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Coronation Street on ITV Part Four

Because part three is almost full.

by Annie Walkerreply 13305/25/2020

I hope when the show returns after its “break” we find out that Sean and Izzy died from coronavirus.

by Annie Walkerreply 103/27/2020

But Mary survives!

by Annie Walkerreply 203/28/2020

Yeah, I’d want Mary to survive. I like her when the writing doesn’t make her out to be a moron.

by Annie Walkerreply 303/28/2020

The actors who play Abi and Tim have got engaged while in lockdown.

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 403/28/2020

Good for them, they’re a cute couple.

by Annie Walkerreply 503/28/2020

I'm appreciating Corrie more now that there are only three episodes per week.

by Annie Walkerreply 604/04/2020

needs more Billy and Paul

by Annie Walkerreply 704/04/2020

Uhh, no, it doesn’t.

by Annie Walkerreply 804/04/2020

Uhh, no, it doesn’t.

by Annie Walkerreply 904/04/2020

Billy and Paul do nothing for me. The former is an annoying nosy parker, and the latter has that totally distracting smashed nose.

by Annie Walkerreply 1004/04/2020

Precisely, R10. That nose is hideous beyond belief. They’re both annoying as hell.

by Annie Walkerreply 1104/04/2020

I cried over Eccles, yet none of her family (except for Emma) did. Have they no souls?

by Annie Walkerreply 1204/08/2020

Does anybody remember that fucking ridiculous twist where they found out Betty actually owned The Rovers after she died?

by Annie Walkerreply 1304/08/2020

I think I'd stopped watching Corrie during that period, R13.

by Annie Walkerreply 1404/08/2020

Dang Corrie, the last thing I needed during this quarantine was the death of Eccles.

by Annie Walkerreply 1504/08/2020

They made Ken unnecessarily brusque with Emma. Of course it wasn’t her fault that Eccles had to be put down.

by Annie Walkerreply 1604/09/2020

Poor Emma is getting shit on by everyone.

by Annie Walkerreply 1704/09/2020

I really hope they apologize to her in the upcoming episodes. If Ken wants to blame someone, it should be Claudia.

by Annie Walkerreply 1804/09/2020

Emma is sweet but she would get on my nerves after an extended period of time.

What do we think of the retirement home segments?

by Annie Walkerreply 1904/09/2020

I can’t stand them, R19. I fast forward through them now although I’ve always liked the actor who played Norris.

by Annie Walkerreply 2004/09/2020

Is it wrong that I kind of hope Covid-19 attacks that retirement home and kills everyone except Ken and Norris.

by Annie Walkerreply 2104/09/2020

Is that tart Claudia going to cheat with Charles? It made no sense that someone as vivacious as she would want to settle down in a retirement village.

by Annie Walkerreply 2204/09/2020

Again, I ask, has Norris mentioned Emily? She was living with Norris and Freida in Scotland, did they just dump her off the side of the road?

by Annie Walkerreply 2304/09/2020

Emily’s got that nephew of hers she stays with. The fugly tree hugger who dated Toyah.

by Annie Walkerreply 2404/09/2020

R24 Only if she has returned to Peru, that is where Spider is.

by Annie Walkerreply 2504/09/2020

Spider could have moved back to London, though, where he lived with Toyah.

by Annie Walkerreply 2604/09/2020

I loved Tracy's line tonight when Steve said he just wants a quiet life. And she said "you picked the wrong women for that," meaning she and Leanne.

by Annie Walkerreply 2704/10/2020

Jeff gives Yasmin chlamydia.

by Annie Walkerreply 2804/20/2020

She stabs him next week, hope its painful x

by Annie Walkerreply 2904/20/2020

Will he be in the hospital and have to listen to somebody else doing the DJ-ing? Will Audrey do it again?

by Annie Walkerreply 3004/20/2020

The girl who plays Asha is great but the girl who plays Amy is giving a high school drama class performance. They really need to finally get rid of her.

by Annie Walkerreply 3104/24/2020

R31 She isn't the worst I've seen, plus you can really imagine her being the daughter of Tracy and Steve.

by Annie Walkerreply 3204/24/2020

Looking like them isn’t enough-she makes annoying faces and fake gesticulates all the time.

by Annie Walkerreply 3304/24/2020

R33 It's not just looks. While I love Tracy, the actor that plays Steve isn't wonderful and does those annoying faces and things all the time.

by Annie Walkerreply 3404/24/2020

[quote] She stabs him next week, hope its painful x

Isn't it a wine bottle to the head?

by Annie Walkerreply 3504/24/2020

R35 I'd prefer if she had stuck a broken jagged wine bottle up his ass and twisted it several times.

by Annie Walkerreply 3604/24/2020

As much as I hate Geoff, the scene where he asked for a refund because he caught an STI off a prostitute was quite funny.

