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WHET Fletcher Reade

Is he back in Beirut on assignment?

His wife Maeve Stoddard was about as exciting as generic raisin bran.

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by ORDreply 277Last Thursday at 7:57 AM

I found it odd that no one asked Jay about Maureen Garrett since she was his scene partner for his final years. No real talk of Zaslow or the Meg storyline either.

And while the dish was nice, Susan Pratt came off like a lunatic. They kept talking over each other and she seemed to take story changes VERY personally, which she admitted. Just like a lot of shows don't give a shit what fans want to see, they also don't care about actorly preferences. Fans are often right, as are actors, but she came off pretty aggressive and very bent out of shape over it, even 30 years later.

by ORDreply 110/01/2020

I think going on a talk show is going to bring up a lot of memories. Overall, they both look great.

I can't believe GH fired her because she was pregnant. Either write around it or finally deflower her.

I watched GH back in the glory days. In the early 80s, the show had lost Genie Francis, Jane Elliot, killed off Diana Taylor (Brooke Bundy), Alex Q, while I liked her, was frozen/written out. Jackie Zeman took off for close to a year. Emily McLaughlin was already working less. They killed Susan Moore, too.

Why FIRE Annie Logan when she's Audrey Hardy's niece and a nurse and back then the hospital was actually used a lot more than it is now.

Melody Thomas Scott wrote in her memoir when she got pregnant and was unwed, the show embraced her and her job was secure; Susan wasn't as lucky although she worked pretty quickly thereafter at GL. It's ironic that Rauch hired her a year after he canned Jay.

Rotating producers and head writers don't know the show they're brought on to produce and write, but the fans do.

One thing Pratt didn't have right is that Claire did make a brief play for Kyle; it was ironic that they ended up playing exes on AMC.

by ORDreply 210/01/2020

If Fletcher fathered Meg, he could have fathered Michelle; again, the writer who had Fletcher father Meg probably never knew he had a vasectomy or had forgotten it.

You compare that to Doug Marland who gave Lisa a secret son when he found out she didn't come back to ATWT after the end of Our Private World for several months. He also took Kim's 'miscarriage' in the early 70s and turned that into a stillborn and into a swapped baby and into Sabrina.

These shows should use their histories.

by ORDreply 310/01/2020

Yeah, Susan Pratt definitely came across as kind of looney. You can’t always take what these actors say as gospel because our memory fades as time goes on and in some cases these things happened over 30 years ago. I find it suspect that Susan blamed McTavish for breaking up Claire and Fletch when McTavish was only a script or breakdown writer back then. She didn’t have the power. Susan could have been confusing times when McTavish was headwriter at AMC.

by ORDreply 410/02/2020

I think Grant had some say in how Phillip was written.

He always made sure his love of Beth came through loud and clear even when they were apart.

by ORDreply 510/02/2020

[quote] I think Grant had some say in how Phillip was written.

He unzipped and the Pendulousness hypnotized the writers. So of course he had some say!

by ORDreply 610/02/2020

Fletcher had a great ass.

by ORDreply 710/02/2020

Jay Hammer was in a restaurant I worked at years ago. He had a very big basket, too.

by ORDreply 810/02/2020

R3 and yet if Megan McTavish had done it, we’d be bitching about the retcons.

It goes to show that the details matter. Staying true to character matters. Because of those things, we overlooked Marland’s outlandish storylines.

by ORDreply 910/02/2020

Funny you should ask, OP.

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by ORDreply 1010/02/2020

[quote] Fletcher had a great ass.

I first noticed that on a rerun of the Jeffersons. Jay Hammer played Alan Willis. I hadn’t really thought of him as attractive before that.

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by ORDreply 1110/02/2020

I LOLed when Susan Pratt said JWS practically broke her ribs as Claire and Kelly made out in a scene on her first day.

Not like JWS had much experience making out with women! He was much more accustomed to the male physique when it came to making out and understanding the limitations that a male body could take. I mean, at that point, probably the only other woman JWS would have made out with would have been Kristen Vigard.

Yes, I know Jennifer Cooke eventually took over the role, but by that point, Kelly and Morgan were married and only doing light kissing on camera, not heavy making out.

by ORDreply 1210/02/2020
Offsite Link
by ORDreply 1310/02/2020

Thanks r10--it was great seeing Melanie Smith. She was one of my favorite daytime actresses. She was so sexy and talented--shame she didn't become a big star.

by ORDreply 1410/02/2020

Annie Logan's Permaseal certainly got torn to shreds here!

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 1510/02/2020

I don't remember Annabelle

Stuck down an Anna-well

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 1610/02/2020

JWS was used to sucking Marland’s toes.

by ORDreply 1710/02/2020

Oh, we had a blissful few moments of peace.

Oh, well.

by ORDreply 1810/02/2020

He looked pretty good in those speedo episodes.

by ORDreply 1910/02/2020

Kelly at the breakfast table in a Speedo and Bert looking on still makes me laugh.

by ORDreply 2010/02/2020


some writers can make retcons actually make sense because they are using history some make up a new history to make their retcon fit

by ORDreply 2110/02/2020

There would have been more of an interesting question that could have lasted for years if they hadn't clearly spelled out whether Ed or Fletcher was Michelle's father.

But GL was such a mess in that period, and not too many thoughts were happening about long term story.

by ORDreply 2210/02/2020

[quote] Josh from AMC

You're kidding, right? The unabortion?

by ORDreply 2310/02/2020

Shhhh...the unabortion should never be mentioned.

by ORDreply 2410/02/2020

Q: What's worse than the unabortion?

A: Jeffrey O'Neill.

by ORDreply 2510/02/2020

I just cannot believe that GL looked up, down and sideways and decided that of all the actors in NY, it was THIS twatwaffle who the ladies (and gay men) wanted on the show the most!

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 2610/02/2020

I'm not a fan of Bradley Cole, but apparently there was a small but vocal contingent of women who were. Apparently a group of them from New Jersey phoned the studio on a weekly basis demanding more screen time for him. That's why Jeffrey O'Neil stayed front and center for so very long after his expiration date.

by ORDreply 2710/02/2020

He didn’t have Grants long dong.......

by ORDreply 2810/02/2020

That was much of the last 10-15 years of the show....hostage by fan bases.

by ORDreply 2910/02/2020

Harley fans ruined the show. Why her? She was shrill, not at all sexy, and self righteous

by ORDreply 3010/02/2020

There's a thread (not mine) about Helen Reddy singing the song "Peaceful."

Which reminds me that a certain resident of Henderson sang her own version at about the same time.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 3110/02/2020

Beth was my favorite character. Then they over exposed her. When Lujack was killed, they didn’t have a back up plan. She had chemistry with Bolger but nothing close to Grant. I wonder how Pam would have written Beth’s exit. She wrote a world class return.

by ORDreply 3210/02/2020

R26 It's baffling that it went on as long as it did in the first place, and then when they were finally free of him, they brought him back with an even worse accent and hair!

by ORDreply 3310/02/2020

Soap actors whose popularity and ability to maintain employment has always eluded me: 1. Bradley Cole 2. Brian Gaskill 3. Michael Easton 4. Thorsten Kaye

by ORDreply 3410/02/2020

[quote]Harley fans ruined the show. Why her? She was shrill, not at all sexy, and self righteous

R30 As I said in the Carrie Bradshaw thread, what exactly is confusing you about why the average white American woman liked her?

by ORDreply 3510/02/2020

Why is Zenk Pinter bitching about her health insurance? She’s on Medicare for chrissakes.

by ORDreply 3610/03/2020

Jensen Buchanan (Vicky AW) first husband - he used to work on Wall Street then switched careers and is now a Physical Therapist

He still looks good for 60!

