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The Howard Stern Show

Has Howard decided whether or not he is retiring yet?

He might as well.

The show is pretty much now 24/7 Ronnie the Limo Driver.

All Ronnie, all the time.

It is unlistenable to at this point.

by Sick of Ronniereply 1438 hours ago

Are Sal and Richard still doing the fake "phony phone calls" to fake "Tradio"? And are they still acting gay for "laughs"?

by Sick of Ronniereply 1Last Wednesday at 10:36 AM

Personally I think he's retiring because several core members have moved away or are about to.

The show has been terrible since COVID.

by Sick of Ronniereply 2Last Wednesday at 10:38 AM

Who left? I haven't listened lately.

by Sick of Ronniereply 3Last Wednesday at 10:47 AM


by Sick of Ronniereply 4Last Wednesday at 10:48 AM

R3- Benji.

by Sick of Ronniereply 5Last Wednesday at 10:48 AM

Didn't Schuli move to Alabama?

The Ronnie shit is so played out and tired. Plus he's voting for Trump.

by Sick of Ronniereply 6Last Wednesday at 10:54 AM

Howard is only good if you stop listening to him for a few yrs. I just got a free restart of Siruis this week and found him pretty funny again...of course give me a couple of weeks and I'll tire of him again

by Sick of Ronniereply 7Last Wednesday at 10:58 AM

Shuli has moved to Alabama, Ronnie is retiring in December and moving to Las Vegas, Gary is moving to Maine for the summers and Florida for the rest of the year.

by Sick of Ronniereply 8Last Wednesday at 11:02 AM

With Gary gone, who will run the show?

by Sick of Ronniereply 9Last Wednesday at 11:06 AM

Wiggy can't stop working, he has a gold-digger to support.

by Sick of Ronniereply 10Last Wednesday at 11:08 AM

Howard is being replaced by Tan Mom. You heard it here first. Tan Mom - all day, all the time.

by Sick of Ronniereply 11Last Wednesday at 11:18 AM

Tan Mom is genuinely funny and much better than Howard's fucking chauffeur.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12Last Wednesday at 11:20 AM

I agree, I’m fucking sick of Ronnie. He really ought to retire. Even robin is phoning it in.

He is renewing though. He actually got a record deal to come back. To be announced shortly.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13Last Wednesday at 11:23 AM

Glad to hear Ronnie is "retiring". I'm sure he'll be calling in every day. I think he's just gross.

by Sick of Ronniereply 14Last Wednesday at 11:33 AM

I usually listen when I'm on the road for work. All day Sunday was nothing but Ronnie on both channels. Ralph and Chris Wilding giving him shit for supporting Trump that went on wayyyyyyyyyy too long. Back in the car today I figured I'd catch High Pitch or maybe Wendy for some laughs.

Nope. "Ronnie's Birthday"

I also can't stand Bobo. These people are not funny in the least.

by Sick of Ronniereply 15Last Wednesday at 12:53 PM

retire ya old fart, ur ratings are down and we over u.....bye

by Sick of Ronniereply 16Last Wednesday at 2:11 PM

I will always blame Howard Stern for promoting the trash culture that lead to Trump!

by Sick of Ronniereply 17Last Wednesday at 4:23 PM

Not surprised to hear that Howard's show is all about white trash Ronnie, and it looks like it will forever be about him.

Sad to hear that Ba Ba Booey left.

by Sick of Ronniereply 18Last Wednesday at 5:05 PM

Did Gary leave because of Covid?

by Sick of Ronniereply 19Last Wednesday at 5:29 PM

Tan Mom amuses.

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 20Last Wednesday at 5:35 PM


he's still here

by Sick of Ronniereply 21Last Thursday at 1:18 AM

I was a Stern fan for a while. Back in the days of the E! TV show and then for a while once he went to Sirius. There was a time when I really enjoyed it, for various reasons. I just sort of naturally lost interest and listened less and less. I don't think I've listened at all in about 5 years and before that my listening had declined.

by Sick of Ronniereply 22Last Thursday at 1:36 AM

I'm a longtime listener and I'm shocked at the state of the show. It was already taking a downturn since Trump got elected but since the lockdown it's a disaster. Serioulsy, nothing works.

Robin spends the entire show fake-laughing at every single thing Howard says, to the point that it's become background noise. She no longer does the news. You could replace her with a laugh track.

Fred you never hear unless he's doing the "puppets" which are painfully overdone and unfunny ("Cunt! Cunt! Pussy!") I have no idea *WHO* thinks this is funny or why Fred has lost the ability to read the room. His sound drops are fewer and usually late (they're on zoom). Awful.

Ronnie is this old fuck who's incapable of taking any kind of preceived criticism, he shuts down and gives the silent treatment. He yells, he's abrasive, stupid and aggressive. Incapable of normal conversation. He refuses to say who he's voting for and it's become a problem with the others in the staff who justifiably call him a coward. They have him on constantly. Why?

They're not in the studio, and the entire Stern schtick was always Howard bullying staff members or orchestrating fights between them. Stern himself was never funny on his own unless he went on a rant on somebody in the public eye. The rare times he does that, the segment gets immediately cut out of replays.

