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Dateline Genoa City: 400 Years of Nikki Newman!

She's been dragging her funbags all around Genoa City for four HUNDRED years!

Wait, only 40? It sure feels like four hundred.

Waiting to see if Rey can make JaBottom pregnant too.....if Fen will present hole.....if the A word will really return to GC....and if anyone will give two shits about anything else that's happening.


Melody Thomas Scott Looks Back at 40 Years as Nikki Reed Newman on 'Young and the Restless'

Plus, the actress opens up about her chemistry with late co-star Kristoff St. John and on-screen love Eric Braeden.

by The Colonel reply 60303/24/2019

What a dumb show.

by The Colonel reply 102/26/2019

You just know Kyle will be a liver donor match for Lola.

by The Colonel reply 202/26/2019

Did someone mention liver?

by The Colonel reply 302/26/2019

Who do you think was living in the ranch walls? JT or Adam? I think it was Adam because he had a secret passage built into his and Chelsea's apartment before. Maybe they're working together.

by The Colonel reply 402/26/2019

The DL analysis is far better than watching the show. Thanks guys!

by The Colonel reply 502/26/2019

R4 Well, we know Thad's back taping, and Katie would know JT, since he was living in the house with Victoria before he "died," so it's not like she'd see him as a stranger with candy to run away from.

by The Colonel reply 602/26/2019

I wouldn’t mind having a piece of JT's candy.

by The Colonel reply 702/26/2019

MTS is a whiny, sniveling actress. Hated her in everything. She was in an old ep of Cannon as a kidnap victim and you prayed they would kill her. She has never been as good as Erica Hope (who was appropriately slutty looking) or Robin Eisenmann who could play the real flirt Nikki was supposed to be. She married the portly producer after dumping the Mexican hair stylist and cemented her place at Y&R. Talent had nothing to do with it.

by The Colonel reply 802/26/2019

What else has she done?

by The Colonel reply 902/26/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 1002/26/2019

The Paradise Virus

(This is really, really quite awful.)

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 1102/26/2019

Scoops! The jobless lezzie starts a bidding war for her liver.... Will it go to Lola for a transplant or Traci for a foie gras hack?

The new CEO of Jabot will be.... DINA!

by The Colonel reply 1202/26/2019

She was the young Marnie in Hitchcock's Marnie.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 1302/26/2019

She is married to former Y&R executive producer (Edward Scott). I listened to Jeanne Cooper's book, "Not Young, Still Restless." The husband spent hours lighting Melody, making her look good on camera (according to Jeanne).

Melody's voice always sounded like she had a cold and a plugged-up nose.

by The Colonel reply 1402/26/2019

JaBottom receives a text from Nate with the results of his blood test.

[quote] Sorry bud. NOT a match for the liver. But get to the clinic STAT. #clap on #clap off

by The Colonel reply 1502/26/2019

[quote] What else has she done?

This tub of lard.

A Look At Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott's Real-Life Romance! | Soap Opera News

Click here to read about it-->

by The Colonel reply 1602/26/2019

She and Susan Lucci, are married to fugly men, especially for two actresses that work so hard to appear glamorous.

by The Colonel reply 1702/26/2019

I think i'm the first to come up with this but she looks like miss piggy.

by The Colonel reply 1802/26/2019

MTS One note actress (who isn't even that good at her one note) that proves how mediocrity usually thrives on daytime.

And yes, she looks like Miss Piggy.

by The Colonel reply 1902/26/2019

Big Ed's almost as old as Hans (74 vs. 77) - that is, if you believe Hans was born in 1941 instead of 1939.

by The Colonel reply 2002/26/2019

Come on everyone, MTS isn't the greatest actress in history, but she is far from the worse.

by The Colonel reply 2102/26/2019

R71 She can really stink it up. I've rarely been impressed with her work.

Melody Thomas Scott Goes for That Emmy

Okay, it's an ugly purse--but geez, Nikki, calm down!

by The Colonel reply 2202/26/2019

R22 Should’ve been an Emmy win. Just really outstanding work.

by The Colonel reply 2302/26/2019

MTS best moment. Mouthing "Deidre Hall" and rolling her eyes at Halls win. Everyone knew Hall encouraged her nutty fans to by multiple issues of Soap Opera Digest and vote for her and Days.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 2402/26/2019

R22 That's your example of her bad acting? It wasn't the worst acting I've seen, by a long shot.

by The Colonel reply 2502/26/2019


Lucci's husband was quite the looker back in the day.

by The Colonel reply 2602/26/2019

MTS has quite the background. While married to hubby #1, she got knocked up by the makep guy at Y&R, then dumped him for the producer of the show. She knew how to play the game. Ya think she knew that she isn’t a good actress so she needed to secure her future in other ways?

by The Colonel reply 2702/27/2019

LOL the eye roll at R24 makes me like her a little.

by The Colonel reply 2802/27/2019

Hahahahaha loving that eyeroll. Good for her.

by The Colonel reply 2902/27/2019

She wouldn't pull that shit to Dee's face. All Dee would have to do is signal to her squad (Jane Elliot, Shannon Tweed, Mary Frann, Susan Hayes, and Suzanne Rogers) and they would have whipped that bitch into shape.

by The Colonel reply 3002/27/2019

So now we know that Ray is not only a stupid cop but a crooked one because he refuses to arrest Mia

by The Colonel reply 3102/27/2019

R31 And, a hypocrite. After, how he treated Sharon over the whole JT thing.

by The Colonel reply 3202/27/2019

So we'll Mia have a miscarriage or try to get pregnant with Arturrrrrro

by The Colonel reply 3302/27/2019

Wayyyyyyy wayyyyyy tooooo much Rosales on this show. They took over Y&R in record time and none of them are even good actors. It had been a disaster. The best thing Josh Griffith can do is nip this in the bud. But will Angelica Rosales McDaniel admit her failure??????

by The Colonel reply 3402/27/2019

I miss the end of the show when it said for over 20 years

The Young and the Restless


Jeanne Cooper


Katherine Chancellor

by The Colonel reply 3502/27/2019

R22, IMO, the acting in that clip wasn't that bad, except for dusting off that huge handbag. Melody was always willing to remove her usual makeup in order to look "distressed." The funny part of that clip was Eric Braeden's (Victor) facial expression ("what the fuck are you doing?").

by The Colonel reply 3602/27/2019


by The Colonel reply 3702/27/2019

Mel’s a cunt. She didn’t talk to Jeanne. Why? Because she’s a cunt!

by The Colonel reply 3802/27/2019

I loved Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Katherine Chancellor). However, in fairness, she was probably a cunt to Melody as well.

by The Colonel reply 3902/27/2019

R37, Arturo is now letting Kyle visit with Lola, but Kyle is not a liver donor match.

I'm guessing it might be Summer?

by The Colonel reply 4002/27/2019

R40 Summer, isn't her liver already pickled? She has probably drank more than Grandma Nikki, ever has.

by The Colonel reply 4102/27/2019

Maybe Rey will have to call the sketchy Papa Rosales to come donate his liver.

by The Colonel reply 4202/27/2019

It never said that, R35.

by The Colonel reply 4302/27/2019

Regardless of who donates their liver, Bitch Lola will wake up and be pissed over it, because it's too generous and lavish a gift.

She'll then demand they remove the donor liver, saying she wants to regenerate her own.

by The Colonel reply 4402/27/2019

R44 lol

by The Colonel reply 4502/27/2019

I can see that.....or asking for one from a chicken that was used to make her tacos.....

by The Colonel reply 4602/27/2019

She'll rip her new liver out and demand one paid for by a socialized healthcare plan.

by The Colonel reply 4702/27/2019

So we're to believe selfish, vain, egotisitcal, conceited Dummer is willing to live with a big ol' liver transplant scar the rest of her life? LOL!

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 4802/27/2019

R35 is confusing Y&R with "The Big Valley".

Image: The Big Valley - Miss Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley ...

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 4902/27/2019

R48, With laparoscopic surgery, the incision would be very small.

by The Colonel reply 5002/27/2019

I want to get back to Rey's pinga of life (not to mention his incredible pecs).

by The Colonel reply 5102/27/2019

[quote]With laparoscopic surgery, the incision would be very small.

Sure, if she gets the fancy, rich people's surgery. But she’s got more integrity than that.

by The Colonel reply 5202/27/2019

R52 If she does, Lola will go crazy and stab both herself and Summer so that they will have proper poor people scars.

by The Colonel reply 5302/27/2019

R52, I was speaking of Summer.

by The Colonel reply 5402/27/2019

Does the woman with two scars @r48 have two donor livers? That seems greedy.

by The Colonel reply 5502/27/2019

R50 That might almost look worse. .. lol! They apparently have to go in four or five places.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 5602/27/2019

R55 The woman on the left was the live donor, while the woman on the right had her bad liver removed and the new partial liver put in. So think of them as Dylan & Paul or Chance & Ronan, respectively.

by The Colonel reply 5702/27/2019

I always wondered what Nikki's abdomen looked like after Sarah the Maid plugged her with four bullets.

Joshua was very cute at the end nearly flashing us in his robe.

And Nikki's always been much easier to listen to in French since the actress dubbing her lines doesn't sound completely nasally,

Y&R: Veronica shoots Josh and Nikki (widescreen)


by The Colonel reply 5802/27/2019

Arturo tells Rey that Nikki’s snatch stunk.

by The Colonel reply 5902/27/2019

r57 and they had to create a whole new hole to put the new liver in through instead of using the existing hole they took the shitty liver out of? Those sound like terrible surgeons.

by The Colonel reply 6002/27/2019

No, R60. It's just that the incision used to remove the entire liver and replace it with a partial one is different than the incision used to remove just part of the liver from the donor.

I assume the recipient's scar (the guy) looks like a peace symbol and appears larger, because they have to go in and do something with the entire biliary system.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 6102/28/2019

I find it amusing how the camera never shows the complete seated jury, just a few bodies from behind seated in the front row. They could have used mannequins, lol.

For a high profile case, wouldn't you think the courtroom would be packed with curious onlookers, reporters and paparazzi?

by The Colonel reply 6202/28/2019

Nobody ever has scars on soaps so we won't see any on Lola.

Even characters who had one of Daytime's most memorable storylines (Maxie receiving a heart transplant) has no chest scar.

by The Colonel reply 6302/28/2019

All this talk about livers, makes me remember all of Jill's shade about Katherine's liver.

Also, regarding scars, I read somewhere that high profile patients get plastic surgeons to close up incisions on surgery now so that the scar is minimal or practically non-existent. I'm assuming you need your own cash or some special version of Blue Cross that isn't offered with most benefits packages.

by The Colonel reply 6402/28/2019

R63 Maxie (back when the original actress was playing her) mentioned that she convinced Felicia to let her have plastic surgery to remove the scar.

by The Colonel reply 6502/28/2019

R63 They might not have surgery scars. Todd on OLTL was famous for having a facial scar.

by The Colonel reply 6602/28/2019

Rey literally searched for the evidence he found at Sharon's - without a search warrant. So how is it legal for him to use it?

by The Colonel reply 6702/28/2019

Lauren Woodland is Trump trash. I'm perfectly fine with never seeing Brittany again.

by The Colonel reply 6802/28/2019

Who gives a rat's ass if Brittany is back? .. Same with the perpetually thirsty Kelly Kruger as Mac.

by The Colonel reply 6902/28/2019

Now they are having Rey act like a fool and an idiot.....because of fat Mia.....they didn't get rid of Mal fast enough!

Wouldn't each of the defendants be tried separately? I don't understand this trial at all.

by The Colonel reply 7002/28/2019

Please kill GC Buzz

by The Colonel reply 7102/28/2019

Josh is tweaking Mal’s stuff.

by The Colonel reply 7202/28/2019

I stopped watching Y&R for several years, but I've been back being a daily watcher for a year. When did Cricket(I never call her Christine) become so bitchy? I mean I understand that she is the District Attorney now, but she just seems cold and super bitchy in a way I just don't remember her ever being. Also, I don't remember why she seems to hate the Newmans so much. Is she just upset that Nikki, got Paul's dick first?

by The Colonel reply 7302/28/2019

This show needs DRASTIC help! Like, right away. The stories are ridiculous. And don’t give me the Josh is tweaking Mal’s stuff shit. That is not true.

by The Colonel reply 7402/28/2019

[quote]Nobody ever has scars on soaps so we won't see any on Lola.

