

I love that R291!! Gladys Knight and Miss Davenport gave me everything I needed. Thanks.

by Airlinereply 29207/13/2020

I remember watching the All Stars season with Latrice, who kept announcing that she is America's favorite and most beloved drag queen. And all the other drag queens repeated that. And I've heard other people say it. And I am totally cool with Latrice, but I feel like Latrice pulled a Donald Trump and just kept on pushing the slogan he wanted to be true until everyone else started repeating it, believing it to be true.

After that season, I rewatched Kennedy's original season and my reaction was: THIS is the all star who everyone agrees Latrice is. I didn't even have a very strong memory of Kennedy, but since the time I rewatched that season, I've felt like she's got superstar charisma. And she's so likable. I just really, really like her.

Kennedy is also a great lip syncer, but IMO it's unfortunate that most of Kennedy's "lip sync" performances are, as someone said above, gymnastics floor routines. Don't get me wrong: it's really impressive that anyone has the talent to do what she does, much less a relatively older and heavier person. But it's not what I love to watch. Her emotive, non-gymnastics lip syncing can be excellent, and her comedic performances can be excellent. Usually, what stands out as a 'great performance' in Drag Race skits is a marginally non-humiliating performance, but Kennedy has made me laugh out loud a lot. Just thinking about her 'Bitchelor' character makes me chuckle. She is a legitimate all-star package.

by Airlinereply 29307/14/2020

Nina Bonina's mental...issues...make her uncomfortable to watch. She seems happy, though.

by Airlinereply 29407/14/2020

Creative geniuses (yes I would call her that) are often unstable.

by Airlinereply 29507/14/2020

I agree about Nina...hard to watch. And I agreed with the judges and her competitors throughout her season: she was very talented, but her insecurity drove her to a crazy kind of paranoia and extreme anxiety that made her very challenging to tolerate.

by Airlinereply 29607/14/2020

I still like drag race but it’s not a show for the community anymore. It’s now focused on appealing to lily white tween girls, hence the shows heavy focus on white, non threatening, family friendly queens like Trixie Mattel, Ms Cracker, etc

by Airlinereply 29707/14/2020

I’m 42 and the only time I ever felt like “the community” is a real thing was in college.

by Airlinereply 29807/14/2020

Spoilers below...

Kennedy is a true legend and incredible performer. She is this week’s Assassin. But the song they originally gave her to learn was switched at the last minute to “Fancy” by Reba Macintyre. She didn’t know the words. Of course, Cracker (yes she wins again this week) magically has all the words down.

by Airlinereply 29907/14/2020

I like a good spoiler. Because Miz Cracker deserves N O T H I N G. And Kennedy would turn out FANCY just fine - given enough time to learn the fucking words. Fancy is a high DRAG song and that's Kennedy's GLORY. Miz Cracker is a prancing pony with very bad tricks.

by Airlinereply 30007/14/2020

Serious question for spoiler posters/leakers: Why are you compelled to do it? Does it make you feel empowered to reveal info before it’s broadcast, or what’s the payoff?

by Airlinereply 30107/14/2020

I am not the spoiler, but R299 did warn "spoilers below." Why are you compelled to read it? Spoilers are a fact of life for most of us who don't get all our information OR human interaction from Datalounge. We ain't all 75 years old.

by Airlinereply 30207/14/2020

R302 I didn’t read it. I skipped the spoiler (but not before my eyes caught “Kennedy Davenport”). But someone else spoiled the Kennedy appearance above without a warning.

My question stands. I just want to know why people do it, that’s all.

by Airlinereply 30307/14/2020

Lil Cindy Bradys can't keep a secret.

by Airlinereply 30407/14/2020

Oh brother. Enough with the crazy Reddit conspiracy theories.

by Airlinereply 30507/14/2020

I now believe Miz Cracker wins. Alexis is gone, Juju can't win anything and came back 15 years later and still can sew a tube dress? Go home. She has new fake lips and teeth too btw. Love you Juju, but you didn't catch a glow up or improve one bit. Kind of decompensated actually. I want Shea to win, but they're handing this one to that circus freak. Miz Cracker is so fucking mean and bitter. She's right for the times.

Jaida is the winner of ALL the seasons for the next few years. She is gonna light up the world. Once it's open.

by Airlinereply 30607/14/2020

Miz Cracker is fine.

by Airlinereply 30707/14/2020

[Quote] Miz Cracker is so fucking mean and bitter.

