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THEATRE GOSSIP #243: “Pantie Get Your Gun!” edition

As you were.

by Hope Emersonreply 4858 hours ago

Re Roz and Gypsy, she was actually coming off A Majority of One, where she was miscast in a Gertrude Berg role. Auntie Mame was back in 1958 (the movie, I mean), though she got some Oscar action for it in early ‘59.

by Hope Emersonreply 102/10/2019

Speaking of panties, Carol kept flashing hers to the extreme embarrassment of David Letterman.

by Hope Emersonreply 202/10/2019

Speaking of dyslexia, I believe this thread should be 343, not 243.

by Hope Emersonreply 302/10/2019

A sloppy title.

by Hope Emersonreply 402/10/2019

With Kiss Me Kate and Oklahoma beginning preview soo, this thread may actually be inspired to be truly witty.

by Hope Emersonreply 502/10/2019

[quote]r4 A sloppy title.

Some panties ARE sloppy!

You'd prefer [italic]Pantie Mame?[/italic]

by Hope Emersonreply 602/10/2019

What's the Gossip on Caissie Levy? She was great in Hair, but I have no interest on seeing her in that princess show, and she comes off as cold (no pun intended) in interviews and in appearances like 54 below etc.

by Hope Emersonreply 702/10/2019

Pantie Puts Her Hair Up

by Hope Emersonreply 802/10/2019

You realize nobody is going to find this thread and eventually someone will start a properly numbered thread 343.

by Hope Emersonreply 902/10/2019

^^ pantywaist

by Hope Emersonreply 1002/10/2019

And so it begins:

by Hope Emersonreply 1102/10/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 1202/10/2019

Both are a mess.

Edition should be capped.


by Hope Emersonreply 1302/10/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 1402/10/2019

F&F r14

by Hope Emersonreply 1502/10/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 1602/11/2019

The Prom is hemorrhaging money.

by Hope Emersonreply 1702/11/2019

The Prom's days are numbered. It will be gone once the new crop of shows, like Tootsie and Beetlejuice, open.

by Hope Emersonreply 1802/11/2019

ugh, just the thought of TOOTSIE and BEETLEJUICE

by Hope Emersonreply 1902/11/2019

I want it to run so that Brooks can get a Tony nom!!

by Hope Emersonreply 2002/11/2019

oh dear god.

by Hope Emersonreply 2102/11/2019

I saw Gertrude Berg in A Majority of One. No film version would be better than the Rosalind Russell film.

by Hope Emersonreply 2202/11/2019

I've never seen Oh Dad, Poor Dad......

by Hope Emersonreply 2302/12/2019

Wasn't Miss Francis Langella trying to make that happen with him in drag and Michael Urie as the boy?

by Hope Emersonreply 2402/12/2019

“Oh Dad, Poor Dad?” Really?

That’s another one Roz couldn’t pull off. They should have cast Hermine Gingold, who did the original.

by Hope Emersonreply 2502/12/2019

I can't see Hermione attired in this.....

by Hope Emersonreply 2602/13/2019

I've seen the movie of OH,'s very poorly made and filmed, and I don't think you can blame the actors.

by Hope Emersonreply 2702/13/2019

[quote]r26 I can't see Hermione attired in this.....

It appears madam wore a chiffon caftan (?)

by Hope Emersonreply 2802/13/2019

My favorite Hermione ditty....

by Hope Emersonreply 2902/13/2019

Hermione sure did have a way with words. When asked what she thought of the Statue of Liberty after seeing it for the first time, she responded, "How kind of them to build a statue of Judith Anderson in the harbor!"

by Hope Emersonreply 3002/13/2019

Ahhhhh....look, they still could do it.....

by Hope Emersonreply 3102/13/2019

Very touching, that film clip

by Hope Emersonreply 3202/13/2019

I first took Majority of One out of the library watched it with my mother and we were surprised at the end that she decides to Alec Guinness. I was surprised at first because this is a time when it was too controversial and they would remain friends. And even my mother said 'So she marries him!.

I then watched it on TCM and wasn't planning to because it is epic in length. It goes on a long time. Ray Danton helps a lot. I got caught up in it again and was shocked at the end when they decide to remain friends.

Do people know this movie has two endings and they both are in release?

by Hope Emersonreply 3302/13/2019

'she decides to marry'

by Hope Emersonreply 3402/14/2019

I can't see an Alec Guinness movie without thinking of his blind butler in "Murder By Death" or his chuckling Jacob Marley presenting Scrooge with his chain in hell. When Guinness played Hitler, I kept laughing because I kept hearing Guinness saying, "I prefer Rita", and "That's your opinion, big boy."

by Hope Emersonreply 3502/14/2019

Oh, that's tacky r35....

by Hope Emersonreply 3602/14/2019

For no reason.....

by Hope Emersonreply 3702/14/2019

God, I love that song, r37! Proof positive that even a flop from times past could have a tune or two (and 70 GIRLS 70 has plenty) that had merit.; Today? Even the "hits" are forgettable.

by Hope Emersonreply 3802/14/2019

I wonder why Kathryn didn't get to warble a few notes, r32.

by Hope Emersonreply 3902/14/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 4002/14/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 4102/14/2019

This thread is a lot cooker the other, where a discussion of the “n” word has turned into an occasion for DL racists to have a field day using it.

by Hope Emersonreply 4202/15/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 4302/15/2019

Flossie Klotz is practically drooling with lust as she talks about seeing Alexis Smith walking up the steps to Hal's party in that clip from This is Your Life.

by Hope Emersonreply 4402/15/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 4502/15/2019

