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Cher’s Oscar Win - Was this the most dramatic Best Actress presentation ever?

Really any of them could have won except La Streep in Ironweed. Sally clearly thinks she has a chance. Glenn too. Holly Hunter maybe less so but she would have been worthy.

Meryl was looking gorgeous by the way. And Paul Newman too!

And yet Cher was clearly beloved by the Academy that night!

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by Maryreply 600Last Friday at 10:18 PM

What an odd arrangement on the screen. They’re not in alphabetical order—is it just random?

by Maryreply 104/24/2020

Sally Kirkland looks coked out of her mind

by Maryreply 204/24/2020

Wasn't Sally going around at one time claiming that she had come in second place?

by Maryreply 304/24/2020

How in the world was Sally nominated for an Oscar?

by Maryreply 404/24/2020

Sally was wonderful in "Anna". Her talk show rounds were INSANE but she was fantastic in the film.

by Maryreply 504/24/2020

She Anna

by Maryreply 604/24/2020

[quote]Wasn't Sally going around at one time claiming that she had come in second place?

Yup, she did.

by Maryreply 704/24/2020

Sally Kirkland is well known in the business. She was an acting teacher for decades. She worked with Streisand on her performance in Yentl. She helped Sandra Bullock at the start of her career.

by Maryreply 804/24/2020

Did she have a class in how getting breast implants can help your career?

by Maryreply 904/24/2020

Ha-ha Chevy - There's a reason no one has ever called you the funniest man in America.

by Maryreply 1004/24/2020

I looked up Sally Kirkland and she now looks like a cross between Brendad Ickson and Jeanne Kasem.

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by Maryreply 1104/24/2020

Let's watch Glenn lose AGAIN

by Maryreply 1204/24/2020

Sally Kirkland was robbed.

by Maryreply 1304/24/2020

Was Cher the first visibly tattooed winner of a major academy award? She was a trend-setter even then!

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by Maryreply 1404/24/2020

Cher looked so serious until her name was called.

by Maryreply 1504/24/2020

OP are you fucking nuts? Have you forgotten already?

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by Maryreply 1604/24/2020

I still think this should have gone to Glenn. As the years have gone on, this has become more and more clear to me. People still remember and talk about her performance in that film, but no one is talking about Cher in Monnstruck. I just caught the movie on TV recently and it's an ok movie and Cher is good in it, but it's nowhere near what Close did.

Just does to show you how ridiculous awards shows are. Hell, I don't even think I can remember what's won best picture in the past decade.

by Maryreply 1704/24/2020

R17, I disagree. I haven’t watched or thought about Fatal Attraction since 1987, but I’ve watched Moonstruck many times over the years. It’s a perfect, timeless film with a great lead performance.

by Maryreply 1804/24/2020

I'll always love that fascist old cunt Lillian Gish for saying she was more than happy to have been snubbed for The Whales of August that year, because at least that spared her the embarrassment of losing to Cher.

by Maryreply 1904/24/2020

R12 = M

by Maryreply 2004/24/2020

Cher has two top ten movies in 1987, Moonstruck and Witches of Eastwick, her win couldn't have been that big a surprise.

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by Maryreply 2104/24/2020

Say what you will about Kirkland, but man, I loved seeing her on the Red Carpet.

Yes, she always was ridiculous, (Google the pix yourself, you lazy bitches) but she put thought and effort into it.

by Maryreply 2204/24/2020

You have to see this Sally moment if you haven't somehow. Pretentious Sally talking to two reporters who want to get rid of her and then Edy Williams gives them their Out. While Sally goes "But... but..." to a taken away microphone. I howled when it happened, love that it is on youtube.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 2304/24/2020

There's also a funny video where the red carpet reporter says something to her "here you are again at these awards... why?!" Poor Sally is taken aback.

by Maryreply 2404/24/2020

Bagel Boy!

by Maryreply 2504/24/2020

You can't hold back the true red carpet glamor!!

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by Maryreply 2604/24/2020

When the nominees were announced Glenn must have known from the muted applause for her that she didn’t stand a chance.

by Maryreply 2704/24/2020

Cher really won for Mask

by Maryreply 2804/24/2020

"Okay Michael, Let's go!".

by Maryreply 2904/24/2020

I love you, R19. This is why I pay for Datalounge.

by Maryreply 3004/24/2020

Chevy Chase is such a stupid cunt, but my God, he was handsome!

by Maryreply 3104/24/2020

R19, Fuck that old dyke! I'm the one who had to sit there for four hours..

by Maryreply 3204/24/2020

Why is M so ecstatic when Cher was named the winner? Better her than G - might she'd been thinking?

Also, is this the first time M and G went head to head with each other?

by Maryreply 3304/24/2020

Cher and Meryl were great friends post Silkwood. Cher even gives her a special call out as Mary Louise in her speech!

by Maryreply 3404/24/2020

R33, M and C became friends when filming their lesbian nuclear drama.

by Maryreply 3504/24/2020

It seems like most people remember G's performance as a joke these days, especially the death scene.

by Maryreply 3604/24/2020

Has any man (or human, for that matter) ever aged as beautifully as Paul Newman??? Holy Mother of G.

by Maryreply 3704/24/2020

The lesbian nuclear drama aka "I made my first movie with Streep and now I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER (implied)" aka Cher forgetting she had made at least two feature films with Sonny and another with Altman long before "Silkworm."

by Maryreply 3804/24/2020

Paul Newman really was a midget!

by Maryreply 3904/24/2020

I was shocked when Cher won. I expected Holly Hunter to take it.

by Maryreply 4004/24/2020

R10 that was actually the first full telecast I watched and he was a pretty good host.

No r37. And there never will be.

by Maryreply 4104/24/2020

The awards for 1950 (in 1951) was the most dramatic.

Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson for their best performances ever, plus the spoiler Anne Baxter (and the "no way) Eleanor Parker), with Judy Holliday waltzing away with the prize.

It should have been a tie for Swanson and Davis. Or Swanson alone.

But the tension and upset was so much stronger.

No, Davis losing for Baby Jane wasn't in the same league.

by Maryreply 4204/24/2020

Who was the cute blond queen in front of Cher that clapped happily when her name was announced?

by Maryreply 4304/24/2020

Morgan Fairchild?

by Maryreply 4404/24/2020

R17, it was her ass that won her the Oscar. Everyone in Hollywood knows it.

by Maryreply 4504/24/2020

The Academy was more conservative back then. A wholesome, family centered romantic comedy like Moonstruck was probably embraced by the veteran members of the academy over the darker Fatal Attraction. The bunny boiling and suicide attempt scenes alone probably turned most of the older voters off. Plus Cher had a huge year with several hit movies and a comeback music album. She had the most momentum going into the race.

by Maryreply 4604/24/2020

And the biggest injustice that year was Faye Dunaway getting snubbed for best actress in Barfly.

Let's make that perfectly clear.

by Maryreply 4704/24/2020

R47- She was wonderful in that- soulful performance.

by Maryreply 4804/24/2020

Of those five, I would have given it to Holly Hunter. Kirkland would have been 2nd place. She was marvelous. Cher wouldn't have been in my top 5.

by Maryreply 4904/24/2020

It’s about time for a Cher comeback.

by Maryreply 5004/24/2020

R50, no it's not.

by Maryreply 5104/24/2020

Hunter won most of the critics awards that year. Kirkland largely funded her own Oscar campaign. When she won the LA Film Critics award she was told by the production company that they didn't have the funds to launch an Oscar campaign for her.

by Maryreply 5204/24/2020

Was Daphne Zuninga there?

by Maryreply 5304/24/2020

The nomination would have upped Kirkland's quote though, right? She probably made the money back and then some.

by Maryreply 5404/24/2020

Cher looked really beautiful in OP's video. So did her date, Rob Camilletti. Cher actually gave a good acceptance speech, thanking her makeup and hair people, her personal assistant, and her kids. Refreshing, actually. Nowadays, people thank their agent, their manager, the producer, blah blah blah.

However ... I never though Moonstruck was a good movie. Glen Close was part of "Fatal Attraction," which is in the cultural dictionary.

Sally Kirkland could not hide her emotions; she really wanted to win that award.

by Maryreply 5504/24/2020

I've been a Cher fan since I put a towel on my head and sang into my moms' round hair brush.

South River Elementary.

Cher was perfect in Mask and Moonstruck. She deserved the AW for both. Mask is underrated.

by Maryreply 5604/24/2020

It's rare that this category had three absolutely worthy winners, which would have looked fine in retrospect.

Cher's win has aged fine. Close's win that year would have aged fine. So, would have Hunter's, though she may have also ended up winning for The Piano (unsure).

Anyway, all three were in BP nominees. Rare for this category pre-expansion in 2009.

by Maryreply 5704/24/2020

"I'm a lesbian that's been exposed to nuclear waste. Ho!"

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by Maryreply 5804/24/2020

Sally's talented, but her pathetic thirst for that award kinda turned me off to her. Made her seem like a total kook.

by Maryreply 5904/24/2020

Well she kind of is R59, but it was still nice to see a working actor and not a big star in the mix as a nominee. She was wonderful and terrifying as Mark and David's mother in Roseanne.

by Maryreply 6004/24/2020

R42, Bette often said she would have cheered if Swanson had won. She also felt that Holliday had the advantage of perfecting her performance after 1,200 performances on Broadway.

by Maryreply 6104/24/2020

R47, Good evening, Faye.

by Maryreply 6204/24/2020

Moonstruck is such an overrated piece of shit. And yes, Glenn was robbed.

by Maryreply 6304/24/2020

R59, Sally had won a Golden Globe Award for "Anna", which gave her hope for an Oscar win.

by Maryreply 6404/24/2020

"Did she have a class in how getting breast implants can help your career?"

Remember: 'Acting'... is atTRACTing.

by Maryreply 6504/24/2020

R63 That's what she gets for boiling that rabbit.

by Maryreply 6604/24/2020

[quote]Sally Kirkland is well known in the business.

As batshit crazy.

[quote]She was an acting teacher for decades.

Those who can't...

[quote]She worked with Streisand on her performance in Yentl.

Ah, finally, someone to blame for Avigdor, WAIT.

by Maryreply 6704/24/2020

Did Sally Kirkland want it as badly as Kathy Turner did the previous year?

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 6804/24/2020

R68 OMG that doesn’t even look like her! That hair is terrible!

by Maryreply 6904/24/2020

r32 I adored Ann Sothern in everything she did, but especially if you watch her when they are reading the names of the nominees for BSA. When they get to her and there is applause and she gives a kind of side-eye as if to say, "Yeah, yeah, you wait till I'm ancient and too infirm to climb the stairs, and I've got no chance of winning--the theatre bitch who played Cher's mom is a shoo-in. And I'm up against a Scientologists and someone whose entire performance is based on having throat cancer and dime other dame." it was ironic that she was the only one in the cast of Whales of August to get a nomination. I remember that one of the morning shows accidentally put a picture of Gish up Ephron dj owing the BA nominees--did Kirkland or Streep take her slot? I'm sure Davis was hoping she'd get one last shot at it--sadly, the stroke had do impaired her that her performance didn't have much range. Price was surprisingly you vying, despite his hammy accent--since Sothern hot a nomination (and she was good in her role--the only really bright spot), surely there could gave been a space for him (though Connery was not going to be beaten--I mean he did his role without a toupee!).

by Maryreply 7004/24/2020

Kirkland is a great actress and not afraid to take tough and risky roles that many actors wouldn't dare to do. She's kookoo but is respected for talent by many in the industry.

Cher can be very good and I actually like her more as actress than as a singer, but she's not in the same league as Close, Kirkland and even Hunter.

I tend to agree that she won because she was overlooked for performance in Mask (her best acting performance) and gave a good performance in Moonstruck. But Close or Kirkland should've won that year.

by Maryreply 7104/24/2020

As mentioned above, Cher was also the biggest star of 1987, and Moonstruck hit all the right buttons for AMPAS.

by Maryreply 7204/24/2020

Obviously, Streisand's tie with Katharine Hepburn, as presented by Ingmar Bergman, was the most dramatic Best Actress presentation ever.

by Maryreply 7304/24/2020

R73, "Katharine Hepburn for "The Lion in the Winter".

by Maryreply 7404/24/2020

Close was not robbed, Cher gave a lovely performance in Moonstruck.

by Maryreply 7504/24/2020

R75 = Georgia Holt

by Maryreply 7604/24/2020

Seeing Sally on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is so entertaining!

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 7704/24/2020

The crowd in that room really goes wild for her. Lots of winners get standing ovations but Cher’s win seems special, as if everyone was rooting for her success.

by Maryreply 7804/25/2020

Who am I going to have to sleep with to get Cherylynn her second Oscar?

by Maryreply 7904/25/2020

R77, the most important thing is to be a lady.

by Maryreply 8004/25/2020

She didn't even thank Sonny. That's why I don't like her.

by Maryreply 8104/25/2020

"I would like to thank the little people." WTF, did she just say that?

by Maryreply 8204/25/2020

Wasn't Cher being boned and tongued by Gene Simmons at that time or was it the McDonald's boy Rob Camiletti? Why do I remember these names.

by Maryreply 8304/25/2020

R83, I think it was Greg Allman. Husband number 5 (that we know about).

by Maryreply 8404/25/2020

I thought Sally gave the best performance that year. Anna has, sadly, been forgotten. I don't think it's been on cable tv in decades but I have my dvd copy. There was drama the year before because Cher was not nominated for Mask so the Academy made it up to her by giving her the award for Moonstruck. She was better in Mask. And was Moonstruck really offered to Sally Field? I love Sally but geez. Was Angelica Huston not available

by Maryreply 8504/25/2020

It was McDonald's boy in 1987. Allman was from the 1970s when her son was born, not the tranny son, the real boy son.

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by Maryreply 8604/25/2020

[quote] Wasn't Cher being boned and tongued by Gene Simmons at that time or was it the McDonald's boy Rob Camiletti?

Rob 🥯 is in the audience next to Chaz.

by Maryreply 8704/25/2020

It seems like Streep is nominated literally every year. Any time there’s a clip shown here of a random year’s Best Actress, Streep is one of the nominees.

by Maryreply 8804/25/2020

Streep only got all those Oscars because she blew Harvey when ever he called. It's a known fact in H-wood.

by Maryreply 8904/25/2020

R89 Streep should be glad to have gotten ANY work in her life considering she has the most horrendous beak known to man. I always burp up the taste of vagina when I see her beak squawking.

by Maryreply 9004/25/2020

Sally and Skippy.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 9104/25/2020

R91, That would be Skip E.

by Maryreply 9204/25/2020

i just checked Bafta's nominees that year and surprised only Cher was there.

by Maryreply 9304/25/2020

I wish Anna would get a proper DVD or Blu Ray release. I'd love to see it again.

by Maryreply 9404/25/2020

Here's Olympia's win. Interesting lineup of actresses

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 9504/25/2020

I think Cher's very likable and that's probably why everyone was rooting for her. For someone known as one of the great pop divas of all time, there's nothing really diva-esque about the way she treats other people and that goes a long way.

