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AJ and the Queen

I'm scared for Ru's health!

by Anonreply 63Last Friday at 8:02 AM

Tragic reviews. Bummer.

by Anonreply 101/10/2020

Nobody cares.

by Anonreply 201/10/2020

This show is awful. What a waste of resources. I'm sure it'll be a huge hit and run for years and years.

by Anonreply 301/10/2020

I’m getting more Glitter vibes from it after first two episodes R3. Anyone seen?

by Anonreply 401/10/2020

Watched the first episode. What the hell?

by Anonreply 501/10/2020

Absolute crap, like most of what you get from Netflix.

by Anonreply 601/10/2020

I cringed through the trailer.

by Anonreply 701/10/2020

Well, I loved it

by Anonreply 801/10/2020

The child is a little cunt

by Anonreply 901/10/2020

I’m on episode three. I don’t think it’s anywhere as bad as the reviews suggest it is. It has a charm and it is not half as bad as some of the crap I have seen on Netflix.

I do recognize a lot of stuff from listening to RuPaul’s podcast, from little bon mots to his love of maps and directions, etc., which I think was an unfortunate choice. Few people would be in on those references and without any reference I can imagine how random some of the show might feel.

Given the abysmal reviews, I’m surprised RuPaul’s performance is as good as it is. He’s no Emmys contender here but he shows some human emotion and is good enough with line delivery. The little girl is good for a child actor. Her hooker mom is pretty good given her limited characterization. Most other characters are cartoony.

I do like the blind friend. I honestly can’t tell if he’s a good actor or not. He says things that are quasi funny and laughs at them and the camera just lingers on him until it feels awkward. I can’t really tell if I like that or not. Everyone in the show is kind of pathetic, which I feel is intentional, but...

by Anonreply 1001/11/2020

“Lady Danger” calls him a “lonely, middle-aged broke-ass drag queen.”

Since when is 59 middle aged?

by Anonreply 1101/11/2020

Broke? He's probably making millions from the Drag Race every year.

by Anonreply 1201/11/2020

R12 In the show, dear.

by Anonreply 1301/11/2020

Unrealistic first episode with RuPual and the hunky Latino boyfriend who steals his drag queen cash. Ru just hands him an AMEX card pre-paid with $100 grand balance on it. He kisses Ru and runs away saying he needs to care for his ill mother who Ru has never met. Really gurl?

by Anonreply 1401/11/2020

R13, ohkay, thnx.

by Anonreply 1501/11/2020

I've seen a couple clips. The drag is good. Rupal is not good at sitcom, though. Her face is not expressive. Her line reading is wooden. Sorry.

by Anonreply 1601/11/2020

R16 It’s really not a sitcom at all. It’s a dramedy, more drama than comedy. It’s also campy. And it’s also earnestly self-help-y. If you hate the Oprah-inspired quality of RuPaul, you will loathe the series. I don’t mind it and I find the show kind of charming.

It’s basically a show about people who have gone through very, very hard times and have been down and out and have every reason to hate the world but “just keep on swimming” and inventing reasons to get on with life. They’re all objectively pathetic people by most people’s standards but they find hope in their imaginations. RuPaul’s character ends up with a little tagalong ragamuffin whose life is a true tragedy, and it’s a dramatized personification of RuPaul’s tropes that anyone can be an angel, unlikely people can wander into your life and change it for the better, you can change other people’s lives for the better without knowing it, etc. She references Dolly Parton throughout and it’s basically a Dolly Parton sensibility come to life as a TV series.

Again, you either accept this sort of Gay Hallmark sensibility for what it is or you’re confounded and offended by it. Most reviewers have chosen the latter. It’s not a great show but I find it charming. But my adolescence was a desperate time and I am sure I embrace the concept of fantasy being a place to escape when you can’t live in reality more readily than a lot of people do.

by Anonreply 1701/11/2020

I hate to bring up the comparison but I’m his is Glitter, Showgirls, and Snakes on a Plane campy bad. I don’t think it was the intention - but I can’t help cracking up. It’s bad.

by Anonreply 1801/11/2020

I hate to bring up the comparison again but this is his Glitter...*****

by Anonreply 1901/11/2020

One inexcusable thing: the financial premise of this show makes zero sense. Zero.


1. RuPaul’s character saved his money “for a hundred years” to amass a $100,000 cash savings.

2. He gets a credit card jointly with his scamming boyfriend. He tries to use it and hears that it’s maxed out. Presumably, it had a $100k limit. (Are we to imagine that his credit card was a debit card? Or how does the cash savings relate to the joint credit card? Has anyone who writes or produces the show ever used a credit card?)

