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Predictions 2021 Chapter II: The Oracle is Revealed

Link to Part I

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 325November 30, 2021 4:48 AM

Thanks for the new thread!

by Anonymousreply 1June 1, 2021 11:56 AM

Was the old thread paywalled? I never saw it until it was posted above.

by Anonymousreply 2June 1, 2021 2:57 PM

r2 it wasn't paywalled. I'm a freeloader who had the original on 'Watched'

by Anonymousreply 3June 1, 2021 3:14 PM

The previous thread reached 600 replies.

by Anonymousreply 4June 2, 2021 1:53 AM

And here we go! Trump indictments!! When???? Bring that rotten family and organization to trial.

by Anonymousreply 5June 2, 2021 1:39 PM

Any thoughts please on whether the Israeli coalition agreed yesterday will hold and manage to oust Netanyahu? If so, will it be a good thing for the world?

by Anonymousreply 6June 3, 2021 5:48 PM

What the fuck happened between pitt and Jolie?

by Anonymousreply 7June 4, 2021 11:36 PM

So, I have my Tarot cards and my little book now. What are some appropriate questions to ask while I'm learning?

by Anonymousreply 8June 11, 2021 4:14 AM

[R8], I've been to Paradise. But will I ever go to Me (sorry, I couldn't help myself)?

by Anonymousreply 9June 11, 2021 4:26 AM

R9 I Googled that line, since I didn't recognize it. It was born before I was.

by Anonymousreply 10June 11, 2021 6:17 PM

So what ever happened to all those predictions that Moscow Mitch was gravely ill and going to die rather quickly? That old fuck is hanging on and doesn't sound ill.

by Anonymousreply 11June 15, 2021 2:50 PM

Ahhh, great this was bumped. Molly McCord posted this yesterday. It is wonderful.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 12June 15, 2021 3:42 PM

I hope Oracle, Novice, Walter, and all the others find this thread too. It might be nice to be able to tag people on this site.

by Anonymousreply 13June 15, 2021 6:00 PM

I don't know R11 - I was sure McConnell was on his way out, though what I got was 'bladder cancer' and '4 months'. Didn't know what the 4 months meant. But when I asked about someone in the Senate leaving for health reasons (I think I said death, maybe?) I got the name Kennedy. So honestly I'm at a loss.

I'll see if I can come up with anything new soon.

by Anonymousreply 14June 16, 2021 3:54 AM

Trump will die before McConnell

by Anonymousreply 15June 16, 2021 5:20 AM

Beauty before Age ? ? ?

by Anonymousreply 16June 16, 2021 7:02 AM

Walter, you are not the only one. Other psychics have said the same thing about McConnell.

by Anonymousreply 17June 16, 2021 1:13 PM

McConnell comes off as a sick old man clinging desperately to power.

by Anonymousreply 18June 16, 2021 5:22 PM

Any chance for a personal?

by Anonymousreply 19June 16, 2021 6:09 PM

r19 this is just a predictions thread for the world in general. Maybe start a thread asking for a free personal reading.

by Anonymousreply 20June 16, 2021 8:07 PM

I haven't been here in awhile because I have been anxious, worried, and depressed like many others. I just want to know if we will become a fascist country and democracy destroyed. It isn't looking good.

by Anonymousreply 21June 16, 2021 8:11 PM

r21 no, we will NOT become a fascist country and our democracy will live on. I know a lot of people are worried about this but I don't feel it happening at all. There are too many in this country that would fight to the death to make sure that never happens. But it won't even come to that. Sit back and watch the republicans tie the noose around their necks and keep pulling tighter and tighter.

Take Texas. Their Gov. has spent his time controlling womens bodies, has announced that since Biden isn't controlling the border that they will spend billions to put their own wall up. In the meantime their power grid sucks. not only is it working in the winter but now it isn't working in the summer. People are screaming to stop spending money controlling women and building walls and fix their power grid. People have had enough.

by Anonymousreply 22June 16, 2021 11:17 PM

Thank you. No, bless you. I seem to need reassurance at times, lol. It is very difficult and heartbreaking to see what our country has become, but I can only hope that this will usher in a new, kinder , saner way of life. I do think Joe Biden is a good man and is doing his best with the horror of what he was left .

by Anonymousreply 23June 16, 2021 11:23 PM

we needed a reset. We have been steadily moving along this path which wasn't good. We needed Trump so things could change. All will be good

by Anonymousreply 24June 16, 2021 11:28 PM

I agree we needed a change, desperately. But the way trumps evil has spread to so many people is both baffling and scary. It seems as if he has unleashed some evil over everything.

by Anonymousreply 25June 16, 2021 11:38 PM

I think some people learned though that you can't trust everyone. Even though he has his supporters, there are many that have deserted and will be more careful in the future.

by Anonymousreply 26June 16, 2021 11:45 PM

Not sure if anyone would find this info useful, but like most of you, I get anxiety about all of the corruption and heartlessness of most Republicans in areas of our state/local/federal government and have looked to this thread for reassurance in the past year or two. This week I changed my old habit, which was to wake up and read the news immediately on my phone. Instead, I lie in bed resting for a bit and stay off of my phone. I have been incorporating more meditations at night just before bed (guided ones on Youtube -- Aussies Michael Sealey and Jason Stephenson are particularly relaxing to me) and today I did a grounding meditation before starting my work day. It is making a difference to start building up meditation practice and incorporating more of a spiritual practice, small steps, but today I feel much more grounded and less hooked into the fear narrative happening all around.

All of this has made me realize that I've become addicted to the fear wave that we've been riding the past 5 years as the world shifted politically with Dump and his cronies. I didn't use to check my phone daily for news and read so many news articles before this era; I checked in every few days or so and then checked back out. I wonder if any other folks feel like they've gotten sucked in too? I'm making a new start to try to connect in more deeply and stop feeding into the fear, as others talked about last year. I wasn't ready then, though. Each of us in our own time, right?

by Anonymousreply 27June 17, 2021 12:19 AM

Rep. Ohio House Speaker expelled over yuge bribery scheme.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 28June 17, 2021 1:13 AM

I told you. I told you gay rights were going to start taking hits because gay people were neglecting their own movement. It's ok to support other causes, but not at the expense of your own movement. I'll repeat what Spirit has said all along, as long as you remain present in the mind of the collective, you rights will have a fighting chance. The moment the word "[bold]gay[/bold]" dies, so will all of your rights. If you don't exist, your rights wont exist.


by Anonymousreply 29June 17, 2021 7:28 PM

What will happen about India? I have relatives there and they've been safe from covid so far thankfully. I just keep thinking about about the poor with no access to treatment and general poverty issues and stray animal issues. My country needs a lot of improvement in every department

On a selfish note, when will it be possible for me to travel there again? I'm getting low because I haven't seen my family is a few years now.

by Anonymousreply 30June 18, 2021 8:43 AM

R12, that was a great video from Molly McCord. I like her take on things. I've been out since I was 19 (early 50s now), so I went through the coming out phase very young for my generation. My partner came out later in life after getting married, having kids, coming out and getting divorced. I hope it helped him to listen to this. He has several family members who are too busy being religious hypocrites to accept him.

Thanks, R22. The assault on our democracy is very worrying. I try to stay out of that worrying energy, but I certainly fail sometimes. It was so helpful leading up to last year's election to read posts saying we go this. It is helpful to hear that ultimately, the fascists/Republicans won't win this. I just know it's going to be a fight for quite a few years, but it's one worth fighting.

by Anonymousreply 31June 18, 2021 3:37 PM

R30- My sympathies, I hope your family are alright and that you will see them soon.

by Anonymousreply 32June 18, 2021 3:49 PM

I thought Cash Peters video about DJT never actually going to jail was depressing

by Anonymousreply 33June 18, 2021 3:49 PM

r33 Linda G. was doing a live yesterday and stopped and said her guides were talking to her. She said that Trump is losing his mind and is starting the stages of Alzheimer's and then she said this is why he won't go to jail because he won't have any comprehension of what is going on.

by Anonymousreply 34June 18, 2021 8:59 PM

R34- I believe that. His niece said long ago that he would never accept losing the election and it would drive him insane. I do believe it has consumed him with anger and an overwhelming desire for vengeance. It was his worst nightmare come true, to be shown as a loser in front of the world. He should still be arrested just to show that they will never be tolerated here again. They can determine his mental status in a court of law.

by Anonymousreply 35June 18, 2021 9:07 PM

They'll never arrest a former president and put him in jail no matter how much he deserves it. However, I think Trump is currently in a hell/prison of his own making, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he has Alzheimer's.

by Anonymousreply 36June 18, 2021 11:19 PM

I think he's just faking it so he won't be prosecuted. Next he will be walking around Bedminster in slippers and a bathrobe.

by Anonymousreply 37June 18, 2021 11:33 PM

I feel you, r23 and others who are anxious about the future. While I do feel that everything will work out eventually, it's the getting there that is scary.

Pluto is still in Capricorn, grinding down those structures and the old ways. These straight old white men are terrified of a future where they no longer can control everyone else through the law, the government, schools, the military. They are desperate because they see their power slipping away forever and THEY CANNOT STOP IT.

Pluto is going to grind the old ways to dust. We are seeing this in businesses unable to hire workers at the normal pathetic wages they want to pay, the CEOs of big banks and brokerage firms screaming and threatening employees to get back to the office buildings (so they can control everyone) and the push toward recognition of the systemic injustice of our current culture . All of these changes scare these old coots and threaten their power.

Ignore the sound and fury. It's the death throes of a dying monster.

This Uranus square Saturn energy with the wonky Mercury retrograde is some fucked up shit. We're all caught in the middle of a street fight with nowhere to run. We can feel trapped and anxious.

Try to step away from social media and the news. Take a break from it for a few hours or days if you can. Have a nice dinner somewhere if possible. Take a drive to a new place to look around or shop for antiques. Soak in a hot tub or a warm bath. Be kind to yourself these next few weeks. These are not easy times to live in for anyone.

by Anonymousreply 38June 19, 2021 12:05 AM

R38- Thank you for those wise words, and advice. Yes, we can feel the danger and it does overwhelme you psychology. We have never been through this in this country. All safety nets are breaking apart. I fear I will lose social security and my disability. The ones who control this country are powerful and evil. The atmosphere is thick with tension and, to me, evil. Never have I felt anything like this.

by Anonymousreply 39June 19, 2021 12:18 AM

R39- I love what you said about this being the monster dying. That really calmed me and lessened my fear. It can't die soon enough for all of us. Thank you, dear. Much love to you and everyone here.

by Anonymousreply 40June 19, 2021 12:22 AM

Would love to hear from the DL psychics on the Supreme Court decision upholding the Arizona voting restrictions law. Not a good sign. How do the DL psychics see voting rights affecting the midterm and next presidential elections? Will the Republicans continue to get away with voter suppression?

by Anonymousreply 41July 4, 2021 8:23 AM

Mary Anne covered it like a week ago, I think.

by Anonymousreply 42July 4, 2021 5:37 PM

Are we supposed to know who the fuck Mary Anne is?

by Anonymousreply 43July 4, 2021 7:17 PM

Your whore momma was my immediate thought.

by Anonymousreply 44July 4, 2021 7:24 PM

Mary Anne does readings on youtube under the name Revealing Light Tarot.

by Anonymousreply 45July 4, 2021 11:17 PM

Hold on to your caftans gals, we're in for a ride this summer.

by Anonymousreply 46July 5, 2021 4:41 AM

R46, meaning what?

by Anonymousreply 47July 5, 2021 12:48 PM

R46 Could you please be less specific?

by Anonymousreply 48July 5, 2021 6:20 PM

Mary Anne actually did one today. Basically, they are working on a Congressional overhaul on voting.

by Anonymousreply 49July 5, 2021 6:21 PM

Does anyone else get annoyed with Linda G for always interrupting her guests? I swear it seems like Sterling can barely keep his cool at times when he's talking to her.

by Anonymousreply 50July 7, 2021 1:15 AM

Yes, one of the reasons I stopped watching her.

by Anonymousreply 51July 7, 2021 1:42 AM

[quote] Yes, one of the reasons I stopped watching her.