I do wish she take a few more interesting movie roles before she croaks, though. And no, Mamma Mia 2 doesn't count.

by Maryreply 9604/25/2020

[Quote] For someone known as one of the great pop divas of all time

Where? Cher has never been very well regarded as a singer.

by Maryreply 9704/25/2020

[quote][R91], That would be Skip E

Not once you saw him coming through the Silver Spoon parking lot.

by Maryreply 9804/25/2020

I once saw a retrospective of the Sonny and Cher show on TV. Cher worked hard every time she appeared, whether acting or singing. She was invested in making it good.

by Maryreply 9904/25/2020

The Artisan DVD of "Anna" is truly bizarre -- because they left off the SUBTITLES for all the Czech spoken in the film! Whole passages between Anna and Christiana upfront. I know what they are saying because I have seen it dozens of times but the average viewer would be truly WTF...

by Maryreply 10004/26/2020

P.S. I think John Pierson writes about how they thought of pushing "Anna" for more Oscars until they saw the review by Janet Maslin, I think: "100 Ridiculous Things About 'Anna'" (I may have the number wrong). Dying to find and read it. I can think of a few right offhand like the barking dog in the rain scene.

by Maryreply 10104/26/2020

It's a truly badly written article. Maslin clearly had a hair up her cunt about the movie.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 10204/26/2020

[Quote] Miss Kirkland's immensely dignified presence

Was that a comical opinion back then as well?

by Maryreply 10304/26/2020

Sally’s problem was that she seemed SO desperate to win and she didn’t even try to hide it. Just watch her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes or her facial expression at the Oscars. Sure everyone wants to win, but she looked so desperate and pathetic to win. I’m surprised she didn’t faint when her name wasn’t called.

by Maryreply 10404/26/2020

I think at the time, this was probably the voting order:

1. Cher 2. Holly Hunter. 3. Sally K 4. Glenn 5. Meryl

But if the voting were done today, I'd bet on Glenn to win. Also, kind of surprising that Lillian Gish was left off. She was the grandmother of Hollywood and invented the close-up, after all. I bet if she had gotten the nomination, she would have also gotten all the sentiment given to Cher and would have won. How could the Academy have resisted? (and maybe Joan Crawford would have accepted for her). lol

by Maryreply 10504/26/2020

As I mentioned upthread, this was the first full Oscars I ever watched (and I actually enjoyed it; all downhill from there). I was rooting for Broadcast News which had been nominated for 10 awards and came out winning nada, so I was pissed.

by Maryreply 10604/26/2020

Sally could’ve parlayed her nom into a solid career as a character actress but wanted to be a leading lady, which at 47 wasn’t going to happen.

by Maryreply 10704/26/2020

R106 Broadcast News was also my favorite movie that year. And Albert Brooks performance was deserving, (although I thought he was co-lead with Hurt and Hunter).

by Maryreply 10804/26/2020

Standing os were rare in those days. This was only the fourth one after Art Carney, Don Ameche and Geraldine Page. Gotta love Cher. She says shit at the base of the stairs when she’s trying to adjust her wrap.

by Maryreply 10904/26/2020

r28, How did she not get a nod for that role. She was riveting.

by Maryreply 11004/26/2020

R110 It was kind of an oddity. Cher won the Cannes award, and was nominated for a Globe. There was no stopping Geraldine Page winning the "career achievement" award for Trip to Bountiful, but kind of a big snub that Cher was not among the 5, (I think she could easily have taken Anne Bancroft or even Jessica Lange's place).

by Maryreply 11104/27/2020

Also interesting the year Page won for Bountiful: Anne Bancroft was nominated for Agnes of God, a role Page originated on Broadway. So Geraldine Page did to Anne Bancroft kind of what Julie Andrews did to Audrey Hepburn.

by Maryreply 11204/27/2020

THANK YOU, R102! I have wanted to read that review for decades. I can think of plenty of other absurd moments that she didn't mention -- the lover barking like a dog in a rainstorm that looks like sprinklers were turned on in unison (61, 62). Kristyna stealing Anna's story about having a baby in prison and it being unchallenged (63), the teacher running up in his new silk shirt (in the rain) and then blowing Anna a raspberry (64), Anna not being used at all to sell tickets to that crappy play when she would have merited at least a story in the NYT (65), a producer and hot director arriving for a meeting with an agent who has MIDGETS on one file cabinet (66), on and on. Oh and Paulina lugging around NYC three or four huge suitcases that clearly have nothing in them or she could never pick up two.

But I still love it and it's worth the price of admission for Sally in her audition refusing to improvise, the letters home to "Dear Noodle" and the great scene of Anna on overdose from Paulina praise and a truly unique choice with a piece of cake and a fork. And, of course, her being slapped in the rain and crying, "It hurts!" One of my favorites, warts and all.

by Maryreply 11304/27/2020

[quote]Just watch her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

The first time I visited her apartment, she wouldn't let me leave until I held her Globe.

by Maryreply 11404/27/2020

Yes, f'ank you R102 for cutting and pasting for those of us on THIS SIDE of the Times' pay wall.

by Maryreply 11504/27/2020

(P.S. I could do 100 Absurd Moments for "Mask" too, a truly awful film and Cher was not that convincing either (the real mother a chubby biker chick, not a pop star). Not sure what was worse, the cuddly biker gang bringing Rocky a puppy or the rich blind girl whose upscale education apparently did not include innovations in teaching kids colors. Thank God Rocky came along -- and she loved him, despite his face. Un huh, 'cause of course she couldn't feel it. Oh and the hooker with the heart of gold that Rocky practically coaches on a career path. awwwwful.)

by Maryreply 11604/27/2020

[Quote] the great scene of Anna on overdose from Paulina praise and a truly unique choice with a piece of cake and a fork.

Excuse me?

by Maryreply 11704/27/2020

Watch it. Her lover's mother is trying to hand her a piece of birthday cake and Sally does some business that is funny as hell and truly bizarre and yet totally right.

by Maryreply 11804/27/2020

(Since she is getting a little sick of Kristyna, who is getting all the breaks at this point including Daniel's attention as her "Manager" -- and, at dinner, the young girl is showing off the dozen languages she can speak. It's the kind of thing that got Sally the Oscar nod, truly).

by Maryreply 11904/27/2020

Paul Newman was just gorgeous.

by Maryreply 12004/27/2020

Only Newman’s second time presenting at the Oscars believe it or not. The first was when he first married Joanne the year she won in 1958.

by Maryreply 12104/27/2020

[quote]The first was when he first married Joanne the year she won in 1958.

And wore a homemade dress to the awards.

by Maryreply 12204/27/2020

Here you go, R115. Bow to me.

A NUMBER of hard-to-believe things happen right at the beginning of 'Anna,' a first film directed by Yurek Bogayevicz and written by Agnieszka ('Angry Harvest') Holland. No. 1: though the title character, a once-celebrated Czechoslovak actress (played by Sally Kirkland), lives amid the kind of gloomy decor in which one might expect to find an elderly lady, she emerges as a leggy, chic-looking creature. No. 2: also emerging, apparently from a mud puddle near the Brooklyn Bridge, is an even leggier and more chic-looking figure dressed in rags.

No. 3: the latter clutches Anna's home address in her hand and turns out to be a wildly devoted young fan named Krystyna, just off the plane from Czechoslovakia. She arrives at Anna's door just after Anna has left, and still (4) tracks Anna to the audition for which she is headed. At the audition, a group of terrible actresses try out, as Anna literally and figuratively towers over them. But these awful actresses win roles in a big hit play about women (5). And Anna (6) lands only an understudy's role.

Krystyna introduces herself to Anna, then collapses in a faint because she hasn't eaten in three days (this isn't hard to believe, it's just predictable). Anna takes Krystyna in to live with her (7). Krystyna begins to change; her brown teeth turn white after only one trip to a friendly dentist (8). Meanwhile, Anna, who rues her own failure, continues to encourage Krystyna (9) in her path to instant stardom (10). And the whole thing turns out to be an 'All About Eve' variation in which Eve is just too nice (11 through 55) for words.

A cliche-load this hefty is no less irritating with a Middle European accent than it would be any other way, despite Miss Kirkland's immensely dignified presence and the obvious glamour of Paulina Porizkova, the star fashion model who plays Krystyna. Miss Porizkova is gorgeous, and she also has a spry, unpredictable manner that works well on the screen, but the film seems too determined to turn her into Audrey Hepburn, making her do things with which not even Miss Hepburn, at her most elfin, could get away. What happens when Anna coaxes Krystyna into traveling to the Hamptons - of which she has never heard (56) - to catch the eye of a very famous director? Nothing compromising (57). And the director drives her home the next day in his limousine, drinking champagne (actually, this seems likelier than most of the film's other events). And when Krystyna steps out of the car, smiling as usual, a crowd of children gather around because they love her (I've stopped counting).

In addition to its falseness, 'Anna' also sounds a note of self-pity about Anna's overlooked brilliance and her faded career. She went to jail in 1968, after the Soviet invasion of her homeland, for speaking out against the new regime. Her husband was out of the country at the time. Since then, Anna has lived in dispiriting exile, while he has gone from being Czechoslovakia's most renowned film director to a man who makes rock videos (oh, all right - 59). He rejects Anna when he sees her, but when one of Anna's old films is shown to a near-empty house, there he is in the theater (60).

Incidentally, 'Anna' offers a glimpse of this film and a few looks at the play in which Anna is not quite appearing. But the former isn't good enough to explain Anna's great reputation, and the latter is much more foolish than it needs to be. Glimpses like this are always problematic. Unless the larger film is itself unassailable, there's a danger of letting the pot call the kettle black.

by Maryreply 12304/27/2020


'Anna' will be shown tonight at 9:15 and Sunday at 7 P.M. at Alice Tully Hall as part of the 25th New York Film Festival. Strange Happenings ANNA, directed by Yurek Bogayevicz; screenplay by Agnieszka Holland; story by Mr. Bogayevicz and Mr. Holland; director of photography, Bobby Bukowski; edited by Julie Sloane; production designer, Lester Cohen; produced by Zanne Devine and Mr. Bogayevicz; released by Vestron Pictures. At Alice Tully Hall, as part of the 25th New York Film Festival. Running time: 95 minutes. This film has no rating.

by Maryreply 12404/27/2020

R112 is that why Bancroft rolls her eyes at F Murray Abraham’s “greatest living actress” pronouncement?

I love her for that alone, btw.

by Maryreply 12504/27/2020

I like Cher but monstruck and her performance are as overated as they come. G was completely robbed!

by Maryreply 12604/27/2020

Cher is one of the least deserving winners ever. She's delivered some good acting performances but her acting in "Moonstruck" was not award-worthy. I generally think comedic performances don't get recognised enough at awards shows, but even so, Cher's performance falls flat for me. I didn't find her funny or appealing or even very memorable. She's better than Nic Cage but that isn't saying much.

Looking back at those nominees now I'd vote for Hunter or Close.

by Maryreply 12704/27/2020

I would not have even nominated Cher that year, but I would have given her the Oscar for Silkwood over Linda Hunt and I also would have nominated her for Mask and Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, so her win bothers me less than, say, Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook.

by Maryreply 12804/27/2020

Fun Fact: Anne Bancroft won her Oscar for The Miracle Worker in 1962, beating Geraldine Page for Sweet Bird of Youth. Somebody else interesting was nominated that year but I can't recall who. Anyone??

by Maryreply 12904/28/2020

Joan Crawford for "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

by Maryreply 13004/28/2020

R129 - 1963 Best Actress Winner: Anne Bancroft – The Miracle Worker. Also nominated: Bette Davis – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Katharine Hepburn – Long Day's Journey into Night, Geraldine Page – Sweet Bird of Youth and Lee Remick – Days of Wine and Roses.

by Maryreply 13104/28/2020

Did Kate Hepburn get nominated for every damn film she made in her later life?

by Maryreply 13204/28/2020

For R125 (I made this gif years ago):

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 13304/28/2020

R132 no. Madwoman of Chaillot and Trojan Women and Grace Quigley weren’t. Her last theatrical film was Love Affair. I know you’re being funny. Hepburn won on the last three Oscar nominations of her life. It seems it was an embarrassment of riches where everything she touches turned to gold through the late 60s to early 80s. She even won an Emmy in 1975.

by Maryreply 13404/28/2020

Hepburn quietly campaigned for the Oscar in 1962. She thought it was her finest performance.

by Maryreply 13504/28/2020

R135 that’s what I’ve heard. Make no mistake. Hepburn LOVED to win. She just couldn’t stand being a loser if she attended an Oscar show. She acted like she was above it all. But she wasn’t.

by Maryreply 13604/28/2020

R136, I know the feeling. I do my best acting when I pretend to be happy for my fellow nominees.

by Maryreply 13704/28/2020

R136, Bacall wrote in her memoirs that the year when she was nominated for a Tony for "Applause", Hepburn was also nominated for "Coco". Hepburn assumed she'd win and asked Bacall to accept the award on her behalf.

I wonder if she was annoyed when Bacall ended up winning.

by Maryreply 13804/28/2020

R138, Doubt it. The next day, Hepburn sent Bacall flowers and a portrait she had painted. They were and remained close up until Hepburn's death. Hepburn was also Sam Robards' godmother.

by Maryreply 13904/28/2020

There was an article in “Rolling Stone” about Sally Kirkland and her quest for the Oscar that year. The consensus seemed to be that Kirkland’s performance was outstanding, but her relentless, unabashed thirst for the award were distasteful.

by Maryreply 14004/28/2020

And yet the Academy seemed to have no problem with Kate Winslet's desperate campaign for the award the year she won.

by Maryreply 14104/28/2020

No Oscar campaign has been more embarrassing than Melissa Leo's. And Leo still won, right?

by Maryreply 14204/28/2020

Jane Fonda tells a story of how Hepburn called her up the day after she won her 4th for "On Golden Pond" saying "You'll never catch me now". If Jane had won the night before she would have tied Kate on 3. She totally cared about Oscar!

by Maryreply 14304/28/2020

Excuse me, 142, God's wants me to win anudder Oscar nomination ones of these days.

by Maryreply 14404/28/2020

I haven't seen "The Color Purple". Was Avery writing in the voice of her character?

[Quote] Dear God, My name is Margaret Avery. I knows dat I been blessed by Alice Walker, Steven Spielberg, and Quincy Jones, who gave me the part of "Shug" Avery in The Color Purple. Now I is up for one of the nominations fo’ Best Supporting Actress alongst with some fine, talented ladies that I is proud to be in the company of. Well, God, I guess the time has come fo’ the Academy’s voters to decide whether I is one of the Best Supporting Actresses this year or not! Either way, thank you, LORD, for the opportunity. Your little daughter, Margaret Avery

by Maryreply 14504/28/2020

Oop. There's the answer.

[Quote] According to Deadline, Avery was criticized for writing the ad in a stereotypical dialect that wasn't even used by the character she portrayed in the film.

by Maryreply 14604/28/2020

Yep. It was pretty bad. Another, before my time thankful.y was Cnill Wills for "The Alamo" who took out an ad saying that the dead killed in the Alamo were hoping he'd get a nomination. I kid you not.

by Maryreply 14704/28/2020

Here's a rundown.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 14804/28/2020

Cher was great in Mask. She was especially outstanding during the scene where she found out her son died.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 14904/28/2020

I loved Lee Remick. I don't think she ever got her due.

by Maryreply 15004/28/2020

R150, She fucked JFK.

by Maryreply 15104/28/2020

[quote] According to Deadline, Avery was criticized for writing the ad in a stereotypical dialect that wasn't even used by the character she portrayed in the film.

Except that wasn't what she was trying to do. She wrote it in the style Alice Walker used in the novel.

by Maryreply 15204/28/2020

[Quote] Except that wasn't what she was trying to do. She wrote it in the style Alice Walker used in the novel.

That explains it. Did Walker comment on the ad?

by Maryreply 15304/28/2020

Cannot say for sure. Back then I wasn't as plugged in as now. Also, I was just a teenager (but I had read the book).

by Maryreply 15404/28/2020

R151 Good for Lee Remick.

by Maryreply 15504/29/2020

Close was definitely in the hunt that year, and by the next year, she was favored for Dangerous Liasons. Jodie Foster's win was seen as something of an upset. I remember Siskel and Ebert both predicting Close would win, with Siskel saying it would be a "mini-career award."

by Maryreply 15604/29/2020

R156 Close wasn’t even up for the globe, which was crazy. What added to the fun of that awards season was there was a three way tie at the globes for lead drama actress. Foster, Weaver and MacClaine. Plus Kevin Kline and Geena Davis won Oscars without being up for globes either. Close came in second in sure. Fosters Hinckley narrative was enough to put her over the top.

by Maryreply 15704/29/2020

Glenn should have been nominated for 101 Dalmatians and Best Supporting Actress for The Paper as well.

by Maryreply 15804/29/2020

R158, 🙄

by Maryreply 15904/29/2020

Dangerous Liaisons premiered in Los Angeles on 11 December 1988, and then a limited run started 21 December (IMDb or it was released 16 December (Wikipedia). GG-nominated films like Rain Man followed a similar release pattern.

The NBR selected it as part of their Top 10 of the year by 13 December.

GG nominations were announced 4 January 1989, 3 weeks later. Dangerous Liaisons was missing. This was always a head-scratcher for me. But, I think I may have pieced it together.

I don't know if the HFPA had been issued copies of the film (if they did that in those days) and/or if WB hosted screenings for the HFPA specifically. They didn't nominate composer George Fenton, who they had recognised the year before for his very first time. Close was already a 3x nominee and she delivered a performance that has gone down well in history. Pfeiffer, on the other hand, was nominated in the comedy/musical category for Married to the Mob (though the Globes weren't above double-nominating someone as they had with Sigourney Weaver that year, who would go on to be a double-winner on Globes night). She would also go on to win the BAFTA for Liaisons well over a year later (due to eligibility and release dates, it competed with a lot of 1989-released films). Screenwriter Christopher Hampton (who adapted his own hit play) would go on to win with the WGA, Oscar and the BAFTA. Stephen Frears would win Best Director with the Boston Film Critics.

Either the HFPA didn't care for Dangerous Liaisons to an inexplicable degree (they didn't demonstrate any aversion to period costume dramas), they simply hadn't seen it (doubtful), or there was some other strange reason. All I can come up with is that they had already recognised too many WB films in a major categories: Running on Empty, A Cry in the Dark, The Accidental Tourist, Stand and Deliver. They totalled a hefty 11 nominations between the four (a lot for one studio). The HFPA nominated seven films in the drama category that year, three of those were from WB. Two of the drama lead actress category (Close's) were also from WB (Streep, Lahti). It's quite possible that WB prioritised Empty, Dark, and Deliver, and didn't realise until later that their real competitor was Liaisons. Despite its hefty seven nomination haul, Frears missed a directing nod (to a lesser extent, Malkovich missed, but arguably delivered a performance that just wasn't liked/loved enough), editor Mick Audsley missed, and Philippe Rousselot (nominated for BAFTA, ASC, NSFC) missed in cinematography. So, in some ways, the film both under AND over-performed on Oscar nomination morning. There was no indication that it was going to do so well. But, on the other hand, missing in key categories shows that it may have caught on too late. It easily won three categories, though, it wasn't facing stiff competition in those three. It would have contended for cinematography had it been nominated, I think, as well.

