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Happy 40th to Mrs. Voorhees, Jason, and Friday the 13th!!!

The counselors weren't paying any attention. They were making love while that young boy drowned. His name was Jason.

What's your favourite film in the franchise?

Any memories of seeing the original in cinemas or on VHS?

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 410Last Wednesday at 1:26 PM

Look what you did to him! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HIIIIIIM!!!!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 105/09/2020

I always liked the bad disco theme and 3D effects in Part III the best.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 205/09/2020

R2 this one?

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 305/09/2020

Yep, that's the one R3!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 405/09/2020

Not the Drunk Friday the 13th Namedropper Loon!

Didn't you ruin ten F13 threads already?

Look — Muriel even red-tagged the troll!

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 505/09/2020

This Loon is also jaded because "Darkest Side of the Night" lost our Favorite Jason Song poll:

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 605/09/2020

great song!

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 705/09/2020

Aunt Ginny!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 805/09/2020

We know you think so, r7. The problem is, nobody else does.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 905/09/2020

COVID-19 I'm sure has put a damper on any 40th Anniversary ons or panels.

So I guess it's a good thing that people celebrated it last year:

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1005/09/2020

I think you're confusing several DL posters for one person R9

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1105/09/2020

Now if Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham would just stop squabbling so we can have a new Jason movie!

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1205/09/2020

First they smoked a bong in the back of the van....

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1305/09/2020
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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1405/09/2020

R10, it's been rescheduled for September.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1505/09/2020

[Quote] Now if Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham would just stop squabbling so we can have a new Jason movie!

Starring the latest CW actors.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1605/09/2020

I love parts 1-4. After that, it gets dicey, but I'm a fan of the series as a whole despite how weak some of the later sequels were. The first F13 is probably my favorite slasher film. I prefer it to Halloween in some respects. I am not a gamer, so-to-speak, but I have played the F13 game on my friend's X-Box and it's quite fun.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1705/09/2020

Betsy Palmer took the part so she could buy a new car after her old clunker broke down. She said she never expected that it was a movie anyone would actually want to see.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1805/09/2020

Part 3 is my favourite but Jason Takes Manhattan has it's moments. I'm not a fan of New Blood or Jason Goes To Hell.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 1905/09/2020

R19 the "Carrie" thing aside, "The New Blood" gets the atmosphere wrong because they shot it in Georgia of all places, and you can tell. The first two films were shot in the northeast, and I believe 3–6 were all filmed in California. They have a different look from parts 1–2, but "The New Blood" really looks like an oddball when you compare it against the others.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2005/09/2020

I love Part 2. Ginny is my favourite Final Girl in the series. Alice was meh.

I like the first for its atmosphere. The second because it actually expanded on the original. I don't like Part III because I find the main girl is a terrible actress. Part IV is a return to form.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2105/09/2020

R20 ahh that makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2205/09/2020

R20, The New Blood was filmed in Alabama. Jason Lives was filmed in Georgia. The atmosphere sucks in both of them. Not to mention both were obviously shot in the winter.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2305/10/2020

R23 I stand corrected. For some reason I thought The New Blood was filmed in Georgia, but you're right—it was apparently shot in Mobile. Coincidentally, it and Jason Lives are probably my two least-favorite F13 sequels, and it's largely got to do with the atmosphere feeling off. While Parts 3–5 definitely possess a "California look" to some degree, the woods at least somewhat resemble what we see in Parts 1 and 2; with Jason Lives and The New Blood, the stand-in for Crystal Lake and the surrounding woods looks like a backwater swamp.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2405/10/2020

The highly choreographed catfight in the shed between Alice and Mrs. Voorhees was pure camp

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2505/10/2020

I liked the second one because it was filmed in an area where I went to boarding school. Friends with cars would come up and we’d drive around the lake and scare each other, speculating that Jason was waiting to get us.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2605/10/2020

R24, yeah, The Final Chapter looks less California than part 3 but they're still ions better than Jason Lives and New Blood.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2705/10/2020

The first one was my favorite because I loved watching Kevin Bacon’s character’s death.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2805/10/2020

Wow, all that's left from Part 7 is the dock apparently. I thought Kevin Spirtas' would still be around. I wonder what happened to it.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 2905/10/2020

R18 I’ve got a secret, Jason was. Dream to work with compared to some others.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3005/10/2020

OMG, you must be kidding, r24!

JASON LIVES is my favorite Jason movie of all time. The humor was terrific. The lead was heroic for a change, going in with the express purpose of kicking Jason's ass. It was more of a contest than the typical, F13th victim ambush. Both the actors playing Tommy Jarvis and Jason were PHUCKING HOT. And it actually takes place when Camp Crystal Lake is open.

I'm the first to admit it's not as scary as the first four movies. But it's definitely a fan favorite from a great director.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3105/10/2020

Have a listen to the only song on the soundtrack of FRIDAY THE 13TH.

It's a Dolly Parton-inspired number that plays like, 3 different times in the movie.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3205/10/2020

I was genuinely sad when Betsy Palmer passed away. She was so cool and really embraced the cult status of that character Mrs. Voorhees (“an old friend of the Christie’s”). She was also great as the character menaced by Joan Crawford in Queen Bee.

Those fight scenes in Friday the 13th were really raw and over-the-top, and I think Quentin Tarantino paid homage to that in Kill Bill, in particular Conflict between Elle Driver and Beatrice Kiddo (There is a black mamba snake loose in the trailer during their fight scene, and it hisses in disapproval at one point during their vicious cat fight).

Pamela Springsteen is another guilty pleasure in Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 as Angela, the perky serial killer of “bad” campers. Just awesome. I think Tarantino borrowed a camera angle (shot underwater in a toilet bowl, charming) from Sleepaway Camp 2, where a character is drowned in an outhouse.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3305/10/2020

The first six(!) are all pretty enjoyable for a slasher fan. They each have their virtues.

Part 1 has insane Betsy Palmer and Kevin Bacon in cutoffs

Part 2 has the best final girl, Ginny, along with the creepiest Jason when he’s just wearing the burlap sack

Part 3 has the disco opener, is in 3D, and the kills are suitably gross

Part 4 has Crispin Glover and his infamous spaz dance

Part 5 has those damn enchiladas!

Part 6 is the funny self-referential one way before Scream

After that they get a lot worse with the Carrie rip-off, the Big Apple visit, the weird one where he possesses people, and finally Jason in space.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3405/10/2020

[Quote] and finally Jason in space.

Jason X is ridiculous but I love it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3505/10/2020

My list, in ORDER. And I am leaving the execrable Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason X, and Jason VS Freddy off the list

1) Friday The 13th Part 2- Excellent and suspenseful final 30 minutes, likable actors, and one of the best Final Girls in all of slasher history- Amy Steel- She was awesome. 2) Friday The 13th Part 3- I love this one. Great deaths and it looks extremely bright due to the filming in 3 D- It somehow works. 3)Friday The 13th Part 4- Probably should be 2nd- awesome kills, good cast... Pretty gory thanks to Tom Savini's great work. 4)Friday The 13th- Love Betsy Palmer- She gave a great performance considering it was kind of the first of its kind (she gets NO credit for this) Creepy photography, good lighting, ect.. (especially for low budget film) 5)Part 6- Not scary as much as funny/campy- It wasn't bad. 6)Part 7- The kills were all heavily edited and the psychic shit was dumb. 7)Part 5- A New Beginning- What a trashy and dark film. It still works as the dumpster fire it is. Has some decent moments, some truly funny moments. Lurid is the best way to describe it. Horrible ending/reveal.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3605/10/2020

Number five is underrated it’s great. Bad. What do we expect from a hockey masked killer series?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3705/10/2020

I think you're reading things into Tarantino that aren't there, r33.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3805/10/2020

Part 6 is the only one that resembles an actual film.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 3905/10/2020

I like the sweetness and well-played fear of Dana Kimmell's Chris Higgins from Part 3 for my final girl.

I think she was the prettiest and best actress of the final girls. Runner-up is Adrienne King for sweetness.

Amy Steel is cool and I appreciate her chainsaw resourcefulness. Ginny had a willingness to fight back that a lot of other final girls didn't have. But she's kind of dykey and not vulnerable enough. She's a scream queen, though, having been in APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

BTW, you can hide in this closet in the video game. And jump out this window!

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4005/10/2020

5 sucks. It was directed by a porn director. The sex scene with John Robert Dixon and Deborah Voorhees went over forever in the initial cut. He kept telling her to fuck her harder. The censors made them cut 99% of it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4105/10/2020

My favorites:

1) Part 6 for humor and heroism.

2) Part 1 for atmosphere and twist. Definitely the scariest in my book.

3) Part 3 for horror.

4) Part 4 for horror and gore. The lame jokes definitely lose points for it, though. They don't work.

5) Part 2 for horror.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4205/10/2020

Would someone please shit in R40's mouth? There's only one Scream Queen, and I'm it, bitch.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4305/10/2020

[Quote] Number five is underrated it’s great. Bad.

Ahh yes part 5 with [italic] Roy [/italic] lol. And this dance sequence 😏

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4405/10/2020

Betsy Palmer! I worked w her at Disney. She was our Star of the Day. SHE WAS AWESOME. Insane, but awesome. We all loved her. Bigger than life. Bitching about roles she inherited. She was on stage being interviewed and started making dick jokes. Does Peter Pan have a peter or is he a lost boy? She also made a big pitch for us to join the performing unions, so I did. Thanks to her advice I have pensions to look forward to. God bless her. She loved other performers and generously treated us as equals.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4505/10/2020

Would've love to see what Estelle Parsons would've done with the role had she not turned it down.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4605/10/2020

Part 3 was pretty grim.

Killing the pregnant girl. Jason having raped the final girl previously. Phylicia Rashad as a biker chick.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4705/10/2020

And here's Betsy getting fresh with the fans at a convention.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4805/10/2020

Fox was NOT played by Philicia Rashad!

Actress Gloria Charles is much prettier than Rashad and not a Cosby-condoning cunt!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 4905/10/2020

No that was definitely Philicia Rashad.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5005/10/2020

Betsy was awesome.

Met her at Chiller years ago and she signed my DVD of Queen Bee.

She loved Joan and kept going on and on about it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5105/10/2020

Actually that was not Rashad, it was really Phylicia Ayers-Allen.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5205/10/2020

Without looking it up, Who was the first victim in the series, and what was the actor’s name?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5305/10/2020

Gloria Charles as Fox, so that nobody is misled by the troll.

She participated in CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES and video tours of F13 locations, so I didn't realize she passed away just 2 years ago.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5405/10/2020
Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5505/10/2020

[quote] Without looking it up, Who was the first victim in the series, and what was the actor’s name?

