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DOOL Part 5 = The Return Of EJ DiMera?

You Know You Want Him!!!

(Without All The Sami)


by Naughty Nicolereply 60005/05/2019

I would love EJ and his 13.5 x 8.5 to return.

It would perk shit up, for sure.

by Naughty Nicolereply 104/03/2019

Here is the previous thread =

with Leo giving Xander a nice back rub (over & over).

by Naughty Nicolereply 204/03/2019

I can’t help it but I liked the old Stefan-o better. He always seemed like a pot ready to boil over and erupt like a volcan-o. This new guy is all smiley and nice but maybe it’s a cover for his evil machinations. But to be fair I never saw the old one with his shirt off so BB for the win.

by Naughty Nicolereply 304/03/2019

Tyler Christopher played Stefan all tortured and gothic-y. Brandon Barash is playing him like a mid-level banking exec from the Midwest.

by Naughty Nicolereply 404/03/2019

Never Gonna Happen ...........

by Naughty Nicolereply 504/03/2019

Louise Sorel said the exact same thing

but there she was in Jan. 2018 episodes with her new son Stefan.

by Naughty Nicolereply 604/03/2019

Mark Cameron Wystrach IN as the new EJ DiMera!

by Naughty Nicolereply 704/03/2019

Louise Sorel said she hated hated the Stefan story, her overall return story and said that Ron wasn't a good writer and didn't get the essence of Vivian.

by Naughty Nicolereply 804/03/2019

The shade of it all

by Naughty Nicolereply 904/03/2019

Isn’t Sami coming back soon?

by Naughty Nicolereply 1004/03/2019

Just a few episodes for Caroline’s funeral.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1104/03/2019

James Scott hasn't been working anywhere for a couple years (as an actor). So maybe he would return.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1204/03/2019

R12 He as of right now doesn't want to come back to Days.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1304/03/2019

R5 I don't know. He's not really been very active since he left. He also pings much harder the older he gets. Wasn't he in Peru drinking hallucinogenics with shamans for a while?

by Naughty Nicolereply 1404/03/2019

Louise is my hero!

Will has a brain tumor? Oh, good. Another brain operation with no hair shaving required.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1504/04/2019

James Scott looked SO FUCKING HOT with his buzzed head when Sami shot EJ in the head!

by Naughty Nicolereply 1604/04/2019

Since his hair is half his talent, I doubt Chambo would allow them to buzz cut his golden (or is it brown now?) locks.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1704/04/2019

Is Terri Conn a Bible thumper (like Jen Fil A) as someone suggested on the last thread?

I know Austin Peck was super religious at one point but I haven't heard anything about his wife.

Details please.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1804/04/2019

How religious can they be if they were CHEATING on their spouses with each other?

by Naughty Nicolereply 1904/04/2019

R19 They are the cheat and ask God for forgiveness kind. God is there to provide them absolution... as if God doesn't have better things to do.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2004/04/2019

R18 She quotes scripture quite a bit on her social media and follows "Bethany Church" on twitter. On their home page, that church makes it clear that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

She's apparently now hawking crap to fraus on QVC - which she says is a "Gift from God."

Meanwhile, he follows Trump and likes to dress up like a cowboy.

I think they live someplace in good ol Tennessee. Too boring to confirm that.

Do the math.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2104/04/2019

Well, finally, the show schedules Cin's Instagram Live chat for tomorrow. This is from the Valentine's Day poll more than a month ago, if you recall.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2204/04/2019

[quote] They are the cheat and ask God for forgiveness kind. God is there to provide them absolution... as if God doesn't have better things to do.

Missy got like that too. How boring.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2304/04/2019

Talking with your mouth full is not polite, Missy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2404/05/2019

Is Ron going to make Will's sickness terminal? So Sami and Lucas have to come back to Salem weeping about their son dying (again).

by Naughty Nicolereply 2504/05/2019

Halloween 🎃

by Naughty Nicolereply 2604/05/2019

R26 Sonny's still fat come Halloween.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2704/05/2019

R26 That hairstyle ages Will ten years. Will needs bangs.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2804/05/2019

And frosted tips.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2904/05/2019

Jordan's baby is 6 months old. When did she have the car accident?

by Naughty Nicolereply 3004/05/2019

Right after she left Salem R30.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3104/05/2019

fuck I know I don't watch soaps for it's accuracy but this storyline with Tripp and Haley and Jack/Eve is insulting to anyone who ever married a person from another country.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3204/05/2019

Haven’t seen the immigration interview yet but did they basically copy the Jack/Rosario fake marriage thing from Will&Grace? Minus the gay part, sadly.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3304/05/2019

Haley is Ameera updated for this deplorable decade.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3404/05/2019

R26 is that for the 2019 Halloween week?

If so, I thought they were trying to cut down the length between taping & air dates.

Halloween is about 7 months away.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3504/05/2019

Fraus on Soap Central thought that Noah was really in love with Ameera and that Luke should have just let Noah go so he could be free and straight.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3604/05/2019

Some of those same people R36 were hoping when Maddie briefly returned that Noah would see the"error of his ways" and run back her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3704/05/2019

Yep! When the news came that she was returning, all the SOC Fraus were cheering, "Maddie's coming home to get her guy!"

Ha ha, Frau Bitches!

by Naughty Nicolereply 3804/05/2019

Obviously it’s going to turn to out that Baby Trask is Trask’s baby.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3904/05/2019

R39 Why would Trask keep the lie going all this time when Haley is in trouble?

by Naughty Nicolereply 4004/05/2019

Who’s Papa Trask? That’s probably why Melinda’s trying to hide the whole thing.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4104/05/2019

Whoever does DOOL men’s eyebrows deserves an Emmy. They’re perfect - and not feminine but masculine and clean.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4204/05/2019

R41 Haley doesn't look mixed so the dad is probably someone in China who knocked up a young Trask before she came to the US and married an American named Trask. Then she got her "sister" to come over for a visit or to study and she overstayed. I still don't get how Haley could be working at the hospital without a proper Social Security number.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4304/05/2019

It would be great if Melinda was Haley's mother AND sister as well. Now that would be controversial.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4404/05/2019

Lucky bitch!

by Naughty Nicolereply 4504/05/2019

Spoilers for next next week: All boring hetero shit...

by Naughty Nicolereply 4604/05/2019

There’s no way she could have become a Registered Nurse or sat for licensure from the state board of Nursing without one either r43.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4704/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 4804/05/2019

[quote]There’s no way she could have become a Registered Nurse or sat for licensure from the state board of Nursing without one either [R43].[/quote]

But this happened on the same show where Ben, a convicted murderer, whose crimes should still be on the books, and who has a severe psychological problem, for which he has to take medication and, if he doesn't, he suffers from hallucinations and psychotic episodes. was able to obtain a gun permit because he "works for Stefan DiMera".

by Naughty Nicolereply 4904/05/2019

R48 Mummies! or Grandmummies!

by Naughty Nicolereply 5004/05/2019

What happened to Kate/Lauren’s blue hair streak? And am I the only one to feel she strongly inspired Catherine O’Hara’s soap actress character on Schitt’s Creek?

by Naughty Nicolereply 5104/05/2019

You all are so cute expecting the hack writing to make any sense or follow the rules. Tee hee.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5204/05/2019

[quote]I still don't get how Haley could be working at the hospital without a proper Social Security number.

I'm thinking she probably got a dead person's social security number. People run scams all the time, so Haley getting a job as a nurse doesn't surprise me. Perhaps, she was a Dreamer and got in through DACA like this nurse.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5304/06/2019

Being a DA, Trask has all kinds of connections to get fake documents for Haley. She would have been fine if she only kept her mouth shut.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5404/06/2019

R51, the blue streak had to do with her being an insane David Bowie fan, I think. Yes, she worships him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5504/06/2019

To think had certain things(or people) not happen there probably would have been 5 gays appearing on the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5604/06/2019

Characters or actors?

by Naughty Nicolereply 5704/06/2019

Characters R57

by Naughty Nicolereply 5804/06/2019

This never gets old...

by Naughty Nicolereply 5904/06/2019

The fraus really hate Eve & Claire on other sites.

They wonder if the new "David baby" is Lani & JJ's that was switched out by Jordan.

I wish it belonged to Rafe & Jordan. That would get Hope's wrath going & she'd end up with Ted. She has more chemistry with him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6004/06/2019

R60 That's because they love Jen-fil-a and want Jack back with her and they love Ciara/Cin plus a number of them also hated Eve's daughter because they thought that she wasn't good enough for the son of Jen-fil-a and Jack.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6104/07/2019

[quote]They wonder if the new "David baby" is Lani & JJ's that was switched out by Jordan.

Wow, that is an interesting twist.

[quote]I wish it belonged to Rafe & Jordan. That would get Hope's wrath going & she'd end up with Ted. She has more chemistry with him.

Me too. Besides, Rafe needs a kid, because he did his time help to raise Sami's brats.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6204/07/2019

A baby can't be Rafe's, so scratch that off the list. Too young.

That white baby can't be ELani's. Too white, even with Eli's white Horton father.

Ted already stopped filming awhile back. No Hed/Tope. RAPE is here to stay.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6304/07/2019

We all know Hope wants some of THIS rather than whatever Rafe can offer.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6404/07/2019

A baby doesn't just show up without a reason. That child's daddy is in Salem.


1) Maybe Jordan stole some of Rafe's DNA? Or while Rafe was on assignment he threw her a fuck or something.

2) Rex has been fucking all of the Days former characters off camera. All Rex does is fuck and workout.

3) Brady???

4) Xander???

by Naughty Nicolereply 6504/07/2019


You can scratch Rex. He and Jordan ran into each other a couple months back & neither acted like they'd ever seen each other before.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6604/07/2019

[Quote]1) Maybe Jordan stole some of Rafe's DNA? Or while Rafe was on assignment he threw her a fuck or something.

As neither Rafe nor Jordan so much as uttered, "That time we ran into each other last year..." the baby can't be Rafe's. Did Kristen drug him and have him inseminate Jordan or something? You sound like a Frau wanting it to be Rafe's baby so that Hope can be "free" of him.

[Quote]You can scratch Rex. He and Jordan ran into each other a couple months back & neither acted like they'd ever seen each other before.

Which is the same as Jordan and Rafe not talking about hooking up last year. Safe had had sex with Sami while on a break from Hope and paid a high price for a long time. He didn't just fuck Jordan "while on assignment" after the Sami debacle which almost ruined his relationship with Hope permanently.

Frau Fan Fiction.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6704/07/2019

Of FFS R67 tone it down. I was just having some fun. People like you take the fun out of watching these shows. Cunt.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6804/07/2019

Remember when Shawn Christian played a gay plumber on 'Ellen' in 1997?

by Naughty Nicolereply 6904/07/2019
by Naughty Nicolereply 7004/07/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 7104/07/2019
by Naughty Nicolereply 7204/07/2019

Working those 1997 jeans!

by Naughty Nicolereply 7304/07/2019

Convincingly gay!

by Naughty Nicolereply 7404/07/2019

Take a sniff.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7504/07/2019

The ORIGINAL Cum Gutters!

by Naughty Nicolereply 7604/07/2019
by Naughty Nicolereply 7704/07/2019

That is definite Gay Face, sorry, Zucker.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7804/07/2019

Isn't Zucker into the gay face?