And had it caught on sooner--despite the role--Close might have slipped in and won. Foster had "the right role." But, as the Globes had shown, the race was open. Foster had youth, as well as playing a rape victim in an emotive performance (repeated later with Hilary Swank and Charlize Theron), and the narrative of "child star gone right". It was a comeback for her making good on her promise and emerging strong post-Hinkley. However, Close was also 5x nominated and was on the tail-end of one of the most talked-about performances in years. She was also in a film that was beloved by the Academy (albeit a love caught on too late). It also "hurt" her that her role was subtle and wasn't "front and centre," and while substantial, she doesn't have the screen-time that Foster did.

The $14M film made $35M, the 29th highest-grossing film and 3rd highest-grossing BP nominee of 1988. It also outgrossed the 4 aforementioned WB films. Had it been prioritised earlier in the season, I think it could have performed better. Hindsight is 20/20.

Thank you for reading.

by Maryreply 16004/29/2020

Great clip r149, it really got me in the gut like always (aka I cried), but why wasn't the next shot included? Cher goes over to Rocky's map of Europe and pulls out the pushpins that marked his dream destinations, and says "Now you can go anywhere you want to."

First time I saw Mask, packed theatre and that scene, you couldn't hear a pin drop because everyone there was sobbing and sniffling.

by Maryreply 16104/29/2020

For Oscar Year 1988, I also recall a cartoon in USA Today on their "Oscar ballot page" of the Life section. It showed Close and Streep fighting over the Oscar, so the pundit(s) putting it together could have thought the race was between them. That would be weird because Streep was already a 2x winner with just 12 years in the industry. While Streep was quite good (arguably one of her Top 10 performances), it was clear the Academy didn't bite with A Cry in the Dark. And as later years showed, they weren't going to give Streep an Oscar so easily. With more losers in the audience than winners on Globe night, I almost want to wager that Streep was fourth or fifth at the Oscars, despite the NYFCC giving her a third win.

That year, Universal Pictures had Gorillas in the Mist, The Last Temptation of Christ, Midnight Run, Moon Over Parador, and Twins. 1988 was a great year for big studio "adult"-geared comedies. Working Girl, A Fish Called Wanda, Big, and Bull Durham were part of the top tier (I'd even throw in Married to the Mob). They couldn't compete with Midnight Run, Moon Over Parador, and Twins. The Last Temptation of Christ was extremely controversial (to put it mildly) and had difficulties making its money back. Martin Scorsese wasn't having mainstream success with audiences, and the critics weren't overwhelmingly supporting him either. That left the Dian Fossey biopic. It was received well (nominations for screenplay and editing), but the level of passion just wasn't at the right level for it to win an Oscar (it missed in sound, cinematography, and director). Further complicating matters was that the film centred around Weaver's performance, which was arguably overshadowed by her memorable villain in Working Girl. I imagine she was fourth or fifth.

And it was Working Girl which was capturing the hearts of America. The film would go on to be one of the Top 10 highest-grossing films of 1988. Both Griffith and Weaver were competitive for Oscars in their respective categories for the film. Griffith delivered a star-making turn compared by some critics to Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday (who incidentally beat both Bette Davis in All About Eve AND Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd). In addition to Die Hard competing for technical awards, 20th Century Fox had two main award-players that year, both comedies. Tom Hanks was competing for Best Actor in Big, and their campaign for Working Girl appeared to coalesce around Griffith, Weaver, and Carly Simon, at least initially. However, on Oscar nomination morning, Weaver would have to start competing against costar Joan Cusack, who had won with the Boston critics. Mike Nichols missing, and perhaps even editing missing, though, showed that the Academy wasn't totally head-over-heels for Working Girl (though Simon would go on to win for her inspirational "Let the River Run"). Winning with the Boston critics, and coming up as a RUN in NYFCC and NSFC, I think Griffith could have been second or third. She could have easily won in another year.

I think the race was between Foster, Close, and Griffith.

by Maryreply 16204/29/2020

I find Mask incredibly mawkish and impossible to watch.

by Maryreply 16304/29/2020

I agree, R163. I thought "Mask" was a clumsy, manipulative and horribly written. It was basically the kind of "Disease/Deformity of the Week" tripe you'd see on Lifetime with an overwrought performance by Cher. To me it felt like one of those studio tapings of sitcoms where someone holds up signs telling the audience to "laugh", "cry", "sniffle", or "cluck".

In other words, typical Oscar bait. Obviously they missed a trick somewhere and she didn't even get nominated.

by Maryreply 16404/29/2020

I think the "trick" was that she and Bogdanovich fought like cats and dogs and he said he had tricked that performance out of her (same as he said about Tatum). Made her look worse than him, especially when she bitched about scenes cut (more likely by Universal than director) and music changed due to cost. It's a bad BAD movie, no matter how you cut it, and a friend of mine is in it. And just as bad as everyone else.

by Maryreply 16504/30/2020

Tatum should not have won the Oscar, that should have gone to Linda Blair. Everybody knows that. Sometimes, the Oscars never give it to the right performances, it’s more of a popularity vote.

by Maryreply 16604/30/2020

Excuse me, can we talk about my being robbed?

by Maryreply 16704/30/2020

Robbed of what, Sally? Your sanity? I thought you willingly gave it up years before that Oscar night.

by Maryreply 16804/30/2020

If we're going to talk about Oscar nominees with questionable sanity, then we must mention Sylvia Miles.

by Maryreply 16904/30/2020

I do feel sorry for Sally, though. She gave a good performance and the Oscar may have done more for her career than it did for Cher, who was the least deserving of the nominees.

by Maryreply 17004/30/2020

OP is right, Streep looks very beautiful in the clip.

by Maryreply 17104/30/2020

I grew to love Holly Hunter with time but her twang in "Broadcast News" was annoying as hell, especially when combined with her forced "quirky" line reads (where she and Hurt both pause in unusual places so they won't be cut away from in editing, an old trick). I like the film but she is exhausting with readings like "Nobody's forcing you to stay on the fast T-rack." and "How can you say that (2,3,4) to ME?" I'd put her in last. Even she said she thought they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

by Maryreply 17204/30/2020

Meryl really does herself a favour by never bitching about not winning and always acting pleased for those who win over her. Some years she's given the best performance of the nominated 5 (A Cry In The Dark, Bridges of Madison County, Adaptation, Doubt) but never bitches.

This helps her appear above it all and able to make jokes about not caring, even though she likely does.

by Maryreply 17304/30/2020

Streep has never appeared more genuinely pleased for another winner than she did for Cher, though!

by Maryreply 17404/30/2020

She was pretty ecstatic for Susan Sarandon too!

And it was Patricia Arquette's speech which gave us this memorable gif ... (more about the speech than Patricia winning, but still ,,, )

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 17504/30/2020

"The owner has set this gif to private."

by Maryreply 17604/30/2020

As much as I loved Cher in Mask and thought she at least deserved a nomination, had she been, we never would have had one of the most iconic Oscar moments of all time....

(I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet),

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 17704/30/2020

R162 unsure what’s you mean by missing? Nichols was nominated for the Oscar for Working Girl.

by Maryreply 17804/30/2020

Cher won the oscar in 1988. Fine. She wouldn't haven been my first choice (or second or third), but it's nice that she got her due. What I never understood though is why she got a standing ovation. Like someone mentioned upthread, standing o's were rare back then. Meryl didn't even get one for Sophie's Choice. Why did Cher get one at that ceremony?

by Maryreply 17904/30/2020

R179, because she was an entertainment legend, even then.

by Maryreply 18004/30/2020

R179 she had a lot of industry support by not being nominated for Mask. Plus it was a matter of finally being taken seriously as an actress. She had been building momentum as an actress since the early 80s. Like she said in her speech, she had never won a peer award. Cher was everywhere in 1987. Three well received movies, plus her comeback album. She definitely had that underdog quality which helped her to win.

by Maryreply 18104/30/2020

R178 Thanks for the correction. I meant to write "Kevin Wade, screenplay" and it came out "Mike Nichols, directing"! I'm unsure why lol. I'm getting old!

by Maryreply 18204/30/2020


I played Helen Lawson.

Jealous, bitches?

by Maryreply 18304/30/2020

[quote] Tatum should not have won the Oscar, that should have gone to Linda Blair. Everybody knows that.

Are you high? Linda Blair is a fucking terrible actress and others did all the heavy lifting for her in the Exorcist. I know Tatum is no major talent, herself, but she was very very good in Paper Moon and has proven (on very few occasions) that she can conjure up a decent performance. Blair was just one disaster after another.

by Maryreply 18404/30/2020

Ellen burstyn said in her book that she regretted not standing up for Linda Blair when people questioned her performance. She said they both did most of their own stunts and both have had life long issues from being thrown around. Most of the dialogue was Linda Blair as well.

by Maryreply 18504/30/2020


Ed TV here!

by Maryreply 18604/30/2020

Candy Clark (andy many others) were expecting Sylvia Sidney to win but that movie was a big bore and is now largely forgotten . Really, category fraud aside, it should have been Madeline Kahn's.

by Maryreply 18704/30/2020

Kahn would’ve been a great choice. I would’ve been happy with a Blair win also. No child actor has ever been put through what Friedkin did to Linda. She really pulled off a lot of difficult things in transforming from playful child to demon and is still remembered better than the other four nominees. The McCambridge and Dietz shit really put the kabosh on her chances, but they were only a component of her performance.

by Maryreply 18804/30/2020

I don't love Madeline in Paper Moon, but I would have given her the Oscar the year before and after Paper Moon for her amazing performances in What's Up, Doc and Young Frankenstein. She was comedy gold.

by Maryreply 18904/30/2020

Blair sounds half retarded before she becomes possessed and then may as well just be a stunt person afterwards. The Exorcist is one of my 10 all time favorite films and I've seen it many, many times, and I can't for the life of me understand anyone justifying an Oscar win for Blair. Burstyn- 100%. I think she should have won over Glenda Jackson in that shit piece of shit A Touch of Class (which would have cleared Gena Rowlands for a much deserved win for A Woman Under the Influence), but Blair hasn't got the talent of a flea's fart.

by Maryreply 19004/30/2020

You wouldn't treat Sally Kellerman this way.

by Maryreply 19104/30/2020

Glenn Close or Holly Hunter should have won. Their performances were so much better than Cher's.

by Maryreply 19204/30/2020

"Tatum should not have won the Oscar, that should have gone to Linda Blair. Everybody knows that."

No. Linda Blair's performance in "The Exorcist" was special effects. She certainly had to endure a lot of discomfort during the filming; she was a trouper in that regard. But when it came to acting, she was nothing. Even her performance as the unpossessed Regan was ridiculous; she seemed more like a five year old than a 12 year old. And of course Mercedes McCambridge did the voice of the demon. Yes, she did littler real acting. And her subsequent performances proved what little talent she had.

Madeline Kahn or Candy Clark should have won that year. Madeline Kahn should have won because she, as she always did, gave a wonderful performance. And Candy Clark was perfection as the ditzy Debbie in "American Graffiti."

by Maryreply 19304/30/2020

[Quote] she, as she always did, gave a wonderful performance.

Let me tell you about Mad Kahn...

by Maryreply 19404/30/2020

I could've done Boulevard.

by Maryreply 19504/30/2020

Kinda nice to hear “and the WINNER is.” Can’t say that shit no more.

by Maryreply 19604/30/2020

Okay, you guys are probably gonna give me shit for this, but here goes.....The categories aren't "Best Actress" and "Best Supporting Actress", they're "Best Performance by an Actress in a leading role" and "Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role". Emphasis on "Performance". = what appears on screen. So yes, we know all the coaching Bogdanovich gave Tatum, and all the tricks used to get that performance out of her, (as well as what must have been extensive editing) - but the performance of Tatum - as it appears on screen - is close to perfection. The award itself is probably deserved more by Bog and his editor, but the actress is given the credit. If the award were based on actual talent, creativity and effort in playing the role, then Kahn is probably the best, and Linda Blair probably the least.

But based strictly on what appears on screen, I would deem all 5 worthy of nomination! (and, yes, I actually saw all 5).

by Maryreply 19704/30/2020

The Way We Were and A Star Is Born would not have been succsessful without the major contribution by a minister of The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness .

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 19805/01/2020

Linda Blair gave a performance of a lifetime, you’re all just jealous because you didn’t play the demon.

by Maryreply 19905/01/2020

[quote] No. Linda Blair's performance in "The Exorcist" was special effects. She certainly had to endure a lot of discomfort during the filming; she was a trouper in that regard. But when it came to acting, she was nothing. Even her performance as the unpossessed Regan was ridiculous; she seemed more like a five year old than a 12 year old. And of course Mercedes McCambridge did the voice of the demon. Yes, she did littler real acting. And her subsequent performances proved what little talent she had.

William Friedkin wanted Linda Blair to act and talk like a little girl, to give her more of an innocence to her character. To give more shock value when Linda becomes the demon, and it worked! Didn’t you even see the DVD documentary? It clearly states how Friedkin directed her.

by Maryreply 20005/01/2020

I still have that head scarf.

by Maryreply 20105/01/2020

[quote]Cher actually gave a good acceptance speech, thanking her makeup and hair people, her personal assistant, and her kids. Refreshing, actually. Nowadays, people thank their agent, their manager, the producer, blah blah blah.

I wasn't that impressed. The self-absorbed bitch couldn't even bring herself to mention their names. They were people who had names and identities beyond just "Cher's makeup man" and " Cher's hairdresser". Even her co-star, Julie Bovasso, who taught her the Brooklyn Italian accent was relegated to "The woman who taught me the accent". And yet Mary Louise Fucking Streep gets a call-out just for having acted in a movie once with this bimbo.

by Maryreply 20205/01/2020

Your motherfuckers!

You want to know who should have been nominated for The CUNTING Exorcist??


Fuck Linda "Savage Streets" Blair and the COCK she road in on!!!

by Maryreply 20305/01/2020

Our Faye should have been nominated that year for Barfly.

by Maryreply 20405/01/2020

R204, Every time I agree with someone about Barfly I am accused of being Faye!

It's a lovely little film and one of her most down to earth performances. She is a very sad character and a moving one.

Love that film.

by Maryreply 20505/01/2020

R205, And Faye sang!

by Maryreply 20605/01/2020

Yeah I think Cher could’ve thanked Jewison, Cage, Olympia Dukakis and Vincent Gardenia etc by name. She did thank her co nominees which is always a classy move. It’s a bit nerve wracking speaking on a world stage like the Oscars. I’ve heard worse acceptance speeches.

by Maryreply 20705/01/2020

I think the only reason she singled out Streep was that they were both nominated and they were already friends.

PS: when I watch OP’s video of Sally Kirkland, I’m seeing Jan Hooks a la Sweeney Sister looking back.

by Maryreply 20805/01/2020

Quite a list of nominees for best original screenplay that year.

Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Moonstruck – John Patrick Shanley (winner) Au revoir les enfants – Louis Malle Broadcast News – James L. Brooks Hope and Glory – John Boorman Radio Days – Woody Allen

by Maryreply 20905/01/2020

Cher put out a full page ad in Variety the next day thanking Norman Jewison.

Her nerves definitely got the best of her. But her shout out to M is one of my favorite Oscar moments ever.

by Maryreply 21005/01/2020

Did I mentioned I've blown Bob Dylan?

by Maryreply 21105/01/2020

R211 Did you swallow?

by Maryreply 21205/01/2020

The answer my friend, is dribbling down my chin.

by Maryreply 21305/01/2020

As good as Cher was in both Moonstruck and Mask, neither was her best performance. This was:

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 21405/02/2020

There have certainly been many tight races for Best Actress with real blue chip names in the category -- 1940 (Ginger Rogers beat Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, and Martha Scott), 1950 as mentioned above, 1987 was tight, as was 2018 when O upset G.

