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Trump Claims He'll Be "Reinstated" by August

Just part of the grift or do you think he's actually this delusional?

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by Anonymousreply 507July 31, 2021 6:59 PM

They are probably planning a coup. With the full support of the military.

by Anonymousreply 1June 1, 2021 2:36 PM

Maggie Haberman is basically his press secretary now, she's awful.

by Anonymousreply 2June 1, 2021 2:38 PM

This won’t happen. Kill trump the sociopath.

by Anonymousreply 3June 1, 2021 2:38 PM

This is like when cults predict the end of the world. The date comes and nothing happens.

They just move the date.

by Anonymousreply 4June 1, 2021 2:39 PM

Trump doesn't have full support of the military. If he did then the coup on January 6th wouldn't have been a bunch of redneck idiots wearing shirts with their names embroidered on them.

by Anonymousreply 5June 1, 2021 2:39 PM

R1 - none of the active military would do that - they would be courtmartialed. Besides, he hasn't exactly done much to endear himself to military members. Despite that bullshit letter from a month ago from retired former military commanders (all in their 70's or 80's), there's not much military support to make this happen.

The military doesn't support Trump in the numbers that you are led to believe. There's been too much shit.

by Anonymousreply 6June 1, 2021 2:39 PM

Do you suppose he confused the definition of reinstated with that of committed or incarcerated?

by Anonymousreply 7June 1, 2021 2:41 PM

Take this shit seriously. Do not fuck around with this. Lock him up for his seditious actions.

Mike Flynn, too. He should be in custody by the end of the day.

Everything is at stake. Don't ignore these people. They have abandoned democratic principles and are working to create a fascist takeover of the United States.

by Anonymousreply 8June 1, 2021 2:41 PM

The coup will be under their terms. Trump will just be the selling point with zero power.

by Anonymousreply 9June 1, 2021 2:43 PM

R8, calm the fuck down.

by Anonymousreply 10June 1, 2021 2:43 PM

War with China will be the distraction...

by Anonymousreply 11June 1, 2021 2:43 PM

The tweet describing a Myanmar-style coup is pathetic. So we're going to emulate a fascist country now?

Plus, it was embarrassing when Flynn suggested it at the meeting because he, previously so highly ranked in the military, couldn't even pronounce it correctly. Can he (and the other deplorables) even find it on the map?

by Anonymousreply 12June 1, 2021 2:44 PM

Military coup might happen at some point in the future, dems would bury their heads in the sand though and write some strongly worded letters.

by Anonymousreply 13June 1, 2021 2:46 PM

[post redacted because independent.co.uk thinks that links to their ridiculous rag are a bad thing. Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. Or not. We don't really care. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles.]

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by Anonymousreply 14June 1, 2021 2:46 PM

About once a month his inner Norma Desmond screams to be let out, and here we are again. Build up, ejaculation, fantasy satisfied. Meanwhile, real sane governance continues.

by Anonymousreply 15June 1, 2021 2:48 PM

There is no concept of reinstated. They are just making up shit to encourage donations to Trump.

by Anonymousreply 16June 1, 2021 2:49 PM

R13 - no, active duty voted for Biden. The only group that strongly favored Trump were former military aged 55+.

You're never going to get enough generals and, more importantly, soldiers to do a coup. Sorry, but your fantasy can never happen with the largest military in the world. It's too big and you'd have to have a huge amount of support at the top and bottom to do it - and it just isn't there.

Even if you had a couple of thousand, the rest of the armed forces would zoom in and take them out.

He's been a massive dick and insulting to the armed forces. They are not on his side.

by Anonymousreply 17June 1, 2021 2:49 PM

Hypothetically If he was reinstated, Democratic leadership wouldn’t even do anything because they’ve been so feminised.

No one respects the weak.

by Anonymousreply 18June 1, 2021 2:49 PM

he just wants more money

by Anonymousreply 19June 1, 2021 2:49 PM

Hypothetically if he was reinstated, The democratic leadership wouldn’t even do anything as they’ve been so feminised.

No one respects the weak.

by Anonymousreply 20June 1, 2021 2:51 PM

If he gets reinstated, can I cancel? Do I get a refund?

by Anonymousreply 21June 1, 2021 2:51 PM

I guess this thread was posted just so people could post the r13 and r18 comments. Boring.

by Anonymousreply 22June 1, 2021 2:51 PM

Maggie thinks this has everything to do with his imminent indictment; while I don't exactly see tanks in the streets (they tear up the pavement!), I don't think violence against state governments, similar to the OK City Bombing are out of the realm of possibility. I hope that MI governor has good security.

by Anonymousreply 23June 1, 2021 2:51 PM

Right-winger Byron York, demonstrating once again that he has no concept of what his party has become:

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by Anonymousreply 24June 1, 2021 2:52 PM

Dream on. Trump's day in the sun is gone. His followers will eventually dwindle away and the Republicans will find new leadership candidates.

by Anonymousreply 25June 1, 2021 2:54 PM

No, trump will be reincarnated, as a dung beetle.

by Anonymousreply 26June 1, 2021 2:55 PM

R25 I want him to spend the rest of his life staring into the sun.

by Anonymousreply 27June 1, 2021 2:57 PM

R25 - that's not how the GOP is acting when their top leaders are flying down the Mar-a-Lago to meet with him all the time.

Everything Trump touches turns to shit eventually. He's bankrupted himself and now he is bankrupting the Republican party. It's all playing out beautifully.

by Anonymousreply 28June 1, 2021 2:57 PM

His supporters are as mentally ill as him. Could you imagine still stanning for Dump when it’s been five months since he lost? Get over it!

by Anonymousreply 29June 1, 2021 2:58 PM

Trump is 74 and looks like shit. There will be no comeback, only the steady decline towards death.

by Anonymousreply 30June 1, 2021 2:59 PM

Reinstated as the spokesperson for Depends?

by Anonymousreply 31June 1, 2021 3:03 PM

Grifter gotta grift, it's all he's got. Too bad we have to foot the bill. Does anyone believe that Trump and family will spend any time in prison? They will get off scot-free.

by Anonymousreply 32June 1, 2021 3:04 PM

Unsubstantiated, total BS anonymous sources, you mean.

by Anonymousreply 33June 1, 2021 3:06 PM

The sun cannot set quickly enough on this bullshit.

by Anonymousreply 34June 1, 2021 3:06 PM

If Trump says that to the wrong person, or a person with a recording device, isn't it sedition?

by Anonymousreply 35June 1, 2021 3:07 PM


by Anonymousreply 36June 1, 2021 3:08 PM

I thought they surgically switched Trump and Biden's bodies and Donald is now secretly president. That's what Q told me.

They wouldn't lie about something that serious.

by Anonymousreply 37June 1, 2021 3:14 PM

R20, your comment wasn't interesting the first time, non-American. I'm not sure why you felt fit to post it twice.

by Anonymousreply 38June 1, 2021 3:17 PM

Like Face Off R37?

by Anonymousreply 39June 1, 2021 3:17 PM

This guy is such a stupid asshole.

by Anonymousreply 40June 1, 2021 3:22 PM

Trump has total control over the GOP and the biggest personality cult seen in decades, he is not going anywhere.

Unlikely he will be reinstated, Trump will be the 2024 GOP nominee though and will probably win.

by Anonymousreply 41June 1, 2021 3:28 PM

[quote]Hypothetically if he was reinstated, The democratic leadership wouldn’t even do anything as they’ve been so feminised.


Fucking foreign trolls.

by Anonymousreply 42June 1, 2021 3:30 PM

R42 Sometimes the trolls make valid points. What they said is true a lot of people view the dems as weak pussies, Something has to be done to counter that image.

by Anonymousreply 43June 1, 2021 3:34 PM

R42 - exactly - that poster has only made that one comment - twice. No other posts anywhere.

by Anonymousreply 44June 1, 2021 3:34 PM

I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that it may be genuine delusion, rather than deliberate grift.

by Anonymousreply 45June 1, 2021 3:36 PM

R44, those trolls are so stupid. They always mess up -- in this case twice.

by Anonymousreply 46June 1, 2021 3:37 PM

This is the sort of thread that appeals to DL's MARYs!!! and DL's Borises

Trump is the best thing to happen to Democrats in a while.

You know who is NOT affected by all those new voting laws? The affluent white suburbanites who are leaving the GOP in droves, now that it is officially the Party of White Trash.

You know who IS affected by them? All those poor rednecks and many of the Latinos in Texas who voted for Trump. And unlike Black voters, they don't have churches and Stacey Abrams working to counteract the law's effects.

The more GOP leaders have to kowtow to Trump, the worse they look, the more likely it is they will run unelectable right wing freaks.

And despite all the fearmongering about 2022, many Trump voters don't turn out in midterms--they only turn out to vote for Trump, and like MTG, it's often the only time they've ever actually voted.

Also the Hillary Stans hate Haberman because she did not sufficiently genuflect to their Queen, but she's anything but a Trumpist.

by Anonymousreply 47June 1, 2021 3:38 PM

If you’re Russian and you know it, clap your hands… 👏

by Anonymousreply 48June 1, 2021 3:40 PM

[quote]Republicans will find new leadership candidates

That's even scarier. They'll be slicker, smarter and way more competent. One upside is they won't have the personality cult inspiring the Godlike worship like Trump does, though they'll have to wave Trump flags around they won't be HIM.

by Anonymousreply 49June 1, 2021 3:42 PM

Если вы русский и знаете это, хлопайте в ладоши… 👏

by Anonymousreply 50June 1, 2021 3:42 PM

R39, I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s actually what QAnons were saying in the first couple months after the inauguration. A lot of people pointed out their bodies weren’t remotely the same. I never heard an answer to that so maybe they thought it was a brain transplant or something.

I’ve also heard Hillary and Biden were executed and replaced by clones, they are in Guantanamo and replaced by clones, Biden is living in LA and appears in a Hollywood studio made up to look like the White House, and other ridiculous stuff. There is no bottom to the impossible stuff they will believe. It’s a cult.

I agree that the Democrats are handling this much too ineffectively. Spend some time looking at some of the posts of these wackos. The more they’re allowed to carry on without being stopped, the bigger the movement grows. At a certain point, they will be able to win elections even in purple and blue areas and then you’ll be living in a fascist hellhole for the rest of your life, because of voter suppression and gerrymandering. McConnell packed the federal courts with extremist judges and at a certain point that’s going to come home to roost. It needs to be put down definitively before it’s too late.

by Anonymousreply 51June 1, 2021 3:45 PM

Of course, it's a grift and a pretext for separating the deplorables fromt their last few bucks. But more importantly, Shitler is STARVED for attention and announcing another coup attempt is his last desperate bid to be talked about. His "alternative to Twitter" website, crashed and burned, predictably. Biden is at an unheard of 60% approval rating, which is driving him to desperation.

This is about his two favorite things, Attention and money. He's facing an almost certain slew of indictments from Vance's grand Jury and that represents only a fraction of his legal exposure. The only way the orange racist blob can stay out of jail is to regain power. He won't but he will get rich trying.

by Anonymousreply 52June 1, 2021 3:46 PM

Not sure that whatever hairball the Republicans cough up for president will be smarter and slicker than Trump, remember this is the party that went from Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Junior to Trump, each dumber and more incompetent than the last (with the possible exception of the elder Bush). The problem is that the people who vote for these GOP hairballs don't care if their candidate is smart or not.

by Anonymousreply 53June 1, 2021 3:49 PM

He doesn’t have to regain power to be damaging. All he has to do is go to GQP rallies and be worshipped, and get money for it. He would love that and there’s no responsibility involved. He can say anything he wants about Biden and can’t be sued because Biden is a public figure.

by Anonymousreply 54June 1, 2021 3:49 PM

Not necessarily R49

Trump voters like Trump.

They don't really like Hawley, Cruz, DeSantis et al, whom they see as slick Ivy League types, the kind of people who "think they're better than us."

While it makes no logical sense that blue collar Americans see Trump as one of them and the guy who stands up for them against all the media and political types who Think They're Better Than Us, it is exactly how they think.

Point being the GOP has lost the upscale suburban Bush/Romney voters by becoming the Party of White Trash America and they're going to struggle to get the Trump voters with anyone who is not Trump

Cults of Personality traditionally die out with the originator.

by Anonymousreply 55June 1, 2021 3:50 PM

That's damaging to the GQP though R54

Maybe 30% of voters and probably more like 25% are hardcore Trumpists.

All those rallies do is turn off independents and ensure that the GOP nominates more Gaetz/Greene types who can't win general elections

by Anonymousreply 56June 1, 2021 3:51 PM

R53, Majorie Taylor Greene is available. And Trumpers love her!

by Anonymousreply 57June 1, 2021 3:51 PM

Trump voters very specifically like him because he is every bit as dumb as they are and doesn't care R53.

by Anonymousreply 58June 1, 2021 3:53 PM

No - there won't be 'smarter' and 'slicker' GOP candidates. All of their positions and tricks have been played out.

by Anonymousreply 59June 1, 2021 3:53 PM

Right wingers and Deplorables are like fickle teen girls following boybands for shallow reasons. They buy the bullshit, they buy the merch. They live in an alternate reality and gladly pay the price for it.

Once all the charged rioters go on record disavowing Trump for not helping them, Trump's Deplorable appeal will sink rapidly and someone else will take over with the same lies and the same promises. All you have to look is who the Mercers bankroll and support on their media outlets and social media platforms.

by Anonymousreply 60June 1, 2021 3:56 PM

r55 is right on target. Even Shitlers most popular disciples (MT Green for example) cannot coalesce the freaks into a unified force of weaponized stupidity. When Drumphf is gone so is the unifying principle that organized the greedy, the stupid is also gone.

by Anonymousreply 61June 1, 2021 3:57 PM

Maggie has always presented herself as a sort of Trump-whisperer.

by Anonymousreply 62June 1, 2021 3:59 PM

[quote] Maggie has always presented herself as a sort of Trump-whisperer.

Back off, you ... bitch!

by Anonymousreply 63June 1, 2021 4:01 PM

These people couldn't even find Myanmar on the map.

by Anonymousreply 64June 1, 2021 4:08 PM

While Trump is clearly doing this for attention, fundraising, his narcissism, etc., my hope is that people will be eager to get out & travel and spend $$ after a year of lockdowns, stimulating the economy. Once some degree of normalcy is restored throughout the country, only the hard core kooks will care what Trumpy is rambling on about. If inflation continues & there are significant disruptions to the oil supply due to other hacks, rising crime, major hurricanes, etc., we could be in for a long summer.

by Anonymousreply 65June 1, 2021 4:09 PM

Yesterday Maggie Haberman also had a tisk tisk tweet about people refusing to call Trump by name (on Twitter and elsewhere he's often referred to as TFG or The Former Guy). You just know she posted it because he's been raging about how no one pays attention to him anymore. She's both deflecting from her own role in creating him, and keeping him happy to maintain her access on the off chance he succeeds in keeping the GOP beholden to him.

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by Anonymousreply 66June 1, 2021 4:15 PM

It bothers me to see that people still have their Trump election signs up, it’s fucking June take that shit down and accept you lost. It’s those freaks I worry about.

by Anonymousreply 67June 1, 2021 4:16 PM

r67, think of it that way: They make it that much easier to spot them and more importantly: Avoid them.