Yeah, but she's also got that face so kinda evens out.

by The Colonel reply 7502/28/2019

Where is Reed?

by The Colonel reply 7602/28/2019

Next week Sharon feels enormous guilt for spilling all the details so she starts unloading her guilt to Brittany. Brittany learns that Rey never gave Sharon her rights. She also learns that Sharon/Rey had developed feelings for one another according to Sharon.

Brittany believes Rey was just using Sharon's emotions to further his case. When Rey's called to the stand Brittany grills him & he's forced to admit his true feelings for Sharon in open court with Mia sitting there. Mia takes off.

by The Colonel reply 7702/28/2019

Casting call:

[quote] The Young and the Restless is looking to cast super sexy male models who are 6′ 1″ and over and very physically fit to appear in the background of scenes. .. You know the drill, boys. .. Show up in your favorite jock strap.

by The Colonel reply 7802/28/2019

Next week: After Summer is confirmed as a donor match for Lola, she hesitates. Kyle tells her he'll do ANYTHING if she'll go through with the donation.

by The Colonel reply 7902/28/2019

Can we both so lucky that BOTH Summer and Lola expire during the liver transplant?

Also - how the hell is Cricket allowed to prosecute the case when she and dumbass useless Paul convinced JT to spy on the Newmans???? Wouldn't Cricket have to recuse herself?

by The Colonel reply 8002/28/2019

R77, Is Rey's pinga entered into evidence as Exhibit A?

by The Colonel reply 8102/28/2019

R81 If so, I hope Nikki blurts out , your brother's is bigger. Rey is just insufferable.

by The Colonel reply 8202/28/2019

[quote]Brittany believes Rey was just using Sharon's emotions to further his case. When Rey's called to the stand Brittany grills him & he's forced to admit his true feelings for Sharon in open court with Mia sitting there. Mia takes off.

Then Brittany celebrates her win in court by hitting the dance floor where she’s promptly electrocuted by another stripper pole.

by The Colonel reply 8302/28/2019

[quote]The Young and the Restless is looking to cast super sexy male models who are 6′ 1″ and over and very physically fit to appear in the background of scenes. .. You know the drill, boys. .. Show up in your favorite jock strap.

I am loving this new head writer!!!

by The Colonel reply 8402/28/2019

Lola dies and Jabottom, in grief, retreats to a monastery!

by The Colonel reply 8502/28/2019

Not really YR but YR adjacent......Pierson Fode from B&B has landed a contract role on a Fall show. He's playing a gay character. Brooke Shields is the lead & he'll play her son.

by The Colonel reply 8602/28/2019

Pierson Fode is gorgeous.

by The Colonel reply 8702/28/2019

When did they do jury selection?

by The Colonel reply 8802/28/2019

R87, Absolutely.

Image: MCM: The Bold and the Beautiful's Pierson Fode - Check Out His ...

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 8902/28/2019

Chrissy approves.

But Pierson's not touching anything is he?

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 9002/28/2019

Is that fat slob Angie McDonald’s in R90? What a disgusting fat pig. She is the problem at CBS. Not all of the writers and producers that she has had replaced. 2 kingpins of Y&R, Sally Sussman and Kay Alden, were stifled by this fat slob.

by The Colonel reply 9102/28/2019


AMc has lost all her weight & SSM was no kingpin. She flat out sucked the last time she was at YR. She flat out said she had no thought out plan.

by The Colonel reply 9202/28/2019

Oh so fat Angie finally had the gastric bypass? What a slob.

by The Colonel reply 9303/01/2019

With the pre-emption the episodes are all messed's cliffhanger won't show until Monday.....hopefully we'll get a preview.....

If the above poster is right - and he always has been - I can't wait to see Mia when Rey says he loves Sharon.....HA!

by The Colonel reply 9403/01/2019

The Canadian episodes are on track.

by The Colonel reply 9503/01/2019

Ray is a dirty cop. How did they get a trial and a jury in one day? Wouldn't the video be inadmissible? Wouldn't all of this be thrown out of a real Court? No Miranda Rights, cricket out to get the newmans, there is no body and no real evidence. You expect a soap to be over the top but this is nuts

by The Colonel reply 9603/01/2019

Compared to this, I'm the Supreme Court.

by The Colonel reply 9703/01/2019

R96, Where are the courtroom spectators? A case involving the Newman family should be requiring a lottery system like the OJ trial did.

by The Colonel reply 9803/01/2019


by The Colonel reply 9903/01/2019

So ridiculous having Cricket Blair -- Crusader Bug, perpetual defender of truth and justice, always in the corner of victims -- now serving as the forever-dumb and getting-it-wrong Genoa City District Attorney. That office was always occupied by the likes of the blustering and hotheaded Glenn Richards and/or the incompetent and crooked Owen Pomerantz. I'm almost surprised that LLB would agree to play this.

In Bell's world, Cricket Blair would be the character defending the women. .. One of Le Bug's first big cases was working with John Silva to defend April Stevens and try to get April off for killing her abusive husband Robert Lynch by forming the legal argument for the "abuse excuse."

by The Colonel reply 10003/01/2019

What world are some of you living in? It's not 1985 when soaps had huge budgets.

The days of packed courtrooms with witnesses or juries & huge attendance at wedding are long gone.

The soap budgets are being slashed ever year.

by The Colonel reply 10103/01/2019

Does anybody know if the All My Children reboot is real?

by The Colonel reply 10203/01/2019

Why do soap characters never have to go to the bathroom?

by The Colonel reply 10303/01/2019

GC Pizz

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 10403/01/2019

R101 They always have people in the background at Crimson Lights or that rooftop bar.

by The Colonel reply 10503/01/2019

I want the lezzys!!!!

by The Colonel reply 10603/01/2019

Canada episodes are now 2 days ahead of the USA. I just watched Tuesday's USA episode. Kyle foolishly tells Summer he'll do anything if she'll go through with the liver donation . . . even marry her.

by The Colonel reply 10703/01/2019

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Roll-Away Jury ....

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 10803/01/2019

Christian L irritates me.

by The Colonel reply 10903/01/2019

For R109 . . .


Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 11003/02/2019

Joshua Morrow at the mind races at the possibilities...

by The Colonel reply 11103/02/2019

That photo looks like he caught me looking....and is about to show me more......

by The Colonel reply 11203/02/2019

Christian L strikes as totes earrings, caftans at home... he was so campy in his opening argument I thought he was going to start singing Single Ladies.

by The Colonel reply 11303/02/2019

R113 I'm sure she is when she's in Palm Springs

by The Colonel reply 11403/02/2019

Chrissy doesn’t even hide onscreen anymore. Mikey has become so feminine.

by The Colonel reply 11503/02/2019

Sharon confessed to Brittany that Rey told her he loved her when he came over on Valentines Day, so he should be on the stand any day now.

by The Colonel reply 11603/02/2019

LOL Tessa gets arrested and breaks up with Mariah.

by The Colonel reply 11703/02/2019

R114 Chrissy and the partner aren't into The Springs. It's NOLA for them.

by The Colonel reply 11803/02/2019

The trial literally started the day after they were arraigned. Don't look to Y&R (or any soap) for accurate portrayal of police or judicial procedure.

by The Colonel reply 11903/02/2019

Y&R court scenes were always eye rollers, and that tradition continues. This whole trial is ridiculous.

by The Colonel reply 12003/02/2019

Oh no ... Here comes the annual Jabot takeover "storyline."

by The Colonel reply 12103/02/2019

I'm enjoying this break from Lola's histrionics.

by The Colonel reply 12203/03/2019

LOL - annual Jabot takeover. Seems like there is a new CEO every four months.

by The Colonel reply 12303/03/2019

Lola’s been doing her best acting yet lately.

by The Colonel reply 12403/03/2019

Did they ever explain how falling into the water or the hit on the head caused Lola's liver to fail? I must have missed it.

by The Colonel reply 12503/03/2019

Kyle to marry Summer to save Lola. Ugh

by The Colonel reply 12603/03/2019

R123, Traci was CEO for about 72 hours.

by The Colonel reply 12703/03/2019

R126, What makes no sense is that Kyle suggests it, which will be Tuesday's USA cliffhanger.

by The Colonel reply 12803/03/2019

[quote]The soap budgets are being slashed ever year.

And that’s why no one good wants to write for them anymore. I don’t even think Shakespeare could turn out good scripts under these conditions.

by The Colonel reply 12903/03/2019

R125 Apparently, near drowning can affect various organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys, and what exactly happens can be dependent on the individual and the circumstances, but they really haven't covered this.

by The Colonel reply 13003/03/2019

[quote] Kyle to marry Summer to save Lola. Ugh

Sounds so stupid. ... But if they had done this storyline to be more co-incident with Summer's one-night stand with Uncle Billy, it could have been somewhat better.

Example: JaBottom finds out Summer is a potential donor, so he proposes marriage to Summer to save Lola. .. Summer immediately accepts, and they elope that very day. .. But then, upon doing the secondary tests pre-transplant, Nate discovers that Summer is pregnant (from her hook-up with Billy) and says she can't be the donor, leaving JaBottom stuck with Summer and no liver to show for it.

by The Colonel reply 13103/03/2019

Will Y&R ever get good again?

by The Colonel reply 13203/03/2019

Thanks R130 - at least I didn't miss it.

R131 that's brilliant.

by The Colonel reply 13303/03/2019

When does the stunningly handsome NuNuNuAdam start?

The first week of May sweeps begins April 25.

That's only 39 episodes from now.

by The Colonel reply 13403/03/2019

For the past 5 years, Jabot board meetings were hastily called to change CEOs. Now we need a secret plan to do it?

by The Colonel reply 13503/03/2019

How things used to be:

In 1989, Bill Bell had Victor takeover Jabot due Jack's less-than-wise plan to take the company public.

It stayed under Newman Enterprises for ten years, until Jack revealed he'd finally gotten it back in 1999.

Jack tells John Abbott he got Jabot back from Victor Newman (1999)


by The Colonel reply 13603/03/2019

I miss Michael Muhney a lot. Why can't he come back?

by The Colonel reply 13703/03/2019

The titty grabbers 4 fans have gone bonkers again over on the twitterer. They never answer why they want touchy feely back on the show when 5 years ago they said that Y&R was beneath his talents and that he was moving on to bigger and better roles, including night time tv and movies. Since no one will hire him, these old fraus now want him back on Y&R. We all know that will never ever ever ever ever happen. Not only was he a perv, he was an asshole who thought his shit don’t stink. Karma got the tit grabber in the end. He’s done as an actor. Thank the Lord above.

by The Colonel reply 13803/03/2019

DID producers put Sasha Calle's Lola in a coma for her backstage antics? IT was a way to shut her up I don't see the appeal of Kyle ad Lola at all. She's a raging cunt.

by The Colonel reply 13903/04/2019

LOL at that stupid fuk Alan Sarapa on twitter. What a crazy sob. He got followed by Camryn and Cait and then quickly got unfollowed by them because they realize what a loon he is. He lives in his momma’s basement and jerks off to Mealor and Swickard. Everyone is realizing what a lunatic he is. Poor Alan. He’s such a loser.

by The Colonel reply 14003/04/2019


You seem like the loser. For someone who disses Sarap on the regular you sure are attached to his junk. If he bothers you WTF do you follow him or post about him? Get a hobby.

by The Colonel reply 14103/04/2019

R141 I’m jealous of Alan Sarapa because he’s such a hottie! lol Jesus he’s fugly. And I want to live in my momma’s basement like he does. It’s fun to point out what an idiot he is. Especially when it comes to his delusions about Camryn abd Cait and why they infollowed him on twitter. What a clueless moron.

by The Colonel reply 14203/04/2019

Whose breasts did Muhney touch?

by The Colonel reply 14303/04/2019

R143 Hunter King's (Summer).

by The Colonel reply 14403/04/2019

So Dougie is back, what about Chrissy?

by The Colonel reply 14503/04/2019

Hunter King is nothing but a no talent slut who made up a story that has never been confirmed and who was given a prime time gig as a hush money payout. Now she back on daytime. Sharon Case, who likes everybody, can't stand her which tells you all you need to know about Hunter King.

by The Colonel reply 14603/04/2019

LOL at the Muhneystans insisting HK must be lying.