But as for OP's question of most dramatic presentation ever, I think the award (ha!) goes to 1960's win for Elizabeth Taylor in "Butterfield 8." Recently recovered from pneumonia and a tracheotomy (you can see the scar), ET was a sentimental favorite as this was her fourth nomination in as many years. Generally regarded as subpar, especially by Elizabeth herself, the drama of the win cannot be denied. Eddie Fisher gallantly helped her to the stage.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 21505/02/2020

Thanks for that great clip, R215. Disappointing that there were no shots of the other nominees. Were they not in attendance? If you were to compare the 1960 lineup to the 1987 lineup, I'd bet Shitley MacLaine would have been the one wearing the Sally Kirkland face of desperation.

by Maryreply 21605/02/2020

Bette Davis was fantastic in 1940's "The Letter". The role and performance were miles above the two she won for.

by Maryreply 21705/02/2020

R216 Greer Garson only attended and that was she because she was giving out best actor. After the pneumonia, all of the other nominees conceded that Taylor would win. Melina Mercouri, one of the other nominees, flirted with the idea of asking the other nominees, along with herself, to just drop out of the race and let Taylor have it, but the Academy would never do that. That’s how much a foregone conclusion the Liz victory was. The Apartment did well at the Oscars that night. MacClaine would’ve pulled it off I believe if it wasn’t for the tracheotomy. Shirley has actually said she lost to one.

by Maryreply 21805/02/2020

R216, MacLaine was notoriously bitter about losing that Oscar. She later remarked “I lost to a tracheotomy!” Deborah Kerr really should have been the bitter one though, since it was her sixth and final nomination, and the Academy gave The Sundowners a ton of top nominations.

by Maryreply 21905/02/2020

R219 MacClaine and Taylor were friends. In fact MacClaine asked Taylor to accept for her on the slim chance she won. I don’t think she was really that bitter, just stating a fact about the tracheotomy.

by Maryreply 22005/02/2020

[quote] the Sally Kirkland face of desperation.


I bet you're one of those little homosexual boys West Hollywood is just crawling with.

by Maryreply 22105/02/2020

R221 Yes, I live a few blocks from where Sally used to live on Hayvenhurst. We met a couple times and she was very nice to me. But I call them as I see them.

(where is Sally these days? I'm genuinely concerned).

by Maryreply 22205/02/2020

Shirley was a desperate old hag by the time she won. Marilyn should have starred in The Apartment.

by Maryreply 22305/03/2020

“Hell, even I voted for her!" said Debbie Reynolds.

by Maryreply 22405/03/2020

Loved Shirley's win for Terms of Endearment as Aurora Greenway. What an epic way to win an overdue Oscar.

Terms grossed $108.4M in 1983, which is something like $330M today. Go Shirley! Fuck the haters!

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 22505/03/2020

What other roles should Shitley have been nominated for?

by Maryreply 22605/03/2020

R226 Madame Souzatska for one.

by Maryreply 22705/03/2020

Shirley should have a 2nd Oscar for Postcards From the Edge. Fuck Whoopi and her one note schtick, Shirley's was the supporting performance of the year. And of the five women who were nominated for lead, I would have given it to Meryl (though I thought Laura Dern deserved it for Wild at Heart).

by Maryreply 22805/03/2020

Shirley would have rammed an Oscar up the backside of anyone who suggested that she could have won for BSA in Postcards. I saw an interview with her where she insisted that she was a lead in the movie along with Meryl and not a supporting actress.

She damn near bit the poor interviewer's head off for calling her a potential BSA winner.

by Maryreply 22905/03/2020

Cher should have been nominated for "Suspect". Riveting.

by Maryreply 23005/03/2020

R229 so Shitley is a latter-day Olivia De Havilland? What fucking arrogance to demand to be considered co-lead! She was clearly a supporting part, albeit a well-written one. It wasn't her story being followed or explored, it was Suzanne (Streep). Very little of the mother's scenes take place without the daughter, whereas Suzanne features in almost all the movie. What a fucking ego.

by Maryreply 23105/03/2020

"I was trying to be real and instead I was just boring." - Cher on "Suspect"

by Maryreply 23205/03/2020

Well R222, I was there in the mid-90s to 2000, so a score ago. Haven't been back to WeHo and with the Spoon gone, I don't know if the regulars have a new place or died out and dispersed. I'm sure she's on youtube in a past year or so.

She is genuinely nice and caring. Insecure as shit. But if you crossed her, or she perceived being crossed, she could turn on a dime with those working for her. She had a high turnover of personal assistants. I had to help with a few times with her memorizing lines. I've stayed overnight at her place on Havenhurst. I've driven her to events and festivals. I've called the grocery store over bounced checks.

I was in-studio for one of her Skip E. Lowe interviews.

Which I did all for free so she couldn't use the I'm your boss attitude. We had a couple of big arguments, but she could apologize for being a diva. We just kind of fell by the wayside. She stopped calling, I never pursued why. She is a part of my WeHo stories I pull of memory to sometimes bore people with.

by Maryreply 23305/03/2020

Sally did a movie last year called Cuck where she played the mother of the main character, a woman sliding into dementia. She has a nude scene in a bathtub.

by Maryreply 23405/03/2020

Glenn was robbed....pysche

by Maryreply 23505/03/2020

R233 I'm not bored. I don't think anyone else here is either. Maybe you could start your own thread and tell a few stories, see how how many views and responses it gets. It could be a good test run for you. I'd contribute to help keep it going. And now, with this lockdown, is the best time to experiment!

by Maryreply 23605/03/2020

R228 I’m not a fan of Ghost as a movie but Shirley’s role was much more one note than Whoopi’s.

As was pretty much everything she did post Oscar.

by Maryreply 23705/03/2020


I loved Bates winning. Angelica Huston delivered a career-best performance in The Grifters. I love Postcards and everything about it, but I'm okay with Streep not winning, considering.

I also love Whoopi winning, especially after losing for The Colour Purple. Annette Bening would have been great as well for The Grifters. MacLaine was wonderful, and I wish she had been nominated. I'm glad Diane Ladd was.

by Maryreply 23805/03/2020

Whoopi most certainly did deserve Best Actress for her performance in THE COLOR PURPLE over that mannerly, tic-laden hammy shite from Geraldine Page in THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL.

by Maryreply 23905/03/2020

"Whoopi most certainly did deserve Best Actress for her performance in THE COLOR PURPLE over that mannerly, tic-laden hammy shite from Geraldine Page in THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL."

I'd say if anybody was hamming it up it was Goldberg. When it comes to acting, Whoopi Goldberg wasn't good enough to smell Geraldine Page's shit.

by Maryreply 24005/03/2020

I could've done Purple.

by Maryreply 24105/03/2020

If what R229 is saying is correct, Shitley probably demanded that the studio campaign her in lead, not supporting. I strongly suspect that's why she missed out on a nod. Ego!

by Maryreply 24205/04/2020

Maclaine did get nominated for a Best Leading Actress BAFTA for Postcards. Streep did not, surprisingly.

by Maryreply 24305/04/2020

I've always thought Streep was a little too old for the role. Carrie Fisher was born in 1956, Streep in 1949.

by Maryreply 24405/04/2020

Streep looked a bit too old to be having the kinds of identity crises that Suzanne went through in Postcards. She seemed closer to a mid-life crisis instead. Fisher was 31 when the novel was published; Streep 41 when the movie came out. And Meryl looked her age too.

by Maryreply 24505/04/2020

We’ll agree to disagree r240. I couldn’t stand TTTB, especially Page’s performance in it.

by Maryreply 24605/04/2020

R246 Page's Oscar was definitely one of those career achievement Awards. She won that Oscar the second she signed the contract to do the movie. I think she was decent enough. Whoopi would easily have won had Page not been nominated. Sort of the anointing of a new Hollywood Star, and she was riding off the acclaim of the Mike Nichols' One Woman Show she did on Bway. She was fresh and new. But looking at it now, years later, it was Whoopi being Whoopi. So just as well they gave it to Page.

by Maryreply 24705/04/2020

I loved the critic who said of Page in that movie: "Who'd want that thing in that thing in the house?"

by Maryreply 24805/04/2020

fuck, impossible to type on this tiny screen. "Who'd want that thing in the house?"

by Maryreply 24905/04/2020

Just think, if Whoopi had won we would never have heard that fawning twat F. Murray Abraham make a complete tit of himself.

And didn't Geraldine convince herself she wouldn't win and had to put on her shoes back on before going to the stage?

by Maryreply 25005/05/2020

R250, Or watch him genuflect as Page finally made her way to the stage in her quilted bathrobe and hair unwashed.

by Maryreply 25105/05/2020

Page benefitted from her screener being one of the last to be sent out which made her performance a little more fresh in voters minds.

by Maryreply 25205/05/2020

Which nomination should Geraldine have won for? Wasn't she on her 8th nom?

by Maryreply 25305/05/2020

Geraldine should have won for VULGARIAN: THE MOVIE!

by Maryreply 25405/05/2020

"Interiors" though she could have been in Supporting actually.

by Maryreply 25505/05/2020

R253, "Pete 'n' Tillie".

by Maryreply 25605/05/2020

R252 I think Page could’ve read the phone book and won that year. Remember, Color Purple was shut out in every category and had many nominations. The Academy wasn’t enthused by giving that movie anything. Whoopi probably came in second or third depending on Meryl placed. Who knows? Meryl might’ve placed second with the cache of being in the best pic winner. Lange and Bancroft just filled the I’m happy to be nominated slots.

by Maryreply 25705/05/2020

"Out of Africa" was a dreadfully boring film and Meryl was a crashing bore in it too. Not as bad as Bob Redford, but she still deserved to be bitchslapped for her "faaaarm in Aaafricaaa" performance.

by Maryreply 25805/05/2020

R250 " we would never have heard that fawning twat F. Murray Abraham make a complete tit of himself."

I hate it when presenters open the envelope, see the name, and make it about themselves giving the award rather than the actual recipient. For me, the worst was when Shemar Moore gave out best actress to Susan Lucci at the daytime Emmys, "The streak is over!"...." It was all "Look at me! Look at what I get to do!". He detracted from the drama rather than adding to it.

I think Julia Roberts did it to when giving the Oscar to Denzel.

by Maryreply 25905/05/2020

R259, Annoying Richard Dreyfuss stalling and saying "I'm not gonna tell ya" the year Sally Field won for "Norma Rae".

by Maryreply 26005/05/2020

I don’t see it as a big deal. Page and Lucci waited a long ass time for their first Oscar and Emmy. Just reading the name I think would’ve been boring. It added to the excitement of the moment. How can it be about the presenter when all three received thunderous standing ovations. Denzel and Julia are friends. She wanted him to win and made no secret of that. Washington did his best work in the 90s. So her adding I love my life really didn’t make it cringe worthy imo.

by Maryreply 26105/05/2020

R261 "I don’t see it as a big deal. Page and Lucci waited a long ass time for their first Oscar and Emmy. Just reading the name I think would’ve been boring."

A long, dramatic pause before reading the name would have been perfect for such a moment. Especially with Lucci because there was another Susan nominated, (Flannery, who had won previously). Imagine instead if he had just said "Susan", paused a few seconds, and then said "Lucci" in a soft, calm. pin-drop-like way that everybody would have still heard, instead of the way he screamed it like a Queen sitting on her first 10-incher. That would have been far more dramatic. Sometime less is more.

by Maryreply 26205/05/2020

R258 say what you will but Meryl modelled her accent on recordings of how Karen Blixen actually spoken plus the usual Danish accent of aristocrats of her era. I don't understand why it's mocked. And I agree she was likely 2nd or 3rd that year.

I actually think if she hadn't starred in Sophie's Choice she would have won for Silkwood, which is still one of her best ever performances. Shitley Maclaine should thank her lucky stars.

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by Maryreply 26305/05/2020

Glen Close had the Oscar winning performance of the five nominees.

by Maryreply 26405/05/2020

I read for Silkwood. The role of Kerr-McGee employee #5. I was going to be the one punching the time clock.

by Maryreply 26505/05/2020

[quote][R252] I think Page could’ve read the phone book and won that year. Remember, Color Purple was shut out in every category and had many nominations. The Academy wasn’t enthused by giving that movie anything.

Did you forget the backlash that Color Purple received from the African-American community? White people loved the movie! It was a smash hit; the 3rd highest-grossing film of 1985, after blockbusters Back to the Future, Rambo II, and Rocky IV. That's why the Academy gave it all those nominations (11). But then the backlash came. Prominent black figures spoke out against the film, calling it a white person's film because it was directed and written by white people. Never mind that Quincy Jones co-produced it and provided the score, and Alice Walker gave her blessing. Also, they didn't like how the men were portrayed. So, the Academy, which likes to avoid scandal/controversy at any cost, wasn't going to make waves. And, thus, the film went home empty-handed.

by Maryreply 26605/05/2020

The Color Purple wasn't really embraced by black people until the 1990s, when Oprah became an institution and anything she touched seemed to turn to gold. She continued to promote the movie (and book) on her talk show, after the fact.

by Maryreply 26705/05/2020

R266 Maybe.... or maybe it really wasn't that good.

by Maryreply 26805/05/2020

^^sorry - that was meant for R267

by Maryreply 26905/05/2020

Meant to say 4th highest-grossing film of 1985.

by Maryreply 27005/05/2020

R268 The film was very controversial among the AA community upon release. It wasn't just a couple of people complaining.

by Maryreply 27105/05/2020

It really was not a very good adaptation of the novel. (I've written this on DL before).

I think it's time for a remake. A 6-hr tv miniseries, maybe for HBO or even Amazon or Netflix. Oprah could produce, (I bet she'd even have Steven Spielberg's blessing). And a Black, female director.... (just NOT Ava Duvarney).

by Maryreply 27205/05/2020

The Color Purple may not have been a faithful adaptation of the novel, but it was still a really good film propped up by legendary performances from Whoopi, Oprah and Margaret Avery. I'm not a fan of most remakes, but I wouldn't mind if this material was revisited. The 1985 version was made during the Reagan era so it was tame in portraying Celie and Shug's full relationship as well as the evolution of Mister's character.

by Maryreply 27305/06/2020

Maybe Shrugg sunk their chances with her tacky plea for an Oscar?

by Maryreply 27405/06/2020

Whoopi was respected in 1986 and everyone knew she was going to be a star. But no one was beating Page that year. It’ll be that way for Glenn on her 8th nomination. Sorry M.

by Maryreply 27505/06/2020

[quote] Cher looked so serious until her name was called.

I know. Sometimes actors get all choked up when watching their own scenes during the reading of the nominees. Either that or they will laugh uncomfortably at themselves. I noticed Holly Hunter acted like she was distracted by something to appear nonchalant about the whole thing.

by Maryreply 27605/06/2020

I predict Glenn will win an Oscar for her performance in the Coronavirus movie.

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by Maryreply 27705/06/2020

Why does Cher always lick her lips while she talks?

by Maryreply 27805/06/2020

R101, I think this is the Maslin review of Anna that you’re looking for, “‘Anna’ On Stardom of Czechs”.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 27905/06/2020

There was no way Glenn Close was ever going to win for Fatal Attraction. Her character was too controversial, though a good thriller (some might say great), the film was so misogynistic, portraying this arguably victimised woman as an unhinged monster. No, she was never going to win. That was a line the Academy was not going to cross.

She should’ve won the following year for Dangerous Liasons and I’m sure she thought she would until she was sidelined by some very unexpected sympathy for Jodie Foster, post-Hinckley. At any rate, I’m sure it was close between Glenn, Sigourney and Jodie. Probably just a few votes in it.

by Maryreply 28005/06/2020

R278, So did Jackie O.

by Maryreply 28105/06/2020

R267, it just goes to prove what I've always said: "Black people like Oprah."

by Maryreply 28205/06/2020

Wasn't "Beloved" a flop?

by Maryreply 28305/06/2020

R283 Yes! And it caught her by surprise and probably humbled her. At that point, it did seem that she had the Midas touch. She honestly thought that BELOVED would be a big Oscar contender. Then the film flopped opening weekend and she admitted to being depressed and eating tubs of macaroni and cheese.

by Maryreply 28405/06/2020

R283, Wasn't OWN a flop?

by Maryreply 28505/06/2020

"she admitted to being depressed and eating tubs of macaroni and cheese."

And a lot of Gayle.

by Maryreply 28605/06/2020

[quote]the film was so misogynistic, portraying this arguably victimised woman as an unhinged monster. No, she was never going to win.

The film is a psychological thriller. Why can't she just be a sociopath or whatever? Why does she have to be a put upon female? Regardless of what Michael Douglas' character did, she was the villain of the story, set out to destroy a family. Or do you think all women are blameless?

by Maryreply 28705/06/2020

Let's face it- she ate tubs of macaroni and cheese OUT OF Gayle.

by Maryreply 28805/06/2020

[Quote] she was the villain of the story, set out to destroy a family. Or do you think all women are blameless?

And yet the original ending had Douglas' character charged with her murder.

by Maryreply 28905/06/2020

Glenn deserved to win because she was the only Nominee to bare her boobs. A lot of the revenue Fatal Attraction came from young lads queueing up to get a naughty glance at Glenn's gorgeous bod.

by Maryreply 29005/06/2020

[quote}Why does Cher always lick her lips while she talks?

To remove the taste of Sonny's spicy, Italian ass hole.

by Maryreply 29105/06/2020

Oprah had he second biggest weight gain after BELOVED tanked with the critics and at the box office. She seriously thought that she would cap off the successful weight loss with an Oscar win. I felt bad for her, but, yeah, her ego was her downfall.

by Maryreply 29205/06/2020

[quote] A long, dramatic pause before reading the name would have been perfect for such a moment.

Jane Fonda just recently gave us a master-class representation of that. I've heard that in the auditorium, Fonda's pause seemed to go on forever.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 29305/06/2020

RE: Glenn in 1987

In 1990, Kathy Bates won for playing a villain. Streep wasn't in the running. Huston had won five years previously and playing a villain herself (a darker one). Roberts was in a sweetheart role, but she was very new, and they weren't about to give an Oscar to a rom-com role with such an untested actress, for film they didn't absolutely love. So, the field was open enough for Bates to take the win.