Oh, the irony.

by Airlinereply 30807/14/2020

Miz Cracker is not mean and bitter, just a little salty.

by Airlinereply 30907/15/2020

Mizz Cracker has a weak chin and lady hips

by Airlinereply 31007/15/2020

[quote]Jaida is the winner of ALL the seasons for the next few years. She is gonna light up the world. Once it's open.

I guess I'm alone in this, but I didn't find Jaida all that spectacular. And I think there should be an asterisk by his win because he won via Zoom meeting.

by Airlinereply 31107/15/2020

Jaida and Shea should do an act together so we can miss them both at the same time.

by Airlinereply 31207/15/2020

^Racists gonna race.

by Airlinereply 31307/15/2020

I'm happy with any of the three girls winning. They are fab!

by Airlinereply 31407/15/2020

Most of the winners have been some degree of FAB. Miz Cracker would be on par with MILK winning. She's clueless and not on brand. Neither a DIVA or a darling. She's just mean, delusional and surprisingly, quite dumb.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 31507/15/2020

r315 you're just bitter because your underwhelming girl Alexis was kicked off. That's all.

Violet was one of the worst winners ever. Boring AF and still doing Voss. How dull. On par with Raja winning.

by Airlinereply 31607/15/2020

I don't stan Alexis. At all. She's a good all round player but never a winner. No one on All Stars 5 deserves to win. Maybe Shea. Violet wasn't boring though. Watch season 7 again. It was Gingers crown to lose and she lost it. She was just too mean and mean spirited. Like Cracker. Violet got better and better and finer and kinder. She always was the runway bomb. She has special interests and talents. References and inspirations beyond what you can understand. Violet has been extremely successful. You don't get her because you're very O L D R316.

Raja is gross. On this we can agree. Sutan was great on ANTM though. A nice guy too.

by Airlinereply 31707/15/2020

[Quote] References and inspirations beyond what you can understand. Violet has been extremely successful. You don't get her because you're very O L D

The references you're referring to are taken from the OLD burlesque shows. Her's are carbon copies of those shows. I've seen her live {twice} and you haven't, hon.


by Airlinereply 31807/15/2020

r317 = Violet

by Airlinereply 31907/15/2020

Gigi was meant to win but she blew it with some very immature posts like queer privilege and accidentally mocking George Floyd and breaking quarantine to film with Jeffrey KKK Star. Heidi is the one in that batch with the most star power. And Alexis deserved to stay over Blair drag democracy does not work.

by Airlinereply 32007/15/2020

Alexis deserves to stay over Blair but that’s it, so her getting an earlier boot isn’t as shocking as let’s say Manila getting voted (she was top 3 at the time).

The only big disappointment is Cracker, she’s a cheaper version of Trixie who also only won cause they are as basic as the fake woke racist white insta teen girls who are now the main demographic of this show.

The only impressive things Cracker has done is fuck BoB and force a rivalry with Aquaria. Oh and she did a pickle skit she ran into the ground as well.

by Airlinereply 32107/15/2020

How sad for you that no one agrees with your strident yelling rants.

by Airlinereply 32207/15/2020

Now you can watch your Werk the World queens (I have no idea why Acid Betty is there) from the safety of your own car....

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 32307/16/2020

Second season of Werk theWohas been unwatchable. One does not care for these car crash cuntless wonders.

by Airlinereply 32407/16/2020

Nobody's favorite.....Kameron Michaels....looks different.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 32507/16/2020

Crackers fucked Bob, r321? I never heard that.

by Airlinereply 32607/17/2020

I laughed at them trying to create drama about who should go home. Gee, should it be the queen who completely bombed the challenge and has done much worse all season than everybody else left?

Also, that was a terrible lip sync song. The judges couldn't even hide they were bored.

by Airlinereply 32707/17/2020

Kameron Michaels seemed nice on the show but damn she came off as so bitter on her segment on the werq the world show.

by Airlinereply 32807/17/2020

Cracker is Bob's drag daughter. Incest is best. The are always misusing and abusing Kennedy on Drag Race. She looked great (not sure about the choppers) but what a terrible song for her. She didn't know the words or she would have just planted her feet and sold the whorish shame and pride of Fancy.

I'm glad the spoiler is in the know. That's exactly what he/she said was going to happen. Bye Blair. Juju and Shea looked gorgeous during their stand up sets tonight. Cracker got a good edit. She wasn't that funny, though she appeared less nervous than usual. Loved that long black hair and her runway outfit though.