Be thankful that they are too stupid and too proud to pretend to be Liberals in real life.

by Anonymousreply 68June 1, 2021 4:20 PM


She said that people calling him "The Former Guy" lulls people into thinking that the shit he's doing, like the Arizona audit isn't potentially dangerous, that we can just make him go away by calling him"TFG" but in reality he and his ilk are still a threat.

by Anonymousreply 69June 1, 2021 4:24 PM

Putin got trump elected and he is advising the GOP. They do not give a fuck about trump, they obey Putin. People should really realize that, it matters.

by Anonymousreply 70June 1, 2021 4:36 PM

Don’t underestimate the psychological wage Trump got out of people deferring to him and the pomp of the presidency. With his level of personality disorders, he certainly misses all of that and he is humiliated that he lost-so much so that he claims that he won. His followers are lunatics like Flynn, Lindell and Nazis like Hannity. They may be planning something “big” for this summer. Remember: they think they’ve got the Supreme Court in their back pocket.

by Anonymousreply 71June 1, 2021 4:42 PM

R42 I think that poster meant that in a homophobic way

by Anonymousreply 72June 1, 2021 4:46 PM

R71- Yes, I posted awhile back that Trump's real punishment will be losing all of the unlimited power and attention that being POTUS gave him for four years. Imagine being a sadistic, malignant narc and going from most powerful to some GOP worms coming to the decrepit Florida home, in your now tiny office , to kiss your ring a few times every few months.

by Anonymousreply 73June 1, 2021 4:52 PM

Everyone who keeps chiming in that people love Dump and he’ll win in 2024 forget that WAY more people hate his guts. I mean HATE. People I know who are not political came out to vote for Biden because their hate was that intense.

by Anonymousreply 74June 1, 2021 4:53 PM

The Deplorables will follow Trump to Hell and back. They will try to pass an “Enabling Act” in Congress that will confirm Trump to the office of Fuhrer with dictatorial powers. Blacksand Hispanics will be enslaved and lgbt and Jews will be rounded up and put into apecial camps, for “observation.” Democrats will be outlawed. Flynn will become National Leader of the Armed Forces, Tucker Carlson will become Propaganda Minister, MTG Education Secretary,

by Anonymousreply 75June 1, 2021 4:53 PM

And the rest of us will rise up and protest the likes of which this country has never seen. He will NEVER be accepted again.

by Anonymousreply 76June 1, 2021 4:57 PM

Reinstated or reincarnated?

by Anonymousreply 77June 1, 2021 4:59 PM

It’s part of the grift. The dangerous part is his followers are stupid people with guns.

by Anonymousreply 78June 1, 2021 5:00 PM

When is the NEICE's lawsuit coming up. I want her to win and make a huge round of the pundit shows to prove what a despicable grifter Uncle Donald is.

by Anonymousreply 79June 1, 2021 5:01 PM

Trump’s father was a rather hardcore devotee of Norman Vincent Peale. Trump was raised with that mentality from early childhood. He’s probably going around telling people he’s being reinstated as a kind of affirmation to the universe.

When I heard about this, a whole lot of things about Trump’s personality made sense. If he believes it and gives voice to that belief, it will become reality. If you think about some of the delusional things he says in this light, it really does explain a lot.

by Anonymousreply 80June 1, 2021 5:09 PM

Manifesting? I am hearing so much about that for the first time, and the people promoting this are grifters and cult adjacent.

by Anonymousreply 81June 1, 2021 5:13 PM


by Anonymousreply 82June 1, 2021 5:18 PM

R74 Trump’s chaos turned off a large portion of the middle. When they voted for Trump they thought they were getting an outsider bent on reform. Plus they hated Hillary: an ambitious woman. Instead they got four years of constant chaos. Those folks won’t vote for Orange Shitler again.

by Anonymousreply 83June 1, 2021 5:19 PM


Misogynist much?

Feminine doesn't equal weak. I have balls and even I know that.

by Anonymousreply 84June 1, 2021 5:24 PM

Every moment you are looking at Trump, you are not watching what the GOP is doing in the state legislatures. That's where it all begins.

by Anonymousreply 85June 1, 2021 5:26 PM

[quote]Blacksand Hispanics will be enslaved and lgbt and Jews will be rounded up and put into apecial camps

Someone's already started their Tuesday morning drinkie poos, I see!

by Anonymousreply 86June 1, 2021 5:27 PM

Chuck Schumer is weak and unforceful in galvanizing Democrats. He needs to play hardball with Kirsten Sinema, who is doing GQP bidding. Manchin will play ball, but cut a couple of deals with him. Pelosi is much better, but can't do it all alone.

by Anonymousreply 87June 1, 2021 5:30 PM


by Anonymousreply 88June 1, 2021 5:33 PM

[quote]trump will be reincarnated, as a dung beetle.

Doesn't trump have to come back as something new?

by Anonymousreply 89June 1, 2021 5:33 PM

Memorial Day "boat parade" in Jupiter FL to honor the Fuhrer, who describes it as "thousands and thousands" of boats!

What better way to honor our veterans?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 90June 1, 2021 5:35 PM

When the oligarchy and the military become one, as in some countries, then you have to worry. So far, I don't think that's the case in the U.S.

by Anonymousreply 92June 1, 2021 5:42 PM

[quote]So many Democrats have nothing but contempt for the working and lower middle classes

No we don't.

by Anonymousreply 93June 1, 2021 5:44 PM

Delusion. Convince yourself!

by Anonymousreply 94June 1, 2021 5:44 PM

R64, so what? I’ll just order delivery!

by Anonymousreply 95June 1, 2021 5:46 PM

[quote] So many Democrats have nothing but contempt for the working and lower middle classes

Sure, asshole at R91, that's why the Dems are fighting to expand affordable healthcare, increase the minimum wage, bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas, increase taxes on the ultra-wealthy and create a more equitable society.

by Anonymousreply 96June 1, 2021 5:48 PM

I FF’d away R91.

by Anonymousreply 97June 1, 2021 5:48 PM

Miss Lindsey is in Israel meeting with troubled Netanyahu.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 98June 1, 2021 5:48 PM

[quote] So many Democrats have nothing but contempt for the working and lower middle classes

You mean the same Democratic party that's been trying to provide aid to working-class Americans, while the silver-spoon-up-their-asshole Republicans have done everything in their power to block it?

by Anonymousreply 99June 1, 2021 5:49 PM

R91 smells like one of those secondary accounts people create so that if they get FFs for what they said, it won't affect their primary account.

by Anonymousreply 100June 1, 2021 5:54 PM

Of course, some stupid and amateurish trollina has to go there again with her whataboutism and start talking about Democrats, while the Republicans are trying to stage a coup.

by Anonymousreply 101June 1, 2021 5:55 PM

They just aren't even trying anymore, are they, r99?

by Anonymousreply 102June 1, 2021 5:55 PM

[quote]Every moment you are looking at Trump, you are not watching what the GOP is doing in the state legislatures. That's where it all begins.

True. True 100% true. Believe this.

by Anonymousreply 103June 1, 2021 5:57 PM

Don't discount the massive switch up that is going on.

Republicans are becoming the party of White Trash. A Trump sign on the lawn is akin to having an old refrigerator out there or a Confederate flag on your pick-up truck.

So all the upper middle class suburbanites who used to vote for "nice" Republicans like Romney have abandoned the GOP and aren't coming back.

At the same time, corporate America is moving to the Democrat's side too and the GOP is quick to exploit that, and are trying to paint the Democrats as the party of out of touch wealthy elitists who don't care about the working class and only want to give money to Black people.

So far it hasn't been working that well, but there is an awful lot of class resentment in America as the gap between the top 20% and the bottom 80% gets wider and wider.

If Democrats were smart, they'd listen to Biden and his talk about how his proposals will benefit ALL Americans, not just the winners of the Oppression Olympics.

by Anonymousreply 104June 1, 2021 5:59 PM

R69, you fail by clearly not knowing anything about Access Maggie.

by Anonymousreply 105June 1, 2021 6:01 PM

Trump always tries to distract from bad news. He doesnt have much of a megaphone any more.

It's about the upcoming indictment

by Anonymousreply 106June 1, 2021 6:03 PM

R104 The Republicans ARE the party of the working man!

I will be giving a speech on this as soon as I return from the Cancun Ritz Carlton.

by Anonymousreply 107June 1, 2021 6:09 PM

Let him grift all he wants. He's only getting money from complete morons. Hopefully, he will bankrupt a few of them through their own stupidity. Every dollar he gets is a dollar that the GQP isn't getting. He'll just piss it away anyway.

by Anonymousreply 108June 1, 2021 6:16 PM

R108- Exactly. He has always pisses away his money. This will be no different. Maybe that happens when you never honestly earn any.

by Anonymousreply 109June 1, 2021 6:23 PM

I think indictments will be coming down from SDNY by August. He should be more concerned with getting a criminal defense attorney (and not Rudy or Dershowitz, a competent one).

by Anonymousreply 110June 1, 2021 6:25 PM

[quote] Exactly. He has always pisses away his money.

Or he hires whores to piss away his money for him.

by Anonymousreply 111June 1, 2021 6:29 PM

The reinstatement crap is just a grift and should only be referred to as such. The real threat is the state-by-state voter suppression efforts that are happening right now which will ruin elections at every level beginning in 2022, because the GOP will steal what they cannot win. MAGA Haberman's "don't take your eyes off Trump, he's the real threat!" is just what Trump wants--pay attention to him and inflate his power, all the while the ratfucking GOP destroys democracy while you're looking elsewhere.

The real threat are the "sensible" Republicans who are hell bent on STOPPING PEOPLE FROM VOTING. Not some half-baked "audit" spearheaded by QAnon nutters that everyone knows is bullshit and has ZERO legal authority. The press continues to cover for the former under the veneer of "both sides" while hyping the latter for clicks and ratings, and to keep Trump riled up.

by Anonymousreply 112June 1, 2021 6:35 PM

[quote]He should be more concerned with getting a criminal defense attorney (and not Rudy or Dershowitz, a competent one).

Competent attorneys are competent enough not to work for clients who do not pay.

by Anonymousreply 113June 1, 2021 6:41 PM

I know we're not supposed to take him seriously any more. But isn't that how we got Trump as president in the first place? Everybody thought he was just a joke but he was entertaining and got ratings so they gave him lots of airplay. Now he's signaling to his nutjob base that he expects something to happen. They BELIEVE in him. I don't expect another organized run on the capitol but I wouldn't rule out another OK City bombing-type event. His followers are too crazy and too well-armed. FBI can't watch every one of them every minute.

by Anonymousreply 114June 1, 2021 6:44 PM

Is Trump truly worried about facing charges? He has never been held accountable for anything. Not asking if he should be worried, just do you think he is?

by Anonymousreply 115June 1, 2021 6:46 PM

He doesn't deserve attention. The Press is fueling this BS.

by Anonymousreply 116June 1, 2021 6:47 PM

Sorry luv, we can’t donate anymore.

by Anonymousreply 117June 1, 2021 6:47 PM

R116- The media will never let him go.

by Anonymousreply 118June 1, 2021 6:49 PM

R114 "so they gave him lots of airplay"

That's the problem. Not only did they give him lots of (free) airplay, it was skewered to make him seem less dangerous than he was and for Hillary to seem far more dangerous and controversial than she was.

by Anonymousreply 119June 1, 2021 6:55 PM

Ladies and gentlemen the election is still stolen. 🤡🐆

by Anonymousreply 120June 1, 2021 6:57 PM

And in case you've blocked it out or are just too young to remember how bad the coverage was in the 2016 election, the networks would air live footage of an EMPTY PODIUM just waiting for Trump to show up.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 121June 1, 2021 6:58 PM

Last week, a "prominent" MAGAT posted a video saying something B I G was going to happen on the 28th. Nothing happened...

I just hope Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden realize this isn't 1980 anymore. These MAGATS are delusional and malevolent. It's a very dangerous era.

by Anonymousreply 122June 1, 2021 7:01 PM

[quote]Last week, a "prominent" MAGAT posted a video saying something B I G was going to happen on the 28th. Nothing happened...

R122, that's been the case for the past 4 years. Trump, MAGAts, and/or QAnon promises and never delivers. Even just since the election--Jan. 6 was supposed to be the big event, then Jan. 27, then March, now August. Nothing happens. But Trump sycophants in the press want us to take it "seriously" while casually covering the actual voter suppression happening in several states under the guise of "oh, Democrats and Republicans are squaring off again about elections. Who's to say who is correct here?"

by Anonymousreply 123June 1, 2021 7:08 PM

If anyone has is on Twitter, I highly recommend following Seth Abramson. He is the kind of investigative reporter we desperately need now. Here is a report from a Qnon meeting. A reporter snuck in, pretending to be a follower.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 124June 1, 2021 8:00 PM

Biden is trying to help blue collar workers but he is also trying to help everyone else. As in non white, non straight, non Christian. His plans include them but aren't JUST for them so it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH for some of them.

by Anonymousreply 125June 1, 2021 8:00 PM

Here is the Twitter thread. The other is paywalled, my apologies.

by Anonymousreply 126June 1, 2021 8:05 PM

Apologize again. The terrifying video is not on the Twitter, either.

by Anonymousreply 127June 1, 2021 8:07 PM

[quote]Or he hires whores to piss away his money for him.

Doubtful the Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago pays his pee pee girls. The ones in Russia got paid be Pootin or someone else.

by Anonymousreply 128June 1, 2021 8:12 PM

No, Seth Abramson is a Bernie Bro who posted all kinds of negative things about Biden. Blocked.

by Anonymousreply 129June 1, 2021 8:19 PM

I am trying to imagine what will happen if/when Trump is ever arrested. He or his sons will call for his supporters to storm whatever court or jail he is being held in and after January 6th I believe his followers are stupid enough to try it. Only way to keep his supporters from storming whatever jail he was in would be to put Trump in Guantanamo.

by Anonymousreply 130June 1, 2021 8:21 PM

One person on my Twitter feed said that Jr. us asking her for money and she has never sent him a tweet it had any contact whatsoever with him. She is a Democrat, lol. Coke ain't cheap.

by Anonymousreply 131June 1, 2021 9:07 PM

R131- Is, not us. Ugh!

by Anonymousreply 132June 1, 2021 9:07 PM

[quote]This is like when cults predict the end of the world. The date comes and nothing happens. They just move the date.

Not always, R4. Trump supporters/QAnon talked online about January 6 since mid-November. It wasn't a secret. Nobody took it seriously until they were breaking windows at the Capitol.

They do plan to try again, probably more than once, and in several different ways, just to see what's more effective.

by Anonymousreply 133June 1, 2021 9:12 PM

I think he misspoke. I think what he really meant to say was that he'll be institutionalized by August.

by Anonymousreply 134June 1, 2021 9:14 PM

This just happened today.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 135June 1, 2021 9:23 PM

The feds need to confiscate all those new mansions the two sons & Ivanka/Jared recently acquired in south Florida if it is found THEY owe major income taxes.

by Anonymousreply 136June 1, 2021 9:37 PM

I've long thought that the family is far more terrified of having assets seized than potential jail time.

by Anonymousreply 137June 1, 2021 9:52 PM

He lied to us! It’s hot as fuck down here and the Antichrist wants to snatch my wig!

by Anonymousreply 138June 1, 2021 9:59 PM

The day after the election, I signed up for Trump campaign text alerts to watch his grift and/or meltdown.

This winter, after Jan. 6/the inauguration, the fundraising texts slowed way down.

Now they're picking back up again -- they're coming in multiple times a day.

I wonder if he sees an indictment on the horizon.

by Anonymousreply 139June 1, 2021 10:00 PM

I don't think Florida law allows that, r136.

by Anonymousreply 140June 1, 2021 10:25 PM

[quote]With the full support of the military.