Trick question. On-screen death or first implied victim?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5605/10/2020

Onscreen - Barry. No idea what his name was, but he was a production assistant on the movie.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5705/10/2020

The first victim was the guy in the "Kumbaya" couple getting hot and heavy in 1958.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5805/10/2020

Onscreen death, R56.


by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 5905/10/2020

[quote] Happy 40th to Mrs. Voorhees,

How is Lisa Turtle doing these days anyhow?

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6005/10/2020

Lol r34. Every time I say ‘it’s them damn enchiladas’ as a joke (and I probably say it too much), no one gets it. No one ever has. But it always makes me laugh.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6105/10/2020

Phylicia Rashad was not in "Friday the 13th: Part III"—you're thinking of Gloria Charles, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. They used her likeness in the "Friday the 13th" video game, and she was one of several cast members who did voice work for their characters in the game as well; she must have completed the voice work shortly before she died. Her character, Fox, was the dykey girl in the biker gang who harassed Shelly and Vera at the convenience store. They all got their just desserts shortly after.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6205/10/2020

Phylicia Rashad and Gloria Charles both look like porn star Vanessa del Rio. I can't post links all of a sudden otherwise I would.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6305/10/2020

Ooh Baby remix.

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by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6405/10/2020

God, these movies were such a big part of my childhood. My cousin and I used to watch these so much we memorized the dialogue and used to play Jason hide and seek all over the house. Our parents were thoroughly horrified.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6505/10/2020

The whole reason Phylicia was cast on The Cosby Shiw was because Bill was such a huge fan of the Friday series.

"I love seeing the titties and then the white bitches carved up. Zabble Zee Zoo Zum!" - Dr. William Cosby

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6605/10/2020

Part 3 had some of the best kills - the guy walking on his hands getting chopped in half, the speargun to the eye, the firepoker in the stomach.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6705/11/2020

Plus we get The Mask

The burlap sack he wore in part 2 was goofy

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6805/11/2020

R41 This may have my favorite audio commentary of all time. It's with the director who doesn't sugarcoat anything and two of the stars who later found Jesus in real life. They also rip on the cast constantly. I have never seen anything like it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 6905/11/2020

R69 do they say anything about the guy who played Matt- the head guy who runs the place? He was also in the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I always thought he was the hottest guy.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7005/11/2020

When the movies started filming in California, rather than the East Coast locations of the first two, they started really going even more over the top.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7105/11/2020

I may be in the minority but I enjoy all the movies, however I was always confused why people rank 4 so high. The family stuff just seemed like it belonged in a different movie and I never was a fan of Corey Feldman. Two of the main characters are completely wasted in the finale. The stuff with the teenagers is all good though.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7205/11/2020

I met Betsy Palmer in line to see Joan Rivers. I told her that Friday the 13th was my favorite horror mocie of all time. She asked me if I know the FIRST name of her character. (Ugh!!! I didn't.) Then she asked me what I would have done if I was put in that same situation she was in. She felt it all was warranted...and that she was a great mother, and would do anything for her son. Right then and there, it all made sence.

She also said who knew that THAT movie would be what she was known for.

She signed my theater ticket with "Kill her mommy".

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7305/11/2020

R72 I agree. Love the kids in the house. Sarah should have been the final girl. Never liked the Jarvis family stuff. Feldman is horrid. Trish is okay but the mother who never stops jogging makes no sense. Even though it was not the Final Chapter, it was intended to be, so I always found the ending anticlimactic.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7405/11/2020

Sarah’s bf was the prettiest guy in all the films

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7505/11/2020

If I was a teen in that house, I totally would have bedded Lawrence Monoson back then. He was cute as fuck. Jason or no Jason.

I also thought the sci-fi geek from 7 was cute.

And Tony Goldwyn in 6. But who wouldn't want to fuck him?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7605/11/2020

Doug part IV

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7705/11/2020

Personal favorites to fuck

Part 1 Harry Crosby Part 2 Russell Todd Part 3 Jeffrey Rogers Part 4 Peter Barton Part 5 John Robert Dixon Part 6 Thom Matthews Part 7 Kevin Blair (Spirtas) Part 8 Martin Cummins (not how he looked then but now) Part 9 Michael Silver Part x Barna Moricz F v J Jesse Hutch Remake Ryan Hansen

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7805/11/2020

Cort, Tommy, and Darren (tony g.) were all extremely fuckable

Mark from part 2 would also be on my to do list

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 7905/11/2020

R78 now do the list with the character names please.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8005/11/2020

Danny Steinmann, the director of part 5, did start in porn as a director. Quite a few directors got their start in porn, including horror icons Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham. Steinmann also directed the cult/trash classic Savage Streets starring DL fave Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley. Part 5 doesn't really work as a Friday the 13th film, but it does work as a fun, trashy horror- exploitation film.

Steinmann had rough time later in his life. He got hit by a car and messed up his neck and knees. Surgeries fixed his knees eventually, but he had very painful neck problems for the rest of his life. He was addicted to pain pills at one point. That might have accounted for the odd commentary track. He was broke and lived in a small apartment with and TV and a bed and little else in the later years of his life.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8105/11/2020

R78 I was already compiling a list but you beat me to it. Agree with almost all your choices except for part 5. I preferred John Shepard as Tommy Jarvis.

In the commentary for part 5, the director and actors thought that John Robert Dixon (The tree kill) would be the next Tom Cruise.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8205/11/2020

[quote] He was addicted to pain pills at one point. That might have accounted for the odd commentary track. He was broke and lived in a small apartment with and TV and a bed and little else in the later years of his life.

That's a real shame. I really enjoyed listening to it but it'll be harder to go back to it now. Part 5 is an underrated entry.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8305/11/2020

R82 John would have been my second choice

One guy I really like that I wish I could find out about is one of the extra counselors in Part 2. He's a nice beefy guy who arm wrestles with Mark.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8405/11/2020

Barbara Howard, who played Sara in part 4, didn't have very good things to say about the making of the film. She seems to have grew up in an sheltered environment in Illinois and her parents were older when she was born and growing up. She's among the actors that haven't been in interviewed in more recent years about their participation in the films. She retired from acting some time ago and is now a counselor in Illinois.

Here's an interview she gave a few years after Friday the 13 part 4.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8505/11/2020

I know she refused to do the scene in the shower, that's why in the credits you see one for "girl in shower"

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8605/11/2020

I already knew that there were lots of gay actors in the series but I had no idea so many of them were also very religious. It's fascinating.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8705/11/2020

R77, he won the lottery with his looks, figuratively and literally. A rich man he didn’t know died and left him a huge estate because he was fan of his short lived TV show The Powers of Matthew Starr, or whatever it was called.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8805/11/2020

Laurie Bartram from Part 1 was another one that was religious. So was Dana Kimmel (Part 3), Shavar Ross and John Shepherd (Part 5) both became ministers. That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are others.

I think some just embraced it mostly because they seen they can make good money doing conventions and such. But some genuinely appreciate the fans.

Some distance themselves from the movie for career reasons, like Mark Nelson from Part 1. He became a successful, award winning, theater actor and acting coach.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 8905/11/2020

R89 Scott Reeves from Part 7 also went the Jesus route, although he always pinged to me.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9005/11/2020

F13 had a lot of Guiding Light actors- Kevin Bacon, Amy Steele, Jennifer Cook, and a few others.

I don't know why Alice doesn't get more love. She is my favorite final girl in the series. The is the first, has some bad ass fight scenes with Mrs. Voohees, does really smart things throughout. Then cuts the bitches head off. No coming back from that! If it wasn't for that cat in Pt 2, Jason would not have gotten her.

Ginny is good but I think she gets too much credit. She was saved at the end by Paul. Otherwise, Jason would have killed her. Her scheme to trick him did not work.

Part 1 is the best. Part 2 is close behind. Part 3 is next but nowhere near as good as 1 or 2. Part 4 is trash. I can't watch it. Once Jason became invincible like a Zombie I stopped caring.

Part 1 is now Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and has a positive audience score for the first time ever.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9105/11/2020

R90 reeves pt 8 Jason takes Manhattan

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9205/11/2020

We get your joke, r61. It's just not funny.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9305/11/2020

Adrienne King came across as a total borderline in that documentary about the making of the films.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9405/11/2020

This thread inspired me to play a match of the video game. It’s such a fun game. I hate playing Jason though. Too stressful.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9505/11/2020

Paul may save Ginny but then she saves him right back

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9605/11/2020

You're welcome for when I introduced DL to the "Ooh Baby" remix.

Now get into "Bad News Crews" ...

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9705/11/2020

... or the Charles McCulloch Dub Step!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9805/11/2020

R94 How so?

R96 But she didn't finish him off.

I went down a F13 rabbit hole a few years back. There was supposed to be a prolonged fight scene with Alice/Jason. He originally was going to jump through the open kitchen window, grab her, she runs forward dragging him in. There was also going to be a question of whether she actually died and she would come back to save Ginny from death. From what I remember, it was talked about that Alice would throw herself out the 2nd story window and the audience would assume she was dead. Or, he came up behind her at the fridge, they fight then he kills her. They finally settled on the grab/ice pick as it was the scariest of the options and the opening already ran long.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 9905/11/2020

Those of you interested in "Bag Head Jason" from Part 2 should check out the 1978 horror film, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.

It's based on a real-life serial killer from Texarkana in the late 1940s known as the Phantom Killer. He wore the sack on his head, just like Jason and I'm pretty sure Steve Miner sacked SUNDOWN for the idea!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10005/11/2020

Here is the full movie, free of charge.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10105/11/2020

Adrienne King is one that probably somewhat reluctantly embraced her part in the series. After Part 1 came out, she had problems with an aggressive stalker and went into seclusion for years. That's why she only made a cameo appearance in Part 2. She probably remembers all of that when she does anything Friday the 13th related.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10205/11/2020

The main reason FRIDAY fans like Part 4 is the gore, r72. It has the highest kill count of any FRIDAY THE 13TH movie and it got quite creative with it.

I don't think the characters you're thinking of were "main characters." Sure, Mrs. Jarvis died. But she was supporting. Trish and Tommy Jarvis survived.

I do think Part 4 is genuinely scary, despite this shit:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10305/11/2020

One of the reasons I love these movies so much is having gotten to meet a lot of these people at conventions over the years. They are, mostly, the nicest group of people. Even though I've gotten their autograph already, I will go back again and again just to talk with them. Part 2 people have to be my favorite group. Amy Steel and Lauren Marie Taylor are both very sweet. Bill Randolph is great to talk to. Russell Todd is still sex on a stick. The late Steve Dash (Jason) and his wife were always so wonderful.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10405/11/2020

The cast from Part 2 do seem pretty cool and like they have a lot of fun doing the conventions. Except for poor Marta Kober. She's just a mess from many years of drug use. Did you ever meet her?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10505/11/2020

You found THIS anti-climactic, r74?!

