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Brandon Flynn is hot, hot and hot in Contentsmen photoshoot!😥

Hottest blonde in the town deserves his own thread.

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by Princereply 366Last Saturday at 11:14 AM

The pics from the photoshoot.

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by Princereply 107/23/2020

Rest of it.

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by Princereply 207/23/2020

The last.

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by Princereply 307/23/2020

The interview.

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by Princereply 407/23/2020

I would never ever think he'd look that hot after going blond. He's aging like a fine wine.

by Princereply 507/23/2020


by Princereply 607/24/2020

[quote] Who?

Hello Froy? Has daddy given your phone back?

by Princereply 707/24/2020

Nice article with him looking towards the future, but there’s another ugly dog?

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by Princereply 807/24/2020

Come on, it's not that ugly. Those eyes have seen Crouton.

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by Princereply 907/24/2020

That hair makes him look like either Miles Heizer or Tommy Dorfman.

Honestly, when I first saw OP's pic I thought: Woah, when did Miles Heizer get hot?

by Princereply 1007/24/2020

Can’t he just convert and settle down with Dylan Minnette and give the world what it really wants- Flynette?

by Princereply 1107/24/2020

Brandon is Tommy Dorfman's ig story.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 1207/24/2020


by Princereply 1307/24/2020

R12 Oh no, between the hair and with the mask covering he looks an awful lot like Tommy, I hope that doesn’t mean they are coupling?

by Princereply 1407/25/2020

Isn't Tommy D. still married?

by Princereply 1507/25/2020

I think Dorffman is divorced now

by Princereply 1607/25/2020

Look what i've found trying to find out if Tommy D is divorced. 😥

Offsite Link
by Princereply 1707/25/2020

New post

Offsite Link
by Princereply 1807/25/2020

I really like the hair for some reason

Offsite Link
by Princereply 1907/25/2020

Leg hair

Offsite Link
by Princereply 2007/25/2020

Madden’s probably crying right now. Since they split, Brandon has gotten hotter and Froy is now fat and greasy.

by Princereply 2107/25/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 2207/25/2020

New pup 🐶

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by Princereply 2307/25/2020

R17 People are incredibly stupid if they believe that, Tommy is the gayest (in the most stereotypical way) of the 13 RW gays.

I don't understand why actors waste so much time (and credibility) bearding when they don't fool the ones who are sure they are gay and the others are ready to believe they are heterosexual with a lot less effort (Ben Platt posted a pic kissing a costars and people were wondering if they were dating even when his coming out was only a couple of pics down instagram)

by Princereply 2407/25/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 2507/25/2020

Ryan Murphy got his claws into him

[quote]Q: We’ll be seeing you return to television later this year in Ryan Murphy’s Ratched for Netflix. While we know that many details are still under wraps, is there anything you can share with us about working alongside this incredible cast?

[quote]A: It Is the wildest thing I’ve done in front of the camera, that is for sure. It’s a very Ryan Murphy show, with a big cast and a twisted storyline, and I feel really grateful to be a part of it.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 2607/25/2020

Is dating anyone? If he is I hope he’s treating him right. Flynn was treated like crap by Madden.

by Princereply 2707/26/2020

No, he’s still not over Madden..

by Princereply 2807/26/2020

The flynnbot has half the posts in this thread no one cares about his beloved meth head who only looks good with lots of photoshop.

by Princereply 2907/26/2020

Do the Flynbots put out a weekly newsletter or a YouTube channel like the kids today have so we can keep up with their announcements? I feel like I’ve fallen behind on their fan news?

by Princereply 3007/26/2020

Has he learned his lesson and stay away from the Brit trash for his next great romance?

by Princereply 3107/26/2020

R29 you must care otherwise you wouldn’t be on this thread. The thread is about Flynn so obviously there’s going to be a lot of posts about him.

by Princereply 3207/26/2020

He is over Madden why does anyone think he still has feelings for him. Because he still follows him on ig?

by Princereply 3307/26/2020

I'm very happy he got a role in Murphy's show (and if he likes Brandon he'll get work for a good while).

ON 13 RW it was very obvious he can act but sometimes after a show like that actors struggle to get roles, at least for a while

by Princereply 3407/26/2020

I’m glad he got a Ryan Murphy project with all his faults at least he supports openly gay actors and are loyal to them not like the rest of the gay mafia in showbiz where they forbid their clients to come out.

by Princereply 3507/26/2020

I wonder what Beautiful Boy would have been like with Flynn, I could easily buy him and Carrell as father and son. I wished the movie had been more based on Tweak and with Flynn, was he up for the part?

by Princereply 3607/26/2020

Luca Giugliemo, or whatever he's called, should employ Brandon in a main role in one of his projects instead of putting the spotlight onto another homophobic twink.

by Princereply 3707/26/2020

R37 If you are talking about Luca Guadagnino, well, i'm not Chalamets biggest fan (specially of his way to promote his career with his fake private life) but the guy doesn't seem homophobic at all.

I think Brandon should try small roles on mainstream films but tv is safer for gay actors. On tv there's no problem getting maing roles (specially on platforms, i don't think it's that easy on traditional media) or getting awards, on films it's a different story, but getting small roles shouldn't be a problem (specially if he keeps working on tv too)

by Princereply 3807/26/2020

We need to start breaking ceilings. Enough with only trailing the path that's been trailed before.

by Princereply 3907/26/2020

R39 Let's be fair, 90% of gay actors who only (or mainly) work in films are in the glass closet (in the best case scenario) or bearding.

Building a good tv career and start doing small roles in films is a good way to start. Putting all your bets on a film career is not a good move right now (unless you have a lot of contacts)

by Princereply 4007/26/2020

IG story, looking good 🔥

Offsite Link
by Princereply 4107/26/2020

I knew he was gonna work for Murphy! He's the perfect Ryan Murphy's twink

by Princereply 4207/26/2020

[quote]but the guy doesn't seem homophobic at all

He doesn't mind hanging out with homophobes like The Weeknd and Kanye or praising homophobes like Migos.

[quote]Flynn was treated like crap by Madden.