This much I'll say. It's the right final three. But I don't agree with who wins OR how they get there.

by Airlinereply 32907/17/2020

Cracker is fine.

by Airlinereply 33007/17/2020

Miss Cracker is in dead last in the # votes. Shea is first of course, with Juju a close second. The public doesn't like Miz Cracker. He's nothing much at all. Beautiful - no. Fashionable - no. Hilarious - no. Congenial - Hell No.

by Airlinereply 33107/17/2020

R327, there’s rumors that Crackers lipsynchs against Morgan and Kennedy were manipulated by producers so obvs it got out easily.

In Morgan’s case, Cracker‘s mistakes were left out, and w Kennedy, the song she was told she was performing was changed to a country song at the last minute .

That’s the genre where white girls who can’t win lipsynchs suddenly win genre.

by Airlinereply 33207/17/2020

[Quote] Miss Cracker is in dead last in the # votes


It's a game show NOT voted by the public but you knew that, Violet.

by Airlinereply 33307/17/2020

You're a sick racist fuck R333. Tired of you. Mz. Cracker ain't nothing. And everyone agrees. You're a little fucked - always trying to control these threads. WE see you. All your racist hate towards all the queens of color. Keep your CAPS and your CRAZY at home. You're fucking with the wrong man.

by Airlinereply 33407/17/2020

The most fascinating thing about this show is that Ru is constantly talking about love and loving yourself and loving everybody and the fans are constantly at each other's throats.

by Airlinereply 33507/17/2020

.. triggered.

by Airlinereply 33607/17/2020

I'm officially over Shea's "trauma" from not winning Season 9, but I definitely liked the 'Coming to America' reference with the rose petals.

Christ, what a terrible choice for the lip sync song this week. At least Cracker had the good sense to send the right queen home.

by Airlinereply 33707/17/2020

I can’t wait for Cracker to win so Barbra Strident will be triggered.

by Airlinereply 33807/17/2020

Rumor has it that that was Trixie Mattel on the phone. She's coming in to take another crown she didn't deserve.

by Airlinereply 33907/17/2020

Since Drag Race has decided now that track record doesn't matter, crown Jujubee. Let's be real, she has consistently been the most entertaining part of a meh season.

by Airlinereply 34007/17/2020

Another week and another reason why I hate Shea.

And, I have loved Jane Krakowski since she was TR on Search for Tomorrow, but I find it hard to believe that all these 20 something queens know, love, and worship Jane.

by Airlinereply 34107/17/2020

What. A. Whiny. Fucking. Jerk.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 34207/17/2020

R334, I've said MULTIPLE times I'm happy with any of the 3 final queens. Two are queens of color. SO how does that make me a racist? You crazy, CUNT!

by Airlinereply 34307/17/2020

Twenty somethings r341? You are kind.

Blair is the only 20-something, the rest of them are in their 30s.

And Jane's 30 Rock character was exactly the type of bitchy diva gays love. Of course the gays know her.

by Airlinereply 34407/17/2020

I have never wanted anyone to lose as much as I want Shea to lose. The weird thing is I really didn't have an opinion one way or the other about Shea before this season.

Just to confirm, Shea lost season 9, right?

by Airlinereply 34507/17/2020

Valentina needs to return and call hypocritical Shea out for encouraging her toxic fanbase. Shea fans have been harassing everyone this season.

by Airlinereply 34607/18/2020

I'm happy for Juju and Shea..Cracker grew on me a little bit but not enough. Definitely R335. I think it's just stan culture in general, some folk take criticism of their faves, or disagreement of opinion really personally.

p.s if you cannot see a reply does that mean you're blocked?

by Airlinereply 34707/18/2020

All Stars is so often so...bad.

My big question at this point is how the phenomenal top five or six of the latest non-All Stars season will degrade their talents enough to be on future All Stars editions.

by Airlinereply 34807/18/2020

Cracker has already won $40,000, and I don't see her doing a Werk the World tour, and truthfully I don't see Jujubee doing it either (it looks physically and mentally exhausting), so I see it going to Shea. Juju will get Miss Congeniality.

by Airlinereply 34907/18/2020

If Alexis hadn't been wrongly sent packing last week, then this week's choice would have been more difficult.

My favorite part was when the DELUSIONAL Blair said: "I've fallen in love with my self all over again...."