The writers are doing a decent job with Asha's story.

by Annie Walkerreply 3704/27/2020

Imagine gave to have sex with Geoff! Is this what he's spending Yasmeen's pension on?

by Annie Walkerreply 3804/27/2020

I HATE, HATE, HATE Geoff! I honestly don't think I've ever felt this way about a character before. There has been other fictional characters that I loved to hate, but Geoff is different, I just totally hate him. When he pops up on the screen, I want to physically reach through it and strangle him.

by Annie Walkerreply 3904/27/2020

Geoff’s response to being confronted with the STI news was particularly repugnant. And really badly written.

by Annie Walkerreply 4004/27/2020

What did he say?

by Annie Walkerreply 4104/28/2020

He accused Yasmeen of giving him the STI and called her an old tart, R41

by Annie Walkerreply 4204/28/2020

Thanks R42 I hope he is shunned by everyone and loses everything he's stolen from Yasmeen. How come she hasn't found his camera?

by Annie Walkerreply 4304/28/2020

R29 Oh, a stabbing it is after all! .. First the wine bottle to the head, then a shard from the glass bottle into his neck! .. But apparently not up his ass, R36.

by Annie Walkerreply 4405/01/2020

Pity he doesn't die. How's Gail?

by Annie Walkerreply 4505/01/2020

R45 The only reason I wouldn't want him to die, is I don't want to see Yasmeen go to jail for murder.

by Annie Walkerreply 4605/01/2020

I think the police will discover the hidden camera and the videos on Geoff's phone and laptop. It'll be diminished responsibility manslaughter.

by Annie Walkerreply 4705/01/2020

R47 I agree, the camera has never been brought up yet. I don't think he will die though.

by Annie Walkerreply 4805/03/2020

Britbox US has been asleep at the switch. Tonite is the second time in a row that the day's episode wasn't available to stream.

by Annie Walkerreply 4905/06/2020

Oh gawd. I was PISSED when the Yasmeen/Geoff aftermath didn’t appear until yesterday.

by Annie Walkerreply 5005/06/2020

When will they find the camera?!

by Annie Walkerreply 5105/07/2020

If-when filming picks up, the virus will exist Weatherfield.

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 5205/07/2020

They'll have to show PC Craig Tinker's old OCD flaring up again with all that hand-washing!

by Annie Walkerreply 5305/07/2020

Roy's Rollz will be strictly takeaway!

by Annie Walkerreply 5405/07/2020

And that old slapper Leanne will be offering curb side pick up!

by Annie Walkerreply 5505/07/2020

That's going to be confusing, R52, because the timeline is all over the place. I wonder how they'll handle it.

by Annie Walkerreply 5605/07/2020

This is a companion article at Digital Spy discussing some potential changes.

Here's a thought. If there's going to be less intimacy such as kissing and touching, etc., then maybe they could replace it with more gratuitous shirtlessness and walking around in underwear. .. Also, the one about enlisting production staff to also serve as extras in background scenes instead of hiring outside actors is a novel one.

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 5705/07/2020

Better keep Ken secluded, given his age.

by Annie Walkerreply 5805/07/2020

Are they going to kill anyone off from it?


by Annie Walkerreply 5905/08/2020

Billy and Paul just don't work as a couple, IMO.

by Annie Walkerreply 6005/08/2020

R60 Billy doesn't work as a Vicar, either, but his poor congregation is stuck with him. In my mind he is the reason Emily never returned to Weatherfield. She loves church but doesn't want to be stuck going to his church.

by Annie Walkerreply 6105/08/2020

Haha, R61, the only thing she’s snobbish about!

by Annie Walkerreply 6205/08/2020

R60 No, they don't. Then, there's annoying Sean, and the average actor who plays the Bailey kid.

They may have gay inclusion, but I'm not interested in any of it.

by Annie Walkerreply 6305/08/2020

I finally got the point of Nina. She’s been lovely in this week’s episodes.

Good god, the girl playing Asha grows more and more beautiful with every passing episode. And her acting is wonderful, too.

by Annie Walkerreply 6405/08/2020

R64 She is alot better looking than the actor who plays Dev or the actress that played her mother.

by Annie Walkerreply 6505/08/2020

Why did they replace the boy who played Adi?

by Annie Walkerreply 6605/09/2020

The official reason was he wanted to focus on his GCSE exams but I think the real reason was he was fugly and couldn’t act for shit.

by Annie Walkerreply 6705/09/2020

I need reminding-so Gail never found out the truth about Callum’s murder? I gather Gary will expose Sarah as an accomplice when Adam gets too close to finding out the truth about Gary and Kelly’s dad.

by Annie Walkerreply 6805/09/2020


Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 6905/09/2020

Craig looks good!

News just in, filming on a adult episode has just finished, respecting all social-distancing rules. Here's Gail..