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 3710/03/2020

Had Blake not lied about Beth being alive, it's possible she could have hung onto Phillip.

Phillip and Beth circa 1986 were rebounding off his merger with India (Von Halkein.) and Lujack's death.

by ORDreply 3810/03/2020

R38 Not a chance in hell.

by ORDreply 3910/03/2020

India with Bolger's Philip almost had a weird chemistry that could have been very War of the Roses/Moonlighting.

India with Grant's Phillip....they had chemistry too, but never real romantic chemistry.

by ORDreply 4010/03/2020

Judi Evans and John Bolger (who played Beth & Phillip on Guiding Light) would later be reunited on Another World where Judi played Paulina and John played Gabe (Police Chief)

They rarely had scenes as their story-lines never crossed

by ORDreply 4110/03/2020

Was Paulina still on the show when Gabe was on?

by ORDreply 4210/03/2020

[quote] Was Paulina still on the show when Gabe was on?


by ORDreply 4310/03/2020

On the previous thread someone posted that Zimmer wrote about an OLTL female actress who was always fucking her co-stars. Any guesses?

by ORDreply 4410/03/2020

R44 she was talking about a Guiding Light co-star

by ORDreply 4510/03/2020

I think R44 and R45 are crossing wires.

The last thread talked about a costar at OLTL:

When Jean finally came to find me, the look of doom in her eyes confirmed my worst fears. They wouldn’t be picking up my option on my next thirteen-week cycle. She explained that my character, though wildly popular, was no longer needed. Jean gave me this devastating news during a five-minute crew break and then expected me to go right back to work! The message was loud and clear: Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!

After I was let go, I heard rumors that my popularity had ruffled the feathers of one of the leading actresses on the show who was dating one of the executives at ABC, and she pulled some strings. As the old saying goes, “It’s not who you know; it’s who you blow!”

R45 is probably thinking of the passage later in the book, who is almost definitely Beth Ehlers (Harley):

There was one actress who fell in love with all of her costars. Really. She seriously fell hook, line, and sinker on several occasions. And the actors who were the objects of her affection were all too happy to oblige. She fell in love with one costar while she was still married, eventually divorced her husband, and moved in with the costar. For whatever reasons, that relationship didn’t last. Her next conquest was another costar who was married—as was she, having gotten married . . . again . . . but this time to someone outside the business. She ended up leaving her husband for this guy; the two actors had decided they were both going to get out of their relationships so they could be together.

Unfortunately for her, he got cold feet and never left his wife. For the first time since I knew her, she was suddenly neither married nor involved. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! This actress was miserable on the set, off the set, on the street, in the movies, at the grocery store, and everywhere she went for a very long time. Her presence on the set was a dark energy until she eventually left the show. I was really sorry to see her go, because the show suffered from the loss of her character—and, to be honest, I really liked her, because she had balls the size of those on the statue of David!

by ORDreply 4610/03/2020

[quote] I heard rumors that my popularity had ruffled the feathers of one of the leading actresses on the show who was dating one of the executives at ABC, and she pulled some strings.

She was talking Jacqueline Courtney - who was later fired by ABC after they hired Paul Rauch to replace her lover.

Rauch hated Jacquie and fired her when she at Another World. When Rauch agreed to take over at OLTL, was that Jacquie had to be fired before he stepped one foot in that studio,

by ORDreply 4710/03/2020


You think Zimmer was talking about her first run on OLTL? I assumed she was talking about her second run.

by ORDreply 4810/03/2020

R48 she was talking about her first run on OLTL, her book was published BEFORE she returned to OLTL

by ORDreply 4910/03/2020

Oh, yeah, she had two OLTL runs before her time on GL - a brief one as Bonnie and the longer contract one as Echo. The bit at R46 is about her as Echo.

by ORDreply 5010/03/2020

Yes, it was about her 1983 run as Echo di Savoy which only lasted about 3 months.

Jacqueline Courtney was the show's star at that point, thanks to the fact she was sleeping with EP, Joseph Stuart. As soon as he left, her role began to be diminished and Viki Sleastak slowly became the show's center.

The Jean referred to is Jean Arley who was a producer there, later became EP when Stuart left.

by ORDreply 5110/03/2020

Joseph Stuart left OLTL to be producer of Loving

I always thought he should've hired Jacquie Courtney to play Ann Alden Forbes

by ORDreply 5210/03/2020

I forgot that she was playing Echo just a few months before she started as Reva.

by ORDreply 5310/03/2020

Jacqueline Courtney was a Diva on both Another World & One Life To Live

On Another World she demanded a private bathroom be installed in her dressing room, so she wouldn't run into the other actresses in the ladies room.

by ORDreply 5410/03/2020

the dressing rooms at TV City where Y&R and B&B tape have bathrooms; the ones at ABC don't; I don't know about the Burbank studios were DAYS shoots

Courtney would have been a great Ann Alden; LOVING had real potential in the beginning; clearly Aggie and Doug were clashing. But I saw his marks over so much -- Ava was in the mold of Bobbie and Nola.

The long lost dad/son bit with Dane Hammond and Jack Forbes was done on GL with Henry and Quinton and on GH with Steve Hardy and Jeff Webber

by ORDreply 5510/03/2020

R47 The DL never fails with its encyclopedic knowledge of soaps. fascinating!

by ORDreply 5610/03/2020

I thought R56 was complimenting me on my knowledge of the bathrooms :(

by ORDreply 5710/03/2020

Phillip was obsessed with Beth. His love for her was intense. I never felt her love for him was equal. She moved on to Lujack extremely quickly. That led to another blockbuster super couple.

Kim Zimmer was such a force. Love her or hate her, she did bring gravitas to a show which had its share of gravitas.

by ORDreply 5810/03/2020

R57 Also very impressive!

by ORDreply 5910/03/2020

Kim isn't as hated here as she is on some boards/pages. I think most of us agree she was overplayed but I also don't blame her for all the show's ailments.

That being said, the last real golden period of the show was because it became more of an ensemble after she left.

by ORDreply 6010/04/2020

Rick Hearst was missing a tooth In Queen Locher Room’s latest disaster. and he’s been eating too much of Nona’s pasta. He’s packed on the pounds.

by ORDreply 6110/04/2020

Fascinating thoughts.

by ORDreply 6210/04/2020

I don’t think Kim dominated the show from 88-90. It was very well balanced. She was on a lot but others had huge stories.

by ORDreply 6310/04/2020

R63, I couldn't agree more.

There was Holly, Alexandra, Blake, Mindy, India (in 1990).

During Zimmer's first run, there were so many great women on GL: those mentioned above; also Vanessa, Maureen, Harley...

I never got the whole 'Reva show' remarks when GL gave us scenes like this all the time.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 6410/04/2020

I just realized you had a gay man (Chris Bernau) and a lesbian (Mary Kay Adams) doing love scenes together on Guiding Light

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 6510/04/2020

there's gotta be a zillion other examples of lavender scene partners, no?

hell, didn't Mary Kay and Grant have lots of scenes together?

by ORDreply 6610/04/2020

[quote] there's gotta be a zillion other examples of lavender scene partners, no?