Untalented bitch has never NOT been in love with herself. Not being a comedy queen is one thing - being completely incapable of telling a joke or seeing beyond oneself is a crippling handicap for an entertainer.

Blair is the Milton Berle of drag.

by Airlinereply 35007/18/2020

Without makeup, Shea's face looks much darker on the sides of his face - is that because of the fillers?

That is one ugly man.

by Airlinereply 35107/18/2020

351 Shea was so handsome on her original season.

by Airlinereply 35207/18/2020

The woke scolds have ruined the fandom in my eyes. I don’t follow any of the queens on social media and I don’t follow Reddit anymore. The show is a pleasure to watch again without paying attention to any of that shit.

by Airlinereply 35307/18/2020

r352, it looks like he has a heavy beard line. A lot of black guys won't shave unless until the very last moment because of ingrown hairs and scarring. Also it's very common for black people to have a darker perimeter of skin around their face.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 35407/18/2020

[quote]if you cannot see a reply does that mean you're blocked?

If you haven't blocked anyone yourself, then it means that the reply has had enough F&Fs from other users to be removed.

I have my settings to 'Asbestos Eyeballs' and never block anyone, and I can see that several replies in this thread have been greyed out or removed entirely. This show definitely brings out the crazies, even here.

by Airlinereply 35507/18/2020

Miz Cracker describes her journey

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 35607/18/2020

R350 I just had to laugh when Blair said that an All Star isn't necessarily someone who wins challenges. And THEN blaming her long nails on why the set was bad, because she couldn't turn the pages easily in her notebook. 🤣 The delusion was palpable.

This might sound a bit demented, but I'm starting to become irritated by how the show portrays being good at comedy (in improv challenges and stand up) as these super EASY things to do. I'm not proud of myself, but in a past life I went through an "improv" phase. It requires practice to be "good" at improv (and maybe that is an oxymoron) and unlike the advice Ru gives, it's not all about "VOLLEYING." Stand up is also very hard, it requires so much practice and preparation for a set to be funny. People don't just go out and be "FUNNY." They practice it and rewrite and revise. I don't know why I'm ranting and raving about this! I mean, whatever, these challenges are central to Drag Race and won't go away. ANYWAY... I think I'm just all Drag Raced out after Season 12, Secret Celebrity Drag Race, All Stars 5, Canada's Drag Race... it's too much!!!!!

Do we know if WOW is going to go ahead and film Season 13 in August (they usually film in August, right?) or has it been pushed back? I hope Covid has pushed back the production of it, to be honest, we need a break from Drag Race!!!!

Did they really change the lipsync song last minute, though? That's some shady shit. I also HATE the Reba version of "Fancy," sue me!!

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 35707/18/2020

Sometimes they find out at the last minute that the song they picked didn't get cleared. It's happened to other shows that I've worked on.

by Airlinereply 35807/18/2020

Bobbie Gentry's performance was better than either lip-sync last night too, R357.

by Airlinereply 35907/18/2020

Thanks, R355 :-)

I see from the trailer the cast are on next week's show and they were discussing Indiagate....I wonder if there will be a reunion show now?

by Airlinereply 36007/18/2020

R360 Why bother? Boring queens equals boring season.

by Airlinereply 36107/18/2020

[quote]Just to confirm, Shea lost season 9, right?

Yes, she lost in an upset to Sasha Velour in the Lip Sync for the Crown. Ru decided to make the finalists battle it out in S9 because she was so pissed with Charlie Hides and Valentina for their shitty lip syncs.

by Airlinereply 36207/18/2020

R362 Like Ru has any idea who Charlie Hides is.

by Airlinereply 36307/18/2020

It's a show business show that is all about money. MONEY. RuPaul doesn't give a drizzling crap about all the love talk. It's just branding.

When the poor naive queens and fans get all upset about how Ru doesn't love them and how cold she is and the rest, it just shows more of the old facts about drag performers being what are (for the most part). Even now they're not prepared for real business. Shea's entitlement is a great reflection on how someone who IS very good at a lot of things still mistakes that essentials of the game. If WOW, RuPaul and the network and all could make more of Juju winning they'd have her win. But in this case the power of fans' backlash (naive does not equal powerless) would be a distraction from revenue, so they'll have Shea win.