I'm fairly newish to these threads and so on; what did Madden do to him? I know they were dating and Madden essentially forced him to kinda closet himself for him, was there anything else?

by Princereply 4307/26/2020

Guadagnino's new project, which is still under production, is starring a homophobe. I forget his name.

by Princereply 4407/26/2020

Kid Brandon dating anyone?

by Princereply 4507/27/2020

Is ^

by Princereply 4607/27/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 4707/29/2020

If he got rid of those trashy tattoos and that awful earring, he would be perfect.

by Princereply 4807/29/2020

First Ratched stills:

Offsite Link
by Princereply 4907/29/2020

Sharon Stone and Brandon

Offsite Link
by Princereply 5007/29/2020

I think it's depressing that his next project is a Ryan Murphy one.

by Princereply 5107/29/2020

[Quote] I do feel out of the public eye for the most part, unless I am dating someone…then media really cares about THAT…

I knew when he made a similar comment in the VARIETY article that his days with Madden were numbered.

by Princereply 5207/29/2020

I’m confused, is Ratcheted based on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and if so how do they get away with that, it’s not in public domain?

by Princereply 5307/29/2020

He licenced the characters no doubt. Ratched is the nurse played by Louise Fletcher in the movie.

by Princereply 5407/29/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 5507/29/2020

I'm sick of Sarah Paulson. I'd rather see Holland Taylor as Ratched.

by Princereply 5607/29/2020

[italic]“There are so many ways of being despicable it quite makes one’s head spin. But the way to be really despicable is to be contemptuous of other people’s pain.”- Giovanni’s Room

Happy Birthday, James Baldwin.

Thank you for this book. The book of yours that no one wanted. The book that gives me hope as a young gay man, that maybe I could lose the hate I carried for myself, that I could begin to ask myself what it looks like to love myself and someone else.[/italic]

Offsite Link
by Princereply 5708/02/2020

Looking good Brandon

by Princereply 5808/02/2020

Does the carpet match the drapes?

by Princereply 5908/02/2020

Ahhh, R57 I’m more in awe of him everyday.

by Princereply 6008/02/2020

That's a nice message. He comes across better when he drafts his words, rather than speaking off the top of his head in interviews.

by Princereply 6108/02/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 6208/03/2020

Carpool karaoke

Offsite Link
by Princereply 6308/04/2020

Brandon’s adorable.

by Princereply 6408/04/2020

What IS that . . . [italic]thing[/italic] . . . in OP’s post?

Qui était cette cunt?

by Princereply 6508/04/2020

R65 = Froytard

by Princereply 6608/04/2020


by Princereply 6708/04/2020

R65 Did you get your phone back from Madden?

by Princereply 6808/04/2020

Where do you think Madden hides Froy's personal belongings? Safe deposit box?

by Princereply 6908/05/2020

Ugh, is there any possibility that these threads could stick to the subject of the thread, rather than Froy being talked about here and Brandon being talked about in the Madden/Froy thread?

by Princereply 7008/05/2020

Not with that hair, he isnt. No one looks good with that hair.

by Princereply 7108/05/2020

B via whowhatwear

Offsite Link
by Princereply 7208/05/2020

R72 He seems to be a lot of fun.

by Princereply 7308/06/2020

Can he ever keep his tongue in his mouth?

So anyway, I'm fairly new to Brandon, so what's the tea with him? Was he really into Sam Smith or just a social climber? I know it's a bore to repeat old stuff for new people, but come on this thread is dead so why not.

by Princereply 7408/06/2020

Sam liked Brandon’s recent photo. Brandon is now following Sam’s ex. Coincidence?

by Princereply 7508/06/2020

R74 Brandon dated Miles for a few months before 13RW got released, then Brandon got with Sam in mid-2017. I got the impression that Brandon was really into him but also used him for status/exposure.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 7608/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 7708/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 7808/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 7908/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 8008/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 8108/06/2020

I hate the yellow hair.

by Princereply 8208/06/2020

Brandon and Sam Smith had way more chemistry and looked way more into each other than he and Madden ever did.

by Princereply 8308/06/2020

Brandon and Sam weren't in the closet.

by Princereply 8408/06/2020

He’s hot because it’s August...

by Princereply 8508/06/2020

Not everyone can pull off blond.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 8608/06/2020

[Quote] Flynn was treated like crap by Madden.


by Princereply 8708/06/2020

[Quote] Has he learned his lesson and stay away from the Brit trash for his next great romance?

Rumors are he's been in Yungblud's DMs...

by Princereply 8808/06/2020

R86 Miles is too femmy and skinny for my liking. He looks like a malnourished lesbian a lot of the time.

by Princereply 8908/06/2020

R88 Rumors? As in the ones you're making up here? How would anyone know who Brandon DMs unless it's shared publicly lol.

Brandon and Tommy Petroni would make sense though, based on how much they've been hanging out this year (pre-Covid). But Tommy seems to still be mourning his boyfriend.

by Princereply 9008/06/2020

[quote]Ugh, is there any possibility that these threads could stick to the subject of the thread, rather than Froy

Impossible, a lot of the fans crisscross. It will never happen.

Brandon should date a nonactor, possibly someone from California. No trash from Florida, no trash from the UK. A simple, nice to do California boy.

by Princereply 9108/06/2020

[Quote] too skinny for my liking

I don't know about all that...

Offsite Link
by Princereply 9208/06/2020

Brandon should date Keiynan Lonsdale.

by Princereply 9308/06/2020

[quote]Brandon should date Keiynan Lonsdale.

Brandon is all over BLM, you would think he is getting to know a ton of cute African-American gays in Los Angeles.

Has Brandon always date white? Perhaps a bit more flavor is in order.

by Princereply 9408/06/2020

R92 That was during season 3 of 13RW when his character was taking steroids and became a gym-nut. Miles dropped the weight pretty quickly after that, unfortunately. During season 4 he was the skinniest he's ever been.

by Princereply 9508/06/2020

Miles should put some of the muscle back on, it looks good on him.

by Princereply 9608/06/2020

Grayson Dolan is a California boy (formerly New Jersey).

by Princereply 9708/06/2020

You fraus insisting on calling men [italic]boys[/italic] is odd to me. When DL threads are overtaken by your fan fiction I know it's time to leave.

by Princereply 9808/06/2020

R98 = Frau. Not a man

Men call each other boys all the time.

by Princereply 9908/06/2020

[Quote] You fraus insisting on calling men boys is odd to me.