Well Mary Kay Adams and Jean LeClerc (All My Children) played a married couple on Law & Order

by ORDreply 6710/04/2020

I'm not entirely sure MKA was living as a lesbian then. Not saying she wasn't, but I got the sense from chatter around the time of her appearance on HONY that she'd fallen in love with a woman later in life.

But yes, R66, daytime is practically filled with acting partners where one or both actors were homosexualists.

by ORDreply 6810/04/2020

[quote] A guy can dream, can't he? :)

I always thought Grant's wife was so demure. Lovely, not a bad thing to say about her, but demure.

I think all signs, sadly, point to him being straight. But what I wouldn't have done for a small sample of that big pendulousness.

by ORDreply 6910/04/2020

[quote] I always thought Grant's wife was so demure.

They were college sweethearts

by ORDreply 7010/04/2020

R63 And 89-91 had a lot of Beth and Mindy.

by ORDreply 7110/04/2020

It needed more dong.

by ORDreply 7210/04/2020

Mary Kay licked many a pussy back then.

by ORDreply 7310/04/2020

Maybe he's bi!

He was never afraid to go with a hug with Alan-Michael.

I know everyone always talks about the Rick/Phillip relationship but Phillip's with AM was just plain sweet -- when they weren't at each other's throats.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 7410/04/2020

R74 Everyone isn’t gay.

by ORDreply 7510/04/2020

Rick Hearst’s missing toof. He’s been eating ALOT of Nonna’s pasta for sure. He’s gotten fat. And missing teefs. Not good, Rick.

by ORDreply 7610/05/2020

She was old enough to play Isabel by then. Well, she lookd it.

by ORDreply 7710/05/2020

Hate her or love her. JFP did alot for the black community of GL. As Amelia said, getting Roberta Flack and Gale Sayres. Huge.

by ORDreply 7810/05/2020

My gayling self always wanted to worship The feets of the guy who played Fletcher and Billy Lewis.

by ORDreply 7910/05/2020

India was always a lesbian.

by ORDreply 8010/05/2020

MonticelloEdge, aka DumbASS Serial Scholar is so fucking stupid! He’s a moron.

by ORDreply 8110/05/2020

r81 not dumber than Dumb Dylan and Khan over at SON! Dylan can’t spell! Idiot!

by ORDreply 8210/06/2020

Of course India was a lez- she always wanted Beth. The jealousy was palpable. You all just thought she wanted Phillip away from Beth for Phillip.

by ORDreply 8310/06/2020

Funny scene when Phillip told India in 1990 that Beth was alive.

I believe it went something like: "What? WHAT? The blond virgin rises! I do NOT give her permission!"

by ORDreply 8410/06/2020

R84 I don’t remember that but it would be funny. The only person India couldn’t get under their skin was Beth.

by ORDreply 8510/07/2020

Ben Jorgensen (ex-Chris) dead at 51

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 8610/07/2020

[quote]"Please everybody hang in there and reach out for help if you need it.”

Must have been suicide? Sad.

by ORDreply 8710/07/2020

Very sad. He played a gay teen Kevin Sheffield on AMC before he was one of the many Chris on ATWT.

Really gave a soulful performance as Kevin. I thoroughly enjoyed his storyline back in the days when having a gay character on a soap was still a rare thing.

by ORDreply 8810/07/2020

Very sad indeed. Has Kathryn Hays commented yet?

by ORDreply 8910/07/2020

I did background work with Ben a few times, last time was on The Greatest Showman. He always seemed “off,” extremely talkative and agitated. This is sad but no surprise.

by ORDreply 9010/07/2020


He was Biploar according to Gaskill.

by ORDreply 9110/07/2020

Don't ask me to wear a Suicide Prevention ribbon.

by ORDreply 9210/07/2020

Well just finished watching the Locher Room with Krista Tesreau and Mark Lewis

Someone asked her about Judi Evans, and Krista said she has left multiple message with Judi. She hasn't responded back, not one time.

So more proof that Judi Evans wants NOTHING to do with Guiding Light,

by ORDreply 9310/07/2020

Judi needs to get the fuck over it, already. Life is short. And GL handed her a career. She should be more grateful for that.

by ORDreply 9410/07/2020


Is that the Chris that she had to have a conversation with? I forget what it was exactly about those... some unprofessionalism?

by ORDreply 9510/07/2020

R93 Wow. She’s reaching out. That is nuts. I can’t believe Kim didn’t allude to this in her book. Not even a peep. Judi is being ridiculous. Fuck- something really bad must’ve gone done.

GL gave her an Emmy and one of the historic show’s most memorable characters.

by ORDreply 9610/07/2020

Vee from SON might have Judi’s number. He’s in the business.

by ORDreply 9710/07/2020

R97 LOL! Vee knows everything........except they keep leaving him out of everything. Go figure.

by ORDreply 9810/07/2020

[quote] Judi is being ridiculous.

Interviews about her accident Judi talks about her Another World family reaching out, she talks about her Days of our Lives family reaching out.

She doesn't mention a single word about her former co-workers at Guiding Light reaching out. She omits it completely

Again Judi Evans wants NOTHING to do with Guiding Light.

by ORDreply 9910/07/2020

R99 We got it the first 99 times. We want to know why, truly why. It had to have been serious. She is very bitter. Everybody seems to say GL, even then, was the best, most friendly soap to work on.

by ORDreply 10010/07/2020

Maybe Judi was a cunt while she was on GL and they all don’t like her.

by ORDreply 10110/07/2020

R101 Except nobody has ever said that about her but it has been alleged she was treated badly by multiple sources. It’s perplexing to see her aversion to those on the show or about the show. She’s even spoken ill of the character she played. Again, what made her that bitter?

by ORDreply 10210/07/2020

she should do a memoir....DAYS, GL, back to DAYS, AW, back to DAYS again, ATWT, back to DAYS; her son's death...she's a big fan favorite.

No ABC on her rez, but Wally could ask his GH peeps to support it.

by ORDreply 10310/07/2020


here you go; it starts in the prologue.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 10410/07/2020

r104 Beth is a warthog lol

by ORDreply 10510/07/2020

[quote]t’s perplexing to see her aversion to those on the show or about the show. She’s even spoken ill of the character she played. Again, what made her that bitter?

The relationship with John Whitesell must have been really abusive for her to be so reluctant to even touch on that part of her past. Even now 34 years after she left GL and she's still averse to talk about it, connect with people from that era?

Yeah, her reaction is one that abuse survivors sometimes have. Don't even want to go anywhere near there. She must have suffered some strong verbal and mental abuse to have such an extreme reaction. Perhaps some physical abuse too.

by ORDreply 10610/07/2020

So everyone says GL was close-knit and had a family vibe as R100 notes, BUT at the same time, it was full of back-stabbing, co-star affairs, actors sucking up for airtime and better story, bullying (especially the Rauch/Zimmer era), etc. Aren't those mutually exclusive things?

EVERYBODY says it, but if you know any of the gossip or details about the crazies that went through the place, it's hard to believe.

by ORDreply 10710/07/2020

R107 and yet you would never think that based on all the virtual reunions Guiding Light cast members have had online (minus Judi)

by ORDreply 10810/07/2020

R107, everyone in soaps say it's like a family.