Ditto, R51.

by Anonymousreply 52July 7, 2021 4:47 AM

Linda, start a YouTube channel, you’ll help calm people down and then you will annoy the fuck out of them in a couple of years.

by Anonymousreply 53July 7, 2021 7:43 PM

Who has been the most accurate?

by Anonymousreply 54July 7, 2021 7:44 PM

Marie’s Table seems so nice and sweet and then once in awhile she posts a bipolar freak out against viewers who say they can’t hear her or that point out her chronic technical difficulties. Calm down woman!

by Anonymousreply 55July 7, 2021 7:47 PM

Mary Anne, someone's whore mother.

by Anonymousreply 56July 7, 2021 8:01 PM

r56 what does that even mean?

by Anonymousreply 57July 7, 2021 8:54 PM

Sterling is totally riding on LindaG's coattails so if she interrupts him, too bad. He's wrong more often than she is!

by Anonymousreply 58July 7, 2021 10:07 PM

Anyone named "Linda G" is a yankee cunt. I can feel it.

by Anonymousreply 59July 7, 2021 10:10 PM

Linda is part Cherokee (official tribe member) and part Mexican through her mother who was half and half, so she's hardly a Yankee.

by Anonymousreply 60July 7, 2021 10:17 PM

Did you see the DNA report?

Thought not.

by Anonymousreply 61July 7, 2021 10:20 PM

I believe she grew up in OK

by Anonymousreply 62July 7, 2021 11:21 PM

The youtube Yankee Wally intrigue is drama you can't buy. I'm not a subscriber but I watched her most recent podcast from a couple of days ago where she promised some sort of revelation in her favour that would emerge very soon. She claims to be constantly shut down by Twitter and youtube due to her views about Harry and Meghan.

by Anonymousreply 63July 7, 2021 11:42 PM

see, i knew there was a yankee in here somewhere.

by Anonymousreply 64July 8, 2021 3:00 AM


by Anonymousreply 65July 9, 2021 5:36 PM

The Yankee Wally loon is mentally ill and is also a Data Lounger. Don't engage .

This is all you need to know about the Royal Family. Their best days are behind them. The sunset is on them and karma must be paid for the crimes that family has committed.

California still has large deposits of precious metal: Gold among them. I think I talked about this a few months ago.

It's so good to see people getting vaccinated. Love it.

by Anonymousreply 66July 9, 2021 5:55 PM

Oracle, California has huge lithium deposits near the Salton Sea. For those who don't know, lithium is needed for the batteries in electric cars. With the future of cars and trucking being electric this is going to be a huge boon for California. Also, I still see a wide area in centralish to slightly north of centralish CA light up when you talk about gold.

by Anonymousreply 67July 9, 2021 6:06 PM

Branson, Musk or Bezos die in space crash.

by Anonymousreply 68July 10, 2021 12:43 AM

Will Dolf truly refuse no loads?

by Anonymousreply 69July 10, 2021 1:13 AM

Oracle, thanks for your post. Whether or not others here are aware of it, there is a continuity to your threads that lays out an explanation for something that's ongoing. For what it's worth, I felt when it originally happened, was a brilliant diversion from another problem that looked to be as serious as the cracked plates that sunk RMS Titanic.

In both situations, the principles were headed West.

by Anonymousreply 70July 10, 2021 2:00 AM

[quote]The sunset is on them and karma must be paid for the crimes that family has committed.

what "crimes" are the current family involved in. Not talking about centuries ago of course. Please elaborate.

by Anonymousreply 71July 10, 2021 5:24 AM

I've often had dreams that felt like a previous life but then different heightened versions of this planet. It feels warmer and has that peace feeling.

I'd like to believe these dreams are a vision into parallel universes and/or literal worlds that are in our universe. I cant really describe the dreams but I always want to return to them. There's nothing exceptional happening in these dreams.

Some have also been set in space ship style vehicles (it sounds insane I know lol!) Planes tv maps but it's not this earth. One was like looking through Google map in the city where I live with locations that don't even exist in my city or the map at all!

I love stuff like this and I hope this is some insight I truly got.

by Anonymousreply 72July 10, 2021 6:42 PM

Some like aliens, some like angels, some like Pan, some like Thoth/Jesus...

It's all in you!

by Anonymousreply 73July 10, 2021 7:00 PM

That's what Peter Frampton said, [R73].

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 74July 10, 2021 10:01 PM

[quote] karma must be paid for the crimes that family has committed

Yeah, no, don’t buy this belief in karmic retribution. Think this is more in line with the personality espousing it.

[quote] what "crimes" are the current family involved in. Not talking about centuries ago of course. Please elaborate.

Would also be interested in hearing Oracle’s take on this, R71.

Perhaps it involves the Prince Andrew affiliations? Although personally, have no strong opinions on the BRF, Oracle has posted in other threads of his STRONG, vengeful feelings towards some people (including the BRF).

Said this before, Oracle has some interesting and evocative thoughts/beliefs which occasionally are appropriately timed: hence coming across as “predictions”.

But the sycophantic “Oracle this and Oracle that” is a bit much. (Even with this thread’s title).

Not a particularly warm or generous personality/energy for someone dealing in the “spiritual trades”.

by Anonymousreply 75July 11, 2021 1:06 AM

You're the one bringing negative energy into this thread, R75.

by Anonymousreply 76July 11, 2021 7:40 AM

Oracle had been really rough to me a couple of years ago. I blamed myself and have been trying to get their approval since. Glad to hear someone else doubting the greatness of oracle.

by Anonymousreply 77July 11, 2021 4:47 PM

Who is Q…I mean Oracle?

by Anonymousreply 78July 11, 2021 5:05 PM

[quote] You're the one bringing negative energy into this thread, [R75]

Although we might like it otherwise, sunshine, rainbows and all positive energy isn’t the whole experience here on planet earth. Sometimes things aren’t all unicorns and fluffy bunnies.

“Negative energy” is one thing. Revenge, belittling and meanness of spirit quite another, R76.

[quote] Oracle had been really rough to me a couple of years ago. I blamed myself and have been trying to get their approval since. Glad to hear someone else doubting the greatness of oracle.

Obviously cannot speak for others, but you are not alone, R77. Part of the human experience involves contradictions and areas of life we are working on.

We all have gifts and the capability to perceive beyond the traditional senses. No one is any better - or worse than anyone else.

Curious, then, that this thread has become a worshipping altar to the Oracle....

by Anonymousreply 79July 11, 2021 6:07 PM

we are all human and have our good points and our bad. Sometimes we are having a bad day and sometimes a good day. Appreciate a person for what they can add to your life but don't worship them because you will always be let down.

Oracle has given us some insight along with the other psychics on this thread. I don't think we should be tearing anyone down as there is all of DL to do that on. This thread and the people on it should be left alone.

r75 I am interested as to your insight. Are you a psychic or was your post just an opinion? Are you a believer or do you just try to keep proving that is no such thing? I really am interested to know.

r77 I'm sorry that you felt that way about Oracle. I have seen him be a little gruff sometimes but have always thought that was just his personality. Don't take it to heart.

There is no one person greater than another. We are all in this together. It is our time and the people around us that we interact with are a part of our life. I sometimes think about my grandparents and the people they interacted with and think about how each timeline has it's own group of people and we are all only part of the current one until the next time we reincarnate.

by Anonymousreply 80July 11, 2021 6:16 PM

Hello Vulture R66, yes, there are a lot of precious resources that California could exploit decades in the future. I was told in a meditation that we have artifacts of another planet. I would even go as far as to say there is a portal right above San Francisco. I know there is one off the coast of Southern California in Catalina Island.

Zemen, there is no honor in elevating a concept, the monarchy, that is outdated and belongs in the the dark ages of our history. Those that believe themselves to be the chosen ones are ripe to indulge and perhaps abuse the resources available to them. Many do.

R71 check my previous readings about the monarchy, from money laundering and abuse of power to human trafficking. People want to hear the things that reinforces their beliefs, this is one subject I am not going to compromise on. It is up to each individual to believe what they want.

R77, if I had you in front of me, I would slap you and tell you to "snap out of it." (I hope you understand the reference). You live too much in the head. Loosen up and worry less about what I or others have to say.

R79 appears bothered that I got a thread named after me, even though I don't think it was named for me. Don't burden yourself with those thoughts.

Re Jolie/Pitt: It's a mess. I posted a reading about this when they first parted ways. He was a drunken asshole, and he may have shoved one of the older kids and Angelina herself. See, the thing is I don't think both parties know what exactly happened. He's not abusive, he was drunk, too inebriated and incoherent, but Angelina was shoved in the mist. The place feels claustrophobic, so wherever they ended up during their argument feels like a very confined space (a bathroom, a closet ) I almost want to say within his state he tripped and may have shoved Angelina in the process. Part of this argument feels like a misunderstanding. When I channeled her, from her perspective, he pushed her. It's how she sees it. I actually feel she could go further with the argument but there is a barrier she won't cross, probably because she cannot really tell [with %100 certainty] that he got physical. I do get a specific occasion when she thought she might have seen Brad be inappropriate, and it seems like after that he began to change in her eyes.

My take is that these people were no longer communicating, Brad feels suffocated, and without communication small things become big problems.

by Anonymousreply 81July 11, 2021 7:33 PM

I wish our predictions threads were like they used to be with many contributions and no YouTube links.

by Anonymousreply 82July 12, 2021 5:21 AM

I very highly doubt the BRF is involved in money laundering or human trafficking. I could believe Andrew would do something that shady, but he’s not bright enough to carry it off.

oracle, as an American, you don’t understand the significance of the Queen to the UK or many Commonwealth countries from a constitutional, let alone an emotional or tradition perspective.

by Anonymousreply 83July 12, 2021 7:37 AM

[quote] I don't think we should be tearing anyone down as there is all of DL to do that on. This thread and the people on it should be left alone.

I share this perspective, R80. There is a corollary; however: the unadulterated elevation of a poster (who you call “a little gruff” - and others “rough” and “vengeful”) is the flip side of the DL-tearing-down coin.

Two sides of the same coin.

by Anonymousreply 84July 12, 2021 6:29 PM

R82 yeah, more typing and less videos of dissociative incest survivors with smeared makeup sitting over a glass orb in the living room of a single-wide trailer making predictions about the economy and Britney Spears.

by Anonymousreply 85July 13, 2021 12:47 AM

I’m not going to comment on BRF(I don’t like them) but I will say I don’t worship Oracle I just love his posts which have been on point for a long time. If you don’t agree with his opinion on one subject I’m not sure that takes away his years of really fascinating and insightful predictions. Also he went through a lot this year and made time to come on and still share his work. Absolutely appreciate it because it’s rare energy on this board.

by Anonymousreply 86July 13, 2021 1:02 AM

[quote] I’m not going to comment on BRF(I don’t like them) but I will say I don’t worship Oracle I just love his posts which have been on point for a long time. If you don’t agree with his opinion on one subject I’m not sure that takes away his years of really fascinating and insightful predictions.

It’s not JUST about one subject, R86. There have been fascinating insights by the person you mention AND others here.

[quote] Also he went through a lot this year and made time to come on and still share his work.

There have been MANY individuals that have been through a great deal recently. Some you may NOT even know about since they do NOT share their personal challenges here....or anywhere else, for that matter. Yet these individuals KINDLY proffer their insights, knowledge and yes.....even predictions, here and elsewhere, believe it or not.

And do so graciously (i.e without roughing up others or telling them they need to be slapped.)

[quote] Absolutely appreciate it because it’s rare energy on this board.

