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DOOL #14 = You Gotta Fight 4 Your Right 2 Young Hunks !!!

#13 has just been paywalled.

The poll results for your long term young hunk are ... #1 = Will, #2 = Tripp & #3 = Christian (a.k.a. Evan).

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 30105/26/2020

This is the link to the previous thread -

DOOL Part 13 = The Unlucky Young Hunk Massacre !!!

With a older Rory as the OP picture.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 104/28/2020

A egg.

by Naughty Nicolereply 204/28/2020

R2 Are you on the right thread?

by Naughty Nicolereply 304/28/2020

[quote] R2 Are you on the right thread? —What are you talking about?

A older Rory.

A egg.

by Naughty Nicolereply 404/28/2020

An older Rory.

by Naughty Nicolereply 504/28/2020

I used to get SOD in the store weekly but decided to do a subscription to save money but IF i get it in the mail, I get it Tuesday or Wednesday of the NEXT week or lately not at all. I was thinking of seeing if I could switch my subscription to a digital subscription to see if that would be better... Anyone here still get SOD digitally? If so when do you get it? Thanks!

by Naughty Nicolereply 604/28/2020

Does Nellie still do his e-zine?

So much gossip circa 2012-2013!

by Naughty Nicolereply 704/28/2020

Sorry R6. I don't subscribe.

I had a relative that used to key the subscription info at their job & they would get cancelled issues to take home so I had a bunch of freebies up until about 2007.

I purchased the newer ones on eBay for a fraction of their cover price.

by Naughty Nicolereply 804/28/2020

Does anyone here think that new DOOL cast member

Rachel Schank (a.k.a. Juliet) could be the new Abigail?

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 904/28/2020

Will for the Win!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 1004/28/2020

Smirking for the haters!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 1104/28/2020

Wow, R10.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 1204/28/2020

R9, She looks more like Gabi.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1304/28/2020

I miss Tripp, the runner-up.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 1404/28/2020

Has Christian/Evan ever gotten shirtless on the show? I haven't watched for the last few months.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1504/28/2020

R15 Not that I can recall.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1604/29/2020

I miss Trip in those tight black jeans but when Chase leaves, it will be heartbreaking

by Naughty Nicolereply 1704/29/2020

The show really could use an infusions of young 20somethings. Ciara doesn't have a talk to. That's the way you could introduce, two cheap ($1000 an episode) 20something newbies to add to canvas. The show could also use a teen story.

I love the vets, but even I know that 50 year old Marlena shouldn't be kidnapped every other week.

On another note, could someone explain how Orpheus transferred his "Roman hate" to John. I missed the last time Orphie was in town and I it was clear back in the 80s that he hated/blamed Roman.

by Naughty Nicolereply 1804/29/2020

[quote] Ciara doesn't have a talk to.

NuCiara? A “have a talk to”?

[quote] The show could also use a teen story.


by Naughty Nicolereply 1904/29/2020

Fight for your hunk, do it NOW!

by Naughty Nicolereply 2004/29/2020

[quote] 50 year old Marlena

Welcome to the DL, Dee Dee

by Naughty Nicolereply 2104/29/2020

R19, I assume r18 meant Ciara doesn’t have a girlfriend her age to hangout with & talk to.

Also, since Marlena and everyone else in Salem, transferred their love, like, dislike, hate, whatever of Roman to John, including John, I’m guessing Orpheus did so as well. Why leave him out? He can hate Roman and John, just as almost everyone likes Roman and John.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2204/29/2020

Christian and Orpheus had something to do with Adrienne’s death and Maggie’s “guilt,” right?

When is NuZoe starting? I hate this smug girl.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2304/29/2020


I'm guessing it ties into the rumor of there being a 3rd baby involved in the swap

by Naughty Nicolereply 2404/29/2020

Ugh. I want Sarah suffering, not happy. No baby for her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2504/29/2020

R18 Wasn't John Black also "Roman" for a while? I can't keep all the switcheroos on this show straight.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2604/29/2020

R16 But I thought Sonny sleep with Evan... Did that happen or was that all off screen?

by Naughty Nicolereply 2704/29/2020

Yes R26... here is synopsis. It's off the top of my head, so a few things may be a little off...

Roman Brady "died" after a fight with Stefano on a cliff on one of Steffy's islands.

About a year later (give or take) everybody wanted "The Pawn". The Pawn was a bandaged man who Victor and his henchman (Alex, Savannah, and Nurse Honeycutt) wanted to control and the ISA was also desperate to discover what the Pawn was.

Patch (then a bad guy who worked Victor) got the Pawn away from Victor and Nurse Honeycutt, and kept him hidden as leverage to get money from Victor.

The Pawn de-bandaged himself and got away from Patch.

The Pawn went to a soup kitchen where he met Marlena and called himself John Black after seeing the name on a plague on the wall.

Marlena helps John Black try to remember who he really is. He has Roman memories, but he also has a big phoenix tattoo on his sexy back. So Marlena is turned on and frightened at the same time, but begins falling in love.

We eventually learn that John Black is Roman Brady with a new face, a few inches taller, hairier, and sexier. And John also remembers that he's Roman. This is all took place during a location shoot in West Virginia, I think. Doc brings him home as Roman. Little Carrie is the only one who doubts that he is Roman, but eventually she comes around.

Fast Forward to about 1991. Doc is back from the grave and Roman is torn between Marlena and Isabella. Meanwhile... we discover a man who looks like original recipe Roman is being held in some type of jail. This man is shown video of Doc and Roman and he asks who is this impostor with his wife and kids. Freeze frame... end credits. (Remember those?)

Real Roman gets out of that jail comes to Salem... Drama and confusion ensue. Eventually we learn that he's Roman and fake Roman goes back to being John Black. We also learn this was all a big Steffy plot to destroy his greatest enemy Roman Brady. So John goes with Isabella. Real Roman gets back with Doc and they all lived happily ever after.

Then we have a story where we learn that John was really Forrest Alamain, Lawrence Alamain's presumed dead little brother.