The peroxide was like something out of a Chi Chi LaRue video.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7904/07/2019

And all the blind items about Kyle...

by Naughty Nicolereply 8004/07/2019

So many abs, so little time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8104/07/2019

R79 Zucker is a gay man in a woman's body...

by Naughty Nicolereply 8204/07/2019

Christian has always been hot. He was hot going all the way back to ATWT.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8304/07/2019

Yeah, he was. Until Days got a hold of him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8404/07/2019

Look how hot Casey Moss was 6 years ago!

by Naughty Nicolereply 8504/07/2019

Strasser has set the record straight.

She is not on contract. She only did a short stint; she loved it & everyone at the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8604/07/2019

R86 Makes sense... they already have enough old ladies on the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8704/07/2019

Did Stasser also confirm that Sleestak will be playing Victor's mother, Sophie Kiriakis, who didn't really die and wants him to make peace with Xander?

by Naughty Nicolereply 8804/07/2019

Is Brandon Barash gay?

by Naughty Nicolereply 8904/07/2019

Did Strasse confirm how much of a bitch she is?

by Naughty Nicolereply 9004/07/2019


Never heard any rumor of BB being gay. He was married to KSt and is now in a long term relationship with a woman. He has primary custody of his daughter.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9104/07/2019

BB also had an unfortunate moment in a band with that cyborg Steve Burton, ugly Bradley what’s his face and Chick-Filet’s homophobe husband.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9204/07/2019

ABC, General Hospital and it’s universe is just gross.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9304/07/2019

BB was also in a relationship with the actress who played Adam Chandler's youngest daughter.

That is until she cheated on him with Tom Pelphrey.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9404/07/2019



by Naughty Nicolereply 9504/07/2019



by Naughty Nicolereply 9604/07/2019

Is Will still with that fatty?

by Naughty Nicolereply 9704/07/2019

R97 Like grease on bacon...

by Naughty Nicolereply 9804/07/2019

R68 Tell me about it. Now, let's get back to the discussion of the baby parent, without R67 blowing smoke up our asses.


Rafe, Loni, Eli, Sami, and unknown.

With Jordan working in a hospital, I think she managed to get Sami's embryo and implanted it into her womb.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9904/07/2019

Remember, Kristian kept Sami hostage for some time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10004/07/2019

Ron wasted another opportunity with this Jordan baby story. Rafe should've come back with a pig.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10104/08/2019

Is Jordan staying? I’m assuming the baby will be Xander’s

by Naughty Nicolereply 10204/08/2019

R102 What? When did Xander find time to impregnate Jordan? I thought Sarah was the one who might be knocked up by Xander.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10304/08/2019


who else who have ties if it's not Rafe's? No reason to add this wrinkle and we know Xander is returning... Who else could be the daddy?

by Naughty Nicolereply 10404/08/2019

After suffering a bout with Dementia, Doug is found to be the daddy.l

by Naughty Nicolereply 10504/08/2019

R105 LOL. If only they would go there. Can you imagine Julie's rage?

by Naughty Nicolereply 10604/08/2019


I actually laughed out loud reading your response

by Naughty Nicolereply 10704/08/2019

I think Jordan stole the little boy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10804/08/2019

I'm thinking that too, but she does have a birth certificate.

Still, I'm thinking that is Rafe and Sami's baby. When Sami arrived at Marlena's wedding, she mentioned she was held captive by Kristen, after she left Salem. It seems the hints are pointing to Rafe being the father.

#1) He found the baby, which is big in soaps. Plus, Rafe doesn't have a kid, and it seems as if he needs one.

#2) However, Sheila's line that she thought David was dead, in front of Loni, is something to examine. Maybe, David is Loni's child brought back to life through Rolf's formula. The baby could be Loni and JJ's baby. It was odd that JJ was present at the precinct when the baby was brought there.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10904/08/2019

As long as they bring back Mama Hernandez to be Abuela to the little baby I'm ok with it being Rafe and Sami's.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11004/09/2019

Does anyone remember Isaac? Abe's wife Lexi (Stefano's daughter with Celeste, the one who cheated on Abe with every fine light skinned black guy in town) tried to pass off Isaac as her biological child with Abe when in reality the kid was the biological child of Hope and John Black (pre retcon).

Lexie went to great lengths to pass off this kid as her's and no one batted an eyelash that it was a white baby. And that baby was straight up white, not even white adjacent.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11104/09/2019

Sami wasn't kidnapped and held by Kristen for months. It was a week. Sami would have been pregnant for a LONG time before that and she would remember it.

Also, in those months, Sami would have told Rafe she was pregnant since she knows he always wanted to be a father, even if it messed with his relationship with Hope.

Although her history has Sami lying about babies to Lucas and EJ, she did those things out of revenge and manipulation. Ron's version of Sami sees Rafe as her best friend and she wouldn't want to hurt him by withholding his child from him.

So, even if Kristen and Rolf mixed up David in a vat in a lab, Sweeney is not coming back full-time, so there's no way Sami is just letting Rafe raise her latest son without her.

Jionni is going to be the step-son who causes problems for Rafe and Hope, not magic baby David.

Unless Sami was captured right after the sex with Rafe and her new fetus extracted and then implanted in Jordan, which would make me totally wrong. But why would Kristen involve Jordan Ridgeway in her schemes? Plus, David would be older than he is, since that was 2017. Unless he was floating in an embryonic cocoon in Rolf's lab waiting for implantation into the right insane womb.

I guess I'll watch and see what happens.

What would be cooler is that Rolf and Kristen stole Lani's unknown fetus (with JJ) in order to use stem cells to help with Jack's resurrection. That would be super creepy and the Fraus would revolt.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11204/09/2019

The DL never ceases to amaze me.

We do impressive detective work on an imaginary character's baby.

I wasn't even sure that I should bring it up back at R60.

Some great theories upthread.

I enjoyed reading all of them.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11304/09/2019

How can actual gay men be fans of Jennifer?

You've had over 20 years of knowledge of her anti-gay religious lifestyle. You are probably those same queens, though, who think it's evil to say that Paul Ryan is hot.

Today was a horrible episode with too much Jenn-Fil-A and Sarah Wretched Horton.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11404/09/2019

Why didn’t JJ (or anyone else for that matter) tell Jack that JJ and Eve were fuck buddies once upon a time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11504/09/2019

They have told him. Jack was momentarily surprised and then forgot all about it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11604/09/2019

I hated Eric and Chik fil-a Jen as a couple but I like them in their scene as friends today

by Naughty Nicolereply 11704/09/2019


I love messy funny Sarah. I've never been a Jennifer fan going way way back before MR's Chik Fil A mess.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11804/09/2019

"Funny?" Like Sonny's hair funny?

Sarah Horton has already ruined the characters of Eric and Rex, plus making Maggie even more insufferable, which seemed impossible.

I'm sure Victor will lead the parade at Horton Square on Sarah Horton Day later this Summer. Maybe Marlena and Julie can hold up the parade banner that says, "Sarah's Our Gal! We're With Her!".

by Naughty Nicolereply 11904/09/2019

Come back, EJ, come back.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12004/09/2019

[quote]I'm sure Victor will lead the parade at Horton Square on Sarah Horton Day later this Summer.

Maybe Maggie's insta-daughter Summer can also come back for the celebration!

by Naughty Nicolereply 12104/09/2019

Summer who is shockingly OLDER than egg baby Daniel, even though Marie Wilson is only 44 while Shawn Christian is 53.

While Sarah Horton should be 38 this Christmas.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12204/09/2019

My goodness... who dressed Tripp and Will like that today?!

by Naughty Nicolereply 12304/09/2019

Now WIll can clutch his pearl... I mean amulet/charm like a proper Frau.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12404/09/2019

Lips ain’t even touching.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12504/09/2019

[quote]How can actual gay men be fans of Jennifer?

The character and actor are two different things, idiot.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12604/09/2019

No they aren't.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12704/09/2019

R113 The worst theory is that Jordan is the bio mom and Rolf is the bio dad. Totally boring and going nowhere with that angle.

Now, Jordan left the baby with friends in California. Didn't Sami move to live in California? If so, that's even more cause to think that it is Sami's baby. As if, she needed more kids.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12804/09/2019

I don't follow or understand Jordan's storyline (I only recently began watching the show again), it somehow possible that Jack is the father? That thought never would have occurred to me (since I don't follow that storyline), if not for this bit of dialogue from Tuesday's show, which set off alarm bells in my head:

JJ: Only you would have the nerve to ask me to be your best man at your wedding to Eve.

Jack: You're my only son, right?

JJ: As far as I know.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12904/10/2019

29 years ago this week....Jack, Jennifer, and Fontella Bass.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13004/10/2019

I might be wrong but I think AS has said in the past that Sami's days of having children are over and that she doesn't want to do those types of stories anymore.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13104/10/2019

Can we hope that Will's brain tumah turns him into a promiscuous slut?

Otherwise this is beyond bOOring with really bad acting thrown in.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13204/10/2019

Will IS a promiscuous slut. They're just not writing him that way for now. Give it time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13304/10/2019

R132 I think the tumor is doing quite the opposite... turning that promiscuous slut into a boring man-frau.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13404/10/2019

OMG! Serial Killer Eats Baby!

by Naughty Nicolereply 13504/10/2019

[quote]I don't follow or understand Jordan's storyline (I only recently began watching the show again), it somehow possible that Jack is the father? That thought never would have occurred to me (since I don't follow that storyline), if not for this bit of dialogue from Tuesday's show, which set off alarm bells in my head:

[quote]JJ: Only you would have the nerve to ask me to be your best man at your wedding to Eve.

[quote]Jack: You're my only son, right?

[quote]JJ: As far as I know.

Or it could be a play/joke on Jack wondering whether JJ is his son? He asked Jen were those kids (Abi and JJ) his children.

I think the actor adlib and added "Only". It could have been written you're my son, right?

by Naughty Nicolereply 13604/10/2019

The things I would do to EJ should not be printed. I’d also fuck Will, Sonny, Eric, and Jj and new Stefan but not in that order. Would totally fuck John Black for history.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13704/10/2019

Is Jack's bump on the head going to magically cure his amnesia?


I like MAGA Jack & Eve together!

by Naughty Nicolereply 13804/11/2019

Chambo was smirking when Rex told him he had a tumor. Bad acting.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13904/11/2019

R138. I enjoy MAGA Jack & Eve together as well. They have spiced up a show in need of some villains/troublemakers.

I still can't believe they are axing Claire. Her badass is firing on all cylinders now (compare her acting to "Wonky Will").

I also thought the bump would "cure Jack's amnesia". If that's the case then the writing is becoming predictable.

Also no one on the DL mentions that good girl Jen fakes a fire (complete with alarms) & is breaking the law? I hope she gets prison time for it (but I'm not holding my breath). My wish is for Eve to rat her out to the cops (not Rafe but Lani or Eli).

R139 I saw Will's "acting" during that scene as well. I can't believe TPTB didn't make him reshoot it. His acting/committment to a scene is getting worse.