Here we will respectfully disagree. It’s been stated previously that DL has a tendency to be “rough”. That energy is NOT rare on this board. (Or from the individual you insist on adulating.)

by Anonymousreply 87July 13, 2021 6:05 AM

There is a portal above San Francisco. It's called Mt. Tamalpaïs.

by Anonymousreply 88July 13, 2021 7:36 AM

Any psychics here getting weird feelings about July? There were a couple of psychics I watch on YT who have said something violent will happen in July. Someone said it will happen in the East coast, another said somewhere North.

by Anonymousreply 89July 13, 2021 11:20 AM

The Oracle of Whimsey did a 5 minute thing yesterday and said within the next 2 weeks a lot of people who work for Trump Inc. including the entire family are going to be indicted.

by Anonymousreply 90July 13, 2021 1:28 PM

I don't feel it's July, per se, r89. Things seem to be shifting more quickly now so maybe that was it? I've heard several of them say they think something "big" will happen but I'm not feeling that way. It just feels to me like things are moving more quickly towards some sort of "resolution".

Personally, I'm more concerned about September/October. In my opinion (and remember things change all of the time), the virus may surge again as kids go back to school. The cultists will be angry that orange wasn't "reinstated" like they were promised and may look to start shit with pretty much anyone.

I expect the stock market to be on a roller coaster in the fall which will freak some people out. Not a "crash" but staggering around like a drunken sailor.

I also think that we will see many "natural disasters" such as flash flooding and mudslides. West coast and Texas. Please pay attention to the weather and any weather alerts if you live in those areas.

Of course there will be hurricanes along the east coast and gulf coast. It looks like one may run up the entire east coast just bouncing in and out almost like a pinball which is weird.

But things are slowly getting better. Look at the big picture. Be cool. I know it's scary AF right now but we got rid of orange and we are slowly crawling out of the pit.

by Anonymousreply 91July 13, 2021 7:35 PM

Fear inciting has been in the toolbox of psychics forever.

Focus on the positive if you are so spiritual, want to really help people, and not get Youtube views.

by Anonymousreply 92July 13, 2021 7:41 PM

Any good stock picks?

by Anonymousreply 93July 13, 2021 9:49 PM

R92, you can't ignore what is happening right now and put your head in the sand like it's not happening. I've lived a long time and never have I seen the country so polarized, people so at odds with each other.

The Texas Democrats flee to Washington DC. The governor of Texas threatens to arrest the Dems if they return. Biden makes a speech about voter suppression. Civil War is trending on twitter.

It's better to face this straight in the face. I'm getting an uneasy feeling about this. The GQP have gotten away with things because we let them. Biden may need to show his strength and this is why I think he decided to pull out of Afghanistan. We may need our soldiers here.

by Anonymousreply 94July 14, 2021 8:27 AM

R94 Many of our soldiers are Republicans, even Trumpers. As are many of our cops. It's truly frightening, as we can't fully trust our institutions to do what's needed to preserve our democracy.

by Anonymousreply 95July 14, 2021 10:48 PM

R91 When I read about the hurricane pinballing up the East Coast, I got "W". Looking it up, this year's W hurricane is named Wanda, though before I looked it up I thought it was Winifred. So maybe hurricane Wanda happens in October (Winifred being from the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus)?

by Anonymousreply 96July 16, 2021 6:18 PM

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Leo. Take your sexy selfies. Or get your hair did, or face.

by Anonymousreply 97July 16, 2021 7:20 PM

Dianne's Tarot just did a short live. I recommend watching it.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 98July 16, 2021 9:04 PM

Diane and MaryAnn are very calming and down to earth peeps

by Anonymousreply 99July 16, 2021 9:20 PM

None of that fear shit. Exactly.

by Anonymousreply 100July 16, 2021 9:29 PM

Romance for Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga.

by Anonymousreply 101July 16, 2021 9:51 PM

That's very interesting, Walter. It looks like Wanda is the last name on the list this year. No x, y or z names.

I believe "Fred" is the next name on the list for this year. Looks like we're going to have a long, active season.

by Anonymousreply 102July 16, 2021 10:29 PM

Speaking of hurricane season, I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that the 2025 season will be the worst in living memory based on the names alone!

Some of the names for the 2025 Atlantic hurricane season are:




KAREN (yikes)

Melissa (my bitch sister)


Rebekah (five head mercer cvnt)


And, ironically, Wendy

by Anonymousreply 103July 16, 2021 10:54 PM

I think Biden pulled the troops from Afghanistan because he has to do something to appease the far left. Now they want him to close Gitmo, immediately! When one of those terrorists gets released and kills a bunch of people, it will be all Biden's fault, but they never look that far ahead.

by Anonymousreply 104July 16, 2021 11:01 PM

We've been in Afghanistan for 20 fucking long years and nothing has improved at all. The majority of Americans want us out of there. We never should have invaded Iraq in the first place as we were never meant to be nation-building. He won't close Gitmo.

The real war is now Cyber-warfare and our resources need to be shifted there.

by Anonymousreply 105July 16, 2021 11:14 PM

R104, I don’t buy it. I think Biden does what he wants.

by Anonymousreply 106July 16, 2021 11:40 PM

R104, who exactly do you mean by "the far left"? Please be more specific about exactly who it is that Biden has to "appease" re Afghanistan, and why he "has to" do something to appease that entity.

by Anonymousreply 107July 17, 2021 12:08 AM

So let's read the energies around Joe Manchin. I think it's very transparent what is taking place. He is being bought by Republicans. We all can see it. We all have eyes. What I want to know is why. Why be willing to destroy you name in such a way for a short term reward. He knows this is not going to lead to greater riches because he knows he has not been a clean politician.

1) First of all, he is being lured to turn Repube before the end of the year and he is seriously considering it (two of swords). This is straight up bribery.

2) Schumer, is weak sauce, as you remember years ago I said Republicans had something on him, most likely [to me it seemed]connected to prostitution rings/human trafficking. He probably solicited a prostitute from J.E or some other notorious prostitution pimp in D.C. I said it back then, he is a nice man but he has baggage that prevents him from going all out on Mitch McConnell. He will always be limited in that way. We need a new man that is out for blood.

3) What is preventing Manchin [from turning Republican] is that he knows the DOJ could exposed past illegal donations to his campaign and bribes he took while being a Senator, so at this moment he wants to grab from the Republican bag as much as he can because (while he is not 100% certain) he knows Biden (not Schumer) could send the DOJ after him.

4) Schumer needs to grow a pair and untie himself from his own fears of being exposed (8 of Swords) because he can go to the DOJ and Biden and ask them to find something on Joe Manchin or Mitch McConnell in order to help him keep his majority until at least 2022.

5) Manchin is just ambitious. It's about him. [In his mind] success was never guaranteed so he is willing to change parties if it means instant rewards. He cannot see the red flag infront of him because he is dickmatized by money. He cannot understand if you sit him down and explain it to him, he is a bitch in heat. He desires money.

6) I think it is his plan to change parties and the only thing that could stop him is if Pelosi or Biden step in [bold]right now[/bold] and remind him that he can get in trouble if he so much changes parties and hands the majority to Republicans. He is as much of a coward as he is ambitious.

7) I think they'll keep him from going Republican, or at the very least long enough for him not to make a big difference if he gives the Repubes the majority later on, I think they just want to buy as much time until the 2022 elections where Democrats will be picking additional Senate seats.

8) Sinema is crazy. Dems just need to meet her price to keep her in line. Again, Dems need to oust Schumer and get someone that will not be afraid to bribe, threaten, or even cause harm to those that get on the Dem's way. It has come to this.

by Anonymousreply 108July 17, 2021 12:32 AM

Great reading Oracle you have stated what I've always felt about Manchin, that he has been bought by the Repubs.

by Anonymousreply 109July 17, 2021 12:40 AM

Manchin has ALWAYS been getting the Koch money.


by Anonymousreply 110July 17, 2021 12:55 AM

Manchin is not too bright

by Anonymousreply 111July 17, 2021 1:51 AM

And Schumer has always been a weak sister. We need a 21st century LBJ. Not a soft soap mediocrity. Perhaps good for the bench but a waste of space as leadership

by Anonymousreply 112July 17, 2021 3:15 AM

In case anybody's interested, Yankee Wally has quit youtube for some other channel. I won't post what the channel is but if you go to the community section of her channel the info is there. As I've said I'm not a follower. I've observed the surrounding aberration for weeks and found it like watching a car crash in slow mo.

by Anonymousreply 113July 17, 2021 3:25 AM

While Oracle’s reading uncovers much, more prosaically, Manchin wants/needs to stay in power.

Remember, he’s been elected multiple time as a [italic] Democrat in WEST Virginia, [/italic] possibly the reddest state in the country. They are not going to elect a Democrat with even a whiff of liberalism. Take him out and McTurtle gets back control of the senate.

Without Manchin giving Schumer control of the senate floor, none of Biden’s appointees are even guaranteed a vote. Biden knows this, Schumer knows this and you can be damn sure every member of the Senate is keenly aware of this. (Well, Tuberville might be too stupid to realize it on his own, but somebody’s told him.). So, frustrating as it may be, he’s got lots of leeway until the Dems can elect more senate Democrats from other states.

Till then, Manchin is on a tightrope. He has to be bring home the bacon to a poor state - made more possible by being his in the combined White House/Congressional majority - while being seen back in the state as independent enough from Schumer that deep red voters will still re-elect him as “our, take it to the libs, Democrat.”

by Anonymousreply 114July 17, 2021 2:07 PM

“. . . made more possible by him being in the . . .

by Anonymousreply 115July 17, 2021 2:09 PM

Any insights from DL psychics on the voting rights issue? It was heartening to hear Maryann say on Revealing Light Tarot that she thinks we'll get more Senate seats, but also disheartening that we may lose the House. The Republicans' state voting legislation seems like it could be more harmful to our chances of getting the House.

The recent Supreme Court decision on the Arizona voting law was also disheartening. Any insight on when we'll get a liberal majority on SCOTUS?

by Anonymousreply 116July 17, 2021 3:53 PM

It's amazing that none of the psychics here have noted that Trump is going to try for another coup attempt next month. The signs are so obvious that only an idiot couldn't see them. Whether he succeeds or fails remains a question mark, however.

by Anonymousreply 117July 17, 2021 4:04 PM

He doesn't have the military with him. No coup works without the military.

by Anonymousreply 118July 17, 2021 6:02 PM

Milley has flat out warned the fat fool that he does NOT have the backing of the military, FBI or CIA. That's what the "leaked" story was about the other day when Milley was quoted as saying he wouldn't abide by any fucking coup.

That was a shot across the bow. Orange didn't have military backing THEN and he sure as fuck doesn't have it NOW.

Those trumptard show up and try to start shit, the military and Secret Service will be waiting. And it won't be a replay of January 6th. Those little bois will walk into an ambush that would make Vercingetorix proud.

by Anonymousreply 119July 17, 2021 6:10 PM

If Trump tries another coup, his followers will be slaughtered on-site and he'll be dead of a 'heart attack' within a few months. You can't keep fucking with the security services like that.

They won't jail a former president, but they'll absolutely take one out if he can't quit with his treasonous fuckery.

by Anonymousreply 120July 17, 2021 6:59 PM

You Henny Pennys are too much. People are not even going to his rallies or walking out!


Carry on. Lose worrying about the loser!

by Anonymousreply 121July 17, 2021 7:33 PM

Clearly we all suspect Manchin is a corrupt politician, you only need to know his list of donors to know there are red flags all over his past campaigns. I just wasn't aware how far along the road he was in turning Republican, what I saw is that he was ready to announce he was flipping. His trip to Texas could very well be his announcement that he is turning Republican.