It was the grisliest Jason kill to date and showed us more of his mongoloid face and longer than any previous F13TH film!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10605/11/2020

R103, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X are tied with the highest body county with 23. Part V is close behind with 21. The Final Chapter has 14.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10705/11/2020

R84, I wondered about him too. I'm sure Tom McBride has his eyes on him. I wonder if the guy was gay and they hooked up in those lonely Connecticut woods.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10805/11/2020

R108 We can imagine.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 10905/11/2020

R106 Yes I do. That's a good ending for a regular film not for Jason's swan song.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11005/11/2020

To date, r107. And Part 4 had a much bigger audience than any F13 films you mentioned.

F13 movies were diminishing returns after Part 3 until JASON VS. FREDDY.and the remake came along, which sucked.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11105/11/2020

R105. I've met a few times. She was nice. When you see her it's a little startling to see how horrible she looks especially compared to how great Amy and Lauren look. One funny story about Marta. I was at a con, on line for someone else. Marta was at her table talking to this young guy. He was sitting next to her. Her handler called the guy over and told him they don't allow people to sit at the table. When he went back, his cell phone was gone. Marta grabbed her stuff and ran out the door. I couldn't believe it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11205/11/2020

1-4 are easily the best because they were still at least attempting to build a little suspense and give the characters some meat on their bones. The others all have their moments and are enjoyable in a campy sort of way, but there was something about that 1980-1984 slasher movies that really worked. They took themselves really seriously and a lot of them were very effective. The post-'84 slashers are still really enjoyable and akin to comfort food, but those early slashers had that extra something special.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11305/11/2020

Honestly, Jason's death in Part 4 is the best Jason kill ever.

The over-the-top explosion of Part 9 or silly toxic de-generation of Part 8 or anti-climactic drownings of Parts 6 & 7 were all corny and unsatisfying compared to Feldman chopping him up.

It wins the Venn Diagram between gory spectacle + realistically could happen.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11405/11/2020

Marta Kober has been arrested many times for mail fraud, squatting, you name it. Well, I can't imagine prostitution unless it was at the Selis Manor. She's a walking "Just Say No To Meth" poster.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11505/11/2020

When Jason became a zombie I was no longer interested in the films. As someone said earlier, there was a real sense the early 80s slasher films wanted to scare you. After that, they got campy and silly. F1 and F2 were really scary. There was something visceral about them.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11605/11/2020

R115 Apparently she did/does that too. The guys must've been very desperate.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11705/11/2020

R106 We get a pretty good look at him in part 3. He looked very Sloth like. Part 7 had them both beat as far as Jason's look went. It annoyed me that Mrs. Jarvis died off screen, and Rob's death was pretty pathetic too. Trish doesn't get to do much of anything. The final showdown is underwhelming because it's hard to take young Corey Feldman in a bald cap seriously. The actual death of Jason was alright.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11805/11/2020

I always wondered if Sloth was modeled after Jason from Part 3.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 11905/11/2020

Jeffrey Roger(s) (Andy from Part III) and arguably one of the best looking from the franchise. He may have lost his hair, but not his looks.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12005/11/2020

I’m in the minority in that I really like Jason Takes Manhattan. It has the Barbie and the Rocker feel of the late 80’s that I remember from being a kid. Also, Times Square looks sexy and scary. Sure, I wish more of the movie took place in NYC, but I always go back to this one when I feel like streaming one of them.

Jason Goes To Hell is unforgivable, but it has the best title and poster. Same goes with Freddy’s Dead. Terrible movie, awesome marketing.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12105/11/2020

I like Jason Takes Manhattan too. It's cheesy. But at least it tried to do something a little different by putting Jason in a different setting.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12205/11/2020

All the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies are still streaming included with your Amazon Prime membership, FYI.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12305/11/2020

Apparently Scream Factory is going to reissue the series on Blu-Ray (or they were going to announce it until the pandemic happened).

On Blu-Ray forums, the consensus seems to be that fans want Part III issued in true 3D Blu-Ray format; that hopefully the missing footage from Part 2 can be found (I doubt this since it seems to be lost forever), new scans (although I think they look good in the Paramount release) and more special features.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12405/11/2020

Goddamnit, I’ve gotten the films on DVD, a DVD collection, and a streaming bundle from iTunes. But I love Scream Factory and may to quadruple dip.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12505/11/2020

I was always partial to Brendan Fletcher from Freddy vs. Jason. He looked a lot like the guys I was dating at the time.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12605/11/2020

I like Jason Takes Manhattan as well. My best friend and I would rewatch Julius’ death scene at least five times every time we watched it. It was hilarious

Didn’t love the end with the toxic waste/young Jason, but I loved the city vibe. And this scene with the punks.

Had I been a teen or adult when I first saw this movie, I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much. But as an eight year old, it was great. I was even Jason for Halloween that year

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12705/11/2020

Is there a deleted scene or perhaps mentioned in the script of part IV, or discussed by a cast member, writer, etc. the fate of Gordon?

I always hoped after he jumped out of the window he ran the hell away. But I wondered why he wasn’t mentioned again. Having him return might be too close to what Muffin did in part II, but I liked that dog.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12805/11/2020

Oh wow, R124. I didn't know Scream Factory was going to do that. They did a fantastic job with the Halloween box set, though I would've preferred the extras disc to be spread out among the sequel that it pertained to instead of being all on one disc.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 12905/11/2020

Surprised that 6 doesn't get more love. It's perhaps the most competently made of all the movies. I guess there is a diehard contingent of fans who don't want any humor in their slashers. Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason divides a lot of fans. I kind of liked both but 6 was more impressive because it managed to still have a lot of suspense and decent kills.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13005/11/2020

I prefer the later Friday sequels to the later Nightmare sequels even though the earlier Elm Street films are better.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13105/11/2020

R130, I like part 6 a lot, but while there’s “humor” in it, it’s very cheesy and something out of an episode of Goosebumps. The smily face on the tree after Jason bashes the guy’s head into it? Give me a break.

I like comedy in horror, but the jokes were terrible.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13205/11/2020

Adrienne King was on Another World and All My Children

Betsy Palmer was on As The World Turns and Knots Landing

Amy Steel was on Guiding Light and All My Children

Dana Kimmell was on Texas and Days of Our Lives

Kimberly Beck was on Capitol

Melanie Kinnaman was on Another World and Santa Barbara

Jennifer Cooke was on Guiding Light

Lar Park Lincoln was on Knots Landing

Jensen Daggett was on Melrose Place

They're all soap actresses!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13305/11/2020

R130, Part VI gets a lot of love, just maybe not on DL. It's highly regarded with fans for the self-referential humor, Thom McLaughlin's gothic tone, character development (at least as Friday films go). I personally don't care for it. I prefer running Jason, hated the atmosphere and characters plus it wasn't scary.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13405/11/2020

R133, you mean to tell me they weren’t about to book top-level talent to get disemboweled by Jason in the seventh sequel of a slasher series?

Why I never...

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13505/11/2020

R133, you forgot Renee Jones - Days of Our Lives

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13605/11/2020

City vibe, R127? It was mostly back alleys. I never knew "New York" had so many.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13705/11/2020

R127 Thank God for Rudy Giuliani. NYC was a dump before he cleaned it up--toxic waste barrels in alleyways, rats, and street punks with switchblades! If Jason didn't kill them, the city would have.

(I'm snarking here, not a fan of Rudy Ghouliani)

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13805/11/2020

A few years back I stumbled across classic clips of Dana Kimmell on Days of Our Lives from 1984 as the scheming Diane Parker, plotting to break up iconic couple Bo and Hope. Hope barges in Diane's apartment and see Diane getting out of the shower and she demands to know where Bo is at and Diane is all like "He's not here Hope, but that doesn't mean he wasn't here last night, I can have him anytime!"

So different than sweet Chris

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 13905/11/2020

Part 6 is one of my least favorites. I liked Thom Mathews and a few others things about it though.

I don't mind a little humor in horror either, but most of it in Part 6 didn't work for me. The paintball players getting killed was just too silly. I also didn't like that they added small children to the mix. You knew that none were going to be killed.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14005/11/2020

In part 3, Jason reminded me of Sloth from The Goonies. In part 7 he looked like Skeleton Ben from House.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14105/11/2020

R94 you think? She does seem a bit excessively jolly at times, which could be interpreted as manic, but she seems like a nice lady. I don't know if she seems borderline. As others have noted, she had a really bad stalker who broke into her apartment and tried to kill her after the first "Friday the 13th" was released, so she stayed out of the public eye for years before emerging to her fanbase in the last 10 years or so. She lives in my sister-in-law's hometown in southern Oregon, and works for a winery where she sells her own line of "Crystal Lake" wines. Weirdly enough, Bruce Campbell from the "Evil Dead" movies also lives there, and I believe Amy Steele (from F13 Part 2) lives in southern Oregon too.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14205/11/2020

R127 Can you (or someone else) find that part of NYC on Google Maps for me?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14305/11/2020

Judging by the theatre marquee in the background, R143, they're on the sliver of concrete between 7th Ave and Broadway in Times Square, from 44th Street to 45th Street.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14405/11/2020

Well, there's a 40th Anniversary steelbook Blu-Ray of Part One that Paramount dropped this week:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14505/11/2020

I recall a documentary where somebody said the dog definitely got killed by Jason, but that it was only implied in the film, r128.


by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14605/11/2020

r138 here. Not a fan of Ghouliani. But damn, he is our Lord and Savior from the scum of the earth!

Not a corrupt, mob-entangled maniac persecuting gay clubs and eradicating adult entertainment in NYC when he's not publicly funding his mistresses or extorting the government of the Ukraine to Trump-up allegations against Hunter Biden.

Thank God for Ghouliani! Not a right-wing troll or Ghouliani fan, I just think all Democrats should be gassed.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14705/11/2020

You're deranged R147

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14805/11/2020

If I keep talking about Part 6 and keep misstating facts about it, maybe I can goad the other poster who mentioned Part 6 into negative attention!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 14905/11/2020

Two parts in Part 6 that creeped me out were:

1. After Paula put Nancy to bed she was walking out of the cabin and we could see Jason outside the windows trailing a little behind her and watching her. You could tell she felt someone was watching her. Spooky.