I defended him earlier in the year but now I can't. :(

by Naughty Nicolereply 14004/11/2019

I've not seen the article nut according to Twitter Tyler gives an interview in the new SID (CBS version) about being an alcoholic, losing his job, going to rehab, etc... He says he's been drinking since before hitting his teens.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14104/11/2019

Jack will go to the hospital due to getting hit on the head by an empty cardboard box. CT scan will reveal he has a small mass on his frontal lobe. What could have caused that.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14204/11/2019

R140 Chambo was fine... the situation is ridiculous. Brain tumor! More like Ron's brain fart!

by Naughty Nicolereply 14304/11/2019

R140 FakeFirefighter! Jen-Fil-A was obviously a way to reference the anniversary of their on-screen wedding, but was as credible as when she would hide pain meds behind the top of the living room drapes, and prance around in heels while reaching way up - what back pain?

by Naughty Nicolereply 14404/11/2019

R140 It was quite funny, and I couldn't figure out what he was going for. .. Maybe Days should think about using organ music in the background to help convey some kind of emotion.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14504/11/2019

My only complaint about yesterday was Will didn't weep enough. Sonny should have stayed gone. Just let Will sob all over the laptop!

by Naughty Nicolereply 14604/11/2019

Will's faux weeping was comic gold. Gold Jerry!

by Naughty Nicolereply 14704/11/2019

Grandma Marlena will release the real waterworks, one of her great talents. All the Chambo tears so far are just a sneak preview.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14804/11/2019

R148 Can't wait for the sob opera!

by Naughty Nicolereply 14904/11/2019


just like WIll? It's Rolf's formula I guess

by Naughty Nicolereply 15004/11/2019

This is Chambo’s bread and butter. He will destroy this arc.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15104/11/2019

R142 Will's tumor could also conceivably be from his later injection of Rolf's serum that cured his amnesia, which Jack has not gotten. Of course, it's all up to Ron in the end on how this story line goes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15204/11/2019

What’s “Elani”?

by Naughty Nicolereply 15304/11/2019

Eli and Lani?

by Naughty Nicolereply 15404/11/2019

Haha. Strudel blocked me on Instagram. I wonder why? I don’t think I’ve ever even commented on his posts.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15504/11/2019

R155 Did you comment in other people's posts and said bad things about him?

by Naughty Nicolereply 15604/11/2019

Did James Scott ever escort?

by Naughty Nicolereply 15704/11/2019

I can't believe Claire is the most interesting character right now... Her neediness turns her into a surprise crazy trainwreck!

by Naughty Nicolereply 15804/11/2019

R148 I was pissed Marlena got called away... She should have been there for Will.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15904/11/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 16004/11/2019

She supposedly will next week r159

by Naughty Nicolereply 16104/12/2019

Can we talk about Lani's hair. Is it a weave or a wig? Something just doesn't look right about it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16204/12/2019

The way Claire described how she couldn't help herself in setting the cabin fire, like she was outside watching herself... Could Claire, by any chance, be possessed by.... SATAN?!

by Naughty Nicolereply 16304/12/2019

VK shakes her head every time she says her lines in a Cin scene. It’s so distracting. Idk if it’s supposed to come off as flirtatious or what but it’s annoying.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16404/12/2019

R164, does she also smirk?

by Naughty Nicolereply 16504/12/2019

Doesn't matter when you're a writer's pet r164.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16604/12/2019


It looks like a cheap wig.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16704/12/2019

Days promo for next week!

by Naughty Nicolereply 16804/12/2019

Can someone explain to me why John thought he was a priest back in the 90s during Marlena's exorcism? I never understood this.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16904/13/2019

"Isabella then told him that she was pregnant and they quickly married after she gave birth to their son. They went on their honeymoon, but upon return, she discovered that she had pancreatic cancer. They went to Italy and she died by his side. He returned to Salem a crushed man. Despite that, he couldn't stop himself from beginning an affair with Marlena. Although he tried to end it and leave the country, Marlena always stopped him. When the affair was discovered by her daughter, Sami, she decided to make things difficult for them. Marlena soon gave birth to Belle, but it soon came out, thanks to Stefano, despite Sami's efforts, that the child was John's and not Roman's.

John tried to move on with Kristen when Roman decided to stay with Marlena and Belle. Stefano was appalled at this and tried to bar the relationship, encouraging Kristen to marry Tony. He even went so far as to fake his death at the hands of Roman to turn her sour on John. Months later, John received a strange puzzle with a photo of an old southern house. It seemed familiar so he went in search of it. Discovering it, he also found Stefano inside. Stefano imprisoned him in the dungeon and returned to brainwash him. John managed to escape after the mansion was set afire by an angry Celeste. Although Stefano escaped with Hope, John managed to recapture her while Stefano slipped away.

Returning to Salem, he began an affair with Kristen, who soon left Tony after discovering that he'd been deceiving her. John turned out to be full of more secrets though. He began seeing angels and, thanks to evidence Kristen found in a newly discovered diary held by John in his younger years, turned out to be a priest. He returned to see his mentor and lived as a priest again briefly before being asked for release from his vows. While still serving, he helped to exorcise the devil from Marlena. This ordeal reminded him of his feelings for her, but after he become a laymen again, he went with Kristen instead. Tony couldn't bear this and set John up for his murder. John was easily convicted and sentenced to death. Unfortunately for Tony, he'd left a record of his entire scheme and it was revealed before John could even become conscious.

The death sentence wasn't entirely lifted though. Stefano soon captured him and dragged him into his underground kingdom in Paris where he planned to behead him. This time John was saved by his aunt Vivian."

by Naughty Nicolereply 17004/13/2019

r170 Maison Blanche

by Naughty Nicolereply 17104/13/2019

I'm watching Kiss Me Kate on TCM and thinking how much FOWBF looks like a young Bobby Van.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17204/13/2019

I can't stand Ciara slobbering all over serial killer Ben.

I loved Eve reminding Claire that Ben killed Paige (I thought everyone had forgotten about that).

Can anyone else believe that Will hasn't confronted Ciara over her now public relationship with Ben?

It's been what... 6 months of a relationship? Did Will even know that Ben was staying at the loft or not?

I'm shocked how all of Will's relatives don't seem bothered by Cin now (I know the couple is popular but going after them would make for some good drama).

I'm hoping for a "Will slaps Ciara" scene for her betrayal (but soaps only allow for women to hit men for some reason).

by Naughty Nicolereply 17304/13/2019

Cin Fraus are actually less Frau-y than the Gay Frau at R173.

Ben fucking RULES!!!!!!!!!

by Naughty Nicolereply 17404/13/2019

R173 I would love for Will to have some scenes with Ciara, or just anybody outside of Sonny (and Jarlena). Since Will has such stale chemistry with Sonny, it would be refreshing to see him interact with some other people without Sonny around.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17504/13/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 17604/13/2019

[quote]Can we talk about Lani's hair. Is it a weave or a wig? Something just doesn't look right about it.

It's a wig that needs to be thinned out around the edges. It's too thick.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17704/13/2019

I'm thinking Lani and Rafe will be a nice couple and the storyline has legs.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17804/13/2019

Yes R176 because OldBen wouldn't put out so he was replaced with NuBen.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17904/14/2019

Wait, are they really replacing Ben?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18004/14/2019

[quote]Chambo was smirking when Rex told him he had a tumor. Bad acting.

That was a full on “Can you believe this shit we have to say. I’m about to lose it--SNL style” smirk.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18104/14/2019

No R180

OldBen= JG(Justin Gaston)

NuBen=RSW(Robert Scott Wilson)

by Naughty Nicolereply 18204/14/2019

Father and son at R124

by Naughty Nicolereply 18304/14/2019

Chambo has a WTF smirk on his face at R124! LOOL!

by Naughty Nicolereply 18404/14/2019

R182 Whew!

Thanks. I didn't think I would miss killer, Ben.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18504/14/2019

I love Chandler and I love his smirk. He should be playing Alexander Cabot on Riverdale.. In the 80s he would have always been cast as the rich, frat douche in those teen comedies. Someone needs to @Ron and tell him to save Chandler from this mess.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18604/14/2019

I wish someone would tell Sami that Ciara is with her son's "killer".

She would hop on a plane & make Ben necktie Ciara like she did to trigger Will's memory.

Can you imagine the fraus heads exploding when seeing that?

i wonder what Ciara a.k.a. his "biggest defender" would do then?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18704/14/2019

Fraug or Gau? What is a gay Frau like R187?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18804/14/2019

NuCiara and Sami need to have scenes when Sami returns soon... always loved their relationship

by Naughty Nicolereply 18904/14/2019

When does Sami get back?

by Naughty Nicolereply 19004/14/2019

Either May or June R190

by Naughty Nicolereply 19104/14/2019

R190 I think May. Lucas returns as well for Will... They will also do Caroline's tribute episode while Sami's in town.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19204/14/2019

Looking forward to that memorial, hopefully they replay a bit of her wtf-oh-aww speech at WilSon’s wedding.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19304/14/2019

R180 When OldBen and NuBen worked together.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19404/14/2019

OldBen seems to like NuBen's can.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19504/14/2019

Justin Gaston eats my pussy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19604/15/2019

This is a throwback question, but can someone explain to me who Ivan was to Vivian? He was always hanging around her and seemed to be infatuated with her. They never were a couple. Why was he with her? I've looked it up but there's no info.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19704/15/2019

He was her manservant and he loved her but she was disgusted by that.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19804/15/2019

DAYS was pre-empted in my market due to the fire.

Does anyone have a Youtube link to anyone who uploads the episode from a different market?

by Naughty Nicolereply 19904/15/2019

R199 For better quality, watch on NBC website...

by Naughty Nicolereply 20004/15/2019

I honestly do not understand how Chandler Massey won three Emmys. I think he is awful.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20104/15/2019

Chandler won his Emmys when he was trying.

These days, Chandler just phones in his performances. Clearly isn't enthusiastic about working with Freddie again.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20204/15/2019

It's so cute how the Chambo loons keep blaming his horrible acting on Freddie. He was no better with Christofer who had to do all the heavy lifting. Face it girls, his best days are behind him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20304/15/2019

I, too, used to blame Chandler's lack of interest on Freddie. That's just not the case, an actor who loves and respects his craft brings it even when the story or your co-stars don't inspire you. Freddie is god awful and should have been canned two contracts ago, but Dena clearly gave Freddie the blackmail photos of Corday that she was using to keep getting hired so Freddie uses them now to remain employed on the show to promote his endless grifting and hustles.