And no one dares to complain about a black queen winning (fuck the Asians and Mexicans and Puerto Ricans who always get the shaft) so that's that. Well, the only time people dare is when a black queen wins over another. Although I don't think the show has ever made a real mistake in picking a winner, except Tyra, but they didn't realize the depth of stupid that was operating there and Ru had a hard-on for the boy.

by Airlinereply 36407/18/2020

Oh, don’t look at me like I’m a football game!

by Airlinereply 36507/18/2020

I'm sad Juju didn't so better this season.

by Airlinereply 36607/18/2020

Miz Crackers low slung ass didn't win nothing this week. How much did they pay Kennedy to lose that lip synch?

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 36707/18/2020

Juju has done fine. The producers are just preoccupied with Shea’s loser arc.

You got DESTROYED by Sasha, Shea. Get over it and move on. We all have.

by Airlinereply 36807/18/2020

Nobody is worried about Shea. But no one wants to see Thumbelina win either. Come through Juju.

by Airlinereply 36907/18/2020

I don't understand why Juju doesn't do more of these looks:

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 37007/18/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 37107/18/2020

[Quote]Do we know if WOW is going to go ahead and film Season 13 in August (they usually film in August, right?) or has it been pushed back? I hope Covid has pushed back the production of it, to be honest, we need a break from Drag Race!!!!

They are filming Season 13 right now, the pandemic hasn't stopped them.

by Airlinereply 37207/19/2020

Any clue why Ru has deleted all her social media?

by Airlinereply 37307/19/2020

R372 That is blatantly false.

by Airlinereply 37407/19/2020

R372 The queens and judges will be wearing fabulous masks, I'd imagine.

by Airlinereply 37507/19/2020

Because r374......?

Several New York queens suddenly disappeared from social media at the same time. Drag Race is going ahead, I can list some queens that are going to be on it.

by Airlinereply 37607/19/2020

R372, the rumor on Reddit is they are. They quarantined the cast and crew for two weeks prior to filming.

by Airlinereply 37707/19/2020

R376 Calls have went out, but the queens have not yet started filming. So, not sure why your folks are disappearing from social media.

R377 So you mean to tell me the season will have no guest judges? That the entire crew will be in the same hotel room for the entire 2 months of shooting?

by Airlinereply 37807/19/2020

The idea that the entire world is talking about Shea and is concerned about her upset loss - and that it is a grievous wrong that must be hilarious.

The few thousand people who might care or be outraged......are fewer than some might realize.

I hope Shea loses - she is a nobody with a fucked up face that nobody will want to see perform......anywhere.

by Airlinereply 37907/19/2020

Shea has already " happened" r379, she is already a successful performer who has made a lot of money touring the world. This is an All Stars season, and while many in this cast are questionable Shea is an all star.

by Airlinereply 38007/19/2020

Hi, Shea at R380!

Yes, dear. We KNOW you're entitled and victimized by being robbed by that white girl.

by Airlinereply 38107/19/2020

I dislike Shea because she is annoying. Who is traumatized that much by a loss on a reality competition show that happened years ago, and she's still not over it? She went on to earn lots of money and get bookings. She's clearly made enough cash to inject her face and lips with all kinds of stuff. She has fabulous costumes. And I'm just gonna say it, there is something fake about him. I hope he's just putting on a character for the show and this is not who he really is.

by Airlinereply 38207/19/2020

R377 - The money train keeps moving!

by Airlinereply 38307/19/2020

Girl I want Jujubee to win r381, but your post was freakin absurd. Shea can afford those outfits she has because people have been paying to her perform.

by Airlinereply 38407/19/2020

R384, that's just fine. But the post referenced Shea's confusion and misplaced sense of ownership because she KNEW she should win and and didn't, and she still won't shut up about it. You want a list of all the other near-misses who haven't brought up their losses in the finale? Try just about all of them, except Shea. It's off-putting.

And I'm not saying she hasn't been a success in her career. So she has nice, expensive costumes. Great.

What she doesn't have is a drag persona that makes her an obvious and evident winner in the game. She's a clever drag performer, but she's as by-the-numbers as any of the others, with her designers (not her) having more taste at times. But that just puts her at the top of the second tier. She an externalizer, not a personality that remains sharp and true no matter what the look. That's what separates her from almost all the other winners.

GO Jujubee.