Sal and Richard are MIA. JD is never on. Benji same. Nobody's writing anything funny that you can tell anymore. The whack pack is a thing of the past (read the country). Now it's just him. He spends the show repeating the same things about masks and Covid, and talking about 90s rock bands no one cares about, for hours. He doesn't know jackshit about music. He butchers their names. It's just bizarre.

When he has a guest on, he switches to his patronizing shrink voice and pushes them to say that everything they do/are is because of their father. Systematically. He speaks for them. He interrupts constantly. It's infuriating.

When he takes callers, they're either planned calls about scripted segments, or agressive Trumpers he immediately shuts down. Why bother taking them on if they can't talk ? Does he have ANY interesting callers not calling about politics anymore ? I don't understand any of it.

He doesn't leave his house nor sees anybody. He repeats himself. He freaks out when his wife gets a haircut. His OCD and tunnel vision are out of control. It's painful to listen to.

I have no idea why Sirius would give him a new contract at this point. The only people listening must be people like me, horrified longtime fans listening out of habit waiting for that shit to end. I don't see how it's fixable.

by Sick of Ronniereply 23Last Thursday at 3:34 AM

I think he'll re-sign but never come back into the studio.

Dude at R23? JD is on ALL the time. Benji got moved out of the studio so his presence was greatly reduced years ago. I'm not challenging you but you've got some things wrong.

by Sick of Ronniereply 24Last Thursday at 3:53 AM

I just turned on Howard 100 cause it said Robin's Song Parody, which is always funny hearing her sing.

But sure enough, it is Howard talking to Ronnie!

by Sick of Ronniereply 25Last Thursday at 5:09 AM

Anytime he has a actor on, he mentions when HE made HIS movie.

by Sick of Ronniereply 26Last Thursday at 5:17 AM


by Sick of Ronniereply 27Last Thursday at 5:19 AM

I still appreciate Howard. No idea why one would expect his show to be as smooth a s it was in the studio. Zoom sucks.

by Sick of Ronniereply 28Last Thursday at 5:42 AM

I love the show as well and think they are doing a great job within the limits of the pandemic. There are even times when it actually feels like they are in the studio. So happy to have the gang around during these times, and hope he re-signs!

by Sick of Ronniereply 29Last Thursday at 8:30 AM

Him not supporting Kathy Griffin (photo'd with fake severed Trump head) told me Howard Stern was over. (He said something like: she shouldn't have done that.) The old Howard Stern would have had a very strong free speech take on the KG situation. IIRC, free speech issues are why HS ended up on radio and off of E! TV. HS should be having more freedom on radio than he had on TV, but it seems like he got defanged.

The other really sad thing is Artie Lange and his falling apart before our eyes.

by Sick of Ronniereply 30Last Thursday at 9:22 AM

[quote] JD is on ALL the time. Benji got moved out of the studio so his presence was greatly reduced years ago.

I agree with you, what I meant was more that their work is nowhere to be seen anymore. JD is supposed to edit interesting clips from the media and Benji is supposed to write jokes.

by Sick of Ronniereply 31Last Thursday at 9:58 AM

Duh, Benji writes jokes daily that Howard uses throughout the show. They are not announced as his on the show and never have been. I constantly hear the Wack Pack on an almost daily basis-- games, wack pack happy hour, wack pack updates, etc. Sal and Richard as well. Just last week for example there was a full Sal segment shaving his shaft. Almost everything this poster said about the content of the show in his long diatribe is false, as if he is listening in an alternate universe. He just seems bitter and depressed and is projecting his personal mood onto the show and distorting facts.

by Sick of Ronniereply 32Last Thursday at 10:11 AM

I finally walked away from Stern, and Sirius for good about four months ago and haven't missed the routine nearly as much as I thought I would.

Stern really and truly does have nothing but disdain and disgust for anyone who isn't Jewish, wealthy and/or famous. His constant shilling of that little bug-eyed doctor friend of his, who's another one of those famewhore doctors, his constant sneering of his callers, even the sycophants who call to kiss his nasty ass. Even Robin, who went from Uncle Tom, Step-n-Fetchit to entitled, bitter cunt, became someone I couldn't handle listening to or paying for anymore.

It's not an "act" either. They've always weaseled out of accountability for the nasty things they do and day to people by indicating they're playing "characters". That's a load of bullshit. They're both unpleasant, nasty people. And yet, they've been so blessed and are so fortunate. They worked so hard to gain all of those fans and notoriety they built. Only to show their true colors the last few years.

I honestly grew to hate the man. The only thing he said/did that I could remotely appreciate in recent years was finally get rid of that psycho Brent guy.

by Sick of Ronniereply 33Last Thursday at 10:22 AM

R32 = Beth Stern. Shut the fuck up, Beth, and go clean something. You're not in the will by the way.

by Sick of Ronniereply 34Last Thursday at 10:23 AM

If you doubt that Entertainment Lawyer get his blind items from here, there’s this one that posted today. What a coincidence!

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 35Last Thursday at 10:24 AM

Have to say that if you haven't listened to the show in years, R23, gives a pretty spot-on review of it. It is exactly that. At least as of when I left a few months ago. It's kind of a miserable experience.

