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Alfalfa Club -- Washington DC -- private, rich & powerful, no press allowed

Anyone in this club? Or know anyone who is in it? How / why does it exist?

by Why?reply 5911 hours ago

It honors...Robert E. Lee, evidently.

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 103/16/2020

Big whoop. I belong to the FAR more exclusive Buckwheat Club.

by Why?reply 203/16/2020

How does a person join? Money? Prestige? Is this like an Eyes Wide Shut thing?

by Why?reply 303/16/2020

Before the #MeToo movement, the Alfalfa Club used to be called:

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 403/16/2020

R3 Thanks. That's quite a list of members. I see that Jim Mattis is listed as 'vice-president' but I can't find 'president.' Also, he's listed as Secty of Defense so maybe it's an old list. (full of old men!)

by Why?reply 503/16/2020


You know that might have been funny if you said "He - Man, Woman Hater's Club"

by Why?reply 603/16/2020


You know that might have been funny if you said "He - Man, Woman Hater's Club"

by Why?reply 703/16/2020

R5 see link below David Rubenstein President

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 803/16/2020

R8 Thank you. And now I'm going to google David Rubenstein...I'm assuming he'll be another old white guy. Do people actually run for title in this group? How do they qualify - just being rich and white is enough? I cannot get the Eyes Wide Shut scenario out of my head, thanks R3!

by Why?reply 903/16/2020

AND YET, R6 and R7, R2 got FIVE Wit and Wisdoms, while R4 only got ONE.

by Why?reply 1003/16/2020

I've got to dive into that list, R8, to see if Biden is part of it...

by Why?reply 1103/16/2020

Why Alfalfa? What's the connection with Robert E. Lee? This club seems super creepy and I agree with the Eyes Wide Shut theory. Anyone? Anyone?

by Why?reply 1203/17/2020

Okay, I totally don't get the point of this club, they meet once a year for a 4 hour dinner and to roast someone, in the name of a celebration of the birthday of a traitor and rebel to our government and people of the USA. This club seems to have no redeeming social value, no scholarship fund, no good deeds, not even honoring a good man.

by Why?reply 1303/17/2020

R13 Thank you! Couldn't have said it better. Why are so many government / political people involved? It makes no sense. I'm with the Eyes Wide Shut theory...

by Why?reply 1403/17/2020

Anyone? Anyone out there with tea on this "club"? Let's get on it, DL!

by Why?reply 1503/17/2020

While all the secrecy? It can't be any more vile than the loathsome Nerd Prom ,also known as the White House And Press Correspondence Dinner. The dinner where once a year, the sleaziest politicians and their smarmy enablers in the Washington DC media all gather together to make cheesy jokes.

by Why?reply 1603/17/2020

R16 The Alfalfa Club is much worse than the WH&PressCorrespondenceDinner. That is publicized and open. This Alfalfa thing is a private deal. Even the 'press' - who are aware of it - don't cover it and some are members! Andrea Mitchell is a member. You're right R16 why all the secrecy by the press? My guess is the majority of the members are 'leakers' so the press protects them.


by Why?reply 1703/17/2020

R17 "The majority of the members are leakers ". That sounds like a good guess, I didn't even think of that. That would explain why so little info has been made public.

by Why?reply 1803/17/2020

R8 "Rubinstein?" Oh, I think not.

by Why?reply 1903/18/2020

R19 Explain, please? I don't get it...

by Why?reply 2003/18/2020

[quote] This club seems to have no redeeming social value, no scholarship fund, no good deeds, not even honoring a good man.

by Why?reply 2103/20/2020

I'm sure everyone in this club has been tested...

by Why?reply 2203/21/2020

R4 / R6 Bill Clinton boycotted the club until they started allowing women so they've got a few now. But 99% of the members are rich white men who bring their trophy wives.

by Why?reply 2303/21/2020

This is like the Secret Society of no-Homers.

I will vomit if they’re an old man Eyes Wide Shut club.

by Why?reply 2403/21/2020

R24 Help me. I don't get the no-Homers reference. Do you mean no homosexuals or no Homer Simpsons or ?

by Why?reply 2503/22/2020

Simpson’s reference when he joins the Stonecutters, OP.

by Why?reply 2603/22/2020

Simpsons not Simpson’s.

by Why?reply 2703/22/2020

I hope it doesn't involve sex stuff. Washingtonians are the unsexiest people on the planet. Cold and creepy fuckers the lot of them. Ick.

by Why?reply 2803/22/2020

[quote]Washingtonians are the unsexiest people on the planet.

They might be considered 'unsexiest' but I see them as 'most repressed' thus it's big news when a Washington scandal breaks (usually sexual). These are very public men who rely on their money and clean reputations to retain their standing in the country. And as R21 wrote, the fact that "the club has no purpose, no redeeming social value, no scholarship fund, no good deeds, not even honoring a good man" pushes me further toward The Eyes Wide Shut theory. What other purpose to this private social club but to act out in safety among themselves? The only thing that keeps me from fully believing the theory is that the media know about the club and they leave it alone.

by Why?reply 2903/22/2020

All that money and what is this club doing to help coronavirus? These people sit on piles of money and political power. They do nothing to help society. Even their annual dinner isn't available for us to watch as entertainment. Private. Powerful. Selfish.