Do you think when someone uses the term "boys club," they're talking about the Little Rascals?

by Princereply 10008/06/2020

R99 Considering R97 is the same poster who is talking about Brandon with Keiynan Lonsdale, Yungblud and Grayson Dolan, it's safe to assume they are a frau.

I call other men boys occasionally but find it weird when fraus perpetually do it.

by Princereply 10108/06/2020

Men perpetually do it and you would know this if you were man.

Men call each other boy all the time.

by Princereply 10208/06/2020

[Quote] it's safe to assume they are a frau.

You are getting my onion casserole right over your head, boy.

by Princereply 10308/06/2020

[Quote] insisting on calling men boys is odd to me.

When someone asks if you're up for hanging with the boys, I picture you pulling out a lace fan and furiously batting the air with it.

by Princereply 10408/06/2020

If this thread were overrun by fraus, it wouldn't be about who Brandon might date, it would be about who he might "settle down with."

by Princereply 10508/06/2020

Regardless, Brandon won't date a 'boy'. Hasn't he only dated guys older than him?

by Princereply 10608/06/2020

R106 Sam is barely older than him

by Princereply 10708/06/2020

Miles and Brandon are both 26. Sam Smith is 28.

by Princereply 10808/06/2020

WHAT? Smith is 28 ????

I thought he was in his 30s, late 30s that is...

by Princereply 10908/06/2020

You thought this person was 40? Did a reading tell you that?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 11008/06/2020

R109 Come on, let's be serious, Sam doesn't look that old. Sam is not good looking and the whole androginy thing looks specially bad on them

by Princereply 11108/06/2020

Sam Smith has big feet...

by Princereply 11208/06/2020

Not hot at all, OP.

Looks like he would smell.

by Princereply 11308/06/2020

Sam can look perfectly fine.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 11408/06/2020

(Some of y'all gas up Brandon's looks.)

by Princereply 11508/06/2020

Sam looks fine in the face most of the time. it's the body and his mental state

Offsite Link
by Princereply 11608/06/2020

I mean, yeah I guess. He looks 20

by Princereply 11708/06/2020

He doesn't look 20 but he doesn't look 40 either

by Princereply 11808/06/2020

I never said he looked 40. I said 30s, possibly late 30s.

And can someone give him a bra? His tits are very offensive.

by Princereply 11908/06/2020

Anytime someone mentions Smith's age there's a string of comments saying they thought he was older, so I don't understand why there are people surprised by that in here.

So there's no salacious gossip about Brandon then?

by Princereply 12008/06/2020

Sam Smith s an ugly pasty sea cow hag monster.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 12108/06/2020

You must be a lot older than Sam Smith if you have no idea about his age. He has not been on the music scene that long.

by Princereply 12208/06/2020

Who is Brandon going to date next? I hope he’s done with smelly looking Scots.

by Princereply 12308/06/2020

Most people do not know his age. He appears much older though...

by Princereply 12408/06/2020

"Most people." You've done a survey?

by Princereply 12508/06/2020

R122 What a pitiful attempt that was

by Princereply 12608/06/2020

Attempt? Sam Smith has been on the scene since about 2014, a year or so earlier, maybe. And if you think a 30 something is welcomed into the streaming age with open arms as a new artist... you're not very tuned into to contemporary pop culture... and thus, probably considerably older than Sam Smith.

by Princereply 12708/06/2020

R125, you got a statistic that proves otherwise?

Guys, I think we have a bunch of Fraus and Smith fangurls prowling these threads.

by Princereply 12808/06/2020

R127 So you're sticking with it, are you? "You don't agree with me so you must be old" - pathetic.

Not as pathetic as the argument that he must look young because he made it as a new artist? Yeah, because someone with his looks is getting by based on appearance?

by Princereply 12908/06/2020

I better not see a Smith Fantard. I mean, c'mon. Sam Smith is a whale and DL doesn't need his obese fangirls coming here.

by Princereply 13008/06/2020

I have to laugh at your prissy comments about readings "not for public consumption" but then you're make whale comments... Such standards you haver, oraquick.

by Princereply 13108/06/2020

*but then you make

by Princereply 13208/06/2020

[Quote] he must look young because he made it as a new artist? Yeah, because someone with his looks is getting by based on appearance?

It's not about looking young being good looking. Ageism in music is even greater in the streaming era than ever before. Britney Spears is a dinosaur. Sam Smith would not have the success he's had if he were note perceived as some one in his 20s (or younger). That's not a pat on the back for Sam, a defence of his beauteous appearance, it's simply a fact. If you think Sam Smith is approaching 40 years old, you're showing your own age. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. DL is a place for pointless bitchery. And bitchery improves with age, apparently...

by Princereply 13308/06/2020

*not perceived

by Princereply 13408/06/2020

My comment was not an insult deranged fangurl R131. Sam is a whale.

It's not a reference. It's a fact.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 13508/06/2020

I doubt Sam swims well. Fact disproven.

by Princereply 13608/06/2020

R133 The very fact you felt the need to resort to "you must old" type insults just proves you know your argument is bullshit, otherwise you would've been happy to present it without resorting to personal attacks. And none of what you said changes the fact that most people think he's in his thirties - because he looks like he's in his thirties, and has for years.

by Princereply 13708/06/2020

"You are considerably older than Sam Smith" is a personal attack...?

by Princereply 13808/06/2020

"Most people" is a big claim. Present some evidence.

by Princereply 13908/06/2020

R138 Yes, when it's inaccurate. And when it's in a thread about a guy in his twenties, therefore suggesting I'm one of those pathetic old men letching and obsessing over a much younger man. They're the worst, so pathetic, don't you agree?

by Princereply 14008/06/2020

Repeat after me: "[bold]Brandon Flynn is never going back to Sam Smith's fatty arms.[/bold]"

It's ok deluded Sam Smith fantards. You'll get over it eventually.

by Princereply 14108/06/2020

[Quote] suggesting I'm one of those pathetic old men letching and obsessing over a much younger man. They're the worst, so pathetic

This is a very telling comment, none of which I said or even implied.

by Princereply 14208/06/2020

R142 So you don't agree?

by Princereply 14308/06/2020

Why would I agree?

by Princereply 14408/06/2020

[Quote] Brandon Flynn is never going back to Sam Smith's fatty arms.