I'm still shocked he got no blowback for calling Wendy Williams a cunt last year when she called him "Hollywood Howie" on her show. Somehow, he gets a pass from all the MeToo and BLM stuff. And his little weasely BFF Jimmy Kimmel has also, somehow avoided karma for all his black face stunts.

by Sick of Ronniereply 36Last Thursday at 10:29 AM

The blind item says : This permanent A+ list radio star is just going to keep cashing checks while letting others on the show do all the talking. The day he does retire is the day he gets divorced.

It's nonsense. Howard is the one doing all the talking now which is why the show has become unbearable and I don't see why Beth would factor in his retirement.

by Sick of Ronniereply 37Last Thursday at 10:31 AM

[quote] If you doubt that Entertainment Lawyer get his blind items from here

Are you kidding ? Have you seen the Stern subreddit ? This is where things get leaked and laid out. DL never talks about Stern.

by Sick of Ronniereply 38Last Thursday at 10:33 AM

I don’t understand the part of the BI about getting divorced? Is there trouble in lockdown paradise with Beth?

by Sick of Ronniereply 39Last Thursday at 10:34 AM

That blind item can't be about Howard. It says he let's everyone else do the talking. That's not the Howard I listen to.

by Sick of Ronniereply 40Last Thursday at 10:38 AM

Imagine being on permanent lockdown with Howard and the 17 cats.

by Sick of Ronniereply 41Last Thursday at 10:38 AM

I genuinely liked Stern and laughed a lot at his show through the E! years and the first part of the Sirius years. It was fun and ridiculous. Hardcore fans made a lot about him "going Hollywood" and being friends and gaining the status of a lot of the people he used to skewer. He still worked for me after that - he became a pretty good "straight" interviewer - the interviews were less salacious and funny, but they were still informative and pretty good. And, some of the side stuff was still funny.

I didn't grow to hate him or anything, my interest just naturally diminished over time. One thing I did hate was when he was an AGT judge and he'd talk about AGT and the people and the production constantly. I'd always turn it off if he was in that mode.

by Sick of Ronniereply 42Last Thursday at 11:15 AM

I like Stern and Robin. And I respect Stern's loyalty to those who are loyal to him. But it is a just a skosh ironic that he turned into Imus. Younger, charity wife and all.

by Sick of Ronniereply 43Last Thursday at 11:22 AM

I stopped listening when K. C. left the show.

by Sick of Ronniereply 44Last Thursday at 11:25 AM

R38, do you have a link?

by Sick of Ronniereply 45Last Thursday at 11:30 AM

R5, is that true? Benji is gone?

by Sick of Ronniereply 46Last Thursday at 11:46 AM

I haven't listened in years. I was a fan during the K-Rock and E! show years. When Howard and company moved to Sirius, I refused to pay to listen to radio.

I gather Howard and Robin are skating on their past glories. I guess Jackie the Jokeman and Billy West are long gone. The show used tp be hysterical. Some of the best shows were the LIRR fight and other obscure bits which became classics. I would tape the show while getting ready for work, then bring the tapes into work, so everyone in my department could listen to the first two hours of the morning show.

An acquaintance's nephew was also part of the show, Gange, I think that was his last name. Gange was the guy who fucked some fug porn actress. This all seems like a hundred years ago!

I also heard that Crackhead Bob and Beetlejuice died.

Howard was the person who got Sting and Trudie to admit they were swingers, IIRC, that was the same interview where all the tantric sex rumors started. Sting later said it was a joke because Howard was being so relentless asking them about their sex life. Sting has really bad body odor, when Sting and Trudie left the studio, Robin kept joking that the place needed to be fumigated!

by Sick of Ronniereply 47Last Thursday at 11:51 AM

Beetlejuice is not dead.

by Sick of Ronniereply 48Last Thursday at 11:53 AM


by Sick of Ronniereply 49Last Thursday at 2:17 PM

r45 it's not hard to type "stern" and "reddit" on google, seriously.

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 50Last Thursday at 4:40 PM

His Reddit is BRUTAL.

Full of angry white dudes who support Trump and constantly trash the show. They claim to not listen or canceled their subscriptions, but I call bullshit. Every now and then, I'll jump in on a thread about how all Howard does is trash Trump, and I just start drop-kicking fools left and right. They ALWAYS accuse me of being a staff member--Jason, specifically--who's being paid to fight off trolls.

These dudes just repeat EVERYTHING Trump says verbatim.

by Sick of Ronniereply 51Last Friday at 1:59 AM

Don't generalize, r51. Far from the majority of disatisfied fans vote repug. Trump supporters among his fanbase certainly have amped up their yelling since the episode where Stern basically told them to stop listening and go away. I don't remember exactly what he said but I remember that it was antagonizing.FWIW I was glad to finally hear Stern speak up because he took his sweet time.

by Sick of Ronniereply 52Last Friday at 6:05 AM

Howard has become to much of a Hollywood kiss ass. His interview with RDJ made want to vomit. He's not the same guy anymore.

by Sick of Ronniereply 53Last Friday at 7:15 AM

I still love the show. I think Chris Wilding is a fantastic addition to the show. I share Howard's POV on life. I hope he stays... I am not ready to lose anything else in 2020. I also love Robin. Love Gary. Love Fred. Love Ronnie (how can you not think he is hilarious?) Love Tan Mom, Marianne, LOVE Underdog Lady and OMG, Sour Shoes!!!