Now, you can say that Close's villain role in 1987 was too dark as well. Alex Forrest was seen as sexually threatening in a way that Annie Wilkes was not. Misery was also a "light" comedy-drama despite everything and more audience-friendly. That isn't to say that Close couldn't have won in another year. Take 1994, for example, Close would have won with Fatal Attraction. The problem was that Forrest made some Academy members uncomfortable, and the field wasn't open. Cher had been an entertainer for decades. She became a "serious" actress in 1982 when she worked with Robert Altman to a good result and then the next year she did Silkwood. People here can trash Mask all they want, but the fact is she WON Cannes as Rocky's mom (I personally think she's wonderful), and the Globes nominated her. The screenplay also got a WGA nod. She and Kathleen Turner were snubbed for Jessica Lange and Anne Bancroft in a super competitive year. She also opened three films in 1987, two of which were huge hits (Top 10 grossing of the year). Her narrative and playing the heroine in a well-reviewed crowdpleaser which also won Dukakis an Oscar as well as screenplay (if SAG existed, I bet it would have won best ensemble) was just too much to resist. Close couldn't beat the feel-good aspect, Cher's narrative, and the love for the film. As far as losing the Globe to Kirkland, they could always be bought (she Sharon Stone over Susan Sarandon in 1995).

Compare 1988, as I have already argued in this thread, the race was more than likely between Foster, Close, and Griffith (NOT Weaver; see my previous comments). Like Cher, Griffith had a narrative, as well as a sweetheart role in a crowdpleaser. But, the Academy loved Moonstruck more than Working Girl. And Foster had a much stronger narrative than Griffith (so did Cher). They were both child stars, but Foster didn't have the nepotism Griffith. Griffith had just made good the last few years, but not to the extent Cher had. What Foster had was an Oscar nod at age 13, dealing with Hinckley, and re-emerging after going to college and disappearing from the industry, etc. Griffith faced Close as well, who was building her own narrative. Close's issue was her role was subtle and she wasn't a "lead" lead (also, her studio didn't prioritise it with its other films early-on). The Accused was a hit. The Academy wasn't crazy about it, but the race was so open (see the Globes that year, as well as major critics group).

by Maryreply 29405/06/2020

But those boobs, R290, were also the source of truly bad Editing -- for which it was also nominated, oddly enough. Her boobs are out and then under the sheet from shot to shot with no continuity. Absurd in a major film like this. (I love it anyway, of course. Anyone who's been dumped could root for her a bit, even when we knew she was a bit nuts -- as we were at the time).

by Maryreply 29505/06/2020

[quote]As far as losing the Globe to Kirkland, they could always be bought (she Sharon Stone over Susan Sarandon in 1995).

That was for the MUSE 4 years later. She received good notices for the film, and she (and her then husband, an investigative journalist) sent luxury watches to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which gives out these awards, in hopes that she would score a nomination. She did, but when it leaked out what occurred behind-the-scenes, there was a controversy. The HFPA members were ordered to return the watches, and it was emphasized that actors can't use gifts as promotions for a nomination.

by Maryreply 29605/06/2020

"Where? Cher has never been very well regarded as a singer."

Gregg Allman would agree. In his memoir he stated that he told Cher she really wasn't that great of a singer. I can't remember her exact words (something along the lines of "Fuck you") but she was quite pissed off. Boy, they were one strange couple. I guess it was all about sex; one observer said that Allman's main attraction was that he was "a bull in the bedroom."

by Maryreply 29705/06/2020

R297 is that similar to being a bull in a china shop?

by Maryreply 29805/06/2020

Is Cher still not speaking to Elijah, her son with Allman?

by Maryreply 29905/06/2020

R299 I didn't realize they were not on speaking terms. What's the dish?

by Maryreply 30005/06/2020

R296, I stand corrected.

But, sometimes, the Globes don't have their finger on the pulse. I don't think Close losing the Globe means much. I think they were just trying to push Kirkland. Based on Fatal Attraction's nominations for Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Editing (not common for a Best Actress nominee), it was clear the Academy loved the movie (at least, at the time of nominations). Close's main disadvantage was Cher's narrative coupled in crowdpleaser.

by Maryreply 30105/06/2020

Cher's earring falling off on her way to the stage and her having to give the speech with only one triggers my OCD. SHE'S UNBALANCED!! (you can see she notices it in the monitor at one point)

by Maryreply 30205/06/2020

Cher did thank Sonny when she won the Golden Globe for Silkwood.

by Maryreply 30305/06/2020

In 1988 Jodie Foster's narrative of how the trial scenes cut too close to what she went thru with Hinckley and how she thought she had ruined the film only to have at get great acclaim was catnip to voters.

Foster thought she wouldn't be able to hack it as an actress after the filming and actually applied to a PhD program in English at Cornell.

by Maryreply 30405/06/2020

Cher wins, G loses and I come across so generous in my applause. Win win win.

by Maryreply 30505/06/2020

Yeah, Streep seemed rather histrionic there.

by Maryreply 30605/06/2020

@ 1:06

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by Maryreply 30705/06/2020

I haven't read every single post here, but am I the only one who noticed CHAStity Bono sitting next to Cher's man in the audience?

by Maryreply 30805/06/2020

" I didn't realize they were not on speaking terms. What's the dish?"

Cher never should have had a second child. I guess she was so besotted with Gregg Allman that she wanted to have his baby. But she was too wrapped up in herself and her career to be a mother. She slapped little Elijah in boarding school when he was EIGHT. I guess you could say he suffered from extreme neglect from his mother, although no doubt he was provided for well financially. I suppose he resents her for that. Just another dysfunctional relationship between a celebrity and her offspring.

by Maryreply 30905/06/2020

This was the year Streisand thought Nuts would bring her an award and she didn't even get nominated! She must have been at home choking on her popcorn that Cher of all people beat her.

by Maryreply 31005/06/2020

Sally Kirkland winning the 1987 Best Actress Oscar would’ve done nothing for her career - moviegoers would hardly start flocking to the next big Sally Kirkland movie where she’d play some long forgotten Romania actress slumming it as a waitress in Minneapolis while a retrospective of her Eastern block career played at the local art house between daily showings of The Gods Must Be Crazy.

I mean, please. Sally Kirkland can’t even hold onto her own thread!

by Maryreply 31105/06/2020

Well, Babs certainly wasn’t happy about it.

by Maryreply 31205/06/2020

Streisand seems to be a poor sport. I remember when she complained that THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES didn't get recognized by the Academy save for Supporting Actress and Song, so she refused to perform her nominated duet with Bryan Singer even though she was in attendance. Instead, Celine Dion, who was already performing DIane Warren's "Because You Loved Me" stepped in at the last minute. I also recall host Billy Crystal giving props to Madonna, who was an actual Oscar contender for EVITA (she had won GG) but missed out on a nod. Still, she showed up to perform her Oscar-nominated song.

by Maryreply 31305/06/2020

Yes r313 and the camera cuts to Streisand after Billy says how classy Madonna was.

by Maryreply 31405/06/2020

I meant Bryan ADAMS!!!

by Maryreply 31505/06/2020

[quote]I mean, please. Sally Kirkland can’t even hold onto her own thread!

No time. Have you SEEN my imdb post-production schedule?

by Maryreply 31605/06/2020

[quote] she (and her then husband, an investigative journalist)

He was executive editor of the SF Examiner when he was married to Stone.

by Maryreply 31705/06/2020

and he got primary custody of their kids r317. I always wondered what Stone did to lose it since they usually favor the mother.

by Maryreply 31805/06/2020

R309, Elijah was a member of her touring band at one point.

by Maryreply 31905/06/2020

R293 Yes. I'm the one who's post you quoted. I was on the phone, watching with a friend. After Fonda did that, I said, "Now that's how you give an Award!....."

by Maryreply 32005/06/2020

Incidentally, I've always hated how Tom Hanks rushed through the Best Actress announcement two year in a row: Jessica Lange in BLUE SKY and Susan Sarandon in DEAD MAN WALKING. No suspense whatsoever.

by Maryreply 32105/06/2020

Well, in Jessie's case, the win was such a joke it was better to get through it as quickly as possible.

by Maryreply 32205/06/2020

R294 I rarely believe in split votes, but I believe the year Bates won for Misery, the vote split between Anjelica Huston and Joanne Woodward. A problem I had with Bates's performance was that the script let her down in the end. She went from a totally believable 3-dimensional emotionally troubled character, to a one-dimensional killing machine in a blink - same thing that happened to Close's Alex Forrest in Fatal. Bates just lucked out with the win.

by Maryreply 32305/06/2020

[quote] Incidentally, I've always hated how Tom Hanks rushed through the Best Actress announcement two year in a row: Jessica Lange in BLUE SKY and Susan Sarandon in DEAD MAN WALKING. No suspense whatsoever.

I am in the minority. I like that because it gives the winner more time on the stage. It's supposed to be the winner's moment of glory, not an occasion for the presenter to ham it up before handing out the award. I hated how Richard Dreyfuss dragged it out the year Sally Field won for 'Norma Rae'.

by Maryreply 32405/06/2020

I am all for the pregnant pause, as long as it's not filled with self-serving banter, (like Dreyfuss or F. Murray is A big fucking HAM).

by Maryreply 32505/06/2020

[quote]R47 And the biggest injustice that year was Faye Dunaway getting snubbed for best actress in Barfly. Let's make that perfectly clear.

Well, everyone in town hated her, and unless there’s some weird split vote, it’s mostly a popularity contest.

But she should have been nominated for that as well as “Mommie Dearest” (in addition to her other nods)

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by Maryreply 32605/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Maryreply 32705/06/2020

Muah ha ha ha ...

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 32805/07/2020

Faye looks pretty in that interview, and what happened to that cute interviewer from Good Morning America?

by Maryreply 32905/07/2020

I think the only reason Kathy Bates won was because, outside of Julia Roberts (who was NEVER going to get it for Pretty Woman), all the other actresses had already won at least once. 1990 was a shit year for female performances. It was so bad that they may as well have let Shirl have her way and put her in lead. She certainly was better than all five of those women.

Meryl and Anjelica deserved their nominations, but I thought Bates was seriously overrated in a not very good movie. And Joanne Woodward was awful in Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, which was a chore to sit through. The person who should have been nominated was Newman, who was the only bright spot.

I would have loved to see Emma Thompson nominated for The Tall Guy.

by Maryreply 33005/07/2020

r313, it's even worse, as I recall it: Babs was so upset she waffled on whether she was even going to go to the ceremony; this kept going on until only days before the ceremony, whereupon they asked Celine to do it, and she agreed; this spurred Babs to say, I'll do it, but the producers said, no, thanks, we've got somebody now.

by Maryreply 33105/07/2020

Babs did the same thing when “Memories” was nominated. She dithered and stalled, then at the last minute deigned to appear.

They were like, “Bitch, we hired Peggy Lee. Go home.”

by Maryreply 33205/07/2020

R331, didn't Babs try some bullshit excuse later by claiming that she decided at the last minute to attend in order to show support for Bacall who was up for BSA?

Bacall was considered a lock to win and Babs must have hoped to smile and appear very gracious and appreciative when Bacall thanked her during the acceptance speech. Little did she know that La Binoche would cause the upset of the evening.

by Maryreply 33305/07/2020

Natalie Cole was supposed to sing I finally found someone after Streisand refused, reportedly because Barbra was pissed that she didn't get a Best director or Best Picture nomination for Mirror. But Natalie Cole wound up getting sick a day before the show, so producers asked Celine to step in her place at the last minute, and Celine agreed. Apparently Barbra got wind of the last minute substitution and that's when she offered to sing on the show, and Gil told her no.

Streisand wasn't even expected to attend the ceremony, and it was a big shock when she showed up on the red carpet with James Brolin.

by Maryreply 33405/07/2020

The "Best Original Song" presentation is on YouTube and it's a hoot to watch Goldie Hawn pronounce Babs' last name as Streizand.

Bette Midler corrects her and says that it's Streisand, not Streizand. And Goldie says something like, "Jeez, I've known her for 20 years. It's Streisand."

Given how obsessively Babs corrects anyone who mispronounces her name ("Streisand, Streisand. With an S. Like sand on the beach.") Goldie was obviously lying about having known Babs for a long time.

If Babs' song had ended up winning I wonder if she'd have corrected Goldie in her acceptance speech.

by Maryreply 33505/07/2020

I doubt Goldie was lying. There's an old report of one of Babs' industry parties where the coke could be found at the entrace and guests could take the amount they'd use for the night. Streisand was never a druggie.

by Maryreply 33605/07/2020

Natalie Cole sang “I Have Nothing” from THE BODYGUARD when it was nominated for Best Song. I like her, but she jacked up the song.

by Maryreply 33705/07/2020

Listen, Natalie could fund half a year's coke supply singing on the awards shows.

The other half she did midget porn.

by Maryreply 33805/07/2020

r334, that's right, I forgot about the Natalie Cole situation. That's why Celine is performing with sheet music in front of her -- she only had 24 hours to learn the song.

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by Maryreply 33905/07/2020

Great thread.

Elijah lives with his girlfriend at Chers' compound in Malibu.

It's quite a place.

by Maryreply 34005/07/2020

I did read that Cher and Elijah had a falling out. Glad that they mended fences.

Is Cher a grandma yet?

by Maryreply 34105/07/2020

I don't know if Cher and her son have exactly "mended fences." He must be a real loser if he's still being supported by Cher, living in her compound, with a girlfriend no less. That is really mooching. I doubt that they have very much to do with each other.

by Maryreply 34205/07/2020

Why didn't Bryan Adams sing the song?

by Maryreply 34305/07/2020

[quote]R342 He must be a real loser if he's still being supported by Cher, living in her compound, with a girlfriend no less. That is really mooching.

Not really. A significant number of truly wealthy families live like that. It’s nothing new. Why work if you don’t have to?

by Maryreply 34405/07/2020

"Not really. A significant number of truly wealthy families live like that. It’s nothing new. Why work if you don’t have to?"

Living off somebody else's income is mooching by any definition, no matter who does it. Cher's son is a deadbeat and she's an enabler.

by Maryreply 34505/07/2020

r345 sounds poor.

by Maryreply 34605/07/2020

I remember after this awards show Cher saying she and her family went back to their hotel room and ordered pizza instead of attending any of the after parties.

by Maryreply 34705/07/2020

R346 sounds sounds like he's a moocher, a deadbeat, a loser.

by Maryreply 34805/07/2020

no r348 I'm self made.

by Maryreply 34905/07/2020

YES r222 and r233. I lived on Havenhurst at 1319; right above Fountain from '94 to '99. What a time that was! I never knew Sally lived on Havenhurst but it makes total sense. That's back when on a normal Saturday morning at SIlver Spoons coffee shop you'd see Shelley WInters, Sally and others from the Actor's Studio huddled together at an outside table going over god knows what. but who cared? It was all wonderful. Then there was the time there were no outside tables, and Shelley and her entourage had just arrived. She sauntered up to a four-top with one guy at it, and said in a bellowing voice just below shouting so that everyone on the patio could hear her "If I pay for your breakfast, will you switch to an indoor table?" What was he gonna say? No?

Good times!

by Maryreply 35005/07/2020

God, I miss that place. We probably ate there at the same time more than once R350. Sally would have her mail dropped off at the Spoon. I could see Shelley doing that to get a table. Don't forget Robert Forester and Martin Landau were regular patio patrons. I think Forester invested some in the business. I remember when Bo Derek came in and every gay made a trip to the men's room to pass by her booth.

by Maryreply 35105/07/2020

^^Dutch, do you have any idea where she is and how her health is these days?

Fun Fact: One of Kirkland's private acting students was Porn Star Ken Ryker.

by Maryreply 35205/08/2020

"I'm self made."

HA HA! Sure you are! Your benign view of mooching suggests you're still living in your parent's basement.

by Maryreply 35305/08/2020

[Quote] One of Kirkland's private acting students was Porn Star Ken Ryker.

It always amazes me when porn actors - especially gay male ones - think they can have straight acting careers.

by Maryreply 35405/08/2020

I don’t think sally would’ve been a leading lady had she won but she could’ve gotten some decent quality character roles. Louise fletcher didn’t get A list parts after her win but she worked steadily for 30+ years and was able to buy a home in the French countryside.

by Maryreply 35505/08/2020

Sally has worked a lot. She was Matthew McConaughey's mom in EdTV.

by Maryreply 35605/08/2020

[quote]Dutch, do you have any idea where she is and how her health is these days?

She's fine. She sends her love.

by Maryreply 35705/08/2020

Actually, no I don't.

by Maryreply 35805/08/2020

[quote] Sally has worked a lot. She was Matthew McConaughey's mom in EdTV.