Fast forward to about 1993, Isabella is dead from cancer and Marlena and Roman are having problems because Doc is working too much and things don't seem right between them. John and Marlena get stuck in pit for weeks thanks to Stella Lombard, and then are rescued, and guess what... old feelings resurface. John and Marlena start fucking and have a steamy affair. They break things off, Marlena is pregnant, Sami gets into the hospital computer and changes the paternity results, and John gets involved with a mystery woman named Kristen Blake. We learn that Kristen is Stefano's adopted daughter and is engaged to Stefano's son Tony (who is now retconned back to being his son again). It is also during this time we learn that Stefano tortured John and turned him into the Pawn and that John is Stefano's greatest enemy. The feud with Roman and Roman being his greatest enemy is pushed to background and then sort of forgotten. And ever since it's been John versus Stefano.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2804/29/2020

Even with the drug out of her system, Abi continues to hallucinate.

ChabbyLover, AbbyFan and ChabbyFan on Frau Central think Gabi drugged Abi, while Tiff defends Gabi, saying Abi is crazy again.

I guess this is when ManZi leaves, since Abi disappears in May.

by Naughty Nicolereply 2904/30/2020

Is Jo, Steve and Jack's mom still alive?

by Naughty Nicolereply 3004/30/2020

It's not clear.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3104/30/2020

Which child resulted from Marlena’s and John’s liaisons?

Which actor(s) played Tony?

by Naughty Nicolereply 3204/30/2020

Belle is the old child of John and Marlena. Tony has always been played by Thaao Penghlis.

Unless you are talking about Tony Merritt who was on the show in the early years and who was engaged to Marie.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3304/30/2020

Thank you, R33?

Who plays Belle?

by Naughty Nicolereply 3404/30/2020

Martha Madison

by Naughty Nicolereply 3504/30/2020


Who's going to tell AUNT MARIE that Maggie killed her own granddaughter??!!!!!

by Naughty Nicolereply 3604/30/2020

La Sleezak should be Aunt Marie

by Naughty Nicolereply 3704/30/2020

R27: I don't think Sonny and Evan have been shown in bed together. But I remember one relatively recent episode where Sonny grabbed Evan's hand and walked toward the boudoir. One can only speculate what happened after that.

by Naughty Nicolereply 3804/30/2020


I think they had sex at least twice on screen

by Naughty Nicolereply 3904/30/2020

[quote] I think they had sex at least twice on screen

Ewwww. That would look like a beached whale humping a mannequin.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4004/30/2020

Ram = wam

Lamb = wamb

by Naughty Nicolereply 4104/30/2020


Thanks for the history lesson! When Drake was hired as the pawn, was he hired as a Roman recast or did that come later?

by Naughty Nicolereply 4204/30/2020

He was hired to be Roman the whole time. The real, taller Roman.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4304/30/2020


and hairier

by Naughty Nicolereply 4404/30/2020

I would still choose 1982 Roman/Wayne over Drake at his peak.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4504/30/2020

And don't forget sexier. 1986-1999 Drake could have taken me on every conference room table between here and Salem (wherever that is). Damn that man was hot.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4604/30/2020

R38 What a waste of hiring Brock not to get him shirtless... He fills out his shirt pretty well so he must look better shirtless.

by Naughty Nicolereply 4704/30/2020

So Rex came back today.

Will the return be a short one?

by Naughty Nicolereply 4804/30/2020

[quote] between here and Salem (wherever that is).

Does that include Melaswen?

by Naughty Nicolereply 4904/30/2020

R30 Steve and Jacks mom, Jo died years and years ago. They killed the character off when the last actress who was playing her in died in real life

by Naughty Nicolereply 5004/30/2020

R39: I'm sure you're right. My memory isn't what it was.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5104/30/2020

Have WilSon had sex yet since they reunited? Or is it a sexless marriage by now?

by Naughty Nicolereply 5204/30/2020

Da Strudz

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 5304/30/2020

Strudz II

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 5404/30/2020

R54, OMG! Thank you for posting those! He just gets hotter & hotter!

by Naughty Nicolereply 5504/30/2020

Is he still an actor? He should find a nuCareer that will bring him employment at least.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5604/30/2020

R56, do you know whether he speaks Mandarin?

by Naughty Nicolereply 5704/30/2020

He would have been much hotter without those trashy tattoos. People are such lemmings.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5805/01/2020

Agreed, R58.

by Naughty Nicolereply 5905/01/2020

R58 It's a mental illness! Don't blame the poor Strudel!

by Naughty Nicolereply 6005/01/2020

[quote] Steve and Jacks mom, Jo died years and years ago. They killed the character off when the last actress who was playing her in died in real life

NOT TRUE when the actress died, they had actress Marilyn McIntyre play the part of Steve and Jacks mom, Jo

And she is still very much alive

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 6105/01/2020

No matter what happens Suzi Rogers continues to be top-billed on Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives


Suzanne Rogers


Maggie Horton Kiriakis

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 6205/01/2020

Suzi Rogers and her 5.99 McCrory's wig

by Naughty Nicolereply 6305/01/2020

R62 We know, Suzi! Now go take a nap!

by Naughty Nicolereply 6405/01/2020

But **I** am the STAR of the SHOW!

by Naughty Nicolereply 6505/01/2020

R37 La Sleezak is being cast as Marlena's mother, Martha Evans.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6605/01/2020

R66 Viki Sleezak has said she offered a non-contract gig on Days, for a one-time guest appearance - but they wouldn't pay for air travel or accommodations to fly to LA - so she turned it down.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6705/01/2020

[quote] Have WilSon had sex yet since they reunited? Or is it a sexless marriage by now?

It's become rather difficult now that Sonny's chubb has disappeared under his belly.

by Naughty Nicolereply 6805/01/2020

our new triangle

will / sonny / gunt

by Naughty Nicolereply 6905/01/2020

That triangle has been going on for too long.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7005/01/2020

I Will Not Be Ignored!

by Naughty Nicolereply 7105/01/2020

At this point, everyone knows "Gunny" belong together and should get their sunset ending.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7205/01/2020

Sonny gives all chubsters out there (false) hope that they can land a Will of their own!

by Naughty Nicolereply 7305/01/2020

Props to Godfrey. She was excellent yesterday.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7405/06/2020

She really was.