Stay pressed, hunties!

by The Colonel reply 14703/04/2019

Why can’t Muhney get an acting job?

by The Colonel reply 14803/04/2019

Yes, curious how he supports himself and family now.

by The Colonel reply 14903/04/2019

Hans loans him money

by The Colonel reply 15003/04/2019

Isn't this the guy from Bold and Beautiful?

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 15103/04/2019

The wife supports titty grabbers family. Why she has stayed with the perv is the question. The wife dreamed of being like Chrishell Hartley. Married to a successful actor with a huge primetime hit show and appearing in movies. Justin Hartley has the career that titty grabber dreamed of but it never happened. And to top it off, Justin Hartley was a better Adam than titty feeler.

by The Colonel reply 15203/04/2019

I am sure titty grabber is doing something to earn money besides acting— maybe the drive through window at McDonalds, after all he has a family to support

by The Colonel reply 15303/04/2019

Vote in Idiot Alan Sarapa’s polls!!!!! He’s popular. He tells you that he is popular. Camryn and Cait unflowedhim because he’s popular! The god damned idiot Alan Sarapa is POPULAR! He is popular! LOLOLOLOL The fool.

by The Colonel reply 15403/04/2019

I am always fascinated by who you people seem to fixate on. Alan Sarapa is a fan just like everyone else. And just because he has a lot of followers is no reason to shoot hate bombs his way. You used to do the same thing to Jamey Giddens. These guys aren't doing anything you can't do, but you focus on them and hate on them and it makes zero sense. If Alan annoys you so much, then start your own twitter making commentary about these shows. If you can do what he does so much better, then have it.

by The Colonel reply 15503/04/2019

Dumbass Alan Sarapa doesn’t ‘get’ that 90% of his followers are bots. He’s popular! Alan Sarapa really is popular!! (With bots - but he’s too fucking stupid to see it!)

by The Colonel reply 15603/04/2019

Don't click on R151, it's some sort of virus.

by The Colonel reply 15703/04/2019

[quote] You used to do the same thing to Jamey Giddens.

With love, darling.

by The Colonel reply 15803/04/2019

Jamey’s gonna drop any day now. He’s obese.

by The Colonel reply 15903/04/2019

[quote]Will Y&R ever get good again?


by The Colonel reply 16003/04/2019

Shouldn't Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon have instructed Michael and Brittney to enter into a Joint-Defense Agreement? It would seem all three would be better off with their attorneys completely united against Cricket, rather than fighting her and each other.

by The Colonel reply 16103/04/2019

It’s a tough choice. Will Canela or Mealor win the Best Actor Emmy next year? I’m torn. They both have so many great scenes to choose from. lolololololololololololol God damn they are horrible actors!

by The Colonel reply 16203/04/2019

Can you imagine Sasha Calle’s face when she was told that she is in a coma, with no lines, and yes, that fulfills your contract guarantee to have you appear in an episode but have no lines. They pay her for being in a coma but she doesn’t get to act. F you Sasha and your ego. You are not all that.

by The Colonel reply 16303/04/2019

[quote]Don't click on [R151], it's some sort of virus.

Here is what was at R151


THE DIRTY ARMY:I want to warn the ladies of Hollywood California of this Narcissistic fame hungry former child actor. Don’t just be cautious girls. Yes he is a cutie, seems like he is a mom’s boy, charming at times, but once he reels you in then you see the real a55hole who WAS FAMOUS. Again WAS FAMOUS. Then you realize why he is not famous anymore. When you rst meet him the clothes he wears are replay clothes that were freebies on his last show from 2016. He will feed you a story about his humble up bringing and how his mama is his support and backbone to why he is a successful actor in Hollywood. Then he will open up to you on how he can’t be alone since he is depressed from his last show which he feels cheated him out on a great life in Hollywood. So be careful ladies he attaches himself to anyone who treats him nice, because he is very emotionally as you get to know him and plays games because he is not happy about himself, so he punishes you. He lies to his family about all his relationships because he cant be seen as a bad person because it will not be good for his career. To bad he doesn’t realize word is out on the street about him about his egotistical attitude. Which is why Hollywood casting agents would hire a newbie than teach this pup new tricks. He was. Again was a heart breaker back in the day. Watch your money around this lying gold digger. Because he has a big ego (lifestyle) that he needs to ll to keep up. He will say and do anything he can to keep the money coming. Actually he screwed my sister out of a ton of cash and expensive gifts. More than likely the watch on his wrist was paid by my sister’s savings. I warned her but she didn’t listen to me and now is trying to he build her life after a year with this manipulator. For months he acted like he was all into her and even told me he loved her. I have to say he is a good actor because I was sold. My sister gave him money, paid for their vacations and took him shopping all the time at the Beverly center. Then on her birthday he dumped her and never called her again. It was obvious this was one broke selsh fool, who couldn’t even pay for a simple birthday dinner at McDonald’s. He is selsh, mood, boy band look a like from LA who is using is previous fame for gain. Ladies run when you see him asking for your number at the Beverly center, because if my sister did she would of not ruined her life. Like I said to her. YOU DON’T DATE FORMER CHILD ACTORS. YOUR BETTER THAN THAT. True snake here and is a selsh dude that everyone needs to stay away from, especially if you live within the radius of 30 miles of Hollywood, California.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 16403/04/2019

Where has it ever been implied that Sasha Calle is having issues behind the scenes? Where are these rumors coming from?

by The Colonel reply 16503/04/2019

Hunter King is a WHORE!!

by The Colonel reply 16603/04/2019

I like the purple dress Mariah had.

by The Colonel reply 16703/04/2019

Lola will awaken from her coma with amnesia and have forgotten how to cook.

by The Colonel reply 16803/04/2019

The video they played at KSJ's memorial totally wrecked me.

by The Colonel reply 16903/04/2019

Alan Sarapa poll: Did Camryn and Cait unfollow me becauseI’m popular? I’m finally popular!

by The Colonel reply 17003/04/2019


Hold up! How old is the actor who played RJ? That hit job makes him sound like he's in his mid-20s. I thought he was 16 y/o tops.

by The Colonel reply 17103/05/2019


Doll, did Alan Sarapa reject you for a hook up? Are you all in your feels over it?

That's the only reason your whining about him makes any sense.. We don't GAF about your broken heart.

by The Colonel reply 17203/05/2019

I don't know who this Allen Saran Wrap is but no one gives a fuck about them any more than we ever did (did not) about the other Twitter cunts who bring their fights here.

No one cares.

by The Colonel reply 17303/05/2019

Alan Saran Wrap is a HOTTIE who lives with his momma. He’s popular, according to him.

by The Colonel reply 17403/05/2019

Supposedly Calle revealed secrets on Twitter and she acts entitled backstage because she's a Rosales. The vets HATE the Rosales. Especially MTS and EB.

by The Colonel reply 17503/05/2019

Annnd Kerry is OUT. !

by The Colonel reply 17603/05/2019

They got rid of Kerry pretty quick. Wow.

by The Colonel reply 17703/05/2019

Whatever will 65 year old Aunt Jack do without his 29 year old girlfriend?

by The Colonel reply 17803/05/2019

Mia should set out to seduce Jack and get pregnant with an Abbott baby. Ya know, soap opera stuff.

by The Colonel reply 17903/05/2019


is a


by The Colonel reply 18003/05/2019

I wonder if Mal intended to make Kerrie a man. Remember the injections? Maybe that story got dumped when Mal went out the door.

by The Colonel reply 18103/05/2019

If Kerry had been a man and Jack was attracted to her/him Jack would have finally made sense, at least as played by the effete Peter Bergman.

by The Colonel reply 18203/05/2019

Who’s more fem - Aunty Jack or Mikey Baldwin?

by The Colonel reply 18303/05/2019


Alice Hunter Exits The Young and the Restless! | Soap Opera News

Alice Hunter is set to exit The Young and the Restless as Kerry Johnson! Read more here--->>

by The Colonel reply 18403/05/2019

R181 I seriously doubt CBS would have okay'd making another black actress transgender with the Maya situation they already have over B&B. .. Kerry's secret appointments and injections fit precisely with what women go through prior to the procedure to harvest their eggs. .. Mal's proposed story probably had everything to do with that, but then Aunt Jack would have surprisingly (read: boringly) gotten Kerry pregnant the old-fashioned way. .. We'd then have had Peter Bergman endlessly biting his lip while pondering whether he really wanted to breast feed another baby at his age.

by The Colonel reply 18503/05/2019

Why did NEITHER of those hot shot attorneys pounce on Phyllis' admission that the others wanted to call the police but she talked them out of it?

by The Colonel reply 18603/05/2019

LOL where is the local media for this trial? Even GC Buzz isn't around and I guess that's because their correspondent was a witness? Where's The Chronicle? Shouldn't Peggy Brooks be all over this?

by The Colonel reply 18703/05/2019

R187 I imagine Tony probably just wants to get this trial over and done with, being that it's Mal's last big cock-up as HW.

But if they knew their history, they should have at least had someone mention that "The Inquistor" is having a field day with this story.

That was the old time scandal sheet in Genoa City that would cover all the sordid details that The Chronicle wouldn't, and it was still around when Billy was going that route with Restless Style. They were his main competitor.

And another way they could have spiced things up would have been to bring back Barbara Crampton and have "Leanna Love" covering the trial for one of the local TV stations -- making all kinds of snarky comments about The Newmans on the sidelines as she reported live from the courthouse.

by The Colonel reply 18803/05/2019

Sally Struthers IN as nuLeanna Love.

by The Colonel reply 18903/05/2019

Sally Struthers IN as nuJoAnn Curtis.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 19003/05/2019

OMG that photo will give me nightmares!

by The Colonel reply 19103/05/2019

Sasha is a chola.

by The Colonel reply 19203/05/2019

I've been trying to figure out who Lawyer Brittney reminds me of and today it hit me, she reminds me of the Vancome Lady on MADtv.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 19303/05/2019

Kyle made it clear to Summer that he will not be performing "husbandly duties" after they marry.

by The Colonel reply 19403/05/2019

[quote]Lola will awaken from her coma with amnesia and have forgotten how to cook.

and that she doesn't like cock.

by The Colonel reply 19503/05/2019

Though, Summer is allowed to wear a strap-on and peg him?

by The Colonel reply 19603/05/2019

Summer makes Kyle propose on one knee in the middle of the GCAC dining room, to the delight of the other diners.

by The Colonel reply 19703/05/2019

Is Fen ever coming back from his cafe tour (is that even a thing)? We need some comedic relief since the show has gotten so dreary!

by The Colonel reply 19803/06/2019

Agree. Fen was a fun character and great chemistry with Jabottom. Dreary describes the current episodes perfectly.

by The Colonel reply 19903/06/2019

Fen is coming back to start up his new band, Lola's Liver

by The Colonel reply 20003/06/2019

Based on past precedent, here is the timeline you can expect the fans to be saying:

6 Weeks From Now - The show is getting better, but it's not happening quickly enough. Too many of Angelica's pets still front and center.

3 Months from Now - I like this murder mystery, but it's so dark. NuAdam seems to be hitting all of the right beats.

6 Months from Now - This shit is worse than Mal. Maybe Mal wasn't so bad. What is xx former headwriter doing? I've stopped watching. I don't want to watch True Detective. Where is the romance.

One Year from Now - Dena Higley in as HW

by The Colonel reply 20103/06/2019

The actress who plays Kerry seems like a good egg.