EdTV? That was like a billion years ago when Matthew was hot, Woody had hair, and Ellen was straight!

by Maryreply 35905/08/2020

R359 Ellen had already come out twp years earlier.

by Maryreply 36005/08/2020

Chers' house is like a really big hotel.

Chaz has moved in and out.

Cher likes having her family around her.

by Maryreply 36105/08/2020

Did Cher ever take a Dreamer into her home? It has been 2 1/2 years.

Did the bitch who @'ed her keep her eyes open and have anything to report?

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 36205/08/2020

Yeah I think Kirkland would’ve gone the Louise Fletcher route after her win. She’s always had a penchant for B films and soft core porn shit. Just look at the movies on IMDb she did after her nomination.

by Maryreply 36305/08/2020

What about Sally Kirkland and Melissa Leo in a film together?

by Maryreply 36405/08/2020

Incidentally, does anyone remember the Joan Cusack sitcom WHAT ABOUT JOAN? It also starred a yummy Kyle Chandler as her boyfriend. I remember it was a mid-season replacement, then was renewed for a second season, but then was abruptly canceled after episode 2 of the new season.

by Maryreply 36505/08/2020

You should my performance as Marilyn.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 36605/08/2020

r353 must be new in town and unaware of who he is addressing.

by Maryreply 36705/08/2020

Anybody recall when Sally appeared on Howard Stern and took out her implants which she recently had removed? (out of a shopping bag)

by Maryreply 36805/09/2020

Sally goes to Marco's now.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 36905/09/2020

R368 she sounds very classy.

by Maryreply 37005/09/2020

Lainie, Bob, Bob, and Sally.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 37105/09/2020

How did Sally get on with Babs during the filming of "The Way We Were"?

by Maryreply 37205/09/2020

Oscar winner, Oscar nominee.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 37305/09/2020

Fan, Sally.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 37405/09/2020

The winners for the 1980s should have been:

1980: Sissy Spacek, Coal Miner's Daughter

1981: Susan Sarandon, Atlantic City

1982: Meryl Streep, Sophie's Choice

1983: Julie Walters, Educating Rita

1984: Judy Davis, A Passage To India

1985: Whoopi Goldberg, The Color Purple

1986: Sigourney Weaver, Aliens

1987: Cher, Moonstruck

1988: Glenn Close, Dangerous Liasions

1989: Pauline Collins, Shirley Valentine

by Maryreply 37505/09/2020


1990: Kathy Bates, Misery

1991: Jodie Foster, The Silence Of The Lambs

1992: Emma Thompson, Howard's End

1993: Holly Hunter, The Piano

1994: SHOULD have been Kathy Bates, Dolores Claiborne. Otherwise Jessica Lange in Blue Sky

1995: Meryl Streep, The Bridges Of Madison County

1996: Brenda Blethyn, Secrets And Lies

1997: Judi Dench, Mrs Brown

1998: Fernanda Montenegro, Central Station

1999: Hilary Swank, Boys Don't Cry

by Maryreply 37605/09/2020

R372- Barbra and Sally were friends and presumably why Sally got small parts in The Way We Were and a Star is Born.

by Maryreply 37705/09/2020

2000s should have beens:

2000: Ellen Burstyn, Requiem For A Dream

2001: Sissy Spacek, In The Bedroom

2002: Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven

2003: Charlize Theron, Monster

2004: Imelda Staunton, Vera Drake

2005: Felicity Huffman, Transamerica

2006: Helen Mirren, The Queen

2007: Marion Cotillard, La Vie En Rose

2008: Meryl Streep, Doubt

2009: Gabourey Sidibe, Precious

by Maryreply 37805/09/2020


2010: Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right

2011: Viola Davis, The Help

2012: Emmanuelle Riva, Amour

2013: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

2014: Reese Witherspoon, Wild

2015: Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

2016: Isabelle Huppert, Elle

by Maryreply 37905/09/2020

The Winners Should Have Been:

1980: Sissy Spacek, Coal Miner's Daughter

1981: N/A

1982: N/A

1983: Correct Winner Chosen

1984: Judy Davis, A Passage to India

1985: Whoopi Goldberg, The Colour Purple

1986: Sigourney Weaver, Aliens

1987: Correct Winner Chosen

1988: Glenn Close, Dangerous Liaisons

1989: Michelle Pfeiffer, The Fabulous Baker Boy

1990: Angelica Huston, The Grifters

1991: Correct Winner Chosen

1992: Correct Winner Chosen

1993: Correct Winner Chosen

1994: So What, Who Cares? (Dolores Claibourne released in 1995.)

1995: Meryl Streep, The Bridges of Madison County

1996: Brenda Blethyn, Secrets & Lies

1997: Whomever

1998: Fernanda Montenegro, Central Station

1999: Annette Bening, American Beauty

2000: Laura Linney, You Can Count On Me

2001: Renee Zellweger, Bridget Jones' Diary

2002: Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven

2003: Correct Winner Chosen

2004: Imelda Staunton, Vera Drake

2005: Keira Knightley, Pride & Prejudice

2006: Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal

2007: Whomever

2008: AnnE Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married

2009: (it was a tie) Carey Mulligan, An Education & Gabourey Sidibe, Precious

2010: Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine

2011: Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

2012: Emmanuelle Riva, Amour

2013: Correct Winner Chosen

2014: Correct Winner Chosen

2015: Cate Blanchett, Carol

2016: Isabelle Huppert, Elle

2017: Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird

2018: Correct Winner Chosen

2019: Saoirse Ronan, Little Womn

by Maryreply 38005/09/2020

R380 I realised Dolores Claiborne was released early in 1995 but if they had more confidence in the movie I do believe it would have been released for the 1994 awards contention.

1994 was one of the weakest in history, IMO, and no one nominated could have possibly competed with Bates or Parfitt, had the movie been pushed.

by Maryreply 38105/09/2020

It's a lovely thought R381. Bates and Parfitt would have made wonderful winners. It would have been a tight turnaround in post, though. Filming wrapped end of July. Not impossible. I can think of examples like Million Dollar Baby. But, that was ten years later. If we're talking mid-1990s, when machine editing was still mostly being used (and everything was on film), I'm not sure if they could have made that push.

I'm wondering if part of the reason they decided to open in Spring 1995 and not hold it until the end of the year was because they already had Sense & Sensibility, The American President, and To Die For coming out in the Autumn.

by Maryreply 38205/09/2020

1970s should have wons:

1970: Glenda Jackson, A Woman In Love

1971: Jane Fonda, Klute

1972: Liza Minelli, Cabaret

1973: Ellen Burstyn, The Exorcist

1974: Gena Rowlands, A Woman Under The Influence

1975: Isabelle Adjani, The Story 0f Adele. H

1976: Faye Dunaway, Network

1977: Diane Keaton Annie Hall

1978: Geraldine Page, Interiors

1979: Sally Field, Norma Rae

by Maryreply 38305/09/2020

1960s ideal winners:

1960: Shirley Maclaine, The Apartment

1961: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany's

1962: Bette Davis, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

1963: Patricia Neal, Hud


1965: Julie Andrews, The Sound Of Music

1966: Elizabeth Taylor, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

1967: Anne Bancroft, The Graduate

1968:*TIE Barbara and Katherine

1969: Maggie Smith, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

by Maryreply 38405/09/2020

I think the 1980 winner should have been Mary Tyler Moore for Ordinary People and I say this as a huge Sissy Spacek fan.

by Maryreply 38505/09/2020


1940: Joan Fontaine, Rebecca

1941: Bette Davis, The Little Foxes

1942: Greer Garson, Mrs Miniver

1943: Jennifer Jones, The Song Of Bernadette

1944: Ingrid Bergmann, Gaslight

1945: Joan Crawford, Mildren Pierce

1946: Celia Johnson, Brief Encounter

1947: Rosalind Russell, Mourning Becomes Electra

1948: Irene Dunne, I Remember Mama

1949: Olivia De Havilland, The Heiress


1950: Gloria Swanson, Sunset Bouvelard

1951: Vivien Leigh, A Streetcar Named Desire

1952: Shirley Booth, Come Back, Little Sheeba

1953: Deborah Kerr, From Here To Eternity

1954: Judy Garland, A Star Is Born

1955: Anna Magnani, The Rose Tattoo

1956: Ingrid Bergmann, Anastasia

1957: Joanne Woodward, The Three Faces Of Eve

1958: Susan Haywards, I Want To Live!

1959: Simone Signoret, Room At The Top

by Maryreply 38605/09/2020

Sorry, 1964 was going to be Kim Stanley, Seance On A Wet Afternoon

by Maryreply 38705/09/2020

R351, Martin Landau? I didn't know he was a Silver Spoons regular. I bumped into him c.1995 at an outdoor ATM machine at Wells Fargo bank, the one that was just east of La Brea and Shakey's Pizza. One of the few times I ever had a one-on-one convo with a celebrity. Everything I said he corrected, but in a very gracious way: "Martin Landau! How are you? I just saw you on Howard Stern!" "Was I on Howard Stern?' "Yes, like two weeks ago. You were with your wife." "She's not my wife, she's my girlfriend."

The third exchange was equally brief and I don't remember it.

btw, someone upthread mentioned Elijah Blue Allman and how he's never really struck out on his own, which is unfortunate. Late 90s I worked a Genre magagzine, offices housed on the top floor of the office building right at La Brea and Hollywood Blvd. He stopped by one day because we were doing a short piece on his new band. This was c. 1999. I think he was with Bijou Phillips. So they leave after about thirty minutes, and shortly after he comes back. He didn't have money to pay the parking attendant. And i thought to myself, wut? But let's face it: love her but Cher is no Einstein (Sonny was the brains behind Sonny & Cher, and her only memoir consisted of chapters no longer than three or four pages due in part to her dyslexia) and Gregg Allman was not a city slicker like Cher, and fought with substance abuse issues more than once.

by Maryreply 38805/09/2020

I wonder if Betty Bacall was put forth for the Parfitt role. Nina Foch auditioned.

by Maryreply 38905/09/2020

[quote] 1994 was one of the weakest in history, IMO, and no one nominated could have possibly competed with Bates or Parfitt, had the movie been pushed.

1994 was a weak year, yet they ignored three of the best female performances of the year (Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom, Judy Davis in The Ref and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Mrs. Parker) and chose to make another ineligible (Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction). Not one of the five women nominated for 1994 deserved their nominations.

by Maryreply 39005/09/2020

Who were the 1994 nominees? Was that the year Emma Thompson won for Howards End?

by Maryreply 39105/09/2020

I think that was the year Jessica Lange won for Blue Sky. Jodie Foster was also nominated for Nell.

by Maryreply 39205/09/2020

R391 Emma won in 1992. In 1994 it was Jessica Lange winner, Jodie Foster, Miranda Richardson, Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder.

by Maryreply 39305/09/2020

Was Miranda any good in Tom and Viv or whatever it was? Sarandon's nomination is a joke. She actually won a BAFTA for that nondescript movie!/performance..

by Maryreply 39405/09/2020

Sorry, I dont feel like looking it up. Was '95 the year Sarandon was nominated for The Client? I know she won for Dead Nan Walking later that decade.

by Maryreply 39505/09/2020

I thought Jessica was good. She deserved her nomination:

The nominees should have been:

Jessica Lange - Blue Sky

Madonna - Dangerous Game

Jennifer Jason Leigh - Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle

Kathleen Turner - Serial Mom

Jodie Foster - Nell

by Maryreply 39605/09/2020

Yes, her 1994 nomination was for "The Client". She won the following year for DMW. 1994 was so lacklustre Meryl came this close to a nomination for "The River Wild" lol

by Maryreply 39705/09/2020

Yes Kathleen should have been nominated and I would have loved her to win.

by Maryreply 39805/09/2020

Wait a minute. Susan Sarandon was nominated for an Oscar for "The Client"?? AND she won a BAFTA for that role? The Client?? Really? The John Grisham one?


by Maryreply 39905/09/2020

Was Fiorentino up for a BAFTA?

by Maryreply 40005/09/2020

Jennifer Jason Leigh for MRS. PARKER?, no. She made Geraldine Page in THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL look like Clint Eastwood.

by Maryreply 40105/09/2020

R400 yes she was nominated, along with Uma Thurman for Pulp Fiction

by Maryreply 40205/09/2020

Yeah, "The Client" nomination was very baffling as was Jessica Lange's win for Blue Sky.

by Maryreply 40305/09/2020

Fonda’s pause wasn’t long enough to create drama. I don’t care what the people there said.

by Maryreply 40405/09/2020

How many cocks was Sarandon sucking in the 90s to get 4 nominations in 5 years!? Were they trying to make her the Meryl of the 90s?

by Maryreply 40505/09/2020

I think the 1947 presentation for Best Actress was even more dramatic. It was widely assumed that Rosalind Russell was going to win for her performance in Mourning Becomes Electra, finally winning her the Oscar. But in a major upset, Loretta Young won for the Farmers Daughter. I read that Russell was so sure she would win, as the envelope was being opened, she began to stand up so she could collect her Oscar -- only to then make it seem like she giving a standing ovation for Loretta.

by Maryreply 40605/09/2020

What's The Farmer's Daughter like?

by Maryreply 40705/09/2020

I thought Camille Washington won that year for Meg!

by Maryreply 40805/09/2020

haha, about Camille in Meg!

The Farmer's Daughter is a comedy. Loretta plays a Swedish woman from Minnesota who takes a job as a maid in Washington, DC, for a congressman. She eventually runs for office herself. Sweet movie. Loretta is good, but not really Oscar-worthy. Her accent comes and goes. Side note, the role was originally intended for Ingrid Bergman, but they replaced her because was rumored to be sleeping with one of the stars of the movie, Joseph Cotton.

by Maryreply 40905/09/2020

R409 please see my list above. I easily replaced Loretta.

by Maryreply 41005/09/2020

How come Loretta swooped in for the win? Did she have an emergency Tracheotomy?

by Maryreply 41105/09/2020

I actually don’t have a problem with Langes win. She played a fragile, mentally unstable woman with that Lange signature touch. Sarandon winning the BAFTA for the Client is silly, but they might’ve given it to her as a career award too. Her DMW Oscar was part career Oscar, but she was excellent in it.

by Maryreply 41205/09/2020

Loretta Young had a big year - another of her hit films of the year, The Bishop’s Wife, was nominated for Best Picture.

by Maryreply 41305/09/2020

Mourning Becomes Electra had a three hour running time too. A lot of voters maybe didn’t see the film due to the length as opposed to Young’s two light and breezy films that were shorter.

by Maryreply 41405/09/2020

Crissy Rock, Ladybird Ladybird (1994) should have been nominated and won.

by Maryreply 41505/09/2020

Also, as fine as Rosalind Russell is in Mourning Becomes Electra, the movie is a chore to sit through.

by Maryreply 41605/09/2020

Linda iFiorentino should've been the definite winner in 1994. What I don't understand is, how was Joan Plowright eligible for a nod for 1992? ENCHANTED APRIL was originally a TV movie, too.

by Maryreply 41705/09/2020

Chastity actually looks quite pretty in that video clip.

by Maryreply 41805/09/2020

R383 A Woman in Love--no doubt based on the Barbea Streisand.

If you can't get the name of the film right, you have no business making pronouncements about who should have won!

by Maryreply 41905/09/2020

[quote] How many cocks was Sarandon sucking in the 90s to get 4 nominations in 5 years!? Were they trying to make her the Meryl of the 90s?

Sarandon had the dubious fortune of scoring two of those nominations in extremely weak years for lead female roles. Had the Academy been a little more adventurous (or less lazy), she would have been left out for 92 and 94. That we were stuck with Sarandon for Lorenzo's Oil and Michelle Pfeiffer for Love Field over Sheryl Lee for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Jennifer Jason Leigh for Single White Female and Pfeiffer for the role she should have been cited for (Batman Returns) it would have been a much more interesting year.

by Maryreply 42005/09/2020

Pfeiffer would be nominated for Batman Returns if that came out today.

by Maryreply 42105/09/2020

Susan Sarandon should have been nominated for Bull Durham.

by Maryreply 42205/09/2020

Lorenzo's oil was very good. I didn't mind Michelle Pfeiffer in Love Field either, although Batman's Returns is the superior performance.

The problem was that audiences and some critics didn't care for the darkness and cynicism of Batman Returns. There was an interesting article in Entertainment Weekly at the time about how the studio miscalculated the audience for it by marketing it as a family friendly movie (including McDonald's Happy Meal toys) when it was anything but.

by Maryreply 42305/09/2020

Single White Female is not the kind of movie the Academy would recognize in1992. They were too narrow-minded and conservative back then. If it came out today, JJL and Bridget Gonda would absolutely be in the conversation for best actress.