2. Near the end when Tommy was in the rowboat trying to get Jason to come to him, Jason slowly walks into the water straight for Tommy. It was creepy when he walks deeper and deeper into the water until all we can see is his mask, then disappears completely. The suspense of when/where he’d pop up was unsettling.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15005/11/2020

r125 I am sure the Scream Factory ones will be great (if it's happening). Apparently the reason it leaked was one of the actors posted about doing interviews for special features. Not sure which actor.

I already have the Paramount 8-film series. I think the movies look fine. But I may get this if Part 3 is in true 3D. I have a 3D projector and Part 3 is one of the most coveted films to be released on full 3D Blu. I would love cut footage but I doubt any exists anymore or Paramount wouldn't license it to SF. Plus, I do love the SF covers.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15105/11/2020

It was Vincent Guastaferro from Jason Lives who leaked it.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15205/11/2020

Thanks R144 for the quick response.

I thought a swift response to my question would take awhile so I went to watch something else & fell asleep!

I'm on Google Maps now looking around the area.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15305/11/2020

R72 is clearly a dead fuck.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15405/11/2020

I kind of just realized why I do not care for much of Part 6, other than the cheesy humor- Its the production design. It looks SO cheap, and that Georgia or North Carolina filming location did NOT work. It looks like it was shot on videotape, the lighting design is cheesy... It just lacks that production design that 1-4 had..

I do love Renee from DOOL's kill though! Its so good.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15505/11/2020

Ginny is the best! Plus seeing a final male characters story told in three parts is pretty unprecedented in horror movies. All three great versions of Tommy.

Don’t think we’ve gotten the perfect Friday film. Would love to see that happen. Until then they rank like this for me: 4 6 2 1 5 7 8 3 Jason x Freddy v. Jason Jason goes to hell

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15605/11/2020


by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15705/11/2020

Part V is mean spirited trash but a lot of fun!

It's so quotable too

"You big dildo, eat your fucking slop!"

"Damn enchiladas!"

God I love the sleaziness of it

Part VI being basically a jinder, gentler, PG13 Friday film was a response to the backlash that part V got for being too "coarse" according to Executive Producer Frank Mancuso Jr

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15805/11/2020

Part V really is sleazy as hell even by slasher movie standards. I love it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 15905/11/2020

WHET to Corey Parker, who played Pete in Part 5? A lot of people thought Pete and Jake I think his name was were a gay couple.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16005/11/2020

Of the original 8 Paramount 80s films, parts 1,2,5 , 6 and 8 are the only ones that have 100% new soundtracks composed

3 has a new opening and closing theme music and new music for the big chase scene but the rest is composed of musical cues from part 1 and 2

Same with 4, new music for the excellent opening/greatest hits montage, theme music, and final chase scene music and musical cues from parts 1 and 2 making up the rest of the score

Part 7 is the craziest because you have pieces of Harry Manfredini's music used from all 6 prior films mixed with new music, opening theme and "Tina's theme" by a new composer, Fred Mollin. So you have musical cues from part 1 mixed in with the new music that Manfredini did for part VI, the "Dies Ireas" montiff, with new part VII music

Hell when Jason is chasing Dr. Crew's with the weed whacker, they use some part V music for that scene

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16105/11/2020

R160 Corey Parker still acts, just not as much as in the past. But his main gig for years now has been as an acting coach. He teaches in New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16205/11/2020

The real reason r155 doesn't like Part 6 is because she wants to be a final girl, and the fan favorite JASON LIVES has an ass-kicking man in the lead for a change.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16305/11/2020

Pete & Vinnie

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16405/11/2020

Is that your software registration code, r157?

No person in their right mind would rank Part 5 above Part 1.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16505/11/2020

JASON LIVES was Rated R, like every other Jason movie, r158.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16605/11/2020

I would rank them 2,3,1,6,4,5,7,fvsj,9,8,jx

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16705/11/2020

R166 yes but like Fangoria pointed out at that time it was basically a PG13 Friday film

Zero nudity, less vulgar language, less realistic and almost campy, over the top kills, likeable wholesome characters that seemed normal (Sissy, Paula etc)

It was like Little House on the Prairie coming after that sleaze factory, Grindhouse part V

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16805/12/2020

It's a shame all the cut footage from Frigay the 13th Part VII is lost.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 16905/12/2020

I can watch the first 5 over and over again. 6 and 7 are pretty good too but the supernatural gimmickry sets in

8 onwards are pretty bad

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17005/12/2020

Met Betsey Palmer way back in 2003 at the Broadway Cares Equity Fight AIDS Annual Flea Market before she did any conventions. She was a well respected stage actress doing Broadway and major tours. She did comedies, dramas and musicals. I might be one of the first DVD's she signed, she looked it over and asked if I wanted "Kill her Mommy" inscribed, and of course I did. She told me the story of how she was upstate NY on the parkway coming home from a theater and as stated above, her car broke down and the offer came at just the right time for a new car. She was paid $5000 for the few nights of shooting. She would also argue that the masked killer in the sequels really wasn't Mrs Vorhees' son because he died in the lake driving her insane.

Now I have Adrienne King's signature on the DVD too and she adored Betsey, they remained friends until her death.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17105/12/2020

R171, im actually surprised to hear that. She came across in the documentary as not liking Adrienne King much.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17205/12/2020

Alice gets props for lopping off Mrs. Voohees head. No way she was coming back from that. lol Alice, as was said, wouldn't have gotten killed by Jason if it weren't for that cat. She was ready with that ice pick.

I would rank them in order: 1,2........3 ...........4, 5. The rest I would never rewatch. It became a supernatural franchise and that didn't appeal to me. 1 and 2 were generally unnerving.

What was cut from Part 2?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17305/12/2020

Yeah, R172, I love when she tells the story about the first fight scene they did when Betsy actually hit her and Adrienne screamed for Sean Cunningham to come to her aid. I'm not sure if it was also that documentary or one of the books where cast and crew seem to unite against Adrienne and that she was prima donna and got special treatment.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17405/12/2020

r173 Most of the death scenes were trimmed. The double impalement showed the spear entering Jeff's back

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17505/12/2020

4, 2, 1, 3.........2009....7.......6........5..................8.................................Jason X...........................................................................Jason Goes To Hell

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17605/12/2020

2, 6, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.................Hell...................................................X

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17705/12/2020

This thread has inspired me to do a rewatch on Amazon Prime. Thanks all!

I can’t get over how much Brenda from part 1 looks like ADA Alex Cabot from Law and Order SVU. Sounds like her, too. Just needs some lighter blonde hair and glasses.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17805/12/2020

I loved how Violet from part V dies in front of a Madonna poster

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 17905/12/2020

Violet's robot dance was great. I love the Pseudo Echo song "His Eyes" playing during that scene.

Her death was originally supposed to have been the machete between the legs, but changed it to the stab in the stomach for the final version. There is a set photo of the aftermath of the originally intended scene, and it looks like poor Violet had a extra-heavy flow day!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18005/12/2020

Lol, R180. Just the type of trashiness you’d expect from A New Beginning.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18105/12/2020

This fuck scene with Tom Fridley (John Travolta's nephew) is the hottest sex scene in the franchise, r168.

Sheriff Garris and the cops aren't likeable, nor are the paintball rednecks. The kills are no more over-the-top or unrealistic than Parts 1-5, especially Part 3, the cheesiest of all.

The camp was mild and intentional. It never spoiled the horror, though I admit it's more of an action-comedy vibe than stark horror like 1-5. I LOVED it and so do many fans.

Unlike Parts 1-5, the humor in Part 6 ACTUALLY WORKS. The jokes are funny because there is a talented writer and director. The attempted jokes in 1-5 are total DEAD FUCKS.

I totally respect favoring a different FRIDAY film, but don't make it out like it's a shitshow. It's well-crafted and one of the best horror movies ever.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18205/12/2020

You can do Violet's pop n' lock robot dance in the video game, r180.

You can also do Crispin Glover's dance and a bunch of other movie dances.

@ 1:11:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18305/12/2020

You can go on a tour of the locations in Jersey.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18405/12/2020

R182, Tom Fridley was hot and juicy.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18505/12/2020

I find it hilarious that we have a Jason Lives troll on here.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18605/12/2020

R186 right? JL is good but more monster movie than slasher flick

Also it's nowhere near as entertaining as that dumpster fire, part V

That movie is golden!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18705/12/2020

Jason Lives has grown on me over the years once I got a sense of humor about these movies. By that point in the series, it made sense to not take these movies as seriously anymore. Even 5, with all its ridiculousness was somewhere within the realm of reality. After 6, they were all straight up monster movies where you were usually rooting for Jason instead of the victims. Some of them were fun. Different from the first 5, but very watchable and entertaining. I even enjoy Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X for all their unique charms.

I like a franchise that tries new things and mixes it up. So many times, audiences seem to just want the exact same thing as the original, but different. They want to get the exact same feeling they got from the first movie, which is impossible to do, but if it's too close to the original, they'll call it a lazy ripoff and if it's too different and goes in some nutty direction, they'll be equally as mad.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18805/12/2020

Well, the nutty directions of Parts 7 through F v. J were much absurd and less believable, don’t you think?

Everything that happens in JASON LIVES could happen in real life, apart from the Frankenstein premise of reanimating Jason.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 18905/12/2020

That's true, R189. I can't tell you how many times my brother and I rammed each other's heads through our RV wall to see who made the bigger imprint.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19005/12/2020

R190 Plus chopping off three's people's heads simultaneously with machete like a butter knife through hot butter.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19105/12/2020

[Quote] Well, the nutty directions of Parts 7 through F v. J were much absurd and less believable, don’t you think?

It would have to be if Jason is going up against a dream demon lol

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19205/12/2020

I’ll just never respect people who think every movie has to be deadly serious, or you can’t mix comedy with horror.

Why don’t you pull the machete out of your asses?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19305/12/2020

Oh my.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19405/13/2020

The Final Chapter is really the best. Running Jason, hockey mask, brutal killings, scary as hell and a great final girl.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19505/13/2020

Betsy Palmer was the best. I worked with her in summer stock the same year she was going to shoot the first movie. She told me she had this small part in this low budget movie. Who knew??

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19605/13/2020

LMAO at R190

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19705/13/2020

I don't mind comedy in horror as long as it's incidental like it is in Part 6. You laugh but they are not making fun of the situation. A funny line or situation is fine just as long as humor doesn't effect the horror. An example of where it doesn't work is when people make jokes as they are dying like in Jason X.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19805/13/2020

It warms my heart to see so many fellow gay fondly reminisce about these dumb old slasher movies. While I've seen them so many times to the point I don't have the patience to sit through them end to end anymore, they hold a special place in my heart and remind me of my childhood and teenage years. If you guys don't know this guy, follow the Kill Count on YouTube. James the host is a cutie and very funny, and he does these great synopsis of so many of these films. If you don't have the patience to sit through 90 minutes of F13 movies again, these are for you...

