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Str8UpGayPorn and Ashton Summers in cahoots?

Funny how only in pornography can someone with felony assault, get an award at a vanity project that after a few years thinks it’s the “Oscars” of gay porn. Zach Sire sure loves to report in the dirt of people, but is it a possible attraction to someone that he doesn’t report on a model from a studio he’s obsessed with? And blocks people on social media for tweeting him the link. Sad.

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by tsk tsk reply 24611/06/2020

Porn sites have standards?

by tsk tsk reply 101/31/2020

Wow, felony battery. Who was the victim, a boyfriend?

by tsk tsk reply 201/31/2020

I preferred him before the circumcision.

by tsk tsk reply 301/31/2020

Yeah apparently Zach DOES have standards. He’ll shame someone for drug abuse, shred someone who was a sex offender for going back to Porn, but since Ashton is someone he probably has desired since he was barely legal starting out this whole business of beating up someone and getting a felony is ok. He probably thinks “oh he probably didn’t mean it.” Anyone Zach seems to want to fuck, seems to be able to get away with anything and it’s not reported. Zach is just as much a piece of shit and hypocrite.

by tsk tsk reply 401/31/2020

Zach blocks people left and right whenever he is called out. He is extremely thin skinned and cannot under any circumstances take any criticism. Sure, he’ll show his stupid petty arguments on his website with people who’s only claim to fame is that they bareback, as he takes the moral high road, but by his not publishing something like this on his piece of shit gossip site? Is Str8Up LAME. It just goes to show how he lacks any class. Then again, for someone who obsesses daily on who is being creampied, what can you expect?

Ashton, you’re a punk ass, pussy ass bitch. Fuck BOTH of you for blocking the person who tweeted you with this information.

by tsk tsk reply 501/31/2020

Zach is pathetic. At least porn performers are playing a role. What is he doing exactly? He’s a joke.

by tsk tsk reply 601/31/2020

OP is too OCD about pr0n, probably living a vacuous, friendless, incel life.

You should meet the other OP, who was so traumatized by a gay actor who only appears in straight pr0n.

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by tsk tsk reply 701/31/2020

Who cares? It's just porn.

by tsk tsk reply 801/31/2020

@7 This is Datalounge after all. Obviously you too must be “vacuous” otherwise ya wouldn’t have answered, eh fuckface?

by tsk tsk reply 902/01/2020

Anyone who purposefully hides information about someone so violent as Ashton Summers, seems to be ok that he’s a walking time bomb.

by tsk tsk reply 1002/01/2020

Oh oh porn addict as moral police. This is so hilarious. Go fuck your dead cat, R9 = OP as you're too fat & hideous to calls others fuckface.

Timebomb! As if he's gonna come near you for free, aunties. Poor you.

by tsk tsk reply 1102/01/2020

Zach Sire is a hypocritical asshole. Several years back, another blog (QueerMeNow) won an award that Zach was competing for. He outed the QueerMeNow blogger, who lives in Thailand, I believe, and could have potentially exposed the other guy to a lot of negative repercussions. So he'll happily throw another gay guy under the bus if he thinks they've gotten in his way. I despise him.

by tsk tsk reply 1202/01/2020

^^Sorry about the grammar.

by tsk tsk reply 1302/01/2020

Well, that doesn’t surprise me about Zach [R12] though I’d be curious to see this piece of dish you shared with us.

by tsk tsk reply 1402/01/2020

R14, Here's Zach's explanation for the controversy, but it's rather self-serving, I believe. Many people in the industry called him out for it at the time, and some of those people are the same people he regularly attacks even now.

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by tsk tsk reply 1502/01/2020

Theo is so ugly. Why would a hottie like Ashton be with someone so fug? Makes no sense.

by tsk tsk reply 1602/01/2020

White?! 👀

by tsk tsk reply 1702/01/2020

[16] Only a loser would think a violent asshole like Ashton would be hot. Fuck him!

by tsk tsk reply 1802/01/2020

Wow. After reading that article, Zach really is a piece of shit.

by tsk tsk reply 1902/01/2020

And Zach is SO gross looking! No one should bleach blonde at his age, one could fall into and get lost in the lines on his forehead, and his facial hair looks gross as if he’s hosting crabs. What a fucking loser!

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 2002/01/2020

^^^notice the dumb look on his face?

by tsk tsk reply 2102/01/2020

He looks like he’s afflicted with that facial disfiguration called “long face syndrome”. Yeah he’s a fugly termite for sure!

by tsk tsk reply 2202/01/2020

Yeah Zach is gross looking. I used to think Ashton was sexy, but felony battery/assault? Forget it. If Zach considers himself the end all and be all of a site that reports on porn, then he should be fair and post Ashton’s arrest for assault. Obviously he plays favorites, and the omission is glaring since the OP claims to have been blocked. Zach obviously wants to either fuck Ashton or is disgustingly loyal to that Helix twink factory, that he won’t say anything. Not surprising though. Have him seen his top models list? All people he has a bone for, and gushes. Nevermind the searches for the most searched for “models” completely cancel out who is on his list. Yeah, he’s a piece of garbage for not sharing the assault news much less giving Trashton an award.

by tsk tsk reply 2302/01/2020

For all the trash talk Zach pits out, that’s what he himself looks like? Ouch!

by tsk tsk reply 2402/01/2020

Was Ashton prosecuted and convicted for his assault charges?

by tsk tsk reply 2502/01/2020

Why are you calling him Ashton when his name is Osmar? And he's not white.

by tsk tsk reply 2602/01/2020

I don’t give a fuck if you call him Shirley Perriwinkle—was he convicted of assault or not?

by tsk tsk reply 2702/01/2020

Osmar Oscar Riverasanjurjo Aka Ashton Summers @ [26] I don’t think anyone other than you seems to have an issue that he’s “not white” and you must be a retard asking why he’s being addressed by his porn name. Why not? Question :is eating your own smegma not working for you anymore? Who fucking cares if he’s white or not, ya fucktard! His race isn’t the issue, only with you!