When I went in, I saw Democrats convincing him of not straying too much from the Democratic party. I asked spirit if he would remain a Democrat and I was shown a scale (to me this usually means justice. The DOJ perhaps? ) The scale kept tilting one way and then the other which tells me Republicans will always match his price. It doesn't matter if he gets more power within the Democratic party and WV is given more benefits. It's all about his own greed; his own character flaw. This is not a case where circumstances have pushed him towards Republicans (Dems ignoring WV). His focus is on personal wealth. This is why I gave the analogy of a "beach in heat." For some reason, he has been hypnotized by greed. It's what he craves...so much that it has blind him to the minefield around him. He may get a short term reward (instant money), but Democrats still hold the House,DOJ, and presidency. He could never turn this short term reward into long lasting wealth.

Either he needs to be threaten with a possible investigation into his dubious finances or someone with similar baggage as him goes down and then the Dems point out that he is next: "how could we possibly protect you if you are leaving us? Now if you were to remain a Democrat..."

Then, maybe, he could be enticed with promises of giving WV a few rewards. He ain't here for the people.

by Anonymousreply 122July 17, 2021 9:57 PM

too far*

by Anonymousreply 123July 17, 2021 9:59 PM

One the positive side, I recently read that Republicans who voted for impeachment have raised far more money than the primary challengers Trump supports. That's got to sting.

As far as the House, some psychics I watch said we will keep the House but just barely and we will win big in the Senate. I believe the Blue States like CA need to turn every House Rep Blue, that's the only way of keeping the House. We have McCarthy and Nunes in Red areas in CA but I have a good feeling about the Dem running against Nunes, not sure about McCarthy's seat.

by Anonymousreply 124July 17, 2021 11:44 PM

If the Dems win the Senate and keep the House in 2022, I predict the Republican Party will deep-six Dump and his minions.

by Anonymousreply 125July 17, 2021 11:51 PM

Yep, that would be three lost election seasons in a row. They HAVE to see at that point that Trump is a losing proposition.

by Anonymousreply 126July 17, 2021 11:53 PM

R119 Hats off to your Vercingetorix reference.

by Anonymousreply 127July 17, 2021 11:54 PM

R118 R119 R120 He has plenty of allies in the agencies, most notably the Pentagon where he stuffed his allies inside before he left office, not to mention Mike Flynn's brother. Coups are often started by the colonels, not the generals. If he continues to incite his base (and his MAGAts in the rank and file) via Faux Noise and other reich wing media, they will be spurred on to coup the government for him. That's what the BS "audits" in Arizona and other states are really all about.

Maybe the government will put down the insurgents, but maybe they won't, especially since Republicans are refusing to fund the capitol police, took down the security fence around the building and have been going on a non-stop propaganda spree saying people like Milley are "woke" communists that need to be removed. Trump nearly succeeded the first time. Hitler's first coup attempt failed and we all know how the story played out after that.

by Anonymousreply 128July 18, 2021 1:29 AM


by Anonymousreply 129July 18, 2021 1:36 AM

If I sleep with a black mirror by my bed will it help with prophetic dreams?

by Anonymousreply 130July 18, 2021 7:18 AM

McConnell needs to go, and I hope it's VERY soon.

by Anonymousreply 131July 18, 2021 8:16 AM

I'm conflicted, R122.

Your posts make sense but I desperately want this to be true instead.

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by Anonymousreply 132July 18, 2021 3:50 PM

Amy needs to bust out her stapler already.

by Anonymousreply 133July 19, 2021 4:23 AM

I think Amy is willing to use blackmail.

by Anonymousreply 134July 19, 2021 4:34 AM

Enough with Lindsey Graham! He needs to go!

by Anonymousreply 135July 19, 2021 6:24 AM

[quote]I'm conflicted. Your posts make sense but I desperately want this to be true instead.

Why must it be two different things? My post predates that interview and from what Amy is saying she alleges Dems are talking to Manchin and he is listening. I doubt the Dems are just begging him to stay. I can certainly imagine Amy and the Dems holding a stapler to his face while reading him a long list of charges the DOJ can bring on him.

by Anonymousreply 136July 19, 2021 10:16 PM

[quote] Amy is saying she alleges Dems are talking to Manchin and he is listening

Swingline Diplomacy!

Thanks for the positive perspective.

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by Anonymousreply 137July 20, 2021 6:44 PM

Hi DL Seers, hope you are having a pleasant summer. Wondering if any recent thoughts on:

the 1/6 insurrection hearings? Will any congressional GQP'ers be punished?

The 4500 civilian tips sent to the FBI about Kavanaugh, will an investigation happen?

The New Covid Variants (US/Europe) - seems like the balance of 2021 will be a shitshow, will 2022 be ok?

by Anonymousreply 138July 29, 2021 1:38 PM

Astro guy Cam White on YT said bad winter and April is when things Covid-wise would be ~over~. He also said masks this Wed. And it happened Tuesday and today, I think. He has been saying these things all along. All according to the planets. He's kinda cute too.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 139July 29, 2021 1:53 PM


by Anonymousreply 140July 29, 2021 7:18 PM

And some astro channeler i trust said today that shortages and shit were coming back 2022. oy!

Molly McCord. She said she'd get into it Monday.

by Anonymousreply 141July 29, 2021 7:21 PM

For your questions, R138

> the 1/6 insurrection hearings? Will any congressional GQP'ers be punished?


> The 4500 civilian tips sent to the FBI about Kavanaugh, will an investigation happen?


> The New Covid Variants (US/Europe) - seems like the balance of 2021 will be a shitshow, will 2022 be ok?


by Anonymousreply 142July 29, 2021 7:30 PM

So my other prediction about Gaetz (previous threat) said that he'd be arrested by 7/20 to 7/27. There were things that happened to him during that time period, from his future sister-in-law doing an interview where she called him a pedophile, and him being chased from a press conference being called a pedophile. I was really hoping for that arrest, though.

by Anonymousreply 143July 29, 2021 7:33 PM

*previous THREAD, not threat

by Anonymousreply 144July 29, 2021 7:34 PM

You may want to install a wood stove and start canning. Get a gun and hide your cash in a mattress.

OK, my "boss" is something else "psychic" wise, it's basically her job, holistic health, and she's been saying these things, but I try to remain positive. Now, the astrology is lining up with what she's been saying. And being a friend, I don't hang on her every word. But IDK.

by Anonymousreply 145July 29, 2021 7:37 PM

WalterH you totally bummed me out. *sigh* I was hopeful about 2022, guess it's back to curbside pick up for me.

by Anonymousreply 146July 29, 2021 7:54 PM

I am gonna start buying extra provisions, I suppose.

Actually, she may buy them for me!

by Anonymousreply 147July 29, 2021 8:03 PM

Do rich bastards ever pay for their crimes where's karma or universal whatever, when it comes to the truly evil?

by Anonymousreply 148July 29, 2021 10:09 PM

R145 MARY!!

by Anonymousreply 149July 31, 2021 3:54 AM

It's a great gig, boo!

by Anonymousreply 150July 31, 2021 5:46 AM

Will Matt Gaetz face justice for having sex with underage girls?

by Anonymousreply 151July 31, 2021 3:07 PM

While I want Brown to win, I believe Nina Turner is going to win 48% to Shontel’s 46%.

by Anonymousreply 152August 1, 2021 12:18 AM

R146 Sorry, Boo. We’re here for the long run.

by Anonymousreply 153August 1, 2021 12:19 AM

Will federal laws be put in place to counter all of the state voter suppression measures?

by Anonymousreply 154August 1, 2021 8:25 AM

R154 Yes, we will get federal voting rights laws passed this Congress. I asked when and got "after September recess", whatever that means.

by Anonymousreply 155August 1, 2021 5:02 PM

Thanks r155/walterh. I’ve been scared that Democratic politicians were going to allow voting rights and access fritter away.

by Anonymousreply 156August 1, 2021 5:22 PM

MaryAnne confers.

by Anonymousreply 157August 1, 2021 5:23 PM

Thanks for your updates, Walter

by Anonymousreply 158August 2, 2021 1:30 AM

Molly 2021 2022

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by Anonymousreply 159August 2, 2021 10:17 PM

Well, my prediction at R152 was off. Shit, I felt like I was getting somewhere...

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by Anonymousreply 160August 4, 2021 4:14 AM

So are aliens coming tomorrow?

I need to prepare a cake for the pot luck to greet them.

by Anonymousreply 161August 11, 2021 2:40 AM

the aliens have been here for longer than we have.

by Anonymousreply 162August 11, 2021 2:59 AM

Nobody predicted the pnw heatwave

by Anonymousreply 163August 11, 2021 5:28 AM

I wrote this about the infrastructure bill in the previous thread at the end of May.

[quote]An infrastructure bill will get passed. I don't usually get numbers but 1 and 2 keep popping up. Maybe that means it will pass in 1-2 months, or the pricetag will end up being $1.2T, or maybe 1-2 Republicans will end up voting for it.

I know the bill isn't final and still has to go through Congress and signed by Biden, but the version just passed by the Senate is $1.2 trillion.

by Anonymousreply 164August 11, 2021 3:22 PM

Dear Lord in Heaven!

by Anonymousreply 165August 11, 2021 4:18 PM

Team brad and jen 4eva!

by Anonymousreply 166August 11, 2021 8:45 PM

R143 Gaetz will be indicted tomorrow or Friday! Buckle up!

by Anonymousreply 167August 12, 2021 2:59 AM

I hope you’re right, r167! I hate to ask, but is this a prediction or do you have inside info?

by Anonymousreply 168August 12, 2021 3:09 AM

Any predictions about the drought in the west? Concerned Californian

by Anonymousreply 169August 12, 2021 7:26 PM

I need to know if Tom Daley and his diving partner Matty are fucking. I'm not kidding btw, I'm legit curious. Is Tom giving up his hole to Matty.

R169, these type of cycles will be common in California until water technology catches up in the next 10-15 years. You'll survive. I would stay away from woodsy areas. Go inland.

by Anonymousreply 170August 12, 2021 7:35 PM

R168 I wish I had any gifts or info. Its just my wish. Truly.

by Anonymousreply 171August 12, 2021 8:47 PM

Oracle, I'm not getting any hanky panky vibes from them. I haven't followed them and just found out who Matty is. I don't think he's gay.

by Anonymousreply 172August 13, 2021 2:07 PM

But they make such a cute couple. Damn it! Thanks Vulture


Re Human Trafficking,

If you remember the H.T. readings from a few years ago, I did on the East coast, I saw it like a string that passed from Florida to NY or from NY to Florida, that this string passed through Washington DC (Congress, Justice Dep., SCOTUS) through Virginia and Georgia into Florida. How once in Florida it went into the outer Islands where all sorts of trafficking and nefarious crimes were being committed. I also told you not to expect too many big fish to go down. Do you remember that I said Prince Andrew would be outed but that I didn't see the Crown allowing him to go to jail? Remember, his punishment would be a fall from grace. Enough low hanging fruit will fall that the public will move on. As I said back then , there will come a time when people will just move on because people have to live in the present not the past.

I would just get out of Florida, especially if you want to start a Family. Hurricanes, flooding, gators, H.T....etc Get out of the Gulf states too. The soil is cursed. There is nothing that could be done so save those places. 2035 is where I said the US would start its journey into becoming a Latin American country. Reading the Census yesterday, it may just be turning true. The 20s is the last decade the US is a majority white country. Don't say I didn't prepare you so that you can transition effortlessly. I have been preparing you all for years now. Into the future, as I said back then it's a process of 7 decades or so. I see the US being a bilingual nation: Spanish/English. However, as was said back then I see patches of the US speaking French, speaking Greek. I know a wave of Greek immigration [into most likely California] is going to take place a few decades from now, ,but I have never seen French people migrating in waves to the US so I don't know where the French is coming from. Maybe is more symbolism than anything. I don't think I'll be alive to find out when it happens. I do know for certain I see Italians coming. Around 2007 or so I did a reading where it came out that the Italian language would die out. I don't know how the country ceases to exist, but it does.