What if Brandon Flynn goes back to Brandon Flynn's fatty arms?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 14508/06/2020

Ah, of course the Sam Smith fangirl is the one who just happens to have child pics of Brandon ready to link to

by Princereply 14608/06/2020

[Quote] just happens to have child pics of Brandon ready to link to

I'm on the internet. How about you?

by Princereply 14708/06/2020

I don't feel any need to search for photos of kids.

by Princereply 14808/06/2020

[Quote] I don't feel any need to search for photos of kids.

You have one of Mark Salling's harddrives, huh.

by Princereply 14908/06/2020

R149 Keep digging that hole.

by Princereply 15008/06/2020

[Quote] digging that hole.

But enough about Sam and Brandon's sextape.

by Princereply 15108/06/2020

R129 He had fucking 23 years old when Stay with me was number one in half of the world.

He is not good looking, and maybe he looks older, but he doesn't look that older and he is the most successful of all the men in Brandon's life by far.

People can dislike him as much as they want, that doesn't change the fact that he has fans and he sells records. He is very tiresome with his coming outs as something new every year but that doesn't change the fact that he is a very successful singer, and for once one who can really sing

by Princereply 15208/07/2020

Brandon helping out some friends

Offsite Link
by Princereply 15308/07/2020

R153 He looks so ruggedly handsome.

by Princereply 15408/07/2020

and the video

Offsite Link
by Princereply 15508/07/2020

[quote]He is not good looking, and maybe he looks older, but he doesn't look that older

Given my only point was that he looks older, I'm not sure what the point of your post was, nor for it being aimed at me. As for "that older" - no-one said he looks 40, that was the Sam Smith fangirl's strawman.

R154 Interesting definition of rugged

by Princereply 15608/07/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 15708/07/2020

He's one of those guys, like Brad Pitt, whom I agree is beautiful, but have no desire to fuck or even see naked. As pretty as he is, there's some quality there that makes him boring anyway.

by Princereply 15808/07/2020

[Quote] no-one said he looks 40

[Quote] I thought he was in his 30s, late 30s that is...

by Princereply 15908/07/2020

The Sam Smith fangirl giving further proof she's an idiot.

by Princereply 16008/07/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 16108/07/2020

I'm sure nobody noticed, the nice snazzy palm floor lamp in R20.

by Princereply 16208/07/2020

He can be quite stunning with the right photography and light. That hair is terrible and he looks like trash.

by Princereply 16308/07/2020

This is like Brandon's blond ambition phase. Some like it.. some don't.

by Princereply 16408/07/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 16508/13/2020

BLM is probably good for him if it keeps him busy and away from the party lifestyle.

by Princereply 16608/13/2020

R166 Yeah, but would he date a black guy... or just a white adjacent guy!

by Princereply 16708/13/2020

We know he'll date the elderly.

by Princereply 16808/13/2020

I could easily see Brandon with someone like Kevin Abstract or Steve Lacy. He's probably not exotic enough for Tyler the Creator.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 16908/13/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 17008/13/2020

[quote]i met brandon flynn at the BLM protest today he was so nice i’m cryinggg

Offsite Link
by Princereply 17108/13/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 17208/13/2020

Cute gayling.

by Princereply 17308/13/2020

The blond isn't too bad

Offsite Link
by Princereply 17408/17/2020

Oof, it looks terrible at the back, that straight line

by Princereply 17508/17/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 17608/20/2020

R175 he must be growing it out.

by Princereply 17708/20/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 17808/23/2020

What a dreary room.

by Princereply 17908/23/2020

Brandon is not only hot, he's a very nice person to work with too. He'll go far, mark my words.

by Princereply 18008/23/2020

Yes. Honest hard work will guarantee you a good career in Hollywood.

by Princereply 18108/23/2020

Are you a 4 year old R181? Do you seriously think everyone in a particular business is a backstabbing bitch?

Grow the fuck up. There are all sorts of people in a particular business, your idea that only dishonest people get ahead in this business is infantile at best.

by Princereply 18208/23/2020

[Quote] your idea that only dishonest people get ahead in this business is infantile at best.

You tell 'em, r182!

by Princereply 18308/23/2020

The Insta about the glory hole. Ugh... Brandon what are we doing? Why are you perving with that pasty white dude?

He should expand his horizon and start hooking up with some nice down to Earth man of color. There are some fine Mexican, Italian, and Asian brothers in Los Angeles. Stop hooking up with humorless white men.

by Princereply 18408/23/2020

Yes. Brandon, break up Justice Smith's relationship!

by Princereply 18508/23/2020

[quote]The Insta about the glory hole

The what now?

by Princereply 18608/23/2020

R181 In fact being easy to work with is the best way to have work. You can afford being a bastard when you are big or you are the actor/actress of the moment, but that generally doesn't last

by Princereply 18708/24/2020

[Quote] In fact being easy to work with is the best way to have work.

And that's why Hollywood is the easiest, best place on the planet!

by Princereply 18808/24/2020

R188 Hw is full of assholes with big egos but you can only be a nightmare on set if you are bankable. The day the box office or audiences stop liking you, you are done.

For a working actor having good ethics and being nice on set is the best way to keep having work

by Princereply 18908/24/2020

[Quote] The day the box office or audiences stop liking you, you are done.

Then why does Chevy Chase have a long resume? Ditto Faye Dunaway. Why has Mel Gibson been given chances at a comeback?

by Princereply 19008/24/2020

R190: Sorry, i don't remember Mel Gibson or Faye Dunaway having a real career right now. Both were big stars, both have friends with power, but their careers are not exactly a 10th or what they were.

by Princereply 19108/24/2020

Neither is Streisand's acting career ("The Guilt Trip" anyone?). Actors with terrible reputations can, and do, still get work. "Behave well and more people will be happy to work with you" is sound general advice, but it won't put anyone much ahead in navigating a Hollywood career. So big up Brandon's "sweet" nature or whatever but don't bank on it to take him far.

by Princereply 19208/24/2020

[Quote] i don't remember Mel Gibson or Faye Dunaway having a real career right now.