Did some checking and I can’t find a court docket. I’ll have a looksie and see what the aftermath was on Monday. I can call the courthouse for information that is publicly available.

by tsk tsk reply 2802/01/2020

R28 You have issues. Nobody asked for all that. haha. Get help first then maybe you can go make something of your life pornhead.

by tsk tsk reply 2902/01/2020


by tsk tsk reply 3002/01/2020

[R29] Pot meet kettle [R28] mmmmkay

by tsk tsk reply 3102/01/2020

He sure looks white to me. That’s probably what he considers himself to be.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 3202/02/2020

I was first introduced to 'Ashton' on QueerMeNow (ironically, since Zach has feuded with QMN). I thought he was one of the most beautiful guys to do porn. And he seemed very interesting. He's opened and deleted many social media accounts over the years. But he's studied ballet, he's pretty good at high diving, and I've seen some architectural drawings he's done. I just never expected to have to add 'felony assault' to his CV. I can't help finding him very intriguing. And a little scary, now.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 3302/02/2020

Zach blocked me for saying to many negative things about Joey Mills and Angel Rivera. So yeah he has his favorites. Hes in no way an objective journalist.

Zach will also edit your posts if he doesn't like them and not let anyone know that he's edited your posts.

by tsk tsk reply 3402/02/2020

r26 you do realize that Hispanic is an ethnic group and not a race. Ashton is White.

by tsk tsk reply 3502/02/2020

Is he cagemeat yet?

by tsk tsk reply 3602/02/2020

R31 You've posted paragraphs a zillion times in this thread freak. It's mostly your posts. You are lame. Just like this thread. Get a life.

by tsk tsk reply 3702/02/2020

R24, of course that’s what he looks like. If he didn’t look like that he wouldn’t be so miserable. He’s that ugly gay reject nobody ever wanted to fuck but since he’s “made it”, he now thinks he can get “revenge” on the “mean” gays. This is the guy who used to regularly shame gay performers who bareback but praise cis white straight men who bareback in gay porn.

Of course, Str8up probably gets him laid all the time now. But I doubt that’s “helped” him. I can guarantee you all the guys he sleeps with are using him and he knows it. He prob gets a high from fucking them only for that high to instantly be replaced by that little voice that reminds him how ugly he is and how that fuck doesn’t mean what he wants it to be (I’m finally one of the hot gays!).

Also, Sire is kinda smart. Despite only having met one black persons his who life (Diesel) he’s managed to give off a “woke” vibe. But it’s all bs. Sire is actually racist. The only times he compliments black performers is to talk about their BBC. I bet like most loser “woke” white gays, he’s smart enough to keep that side of him hidden but we all know the twinks he goes after are all white. Lots of his fan base seems to be ugly rejects who only have power online but are gay incels in real life.

Zach Sire and The Revenge of the Woke Gay Incels!!!

by tsk tsk reply 3802/02/2020

White or white looking*

by tsk tsk reply 3902/02/2020

R31 Hello Ashton!

by tsk tsk reply 4002/02/2020

[quote] He sure looks white to me.

I was also going to say he’s white. For those who say he’s not white, what race are you claiming that he is?

by tsk tsk reply 4102/02/2020

He's some sort of roguish looking Latino.

by tsk tsk reply 4202/02/2020

He's very handsome, but has made some very bad choices in life. He needs some guidance.

by tsk tsk reply 4302/02/2020

Yeah Ashton is sexy as all hell. But knowing he believes he can get away with assaulting people, and some asshole like Zach doesn’t do his job as reporting on it, makes Ashton ugly.

by tsk tsk reply 4402/02/2020

Zach is a joke. He’s obsessed with barely legal twinks. He’s gross. One must wonder about the life of a man who’s middle aged, why he obsesses over people he’s twice the age of.

Also, any porn award show is kind of laughable. While it’s awesome that they’re banking on their free speech, it’s pretty sad that most of the nominees have nothing else going for them. No other line of work, much less an education. At least many of the people from the golden era, had had careers and degrees before making porn. Now they’re just money hungry and overexposed.

by tsk tsk reply 4502/02/2020

That’s Zach Shire in that picture? I’ve always wondered what he looked like. Gross!

by tsk tsk reply 4602/02/2020


It's sex work. Why are you dogging them out for doing sex work? It's as legitimate as any other kind of work in this society. It's like being a professional athlete, you have a certain amount of time to do it you get a certain amount of fame, you get a certain amount of money and then you have to move on to something else after a few years. In the case of pornstars two years if you're lucky.

by tsk tsk reply 4702/03/2020

R47 No one is dogging them for doing sex work. I have plenty of friends who stripped, escorted, did porn and it put them through college. There was a goal in mind at least, ya know? I think in this day and age, you would hope that banking that money STAYS in the bank. Like fashion modeling, porn stars have a short shelf life. Much shorter than it used to be.

by tsk tsk reply 4802/03/2020

Yeah, but many of today's current pornstars are pretty educated. I know one model who's pre-med

I'm sure most of them know that porn isn't a career that lasts. They're just having a little fun at a stupid awards show.

by tsk tsk reply 4902/03/2020

R47: I understand wanting to make society safer and healthier for sex workers, but to pretend sex work is as legitimate as any other type of work is delusional. Sex work is largely exploitative and should not exist in a better society.

by tsk tsk reply 5002/03/2020

R50 It is the world!s oldest profession, and yes it is work. It is exploitive only when restrictions and shame are thrown in, and trafficking people is a helluva lot different than someone who is working for themselves by choice. So shove your moralizing up your ass.

by tsk tsk reply 5102/03/2020

Both r50 and r51 sound like total idiots.

In a just society, sex work is legitimate! In a just society, sex workers would get educations (therapy) and receive health care and all the good benefits.

However, most of these whores aren’t going into sex work to help others, they are doing it because they are narcissistic messes with zero talent who want to be rewarded for doing nothing.

Oh well, at least we can all agree that Sire is an ugly piece of shit.

by tsk tsk reply 5202/04/2020

Does Zach always have a dumb look on his face? So GROSS! I guess his awards shows are the only chances his ugly ass has to get laid. Seriously nasty.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 5302/04/2020

If he had been born a decade or two earlier, you know he’d be one of those old guys wearing Abercrombie and complaining about how ageists young gays are.

by tsk tsk reply 5402/04/2020

Nothing is more pathetic than a older gay man going blonde. He looks like an old troll. Then again reading his website, that’s not too far off of a declaration.

by tsk tsk reply 5502/04/2020

[QUOTE] Does Zach always have a dumb look on his face? So GROSS! I guess his awards shows are the only chances his ugly ass has to get laid.