I hope the people understand that it's not a loss of culture, it's part of the journey of this continent. If you remember my old readings I said the Americas would become a massive federation. Think of the EU's structure. It's not that they become one giant country, but it becomes a block that most likely becomes the world power.

by Anonymousreply 173August 13, 2021 7:19 PM

Interesting about Greece and Italy. They're right next to each other. Did you see the reason(s) for the mass migration? Does climate change raise sea levels in the area making it inhabitable for many? I know Mt. Etna is in the area as well. A big enough eruption would be a disaster.

by Anonymousreply 174August 13, 2021 8:11 PM

oracle, do you think the large Latin population may make it harder for GQP to redistrict to their advantage? I know a lot of the Latin/Hispanic population are mostly around populated areas. How will this affect the 2022 elections?

So many GQP are boasting how they will take the House. Do you see that?

by Anonymousreply 175August 14, 2021 1:27 AM

Hello, Oracle. I was curious why is Florida's land was cursed, is it because of something humans did to the land?

by Anonymousreply 176August 14, 2021 5:16 AM

I remember that HT reading, Oracle. It really grossed me out.

I'm sad about the Italian language dying out. It's the only other language I have conversational ability in. I think it's beautiful. No more operas, I guess. Damn.

The GQP keeps making inroads with Latino voters because of that whole "macho" bullshit. I can't understand how they would buy into a party that sees them as drug dealing illegals and second class citizens but what do I know?

by Anonymousreply 177August 14, 2021 6:45 AM

OK, could someone tell this poor, uninformed globule what 'H.T.' means? I've been sleeping through the overly warm days here in Seattle with the a/c turned on full. Lost, but not gone. And [R177], up here in the Pacific Northwest, Mexicans are seen are labourers who work very hard. I've witnessed it, and it seems to be true.

by Anonymousreply 178August 14, 2021 7:45 AM

This was probably already addressed but will Newsom survive this recall bullshit?

by Anonymousreply 179August 14, 2021 7:48 AM

Linda G said yes but it will be just barely. People need to vote, that's the problem.

by Anonymousreply 180August 14, 2021 10:42 AM

[quote]I don't know how the country ceases to exist, but it does

Oracle, I glossed over that before I asked if you saw the reason for the exodus from Italy and Greece.

Somewhat similar to your reading on Florida, and I may have mentioned this before, I almost get an almost visceral reaction when I think about the Long Island/ Connecticut area. People need to pack up their things and go. Stay away. It's a feeling I've been getting that for years. It feels like it's just a matter of time before Long Island and the low lying areas of Connecticut are underwater. I know given climate change that's something anyone can predict but the feeling I get isn't something I get with other areas (not that it's not going to happen elsewhere too). No one could pay me enough money to live in that area. That's how strongly I feel about this.

by Anonymousreply 181August 14, 2021 3:06 PM

r181 that's too bad. I grew up on Long Island but am far away now. The thought of the place that I grew up in disappearing seems just really sad. I do still have some relatives out there but you can't tell them anything. I wonder if it will start disappearing before I die.

My grandfather who was from NH took so much pride in The Old Man of the Mountain and we had a relative that dangled from a canvas seat from a helicopter and bolted the nose on at one time, years and years and years ago. I was really happy that it didn't fall apart until after my grandfather was gone because I know it would have devastated him. When we went to visit him every summer it was mandatory to stop to see the Old Man. I think they said it had been there for at least 25,000 years.

by Anonymousreply 182August 14, 2021 5:37 PM

[R182], so did I. I used to watch the Canarsie approach to JFK, all the commercial air traffic 1962-1972. Can you imagine JFK Aiport being underwater?

by Anonymousreply 183August 14, 2021 6:32 PM

Thanks Oracle. Would it be too much to ask to just get a simple in-depth weekly reading from you?? Like Paul Krugman? That would rock!

by Anonymousreply 184August 15, 2021 1:50 AM

r183 I cannot imagine any of it being under water. I grew up in Levittown 50's/60's

by Anonymousreply 185August 15, 2021 3:23 AM

Can the world just end soon. I'm sick of everything.

by Anonymousreply 186August 15, 2021 4:07 PM

R173 I wonder if those French speakers will come from Haiti?

by Anonymousreply 187August 15, 2021 8:19 PM

R187, or maybe Quebec?

by Anonymousreply 188August 16, 2021 2:49 AM

The Quebecois do love Maine and Vermont, r188.😄 I was thinking of climate and natural disaster migration.

by Anonymousreply 189August 16, 2021 3:35 AM

R189, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City are right alongside rivers. If they rose permanently, the people in those areas would have to go somewhere. I'm not getting any intuitive hits on this. I'm just speculating based on Oracle's post.

by Anonymousreply 190August 16, 2021 3:50 AM

That's a good point, r190.

by Anonymousreply 191August 16, 2021 4:45 AM

Any big natural disasters coming up soon?

by Anonymousreply 192August 22, 2021 1:14 AM

I see another large earthquake. This one in Florida or one of the more populated island nations near it.

by Anonymousreply 193August 22, 2021 5:34 AM

There are no active fault lines in Florida.

by Anonymousreply 194August 22, 2021 5:37 AM

But there are in Massachusetts. I think an earthquake in Boston is possible within the next ten years.

by Anonymousreply 195August 22, 2021 5:45 AM

the oracle of whimsey said last night that the Afghani's are going to start fighting the Taliban and are forming and starting in the North. does anyone else see this?

by Anonymousreply 196August 22, 2021 2:20 PM

I stopped watching Whimsy a while ago. Nothing she says is ever accurate.

by Anonymousreply 197August 24, 2021 8:47 PM

I watch most of the YouTube readers mentioned here so I know they are mostly wrong. When they get something right it's probably only a coincidence. I don't understand how they can keep on going day after day spouting crap that rarely comes true yet they act so sure that a set of cards with pictures is predicting the most earthshaking of events.

I really just watch because it soothes me somehow just to have that little bit of hope for a few minutes. Some readers come across as pleasant at least. But some are REALLY full of themselves and I find that amusing.

by Anonymousreply 198August 25, 2021 3:12 PM

I gave Whimsy a shot a couple years ago when her channel's name was "Tarot with Whimsy". One video she said she astral projected into Roger Stone's mind. She said he didn't actually didn't believe the things he said; it was all an over the top act like a drag queen. Another video, she said Mitch McConnell and his wife were actually good, decent people and they were pawns just caught up in Trump's game. They were horrified about what was happening and wanted out. Whimsy actually felt sorry for them. This and the stuffed bunny rabbit reminded me a wee bit too much of an insane neighbor woman. Bye Whimsy!

For political tarot, I now only watch Maryann's "Revealing Light Tarot". She's beginning to branch out away from politics which is good. As another poster said, she is a calming presence and she gives hope for just those few minutes. There are a couple others I watch for life and relationships. They're for fun,and they are all faceless, not there to push themselves and "become a STAH!" I've found the ones who take silly looking selfies with exaggerated facial expressions reacting to the reading are usually shallow and inaccurate. As R198 said, "REALLY full of themselves".

by Anonymousreply 199August 25, 2021 7:34 PM

Oracle, for a few weeks the holy Trinity of the Sussex Salts seemed to be Lady C., River, and Yankee Wally. The latter seems to have been wiped from all record and memory. Could you possibly give me any info. that wouldn't damage your credibility as to exactly what went down with Yankee Wally? As always, thank you.

by Anonymousreply 200August 25, 2021 7:38 PM

[R185], we hung out at The Village Green and the public swimming pool. I got very adventurous one day and biked to Muttontown.! AND I used to bike those trails along whatever freeway it was that bordered Newbridge road. I found some graphic porn stories torn out of a book there. I don't know if it was dangerous for children to be there alone in daylight.

by Anonymousreply 201August 25, 2021 7:43 PM

1 of 2

We had discussed the middle east and the US withdrawing. Remember what I said that our energy (as a country) was going into another direction around 2024-25. Think of it as a period of self-nourishment. What do I need? What do I want for me? Remember what I said about leaving the Middle East early? The change will only take place when they want it. It has to come from within their own society. We cannot, we do not posses the ability to change their society. It will be a change sparked by the young. Our future is away from the Middle East. It doesn't mean we will not be part of the efforts to rebuilt it, but never occupying another country.

Remember how I used to say that the saddest part of Trump winning was the realization that people hate. They hate with all their being and yet the hardest part (post-Trump) will be the realization that we have to meet them in them middle. They are still as hateful as ever, they are reckless and don't want to vax. None the less, if you remember those readings, we have to work with them. We have to work with them so that more people get vaccinated and the variations of covid become weaker and weaker. It's is not so much for them, but for the well being of your own loved ones and yourself. The sooner we kneecap covid, the easier our transition will be around 2025.

Think about it this way: we are taking off. We are off to a period of great invention and innovation. At the end of this decade, you will look back at this time and think to yourself "what the hell was that all about?" It will be like night and day.

The reason I keep reminding you about the old readings we discussed before is because those projections haven't changed. We are still on track to do great things in America/other parts of the world. The present may seem chaotic at times, but we are keeping our promise of what we came here to do. We ousted a person that could have done irreparable harm (the movement behind him) to the modern world because another Hitler was going to rise from that movement. Even if you are not American, this movement would have knocked on your door soon enough.

I will tell you this, there will never be another world war in several lifetimes, probably not on Earth again, because we erased that possibility last year. And very likely, if Mother Nature suspects one coming, she will wipe us all out instead.

Around 2016/2017 there was a reading I posted and I saw an exodus of life in America. I remember citing Boomers and older and thinking this didn't feel like natural order. This exodus felt excessive. For whatever reason, it was unnatural. However I will always remember that spirit said not to resent the older generation for leaving us in shambles, but thank them instead for what they gave us (when they were alive) that worked. I say this because we'll encounter this feelings again and again as covid rips through red country.

by Anonymousreply 202August 26, 2021 5:09 AM

r201 I too hung out at the Village Green. The East one.

by Anonymousreply 203August 26, 2021 2:04 PM

Waiting patiently for Oracle’s post 2/2…

by Anonymousreply 204August 26, 2021 7:12 PM

I really do hope and pray that love and kindness will overwhelm a lot of the hate that is still prevalent in this country

by Anonymousreply 205August 26, 2021 7:45 PM

The three (all female) Australian readers I watch are all so much better informed about American history, politics, and civics than any of the American readers are that it just amazes me. Some of the American ones don't seem to even know the most basic stuff about politics.

by Anonymousreply 206August 26, 2021 9:17 PM

Thanks, Oracle.

by Anonymousreply 207August 27, 2021 4:01 AM

[R203], the one I hung out at was on Newbridge Road, kitty corner from the shopping center that had Grand Union, the Five and Dime Store, the barber shop, a bakery. I think the cross street was Spindle Road.

by Anonymousreply 208August 27, 2021 5:07 AM

So was Trump the second Hitler Oracle? Also, do you know why the that family went hiking in 109F temperatures on the most difficult trail with a baby and their sweet little dog? They all died and I just want to know wth made them make such a dangerous decision. Thank you Oracle. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy. The same for all of the DL's here- wishing you peace and happiness.

by Anonymousreply 209August 27, 2021 7:13 AM

Thanks, Oracle.

by Anonymousreply 210August 27, 2021 7:28 AM

r203 I only know the East village green. I know they were all the same and there were four of them. I can't even remember if I know where Newbridge road is.

by Anonymousreply 211August 27, 2021 12:21 PM

Oracle, I hope are you okay, you gave us part 1 one of 2 but didn't post 2.

by Anonymousreply 212August 28, 2021 5:53 PM

Dear Oracle, Thanks for the well-written insights. I'm not seeing PART II here yet, so maybe I'll double check this thread.

by Anonymousreply 213August 29, 2021 6:56 AM

Is Mary Ann from Revealing Light Tarot the most accurate?

by Anonymousreply 214August 29, 2021 1:20 PM

my top three are; Oracle, Maryann, Cash Peters

Linda G gets some things right others wrong but she does more predictions so her percentages are going to be different.