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 3003/24/2020


by Why?reply 3103/26/2020

Alfalfa Club is a secret society of old, closeted, powerful white homosexual men who have secret sex parties where they bring in many sexy young Twinks to fuck. Eyes Wide Shut but gay. It’s a low key secret in DC but known.

by Why?reply 3203/26/2020

R32 Let's hear more about it! Some of the members look more like bottoms than tops so I'm questioning the need for twinks but please share what you know! I'm amazed that the Marine Corps band/orchestra is there for the dance. Who the fuck is paying for this??

by Why?reply 3303/26/2020

I can't help but wonder how many DL EGs are a part of this 'social club'. Even using the term 'social club' makes my skin crawl. Yay, Rubenstein and Mattis! How proud you must feel to be heading this organization during this pandemic.

Dear members: Could you possibly pull your heads out of each others' asses and contribute something to the wellbeing of this country?

by Why?reply 3403/31/2020

R1 Most of the old white guys who fell for the Theranos scam are on the list of members! Elizabeth Holmes must have used the roster as her base of donors...

by Why?reply 3504/01/2020

Uggh- as much as I. *Heart* RBG, she's one of the LAST people on earth I'd want to see in a Eyes Wide Open scenario. * Shiver*.

by Why?reply 3604/01/2020

[quote]Dear members: Could you possibly pull your heads out of each others' asses and contribute something to the wellbeing of this country?

All that money and power with no defined purpose. They have a President (Rubenstein) and Vice-President (Mattis). Why aren't they forwarding an agenda helpful to the country - something as simple (for them) as donating money for ventilators and masks.

by Why?reply 3704/02/2020


by Why?reply 3804/03/2020

[quote]Uggh- as much as I. *Heart* RBG, she's one of the LAST people on earth I'd want to see in a Eyes Wide Open scenario. * Shiver*.

R36 After the main function - the dinner, and dancing (with music by the Marine Corps Band/Orchestra) - there's an "after party" at a private location.

This club just seems creepier and weirder the more I learn about it.

by Why?reply 3904/04/2020


by Why?reply 4004/06/2020

R19 damn you clever one, beat me to it.

by Why?reply 4104/06/2020

R19 Never heard of the Mortimer Club! I found a thread on DL. Thanks for the post...

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 4204/07/2020

Anyone in DC know anyone-who-knows-anyone in this 'social club'? I love the idea that rich powerful people need a social club. How needy can they be? They have money, power...and yet they seek approval.

by Why?reply 4304/19/2020

[quote] I cannot get the Eyes Wide Shut scenario out of my head, thanks

With Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a member and John Kerry as a former club president I think you're right

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 4404/19/2020

Am I allowed in?

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 4504/19/2020

Only one of 'you' --Colin Powell is a member but that's as far we'll go.

by Why?reply 4604/19/2020

What about Obama? Gosh, they're admitting almost ANYONE these days.

by Why?reply 4704/24/2020

r32 Curtis LeMay & Petraeus? Kissinger?

by Why?reply 4805/24/2020

Men and women Dems & Republicans. It's just some club. Maybe it was sinister or important a long time ago, but it's nothing much right now. I do believe there are sinister "covens" in Washington, D.C. & environs, but they meet in secret and they don't have Wiki pages. And Barr, Pompeo, and other Extremists are involved. Bet it's some version of mysticism and religious nonsense. Like Masons only worse.

by Why?reply 4905/24/2020

Yep, these old guys need a place to go to feel relevant, powerful, and sexy by Washington DC standards. They were mostly political and military strongmen. Only recently is it the money crowd - Bezos, Gates, etc. That seems to be the wave of the future. I wonder if they still adhere to the 200 rule: No new members until one dies.

by Why?reply 5005/24/2020

R49 Nope. Alfalfa is still alive and well as a haven for the rich and powerful. You might want to paint it as 'just some club' but it's not. Bezos and Gates wouldn't be a part of it if it was a big nothing.

by Why?reply 5105/24/2020

I know David Rubenstein. We intersect in a few circles, and we meet every year or so for different reasons (which is not to say he knows my name). He comes across as a bit stiff -- DL would call him "aspie." He's tasked with a bunch of similar prestigious social functions: e.g. he presides over the induction ceremony for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Not a bad guy and generous towards his interests. He has a show on Bloomberg TV if you're really interested.

by Why?reply 5205/24/2020

R52 I know Mr. Rubenstein, also! Very pleasant man, lots of interests and he has the time and money to pursue them. FYI, he interviewed Jim Mattis on his Bloomberg show. Mr. Rubenstein is the current President of the Alfalfa Club and General Mattis is the Vice-President. Interesting.

by Why?reply 5305/24/2020

What's the parking and breakfast situation?

by Why?reply 5405/24/2020

R54 Regarding parking, we have valets just like at your Mortimer Club. However, breakfast isn't included. This is strictly dinner and dancing, followed by a 'private' party...imagine Eyes Wide Shut but with REALLY old, unattractive men. Oh wait! That's your crowd.

by Why?reply 5505/24/2020

No, that's Murray Guttman's crowd.

by Why?reply 5605/24/2020

Alfalfa members are allowed two guests at their annual January meeting. I'm sure Mr. Rubenstein would welcome you as one of his guests, Mr. Guttman!

by Why?reply 5705/24/2020

Some things are reserved for the havs, you have nots need not to be worried. Do you want to be murdered? OK, then. The Illuminati is a real thing.

by Why?reply 5805/24/2020

[quote]The club was formed by four southerners in the Willard Hotel to celebrate the birthday of Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

I assume this club will be disbanded? I'm watching Andrea Mitchell covering all the BLM and removal of Confederate statues. Will she and husband, Alan Greenspan, resign? And what about its Vice-President, Jim Mattis? He just broke his silence to rightfully condemn Trump's use of force against George Floyd protesters.

So who will be the first to resign?

by Why?reply 5911 hours ago
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