That was fun, r41. Nancy Anderson as Jennifer and Heidi Blickenstaff as Neely particularly looked appropriate. And Tovah as Lee Grant! Who was the hottie who played Neely's husband?

by Hope Emersonreply 4602/15/2019

The hunk was one time throuple member and current midtown boy Daniel Reichard. Who just wowed them in Louisville tonight.

by Hope Emersonreply 4702/15/2019

Hit it.....

by Hope Emersonreply 4802/16/2019

Who was Daniel Reichard in a throuple with?

by Hope Emersonreply 4902/16/2019

Was Martha Plimpton supposed to be BRUNETTE Barbara Parkins?

by Hope Emersonreply 5002/16/2019

Let's be real. There's only ONE Neely O'Hara......

by Hope Emersonreply 5102/16/2019

And only one Ann-Margrock......

by Hope Emersonreply 5202/17/2019

[quote]This thread is a lot cooker the other, where a discussion of the “n” word has turned into an occasion for DL racists to have a field day using it.

I agree about this thread. The other one also ended in a flurry of thinly disguised racism regarding Norm Lewis in "The Music Man," which some moron then used as the title of the new thread.

by Hope Emersonreply 5302/17/2019

Happy Sunday!

by Hope Emersonreply 5402/17/2019

Pat is still with us. She's 88.

by Hope Emersonreply 5502/17/2019

A boring bway season. Everything sucks

by Hope Emersonreply 5602/17/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 5702/17/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 5802/17/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 5902/17/2019

r55 Is she still rockin' the ponytail?

by Hope Emersonreply 6002/17/2019

How about just plain "Sunday?"

by Hope Emersonreply 6102/17/2019

This is from 2006, r60.....

by Hope Emersonreply 6202/17/2019

Marti, Marti, Marti!

by Hope Emersonreply 6302/17/2019

so beautiful, r61. thanks.

by Hope Emersonreply 6402/17/2019

I have an audio of the full Actor's Fund VOD but it was really great to see those clips! Did anyone see VOD when it played downtown at the old Circle in the Square back in the 90's? Hilarious.

by Hope Emersonreply 6502/17/2019

[quote] I agree about this thread. The other one also ended in a flurry of thinly disguised racism regarding Norm Lewis in "The Music Man," which some moron then used as the title of the new thread.

Care to explain that or are you just talking out of your ass?

by Hope Emersonreply 6602/17/2019

Just drop it.....

by Hope Emersonreply 6702/17/2019

My apologies R53. I did not realize there was a new thread #344 and thought you were talking about #343.

by Hope Emersonreply 6802/17/2019

[quote]R55 Is she still rockin' the ponytail?

I would love to think so.

by Hope Emersonreply 6902/17/2019

Those spiky bangs that Pat Suzuki sported back then had a funny name....something like "rat-nibbled bangs" I think? Anyone remember? They were the antithesis of Mamie Eisenhower bangs.

by Hope Emersonreply 7002/17/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 7102/17/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 7202/17/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 7302/17/2019

Ugga-Wugga Meatball

by Hope Emersonreply 7402/17/2019

Just ran across this. Her Lorelei really doesn't work, does it? Tricky role.

by Hope Emersonreply 7502/17/2019

Jack Viertal and the fickle finger of casting

by Hope Emersonreply 7602/17/2019

It hadn't occured to me that for the movie, I Love What I'm Doing turned into Ain't There Anyone Here....

by Hope Emersonreply 7702/17/2019

Her gown is perfection.....

by Hope Emersonreply 7802/17/2019

And five years later that dress fit on her left leg only

by Hope Emersonreply 7902/17/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 8002/18/2019

I have a feeling a little of Tammy Grimes went a long way. It was certainly that way for TV audiences.

by Hope Emersonreply 8102/18/2019

You would be correct, r81. Though had she accepted Bewitched they may have been more accepting.

by Hope Emersonreply 8202/18/2019

Tammy is rather Betty Huttenish in that number at R80. Of course, a little Betty Hutton went an awfully long way, too.

by Hope Emersonreply 8302/18/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 8402/18/2019

Or Betty Grabley.....

by Hope Emersonreply 8502/18/2019

Tammy sure is kooky is the opening credits of her failed sitcom. I had forgotten that she had been offered "Bewitched." Coincidentally, her co-star in "The Tammy Grimes Show" was "Richard" Sargent.

by Hope Emersonreply 8602/18/2019

Tammy's sitcom failed, but the opening credits were clearly the inspiration for Beth Howland being traumatized by drinking straws in the opening credits of "Alice."

by Hope Emersonreply 8702/18/2019

So true, r83......

by Hope Emersonreply 8802/18/2019

when did this become all vintage all the time ?

by Hope Emersonreply 8902/18/2019

Somethin' WRONG with vintage?

by Hope Emersonreply 9002/18/2019

It's the sequined halter straps.

by Hope Emersonreply 9102/18/2019

If Tammy Grimes had accepted “Bewitched,” it probably would have been canceled after one season.