And yay! for a sort-of happy Eric, Nicole and Holly.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7505/06/2020

Really nice having Rex back. Hope he sticks around.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7605/06/2020

Since the stories have moved away from the brain chip mess I am loving DAYS again.

by Naughty Nicolereply 7705/06/2020

Has Rex presented hole to Xander yet?

by Naughty Nicolereply 7805/06/2020

[quote] And yay!


by Naughty Nicolereply 7905/06/2020

R78 Who hasn't?

by Naughty Nicolereply 8005/07/2020

OMG... can the real Kristen be returning???

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 8105/07/2020

No r81 it's temporary. SH was back taping before this shut down.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8205/07/2020

I prefer Eileen as Kristen

by Naughty Nicolereply 8305/07/2020

I prefer Eileen as well, but Stacy has been doing a good job. Especially with the baby switch storyline. She's given some really raw emotions in her scenes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8405/07/2020

Haiduk is a good actress who just isn't Kristen. Her Susan is terrific, though.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8505/07/2020

Is the Rex who came back NuRex?

by Naughty Nicolereply 8605/07/2020

I’m not going to say I necessarily prefer Stacy as a Kristen, but I don’t think about Eileen as Kristen anymore.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8705/07/2020

I like Stacy now. Eileen is too picky about the role.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8805/07/2020

[quote]Is the Rex who came back NuRex?

Yes, Kyle Lowder is playing the role of Rex once again.

by Naughty Nicolereply 8905/07/2020

Thank you, R89.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9005/07/2020

Da Strudz looking worse for wear.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 9105/07/2020

Da Strudz looking good. Pity about the tattoos.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 9205/07/2020

Eileen left at the right time. They've destroyed Kristen's appeal as a character.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9305/07/2020

Why the stupid tats? Such a lemming.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9405/08/2020

All that's missing is a different shade of lipstick and a matching purse.

And he looks to have several new tats on his legs. RME.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 9505/08/2020

Gads, he ruined his body. He must have some major issues.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9605/09/2020

Extreme tattooing is another form of body dysmorphic disorder.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9705/09/2020

Meanwhile Suzi Rogers continues to be to-billed on DOOL

Days of our Lives


Suzanne Rogers


Maggie Kiriakis

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 9805/09/2020

He probably has anger issues as well, judging by the abundance of his tattoos.

by Naughty Nicolereply 9905/10/2020

Stacey must be off again. She was my Uber driver this morning.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10005/11/2020


they are all off dear

by Naughty Nicolereply 10105/11/2020

R100 Was she wearing a mask? Did she make sure you had one? Did she sanitize the vehicle?

by Naughty Nicolereply 10205/11/2020

No. She was smoking and complaining about the pain her new back tattoo was causing her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10305/11/2020

Not DAYS but I don't know of a B&B thread.

Today's classic episode of B&B from October 1997 featured a Forrester fashion show. Well, all of the songs playing during the show sounded so horribly current EDM, with vocoders all over the place. It really bothered me, so I used Sound Hound on the songs, and they were all from 2018 or more recent.

B&B took out whatever songs were playing in 1997 and replaced them with "current" music.

It really ruined the feel of the fun episode.

I know, "rights and clearances" and all that shit, but it was depressing.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10405/11/2020

I’m so sorry that happened to you r104.

by Naughty Nicolereply 10505/11/2020

It’s been a long time since I rooted for Kristen. None of this is Sara’s fault, except for stealing the baby, but I’m so fucking tired of that ugly baby and Sara’s histrionics. I yelled out, “Slap her Kristen!‘ when she showed up at the end of the episode today.

Baby Micky isn’t EVEN cute!

by Naughty Nicolereply 10605/11/2020


by Naughty Nicolereply 10705/11/2020

R104, is “current” another spelling for “currant”? If so can “current” be eaten?

by Naughty Nicolereply 10805/11/2020

Is Ali McGraw's granddaughter playing Orpheus' daughter?

by Naughty Nicolereply 10905/11/2020

r104 That irritated me too!!! Part of seeing the classic episode is hearing the music that originally ran with it.

Here's the current B&B thread although it hasn't gotten much activity in recent months.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 11005/11/2020

There are no calories in Current, D.O.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11105/11/2020

How did Stacy get her teeth so white? Whitening treatments once she had steady Sony/NBC paychecks?

by Naughty Nicolereply 11205/11/2020

Passions Cast Reunion today!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 11305/12/2020

I just wanted to post to ask if you guys saw yesterday's episode when Ben took his shirt off. Dear Lord Jesus Hallowed be Thy Name!!!!

by Naughty Nicolereply 11405/12/2020


Ben has a good body for sure but for me I prefer Xander's body. He makes me weak. Plus, Xander is sexy & fun while Ben might as well be a card board cut out. There's nothing there.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11505/12/2020

Ken doll. Pass.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11605/12/2020

Ken dolls are still fun to play with...

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 11705/12/2020

But some might prefer the Tarzan action figure.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 11805/12/2020

Ben murders.

He gets no boner from me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 11905/12/2020

R119 It's soap "murders"... get over it.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12005/12/2020

Well, gays gotta have some fun!

by Naughty Nicolereply 12105/12/2020

Xander does have the hotter chest, mainly for the perfect chest hair. And, he loves to show it off.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12205/12/2020

Does Xander have bigger boobs than Sarah?

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 12305/12/2020

I am so glad they have brought back Xander as a “lead” character. I hope he stays

by Naughty Nicolereply 12405/12/2020

Paul Telfer could have been a EJ recast... Got the body, the charm and the accent.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12505/12/2020

RSW and BB are much hotter than PT for me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12605/12/2020

RSW and BB are much hotter than PT for me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12705/12/2020

RSW is hot but he just seems so dull and plastic

by Naughty Nicolereply 12805/12/2020

I swear RSW and VK mimic one another in scenes. They literally act just alike except VK always does that head shake thing with every line.

by Naughty Nicolereply 12905/12/2020

Who is VK?

by Naughty Nicolereply 13005/12/2020

R130 NuCiara = Victoria Konefal

by Naughty Nicolereply 13105/12/2020

[quote]RSW and BB are much hotter than PT for me.