Isn't Brandon's next project a Ryan Murphy production?

by Princereply 19308/24/2020

R193 And do you want to say with that?

Are you really comparing a young actor who is openly gay with two big stars, because i don't understand your point.

In fact the whole being nice on set has nothing to do with being a big star but having jobs.

By the way, being on a Ryan Murphy project is one of the best things that can happen to a young gay actor. HIs projects get a lot of publicity and if he likes you you get roles in most of his projects which is perfect for someone who was in a hit show

by Princereply 19408/24/2020

R192 How many young actors who are not very very popular can afford being a nighmare on set?

And with social media even if you are big you should be careful now, if you act like a spoiled brat better keep that out of the public sight. Just ask Leah Michele

by Princereply 19508/24/2020

[Quote] By the way, being on a Ryan Murphy project is one of the best things that can happen to a young gay actor.

I disagree. Murphy is well past his best. I applaud him for giving work to out actors but I don't think Murphy productions are great stepping stones. Hopefully Brandon's role is brief and not embarrassing. (And Brandon has millions in the bank. He doesn't need to do a Murphy production.)

by Princereply 19608/24/2020

Lea Michele got twenty years out of being a hateful bitch - more proof that the business doesn't care. If they think you have IT, they'll turn the other way when you misbehave.

(None of this applies to Brandon, I'm not encouraging him to pull a Lea or something.)

by Princereply 19708/24/2020

*look the other way

by Princereply 19808/24/2020

Lea Michelle got twenty years.? I don’t remember anything she’s in after Glee.

by Princereply 19908/24/2020

Lea Michelle was hell on wheels since childhood. She's early 30s now, so yes, she got twenty years of getting away with poor behavior. She didn't suddenly turn into a bitch on GLEE. She was well known for being one during her Broadway years. (She was a child actor too.)

by Princereply 20008/24/2020

Lea is the perfect example, she was a broadway star, and then the star of a very successful hit show. Nobody touch her during her prime, but after that it was only needed a tweet to start a fire

by Princereply 20108/24/2020

I think that Harrison from Lowe's is a way hotter blonde - and he only works at a hardware store.

by Princereply 20208/24/2020

But "only a tweet" is a new development, versus old school print media. And Lea's cancellation had a BLM aspect to it. All very zeitgeisty.

by Princereply 20308/24/2020

Brandon’s birthday post for his mom

Offsite Link
by Princereply 20408/24/2020

R203 Let's be honest, the BLM element was very tangential, she was a cunt to everyone not only to black actors (and even the racism in her comments is dubious), but that was all people needed to trash them.

Almost nobody defended her which is pretty telling

by Princereply 20508/24/2020

BLM may have been only a small part of her devoted bitchery but it's very buzzy in the media, so it helped the story spread like wildfire.

by Princereply 20608/24/2020

R206 I think it simple helped to start it because it was the excuse. That actress had to endure Lea's shit during her time at Glee and she saw the opportunity and grabbed it.

Lea is a racist was not going to gain traction, but Lea is a bitch and a nightmare on set soon gain a lot of adepts and people who worked with her had a lot to say about that.

And not having social media proved to be very useful. Jonathan Groff didn't have to explain anything and just let the thing die (curiously there were several posts trashing Lea who were all about how nice he is)

by Princereply 20708/24/2020

Do you really think that actress was biding her time until Lea made a BLM post? I don't think it was an excuse.

by Princereply 20808/24/2020

R208 Of course not, she watched Lea's BLM tweet, she got angry and all started there. That doesn't mean she was totally sincere, because she wanted to link the thing with Lea being racist when the truth is Lea was a bitch to her because she is a bitch with everyone who she considered lesser than her

by Princereply 20908/24/2020

How do you know what the truth is? Michele has reportedly been wretched to many people. It's a little odd to suggest that, heaven forfend, she might also be a racist as well.

by Princereply 21008/24/2020

*It's a little odd to suggest that, heaven forfend, she couldn't possibly be a racist as well.

by Princereply 21108/24/2020

Isn’t there a Lea Michele thread for you people?

by Princereply 21208/24/2020

She did have the baby boy this week. Nice dodge she doesn’t have to name it Naya.

by Princereply 21308/24/2020

You people!?

by Princereply 21408/24/2020

I've explained this once and I'll say it again. Being nice is the most valuable asset in this business. You spend more time waiting for things to happen on a set than anything else, the way you treat others is more valuable than your bankability. All the stars that are alone on a set, they aren't alone because they're antisocial, they're alone because they're assholes and they were isolated by the crew and everyone else when the cameras are off and they have to endure 2 hours between takes with said person. It's easy to play the diva card than to face the reality that you're not socializing because you're a bitch and no one cares to interact with you. Studios can force a mean celebrity on a project, but they can't force people to be social with them.

This is also the reason why average actors who are nice get jobs, people would rather be around a nice person the whole day than a mean diva.

by Princereply 21508/24/2020


I don't know why you think that point is particularly pertinent to this thread.

by Princereply 21608/24/2020

It's pertinent because I wanted to write about it. If you dislike it, you can ignore it or go fuck yourself.

by Princereply 21708/24/2020

If a star is being mean on set it's because they don't want to socialise with their co-workers.

by Princereply 21808/24/2020

R218 is Ellen.

by Princereply 21908/24/2020

A person can be mean for any number of reasons. If Lindsay Lohan was mean on the set of "Georgia Rule" it was probably because she'd been asked to come out of her trailer while she was trying to sleep off her hangover.

by Princereply 22008/24/2020

Ugh, his IG story.

Brandon, that man in what appears to be see through panties speaking at a LGBT rally is not something that should be promoted. And no, as a gay man part of your experience does not include dressing in women's lingerie.

A person might have a fetish for wearing women's lingerie, but sexual orientation does not determine a fetish or not.