But you also are the type of person who types "freakin absurd," so you're probably a teenaged girl or an equivalent. So we don't really expect you to think clearly about anything, just to parade your opinions as fact with non sequiturs for "arguments."

by Airlinereply 38507/19/2020

Miz Cracker is the winning contestant

by Airlinereply 38607/19/2020

Miz Cracker was a contestant twice. The producers edited and blatantly fixed the show so that she might win. It it were a game show - it would under investigation. As Miz Cracker is talentless, mean and ugly. Even Bob picked Shea to win All Stars on this week's episode of the Pit Stop. Bob is Miz Cracker's drag mother.

by Airlinereply 38707/19/2020

This isn’t the olympics. Let it go. You can’t have your way.

by Airlinereply 38807/19/2020

I'm sick of your multiple posts from multiple devices, control-top troll @ R388. You're old enough to be RuPaul's grandmother.

by Airlinereply 38907/19/2020

I hope Ru has a mental health facility on speed dial in case Shea doesn't get the crown. Girl is gonna need it.

by Airlinereply 39007/19/2020

Well Ru might pull a double win like she did last year.

by Airlinereply 39107/19/2020

[Quote]But the post referenced Shea's confusion and misplaced sense of ownership because she KNEW she should win and and didn't, and she still won't shut up about it.

Now take deep breath and try looking at the post

[Quote]she is a nobody with a fucked up face that nobody will want to see perform......anywhere.

You think maybe that is what I was referring to? Sorry I didn't spell it out for you dear, I thought it was rather obvious.

by Airlinereply 39207/19/2020

Multiple devices? Are you having a breakdown? Bob said Shea should win because she helped people in the workroom. That seems like a weak argument. She has been uncertain and getting by the past few challenges. Why should she suddenly be crowned the winner? Because you think so? Dream on

by Airlinereply 39307/19/2020

r393, she claims everyone on the rpdr threads who don't agree with her of using multiple devices.

by Airlinereply 39407/19/2020

Nah, just that freak who does. Everybody knows it. And then he comes out as miss warwicke. The world's oldest white fag racist ancient ex drag queen from missouri, who *pretends* to be black - to better get away with his vile racist, hateful and disgusting remarks. BANNED from Datalounge. Get rid of it. NOW. Shoo.

by Airlinereply 39507/19/2020

r393, I guess she thinks you're miss warwicke. Whoever the fuck that is?

by Airlinereply 39607/19/2020


by Airlinereply 39707/19/2020

R397 Oh fuck off. Or I will criticize the vixen.

by Airlinereply 39807/19/2020

R397 Oh fuck off. Or I will criticize the vixen.

by Airlinereply 39907/19/2020

I just listened to The Vixen on Nicole Byer's Podcast. He was actually not all that annoying. He still seems to believe that his season was just one big microaggression, but the roll your eyes annoying part was quite minimal.

by Airlinereply 40007/19/2020

The Vixen organized and produced the best lockdown drag show there has been. Just days ago. Trinity and Aquaria's have done some fun things, but Black Girl Magic was an incredible extravaganza and intimate and hot fire. Very creative and obviously star studded. Chi Chi Devayne is now in the hospital with kidney failure by the way. The old white men who think they run this thread never keep up with the blacks. Cuz, you know.

The Vixen has been vindicated, and grown up a lot since season 10. The future is bright for Tony.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 40107/19/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 40207/19/2020

R401 Not as successful as his Only Fans. He has an OnlyFans. His parents must be so proud of his success on OnlyFans.

by Airlinereply 40307/19/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 40407/19/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 40507/19/2020

Willam blows guys on stage, many drag queens have worked as escorts including Katya. Jade Jolie, Detox and Violet did porn. Jujubee worked the corner of Homewood and Wellesley Street for years in short skirts and an exaggerated asian accent. Long after season 3. So what if The Vixen has an OnlyFans page? He's just sharing the goodness that god gave him. Tony's mother is a nurse. She's very proud of him AND The Vixen.

by Airlinereply 40607/19/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 40707/19/2020

We all love Shea. She's going to win! Won't be the first time they change the edit. Miz Cracker has underperformed and the whole internet keeps saying the All Stars 5 crown belongs to Shea Coulee. Thanks R407.

by Airlinereply 40807/19/2020

Cracker has won 3 out of the past 4 challenges. It should not surprise anyone when she wins.

by Airlinereply 40907/19/2020

If Shea doesn’t win, it’s gonna get ugly online.

by Airlinereply 41007/19/2020

How sad the vixen has to get his cock out to be considered a success in the world. Seems black people always have to be sexualized to be acceptable. But then he has fuck all talent, apart from whinging and being racist and getting his cock out.

by Airlinereply 41107/19/2020

The Vixen sadly has an average size dick. Meh.