No, they won't. Bear in mind that they didn't try to overthrow the election in January. The Pentagon brass are NOT behind anything like this. They've made that quite clear.

by Anonymousreply 141June 1, 2021 10:28 PM

Trump is in fact delusional. Yes he is a grifter but he is also a pathetic narcissist who has ZERO ability to deal with personal failure. His brain cannot filter the possibility for more than a nanosecond.

by Anonymousreply 142June 1, 2021 10:38 PM

He and those who advocate a coup should be taken out and hanged.

No excuses.

by Anonymousreply 143June 1, 2021 10:48 PM

So what exactly are the Republicans doing to get him reinstated? Pushing a case up to the Supreme Court? Gathering a militia? Not seeing anything happening. Where does August as a date come from?

by Anonymousreply 144June 1, 2021 11:07 PM

There's nothing they can do. Even if they somehow get Biden out of the White House, Trump is nowhere in the official line of succession to the Presidency.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 145June 1, 2021 11:12 PM

Republican state legislatures are giving themselves the power to overturn election results they don't like. Perhaps they'll reach a critical mass of states by August and attempt to overthrow the 2020 election retroactively?

Nothing is out of bounds for these fiends.

by Anonymousreply 146June 1, 2021 11:22 PM

R25 is naive.

by Anonymousreply 147June 1, 2021 11:26 PM

R2 Maggie Habermanis awful?

I thought she was one of your better reporters.

by Anonymousreply 148June 1, 2021 11:28 PM

[quote]Perhaps they'll reach a critical mass of states by August and attempt to overthrow the 2020 election retroactively?

No such provision in the Constitution. States can't overturn a Congressional certification of an election.

by Anonymousreply 149June 1, 2021 11:38 PM

Exactly, r16. DT is just revving the engine. To keep $$$ flowing, interest from flagging and keep hope alive, he can escape jail.

by Anonymousreply 150June 1, 2021 11:44 PM

The only way they’d get trump back in the white house before 2024, would be through a military coup which is highly unlikely. However if it did the happen the constitution would be scrapped.

A significant portion of GOP now want a fascist dictatorship.

by Anonymousreply 151June 1, 2021 11:46 PM

Without the media painting him as the big threat, he has nothing. The donations will stop, because he can't deliver when the media doesn't take him and his "old man shaking fist at cloud" threats serious. Trump's true power (well, apart from the shield POTUS provided) was the media making him and his rag tag followers look legit (so not terrorists and traitors at all!) and immensely powerful.

by Anonymousreply 152June 1, 2021 11:51 PM

Fucking Michael Flynn needs to be arrested for treason.

by Anonymousreply 153June 1, 2021 11:54 PM

There is no legal mechanism to "reinstate" Trump. And he doesn't have any kind of support for a successful military coup. That's all noise to drum up money and resentment. Jan. 6 was the apex of what he could pull off with brute force, and it was an idiot parade.

The real goal is what they are doing with voter suppression laws so that the GOP can declare themselves election winners without actually winning. So in 2022 they retake the House and Senate even if they fail to get the votes, which positions them to take the Presidency in 2024 even when they lose.

by Anonymousreply 154June 1, 2021 11:56 PM

Trump will never so much as set foot in the White House again

by Anonymousreply 155June 1, 2021 11:57 PM

I predict Trump won't even by alive by 2024.

by Anonymousreply 156June 1, 2021 11:58 PM


by Anonymousreply 157June 1, 2021 11:58 PM

I realize these deplorables are delusional, but if I could just pose a logical argument for a moment:

What I don't understand is someone like the woman featured in the OP video. She and others like her are Americans. They were born and brought up in the U.S. They know we've never had a president (or probably any other political officeholder) reinstated. They know this. They know this has never happened before. They know it's an impossibility given the structure of the lines of presidential succession, the duties of Congress and the Supreme Court, the voting process of the U.S., the civilian authority over the military and the entire stability and function of the United States' government. Don't they understand that with all those structures serving as a functioning safety net, a military coup at this time is so remote it's ludicrous to even contemplate.

So how in the world could Trump ever be reinstated--not to mention, have it completed by August?!

And Trump, Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn know this is an impossibility too. Trump continues to spread this lie for fundraising purposes, but what's in it for Powell and Flynn?

by Anonymousreply 158June 2, 2021 12:25 AM

^ My hunch: This is the story they tell themselves to feel better, an excuse to not having to acknowledge the bitter truth. It's all about feeling, not about facts obviously. Same for Trump. He mumbles about good thing to come so he doesn't have to take responsibility for failing in the past. He's done that for four years, well, forever really. It's not even that they conceal the tactic in any way. All his lying in people's face, it's just to get through the next five minutes, not a long term strategy..

by Anonymousreply 159June 2, 2021 12:36 AM

R140 The Florida Section X Homestead law generally prevents attachment of financial judgments to primary residences in the state; a major reason why so many criminals pour their money in FL property.

by Anonymousreply 160June 2, 2021 12:36 AM

Why is Haberman parroting these filthy lies? What is her problem?

by Anonymousreply 161June 2, 2021 12:38 AM

You can ask supporters for one hell of a lot of money between June and August, probably hundreds of millions, especially if they think they are financing your Reinstatement as President, expect lots of fund raising letters to follow.

by Anonymousreply 162June 2, 2021 12:39 AM

Trump is as close to the presidency as is Catherine Oxenberg to becoming the Queen of England.

by Anonymousreply 163June 2, 2021 12:42 AM

The Army needs to recall Flynn and court martial his traitorous ass. His pardon from Dump wouldn't cover that.

Sydney Kraken needs to be disbarred, along with Rudy and Bill Barr. Can a DL lawyer weigh in on the disbarment process? Do other lawyers from their state of license bring a complaint or what? This needs to happen.

by Anonymousreply 164June 2, 2021 12:43 AM

At what point do his moronic supporters finally catch on to his lies? Can they not see that the Jan.6th perps are being prosecuted? Why do they continue to finance his life?

by Anonymousreply 165June 2, 2021 12:43 AM

I guess he's trying to set up the fantasy that if somehow the election returns were overturned that things would revert to January 19th with him at least being in power until a new election could be called? There is absolutely no provision for this, but they would probably say it's uncharted waters end at least a possibility?

by Anonymousreply 166June 2, 2021 12:55 AM

Perhaps there will be riots when Trump finally receives a prison term for his various financial dealings, thank you New York DA.

by Anonymousreply 167June 2, 2021 12:56 AM

Flynn is a complete PSYCHO and should be court martialed and stripped of his pension. Good article from Slate addressing this seditious bastard below -

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 168June 2, 2021 12:58 AM

In general, R164, most state bars require that a complaint be filed - that could be by a lien, another attorney, or just t member of the public. The complaint must state facts that constitute a violation of the the state legal disciplinary rules. If the complaint is accepted (typically by a panel of lawyers who serve as hearing officers for the disciplinary committee) the ,Ayer is served with the complain. Typically, the lawyer must file a written response with the committee wishing a certain period of time. Both parties are entitled to have their own lawyers (vs. representing themselves). After the lawyer’s response is received the committee can dismiss or schedule a hearing (usually a hearing happens). At the hearing, the panel makes a recommendation to the bar. That recommendation could range from private reprimand, to public reprimand (published somewhere that most folks don’t read), to suspension, to disbarment. Generally, the easiest way to get disbarred is to improperly handle a client’s money (e.g. our dear Mr, Girardi) or to take a case and then do nothing with it and let the statute of limitations expire.

by Anonymousreply 169June 2, 2021 12:59 AM

[quote] There is no legal mechanism to "reinstate" Trump.

This is the key point.

Even if somehow magically they were to find that there was massive voter fraud, there is no way to actually undo the election and "reinstate" Trump. (This is a hypothetical--of course there was no fraud)

We have no laws that allow for that.

by Anonymousreply 170June 2, 2021 1:16 AM

These idiots fail to recognize that each deadline they set to have Trump come back keep falling. First it was Dec 14, 2020 when the states had to certify the votes. Then Jan 6. Then the "real inauguration date," March 4. Now it's the end of August.

No date ever holds, and yet they keep moving the goal post to a new date when Trump will supposedly return. Aren't the deplorables even getting tired or a bit frustrated that these arbitrary reinstatement dates keep falling by the wayside--and still no Trump? How do Trump, Powell and Flynn keep justifying the return of Trump? Come on, are these people really that gullible? Apparently so, and Trump and company have brass balls to keep saying it knowing it cannot happen.

by Anonymousreply 171June 2, 2021 1:24 AM

They must have some sort of fantasy that the "correct" vote totals will cause the Supreme Court to order him to be quickly inaugurated for another three years, under the presumption that he was the true electoral vote winner.

by Anonymousreply 172June 2, 2021 1:31 AM

Dear Deplorables, a Mueller style investigation and report about the election fraud will turn things around, for sure.

Just you wait. Trump is as good as vindicated. *two thumbs up*

by Anonymousreply 173June 2, 2021 1:38 AM

Personally I think his chances of getting enough military on his side to cause trouble is slim.

Paramilitary, on the other hand...

If a Eric Prince led group of paramilitary goobers tried to pull something in DC, and the National Guard gets called out to fight US citizens, what does that count as? Civil war? A paramilitary coup?

Scary, scary times.

by Anonymousreply 174June 2, 2021 1:40 AM

I doubt even Eric Prince wants to be branded as the official leader of a terrorist group that tried to overthrow a Western government.

by Anonymousreply 175June 2, 2021 1:46 AM

A second Trump term or a second Civil War

Decisions, decisions…

by Anonymousreply 176June 2, 2021 1:48 AM

[quote]I doubt even Eric Prince wants to be branded as the official leader of a terrorist group that tried to overthrow a Western government.

Official leader, no. But what are the chances he's working behind the scenes? This shit's right up his alley.

by Anonymousreply 177June 2, 2021 1:51 AM

I've lost faith in the See Eye A.

by Anonymousreply 178June 2, 2021 1:51 AM

When Trump is reinstated, it will not happen as any part of the regular order or the laws of the United States. It will be a coup forced by the Right Wing militia, wholly outside our constitutional structure.

The six conservative Justices of the Supreme Court will, of course, deem it all to be entirely legal.

by Anonymousreply 179June 2, 2021 2:18 AM

Slightly off topic, but I no longer feel the U.S is governable on a bipartisan basis. We are simply too divided to the point of no return. This small, but fairly substantial minority of deplorables along with gerrymandering of districts and the erosion of voting rights throughout the country by the Repigs ensures that there is no getting along. It is always a case of believing that a free and fair election cannot decide anything without the accusation that it was rigged thus giving rise to massively idiotic rumors like Trump will be reinstated. The Repigs won't even go along with a commission to investigate Jan 6 which we all watched on television. It happened, but now the Repigs say things like it was a bunch of tourists, or it was no big deal.

Governing no longer happens in a bipartisan way. The individual parties end up passing laws and budgets by reconciliation only allowing for a simple majority and never receiving any votes from the other side.

by Anonymousreply 180June 2, 2021 2:21 AM

R179. In no one's mind or even wildest imagination.

by Anonymousreply 181June 2, 2021 2:23 AM

Thanks for the info R169!

by Anonymousreply 182June 2, 2021 2:25 AM

Reinstated? There is no such thing in the US Constitution. It's all bullshit to scam his followers. Not even Putin can whip up some effective and efficient militia for Trump to seize control of the US government which has one of the most financed and strongest military in the world. And, as it was shown in the past, neither Putin nor Trump were able to infiltrate the military deep enough to go full on Deplorable. That's even less likely now with Joe Biden in charge.

by Anonymousreply 183June 2, 2021 2:29 AM

[quote]Why is Haberman parroting these filthy lies? What is her problem?

I would say it's extremely newsworthy that Trump is saying this and she is not "parroting his lies" simply by reporting what he thinks.

by Anonymousreply 184June 2, 2021 2:49 AM

Maybe he's laying the groundwork for his insanity defense. You laugh, but we'll see him ranting and raving in the courtroom throwing poop from his diaper. All he needs is one juror to take pity on him.

by Anonymousreply 185June 2, 2021 2:51 AM

He is saying he will be reinstated in August because there is a lot of speculation that he will be indicted in the late summer, i.e., August. He's trying to make the coming indictment look like a political act, not law enforcement.

by Anonymousreply 186June 2, 2021 2:53 AM

Maggie Haberman was a plump dowdy frau who lost a little weight, grew her hair, got rid of her glasses sometimes and applied a bit of makeup. She looks positively post orgasmic when her picture was taken with new Pres. DT in the Oval Office in 2016. Also her mommy worked in PR for the group working for Trump for many years. Maggie became a MAGAT. Just think about how she defended Sarah Huckabeast and so many of his staff. She's gotten lots of access to Diaper Donald and I think he made her feel "special". So put it all together and she's "smitten" with ex Pres. Poopy pants.

by Anonymousreply 187June 2, 2021 4:42 AM

Mags also wrote those glowing pieces about WH mattress/cum dump Hope Hicks. She is enamored of all of these MAGA assholes.

by Anonymousreply 188June 2, 2021 5:23 AM

There's no such thing as "reinstating" a president who has already reached the end of his term. They really mean "installed" like a dictator. And even though it sounds moronic, don't be surprised if they try. Fascism is here.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 189June 2, 2021 7:44 AM

He knows his time is running out hehe. Every passing day, he gets weaker; the bluster gets blusterier.

by Anonymousreply 190June 2, 2021 7:59 AM

OP? When has anything Trump’s ever done NOT been a grift?

by Anonymousreply 191June 2, 2021 8:11 AM

Who does Trump think is going to pay for his rallies now? The staff, travel and security all has to come out of his pocket now (donations, of course). Plus they’re not news anymore.

by Anonymousreply 192June 2, 2021 8:14 AM

I'd agree but we're not hearing what he thinks r184, we're hearing what some unnamed sources claim he thinks. We heard this the day after that Sidney whatever said Trump should be reinstated, so for all we know, we're simply hearing what Sidney claims Trump thinks.

by Anonymousreply 193June 2, 2021 8:19 AM

Reinstated like he's been on maternity leave and he's coming back to take his old position in which Ginny in accounting had filled in and thought she would be getting.

by Anonymousreply 194June 2, 2021 10:37 AM

That's "disgraced, twice-impeached ex-President Donald Trump" to you.

by Anonymousreply 195June 2, 2021 10:41 AM

There is no provision for an "overturned" election, R183. So, the MAGAs are making up a hypothetical fantasy that he's "reinstated" at least until a "special 're-match' election" is called by the Supreme Court. Far likelier chance Nancy Pelosi would step up as interim.

by Anonymousreply 196June 2, 2021 12:14 PM

This is just a blatant stunt to string along the Deplorable base to keep them from looking for a new leader. "Oh, don't worry guys! Trump will be back and he will be even more powerful than before!". As Kimberly said ...

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 197June 2, 2021 12:23 PM

I think folks on the far left, especially after January 6th, seemed to latch onto the far-right loons as more numerous than they are in the scheme of things.

by Anonymousreply 198June 2, 2021 12:28 PM

r198. you think wrong. But you already knew that, didn't you Boris?

by Anonymousreply 199June 2, 2021 12:46 PM

[quote] I think folks on the far left, especially after January 6th, seemed to latch onto the far-right loons as more numerous than they are in the scheme of things.

Not an accurate analysis. Consider the followiing:

61 percent of republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from Shitler. The Republican party is a personality cult defined by mental illness, delusion and rage. They are becoming the thing they love: Trump. There is no reasoning with them, they just have to be marginalized and cut out of the process because they are seditionists who want to destroy democracy.

29 percent of registered voters are Republicans. 33 percent are registered as Democrats, the rest independents. They are a distinct minority but a dangerous one.