Unfortunately in the world of gay porn, he and his site are very powerful. He can bilk sexual favors out of these actors for all kinds of reasons beyond the shows. And the new young performers will do anything to be featured on the site. Just like Harvey Weinstein, I doubt he has any trouble getting laid.

by tsk tsk reply 5602/04/2020


The thought of any performer having sex with him for favoritism is just gross. Especially since he looks so predatory. Seriously gross and creepy looking.

by tsk tsk reply 5702/04/2020

So in a few years he’ll get metoo’d?

by tsk tsk reply 5802/04/2020

R57, even if they’re the ones taking advantage of him, you know a wave against him will work eventually. Dude is hated. Only people who like him are drug addicted hustlers trying to make a buck.

by tsk tsk reply 5902/04/2020

R52: these are the rantings of a lunatic. The need to purchase/sell sex would not exist in any just society- sex simply wouldn't become the taboo that leads to that type of industry. If you were being sarcastic, you misread my comment. Either way you're unclear and come across as uneducated yourself. No need to call them whores.

by tsk tsk reply 6002/04/2020

I take it Joey Mills snorts his blow off Zach’s forehead lines? You could plant flowers in those trenches.

Zach has as much talent and relevance, as Louella Parsons or Hedda Hopper. It’s fucking sick how people kowtow to him and his poison pen. He’s a holier than thou, hypocrite.

by tsk tsk reply 6102/04/2020

They’re both gross! Gross that Ashton is a potential felon, and gross that Zach didn’t show any integrity by reporting on it. The guy salivates when other people get in trouble, but maybe (just speculation) he’s boned Ashton and needs to protect him. 🤔

by tsk tsk reply 6202/04/2020


I have to ask. When you go to your basement to dispose of the bodies of the whores and reprobates you've captured, do you dissolve them in a vat of acid or do you use some form of burial method?

by tsk tsk reply 6302/05/2020

R56 You mean, people would actually lower themselves for that face? Gross.

by tsk tsk reply 6402/05/2020

OP's English is deplorable.

by tsk tsk reply 6502/05/2020


I think felony battery is deplorable, as is it not being reported by a nasty ass “reporter” for a blog, who blocks someone for providing the information. Is that really the best you can come up with?

by tsk tsk reply 6602/05/2020

So this porn reporting source is severely corrupted, where does one go for a reliable, neutral information on on things gay porn?

by tsk tsk reply 6702/05/2020

I get the feeling osmar (Ashton) has some bad influences in his life. He needs constant attention too. Theo is just another short term relationship he will ruin. That boy can’t stay faithful. Also osmar nit only has a court date coming up for assault but on the Florida website it also shows he’s being evicted from his apartment over unpaid rent. Yet he’s in London with Theo??

Zack loves Ashton so not surprised he didn’t report on his arrest.

by tsk tsk reply 6802/07/2020

Osmar court date for the assault is 3-27-20. Oddly enough while looking it up I saw he also is getting sued and evicted from his apartment over $1800?

by tsk tsk reply 6902/08/2020

It's odd how different he looked at that convention Sire put on. Maybe it's just seeing him clothed, I dunno.

Also, the fact that that thing in the middle has a porn career should be deeply disturbing to everyone.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 7002/08/2020

I hope he gets his life straightened out. He is so photogenic.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 7102/08/2020

Ashton's boyfriend is so ugly. Why isn't he dating someone hotter?

by tsk tsk reply 7202/08/2020

I get the feeling he likes to be the hot one and date guys who worship him. He’s seems manipulative and controlling in relationships. I remember Joey mills saying how controlling he was, and Travis Stevens posted how he doesn’t listen or care when your feelings are hurt. Ashtons relationships only last as long as Ashton is kept happy and with no problems, as soon as there is conflict he’s out.

by tsk tsk reply 7302/08/2020

Someone probably stood up to him and he beat the shit out of them, what an entitled fuckwad. Controlling and lacking empathy. Sounds like a sociopath. I’m sure he’ll end up killing someone in the next 3 years, and Zach will probably remain loyal and write his boo behind bars. Ashton is gorgeous to look at, not denying that. But what a serious piece of shit. Zach isn’t any better. Obviously he encourages enabling if he won’t even alert people to the arrest. Cover it up, make it go away. Obviously so if he blocked the person who contacted him with the arrest info. Then again considering what his blog is about, it’s not like you could expect anything of a decision to be intelligent. Just looks like creepy white trash, as does his mom on his Instagram.

by tsk tsk reply 7402/08/2020

The fact that Ashton gets a felony arrest AND is being sued for an eviction, is the EXACT gossip and bullshit that Zac SALIVATES over to report on anyone else. He blocked the person who brought it to his attention? Did he honestly think it wouldn’t have come out someplace else?

by tsk tsk reply 7502/08/2020

Here’s an example of Zach’s hypocrisy. So this person he’s reporting on, must be someone he strongly dislikes, or someone who told him he was gross and “no, I’m not going to fuck you for coverage”, is being reported on for jail time and for begging a GoFundMe fundraiser for his legal fees. That’s all fine and dandy, but the moment Ashton Summers gets arrested, it’s radio silence.

Fuck you, Zach!

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 7602/09/2020

He totally outed Kurt Wild too, when he got arrested holding his wife at knifepoint. Even posted his real name, even though the mainstream papers covering it, didn't connect him with being Kurt Wild. One of those reports listed their home address. He has a bunch of minor kids too, which would make the whole ordeal worse for them.

There are many instances of him being extremely hypocritical.

by tsk tsk reply 7702/09/2020

R77 Well whoever the OP is, I’m glad that they posted this to just point out the hypocrisy. Zach can’t control or block this, and I’m sure some busybody has made him aware of the post already. Good. Ashton and Zach are both pieces of shit. If Ashton can’t pay for his apartment, doubtfully he’s not going to have the money to pay a decent lawyer so hopefully he gets jail time. I’m sure Zach will spin it if it does happen, as Ashton taking a break for “reflection” and “family issues”. At least there are people who will know the truth. I would like someone in Queer media to pick this up and take Zach to task and call him out on it, to see what kind of fucked up excuse he’ll give. There is no excuse. The ugly troll dude plays favorites.

by tsk tsk reply 7802/09/2020

I too would love to hear Zach’s excuses. Anyone care to alert him to this?

by tsk tsk reply 7902/10/2020

Zach also promoted Ryan Rose a lot. He's a boyfriend beater, bully and general mess.

by tsk tsk reply 8002/11/2020

Wow. Zach really is one of the biggest pieces of shit out there. Fuck him. Oh and there’s more unflattering pics of how nasty he is. He’s starting to look like his mother, and she’s probably never been a spring chicken.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 8102/12/2020

R81 Wow Zach. What an Immature, slimy, disgusting piece of shit you are. Doesn’t like people so he tells them to kill themselves. How the fuck does he still have a twitter account? What an unhinged and pathetic human being. One of those people in real life I would gleefully beat the shit out of.

by tsk tsk reply 8202/12/2020

Str8UpGayPorn is best when he posts about Michael Lucas and Nica Noelle. Zach loves to trash them. But they fly under his radar these days, so he has nothing of interest to report apart from the occasional "big shocker" of another porn star being arrested or dead.

by tsk tsk reply 8302/12/2020

Someone screenshot these

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 8402/12/2020

Part 2

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 8502/12/2020

R84 what does this have to do with anything?

by tsk tsk reply 8602/12/2020

Part 3

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 8702/12/2020

R87 Well played. Now I see what these are! Tweets or Instagram?

by tsk tsk reply 8802/12/2020

R81 I can't stand Billy Santoro, but he does have a point about Zach there.