She was always very positive & appreciative and even after being fired she remains very sweet.

by The Colonel reply 20203/06/2019

Well what do you expect out of the Kerry actress. She needs a job so she can’t talk bad about the clicky cluster fuck at Y&R. It would look bad for future roles. But yes, she is being classy by not talking about the miserable set that was Y&R while Mal was there. Of course she couldn’t complain since Mal created her character and hired her and I’m sure that Bergman was pleasant to her, but even he knew that this was a disastrous, boring storyline that should have never happened.

by The Colonel reply 20303/06/2019

Agree. She kept it classy. Good career move.

by The Colonel reply 20403/06/2019

I just started to like Kerry with Jack! (even though it is such a mismatch and they have so little story line) It was nice to see the actress start bringing some warmth to her character instead of the bitchiness you get most of the time with the females on this show.

by The Colonel reply 20503/06/2019

I hope Fen gets back - between he and Kyle, I can live off my tips and bank my salary.

by The Colonel reply 20603/06/2019

I enjoy Summer so much more when she’s not on my screen.

by The Colonel reply 20703/06/2019

R207, I feel the same about Cane and Devon.

by The Colonel reply 20803/06/2019

I could see Kerry being a character that they hold in reserve for something else out in the future.

e.g. A couple years out, Aunt Jack runs into her and she's got a toddler in a stroller. He immediately assumes she decided to go along with the IVF, and she runs with it, making up a story about when that occurs. Later, eagle-eyed Traci, who was with her brother, thinks the tot looked older than that, but that would mean Kerry got pregnant right around the time she and Jack called things off. Suddenly, Jackie begins to feel pangs in his mammary glands and decides to look into it.

You know the drill.

by The Colonel reply 20903/06/2019

So Kyle marries Summer and promises to stay with her for one year. Of course he will sacrifice himself and Lola will only think that he is selfish and terrible. Blah blah blah. This is the best they could come up with?

by The Colonel reply 21003/06/2019

R209 in your scenario that had Traci with Jack spotting Kerry and baby, is this at a Texas Roadhouse or Olive Garden or the drive thru at McDonalds?

by The Colonel reply 21103/06/2019

Oh puh-leeze ... this marriage arrangement between Lord JaBottom and Lady Summer Ann sounds like something from the 17th century.

Is William Congreve or William Wycherley now serving as a story consultant?

by The Colonel reply 21203/06/2019

R212, Is this how they'll live?

Image: IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT: Sexy Under Censorship

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 21303/06/2019

It’s still Mal’s shit and that god awful Daran Little’s crap that we’re seeing. Come on Josh Griffith, get here soon! Please please please.

by The Colonel reply 21403/06/2019

Jabottom looked pretty comfortable on his knees.....just sayin'.

by The Colonel reply 21503/06/2019


Aren't you quaint thinking Griffith is going to some savior?

by The Colonel reply 21603/06/2019

Useless Dougie Davidson is back March 25th so we know Mal is gone by then.

Rumours that ALL the Rosales are being pink slipped by May.

by The Colonel reply 21703/06/2019

R216 How hilarious to think Josh Griffith's material is something to anticipate or be excited about. .. R201's schedule is probably spot-on.

And thinking JG is going to write out The Rosales? .. I wouldn't bet on that either.

Griffith created the Adriana and Alex Chavez characters on Y&R during his last stint. .. And who remembers when he was the head writer of the prime time Sony show for Telemundo called "Reyes Y Rey." It was an episodic cop show, not a telenovela, with one of the lead detectives named "Rey." .. It was canceled after 12 episodes .. lol!

IOW - Jordi's "Rey" character and the Rosales family are right up Griffith's alley (of failures).

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 21803/06/2019

Hey dumbass Alan Sarapa - see how “popular” you are? 5 fucking percent of your popular followers voted in your Y&R bj poll. 5 fucking percent. What a stupid fucking moron. “I’m popular”!

by The Colonel reply 21903/06/2019

95% of your followers dumb ass Alan Sarapa - are bots you stupid fuck. How dumb can you be? Oh, and I do agree with the results of your Y&R poll. Just realize dumbass Alan that 95% of your “I’m popular” followers are bots, asshole.

by The Colonel reply 22003/06/2019

So is Mal Young attending the Emmys this year? By default, all 4 shows get nominated for Writing, Directing and Best Show. Who will Mal sit with? Doug Davidson and Eric Braeden?

by The Colonel reply 22103/06/2019

Rey admits on the witness stand that he's in love with Sharon and Mia goes home and drinks a beer.

by The Colonel reply 22203/06/2019

I enjoyed Thursday's episode - especially Rey getting grilled on the courtroom hotseat. Janice Ferrri Esser turned in a good teleplay.

And Mia storming home to drink beer out of a bottle, then suddenly realizing she's supposed to be pregnant was LOL!

I wonder if Mia will become so upset and distraught with Rey, that she'll now fake a miscarriage to end her fake pregnancy thereby using the situation to maximize Rey's guilt.

by The Colonel reply 22303/06/2019

R188, I agree; Leanna Love covering this trial would have been delicious!

I remember Alicia Rhomer covering Lujack's trial for the murder of Andy Ferris.

Watch how she goes from yelling at the crew to being all lovey dovey to her audience.

It's in the prologue.

Guiding Light March 4, 1985

Lujack's trial for the murder of Andy Ferris continues with Alex taking the stand. Reva and HB return from their vacation to learn that Kyle has taken over L...

by The Colonel reply 22403/06/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 22503/06/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 22603/06/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 22703/06/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 22803/06/2019

Nikki ReedBancroft. Mel wouldn’t have a few secrets, would she? Sleeping with the make up guy and getting preggers by him? While married. Spill it in your book Mel!

by The Colonel reply 22903/06/2019
Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 23003/06/2019

Yes, Terry what do you do in bed?

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 23103/06/2019

Didn’t Terry have a beard named Lindsey? We all knew he was gay.

by The Colonel reply 23203/06/2019

LoLa looks really pudgy and unattractive lying in her coma. It's hard to believe Kyle pledging his undying love to her like she's Sleeping Beauty.

by The Colonel reply 23303/07/2019

The actress playing Lola is giving a riveting performance, reminiscent of Judith Light or Susan Flannery, as she lay in bed with her coma.

by The Colonel reply 23403/07/2019

Jabottom will wake Lola from her coma by giving her surprise anal

by The Colonel reply 23503/07/2019

Or surprise oral . . .

by The Colonel reply 23603/07/2019


by The Colonel reply 23703/07/2019

Hey, Kyle, Can I plan your bachelor party?

by The Colonel reply 23803/07/2019

Is Jordi leaving?

by The Colonel reply 23903/07/2019

Jordi got the boot.

by The Colonel reply 24003/07/2019

Seriously? Why do they always dump the hot guys?

by The Colonel reply 24103/07/2019

Jordi looked highly fuckable on that witness stand.

by The Colonel reply 24203/07/2019

Where is Reed?

by The Colonel reply 24303/07/2019

Has Reed trimmed his bush yet?

by The Colonel reply 24403/07/2019

With Jabottom any sex with a woman would be a surprise!

by The Colonel reply 24503/07/2019

Melody talks 40 years of being Nikki

Melody Thomas Scott Looks Back at 40 Years as Nikki Reed Newman on 'Young and the Restless'

Plus, the actress opens up about her chemistry with late co-star Kristoff St. John and on-screen love Eric Braeden.

by The Colonel reply 24603/07/2019

If the Rosales clan is out does that mean that Lola is going to stay in that coma?

by The Colonel reply 24703/07/2019


You better be kidding about Jordi getting the boot. That man is too fine to let go. Plus, pairing him with Sharon Case is a no brainer. They have palpable chemistry. Not to mention it keeps Shick dead = Win-Win

by The Colonel reply 24803/07/2019

Sharon was oozing with desire while Rey was testifying. I'll bet the bailiff had to wipe down her chair when court recessed.

by The Colonel reply 24903/07/2019

I agree that Jordy and Sharon are a steamy match. They should definitely keep him I hope it's not true that he's leaving

by The Colonel reply 25003/07/2019

Adios, Rosales mujeres!!! Fingers crossed.

Loved Rey's testimony - eat THAT, Mia! HA!

by The Colonel reply 25103/07/2019

Anybody able to verify for sure that the Rosales family it's being written out?

by The Colonel reply 25203/07/2019

R252, Write out the family, but keep Rey and Arturo.

by The Colonel reply 25303/07/2019

This Kyle/Summer premise has already jumped the shark before it starts.

She demands they keep the transplant a secret from everyone? Does this blonde bimbo think you can donate a liver on her lunch hour & go out dancing at dinner time?

Donating a liver or kidney is harder on the donor than the recipient.

by The Colonel reply 25403/07/2019

In late February Jordii tweeted that there's "a lot more in store for Rey and the Rosales fam," and you'd think by that time point in time, Tony and Josh would have already hinted at what some of their plans would be, since breakdowns for May would be in the works.

by The Colonel reply 25503/07/2019

Now that fellow-liver transplant recipient, Paul, is back, he can be given story where he counsels Lola on how to manage the 7 - 10 prescription drugs she'll be taking to prevent rejection and fight infection as well as how to deal with the ongoing bouts of diarrhea and running to the bathroom all the time.

Paul always keeps a package of adult diapers at work.

by The Colonel reply 25603/07/2019

[quote] Loved Rey's testimony - eat THAT, Mia! HA!

How rude not to share!

by The Colonel reply 25703/07/2019

He'll need a change after his I got fired meltdown.

by The Colonel reply 25803/07/2019

CLB is knocking it out of the park in tomorrows episode. Good stuff.

by The Colonel reply 25903/07/2019

Ding, Ding, Ding, Michael! To be such a supposedly great lawyer, why did it take you this long to decide to "put domestic violence, on trial?"

by The Colonel reply 26003/07/2019

Jordi is still tweeting every day. He has not been given the boot.

by The Colonel reply 26103/07/2019


by The Colonel reply 26203/07/2019


Sharon is acquitted .

Victoria & Nicki are sentenced to manslaughter.

Kyle spills the beans to Lola after the surgery.

by The Colonel reply 26303/07/2019

May 2019 isn't here yet and that's when pink slips are going for ALL of the Rosales.

by The Colonel reply 26403/07/2019

R264 knows nothing.

by The Colonel reply 26503/07/2019

The Rosales gang isn’t going anywhere as long as Angie Rosales McDonald’s is at CBS.

by The Colonel reply 26603/07/2019

R264, If Thad was shown on the Y&R set a week ago via Twitter, shouldn't JT be resurfacing soon, long before May sweeps?

by The Colonel reply 26703/08/2019

Given that Thad Fuckinluckinbill is a busy man and someone whom they NEED to finish off this yarn, I might guess that however Y&R is employing him could be based on HIS schedule of availability.

by The Colonel reply 26803/08/2019

R268 They tape a month and a half ahead, right? So JT should start appearing around April then.

by The Colonel reply 26903/08/2019

Tessa Porter’s courtroom scenes are better than Karen Wolek’s from 40 years ago on that date.

by The Colonel reply 27003/08/2019

Memo to Alan Sarapa on twitter: Go away! Please.

by The Colonel reply 27103/08/2019

JT should not come back unless we see peen

by The Colonel reply 27203/08/2019

They should show some of the classic Blow By Jabot flashbacks like "JT Pounds Raul."

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 27303/08/2019

Gah. Seeing JT's sweet ass as he pounds his long, veiny cock into Raul's moist, inviting hole....

by The Colonel reply 27403/08/2019

The guy who played Raul is a homo in real life.

by The Colonel reply 27503/08/2019

R275, And he was not at all hot. But his hot brother who bedded Sharon, played by Greg Vaughan, was smoking hot.

by The Colonel reply 27603/08/2019

Rey figures out that Summer is the anonymous donor on Monday's show.

by The Colonel reply 27703/08/2019

Multiple smooches between the lezzies on Monday, one even lasted more than three seconds.

by The Colonel reply 27803/08/2019

Lago was hot enough.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 27903/08/2019

The lezzys have completely saved this show!

by The Colonel reply 28003/09/2019

I have a hunch the Rosales family are being given the boot to pay for Michael Muhney's salary. That's what my gut is telling me, and I'd be in soap heaven if that were true. He NEEDS to be back on the canvass!!!

by The Colonel reply 28103/09/2019

Michael go away. You are not coming back

by The Colonel reply 28203/09/2019

R281, At this point, Michael Muhney would probably work for scale.

by The Colonel reply 28303/09/2019

How are you managing all those job offers coming your way, Michael? lol

by The Colonel reply 28403/09/2019

Or food.

by The Colonel reply 28503/09/2019

Summer should just get it over with and suffocate Lola with her massive stripper tits.

by The Colonel reply 28603/09/2019

Let's bring back some of the Brooks family......and of course get rid of the Rosales women....

by The Colonel reply 28703/09/2019

Cricket looks like a cancer patient in that blue suit. How hard is she to fit?

by The Colonel reply 28803/09/2019

R283 has triggered me with her use of "scale." MRS. GONZALEZ, WHERE ARE MY FUCKING SWEET ROLLS????

by The Colonel reply 28903/09/2019

Cricket looks anorexic.

by The Colonel reply 29003/09/2019

¡Qué estúpida gringa! Sigue comiendo tus sentimientos, pinche gorda.

by The Colonel reply 29103/09/2019

Why is Rey not questioning Mia's pregnancy after walking in on her drinking beer?

by The Colonel reply 29203/09/2019


She showed him a positive pregnancy test.

by The Colonel reply 29303/09/2019

Traci again?