Hate Sal. Richard is ok. Hate Benjy. Absolutely hate King of all Blacks. A little bit of High Pitch Eric goes a long way. Absolutely CANNOT listen to High Register Shawny... The minute he comes on, I turn it off.

by Sick of Ronniereply 54Last Friday at 7:24 AM

He's flipped his wig.

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 55Last Friday at 7:41 AM

Are his parents still alive?

by Sick of Ronniereply 56Last Friday at 7:58 AM

Howard definitely has run out of ideas and he should retire and enjoy his wealth. He had a good long run and entertained a lot of people. He should rest on his achievements. I don't know what all the people who do podcasts slamming him will do if he retires. They're trying to ride on his coat tails to make a name for themselves. They are the lowest of the low. Maybe even one step below a wack packer.

by Sick of Ronniereply 57Last Friday at 8:15 AM

[quote]Love Ronnie (how can you not think he is hilarious?)

Because they run him into the ground. It is not funny when it is Ronnie on the air 20 out of 24 hours every day.

He ain't Artie.

by Sick of Ronniereply 58Last Friday at 8:40 AM

Howard turned me off when he became all about strippers and porn stars. My ex and I used to stay home on a Saturday night, smoke a little weed and watch his TV show on UPN-9. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Is Underdog Lady still on the show? She was one of my favorites. And Kenneth Keith Kallenbach. Underdog Lady seems to have been autistic.

by Sick of Ronniereply 59Last Friday at 8:44 AM

I don't listen as much as I once did, but I have no issue with Stern evolving. People do get to do that. Stern is in his late 60s now, beating porn chicks with baloney would be kind of lame. He pivoted to remain somewhat relevant and he did. I think therapy, Beth, and Robin's illness really had major effects on him.

by Sick of Ronniereply 60Last Friday at 8:50 AM

Yes, his parents are still alive. Both are well into their 90s.

I love it when he pulls out the megaphone and pretends to be his mother.

by Sick of Ronniereply 61Last Friday at 8:52 AM

He needs to STFU about eating meat and how smart cows are when he and his wife wear leather and all of those lackeys don't have the guts to call out his hypocrisy. Eating meat is no more barbaric than ripping its hide off to make your wife's handbag.

by Sick of Ronniereply 62Last Friday at 8:59 AM

^ ^ call him, hon.

by Sick of Ronniereply 63Last Friday at 10:53 AM


Do you know there is fake leather right?

by Sick of Ronniereply 64Last Friday at 11:41 AM

R64, they don't wear fake leather. I've seen Mrs. Stern at certain events. I doubt her Chanel bags were fake leather. And BTW, Stern has complained that he can no longer find some discontinued boot. Can't recall the name, but it was leather.

He's a hypocrite. So many examples of their glaring hypocrisy. He wants others to sacrifice, not himself.

by Sick of Ronniereply 65Last Friday at 11:52 AM

Howard Stern never pretended to be a role model. Anything but. He's now a millionaire and an old man. His time has come and gone.Who really cares if he's a hypocrite and wants to stay home with his cats. No one is listening to him anymore. And about those Howard Stern related podcasts, what's the point? If no one cares about Stern anymore so why would anyone care about a podcast about him by people no one ever heard of?

by Sick of Ronniereply 66Last Friday at 1:11 PM

R66, Stern’s ratings are still pretty good. With the advent of music radio over cellular networks, that’s all that SiriusXM has anyway.

by Sick of Ronniereply 67Last Friday at 1:54 PM

"When Howard and company moved to Sirius, I refused to pay to listen to radio."

It's not like you're paying an arm and a leg..........

by Sick of Ronniereply 68Last Friday at 8:48 PM

Stern’s ratings are indeed still high. He is all that I listen to in the car. And Sirius will always up the ante to keep him because they know most of their subscribers are only there for Howard.

by Sick of Ronniereply 69Last Friday at 10:08 PM

[quote]subscribers are only there for Howard


There for Howard, not his limo driver who has taken over the show.

by Sick of Ronniereply 70Last Friday at 11:59 PM

Why isn’t Robin doing the news anymore? That segment and celebrity interviews were the best things about the show.

by Sick of Ronniereply 71Last Saturday at 4:32 AM

I heard an interview with Bill Maher who said something like "After I hit fifty, I told my writers we have to cool it with the models-in-the-hot-tub" material. It's gross for a man my age." He's right, and Howard is in the same position. To be a horny 65 year old man is pretty nauseating. Also, he's got a hot model wife so he has nothing to complain about. He had to find a new angle, and he found it as "Mr. Celebrity Empathy Man". Maybe you hate it (it can be super boring) but it's new.

by Sick of Ronniereply 72Last Saturday at 5:17 AM

I do really like his interviews, r72.

by Sick of Ronniereply 73Last Saturday at 5:46 AM

I do find myself listening to 101 more than 100... Kat-a Leen and JAson BIggs was on today and I couldn't stop laughing

by Sick of Ronniereply 74Last Saturday at 7:06 AM

[quote]I will always blame Howard Stern for promoting the trash culture that lead to Trump!