January 6th revealed the truth of the Republican Party. The insanity and the soft grip on reality, but mostly the gullibility. They are a weaponized mass of cancer attempting to overturn Democracy. They crave authoritarianism, no matter how inept. In fact they LOVE how incompetent and stupid Trump is. He gives them life as they march to their doom.

by Anonymousreply 200June 2, 2021 12:49 PM

It's not just about the grift. Dump and the GQP are keeping this idiotic premise going to generate headlines all through the summer and the media will oblige by giving them a forum to question the legitimacy of our elections. It's all designed to sow doubt and confusion - and give cover for their actual despicable efforts to suppress votes in as many of the the 35 GQP-controlled states as possible.

by Anonymousreply 201June 2, 2021 1:24 PM

Marshal Law!

by Anonymousreply 202June 2, 2021 1:25 PM

Jeez r200, I ran the numbers based on the Reuters estimated number of registered Republicans at the beginning of 2021, and if 61% of them think the election was stolen from Trump, that's nearly 37 million people. That's insane.

by Anonymousreply 203June 2, 2021 1:34 PM

Trump won’t be happy until he sucks every last dime out of his devoted followers.

by Anonymousreply 204June 2, 2021 1:34 PM

[quote] The bigger problem with a relatively small and slightly shrinking party that has just lost a national election is that the kind of revisions in message and leadership such parties sometimes need to expand their appeal may be more difficult to secure when its membership is limited to its “base.” As I noted recently (playing off an excellent piece from Perry Bacon Jr.), there are a host of reasons the post-2020 Republican Party is disinclined to rethink its “brand” or even conduct an after-action review on its loss of the White House and both houses of Congress over the last four years. But a probable contributing factor on the margins is the fact that once swing voters are deducted from the GOP ranks, the remaining party members are more likely to hail from a party base that is completely complacent about the status quo ante. To put it more directly, a party membership increasingly dominated by MAGA bravos is going to be less likely to take off the red hats and look for a leader other than the 45th president.

[quote] And that is why “rebranding” and “autopsy” exercises most matter: When political parties are licking their wounds, their membership can be motivated to look beyond immediate views and reimagine a broader coalition. But if they are waving the bloody shirt of an alleged “stolen election” and find bitter and exclusive partisanship to be their most effective unifying glue, a reevaluation will be the last thing on their minds. That may be where the GOP is right now.

You can't win an election legitimately just with your base. And all the gerrymandering and voter suppression legislation will not help if the Liberal voters are more fired up, because of radical right wing MAGA message branding and the GQP's attempt to prevent voters from voting.

I would be a lot more concerned if the GOP had changed course and kicked Trumpers, QAnon believers, and Deplorables out of their party and pandered to minorities.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 205June 2, 2021 1:46 PM

Republicans are setting up to steal the election….for real. Voting integrity and confidence has been undermined to the point that it really doesn’t matter who wins the election….the losing side will question the results……Republicans can’t be trusted…and what’s up with the Republican Log Cabin Club?….don’t they feel a bit ridiculous being a part of these fascists?

by Anonymousreply 206June 2, 2021 1:59 PM

[quote]Jeez [R200], I ran the numbers based on the Reuters estimated number of registered Republicans at the beginning of 2021, and if 61% of them think the election was stolen from Trump, that's nearly 37 million people. That's insane.

Yes, roughly 37 million people. A percentage of those people are the Q loons and white supremacists who want to burn down the world they couldn't function effectively in. and see Trump and his enablers as effective matches to leverage that destruction.

The rest of Republican voters are low information voters who consume news superficially and who tend to consume only conservative media. As a result, the "less crazy" Republicans are fed a steady diet of minimized or erased efforts to overturn democracy and install Trump as an autocrat. They are fed a steady diet of "news" that tells them ANTIFA were the real culprits of 1/6th assault on the capital, that there is no evidence of any "collusion" between Shitler and Russia, They behave irrationally because they are accepting of a version of reality where democracy didn't hang in the balance for 4 years. Propaganda is effective and conservative media has been using it to great effect with this demographic.

by Anonymousreply 207June 2, 2021 2:05 PM

I claim to be 130 pounds but it’s not gonna happen!

by Anonymousreply 208June 2, 2021 2:05 PM


by Anonymousreply 209June 2, 2021 2:11 PM

In the face of all this shit there are two things I still believe that keep my optimism afloat:

a. The current lunatic GOP base will not turn out in the same numbers for a Trump substitute. Donald lights their fire and nobody else. (You really think these people are willing to die for Josh Hawley? Ted Cruz? Margorie Whatsfer Qanon Face Greene comes close.)

b. Donald isn't a functioning adult at this point. Yeah was he ever, I get that. But I believe he's at "weekend at Bernie's" levels at this point. It's going to be increasingly difficult for them to pump him with enough uppers to keep him coherent for an audience.

Since these are both speculative I could of course be wrong.

by Anonymousreply 210June 2, 2021 2:17 PM

^Yes, donations, keep the money coming, any way that that can be done, that is ALL that is happening here.

by Anonymousreply 211June 2, 2021 2:31 PM

I admit I am morbidly curious to see how he behaves the first time he holds a rally r210. He looked so crazy and out of it in those Mar-a-Lago videos and by the time he's hitting the campaign trail, he'll have several more months of decline under his belt.

by Anonymousreply 212June 2, 2021 2:36 PM

He's appearing at a MAGA rally Mr. Pillow is throwing in Wisconsin on June 12, but only on Jumbotron. A cop out, as they can control him in an empty room in front of a camera better than in front of a crowd of his adoring drooling idiot followers. But hey, Diamond and Silk will be there in person. I haven't heard if there are any in person appearances on his schedules.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 213June 2, 2021 2:45 PM

His public appearances will be a mess, because he's too cheap (or too broke?) to spend money on better venues, equipment, staff, security, etc. And nobody is going to give him money other than the rubes donating to his grift.

by Anonymousreply 214June 2, 2021 2:51 PM

Even better R210 --- many of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 are people who've never voted before and don't consider themselves to be Republicans as much as Trumpists. They're voting for The Donald not for the party. They are likely to find people like Hawley and Cotton and DeSantis every bit as "boring" and "phoney" and part of the "swamp" and "deep state" as they do most of the Democrats.

Meaning that while they won't vote for Biden or Harris or whoever in 2024, they're not going to vote for Cotton or DeSantis either.

They'll just do what they always did in the past and stay home.

Don't forget too that many of the restrictive laws the GOP is passing will hit poor rural Trump voters too.

by Anonymousreply 215June 2, 2021 3:19 PM

From today’s Washington Post

​Donald Trump permanently shuts down blog month after launching
The blog that former president Donald Trump launched last month after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook is no more.
Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump, said that “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been permanently shut down after all posts were scrubbed from Trump’s website.

Trump rolled out the blog last month after being absent from social media since January, but his effort to regain some of the attention he received with his headline-grabbing tweets largely failed. An adviser told The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey that the former president wanted to open a new “platform” and didn’t like that this platform was being mocked and had so few readers. The individual spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly about Trump’s plans.
“It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” Miller told CNBC, which first reported the news. “Hoping to have more information on the broader efforts soon, but I do not have a precise awareness of timing.”

Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter shortly after he continued to use his social media pages to make false accusations about the 2020 presidential election. His social media accounts were often viewed as one of the main ways Trump encouraged his supporters to reject Joe Biden’s presidential win. And the accounts have been cited as a prominent tool for inciting the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters that resulted in five deaths and injuries to 140 police officers.

by Anonymousreply 216June 2, 2021 3:22 PM

Trump can't sustain his momentum...

"...after their violent clashes with counter-protesters at the 'Unite the Right' white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017. The white supremacist 'alt-right' movement fractured and ultimately faded from public view after the violence erupted that weekend."

... much less build it...

"... Infighting and prosecutions aren't the only issue — according to the report, Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes has said they are now facing a devastating financial embargo... it has been difficult for the group to raise money as it's been kicked off certain websites. The group also lost the ability to process credit card payments online... "

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 217June 2, 2021 3:25 PM

^Many people I know have mentioned to me casually, in the last 3 or 4 months, how much of a relief it is to be free of the constant barrage of Trump's bullshit Twitter antics. People who don't view themselves as particularly political are just relieved not to have to be aware of him. I think that says a LOT about Trump's chances of getting re-elected.

by Anonymousreply 218June 2, 2021 3:28 PM

Trump is also a gift to the Democrats because none of the potential non-Trump candidates can start raising money until he officially declares he is not running in 24.

So if he waits until say late 2023, Cotton, DeSantis, Hawley, Haley et al have just a few months to build a war chest, versus Biden or Harris who have been raising money all along.

This puts them at an extreme disadvantage, especially given that the Deplorables will have already given much of their money to Trump.

by Anonymousreply 219June 2, 2021 3:29 PM

[quote]The blog that former president Donald Trump launched last month after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook is no more.


What was on its iPod?

by Anonymousreply 220June 2, 2021 3:34 PM

[quote] The group also lost the ability to process credit card payments online...

You've got to question the sanity of anybody who'd voluntarily surrender their credit card info to the Oath Keepers, given that most of those people have rap sheets.

by Anonymousreply 221June 2, 2021 3:38 PM

History is great for gaining some perspective. Don't forget half the country seceded once and in the 1950s McCarthy worked his poisonous will for years. It's not unusual (to quote Tom Jones) for humans to behave like jackasses.

by Anonymousreply 222June 2, 2021 3:39 PM


a. They'll steadfastly vote GOP anyway.

b. They don't care. The more of a mess he is, the more they'll dig in a support him even more.

by Anonymousreply 223June 2, 2021 3:49 PM

Uh oh.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 224June 2, 2021 4:03 PM

^^ "The blog crashed on Saturday after he posted an unverified conspiracy theory about the false Arizona "audit." The piece claimed there were "broken seals on boxes, ballots missing, and worse." The site went down, leaving only a message saying, "something has gone wrong and this URL cannot be processed at this time."

"It ultimately returned, but now that site has disappeared entirely with no information. All of the messages from Trump continue to be available on the "News" page, but they lack the excerpt of the text and all have the same headlines with different dates.

"Clicking on links to Trump's Memorial Day message leads to a page that no longer exists. His commentary about a new Reuters poll also goes nowhere.'

by Anonymousreply 225June 2, 2021 4:08 PM

[quote] and what’s up with the Republican Log Cabin Club?….don’t they feel a bit ridiculous being a part of these fascists?

The Log Cabin Republicanettes' entire existence is a ridiculous joke in and of itself.

by Anonymousreply 226June 2, 2021 4:13 PM

OP A vote for delusional (if indeed he suggested the reinstatement).

Personally, I think that, like Harry Windsor, Trump been mentally disturbed since boyhood, but his wealth and family protected him from accountability for the actions his mental issues generated. The less accountability he experiences, the more delusional the individual becomes, increasingly convinced of his own ability to rewrite history and any other inconvenient realities, etc.

Psychologically, getting elected President was just possibly the worst thing that could have happened to Donald Trump, cementing his vision of himself as invulnerable, unstoppable, and unaccountable.

It turned out to be dismal for a great many other people, as well, but I'm speaking strictly clinically here.

So, delusional is my vote.

by Anonymousreply 227June 2, 2021 4:33 PM


by Anonymousreply 228June 2, 2021 4:51 PM

I have a hunch his blog went down because it wasn't getting many hits, without all fake followers on Twitter and Facebook, it exposed the emperor really doesn't have that much support.

by Anonymousreply 229June 2, 2021 5:04 PM

His blog probably imploded because he refused to pay the bills somehow. That is his M.O.

by Anonymousreply 230June 2, 2021 5:08 PM

Repatriated. tfg will be "repatriated" to mother russia in August.

There; fixed it for Orange It.

by Anonymousreply 231June 2, 2021 5:19 PM

I sort of think or maybe it’s hoping…whatever….that tRump will move into one of his decrepit hotels in some country without an extradition treaty, I don’t see him doing prison time for any of his mis-deeds. Plus ,I think he more than likely has money stashed in offshore accounts…he may appear broke …but something tells me he works that angle when it suits his interest. Face it …the tRumps are a crime family …pure and simple

by Anonymousreply 232June 2, 2021 5:44 PM

[quote]I have a hunch his blog went down because it wasn't getting many hits, without all fake followers on Twitter and Facebook, it exposed the emperor really doesn't have that much support.

R229, my hunch is that he finally posted something truly dangerous and seditious, like another general call to his supporters to attack government officials/institutions. It was probably being monitored for something like that, and the moment he did it, it was shut down.

Kind of like that telephone call in 'The Andromeda Strain' - [beeping sound], followed by "This communication is being monitored. The connection has been broken for reasons of national security. You will be briefed at the appropriate time. Thank you for your cooperation, Mrs. Stone" - although I doubt anyone responsible for killing it thanked Trump for his cooperation.

by Anonymousreply 233June 2, 2021 7:47 PM

Surely, they could've just faked the blog's visiting numbers somehow, but it shows that Trump's very best people he hires for the job couldn't even do that properly. Sometimes I really wonder why we are all so terrified of Trump when everything he does is a massive failure. Even more so now that he's out of office.

by Anonymousreply 234June 2, 2021 7:54 PM

R233, although I wouldn’t put it past him to do something like that (hell, he already did it on Jan. 6), I think someone would have gotten a screen grab.

by Anonymousreply 235June 2, 2021 7:57 PM

Now that his blog has shut down, it'll give him more time to focus on his Presidential Library!

by Anonymousreply 236June 2, 2021 7:58 PM

R235, I don't think it ever went live, not even for a second.

I've no evidence that that was the case, but I would sincerely hope that US intelligence would be watching it that closely, able to monitor content even before it was officially posted, to shut it down. The stakes would be that high. I don't think that Trump would have shut it down of his own accord, ever. Too much like an acknowledgement of failure. Somebody turned him off, and I think Trump & Co were probably confronted about it immediately. An intervention of that sort would not be made public, since that would be the same as what they were attempting to prevent in terms of a dangerous message getting out.

by Anonymousreply 237June 2, 2021 8:10 PM

You may not agree with me on this, but I predict the day is coming when Trump will finally realize (most likely from being told by all his advisors) that it's time to stop fighting and realize his time in the spotlight is over. I think the beginning of that process may have started.

by Anonymousreply 238June 2, 2021 8:44 PM

I dunno, R238... that's not really how narcissism works out to me. I'd bet he brings down the whole R party as not having find enough to "save" him.

by Anonymousreply 239June 2, 2021 8:56 PM

Does peoples who are "reinstated" still pays the alimonies?

by Anonymousreply 240June 2, 2021 9:25 PM

Yeah R238, that will be the day he finally pivots, turns the corner, gets serious, and becomes President.

Seriously, how are people still peddling this crap about him?

by Anonymousreply 241June 2, 2021 9:26 PM

Wonder if Maggie Haberman still has to give him blowjobs to get these scoops-

by Anonymousreply 242June 2, 2021 9:32 PM

Astute observation r159. I immediately thought along the same line when I saw that bizarre piece in DM showing Donald Trump Jr. peddling some $500 on line video chat to strangers. And the clincher is that all money received by Junior goes to veterans? What?

Jr means the money goes straight to Daddy's legal "Keep Me Out Of Jail" fund.

The Trumps have no shame.

by Anonymousreply 243June 2, 2021 10:26 PM

It's a cult, r165. C.U.L.T.

by Anonymousreply 244June 2, 2021 10:29 PM

It's a cult. That's spelled, C. U. N. T. Cult.

ftfy R244

by Anonymousreply 245June 2, 2021 10:36 PM

Best of all... for $19.99 you get a text message from Junior. The Trumps is done gone B.R.O.K.E.

by Anonymousreply 246June 2, 2021 10:48 PM

[quote] Best of all... for $19.99 you get a text message from Junior.