Zach was one of the main people that led the attack on August Ames. Then he had the audacity to do a RIP posting on her after she killed herself to get more website hits. Vile.

by tsk tsk reply 8902/12/2020

Fuck you, Zach!

by tsk tsk reply 9002/12/2020

So. 2 people have been arrested for alleged sexual abuse, and he’s reported on that today.

Still no word on Ashton Summers’ arrest for felony battery, his being sued for not paying rent and an eviction.

Yep. Zach is a piece of shit by playing favorites.

by tsk tsk reply 9102/13/2020

Which sites are reporting about Ashton's legal problems? I can't imagine him being so powerful that he can silence every gay porn blog there is. Maybe if he's well liked, but not based on clout.

by tsk tsk reply 9202/13/2020

Ashton is silencing anyone, his arrest is public record. It’s Zach who refused to report on it and blocked someone who reported it to him.

by tsk tsk reply 9302/13/2020

So, where are the links to other porn bloggers covering Ashton's arrest and other legal trouble?

by tsk tsk reply 9402/13/2020

Alert the men of porn blog . They'll probably report it. Or the porn stars mugshot blog. They have a large black log though due to so many porn stars getting arrested.

by tsk tsk reply 9502/13/2020

R94 NO ONE HAS REPORTED IT! NONE OF THE BLOGS! The only blog who reports shit like this, is Zach’s page. The reason the OP probably posted this was the most popular and well known blog BLOCKED them for sending the information. Hence the post. Make sense? No. One. Else. Has. Covered. It. Get it?

by tsk tsk reply 9602/13/2020

I like Zach's blog, especially the updates on random sex related news like below. But yeah, he's about as impartial as Fox News and never says anything bad about his favorites. If Blake Mitchell committed a mass shooting, Zach wouldn't touch it.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 9702/13/2020

r96, so why single out Zach & Str8UpGayPorn then? Why not make it a big deal that NONE of the gay porn blogs and gay porn news media report on Ashton and how they ignore the emails sent to them with such sordid news about Ashton?

by tsk tsk reply 9802/14/2020

R97 unless the shootings was gobs of cum erupting out of Blake’s enormous cock.

by tsk tsk reply 9902/14/2020

I'm sorry....this is about porn, right?


by tsk tsk reply 10002/14/2020

Zach's blog is the only blog that purports to do news, the other blogs just post studio specific information that's why Zach is being singled out.

by tsk tsk reply 10102/14/2020

[quote]They have a large black log

Mmmmm ... tell me more!

by tsk tsk reply 10202/14/2020

To view it you may have to re- enter the name. The assault is under Osmar Riverasanjurjo the eviction under Osmar Sanjurjo. The link will come up as an “OOPS!” So select the “search records” button and put in the names above to see the eviction and when he’s due in for court for his FELONY assault.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 10302/14/2020

Ha. Yep. Ashton’s in a bit of trouble! He looks SO pissed off in his arrest picture. Like he actually has the entitled sociopathic expression of someone who thinks he doesn’t deserve to be arrested. “I have a big dick and people think I’m hot!” I seriously hope the fucker does get jail time.

by tsk tsk reply 10402/14/2020

agree with above poster::: billy santoro is reviled. how is he still in the biz??

by tsk tsk reply 10502/14/2020

But Ashtons dick ain’t that big tbh. Wow 8 inches. Otherwise I agree 😂

by tsk tsk reply 10602/15/2020

Nor is Trashton that interesting. Seriously hope he does some jail time.

by tsk tsk reply 10702/16/2020


by tsk tsk reply 10802/17/2020

I don’t understand why a porn news site would be so hypocritical. What is this invested vendetta of Zach against some people. Now the guys who are in trouble for sex abuse to children, that’s different. But he’s just all around nasty about people he doesn’t even know personally. Sometimes it seems like a rage!

by tsk tsk reply 10902/17/2020

Zach is disgusting, and has no life. News to him is if x and x bareback for a studio. Pathetic that that is what counts as content. He drools over his usual barely legal twinks, objectifies black men, plays favorites, and apparently covers up for people he beats off to. He’s a fucking parasite, and he looks like does his white trash looking mother.

by tsk tsk reply 11002/19/2020

[QUOTE]News to him is if x and x bareback for a studio.

I mean...he does run a porn blog...

by tsk tsk reply 11102/19/2020

Zach’s porn blog is a hot mess. He’s addicted to the porn world and porn itself obviously. He probably considers himself a VIP in that world, which isn’t much to brag about, really!

by tsk tsk reply 11202/19/2020

While I admittedly watch porn, I’ve never understood Zach’s obsession. I also think these porn award shows are so hilariously stupid. To be awarded as basically being a receptacle for fluids, is hysterical. A friend of mine won tickets in a raffle and went to the Str8UpGayPorn awards, and said it was the biggest navel gazing event you could ever go to. Totally down with the sex work, sex workers have my respect. But how seriously these guys took their work as glorified sex workers caught in film, was too much. The “barbs” thrown by Joey Mills were stupid, you’d think he was calling out Weinstein. Several of the actors smelled like cheap cologne. He was amused by the pomp of it all and said it rivaled going to a drag pageant where a bunch of hoopla is made, money is spent, and the awards are basically useless. He also said Zach wasn’t very attractive. Horrible skin, pasty, and worn out looking, and kind of a sad soul acting as if he needed attention.

Kathy Griffin was the best.

One wonders why Zach even opened up polls for people to be voted on, when he probably already had every winner already selected.

by tsk tsk reply 11302/19/2020

R113 I wonder how he was able to afford the W Hotel and Kathy. And yeah, I have no doubt he doesn't even look at the votes.