Fortunately, Tammy was firmly ensconced in the huge hit High Spirits at the point where she would have had to accept. She probably kicked herself when High Spirits started to fizzle and closed after barely a year.

by Hope Emersonreply 9202/18/2019

Did someone mention Betty Hutton and failed sitcoms?

by Hope Emersonreply 9302/18/2019

Dick Sargent was Elizabeth Montgomery's first choice for Darrin but he was committed to the sitcom "Broadside," starring Kathleen Nolan and co-starring Sheila James. It flopped.

by Hope Emersonreply 9402/18/2019

Thank goodness. Dick York was way better. Dick Sargent stunk.

by Hope Emersonreply 9502/18/2019

At least Dick Sargent looked human.

by Hope Emersonreply 9602/18/2019

Tammy was the runner up for Desiree in A Little Night Music.

by Hope Emersonreply 9702/18/2019

When it came down to Tammy and Glynis, Glynis was chosen because she seemed more "vulnerable."

by Hope Emersonreply 9802/18/2019

Well if vintage is a problem, r89, about.....

by Hope Emersonreply 9902/19/2019

I'll see your "Follies" and raise you Angela Lansbury in "Gypsy."

by Hope Emersonreply 10002/19/2019

TV wasn't Tammy's medium. Lucky to have seen her in both HIGH SPIRITS and PRIVATE LIVES. She was brilliant in both.

by Hope Emersonreply 10102/19/2019

Betty Hutton was great in movies and cinema audiences had no problem with her. It would be interesting to know why she became so difficult, needy and out of control. She's pretty frightened and desperate in her TCM interview and her children were estranged from her. There seems to be a whole chunk of her life we know nothing about and Osborne certainly did not go there.

by Hope Emersonreply 10202/19/2019

I remember tuning in to TCM years ago just to see what was on happening upon that interview. I was wondering, "Who's this shriveled old lady Robert Osborne is interviewing?" Then she mentioned something about "Annie Get Your Gun," and I realized it was Betty Hutton, whom I never would have recognized. Her memory seemed unreliable at that point. She kept talking about how badly she was treated during the making of "Annie," saying it was because everyone wanted Judy to play the role and not her. She made a big point of saying that, because of that treatment, she never made another movie. Robert Osborne gently reminded her that "The Greatest Show on Earth" came afterward. It was a very hard interview to watch.

by Hope Emersonreply 10302/19/2019

Thank you, r100. Saw her in Denver. She was the best Rose. Loved her kicks in Together.

by Hope Emersonreply 10402/19/2019

[quote]Somethin' WRONG with vintage? —Miss Mazeppa

If there was something new that was as good or better that wasn’t the result of pandering to douchebros deafened by Power Rangers, Eminem, boy bands, and numetal.

by Hope Emersonreply 10502/19/2019

Then we’d talk about that:

by Hope Emersonreply 10602/19/2019

[quote]The Prom is hemorrhaging money.

?In Ropsie's day she woyld have championed it.

by Hope Emersonreply 10702/19/2019

I love Titanic

by Hope Emersonreply 10802/19/2019

It doesn't get much respect on DL, but I love "Titanic," also.

by Hope Emersonreply 10902/19/2019

Titanic was certainly a 'Hey it's not so bad.' show.

by Hope Emersonreply 11002/19/2019

Titanic was dreadful, unnecessary and stupid.

by Hope Emersonreply 11102/19/2019

Sort of like your comment, R111.

by Hope Emersonreply 11202/19/2019

R48 Here kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty.....

by Hope Emersonreply 11302/19/2019

Is there no # 344 thread yet? Is this the most current theatre thread then?

by Hope Emersonreply 11402/19/2019

Here you are, r114. Unfortunately the OP of 344 didn't space out the number sign and the hyphen in the thread title, so searching for "344" gets you nothing, When I search for a new Theatre Gossip thread by the number and nothing comes up, I usually then search "theatre" or "gossip" in case the OP made just such a mistake. It always gets me the right results.

by Hope Emersonreply 11502/19/2019

Ta, darlink!

by Hope Emersonreply 11602/19/2019

Sorry typo... " The Prom" in Rosie's day she would have championed it.

by Hope Emersonreply 11702/19/2019

It is absurd to search by the number to try to find a thread

Start with “theatre” and if there’s a gap, try “theater”

It works 100% of the time

by Hope Emersonreply 11802/20/2019

We haven't heard from Betty Hutton in a while.

by Hope Emersonreply 11902/20/2019

Just type in 'gossip' and the number of the thread. Works every time.

by Hope Emersonreply 12002/20/2019

^ that requires that you know the next number. Searching on "Theatre" brings up all of the threads, in date order. "Gossip" does, too.

by Hope Emersonreply 12102/21/2019

^except "gossip" is more generic and mixes in other topics. More rare for there to be "theatre" in the title a post except for the gossip threads.

by Hope Emersonreply 12202/21/2019

Titanic had so many characters, the audience ended up not caring for any of them. I remember being relieved that the old couple died.

by Hope Emersonreply 12302/21/2019

I cared about David Garrison. But then I always care about David Garrison.

by Hope Emersonreply 12402/21/2019


That show is all about the opening and closing, for sure. The ones who say otherwise are just being contrarian

by Hope Emersonreply 12502/21/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 12602/21/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 12702/21/2019

The UK production of Oklahoma! this summer looks like it’ll either be brilliant or a complete train wreck.