by Airlinereply 41207/19/2020

Ah. I don't think she would fuck an 80 year old white fag with a prolapse to his ankles R412.

by Airlinereply 41307/19/2020

R413 For money, he would fuck a pig.

by Airlinereply 41407/19/2020

Who would, r413? But what does that have to do with his average size?

by Airlinereply 41507/19/2020

The Vixen is not the outcast that some old men of Datalounge seem to think. It's true that she's not going be invited to host her own Wow show, but she's very popular with the other queens and in demand as a performer. She's great friends with Asia, Miz Cracker, Aquaria, Bob, Courtney Act, Ongina, Monet, Blair and Shea.

Why would I care what size her dick is? Do I look like a bottom to you old man R415? Stop with your passive aggressive racist games. That's not what we're gonna do.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 41607/19/2020

Earlier this year.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 41707/19/2020

Recognized by the Obama Foundation. Not RuPaul, The Vixen.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 41807/19/2020


Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 41907/19/2020

It is sad the vermin posts here. But not like the five dollar crack whore junkie gets any real offers. Oh an appearance on a webisode...fucking sad.

by Airlinereply 42007/19/2020

miss warwicke is banned from DL. No vermin posts here. Not by tomorrow.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 42107/19/2020

R421 Dad rat face.

by Airlinereply 42207/19/2020

[quote]Certainly Ru’s tone-policing, gaslighting, and Good Negro performance stem from a primordial survival instinct. RuPaul hails from a time when she needed to dilute herself in order to be more palatable for her predominantly white audiences. But this vexed and tired debate about keeping quiet in order to be more appeasing is entirely at odds with the direction the show should be, and has been, moving toward. So long as black progression is presumed to be linked with white acceptance, liberation is nothing more than a fever dream.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 42307/19/2020

[quote]At this point, RuPaul’s Drag Race feels a bit like damaged goods because of this season. The Vixen is speaking her truth and being the kind of unvarnished candid queen which makes RuPaul visibly uncomfortable. So much of Ru’s brand is caked in self-help, New Age pop-psych, and affirmation; when a queen like The Vixen disrupts that thick gloppy message with truth, it threatens the carefully constructed brand which RuPaul brilliantly crafted. The awful way in which The Vixen was treated has made me indifferent to the season’s outcome and it has made me question my enthusiasm for the show.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 42407/19/2020

[quote]And you know, Vixen was vilified for that. Vixen spoke out years ago about the treatment of girls by the toxic fans. It's obvious, from the social media numbers to the types of bookings and the endorsements that the girls get. It's right there, plain as day, and nobody addresses it. And when she did, [it] was like, "Oh, calm down. Why is she so angry?" Just her expressing her outrage at the obvious racism made her angry and further illustrated what the problem was. Because when a white queen stands up for herself, she's being fierce. ... But when a person of color speaks out about something relevant, they say, "Calm down. Now's not the moment of being angry." Completely different reactions from the toxic fan base.

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 42507/19/2020

Dad faced vermin is not liked or hired because of himself.

He stinks. That is why he has turned to prostitution.

Poor vermin.

by Airlinereply 42607/19/2020

If you're going to accuse others of being racist, you might want to rethink using "old man" as a slur. There are other kinds of discrimination.

by Airlinereply 42707/20/2020

R426 vermin? Really? You are a vile creature. Be gone!

by Airlinereply 42807/20/2020

I find articles like R423's so dumb. If you want to be famous and achieve mainstream acceptance, then you need to have crossover appeal. Anything else and you are just a niche performer. And while being a niche performer is is fine for some, most people are looking for something more. If The Vixen was so authentic and trying to keep it real, then she never would have applied to be on Drag Race in the first place.

by Airlinereply 42907/20/2020

She didn't go on to win. The Vixen had an agenda and adhered to that agenda her entire run, including the finale.

by Airlinereply 43007/20/2020

You are giving The Vixen way too much credit.

by Airlinereply 43107/20/2020

This thread stinks of Matt, aka Janbot, aka Lange Loon, aka Matt Insane

by Airlinereply 43207/20/2020

This thread is not locked down

by Airlinereply 43307/21/2020

Actually this thread is locked down to subscribers only. Part three is below

Offsite Link
by Airlinereply 43407/21/2020

At least the trash will go there now.

by Airlinereply 43507/21/2020

R435 see you there then x

by Airlinereply 43607/21/2020
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