When psychics make predictions it is what is going to happen on that current timeline. As soon as something changes the timeline or fact can change which is why predictions

Someone described it like this. If there is a glass of water teetering on the edge of a table you can predict that it is going to fall off the table. But if someone comes along and sees the glass and pushes it back so it won't fall then the prediction of it falling is no longer true. Same with all the predictions that we get now. Today it may be true but someone comes along and changes something so the prediction is no longer true.

by Anonymousreply 215August 29, 2021 2:06 PM

Why can't the psychics predict that someone will push the glass back on the table after they see it teetering on the edge? Why can't they see that the timeline will change?

by Anonymousreply 216August 30, 2021 1:20 AM

Biden isn't well, be prepared.

by Anonymousreply 217August 30, 2021 1:46 AM

I forgot to mention that he'll probably be president for two years.

by Anonymousreply 218August 30, 2021 1:50 AM

How long until Marjorie Taylor Green snaps so badly they have to get rid of her and pervert loving Lauren Boebert?

by Anonymousreply 219August 30, 2021 1:52 AM

How long till Fatass45 is arrested? Also, what happened to the family and their dog that died on the Savage Lundy Trail? I know it was heat stroke, but why were they on a hike like that with a baby and a pet? Did they get lost?

Thank you. How everyone is doing alright!

by Anonymousreply 220August 30, 2021 1:58 AM

r216 I think it is only because they can see right now what would happen. If you think about it, if psychics always knew exactly what was going to happen then what is the point of anything? Even if there was one psychic that was right about everything then people wouldn't bother doing anything about anything if they already knew the outcome. But then that would change the outcome.

example: A psychic says a particular person is going to win an election and this psychic is always right so no one bothers to go out and vote because they already know who is going to win. But if no one votes how can that person win? do you get what I mean?

Some predictions are going to happen and some aren't and I don't think we are supposed to know which ones otherwise we could change it.

by Anonymousreply 221August 30, 2021 2:51 AM

Did Oracle post pt 2 yet? Pretty please Oracle…

by Anonymousreply 222August 31, 2021 12:30 PM

Bob Dole is just about out of time.

by Anonymousreply 223September 1, 2021 2:57 PM

I haven't gotten many insights lately, but as I was getting breakfast, I just flashed on "Air crash, Marrakech, 391"

R218 I saw this as well last year, though it was something health related that he steps down for. It's in one of the 2020 threads that I'll have to see if I can find. Harris will take over, but the timing will be so that she is able to hold office two full terms on her own. In that insight, I did see that she wanted a certain Vice President, but he's "railroaded" so she doesn't get her first choice.

by Anonymousreply 224September 1, 2021 3:42 PM

R215, I agree about Linda G, but she mentioned at the beginning of the Afghanistan situation that she saw a sort of underground railroad situation that would get people out.

That did happen. It was called the “Pineapple Express.” People flashed a picture of a pineapple on their cellphone to helpers that took them out. Military vets are still getting people out using their contacts now, so some version of it is continuing. That may be the best chance for a lot of people.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 225September 1, 2021 4:23 PM

To go with something I predicted last year (again, in some thread a ways back) here's Oregon's next governor. I thought it was a man, but Kotek's hair is short and at just a glance it did appear to me Kotek was a man. I believe my prediction was that Oregon's next governor would be short hair with glasses.

Now let's see how Kotek does with the voters, and if my prediction holds.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 226September 3, 2021 4:20 PM


by Anonymousreply 227September 18, 2021 6:01 AM

This thread has really waned this year. I can’t find a spiritual thread that’s active either. Where did you all run off to?

by Anonymousreply 228September 18, 2021 2:26 PM

I think they were all exhausted from the last 4 years

by Anonymousreply 229September 18, 2021 2:37 PM

I just read on Twitter that Beto might run for governor.

It fills me with apprehension, honestly. Those motherfucking repigs will find a way to cheat and win, I just know it.

Oh great soothsayers of DL, can you provide any early, early vibes for this?

by Anonymousreply 230September 19, 2021 5:57 PM

[quote] The ones who control this country are powerful and evil. The atmosphere is thick with tension and, to me, evil.

But R39, Joe Biden and Kamala control this country.

by Anonymousreply 231September 19, 2021 6:44 PM

Evil is in control, imo. It is everywhere and the atmosphere is heavy with it. A feeling of compete dread and hopelessness. I think because I am so poor living on disability, I think the poor become aware before others. We are on the front line. To distract myself I am reading a about the Murdaugh murders. Does anyone have feeling/reading on who killed the Mother and son? Thanks so much, it is always much appreciated.

by Anonymousreply 232September 19, 2021 8:06 PM

R232 Can you contribute to society despite your disability?

by Anonymousreply 233September 20, 2021 12:13 AM

2 of 2

Focus your energy towards the immediate future because in about a year and a half things are going to take off. The change that you are going to see this decade is going to feel like the progress of several decades lumped together. It will come towards us like a bullet train, at maximum speed. No matter where you are or who you are, you will feel it coming and it will make your life better. In past readings I have talked about the progress in medicine, tech, the arts, and spirituality that we are about to see. All that we have talked bout will finally start to materialize.

In the mean time, calibrate your thoughts and intentions so that you send into the universe CLEAR messages of what you expect coming towards you. Don't say "I need," say "I want" instead.

I "want" a good man to love me unconditionally.

I "want" a healthy family.

I "want" my family to always be together.

I "want" calm and love at work.

I "want" a new house.

I "want" a job that I love doing.

I "want" love, love from everyone.

See? Think of late 2024ish-2025 as an opportunity for you to be heard. Start now! Start sending into the universe your best wishes, your best intentions. Your goals might change in the next few years, but this is why you should start right now until you find what you really want the universe to grant you. Every night before going to sleep, every morning after you wake up, make it a habit to send a thought out there. Every time you do it, you reaffirm what you want to come back to you.


My work schedule has been pretty brutal as of late, but I got to say I'm happy that many of us are moving on. Yes, life will never be the same as it was. However, it is my belief that for all of you that want it, life will become better. I have always said that 2025 is the start of a new era and if you want it, you will take advantage of the progress we make in science, tech, the arts, and spirituality. Help yourself a bit by programming the future that soon approaches you.

It is my wish that all of you take advantage of all the progress that is coming towards us. ----

by Anonymousreply 234October 1, 2021 6:46 AM

FYI, I sign my own posts.

I noticed another poster tried using my name, but let me tell you something straight up:

[bold]No cheap copy will ever be as good as the original.[/bold]

by Anonymousreply 235October 1, 2021 7:08 AM

Thank you Oracle!

by Anonymousreply 236October 1, 2021 7:11 AM

Thank you for the uplifting news, oracle.

I feel like the new laws the Red States are enacting: voter suppression, anti-abortion laws has ignited a lot of anger in women and younger people. And fear. Anger and fear are great motivating factors in sending people to the polls like they did in 2018. We got kind of lax in 2020 but the driving force was to vote out Trump, not vote out Republicans. In the next election 2022, it's imperative that we vote Blue, down to the states legislatures and school boards. Too many extremists are taking office because no one is challenging them.

In Social Media, there are groups of Gen Z who can't wait to vote. I hope this will awaken a lot of young people to the polls because they are the future. I know some people don't like Linda G but I've found most of her "hits" more accurate than others, for example when she saw a vision of people in masks (the hit was in August 2019). Her recent hit was seeing massive lines of people waiting to vote, looking like an army of ants from above.

by Anonymousreply 237October 1, 2021 7:52 AM

Thank you Oracle and R237 your readings are calming and provide a positive vision for the future. I know what you've said will come to pass.

by Anonymousreply 238October 1, 2021 12:21 PM

Let me just say, I love Oracle's posts.

But a friend who is quite intuitive is getting very different feelings about the near future.

by Anonymousreply 239October 2, 2021 4:18 PM

Same r239

by Anonymousreply 240October 2, 2021 5:42 PM

R239 what does your friend define the near future as? 2025 is four years away and I wouldn’t think of it as the near future.

by Anonymousreply 241October 2, 2021 6:12 PM

Yes, spill! Dont be like the people who dump celebrity gossip here, then make us all guess!

by Anonymousreply 242October 2, 2021 10:50 PM

R239, Let's hear what your intuitive friend says.

by Anonymousreply 243October 2, 2021 10:54 PM

[quote] it is my belief that for all of you that want it, life will become better.

I think we need to concentrate on this part of oracle's post. Yes, lots of bad things could happen, but we need to put our best hopes and our best wishes for the future out there, in our minds and words, but just as importantly, in our actions. Let's do that work so that what we want will happen. We can't just sit here and wish things to be better, we have to use our energy to make it better.

by Anonymousreply 244October 3, 2021 4:58 AM

Seers what the fuck with Sinema and Manchin? Will they ever get brought down?

by Anonymousreply 245October 19, 2021 8:17 PM


by Anonymousreply 246October 20, 2021 12:20 PM

Remember those readings about Manchin shopping for a new party? How Democrats were trying to avoid disaster behind the scenes and how Repubes were always going to match his (Manchin) price?

Remember I said Schumer was weak? To a certain level he himself is compromised. I have no doubt Chuck would vote for the most progressive bill if it were up to him, but as Senate leader he is not cutting it. He is old. He is being outmatched. As I said back then, Dems need a total kickass leader so that he/she can run over both Sinema and Manchin. Keep them in line at all cause.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 247October 21, 2021 7:07 AM

R247 so Oracle are we screwed unless Schumer is replaced?

by Anonymousreply 248October 21, 2021 12:19 PM

Will Mitch McConnell ever have his power taken from him?

by Anonymousreply 249October 22, 2021 12:12 AM

Will there even be a "Predictions 2022 Thread"?

by Anonymousreply 250October 22, 2021 12:32 AM

I’ve started the past few years threads and I’m not too interested anymore. It’s all just three people and YouTube psychics

by Anonymousreply 251October 22, 2021 1:18 AM

[quote]I’ve started the past few years threads and I’m not too interested anymore. It’s all just three people and YouTube psychics

There is no urgency to keep coming back to be honest. I'm not saying the future is perfect, there are always up and downs, but as a collective the world did itself a favor in rejecting Trump. The future holds many great landmarks because of it. I, for one, I'm content with the predictions that I gave. They go all the way to 2070s. It was a nice ride that I'm happy never to repeat.

by Anonymousreply 252October 22, 2021 1:21 PM

You got me through some very dark times, Oracle. I can't thank you enough for that.

by Anonymousreply 253October 22, 2021 3:03 PM

I agree with Oracle. Trump brought us to the brink of catastrophe. If he couldn't finish the job by winning the last election then no one will. We're back to our slow roll of building a better country and democracy. In a way, we should all be thankful that he woke up so many people. Those who were complacent, or didn't care about politics, are now engaged in a way they weren't before.

by Anonymousreply 254October 22, 2021 4:09 PM

Food and water shortages, global warming, rich rule everything. Hmmm. Sorry, but I am afraid the future, at least for the have-nots, is grim .

by Anonymousreply 255October 24, 2021 11:56 PM

Dear Lord in Heaven!

by Anonymousreply 256October 26, 2021 6:13 PM

Oracle is rabid anti-trans.

by Anonymousreply 257October 26, 2021 6:16 PM

I feel the same way he does about it, and so does almost everyone who posts on DL R257. What's your point? Need to get your daily finger wagging out of the way? What do you want us to do? Cancel him? Shun him? Cry out LITERAL VIOLENCE!!!! for someone having a view point other than your own?

by Anonymousreply 258October 26, 2021 7:39 PM

R258 I don’t agree that everyone on DL feels that way. A lot of trolls come in to DL and stir up rage in the gay community vs. trans so we can fight each other and ignore the real problems higher up. I’m not buying into that BS.