Chandler needs to leave the show and find parts that inspire him. But the man also has to pay bills, so I get it. His trust fund kicks when he's 30, so the money situation won't be that big of an issue and he can probably leave the show and find something that he wants to be a part of.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20404/15/2019

R203 Well, you FCF loons sure can't see how bad FCF's acting is either.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20504/15/2019

R204 It's a bleeping soap... the writing stinks, so no one will bother to act their best no matter who they hire. Strudel was much worse since he couldn't even emote correctly for Will's scenes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20604/15/2019

R205 Yeah idiot, show me where I said anything about Freddie's acting. That's beside the point 'cause for you loons, Chambo can do no wrong. Now let's see, since his triumphant return, nominated last year and lost. Not nommed at all this year. What's that pattern I see? When it was Younger Actor it was easy. Now that he's playing with the big boys, not so much. Oh dear.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20704/15/2019

FCF's acting is so boring he should be cut years ago. Especially now he is so fat he makes Uncle Vic looks fit. The only reason he isn't written off is because Chambo is there, and the show is fixated on boring WilSon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20804/15/2019

Freddie makes my peen hard. He’s hot! Chambo has the flat ass and smirks and rubs his eyes. I can’t stand Chambo.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20904/15/2019

Tomorrow's rare surprise guest star: A kitchen?

by Naughty Nicolereply 21004/16/2019

Chambo is great he can do no wrong!

by Naughty Nicolereply 21104/16/2019

Chambo is not fat... he stays... the fat one can go.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21204/16/2019

I'm liking Claire, she's entertaining at least. I feel bad for her. Tripp treats her like crap.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21304/16/2019

The show is so blah right now. You can tell when Ron is in one of his "periods". I still can't believe he brought Jack back from the dead for this shit "story".

by Naughty Nicolereply 21404/16/2019

Why is hot Will still with that fat, sweaty blob? He needs a hotter love interest.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21504/16/2019

Who is the director? And why the hell does he not put a stop to the stupid smirking??

by Naughty Nicolereply 21604/16/2019

They are shooting 8 shows a week. Not a whole lot of time for directors notes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21704/16/2019


What's this about Chandler having a trust fund?

by Naughty Nicolereply 21804/16/2019

r217, when it happens during every filming, there should be a discussion beforehand.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21904/16/2019

I am enjoying Claire as a loose cannon. She’s got the insane behind the googly eyes and she's making those eyeballs working over time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22004/16/2019

I love MAGA jack and Eve!

by Naughty Nicolereply 22104/16/2019

We know, Ron @r221, but the "story" still sucks. And makes no sense at all.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22204/16/2019

I like the storylines he, to, but it is stripping any sympathy I had for Eve away. I'm growing to really hate her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22304/16/2019

Oh please. You decide to bring Jack from the dead for the 500th time and THIS is the lame b/s you come up with?

But this is typical Ron. He will have a schtick plot in mind and then throw the characters anywhere to fit it. He only writes from plot to plot.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22404/16/2019

R219 Maybe it's all in your head, smirk troll. I don't notice any smirking, but I might be distracted by how fat Sonny is.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22504/16/2019

R223 Well, it was nice of Eve to be protective of Claire... They are acting like mother/daughter since they understand each other. They are both women pushed to the edge, lashing out and doing horrible things to mask their pain.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22604/16/2019

R225 it's so cute when trolls shade other trolls. Go back under your bridge until mommy calls ya for supper child.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22704/16/2019

I like the writing. It's not so predictable and it's entertaining. I especially enjoy the who's parents of Jordan's baby storyline.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22804/16/2019

Looks like all 4 soaps had a bad week especially Days ratings wise.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22904/16/2019

Ruh Roh.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23004/16/2019

LOL at the smug asshole Carlivati and the ratings he is getting. Out of everyone in this country, 42,000 women 18-34 watched Days. 42,000. These soaps keep trying to get the younger viewers and the younger viewers are abandoning these outdated soaps. I repeat, 42,000 women 18-34 in this whole country watched Days the week of March 25-29. Pathetic. #CIN is really bringing the young demo. lol Carlivati can go fuck himself with his arrogance.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23104/17/2019

This is his pattern. He always starts off with a modicum of good material and some entertaining ideas and then it all falls apart either after a certain amount of time or after a big story climax.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23204/17/2019

I hope FCF got to see that flashback that aired today, when Will was in the hospital after being shot. There’s more “chemistry” in that scene with an unconscious patient than they’ve had in the last year. I suppose the lack of Fat Tony hair helps too.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23304/17/2019

It's going to be a Summer's Eve!

by Naughty Nicolereply 23404/17/2019

While they're digging around in Dumbo's brain, can they remove the smirk, too?

by Naughty Nicolereply 23504/17/2019

If he's having brain surgery, can they at least shave his head? Even a buzz cut would look better than this current 'do resembling an Eva Gabor wig.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23604/17/2019

Soap surgeries never require head shaving. In fact, the incisions magically disappear the next time there's a shirtless scene. The medical community needs to take note.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23704/17/2019

R236 Chambo does not look good with a buzz cut. We've seen a buzz cut back in 2013 or so.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23804/17/2019

I had never noticed Ben's cheap and hideous tattoo until today's episode. Tell me it's a temporary one added to suit his character!

by Naughty Nicolereply 23904/17/2019

It's RSW's real tattoo.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24004/17/2019

Yeah we've gone over this before. Boy loves his mama, and it says, "The Only Son."

At least it's not a fugly Strudel Doodle.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24104/17/2019

Poor Guy seemed addicted now and won't stop.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24204/17/2019

Ben and Stefan being called the NuJason and NuSonny.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24304/17/2019

R243 The waaaaay hotter NuJason and NuSonny!

by Naughty Nicolereply 24404/17/2019

So I guess Cin is the NuJasam.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24504/17/2019

[quote]I repeat, 42,000 women 18-34 in this whole country watched Days the week of March 25-29.

No, it does not mean that. It means 42,000 women 18-34 who are part of a Nielsen's rating family watched Days.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24604/17/2019

Ron Carlivati is tanking the ratings! Seriously. 42,000 women18-34? Really Ron?

by Naughty Nicolereply 24704/17/2019

Soap viewership is down period. All the old ladies are dying off and the ones who have managed to cheat death don't like the new style of storytelling nor some of the newer characters. I can't imagine younger women having much interest in this medium anymore. Certainly not like they did in the 80s and 90s.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24804/17/2019

So hyped up #Cin is not saving the show, then? Try having RSW do all his scenes shirtless might help.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24904/17/2019

I tried watching regularly. Days is shit.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25004/17/2019

Maybe Ron can go fake "cry" on GG and RSW shoulders over the ratings and ask if he and the EP'S can go bury their faces in RSW underwear and shoes for old times sake.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25104/17/2019

To the smirk troll: Freddie's fatness is much more distracting than Chandler's smirking.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25204/18/2019

To the fat Freddie troll - never in a million years.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25304/18/2019

I have cock breath.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25404/18/2019

This should have been touching, but I kept wondering if the bed could hold up.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25504/18/2019

...and Will's doc wheels him out of the procedure? I know extras cost money but geez sloppy shit.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25604/18/2019

Freddie makes me cum.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25704/18/2019

Is my story on today?

by Naughty Nicolereply 25804/18/2019

If memory serves, soaps always ran credits at least once-a-week. Don't see this on DOOL. Do they ever run credits?

by Naughty Nicolereply 25904/18/2019

Why is Will still with that fat disgusting pig Sonny? He needs a new love interest ASAP.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26004/18/2019

R257 You have terrible taste. Sonny is sweat and fat. He always have sweat stains on his shirts. Gross!

by Naughty Nicolereply 26104/18/2019

No one else would want Will. His ass is flat. Gross.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26204/18/2019

CS has joined Cameo.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26304/18/2019

R259 If you mean the cast credits, yes. They're with the end credits, and they're run with what seems like once a week. .. We just saw them with the Tuesday April 16th episode. .. It's not a slow-moving scroll, but names at the bottom of the screen. Pretty tiny and very quick. Like a bad hookup.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26404/18/2019

R246 No. It means what R231 wrote. .. Nielsen takes the number 18-34W viewers within the Nielsen household sample who watched Days, then they multiply that by a factor to come up with that 42,000 total nationwide. That's how all the Nielsen ratings are calculated. I don't know what the current factor is for 18-34W, but when Soap Opera Digest reports total households every week, they state the current factor for that number as, "Each rating point represents 1,199,000 homes."

But I would agree that 42,000 isn't the true total, since there are also going to be some 18-34 women who are watching the show by streaming it at and other outlets.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26504/18/2019

R263, the band? Will he sing lead on songs like “Candy” and “Word Up”?

by Naughty Nicolereply 26604/18/2019

No R266 not the band but a service where desperate and has been celebrities like Gilbert Gottfried and Andy Dick for example charge rates of 120$ and 150$ for them to make a short personalized video for fans. It looks so far CS going rate is 15$.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26704/18/2019

When available, let us know what CS's hourly in-call, out-call, and overnight rates are, and if he has a schedule up for cities other than Los Angeles.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26804/18/2019

Nicole is back by the end of the month?! Week 4/29-5/3 SPOILER: Nicole lashes out at Chloe over Holly’s kidnapping.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26904/18/2019

Sadly, yes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27004/18/2019

I don’t know anyone under 40 who still watches soaps. And I work with plenty of young women in the 18-34 range. They watch the Kardashian’s. They watch The Housewives. They watch Teen Mom. But none of them watch daytime soaps. I’m 42. I have three gay male friends over 40 who still watch. The only other people I know of who watch these shows are elderly women.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27104/18/2019

Okay, you've made your point R271. Anything else you'd care to add? Millions of people watch soaps. Almost every scripted show on television is serialized in some way. Those reality shows are nothing but one big continuing story. Yes, daytime soaps have seen their numbers decline over the years, but soap opera hasn't gone anywhere, it's just shifted around a bit.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27204/18/2019

There are only 4 daytime soaps left but by all means, keep selling that bullshit. You'll sleep better.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27304/18/2019

Brandon's bulge is out of control in next week's promo.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27404/19/2019

Brandon has a big cock unlike Chambo. And Brandon doesn’t have a flat ass. Yum!

by Naughty Nicolereply 27504/19/2019

Who is Ted speaking with?

by Naughty Nicolereply 27604/19/2019

No Will Tumor story next week?

by Naughty Nicolereply 27704/19/2019

R274 While others are having sex, poor Will got stuck with Tumor/Sonny.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27804/19/2019

Poor Sonny is stuck babysitting. Watching Ari, too.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27904/19/2019

SPOILERS for week of Apr 29.... It's all about Holly and some Jack shit!

by Naughty Nicolereply 28004/19/2019

Somewhat DOOL related, was catching up on Season 5 of Jane The Virgin and they had her thought-to-be-dead husband resurface after a few years, with amnesia of course, and the day she’s scheduled to be engaged to her new beau. Doesn’t sound familiar at all...

by Naughty Nicolereply 28104/20/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 28204/20/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 28304/20/2019

Apparently, the brain tumor is also having an affect on Will's plaid fetish.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28404/20/2019

The gays would never get a bed scene like that... The best we got was Will munching on Paul's cranberry scone.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28504/20/2019

Paul and Will were hot together!

Sad that we have to have the Wilson nonsense to appease the Fraus and FanGays.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28604/20/2019

WilSon is so cheesy, which Fraus love apparently. It's all about saying sweet nothing to each other. Nothing sexy at all.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28704/20/2019

Paul and Will talked about SEX and hinted at being hard - sexy stuff!

Sonny... ugh.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28804/20/2019

They are recasting Paul. Thank Christ!!!! Get that hot Asian guy from Riverdale or his identical twin.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28904/20/2019

Christopher Sean is a good actor as well as being hot.