Brandon Buddy?

by Naughty Nicolereply 13205/12/2020

R129 I remember another soap pairing who used to do that was Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) and Tricia Dennison (Sabryn Genet) when they were a couple on Y&R. Viewer used call them "the bobble-head dolls."

by Naughty Nicolereply 13305/12/2020

Thank you, R131.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13405/12/2020

Apparently, WilSon's already filmed scenes were completely cut out of today's episode.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 13505/12/2020

I think Sarah’s memories scenes were extended.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13605/12/2020

Well it's been out that the show has wanted WilSon off for several years and also allegedly that Albert doesn't want any gay stuff on the show from any of the show's gay characters. So it's too surprising that WilSon scenes have been cut from the show r135.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13705/12/2020

I just FF through all of Sarah's baby sob story. For a baby drama it sure was boring. Should have had Rex tied up shirtlesss or better yet have shirtless Xander on the run with the baby.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13805/12/2020

R137 The scene they cut was of WilSon mourning Adrienne on the anniversary of her death. They already cut another scene of WilSon at Adrienne's grave last month and now this. There's really nothing gay about those scenes and it shows such disrespect for Adrienne to cut those scenes.

by Naughty Nicolereply 13905/12/2020

Kyler Lowder is one of those rare cases where age has really benefited him. I thought he was a monstrous looking teen and I couldn't figure out where they would cast him as John's son, but now he seems to have finally grown into his looks at 40something.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14005/12/2020

[quote] I thought he was a monstrous looking teen

Frankenstein's monster?

by Naughty Nicolereply 14105/12/2020

R140 Did he get any work done during the past decade?

by Naughty Nicolereply 14205/12/2020

Cranky Lesbians will outlive all the frivolous gays!

by Naughty Nicolereply 14305/12/2020

Good question, and I'm not sure R142. Maybe he changed his diet or something. But he's one hot daddy now.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14405/12/2020

It doesn't bother me that WilSon scenes were cut & I won't miss them when they leave.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14505/13/2020

I don't give a fuck about WilSon either but I do want to see Will some more before he leaves. Then again, the show was making Will wear that ugly brown shirt and Sonny ugly cry in these scenes, so cutting them might not be so bad after all.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14605/13/2020

Kyle Lowder had some scary lacework done within the last ten years. Either it settled or he got it corrected.

RSW's cum gutters on Monday were almost obscene! And then his booty popping out of the back of his jeans...

What does his silly shoulder tattoo say?

by Naughty Nicolereply 14705/13/2020

[quote]WilSon's already filmed scenes were completely cut out of today's episode.

I hear of scenes being cut on DOOL all the time, and I don't for the other soaps. Very strange that a show that operates on a shoestring budget films so much excess footage.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14805/13/2020

B&B and Y&R cut scenes all the time. B&B even posts the cut scenes as "bonus scenes" on YouTube. Sometimes those cut scenes add a lot of context to the current storylines.

NOW they probably wish they had padded out the episodes more and not cut a thing.

One infamous cut on Y&R was done by CBS or Sony killing a story. After several weeks of hints, Noah Newman came out as gay at his dead sister's grave. The scene was filmed, not just scripted. The actor confirms this. Before it could air, Noah was un-gayed and the actor fired.

On DAYS, they recently moved Hattie's departure scenes up one full week.

by Naughty Nicolereply 14905/13/2020

I think it says either "the original son" or "the fortunate son". Isn't it nice that RSW and Paul Telfer and now Chandler actually care about being camera ready.

As for cut scenes, I think that is a directing and editing problem. Most shows time the scripts. I'm thinking that the director and the person responsible for the final edit are making these decisions and are not consulting Ron in the process. I know that in the old days when a show ran long or short, they would call the HW to either add or subtract. I think the fact that Ron is not in LA and is not a producer contributes to him being an afterthought in the process. And someone is clearly not editing the summary for TV guide.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15005/13/2020

Alarr hates the gays. Film at 11.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15105/13/2020


Ron has said he has no control over the editing of the show. He has even gone so far as tweeting what the scenes were that were cut.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15205/13/2020

R151 He must hate Adrienne as well seeing how both WilSon scenes he cut recently were really about honoring Adrienne's memories.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15305/13/2020

R147 RSW's tattoo says "The Only Son." I believe I read it's in praise of his mama. He;s had it for years and years.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 15405/13/2020

I'm pretty shocked at next week's write up in SOD.

Maggie send Victor a goodbye letter. The tone frightens him & he sends Xander to the prison to check on her. When he gets there she has hanged herself. Xander gets her down & revives her.

That's a pretty harrowing depiction of a suicide attempt. I'm surprised they didn't go with the standard overdose. Drugs are available in prison. I commend them for pushing the boundaries because suicide is not pretty or easy.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15505/13/2020

I love the Xander/Maggie scenes. They have great chemistry together.

by Naughty Nicolereply 15605/13/2020

[quote] Xander gets her down & revives her.

R155, where's Dr. Rolf when he's needed?

by Naughty Nicolereply 15705/13/2020

Maggie should take Xander as a lover.

#Xaggie #Magder #Xandgie #Magger #MaXaKi #MaX #XaMa

by Naughty Nicolereply 15805/13/2020

RSW’s teeth are so white!

by Naughty Nicolereply 15905/13/2020


are you kidding??

by Naughty Nicolereply 16005/13/2020

Maggie hangs herself but survives. Then she finds out Christian and Orpheus set her up for Adrienne’s death.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16105/13/2020

R158 Now that's soapy! The Fraus will love it... even though they will say it's inappropriate.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16205/13/2020

Brock Kelly exits next week! What a waste! We never got him shirtless!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 16305/13/2020

Thank you r162, thank you very much...

by Naughty Nicolereply 16405/13/2020

There is this contingent of fans who really hate Maggie for some odd reason. They are going to love this story. They seem to think she eats the show, with her one episode (if that) a week. Very strange.

by Naughty Nicolereply 16505/13/2020

Love it? Maggie survives AND gets cleared for killing Adrienne and the baby.