I hate to say this because he seems like such a sweet kid, but it's just vulgar. I'm sorry it is.

by Princereply 22108/25/2020

Didn't realize that he changed his IG name from flynnagin11 to just brandonflynn. Wonder how hard it was to get that handle back.

by Princereply 22208/25/2020

It's not vulgar. It's a turnoff, to you.

by Princereply 22308/25/2020

I want to see Brandon naked , I really do.

by Princereply 22408/25/2020

You probably won't have to wait long - in his next indie movie, perhaps.

by Princereply 22508/25/2020

It’s not the outfit R221. It’s the speech. Awful awful It’s full on propaganda. Brandon needs an intervention ASAP.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 22608/25/2020

Those panties aren't see through. Fake news!

by Princereply 22708/25/2020

Eh... couldn't this speech be made by a DLer if you took out the POC refs and replaced 'em with "fat"?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 22808/25/2020

And at the end of it all, both will still remain unfuckable.

by Princereply 22908/25/2020

That janayathefuture he post a lot on his ig story is gross too. Sunday sermon eww

by Princereply 23008/25/2020

R230 gross how?

by Princereply 23108/27/2020

Brandon liked Connor Jessup's IG post

Offsite Link
by Princereply 23208/27/2020

What would we do without you, The Brandon Like It Troll?

by Princereply 23308/27/2020

*The Brandon Liked It Troll

by Princereply 23408/27/2020

I like that Connor has gone into producing, especially now that he's an out actor.

by Princereply 23508/27/2020

Brandon being a better boyfriend to Connor than Miles is pretty funny.

by Princereply 23608/27/2020

brandon is hot as fuk,,,,,,he is a top u know.....sam sure was NOT

by Princereply 23708/27/2020

That's not the impression I got...

Offsite Link
by Princereply 23808/27/2020

The dynamic with Smith was pretty obvious.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 23908/27/2020

Over hand grip versus under.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 24008/27/2020


by Princereply 24108/27/2020

Does Brandon still smoke fags?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 24208/27/2020

Oh yeah, total top vibe radiating off Sam Smith...

Offsite Link
by Princereply 24308/27/2020

[Quote] Oh yeah, total top vibe radiating off Sam Smith...

Who said total top? The vibes BETWEEN Sam and Brandon suggested a physical relationship dynamic BETWEEN the two.

by Princereply 24408/27/2020

R244 Or you're just full of shit. Almost like you can't tell who's top or who's bottom based on how they hold hands. You sound like a frau.

by Princereply 24508/27/2020

Brandon riding that ass looks as half hearted, nay embarrassed, as Jidenna.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 24608/27/2020

Gurl plea, r245. You can discern dominance.

by Princereply 24708/27/2020

R247 You're embarrassing yourself.

by Princereply 24808/27/2020

[Quote] You're embarrassing yourself.

I'm an anonymous poster on a gay gossip forum. I'll live.

by Princereply 24908/27/2020

Does Brandon still like Madden's posts on ig?

by Princereply 25008/28/2020

R247 You can't read that much on body language. If it was for that i would think that Ben Platt keeps Noah Galvin in his dungeon half of the time. Some people are touchy and like to hug their boyfriends what could look like bossy can perfectly be a sign of affection

I am still surprised that in a gay forum people really think that you just know who is a top or a bottom by a simple pic, their life must be a constant surprise because generally things are not what it seems at a first glance

by Princereply 25108/28/2020

You don't KNOW, but I don't think it's wrong to post your impression...

by Princereply 25208/28/2020

Sam admitted that they were devastated when Brandon broke up with then. Wonder what happened?

by Princereply 25308/28/2020

Disordered eating, probably. Brandon has kept the weight off (through cigs and laxatives, probably) while Sam Hasn't. Sam had to be cut loose, like a bouquet of balloons.

by Princereply 25408/28/2020

R254 he gained a bit of weight last year but has lost it again since he turned vegan.

by Princereply 25508/29/2020

r255 who, Sam ? It's not he but they. Respect his pronouns, please.

by Princereply 25608/29/2020

R254 I know Sam is not exactly handsome, but they looked fine when they was (it would be was or were in this case, i'm confused) dating Brandon

by Princereply 25708/29/2020

R255 Respect their pronoums.

I'm pretty bad at englishe without having to think on pronoums, sometimes i even mistake his and her because in my language it's the same word

by Princereply 25808/29/2020

So who did Brandon feature in his Instagram the other day? It was a man working and he was going to moon the camera.

by Princereply 25908/29/2020

R256 and R258 get off my ass I was talking about Brandon who goes by He/him. I thought that’s what the poster was speculating about.

by Princereply 26008/29/2020

R260 are you aware that 258 was not talking with you but with 256?

by Princereply 26108/29/2020

R250 no he hasn’t.

Shame Brandon and Sam broke up. They actually looked happy together ((shrug))

by Princereply 26208/29/2020

Brandon broke up with that fat pig.

by Princereply 26308/29/2020

Did he cheat on Sam?

by Princereply 26408/29/2020

Sam were cheated according to this blind item.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 26508/29/2020

When did Brandon and Richard start seeing each other?

by Princereply 26608/29/2020

Oct/Nov 2018

by Princereply 26708/29/2020

Tommy is funny (and a young Evie Harris in the making)

Offsite Link
by Princereply 26808/29/2020

R265 The BI doesn't suit them that much. Sam was more famous but Brandon was not an unknown when he dated him and he received attention before dating him.

In fact most people don't think it's about them

by Princereply 26908/29/2020

Brandon is still an unknown outside of 13RW fans...

by Princereply 27008/29/2020

Someone suggested "Colton Haynes"... The fuck!

by Princereply 27108/29/2020

R270 That doesn't matter at all. Most people don't know the K Pop stars but that doens't change they have tons of fans.

Stars on teen shows always have very niche fans

by Princereply 27208/29/2020

Of course it matters. The Daily Mail would mention Sam Smith in Madden articles for two reasons. 1) To signal "these people are having a GAY old time. 2) Brandon Flynn has no name value to readers of British tabloids.

by Princereply 27308/29/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 27408/29/2020

R274 Yes, but no having value for british tabloids doesn't mean a fucking thing because he is famous enough everywhere else.