Rehearsals for the Broadway transfer of West End smash hit Ink start Monday. What do we think, will it be the next Ferryman or the next Enron?

by Hope Emersonreply 12802/22/2019

The new Broadway Oklahoma is going to really shock and anger audiences who don't understand what they've let themselves in for. I do wonder if it will be somehow "softened" a bit from what was seen at St. Ann's?

by Hope Emersonreply 12902/22/2019

I doubt it will be softened, r129; this creative team likely would forgo a transfer if it involved any tinkering. But you are correct: B'way audiences may be really shocked. Those who are angry may calm down when they realize that R&H's intent has been honored; this was always a very dark show.

by Hope Emersonreply 13002/22/2019

Jeanne Eagels died the year "The Letter" was released (1929). She was nominated for an Academy Award as best actress for her role, the first posthumous Oscar nomination.

by Hope Emersonreply 13102/22/2019

Glorius. No shame for those here who are tone deaf. This is simply thrilling.

by Hope Emersonreply 13202/22/2019

R130 On the current tv commercial for "Oklahoma!", the title song being sung in the background has a kind of bitter, acerbic quality, without very much harmony, which rather seems to hint that this won't be a standard version of it. I do love the vocal arrangements of the original title number though, very rich and memorable.

by Hope Emersonreply 13302/22/2019

I was brought up on the Oklahoma OBC and I love it a lot, so I went kicking and screaming to St. Ann's last fall and expected to hate and resent their production. It was challenging and not entirely comfortable, but it was also fresh and original in its concept and performed by really wonderful actor-singers (Ali Stroker alone is worth the price of a ticket). I'm glad to have seen it.

by Hope Emersonreply 13402/22/2019

r124 I always heard Garrison is seriously hung

by Hope Emersonreply 13502/22/2019

I have always found the seriously hung to be extraordinarily amusing.

by Hope Emersonreply 13602/22/2019

If they are smart, they will completely rework the dream ballet in the Broadway-bound Oklahoma! The angry dyke in a t-shirt dancing mostly solo while cowboy boots fell from the rafters was such a WTF moment.

by Hope Emersonreply 13702/22/2019

"Those who are angry may calm down when they realize that R&H's intent has been honored; this was always a very dark show."

Oh, please. OKLAHOMA, written at the height of the war, is a joyous celebration of American pioneer spirit, and its "darkness" is solely rooted in the worm-at-the-heart-of-the-apple threat (social, sexual, isolationist) that Jud Fry represents to the community. Once he's eliminated, the moral order is restored. Except for Ali Stroker's performance, the St Ann production has about as much joy and community spirit as a wake, and doesn't begin to honor the authors' intentions.

by Hope Emersonreply 13802/22/2019

A big disappointment was finding out Garrison is straight straight straight. I mean he is just so good in musicals with the sunniest of smiles.

How does anyone know he is seriously hung?

by Hope Emersonreply 13902/22/2019

[quote]How does anyone know he is seriously hung?

I haven't a clue.

by Hope Emersonreply 14002/22/2019

Garrison is close to 70 (and a bit of a dried out prune in person). Does it really matter any more?

by Hope Emersonreply 14102/22/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 14202/22/2019

Titanic - one big opener and a show full of dreadful music.

by Hope Emersonreply 14302/22/2019

Dreadful if you have a tin ear, maybe.

by Hope Emersonreply 14402/22/2019

Honey lamb, r144, it's not that it's dreadful, just not particularly distinguished. Let's face it, that opening is pretty thin stuff--bombastic, nicely sung, but thin--and doesn't really capture the British/Elgarian "nobilamente" sound of the period. To these professional, very un-tin ears, it has more of a Hollywood crossing-the-plains-in-a-covered-wagon Western feel to it.

But if it's thrilling you want (start at 4'20")...

by Hope Emersonreply 14502/22/2019

Well aren't you just full of yourself, R145.

by Hope Emersonreply 14602/22/2019

Has Cynthia Ervio commented on the Jussie Smollett situation yet?

by Hope Emersonreply 14702/23/2019

I think r145 has previously explained to us how wonderful it is to be him, r146. Possibly it was in a music-oriented thread rather than theater gossip, but his tone seems familiar.

by Hope Emersonreply 14802/23/2019

R148, I suspect that R145 might be the same "highly trained professional" who is always declaring that certain Broadway singers can't in fact, sing at all. He recently pronounced on the other theater thread that Raul Esparza can't sing.

by Hope Emersonreply 14902/23/2019

You may be right. On the other hand, to be perfectly fair, quite a few reasonable minds agree that Raul isn't such a good singer.

I think my highly trained professional did a good deal of pontificating on a recent-ish Bernstein thread--maybe the Jamie Bernstein memoir thread. In any event, he was completely insufferable, as might be expected from someone who calls himself a "highly trained professional."

by Hope Emersonreply 15002/23/2019

Not quite the same as saying Raul "can't sing."

by Hope Emersonreply 15102/23/2019

It’s not so much that Raul can’t sing as he shouldn’t sing. He can carry a tune, certainly, but he has an ugly, strident and unpleasant voice.

by Hope Emersonreply 15202/23/2019

I will concede that, r152, but your attempt at judiciousness is a little late.

by Hope Emersonreply 15302/23/2019

it seems to get more like braying as he gets older. TTB tones were open and more appealing

by Hope Emersonreply 15402/23/2019

I don't braaaaaay.

by Hope Emersonreply 15502/23/2019

[quote]To these professional, very un-tin ears, it has more of a Hollywood crossing-the-plains-in-a-cover - ed-wagon Western feel to it.

Perhaps you might enjoy it more if you actually pulled your head out of your ass.

by Hope Emersonreply 15602/23/2019

Marry me, r156.

by Hope Emersonreply 15702/23/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 15802/24/2019

The Prom is excellent.

by Hope Emersonreply 15902/24/2019

R158, the same number sung by a much cuter guy.

by Hope Emersonreply 16002/24/2019

I saw Esparza in Anyone Can Whistle. Only time I've seen him. Enjoyed his performance very much and don't remember thinking when he sang this guy should not be doing musicals.

by Hope Emersonreply 16102/24/2019

Was that before or after Company. r161?

by Hope Emersonreply 16202/24/2019

I'm not sure. Maybe after as I knew his name. Anybody else see him in ACW and what did you think?