3. He repeatedly asks the guy for his money back. If it’s not a debit card, then where’s all the cash he amassed??

4. You could explain it away that way: Ru got a bank account, deposited the money, and got a bank card, and his ex spent all the money. You could assume this until episode 7, which opens with Ru on the phone to the credit card company, whose rep says “you still owe us $85,000.” So this means it is a credit card because it carries a balance. So where’s the $100k in cash?

This is woefully disappointing. No wonder the guy “with a business degree” took advantage of him!

by Anonreply 2001/11/2020

drag queens and strippers feel rich when they have a brick of ones

by Anonreply 2101/11/2020

The self-help, inspirational, 'be who you want to be', 'live your best life' stuff is insufferable. Why do so many celebrities, once they achieve a certain level of success and visibility, feel they need to INSPIRE us in everything they do?? It only serves to reveal their ridiculous self-importance and ego.

by Anonreply 2201/11/2020

Let me put it in more simple terms. Rupaul cannot act. Because of that fact the story doesn't ring true or feels authentic. Lousy acting. That's all.

by Anonreply 2301/11/2020

It’s stupid. Ru is regurgitating the same tired crap over and over. This is an insult to actual drag talent. But Ru is laffing all the way to the bank. If you shoot an arrow and it goes real high....hooray for you.

by Anonreply 2401/11/2020

I'm the opposite. I was forced to watch it and enjoyed it. Especially, all the actors other than the star. Ru and the kid are not great actors, but the rest are great. Have a cocktail and don't overthink it. The blind guy is the show btw. Funny. And worth it for his one- liners.

by Anonreply 2501/11/2020

A positive review.

Offsite Link
by Anonreply 2601/11/2020

I watched the first episode, and hated it. The little kid's "tough guy" schtick is beyond annoying. What kid acts like that in real life? It is preposterous, but, then again, everything about this show is. I thought his blind room mate was excellent, and Josh Segarra is hot af.

by Anonreply 2701/11/2020

Not terrible. Starts off pretty bad but does get better.

Won't be winning any awards and I wouldn't be shocked if it isn't renewed.

by Anonreply 2801/11/2020

Also Shane Sandler is hot. He played the son of the lighting guy at the RV park who Ru wanted to play Danny.

Offsite Link
by Anonreply 2901/11/2020

Vulture is baffled by how terrible the show is. It has to be this terrible on purpose, right? But if so, what is that purpose?

Offsite Link
by Anonreply 3001/12/2020

Anyone have a screencap of Constantine Rousouli's bare ass in the last episode? It was beautiful.

by Anonreply 3101/12/2020

Never mind, found it in another thread

Offsite Link
by Anonreply 3201/12/2020

I hope there's a scene where Ru walks in on his partner being ridden by a hot twink and the partner screams: "It's not what it looks like!"

That joke always gets me.

by Anonreply 3301/12/2020

The show had potential, but the writing was terrible. SPOILERS?...As someone else commented, have the writers never used a credit card before?!? And the little bitch of a girl didn't have an arc: she started out like a rude monster, and ended as a rude monster. She was a conniver til the end, and there should have been some redemption for the show to work. Also, they set it up well that Lady Danger got the counterfeit money and Ruby Red got the read money; it would have been clever if there were a scene in which Lady Danger was arrested for trying to pass off counterfeit money, but they just left her character dangling. Tia Carrerre was quite good I think; over the top and FAT, which was not expected. And I would have liked to have seen some closure or resolution with the Grifter, since he was the only character that had anything close to an arc or redemption, other than the drug addict mother, but they left that open as well. Were they expecting a second season? Bwahahahahahaha.

by Anonreply 3401/12/2020

R34 they were definitely expecting a second season. You don’t think they’ll get it ?

by Anonreply 3501/12/2020

I like it. It's interesting at least, you have to give it that. There's a lot of boring shit on TV nowadays, especially on Netflix (I swear to god if it throws its money at another Hallmark script). At least this show is trying to bring something relatively exciting and pot-stirring to a boring ass platform. I mean, c'mon, would you rather watch this or Fuller House?

by Anonreply 3601/12/2020

It starts getting better in episode 3. Ru pulls it together by the end and it leaves you wanting a season 2.

Maybe they can tighten up the production and execution next season because that’s where it fell a tad flat. Something was missing.

Also the volume of the music and sound quality was weird. It sounded like it was coming out of headphones.

Overall I give it a 3.75/5. It has heart.

by Anonreply 3701/12/2020

I don't really know where they could go with a second season. Does something happen to the mother again? Do they share the kid? Does the mother come with Ru and the kid?

by Anonreply 3801/12/2020

I hope they do make another season. 99% of Netflix's output is garbage. Amazon too for that matter.

I can’t remember the last time there was a show I liked. Not since Pose.

And people wonder why Youtubers are getting so popular. There’s nothing else to watch.

And don’t get me started on movies.