Howard's show was also responsible for normalizing the stripper and porn culture in the mainstream. When Howard began to talk about going to Scores and constantly having strippers and porn stars on his show it became mainstream which has lead to an overall downgrade in media and entertainment.

by Sick of Ronniereply 75Last Saturday at 7:32 AM

[quote]I don't listen as much as I once did, but I have no issue with Stern evolving. People do get to do that. Stern is in his late 60s now, beating porn chicks with baloney would be kind of lame. He pivoted to remain somewhat relevant and he did. I think therapy, Beth, and Robin's illness really had major effects on him.

Yeah, but it's similar to Kathy Griffin. If you build your career largely on being the edgy, non mainstream person who took the piss out of celebrity culture, it's not the same when you accept an invite into that club. The Sterns are (or were until COVID) very active in the Hamptons scene. Beth would host her charity events out there, and they would frequently mingle with the A listers at various parties.

The last time I tuned in to his show was his interview with Madonna, which was disappointing. They went after her for years, the second she came into the studio, it was a complete 180 and Robin was even gushing over how beautiful she was. They never mentioned their beef, he never asked about the book her sibling wrote about her. It was all very puff piece.

His interview with Rosie O Donnell was great because they both went into everything. They talked about the feud, they let it all hang out. That's when Howard is at his best.

He can be a great interviewer.

by Sick of Ronniereply 76Last Saturday at 7:34 AM

R76 Ro and Mo are two different monsters. Madonna can’t handle criticism and Rosie thrives on it.

by Sick of Ronniereply 77Last Saturday at 8:02 AM

It's one thing to evolve, it's another to have made your living mocking and ridiculing what you have then become. Imus and his wife come to mind.

by Sick of Ronniereply 78Last Saturday at 8:08 AM

Elegant Elliot Offen!

by Sick of Ronniereply 79Last Saturday at 8:22 AM

Just started up the car and sure enough...Ronnie fuckin' Mund!

by Sick of Ronniereply 80Last Sunday at 7:36 AM


I loved when Howard played the tapes of him and his sister at the studio where Ben Stern worked. I taped that show. I still have tons of Stern shows on cassette tapes. So many classic bits, but there's not enough the to re-listen to all of them.

Ben screaming at Howard was hysterical.

by Sick of Ronniereply 81Last Sunday at 8:24 AM

I cannot stand RonnieMund. I wish he had fucking retired before the pandemic and never heard from him again. He appeals to such trash. And he couldn't be more typical of a deplorable. Dumb, crass, bitter, selfish and ignorant.

Gutless that he can't admit he's trash like his NASCAR buddies. He shouldn't be afraid to admit he supports Trump, because liberals aren't the ones who send death threats if you dislike Biden.

by Sick of Ronniereply 82Last Sunday at 8:32 AM

I miss Eric the Shitcock.

by Sick of Ronniereply 83Last Sunday at 8:36 AM

I've been listening since WNNNNBBC and while I still listen, it's out of habit. I really don't like about 40% of the show now... many aspects have become irritating and annoying - Robin's forced quarantine laugh is really irritating but now it makes me want her gone, Ronnie Mund's geriatric sex stories are nauseating, and Fred doing the Ronnie puppet's raunchy chuckle. Has anyone else picked up on Ronnie's old man voice? It's quivery and shaky sounding. Yeah, it's time for him to go.

I don't mind the rest of the crew, who pop in when needed to add to a story or give info. If Howard does announce his retirement, I will get special pleasure in hearing Marianne from Brooklyn weep and wail. She's annoying too and I want to enjoy her pain.

by Sick of Ronniereply 84Last Sunday at 9:14 AM

Is it just easier for Howard to surrender the show to Ronnie now or what?

by Sick of Ronniereply 85Last Sunday at 9:44 AM

Howard has turned into his bitter father and some days the show sounds like you're locked up with your ranting grandfather. He pushes his opinions on his cowering staff and berates them for having a different opinion. He badgers grown men over their choices, like when he ranked on Gary for the way he set up his in-home theater and gets on Jason about his love of meat.

Lately, I've been annoyed when Howard talks about Beth - she sounds like his housekeeper instead of his wife. He "praises" her for all of the menial jobs she does - cat patrol, washing his strawberries, dusting, mopping, etc. Then Beth makes herself look like a doormat when she comes on and says oh, it's fine. Either she's the nicest woman on earth or she knows to keep playing the game and count the days until.... RIP Howie.

by Sick of Ronniereply 86Last Sunday at 9:47 AM

I think Howard give Ronnie so much air time because he is still in the mindset that sex is one topic that will keep the interest of a large majority of his audience (truckers, blue collar dudes, etc.) and Ronnie's disgusting stories are an easy way to fulfill that need. It's telling that Howard doesn't regale the listeners with stories of his hot sessions with Saint Beth, so he uses Ronnie as the go-to when things get slow. I am counting the days until Mr. Mund retires cause his stories make me gag.