Fette sau!

by The Colonel reply 29403/09/2019

R293, All the more reason to be suspicious.

by The Colonel reply 29503/09/2019

The Young and the Restless


Melody Thomas-Scott


Nikki Reed Newman

As Melody has the most seniority on the show, she is top billed

by The Colonel reply 29603/09/2019

For a few more weeks, anyway.

by The Colonel reply 29703/09/2019

R292 Rey didn't question the beer, because Mia actually used the open bottle as a prop to tell Rey how upset she was after hearing what he said in court, trying to lay guilt on him with, "Me, a pregnant woman, ALMOST took a drink."

by The Colonel reply 29803/09/2019

Has there ever been a more drawn out storyline on Y&R than this JT mess?

by The Colonel reply 29903/09/2019

It took close to 2 1/2 years before John Abbott found out that the man seen with Jill in the photos secretly taken of them fucking up at the cabin was his own son Jack.

by The Colonel reply 30003/09/2019


Rey didn't believe the first pregnancy test that she sprung on him.

He demanded they go to the hospital for another test. That's when she paid a pregnant woman for her urine.

by The Colonel reply 30103/10/2019

They should have had John find out that Jack was sleeping with the Abbott family lawyer, taking those hot loads in his hole.

by The Colonel reply 30203/10/2019

R299 Another interminable story involved the L-Quad of Lance, Leslie, Lorie, and Lucas, where Leslie got pregnant with Lance's baby in 1978. And while Leslie knew it was Lance's baby from the get-go, Lance didn't find out that Brooks was his kid until nearly four years later during the 1982 Vanessa Prentiss "murder" trial.

by The Colonel reply 30303/10/2019

A soap opera is a continuing story. There are many chapters, but the story never truly ends. Soaps were better in the days when the stories were allowed to breathe.

by The Colonel reply 30403/10/2019

The lezzies are the only reason to watch tomorrows show.

by The Colonel reply 30503/10/2019

with Kristoff St. John's passing "his salary" is now going to Doug Davidson, hence being able to afford having Doug on

Wonder how he feels about that

by The Colonel reply 30603/10/2019


Christian Le Blanc on Twitter

“A shake for breakfast...a shake for lunch...and a sensible meal...”

by The Colonel reply 30703/10/2019

Miss Chrissy is quite the queen.

by The Colonel reply 30803/10/2019

Long time lurker on this thread, rarely post or watch the show but i have a couple questions. After that bitch got knocked out how exactly did she breath underwater and also someone said Thad Luckincastingcouch is a busy man, what exactly is he doing besides this show? Thanks, i'll post this comment and wait for a response.

by The Colonel reply 30903/10/2019

R309 Luckinbill is a fairly busy producer, he was an executive producer on LaLaLand for instance.

by The Colonel reply 31003/10/2019

r310 So he's a big time producer but he takes dinky parts in soaps? That's odd, but i guess a paycheck is a paycheck.

by The Colonel reply 31103/10/2019

R311 He spent ten years on the show before becoming a producer, and met and married Amelia Heinle there. They have since divorced, but I guess coming back to Y&R is more about having fun and just dabbling in acting.

by The Colonel reply 31203/10/2019

Thad was a producer on LaLaLand - 3 years ago. What has he done since? He obviously has plenty of time to do Y&R so he can’t be too busy as a big producer of movies.

by The Colonel reply 31303/10/2019

R313 According to IMDB he has produced six films since then, and acted in two of them.

by The Colonel reply 31403/10/2019

[quote] He obviously has plenty of time to do Y&R so he can’t be too busy as a big producer of movies.

Producers Guild of America article on the company Thad is a partner in: Black Label Media

Molly Smith and The Twins attract a lot of cash. And they do what they want. They're mentioned at places like Deadline a lot.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 31503/10/2019

Mr Luckinbill is also part of a lucrative side hustle, Hung Blond Studs.

by The Colonel reply 31603/11/2019

That means he’s not in the studio actually producing. His company invests.

by The Colonel reply 31703/11/2019

R307 made me think of the following.. in more ways than one.

Sunset Boulevard (1950) - Beauty regime

In this sequence Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) prepares for her big comeback.

by The Colonel reply 31803/11/2019

"Has there ever been a more drawn out storyline on Y&R than this JT mess?"

How long did it take for Phyllis to be revealed as the person who mowed down Cricket and Paul?

by The Colonel reply 31903/11/2019

R303 it's nice to be remembered.

by The Colonel reply 32003/11/2019

Can Reed take a break from doing commercials to check on his father's MURDER trial by his MOTHER? K, THANKS

by The Colonel reply 32103/11/2019

R321 NO Reed cannot take a break from his music tour with that Scooby Poo group whose leader singer has to keep running off the stage with her irritable bowel syndrome.

by The Colonel reply 32203/11/2019

Kyle's new haircut looks nice. Sort of Helix style.

by The Colonel reply 32303/11/2019

Even if Lola was a well-written character, it seems like 6 or 7 months into a characters run is a little too early to be having them the in the center of hanging on the edge of death story. The audience isn't going to care enough about the character or he relatively new family members to get the full affect of the melodrama. Even more so about what this is doing to the Kyle and Lola pairing. You need to have people actually care about the couple before trying to make them care about them being apart.

by The Colonel reply 32403/11/2019

When is Lola's death scene? I'm getting bored.

by The Colonel reply 32503/11/2019

Oh Leslie, Leslie, Lesile ... JaBottom is about seven years too old to be a Helix twink.

And that's just his face.

His hole is probably ready for Treasure Island Media.

by The Colonel reply 32603/11/2019

He is a distant relative of actor Laurence Luckinbill, Robin Strasser ex-husband

by The Colonel reply 32703/11/2019

This just in from Soap-On-Rope spoilers ...

[quote] Marriage to Summer drives JaBottom to cigarettes, booze, and stable boys.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 32803/11/2019

Is Fen getting laid nightly while on tour?

by The Colonel reply 32903/11/2019

R328 I miss those cigarette and booze filled afternoons.

by The Colonel reply 33003/11/2019

R324 But once a medical story goes the transplant route, is there really any reason to worry whether the character is going to live or die? Of course, Lola won't die. It's now about the transplant and the corresponding maneuver(s) made to obtain it and how that's going to play into the future of the Summer-Kyle-Lola triangle they've been developing.

Transplants on soaps are generally done to affect relationships. Just look at the last two "live liver" transplants. Estranged siblings Chance and Ronan had a brotherly bonding moment, but then we were left with the question as to whether Ronan had actually conned everyone. .. And in Paul and Dylan's case, it cemented their newly-formed father-son relationship.

by The Colonel reply 33103/11/2019

I will agree with your assessment of Kyle, Maestro........

by The Colonel reply 33203/11/2019

The idiot actress who plays Lola is doing the best work of her career laying in that bed!

by The Colonel reply 33303/11/2019


Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 33403/11/2019

I'd love to watch Y&R from the beginning up til about the second time John and Jill divorced.

by The Colonel reply 33503/11/2019

When did you start watching Y&R?

I came on board due to a promo, when Chancellor escaped the nuthouse after Suzanne had been poisoning her chocolates and making her look even more cray than everybody was used to.

by The Colonel reply 33603/11/2019

Is Fen getting laid nightly while on tour? [quote] Is Fen getting laid nightly while on tour?

When Fen's on the road, he's fluid and vers and takes all comers.

Last night, he fucked two twinks at the same time, back and forth. .. But tonight, he's getting spit-roast himself. .. And last weekend, he went a little wild with some fem-dom and hosted three leather-clad bitches who brought lots and lots of toys. .. In fact, he's usually got an ohmibod shoved up there to stay buzzed and take advantage of their "Feel the Music" slogan.

by The Colonel reply 33703/11/2019

I need to know what's going on with the the lezzies. They are the heart and soul of this show!

by The Colonel reply 33803/11/2019

Seems their fan base in the demo keeps growing and the slash fiction and mvids just keep coming.

whoa .. 3 million views!

-- You Make Me Happy --

Music: Leela James - Fall For You Series: The Young and the Restless (Mariah and Tessa) #Teriah #YR Thank...

by The Colonel reply 33903/11/2019

I hate Tessa! She needs to go the fuck away!

by The Colonel reply 34003/11/2019

What is Anna doing with all the money?

by The Colonel reply 34103/11/2019

Tessa has been glammed up lately, what's up?

by The Colonel reply 34203/11/2019

R342 If you scan Cait Fairbanks' IG, she often features photos for something she's doing where her professional makeup artist pal, Alysha Marcantonio, has glammed her up. Some of them are quite stunning, and in the past, there have been fans of hers who have commented that the Y&R stylist ain't doing her justice. Maybe the new EP has given this some thought.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 34303/11/2019

The verdict is in!

by The Colonel reply 34403/11/2019

Sharon's dress on Tuesday's show is hardly appropriate for the courtroom. Nikki and Victoria are dressed like school marms while Sharon looks like she's going clubbing.

by The Colonel reply 34503/11/2019

Who’s in with me? I’m flying a Muhney plane over CBS. Date to be announced soon.

by The Colonel reply 34603/12/2019

Is Anna being blackmailed?

by The Colonel reply 34703/12/2019

R347 NO ONE gives a damn.

by The Colonel reply 34803/12/2019

Ana is being blackmailed. Devon fucked Mrs C to inherit and will divulge this info unless she pays up.

by The Colonel reply 34903/12/2019

Why was the Fen character put on hold? Did the actor have a previous commitment?

by The Colonel reply 35003/12/2019

Victor looks reeeeeeally old on today's episode.

by The Colonel reply 35103/12/2019

Ana and DuhVON - even Kyle and Summer getting married is more interesting than they are.

by The Colonel reply 35203/12/2019

Kerry is so mysterious.

by The Colonel reply 35303/12/2019

Anna always sounds like she has a sinus infection

by The Colonel reply 35403/12/2019

So who is "PC" ?

I assume they're just teasing us that it could be one of the actual PC's, as that wouldn't make much sense. But then again, what does?

by The Colonel reply 35503/12/2019

Any news on the verdict from our Canadian viewers?

by The Colonel reply 35603/12/2019


Nikki, Victoria and Sharon are found guilty of all charges.

Judge says sentencing will be in TWO hours ... LOL!

by The Colonel reply 35703/12/2019

Sharon 3 yrs, Vicki 10, Nikki 30 years

by The Colonel reply 35803/12/2019

As if Nikki has 30 years of life left in her.

by The Colonel reply 35903/12/2019

Stupid writing. No wonder Malware was fired.

by The Colonel reply 36003/12/2019

Could PC=popcorn? With gobs of butter.

by The Colonel reply 36103/12/2019

Hilarious, because it was Phyllis who originally argued that they had to cover up the whole thing and not go to the police, when it was clearly not murder. And she gets off scott free.

by The Colonel reply 36203/12/2019

Will Sharon be allowed conjugal visits with Rey?

by The Colonel reply 36303/12/2019

Jack makes an impassioned plea to the judge on behalf of Nikki, never mentioning they were once married.

by The Colonel reply 36403/12/2019

EB is looking especially decrepit. YR needs to wake up that he's pushing 80 and could drop dead tomorrow.

