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Life-long Republican here. I just worry about all in the GOP facing more socialism, cronyism and COVID care loss if Trump wins.

I love Him, but I see how Trump eats his own.

From throwing Manafort, Flynn, Bannon, Sessions, Cohen, Scaramucci, Daniels, Epstein and now Parscale under the bus, to creating protectionist trade wars that ruin CEOs, farmers and steel workers, to savaging Romney, Jeb, Cruz, McCain, Flake and Massie, to expanding the Welfare State and Welfare Queens with economic stimulus socialism, to adding to the vast, Democrat child rape problem, to milking federal funds for lavish State Department parties and extra security for Mar-a-lago and Trump Tower handouts, to all the Republicans trapped in Blue States who won't get corona care because their governor voted against Trump. I'm just so worried about all the Republicans and conservative ideals getting hurt by Awesome Don!

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by Life-long Republicanreply 5Last Friday at 12:22 PM

Why don't all the people who F&F'd this post do the same thing to the "Lifelong Democrats" who do this ALL DAY, EVERY DAY on DL?

In threads like this?

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by Life-long Republicanreply 1Last Friday at 7:04 AM


by Life-long Republicanreply 2Last Friday at 7:41 AM

OP, of course Trump cares about Republicans. Sort of off topic, did you read recently where Webster is removing the word "gullible" from their dictionaries?

by Life-long Republicanreply 3Last Friday at 8:35 AM

Guys, I think this was a sarcastic post. We’ve definitely lost our sense of humor.

by Life-long Republicanreply 4Last Friday at 8:57 AM

Of course this thread was banned again.

Some snowflakes just can't handle the truth! But Republican trolls are allowed to trash and slander Democrats all day long as "Lifelong Liberals."

by Life-long Republicanreply 5Last Friday at 12:22 PM
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