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 19905/13/2020

Hi James!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20005/13/2020

I watch the Kill Count every week. James is cute, if a little forced and phony. He needs to stop shoving his charmless fiancée down our throats every chance he gets though. The videos with her in it are interminable.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20105/13/2020

You're welcome for when I introduced you to the Kill Count in prior F13 threads.

Now here's a little jam to celebrate the 40th anniversary:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20205/13/2020

Uhh, R202. Plenty of us know about the Kill Count outside of Datalounge. Most videos have over five million views, so it’s weird of you to take credit for that.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20305/13/2020

Well, plenty of us know that DL Friday the 13th threads are the same, 3 people posting the same stories over and over again and I was the first to introduce Kill Count. You’re welcome!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20405/13/2020

Who on here actually saw any of the 80s Friday movies in the theater? Would love to hear audience experiences, especially Part 3.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20505/14/2020

R204, this is the first Friday thread I’ve participated in. You’re weird. Blocking you now.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20605/14/2020

R205 I wish I could have. But sadly my first Friday movie was the 2009 reboot. Which I didn't mind for the most part. I can't say the same for the NOES remake.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20705/14/2020

Saw Parts 7, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X and Freddy v. Jason in the theater.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20805/14/2020

[quote]Part 3 is my favourite but Jason Takes Manhattan has it's moments.

Will not watch it. One of the main people involved in that movie was in a secret group of Hollywood players who took advantage of young guys like myself for their pleasure(often drugged and raped).

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 20905/14/2020

Kevin Spacey wasn't in Jason Takes Manhattan R209.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21005/14/2020

The remake was almost soft core porn.

The remake had so much potential but in the end it was just stupid. We needed more Mrs. Voohees in the beginning. "Alice" (she wasn't even credited as Alice) was short changed. Your first final girl and she isn't named or get much of a part?

They should have had Alice go back to CCL, Jason stalks her, kidnaps her and her brother goes looking for her. I think Alice was going to be the final girl in P 2 until she backed out due to her stalker.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21105/14/2020

Didn’t see any of the first 8 in their original run but did see a revival screening of part 3 in 3D in Hollywood with a post q &a afterward with most of the cast including the late actor who played the first hockey masked Jason. He died shortly after which was a huge shock to me. He was in good shape, had a lot of energy, and made everyone laugh. Jeffrey Rodgers was missing as he is in on all events like these. The actor who played Shelley was extremely nice.

Part 3 is one of my favorites so it was a great experience. The film print wasn’t that pristine, but the gimmickry 3D still worked really well.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21205/14/2020

[quote]Will not watch it. One of the main people involved in that movie was in a secret group of Hollywood players who took advantage of young guys like myself for their pleasure(often drugged and raped).

Not here, but isn't time to make some noise?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21305/14/2020

I only saw Parts 7 through 2009 in theaters.

But Part 7: THE NEW BLOOD holds a special place in my heart. Not only was it the first F13TH I ever saw in the theater, it was the first Rated-R movie I ever saw without an adult chaperone in the theater!

I had a killjoy Mormon mom who wouldn't let us watch Rated R movies. I always had to sneak viewings of Rated Rs at friends' houses, using my grandma's video rental account or my dad's cable TV.

I managed to talk my dad into taking me and my step family to a screening of ROCKY HORROR just a couple of months earlier, which he grounded me for after offending his provincial wife and finding out how wild it was. He would laugh and recall it fondly 30 years later, but I guess back then he had to pretend it was an abomination for his wife.

Anyhow, I was only 13 years old and bingeing F13TH 1 through 4 on HBO at my dad's place, as they were promoting NEW BLOOD. I loved being scared and I just had to see the new movie!

So I talked my dad into driving me to the theater for RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER or some bullshit. I bought a ticket for the PG movie and walked into the NEW BLOOD theater instead! Wonderfully, some friends from my old middle school happened to be at the same show.

I remember being shocked that half the guys in the audience were cheering Jason on. I was always so terrified by Jason. But I came to realize that grabbing someone in a sleeping bag and thrashing them against a tree might be hilarious.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21405/14/2020

Oh, God forbid you block me, r206!

How will I carry on without another delicate snowflake who can't handle the truth?!

I'm sure your discovery of Kill Count had nothing to do with my frequent links to his videos in discussions of F13TH, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, HALLOWEEN and others on DL, such as Reply 433 in the linked thread.

You may be new to an F13th thread, or lying, but the repeaters know who they are.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21505/14/2020

Tell us more, r209.

Are you talking about Part 3 or Part 8? Who was the perv?

Can you tell us if he was in front of the camera or behind?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21605/14/2020

Lauren Marie Taylor, Vickie from part 2, is gonna be live on YouTube at 5 pm today as part of the virtual reunion of her soap opera Loving that she was on from 1983-1995

A serial killer killed her off on there too!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21705/14/2020

Don't forget dick sizes, R209.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21805/14/2020

I'm officially envious, r212. I would corkscrew hands for a theatrical re-release of Part 3! I never got to experience the 3-D.

Incidentally, Richard Brooker was the second-hottest man to ever portray Jason. Half of this FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 3 documentary is a very touching tribute to Brooker:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 21905/14/2020

Richard Brooker also puts his beefcake on glorious display throughout the original DEATHSTALKER, which is worth checking out for the mancandy.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22005/14/2020

Who is the first R219?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22105/14/2020

I'm guessing CJ Graham.

Met him a year or so ago and the man is hot as fuck.

Early 60s but easily looks a good 15 years younger.

Tall, well built. He takes very good care of himself.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22205/14/2020

[quote]Are you talking about Part 3 or Part 8? Who was the perv?

Jason Takes Manhattan

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22305/14/2020

Lauren-Marie Taylor is a teacher now.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22405/14/2020

Yes, C.J. Graham was a former nightclub owner, bouncer and Chippendale's dancer who played Jason in Part 6!

C.J. gets the DL Fave middle position below:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22505/14/2020

I'm sorry to hear that, r223. If you won't give us hints about his identity, maybe you can tell us what he did?

I bet it was that nasty Charles McCulloch!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22605/14/2020

C.J. Graham now does $40 Cameo shout-outs.

Oh, dear.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22705/14/2020

R223, you sure you don’t mean A New Beginning? That guy who gets chopped up over a candy bar was the one who molested Corey Haim.

You might as well tell us who you are talking about.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22805/14/2020

[quote]you sure you don’t mean A New Beginning? That guy who gets chopped up over a candy bar was the one who molested Corey Haim.

Why are questioning him? He would know more than you and he clearly said.. secret group of Hollywood players, meaning more than one.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 22905/14/2020

I think that description of The New Blood's audience speaks for how much the franchise had change. Just like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play, Friday the 13th had to become a joke after the 4th or 5th movie. People started cheering the killers on instead of rooting for the protagonists. They're still fun, but they definitely became very different movies in terms of tone.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23005/14/2020

R209 i'm sorry to hear that.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23105/14/2020

R228 R229 the guy who played Joey in Part 5 is the guy who apparently raped Feldman or Haim I forget. Whether or not it's true who knows, I believe he's dead now. I did have a random encounter with him myself back in 1998 or so he struck up a convo with me on AOL chat when i was like 17-18. I believe he was living in Staten Island or Brooklyn then. Somehow or another he told me he was an actor and I was able to figure out who he was. Of course I would never meet him- me being 17 and him being a fat middle aged man. But I got very creepy vibes from him. He would message me all the time and eventually I stopped answering and he moved on.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23205/14/2020

I saw the first four onscreen. Pt. 1 at a drive in which was really cool. I was a teenager at the time. The audience laughed their asses off all throughout pt. 3. Biggest laugh came from the pothead chick who does that horrible yelling and lousy acting before Jason kills her. Good times.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23305/14/2020

R227 CJ's t-shirt suggests that he's a Deplorable. Pass.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23405/14/2020

R233, I remember reading they had to redo that scene like 20 times. And I don't think it was because of the 3D. It was because of Rachel Howard.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23505/14/2020

What is deplorable about honoring veterans, r234?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23605/15/2020

EEEEW! Joey Burns, son of the Jason copycat killer, was a pedo slob in real life! EEEeeeeeww.

More reason to cheer his death.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23705/15/2020

I remember Corey Feldman going on about Dominick Brascia extensively in MY TRUTH: THE RAPE OF 2 COREYS.

Interestingly Feldman was in Part 5 as well, for the flashback at the beginning.

But who is the JASON TAKES MANHATTAN perv?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23805/15/2020

Just watched it again on Pluto TV and as a villain Betsey Palmer really gives a great performance. There's a reason she is still remembered 40 years later.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 23905/15/2020

It's too bad SyFy already did their F13TH marathon for Friday, March 13. I never watch the TV marathons because of commercials and censorship, but it creates public awareness.

I'm tempted to buy the 40th Anniversary steelbook and Part 5 commentary if it's that sensational.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24005/15/2020

Hold out for the supposed DVD box set that's coming, R240.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24105/16/2020

I have Amazon Prime, so all the original movies plus streaming versions I bought of the later films.

I would only buy Blu Ray to get the special features, especially if the audio commentary for Part 5 is as good as people are saying.

The problem is, the Complete Collection Blu Ray is out-of-print and starting at $284 on Amazon! It apparently doesn't have the audio commentary for Part 3, either.

I guess I'll wait to see if Scream Factory cooks up anything.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24205/16/2020

I've bought so many versions of the the series over the years. The original dvd box set is still worth getting for the unique special features and could still be gotten on Ebay for relatively cheap. The special edition dvd and blu ray released years later has the wrong aspect ratio for part 1 where its slightly zoomed in. Most people may not care but for the diehards stuff like that matters. The documentary they released years ago was pretty comprehensive. Along with the book which was reprinted thankfully, it's the best deep dive into the series as we're ever likely to get.

Shout Factory definitely has its work cut out for them if rumors of another box set are true. A lot of people associated with the series have died while those who haven't participated in any of the special features aren't likely to do after all this time. I'll probably hold out on any new releases unless they release the series in 4K or manage to restore the supposedly lost film elements.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24305/16/2020

My friends and I really wanted to see Friday the 13th so we persuaded my older sister, who didn't want to see it, to take us to the movies and she'd buy us all tickets for The Hollywood Knights, then when we got inside, me and my friends snuck over to the next theater, where Friday the 13th was showing. We were all 10 and would scream everytime somebody would get killed! Fun times.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24405/16/2020

I just want a Blu Ray copy of all the special features and commentaries they've already done.