The pictures from the the audience looked like something out of my 600 lb life

by tsk tsk reply 11402/19/2020

"Why are you calling him Ashton when his name is Osmar? And he's not white."

He is White and Latino. These things are compatible because Latino is NOT a race. He could also be Black and Latino, Indigenous and Latino, and all the racial mixes thereon + Latino.

by tsk tsk reply 11502/19/2020

[QUOTE]But how seriously these guys took their work as glorified sex workers caught in film, was too much

Seriously. And for some reason, there are more than enough people willing to pretend they're not full of shit.

Fair warning - this video focuses on straight porn, but still, this is from the AVN Expo - and you see just how fucked up the people really are whilst trying to put a sheen on top. Also - is that Liam Riley in the front row in the first scene?

I also recommend watching all of the videos on this guys channel, they're awesome.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 11602/20/2020

Zach seems to think his work is important. Goes to show how self absorbed he is. I guess when you’re middle age, it’s time to put together a porn page to work on while you wash your crusty sheets. Such an over opinionated and useless fuckwit. I hope some day he has some major crisis someone finds out about, so it can be dragged like he has other people for the sake of being a pompous piece of shit. Then maybe he can be Ashton’s cell mate when Ashton does time (fingers crossed) for felony battery. Court date is coming up, Ashton! 3/27/2020! Is Zach going to be there to hold his hand?

Support your violent sociopathic friend, Zach! He needs your adoration to feed his ego!

by tsk tsk reply 11702/21/2020

R117 I sure wish I myself personally could go to Ashton’s court date just so he could see me point at his face and laugh hysterically! Serves the violent sociopath right! I hope he gets prison time.

by tsk tsk reply 11802/21/2020

I'm not sure you can suggest someone else is pathetic when you're on here replying to your own posts, R117/R118. Also, I wouldn't go around questioning other people's mental soundness if you're going post unhinged stuff like that.

by tsk tsk reply 11902/21/2020

At R119 I meant to add that to my original post, the second half. Sorry, I didn’t identify myself. Suck my dick!

by tsk tsk reply 12002/21/2020

Ashton posted he’s no longer with helix and looking for a new studio. Will Cockyboys take him back ( a 3rd time) or maybe men with his most recent boyfriend?( but Joey mills his ex is a exclusive with men as well..) maybe Falcon or Next door? He needs a paycheck!

If I know Ashton, without work he’s going to get messy. But I love mess

by tsk tsk reply 12102/24/2020

Ashton is going to need money badly for his court cases coming up for felony assault.

by tsk tsk reply 12202/26/2020

Zachary Sire is, and always will be, a CReEpY dude. His seemeingly endless promotion of "incest" themed porn sites speaks volumes.

by tsk tsk reply 12302/26/2020

Zach does have an obsession with the incest sites and complains there isn’t a variety of models working for them too. He’s just nasty. Nasty human being.

by tsk tsk reply 12402/26/2020

So the below I formation is about The first Str8UpGayPorn awards, and October course does Zach not only look strung out and tired, he goes to an awards show he’s putting on and dresses like an Amish farmer? I love the comment about “not afraid to shine the spotlight” because they spotlight is only pointed in the direction of someone he dislikes when they get arrested. The more I read about him, the more unattractive he becomes and he was never a looker to begin with. What the fuck is WRONG with him? Zach, you’re a piece of shit! Once again, a picture of him with a dumb look on his face.

“The event was not without controversy. Some in the porn industry complain that's editor, outspoken Zachary Sire (pictured, showing his own legit surprise at who we judges chose), is doing more harm than good. I think that while I am not aware of the truth behind every spat, Sire is simply extremely well-informed, not afraid to shine a spotlight on things some performers would rather he didn't (Twitter feuds, arrests) and has a taste level that demands porn productions look good and accomplish what they should without cheating the viewers.”

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 12502/26/2020

Well all the pictures posted of that Zach dude? Yeah, pretty gnarly. It’d be hilarious if someone from here attended Ashton’s court date and blasted the pictures.

by tsk tsk reply 12602/28/2020

Knowing Ashton he will serve no time and maybe get community service. Until his next arrest..

by tsk tsk reply 12702/29/2020

Zach is a huge Bernie bro which is more disturbing than anything.

by tsk tsk reply 12802/29/2020

Is SUGP technically an incel because of how much he hates gay men?

by tsk tsk reply 12903/01/2020

SUGP isn’t incel. It’s just run by a gossip mongering loser who plays favorites on who he reports on. OP here posted about Ashton Summers being arrested for a felony violent assault, and was blocked by Zach Sire (the hideous troll in pictures above in a few places) for bringing it to his attention. The fact that this is the type of shit Sire reports on yet blocked someone for informing him, is suspicious and also proves he plays favorites and really isn’t this “unbiased” site he claims he is. He’s also someone who seems to love to tell people to kill themselves (August Ames anyone? he then reported on her suicide) and is just a nasty, worn out looking, piece of shit fag. Ashton Summers isn’t any better.

by tsk tsk reply 13003/03/2020

Zach also as spoken above, has a fetish for the “incest” gay sites where the models look disgustingly underage. Which explains why he’s such a “concerned” and “involved” person whenever shit hits the fan at Helix.

by tsk tsk reply 13103/03/2020

unbiased is the last thing I will use to describe SUGP

by tsk tsk reply 13203/03/2020

Mo hos mo problems

by tsk tsk reply 13303/03/2020

Zack is about as impartial as Fox News. It's fun to keep up with porn highlights, but yeah, don't expected "reporting"

by tsk tsk reply 13403/03/2020

I once said that Pierce Paris looks like Trump and he blocked me on his trash site lol

by tsk tsk reply 13503/03/2020

Zach blocked me from posting on his site because I was to critical of Joey Mills and Angel Rivera. He worships those to Overrated drug addicts for some reason.

by tsk tsk reply 13603/04/2020

Maybe he’s one of the leading drug suppliers to the porn stars, just a thought?

by tsk tsk reply 13703/04/2020

Zach apparently thinks he’s the only one allowed to trash anyone and anybody as he is the self appointed “moral” authority on all things gay porn. So if you make a slam against someone he wants to fuck, or has fucked, or beats off over, then all of a sudden you’re the asshole. Zach is a reprehensible piece of shit who is always wishing death on people, telling them to kill themselves, and then turns around and chastises others for their personal mistakes. What a fucking headcase. The sooner he dies of whatever diseases he’s probably hosting, the better. He’s such an ugly looking fucker too.