by Hope Emersonreply 16302/24/2019

I don't really want to keep the Raul argument going, but I can't imagine he'd be worse than Harry Guardino in ACW. I saw his Company and could not bear his "Being Alive."

by Hope Emersonreply 16402/24/2019

Saw Raul in "Company" on TV - hated that production, and Raul's singing was very hard to listen to. He was better though very overshadowed by Leslie Odom, Jr. in "Leap of Faith". I did see Raul in a Shakespeare in the Park a few years ago where they added a song for him -- was it "Cymbelline"? -- doing a kind of jazzy number and his voice had improved markedly.

by Hope Emersonreply 16502/24/2019

Where did Esparza do Anyone Can Whistle? Was it a concert or a full production?

by Hope Emersonreply 16602/24/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 16702/24/2019

2010 Encores!

by Hope Emersonreply 16802/24/2019

Encores! did "Anyone Can Whistle" back in 2010, so it was after Raul did "Company."

by Hope Emersonreply 16902/24/2019

Well, maybe it was better suited to his voice. I remember reading about this--I'll bet Donna was amazing.

by Hope Emersonreply 17002/24/2019

Cue the "Donna sings flat" troll in 5, 4, 3 . . .

by Hope Emersonreply 17102/24/2019

Yes, as good as in WT. And I can't believe I enjoyed Sutton. Didn't like her at all in TMM.

by Hope Emersonreply 17202/24/2019

Sutton was in "The Music Man"?

by Hope Emersonreply 17302/24/2019

The other one.

by Hope Emersonreply 17402/24/2019

Sutton Foster IS Harriet Hill!

There were balls/In my pants/But I never felt them swinging/No, I never felt them at all/'Til there was you

by Hope Emersonreply 17502/24/2019

[quote]Sutton Foster IS Harriet Hill!

Excuse me? I was Professor CAROL Hill

by Hope Emersonreply 17602/24/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 17702/24/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 17802/24/2019

R171, I love Donna Murphy and think she's a great singer, but she does have a pitch problem sometimes. The only time it's ever really bothered me was in this Into the Woods clip.

by Hope Emersonreply 17902/24/2019

[quote]Thank goodness. Dick York was way better. Dick Sargent stunk.

I disagree. I much preferred Sargent in the part. York was hyper and completely one note. He didn't even seem like a real person.

by Hope Emersonreply 18002/24/2019

Not particularly on topic, but I just came across this.....

by Hope Emersonreply 18102/24/2019

Donna Murphy has pitch problems often. Her body is in extreme tension when she sings. She is not a great singer--or even a good singer. She can occasionally be an effective performer.

by Hope Emersonreply 18202/24/2019

I'll take effective, r182!

by Hope Emersonreply 18302/24/2019

Dick York was fascinating and offbeat. The other Dick was a stick of wood and predictable. I preferred York.

by Hope Emersonreply 18402/24/2019

Raul Esparza can’t sing. Deal with it.

by Hope Emersonreply 18502/24/2019

Is Merrily, We Roll Along really that awful as the reviewers say,

Posters on AllThatChat were having orgasms over how wonderful it was ..until the reviews came out. Now they hate it.

by Hope Emersonreply 18602/24/2019

I saw it in previews and hated it.

by Hope Emersonreply 18702/24/2019

Everyone always said Urinetown was killed by a bad title and bad marketing, but I think its biggest problem was being unfinished. It tried to do the same thing Spamalot/Something Rotten did by throwing a bunch of musical theater pastiches together instead of actually developing new jokes. Spamalot was successful because of the name recognition and Sara R's miraculous performance, Something Rotten was successful in Britain because theatre audience's there have no taste (it rightfully crashed and burned here). Urinetown is probably score to book the best show of the three, but it still runs out of steam plot wise, and could really use two or three rounds of punching up.

by Hope Emersonreply 18802/24/2019

I saw Spamalot just after Sara Ramirez left.

I didn’t laugh once

by Hope Emersonreply 18902/24/2019

Something Rotten has never been staged in Britain.

by Hope Emersonreply 19002/24/2019

I love Donna Murphy. She was absolutely perfect in Wonderful Town

by Hope Emersonreply 19102/24/2019

r190... uh, yes it did? Shakespeare was born there!

by Hope Emersonreply 19202/24/2019

Well that's a compelling argument. Doesn't change the fact it's never been staged in Britain.

by Hope Emersonreply 19302/24/2019

Urinetown did quite well. It gets done a lot regionally and in schools. There was concern that the title would kill it before it opened. But since it was a hit, no one says that any more, R188

by Hope Emersonreply 19402/24/2019

Sargent was the one note actor. Nothing to the character but a bitchy unhappy unfunny bitter queen with the sexual appetite of a slug. Even lying down York had more energy with Montgomery.

In the show there was nothing between Sargent and Montgomery. Just air.

by Hope Emersonreply 19502/24/2019

r193 Ok, well technically you are correct that it was never "staged" in Britain, it just OCCURRED in Britain, and it was very, very successful.

by Hope Emersonreply 19602/24/2019

R196 Even that's not right, the entire point of the show is that the main character has no success so he has to resort to trying to steal from Shakespeare.

by Hope Emersonreply 19702/24/2019

R186, I bought tickets to it because my co-worker liked it so much. We shall see.

R195, that's interesting given that I heard Sargent and Montgomery were great friends in real life. I did not mind him as Darrin, though York of course was much better.

by Hope Emersonreply 19802/24/2019

R198 that's why I said 'In the show.' I know they were good friends but as playing man and wife they had no chemistry. York was a way better actor than Sargent.

by Hope Emersonreply 19902/24/2019

This Merrily is ruined by some very bad casting, truly ugly design and sloppy direction.