As it stands, I'd have to get the Complete Collection, plus the 40th Anniversary steelbook, plus a Part 3 special edition — which is okay because I've always wanted the one with the 3-D capability and glasses.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24505/16/2020

What Shout Factory should do is try to restore all the films in their uncut form. If they can't, then at least include VHS versions of the films with the missing scenes spliced in. They have added television edits as easter eggs in prior releases and many of the cuts in these films were included in bonus features. Some F13th fans may even prefer watching the films in VHS quality since it's how they were originally introduced to the series and the missing scenes won't stick out as much.

Include the unrated version of Jason Goes to Hell and a 3D version of part 3. Fix the aspect ratio for part 1 and include the theatrical edition. Carry over the previous supplemental material for prior DVD releases. The previous bonus features were pretty stacked but stuff like the video games and comics have received comparatively little coverage.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24605/16/2020

There have been rumors that someone has a work print of Part 2 with all the deleted gore. That would be like the holy grail to slasher fans. It might just be VHS quality, but it's better than nothing.

I think the only two entries in the series that could have their uncut footage restored and spliced back in are The Final Chapter and Jason Takes Manhattan, because at least there are film elements to those. The rest seem to only exist on VHS workprints, but you never know what someone might dig up.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24705/16/2020

A "work print" is on film and it would be any quality you wanted to transfer it as. Nobody would want VHS resolution, though. People are wanting 8K these days.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24805/16/2020

No Hollywood studio ever shot movies on VHS. They were all shot on film in the '80s and '90s then transferred to VHS, Beta, DVD, Laserdisc, etc. Ditto TV versions — they broadcast from film to NTSC transfers. But even most TV shows were still shot on 35mm.

The original footage is on film and no studio would bother to transfer anything but film to Blu Ray.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 24905/16/2020

Yes, of course they were all shot on film, but the actual film itself might have been thrown out. This has happened many times and all that exists of the deleted scenes are VHS work prints. The New Blood has all the original gore, but only on VHS because Paramount threw out the film elements years ago and all that survived was a VHS tape of the work print.

A movie like My Bloody Valentine can be restored uncut with the original film elements because the producer was smart enough to hold on to the trims himself. Had he left them with Paramount, they'd probably be long gone.

Sometimes, all a distributor can locate for usable Blu-Ray elements are faded theatrical prints. You see this all the time with smaller boutique labels that put out grindhouse/drive-in movies.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25005/16/2020

VHS edits are not called "work prints."

They're called "masters" or "digital masters." They're on computer drives, not VHS.

Print = film. You don't print digital anything.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25105/17/2020

A VHS copy of the work print is a VHS copy.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25205/17/2020

Can someone start a VHS appreciation thread so we can get back to discussing Friday the 13th?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25305/17/2020

This is probably the only horror film franchise that hasn't spawned a single half decent film yet.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25405/17/2020

History remembers differently than the wet blanket @ r254.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25505/17/2020

R254 = John Carpenter. Seriously, you don't like any?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25605/17/2020

Home sheltering and laundry just caused me to re-watch Episode 2 of FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES starring Lar Park Lincoln the same year she played Tina in PART 7: THE NEW BLOOD.

This is one of the rare casting crossovers between the Jason and Freddy franchises, like Alice Cooper.

Here's Lar co-starring with later HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH creator John Cameron Mitchell:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25705/20/2020

It's interesting how many gay people were cast in "The New Blood."

"Jason Lives" holds up better than any of them. It's the first entry to feel like a "real movie" and the closest to being genuinely good.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25807/08/2020

I notice quite a few retired actors and actresses live in Oregon - I wonder if they're hippies?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 25907/08/2020

R258, it's commonly referred to as Frigay The 13th Part 7.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26007/09/2020

Any update on the rumored DVD box set from Scream Factory?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26107/09/2020

[quote]”Jason Lives" holds up better than any of them. It's the first entry to feel like a "real movie" and the closest to being genuinely good.

Nah. JL is when comedy came into the mix. I prefer my F13 movies to be scary, which the first four were.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26207/09/2020

Finally, something to look forward to in 2020.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26307/13/2020

Why not just release these films in 4K if they are new restorations? The new extras aren't terribly exciting and it's disappointing that we'll likely never get to see most of these films uncut. However, still tempted to preorder given how limited these will be. Great artwork too.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26407/13/2020

Yeah, the new extras aren't really worth the buy if you already own them. They did say extras were "in progress" so hopefully more documentaries and a bit more love for Part 2 will be announced later. I'm glad Marci Miller did a podcast at least.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26507/13/2020

I broke down and ordered this. Hopefully the new extras will include the workprint editions plus restorations for the rest of the films.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26607/13/2020

Fabulous. I pre-ordered one.

That's a huge chunk of change, but yeah.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26707/13/2020

They ARE in 4k, r254.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26807/13/2020

I'm not very impressed with the new special features, but they say that more are on the way.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 26907/13/2020

It looks like they have all the old special features, too, which I have never experienced because I only have streaming copies of the films on Amazon.

I will enjoy watching the old and new features.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27007/13/2020

The problem is, Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham still have not settled their lawsuit. So Miller can issue an injunction to stop the sale of Scream Factory's box set, which I fully expect to happen.

The lawsuit has dragged on for several years and stopped any, new movie, merchandising or game content. I wonder how in the hell Cunningham and Scream Factory expect to get away with this.

I recommend Pre-Ordering the box set and take whatever you can before an injunction stops you and Scream Factory.

Right, Shelley?

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27107/13/2020

I can only assume that Scream Factory and the litigants know the federal court has to rule before Oct. 13, so it could only affect how profits are allotted.

But what if the loser appeals again?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27207/13/2020

Is there a collectors edition of the original Friday The 13th?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27307/13/2020

There's a sort of lame special edition of the original. The new boxset doesn't really add much but hopefully extras that have yet to be announced will change that.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27407/13/2020

Nice that there will be an actual 3D version of Part 3.

From what I understand only the first four films are 4K scans.

r273 - there is a new Steelbook of the first film. It looks really nice.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27507/13/2020

Is the steelbook available for sale anywhere, I tried Amazon and Shout Factory and it doesn't show up on either.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27607/13/2020

Try Best Buy? should have it. It's on Amazon Canada.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27707/13/2020

There have long been 3-D versions of Part 3 on DVD and Blu Ray.

They come wit 3-D glasses.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27807/13/2020

There are plenty of steelbook 40th Anniversary editions of FRIDAY THE 13TH on U.S. Amazon.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 27907/13/2020

Will the steelbook features be in the Scream Factory version?

I'd love to see this extended cut.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28007/14/2020

Jesus, the HALLOWEEN Scream Factory set now costs $800 or more. Don't wait on FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28107/14/2020

I hate that they only do limited editions of these box sets. If God forbid something happens to it or a disc get scratched, you're fucked. Another thing I hate is the separate special features discs. I would rather have all the special features of a particular sequel on the same disc as the movie instead of just a few.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28207/14/2020

R278 It wasn't Real 3D. The version to be included in this box set requires a 3D television. Unfortunately, none of the popular brands sell these TVs anymore and it's already on its way out. I still have mine and the 3D looks fantastic. I was able to buy an entire lot of 3D movies for dirt cheap on Ebay. The majority of them suck but the ones that were good looked better than they did in the theater. Too bad I won't have much use for them when my TV reaches the end of its life span and 3D TVs, especially those with new specs, become impossible to find.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28307/14/2020

I love 3D. I hate that 4K and 3D cannot coexist. And directors like Spielberg, Cameron, and Zemeckis all champion 3D.

I hope Avatar 2 will help kickstart another 3D revival.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28407/14/2020

I want to get the Friday The13th box set but I'm not ordering until Shout Factory finalizes everything.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28507/15/2020

There are only a limited number of copies, R285. Don't shoot yourself in the foot like someone who now has to pay $800 for the Halloween box set.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28607/15/2020

Arguably, the people who bought the first Scream Factory HALLOWEEN set shot themselves in the foot because it doesn't include the new trilogy.

The problem with box sets nowadays is that franchises never take a break. So the very next year, there will be movies missing from your collection.

I want a HALLOWEEN box set that includes the new trilogy and then STOPS for 15 years.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28707/15/2020

No they didn't. Universal isn't going to give the rights to Scream Factory anytime soon. They will do their own little Halloween/Halloween Kills/Halloween Ends box set.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28807/15/2020

And then nobody's box set will be complete or consistent in its offerings.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 28907/17/2020

Ki ki ki ki

Ma ma ma ma

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29007/17/2020

Well, I finally made it through all the special features of the 40th Anniversary Steelbook.

I enjoyed it, even though the release doesn't include any new material and half the information was already known to me.

I really liked Tom Savini's interview describing how they did some of the effects and when Cunningham characterized practical effects as like a magic show; how that was part of the movie's appeal that people don't get anymore.

I liked the Audio Commentary, most of it recorded in 2002 and previously released. I liked Betsy Palmer's stories of being teased in the supermarket or randos in the street with "Ki ki ki" or movie lines. I liked Adrienne King's defense of her character and how she enjoys the movie as camp now with younger generations. I appreciated Peter M. Bracke's defense of the film — he's a cute kween and F13TH superfan. He carries on about Alice's introduction to the killer as like gay people's coming out process and facing a homophobic world.

I didn't realize Gene Siskel published the addresses of the studio executive and Betsy Palmer when he trashed the film so the public could write letters and complain / stalk them personally! I was happy to hear he got Palmer's address wrong, because everything about that was wrong.

The black steelbook with original poster art is awesome!

"Uncut Edition" has been out for several years and it only includes 11 more seconds than the theatrical release. It's minor trimmings from some of the killings that Cunningham made to get an R Rating from the MPAA and you can see them all here:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29107/21/2020

I had forgotten that Gene Siskel was kind of an asshole.

He'd never have gotten away with that shit today.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29207/21/2020

Shout Factory sold-out of the Limited Edition posters and lithographs that come with their box set yesterday on Pre-Order, which means they've already sold 7,000 units out of 13,000.

I'm glad I bought mine on the first day!

They're over halfway through the supply, so Pre-Order your box set ASAP if you don't want to pay over $800 in the future like HALLOWEEN.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29307/21/2020

Yeah, it will definitely sell out.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29407/21/2020

Siskel and Ebert were the SJW’s of their day. They seem tame by today’s standards.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29507/21/2020

Siskel and Ebert were the SJW’s of their day. They seem tame by today’s standards.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29607/21/2020

Amazon is now offering $27 off if you pre-order the box set from them.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29707/24/2020

NECA, the fanboy action figure manufacturer, just announced a Jason figure based on Part 7 to release in December.