Yeah, a dysfunctional one!

The soap press plays up friendships among actors, but they're just people who work at the same place.

It can't be like family because it's people's jobs.

by ORDreply 10910/07/2020

Well I think the reunions have been grouped so that the people ARE friends and can spend an hour shooting the shit. Like you don't see Beth Ehlers and Mark Derwin getting paired in one of those. And some folks have been noticeably absent - Vincent Irizarry (he did one for AMC but not GL), Frank Grillo, Wendy Moniz, etc.

by ORDreply 11010/07/2020

Judi was never on ATWT, was she, R103?

by ORDreply 11110/07/2020

R111 Judi did a short-term role where she was involved with Holden's character

by ORDreply 11210/07/2020

and her first role ever was Nurse Becky on DAYS; and she's still there today.

I would still like to see a love story the way Ron brought Farah Fath's character back from the dead on OLTL; and it was Crystal Hunt who got surgery to look like her and she had died.

Adrienne and Bonnie switched places and Adrienne's really alive; but as a fan, I guess I'm just glad that Judi's working. I know Bonnie's her favorite role.

by ORDreply 11310/07/2020

I don’t get why Judi rebuffs her old cast mates. Maybe she felt they didn’t help her in that abusive relationship? It has been so long to hold onto so much animosity. Krista was getting updates from somebody. Maybe Tina?

It’s crazy we’ve gotten hints of something but nothing ever spilled.

by ORDreply 11410/07/2020

Maybe you all should ask Vee or that dumb teenage queen who claims to be a student at northwestern who also has a chaturbate he advertised on son. he is an oracle, apparently a friend of every soap writer but also a nutjob

by ORDreply 11510/07/2020

it would break my heart if I ever learned that Grant wasn't nice to her to the point where she doesn't want anything to do with the show.

by ORDreply 11610/07/2020

R116 apparently it was a MeToo moment (before there was any Me Too hashtag) that went on between Grant and Judi

Someone on another message boards claims Judi said this in print - but Grant "exposed" himself to Judi as a practical joke.

by ORDreply 11710/07/2020

Add to that apparently Grant and Michael O'Leary made fun of Judi's weight -

Ironic with O;Leary as he has battles with the bulge over the years - again they were young, wild and crazy back then, But to Judi this was no laughing matter.

by ORDreply 11810/07/2020

R117 I don’t believe that.

Judi was phenomenal as Beth. That story was remarkable.

by ORDreply 11910/07/2020

When did Judi have a weight issue while on GL? She had huge boobs they tried to hide. That’s it. Every time I saw an episode on YouTube, Beth was slim.

by ORDreply 12010/07/2020

Judi was very young and dating a producer or director -- whatever Whitesell was -- must have put her in a tough position.

I'm sure there was jealousy over her winning the FIRST Emmy ever by any cast member. GL actors were hardly ever nominated.

How could Lisa Brown, Michael Zaslow, Maureen Garrett, and other greats not even get a nom?

I think Judi was the ONLY CBS star nominated that year; that could have tipped the scales in her favor. Not saying she didn't deserve it. But it becomes a numbers game. I still can't wrap my head around that Grant, Mary Kay, and Maureen Garrett and Peter Simon never won Emmys.

by ORDreply 12110/07/2020

Judi gave a performance which really resonated and made her character beloved. She was so sweet yet stood up to a horribly abusive stepfather (I’m shocked they showed some of what they did), stood up to Alan, entered an intense yet sweet relationship, and made the audience invested. She deserved that Emmy.

But it is jaw dropping she was the first from a show known for its acting talent.

by ORDreply 12210/07/2020

Judi shouldn’t have been hooking up with a director/producer so early on. Not classy.

by ORDreply 12310/07/2020

Something else to consider -- cocaine was fairly prolific on the sets of every soap in the early 80s.

GH and AMC were reported to have fairly widespread use, especially among the younger cast. Genie Francis has talked about how during the height of Luke and Laura mania, she was strung out on coke and having a very bad. reactions. Likely part of her reluctance to return to GH in 1993 was the bad drug taking memories associated with the place.

No doubt GL had coke readily available too. And likely lots of the younger cast used regularly. We know Kristi Ferrell had a bad coke problem.

No idea whether Judi partook, but the point is coke use can affect personality and behavior. So, perhaps that's factoring into this GL behind the scenes story somehow and Judi's reluctance to have antyhing to do with her old GL castmates.

by ORDreply 12410/07/2020

I just saw Ellie Snyder (Renee Props) on an episode of Animal Kingdom. She plays a "friend" of Smurf's who brings lasagne to the house. Pope invites her to the memorial, then when she leaves, throws her lasagne in the trash.

Ellie had already left Oakdale when Luke was born, right?

by ORDreply 12510/07/2020

Here is Lisa Brown (Nola, GL, Iva ATWT) performing a couple of songs from 42nd Street, which she starred in on broadway. It is funny how her singing voice doesn't even sound like her.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 12610/08/2020

[quote]And some folks have been noticeably absent - Vincent Irizarry (he did one for AMC but not GL), Frank Grillo, Wendy Moniz, etc.

Not a lot of people Alan could pair Vincent Irizarry with for a GL reunion.

Judi is the most obvious but she apparently isn't interested in discussing her GL past.

Beverlee or Marj are both dead, so that's not an option.

Can't imagine Kimberly Simms, Ann Hamilton or Barbara Crampton would do a reunion with Vince given that their personal relationships all ended badly.

Vince and Grant might be a possibility but Phillip and Lujack didn't have that many scenes together and the two apparently weren't too friendly off screen.

Only other people I can think of would be the woman who played Susan Bates (who Nick married), Jay Hammer (Fletcher was Nick's closest friend) or Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael and Nick were rivals and Spaulding cousins).

by ORDreply 12710/08/2020

[quote]Like you don't see Beth Ehlers and Mark Derwin getting paired in one of those.

Yes, let's have a Harley and Mallet reunion! Beth Ehlers, Mark Derwin and Rob Bogue! That would be a train wreck! Alan could serve as Jerry Springer and just let the shit fly!

by ORDreply 12810/08/2020

The Krista Tesreau and Mark Lewis episode was excellent. So cool that they haven't seen or spoken to each other since they left the show but they immediately bond again over Zoom.

by ORDreply 12910/08/2020

Alan should have a show with Kim Zimmer and Colleen Zenk. I need some new cocktail recipes.

Alternatively I would enjoy a Colleen and Eileen Fulton episode.

by ORDreply 13010/08/2020

I'd pay money to see Grant and Mary Kay.

Yes, she worked with Bolger longer, but she was with Grant from late August to late Dec. 1984 and then again, pretty much the same amount of time in 1990.

But the work they did in that amount of time; Phillip LOST IT when India was blackmailing him into marriage and he's freaking CHOKING HER after she points out that Beth had to go out and find a real man -- Lujaccck! (she really punched the jack part.)

He says don't you say her name and with her last breath, she defiantly says "BETH!"

SO dark.

by ORDreply 13110/08/2020

Fulton can’t remember shit these days. She’ll never be on a Locher Room. She’s in a home in NC.

by ORDreply 13210/08/2020

[quote] I'd pay money to see Grant and Mary Kay.