Then we have dear young Osmar/Ashton Summers. The narcissistic serial boyfriend sociopath who seems to believe he’s the best thing out there. I agree with the above poster where the expression on his face in his booking photo, is one of “you have the audacity to arrest me?” expressions ever. He’s good looking, but looking close enough at his eyes, he’s completely dead behind them. I seriously hope he does some jail time, and he should. I’m sure since his name isn’t John Smith, with it being In Florida with a name like that, he’ll serve some time and Zach of course will cover for him with a plethora of excuses, or not say a word about this “break” Ashton took.

Fuck both of them. Sociopathic abusers should die and Zach can shuffle off this mortal coil himself too. They’re both fucking useless.

by tsk tsk reply 13803/05/2020

Sounding pretty sociopathic yourself there, R138. Not aided by the fact you keep replying to your own posts.

[quote]piece of shit fag

And fuck you for that.

by tsk tsk reply 13903/05/2020

I'm surprised Zach didn't delete the comments about Ryan Rose's boyfriend beating and being a piece of work in the posting about him "breaking" his dick. I guess he's not at top of his lists of favorites, even though he ignored some of the shit he did and promoted his stuff often.

by tsk tsk reply 14003/05/2020

The picture of Ryan’s dick, oddly resembles what Zach’s mother looks like. Gross and worse for wear.

by tsk tsk reply 14103/05/2020

What happened with Ryan rose?

by tsk tsk reply 14203/05/2020

Zach is just a hateful person, period. Ashton deserves jail time.

by tsk tsk reply 14303/09/2020

Well Zach is probably gleefully salivating that Sebastian Young, was shot dead by police today after a high speed chase in Florida. Again, Zach listed everything Sebastian Young fucked up in his life as he always has. See was a disgusting lowlife for sure, but notice how Zach posted his multiple felony battery charges.

Not one mention of Ashton Summers.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 14403/12/2020

Wait. Ashton Summers was arrested for felony assault?

by tsk tsk reply 14503/14/2020

[quote] He looks like he’s afflicted with that facial disfiguration called “long face syndrome”.

I can think of another name for it... *whinnies*

by tsk tsk reply 14603/14/2020

I was looking at the original post and I clicked on the button that read "Show Widget" wasn't what I thought it was.

by tsk tsk reply 14703/14/2020

Does anyone know who Ashton assaulted?

by tsk tsk reply 14803/15/2020

Another Orlando club kid that WAS in his friend group. If you scroll up you can find links to the police report.

by tsk tsk reply 14903/15/2020

But not the widget.....

by tsk tsk reply 15003/16/2020

R149 Looked up the charges, but how do you know it was someone from his inner circle? Doesn’t say anything like that.

by tsk tsk reply 15103/16/2020

If you read the police report you’d see the victims name. Ashton posted many Instagram stories hanging out with him in groups prior to the attack .

by tsk tsk reply 15203/16/2020

I hope Zach gets Coronavirus

by tsk tsk reply 15303/19/2020

Did Ashton use a weapon?

by tsk tsk reply 15403/19/2020

r154, yeah. His killer smile and his big, hard dick!

by tsk tsk reply 15503/19/2020

Once you've bottomed for Michael Lucas, you mights as well not have a dick.

by tsk tsk reply 15603/19/2020

So will Str8Up be listing the “stars” as they announce having the c-virus?

by tsk tsk reply 15703/19/2020

Zach already blatantly stated in an interview a few years back that most of the "stars" have the other virus very common in their line of work so he just might.

by tsk tsk reply 15803/20/2020

Idmf you think Ashton has a big dick you haven’t got out much

by tsk tsk reply 15903/20/2020

Forgot he bottomed for Michael Lucas. Nasty. He’s not even that good of a performer.

by tsk tsk reply 16003/20/2020

So Ashton Summers committed felony assault on an apparently now, former friend. Zach at Str8UpGayPorn doesn’t report it. Hmmm. Maybe that can be fixed if someone else other than DL does. Has anyone given this info to Zach’s rival? You know the one who got an award over Zach and he threw a tantrum about?

by tsk tsk reply 16103/20/2020

Sire is a good writer, but his site really only covers the biggest studios and actors. 80% of all stories on Str8UpGayPorn are about Sean Cody or Helix. BORING.

by tsk tsk reply 16203/28/2020

I imagine that what gets all the clicks from the site's users. That and when a porn mess gets arrested, dragged to court, or dies.

by tsk tsk reply 16303/28/2020

SUGP is not a good writer AT ALL, also it's not the biggest stars he features, it's just his pets and if you insult any of his pets, you get blocked

by tsk tsk reply 16403/29/2020

I don’t know who this person is, but the more I read about him this is the image I get.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 16503/29/2020

Zach is so woke but he's never covered any of the major Black Studios like "Raw City Twinks" or Flavaworks or BlackboyAddictionz

by tsk tsk reply 16603/30/2020

Zach is nasty. Ashton is a walking STD AND sociopath.

by tsk tsk reply 16704/03/2020

Well well well. Getting signed to a new studio is bigger news than felony assault charges and being sued for non payment by a landlord. Pieces of shit!

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 16804/04/2020

It's really telling that so many of you know so much about fucking porn performers. This is a very bad reflection on the American public and gays specifically. And I only skimmed through the thread. Following legal prostitutes on social media is very very debased, and I like debased things.

by tsk tsk reply 16904/04/2020

Which G4P sex criminal is Zach defending/promoting now?

by tsk tsk reply 17004/04/2020


And the Darwin Award goes to? I would think the thread would spell it out, including the original post.

by tsk tsk reply 17104/04/2020

He's usually defending more than one R171 so take your Darwin award and shove it up your no doubt blown out ass.

by tsk tsk reply 17204/04/2020

The assault is under Osmar Riverasanjurjo and it looks like he has 2 charges instead of the original assault charge. The other charge of his non payment of rent, the case under Osmar Sanjurjo has been marked as closed. Searching under the assault name shows he’s still up for 2 cases against him 🤣🤣🤣

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 17304/04/2020

R172 Awww ya sure told me, didn’t ya?

by tsk tsk reply 17404/04/2020

I'm sure I'm not the first Pauline Pureheart.