I have noticed the change to Ronnie's voice - it's very shaky and tremulous. He needs to go and enjoy the time he has left.

by Sick of Ronniereply 87Last Sunday at 9:55 AM

In other words, nothing has changed, r86.

by Sick of Ronniereply 88Last Sunday at 10:05 AM

I love love Howard, but I don't always agree with him nor do I enjoy every single moment of the show. I think it is ridiculous to expect to. I'm quite sure he doesn't even like every minute of the show when he listens back. He produces 3-4 hours of content each show, a tremendous undertaking. He tries out ideas, some of which work and some of which don't. He has tons of different guests and topics, none of which every listener will enjoy. He can be moody or serious when some people want silliness or fun, or vice versa. Everyone who has SiriusXM has access to the app and can download every show, as I do. All you have to do if you don't like a guest, topic, or bit, is skip through it to something else. That's what I do every time I listen. Technology enables us to listen or not listen to whatever we want, no one's being forced to hear anything they don't like. Just appreciate that there's a lot of great content and be grateful for that.

by Sick of Ronniereply 89Last Sunday at 10:07 AM

Miss Cocktober Pageant is on now and of course Ronnie is a judge and... of course, Ronnie is dominating the conversation.

by Sick of Ronniereply 90Last Sunday at 10:52 AM

[quote]He produces 3-4 hours of content each show, a tremendous undertaking.

Not really when 85% of that time is Ronnie ranting about "cunt" and "pussy."

by Sick of Ronniereply 91Last Sunday at 10:54 AM

But it isnt. Thats a ridiculous claim. We get it, you don't like Ronnie Mund or get why other people do or find him funny. He's not my all time favorite, but I think he's amusing, especially when they fuck with him. In any case he isn't on the show anywhere near that much, that's just an outright lie. You seem obsessed with hating him thus your deluded impression that hes on 85% of the time. You can easily skip through the segments he is on and still have tons of content to enjoy.

by Sick of Ronniereply 92Last Sunday at 11:03 AM

Any dirt on Chris Wilding? The fact that he spends so much time with Ralph Cirella makes me wonder about his character judgments - can’t stand Ralph I turn it off whenever he calls - but curious about Chris.

by Sick of Ronniereply 93Last Sunday at 11:11 AM

Then why is it everytime I go to Channel 100 it is Ronnie this, Ronnie that?

by Sick of Ronniereply 94Last Sunday at 11:19 AM

Just a guess, but Robin probably isn't doing the news because they do the news pretty much in the first hour now. The format seems to be, catchup, news, something wacky from the staff, interview, then wrap up.

by Sick of Ronniereply 95Last Sunday at 11:21 AM

Do his daughters still speak to him?

by Sick of Ronniereply 96Last Sunday at 11:24 AM

R96, they speak with him, but I get the feeling the two older ones do not speak with Beth at all - they resent her. The youngest one was young enough when her parents divorced that she probably doesn't have the same resentment.

by Sick of Ronniereply 97Last Sunday at 11:29 AM

Howard Stern is pure trash and always will be. I'm not a fan of Wendy William's, but thought it was really weird just how upset he got at her last year or whenever that was, for her calling him Hollywood Howie. He was really disgusting and a bitch to her for saying the shit he said about her.

Their both shock jocks and you would think he would've taken it better than he did. Howard is a true bitch.

And he's very sensitive and emotionally abusive and unstable, fuck him.

by Sick of Ronniereply 98Last Sunday at 11:31 AM

The person above who made the comparison to Kathy Griffin makes a point. Kathy learned the hard way just how NOT in the club she was. I think Howard is the the club more so because that is what Beth wants. I think he prefers to just stay in the house.

by Sick of Ronniereply 99Last Sunday at 11:34 AM

Howard is also a nasty Jew too. He said he was glad about Rodney king getting beat by the police when it happened. To me that was fucked up. He's a nasty bitter Jew, who just like an earlier poster stated, he has pure disdain for anyone who is Jewish wealthy or famous etc. I don't care for people like him, he's one of those people who have extreme wealth fame and all of the material possessions anyone could want, but he's still very unhappy underneath it all.

That's why he can't let his stupid show go, he's knows without it he nothing. Even Oprah was smart enough to end her talk show after 25 years on the air, but she's also way richer than Howard could ever hope to be.

What a horrible human being Howard Stern is. Good Riddance to him.

by Sick of Ronniereply 100Last Sunday at 11:38 AM

F&F the anti-semite at r100 please

by Sick of Ronniereply 101Last Sunday at 11:42 AM

I just googled and saw this picture. Did the oldest daughter officiate her sister's wedding?

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 102Last Sunday at 11:43 AM

Here's a story about the oldest daughter.

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 103Last Sunday at 11:56 AM

Just flipped over and the segment is HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONNIE.

All Ronnie, all talking about pussy.

by Sick of Ronniereply 104Last Sunday at 12:30 PM

R101 Howard Stern used the N word regularly on his show, so please stop with the bullshit. Jewish people are not above reproachment.

Joan Rivers was also very racist towards Michelle Obama right before she died, bet you have nothing to say about that either.

by Sick of Ronniereply 105Last Sunday at 12:31 PM

You're the one posting this hatred on DL, r105, not Howard Stern or Joan Rivers. Calling someone a "nasty bitter Jew " is antisemitic and unacceptable, no matter what anyone else has ever said or done.

by Sick of Ronniereply 106Last Sunday at 12:51 PM

R106 It still doesn't excuse them either. Howard has said some really horrific things in his career and no one bats an eye. I think if it's ok for him to say outrageous things along with Trump, then the gander is good for everyone else too.