Wouldn't it just be easier to send that money to his coke dealer?

by Anonymousreply 247June 2, 2021 11:04 PM

As he keeps failing he's going to have to stop employing all the people he has now. His government stipend for staff only goes so far. And eventually those people are going to start dropping like flies when they see their future with him is a dead end. They'll either find real jobs on their own and leave or he'll have to start letting them go at some point.

by Anonymousreply 248June 2, 2021 11:04 PM

Trump is selling this so they send him money and then poof money gone

by Anonymousreply 249June 2, 2021 11:15 PM

Manerly can't seem to sell her NY condo. Be hilarious if all their assets are suddenly worthless. No one will pay for Trump assets, deal with the Trumps.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 250June 2, 2021 11:37 PM

Remember that Trump is a hotelier first and foremost.

As in "don't mind that iceberg, everything's fine, we have a dessert buffet in the Aft Deck with the world's best musicians. You will never eat a better eclair in your life!"

And so on.

It's in his nature to exaggerate and lie to make the customers (or voters) feel like they're getting value for their money.

by Anonymousreply 251June 2, 2021 11:49 PM

When he was president he could write anything he wanted to say in 280 characters on Twitter. Now that he isn’t president he has to watch out what he writes. He can be sued for incitement, for slander, libel, whatever. Doesn’t mean the suers will win, but he can be sued and have to pay lawyers fees. To have a blog means to write in sentences & Trump can’t do that. Nor can his cult read sentences. They’re turned on by hyperbolic slogans and short shouts. Blurbs. Trump is the Blurb king. He blurbs all over the place, which was perfect for Twitter. But blurbs don’t look good on a blog. And how easy is it to get bots to visit & post responses on your blog? Twitter is the ideal forum for that hit & run kind of stuff.

Without Twitter and the office of the presidency, he is nothing. He lost his shine.

by Anonymousreply 252June 3, 2021 12:20 AM

He's OK unless the party cuts him loose.

by Anonymousreply 253June 3, 2021 12:44 AM

The term is "incarcerated", Mr. Trump. Not that I'd expect you to know the difference. But hopefully, you will soon enough.

by Anonymousreply 254June 3, 2021 12:47 AM

As one of the guest commentators mentioned on CNN, if the Repugs reclaim the House and Senate during the 2022 elections, a coup is possible.

by Anonymousreply 255June 3, 2021 12:48 AM

Trump reinstated??? Will Lindzebelle be his Queen?

by Anonymousreply 256June 3, 2021 12:51 AM

DoJ needs to charge Orange Mussolini If they don't, Democrats will regret it for the ages. Merrick Garland, if he hasn't already, needs to be having a team of crackerjack lawyers and investigators working on it.

by Anonymousreply 257June 3, 2021 1:01 AM

All the Trumps want $$$$$$$$$. Making headline and outrageous statements motivates his stupid base to throw away their money on him.

by Anonymousreply 258June 3, 2021 1:16 AM

The '22 Senate map looks positive for Dems, not just saying that out of wishful thinking. PA, NC, WI, and OH look promising, that is assuming fair elections take place. I will vote in person, not taking VBM for granted.

by Anonymousreply 259June 3, 2021 1:28 AM

His reinstatement comments are to change the story covered in the press away from his failed blog. That's all.

by Anonymousreply 260June 3, 2021 2:20 AM


by Anonymousreply 261June 3, 2021 2:37 AM

Those mid-term elections concern me…..if GQP gets the Senate by some bad stroke of luck its hard to predict what will happen. But I don’t think it will be pretty..

by Anonymousreply 262June 3, 2021 2:39 AM

Presidents are not reinstated. They are elected...or in Trump's case--defeated.

by Anonymousreply 263June 3, 2021 3:46 AM

I wish he’d die

by Anonymousreply 264June 3, 2021 4:09 AM

DL Republican heartthrob was on Anderson tonight.

by Anonymousreply 265June 3, 2021 4:15 AM


Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 266June 3, 2021 4:31 AM

What about the QAnon "Face Off" conspiracy thing where Biden and Dump swapped jobs? I'm fascinated by that!

by Anonymousreply 267June 3, 2021 5:31 AM

Personality disorders like his become worse with age. He knows he will be indicted so he is just making up shit. He is surrounded by loons that feed these lies like Sidney Powell. I also think the Russians are constantly putting the screws on him through blackmail. They have always wanted him to undermine elections. It will be interesting to see what happens when he dies.

by Anonymousreply 268June 3, 2021 5:37 AM

Isn’t it a rule no Orange after Labor Day?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 269June 3, 2021 5:42 AM

Stop feeding the Fat Orange troll, Maggie.

by Anonymousreply 270June 3, 2021 5:45 AM

Bingo! R249

by Anonymousreply 271June 3, 2021 5:46 AM

I’m hoping that he’ll be remanded into state custody by August

by Anonymousreply 272June 3, 2021 5:53 AM

He's a loser. Putin's hackers made him POTUS in 2016. But they couldn't do it again in 2020 due in part to Covid. Also the underestimation of the African-American urban turnout.

He was a failure as a President. Most of his 'successes' in life have been things he just fell into ("The Apprentice"; Vornado investment; his father's money...).

He's obviously still on the Russiapublican payroll as a fundraiser. He certainly can't use the Trump brand as a moneymaker anymore.

by Anonymousreply 273June 3, 2021 5:57 AM

PA State Senator Doug Mastriano, after his tour of the Maricopa fraudit today, told Steve Bannon that if they do this now in PA, “this is the model to use ... There’s a lot of lessons learned.”

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 274June 3, 2021 8:21 AM

Trump's insane notion of an August restoration to power was apparently inspired by ... MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

While other top Trump allies have claimed that Trump could soon return to office, “The August part is me,” Lindell said.

“If Trump is saying August, that is probably because he heard me say it,” Lindell told The Daily Beast.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 275June 3, 2021 8:47 AM

If there was any justice in the word at all that treasonous narcissist would be rotting in jail by now.

by Anonymousreply 276June 3, 2021 8:53 AM

R8. Please calmly fuck yourself to death.

by Anonymousreply 277June 3, 2021 10:16 AM

I'm going to go with delusional, given this report from today's WaPo:

Advisers say (Trump) voraciously watches any television coverage he can find of the Arizona recount and reads “everything he can get his hands on” about the audits, according to one person who speaks to Trump frequently. And he has made supporting his claims of a stolen election — or at least remaining silent about them — a litmus test of sorts as he decides whom to endorse for state and federal contests in 2022 and 2024.

“Everyone is talking about Arizona,” he said to an adviser who tried to broach 2022 endorsements. He brings up the topic at various events — even at nonprofit galas at his private Mar-a-Lago Club, where he made impromptu appearances this spring, they said. Anyone who tells him that he lost, one adviser said, “is pissing into the wind.” When advisers write speeches for him that do not refer to attempts to re-litigate the 2020 election, Trump ad-libs — riffing on states in granular detail.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 278June 3, 2021 1:01 PM

R278, if his "advisers" are telling the press that Pee Brain is 'reading everything he can get his hands on' then we know the statement is bullshit. Pee Brain famously doesn't read. He can read a little. But we know he cannot, and never could, read in the volumes described in that statement.

by Anonymousreply 279June 3, 2021 1:06 PM

I’m afraid that all those tRump true believers that have willing allowed him to pull the hood over their eyes ,won’t be getting away without being royally fucked first. He’ll suck them dry of every last dime…….and they just keep begging for him not to leave them.

by Anonymousreply 280June 3, 2021 1:12 PM

On MSNBC they're reporting that Trump saying this might have just been offhanded comments and his rambling (they didn't say this, but it's like him saying we should nuke hurricanes or ingest bleach to cure covid). So I guess my point would be that someone like Mags Habermann (who has been around him for years and knows his crazy ways) maybe shouldn't breathlessly report every lunatic ranting by this fool. You can be more than just the court stenographer, Mags, but then that wouldn't get you clicks and bylines.

by Anonymousreply 281June 3, 2021 4:10 PM

MAGA Haberman's source isn't necessarily just Trump himself. She likely has multiple sources in his circle, and Javanka are almost definitely included. And it's not likely she's just reporting his ramblings, she's reporting what they want out there.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 282June 3, 2021 4:26 PM

1) If he demanded Maggie Haberman print it, it’s because he wanted to deflect from the shutdown of his blog.

2) If it was just part of his usual meanderings, Maggie printed it to get attention for herself because she’s got nothing without faking email scandals about Hillary or stenographing whatever Trump says

by Anonymousreply 283June 3, 2021 4:28 PM

How could anyone have seriously talked Trump into a blog? Nobody has blogged since 2012. Trump supporters either never read a blog or have forgotten what blogs are based on their limited intellectual abilities and memory capacities. .

by Anonymousreply 284June 3, 2021 4:35 PM

He’s surrounded by idiots ….no surprise

by Anonymousreply 285June 3, 2021 4:39 PM

The best news in all of this is that its clear that deplorables, as a group, are moving away from Shitler. Dumps entertainment value rests completely with his ability to perform "owning the libs" and humiliating and insulting people who are infinitely smarter and more accomplished than he is. This is what feeds his followers and this is why they love him. He can't deliver their "drug" so he is no longer useful to them.

He is banned from social media and his own platform was outperformed by Petfinder.com and bombed as a laughing stock in under a month, there is no platform for him to stoke and entertain the frontal lobe-less mass of idiots who feed off of seeing someone as ugly, dumb and vile as they are have power over the intelligent, the thoughtful and the educated. He is out of power and without a platform to keep his followers engaged and entertained.

Maggie Haberman floating the "August Reinstatement" story was intended to get Shitler some news cycle domination and generate fear. Instead, it has only inspired laughs and shrugs. Deplorables are all stupid but many of them seem to be realizing that he abandoned the january 6th seditionists who are now facing legal and personal consequences for fighting for him.. Against this backdrop they launch " August reinstatement" to laughs and indifference.

His upcoming planned public events will be under attended and his performance will be limp. Deplorbs are bored. He's about to be indicted and the world will move on.

by Anonymousreply 286June 3, 2021 4:40 PM

Was Brad Parscale the one advising him to start a blog?

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 287June 3, 2021 4:42 PM

And this last night from WaPo about how Trump is still consumed with it.

Seems to answer the question as to whether he really believes this or not.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 288June 3, 2021 4:47 PM

If forced to face that he genuinely lost, a meltdown will ensue.

by Anonymousreply 289June 3, 2021 5:48 PM

Of more immediate moment is that Ammon Bundy is running for governor of Idaho. I recommend watching this one as Idaho is just loony enough to vote him in.

by Anonymousreply 290June 3, 2021 5:55 PM

If the United States installs a dictator, it will destabilize the entire *world*. The powers that be can't let that happen.

by Anonymousreply 291June 3, 2021 6:27 PM

Agree R290. Idaho is full of crazy people with maybe a few exceptions for the college/ski/resort towns.

by Anonymousreply 292June 3, 2021 7:01 PM

It's telling that Maggie Haberman is being skewered by people on the right as a leftist NYT reporter who just wants to bring down Trump by spreading lies about it and by the Hillaryverse for being a Trump mouthpiece who is only trying to give his fascist ideas credibility.

The VERY right wing National Review today ran an article to answer the former group, the right-wing pundits who were claiming Haberman was just another anti-Trump troll by citing sources who claim that Trump is indeed thinking this about himself, McSally and Purdue too.

It's freaking the Trumpist TF out because it's pretty harsh and yet another sign that even very right wing conservatives are done with Trump, stick a fork in him.

(It's actually well-written too and makes many of the same points we made in this thread.)

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 293June 3, 2021 11:21 PM

And if you don't want to click because National Review, then these two paragraphs pretty much sum it up

[quote] The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling. This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter. It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government. There is no Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. Hell, there is nothing even approximating a Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. The election has been certified, Joe Biden is the president, and, until 2024, that is all there is to it. It does not matter what one’s view of Trump is. It does not matter whether one voted for or against Trump. It does not matter whether one views Trump’s role within the Republican Party favorably or unfavorably. We are talking here about cold, hard, neutral facts that obtain irrespective of one’s preferences; it is not too much to ask that the former head of the executive branch should understand them.

[quote] Just how far out there is Trump’s theory? Consider that, even if it were true that the 2020 election had been stolen — which it is absolutely not — his belief would still be absurd. It could be confirmed tomorrow that agents working for a combination of al-Qaeda, Venezuela, and George Soros had hacked into every single voting machine in the country and altered the totals by tens of millions, and it would remain the case there is no mechanism within the American legal order for a do-over of any sort. In such an eventuality, there would be indictments, an impeachment drive, and a constitutional crisis. But, however bad it got, Donald Trump would not be “reinstated” to the presidency. That is not how America works, how America has ever worked, or how America can ever work. American politicians do not lose their reelection races only to be reinstalled later on, as might the second-place horse in a race whose winner was disqualified. The idea is otherworldly and obscene

by Anonymousreply 294June 3, 2021 11:25 PM

NR is right wing but my impression was that it caters to purist, never-Trumper conservatives. You know, the ones whose greatest fear is that, one day, they may have to return and live among their own constituents.

by Anonymousreply 295June 3, 2021 11:48 PM

Is it the logical to assume that if for some reason Biden and Harris were retroactively disqualified that the speaker of the house would then be the interim through the end of the term, rather than the loser of the race?

by Anonymousreply 296June 4, 2021 12:09 AM

It feels like a freakin Harry Potter movie….he that must not be named…..will he return?…or is it ….when will he return? What will we do if he does?…….Don’t even want to think about that nightmare ….not until after summer anyway

by Anonymousreply 297June 4, 2021 12:57 AM

The CIA should step in, quietly, and do that certain thing the CIA knows best how to do.

by Anonymousreply 298June 4, 2021 12:58 AM

The August TV ratings for Trump's reinstatement might not be too high since everyone will be at the beach.

by Anonymousreply 299June 4, 2021 1:14 AM

Trump's daughter-in-law Lara tells Fox News there are 'no plans' for him to be reinstated as president in August

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 300June 4, 2021 2:46 AM

When will the media realize the best way to get rid of Trump is to STOP writing about him? Who cares what he thinks? They need to cut the cord.

by Anonymousreply 301June 4, 2021 4:54 AM

And this applies to MSNBC who does endless handwringing about what he says or thinks.

by Anonymousreply 302June 4, 2021 4:59 AM

R301 and let this stuff fester in the dark? This is a legitimate issue being pushed by legitimately powerful people. It needs to be reported on. GOP states are literally rewriting laws to be able to overturn election results they don’t like. This is a crisis.

by Anonymousreply 303June 4, 2021 5:16 AM

I agree. But reporting on what Trump thinks? That is what seems like a waste of time.

by Anonymousreply 304June 4, 2021 5:20 AM

There is nothing in the US constitution that would ever change the outcome of the election. We should be concerned about how Republicans are trying their darndest to remove every guard rail our founders tried to protect.

by Anonymousreply 305June 4, 2021 5:30 AM

It's all race and always has been. The whites got the jump on the rest of the world with their guns, germs and steel and don't want to share power with anyone else. The Republicans know that. Trump is just a vehicle. Religion is just a vehicle. Power is the object and race is how they'll get power from white voters. Europe is also busy turning to rightwing tyrants to oppose non-white immigration.

by Anonymousreply 306June 4, 2021 6:29 AM

This about sums it up.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 307June 4, 2021 7:56 AM

R300, that’s weird. Isn’t Trump himself pushing it? But every time some Trump insider makes an insane statement and then walks it back, Trumpers say he/she really means the opposite, and is just being shut up by the msm. Is that’s what’s she’s doing, putting it out there and walking it back, so Q’s think she’s saying the opposite?

by Anonymousreply 308June 4, 2021 9:17 AM

This is just like those doomsday cult leaders who advertise a date for the end of the world (with a phone number to call and make donations). And then when that day comes and the world doesn't end, they revise the date and start again (with a phone number to call and make donations).

by Anonymousreply 309June 4, 2021 10:04 AM

[quote]When will the media realize the best way to get rid of Trump is to STOP writing about him?