In fact, some spiritualists say in the afterlife, there is no gender or sex and we are just energy, but we can manifest whatever experience of sex we want across lifetimes. I sometimes wonder if some nonbinary or trans folks may not be used to being in a body that is the opposite of the last lifetime.

Even spiritualists are fallible human beings with opinions we don’t always agree with. If you feel SO strongly about a group, perhaps there’s work there to be done from a previous life or bad experience, some might say.

by Anonymousreply 259October 27, 2021 4:59 AM

[quote] Oracle is rabid anti-trans.

Oracle is rabid “anti”-quite a few groups. So this is no surprise. There’s some interesting stuff Oracle has posited, but Oracle has definite prejudices against some groups. (Am not naming them as naming/shaming these individuals is not the point of the post.)

As some reportedly have said from the Beyond, it is impossible to separate the “Medium from the Messages”. So it is helpful to know where a channeler/psychic/etc. prejudices and strong beliefs lie.....as this likely colours their perceptions and hence, predictions.

R259 ‘s post is well-put. It has also been reported by many that sexuality is a unique aspect of our physical plane and is not part and parcel of other existences. There are also those (who come across as non-judgemental) who channel and are psychics that state we experience several existences on the physical plane: at least male, female and “other”. While certainly not defending or explaining others’ beliefs, I like to think that those that have come to terms with many aspects of existence have “lesser distortion” when they bring through information from the ethers. Otherwise their “issues” can cloud said info.

by Anonymousreply 260October 30, 2021 3:20 AM

I’m not commenting on Oracle because I’m not familiar with his other posts but my aunts is a racist redneck and she is most definitley psychic. People with spiritual gifts aren’t usually the love and light Types you’d expect.

by Anonymousreply 261October 30, 2021 6:11 AM

[quote] People with spiritual gifts aren’t usually the love and light Types you’d expect.

Yes. There are all types, though, as with anything. Have found that the most accurate and gifted are self-aware and have worked - or are working - through many of their biases.

by Anonymousreply 262October 30, 2021 6:37 AM

Mark Zuckerberg will step down as CEO of Facebook in 2021 or 2022 and be replaced with a woman CEO who will decrease disinformation.

by Anonymousreply 263November 1, 2021 1:28 AM

Prince William not Prince Charles will be the next king.

by Anonymousreply 264November 3, 2021 12:06 AM

Is Mark Zuckerberg a sociopath?

by Anonymousreply 265November 3, 2021 12:28 AM

It is hard to separate the message from the messenger at times for me with regard to spiritual celebrities and intuitives and their financial practices or hypocrisy. Elkhart Tolle’s wife took over his management and they charged a shitload of money (last I checked years ago) for online memberships and his talks, etc. Sylvia Browne was charging like $600/hr or more when she was still alive for advice. Another intuitive I thought was gifted jacked up her rates to around the same and offers super expensive workshops. Lots of intuitives start lining their pockets and living like royalty once they get enough attention. It just reeks of exploitation from some of these folks who could make a decent living just by charging a fraction of what they are.

Then we have Alan Watts, who was an alcoholic but talked about the dangers of relying on substances, in addition to his other Zen wisdoms. Siddhartha Gautama completely abandoned not just his title and money, but his wife and children after his “awakening.” Interesting that people don’t fault him for that abandonment.

The reality is, these people didn’t necessarily practice what they preached, or they exploited their gift for extreme wealth. I’m still trying to sort out whether the message is still useful knowing that the people speaking it don’t live by their own words.

by Anonymousreply 266November 3, 2021 6:55 PM

[R266], reading your post, it seems that it's the people intuitives surround themselves with, who advise the intuitive to take the venal route. Depending upon how much the intuitive trusts them, they either do it or don't do it. I'm still undecided about whether or not Sylvia Browne was a fraud. I find it hard to believe, but there are more than a few accounts of how she got stuff completely wrong...

by Anonymousreply 267November 3, 2021 9:00 PM

^Passing the responsibility of venality onto someone else isn’t how it works, R267.

Ultimately the buck lands with the person in charge: or in this case who has the intuitive gift.

by Anonymousreply 268November 4, 2021 10:03 PM

Thanks, [R268]. That makes sense.

by Anonymousreply 269November 4, 2021 10:07 PM

[quote]Oracle is rabid “anti”-quite a few groups. So this is no surprise. There’s some interesting stuff Oracle has posited, but Oracle has definite prejudices against some groups. (Am not naming them as naming/shaming these individuals is not the point of the post.)

Hon, I don't mind. This is DL, name calling goes with the territory. You are not shaming me by calling me out. It's cool.

While in this thread, I try to be at my most neutral and have given readings on pretty much any requests over the years, about the Trans community, Sylvia Rivera, even dark subjects like Bestiality, trafficking, and the Zodiac Killer. I am glad to say most of my readings have been done with the out most respect. Even when, personally, the subject seemed nefarious to me.

Outside of this thread, I can be quite crude however, unless I recognize you from this thread. Like you are never going to see me go off on someone like Vulture (provided that he signs his name so I can recognize him).

by Anonymousreply 270November 6, 2021 9:48 PM

How long before the Queen loses patience and takes Harry's Sussex title away?

by Anonymousreply 271November 6, 2021 10:25 PM

Hello Oracle: Always good to hear from you. With all that's gone down since last we heard from you on this, how are the mid-terms looking for the Dems. It feels precarious and remains so critical not only for the last two year's of Biden's term, but certainly as it sets up the 2024 Presidential election. (And hopefully Biden's second term or another Democratic) Any thoughts?

by Anonymousreply 272November 6, 2021 10:46 PM

Oracle told me to watch my health and he was right. (it ended up being my mental health)

He told me I could be "trollish" and that was funny and true. (At least here!)

He told me that I had good Karma that had not come due, and I could call upon it. And so I did.

A missionary in another life? I hope so!

by Anonymousreply 273November 7, 2021 1:26 AM

Oracle told me when did a small reading for me last year that he saw 2 hands full of coins but didn't know how to interpret it. I thought it meant increased prosperity for this year, my investments have done well plus I made a small change to my SS deductions which increased my monthly payments by $460.00, this year has been good.

by Anonymousreply 274November 7, 2021 8:41 PM

R274, that reading was for the whole decade, so it means prosperity and gains for the whole decade. Keep inviting wealth and gains and they will keep coming. It's an old reward coming back to you.


I will repeat what I said for many of you (even those that are not American), there is a lot of good karma (out there) just above you, and all you need to do is ask that all the good karma that belongs to you, comes back to you. Yes, the world out there is not ideal. Yes, there is a pandemic that can kill you. Still, there are rewards that you should enjoy. Not all karma is bad. Think of it as "unclaimed property" that belongs to you, so claim it!

Don't be afraid to ask for good fortune. You are not being selfish, you just want to claim what belongs to you.

by Anonymousreply 275November 11, 2021 5:35 AM

[quote]but certainly as it sets up the 2024 Presidential election. (And hopefully Biden's second term or another Democratic) Any thoughts?

Despite the Virginia's election, I still don't see anything that has happened that could've changed the 2022 midterms. I still feel Dems will win both parts of Congress.

I don't know if Biden will have a second term, I don't think that has been determined, but a Democrat will win 2024 regardless. Joe was the right guy to get us out of the Middle East, I don't think a more progressive candidate or blue dog would have gotten us out of Afghanistan. Ending war will allow us to move forward into a new era, which is coming as soon as 1 1/2 to 2 years. A lot of great things are coming.

by Anonymousreply 276November 11, 2021 5:56 AM

A lot of great things for the world? The US? The EU? The UK? Russia? China?

For whom, in particular?

by Anonymousreply 277November 11, 2021 6:02 AM

[quote]I will repeat what I said for many of you (even those that are not American), there is a lot of good karma (out there) just above you, and all you need to do is ask that all the good karma that belongs to you, comes back to you.

Thanks for the reminder. I've had a shit year so this was nice to read.

by Anonymousreply 278November 12, 2021 5:57 PM

Biden will not finish his term because of health reasons. Harris will not be elected. Trump will win a second term.

Then the real bad news starts.

by Anonymousreply 279November 12, 2021 6:05 PM

^Debbie Downer

by Anonymousreply 280November 12, 2021 6:36 PM

When will this brangelina crap finally end?! Just reveal how vile he is or he should go scorched earth too and reveal her secrets and if she's lying.

by Anonymousreply 281November 12, 2021 6:45 PM

Trump will only win a second term if he's still elected and steals the election.

by Anonymousreply 282November 12, 2021 9:51 PM

r279 obviously not a psychic or if you are you need to request new guides

by Anonymousreply 283November 13, 2021 2:10 PM

I totally get wanting to put out positive thoughts, but not to the extent of burying your head in the sand.

by Anonymousreply 284November 13, 2021 4:38 PM

Will Aniston have a new boyfriend who's a celeb?

Will harry styles fade into obscurity? Hopefully. I have contempt for that man. It's such a visceral hatred, I don't like myself feeling that way because of him. Please let all his endeavours (especially in film) fail.

by Anonymousreply 285November 13, 2021 6:16 PM

Its funny- I keep coming back to Oracle's words/statements about a few years from now-

Because the world- in one way of perceiving it- is an absolute MESS.

Politically, I think we are in such serious trouble. This country will potentially reelect and thug and criminal.

Financially- I am one of those folks who suspects we are heading into a near depression- or at least a recession that makes 2008 look "fun".

However, that is what faith is- When your hopes and dreams are believed in during the darkest of times. When "reality" doesn't match your beliefs.

So I am going with 2025 being the turnaround! I do not care what I see around me. I believe Oracle's words.

by Anonymousreply 286November 13, 2021 6:30 PM

Some of you want to live a fairy tale and no such thing exists, not even in the spiritual realm. On the other hand,what is this need to want bad things to happen? Do people seriously wake up and say "is this finally the day when tragedy falls upon me?"

Talk about urging the universe to bite you in the ass.

I just came out of a terrible year and a half full of death and misery, but look at me now bitches! I picked myself up, my finances are looking better, I like my job, and I just got my dick sucked by a cute cafeteria worker. If this life is not worth living, I don't know what is...

[quote] Thanks for the reminder. I've had a shit year so this was nice to read.

Vulture, not knowing your situation, I am being told it's like lighting a match. A thought that starts to turn things around. It can be as simple as saying "even this moment will have an ending," even very bad situations have endings too. Once you realize that things can change, you start to have hope and all of the sudden you find the patience as your mind starts to find solutions to problems. You are not chained to a bad outcome, even in illness or heartbreak situations can change for the better.

by Anonymousreply 287November 14, 2021 8:14 AM

[R275], sometimes I forget that, esp. at present. So, thanks for the reminder.

by Anonymousreply 288November 14, 2021 8:49 AM

I’m just going to throw this out there. A while back I had a weird dream. I was in a car with my parents (they’re both dead) and we were driving along a road with some urgency at night. I don’t know why. We were leaving my house as if there was some kind of disaster about to happen. There was a sudden black fog that lowered itself around the car, absolutely blotting out the night sky. My dad gunned the motor, driving through complete blackness, and we came out the other side into a starry night, then got to the highway. As we drove out of town, I was able to see in the rear view mirror, giant rocks, like meteors, hanging over the road behind us. They could have dropped on us at any time, but we could only see them after we passed them. The farther away we got, the clearer they were.

In real life, I’m trying to sell my house and get the hell out of here, but there’s one obstacle after another. I have been feeling a sense of extreme urgency for months, but it’s just one delay after another. I feel like I’m stuck in molasses. Any advice anybody has to give, I’d like to hear it. It’s like a bottomless pit of delays. It’s so weird, on the one hand, one reason to leave after another has appeared. On the other, one delay after another has stopped all my attempts.

by Anonymousreply 289November 16, 2021 2:23 AM

So wonderful to see you back, oracle.

by Anonymousreply 290November 16, 2021 2:45 AM

I had that kind of dream a few years ago, r289

My whole nuclear family at birth were in the car, but after the meteors plummeted to earth, I said to my father, who was driving "wow, thanks to your driving, we escaped. Thanks, Dad!" then looked behind us to see my mother and my brother had disappeared.