I still think it's a wonderful show waiting for that production that finally gets it right.

by Hope Emersonreply 20002/24/2019

Saw this Merrily. Badly cast.

by Hope Emersonreply 20102/24/2019

[quote]r200 I still think it's a wonderful show waiting for that production that finally gets it right.

It's terrible how they NEVER give that show a second chance!

by Hope Emersonreply 20202/24/2019

I never feel like Donna Murphy is so off as to be unpleasant to my ears. Maybe she's just a very talented actress who can sell a song even if she's not singing it brilliantly. Kinda like Tyne Daly in Gypsy. People still talk about how her singing hurt their ears during the show, but I never noticed her going far off pitch and she seemed to know when she was incapable of holding a note and would allow it to drop off before it got uncomfortable.

by Hope Emersonreply 20302/24/2019

[quote]Something Rotten was successful in Britain because theatre audience's there have no taste (it rightfully crashed and burned here).

Are you drunk? Besides never having been done in Britain, it didn’t crash and burn here. It ran successfully for 742 performances, and is in the third year of a national tour.

by Hope Emersonreply 20402/24/2019

Dick York scared me as a child. He had no sense of humor and all he did was act exasperated and shout. I was glad when he left. He was loud and insane, Gladys Kravitz ( with both Alice Pearce and Sandra Gould) was loud and insane, Uncle Arthur was loud and insane, Dr. Bombay was insane if not loud. And Sam and Endora were vivid and colorful. The show needed a straight man.

by Hope Emersonreply 20502/24/2019

[quote]The show needed a straight man.

Because they cast so many gay men and women? (And yes, I know that’s not what you meant by “straight man”). But it was surprising how gay this cast was.

by Hope Emersonreply 20602/25/2019

I agree about Donna Murphy in Wonderful Town. She was fantastic. Too bad she's never played Rose in Gypsy. Is it too late?

by Hope Emersonreply 20702/25/2019

[quote]Raul Esparza can’t sing. Deal with it.

R185 isn't terribly bright. He doesn't understand the meaning of the word "opinion" and can't seem to accept that other people's opinions might differ from his.

by Hope Emersonreply 20802/25/2019

I just ran across this. Is it worth listening to?

by Hope Emersonreply 20902/25/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 21002/25/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 21102/25/2019

Dench, Mills, and Gable together in one musical? I would have died.

by Hope Emersonreply 21202/25/2019

That recording is a stitch. It basically screams BAD ENGLISH MUSICAL. (And I say this as a fan of bad English musicals.)

by Hope Emersonreply 21302/25/2019

R208 is a stupid tasteless cunt, and he objectively cannot sing. Period. Suck on that, twat. And you’re blocked for being a stan and a moron.

by Hope Emersonreply 21402/25/2019

Some of GOOD COMPANIONS is wonderful. Johnny Mercer and Andre Previn come up with a few winners ("Dance of Life", "Camaraderie", "Stage Struck Me"), and the whole thing is entertaining most of the time and at the very least well-crafted and competent always.

The show was actually a critical hit, but out of touch with the times and the political situation in London then. The York did it as a Mufti a few years back.

Mercer's last theatrical score. Bing Crosby covered one of the tunes (Pleasure of Your Company) in a duet with Mercer.

by Hope Emersonreply 21502/25/2019

A LITTLE TRAVELING MUSIC is probably the most delightful song in the score.

by Hope Emersonreply 21602/25/2019

For no reason.....

by Hope Emersonreply 21702/25/2019

R217 Ruth Williamson is a musical theater treasure, having seen her playing Lady Beekman opposite Alice Ripley as Lorelei in the L.A. Reprise production of "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" or dramatically exclaiming, "Chez Jacqueline!" in the 2005 revival of "La Cage Aux Folles". I've seen a video of her Eulalie McKechnie Shinn, but I had seen the other Ruth (Gotschall) who replaced her towards the end of the run.

by Hope Emersonreply 21802/25/2019

Something Rotteb May have run for a year and half on Broadway but it only recouped 15% of investors principal when it closed. That number will have increased due to the tour but it was a financial success. And many investors were upset that it recouped so little after its 700 performances.

by Hope Emersonreply 21902/25/2019

Ruth Williamson was also pretty amazing in that off-Broadway musical, “The Green Heart.” I kind of enjoyed it.

by Hope Emersonreply 22002/25/2019

[quote]Too bad she's never played Rose in Gypsy. Is it too late?

She’s only 61. Barely old enough!

by Hope Emersonreply 22102/25/2019

I saw a production of "The Good Companions" in SF about 20 years ago. I loved the score, all the songs except "All Mucked Up," and thought it was charming but rather twee. I can see why it couldn't last during a time when London was under siege from IRA bombers.

by Hope Emersonreply 22202/25/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 22302/25/2019

I'll take a twee musical any day rather than a Broadway musical based on the life of Dolly Parton. And I like Dolly Parton.

by Hope Emersonreply 22402/25/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 22502/26/2019

[quote] Dick York scared me as a child. He had no sense of humor and all he did was act exasperated and shout. I was glad when he left. He was loud and insane.

I thought York had much better comic timing (as the straight man for all the crazies around him). He could do a slow burn and a tantrum. But keep in mind that when they did the switch, they may have wanted to calm Darren down a bit. After all, York played the role from when Darren and Samantha were first married. By the time Sargent came along, Darren had seen and experienced so much in the way of witchcraft that I would imagine Sargent's less exasperated take on the role felt like a natural progression for the character. How many times can you blow your stack at the same thing? After a while you just stop reacting the same way, if for nothing else than to conserve energy.

by Hope Emersonreply 22602/26/2019

But did they have to have a Darren who did nothing but look pissed?

by Hope Emersonreply 22702/26/2019

What other songs do fans of Yestons TITANIC like?