by tsk tsk reply 17504/04/2020

r169 Hi, Zach! Nice for you to show up here from time to time. Nothing's changed though, we still think you're a POS, bye! :)

by tsk tsk reply 17604/04/2020

Just in case anyone forgot.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 17704/04/2020

Did Ashton rape your pet or something? Did Zach dump you and is now dating your adopted Asian twink? Some of you guys sure can hold a grudge over something that apparently eludes the rest.

by tsk tsk reply 17804/05/2020

Ok Zack lol

by tsk tsk reply 17904/05/2020

So Zach reports on Bryan Hawn selling snake oil...still no word on felony charges for Ashton Summers.

by tsk tsk reply 18004/08/2020

What's weird is I've never Tweeted to or at Zach or Str8UpGayPorn and I'm blocked by both. LOL

by tsk tsk reply 18104/08/2020

He hasn't reported that Angel and Joey broke up either even he's constantly reported on porn couple relationships. Breakups makeups et cetera

by tsk tsk reply 18204/08/2020

He 💯 has favorites

by tsk tsk reply 18304/10/2020

R181, you could have even "liked" a post critical of him or someone he was enamored with and that would have been enough.

I am not saying Zachary Sire is the human equivalent of the coronavirus, but he still is a nasty piece of work.

by tsk tsk reply 18404/12/2020

R184 and he’s extremely unattractive to look at.

by tsk tsk reply 18504/12/2020

Maybe it's just me, but looking at Zach's face reminds me of something I flushed earlier this morning

by tsk tsk reply 18604/12/2020

Didn't Zach suffer some kind of traumatic brain injury a few years ago?

by tsk tsk reply 18704/12/2020

R186 Yeah check out his Instagram. His mother isn’t much to look at either.

by tsk tsk reply 18804/12/2020

Nope no word on Ashton. But his “thirst trap” pictures are a joke.

by tsk tsk reply 18904/16/2020

Zach's obsession with Angel Rivera continues.

My question is if Angel is so great why won't any studio hire him for more than a couple of videos? He was an exclusive with Guysinsweatpants for like a week and then they fired him, nextdoorstudios and MEN wouldn't hire him, Helix let him go. What's the deal?

by tsk tsk reply 19004/17/2020

He’s a drama kingb

by tsk tsk reply 19104/26/2020

I haven't seen Zach in years and his recent photos look like dogshit. WTF happened?

Alcohol is certainly the #1 problem, but something else is up. Why is he still shading Biden and the DNC?

by tsk tsk reply 19204/26/2020

Wouldn't be surprised if that pig Keith Miller lets Zach have pick of one of the Helix models and pimps them out to him everytime Zach gives the site a good review.

How Zach gets work is beyond me. He is completely biased and unprofessional and he could never get work in legitimate writing because he'd either get fired or wind up getting the publication in trouble with libel.

by tsk tsk reply 19304/26/2020

I think you are right R193. It's sad because years ago he was quite talented and could have had a career writing about TV, movies, and/or culture at a top publication.

Something went very wrong and hopefully one day we'll get the full story.

by tsk tsk reply 19404/26/2020

R194 so Zach was “talented”? Bullshit!

Yet Ashton Summers is still going on trial for felony assault. I hope he does prison time.

by tsk tsk reply 19505/01/2020

He has been added to the Porn Star Mugshots blog. Zach can't stop that.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 19605/01/2020

So he’s covering himself, and backtracking. Yet HOW MANY TIMES has he told people to kill themselves? Such a raging piece of shit! And such a holier than thou liar!

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 19705/07/2020

SO happy he finally got called out by so many pornstars, what a jerk and of course he's a Bernie bro too that bad mouthed Pete a lot

by tsk tsk reply 19805/13/2020

R198 Which stars have been calling him out lately? I've been out of the twitter porn drama loop the last few months.

by tsk tsk reply 19905/13/2020

Everyone’s favorite sociopathic pornstar just signed for MEN. This is important, not felony assault? Fuck Zach and I hope Ashton does prison time.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 20005/18/2020

Commented about it on that post, and Zach deleted the comment.

by tsk tsk reply 20105/18/2020

Commented and deleted. So I just sent the info to Zach’s competition. Hopefully word does get out, he banned me from posting on his site. Such a piece of shit.

by tsk tsk reply 20205/18/2020

Zach is the real sociopath.

by tsk tsk reply 20305/19/2020

Didn't Ashton post some video of him fucking a woman? Does Zach think he has a chance and can convert him?

by tsk tsk reply 20405/19/2020

Zach used to cover actual gossip and news in the porn business but now all he does is promote his latest crushes.

by tsk tsk reply 20505/19/2020

Ashton Summers is ugly. Why all the fuss over him?

by tsk tsk reply 20605/19/2020

Ashton his good looking, but he’s a potential felon and he’s violently narcissistic.

Zach of Str8UpGayPorn is a butterfaced, threadbare looking old man, who spends all of his days worrying about who’s being barebacked and who’s being creampied. His “news” section in the right column of his page tends to be amusing with what he finds to add to his page as it links to better writing (meaning real journalists and websites). He’s just a disgusting and pathetic over the hill dude, overly obsessed with gay porn. He has no function in life, no use, nor any value. And he’s gross to look at. Can you imagine the people who have had to fuck him for favorable coverage? Nasty.

by tsk tsk reply 20705/22/2020

Ashton is beautiful.

by tsk tsk reply 20805/22/2020

r207 nah he's just an authoritative SJW that thinks having his own porn blog and being a VICE writer makes him a BIG deal.

by tsk tsk reply 20905/22/2020

I wish Zach would take the advice he’s tweeted at many a person: die.

by tsk tsk reply 21005/26/2020

That brain injury must have really changed him because afterward the site was never the same.

by tsk tsk reply 21105/27/2020

I’m sure many a person has had to have had a roofie before they fucked Zach. Wouldn’t you need drugs to get through it, to cover the shame, and then justify it if anyone found out?

by tsk tsk reply 21205/30/2020

I just don’t understand why Zach can’t be fair. Can’t he just treat it as “business as usual”? He seems to like Joey Mills and reports on his shenanigans. Although it’s hilarious when he titles people as a Porn “Power Couple”. Like... what? They fuck other people on film, they fuck each other on film and for their own content generator sites, and that’s it. They’re not out fundraising for causes, giving money to charity. They’re just fucking 🤷🏻‍♂️

by tsk tsk reply 21306/01/2020

So I went and commented on a post about Ashton, mentioned his arrest. Zach deleted and blocked me. He is such a hypocritical piece of shit.

by tsk tsk reply 21406/13/2020

So here Zach is taking the moral stance on the whole ChiChi LaRue fiasco of sexual harassment, using words like “enthical” in his response to commenters on the post. Going on and on about assault....and relishing in reporting it and being the usual hypocrite...