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 7005/09/2020

Dear god, I had to put that on ignore.

by Annie Walkerreply 7105/09/2020

Oh, lordy, R70...did you really have to do that?

by Annie Walkerreply 7205/09/2020

I'm sorry darlings, I didn't mean to destroy your eyes. FYI Gail is my third favourite character after Carla and Ken.

Please watch Gail from 1:00 in this video. Pissed at Christmas, boasting about how many times she's been married!

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 7305/09/2020

[quote] but I think the real reason was he was fugly and couldn’t act for shit.

Funny, that also describes the father, Dev.

by Annie Walkerreply 7405/09/2020

R74 cool

by Annie Walkerreply 7505/10/2020

The guy playing Dev has done shockingly bad work over the years but he was surprisingly moving last fall during Asha’s skin lightening storyline.

by Annie Walkerreply 7605/10/2020

Dev and Steve are both played by atrocious actors.

by Annie Walkerreply 7705/10/2020

I want to see more of Carla and Peter.

by Annie Walkerreply 7805/12/2020

R78 Carla and Peter have a big storyline coming up in June. It's related to last year when she was having a breakdown.

by Annie Walkerreply 7905/12/2020

I think they’re bringing on someone who Carla interacted with when she was undergoing treatment.

by Annie Walkerreply 8005/12/2020

They are bringing in several people, and it's before she was in treatment and was missing. I hope she wasn't raped, it's meant to be a dark storyline.

"What Peter discovers is a hard thing to swallow but ultimately he will be all the more proud of her and love her all the more. But they have a rocky road ahead."

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 8105/12/2020

The soaps have apparently been given the green light to proceed with production but I think it will take at least a month for them to prepare. And I’m guessing there will be more than a few actors who will feel skittish about returning when the amount of new cases and deaths are nowhere near low enough yet.

by Annie Walkerreply 8205/12/2020

OMG @ David crossing out "Mother" and writing "Gail" in the card 😂

by Annie Walkerreply 8305/13/2020

Gail should have had him aborted when she had the chance.

by Annie Walkerreply 8405/13/2020

Which couple do you think has the best sex life?

by Annie Walkerreply 8505/14/2020

David’s scene with Gail really was good.

by Annie Walkerreply 8605/14/2020

What happened in the scene?

by Annie Walkerreply 8705/14/2020

Nothing, really. Just Gail moping that he wasn’t at her birthday “soiree.” And as she heads upstairs David says “Gail? Happy birthday.” Gail just smiles and goes upstairs.

by Annie Walkerreply 8805/14/2020

R88 Agreed, "nothing" really happened but it was at the same time perfect. Gail, David, and Audrey have the easiest and most natural family chemistry of any "relatives" on the show. I can really imagine them as a real family.

by Annie Walkerreply 8905/14/2020

R89, I also like Sarah as part of that unit. The actress looks particularly great nowadays, too.

by Annie Walkerreply 9005/14/2020

At least they have written that Craig's taken up jogging. When he nexts appears of screen as a slim, flame-haired temptress it won't be completely inexplicable.

Can we agree on a list of the top 5 characters we want to be given the chop?

- Fiz

- Sean


- Chesney

- Gary

by Annie Walkerreply 9105/16/2020

Not Chesney or Gary, I like their looks. I wouldn’t mind being in a ginger sandwich with them.

by Annie Walkerreply 9205/16/2020

Uggh, Gary gets more fugly by the day. I don’t mind Chesney, he’s sweet.

by Annie Walkerreply 9305/16/2020

I hope that CUNT Geoff gets boiled alive in a grease fryer at the Kebab shop

by Annie Walkerreply 9405/16/2020

They both look doughy to me.

by Annie Walkerreply 9505/16/2020

I want Adam Barlow in me, quite deeply.

by Annie Walkerreply 9605/16/2020

I want Adam and Imran to spitroast me. I bet they both have gorgeous, thick cocks

by Annie Walkerreply 9705/16/2020

Imran has such kissable lips. And a gorgeous speaking voice. He got a buzzcut during the lockdown.

by Annie Walkerreply 9805/16/2020

OK. Now I want Imran and Adam spit roasting me, quite deeply.