When was the last time a film or TV show just blew you away?

That should be it’s own thread.

by Anonreply 3901/12/2020

[SPOILER about the ending...]

Ruby and AJ are at the pageant. They beat the bad guy with a trophy and escape, driving to the farm in the middle of nowhere, where they appear to remain for maybe 10-15 minutes...

During that 10-15 minute timeframe, the mother arrives, having flown across the country, convinced local police to drive her to a farm in the middle of nowhere. As a homeless drug addict, she had no problem getting a plane ticket to Texas or convincing cops in that state to escort her to a random address. Timed to arrive exactly when her daughter does.

Were the writers high? This really makes me look back on how lame Sex and the City was.

by Anonreply 4001/13/2020

Wow that guy's ass above is HOT. What episode is that in? I've only seen the first one. I thought it was pretty bad but a light easy watch, which is good to have in the mix with my other shows.

I wish Netflix would do more series where the episodes are 20-30 minutes though - I feel like this one should have been.

by Anonreply 4101/13/2020

I actually enjoyed it. Loved the villians. The drag stuff was fun. The blind guy and his policeman hook up were great. Josh Segarra was hot as fuck with a great ass. Constatine's ass in the last episode was a work of art. Great seeing Adrienne Barbeau and Mark Singer in episode 3. The only thing I hated was the little girl. Unlikable at the start, unlikable at the end. Fast forwarded through all scenes of just her and RuPual. Ru really needs to stay in drag. Without it he looks like a turtle.

by Anonreply 4201/13/2020

I watched the first episode. Its bad. I fastforward most of it & it was still bad. Like: Does Rupaul have any real talent? bad. Also- do the drag queens on the reLity show actually like Rupaul? Is there a thread someone will link? I’m sure i could search but the Oscar noms are starting.

by Anonreply 4301/13/2020

I’m not surprised that superfans or Pose also enjoy this show.

There’s plenty of quality TV out there but if you think that this garbage and Pose qualify as “quality” you should probably stick to YouTube videos.

by Anonreply 4401/13/2020

I worked one of the episodes (the Versace competition) and I have to say that Ru in drag is breathtaking. All the straight guys on the crew were constantly amazed on how amazing he looked and danced. Bitch is fierce.- I'm a woman and I can't prance around in platform heels like he does). I'm on the 5th episode now and I HATE the kid.

by Anonreply 4501/14/2020

There's a huge thread for the show here, by the way, but seems like no one's linked to it yet...

Offsite Link
by Anonreply 4601/14/2020


Offsite Link
by Anonreply 4703/06/2020

Those ratings had to be shit for Netflix to cancel it.

by Anonreply 4803/06/2020

[quote]Also- do the drag queens on the reLity show actually like Rupaul?

Willam doesn't like Ru. And has been pretty public about it.

by Anonreply 4903/06/2020

How long can Michael Patrick King continue to survive on the fumes of Sex and the City?

by Anonreply 5003/06/2020

GOOD. Our work here is done.

by Anonreply 5103/06/2020


Offsite Link
by Anonreply 5203/07/2020

I really liked it. It was cheesy but had me rolling throughout. Reminded me of when gay comedies were good and not just about navigating the hookup scene

by Anonreply 5303/07/2020

Of course. It had potential, but this type of show can't survive off of that, unfortunately. The straights expect smash hit success if they are give us more opportunities. They should have come stronger in the first season.

Ultimately I think this will be good for Ru who showed he has acting ability he can improve upon. He won't be weighed down by bad writing and his unlikable co-stars. Maybe him and Josh Segarra can work together again on a different project.

by Anonreply 5403/07/2020

There are so many unwatchably bad shows on Netflix. This isn’t one of them.

There are so many mediocre, not-good shows on Netflix. This unfortunately is one of them.

by Anonreply 5503/07/2020

Ru was fine, it was the kid that was awful.

by Anonreply 5603/07/2020

The kid was a little cunt and watching her get away with it was too much

by Anonreply 5703/08/2020

That show was no Diana Ross at the Felt Forum

by Anonreply 5803/13/2020

I loved it. You guys are crazy.

by Anonreply 5905/20/2020

Rupaul is actually a pretty good actor. He also doesn't mine making fun of himself. I wish it had been renewed for a second season.

by Anonreply 60Last Thursday at 4:55 AM

This was pretty delightful. I don't get the shitty reviews.

by Anonreply 61Last Thursday at 1:43 PM

The little girl who played AJ is a damn fine actress tho. Yes, she was unlikable, but I she made me like her.

by Anonreply 62Last Friday at 7:53 AM

I liked the show for its camp melodrama value. The two leads were the weak link though. For me it were the sidekick characters and guest stars that made the show.

by Anonreply 63Last Friday at 8:02 AM
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