Alan Locher has told fans that Mary Kay has been asked to do a Locher Room, and she has declined.

by ORDreply 13310/08/2020


thanks, she's not bad!

by ORDreply 13410/08/2020

Vee from SON has all of the answers. I wish he would show dumb Dylan how to spell. Somebody also needs to ban that perv who posts links to his chaturbate and who is obsessed with Agnes Nixon. What a loon

by ORDreply 13510/08/2020

Hold the Toast!

by ORDreply 13610/08/2020

The rumors of Eileen’s memory loss are greatly exaggerated! Eileen was one of my dearest theater friends when we lived in the city! Melody Thomas Scott, who calls me “Mother,” snapped this photograph as I fondly recalled my friendship with beautiful Eileen Fulton today. I, Scoche Marin, had just completed taping scenes at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, television’s #1 daytime drama series, as the new Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 13710/08/2020

I wish Alan would get Tom Pelphrey. He's one of the actors who never puts down his soap days even after doing major work like Broadway and Ozarks.

by ORDreply 13810/09/2020

Allison Janney would be fun! She loved her 2 years on GL.

by ORDreply 13910/09/2020

[quote] I wish Alan would get Tom Pelphrey.

Will Alan ask Tom if he watched himself in Ozark?

by ORDreply 14010/09/2020

WHET Fletcher Reade?

They went bankrupt.

Which is too bad because I loved their cherry caramels.

by ORDreply 14110/09/2020

Fletcher was tolerable without a lot of airtime.

I’ll add on to the Judi convo- I’m really curious now. I checked out her Twitter- she rarely interacts with fans. Not even many likes. I’d like to know wtf happened to cause her extreme bitterness.

1986 was the year GL went off the rails. It took 3 great years- 88, 89, 90- to get the ratings to crawl back up. The show was such a force in the early to mid 80s. It’s shocking how those in charge allowed the show to derail so harshly. 1986 was baaaad for the show.

by ORDreply 14210/09/2020

R135 There are a couple of pervs at SON. The AMC chaturbate guy is gross indeed. And he’s ugly. Then there’s Soapsuds who is obsessed with Chambo even though he is old enough to be Chambo’s grandfather. There are sickos over at that board that Vee is in charge of. Vee knows everything. He works in the business. Vee has to approve all soap storylines before the shows can air them.

by ORDreply 14310/09/2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the Krista Tesreau-Mark Lewis session of the Locher Room.

Frankly, I'd largely forgotten about the Kurt Corday character. He was only on the show for a year. Kurt and Minday were a cute couple and he certainly gave off those Prince Charming vibes. That said, I never really understood why Kurt and Mindy got a fairy tale wedding. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful, elaborate wedding that GL pulled out all the stops for.

But why did the pair get such a splashy wedding? Usually fairy tale weddings on soaps are reserved for long suffering soap couples who have gone against all odds to be together. Kurt and Mindy had only been a couple for a few months and hadn't had any major obstacles to overcome to be together. Thus, they were neither long nor suffering.

I mean, Josh and Reva were long suffering and they didn't get such an elaborate wedding. Neither did Phillip and Beth and they suffered even longer to be together. Josh and Reva got a lovely country wedding on location, but it didn't cost anywhere near what Kurt and Mindy's wedding cost. And Phillip and Beth were married in the Spaulding living room.

by ORDreply 14410/09/2020

R144, I know you mean why did the show spend all that money on Kurt Mindy wedding, but hey, even though he was being mind controlled by Infinity, I think Billy would move heaven and earth to give his little Melinda Sue anything she wanted.

Her first wedding was in the Lewis living room and Phillip FORGOT THE RINGS.

I can see her wanting to do it up big.

That's too bad about Mary Kay. She quit GL after her first contract was up, leaving right before (or right after?) Paul Valere was killed off.

She came out to LA and got some roles here and there; her best one was in some TV movie where a bunch of women had to keep a big secret, they're at a table and Mary Kay is commanding the group, calming nerves; it was just like India would handle it.

Sure, some soap actresses leave after their first three years and hit it big -- Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei.

Sadly, Mary Kay did not. She struck me as a young Faye Dunaway; she should have been big.

It might have been wiser to have stayed on GL and had a nice 25 year run. But...we make our choices and we live with the consequences, good and bad.

I think she's a phenomenal actress. A lot of GL 1984 has been scrubbed off YouTube but here's a nice scene with her and McKinsey from 1990.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 14510/09/2020

I don’t see the appeal of Mary Kay Adams. Hated her acting. Hated it. Apparently, so did others as she never had a career beyond a couple stints on soaps. She wasn’t cut out for acting.

by ORDreply 14610/09/2020

[quote] A lot of GL 1984 has been scrubbed off YouTube

Yeah TONS of P&G Soap videos have been scrubbed off Youtube, not sure

But getting back to the character of India, the role was originally suppose to be India RAINES - Beth's cousin

Casting narrowed it down to two people - Mary Kay Adams and Kristi Ferrell - the bigwigs at both P&G & the Network loved them both, they couldn't decide. So it was decided that BOTH would be offered a contract.

Pam Long split the character of India Raines into TWO - Mary Kay was cast as India von Halkien (Alex's step-daughter) while Kristi was cast as Roxie Shayne (Reva's sister)

few years later Pam Long introduce Beth cousin Jessie Matthews played by Rebecca Staab

by ORDreply 14710/09/2020

Maeve Stoddard was old money rich. She didn't have to be exciting.

by ORDreply 14810/09/2020

Maeve Stoddard was one of the most boring characters in soap history. The actress was a total snoozefest.

by ORDreply 14910/09/2020

Maeve Stoddard or Carolyn Crawford? Which was the most boring character?

by ORDreply 15010/09/2020

Carolyn Crawford because her death created the worst storyline of the Marland era on ATWT. That story was so depressing and dark and boring.

by ORDreply 15110/09/2020

Bob Hughes ate out Maeve Stoddard’s snatch. Yum yum yum!

by ORDreply 15210/09/2020

Rick Hearst said on the Locher Room that his youngest son Cameron is openly gay - coming out at age 13

Here he is as an adult as he is also a model

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 15310/09/2020

Why did Rick’s son have to come out? Jesus, when he was 4, everyone knew he was gay.

by ORDreply 15410/09/2020

R152, I remember being strangely turned on when Bob Hughes went to bed with Susan Stewart. Just seeing this clean-cut solid citizen daddy half naked after having cheating sex made me know something was up with me.

by ORDreply 15510/09/2020

I bought Doug's bible off ebay from 1991.

Darryl WAS supposed to be the killer.

I think Rex Smith blabbed it all on a red carpet so Doug changed the ending.

by ORDreply 15610/09/2020

I was shocked to discover that MG’s wife left her a couple of years ago for a man! Apparently the ex was gushing all over social media about how this guy was the love of her life. That must have hurt like hell, because didn’t Maureen raise kids with her? I felt really sad when I read that, because Maureen always seemed like a very nice, down to earth person.

by ORDreply 15710/09/2020

I hope Maureen Garrett got a settlement after her wife left her

by ORDreply 15810/09/2020

I hope Maureen Garrett clocked herself over her head about how stupid she was! Everyone in that studio knew.......

by ORDreply 15910/09/2020

[quote] Everyone in that studio knew.......

Knew what? That her wife would one day leave her? Details, if you have them, please!

by ORDreply 16010/09/2020

[quote]That said, I never really understood why Kurt and Mindy got a fairy tale wedding.