DL is not innocent in saying inflammatory things. This site is just as provocative in the things it says about others as anywhere else on the internet.

by Sick of Ronniereply 107Last Sunday at 1:02 PM

I liked him years ago. I was younger, it was new. Listened regularly in the morning while getting ready for work. Didn't want to pay for him. Considered it but no. Actually mourned a bit. Sounds like I'm not missing much at the moment.

by Sick of Ronniereply 108Last Sunday at 1:12 PM

Who said it excuses them? Its the poster who called Howard a "nasty bitter Jew" that brought up and used their alleged behavior to excuse himself for doing so. And what does Trump have to do with this? And who said what he says is ok? There's nothing wrong with being "provocative" and disagreeing, even trashing someone you don't like. But unequivocally it is unacceptable to call someone a "nasty bitter Jew," same as it is to call someone the N word, etc.

by Sick of Ronniereply 109Last Sunday at 1:16 PM

Howard talks about his relationship with his daughters in his interview with David Letterman (on the Netflix show).

by Sick of Ronniereply 110Last Sunday at 1:19 PM

Care to give a quick summary R110? What is say?

by Sick of Ronniereply 111Last Sunday at 1:24 PM

R111 Pretty much that it took years of therapy and rigorous honesty on his part to rebuild his relationships with his daughters after the divorce.

by Sick of Ronniereply 112Last Sunday at 1:28 PM

BTW it was Howard's wife who left the marriage, not he. He wrote about how this gutted him.

Ronnie is getting a lot of attention now because of his birthday.

by Sick of Ronniereply 113Last Sunday at 11:55 PM

R52 So you CLEARLY don't go to the Stern Reddit because that's FAR from a generalization. 90% of those posters support Trump.

by Sick of Ronniereply 114Yesterday at 1:23 AM

R101 Howard used the "N-word" ironically, but people like you make it sound like it was in casual conversations which is wrong.

by Sick of Ronniereply 115Yesterday at 1:27 AM


by Sick of Ronniereply 116Yesterday at 1:28 AM

Howard's best show was when he announced his divorce and they talked about it the entire show. It was riveting.

by Sick of Ronniereply 11720 hours ago

I heard the show a couple of weeks ago where several Trump supporters were calling and whining about Howard's tepid attacks on Trump. Holy shit, you literally have to have no brain cells to be a Trump supporter. I was embarrassed for them because they don't have the capacity to be embarrassed.

They continue to defend the indefensible.

by Sick of Ronniereply 11820 hours ago

R115 Howard Stern is garbage, I don't give a fuck about what anyone says. The man is racist Trash, fuck him.

by Sick of Ronniereply 11920 hours ago

Howard's daughter seems like a real pill, and the Post massaged her quotes out the wazoo. Seems like a bullshit story to me.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12020 hours ago

Channel 101 right now is '10 Howard Mad At....RONNIE!

It's all Ronnie, all day!

by Sick of Ronniereply 12120 hours ago

[quote]BTW it was Howard's wife who left the marriage, not he. He wrote about how this gutted him.

Oh, yeah, he was "gutted" ... remember the condoms incident during the filming of Private Parts? That was no accident. Allison may have left, but after Howard gave her a little push. He wanted out of the marriage.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12219 hours ago

Thank God that fat racist pig Joey Boots is dead. Elderly black women riding the subway can now breathe a sigh of relief now that this waste of oxygen is no longer here to bully them for sitting in "his" handicapped seat.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12319 hours ago

It was shocking to me when it was revealed that Joey Boots was gay. He was one of the most homophobic wack packers on the show.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12419 hours ago


what condom story?

by Sick of Ronniereply 12518 hours ago

[quote]It was shocking to me when it was revealed that Joey Boots was gay.

His best friend was High Pitch "I masturbate to Donnie Wahlberg" Erik!

by Sick of Ronniereply 12618 hours ago

[quote]It was shocking to me when it was revealed that Joey Boots was gay. He was one of the most homophobic wack packers on the show.

How is it shocking for something so typical?

by Sick of Ronniereply 12717 hours ago

It was just non stop with him. I guess that's why R127. But you're right, I guess those types tend to be the angriest.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12817 hours ago

For R125 - when Howard was making his movie, his wife found a list of hygiene items, etc. that Howard asked to be supplied in his trailer and one thing on that list was condoms. The thing is, Howard and Allison didn't use condoms and the implication was that Howard would be using them on other women. Howard came on the air and explained that he had left Ralph in charge that job and he said that Ralph made the list and put down a lot of things the Ralph wanted/planned to take for himself. Howard pointed out that the one thing that made his wife believe this was a Ralph fuckup is that the toothpaste that was on the list was not Howard's usual brand.

This condom calamity took up about 1-2 hours of the show. Howard got Ralph on the line and bitched him out for a good 45 minutes, then he got Allison on the air and she told how she got angry, then calmed down when Howard figured out that this list was Ralph's creation. Then he let the listeners call in and tell Howard how he should get rid of Ralph, then the ones who called in to bust his chops and say oh, sure Howard, those condoms were for Ralph :wink wink:.

by Sick of Ronniereply 12917 hours ago

I believe Howard when he said that he never cheated on Allison.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13017 hours ago

I forgot to add that Ralph said he put condoms on the list as a joke. He gave the list to Howard's assistant to pass onto whoever was supposed to order the requested supplies and never dreamed that the list was going to get into Allison's hands. Ralph is dumb.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13117 hours ago

[quote]I believe Howard when he said that he never cheated on Allison.