They need to start using him like Days does John Aniston..

by The Colonel reply 36503/12/2019

After sentencing Nikki urges Victor to divorce her and move on with his life and find someone to share it with.

by The Colonel reply 36603/12/2019

Icktor will romance Tessa. All she needs is some of the great Victor peen to turn her from her lezzie lifestyle

by The Colonel reply 36703/12/2019

Nikki on the day of her release from prison in 2049.

Image: Image detail for -Ugly Women: Wrinkled Old Lady | Lot a Day- For ...

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 36803/12/2019

Is Christian LeBlanc gay IRL? I always wondered about him. He has terrific romantic chemistry with Tracy Bregman and other women, but something about his gestures just seems so OTT and gay. What's the 411?

by The Colonel reply 36903/12/2019

He's totally straight... complete he man.

by The Colonel reply 37003/12/2019

R365 that was the plan.

by The Colonel reply 37103/12/2019

Christian is a pussy hound in real life.

by The Colonel reply 37203/12/2019

Chrissy and his long-term partner (*) reside in Beverly Hills and have another place in the Garden District in NOLA. Look for the house with the hot pink door.

by The Colonel reply 37303/12/2019

CLB has been in a LTR for more than a decade. How has he managed to keep his boos identity off of SM?

by The Colonel reply 37403/13/2019

You can easily look up real estate records these days and find the identity of Miss Chrissy’s hubby.

by The Colonel reply 37503/13/2019


I only see CLB listed online.

by The Colonel reply 37603/13/2019

Lily, Tessa, Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon all in jail. Kerry leaving, Dina in the attic, Lola in coma. WTF?

by The Colonel reply 37703/13/2019

Wow - they may have to bring back me!

by The Colonel reply 37803/13/2019

Mel did absolutely amazing work today - showing Nikki fall asleep in the courtroom with her sagging breasts propped on the defense table.

Too bad the Daytime Emmys rarely honor great comedic work.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 37903/13/2019


MST needs a breast lift so badly..

by The Colonel reply 38003/13/2019

She's named those saggy tits.

Ruta and Bega are part of SAG!

by The Colonel reply 38103/13/2019

Poor Nikki will be dragging on the floor, as they don't allow women to wear underwire bras in prison.

by The Colonel reply 38203/13/2019

So who's Kerry on the phone with - JT?

by The Colonel reply 38303/13/2019


by The Colonel reply 38403/13/2019

Lola is awake.

by The Colonel reply 38503/13/2019

How can you tell?

by The Colonel reply 38603/13/2019

How long are they going to draw this out? Please let JT quickly be found alive, so we can put all this behind us.

by The Colonel reply 38703/13/2019

You can tell Lola is awake because she immediately started bitching about something

by The Colonel reply 38803/13/2019

R388 Was she bitching about being given name brand drugs? She is a proud working class Latina, she only wants generic.

by The Colonel reply 38903/13/2019

Incompetent attorneys!

Why didn't they have Little Miss Dolly Parton get up there and make a case for suspended sentences?

I'm sure the judge would have listened to her.

by The Colonel reply 39003/13/2019

Lola will demand to be transferred to a clinic for the destitute in Calcutta where she can be with her fellow poors.

by The Colonel reply 39103/13/2019

Nikki’s titties make me HARD!

by The Colonel reply 39203/13/2019

MTS is still pretty.

by The Colonel reply 39303/13/2019

MTS IS a lovely lady. She is not tight and pulled and plastic. She is a woman in her 60s. Get real.

by The Colonel reply 39403/13/2019

MTS is fat, has sagging tits and the posture of Mrs. A-Wiggins.

by The Colonel reply 39503/13/2019

Who will disrupt Summer and Kyle's wedding?


by The Colonel reply 39603/13/2019

Let it be JaBottom's latest hookup from the men's locker room at the GCAC.

And this could also be the mysterious PC.

by The Colonel reply 39703/13/2019

Are Faith and Christian staying with Nick? Or are they on 'sleep overs' with their friends?

by The Colonel reply 39803/14/2019

R398, They've been staying with Sam Ashby.

by The Colonel reply 39903/14/2019

Titty grabbers 4 fans are having a meltdown because Adam has been recast, which we all knew would happen. Tit grabber is done in tinseltown. Over. Finished.

by The Colonel reply 40003/14/2019

Adam is Mr. Muhney's signature roll. They'd be fools not to grab at the chance to have him back.

by The Colonel reply 40103/14/2019

"Adam is Mr. Muhney's signature roll."

Oh, dear!

by The Colonel reply 40203/14/2019

It amuses me that grown adults cannot distinguish between "role" and "roll."

by The Colonel reply 40303/14/2019

Muhney is not ever coming back. Never. Ever. Ever.

by The Colonel reply 40403/14/2019

Bad weather reports interrupted the last 10 minutes of the show here locally......I think I'll survive.

by The Colonel reply 40503/14/2019

Even MM knows its over; that's why he went out and got new head shots to try and book an audition during pilot season. Any remaining stans from Y&R should get the message and move on.

by The Colonel reply 40603/14/2019

So Kyle and Summer got married today. Ugh

by The Colonel reply 40703/14/2019

R407, The marriage can be easily annulled if not consummated.

by The Colonel reply 40803/14/2019

R407 Such a ridiculous storyline. And it's written like a bad fanfic!

by The Colonel reply 40903/14/2019

Had Dummer and Jabottom ever boned before this?

by The Colonel reply 41003/14/2019

R410 Not with JaBottom, but Summer and Kyle did, when played by Lachlan.

And even being gay, he was more convincing .. lol.

by The Colonel reply 41103/14/2019

Mealor previewed (maybe) Kyle and Summer getting married; talks about a g.f. IRL towards the Jabottom, I mean, [italic] bottom [/italic] of the story

'Young & the Restless' Star Michael Mealor on the Pros & Cons of Kyle Marrying Summer

Plus, the soap star reveals which superhero he'd like to play, and more.

by The Colonel reply 41203/14/2019

Summer's "wedding dress" looks more like a bathrobe. WTF?

by The Colonel reply 41303/14/2019

Forget the dress, no Faith or Dina at the wedding?

by The Colonel reply 41403/14/2019

[quote] talks about a g.f. IRL towards the Jabottom

Time to find a JaBeard, the Daytime Emmys are fast-approaching!

by The Colonel reply 41503/14/2019

I'm not sure I'd call Shephard "stunning," but he looks rather lickable.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 41603/14/2019

well hello, hottie

by The Colonel reply 41703/14/2019

R413, When she removed the top layer, it was a strapless gown.

by The Colonel reply 41803/14/2019

Why and when did Rey go MIA?

by The Colonel reply 41903/14/2019

The hottie (lol)on twitter, Alan Sarapa, who lives in his momma’s basement and jerks off to JaBottom, is having a nutty because JaBottom is gonna cum with Summer.

by The Colonel reply 42003/15/2019

JT get back here and get those women out of jail!

by The Colonel reply 42103/15/2019

I bet Kyle comes to his senses Monday & stops before he fucks Dummer.

by The Colonel reply 42203/15/2019

Alan Sarapa, the HOTTIE on twitter says that Kyle will cum. He knows and sees everything from his momma's basement. Alan Sarapa is popular because he says so.

by The Colonel reply 42303/15/2019

According to the Canadian folks there's a flashback to Arturo/Mia screwing the night he came to fix her furnace.

by The Colonel reply 42403/15/2019

R419 Rey's not MIA. .. On Thursday's U.S. episode, an officer at the police station said Rey was on a field assignment and was therefore unavailable to the public.

That's usually GCPD code for, "Our hot papi detective is working undercover with a cute 21 Jumpstreet twink to bust a drug ring at the high school, and what happens in the motel room stays in the motel room."

by The Colonel reply 42503/15/2019

per the Canadian recap Rey, Nick & Billy break the women out of jail. They do it during the transfer from the jail to the prison.

by The Colonel reply 42603/15/2019

I keep hoping Paul will walk into the station with JT in handcuffs and make Cricket faint......

The apathy I have for Lola, her condition, and the actress must be why I don't even mind that Summer married Kyle - and I even have a bit of sympathy for her.

by The Colonel reply 42703/15/2019

I keep hoping Paul will walk into the station with JT in handcuffs and make Cricket faint......

The apathy I have for Lola, her condition, and the actress must be why I don't even mind that Summer married Kyle - and I even have a bit of sympathy for her.

by The Colonel reply 42803/15/2019

Damned Genoa City Newman Internet Co......

by The Colonel reply 42903/15/2019

Lola sails through her surgery, Summer does not.

Mia blackmails Arturo, get Rey to take her back or she tells Abby they fucked.

Nikki, Victoria and Sharon are holed up at the Abbott cabin, compliments of a guilty Rey.

Someone cuts the power and is seen on the roof.

Please let it be JT so this ridiculous storyline can end.

by The Colonel reply 43003/15/2019

Regardless of their other crimes, a jail break will be forgiven for Rey, Billy and Nick? Oh how silly.

by The Colonel reply 43103/15/2019

Y&R needs serious help. Stat!!!!!

by The Colonel reply 43203/15/2019

Kyle reminds me of a very young Conway Twitty. That hair

by The Colonel reply 43303/15/2019

So now Nate is a transplant specialist too.

by The Colonel reply 43403/15/2019

Kyle reminds me of a very thin Ross Matthews. That gay face

by The Colonel reply 43503/15/2019

R434 Liver disease & transplant specialist is actually what Dr. Nate was said to be when MAB re-introduced the character as an adult back in 2011. .. Nate was said to be a renown hepatologist who'd been treating Nina's son, Ronan Malloy, back in Boston for Ronan's genetic-based liver disease (Amyloidosis) that he'd inherited from his biological father, who had died of the same disease. .. Nate came to Genoa City specifically to perform the liver transplant surgery between Ronan and his half-brother, Chance.

Nate when played by Walter Fauntleroy.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 43603/15/2019

Looks like Miss Walter just smelled an oven of freshly baked cookies.

by The Colonel reply 43703/15/2019

When is Mr. Mooney's return air date?

by The Colonel reply 43803/15/2019

OldNate posted this when he heard about Kristoff.

Walter Fauntleroy on Instagram: “Woke up to some shocking news. Mr. St. John was one of the nicest & most supportive individuals I’ve ever met. It’s been 10 years since my…”

168 Likes, 12 Comments - Walter Fauntleroy (@lillordfaunt) on Instagram: “Woke up to some shocking news. Mr. St. John was one of the nicest & most supportive individuals…”

by The Colonel reply 43903/15/2019

Has the Ashby family been written out?

by The Colonel reply 44003/15/2019

How many times has Y&R done the aborted van transporting prisoners to prison bit?

by The Colonel reply 44103/15/2019

When does titty toucher return?

by The Colonel reply 44203/15/2019

R440 I was wondering about that myself just yesterday. I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the twins since that sappy Valentines Day episode where they made up that gawd awful fairy tale about King Cane and Queen Lily.

by The Colonel reply 44303/15/2019


[quote] Victor discovers the perilous plan to lure J.T. out of hiding. .. Victor becomes the hero of the day

LOL. Same OLD Y&R.

by The Colonel reply 44403/16/2019

Good ole Victor. Gotta love him. The old coot.

by The Colonel reply 44503/16/2019

Touchy-feely Dougie obviously loves him.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 44603/16/2019

So titty grabber got fired and lost his career but Douggie can feel up Mr. You Got That? And not be fired. Double standard.

by The Colonel reply 44703/16/2019

Daran Little is gone.

by The Colonel reply 44803/16/2019

Daren Little was useless. Good riddance.

by The Colonel reply 44903/16/2019

Well, I certainly wouldn't blame Little. .. It's kind of difficult to be useful at the always-dysfunctional ever-political Sony-Bell-CBS shitfest, especially during another one of the soap's never-ending EP/HW transitions. .. To his credit, he was wise to keep his three day jobs.

by The Colonel reply 45003/16/2019

I'm glad to have died when I did.

This shit is a mess.

by The Colonel reply 45103/16/2019


[quote] Paul makes a shocking decision.