I strongly suspect the fairy tale wedding was because it was November 1985 sweeps. The show wanted to do something splashy for sweeps month, as every soap did for sweeps in the 80s. It wasn't so much Kurt and Mindy deserving a fairy tale wedding as it was GL needed something splashy.

Frankly, it would have made more sense for Lujack and Beth to have a fairy tale wedding than Kurt and Mindy. Lujack and Beth had been a couple for a year and a half at that point and certainly had done their share of suffering, thus making them more deserving of a fairy tale wedding.

Wonder if Beth and Lujack would have gotten the fairy tale wedding if Vince Irizarry had renewed his contract? Instead, he chose to leave in Nov 1985 and the show killed off Lujack.

by ORDreply 16110/09/2020

I think if Vincent and Judi had stayed Beth never would have gone back to Phillip.

She only did that b/c Lujack died. What I loved about Pam Long's writing is that we started off with Beth, Mindy, Rick, Phillip in 1983 and by 1984-85, they were with, respectively, Lujack, Kurt, Roxie, and India.

by ORDreply 16210/09/2020

What happened to Kurt? I don't remember anything about him except the huge wedding.

by ORDreply 16310/09/2020

R162 No, Beth and Phillip were in that mix. It is shocking, and I wasn’t born yet, that they broke up Beth and Phillip so quickly. Why? They were huge! The show had no idea Beth and Lujack would be huge. Why did they do that? Such a huge risk. I don’t see why thyroid risked it.

by ORDreply 16410/09/2020

Pam Long crashed and burned in 85.

by ORDreply 16510/10/2020

Kurt died in an oil rig fire or something like that.

by ORDreply 16610/10/2020

any questions should be directed to Vee from SON. He is in the biz.

by ORDreply 16710/10/2020

Carl T. Evans (Alan-Michael) does a rare zoom interview but NOT for the Locher Room, but for another YouTube channel called "Soaps Past"

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 16810/10/2020

Carl T Evans likes the pussy. He’s not gay.

by ORDreply 16910/10/2020

Oh, that's awful about Mo Garrett.

by ORDreply 17010/10/2020

R169 How do you know? He is gorgeous, though. He’s aged very well.

by ORDreply 17110/10/2020

R171, R169 is blocked by many of us for a reason.

by ORDreply 17210/11/2020

Yes, R169 is a severely mentally ill troll. Block them and never look back

by ORDreply 17310/11/2020

[quote] I think Rex Smith blabbed it all on a red carpet so Doug changed the ending.

I think it was some regional/local talk show, when he was promoting ATWT and/or a play.

by ORDreply 17410/11/2020

He'd been around long enough to keep quiet on something like that. Honestly, it's akin to Tristan Rogers blabbing the Kim Delaney was playing Jackie T.

The show wanted that kept secret as many outlets didn't pick up his video.

Didn't a pub feed Rex the line: "It's unclear whether or not Darryl had a hand in his wife's death so viewers are going to have to stay tuned to find out."

I saw the Evans QA, really nice. He wasn't the best actor but look at who he was acting with? He spoke honestly. I love that Grant took him under his wing and helped him. Everyone always goes on about the Rick/Phillip friendship -- where they kept marrying or sleeping with each other's girlfriends, kind of an odd thing to do to your BFF -- but I thought the Phillip/AM dynamic was sweet. Phillip saw himself in his younger bro and tried to help him even though AM couldn't see it.

by ORDreply 17510/11/2020

To be clear: CT Evans is straight. Back the fuck off, assholes.

by ORDreply 17610/11/2020

I cannot believe how good Carl T. Evans looks at age 50!

He has pretty much retired from acting and wants to focus on screenwriting and directing. He has a few films he wrote/directed under his belt, just indie films that went straight to video.

by ORDreply 17710/11/2020

He looks amazing. Are we sure he’s straight? He seemed nonchalant about turning down practicing kissing Paige Turco.

by ORDreply 17810/11/2020

R178 Carl T. Evans was dating Martha Byrne (ATWT) at the time and they were in a long-term relationship

by ORDreply 17910/11/2020

it's too bad Kurt never came back; dying off screen in an explosion is soap 101 in terms of pulling off a resurrection.

but Kurt was SO NICE.

Might have been hard to come up with conflict, but something short term would have been nice.

by ORDreply 18010/11/2020

I wanna know how palsy Evans and Brad Pitt were back in the day. And how did they REALLY celebrate when Evans found out he got the role on GL?

by ORDreply 18110/11/2020

[quote] Evans and Brad Pitt were back in the day

They didn't know each other - as Brad Pitt roommate was Jason Priestley before he got 90210

by ORDreply 18210/11/2020


Where are your sources?

by ORDreply 18310/11/2020

Only on datalounge do these queens try to make everyone gay. Wishing it doesn’t make it true. Morons.

by ORDreply 18410/11/2020

R Martha? She was not exactly all that pretty. She snagged somebody out of her league for sure.

by ORDreply 18510/12/2020

Martha had alot of cock.

by ORDreply 18610/12/2020

R182, in his interview Evans specifically mentioned Pitt as being the friend he celebrated with when he got the gig on GL. He said they went out and drove around LA.

by ORDreply 18710/12/2020

Martha is and was perfectly lovely.

by ORDreply 18810/12/2020

Martha can be a bitch. #truth Goutman called her out on being a cunt at times. He won. She was replaced.

by ORDreply 18910/12/2020

Breaking: You're still not welcome here, trollina.

by ORDreply 19010/12/2020

I bet Vee from SON knows the real story behind why Martha was replaced. He is in the biz and had to sign off on her firing.

by ORDreply 19110/12/2020

I was at a GL fan club luncheon sometime in the mid 80s and Martha B stopped by to hang with someone. It might have just been Carl T. but I cannot remember for sure. I can just tell you she glowed that day. So pretty.

by ORDreply 19210/12/2020

Carl T has gotten ALOT of soap pussy!!

by ORDreply 19310/12/2020

When Rick Hearst left, P&G offered the role of Alan-Michael again to Carl T - but he said no.

by ORDreply 19410/12/2020

Can’t get over how good he looks at over 50. Damn.

by ORDreply 19510/12/2020

It was actually Vee from SON who refused to allow Carl T. to return. Vee is in the biz and approves the contracts.

by ORDreply 19610/12/2020

In case you didn’t know, Vee is in the biz.

by ORDreply 19710/13/2020

mm hmm

by ORDreply 19810/13/2020

Jerry verDorn 1996 Emmy Reel (Guiding Light) - the one that BEAT Michael Sutton of General Hospital

Sutton (who played Stone) submitted two episodes of his character dying of AIDS - pundits were SHOCKED that Jerry verDorn BEAT Sutton AIDS dramatics with a reel (verDorn's) that featured comedy

But what the judges look for is RANGE - a reel that shows diversity in acting

So judge for yourself if this reel was good enough to BEAT two episodes on someone's death bed

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 19910/13/2020

Jerry deserved that Emmy.

by ORDreply 20010/13/2020

Jerry verDorn is extremely well liked in the business so that gave him the edge.

by ORDreply 20110/13/2020

Robert Gentry and Lynn Adams at Ed and Leslie Bauer, circa 1968

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 20210/13/2020

Calista Flockhart as Marah's babysitter, circa 1989

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 20310/13/2020

James Earl Jones as Dr. Jim Frazier, circa 1966, when the GL was still 15 minutes long.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 20410/13/2020

Billy Dee Williams as Dr. Jim Frazier, circa 1966. When James Earl Jones got a movie role, he left the show and Billy Dee took over the part.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 20510/13/2020

And Rudy Dee and Cicely Tyson replaced each other as their wives. GL had 4 huge black stars on within 2 years.

by ORDreply 20610/13/2020

R199, that's an amazing reel; great drama and comedy, near impossible to do, on soaps.