I hot the NuPaul will be as hot or hotter and as good of an actor.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29004/20/2019

R290 CS could really generate some heat in a love scene... FCF and Chambo can only be emo and stare into each other eyes. That's why WilSon 1.0 was good for the buildup of their romance, but this pair never really worked well beyond the initial romance.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29104/20/2019

Paul coming back sounds like a train wreck since ReRon is still HW. This is why they hate us.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29204/20/2019

Devon Kell is Japanese American.

Le Bulge.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29304/20/2019

I hope Nicole doesn't just cry and stress out every day. I miss energetic Nicole.

So sad that the only two leading men having sex are the Rapist and the Murderer.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29404/20/2019


where did you see that

by Naughty Nicolereply 29504/20/2019

Will and Sonny fucked in a shower. Days has done gay sex scenes before.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29604/20/2019

R296 It was a dream sequence of WilSon kissing from years ago, when FCF wasn't too fat to be shirtless. No chance of that for sad sack WilSon of today.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29704/20/2019

Then there's the fact that Chambo couldn't sell a sex scene even if there was Cosplay involved.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29804/20/2019

SK from GH let himself go like FS. He got really fat. He was encouraged by tptb to lose weight but he refused.

Ron eventually started dropping some digs in the script & SK still stayed fat.

It's long past time for Ron to start dropping digs at Sonny in the dialogue. Everything about him is gross-the weight, the slicked back grease ball hair, the clothes,etc..

by Naughty Nicolereply 29904/21/2019

Ron is following his pattern of being off the rails at this stage in his tenure. DOOL films so far in advance that any quick fix stunts that may have worked at OLTL or GH won't fly here.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30004/21/2019

R299 Didn't RC already take a dig at FCF with a scene involving some underpants?

by Naughty Nicolereply 30104/21/2019

YAY! Paul is coming back? Now I can finally start watching again! I know he will be played by a new actor, but I don't care as long as he's hot. I want to watch a hot gay character, no more fatties please.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30204/21/2019

The general IQ is low enough in Salem so do we really need dumb-ass Paul back?

by Naughty Nicolereply 30304/21/2019

But if they're only casting Paul now, that means the earliest he'd appear would be November. Can Brain Tumor WIll just be a total manwhore with one random hookup after another till then?

by Naughty Nicolereply 30404/21/2019

R302 I have seen nothing about Paul returning though he was mentioned in passing last week. But this show needs a hot gay stud. WilSon is just limp and flaccid. Will deserves a hot stud... not tubby Sonny.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30504/21/2019

^^^^^ Why don't you just admit you want Freddie to fuck you? Your obsession is just sad.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30604/21/2019

Christopher Sean will play Paul again. Not buying a recast. Paul and Will were great together and Sean is eons above Freddie as an actor.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30704/21/2019

Freddie is very hot! I think he was the number 2 actor in ALL of daytime in the latest We Love Soaps poll. I just love him. Hot and handsome. He has a real life fiancee who loves him as well. Freddie is a lucky guy!

by Naughty Nicolereply 30804/21/2019


Please stop with the Freddie worshipping. Please. I'm not judging.....but PLEASE.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30904/21/2019

Are we never going to get Eileen Davidson back as Kristen?

I feel like now that they have Stacy Haiduk and people don't hate her, they'll never back that money truck up to Eileen's door and beg her.

And they should. She's fucking awesome.

by Naughty Nicolereply 31004/21/2019

R310 Eileen is not coming back... Stacy is fine, even though her Kristen isn't as alluring as Eileen's portrayal. Stacy's Susan was superb, though. I really couldn't tell the difference.

by Naughty Nicolereply 31104/21/2019

EJ....EJ....11.5 x 8.5

by Naughty Nicolereply 31204/21/2019

R312 It's a big burnt sausage now...

by Naughty Nicolereply 31304/21/2019

Please, please, PLEASE stop with the Chambo worship. It's misplaced and tiresome. I think I actually miss Strudel.

by Naughty Nicolereply 31404/21/2019

Un oh r314 you know that's considered verboten around here.

by Naughty Nicolereply 31504/21/2019

What is it with this show and brain tumors??!

by Naughty Nicolereply 31604/21/2019

Ron is why R316

by Naughty Nicolereply 31704/21/2019

R316 Better brain tumors than tumor in other places, right?

by Naughty Nicolereply 31804/21/2019

Don't forget the kidnapping of the month, temporary deaths, fudged DNA reports, who's the daddy....... what am I forgetting?

by Naughty Nicolereply 31904/21/2019

Marlena between life and death.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32004/21/2019

R305 See R289. He said Paul will be recast. I have no idea where he got that info from though. A link would have been nice.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32104/21/2019

Himbos r320

by Naughty Nicolereply 32204/22/2019

Ron Carlivati is burned out as a writer. The ratings suck and so does he. And not in a good way.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32304/22/2019

R321 I still believe Chris Sean's visit to the quiet set meant something....hopefully negotiations to get him back. Chandler obviously liked working with him. They had chemistry. It's really the difference between a stocky boy (Freddie) and a fit, hot man(Chris). Ron C. has to know this.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32404/22/2019

Maybe he came in to shoot some short scenes, like faux-flashbacks or a dream sequence that leads to Sonny or Will saying his name out loud and leading to drama. It would also be somewhat of a retread of Sonny’s dream about Will before he actually was found (Chambo’s first scene when he returned).

by Naughty Nicolereply 32504/22/2019

R325 No, he was in the neighborhood and dropped by for a visit, but it turned out it was one of the "dark week" so no one was there.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32604/22/2019

Unfortunate timing then...

by Naughty Nicolereply 32704/22/2019

CS has recently been busy with fan conventions promoting that Star Wars show he's on and took a picture with another DL fave and fellow Star Wars voice actor although on a different Star Wars show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32804/22/2019

R328 Who is this DL fave? I don't recognize him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 32904/22/2019

Really R329?

by Naughty Nicolereply 33004/22/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 33104/22/2019

R330 He got old... now he just looks like a generic white guy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 33204/22/2019

CS is homely! Yuck.

by Naughty Nicolereply 33304/22/2019

Checked several TV listings online and cable TV log … there's no storyline description for today.

by Naughty Nicolereply 33404/22/2019

R311, I agree her Susan was really good....but her Kristen doesn't work.

Do you know for a fact that Eileen isn't coming back ever...? Or just assuming? Has she retired?

Geez, Ron has recast quite a few characters.... Kristen/Susan, Diana, Rex, Stefan (not his fault there), soon Vivian...

by Naughty Nicolereply 33504/22/2019

I might be wrong but I think it was said on one of those soap boards R335 that as of right now she doesn't want to come back and was fine with them recasting. With Dianna I think GF was asked in some interview a few years if she would ever go back to Days and reprise her role as Dianna and that she said no and would never go back to Days.

by Naughty Nicolereply 33604/22/2019

Do we have any exit dates for the characters who are leaving (Claire, Tripp, etc.)

or the new ones arriving (nuVivian, etc.).

by Naughty Nicolereply 33704/22/2019

Is the Star Wars' artist's rendering of his bulge accurate?

by Naughty Nicolereply 33804/22/2019

Okay, who wants a taste of Hector?

Can he stick around and fuck Will Whoreton?

(Actor, Osvaldo De León)

by Naughty Nicolereply 33904/22/2019
by Naughty Nicolereply 34004/22/2019

Why waste him on boring Chambo?

by Naughty Nicolereply 34104/22/2019

R337 The news about those four (Claire, Tripp, Chloe and I think Ted) being cut broke in January I believe, so their exit should be this summer... probably July.

by Naughty Nicolereply 34204/22/2019

Olivia is excited about her exit story line.

by Naughty Nicolereply 34304/22/2019

Where are the Matt Lanter wank pixx?

by Naughty Nicolereply 34404/22/2019

Gabi & Stefan was hot a fuck today.

by Naughty Nicolereply 34504/22/2019

Was hoping that Hope - no pun intended - would get shot trying to rescue Ciara today, allowing Ben and Ciara to live and love in peace together and also allowing Ted to turn to gay grief sex.

by Naughty Nicolereply 34604/22/2019

Thanks for the pics R339 & R340.

by Naughty Nicolereply 34704/23/2019

What's the actor's name that plays Hector? Those pics are smokin'

by Naughty Nicolereply 34804/23/2019

R348 His name is given in the photo with R339 (Actor, Osvaldo De León)

by Naughty Nicolereply 34904/23/2019

BB's junk was on prominent display today.

BB & CB are fire together.

I don't know how Gabi grabbing his nuts got past the censors. I truly do not.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35004/23/2019

R350 Days is rated TV14. The symbol comes up on the screen more than once during the broadcast. The "censors" already know that this means:

[quote] TV14 - This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended. This program may contain one or more of the following: intensely suggestive dialogue (D), strong coarse language (L), intense sexual situations (S), or intense violence (V).

by Naughty Nicolereply 35104/23/2019

R350 Gabi is always so nice with Will... but she turns into such a man-eating beast with every other guy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35204/23/2019

Jesus Christ, Gabi had Stefan by the nuts!

by Naughty Nicolereply 35304/23/2019

Recast Paul already, give Sonny the brain tumor!

by Naughty Nicolereply 35404/23/2019

While I generally liked the Paul character, I'd dispense with a recast. Honesty, not much drama comes with a "good, upstanding" guy.

The gay field needs a more grey character to make things interesting, and I'd prefer to see a new guy for Will Whoreton to fall into bed with.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35504/23/2019

R355 With a recast, the show can re-adjust the character as well. It's possible that the shock of being dumped while paralyzed turned a good upstanding guy into a vengeful one.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35604/23/2019

Yes absolutely r356 this needs to happen!

by Naughty Nicolereply 35704/23/2019

Paul was already a gray character when he was first introduced but for some reason, the show made him into another Sonny and let Will be the bad guy. I really liked Paul as Christopher is such a good actor but putting him with godawful Will was the nail in the coffin. Christopher is much too good for this shit.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35804/23/2019

I'd love to have Leo back.

Give me Leo and Paul and write out WilSon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 35904/23/2019

Hot Paul giving two shits over being dumped by the likes of either Will or Sonny and becoming vengeful over them doesn't register with me. He's too grounded and confident for that. Even in Paul's final scenes and he was in the wheelchair, he exuded the emotional strength, optimism, and gratitude of a hero and was probably going to getting it on with physical therapist, Luke. .. Will, who? .. Sonny, who?

by Naughty Nicolereply 36004/23/2019

Silly girl, the characters will do and say whatever the writers want, history be damned.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36104/23/2019

I want to grab Brandon B's nuts too!

by Naughty Nicolereply 36204/23/2019

R361 I just think it's time to start a NuChapter in Will Whoreton's lust life. .. And if the objective is to dispense with FCF, then bringing back Paul in any way shape or form is retrograde. and ties into the so-called triangle.


by Naughty Nicolereply 36304/23/2019

R363 This show doesn't have enough life left in it to create a NuGay character.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36404/23/2019

Look how they wasted Leo and it's obvious they can't be bothered with another gay character except as a point device for WilSon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36504/23/2019

Paul told Will not to use that untested serum!