What’s to love?

by Naughty Nicolereply 16605/13/2020

Do Maggie and Marlena ever appear in any scenes together?

by Naughty Nicolereply 16705/13/2020

Jesus, that is dark as hell! I don't want to see Maggie hanging herself! No wonder Suzanne Rogers said she lost 20 pounds doing the storyline. What a total nightmare!

by Naughty Nicolereply 16805/13/2020

Poor Strudz.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 16905/13/2020


not anymore!

by Naughty Nicolereply 17005/14/2020

Soaps don't allow actors to go over their guarantees anymore. On Days, more so than other shows, this has created story islands. Maggie is in certain stories and Marlena is in certain stories. Despite having a decades long friendship, the two rarely share scenes these days. And the idiots who think that Maggie is somehow stealing Marlena's scenes, need to understand the economics of the situation. Guarantee versus guarantee and salary versus salary. If Dee made what Suzanne made, you would see her more.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17105/14/2020

I wonder if they age ever plays a factor, it must be hard to remember lines as you get older... I'm in my mid 40s and my memory isn't what it used to be

by Naughty Nicolereply 17205/14/2020

[quote]If Dee made what Suzanne made, you would see her more.

Dee appeared in 91 episodes in 2019, Suzanne in 55.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17305/14/2020

The ones who hate Maggie are the hard core John/Marlena fans. That's really laughable considering John/Marlena are so catered to.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17405/14/2020


Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 17505/14/2020

Rumors say Xander finds Maggie in her cell after she tries to suffocate herself with her own wig.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17605/14/2020

I hate Maggie AND John but LOVE Marlena!!!!

Dr. Marlena Evans and Sami DiMera are my decades-long favorites.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17705/14/2020


by Naughty Nicolereply 17805/14/2020

[quote] Poor Strudz.

He bemoans “Quaranhair”, but hey did much more damage to his body and career with those horrid, nasty tattoos.

by Naughty Nicolereply 17905/14/2020

I am loving this show. Whoever wrote the dialogue for Eli and Lani's scenes on Thursday's show hit it out of the park. Love that Marlena treats Ben like a grandson, and can't wait for Maggie to jump off that top bunk with her prison commissary hose tied around her neck.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18005/14/2020

Anyone see Brandon in his undies?

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 18105/14/2020

Why was bitch Zoe fired and replaced?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18205/14/2020

R182 queen Jason47 says it was scheduling issues.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18305/14/2020

WHET Addie Horton Williams?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18405/14/2020

Some lunatic came for Paul Telfer tonight. She was pissed about Days being on lockdown for COVID. He started out trying to explain but then it snow balled & the woman became a real cunt.

After he had gone through the info: entire state is on lock down, the risks, the show is taped 6 months ahead, etc..She would not stop. He remained calm but he got forceful when he asked if she was willing to put Suzanne & John's lives at risk. She said the show should just write them out. Another poster said Days has a large vet cast. Paul said 65 & older are vulnerable plus Days have younger ones who are cancer survivors.

This cunt did not care. He finally got sarcastic with her. By that time she was getting dragged by other folks. I wanted to read her entire TL because I'd bet $100 she was a Trumpster. She was getting dragged so much she closed her account. WTF is wrong with people?

by Naughty Nicolereply 18505/14/2020

R185 I see one deleted tweet from a "joanna_mazewski" was quoted by Paul saying "With fans like these..." That must be the troublemaker.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18605/14/2020

Her profile at Cafe Mom.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 18705/14/2020

[quote] Joanna is a mother, warrior, writer, and dreamer who has a thing for her family, Mad Men, social media, green tea-flavored Kit Kat bars, and, well, whatever her kids are watching. When she's not dishing the dirt about her favorite celebrities, she's most likely spending time with her two kids or amusement park hopping in Orlando.

by Naughty Nicolereply 18805/14/2020

She must be a warrior because that face looks like it’s gone through some battles

by Naughty Nicolereply 18905/14/2020

R189, LOOL! :)

by Naughty Nicolereply 19005/14/2020

90% of her posts are about the Kardashians. I think that's all we need to know.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19105/15/2020

I’m glad Deidre wasn’t lumped in with the oldsters at risk from the Coronavirus.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19205/15/2020


Bitch, please! Dee is in her 70s

by Naughty Nicolereply 19305/15/2020

All I could think about when reading that chick's callous remarks is that she is the personification of that Texas politician. He said the elderly would gladly give up their lives to get the economy back on track. What trash.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19405/15/2020

^^^ That god-awful Dan Patrick. A smug pig. I am all in favor of Dan's giving his own life to kickstart the economy.

Also, I think JM looks like Christina Ricci's ugly sister.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19505/15/2020

I wish I could find another site that has DAYS DVDs for sale. iOffer used to have entire years and storylines available but that site shut down.

I want the full Salem Stalker storyline from 2003-2005, my favorite era of the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19605/15/2020

Jason Cook shirtless wearing jeans in a cage!

by Naughty Nicolereply 19705/15/2020

[quote]Bitch, please! Dee is in her 70s

Dee is not in her 70s, she was born in the 70s.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19805/15/2020

^ Ha ha, she was born in 1947.

by Naughty Nicolereply 19905/15/2020

That must be a typo and they actually meant 1974.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20005/15/2020

R200 dyslexia is a very real thing. Pray for R199 😈😃

by Naughty Nicolereply 20105/15/2020

There used to be tons of old school DOOL from the 80's, on YouTube, and that's how I discovered the show. In particular, the Salem Slasher storyline that kicked off with Renee Dimera being knifed in the back at her own engagement party.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20205/15/2020

Some queen named PanicDiscoStarr sells storylines and years of DAYS episodes.