What prompted Ross' switch in the first part? how'd he go from so nervous to ready for my close up?

It would definitely have my vote.

GL had so many Emmy winners; I wish Grant, Garrett, Mary Kay, and of course McKinsey were on that list.

by ORDreply 20710/13/2020

[quote]GL had 4 huge black stars on within 2 years.

Correction, GL had 4 black actors on who would go on to become HUGE stars within a few years of leaving GL.

Agnes Nixon was writing GL at the time. Of course it was still a 15 minute show in 1966.

by ORDreply 20810/13/2020

GL had all the great writers: Irna, Bill, Aggie, the Dobsons, DOUGLAS MARLAND, Pat Falken Smith, Pam Long...Claire.

I'm not a Claire fan unless it's Ryan's Hope, but I think she did put Beth and Phillip back together.

by ORDreply 20910/13/2020

NO to Mary Kay lezzie and McKunty winning emmys!!!! They definitely never deserved an emmy. Thank the great lord that they never won. And in Mary Kay’s case, was never even nominated. There is justice!!!!!!

by ORDreply 21010/14/2020

I have 4 emmys. They watch me put on my piss facials!

by ORDreply 21110/14/2020

Zim should have had more Emmys.

Beth and Phillip should have been one of the tentpole couples. They never should have had Beth be as in love with Phillip as he was with her. They had a great dynamic with the tension this could bring via Phillip’s penchant to fuck up.

Wow to GL having future major black actors replacing each other in the freaking late 60s. Cicely Tyson replacing Rudy Dee (who kept her appreciation for GL by making a show tribute) and Billy Dee replacing James Earl Jones. Are you kidding/?

by ORDreply 21210/14/2020

Claire might have been interesting at GL if she'd been given space to do her thing.

But she really never liked hour shows and only did well at GH when she had the support of Wendy Riche. At GL Paul Rauch, CBS and P&G couldn't agree what the definition of a light switch was, let alone what to do with the show.

by ORDreply 21310/14/2020

Claire also had problems on One Life To Live

by ORDreply 21410/14/2020

I can't believe GL followed up the writers listed above plus the Demorest, Curlee, Broderick, and Mulcahey group with hacks like Megan McTavish, James Harmon Brown, and Barbaba Esensten. The fact that that group of idiots lasted a collective FIVE YEARS shows you CBS and P&G didn't give two shits about the show. By the time they cleaned house in 2000 and finally got rid of Rauch in 2002 the damage was done. No amount of stellar writing or filming out in a park to save money could save the show after that reign of terror.

by ORDreply 21510/14/2020

McTavish is a real piece of work in real life.

by ORDreply 21610/14/2020

Tell us how you really feel, R210.

by ORDreply 21710/14/2020

Did we know that Lee Lawson (Bea Reardon) is a psychologist?

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 21810/14/2020

Bea’s tramp daughter manipulated poor Kelly Nelson into thinking she was having his baby while hallucinating about being a character in a MGM musical. Her granddaughter did something similar 10 years later and her grandson was a prostitute. So no, I will not be seeing her for therapy!

by ORDreply 21910/14/2020

I hated McCunty’s voice. HATED it. So glad the cunt croaked. Very happy to be free.

by ORDreply 22010/14/2020

R219 Oh, blow it our your ass, Bert.

by ORDreply 22110/14/2020

I wanted Tony Reardon in me, quite deeply.

by ORDreply 22210/14/2020


by ORDreply 22310/15/2020

R222 Tony had huge meat.

by ORDreply 22410/15/2020

Judi & Vincent are doing a virtual reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ORDreply 22510/15/2020

For Alan Locher, R225? Can’t wait to find out what Jill Lorie Hurst asks them.

by ORDreply 22610/15/2020

I think Claire had problems on any show that wasn't Ryan's Hope. I couldn't believe what she was doing on GH. Had someone taken over RH and given Maeve Alzheimer's, Ryan HIV, Siobhan (sp?) breast cancer, and made the mob the hero of the show, I think she would have stormed ABC in NY with a machete, rightfully so.

R215, I didn't include Megan in the above writers, but I will say she handled Josh and Reva's non-ghost reunion well.

Reva, having seen that Josh is happy with Annie and her kids love her like a mom, opts to leave town with Alan; Reva's reaction to Josh later saying to her, 'you didn't want to interfere?' is classic.

Alan toasts their bon voyage by saying 'always' and Reva no sooner repeats it then she recalls that was her word with Bud. Josh isn't even on the plane yet at this moment, but he may as well be.

I would have given Zimmer an Emmy for this episode. Everyone was stellar and it looks like they're even on a plane with the lighting and sound effects.

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 22710/15/2020

[quote]Guiding Light's @therealjudievans (Beth Raines) and @vincentirizarry (Lujack Luvonaczek) will join me live in The Locher Room on [bold]Wednesday, October 21st at 3 p.m. EST[/bold]. These two Emmy Award-winning actors will share memories of their time as one of Springfield's favorite supercouples. I can’t wait!

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 22810/15/2020

I think Alan should spring Michael O’Leary, The Dong and Krista Tesreau on her as a surprise.

by ORDreply 22910/15/2020

Poor Locher is so fugly. Wish he would blank himself out of those chats.

by ORDreply 23010/15/2020

[quote] I think Alan should spring Michael O’Leary, The Dong and Krista Tesreau on her as a surprise.

Judi has probably stipulated it only be her and Vincent

The fact is the only two people Judi speaks to from GL is Vincent and Tina Sloan

That said this is a BIG get for Alan Locher, as Judi has been reluctant to talk about Guiding Light

But who knows? Maybe they will breeze through GL and spend more time talking about Another World and Days of our Lives

by ORDreply 23110/15/2020

[quote] Had someone taken over RH and given Maeve Alzheimer's, Ryan HIV, Siobhan (sp?) breast cancer, and made the mob the hero of the show, I think she would have stormed ABC in NY with a machete, rightfully so.

Actually that DID HAPPEN - but only the mob portion of the show. Claire Labine actually owned the show and ABC just paid a licensing fee. Constantly over budget, Claire sold the show to ABC but agreed to stay on as Head-Writer. But once ABC has creative control, they demanded a new family be introduced.

Having no choice, Labine agreed and introduced the Kirkland family - but then got into so many battle with ABC to make RH like GH, Labine finally quit

Labine associate writer took over and introduced more action, crime and mob stories. Soon people began calling the show "Kirkland's Hope" - Ratings nose-diving, ABC asked Labine to come back - she agreed and within 3 shows, wrapped up storylines right in the middle of their arc! She wrote out the entire Kirkland family and pushed the Ryan’s back in the forefront

Labine left after a year and Pat Falken Smith came aboard and intro Mob family the DuBujacks and to have insult to injury had mob boss Max DuBujack fall in love and marry Siobhan – the same guy that killed her husband!