SPOILER: [quote] What seems like a straightforward cancer story at first, morphs into something else and we realize that the tumor seems to be a side effect of the treatment Will had to get his memory back.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36604/23/2019

Will Whoreton needs a good pounding. He obviously isn't getting it from Sonny so the tumor is a side effect. He needs to get railed to health.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36704/23/2019

Days now has two actors with the initials BB

Brandon Beemer (Shawn Douglas)

Brandon Barash (Stephan)

Please be careful to distinguish who you're talking about when using initials.

by Naughty Nicolereply 36804/23/2019

No more Fat Fuck Freddie!

by Naughty Nicolereply 36904/23/2019

SPOILER: Someone hopelessly incompetent gets fired. (Not it's not Trump!)

by Naughty Nicolereply 37004/23/2019

R370 Really?

That could be anyone!

by Naughty Nicolereply 37104/23/2019

The Salem PD is hopeless!

by Naughty Nicolereply 37204/23/2019

To solve R368's problem, I hearby state the following:

I decree Beemer will now be known as (the) BEE on the DOOL threads.

I decree Barash will now be known as (the) BAR on the DOOL threads.

Problem solved.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37304/23/2019

[quote] This show doesn't have enough life left in it to create a NuGay character.

That would be something that an untalented hack of a writer would say.

Watch something like 'Elite' on Netflix. Only eight episodes in Season 1, and the gay guys got something like 30 scenes within, averaging 2+ minutes each, for about an hour total. Yet, they're already very well drawn and are some kind of supercouple.

I'd suggest a hot sex scene where Will and the NuGay guy devour each other. .. That usually gets people pumped about a NuGay character.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37404/23/2019

I think the writers before Dena the Destoryer was brought back were supposed to be eventually bringing on a Nugay who would show an interest in Paul.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37504/23/2019

So R366 Jack will be facing the same thing down the road...

And this nuStefan....the guy is hot! That chest hair, his smile. I had heard the actor's name before but he was never on my radar. They should have kept him.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37604/23/2019

The thing with Chris Sean's Paul is that Chandler seemed to come alive in t heir scenes. Yeah the smirk was there - but that's Chandler. Chandler is obviously bored with the Sonny reunion. People are not just saying that to slam Freddie.Chandler is a star and his return brought a lot of viewers back. It's lazy to think reuniting Will and Sonny would move the dial. They were a bore before Chandler left and Guy Wilson took over.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37704/23/2019

R376 Jack should be okay. He hasn't used the memory recovery serum... Will only found the formula in Dr. Rolf's old journal last year and got the injection twice.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37804/23/2019


Hope is fired from the SPD


Barash has not been fired. He's still taping.

by Naughty Nicolereply 37904/23/2019

Good news about Barash and gee it took that long to fire the Commish who already had a dozen felonies on her record. The show should just beg Reckell to come back as Bo and redeem Hope.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38004/24/2019

As of right now PR doesn't want to come back r380. Ken was alleged to be one of the reasons why he left in the first place and it was alleged that PR had stipulations that he demanded just to get him to comeback the last time he did.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38104/24/2019

Loving Stefabi. They got chemistry.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38204/24/2019

Does Hope's firing stick?

Oh geez....dies this mean Rafe becomes Commissioner?

by Naughty Nicolereply 38304/24/2019

R382, let’s call them Stabi as in Stefan’s stabbing Gabi with that big bulge of his.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38404/24/2019

Gabi took Will's and Nick's massive cocks, she can handle ole Stefan.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38504/24/2019

NuStefan puts the *O* in Stefan-O

But seriously doubt Will is all that big. AWG.

Nick is long and narrow with a curve. His pencil dick can hit the spot.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38604/24/2019

Chandler's return brought the ratings up? >smirk< And now he's tanking it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 38704/24/2019

if you look the ratings day by day, cin is tanking days contrary at what their fans think

by Naughty Nicolereply 38804/24/2019

While I am a fan of Ron C’s Work, the fact that Eric left Jennifer someone he had known for a lot longer than he does Sarah, it’s very hard to believe that he is going to be conflicted when Nicole comes back today

by Naughty Nicolereply 38904/25/2019

Ron C has crashed and burned, like he did on OLTL and GH. Days is tanking in the ratings.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39004/25/2019

R390 I agree. It's been a boring show for the past few weeks.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39104/25/2019


Wouldn't you drop Jennifer too? Talk about a humorless judgmental hag. I've never been a fan of Jennifer Rose.

That being said I wouldn't be into Eric either. He's handsome but he's such a bland pious stick in the mud.

I'm hoping Sarah makes a b-line to Xander the second he sets foot in Salem.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39204/25/2019

That haircut though....

by Naughty Nicolereply 39304/25/2019

Ari used to be so pretty circa the time of the Access Hollywood tape. Tall, slender with nice hair.

Now she's bulky with hair that looks like a 5 y/o cut it while she slept.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39404/25/2019

R394 Every woman's inner Frau eventually comes out.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39504/25/2019

Is Kate wearing the entire Basic Black "bijou collection" all at once? Either that, or she's been at a Mardi Gras parade and has just put all her beads on as they were thrown. In any event, the whole effect is ghastly. That said, she looks much better than Maggie.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39604/25/2019

“Sassy” Valerie returning to Salem with a surprise for Abe. Don’t tell me she’s going to be pregnant.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39704/25/2019

Xander returns to save the Days.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39804/25/2019

May Sweeps sound boring AF.

by Naughty Nicolereply 39904/25/2019

Like the Will stuff!

by Naughty Nicolereply 40004/25/2019

Sappy and weepy WilSon is all they can do since they are not a sexy couple at all.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40104/25/2019

Sappy and weepy Will, not sexy at all.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40204/25/2019

[quote] Like the Will stuff!

You must mean the "Who WILL Be Mayor?" story - because the "Can WILL Be Saved?" story sounds horrible.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40304/25/2019

Maybe Xander can show everyone how he's "not all bad" by pounding that tumor out of Will.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40404/25/2019

R404 The tumor is not in his ass, you know.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40504/25/2019

No, but a good pounding might blow his mind and cause it to disintegrate.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40604/25/2019

Will's failing help leaves Sonny desperate for a banana split.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40704/26/2019

Not a long-time viewer since the beginning (only started about 10 years ago, more or less) but has Maggie always been so self-righteous and judgmental? She criticized Kate and her children and yet Maggie's children haven't always been the epitome of virtue (the con artists daughter they brought on a while ago, Dr. Daniel Jonas - talk about serial cheaters!). Seems like Maggie really does love sticking her nose into other people's business.

by Naughty Nicolereply 40804/26/2019

For us long time viewers Maggie has only two children. Melissa (adopted) and Sarah. Those retcon children no longer exist. Yes, Sarah is a mess, but Melissa gave us that hot AF Nathan. Maggie has done her dirt. She cheated on Uncle Mickey at least twice and is a drunk. However, what comes across as being self righteous is really her saying, "look bitch, I see what you're up to and there will be none of that here."

by Naughty Nicolereply 40904/26/2019

Maggie became a screeching windbag when Dr. Daniel was around. Scolding Jennifer for not staying w/ Daniel when Jack came back circa 2005. I've hated her ever since.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41004/26/2019

Maggie was not a shrew back in the day. And, I'm with r409, it's more of a I see you and am calling you out thing. She also only has two living children, Melissa and Sarah. Poor Janice was murdered. Dr. Daniel and Summer don't exist. Dumb retcons that should never be mentioned.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41104/26/2019

Daniel exists because Holly exists.

Daniel exists because Eric is an ex-con.

Daniel exists because Parker exists.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41204/26/2019

So wait, Ari is on a show with her ex husband??

by Naughty Nicolereply 41304/26/2019

R413 As far as I know, they left the arrangement on good terms.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41404/26/2019

She was a paid beard for him anyway.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41504/26/2019

Nicole doesn't waste time resume being a bitch again.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41604/26/2019

R416 That haircut is god awful.

by Naughty Nicolereply 41704/26/2019

I think it looks great!

by Naughty Nicolereply 41804/26/2019
by Naughty Nicolereply 41904/26/2019

Zucker looks like she aged 15 years since her last run

by Naughty Nicolereply 42004/26/2019

Darn....I was hoping she would have had some rest. She looked tired last time....

by Naughty Nicolereply 42104/26/2019

The haircut does not help.

by Naughty Nicolereply 42204/26/2019

I actually can't wait to see the reaction of the PITA Sarah Horton now that Nicole is back. She is only exceeded by her mother Maggie as being the most annoying Salemite on the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 42304/26/2019

Losing Eric is a lot easier when you've got Xander lurking about.

by Naughty Nicolereply 42404/26/2019

Poor Ari can't decide if she's a fan of this group or

by Naughty Nicolereply 42504/26/2019

They still mention Daniel all the time. He exist(ed) for sure. That Summer story was utter nonsense though. Total retcon of Maggie’s backstory.

by Naughty Nicolereply 42604/26/2019

or wants to make fun of this jerk...

by Naughty Nicolereply 42704/26/2019

Nicole haircut is a mess. Fire the stylist.

by Naughty Nicolereply 42804/26/2019

Will Julie be over-the-moon that Hope is breaking up with the Mexican Murderesse’s brother?

And wtf was ex-priest Eric’s “I never break a promise I make to God” about? Or he’s allowed one exception?

by Naughty Nicolereply 42904/27/2019

I forgot his promise. Wasn't it that he will never tell Sara that he loves her? I think Marlena told Sara, but he confirmed it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43004/27/2019

I might be wrong but I thought there once was a rumor that Ari was so pissed off that they killed Daniel to the point thst she allegedly briefly thought about leaving the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43104/27/2019


they could have made Summer one of her stolen eggs which would have made a lot more sense

by Naughty Nicolereply 43204/27/2019

"Yay! We can be happy together and destroy Rex's heart!"

I used to think Eric suffered enough for killing Daniel but now I think he should just drink himself to death (along with sad sack Lucas).

I hope Nicole is disgusted with Eric making plans with his brother's fiancee and gets back with Brady. Or her former captor, Xander. Or JJ.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43304/27/2019

About a year ago, I read Marlene and Darrell's or "MarDar" Days bible. It was actually very good, especially some of the Will stuff. Any way Madison James was going to be one of Maggie's stolen eggs. It was going to be a pretty big story, but for whatever reason Ken fired them and threw out most of their story plans. There was nothing in the document about Daniel being one of the eggs. Daniel, Rafe, and Nicole were going to be in a triangle.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43404/27/2019

Looking at the spoilers for the second week in May it looks like Holly takes a dirt nap.

Lawd! Nicole never stop crying.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43504/27/2019

No way will the Fraus stand for Nicole losing THREE children, especially not her Miracle Baby, Holly Sprig.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43604/27/2019


They're already going bonkers on Twitter

I really hope it's not true because I hate Nicole being a crying snot rag. That's all she's been for years. If the death of Holly could revert her back to a bitch on wheels then I'd say go for it but we can't have nice things.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43704/27/2019

I LOVED MarDar! I hate TomSell and their damned ruination of Will.

With one line, Ron had Nicole her OLD REAL SELF when she told Rex she'd prefer gin over water to rehydrate her.