Does Paul finally take that thing off his head?

by The Colonel reply 45203/16/2019


by The Colonel reply 45303/16/2019

Muhney gets me wet down there. The sooner he's back on my screen, the better. Makes no difference to me what he likes to touch.

by The Colonel reply 45403/16/2019

Stay pressed, gunty.

by The Colonel reply 45503/16/2019

R454 He may be on your screen, but he won't be on Y&R.

by The Colonel reply 45603/16/2019

Now that I'm pretend-married to JaBottom, I'd like to have some real tit grabbing action.

Join me in my petition to bring Muhney back. I want to feel pretty again.

by The Colonel reply 45703/16/2019

The Bring Back Muhney Team has picked March 29 to fly a plane over CBS again. Our voices MUST be heard! Bring back Michael!!!!!!

by The Colonel reply 45803/16/2019

R416 So when does NuNuNuAdam start?

by The Colonel reply 45903/16/2019

The Muhney Troll is as annoying as the Anti-smoking troll.

by The Colonel reply 46003/16/2019

For R454

Image: 95+ The Quicker Picker Upper Paper Towel Bounty. Get To The ...

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 46103/16/2019

The Muhney troll is a bored teenager with nothing else to do

by The Colonel reply 46203/17/2019

WE will get Muhney back! They have no choice but to listen to us!!!!! Our voices will be heard!!!! Just wait until that plane flies over CBS. They will have no choice but to bring back our beloved Michael ASAP!!!!!!! They will see how beloved MM is!!!!!!!

by The Colonel reply 46303/17/2019

Block the MM troll like we do those horrid Twitter arguing bitches.

The same ones who talk about XYZ actress clogging the studio toilets, etc.

by The Colonel reply 46403/17/2019

There's only one MM on Y/R, and that's ME, baby. And don't you forget it!

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 46503/17/2019

MM = Muscle Mary, right?

by The Colonel reply 46603/17/2019

Nikki's mom jeans in the prison transfer = PRICELESS

by The Colonel reply 46703/17/2019

"There'll be a big tip in it for you Katherine."

Jill daydreams she's rich and Katherine Chancellor is her manicurist (1986)


by The Colonel reply 46803/17/2019

Nikki has the saggy titties and Mrs AhWiggins fat ass.

by The Colonel reply 46903/17/2019

In that clip at R468 Terry looks even more like Jack Wrangler than usual!

by The Colonel reply 47003/17/2019

Reed's mother and grandmother were about to go to prison and he didn't care enough to pop in for a goodbye?

by The Colonel reply 47103/17/2019

He’s got his hands full at the moment. His lead singer has pooping problems.

by The Colonel reply 47203/17/2019

No fly-in from Noah either. He must like the fish n chips in London too much. .. But where's Little Miss Dolly Parton? Has anyone told Faith her mom's a wanted fugitive now? She also didn't make it to her big sister's wedding to JaBottom.

by The Colonel reply 47303/17/2019

Why don't they re-cast or SORASS Faith? That actress is horrible and cloying. Better yet Faith can die in a coffee bean fire at Crimson Lights and we can have a mention of it six months later and Sharon can shed a tear.

by The Colonel reply 47403/17/2019

R474 Rumor in the past was that McDaniel wanted to keep her in the role because she sees her as a *star* who gets work outside of daytime. Same reason she supposedly put the kibosh on casting a NuSummer early last year, making the show hold off on reintroducing the character until HK's prime time series had wrapped its season up.

by The Colonel reply 47503/18/2019

How will the writers deal with the Neil Wnters character?

by The Colonel reply 47603/18/2019

R476 most likely killing him off. They’re doing a tribute to him next month on the show.

by The Colonel reply 47703/18/2019

When is the divine Brenda Dickson returning as Jill Foster Abbot?

by The Colonel reply 47803/18/2019

I had an erotic dream about Michael Muhney last night. My sheets were drenched when I awoke. Can't wait for his return. My vibrator will be getting a daily workout.

by The Colonel reply 47903/18/2019

No, R479, that was just your change of life.

by The Colonel reply 48003/18/2019

R478 Brendad is too batshit to do the role anymore, even if it’s once every few months.

by The Colonel reply 48103/18/2019


I happen to think the actress playing Faith is talented. Her absences were easy to tape around a couple years ago. She'd go MIA for 3-4 weeks tops and she was never MIA during important stuff regarding her family.

Things have changed now because she's getting so much outside work. I'm not one who wants to see little kids all the time except when their absence is glaring. Her mother has been on trial for murder & been convicted for Pete's sake.

It's time they recast.

by The Colonel reply 48203/18/2019

The girl who plays Faith is an excellent actress. The fact that Faith, Noah, and Reed are missing from the storyline is just plain crazy.

by The Colonel reply 48303/18/2019

Faith is an excellent actress? Maybe it's by comparison......

by The Colonel reply 48403/18/2019

So there is only one bed and one doctor in the entire hospital. Dr. Nate covers every specialty.

by The Colonel reply 48503/18/2019

They should have Little Miss Dolly Parton watch some old Camryn Grimes' videotapes when she was playing a young Cassie.

The girl might learn to act more naturally, deliver her lines like a kid might actually talk, and most importantly not telegraph and exaggerate her reactions before she's even uttered them.

by The Colonel reply 48603/18/2019

I like her so whatever. Somebody piss in your Cheerios?

by The Colonel reply 48703/18/2019

Well, SMELL you, Miss R487!

by The Colonel reply 48803/18/2019

JT is back at the end of Tuesday's USA show, shown peering in the window of the Abbott cabin.

by The Colonel reply 48903/18/2019

How has JT been getting sexual relief for the last 11 months?

Stable boys at The Newman Ranch?

by The Colonel reply 49003/18/2019


by The Colonel reply 49103/18/2019

Rey rejected a call from "Paul", so he's back soon.

by The Colonel reply 49203/18/2019

Paul returns next week.

by The Colonel reply 49303/18/2019

Dong Davidson as Paul Williams

by The Colonel reply 49403/19/2019

Erika Slezak IN as nuMary Williams!

by The Colonel reply 49503/19/2019

Now that Dongie is back, it's time to reach out to Michael Muhney to restore him to his proper place on this show. Bring him back and watch the demos sore in the 18-49 category.

by The Colonel reply 49603/19/2019

Maybe they read those surveys after all......Paul is coming back!

Now if they only understand we are sick of the Rosales mujeres.......

by The Colonel reply 49703/19/2019

Shemar Moore, Victoria Rowell and Mishael Morgan returning for the Kristoff tribute

Shemar Moore and Victoria Rowell return for 'Young and the Restless' tribute to Kristoff St. John

Several old friends will return to The Young and the Restless to help say goodbye to longtime star Kristoff St.…

by The Colonel reply 49803/19/2019

Shit! Hell has officially frozen over!

by The Colonel reply 49903/19/2019

That JT reveal was creepy.... But he looks great for being rolled up in a rug and buried alive.....Jack might want to give that a try before he goes out to fly his Pride Flag again.

by The Colonel reply 50003/19/2019

Kristoff St John died of heart disease brought on by an alcohol binge. Literally a broken heart, but not suicide. Hopefully this brings his family some peace.

by The Colonel reply 50103/19/2019

R501, It was a slow suicide.

by The Colonel reply 50203/19/2019

Some sad Twitter queen was cunting about VR today. I can't remember if it's one of the ones from here or some other sad cunt.

by The Colonel reply 50303/19/2019

JT could have picked off Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, and/or Phyllis at any time during the past year when they were free to come and go and had no one watching over them. I don't get why they are suddenly an irresistible target to him now that they are together in the cabin under guard.

by The Colonel reply 50403/19/2019

JT bursts a gas pipe during a fit of rage and then passes out while the three women remain wrist and ankle bound as gas fills the cabin.

JT's explanation as to how he escaped his grave is as implausible as it is hilarious.

Previews show Paul firing Rey, Arturo confessing to Abby that he fucked Mia and Abby about to hit someone with a hammer.

by The Colonel reply 50503/19/2019

R504 In Bill Bells day the team of writers would’ve made it plausible and exciting with twists abounding. They were no strangers to LONG storylines. Glad this shit is coming to an end. JT said he enjoyed watching them squirm. But he had no way of knowing they would go to prison. He set Victor up to! Wouldn’t he rather set the sewing circle up first instead of Victor?!

by The Colonel reply 50603/19/2019

This happens Wednesday as well. And as previously reported, Daran Little as Story Consultant also disappears.

Big Whoop, but frankly, Griffith is nothing to get too excited about (imo).

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 50703/19/2019

[quote] Previews show Paul firing Rey.

Hopefully, Rey turns to Rentmen to find work. .. He could probably earn more than at the GCPD.

by The Colonel reply 50803/19/2019

Anyone know what the deal is with Anna's dad?

by The Colonel reply 50903/19/2019

R509 Not sure about him, but I was surprised to see his nurse/niece. I knew she was leaving GH for Y&R, but I didn't think she would be on this soon, she was actually on GH just last week.

by The Colonel reply 51003/19/2019

Rey should take over Newman ranch security. Surely he can't be any worse than what they've got now.

by The Colonel reply 51103/19/2019

In Maloney's interview with Thad at TV Insider, he refers to Amelia Heinle as Thad's wife in real life. I know they filed for divorce a couple of years ago, but did they put a halt to it at some point?

'Young & the Restless' Star Thad Luckinbill Talks J.T.'s Miraculous Resurrection & Playing an Abuser

The best kept secret in soaps is out! The actor on why he returned to to 'Y&R,' his first Daytime Emmy pre-nomination, and more.

by The Colonel reply 51203/19/2019

So JT probably has a tumor which will redeem him. Are the new writers wrapping up these horrible story lines as fast as they can?

by The Colonel reply 51303/20/2019

So excited that the Reign of Terror is nearly at an end.....Mal is finally gone. PLEASE take the Mia and Lola with you!

So Ana didn't want a handout from DuhVON to help her father, but she would bleed him dry and pull all kinds of stunts to get money from him to help him herself? HUH?

I wonder how soon we'll get a duet from Ana and her father? And how soon will we hear Tessa's surprise hit song about Justice? Do they need a keyboard player?

by The Colonel reply 51403/20/2019

So what will the next big storyline be?

by The Colonel reply 51503/20/2019

The cast and crew better wear very thick sweaters if Melody & Victoria Rowell are within a 100 feet of each other when the Kristoff St. John memorial episode is filmed.

by The Colonel reply 51603/20/2019

Why did they ruin a once heroic character like JT for this crap? Always wanted JT and Colleen to stay together and instead they went with Dracula's daughter. Such a stupid move. Thad was the best actor on the show last year. Snarling Josh Morrow could take lessons.

by The Colonel reply 51703/20/2019

Josh Morrow is, alas, not an actor. He's a model with an acting job. Mind you, he's great to look at. But his line delivery is just awful and when he tries to show emotion -- rage, frustration, etc., -- it's painful to watch. The actor now playing Billy is also a poor actor. He doesn't use his voice properly. Everything comes out monotone, whether it's excitement, anger, romantic interest, you name it. Please get these guys some acting coaches, pronto!

by The Colonel reply 51803/20/2019

Thad Luckinbill looks great for 43.

by The Colonel reply 51903/20/2019

Yep, I'd eat his hole out.

by The Colonel reply 52003/20/2019

Wouldn't it be great if JT pulls off his mask to reveal Adam as played by the sexy, dynamic, gorgeous Michael Muhney? And it would totally be symbolic of Michael Muhney being the face of Y&R. This needs to happen so badly. My vibrator is collecting dust while I wait his return to my screen.

by The Colonel reply 52103/20/2019

LOL JT escaped through the sewer system??? Wouldn't you love to have him pop up in your storm drain? Gawd this is awful.

by The Colonel reply 52203/20/2019

Sounds like an escape in one of those serials like Flash Gordon......

by The Colonel reply 52303/20/2019

Another preview? The editing bay must be as busy at Mia's makeup case.......

by The Colonel reply 52403/20/2019

as busy AS....

by The Colonel reply 52503/20/2019

The house is filling up with gas, JT is losing consciousness and those three stupid bitches stay on the goddamn couch.

by The Colonel reply 52603/20/2019

Daytime Emmy nominations announced...Y&R will sweep them all!

by The Colonel reply 52703/20/2019

[quote] The cast and crew better wear very thick sweaters if Melody & Victoria Rowell are within a 100 feet of each other when the Kristoff St. John memorial episode is filmed.