And of course teens are not the potential readers of that crap

by Princereply 27508/29/2020

B and Kaia Gerber is having a book club and it seems like they'll broadcast it live on ig. Tommy Dorfman must be the reason that they met. I've higher hopes for B.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 27608/29/2020

He is so bland. He’s a never was. Not even a has-been.

by Princereply 27708/29/2020

Madden apologists are awake and trolling Brandon’s thread. Go back to Madden and Froy thread you psychos.

by Princereply 27808/29/2020

R277 Be careful Froy. Señor Madden will take away your phone privileges again.

by Princereply 27908/29/2020

Brandon is going to make a play for Jacob Elordi, isn't he.

by Princereply 28008/29/2020

Ugh, Kaia Gerber? How embarrassing. And bleh at them calling it a book club, you just know they picked "another" play so they can act it out and feel cultured.

by Princereply 28108/29/2020

Moustache and pink hair...

Offsite Link
by Princereply 28208/30/2020
Offsite Link
by Princereply 28308/30/2020

Brandon is looking hot with the mustache.

by Princereply 28408/30/2020

Why are people congregating like coronavirus is a thing of the past?

by Princereply 28508/30/2020

R285 people can hang out in bubbles. I don’t think anyone is still quarantined alone now.

by Princereply 28608/31/2020

Brandon has given up. It’s the only explanation. He looks like a freaking homeless tweaker.

by Princereply 28708/31/2020

Look at his tattoos. He's never been the kind of guy you favor.

by Princereply 28808/31/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 28909/02/2020

not this hot!

Offsite Link
by Princereply 29009/02/2020


It sounds like the rehab talk may have been true.

by Princereply 29109/02/2020

[Quote] Almost like you can't tell who's top or who's bottom based on how they hold hands

Can you tell by which one is is being swirled around in a swimming pool?

Offsite Link
by Princereply 29209/02/2020

The albino is probably his new bf. What happened to all the POC shit? So predictable Brandon.

by Princereply 29309/02/2020

No. His friend is FTM and mentioned a wife.

by Princereply 29409/02/2020

He looks like a twink porn star.

by Princereply 29509/02/2020

R292 Your frau is showing.

by Princereply 29609/02/2020

Brandon's living out a frau soap opera fantasy in that swimming pool, r296...

by Princereply 29709/02/2020

R297 Exactly, a frau fantasy, which is why only a frau would think it meant anything.

by Princereply 29809/02/2020

R290 The kept man looks like he needs a cpap to sleep.

by Princereply 29909/02/2020

New still from Ratched :

Offsite Link
by Princereply 30009/05/2020

Well, I hope he's ready for the backlash. I'm surprised an activist such as Brandon would've taken such a role and not demanded an actual amputee play the role.

by Princereply 30109/05/2020

Is he playing a character who becomes an amputee during the plot? He might get away it if that's the case.

by Princereply 30209/05/2020

They should've hired a trans amputee of color

by Princereply 30309/05/2020

Olivia might be dead, but she can still judge Brandon from the grave.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 30409/05/2020

R301 Let's be honest, that type of backlash is totally innocuous. First because acting is pretending to be someone you are not, second because i doubt there are that many amputee actors to chose.

Unless it's a trans character because trans activist are able to make a lot of noise and they are the potential viewers of a trans story (not as much in demand as the media could suggest), but the rest is pretty harmless (i still don't understand why Lucas Hedges took the effort to come out, if y ou can call what he did a come out, when it was pretty obvious the backlash would be almost zero)

by Princereply 30509/06/2020

Backlash for that role? hardly.

He is dangerously carefree with Trans and BLM that he could get himself canceled by any of the two. If I were him, I would dial it down.

by Princereply 30609/06/2020

Emma Stone got backlash for playing a white passing part Asian. Scarlett Johansson pulled out of a role seen, or sold, as Asian in the media. It's a new day.

by Princereply 30709/06/2020

R306 He already did get criticism from them, remember him being criticised for being on his phone at a protest?

by Princereply 30809/06/2020

R308 Yes, a girl on twitter and nobody cared about her oppinion

Emma Stone didn't received backlash in that moment, which is curious given the very few asian main roles in HW movies.

And of course there's the possibility that his character is not an amputee at the beginning of the show, or he has to film scenes before that. And let's be serious, how many amputee actors do you know?.

And that criticism is a storm in a cup of tea, nobody cares apart of a few rabid outraged people on twitter.

The strategy of trans activist is pretty clear but i'm not that sure it will work in the long run. There's not a big demand for trans storylines and and that type of movie needs a star interested in playing the role to catch any attention, if you are going to receive backlash for that kind of project HW will decide not film that kind of movies, as simple as that

by Princereply 30909/06/2020

I'm not necessarily agreeing with the argument that he should be cancelled, I'm just saying it's pretty easy to imagine there's going to be some kind of cancel culture nonsense going on about it. And given how fucking holier-than-thou Brandon gets on issues like these, it's going to be interesting to see how he handles any possible backlash.

by Princereply 31009/06/2020

Like I said, he will probably have filmed scenes as a non amputee version of his character.

by Princereply 31109/06/2020

Cloey Sevenee was forcibly amputated in the Asylum season of AHS, wasn't she?

by Princereply 31209/06/2020

He deserves an oscar 😂

Offsite Link
by Princereply 31309/07/2020

you dont have thousands following u in instagram and 3 fan sites from bein not loved/popular, dahling


by Princereply 31409/07/2020

More pis of him with cigs plz.....sorry, its hot

by Princereply 31509/07/2020

He is acting more unhinged on IG. . Madden really did a number with this guy.

by Princereply 31609/11/2020

Someone get him an acting job so he can get rid of that hideous blond hair. It looked okay in the beginning, but now it's just icky.

Offsite Link
by Princereply 31709/15/2020

So the blond guy must be his new boyfriend. Flynn seems to be in awe of this guy.

Also, the preacher person is not a woman. It's a man!

Offsite Link
by Princereply 31809/15/2020

R318 It's all beginning to sound like a crazy cult.

by Princereply 31909/15/2020

In r318 picture. That's Janaya Future Khan an international ambassador for BLM who Brandon posts about on his istastory and the other person is Io Tillett Wright an author, activist and transman who is said to be engaged.

by Princereply 32009/15/2020

That picture looks like a Larry Clark wet dream

by Princereply 32109/15/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 32209/15/2020

[quote]Io Tillett Wright an author, activist and transman

Are you serious? That's the same person from Brandon's glory hole Insta story. No wonder I thought it was so vulgar.