For me, the duet over the Morse code is stunning. Beautiful music theatre, in writing and in performance. I’ll see if I can find a link.

by Hope Emersonreply 22802/26/2019

I did like the ominous moment when the food cart started slowly rolling by itself.

by Hope Emersonreply 22902/26/2019

“No Moon” which was unfortunately marred by the stupid toy boat as the curtain fell.

by Hope Emersonreply 23002/26/2019

Here's rehearsal video of "The Night Was Alive" (the Morse code duet) from the 2014 reunion concert at Avery Fisher Hall with the original cast members, Brian D'Arcy James and Martin Moran.

by Hope Emersonreply 23102/26/2019

Thanks R231.

I really love so much of that score. I blame much of the failure of the Bway production on the director, the staging, and the hideous production design.

I’ve been saying for 20+ years that TITANIC is a great American musical just waiting to be found.

by Hope Emersonreply 23202/26/2019

Signature Theatre outside D.C. did a very well-received production of "Titanic" a couple of years ago. I saw the original in 1997 and thoroughly enjoyed the Signature version, even though it was directed by Eric Schaeffer, who can be something of a hack.

by Hope Emersonreply 23302/26/2019

Well I mean if you're going to do a musical version of the Titanic it does not only need an ingenious director but a lavish budget and this looked cheap as hell. You need it to be emotionally and visually overwhelming. And the producers were clearly not going to spend the money needed for it to be a visual tour de force like Phantom. If you want to see a disaster musical on Broadway you want to see the disaster especially now when it's only the tourists that can make a musical with a large cast a success.

I still though enjoyed that original production.

by Hope Emersonreply 23402/26/2019

The Signature production of Titanic was genuinely terrific. I think it moved to Korea in a proscenium version which they’re now trying to get to Broadway.

by Hope Emersonreply 23502/26/2019

What about the production of titanic on a platform on a lake? I give that production credit for having gumption!

by Hope Emersonreply 23602/26/2019

That's really lovely, r231. Thanks.

by Hope Emersonreply 23702/26/2019

The Signature "Titanic" got some of its inspiration from the Cameron movie (which opened several months after the musical in 1997). Effects after the sinking included floating bodies and props (suspended on wires).

by Hope Emersonreply 23802/26/2019

For anyone that says Raul can’t sing.

by Hope Emersonreply 23902/26/2019

Like it or not, the Broadway Titanic production and costume design did not come cheap, even if it looked cheap.

Looking for a fresh path into the material, The Dodgers hired edgy Brit director Richard Jones, mostly known for avant garde opera and radical takes on classic theater, and he hired Scottish designer Stewart Laing, who had a similar aesthetic and, like Jones, had no commercial credits of note and certainly no experience on Broadway. The entire creative team was not looking to produce any kind of old-fashioned spectacle nor, for that matter, any sort of reality.

Ultimately, it all looked awkward and insubstantial and was not compelling.

by Hope Emersonreply 24002/26/2019

Raul can definitely sing, but he is sorta cold. He's like the male Betty Buckley. He was definitely wrong for Bobby which is a charm role if ever there was one. In fact, it's one of the most shallow characters ever written. He's there to be charming and make his friends laugh. For that character to work, you need someone with a great personality and a certain likability and Raul doesn't have that.

by Hope Emersonreply 24102/26/2019

R188 is the Bunny. Don't be the bunny.

by Hope Emersonreply 24202/26/2019

R241 Bobby should really be charming -- he was originally played by the uber-adorable, handsome and affable star of many Disney films, Dean Jones.

R225 Scott Jarvis later went into "Oh! Calcutta!" and appeared totally nude in the their show's book that was for sale (not the Playbill). Very handsome guy who died too young.

I love "The Good Companions". I believe it got fine reviews, but business dropped off when there were a lot of iRA bombings in London at that time. John Mills had a very nice singing voice, Judi Dench is just right for her role, Christopher Gable must have been wonderful and Marti Webb had a powerhouse voice. The score is very enjoyable, and it should have been very popular among theater folk, as it is about a traveling group of actor/singers. I saw the Mufti some years ago, and I really thought it deserved a longer run.

by Hope Emersonreply 24302/26/2019

There's also an earlier musical film version (1933) of "Good Companions" (without the Previn/Mercer score) with Jessie Matthews and a young John Gielgud which is worth checking out.

by Hope Emersonreply 24402/26/2019

I figured Titanic cost a lot of money. It just looked like it didn't. A regional theater production with a somewhat better than usual budget.

by Hope Emersonreply 24502/27/2019

The reviews say: "Dit dot dot dit dot dit; Pity you're not a hit; Quit you're a piece of shit; Go away"

by Hope Emersonreply 24602/27/2019

so not clever

by Hope Emersonreply 24702/27/2019

I saw the production of Titanic in DC, too, and it wasn't much of an improvement over the original. The opening was fine as was the (same) last song. There was one moment when the chandeliers started swaying that was effective. The rest of the time, I was bored to tears (again). You just don't get too involved in any one set of characters to really care about them. The score is not good enough to overcome the book. It will flop again if they revive. Consider that the other big late-90s show Ragtime was already revived and didn't do well AND it's a much better show AND that was a much better-directed production.

by Hope Emersonreply 24802/27/2019

r248 is nobody holding out for a Civil War revival? That was peak 90s style turgid melodrama cast of 100 characters nobody cares about schlock.