The Salem Stalker is 37 DVDs for $110.

Marlena's Possession is $55.

What else is there to watch this Summer anyway? I am OVER Netflix and Amazon Prime. Back to Classic DAYS for me!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 20305/15/2020

Really disappointed with the whole Evan/Christopher storyline. What a waste of hunky Brock Kelly!

by Naughty Nicolereply 20405/15/2020

I'd love to see The Salem Strangler, The Riverfront Knifer, Carrie/Sami/Austin's story and Marlena/John/Kristen stories on DVD.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20505/15/2020

Just the thought of watching SD video makes me cringe!

by Naughty Nicolereply 20605/15/2020

[quote]Just the thought of watching SD video makes me cringe!

Gurl, c'mon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20705/15/2020

WHET Addie Horton Williams?

by Naughty Nicolereply 20805/15/2020

Addie's been dead since 1974. The year Dee Hall was born.

by Naughty Nicolereply 20905/15/2020

R185 That lunatic woman attacking PT might possibly end up getting what she wants. Days is probably going to have the most difficult time out of the 4 soaps. Especially if they have to implement similar rules like those on Australian soap Neighbours.

No actors over 65

No hand holding

No kissing or sex scenes

No more slapping

Social distancing

No makeup for men and minimum makeup for women

Nurse on set/temperature checks

Separating actors into groups

by Naughty Nicolereply 21005/15/2020

[quote] Addie's been dead since 1974.

Yes, but how did she die? What was her story?

by Naughty Nicolereply 21105/15/2020

Why did we not see a “reunion” of Christian/his sister and Marlena... she took care of them when they were kids.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21205/15/2020

[quote]No makeup for men and minimum makeup for women

Oh my!

[quote]Yes, but how did she die? What was her story?

Addie and Tommy Horton are twins.

Addie marries Ben Olson in 1946

Addie and Ben live in the wealthy section of Salem, near the river.

Addie and Ben have two children Julie and Stephen.

Addie and Ben care about money and appearances.

Addie and Ben move to Europe.

Addie returns to Salem years later and gets involved with Doug Williams marries him.

Addie has a late in life pregnancy and gives birth to Hope Williams

Addie gets cancer and goes into remission

One day while pushing Hope in her stroller a car zooms down the road and Addie pushes Hope's stroller out of the way and is hit by a car and dies.

Doug and Julie raise Hope

In 1983 Hope is SORAS'd and comes to town as sort of a brat who wants to get her hands on the trust fund that Addie left her. One of things that people don't realize about Hope is that she is really wealthy even though she lives a pretty middle class lifestyle.

Julie is Hope's Mother/Sister.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21305/15/2020

Thank you, R213.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21405/15/2020

[quote] Addie and Ben live in the wealthy section of Salem, near the river.

Is it near Horton Town Square?

by Naughty Nicolereply 21505/15/2020

[quote] Addie and Ben live in the wealthy section of Salem, near the river.

Does it have a counterpart in Melaswen?

by Naughty Nicolereply 21605/15/2020

R212 That would require character-driven writing. Evan/Christian and sis were just plot devices from start to finish, though Brock did put some effort into his role. He almost made me believe Evan would give Sonny a second glance.

by Naughty Nicolereply 21705/15/2020

R135 This week's deleted WilSon scene now on DOOLApp.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 21805/15/2020

[quote] Addie and Ben live in the wealthy section of Salem, near the river.

Is that the same river that Sami, Kate, and Gabi threw Nick's body in?

That scene was hilarious.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 21905/15/2020

Brock needs intensive acting lessons. Or a new career.

Aiden bilked Hope out of a lot of money and knew he’d inherit millions as her husband when she died.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22005/16/2020

I don't know if this thread is paywalled or not. If we have a new thread could you link it?

Judi Evan has had a bad horseback riding accident & is hospitalized. She broke her collarbone, 7 ribs, 2 vertebrae and has a collapsed lung.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22105/20/2020

This thread is not paywalled (yet). Terrible news about Judi Evans. Do you have a link?

by Naughty Nicolereply 22205/20/2020

Found a link:

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 22305/20/2020

And didn't Judi's son die less than a year ago?

by Naughty Nicolereply 22405/20/2020


In December

by Naughty Nicolereply 22505/20/2020

I’m hoping one of you guys will humor me. Can some please breakdown the (new, incl. Orpheus) chain of events that are the baby switch/Maggie jail story?

It’s super confusing to me.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22605/20/2020

Maggie never even drank. Her "sobriety," which is more important than killing Adrienne or the baby, is intact.

She was about to gulp down some vodka at the Kiriakis mansion before going to the hospital for Sarah, but Orpheus and Christian chloroformed her before the booze could even touch her lips. They wanted to kidnap David and decided to blackmail Victor for some money as well by kidnapping Maggie.

They took the unconscious Maggie in her car (along with the bottle of vodka) and drove off. Christian was a little uncomfortable with this kidnapping (although he'd already murdered Jordan) and got into a tiff with his dad, which made Orpheus swerve, causing Maggie's car to drive Adrienne and Sarah off the road. With Maggie's car crashed, Christian and Orpheus put the chloroformed and unconscious Maggie behind the wheel and put the vodka bottle in her hand. They scurried off.

Xander found Maggie that way, thus thinking she was the drunk driver, but she wasn't driving and wasn't drunk.

Maggie is exonerated and she remains Salem's most pious "alcoholic."

by Naughty Nicolereply 22705/20/2020

Days queen Jason47 says Daytime Emmys is still happening but will be virtual and will be broadcast on CBS in June. The nominations will be announced tomorrow.

by Naughty Nicolereply 22805/20/2020


it has been announced in lots of places today... SOD, Daytime confidential etc

by Naughty Nicolereply 22905/20/2020

CBS must really be getting desperate for any kind of new content to agree to broadcast the Daytime Emmys again.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23005/20/2020

R221 Poor Judi gets fired from the show, her son dies before 2019 is finished & now this.