This is good news, because they and others have been stalled from releasing figures due to the Miller/Cunningham lawsuit.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29807/24/2020

The lawsuit killed an epic 40th Anniversary F13 box set NECA was going to release, which sounded awesome:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 29907/24/2020

Jason Wakes Manhattan!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30007/30/2020

imdb has a short doc on its front page today: BEGINNINGS OF THE SUMMER CAMP SLASHER.

It's a pity they start the discussion with Hershell Gordon Lewis, because it really begins with PSYCHO.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30107/30/2020

This was rather silly.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30208/08/2020

Susan Jennifer Sullivan (Melissa from Part VII) was reported to have passed alive, but there's some solid evidence that she's still alive. She' apparently got pretty religious and wants nothing to do with the series. She also married and had a kid with Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, writer of The Truman Show). They're divorced now. I find all this fascinating.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30308/17/2020

They even said on one of the documentaries that she’d passed away.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30408/17/2020

Andrew Niccol is hot!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30508/17/2020

Have they announced additional extras yet?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30608/17/2020

There will be a fisting instructional guide from Kevin Spirtas. His partner will wear a hockey mask to make it festive.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30708/17/2020

R307 he showed up as his old character, Dr. Craig Wesley on the DAYS OF OUR LIVES webseries earlier this year

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30808/17/2020

The set comes out in October and I've been told it's already sold a shit ton, so they're probably in no rush to list all the extras. Some might still be in progress. I wonder if they were able to get all the interviews before COVID. I'd heard this was in the works for the past year, so it's a good possibility that they did.

Personally, I'm hoping someone finds deleted material from Parts 2 and 3. They weren't given access to the vaults for those like they were for 4-8 about a decade ago for the Paramount releases, so perhaps there could still be footage hanging around somewhere.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 30908/17/2020

R306, I keep checking Scream Factory's site. They've updated their boxset page re: limited edition posters so I'm assuming that's where they will list additional extras. I was very underwhelmed with what was originally announced as far as new extras to the box set so I'm expecting a lot more, among them Steve Miner commentaries for 2 & 3. He did one for Halloween: H20 so I'm sure he'd be up to it and its an easy extra to do during Covid.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31008/17/2020

This is going to be a huge seller. I love reading from snobs who look down on physical media that "physical media is dead". It's not. This is yet another example.

Every time a record store, CD store, or video store shuts down and clearance sales are announced, you see the hounds come in. Criterion sales from B&N are discussed on forums around the WORLD. Shout/Scream is becoming just as popular and well-known as Criterion because their releases, when done properly, are amazing.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31108/17/2020

I don't know why the studios don't offer special features online streaming for an extra fee. I guess it's to protect Blu Ray and DVD.

There will always be fans like me who want a physical souvenir of our favorite shows, so I hope physical discs stick around.

The special features usually go up on Youtube, though, except for the feature-length commentaries.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31208/17/2020

I knew Tom McBride for a few months right before he died. We both went to the same gym (Better Bodies, holla!). I had no clue he was the wheelchair guy from F13P2. He looked so different. His eyesight was going so he had on these huge glasses, and he was very vascular but still muscle-y from steroids. We would chitchat a bit - I spotted him a few times for bench presses. He asked me out for dinner once but I was seeing someone. One day a friend told me "you know that's the wheelchair guy from Friday the 13th part 2, right?" He disappeared shortly after that and then one of the trainers told me he died. Very sad. I eventually saw that A List documentary about him. I really didnt like it. It was disappointing to find out that he was so hung up on being hot and desirable and having money. Total narcissist (he didn't scan that way when I knew him).

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31308/17/2020

Well, the box set already sold 7,000 copies a month ago and it's not even out yet. They're only selling 13,000 copies (suppsedly), so they'll make $2 million at least.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31408/17/2020

Well, Melissa was always a cunt anyway, r303. So no big loss.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31508/17/2020

The special features are bit underwhelming so far, but after Crystal Lake Memories, are there any unheard stories from the sets of these movies? Unless all the gay guys from The New Blood want to get down and dirty and talk about the time they all took turns shoving their hands into Kevin Spirtas, I don't see what else they can add. The deleted footage from 2 and 3 would be great, but who knows if it even exists anymore. I'd like to hold out hope that it does. A part of me says that, if they did have access to that footage, it'd be the first feature they'd list since that'd be such a big deal for fans.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31608/18/2020

I think one of the issues with the uncut footage is that Marta Kober was underage in the sex scene? I could be wrong.

Or it really is lost forever.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31708/18/2020

Final extras have been announced. It's turned out to be a decent box set. I was underwhelmed when it was first announced. Looking forward to the uncut double impalement kill from Part 2. DLers will be happy to know Amy Steele has participated.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31809/02/2020

Excited for the lost pt 2 kills, Amy Steel commentary, and the interview with Harry Crosby

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 31909/02/2020

Absolutely fabulous.

Looks like they have most of what people were looking for, like the Part 2 deleted scenes and the Part 5 audio commentaries that are allegedly a hoot.

Plus, they have brand, new audio commentaries for Parts 2, 5, my favorite 6, 9 and X!

My Blu Ray box set of the ELM STREET collection doesn't include FREDDY VS. JASON and my DVD ELM STREET box set doesn't include all those FV.J features, so this will be the most complete version of that film I've ever had. Not that it's good.

Adam Green commenting through Part 5 should be amusing.

Digital scans of all those old FANGORIA articles will be a blast from the past. I threw away my FANGORIAS from the 80s decades ago!

All in all, there's enough material to keep fans busy for another 40 years. I'm tempted to buy more box sets and scalp them, the prices will eventually skyrocket.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32009/02/2020

They do have a modern, 4k, 3-D TV version of Part 3 which is wonderful.

Now I just have to find someone with a 3-D TV!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32109/02/2020

[quote] Excited for the lost pt 2 kills, Amy Steel commentary, and the interview with Harry Crosby

The Harry Crosby interview is definitely unexpected.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32209/02/2020

I was hoping for the alternate Part III ending when Chris gets her head chopped off.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32309/02/2020

This is pretty exciting news. That footage from part 2 was really the only thing I ever really wanted from this release and it looks like that dream came true. I wish they'd uncovered all the deleted gore from part 5, but I guess the Paramount vaults lost that for good.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32409/02/2020

I'm happy for all the stuff we are getting. There was obviously a lot of effort and money spent gathering new special features, however it's sad that we'll never get to see any more lost footage. If any existed, this set surely would've uncovered it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32509/02/2020

I'm sure there will be another set 15 or 20 years down the road that'll uncover even more stuff.

I wonder if the Nightmare on Elm Street series will ever get a set like this. It surely deserves one since the first set New Line put out was barebones and a lot of people didn't like the dark transfers. With Scream Factory recently putting out some Warner/New Line titles, it seems like it's a possibility.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32609/02/2020

It's too bad Craven is no longer with us, but a box set would still be awesome especially in documenting the later entries. If they ever make it, they should include Scream Queen and Freddy's Nightmares.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32709/02/2020

Harry looked like he was packin' in his blue speedo.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32809/02/2020

They still need to do a standalone FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES. No one has ever released a complete, retail disc collection of all episodes.

The only way you can watch every episode is through online bootlegs of people who recorded the original airings on VHS, which is lousy quality.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 32909/02/2020

I would love to see scenes from the shoot of the sex scene. They say the director kept telling the actor to ram her harder so there were probably shots of hot John Robert Dixon's ass

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33009/03/2020

R330 I forgot to mention the movie is Part 5

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33109/03/2020

I think the director of Part 5 directed porn didn't he?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33209/03/2020

R332 I'm not sure if he did actual porn. I think he was known for exploitation films.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33309/03/2020

Part 5 really does sort of feel like a porn in some ways, except it's the death scenes that are the money shots. It's a fun movie, though, and Danny Steinman wasn't untalented. He also made Savage Streets and The Unseen which are both pretty good movies.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33409/03/2020

John Robert Dixon was one of the best looking guys in the franchise.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33509/03/2020

[Quote] I forgot to mention the movie is Part 5.

Aka the Roy movie lol

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33609/03/2020

R335 I loved how he always walked around with his shirt open

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33709/04/2020

I would have loved an interview with this unnamed hunk arm wrestling with Mark from part 2. He was one of the 6 unnamed counselors.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33809/04/2020

^ I wonder if they hooked up. Actually it would be cool to be a Part 2 survivor reunion.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 33909/04/2020

R339 I always wondered that. That guy looks good when you see him strip down to his bathing suit in the distance.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34009/04/2020

What’s the actor’s name?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34109/05/2020

I don't know but he's got some sweet dance moves at the bar. It's on SyFy right now. They bleeped out the word retard.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34209/06/2020

Ned from Part 1 is a handsome daddy.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34309/06/2020

Apparently, it's actor David Brand who played a doctor on AS THE WORLD TURNS and not much else.

He sure was a beaut!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34409/06/2020

Was Tom McBride the bottom?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34509/06/2020

R345 That's why he had to be in the wheelchair. After David and Russell Todd got through with him, he couldn't walk.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34609/06/2020

Now THAT'S the movie I should have seen.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34709/07/2020

Preview of the deleted gore from Part 2 on BLOODY DISGUSTING:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34809/07/2020

48 seconds? I thought they said they found many minutes of deleted scenes? How many minutes were the deleted gore bits from My Bloody Valentine? It seemed like that was about a minute or a little over a minute altogether.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 34909/08/2020

Well, the "48-seconds" claim is coming from a journal that notes how much some version of a movie had to cut for the MPAA.

The actual producer of the box set says:

[quote]In addition to this adventure, Samuelson notes that “several minutes” were originally trimmed from the film, so it’s possible that we’ll see even more footage than we could hope to expect based on the previous reports.

So it sounds like the box set has more, but they may not be gore or special effects.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35009/08/2020

I think the reason why it's so short is that if they showed more uncut footage (not just the gore) they would be showing Marta Kober naked, as referenced in the Bloody Disgusting article. Kober was underage (unbeknownst apparently to the producers) when the movie was filmed so the footage was excised.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35109/08/2020

Wonder if we'll get to see a little of Bill Randolph's ass

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35209/09/2020

Marta Kober turned into one of the most revolting creatures known to man.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35309/09/2020

The creepiest part of the Bloody-Disgusting article are all the pedos in the comments section wanting to see the footage of Marta.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35409/09/2020

She wasn't even hot.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35509/09/2020

Why is the dull side of the blade embedded in Mark's face? Also Scott's throat was sliced with the dull end .

