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Allegedly Strangled GF

Tim Allen's eldest boy on "Home Improvement" is all grown up ... and sitting in a jail cell for allegedly choking out his girlfriend.

Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested late Friday night in Eugene, OR after neighbors called for help following some sort of scuffle at an apartment complex in town. Eugene PD tells TMZ ... when cops showed up, they found Zach sitting outside his unit with the alleged victim hiding at a friend's place across the way.

We're told after an investigation, cops found 39-year-old Zachery had gotten into some sort of argument with the woman -- with whom he has a relationship -- and it allegedly became physical ... with the victim claiming ZTB put his hands around her throat and squeezed.

We're told cops were also told Zachery tried taking the woman's phone away when she tried calling 911 ... before she was ultimately able to escape and get to a safe place. Zachery was arrested without incident and booked on three charges -- strangulation, fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report. He posed for this mug shot at Lane County Jail.

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by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 1010/17/2020

He rents? Shouldn't he have more money?

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 110/17/2020

Where the fuck does his rerun royalties go?

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 210/17/2020

JTT would never strangle a girlfriend.

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 310/17/2020

Mein Fuhrer.

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by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 410/17/2020

JTT might strangle a boyfriend.

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 510/17/2020

See, the problem with living in apartment complexes is there's no wise neighbor in the backyard to give you sage advice. Like, you know, don't strangle people, even if you're in love with them and they really friggin pissed you off.

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 610/17/2020

He rents in Oregon? Can you imagine?

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 710/17/2020

Eugene Oregon. Who woulda thunk?

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 810/17/2020

Which one of his parents is a wild boar?

by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 910/17/2020


by Ro Ro Ro Ro Rooooreply 1010/17/2020
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