I hope no one has put a curse on her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23105/20/2020

Thank you r227

by Naughty Nicolereply 23205/20/2020

DAYS is the most entertaining hour of television currently airing, daytime or prime time.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23305/21/2020

FCF was bored today.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 23405/21/2020

Another year another Emmy nom for Chambo. Really great to see Paul Telfer get some recognition.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 23505/21/2020

Mark Grossman should win.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23605/21/2020

Chan, Paul, and Wally are probably going to cancel each other out. That Bryton guy, I don't know how he keeps getting nominated. I think this is Mark Grossman's to lose. Chandler should give classes on how to put together a reel.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23705/21/2020

R237 Didn't Chandler say once his mother helps him pick the scenes for the Emmy reel? Does that mean his mother was watching him kissing guys for all these years?

by Naughty Nicolereply 23805/21/2020

R237 Let the others win. Chandler doesn't need another Emmy anyway. Right now he's more concerned about playing Pokemon.

by Naughty Nicolereply 23905/21/2020

Four weddings and a funeral this summer... It's the same old same old. The show has taped up to September, so only four more months of material to go!

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 24005/22/2020


They're further along than September. They had taped into November.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24105/22/2020

Hi Ron/R233.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24205/22/2020

That article disclosed more than I expected. I'm looking forward to Claire's return (something I never would have said until she went crazy).

by Naughty Nicolereply 24305/22/2020

I'm hoping that they get Allie right. Ron says they make her on the young side of a legal age. I'm not sure what the means. I guess you can't have teenage temptresses on soaps any longer. Characters like teen Sami and teen Laura from GH couldn't be written today.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24405/22/2020

The Fraus at Soap Central are demanding this be a LUMI storyline, even though it will be an ERIC storyline with just a tiny bit of Lucas.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24505/22/2020

R241 Didn't they halt production in Feb/March? Add in the seven month lead, that would mean the show has taped up to Sept/October, right?

by Naughty Nicolereply 24605/22/2020

With Evan gone, the show is down one more young hunk. Instead we're getting crazy Claire (who admittedly could be entertaining) and Sami spawn Allie back?

by Naughty Nicolereply 24705/22/2020

Chandler said that HALLOWEEN was done.

by Naughty Nicolereply 24805/22/2020

Will WilSon get to stick around for Halloween?

by Naughty Nicolereply 24905/22/2020

CB: “Happy for people that are nominated! Not being nominated for something I know I deserved recognition is an interesting feeling but honestly I already feel like I have even won multiple emmy’s with the kind of support and love I get shown everyday by so many people.“

by Naughty Nicolereply 25005/22/2020

FCF says his final episode looks to be airing September 1. Queen Jason says he may not be taking into account a previously scheduled pre-emption, and it could actually be August 31.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25105/22/2020

When it rains it pours on poor Judi. She's still hospitalized with all her broken bones & punctured lung. The doctors found an embolus in her lung when they were doing scans.

The doctors said it is not related to her accident but the doctors said her accident probably saved her life because of the scans they did. Her husband can't visit because of COVID.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25205/22/2020

What grift does FCF have planned next?

by Naughty Nicolereply 25305/22/2020

Emmy nominations for Days were spot on. So happy for Paul Telfer... he’s really come a long way than just a muscled piece of meat

by Naughty Nicolereply 25405/22/2020

Paul Telfer is so fetch!

by Naughty Nicolereply 25505/22/2020

R253 He and the future Mrs. FCF have talked about their desire to relocate to that sinkhole known as Florida. And someone is desperately trying to become a social media influencer.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25605/22/2020

If Camilla were nominated, it would have been perfect. I applaud her for submitting in the proper category. In the Best Actress category, Finola Hughes, KK Lang, and Heather Tom didn't do anything last year. Camilla should have had one of those spots.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25705/22/2020

R253 Oh, and they'll soon be selling T-shirts that promote their youtube podcast, "The Freddie & Alyssa Show." .. She was wearing one earlier this week and said they hope to begin selling them next month.

by Naughty Nicolereply 25805/22/2020

WHO would buy those shirts?

Fraus? Sad gays?

by Naughty Nicolereply 25905/22/2020

Paul Telfer's IG Story featured Chambo and Rob Wilson.

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 26005/22/2020

I think Chad drugged Abby.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26105/22/2020

R241 Yesterday, Queen Jason said they have 19 weeks left. Counting out, this would take the show to the week of September 28-October2. There's something about Days now being broadcast during the weeks when they were supposed to be off for the Summer Olympics and the French Open. So that probably changed things.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26205/22/2020

R262 Jason should know. He keeps a list of production dates for the show for years. I am surprised he's not an employee of the show.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26305/22/2020

He's not? So he's.....just a fan?

by Naughty Nicolereply 26405/22/2020

R264 Soap fans are devoted nuts.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26505/22/2020

He's a superfan.

He also did it for Passions.

His tribute website for the show is still up.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26605/22/2020

Telfer , his wife & some Broadway friends are doing an IG Live today.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26705/23/2020

Queen Jason 47 has connections with the show. He’s an unofficial publicist and archivist.

by Naughty Nicolereply 26805/23/2020

The show is advertizing 4 weddings and a funeral this summer.

Any guesses who the funeral might be?

by Naughty Nicolereply 26905/23/2020

If Rafe doesn't fall in love with Zoe and leave Salem with her and David, then I thing Rafe will die since GG is leaving the show.

Does anyone know if JKJ is coming back to the real show?

by Naughty Nicolereply 27005/23/2020

Even if you have goodlooking parents, it doesn’t mean the offspring will be as attractive.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27105/23/2020

We wish all our non-employees would put in 80 hours a week and work for free!

by Naughty Nicolereply 27205/23/2020

R269 I think it's Victor that dies.

He's been in the Salem hospital twice now in less than 5 months.

They say Sarah & Brady will try to get revenge on him & I think he is murdered around that time.

Will, Sonny, Maggie, Kristen, Eric & Nicole also all have beefs with him. If Xander gets fired from his dream job that adds one more to the list.