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35609/09/2020

Betsy Palmer's coming back to the big screen, bitches!

October Fathom Events for the 40th Anniversary and attendants will get a special Tom Savini documentary.

Maybe people will actually see it now that the October horror movie calendar has been cleared of HALLOWEEN KILLS and CONJURING PART 30.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35709/10/2020

Apparently, SECRETS GALORE: BEHIND THE GORE was provided for the first Blu Ray box set of 8 films from Paramount and it IS among the bonus features of the new Scream Factory box set.

So I won't have to go out and watch the theatrical re-release, which probably doesn't even have the uncut gore.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35809/10/2020

Marta Kober was cute in Friday 2.

She was considered a promising young actress in the late 70s and early 80s after receiving acclaim for a TV special she appeared in a some theater work she did. The NY Times even included in her in a talents to watch from the theater scene, along with others who later went on to bigger things like Eric Roberts, Peter Weller and Dinah Manoff.

Shame she fell down the drug addiction rabbit hole.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 35909/11/2020

All the other women from Part 2 look amazing still, poor Marta.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36009/11/2020

So, apparently, there's a bonus disc with 4 hours of extra interview footage from CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES.

They're only making it available for a couple of weeks.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36109/12/2020

Have the book.

Not spending $200.00 on 1.5 minutes of gore footage that will be on YouTube within 3 months

Could care less about any of the other shit

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36209/12/2020

Die in a grease fire, R362.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36309/12/2020

I love the stories from the cast and crew!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36409/12/2020

Warrington Gilette is a lowlife claiming his was Jason in Part 2 when really he was in only 1 or 2 scenes and Steve Dash did most of it. He lied about being a stuntman, which was made apparent the first few days on set.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36509/13/2020

I would let C Graham (Jason in Part VII) do anything he wanted to me.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36609/13/2020

^Whoops, I meant Jason in part VI, Jason Lives.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36709/13/2020

R366 that picture looks like a still from a gay porn right before the huge top destroys the tiny bottom.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36809/13/2020

^Agreed. CJ has a tendency to make every photo he takes look like that...

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 36909/13/2020

I love his tits

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37009/13/2020

WTF is that T-shirt even supposed to mean?

Jason never used a gun. He's too retarded to even know how.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37109/13/2020

Looks like Kane Hodder did his own documentary, in keeping with the stars of the ELM STREET movies.

It's streaming on Shudder, among other places.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37209/18/2020

The Kane Hodder documentary is THE BEST.

I had no idea he was in a gruesome stunt fire in 1977 that permanently disfigured him after months of medical malpractice and a tortuous recovery.

It's seriously shocking, touching and inspiring. 4/4 stars!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37309/21/2020

Holy shit!

My Scream Factory box set came early today! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37410/08/2020

The poster is a beautiful tribute:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37510/08/2020

The lithograph is the size of a standard, one-sheet movie poster. But it's composed sideways. It's the same artwork that wraps around the box set case.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37610/08/2020

People are already doing unboxing videos on Youtube.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37710/08/2020

Rosemary’s Baby

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37810/08/2020

This little, horror nerd does the best job of quickly showing you what's inside every case.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 37910/08/2020

I like sexy Drumdums's unboxing of his F13th set...

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38010/08/2020

I got the box set last week. It really is beautiful.

The new transfers of the first four films look terrific. The 3D version is loads of fun.

The uncut gore from Part 2 looks decent. If these extra shots had been allowed, Part 2 would have been even more sinister.

My only quibble is I am surprised about the lack of Adrienne King and Amy Steel. They appear in pre-existing bonus features transferred from previous discs or in Steel's case, a four-year-old podcast interview.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38110/08/2020

Sure, Jan.

If anyone got the box set last week, there would be unboxings on Youtube from last week.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38210/08/2020

Not everyone does unboxing videos, Marcia.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38310/08/2020

I really loved the cut gore scenes from Part 2. Gives so much more power to them.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38410/09/2020

Are these unboxing videos really necessary?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38510/09/2020

Is any movie really necessary?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38610/09/2020

The box set is pretty pricey, so a lot of people will want to actually see what they're getting before they buy.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38710/09/2020

They're showing a marathon on AMC. Thom Matthews was so hot in part 6.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38810/09/2020

I just wonder how Shout Factory/Scream Factory is able to sell this during the unsettled lawsuit between Cunningham and Miller.

To whom are the proceeds going and how?

Every other type of F13 merchandise is forbidden by injunctions, including a new Jason movie. So how are they able to sell this box set?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 38910/09/2020

Paramount did sell the Part One anniversary steelbook this spring, too and there's a F13 board game out.

So what gives? Why can't they make a new movie or update the video game?

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39010/09/2020

[quote] The box set is pretty pricey, so a lot of people will want to actually see what they're getting before they buy.

If it's like any other of the previous box sets, it should retain or even increase in value at least until another box set comes along (which probably won't be anytime soon).

I haven't even completed going through the special features from the tin set, but I jumped on this one for the better presentation of the first four films and the new horror docs that were included.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39110/09/2020

The deleted scenes from Part 2 are much nastier than the theatrical cut kills. There's 4 minutes and 23 seconds of them; not just 48 seconds.

They're VHS quality, but pretty clear-looking VHS.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39210/09/2020

The Main Menu of the Part 3 disc plays Harry Manfredini's synth funk theme instead of the orchestral score. Yay!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39310/10/2020

Today is the official release day and the reviews are coming in:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39410/13/2020

One issue I noticed is that all the special features available on the discs are NOT listed on the box or Blu Ray covers for each disc.

The physical cases only list the feature menus from Scream Factory's July 13 press release as here:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39510/13/2020

So you have to go to the actual digital menu of each disc itself to see the final menu of what you're REALLY getting.

For instance, the gorier "Slashed Scenes" from Part 2 are on the Part 2 disc, but not listed on the case cover. So you physically have to read the discs to locate what's on them.

I have found several features they didn't mention in press releases or the cases. JASON LIVES director Tom McLoughlin does a creepy, self-aggrandizing tour of the crypt space he bought in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where he encourages fans to visit him and talk to his spirit when he's dead.

On Bonus Disc 1, there's also the "Man Behind the Mask" music video and an interview Alice Cooper did (via Zoom?) detailing the making of "Man Behind the Mask" and his time collaborating with FRIDAY THE 13TH.

My guess is that Shout Factory had to go to print with the physical boxes before they settled on everything they were going to include. Maybe a reprint will have accurate disc covers?

At any rate, I was relieved all the promised features and more were there. I will report on the secret discoveries as I find them ...

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39610/13/2020

Just finished watching the first movie and at the 24 minute mark there is VPL of a very well endowed Kevin Bacon. Can't believe I never noticed it before.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39710/20/2020

You mean the infamous swim trunk scene?

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39810/21/2020

R398 Thanks for that. I did a reverse image search and found out that Howard Stern had asked shown Bacon this photo and asked him if he was excited. Bacon laughed it off and seemingly denied it, claiming it was a sock or something. However I don't think he's hard in that pic. To me it looks like an uncircumsized penis.

Too bad we didn't get better shots of Harry in his speedo. He was my favorite among the cast. During this viewing, I noticed that they kind of hinted that there was something going between his character and Alice, but nothing ever comes of it.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 39910/21/2020

Got through some Part 4 Extra Features today.

The "Slashed Scenes" are pretty amazing for THE FINAL CHAPTER, too. There are extremely more hideous and harrowing versions of several attacks, especially where Crispin Glover acts the shit out of his kill at length and the Jason kill at the end ‚— where Jason's skull cracks totally apart and gushes with blood.

There's also a very amusing take of the nurse kill from the beginning where Jason lifts her against the wall and stabs her. She was rigged to a bench on the wall and just hung there while blood poured down. It totally looks like a messy period — the actress and the crew are shown laughing their asses off.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40004/27/2021

FYI you can skip all that "LOST TALES FROM CAMP BLOOD" garbage.

They're extremely amateurish fan shorts "reminiscent of" F13 with Jason-like killers and Manfredini's music ripped off. But there is no heart, no story; no power or dimension to the victims.

It's just pure torture porn with victims who don't fight back or tell a story. Cheap, sadistic trash like a snuff film or Rob Zombie. I hope you prefer to see the victims give Jason a run for his money like I do!

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40104/27/2021

My friend and I walked out on the original playing at a Loew's Theater and got a 'sorry' voucher from the manager which could be used for another film. I believe Friday the 13th was purchased by Paramount Pictures and blown up from its original 16mm to 35mm. The film was watery/ faded looking and everything about it seemed cheap and amateurish. We didn't stay long.

by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40204/27/2021

No, the original F13 was NOT shot on 16mm and it doesn't look like it.

It was shot on 35mm.

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40304/28/2021

Part 4 features include a "Making of" short doc called JASON'S UNLUCKY DAY, made in 2009 for the 25th anniversary of FINAL CHAPTER and the remake release.

Tom Savini had the utterly corny idea of killing Jason off permanently by making Corey Feldman a budding inventor who slams a microwave oven on Jason's head and cooks it to explosion.

SO GLAD that version didn't happen.

Also, Bonnie Hellman, the actress who played the fat chick hitchhiking at the cemetery who gets speared in the throat, HADN'T AGED A DAY in 2009.

She looked exactly like she did for the movie in 1984! Same hair; same weight. @ r4:56:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40405/04/2021

Even more frightening than Jason, gay porn star-cum-U-list actor Dylan Vox, a.k.a. Brad Benton, pops up in the Part 4 features!

CRYSTAL LAKE MASSACRES REVISITED were more features made for the 2009 Deluxe Editions of the films. It's a horribly amateurish fan flick pretending to document the stories of Jason and Pamela from the townspeople's point of view.

Brad Benton plays a "doctor" describing the conditions Jason was born with @ 5:40.

I know Benton/Vox takes any job, but I had no idea he was in this. I guess it's better than a lot of his SyFy Channel and direct-to-video crap!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40505/04/2021

And here's some of Dylan's better work:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40605/04/2021

There was also a corny "Lost Ending" for FINAL CHAPTER involving a dream sequence of the dead Jarvis mother in an attempt to continue the F13 tradition of ending the films with a cheap jump scare in a dream sequence.

Excluding this silliness was the correct choice:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40705/04/2021

The best part was the extended takes of Crispin Glover's famously epileptic dance moves:

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40805/04/2021

FYI, the Scream Factory box set's price has dropped to $109!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 40905/04/2021

There's a new remix of the "Ooh, Baby" song from Part 5.

Extra funny!

Offsite Link
by Mrs. Voorhees' sweaterreply 410Last Wednesday at 1:26 PM
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