Ughhh! I knew it. I knew that he would spiral out.

by Princereply 32309/15/2020

R321 Larry Clark would be a really great director for Brandon to work with and create some really cutting edge work with him. He’s also got a lot of experience working with substance abuse actors if that really is a problem.

by Princereply 32409/15/2020

Yes r323

by Princereply 32509/15/2020

Oh man. This guy is weak minded. Those Trans are going to take advantage of him and use him. Good call when Madden took Froy away. He must have noticed Froy was starting to get brainwashed by the BLM Trans mess. He put a stop to the situation and made Froy limit his social media activity.

by Princereply 32609/15/2020

Madden has Froy’s phone so don’t worry. He won’t post BLM and trans shit anymore.

by Princereply 32709/15/2020

Brandon needs an intervention by a sexy gay man! Who's up for the job?

by Princereply 32809/15/2020

Brandon doesn't want to date famous people anymore :

Offsite Link
by Princereply 32909/15/2020

R329, good interview.

"Flynn, who has been linked on social media and press to other celebrities, goes on to say that he wishes his relationships were between him and his partner, not between him, his partner, and a third party publication. "

Well, it cannot even be acknowledged that he dated Richard Madden. It suck dating while being a gay actor.

by Princereply 33009/16/2020

There's a reason why actors generally date other actors.

It's way easier that other actor understands your job and don't be jealous.

And of course they move in the same circles

by Princereply 33109/16/2020

Madden is sighing with relief that he can’t be named as an ex boyfriend. That’s exactly what he wanted by not officially coming out. He doesn’t want to be seen as gay.

by Princereply 33209/16/2020

Madden is toxic. I’m glad Flynn is rid of him. Madden is not even the handsome king in the north anymore. He’s pudgy and graying now.

by Princereply 33309/16/2020

I just hope Brandon is not fucking the transguy... I heard he's married to a woman so he could be straight right?

by Princereply 33409/16/2020

Brandon is looking sickly because of his vegan diet.

by Princereply 33509/16/2020

Flynn is sighing in relief that he got rid of that toxic, self hating asshole Madden. He looks like he is close in age with his eldergay bff Jeremy Langmead. Madden has man boobs and fat.

by Princereply 33609/16/2020

R334 the trans guy is engaged but calls her his wife. He’s straight.

by Princereply 33709/16/2020

It will suck if after re-coming out as gay he ends up fucking pussy. It would be a horrible massage to young gays.

The Trans friend was a straight female. So the Trans friend is into cock. Is this correct?

by Princereply 33809/16/2020

The trans man friend is engaged to a woman. They are both friends with Brandon.

by Princereply 33909/16/2020

R338 Brandon has stated he’s a gay man. Why do you think he would turn to pussy? You’re not making any sense and it’s been stated here a few times he is engaged to a woman.

by Princereply 34009/16/2020

Some people should just go back to palm reading.

by Princereply 34109/16/2020

Brandon is woke. He would say trans men are men. Some men have pussy. Gender is a social construction. If you don't want to fuck their pussy, you are transphobic.

by Princereply 34209/16/2020


Offsite Link
by Princereply 343Last Thursday at 12:32 AM

Sam Smith kisses like a Hoover.

by Princereply 344Last Thursday at 12:37 AM

Could it be that Brandon has never called a pap in his life? It's all down to his ill chosen lovers?

by Princereply 345Last Thursday at 12:40 AM

The transman is Bisexual so fucking Brandon is not out of the question

by Princereply 346Last Thursday at 3:25 AM

Well, based on that pool clip, Brandon is NOT the top. Again.

by Princereply 347Last Thursday at 3:51 AM

R345, Brandon never had a PR until this year.

by Princereply 348Last Thursday at 4:17 AM

There’re many trolls on this site that are bothersome, but for some reason the “Brandon Flynn PR troll” is at maximum irritation level for me. I’m just not sure what the hell it adds to the conversation.

by Princereply 349Last Thursday at 4:44 AM

No one is forcing you to be here. Gtfo this thread if it’s so bothersome to you.

by Princereply 350Last Thursday at 5:04 AM

I see him listed in the cast of ryan murphy series on n flix.

by Princereply 351Last Friday at 3:52 AM

Yes. He plays someone without a leg to stand on. No, not Heather Mills.

by Princereply 352Last Friday at 3:54 AM

I like his scene with Sharon Stone.

by Princereply 353Last Friday at 4:14 AM

hate what they did to that cute boy!!!

by Princereply 354Last Friday at 4:23 AM


Offsite Link
by Princereply 355Last Friday at 4:32 AM

So cute :

Offsite Link
by Princereply 356Last Friday at 11:03 PM

he is cute also in the new Ratched on netflix

by Princereply 357Last Friday at 11:30 PM

Poor Flavor of the Month Froy.

by Princereply 358Last Friday at 11:53 PM

New Brandon thread for when this one gets paywalled again:

Offsite Link
by Princereply 359Last Saturday at 3:23 AM

Creating new threads leads to a glut on the main page, which prompts Muriel to deletion.

by Princereply 360Last Saturday at 3:27 AM

R360 Considering the search function is still fucked, how are people supposed to find specific threads then?

by Princereply 361Last Saturday at 3:29 AM

Google is your friend.

by Princereply 362Last Saturday at 3:31 AM

[Quote] Considering the search function is still fucked, how are people supposed to find specific threads then?

It's best to wait until the old thread has been paywalled before creating a new one. If you request a paying member to link the new thread on the old thread, they'll usually do it.

by Princereply 363Last Saturday at 3:32 AM

Pay a dollar and change a month?!

by Princereply 364Last Saturday at 7:48 AM

brandon and froy both play with richard, surprise !!

by Princereply 365Last Saturday at 8:01 AM

R365 I bet Froy just quivers when they talk about giving him the DP.

by Princereply 366Last Saturday at 11:14 AM
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