Zach, Ashton Summers beat someone up and is facing felony assault charges.

He gets a pass?

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 21506/19/2020

Str8upPorn is a Stark reminder that today’s porn is so slimy, repulsive, dark, ratchet, and skeezy. Gone are the days where male porn’s biggest stars looked like hot but wholesome college Jocks and blue collar studs. It’s a raunchy, unappealing industry today. For those who like Mainstream hot jocks, it’s more satisfying to look at Instagram fitness models.

by tsk tsk reply 21606/19/2020

Zach just went into a hissy fit because someone on twitter(whom I'm sure he's already blocked) pointed out how White his list of the best scenes of 2020 are. LOL

He claimed that half the people on the list were POC so I checked. umm... No Zach Angel Rivera isn't a POC he's White, he's ethnically Hispanic for sure but his race is White

One Black guy Miller Axton and one guy Santiago Rodriguez who would be considered White most places accept the US

by tsk tsk reply 21706/22/2020

R216, those kinds of men are still at Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody and GayHoopla.

by tsk tsk reply 21806/22/2020

Face it. Zach is useless and hideous to look at.

by tsk tsk reply 21906/24/2020

“He’s so cute, I could actually just watch gifs of him winking all day, tbh.”

Therein lies the WHOLE REASON, OP that Zach didn’t report on Ashton’s felony assault arrest, and blocks any and everyone who reports to him that Ashton was arrested. Zach is a hypocrite and damns everyone else who has gotten assault charges on his shit website, meanwhile decided to not report on Ashton because he’s in love with him.

Zach, you’re a piece of shit.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 22006/25/2020

Why would Zach glorify someone who is so violent?

by tsk tsk reply 22107/09/2020

Zack protects his favorites (who some suspect give him attention and/or sex to promote them) and those who give him stories for his site. He basically even created an awards show )a joke even for porn standards) to award his favorites.

If you get on bad side for whatever reason, watch out. He acts like he is a great porn "journalist:, but he's just a big joke. You just know stars in the business (even his favorite pets) mock him behind his back.

by tsk tsk reply 22207/09/2020

Zach is to his favorites what Fox News is to Trump

by tsk tsk reply 22307/09/2020

Zach seems to have lost whatever sanity he possessed which probably wasn't much to start with.

by tsk tsk reply 22407/10/2020

Sorry but I always preferred twink porn star Ashton Michaels.

by tsk tsk reply 22507/11/2020

Zach drools over Ashton any time he writes about him, which is as obsessive as a registered sex offender. Zach slams anyone who isn’t Ashton, and in his eyes, Ashton can do NO wrong, because he’s obsessed with him. Of course he blocked the person pointing out that Ashton is a violent piece of shit. Like the guys who give Aaron Schock a pass, because they want to bone him. That is exactly how Zach applies his support and devotion to a sociopath.

Poor aging, wrinkled and disgusting Zach. The only real man in his life is his micro penis.

by tsk tsk reply 22607/12/2020

Zach is an enabler and a worthless piece of shit for a human being.

by tsk tsk reply 22707/15/2020

Wonder when Ashton goes to jail?

by tsk tsk reply 22807/31/2020

He is obviously latino, not that I care. But I have heard that on their birth certificates, latinos are listed as 'white.' Which makes me wonder, why have the category latino at all then?

by tsk tsk reply 22907/31/2020

Ashton Summers, the porn performer in the OP's photo, looks quite a lot like Adrian Zmed ("Grease 2").

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 23007/31/2020

[quote] It's really telling that so many of you know so much about fucking porn performers. This is a very bad reflection on the American public and gays specifically. And I only skimmed through the thread. Following legal prostitutes on social media is very very debased

It's wrong! [italic]Shockingly[italic] wrong!

by tsk tsk reply 23107/31/2020

R231 I shouldn’t think you’d let that disturb you!

by tsk tsk reply 23208/01/2020

Zach is always about incest porn and it’s interesting how he can’t promote studios mocking “drug use” (he finds it morally wrong apparently) yet promotes a sociopath like Ashton Summers. Zach is just a weathered, wrinkled, leather faced asshole. Have you seen pics of him? Dead in the eyes and looks like a registered sex offender.

by tsk tsk reply 23308/01/2020

Crusty pedo looks. I’m sure for how holier than thou he acts in his website, I’m sure Zach has plenty of skeletons in his closet of an illegal nature.

Offsite Link
by tsk tsk reply 23408/01/2020

Did Ashton and Theo break up again??? Jesus they are so rocky.

by tsk tsk reply 23508/02/2020

I read on another thread Zach had brain surgery at one point. So he’s brain damaged. That explains a lot.

by tsk tsk reply 23608/11/2020

Zach is brain damaged? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Makes sense now!

by tsk tsk reply 23708/14/2020

Interesting (but not at all surprising) that Zach isn't reporting Roman Heart's death. He was one of Zach's early infatuations had a long (for porn standards) stint as one of the top stars in the business.

by tsk tsk reply 23808/14/2020

R238 What happened? Did Zach lose interest once the kid turned 18?

by tsk tsk reply 23908/30/2020

Zach is a hot mess and it’s sad that he watches porn all day to make a living. His awards show is laughable, as is his face. He’s toxic and so is Ashton.

by tsk tsk reply 24009/07/2020

I can't post in the Helix studios soap opera thread because for some weird reason it's been pay walled.

by tsk tsk reply 24109/09/2020

Other than Ashton being a potential felon for assault, it’s so gross now a wrinkled up and palsied motherfucker like Zach is obsessed with barely legal twinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got kiddie porn on his computer! Someone like Zach who rails against so many people, has a skeleton or many to hide.

by tsk tsk reply 24209/16/2020

But why wouldn’t Zach report on the arrest much less the violence?

by tsk tsk reply 24311/01/2020

Whoever that is in OP's photo has been crying.

by tsk tsk reply 24411/01/2020

R244 Obviously it’s the person in the description who was arrested for felony violence, dipshit! Can’t you read?

by tsk tsk reply 24511/04/2020

I hope Trashton spends time in prison. Someone needs to take him down a notch. I’m sure he’ll win many best bottom awards in prison.

by tsk tsk reply 24611/06/2020
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