I don't. He has revealed his glaring hypocrisy and lies far too many times to believe him.

I recall him -after he divorced- inviting that biracial woman from his show "Son of the Beach" to his apt clearly to fuck her and when she revealed it in some article how he tried to impress her with his apt, he got her on the air to shame her and claiming she was there for professional reasons. A fucking moron could believe him. It was a disgusting display on his part to have done that to her.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13215 hours ago

There's no question Howard cheated on Allison.

Steve Schirripa was on once, and he asked Howard if he remembered Amber Smith, who played the lady who straddled the speaker in Private Parts. Howard said yeah, and Steve revealed that she told him that she and Howard had had sex. Now, I've been listening for a very long time, and Howard never gets rattled on-air. THIS rattled him. He tried to play it off, but you got the sense he was caught red handed.

Steve Grillo says he believes Howard also had an affair with Mary McCormick, who played his wife in Private Parts. Even before Steve said this, I always suspected it because of the way they interacted on air. Also, Howard was caught out to dinner with her one night before he and Allison broke up.

Also, again Howard was caught red handed by Allison when condoms were on the list of things for his trailer.

All wealthy, famous and powerful men cheat. Howard was absolutely no exception

by Sick of Ronniereply 13314 hours ago

Is Howard Stern a Billionaire? He has to be a Billionaire at this point, he's been making hundreds of millions of dollars for decades now. That kind of $ adds up really fast, even after taxes.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13414 hours ago

About 50 million per year for 15 years now...

by Sick of Ronniereply 13514 hours ago

OP--I switch over to Howard when I get bored with other SXM channels and have found him entertaining. But, after seeing your post, it seems every show is centered around Ronnie. This is Howard phoning it in. I suspect that in the next couple of months, he is going to retire.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13613 hours ago

[quote]Steve Grillo says he believes Howard also had an affair with Mary McCormick, who played his wife in Private Parts. Even before Steve said this, I always suspected it because of the way they interacted on air. Also, Howard was caught out to dinner with her one night before he and Allison broke up.

I absolutely believe they had an affair after filming; it was really obvious. Mary would just show up unannounced and sit in the studio. No one mentioned that she was there until Howard started acting weird and goopy towards her. A lot of people must've been talking about it, because he addressed it once on the air, in a "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" way: "How ridiculous would I look if I fell in love with the woman who played my wife in the movie? That would be pathetic".

Here's Russell Crowe being interviewed by Stuttering John for his movie Mystery, Alaska, which co-starred Mary McCormick. At around the 2:00 minute mark, Crowe says something about how McCormick "used to be Howard's girlfriend, you know", and John quickly changes the subject.

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 13713 hours ago

r136 No, every show is not centered around Ronnie. OP is obsessed with his hatred of Ronnie so imagines this is so, He constantly monitors both channels, waits until a Ronnie segment appears on 100 or 101 and then posts here to try and prove his point. The fact that you haven't noticed this yourself should usurp the musings of the anti-Ronnie troll.

by Sick of Ronniereply 13812 hours ago

If he brought KC back, I might consider tuning him back in....

Offsite Link
by Sick of Ronniereply 13912 hours ago

I didn't know that he had an affair with Mary McCormack. But then again, I never followed the show that closely. That's kind of gross. I would guess he had sex with some of the many porn stars who were on his show, but the idea of someone seemingly normal having an affair with him seems worse. I guess Kat McPhee sleeping with her husband was payback.

by Sick of Ronniereply 14012 hours ago

R137 It was during filming. And after maybe.

Eli Roth (yes, the director) was a PA, and was given the exclusive job of guarding Howard in his trailer. Many nights, Howard would sleep in the trailer, while Roth worked on his screenplay for Cabin Fever all night. Eli Roth was never once down on the set, not did he interact with anyone but Howard.

Well, Steve Grillo was at the wrap party, and he saw Eli Roth greet Mary McCormick as if they were friendly and familiar. This made Grillo believe that Mary must have been spending time with Howard in his trailer after hours.

Another thing was, while Howard was still married, there was an item about Howard and a mystery lady at some restaurant. On the air, Howard played it off like "yeah, it was me, Mary, and my agent." Don Buchwald was definitely not at the table, but I think Howard realized he was spotted, and frantically called Don over to give him cover, because there was a picture of Howard and Don leaving together, with Mary nowhere to be seen.

by Sick of Ronniereply 14111 hours ago

R138 = Ronnie

[quote]He constantly monitors both channels, waits until a Ronnie segment appears on 100 or 101 and then posts here to try and prove his point.

But the frequency of the posts does kind of prove it.

by Sick of Ronniereply 1429 hours ago

That tired, no longer clever DL meme of calling the poster the person they're defending doesn't even work here. Ronnie doesn't express himself that way at all. He'd say something like "OP is a cunt and I don't give a shit."

by Sick of Ronniereply 1438 hours ago
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