PLEASE, Ron, kill off Holly and return Nicole to her true bitch self! She's already got the Bitch Kate Gosselin haircut.

by Naughty Nicolereply 43804/27/2019

WOW! It does look like Holly Bush goes into the wood chipper! (Metaphorically)

And Brady comforts Nicole as Xander walks in!

Good! Let Sarah HINO (Horton In Name Only) take care of loser Eric.

Ooh, T-Boz's last day is Thursday, May 2! No more Shiela!

by Naughty Nicolereply 43904/27/2019

The Soap Central Fraus are getting violent in their ire over the upcoming death of Nicole's spawn.

Of course, many are reassuring themselves that Kristen "surely" faked Holly's death and has the child secreted away.

And Maggie boozes it up!

by Naughty Nicolereply 44004/27/2019

Days of Our Lives 4/29/2019 Weekly Preview Promo (HD)

by Naughty Nicolereply 44104/27/2019

The show just sinks deeper and deeper into an oozing muck of despair and regret. Betcha Meg Kelley is starting to look better to the NBC pinheads.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44204/27/2019

Killing Holly is a horrible idea; better that Jordan's kid bite the dust, no one except Rafe and Loony Lani cares about him. I am sure this is all to set up Chloe's departure. Why would she want to stay in Salem? Interesting that no one commented on yet another shoot out at Doug's Place. Julie did not even make an appearance the next day - I guess they are getting used to it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44304/27/2019

Julie after Hope tells her she's filing for divorce:

"Darling, I can't tell you how happy it makes me not to have to refer to you as Mrs. Hernandezzzzzzz any longer."

by Naughty Nicolereply 44404/27/2019

Back in 2012, all these unhinged Twitter Fraus were positive that Stefano had stolen and faked the death of Baby Ecole II. They said that Celeste's son Cameron, who delivered the dead Baby Ecole II, was most likely really Stefano's son and was doing the Phoenix's bidding.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44504/27/2019

r434 Because Ken has an ego. It's partly one of the reasons why he made TomSell incorporate some Dena Higley material that she had planned to do before she was finally fired because Sony and NBC had gotten tired if her. Heck last time Dena was there she made sure to get Josh Griffith fired by blaming him for all the problems the show was facing including them listening to internet trolls. One of Dena's purposes was to sweep clean anything gay related on the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44604/27/2019

No, Josh Griffith definitely was the one who came up with Jigsaw Grandpa and Ciara's RAPE, not Dena.

He also made Aiden EVIL, which Dena hated because she loved Aiden.

EVERY horrible thing that ever happened on the show was not written by Dena. Plenty of them, sure, but other writers have had their share of reviled stories.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44704/27/2019

[quote]Of course, many are reassuring themselves that Kristen "surely" faked Holly's death and has the child secreted away.

She did.

by Naughty Nicolereply 44804/27/2019

This May Sweeps sounds awful already!

by Naughty Nicolereply 44904/27/2019

R434 wow I’d be really curious to read that (as well as the one Kola Boof apprently wrote), although I’m assuming it’s really not available to the general public.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45004/27/2019

Kola Boof wrote EJ as bisexual. Also, she was going to reveal Kate was bisexual in college.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45104/27/2019

Kate's female lover from college was to arrive in Salem and turn the town upside down. She and her business partner EJ would be the evil bisexuals seducing men and women all over the place.

I don't remember much else. Boof used to post at the wretched Daytime Royalty and spilled lots of her storylines.

Don't forget, Kola Boof was Osama bin Laden's lover!

by Naughty Nicolereply 45204/27/2019

[quote]For the last two days, ex-DAYS writer Kola Boof has been on a tell-all Twitter rampage about her time as a writer for the show. She had served as a ghost writer for James Reilly and "officially" penned two episodes; she also takes credit for creating the character of EJ Wells. On Twitter, she discussed some of her storyline ideas for the show, citing examples such as – Billie trying to lure Bo and Hope into a threesome, Abe beating Lexie up into a coma, Alice faking senility to help Steve Johnson, etc. She also made quite a few inflammatory statements against several writers and cast members of the show as well, mostly accusing them of chauvinism and racism.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45304/27/2019

Justin Hartley competed for the role of EJ!!!!!!

by Naughty Nicolereply 45404/27/2019

Kyle Lowder looks like Mason Wyler.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45504/27/2019

It's funny that anyone would get upset about the death of any character on Days. It's Ground Zero for the walking dead.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45604/27/2019

They did in the late 70s when it was thought to be Marlena, in the 2010s with Will, 00s with various vets, etc.... R456.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45704/27/2019

Dumb asses.

by Naughty Nicolereply 45804/28/2019

May 1982 was the outrage for Marlena’s supposed death, not “the late 70s.”

by Naughty Nicolereply 45904/28/2019

So did Nicole come out?

by Naughty Nicolereply 46004/28/2019

Did Mz. Zuckerman ever find someone to rent that house of hers with the tacky Tiki Shack for $10K per month!?

by Naughty Nicolereply 46104/28/2019

Did you someone use my name and the word "gay" in the same sentence?

by Naughty Nicolereply 46204/28/2019

I never was a fan of Kyle's looks, but I must say he's better looking these days.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46304/28/2019

Continuing. . .

I'm thinking it might be the lighting that works for him, but it's definitely something. Plus, he looks tanner now than he did back in the day.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46404/28/2019

Lucas Adams has landed a role in a movie with the actress who previously played OldJade who was allegedly unceremoniously fired and replaced with NuJade on Days and dates the actor who previously played Joey and is friends with the actor formerly played Chase.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46504/28/2019

He'll look like Daddy Lowder at some point.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46604/28/2019

That Kola freak is a god damned nut! She lies.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46704/29/2019

I think KL is hot AF.

by Naughty Nicolereply 46804/29/2019

Xander is back today!! WhooHoo!!

by Naughty Nicolereply 46904/29/2019

Truly shameful that all Charity Rahmer clips were removed from YouTube. I need a good laugh.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47004/29/2019

Is it me, or does Kyle's dad look a bit like Steve Jobs?

by Naughty Nicolereply 47104/29/2019

Stephen Nichols is back taping.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47204/30/2019

[quote]Stephen Nichols is back taping.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47304/30/2019

The Art Director at SOD must be an expert at airbrushing photos to take 25 years off the heads they regularly put on the cover.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47404/30/2019

Do they mean back now to air in six months hence or back six months ago to air in May?

by Naughty Nicolereply 47504/30/2019

Whichever, I'm just relieved.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47604/30/2019

Looks like it's back now to air in Oct/Nov... He said he got the call to return last month.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47704/30/2019

Yippee! Another old fart to take up air time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 47804/30/2019

Does Will remember he’s a whore yet? Is the tumor blocking that part of his brain?

by Naughty Nicolereply 47904/30/2019

Stephen Nichols looks hot AF there. How much did SOD airbrush him?

by Naughty Nicolereply 48004/30/2019

Oh Gawd Patch is fucking bore.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48104/30/2019

R479 SOD took him down to his Emoji age to appeal to the demo.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48204/30/2019

Didn't Doolmoji flop R482?

by Naughty Nicolereply 48304/30/2019

Xander's cohort is none other than Dorian...I mean Vivian.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48404/30/2019

R483 Yes, the useless DOOLmoji app has been forgotten and replaced by the DOOLApp, which actually is kind of useful.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48504/30/2019

NuKristen returns this month.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48604/30/2019

Poor Tripp will be gone before daddy comes home... Maybe time to bust GrindrJoey out of prison, Stayla needs someone to fuss over.

by Naughty Nicolereply 48704/30/2019

R484 I hope this is true. They would be fun together! ( Oh if only Serena was related to Vivian... that would make it ever more interesting!)

by Naughty Nicolereply 48805/01/2019

what the fuck is up with Abe"s eyebrows

by Naughty Nicolereply 48905/01/2019

What is up with Tripp throwing out Claire? Then, he expects her to be cool with it, right after he told her he has to continue faking this marriage for at least a year or more. If I were Claire, I would have ratted them both out.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49005/01/2019

R490 Yeah, the whole story doesn't make sense. Unless you assume Tripp was trying to get rid of Claire along.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49105/01/2019

Ron is such a card.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49205/01/2019

R421 Yeah, it seems as if he wants to get rid of Claire. "Oh, don't worry. She'll get over it." It's obvious he is more into Hailey than Claire. At one point, it did look as if Hailey was playing the bad girl card by blurting out that Claire was moving out. Of course, that's not the way she intended, but back in the day soap writing would have switched gears like that.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49305/01/2019

Tripp has always used Claire. He turned to her when Ciara didn't want him anymore, then marrying someone he barely knows. I feel bas for Claire. Tripp is scum.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49405/02/2019

[quote] what the fuck is up with Abe's eyebrows

I'm pretty 72-year old James has had one or more face or eye lifts.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49505/02/2019

[quote]what the fuck is up with Abe's eyebrows

I think it's an homage to a beloved horror icon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 49605/02/2019

R494 Actually, Tripp had it bad for Claire around 2 years ago and she had no time for him because she was with Theo. He was torching for her a while and finally got over her when he fell for Ciara. Claire only wanted him when Theo dumped .

by Naughty Nicolereply 49705/02/2019

Why? Was the smell that bad?

by Naughty Nicolereply 49805/02/2019

Daytime Emmy is coming up on Sunday... is it being broadcast or just streaming online?

by Naughty Nicolereply 49905/02/2019

I am rooting for Tripp for younger actor! (Though he looks closer to 30!)

by Naughty Nicolereply 50005/02/2019

And Claire (Olivia) for Younger Actress! She got better as her character turns bad.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50105/02/2019

Olivia looks so boney. My goodness! I thought at one point she was filling out a bit, but I guess not. It must be the stress of leaving.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50205/02/2019

Days' pin up hunk.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50305/02/2019

I'm really enjoying the return of Valerie.

Please tell me she is going to be around longer for Eli's sake.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50405/03/2019

My favorite stories involve Loni, Rafe, Claire, Abe, TLC, and to a lesser extent Eric, Nicole, and Sarah triangle. I love how Eric dropped Sara for Nicole, much like he did to Jennifer when Nic reappeared.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50505/03/2019

[quote]I'm really enjoying the return of Valerie. Please tell me she is going to be around longer for Eli's sake.

I've got bad news for you ...

by Naughty Nicolereply 50605/03/2019

I like Lani and Rafe, but it screws over Eli. Eli needs to be fucking. I think David's father is Xander

by Naughty Nicolereply 50705/03/2019

[quote]Eli needs to be fucking

Will hasn’t experienced BBC yet. It’s time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 50805/03/2019


that we know of... there was the guy in LA

by Naughty Nicolereply 50905/03/2019

Unfortunately Eli and Will are cousins. Bring back Celeste's son, Dr. Cameron the Stripper. He could give Will's neglected hole all the BBC attention that it needs.

by Naughty Nicolereply 51005/03/2019

R507 I wouldn't mind David being Xander's son. But who would be his mother?

by Naughty Nicolereply 51105/03/2019

I don't want Xander being that kid's father. I don't want a kid to cramp his style.

by Naughty Nicolereply 51205/03/2019

I am hoping for Maggie to fall off the wagon and sleep with Xander; grief drinking and sex over Holly. That would be a great way for Xander to stick it to old Vic!

by Naughty Nicolereply 51305/03/2019

Brady came home today looking much hotter. I can't figure out why. His facial hair looks a bit darker. Maybe that's it.