The media doesn't want to get rid of Trump – ratings and readership are down across the board since he was booted. They'll continue to breathlessly report on his every move and alleged utterance.

by Anonymousreply 310June 4, 2021 10:43 AM

To me the fact that NR is touting Haberman's article is proof positive that the whole thing is a deliberate distraction. Pay attention to Trump! while the "serious" conservatives continue to do the real damage. Trump and the Never-Trumpers are in lock-step.

by Anonymousreply 311June 4, 2021 11:57 AM

I don't think Haberman printed this as pro-Trump at all. At worst, she's dismayed at how deluded he's become.

by Anonymousreply 312June 4, 2021 1:18 PM

Haberman revealed this because Trump or someone in his circle wants it out there. Maybe for fundraising, to rile the base, to embarrass him, to distract, all of the above, but there is a reason.

by Anonymousreply 313June 4, 2021 2:40 PM

And see for every R313 calling Haberman a Trumpist, there's an ACTUAL Trumpist claiming she's a NYT reporter looking to take down Trump because all "the MSM" does is make up lies about Trump. And that's before you get into Haberman being part of the Pederast Cabal that Trump will defeat during the Great Purge or whatever they call it.

by Anonymousreply 314June 4, 2021 3:21 PM

R314, you can't "both sides" this one. Haberman has a history, both in her direct and extensive connections to the Trump family and his associates, and her tabloid/access reporting.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 315June 4, 2021 3:30 PM

[R314], you can't "both sides" this one. Haberman has a history, both in her direct and extensive connections to the liberal Sulzburger family and their associates. She has authored numerous hit pieces on President Trump and is leading tool of the Democrat Party

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 316June 4, 2021 3:46 PM

Once again, Repugs just lie

It’s all they have, so it’s all they do

by Anonymousreply 317June 4, 2021 3:49 PM

Right, R316, it's not as though Trump is known for saying the exact opposite of the truth.

"A Crooked H flunkie who I don’t speak to and have nothing to do with" is basically Trumpspeak for "she's my closest confidant."

by Anonymousreply 318June 4, 2021 3:53 PM

Trump even uses Haberman's reporting to support his Covid denial in press conferences!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 319June 4, 2021 3:53 PM

I didn't know what Mags looked like until now. I expected her to be fat.

by Anonymousreply 320June 4, 2021 3:56 PM

R318, when you see "Democrat Party," why even waste your time? Put the idiot on ignore an move on.

by Anonymousreply 321June 4, 2021 4:01 PM


by Anonymousreply 322June 4, 2021 4:01 PM

Yes, both "Democrat Party" as r321 already said and constant references to Hillary Clinton are big red flags with this particular poster.

by Anonymousreply 323June 4, 2021 4:10 PM

^ Yeah, I should have picked up on that.

BTW, the comments at the Reddit post at R307 are great. My favorite is in response to "why August?": "Pretty sure they just look at the average daily donation rate and then project out to their fundraising goal."

by Anonymousreply 324June 4, 2021 4:13 PM

Hillbots not big on recognizing satire.

by Anonymousreply 325June 4, 2021 4:15 PM

R325, I'm not a Hillbot, but how was R316 meant to be satire?

by Anonymousreply 326June 4, 2021 4:25 PM

FB suspended Trump for two more years.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 327June 4, 2021 4:41 PM

R327 the ban will be lifted just in time for him to start campaigning for 2024. Mark Zuckerberg belongs in prison

by Anonymousreply 328June 4, 2021 4:44 PM

I wondered if the guy insisting Haberman was a "tool of the Democrat Party" was also our Hillbot troll, and I guess he was!

by Anonymousreply 329June 4, 2021 4:48 PM

CNN reporting now that Trump " suspended from Facebook until at least January 2023"

by Anonymousreply 330June 4, 2021 4:49 PM

Trump's not even going to be reinstated to FB by August. LOSER!

by Anonymousreply 331June 4, 2021 4:55 PM

[quote]the ban will be lifted just in time for him to start campaigning for 2024.

Apparently that's the most that they can do. I would think that they can renew the ban after that if they want.

by Anonymousreply 332June 4, 2021 4:56 PM

R303, keep in mind that “legitimate” people are pushing this because it’s a HUGE distraction to what they actually are doing: disenfranchising voters for long-term power.

by Anonymousreply 333June 4, 2021 4:58 PM

[quote] If the United States installs a dictator, it will destabilize the entire *world*. The powers that be can't let that happen.

The powers that be let the world go to shit over & over again. How did the killing of some guy in Bosnia end up with soldiers from America fighting in Europe?

How was an artist able to invade most of Europe and kill tens of millions of people?

How did someone from Corsica become an emperor and go on to start wars?

The powers that be pretty much suck at this.

by Anonymousreply 334June 4, 2021 5:01 PM

I thought Facebook's oversight board already made the decision that he couldn't have his account back a few weeks ago, I didn't realize they were still deliberating on how long he was banned before he could appeal.

by Anonymousreply 335June 4, 2021 5:01 PM

Come Jan 2023, CNN saying FB will review in Jan 2023 but there is an acknowledgement that Trump posed a threat to "national security" and that alone is important. It's an admission by FB that Trump and national security don't go together. He's a big risk.

by Anonymousreply 336June 4, 2021 5:02 PM

Gloria Borger on CNN on Facebook decision:

".....They've stopped Donald Trump from raising a whole lot of money. And that's a big problem. " "He's lost his megaphone. We've seen the result of him losing FB, Twitter, no on pays attention to his email blasts, not getting reaction. He wants the attention. He wants the oxygen. He wants the money. He's in a straightjacket right now. It's a big problem for them...."

by Anonymousreply 337June 4, 2021 5:07 PM

And *just in time* his best media lackey came running in to tell us we better pay attention to him because he's saying some crazy dangerous stuff! And when we all rightfully rolled our eyes, some very serious people chimed in to say "no, really, she's onto something!"

by Anonymousreply 338June 4, 2021 5:15 PM

Will FB still even be a thing in '23?

by Anonymousreply 339June 4, 2021 5:22 PM

Anusmouth WANTS TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER and he's been put on hold, HAHAHA!

Reality is experiencing high volume of activity! Wait time will be anywhere from 24 months to FOREVER, you fat, orange bitch!


by Anonymousreply 340June 4, 2021 5:23 PM

Maggie Haberman has been sucking his mushroom dick for years. She is one reason why I cancelled my NYT subscription.

by Anonymousreply 341June 4, 2021 5:25 PM

[quote]He's in a straightjacket right now.

Pics please.

by Anonymousreply 342June 4, 2021 5:26 PM

It's all over from Herr Trump, except the cryin'

by Anonymousreply 343June 4, 2021 5:29 PM

^^^ **for**

by Anonymousreply 344June 4, 2021 5:29 PM

This is his karma. He went from being the most powerful man with tons of narc supply attention to- nothing. He lost the election and becoming a public loser was his worst nightmare. It is killing him.

by Anonymousreply 345June 4, 2021 5:29 PM

I'm sure the "aliens" will give us something a bit more sassy and exotic by then, r339.

by Anonymousreply 346June 4, 2021 5:45 PM

The media pushed the narrative that he is indeed this powerful being leading an army of Deplorables. Well, these Deporables didn't manage to overthrow the government on 01/06. How powerful was he at his most powerful? The media protected him, now that it's finished with him, he's finished.

by Anonymousreply 347June 4, 2021 5:47 PM

R347 is exactly right. It took the power of the office of POTUS for him to achieve that, and even with that he failed. He would never stand a chance in hell of pulling that off now.

by Anonymousreply 348June 4, 2021 5:54 PM

Haberman & Maureen Dowd & several others at the NYT have a long history with accommodating Trump in a favorable way. It is not the progressive/liberal publication, in all aspects, as some want to portray..

Haberman and Dowd were big-time Hillary critics, while writing a lot of fluff pieces about Trump.

Anything they write, I speculate about the agenda behind it.

by Anonymousreply 349June 4, 2021 6:12 PM

R347/348, you guys don't seem to get it. I said this in another thread when I saw a similar sentiment.

You know how 9/11 was used by Neocons to get the war in Iraq knowing Iraq had nothing to do with it, but was a war that cunt Bill Kristol and his PNAC wanted long before 9/11 and they used the raw emotions in the aftermath of 9/11 to get want they wanted? That's what the Republicans are doing to nullify democracy. Most of these Repubs in power know Trump is a moron and they know nothing was stolen for him, but they're now using that lie to enact anti-democratic voting laws. They're using the idiocy and raw emotions of Trump's deplorables to get away with destroying this country via voter *nullification* (which I saw come from Yamiche Alcindor who was quoting a civil rights activist - a far more apt description of what's going on than than mere "suppression").

That orange clown isn't the problem - the far smarter psychos using his idiot minions for their own purposes, are the dangerous ones

by Anonymousreply 350June 4, 2021 6:25 PM

get what*

by Anonymousreply 351June 4, 2021 6:26 PM

[quote] [R347]/348, you guys don't seem to get it. I said this in another thread when I saw a similar sentiment.

Sure, pundits and the GOP elite always used hot button issues to rile the stupids up. That is not new. What is new is the mainstream's reaction to the bullshit the GOP is spreading. 9/11 was a powerful tool the right wing used to push their agenda through. People didn't dare to stand against "Support Our Troops!", "Why Do You Hate America?" rhetoric. The Republicans have nothing of that sort anymore. The general public seems them as evil traitors caring about their own selfish interests over what is good for the country. Even with recents actions like shutting down an official investigation into the 01/06 Capitol riot.

The general public has enough of the GQP's hate and fearmongering. The media distances itself from the most racist and craziest right wing pundits like Alex Jones and Roger Stone. Social media takes a stronger stance against haters like Donald Trump. The media reports on Parler not being that big of a powerhouse in right wing circles.

The sad truth is that we all were pushed to overestimate Trump's true wealth and his power. The GOP will always paint themselves as powerful bullies who get things done, but - again - the truth is that all they have are not even one third of the US voter demographic at this point. All because they still go all in for Trump who never had mass appeal in the first place. It was all media hype. Media hype that is gone now and the GOP refuses to change course despite Trump being immensely unpopular.

by Anonymousreply 352June 4, 2021 6:39 PM

My apologies,

The public sees them as evil traitors

Even with recent actions

by Anonymousreply 353June 4, 2021 6:42 PM

I have been saying for months that the GOP doesn't give a damn about Psycho45. Putin is the one they respect and follow. He is their lord and master now. Putin is running this war on democracy with the full support of the GOP, and, imo most of the media. The media at the least enable this by not engaging in truthful, hard hitting investigative reporting. The clown is a distraction and a tool to use for their agenda. We also have an unknown number of stealth supporters. I said to everyone around me when that dangerous, corrupt, criminally insane cunt was illegally elected as POTUS: The rot is deep. He was a result of the rot, not the cause. Our government, justice, postal, and military have been stealthy targeted for years. This country did not become so dangerously corrupted in just five years. This took a long to get us in such a state of emergency, yes I believe this. We are at war. I fear tptb took too long, and still are taking too long, to fight Putin. The fact that the GOP are still allowed in any position of power is a glaring testament of how little is being done to fight this war in our democracy. They have been normalized. That is terrifying and it is why I hold little hope for our country and us. Now someone PLEASE tell me how stupid I am for overreacting. Seriously, I welcome it because I am so afraid. Never in my life have I so wished to proven wrong.

by Anonymousreply 354June 4, 2021 8:00 PM

Putin is the one who has the kompromat on the most vociferous GQPers and when he says "jump", they jump. Trump is simply that annoying dog who won't stop licking his ass during a dinner party - a distraction.

by Anonymousreply 355June 4, 2021 8:06 PM

I kind of agree with you r354 but Putin isn't running anything except the Russian mafia. There are American oligarchs who wish to destroy democracy so that they can rewrite the laws of the land giving them full power over everything. The only way Putin figures in is that they use him and his resources to disrupt things here in the US that helps their agenda. These oligarchs are authoritarians, they want a government that more closely resembles what China and Russia have, they want the people of America to have no power and no say in government.

They are getting it done with the GOP and members of the Democratic party who ran as Democrats because they changes their party in name but not in ideology. In other words they ran as Dems but they are still Republicans. They began implementing their plan to overtake the US with Reagan. Their plan was to gerrymander in states to get a Rep majority in order to gave Rep governors and in order to have an electoral college give them the votes to gain the White House. It took forty years, but they have achieved their goal. They also began to recruit white supremacists for police, FBI and other law departments. They also began to put right wing judges on the benches where ever they could. This was a plan and it was talked about during the last 40 years whenever there was an election of any note coming up, it seems not enough people were paying attention.

by Anonymousreply 356June 4, 2021 8:11 PM

R355- It seems to me that many dems have been silenced the same way, or threatened into silence and maybe even complicity. The most frightening thing about 45 and his presidency was the utter silence of the very people and agencies who are supposed to protect us and this country from JUST such a person as him and his minions. That silence still goes on. That is the biggest indicator of how much danger we are really in.

by Anonymousreply 357June 4, 2021 8:13 PM

R356- Thank you for more clearly and intelligently stating this . Everything you wrote is what I was trying to say. No one stops then when they (GOP and I know others) are clearly, openly working against democracy. The elite, the tech companies, Facebook, ect. should have never been allowed to gain so much power and money. Years ago they would not have all to. We are being priced out of a living. Affordable homes, healthcare, working wages, worker rights, food. The prices climb higher everyday. It is very difficult to maintain any hope. If I could afford to leave this country I would take the first flight out of here. I know that many countries are in almost the same state we are, but we are going down first and fast. Joe Biden will be the last elected president, imo. I do hope I am wrong.

by Anonymousreply 358June 4, 2021 8:24 PM

Facebook should have banned Trump indefinitely. However, why didn't FB ban Trump until at least Jan 2024 so that he didn't have a platform for the 2024 presidential campaign? Giving him access in Jan 2023 is plenty of time to fundraise and announce his candidacy.

Yes, I know FB can review his status again in Jan 2023, but if he doesn't do anything that violates FB's rules between now and then, FB may have no alternative to allow him back. This is very dangerous. Trump should be banned longer than two years. For Trump, the real prize is Twitter, which I hope continues its lifetime ban against him.

by Anonymousreply 359June 4, 2021 8:45 PM

R359- I found it insulting that they even had to have a meeting to discuss and decide this. Once again with this dangerous threat to our democracy, we must wait and hope for his death to end this ongoing nightmare. No justice, no arrest, ever seems to be fourth coming. I am so angry that we have been so betrayed and abused.

by Anonymousreply 360June 4, 2021 8:57 PM

For all we know Facebook could string along Trump making him hope that Facebook will give him a platform to scam people once again. Holding off on his plan to make a more bigly social media platform than Facebook and Twitter combined. LOL. Like that would ever happen anyway.

by Anonymousreply 361June 4, 2021 9:11 PM

R360. If I have my facts correctly, I believe the FB decision last month was really not a decision. It was just a FB advisory board, which kicked its nonbinding decision back to the corporate sector of FB, from which today's decision came. No one actually wanted to make a final decision, but that is what today's decision is--until Jan 2023. Trump is not to be trusted. The timing of when Trump could come back is extremely dangerous, and FB knew what it was doing, knew the implications of 2023, and yet did it anyway. It's shameful and dangerous to our democracy. What does it take? Trump incited an insurrection. FB acted cowardly.