And yeah I did sell the house and got the hell out.

by Anonymousreply 291November 16, 2021 3:02 AM

R291, did you ever find out what the “meteors” were? And was the new place better? I’m really going to a new place completely blind, like in the dream. I don’t even know where I’m going at this point. I’ve looked around, but no place really stands out except one, and they are going to have major water problems in the future, and I’m afraid to buy a house there because of it.

I’m leaving behind what on paper would be a good situation. In reality my entire time here has been really desolate, like I don’t belong here, and suddenly a bunch of doors closed all at once. I came here to assist a relative, it was never my choice to come here. Now they’ve passed. I feel like I’m being pushed out of here.

One thing that made me feel like it was very serious is both parents were in the front seat, I was in the back. My parents did not get along at all well and they divorced. But they both looked very concerned like, we must get (me) out of here. Like it was an emergency so dire, they both had to show up for it.

by Anonymousreply 292November 16, 2021 11:48 AM

I say just go. Make plans later. you don't have to buy a house. rent a small place until you can decide where you want to go. Just in your writing I can feel the urgency for you too to get out of there.

by Anonymousreply 293November 16, 2021 2:46 PM

r292/r289 my parents divorced too, my brain seems to have added the auteur twist of removing half my family. Where I am now already has water problems. The meteors are what I assign them to be, and in that case I left a deluded and polluted nation of citizens willing to be divided and conquered and lied to. I don't belong in that kind of environment, certainly don't thrive in it.

I felt hopelessly mired the year before I got out. When the last surviving cat, aged 19.5 years, ambled off to die, that was my sign to move. I'm happier, calmer, healthier, and more relaxed, and am crowd-sourcing ideas through snail-mail for the next chapter in my reboot life.

Funny thing, where I moved to, my dad's half-sister lives in the same building.

by Anonymousreply 294November 16, 2021 4:19 PM

We are so fucked.

by Anonymousreply 295November 18, 2021 11:12 PM

[quote]We are so fucked.

Heaven !

by Anonymousreply 296November 22, 2021 6:04 AM

When is the next big natural disaster going to hit?

by Anonymousreply 297November 23, 2021 2:26 AM

I'm really struggling right now and desperate so I need oracle, vulture, NAOP to help me. Is there light at the end of the tunnel. What do you see for me? This is how low I've gotten. I'm currently jealous of my beloved nephew because he's studying law, and wants a career in law and he could actually do it. Whereas I have a 10 Yr old law degree but never had a career in it. I feel like crying. I emailed a law firm begging them to give me a job. This is all on top of others issues that are weighing on me.

by Anonymousreply 298November 24, 2021 4:43 PM

R298, I'm not oracle, but in all those 10 years, did you try and pursue a career in law? Maybe you saved yourself years of misery being in a profession that wasn't for you. And don't be jealous of your nephew. We all follow a different path in life. Now is a good time to take stock of your life and reinvent yourself. There must be something that interests you.

by Anonymousreply 299November 24, 2021 5:07 PM

Any thoughts on 2022? Major events, arrests, inflation?

by Anonymousreply 300November 24, 2021 5:38 PM

I didn't want to go straight into studying again so I left it. Plus you had to pay your own fees for further learning, so I thought I'd just work in general to earn first. Job market was hard and then I had some personal issues and mental health issues (anxiety,depression) and I couldn't work. I did apply here and there to law places but criteria kept getting more difficult you needed one + experience in family law to even be a secretary let alone a trainee. 2 plus years Paralegal experience etc. It just wasn't happening and nobody is willing to give me a chance. In a few places they day admin but I and others were just used to deal with the mail, print, photocopy and answer phones that's all. Nothing legal.

There's this thing in me won't let me give up. I'm questioning myself do I really want to be in law or because I've done a degree and it feels like a waste, so I need to prove there was a reason for it. Especially when I see others doing the same path but doing it right, I just have regrets. I want do it, even for a year just do prove I did something.

by Anonymousreply 301November 24, 2021 5:40 PM

R301, start your own practice doing something easy, like quickie divorces or real estate law. You can do it from home, and charge a flat fee for simple divorces, wills, tenants in common statements, etc. I have used such services when I didn't need anything complicated.

Also, a friend has a job as in-house legal counsel for a bank. She pretty much just checks over the bank's written material for potential legal complications.

Pretty much everyone in law hates it, but your being a lawyer might be an asset to many types of larger companies.

Good luck, my friend.

by Anonymousreply 302November 24, 2021 6:27 PM

What R302 said. Also maybe consider some online law company like LegalZoom, helping create an LLC for a small business. You could probably work remotely.

by Anonymousreply 303November 24, 2021 6:51 PM

I need to clarify. I'm in UK. Having just a Degree doesn't really mean anything. You have to do either a masters or lpc (legal practice course) then 6 months or 1yr of a training contract working under a lawyer and then you qualify.

I'm no where near. I have a degree and it's almost 10 years old. The lower positions where you can start from are in administration, Secretary or paralegals bur its so hard to get into. I regret my choices. I wish after graduation, I would've gone straight into graduate programs and into a Law firm and risen from there. Now I'm self hating for many reasons and feeling jealous (my nephew will do it) it's bringing up all my failures, everything that's gone wrong in my life. I feel like drinking right now but have work tomorrow. Want to scream and shout and hit something.

by Anonymousreply 304November 24, 2021 7:40 PM

R298, I think you need to find a career counselor that can help steer your professional life in a new direction. What you've been doing for the past 10 years clearly hasn't worked for you.

Best of luck.

by Anonymousreply 305November 24, 2021 8:22 PM

I’m horny as fuck. Will I get some dick soon?

by Anonymousreply 306November 25, 2021 4:08 AM

[R304], I'm not a self help guru (& I don't play one on telly), but I can tell you from personal experience, please don't beat up on yourself. No good will come of it. You've got to try and count your blessings. You have a cognitive brain, you're mobile i.e. you have the use of all your limbs. The list goes on. Remember, there are lots of people who don't have what you have. And make sure you eat regular, healthy meals. Depression can lead to not eating, wh. makes you feel horrible. Good luck.

by Anonymousreply 307November 25, 2021 5:02 AM

R3”4, a friend had a paralegal certification and no experience. They were an older person who went to a cheap school and some doors were closed because of that. They went to a temp agency and the agency was able to get them in a law firm as a receptionist. A couple of years later they were a full time employee working as a paralegal.

It sounds like you’re not an aggressive person. I don’t know if they have temp agencies where you are, but maybe you could try out some firms in entry level positions that way. My friend had relocated and had no connections at all.

by Anonymousreply 308November 25, 2021 12:33 PM

So this thread's original purpose seems to have tanked. Ah well.

by Anonymousreply 309November 25, 2021 6:58 PM

Some astrologists say the planets are aligned in the same pattern as the time of the American Civil War in 1865. Obviously there is turmoil in the nation. Will we have an actual civil war? Time will tell.

by Anonymousreply 310November 25, 2021 10:06 PM

Don't be so pessimistic, [R309]. The Oracle threads are like the Hindu proverb: 'A DLer is always a cocksucking, dirty whore.' No, wait... I got them mixed up. I remember now! 'The right way is long and complicated.' It's one of those two. I just wish I could remember which one.

by Anonymousreply 311November 25, 2021 11:09 PM

r310 Please take your civil war shit and roll it into a ball. Then shove it up your ass with no lube. You don't wanna go there.

by Anonymousreply 312November 26, 2021 1:52 AM

R312, take your head out of your ass. It’s always good to stay vigilant. People have been too apathetic and don’t vote. We’ve been too lax about our democracy. Did anyone ever envision Jan 6? Or voter suppression or abortion right taken away? I’ve lived a long time and never did, I thought that was behind us. The Capitol hadn’t been ransacked since the War of 1812. It was a shock to the system. We are so polarized right now but we can’t just sit idly by and put our head in the sand. In the end we will prevail but it’s going to be tough and we have to fight the good fight.

by Anonymousreply 313November 26, 2021 8:12 AM

r313 I thought you were a Trumper trying to instill fear, they are doing that all over the web and I'm not having that shit.

by Anonymousreply 314November 26, 2021 6:14 PM

Girs, girls...you're all cocksucking whores. Now stop fighting!

by Anonymousreply 315November 27, 2021 5:24 AM

[quote]Did anyone ever envision Jan 6?

Well I did. I talked several times about a vision I had of chaos at the capital building. I saw people screaming and running on the steps of the capital building. I talked about how I saw cops storming in and arresting people, this came up when I was reading about Republican congressman and how I saw some of them getting taken down and arrested by law. I still think some of them are going to end up getting in trouble for whatever involvement they had with that little stunt.


Now many of you keep asking this and if you remember my readings about the 2020s and beyond or the Communication belt, I said that the US government would invest in education because they would come to understand that ignorance and the lack of critical thinking skills is creating a generation of (to put it nicely) savages. The arts, philosophy, world history, language, education in general [bold]will be[/bold] prioritized in the coming years in order to combat a culture of ignorance and debauchery. Ignorance creates chaos, creates mental illness. Back then I said the US would be the modern mecca of the arts, science, and culture. Education will end a lot of the division and reckless mentality that many Americans have. Think of it this way, the nation is [bold]unevenly educated[/bold] and it shows when you see large quantity of Deplorables gathering to worship their demigod. There is a lack of reasoning. This is why they allow their emotions to dictate their actions, they lack the critical thinking skills, the mechanism, to conceptualize the reason of their misery: " I don't understand why I am poor, therefor I'm angry at you."

The whole deplorable movement is fueled by emotion, anger. There is no real philosophy to it, hence Qanon and the outrageous conspiracy theories dominating the right. The lack of education shows.

You want to minimize the division and crazy politics? [bod]We need to start voting in people that prioritize education.[/bold] Not just someone who advocates for free college or ending student debt. People who have an actual mandate to reform the educational system in the US.

by Anonymousreply 316November 27, 2021 6:31 AM

therefore* congressmen*

by Anonymousreply 317November 27, 2021 6:34 AM

I agree that education is very important and something we should prioritize. It will be a lot easier if Dems can keep the House and win the Senate by a decent margin so we don't have to play footsie with Manchin and Sinema.

The Rethugs are very confident that they will win back the House. It's funny how confident they are since they're basically cheating, gerrymandering the shit out of the states, passing voter restrictions laws and doing the things they accuse the Dems of doing. A lot of people are nervous and anxious about 2022. So.....

[quote] I still feel Dems will win both parts of Congress.

This is very reassuring. Oracle, do you see this because Congress passed the Voting Rights act? Or because the Dems have won their lawsuits in court?

by Anonymousreply 318November 27, 2021 11:34 AM

When do we start the 2022 thread?

by Anonymousreply 319November 27, 2021 9:51 PM

R8 ask if you ever will learn

by Anonymousreply 320November 27, 2021 10:31 PM

Calling upon my good karma like Oracle told me to.

Dark times. Such an undercurrent of DARKNESS. I invoke the light! Let me help others and let me be KIND to myself and others.

by Anonymousreply 321November 27, 2021 11:41 PM

For Christmas you will be getting a quarantine.

by Anonymousreply 322November 29, 2021 4:57 PM

FWIW, I'm not concerned with COVID anymore. Get your shots and wear a mask if you feel the need to. Keep yourselves up to date on who's being hospitalized and who's not. Go out and live your lives, everyone.

by Anonymousreply 323November 29, 2021 5:06 PM

r322 are you referring to a country? a state? a person?

by Anonymousreply 324November 30, 2021 4:07 AM

[R323], excellent reply. My only correct viz. the mask would be, 'as mandated.'

by Anonymousreply 325November 30, 2021 4:48 AM
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