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 9905/16/2020

R99 NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I loved his hair! I hate, hate, hate shaved heads.

by Annie Walkerreply 10005/16/2020

Who else suspects that this storyline will result in the discovery that Oliver's father is really Nick, and not Steve?

by Annie Walkerreply 10105/18/2020

Wasn’t Nick not living in Weatherfield when Oliver was conceived?

by Annie Walkerreply 10205/18/2020

I think he was still in town, at the time, but he and Leanne were broken up.

by Annie Walkerreply 10305/18/2020

Who has the nicest house on the street?

by Annie Walkerreply 10405/20/2020


by Annie Walkerreply 10505/20/2020

Sally's house is okay but nothing great. I like Gail's and Yasmeen's is the cleanest. Chesney's and Fiz's houses look like something Steptoe & Son

by Annie Walkerreply 10605/20/2020

R106 All of them are more modern than the others, but Gail's is always so cluttered and after Yasmeen's recent marriage, her house needs to be burned to the ground. The best house is Audrey's, but we rarely get to see it anymore, and it is on Grasmere Drive, not the Street.

by Annie Walkerreply 10705/20/2020

After Richard set fire to Audrey's House it completely changed layout and size. The original was quite modest.

by Annie Walkerreply 10805/20/2020

Am I the only one? I would really like Ken and Audrey to get together. Unlike, with Claudia and the retirement home, I could see him moving into Grasmere Drive and being happy.

by Annie Walkerreply 10905/20/2020

Imagine him having to service Audrey's weathered titz and furburger to earn his keep.

by Annie Walkerreply 11005/20/2020

I’ve got a bad feeling now that Craig will somehow get pulled into David’s antagonism of the gang and will end up dead. I think the actor playing Craig had quit and then proceeded to lose all that weight.

by Annie Walkerreply 11105/20/2020

R110 She's no older looking than him.

by Annie Walkerreply 11205/20/2020

What the hell would a grown woman like Shona see in a skinny little child like David?

by Annie Walkerreply 11305/22/2020

Why doesn't big Eileen knock through her pokey living room and front reception gallery like most of the houses. She must have the most dreary little house on the street.

by Annie Walkerreply 11405/22/2020

I think it’s time that the actor who played Todd comes back. What he did didn’t seem to me to be worthy of an eternal ban.

by Annie Walkerreply 11505/22/2020

Didn't he slip a finger up a girl's minge?

by Annie Walkerreply 11605/22/2020

R116 he grabbed her crotch but no penetration. And touched another woman’s boobs and bum. Both in a nightclub. The sort of thing women used to just slap you for, not ruin your career.

by Annie Walkerreply 11705/22/2020

Exactly, R117. They overreacted to his obviously offensive, drunken, loutish behavior. Cancel culture at its worst. He should be able to return to the show.

by Annie Walkerreply 11805/22/2020

He assaulted 4 women. Said he felt compelled to prove he wasn't like his gay character

by Annie Walkerreply 11905/22/2020

That wasn’t proven, R119. You can’t just throw that in here without proof.

by Annie Walkerreply 12005/22/2020

It was reported in the news.

by Annie Walkerreply 12105/22/2020

Regardless of what anyone thinks of his behavior, I doubt ITV legal would allow Corrie to rehire him while he's still on the Sex Offender Register.

November 2017 news reports said he would be on the register for five years, so that wouldn't end until late 2022.

by Annie Walkerreply 12205/22/2020

Apparently the lady who played his mum on the show complained to the bosses that she and the other girls wouldn't feel safe around Bruno if he were allowed to return. Allegedly she got others like Barbara Knox and Helen Worth to demand a safety ban.

by Annie Walkerreply 12305/22/2020

R123 I doubt any of them had to worry.

by Annie Walkerreply 12405/22/2020

R117, they didn't ruin his career. He ruined his own career. I liked Todd, for the record. But it was 100% Bruno Langley's own fault that he was sacked.

by Annie Walkerreply 12505/22/2020

From the report it sounded like the women didn't come forward til they met in the toilets and both had been attacked. Todd was cute but he was stick with Ventriloquist's dummy, AKA the worst Vicar in Manchester

by Annie Walkerreply 12605/22/2020

Edison's speech was just too heavy-handed. Yes, it's important to call out racism, but it was awkwardly written. The fact that the actor is quite wooden didn't help matters.

by Annie Walkerreply 12705/23/2020

Allegedly there were warning signs that Bruno Langley was going off the rails, for a couple of weeks before the incident.

From what I've heard from those in the know he would often be noticed staring at the actress who plays "Mary", making obscene gestures with his fingers and tongue. According to a set assistant, he also kept he approaching the "Audrey" actress with requests like "Can you fit me in for a cheeky blow at the salon?" Confused, she said no. "Why, are you a bit too tight in there?"

The real warning alarm should have gone off when a cleaner found Helen Worth's topless pics in his dressing room, covered in sticky gunk.!

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 12805/23/2020

He was sex mad!

by Annie Walkerreply 12905/23/2020

I wonder what will finally give Geoff away regarding keeping Jasmeen from going to prison.

by Annie Walkerreply 13005/25/2020

His surveillance of her, I would assume.

by Annie Walkerreply 13105/25/2020

Almost forgot about the web cameras, R131. Thanks.

by Annie Walkerreply 13205/25/2020

I wonder if Wayne, the locker room bully, is a closet case.

Offsite Link
by Annie Walkerreply 13305/25/2020
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