I think the show is going for a "Who shot Victor?" like Dallas did with JR. The folks that have a grudge against him keep climbing.

Rumors are that 86 year old John Aniston wants to retire.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27305/23/2020

R261 I think a returning Vivian framed her dead son's widow for the drugging of Abby.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27405/23/2020

I love it when Victor just says what’s on his mind, usually it’s what the audience is thinking.

I still remember Victor’s first episode and the music that was playing.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27505/23/2020

R270 Who is JKJ?

by Naughty Nicolereply 27605/23/2020
Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 27705/23/2020

Nowadays the DL usually paywalls DOOL threads after 4 weeks (about 28 days give or take)

so probably a new thread will pop up in the next week & a half.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27805/23/2020

R247 With Christian/Evan now riding off into the sunset,

TPTB must think the gay guys wanna tune in

to see Maggie's withered hands up close & personal.

by Naughty Nicolereply 27905/23/2020


I'm as gay as a lavender draped Cher doll and I'm was way more interested in Maggie's story than anything WilSon have done in forever. This gay guy can't wait for them to ride off into a rainbow sunset.

Hopefully we'll get some better gays afterward. Better looking & more compelling gay characters.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28005/23/2020

I've also been thinking lately that Chad is responsible for Abby's drugging and Gabi's framing; it even sounded like Rolf hinted at it to Gabi the other day.

I didn't watch the show for a couple of weeks (DOOL fatigue), so I didn't see the episodes showing how Chad got over his Stefano "possession," but for those of you who did, is it possible Chad set this in motion while under the influence or that he might still be under the influence?

by Naughty Nicolereply 28105/23/2020

I think Chad was permanently turned. I don’t think he’s under control.

However, Rolf assured Stefano that he had a backup plan when he took out the chip from Steve’s brain, so maybe Rolf does have control.

I enjoy badass Chad and despise him with Abby.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28205/23/2020

[quote] I still remember Victor’s first episode and the music that was playing.

Yesssss! I remember that, too! Early Victor, with his creepy, menacing "If I can't have the mother, then I will have the daughter" vibe.

The whole Kim/Shane/Victor/Caroline/Bo/Baby Andrew storyline was one of the most well-executed storylines, ever. It spanned nearly two years (til the reveal that Shane was indeed Andrew's bio-father) At one point, Kimberly thought she might be Victor & Caroline's "love child"....and was possibly pregnant by Victor.... and came this ][ close to aborting Andrew.

It was soapy as HELL!! Good times!

by Naughty Nicolereply 28305/24/2020

R236, Grossman's acting skills are limited.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28405/26/2020

As are Camila’s. I don’t understand the uproar over her not being nominated.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28505/26/2020

The crazy Cin fangirls are also upset that VK and RSW weren't nominated. R285 it's the "Stabirella " fangirls who most upset about Camilla not being nominated. Camilla has gotten into a few Twitter fights because she believed almost any criticism about the character Gabi was an attack on her.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28605/26/2020

Camila needs a social media break. She’s a mess and clearly isn’t acting on DOOL. But I wish she was as good an actress and she believes she is.

And I heard VK didn’t submit because Younger Performer is basically a participation award. Not that she had anything to submit...

by Naughty Nicolereply 28705/26/2020

I’m having trouble following some of the storylines lately, especially the Orpheus stuff. I know his backstory and I remember the original story in the 80s.

But this time, I’m really confused. I’ve tried to watch it with the ‘closed captioning’ turned on so I don’t miss any dialogue.

When Rafe, Hope & Zoe were together yesterday in the warehouse right before the gun went off, what was Zoe talking about? My nephew, my son, my nephew, my son...Rafe & Hope didn’t seem surprised by what she said.

When was this revealed? Im so lost.

by Naughty Nicolereply 28805/26/2020

It was mentioned before that Zoe had a kid and an ex-husband.

Damn, Orpheus was HOT back in the day! He's still sexy now!

by Naughty Nicolereply 28905/26/2020

Sonny and Will had a bed scene today, but after their torrid lovemaking, Sonny was wearing a black t-shirt while Will was shirtless.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29005/26/2020

R290 torrid lovemaking...LMAO

by Naughty Nicolereply 29105/26/2020

So torrid it hurts...

Offsite Link
by Naughty Nicolereply 29205/26/2020

They keep a photo of Adrienne on their nightstand? That's gotta be weird looking at that while getting railed from behind.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29305/26/2020

Who’s doing who because they’re both bottoms. It’s probably mutual sucking since Sonny is always dressed which is why both look elsewhere to get railed.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29405/26/2020

Will is the top with Sonny but bottomed for Paul(and everyone else)

by Naughty Nicolereply 29505/26/2020

They have to put Sonny in "camera-slimming black" ... even after Memorial Day?

Couldn't they have gone with a lighter-colored, V-Neck with vertical stripes?

by Naughty Nicolereply 29605/26/2020

Days has several zaddys at the moment - Clyde, Orpheus, Steve, Justin and Dr. Rolf.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29705/26/2020

Those Grandpas are all in their 60s and 70s.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29805/26/2020

[quote] Will is the top with Sonny but bottomed for Paul (and everyone else).

Yes, Will even bottomed for Gabi, as she had to climb on top and turn around for some reverse cowboy, so he wouldn't be looking directly at her.

He squinted and pretended she was Mario Lopez.

by Naughty Nicolereply 29905/26/2020

I though Will was pretending she was Rafe or Chad.

In the earliest days of Chandler, Will had a workout scene with Rafe (his step daddy) and Will was all enamored and goggly-eyed. Chandler was hired with the intention of Will coming out as gay and Chandler knew that from Day One.

Around the same time, Will also vowed to do anything to help his best friend, OldCircuitBoiChad. "Don't you know I'd do anything - ANYTHING! - to help you, Chad??!!!" Chandler shrieked.

It was after the horrible, boring sex with Gabi that Will refused to have sex with her anymore, preferring to play video games. And then he fell for his other step daddy, EJ.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30005/26/2020

That works as well, R300.

by Naughty Nicolereply 30105/26/2020
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