What do we think about Ashley Judd in Roby in Paradise? I think that was 1993. Her performance is always listed as an overlooked one of the 1990s.

by Maryreply 42405/09/2020

R424 well Close got nominated for playing psycho. Not to mention Kathy Bates and Anthony Hopkins winning. In addition to Silence sweeping the Oscars. The Academy was showing signs being more open with darker themes. Leigh was in a rut in the 90s when it came to the Oscars. She won critics awards and should’ve been nominated for Mrs. Parker. Judds performance is good enough in Ruby. Very subdued work. But she was overshadowed by her higher profile competition in 93. I actually think the nominees that year for lead actress were perfect. Holly Hunter winner, Emma Thompson, Stockard Channing, Angela Bassett and Debra Winger.

by Maryreply 42505/09/2020

True R425, but I guess my point about SWF is that it was more of a popcorn psycho thriller flick. Fatal Attraction, Misery & Silence of the Lambs were more prestigious films with reputable directors - the kind of films that get Oscar notice. SWF was not seen as that kind of movie even though it was well-acted and directed.

by Maryreply 42605/09/2020

Man, you guys are taking me back to just before I started middle school. Fire Walk with Me and SWF came out around the same time -- just before Labor Day -- and I vividly recall their TV spots. Same with Raising Cain. Those three movies just remind me of August 1992.

by Maryreply 42705/09/2020

I actually took a girl on a date to SWF, lmao.

Like, I should have known back then I was gay.

FWIW, Barbet Schroeder was hot off the heals of being Oscar-nominated for Reversal of Fortune when he directed SWF. That isn't to say that I thought SWF was in the running for any awards. But, quality Hollywood thrillers with interesting female characters were certainly a thing in the early 1990s. *sigh*

by Maryreply 42805/09/2020

R428 LOL! What did your date think of the movie?

You're right. The early '90 had a ton of theatrically-released thrillers led by female villains: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle; The Temp; SWF; The Crush, etc.

by Maryreply 42905/09/2020

Also, Meryl and Goldie were the villains in Death Becomes Her, but that was a black comedy.

by Maryreply 43005/09/2020

Yeah, you're right Cinesnatch. FWIW, I definitely think Leigh and Fonda were superb in SWF and would have been deserving of nods. It just didnt seem like the kind of fare that Oscar voters recognized back then. The MTV movie awards, yes. The Oscars, unfortunately no. I feel the same way about The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. Rebecca De Mornay was fantastic as the psycho nanny, but was that the kind of movie that got Oscar notice back then?

by Maryreply 43105/09/2020

Today, both De Mornay (Best Actress) and Ernie Hudson (Supporting Actor) would have gotten Oscar nods for The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. they were both great, and the film was a smash hit. It was #1 at the box office for an entire month!

by Maryreply 43205/09/2020

Hollywood doesn’t like Glenn. She doesn’t play the game or something. It has to be something.

by Maryreply 43305/09/2020

Glenn doesn't seem to be in the in crowd the way Meryl is.

by Maryreply 43405/09/2020

Isn't Glenn from some old money family in Connecticut, while Meryl is from New Jersey?

by Maryreply 43505/09/2020

R429, lol, I don't remember much about what she thought (she was sweet though; Kelly was her name, she was my coworker at Kmart). All I recall is me awkwardly putting my arm around her to "comfort" her when the dog died, lmao.

It goes without saying that Basic Instinct would be high on that aforementioned list!

And, the men had it good as well! Lambs, Reversal of Fortune, Cape Fear remake (I loved it and it was a big success).

In two consecutive Oscar seasons, the four lead winners were three villains (von Bülow was sinister at minimum) and an iconic heroine. Those were the days.

by Maryreply 43605/09/2020

Dolores Claiborne was planned as a big Oscar vehicle for Christmas but had bad test screenings and then was drastically recut. I guess the studio had lost confidence in it by then and they dumped it in the spring (although they did campaign Bates and Leigh for Best Actress and Supporting Actress pretty heavily, probably in their contracts.)

by Maryreply 43705/09/2020

[quote]n two consecutive Oscar seasons, the four lead winners were three villains (von Bülow was sinister at minimum) and an iconic heroine. Those were the days.

which years? 1990 and what else? (not 89 or 91)

by Maryreply 43805/09/2020

R438 I think s/he was referring to 1990 (Kathy Bates in "Misery"; Jeremy Irons in "Reversal of Fortune") and 1991 (Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence of the Lambs")..

by Maryreply 43905/09/2020

I was pissed that both Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix missed out on Best Actress and Supporting Actor for TO DIE FOR. I remember there was a small scandal when Kidman missed out, especially since she'd won Golden Globe. (This was when the Oscar nominations occurred a month after the GG's.) And I was rooting for Phoenix's comeback, especially after having been a fan of his older brother. There was a lot of talk about him then, since it had been years since he had acted and two years after River's very public death, for which Joaquin was collateral damage in the press.

by Maryreply 44005/09/2020

SWF Oscar worthy?!

Ummm, no. That wouldn’t be happening then or now. It’s not the actresses fault though, it was the plot line.

Thanks for the laugh, though.

by Maryreply 44105/09/2020

R441 People are talking about performances, specifically, not the films themselves. though it often helps if a movie is a huge hit and/or critically acclaimed.

by Maryreply 44205/09/2020

Jennifer Jason Leigh actually did get some Oscar buzz for Single White Female. This was a year where there were very few candidates. She was considered a possibility but then Passion Fish (Mary McDonnell) and Love Field (Michelle Pfeiffer) were rushed into release to take advantage of the weak competition.

by Maryreply 44305/09/2020

Re: Jennifer Jason Leigh... a lot of people were not crazy about one performance in particular, but I believe she won the NY Critics Award for Georgia, and I thought she was amazing! But it's a very difficult movie and performance to watch. In fact, I wasn't that crazy about it first time I saw it, it just grew on me over time. Either Georgia and/or Last Exit to Brooklyn are my favorite JJL performances, (far better than Hateful Eight).

I also wished Mare Winningham had one for supporting that year.

by Maryreply 44405/09/2020

Winningham did get an Oscar nod for Georgia.

by Maryreply 44505/09/2020

It was interesting that Mare Winningham got the nod for Georgia instead of JJL. Talk about a case of the quieter performance getting recognized over the louder, showier one. Last Exit to Brooklyn was disturbing and yes, JJL was excellent in it. However, my favorite performance of hers is hands down SWF. It's one of ny favorite movies and I've watched it iprobably 1,367,876 times by now.

by Maryreply 44605/09/2020

R446 What did you think of the remake starring Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester, which was a big hit?

by Maryreply 44705/10/2020

Fatal Attraction was more of a horror story, no way was Glenn going to win.

by Maryreply 44805/10/2020

The Silence of the Lambs was horror.

by Maryreply 44905/10/2020

R448 Fatal Attraction was not a horror apart from having to see Glenn's boobs and Michael's ass.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 45005/10/2020

R448 Fatal Attraction was not a horror apart from having to see Glenn's boobs and Michael's ass.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 45105/10/2020

R447, I really really disdain remakes, especially unnecessary ones, so I had no interest in seeing "The Roommate". DId you see it? Is it worth a viewing?

by Maryreply 45205/10/2020

R452, it’s currently on Netflix, if you want to check it out.

by Maryreply 45305/10/2020

The 2010s will be known as a decade of ugly movie stars. Seriously, every single one of them are so hideous! I miss the drop dead gorgeous film stars! Hollywood movie stars used to be renowned for their good looks. Is this what we get for letting so many foreigners in?

by Maryreply 45405/10/2020

R454 I laughed when Jennifer Lawrence was suggested to play Sharon Tate and Sharon's sister came out to say Jennifer wasn't nearly pretty enough to play her beautiful sister! Lol

by Maryreply 45505/10/2020

It’s not realistic to expect all film actors to be beautiful.

by Maryreply 45605/10/2020

Ugly is being harsh. I would say nondescript is more like it.

by Maryreply 45705/10/2020

I would go so far to say that Margot Robbie is beautiful, or at least the prettiest of any major actress out there right now. She did not, however, resemble Sharon Tate. (not that it was necessary).

Is there anyone currently who does? Or is equally as beautiful as Tate? (PLEASE don't say ScarJo)

by Maryreply 45805/10/2020

R458 yes, Rose Byrne.

Did she have a nose job by the way? It doesn’t have any of the telltale “fake” signs but it just looks so impossibly chiseled. Movie stars (the ones who had natural noses) of 30 year’s ago didn’t have noses that thin and pointy.

But anyway yes she could play Sharon looks wise.

by Maryreply 45905/10/2020

I was thinking Rose Byrne earlier, but didn't post. I started googling old photos of Byrne. Without thinking, I started googling old photos of Gloria Steinem (to see if she looked like Tate at all, as I was struck that she might have). And then I realised Byrne is playing Steinem!

Great minds think alike! R459

by Maryreply 46005/10/2020

Rose Byrne - the best performance in Bridesmaids (my opinion). I also think Bridesmaids was highly overrated, and didn't care at all for Melissa McCarthy. In fact, I was kind of offended, offended for her. Up to that point, I always thought she was an underrated performer, just needing the right role to show her potential and versatility. A fat woman who .. (I don't even remember) ... but with all the SJWs, I was surprised there was no protest. The Oscar nom was kind of shocking, and I felt a bit torn....But if anything, it gave McCarthy the opportunities to shine in Heat and Spy. I thought she was wonderful in both! And then of course, the role/movie I was hoping for, (for her), Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I knew she didn't have a chance, but I really wanted her to win. Sorry to digress.... it's late here and I'm not tired enough for bed yet.

by Maryreply 46105/10/2020


by Maryreply 46205/11/2020

If they hadn't given Jane an unnecessary second Oscar then Geraldine could have won for Interiors in 1979, freeing up a win for Whoopi in 1986.

by Maryreply 46305/11/2020

So why did Cher dump Sonny? Was he surprised; did he deserve to be dumped?

by Maryreply 46405/11/2020

"So why did Cher dump Sonny? Was he surprised; did he deserve to be dumped?"

She thought he was too "controlling." But whatever he was, she would have been nothing. If it wasn't for Sonny, there would be no "Cher." He created her.

by Maryreply 46505/11/2020

Jane was excellent in Coming Home. I don't' get the hate for that Oscar win.

And if Jane hadn't won, Jill Clayburgh would have gotten it for An Unmarried Woman.

by Maryreply 46605/11/2020

Jill totally was robbed. Her performance was a masterpiece. Coming Home had a more serious subject matter than An Unmarried Woman. The seventies were all about reconciliation with the Vietnam veterans. I think that the Academy voters wanted to make a point. To some AUW was another women’s picture about spoiled middle class housewives. But Jill’s performance was so fucking great.

by Maryreply 46705/11/2020

It's crazy to me that Jane Fonda won two Oscars -- in lead, no less -- before her legendary father won his first (and last).

More recently, Laura Dern won and both her parents, who have several nods between them, are Oscar-less.

by Maryreply 46805/11/2020

Ryan O’Neal hit Tatum when she won hers, didn’t he?

by Maryreply 46905/11/2020

Olivia may have two Oscars, but I got mine first.

by Maryreply 47005/11/2020

no he didn't even bring her to the Oscars. Her grandparents did. (and the grandfather awkwardly followed Tatum to the stage and tried to speak but was cut off.)

by Maryreply 47105/11/2020

Cher thanking Sonny at the Golden Globes

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 47205/11/2020

Advances in social media made it so easy to keep in touch with my fellow nominees. I could call, email, tweet, Instagram, many options.

But their restraining orders prevent communication of any form now. So our little clique has fallen by the wayside.

We'd have these get-togethers. Nothing fancy. Wine and nibbles in our respective homes. Maybe a back booth at the Silver Spoon. Sometimes I'd get the key and open the bar early. Serve ourselves. Glenn and Meryl would do the cutest "Who's On First" routine that would have Holly peeing her pants. By the third glass of wine, Cher is singing "Dark Lady" along with the jukebox.

Fame and awards can change people.

by Maryreply 47305/11/2020

What’s going on with Cher’s teeth in r472?

by Maryreply 47405/11/2020

"What’s going on with Cher’s teeth?"

Was that before she straightened them? They look kind of gnarly. Back in the Sonny and Cher days, some snarky people said she had "teeth like a vampire."

by Maryreply 47505/12/2020

What should Geraldine Page have won for if not Interiors or Bountiful?

by Maryreply 47605/12/2020

R476, Summer and Smoke. Hondo.

by Maryreply 47705/12/2020

I though Page was magnificent in her one scene in The Pope of Greenwich Village. I'm not usually one to give awards for little cameos like that but she completely deserved to win.

by Maryreply 47805/12/2020

R447, Out of curiosity, I watched The Roommate on Netflix and it was just as lame and unoriginal as I thought it would be, LOL. I will say that Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly bear a striking resemblance to each other (more than JJL and Fonda) so the impostor plot was believable. Other than that, it was a silly PG-13 remake of SWF.

by Maryreply 47905/12/2020

Leighton and Minka are both lovely women.

by Maryreply 48005/12/2020

Leighton and Minka are both lovely women.

by Maryreply 48105/12/2020

R457 Re Peter Parker: We went from Tobey Maguire (cute/adorable) to Andrew Garfield (ugh) to Tom Holland (vile).

by Maryreply 48205/12/2020

I don’t get the hot of Garfield or Holland. Both of them are AWG...Garfield is borderline ugly.

by Maryreply 48305/13/2020

R483, if Garfield and Holland are "borderline ugly," what does that make the rest of us mere mortals?

More importantly, do you think Sally Kirkland would make a better Spider-Man?

by Maryreply 48405/13/2020

Which of the other nominated roles that year could Sally Kirkland have pulled off? Definitely not "Moonstruck" and probably not "Broadcast News" either. Could she have played the Glenn Close part in "Fatal Attraction"?

by Maryreply 48505/13/2020

She could have played the homeless, derilict drunk in Ironweed.

by Maryreply 48605/13/2020

I'm trying to imagine what kind of horror flick "Fatal Attraction" with Cher or Holly Hunter would have been like.

by Maryreply 48705/13/2020

R485 "Could she have played the Glenn Close part in "Fatal Attraction"?

Definitely! In real life!

by Maryreply 48805/13/2020

Instead of Michael "Dan" Douglas it was Oscar she wasn't going to be ignored by!

by Maryreply 48905/13/2020

I love how Mare Winningham barely moves her face the whole movie of "Georgia" while JJL chews scenery and bounces around the room. Mare seems to be thinking, "Honey... just wait and watch. I'm making more of an impact with my stillness than you ever will."

It felt like Pat Benatar singing as a mentor with "Idol" contestants, eyeing the young and pretty ones, filing her nails as they sing -- and then moving to the mic, opening her mouth and blowing them all off the stage. Or Stevie giving Taylor Swift side-eye as they sing a duet and Swift sounds horrendous in comparison.

by Maryreply 49005/13/2020

Glenn, this is how you wear a gold Oscar winning dress!

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 49105/13/2020

R491 who's that tasteless bitch?

by Maryreply 49205/13/2020

Edy Williams.

by Maryreply 49305/13/2020

I saw Georgia when it came out and agree with R490. But, wasn't JJL just playing the character as written?

Fun Fact: JJL's mother Barbara Turner wrote the screenplay. She is also an Emmy nominee, She wrote Hemingway & Gellhorn, the HBO movie from 2012 starring Nicole Kidman. She also wrote Pollack and Cujo. She died four years ago.

by Maryreply 49405/13/2020

Hopefully in a more peaceful way than JJL's father...

by Maryreply 49505/13/2020

The most dramatic Oscar winning Best Actress presentation was when Jane Fonda won for Klute. There was tremendous worry she'd turn the moment into a political speech. I love how she sort of holds her cards close to her hands almost teasing the audience (.....those of you that clapped.) then says the famous quote her father gave her.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 49605/13/2020

In R491's photo, Sally's date to the Oscars that year were her chins.

by Maryreply 49705/13/2020

More importantly R485, could Glenn Close have played David's mother on Roseanne?

by Maryreply 49805/13/2020

How many cocks did M suck to even get nominated for that train wreck Ironweed?

by Maryreply 49905/13/2020

Not Nicholson's r499. She was quite upset with him when he invited her to dinner at Chasten's during filming. He told her it would be a whole group from the film but instead it was just him. M was not pleased at being tricked into a date. (she had previously had him banned from her floor at the hotel where the filmed Heartburn.)

Jack just wouldn't take no for an answer. Lord knows why.

by Maryreply 50005/13/2020

I remember reading here on DL that M had affairs with Jack during the making of both movies.

Given her voracious sexual appetite off-screen I wonder if she was cheating on Cazale when he was dying.

by Maryreply 50105/13/2020

Well, she did marry her husband shortly after Cazale's death.

by Maryreply 50205/14/2020

R494 Yes, Barbara Turner wrote the "Georgia" screenplay. It was loosely based on the relationship between her real-life daughters Jennifer Jason Leigh and Carrie Ann Morrow. Mare Winningham's character Georgia is based on Jennifer and the character Jennifer played is based on Carrie. Sadly, Carrie Ann Morrow struggled with drugs and is now deceased.

by Maryreply 50305/14/2020

Did G. have her first facelift just prior to the Oscar ceremony?

by Maryreply 50405/14/2020

r503, so there are 2 Oscar nominated films inspired by the life of Jennifer Jason Leigh?

by Maryreply 50505/14/2020

Yeah, I guess so R505. At first, I didnt know what other film you were referring to and then I remembered "Marriage Story" is about JJL and her ex.

by Maryreply 50605/14/2020

JJL is a horribly mannered, tic-laden actress. Her Dorothy Parker was execrable. As Hedy in SWF she was tolerable. But I can only watch her in small doses.

by Maryreply 50705/14/2020

Yes Jenny Leigh makes Georgia nearly unwatchable and Mare Winningham is the saving grace.

by Maryreply 50805/14/2020

Yes, R505. And Scarlett Johansson has played her as well as "Sophia Coppola" (twice!).

by Maryreply 50905/14/2020

What is the second movie in which Scarlett played Sophia R509? I only know of Lost in Translation.

by Maryreply 51005/14/2020

[quote]What is the second movie in which Scarlett played Sophia [R509]? I only know of Lost in Translation.