ABC once again convinced Claire Labine to return and the first she did was kill off the DuBujack character and wrote off his entire family. And once again push the Ryan family back in the forefront

by ORDreply 23210/15/2020

Fuck I might actually have to watch one of these reunions, I highly doubt Judi would say anything bad

by ORDreply 23310/15/2020

Random thought-if Victoria Wyndham had suddenly died (while Constance Ford was still alive) would they have replaced her with someone long term?

by ORDreply 23410/15/2020

R234 No

by ORDreply 23510/15/2020

That certainly IS random

by ORDreply 23610/15/2020

Inquiring minds want to know if Judi saw Tom Pelphrey in Ozark.

by ORDreply 23710/15/2020

I recall that moment where Siobhan fell in the courthouse hallway after getting trampled by a crowd; a pair of hands go to hep her up; she takes them, sees that they're handcuffed hands. it was Max.

Labine didn't dump the entire Kirkland clan. Jack married Leigh in the finale. That scene with Jack and Maeve at the top was powerful.

Kind of like when Phillip went to visit Lilian before he married Blake.

by ORDreply 23810/15/2020

72 of the 90 minutes will be Judi remembering what she ate in the commissary on her first day

by ORDreply 23910/15/2020

I’m sure she also enjoyed the prop Jell-O in her hospital scenes.

by ORDreply 24010/15/2020

if Vicky had died when Strasser was on the market, I could have seen AW trying to get her.

by ORDreply 24110/15/2020

Judi Judi Judi! She came in and took over the whole god damned show!!

by ORDreply 24210/15/2020

Judi has probably stipulated it only be SHE and Vincent

The fact is the only two people Judi speaks to from GL ARE Vincent and Tina Sloan

by ORDreply 24310/15/2020

R243 We don’t know that for a fact. We suspect.

by ORDreply 24410/15/2020

R244 the only two tweets Judi Evans have RT from anyone associated with Guiding Light have been from ONLY

Tina Sloan and Vince Irrizary

We know that FOR SURE

by ORDreply 24510/15/2020

R245 You don’t KNOW shit! Asshole.

by ORDreply 24610/15/2020

I was correcting grammar.

by ORDreply 24710/15/2020

R246 actually I do, go check for yourself (Judi twitter below)

the only two people from Guiding Light Judi has retweeted or interacted with are Tina Sloan and Vince Irizarry

Go ahead, try to find someone else other than those two from Guiding Light that Judi has Retweeted

We will wait

Offsite Link
by ORDreply 24810/15/2020

R248 She’s barely active on Twitter.

by ORDreply 24910/15/2020

Y'know, I don't interact with anyone I worked with 30-some years ago via social media.

by ORDreply 25010/15/2020

R249 she just tweeted something 7 days ago

and when she does tweet, nothing from people she used to work with on Guiding Light.,

[quote] Y'know, I don't interact with anyone I worked with 30-some years ago via social media.

that why she is not in touch with people from Guiding Light, as it has been 30 years.

by ORDreply 25110/15/2020

I work in daytime; yes, many of the actors stay in touch, but for others, it was a job.

Think about it. Judi was young. Got the Emmy; GL's ONLY acting Emmy at the time.

She had the relationship with the producer. that probably made people jealous.

I think she wanted a raise; and GL said no? So, she moved to LA and got DAYS.

She's moved on.

but the fans who fell in love with Phillip and Beth, and later, Beth and Lujack. Well, they/we remember far more. It was more important to us than it was to Judi.

by ORDreply 25210/15/2020

Exactly R252 - Judi just didn't stay in touch with people from Guiding Light - she has moved on

I suspect she is doing this "Locher Room" as a thank-you to all the fans that reached out to her. But if she is going to do this, it will be on HER terms

So NO 4 musketeers reunion, but she will do it with Vince Irizarry whom she is still a bit friendly with.

by ORDreply 25310/15/2020

r252 is vee who is in the biz

by ORDreply 25410/15/2020

Knowing Judi was teased mercilessly by many of her castmates, reportedly Vince was very protective of Judi off camera during their time on the show.

Not a surprise she would feel a special connection with him here 35 years later.

by ORDreply 25510/15/2020

Who says mercilessly? That sounds ludicrous.

by ORDreply 25610/15/2020

it's a word, R256; people used it.

Despite that pic that Judi and Grant and Vincent posed for on the DAYS set a few years ago, I get there's no love lost between Grant and Vincent, but that's just me.

by ORDreply 25710/15/2020

R248 was deeply tiresome and therefore a natural for blockage.

by ORDreply 25810/15/2020

sadly, the last of the joy and fun of these threads has all but trickled away.

by ORDreply 25910/16/2020

Alan is doing a virtual reunion for the cast of The Doctors including La Hubbard.

by ORDreply 26010/16/2020

Actress who Maggie Cory on Another World (Robyn Griggs) is fighting cancer - this is so sad. She has stage 4 Endocervical Adeno.

She is trying to $6,000 to pay for things that insurance doesn't cover - the pictures of her condition are heartbreaking

So anyways she had a FB page if you want to donate. She is half-way to her goal.

DL won't allow posting of Facebook links anymore- so go to FB and search "Robyn's Medical Fundraiser - Fundraiser for Robyn Griggs"

by ORDreply 26110/17/2020

Very sad. I watched her on OLTL in the early 90's.... Stage 4. God bless her.

by ORDreply 26210/17/2020

Judi Evans was very active on Twitter today. I wished her well and said I was glad to see her active again. She replied a thank you within 2 minutes.

by ORDreply 26310/17/2020

Who from OLTL is dying?

by ORDreply 26410/17/2020

R264 the second actress to play Stephanie, Carlo Hesser's niece

by ORDreply 26510/17/2020

Was she the 2nd actress???? I almost (vaguely) remember that... I never liked her much, but found her very REAL. not soapy. Almost too down to earth. God bless this chick. She looks beautiful (even in her condition) which is amazing..

by ORDreply 26610/17/2020

Who are you talking about? I must have blocked the poster who first mentioned her.

by ORDreply 267Last Sunday at 2:31 PM

Robyn Griggs, who was one of the actresses who played Maggie Cory on Another World. She's doing a fundraiser for her cancer treatment.

by ORDreply 268Last Monday at 11:12 AM

the character of Stephanie Hobart on One Life To Live was originated by actress Christiann Mills (1991) then was replaced by Robyn Griggs (1991-1992)

by ORDreply 269Last Monday at 11:17 AM

Yes, she was on OLTL too. But since this is a P&G thread, we're also referencing AW, as well.

by ORDreply 270Last Monday at 11:19 AM

They are doing a virtual reunion of the ATWT cast doing a table reading of the last episode. Be still my heart. Bob, Kim & John are going to participate. MARY!

by ORDreply 271Last Monday at 2:03 PM

Robyn Griggs was fired from AW for being a druggie and a diva.

by ORDreply 272Last Monday at 3:21 PM

Wasn’t she also canned for hanging out with John Wayne Bobbitt?

by ORDreply 273Last Monday at 5:39 PM


I mean


by ORDreply 274Last Tuesday at 7:50 PM

Has this thread been Murieled?

by ORDreply 275Last Thursday at 3:36 AM

Perhaps. I can start a new one.

by ORDreply 276Last Thursday at 7:53 AM

New thread

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by ORDreply 277Last Thursday at 7:57 AM
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