Again, Twitter if the big prize for Trump. Let's hope the Trump Twitter ban continues for life.

by Anonymousreply 362June 4, 2021 9:12 PM

R362- Could you imagine him on Twitter again? I do not think even some of his supporters want that, tbh. Still just praying for his death to free us all.

by Anonymousreply 363June 4, 2021 9:16 PM

I remember how some posters insisted that Facebook is "pussy footing" around the issue of Trump's suspension, and they would FOR SURE allow him back on. Well, Facebook made it official that he would remain suspended.

I think a lot of posters are so fixated on social media being so eager to welcome Trump back for clickbait that they haven't realized that the tide has really turned and Trump is full on toxic for any mainstream social media platform and media entertainment. Dominion threatening to sue Fox News for letting Trump and his crazy friends like MyPillow Guy for spreading lies about their voting machines really got things moving against Trump.

by Anonymousreply 364June 4, 2021 9:26 PM

[quote]Let's hope the Trump Twitter ban continues for life.

The Twitter ban is permanent.

by Anonymousreply 365June 4, 2021 9:30 PM

I hope Fuck Fascist News continues to bleed advertisers. I hope Hannity has a coke/rage induced stroke on air and has paralysis of his hideous face.

by Anonymousreply 366June 4, 2021 9:31 PM

We need to remember that there were 2 aspects to the new FB policy: 1) unlike before, politicians will be subject to the same rules as other posters (FB gave Trump a wide berth because he was president); 2) violation of policy/standards can result in suspension for up to two years.

So, as I see it, once TFG can come back online, if he continues to spout his bullshit “the election was stolen, I’m the real president” bullshit FB can suspend his account agaIn. And I fully expect former President Dipshit will pretty quickly start posting bullshit once he is reinstated.

by Anonymousreply 367June 5, 2021 6:01 AM

R367- Oh, we know he would be incapable of restraint of any kind. His ego has been shattered over losing the election and it is slowly driving him more insane than he already was. Someone posted on another thread a few weeks ago that the rumor coming out of Maralago (sic) is that he is bitterly enraged about his lose and has become obsessed and it is all he can talk about. Also for a narcissistic bully like that the loss of all of that power over people and media attention is eating away at him like a malignant cancer.

by Anonymousreply 368June 5, 2021 10:49 AM

The only place he’s likely to be reinstated is HELL.

by Anonymousreply 369June 6, 2021 12:41 PM

He belongs in a wood chipper, not elected office.

by Anonymousreply 370June 6, 2021 1:06 PM

The Twitter ban has protected him from the consequences of his statements.

by Anonymousreply 371June 6, 2021 3:58 PM

I suspect Maggie Habberman is drinking again.

by Anonymousreply 372June 6, 2021 4:00 PM

How's the timeline going?

by Anonymousreply 373July 3, 2021 5:06 PM

I tell Donald now so I no have to tell him later.

I no go back to Vhite Houze. I done vith being Vairst Leddy.

by Anonymousreply 374July 3, 2021 5:22 PM

R287 Time for Brad Paschale to be put in a conservatorship. At least I'm not a gun hoarding white nationalist.

by Anonymousreply 375July 3, 2021 5:46 PM

Trump should be under the control of Jamie Spears.

by Anonymousreply 376July 3, 2021 6:19 PM

Maggie Haberman rationalizes Trump's behavior and attributes her observations to inside knowledge. Her critiques of Trump are soft on him.

Trump running again is absurd. She suggests he won't have the time due to legal matters. Haberman can't address Trump's incompetence, sedition, and crookedness?

I am not impressed with her journalism.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 377July 3, 2021 8:10 PM

[QUOTE] I am not impressed with her journalism.

No one is. I can’t stand her and immediately question the validity of anything she reports/tweets.

by Anonymousreply 378July 3, 2021 8:18 PM

…tRump says LOTS of things……..I wouldn’t try to read too much into anything that comes out of his mouth.

by Anonymousreply 379July 3, 2021 8:46 PM
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 380July 5, 2021 1:29 AM

I wonder if Ivanka and jared just want him dead at this point.

by Anonymousreply 381July 5, 2021 1:33 AM

Who doesn't R381?

by Anonymousreply 382July 5, 2021 1:35 AM

I don't think there's anyone who humiliates themselves for his love more than Don Jr. How many times must Jr be publicly humiliated by his dad before he realizes his daddy will never love him?

by Anonymousreply 383July 5, 2021 1:37 AM

R268, personality disorders don't worsen with age. Symptoms typically lessen. That does not mean he can't lose control due to substance abuse.

by Anonymousreply 384July 5, 2021 9:34 PM

I just wish some kind soul here would explain to be how this tRUMP creature is so beloved and supported and worshiped like a deity by so many. I just read on Joe My God how supports wrap themselves into pretzels to honor, support, exalt this man. Just don’t get it. He’s a fat, criminal, selfish oaf. What do they see in him?

by Anonymousreply 385July 5, 2021 10:05 PM

He gives people the permission to be pigs. There are no boring speeches or weighty statements or dull addresses, no golf clapping and tea sandwiches and détente.

Just proximity to pussy, egotistical braying, vulgar bullying and the illusion of money.

Every crooked used-car salesman, every 'roided up meathead, every tweaking contractor, every sweaty, fist-fucking incel sees in Trump their ideal life. That's what they love about him.

He's not a statesman. He's a state of being. He's Rodney Dangerfeld in Caddyshack without the class-warfare awareness built into that character.

by Anonymousreply 386July 5, 2021 10:14 PM

The MyPillow guy has now set an actual date for Trump's reinstatement:

“The morning of August 13, it will be the talk of the world, going, ‘Hurry up! Let’s get this election pulled down,” he told Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network. “Let’s right the right. Let’s get these communists out, you know that have taken over.”

by Anonymousreply 387July 5, 2021 10:16 PM

August 13th, huh?

How is it happening?

by Anonymousreply 388July 5, 2021 10:38 PM

[quote]Trump should be under the control of Jamie Spears.

Why? Brit’s family is Republican, so he would love him.

by Anonymousreply 389July 5, 2021 10:46 PM

From the Michael Wolf book.,

The Wolff book also reports that Trump eats in the dining room nearly every night in a roped-off area that makes he and his family look like zoo animals. Often Trump waits until the dining room is filled with people before he enters because those there stand and applaud him.

"The only membership qualification now, beyond the actual cost ($250,000, up from $150,000 before the presidency, plus a hefty yearly fee), is to be an abject Trump admirer," Wolff explained. "This may not be so much a political statement as an aesthetic one — the thrall of a super-celebrity."

by Anonymousreply 390July 5, 2021 10:49 PM

R387, hilarious. MyPillow sounds so smart in that quote. No wonder he can engineer the takeover of an entire nation. On the plus side, maybe we all get new bedding?

by Anonymousreply 391July 6, 2021 1:30 AM

[quote] that makes he and his family

Oh, dear

by Anonymousreply 392July 6, 2021 1:30 AM

[quote] that makes he and his family look like zoo animals

So vivid. Great description. Maybe Junior Mint and the retarded one can get high one night and go on a safari at Maggot A Lard.

by Anonymousreply 393July 6, 2021 1:41 AM

Do you think Trump realizes that being reinstated would plunge the USA into a civil war?

by Anonymousreply 394July 6, 2021 1:41 AM

Do you think that asshole even cares, R394? The dickhead doesn't actually want to be president, he just wants the title for his pathetic, rice-paper fragile ego. The imbecile doesn't want to work.

He can't deal with being a fucking loser, nor can his even stupider supporters. How the fuck do you sit at those rallies listening to that clown talk about "company cars" and think your Golden Corral ass relates?

by Anonymousreply 395July 6, 2021 1:51 AM

[quote]Do you think Trump realizes that being reinstated would plunge the USA into a civil war?

R394. Trump does not care. Did you watch what happened at the Capitol on the 6th of January? He didn't care about that, and he won't care about anything on a larger scale as long as he wins. He does not care about anything other than himself. And if you need another reminder: Trump does not care. Period.

by Anonymousreply 396July 6, 2021 2:06 AM

Dump just won't go away will he. I don't remember a worse political sack of human excrement in my lifetime.

I fucking hope the applicable authorities take it seriously this time if there is credible agitation and chatter instead of ignoring all the warning signs like they did on January 6th.

I'm Australian. I live in Australia and just from reading around the internet, social media etc. - even I, and everybody I know, knew something very bad was going to happen on January 6th.

by Anonymousreply 397July 6, 2021 2:13 AM

Oh please let me throw up right now!

by Anonymousreply 398July 6, 2021 2:14 AM

Right there with you R398.

by Anonymousreply 399July 6, 2021 2:15 AM

[quote]Do you think Trump realizes that being reinstated would plunge the USA into a civil war?

I believe it was Steve Bannon who said in 2016 that civil war and violence in the streets was what was needed to "make America great again".

So that seems to be part of the plan, yeah.

by Anonymousreply 400July 6, 2021 2:18 AM


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by Anonymousreply 401July 6, 2021 2:33 AM

The GOP Q nuts would welcome a civil war. They're thinking that if Trump could be reinstated, he'd direct the military to "defend" the "real" America, and since they consider democrats terrorists, kill em' all.. An underhanded power grab based on utter lies, but Trump and the GOP have no problem with this. Religion plays a big part in their self perceived righteousness.

by Anonymousreply 402July 6, 2021 4:10 AM

Poor Trumpy, they've already stolen the past election from him. I'm sure that bunch of leftist libturd woke sheep will conveniently come up with another made-up plandemic to keep him from winning again. That's the only way the left can win: by cheating

by Anonymousreply 403July 6, 2021 6:30 AM

Con-man carnival barker loser. A crook that gets away with crime after crime.

by Anonymousreply 404July 6, 2021 11:58 AM

Not an "Oh, dear," r392. Look at the sentence again.

by Anonymousreply 405July 6, 2021 12:02 PM

It is indeed an "oh, dear", r405

by Anonymousreply 406July 6, 2021 12:04 PM

As president, Trump made 30,573 false claims, and still 74 million people voted for him in 2020, why should he stop now? The cult followers will believe everything he says and Trump does it because his cult followers continue to send him money.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 407July 6, 2021 12:09 PM

"He and his family" is the subject of the clause "he and his family look like zoo animals." The clause is the object of "that makes," not the pronoun and the noun.

by Anonymousreply 408July 6, 2021 12:11 PM

"It makes they look like zoo animals"

No, r408

by Anonymousreply 409July 6, 2021 12:24 PM

OK. I bow to superior grammar wisdom.

by Anonymousreply 410July 6, 2021 12:33 PM

"Oh, Dear" postings on a social media site that includes loads of threads on scat, queefing, rimming, fisting, hating trans, Trump, Madonna, and Instahos; perhaps is not the best representation of grammatical enlightenment.

by Anonymousreply 411July 6, 2021 8:07 PM

I claim that I’ll have 3 tits by September.

by Anonymousreply 412July 6, 2021 8:18 PM

Only the good die young.

by Anonymousreply 413July 6, 2021 8:19 PM

I wonder how much money he's gotten from this grift.

by Anonymousreply 414July 6, 2021 8:39 PM

He collected around 300 million to wage his battle (insurrection), even before he left office, didn't he?

by Anonymousreply 415July 6, 2021 9:21 PM


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by Anonymousreply 416July 9, 2021 12:26 AM

There will be a lot of rage when this doesn’t happen on August 13. The question is how will these animals react. Will violent mobs lash out again?

by Anonymousreply 417July 10, 2021 2:45 PM

R417, they’ll just set a new date. I keep remember during Dump’s term all the gibberish about Clinton and Obama being taken into custody, and three times hearing about “red October”—in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Reality isn’t a thing with these people.

by Anonymousreply 418July 10, 2021 2:48 PM

Agree - it was promised that they would "Lock Her Up!" Yawn...

by Anonymousreply 419July 10, 2021 3:17 PM

All the magats and deplorables must be going broke giving to all the Trump grifts, how will they afford their drugs?

by Anonymousreply 420July 10, 2021 3:20 PM

Maybe this is the real reason why businesses can’t get employees for shit wages. They’re all preparing for the ever-extended day of the Civil War. They’re stockpiling guns, munitions, dried beans, rice, bottled water, Mountain Dew, meth, cigarettes (or “ciggy butts” as they call them). They’re buying up batteries for their phones so they can keep up with Facebook. They’re making up tee shirts…again….with a new date for the Civil War. They’re buying fish antibiotics, dried dog food….they already stocked up on gasoline, remember? Now they’re getting their vision binocs and telescopes, their laser rifles, their tactical flashlights, tactical backpacks, tactical sunglasses, tactical pencils and “recovery” sandals.

by Anonymousreply 421July 10, 2021 4:03 PM

The same people who used to send “love gifts” to televangelists now send their dollars to Trump, the new messiah.

by Anonymousreply 422July 10, 2021 4:37 PM

Plan was handed out at the CPAC convention.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 423July 10, 2021 5:30 PM

Attention whores crave attention. I think that sums it up quite nicely.

by Anonymousreply 424July 10, 2021 5:45 PM

[quote]Attention whores crave attention. I think that sums it up quite nicely.

I think it is merely a tautology.

by Anonymousreply 425July 10, 2021 7:21 PM

Is this anything like how COVID was going to disappear miraculously by Easter 2020?

by Anonymousreply 426July 10, 2021 7:23 PM

Trump isn't the problem. He's one person and he's always been a slimy, sleazy attention-whore clown. The problem is we have millions of idiots who are even stupider than him and we have a few way smarter than him who are using those millions of imbeciles to get what they want to destruction of this nation as a democracy.

by Anonymousreply 427July 11, 2021 12:06 AM

the* destruction

by Anonymousreply 428July 11, 2021 12:07 AM

It's a 7 point plan to overthrow the US government. These terrorists got off easy on 1/6. It's time to take them out by force.

by Anonymousreply 429July 11, 2021 12:17 AM

I wonder where the goalposts will be moved in August?

by Anonymousreply 430July 11, 2021 1:52 AM

When are we going to properly classify these deplorables as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

by Anonymousreply 431July 11, 2021 4:15 AM

R430 hopefully straight up Trump’s incontinent ass, where they belong

by Anonymousreply 432July 11, 2021 8:39 AM

How's the reinstatement coming, DL Trumpers/Nazis?

by Anonymousreply 433July 17, 2021 8:36 PM

He will be reinstated as President in August of the Trump organization. That's all folks.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 434July 17, 2021 10:12 PM

Ivanka went to Aspen.

No full summer in south Florida.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 435July 18, 2021 7:38 AM

He didn't want to win the first time. By losing, he would win a ton of free publicity for the Trump brand.

Then he "won". And he lost untold millions during those 4 years.

No, he won't risk running and losing (again). It would be the end of the brand and humiliating. But he "wins" by getting millions of cash donations.

by Anonymousreply 436July 18, 2021 8:02 AM

Anyone who can afford to (esp if it's other people's money!) leaves FL in summer.

by Anonymousreply 437July 18, 2021 12:10 PM

I agree with Pelosi.....all roads lead to Putin.......he is the puppet master ......the paymaster..... the mastermind....the one who benefits the most from a politically crippled United States.

tRump has done more damage to this country than anyone in our history as a nation.