R510: Her (Spike Jonze, 2013).

by Maryreply 51105/14/2020

That was just DL fiction r501.

The bio "Her Again" details her dealings with Nicholson and his unwanted advances.

by Maryreply 51205/14/2020

[491] Sally looks like the queen on episode one of each season of Drag Race who is being sent home first. Sad!

by Maryreply 51305/15/2020

There was an old blind item about Meryl Streep and her one sided open marriage with Don Gummer. She had to sleep with her leading men (allegedly) and Don understood this as part of her creative process. Who knows? But if true it kills her image as a frau goddess.

by Maryreply 51405/15/2020

Meryl doesn't seem like the promiscuous type. She married Gummer six months after Cazale died. Despite her feminist image she seems more like a woman who needs a man.

Her longings for men are probably limited to little gold men named Oscar. (plus she was pregnant most of her youth)

by Maryreply 51505/15/2020

Wonder why Meryl didn't get offered/go for Dangerous Liaisons?

No one on set ever corroborated that Meryl ever had affairs with any co-star, it's just sleazy gossip.

She once admitted she she never imagined NOT being a wife or mother and those kids are definitely Don's. Unfortunately, 2 of them inherited the least attractive aspects of their parents. In their youth Meryl and Don were both very good looking.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 51605/16/2020

[Quote] she seems more like a woman who needs a man.

Filming on location can get lonely...

by Maryreply 51705/16/2020

R516, I think Gummer is quite good-looking even as an older man. I've always found him quite attractive. Meryl looks good for her age too.

by Maryreply 51805/16/2020

The only 'romantic' liaison with a co-star I ever read about, pre internet, that Streep may have had was with Ed Begley Jr. when they were making She-Devil. I can't remember were I read it at the time but they were spotted at a restaurant looking more close than just friends.

Aside from that I have never read or heard of anything about flings with anyone else. Really, having and raising four kids and working as much as she has I doubt she'd have the time.

by Maryreply 51905/16/2020

Are you kidding? There's lots of hurry up and wait on film sets.

by Maryreply 52005/16/2020

R520 Must admit you have a point there.

by Maryreply 52105/16/2020

Jesus, imagine working with all the hot cock in Hollywood Meryl has in 40 years and the only one she chose to fuck was Ed Begley, Jr. I would have rather fucked Roseanne.

by Maryreply 52205/16/2020

Tall and stringy often = large cock.

by Maryreply 52305/16/2020

R519: she probably heard about Ed’s legendary massive schlong and had to find out for herself.

by Maryreply 52405/16/2020

Beautiful cock but I couldn’t get pass that car that ran on old garbage.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 52505/16/2020

When the Hollywood Kids, who wrote a gossip column for Movieline Magazine, would appear on talk shows, the enormity of Ed Begley, Jr.'s cock would often be mentioned.

by Maryreply 52605/16/2020

Ed was attractive in his youth, but he has that pale, pinkish Irish skin that ages so poorly.

by Maryreply 52705/16/2020


by Maryreply 52805/17/2020

Holly Hunter should have won, with Glenn Close as a close second.

Then Glenn could have won the next year for Dangerous Liaisons.

Jodie still get her Oscar for Silence of the Lambs

And Holly gives up her Piano Oscar to either Stockard Channing or Angela Bassett.

That war we have more Oscar wins. Cher can an Oscar for Silkwood from Linda Hunt for The Year of Living Dangerously. There no everybody is happy expect for Sally Kirkland.

by Maryreply 52905/18/2020

Jodie is so stiff and wooden.

by Maryreply 53005/18/2020

R529 I'm not happy you fucking bugger!

by Maryreply 53105/18/2020

Fuck you, Linda, you sawed off dyke. You took that Oscar win and wasted it on a fucking CBS procedural!! I would have NEVER done that!!

by Maryreply 53205/18/2020

WHy has this thread generated 532 responses!?!

by Maryreply 53305/18/2020

R533 Cher, Meryl, Glenn, a deluded insane Sally K and The Oscars. Should be on part 2 by Friday!

by Maryreply 53405/18/2020

Linda deserved that Oscar

Cher deserved hers

Give Glenn the Oscar for Albert Knobbs. Have Meryl win for Bridges of Madison County

Give Susan one for Lorenzo's Oil

Give Holly one for supporting in Thiorteen and one for actress for Living Out Loud. Give the Piano one to Emma in Remains of the Day

Have Diane Keaton win for Marvin's Room.

Give Renee one for Bridget Jones Diary

Give Renee's one for Judy to Karen Allen in Colewell

by Maryreply 53505/18/2020

R535, sit down. Your taste sucks.

by Maryreply 53605/18/2020

Tell me about it R517.

by Maryreply 53705/18/2020

My choices in R375 R376 R378 R379 R383 R384 R386 R387 are pretty decent. And fuck, why would Diane Keaton merit an Oscar for Marvin's Room? It was a miracle her drab performance got nominated.

by Maryreply 53805/18/2020

R535, Aren't you forgetting someone?

by Maryreply 53905/18/2020

Miss Bacall you were lucky to be nominated.

by Maryreply 54005/18/2020

I always thought that was perhaps the most gracious best Actress acceptance speech of all time. Not the most moving (that would be Louise Fletcher's), but the most gracious.

by Maryreply 54105/18/2020

Dame Angela would have made a wonderful speech if she'd played Nurse Ratched

by Maryreply 54205/18/2020

[quote]And fuck, why would Diane Keaton merit an Oscar for Marvin's Room?

As opposed to Meryl mugging her way through Doubt?

by Maryreply 54305/18/2020

Moonstruck was on TCM last night and since I hadn't seen it in a while I watched it. It's one of my comfort movies. I've seen worst performances than Cher's that won an Oscar. She was just fine.

by Maryreply 54405/18/2020

"worst performances"

Oh, dear!

by Maryreply 54505/18/2020

WTF was Meryl on when she hammed her way through "Doubt"? Was she aiming to win a Musical/Comedy Golden Globe or was she shooting for the ultimate prize, a Razzie?

by Maryreply 54605/18/2020

Meryl was terrific in Doubt, she made Sister Alolyious a fully rounded human.

by Maryreply 54705/18/2020

If Cher didn't win she wasn't going to show her dress. Earlier in the evening when she presented she was all wrapped up. I guess this was her idea of revenge.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 54805/18/2020

[quote] Sister Alolyious

Oh, [italic]dear.[/italic]

by Maryreply 54905/18/2020

I also think that was one of the best Oscar dresses of all time. Truly beautiful and flattering, but also extremely unusual.

by Maryreply 55005/18/2020

Meryl Streep was god awful as Julia Child...she really was bad in that.

by Maryreply 55105/18/2020

What in the hell did Cher win an Oscar for? Has she done films other than Mama Mia? She has no expression in her eyes and too much fake posturing in her mouth. That circus freak is not an actress. She "acts" like a teenage girl making faces in the mirror.

by Maryreply 55205/18/2020

Count me in as a Moonstruck hater. Nothing more than a glorified TV movie with the network based in Bensonhurst.

by Maryreply 55305/18/2020

For those who might not recall, 1987 was a banner year for Cher. During the early summer, she had the biggest box office hit of her career, Witches of Eastwick; followed by another hit, Suspect, in October... THEN came Moonstruck just in time for Christmas. Timing played a huge role in her winning that Oscar.

by Maryreply 55405/18/2020

R553 Bensonhurst is where the pizza parlor was in our iconic "Let's be a Pizza Parlor in 1990 NYC"!

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 55505/18/2020

plus r554 she was on quite a run Come Back to the Five and Dime and a Golden Globe nom in 82, Silkwood and a Golden Globe win in 83 and then Cannes and a near miss Oscar nomination in 1985. She was a respected actress by 87 and not a fluke winner.

The sad part is once she won the Oscar she seemed to loose interest in acting and went back to singing. It would be three y ears until Mermaids and then even longer for her next film. I wonder why she gave up? She turned down some good stuff. Thelma and Louise among them.

by Maryreply 55605/18/2020

Cher deserved an Emmy for her classic 1993 infomercial.

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 55705/18/2020

I preferred Christina Applegate's version on SNL....

Offsite Link
by Maryreply 55805/18/2020

I'm still pissed Kirkland in Anna took Dunaway's spot in Barfly.

Faye was wonderful in that. It should have been Streep who didn't get a nom - Ironweed was not good. But we know they nominate her for anything. Kirkland got the nom by the skin of her teeth.

I love Streep, but Faye's Wanda was more deserved. And I like Anna WAY more than Ironweed.

by Maryreply 55905/18/2020

If "The Dingo Ate My Baby" had been released that year and "Ironweed" the following year, I wonder if she'd have a) won her third Oscar beating Cher, and b) not even nominated the following year which was one of the most competitive lineup of nominees ever.

by Maryreply 56005/18/2020

R559 if you had gotten your way regarding Sally Kirkland, you would have deprived the world of one of the greatest Best Actress clips ever, and deprived Data Lounge of a woman who has become one of our greatest icons! (the world might have forgotten about Sally a long time ago, but we sure haven't!).

by Maryreply 56105/18/2020

R60 Doubt it. Despite all the acclaim for Evil Angels it was a flop at the box office, whilst Moonstruck was a box office hit. Also, too soon after Sophie's Choice.

by Maryreply 56205/19/2020

R450 Didn’t Michael have a nice ass, though? I feel like I remember his being decent.

by Maryreply 56305/19/2020

R563, Glenn has told of first meeting at Michael's house in rural New York, where she had gone prior to filming "Fatal Attraction".

Glenn went to the back door and when she peered into the kitchen, there was Michael standing at the sink stark naked.

by Maryreply 56405/19/2020

^And then he saw Glennie and immediately lost his erection.

by Maryreply 56505/19/2020

Meryl's best performance of the 80s was in Evil Angels. She should have won in 96 for The Bridges Of Madison County. Erotic old tart.

by Maryreply 56605/19/2020

Incidentally, I don't like the Aussie title EVIL ANGELS. It makes it sound like a horror film or something. IMO, A CRY IN THE DARK is a much more intriguing title.

by Maryreply 56705/19/2020

R567, I like The Hungry, Hungry Dingo.

by Maryreply 56805/19/2020

R561 BUT If i had my way, we would have all the BATSHIT CRAZY stories of Faye before, during, and after the ceremonies.

by Maryreply 56905/19/2020

I guess this thread has reached 570 responses because there are no "Meryls" coming up now- or even on the horizon. Who is going to take these thespian's place in cinema- Shailene Woodley?

by Maryreply 57005/19/2020

Sally didn't take anyone's spot. Yes, she aggressively campaigned for the Oscar, but she had the LA Film Critics and Golden Globe award wins. The Globe Drama win really boosted her case.

It also wouldn't be surprising if she did pretty well in the results. As much as I like Glenn's performance. FA wasn't for conservatives in 1987. It was too raw and in your face. The older branch might have been turned off by the violence and the fact that the Close character isn't very likeable. Those votes that didn't go to Cher might have been split between Hunter and Kirkland. Glenn probably placed third or fourth.

Streep was the one who seemed to be a filler nom. Most likely came in last in the results as well.

Faye Dunaway, Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Rachel Chagall and Barbra Streisand were all snubbed.

by Maryreply 57105/19/2020

Meryl is out of style and date. There's no chance to be Meryl anymore and maybe that's good. Her popularity and insane praise ruined a lot of equally good and some better actresses chances at being cast in good roles. Many roles not well suited to Streep, but that she boldly subjected people too anyway.

Streep hasn't had that many successful movies I don't think. I wouldn't know because A) I'm 37 and B) She's not THAT great. She believes she can sing, and she cannot. She has made far too many films where she thinks she is *singing.*

There was no Meryl before Meryl either. No one needs another one. But if your desperate, you can call Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet or Emma Thompson or Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway. They're all very good.

by Maryreply 57205/19/2020

*But if you're desperate....

Nicole Kidman has a better resume than Streep. But a new Meryl Streep? What did she do that others didn't before her? She's very moving and intricate, brave and bold in some of her performances. And she can do comedy ok, but only in one rhythm. She has no wit on screen and she's lost her transparency long ago. Many young actresses can provide these things, given both a chance and a major role. But those aren't available in films anymore. Not for young women.

Streep wanted to be Bette Davis - she should just admit it. She has proved to be both greater and less impressive than Ms. Davis. She's certainly has been more praised and favored. Probably less remembered.

by Maryreply 57305/19/2020

R573 Cher's original dream was to be an actress. Sonny pushed her into singing/music.

by Maryreply 57405/19/2020

Just classic DL that this thread is still going strong. Love you DLers!

by Maryreply 57505/19/2020

". I wonder why she gave up? "

What parts could she play, with her distinctive looks? And the plastic surgery didn't help, either.

by Maryreply 57605/19/2020

Jennifer Lawrence, 30, already has 1 Oscar and 4 nominations.

Saoirse Ronan has 4 Oscar nominations and is 26.

They could beat Meryl.

by Maryreply 57705/19/2020

J.Law is still 29, until August.

by Maryreply 57805/19/2020

Movies and Oscars won't be around for another twenty years. JLaw and Ronan won't be able to beat Meryl.

Who knows if they will even recover from the pandemic. I heard AMC may go under.

by Maryreply 57905/19/2020

R579 Typical liberal pessimism.

by Maryreply 58005/19/2020

The only awards JLaw will receive in the future are from some adult industry award group. Best face covered in cum shot award.

by Maryreply 58105/19/2020

The AMPAS is considering delaying the 2021 Oscars.

by Maryreply 58205/19/2020

Jlaw was hot for 5 years and got those 4 nominations. She did not deserve a nod for that mop movie but it was a weak year. She's been in nothing but flops since 2015 and some might say all that quick and easy success went to her head.

by Maryreply 58305/20/2020

cher gave the worst performance of them all.....flabbergasted she won.....was Harvey her 'mentor' ?

by Maryreply 58405/20/2020

I don't know r584.

by Maryreply 58505/20/2020

"cher gave the worst performance of them all.....flabbergasted she won."

I'm pretty amazed she won, too. It was really a performance not deserving of an Oscar. But then many Oscar wins are undeserving. Even so, it's truly baffling sometimes just how undeserving they are.

by Maryreply 58605/20/2020

Today is Cher's Birthday. She is 74 !!!!

by Maryreply 58705/20/2020

She won because she had a bunch of good years leading up to the win (and three hit films that year.)

The competition all had issues. Meryl was just lucky to be nominated. Glenn was in a film too violent and controversial,Sally was too trashy and no one saw the film and Hunter was brand new to films.

by Maryreply 58805/20/2020

I remember the 2014 Best Supporting Actress category being tight between Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyongo. Jennifer won the Globe but made an ass of herself in the press room (mocking the reporter) and that’s when Lupita’s win was sealed, I think.

by Maryreply 58905/20/2020

I never got the love for Lupita in that movie. I thought the actress who played Eliza was far more interesting.

by Maryreply 59005/20/2020

Better Lupita Nyongo than a second Oscar for the godawful Jennifer Lawrence. Bitch didn't even deserve the first one that she won for SLP.

by Maryreply 59105/20/2020

evbody knows she somehow bought the damn Oscar....

by Maryreply 592Last Thursday at 5:30 AM

R592 with her front bum!

by Maryreply 593Last Thursday at 9:24 AM

Do you think M and Cher are still best friends?

by Maryreply 594Last Thursday at 4:04 PM

R590 Was Eliza the one who wouldn't stop crying?

by Maryreply 595Last Thursday at 4:27 PM

I doubt M would be good friends with anyone in the true sense of the term. I picture her as being too competitive, judgmental and passive aggressive to be a good friend. In other words a typical upper class white Connecticut frau.

by Maryreply 596Last Thursday at 9:58 PM

An Aryan from Darien, no doubt.

by Maryreply 597Last Friday at 7:29 AM

R596 Your description sounds more like G than M. M has notably close, long-term friendships with Tracey Ullman, Viola Davis, and the late Carrie Fisher.

by Maryreply 598Last Friday at 12:04 PM

I still get a Christmas card from Meryl. Well, I used to. Maybe she doesn't have my new address.

by Maryreply 599Last Friday at 1:32 PM

Meryl is good pals with Baranski, Ullman, Cher, Goldie and O'Hara

by Maryreply 600Last Friday at 10:18 PM
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