We go live now to the studio where Melody and Victoria are meeting for the first time in years and......oh, dear....the humanity!

Cat Fight over territory.

Two cats that haven’t been neutered yet are fighting for the territory that is my porch. I film this to show the brutality that is the life of a stray cat.

by The Colonel reply 52803/20/2019

R528 "And in this corner......"

Image: Ginger and Jimmy in VIVACIOUS LADY: The Backstory Was Even Crazier ...

Found on Google from

by The Colonel reply 52903/20/2019

No Daytime Emmy nom for Luckinbill? .. He was the only actor I was rooting for. .. Boo hiss.

Instead we get Bryton AGAIN .. LOL!

And Aunt Jack gets a nom for Lead, surprisingly in the Actor category. .. I bet those ladies in Lead Actress are happy they don't have to compete with him.

And you know how crazy-stupid these awards are when Zach Tinker can get a nom for Younger Actor with something under ten, very minimal episodes of material. .. I like him, but really ....

SHAWKER !!! .. Little Miss Dolly Parton SNUBBED .... LMAO!

by The Colonel reply 53003/20/2019

No noms for Leading Actress! Whose dressing room will get trashed worst?

by The Colonel reply 53103/20/2019

R531 The only three pre-noms from Y&R were Case, Davidson, and Heinle and personally I don't see any of them caring enough to go postal.

Stafford over at GH, though....

by The Colonel reply 53203/20/2019

When did we last see that horrible Lil Miss Dolly P? Sharon and Nick's almost wedding?

by The Colonel reply 53303/20/2019

R533 I think the last time we saw LMDP was around Thanksgiving 2018 when she announced that social media had anointed Nick and Phyllis Genoa City's Newest Power Couple.

She's probably steamed that Mal made Katie the new darling of Y&R.

by The Colonel reply 53403/20/2019

R530 Bergman gets in about every year. It’s been awhile since he’s won his third. He’s one of the few cast members I can watch and no matter what shit storyline they give him, I don’t cringe and he sells it. He deserves a fourth just being on this show for 30 years through all its ups and downs. Sort of an endurance Emmy for putting up with it all.

Bryton and Mishael got in for the Hilary death stuff im sure. Must be killing JaBottom he couldn’t get one and NuFen did. Love Beth Maitland got a nomination. Just engrave it right now for her!

by The Colonel reply 53503/20/2019

R535 The consolation for JaBottom is he's getting paychecks/airtime... NuFen is not.

by The Colonel reply 53603/20/2019

Has Fen been written out indefinitely?

by The Colonel reply 53703/20/2019

The new Thomas on B&B is disappointing.

by The Colonel reply 53803/20/2019

R537 It seems pretty much out indefinitely to me. They don't even bother to mention him anymore. Like they want you to forget he was ever in town. So it's up to the whim of the writer when he blows back into town.

by The Colonel reply 53903/20/2019

Zach Tinker (Fen) said on Twitter that he hopes to be back soon, and he’s still in contact with others on the show. I think it’s up to Josh at this point. I hope he returns.

by The Colonel reply 54003/20/2019

R538 I don't watch B&B, but I wasn't that impressed with Atkinson when he was on Y&R as "Austin Travers." .. His initial story with Avery was stinky, and he was also paired with Dummer, so I was chalking some of my lack of enthusiasm up to that. But he just seemed kinda blah. No big loss when he was killed off.

by The Colonel reply 54103/20/2019

Looking at the other nominees, JaBottom probably could have taken the Younger Actor category, if he'd been eligible for it agewise. Too bad his twink days are over.

by The Colonel reply 54203/20/2019

I see....preview yesterday because NCAA basketball preempts Y/R for two days......

by The Colonel reply 54303/21/2019

Who wants to watch really tall jocks running around in sweat-soaked shorts, while flashing their pits?

by The Colonel reply 54403/21/2019

Les, you certainly have plenty of time on your hands to post here. Shouldn't you be tickling the Maestro's ivories or something?

by The Colonel reply 54503/21/2019

Gee, how am I supposed to get any sleep after that chilling gas filling cabin cliffhanger?

by The Colonel reply 54603/21/2019

Lorie, I forgot you existed until you posted.

by The Colonel reply 54703/21/2019

I'm the red-headed one who obviously belongs to The Brooks Family neighbor, Ferd Burfel.

And has anyone heard from Chris lately? Or is she too busy introducing Noah Newman to all the chip shops in London?

by The Colonel reply 54803/21/2019

Mmmmmm, chip shops.

by The Colonel reply 54903/21/2019

I noticed Michael Muhney wasn't among the announced returnees for the KSJ memorial. I sincerely hope it was an oversight. I'm sure he has some touching antidotes to share about Kristoff.

by The Colonel reply 55003/21/2019

I'm sure he'll attend if he can get the afternoon off from Men's Wearhouse, R550.

by The Colonel reply 55103/21/2019

[quote]I'm sure he has some touching antidotes to share about Kristoff.

No doubt Muhney's comments will be titillating.

by The Colonel reply 55203/21/2019


by The Colonel reply 55303/21/2019

So Nate is going to do brain surgery on JT. All charges will be dropped and he will go off to start a new life. Seriously?? Nate is a brain surgeon too? OMG.

by The Colonel reply 55403/21/2019

So how'd that work out?

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 55503/21/2019

OMG whores MTS and CLB front and center with that jerk. MTS should not wear that outfit ever again. Where was Eric?

by The Colonel reply 55603/21/2019

Justin Hartley voices his opinion on The Young and the Restless recasting Adam Newman

Justin Hartley voices his opinion on The Young and the Restless recasting Adam Newman

Should The Young and the Restless recast the character of Adam Newman? His former portrayer, Justin Hartley, weighs in on the possibility.

by The Colonel reply 55703/21/2019

Poor Mal. He tried to go against the great Y&R ego machine. And failed miserably.

by The Colonel reply 55803/22/2019

Love Mishael Morgan in that pic (R55). She's on the far left and looks like she's ready to slide on out away from those bitches...and then she did.

by The Colonel reply 55903/22/2019

Anyone else going through major Lane withdrawal? I was lying in bed the other morning recalling the episode where they recited Elizabeth Barrett Browning to each other and then became so severely depressed that we will never have that again, that I couldn't get out of bed and called out sick.

by The Colonel reply 56003/22/2019

LOL! .. At least 10 of those actors in the pic are gone from The Old & the Listless and there's another three or four who are rarely ever on.

by The Colonel reply 56103/22/2019

DG should be pissed at Khalil. This is the second time she's quit to leave him in the lurch where he gets minimal episode counts.

Only ONE episode in February. .. Did they move him to that "special" kind of "recurring" now? .. No big loss.

He might have to join Rentmen to make some extra cash.

by The Colonel reply 56203/22/2019

I love that Beth Maitland was nominated for supporting actress. Thats a tremendous accomplishment for her. It will be huge if she winds up winning.

by The Colonel reply 56303/22/2019

If Beth wins that means cake at the after-party.

by The Colonel reply 56403/22/2019

Has anyone seen my husband and son? They left six hours ago to play racquet ball at the Athletic Club with Kyle. They should be home by now. Their phones go right to voice mail. Michael and I had a rimantic evening planned.

by The Colonel reply 56503/22/2019

What would you do with Sleeping Beauty?

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 56603/22/2019

Well happy day for Lane fans. Storyline coming up with Lily divorcing Kane. It was nice to see Dina back but she was talkin about Paris so they will probably ship her off to finish that story line

by The Colonel reply 56703/22/2019

Were there no shows today and yesterday? The CBS website doesn't have any episodes after Wednesday...

by The Colonel reply 56803/22/2019

[R568] Preempted for March Madness NCAA basketball.

by The Colonel reply 56903/22/2019

Canada had new show on Friday. Kyle tells Lola the truth. Mia threatens Arturrrro. The ladies are saved. JT in Nate's hospital

by The Colonel reply 57003/23/2019

Won't JT be needing a sponge bath?

by The Colonel reply 57103/23/2019

Jabottom will be even more cut and leaner running between the rooms of anything to lose weight Summer, hi iron(y) Lola, and bed, bath and beyond JT.

by The Colonel reply 57203/23/2019

JT, Summer and Lola we'll have to fight over the hospital bed.

by The Colonel reply 57303/23/2019

R563 Maitland won supporting actress in the mid 80s. So it’ll hardly be a revelation. But I’m rooting for her.

by The Colonel reply 57403/23/2019


"It will be huge if she winds up winning"

So will the gown she elects to wear that evening.

by The Colonel reply 57503/23/2019

Michael Muhney is being seriously considered to be the new spokesman for My Pillow.

by The Colonel reply 57603/23/2019

[quote] The new intern holds key information that puts Jabot into a tailspin.

Dear gawd in heaven Josh Griffith thinks we want to see another Jabot in crisis storyline.

Get ready to see Aunt Jack do his best Scarlett O'Hara as Jabot becomes Tara again.

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 57703/23/2019

New interview with Dougie tells how Mal got rid of him.

And he also reveals that, while he's back, he's NOT on contract: "I'm not on contract. I was told that wasn't on the table."

Is Doug Davidson Back On Contract At The Young and the Restless? Doug Tells All (EXCLUSIVE) | Soap Opera News

Is Doug Davidson back on contract as Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless? Doug tells all. Check it out here--->>>

by The Colonel reply 57803/23/2019


I didn't miss DD for one second. Paul hasn't been relevant in eons. I'm also not a fan of Right Winger Doug for his Twitter antics.

by The Colonel reply 57903/23/2019

I notice he didn't mention anything about those Twitter antics, R579, which may have caused this to begin with.

by The Colonel reply 58003/23/2019

Why Dummer >>>>> LoLa.... She gets Kyle to take his clothes off!

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 58103/23/2019

That pix with Jabottom “kissing” the blonde broad looks, um.... painful.

by The Colonel reply 58203/23/2019

R582 It make sense kissing a woman would be painful for JaBottom.

by The Colonel reply 58303/23/2019

It's a sad triangle when you hate the two women and wish the guy were gay.

by The Colonel reply 58403/23/2019

Will Liver & Onions with Bacon be on the menu at Lola's restaurant?

I can hardly wait!

Offsite Link
by The Colonel reply 58503/23/2019

Does Mealor still live in Brentwood?

by The Colonel reply 58603/24/2019

Who is Jabottom / Kyle? I stopped watching religiously several years ago.

by The Colonel reply 58703/24/2019

Kyle is the son of Jack and Diane. (who Nikki murdered)

by The Colonel reply 58803/24/2019

Victor's repeated barking at Christine on Monday's show for prosecuting the three women is so over the top it's hilarious.

by The Colonel reply 58903/24/2019

New thread for when this one is full

Dateline Genoa City: The Sleeping Stud Wakes Up

You can help JT wake up by giving him a sponge bath.....with your tongue.In other news:Dougie is back and zzzzzzzzzzz.Cane may be back and zzzzzzzzzzz.Lola wakes up and zzzzzzzzzz.This show needs a ...

by The Colonel reply 59003/24/2019

EB is channeling John Barrymore. (look it up)

by The Colonel reply 59103/24/2019

Hans is channeling the bratwurst meister at his local Oktoberfest - old, drunk and stinky.

by The Colonel reply 59203/24/2019

Amen, sister.

Kay Says "Oh, Dear God in Heaven"

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) of "The Young and the Restless" was known for saying the phrase, "Oh, dear God in Heave" during times of exacerbation. U...

by The Colonel reply 59303/24/2019


Jeanne Cooper on on how she got cast on "The Young and the Restless"

For her full interview, see All content copyright The Television Academy Foundation Intervi...

by The Colonel reply 59403/24/2019

When does craft services get here?

by The Colonel reply 59503/24/2019


by The Colonel reply 59603/24/2019

Au Revoir

by The Colonel reply 59703/24/2019


by The Colonel reply 59803/24/2019


by The Colonel reply 59903/24/2019

I love these y and r threads

by The Colonel reply 60003/24/2019


by The Colonel reply 60103/24/2019

That's All Folks

by The Colonel reply 60203/24/2019


by The Colonel reply 60303/24/2019
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