He is treasonous....clear and simple

by Anonymousreply 438July 18, 2021 12:33 PM

I really really really want to never hear about him or his family again.

by Anonymousreply 439July 18, 2021 3:01 PM

I want to hear about them, R439. I want to hear that they and their cronies have burned to death in a Mar-a-Lago gas explosion. And that they screamed in agony while they did so.

by Anonymousreply 440July 18, 2021 3:04 PM

If you don't want to hear about him ever again, please demand that no venues allow him a platform, no Republican congress bullshitters praise him as the 2024 hopeful, and all right wing media quit yapping about his "greatness".

by Anonymousreply 441July 18, 2021 3:46 PM

I hope Trump in interred by August.

by Anonymousreply 442July 18, 2021 3:47 PM

I used to enjoy David Pakman's YouTube channel, but right now it seems to be all things Trump, all the time.

by Anonymousreply 443July 18, 2021 3:49 PM

[quote] I really really really want to never hear about him or his family again.

Why don’t you try holding your breath until you get want you want?

by Anonymousreply 444July 18, 2021 3:51 PM

I'd be interested in indictments, or civil suits with legs that might bankrupt them. But, yeah, folks give them far too much attention.

by Anonymousreply 445July 18, 2021 4:07 PM

[quote]I want to hear that they and their cronies have burned to death in a Mar-a-Lago gas explosion.

Understandable. But I'd really prefer a show trial, during which slow detailed evidence of venal treason is read out for the world to hear and see live on TV. Day after day. We would see the defendant hearing his 'presidential career' laid out in all its criminality. The pure rage suffusing his face as he sits in a perspex booth, guarded by police. We can dream.

by Anonymousreply 446July 18, 2021 4:33 PM


by Anonymousreply 447July 18, 2021 4:34 PM

The total idiocy of a large number of Americans is kind of staggering. And that they keep going back to the same sources of misinformation over and over and over again - even though they've been lied to, misled, misinformed and in some cases killed. It's unbelievable.

Hopefully the Delta variant will take down a lot of deplorables - I mean, it's inevitable.

by Anonymousreply 448July 18, 2021 4:41 PM

Insurrectionist Mo Brooks:

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 449July 19, 2021 12:19 AM

The American Dental Association is under pressure to stop funding Paul Gosar.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 450July 19, 2021 12:26 AM

Sounds appropriate to be investigating Andy Biggs for his role in the January 6 insurrection.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 451July 19, 2021 12:31 AM

[quote]The highest level of absurdity recently came out of the mouth of Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde. He stated that there was no insurrection on Jan 6. What he observed that day in the Capitol was nothing more than a "normal tourist visit."

Whew, Lindzbelle & Clyde.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 452July 19, 2021 12:39 AM

Is August when the fraudit will declare Trump the winner in Arizona? The Republicans seem all in with cheating and lies.

by Anonymousreply 453July 19, 2021 3:15 AM

I notice Ivanka and Jared are distancing themselves. Too late they deserve to be ostracized.

by Anonymousreply 454July 19, 2021 4:06 AM

I thought the goalposts have moved to the Rs taking the house in November, with the first order of business next January to be hearings on why Trump lost unfairly?

by Anonymousreply 455July 19, 2021 12:50 PM

[quote]Holy shit! Thomas Barrack, the chair of Trump’s inaugural fund, has just been arrested on unspecified federal charges by the Brooklyn US Attorney.

[quote]Grab your popcorn y’all Popcorn

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 456July 20, 2021 6:54 PM

It shouldn't have to be NY alone who goes after all of these assholes. Where in the hell is DC and the EDVA, since so many of these crooks did their damage in DC.

And why has Biden yet to appoint US Attorneys in these very important locations?

by Anonymousreply 457July 20, 2021 7:02 PM

Arrested Tuesday morning in Los Angeles on federal charges related to illegally lobbying Trump for the United Arab Emirates.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 458July 20, 2021 7:12 PM

Elecshion night wash a MESH!!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 459July 20, 2021 7:16 PM

This is not an election year, r455.

by Anonymousreply 460July 20, 2021 7:26 PM

Barrack who is 74 years old, five years divorced after SIX children, and has a “close personal relationship” with 27 year old co-defendant Grimes, who gives his address as Barrack’s $15 million Aspen, CO ski house.

by Anonymousreply 461July 20, 2021 8:45 PM

Wasn't it Melania who supposedly ran the inauguration project with some bestie? Where does Barrack fit into this?

by Anonymousreply 462July 20, 2021 9:47 PM

Isn’t it just a matter of time before they indict Trump for tax fraud? He signed the tax returns and cheated the government out of millions.

by Anonymousreply 463July 20, 2021 11:10 PM

shitler will threaten to run and say all variety things to raise money off of dumb deplorbs. He's toast, however, and won't be able to run

by Anonymousreply 464July 21, 2021 1:42 AM

He’s a billionaire. What’s the penalty? A $450,000 fine?

by Anonymousreply 465July 21, 2021 2:40 PM

He's not a billionaire. Not even close. At this point I'm betting Javanka are the only ones with real money in that family.

by Anonymousreply 466July 21, 2021 2:43 PM

Barrack is a billionaire, R66

by Anonymousreply 467July 21, 2021 2:51 PM

Washington, DC is DEAD in August. Nothing happens and nobody's working.

by Anonymousreply 468July 21, 2021 4:41 PM

Be afraid... be very afraid.

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by Anonymousreply 469July 28, 2021 4:34 AM

[quote]You would not count this many people at all the Biden rallies COMBINED since his birth

It's pretty pathetic that he thinks it's an "insult" to tell us we don't worship someone the way they worship Trump. Like, really, really sad and pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 470July 28, 2021 4:38 AM

Where are the grease fires when you need them?

by Anonymousreply 471July 28, 2021 8:22 AM

August I meant September. September 13th! 🤡

by Anonymousreply 472July 28, 2021 8:23 AM

Get ready for Trump: Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter

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by Anonymousreply 473July 28, 2021 9:06 AM

Even out of office, he's continuing to fight for the American people. You really have to admire a man who puts the good of the country over his own petty, pathetic, childish jealousies.

Oh, wait:

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 474July 28, 2021 5:45 PM

[quote]with aides peaved that Senate Republicans didn’t do one when he was president and now are giving Biden a win.

Oh dear!

by Anonymousreply 475July 28, 2021 6:08 PM

The Dems should have given Trump an infrastructure deal and the Refuge should give Dems one now. Money is CHEAP right now. USA should be financing HUGE infrastructure projects and creating solid lower middle class construction jobs for the next decade. USA is now WAY behind other rich countries on renewed infrastructure. American's 100 largest cities should all have light rail serving their metropolitan areas. And all the poorer parts of these locations.

by Anonymousreply 476July 28, 2021 6:19 PM

R476, do you understand that McConnell and the Republican party only want power and to sabotage anything good for America if it means getting power back? The Republican party is EVIL.

Schumer is too weak to take on McConnell. Even as majority leader, Schumer comes off as McConnell's bitch.

by Anonymousreply 477July 28, 2021 6:35 PM

DJT is nasty. But Lá Sènatrice enjoys it.

by Anonymousreply 478July 28, 2021 6:47 PM

'"Donald Trump Bled Tonight in Texas:" Reaction As Trump Pick Defeated in House Runoff

Donald Trump's power as a GOP kingmaker has suffered a blow after voters chose Republican Jake Ellzey over the former president's pick for a vacant seat in Congress, sparking claims that he is "not bulletproof."

Credit to the OP of the thread below:

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 479July 28, 2021 7:21 PM

Just wait until all the MAGAts have given away all of their meth and Mountain Dew money, donating to his scams, oops, I meant "campaigns", with NOTHING to show for. I'd hate to be there when the laughter stops.

by Anonymousreply 480July 28, 2021 8:00 PM
Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 481July 28, 2021 11:13 PM

I'm surprised that this hasn't been shared yet. Here's fascist former general Mike Flynn, well.......

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 482July 29, 2021 12:27 AM

There is actually a way to orchestrate a coup that wouldn't require a full on military invasion to pull off. The MAGAts in the house seem to be alluding to it. If you push Pelosi out of the way and installed Trump as speaker, he'd be third in line to the presidency. In that position, if an Erik Prince like assassin squad went after Biden and Harris, Trump is "reinstated" as President and because he wasn't elected again, he'd be able to run in 2024. It doesn't really require an army of tanks to pull this off, just some small maneuvering in the Trump loyalist House and a few trained hit men and they could pull it off. It's not out of the realm of possibility, so people should keep this in mind. They are evil and you shouldn't put it past them to do something like, especially if McCarthy fears what might come out in the commission.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 483July 29, 2021 12:36 AM

He will just say a president can serve 2 terms & he wasn’t allowed to serve his second term, so he wants to serve it in 2024

by Anonymousreply 484July 29, 2021 1:46 AM

He was impeached twice, how the hell can he run again?

by Anonymousreply 485July 29, 2021 1:54 AM

Let's get something clear: They can try and take over, but if they think the overwhelming majority of Americans will just go along with it, they're in for shock. You think the largest states in this country will just hand over its money to a govt taken over by Trump? We keep talking about the assholes who showed up on January 6th, but the crowds after Trump lost were far bigger. If they do try and pull that shit again, real Americans won't let them do it, because no one expected a bunch of parasites to do something like that, but now knowing what they're capable of, patriots won't let them succeed.

Don't mistake the silence for weakness. Trust me, if Trump tries to get back in (which he won't. He's just a lazy fucking asshole who wants the title, not the actual workload), there aren't enough of his losers to protect him, his family or the cockroaches themselves who support him. They will be overrun by the rest of us who are tired of their shit.

by Anonymousreply 486July 29, 2021 2:20 AM

[quote]He was impeached twice, how the hell can he run again?

There's no law against it.

by Anonymousreply 487July 29, 2021 2:32 AM

R485 He wasn't convicted and removed during his impeachment trials.

by Anonymousreply 488July 29, 2021 3:05 AM

The 22nd Amendment does not mention a president serving two terms. It specifically says "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice...." Trump was elected in 2016. He claims he was elected in 2020. So he's done. No 2024 for Pee Brain.

That's the argument being advanced by Laurence Tribe.

by Anonymousreply 489July 29, 2021 3:15 AM

Charlie Manson was dangerous & he killed people & needed to be taken seriously but he couldn’t make Helter Skelter happen. Trump & his dummies are dangerous but people don’t want civil war. Gammy & Gampy will miss all the bDay parties for Bryannah & Taylyr & Kayleigh & Kadynn if there’s Civil War. The South & Midwest wouldn’t get their Social Security disability checks. The confederate states won’t get their military bases funded. See how Congress ran for the door when the assholes came in on January 6? You think those congressional reps are gonna pay the legal fees for those assholes? Nah. There’s a certain number of malcontents out there looking to make trouble & be outlaws. But most people don’t want any trouble & back away from the cult.

We’re aware of them. We’ll keep them on the radar. But there’s not much we can do about them no matter how much you holler that *somebody* needs to do *something.* I’m not gonna build up an arsenal. Proud Boys don’t have their own demonstrations. They invade other people’s demonstrations. Which is why I’m not going to any demonstrations. If you don’t get hit by police cars or tear gassed or smashed with a truncheon by cops you’ll get bashed by Proud Boys & who’s gonna pay your hospital bill?

All I hear is Democratic politicians & talking heads telling me i need to vote. I always vote, so…there’s nothing I need to do except keep voting. No need for me to panic. “The only thing you need to do is be sure to vote.” So I’m good.

by Anonymousreply 490July 29, 2021 5:06 PM

You can also donate and volunteer, 490. Please, if you can.

Thank you for voting!

by Anonymousreply 491July 29, 2021 5:18 PM

[quote]...but people don’t want civil war.

That's an extremely broad statement that should not be made without the speaker taking the time and effort to quantify how big that nearly infinite class, "the people," really is. At least as it relates to his statement.

Obviously, some people in a variety of political camps champion a civil war. It may be difficult to quantify the size of that subgroup, and also the various subgroups that inhabit it, but it has to be done. It's not acceptable to wish it all away and give it the back of your hand with such an empty yet open-ended and unsupported 'reassurance' as 'the people.'

If you notice, that's want politicians. The people demand! The people expect! Yeah, yeah, yeah. WHICH PEOPLE?

by Anonymousreply 492July 30, 2021 2:16 PM

After the election, many right wing nuts really did want a civil war. They felt Trump should just declare himself the winner, declare martial law, engage the military and kill any uprisings that arise. Many commenters on right wing sites were saying, that at that point, since Trump would be president, it would be the left attacking the government/white house and it would be the perfect time to kill all those pesky commies and it would be THEIR fault for attacking our government. This was a right wing meme for a time.

by Anonymousreply 493July 30, 2021 2:42 PM

Trump isn't serving in the House of Representatives: How could he be speaker of it?

by Anonymousreply 494July 30, 2021 3:10 PM

While the Speaker of the House is always a member of the House, technically he or she does not need to be. Strangely, it would be within the rules for the House to elect Trump as speaker.

by Anonymousreply 495July 30, 2021 3:27 PM

And if they do, we reeeeeeeally need law enforcement to immediately step up and indict the mutherfucker.

In any event, Trump is too effing stupid to be Speaker of the House. Can you imagine the chaos he would create, zigging and zagging 10 times a day as he makes every decision about himself? Having him as Speaker would be the punishment for the Represenatives that gave him the job.

by Anonymousreply 496July 30, 2021 3:36 PM

Poor Kevin McCarthy

Always a bridesmaid

by Anonymousreply 497July 31, 2021 2:26 AM

24 hours and counting.... for August. Any reinstating seems more likely to be reinstate the results of the election with an even larger majority by Biden. I have lots of pipe dreams that I can reign in and realize that they will never happen. But no such luck for the master of orange and dumb and ugly.

by Anonymousreply 498July 31, 2021 2:31 AM

[quote]Poor Kevin McCarthy

[quote]Always a bridesmaid

When I have my Mar-a-Lago wedding, he'll certainly be one of my bridesmaids.

by Anonymousreply 499July 31, 2021 9:00 AM

Here's a little horrified giggle for us to start our day with. FatAss45 has a replica of the furniture from his WH days set&up . It isn't just the furniture, oh, no! Not with him. He is having pretend meetings surrounded by his pretend WH furniture and "staff.". Would someone please bring him some nice, soft apple juice, his Binky and blanky.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 500July 31, 2021 3:07 PM

Pushing the Big Lie has been very profitable for him

Trump Raised $56 Million Online in First Half of 2021

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 501July 31, 2021 4:01 PM

Only $402,000,000 yet to go

by Anonymousreply 502July 31, 2021 4:29 PM

If true, R500, isn't it illegal to impersonate POTUS? What say former Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama?

by Anonymousreply 503July 31, 2021 4:36 PM

Oy, R500. That sounds sad. It reminds me of when I played “teacher” when I was 6 and set up desks, etc., and taught my students.

by Anonymousreply 504July 31, 2021 4:40 PM

It’s a far, far better game he plays in Mar a Lago, than he did in DC.

There he was a true sorcerer’s apprentice: commanding on the world stage no more competently than a demented child with a broom.

by Anonymousreply 505July 31, 2021 4:47 PM

He needs fresh pee pee at times. Who is supplying the pee pee girls nowadays at Bedminister & Mar-a-Lago? Matt?

by Anonymousreply 506July 31, 2021 5:21 PM

Ivanka is the new go-to-pee girl R506

by Anonymousreply 507July 31, 2021 6:59 PM
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