Xander remains the hottest thing on 2 legs. Woof!

by Naughty Nicolereply 51405/03/2019

I would watch the fuck out of that story, R513, But I would extend it into an entire drunken affair. Maggie is drunk all the time and is just fucking Xander all over the place and buying him stuff. The audience would lose their minds.

by Naughty Nicolereply 51505/03/2019

R510 "Second cousin once removed" is perfectly legal just about everywhere, especially since they can't procreate.

by Naughty Nicolereply 51605/03/2019

To hear you guys tell it, Will took his clothes off and became a pass around bottom the minute he left the LAX parking lot. Where did he find all of those tops in LA?

by Naughty Nicolereply 51705/03/2019

R513 You mean after he sticks it to old Magpie?

by Naughty Nicolereply 51805/03/2019

R517 That guy at the studio where Will was working took him to a private party up in the Hollywood Hills, and Will became the main attraction at the poolside orgy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 51905/03/2019

Cum Dump Will. If only.

by Naughty Nicolereply 52005/03/2019

Derivative of a gay classic ... "Whoreton's 20 Load Weekend"

by Naughty Nicolereply 52105/03/2019

Chambo could play the lead in the Kevin Williams biopic. Would love to hear him deliver the line:

"50 bucks and a massage, too?"

by Naughty Nicolereply 52205/03/2019

Has Nicole explained how she survived that fire?

by Naughty Nicolereply 52305/03/2019

Nicole’s face melted a little in the fire right cuz she’s looking rough

by Naughty Nicolereply 52405/03/2019

If Nicole were really Kristen in disguise... which is why she did not want Eric to see her "burnt" body...

Then "Nicole" can break Eric's heart and leave him for Brady!

THAT would be more interesting than any Sarah Horton crap.

Brandon Barash is breathtaking! Also, how does he get his hair so shiny? What product does that?

by Naughty Nicolereply 52505/03/2019


so help me if RC goes the latex mask route...

by Naughty Nicolereply 52605/03/2019

I don't see how Nicole could be Kristin. Ari is a good 30 lbs heavier than Stacey.

by Naughty Nicolereply 52705/03/2019

The Daytime Emmys will be streamed on Twitter or the NATAS website.

by Naughty Nicolereply 52805/03/2019

In Melaswen they are streamed on the SATAN website.

by Naughty Nicolereply 52905/03/2019

They give Emmys to this shit?

by Naughty Nicolereply 53005/03/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 53105/03/2019

R530 Nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53205/03/2019

Ron C - your ratings are awful!

by Naughty Nicolereply 53305/03/2019

I thinking Baby David is Rafe and Loni's child.

Theory: She had two babies. She carried one child and the other was harvested w/o her permission.

Her eggs were removed when she was working undercover and was drugged by some dealer, who was selling some dangerous drug. If anyone remembers, Lani was found out of it and high on some type of unknown substance. She spent some time in the hospital recovering.

How they got Rafe's sperm I do not know, but I'm sure he was knocked out in the Dimerra mansion at some point.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53405/03/2019

Was that Halo?

by Naughty Nicolereply 53505/04/2019

Yeah, that was the name of the drug.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53605/04/2019

I remember Deimos dressed up as Col Sanders at that party.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53705/04/2019

I'm thinking they implanted the embryo in Jordan, but she is not the biological mother.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53805/04/2019

[quote]I remember Deimos dressed up as Col Sanders at that party.

Was that a different drug? The one used at the party seemed to wipe out people's memory. The one that Loni had seemed to have been addicting.

by Naughty Nicolereply 53905/04/2019

Does the BEE like the D? Was The actress who plays Chloe his beard?

by Naughty Nicolereply 54005/04/2019

[quote]so help me if RC goes the latex mask route...

It wouldn't be the first time this show went that route -- the '80s were awash in latex masks.

by Naughty Nicolereply 54105/04/2019

[quote]Does the BEE like the D?

Brett Easton Ellis on the DOOL?

by Naughty Nicolereply 54205/04/2019

In the 80s, Days and GH were famous for their latex masks. Everybody had them.

by Naughty Nicolereply 54305/04/2019

I see Cartooni has begun his big descent, which happens at every show. Everything goes so far off the rails that he loses control. And it becomes one gimmick after another. The pattern is actually quite humorous at this point.

Ron has always desperately needed a co-HW to reel him in and/or a really strong EP.

by Naughty Nicolereply 54405/04/2019

R544 you are clearly watching a different show than everyone else.

by Naughty Nicolereply 54505/04/2019

R545 I agree. This week was anything but boring. It was a drama filled week for over half the cast (a rarity).

I really enjoyed this week even if we lost Sheila & Valerie at the same time.

The cast seems to be rapidly aging. So many young people are leaving & are being replaced by senior citizens. What youngster wants to watch them?

I can't believe old timers Robin S. & Steven Nichols are being actively pursued to return to a daytime soap.

Nicole is staying in Salem for awhile? Is she on contract yet?

by Naughty Nicolereply 54605/04/2019

I didn't use the term "boring" per se. I said he goes off the rails which is absolutely true. Nothing makes sense and it's one bad plot after another. He just inserts characters into plots.

by Naughty Nicolereply 54705/04/2019

[quote]He just inserts characters into plots.

Where is this happening? Can you provide some examples?

by Naughty Nicolereply 54805/04/2019

At the rate this thread is going, it's going to be done by Monday.

Here is the next thread "DOOL Part 6 = The Hunk-A-Thon" thread.


by Naughty Nicolereply 54905/04/2019

Ron is god-awful and clearly, the genre is so played out that people have dropped their standards to basement levels. Sad little fraus starved for "entertainment'.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55005/04/2019

When Sami comes back for Caroline's funeral, do you think she will have an EJ beside her?

by Naughty Nicolereply 55105/04/2019

I thought she's coming back for Will's tumor, and then Caroline "dies" and hence the funeral. Caroline's not dead yet on the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55205/04/2019

She's dead to me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55305/04/2019

r548, his MO is creating a plot instead of creating a character. Sarah and her introduction is case in point. Do we know anything about her as a character or her motivations? Her entrance was an insta-plot, engaged to Rex. He did exactly the same thing at OLTL with Joey/Kelly/Aubrey all at once.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55405/05/2019

R554 Sarah is an established character who has known morals & traits (we all know she is no DiMera). She's Maggie's daughter who was living in Nashville before moving back to Salem. Sarah allowed Nicole & Holly to stay with her there when they needed a place to stay. I'm glad we didn't have to see Rex & Sarah get together. Talk about dragging something out.

The show also had to deal with the Rex actor's other commitments so Ron only had a limited amount of time to use him before his required departure. I think all things considered, TPTB did Sarah & Rex 's story remarkably well with what they had to work with. They also probably had to time their breakup & reunion with Ari's scheduled return for maximum shock value which in my opinion they accomplished. Sarah's heartbreak was palpable & the actress's best work to date.

I watched Ron's work on OLTL & I don't feel like DOOL is morphing into that show if that is what you are claiming.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55505/05/2019

^^Unhinged Godfrey Stan at R555.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55605/05/2019

R556 I wasn't a fan of Sarah when she first appeared but Godfrey's recent work has won me over.

I can now tolerate Godfrey's mannerisms & Sarah seems to be less screechy then when she first debuted.

That's a win for me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55705/05/2019

GR ready for the Daytime Emmy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 55805/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 55905/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 56005/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 56105/05/2019

Anna! Andre!

by Naughty Nicolereply 56205/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 56305/05/2019

Eric! Abe!

by Naughty Nicolereply 56405/05/2019

Hope! Jennifer! NuRex!

by Naughty Nicolereply 56505/05/2019

I hate Melissa but she looks good there. Hope coulda tried a little...

by Naughty Nicolereply 56605/05/2019

KA giving everyone the finger! Classy!

by Naughty Nicolereply 56705/05/2019

Don't they look like a loverly lesbian couple? KA is obviously the butch one.

by Naughty Nicolereply 56805/05/2019

KA talks. MR listens.

by Naughty Nicolereply 56905/05/2019

MR escapes from KA's clutches.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57005/05/2019

"The Lord thy God sayeth..."

by Naughty Nicolereply 57105/05/2019

VK’s dress isn’t flattering. She’s beautiful though.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57205/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 57305/05/2019

Chabby back in Salem this fall... which would mean they have been taping already since the show is now taping November episodes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57405/05/2019

Damn this show is desperate R574. I thought Billy was supposed to writing and staring in his future Oscar winning film.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57505/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 57605/05/2019

There is a Daytime Emmy Thread for anyone interested.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57705/05/2019

2 "drunk" girls on the red carpet.

by Naughty Nicolereply 57805/05/2019

Lani! And her cape!

by Naughty Nicolereply 57905/05/2019

Sal working it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58005/05/2019

Victoria being #metoo'ed by gay Fairman.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58105/05/2019


by Naughty Nicolereply 58205/05/2019

Kyler Pettis, Emmy winner.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58305/05/2019

True O’Brien, Emmy winner

by Naughty Nicolereply 58405/05/2019

Both getting thrown under the bus and off the show R583 and R584.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58505/05/2019

R583 I can't recall a single scene from Theo that would be Emmy worthy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58605/05/2019

^^^ That's because we're dealing with DAYTIME Emmy worthy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58705/05/2019

Guys come on...he was in a storyline about a young black man being shot by a white police officer. A storyline like that pretty much screams, "just go ahead and give me the fucking Emmy now." And don't pretend like the same thing doesn't happen at the Primetime Emmys or with the Oscars. Certain stories, by their very nature get pulled into the awards direction.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58805/05/2019

Oh, now I get it. They give you an Emmy for escaping from this shit show. Well done.

by Naughty Nicolereply 58905/05/2019

Thanks for all the pictures over the last couple of hours.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59005/05/2019

R588 Didn't most of that story play in 2017? I think Pettis only had three episodes of material to draw from in early January 2018 for this year's awards. He was gone after that. I guess Theo deciding he was going to go to South Africa and saying goodbye to different characters was good enough?

by Naughty Nicolereply 59105/05/2019

R588 But once he was shot, he was just lying on the hospital bed while other people acted around him. That's Emmy worthy?

by Naughty Nicolereply 59205/05/2019

R591 Yes, as I recall, Theo recovering was the "Christmas miracle" moment of 2017. Soon after he was sent off to South Africa.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59305/05/2019

R592 You got a valid point there.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59405/05/2019

I'm not saying that it's Emmy worthy, I'm just saying that certain stories are "Awards Bait" stories. The little girl over at GH won because she was in a metoo story.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59505/05/2019

Did FOWBF win?

Bring that Oscar home, Billy!

by Naughty Nicolereply 59605/05/2019

r596 If I didn't miss anything, Days didn't win anything tonight except for Kyler.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59705/05/2019

Maybe he can go for the mirror ball on DWTS R596

by Naughty Nicolereply 59805/05/2019

DWTS would actually be a decent gig to show off his ass.

by Naughty Nicolereply 59905/05/2019

Please do not start #7 till #6 is at 575 or so

by Naughty Nicolereply 60005/05/2019
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