by Hope Emersonreply 24902/27/2019

Killer dress on Miss G....

by Hope Emersonreply 25002/28/2019

Oh look, she got another wearing out of it!

by Hope Emersonreply 25102/28/2019

Jessie's gown could only be described as "gossamer", r244.

by Hope Emersonreply 25202/28/2019

Jessie had a bit of a Joan Collins thing going on.

by Hope Emersonreply 25302/28/2019

New trailer for Fosse/Verdon.

by Hope Emersonreply 25402/28/2019

She's prettier than Verdon. I guess if you were as great a dancer as Gwen but were at her level of looks you wouldn't have gotten the role.

by Hope Emersonreply 25502/28/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 25602/28/2019

Broadway Rhythm!

by Hope Emersonreply 25703/01/2019

Like the execrable Come From Away, Titanic is one of those craven productions making bank off the backs of its tragic victims.

by Hope Emersonreply 25803/01/2019

Really? I have a feeling you haven’t seen either show.

Is Fiddler making bank off the pograms? Or Nabucco off of Jewish slaves?

by Hope Emersonreply 25903/01/2019

Oh well.............

by Hope Emersonreply 26003/01/2019

Shakespeare made bank off of Caesar’s murder, And the princes in Richard III. And the

by Hope Emersonreply 26103/01/2019

Roots made bank off slavery!

And Assassins makes bank off of, well, assassinations.

by Hope Emersonreply 26203/01/2019

It’s never “off of.” Use “from.”

by Hope Emersonreply 26303/02/2019

Documentaries make bank off of tragic events where many people are victims of all sorts of terrible things.

Has one film critic ever cried Exploitation! at any of the Titanic films?

by Hope Emersonreply 26403/02/2019

[quote]Has one film critic ever cried Exploitation! at any of the Titanic films?

I did the moment James Cameron did that smarmy and utterly self-serving moment of silence at the Oscars.

by Hope Emersonreply 26503/02/2019

Making money off of the Nazis!

by Hope Emersonreply 26603/02/2019

The Titanic sank more than 100 years ago. If you don't want to see a musical or a movie based on a famous historical event, then don't. But it's silly at this point to characterize it as an exploitation of the victims. What about all the movies made about World War II? Those made during the war were often aimed at rallying support for the war (in terms of War Bond sales, etc.). Were those made since making money off the many who died?

by Hope Emersonreply 26703/02/2019

Do a musical about the War of 1812 for a change.

by Hope Emersonreply 26803/02/2019

What would Fourth of July fireworks displays be without the War of 1812 Overture?

by Hope Emersonreply 26903/02/2019

[quote]What would Fourth of July fireworks displays be without the War of 1812 Overture?

The closing credits of the [italic]Annie[/italic] movie.

by Hope Emersonreply 27003/02/2019

[quote]r264 Documentaries make bank off of tragic events where many people are victims of all sorts of terrible things.

Almost like THE WIFE did, with Glenn's rat face.

by Hope Emersonreply 27103/02/2019

R265 Did he really?! That is both hilarious and horrible. What a nasty man. Well not if he gave the profits of the film to the descendants of the victims.

by Hope Emersonreply 27203/02/2019

The victims of the sinking or the victims of having to sit through three hours of Leo’s unbearable smugness?

by Hope Emersonreply 27303/02/2019

So if Leo dies at the end we can say it was the first film about the Titanic to have a happy ending.

by Hope Emersonreply 27403/02/2019

But it did have a happy ending! Leo and Kate are happily reunited in the afterlife, to the delight and applause of all the other people who died in the sinking!

by Hope Emersonreply 27503/02/2019

^^ They're blissfully thinking, "It was all worth it!"

by Hope Emersonreply 27603/02/2019

^^That's exactly how it comes off!

by Hope Emersonreply 27703/02/2019

[quote]when did this become all vintage all the time ?

When clinically obese showtune queens in muu-muus took over the theatre threads.

by Hope Emersonreply 27803/02/2019

How shocking and unexpected that theater threads would attract musical theater queens who enjoy talking about classic shows rather than the dreck that's currently on Broadway.

by Hope Emersonreply 27903/02/2019

Are we supposed to be discussing Branson on the Hudson? That's not theater. It's dinner theater without the dinner.

by Hope Emersonreply 28003/02/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 28103/02/2019

The fabulous invalid is no longer fabulous.

by Hope Emersonreply 28203/02/2019

You don’t have to be an elder gay to be unimpressed with what passes for musical theatre in 2019.

by Hope Emersonreply 28303/02/2019

Amen to that.

by Hope Emersonreply 28403/02/2019

Maybe if Leo had given Kate Winslet first billing for the film, she'd have suggested there was room for him on that thing that saved her from drowning. Look at it -- there was room!

by Hope Emersonreply 28503/02/2019

She wanted him dead so she could mourn him for the rest of her life.

by Hope Emersonreply 28603/02/2019

As I recall. R285, at one point Leo starts to climb aboard, and it sinks under his weight, so he gives up on the idea.

by Hope Emersonreply 28703/02/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 28803/03/2019

That scene from Picnic is fascinating. Meeker projects a very different image than Holden in the movie. And the dance between him and Rule, though not the set piece it is in the movie, still has a raw power.

And Meeker’s butt is a joy to behold.

I love the way they still have the shirt-ripping moment. The male as object. Typical Josh Logan style.

by Hope Emersonreply 28903/03/2019

Next up on Dancing With the Stars, William and Kim.

by Hope Emersonreply 29003/03/2019

Meeker projects a different image because he is the right age for the character. Holden appears way too old for Hal.

I suspect that the dance and blocking were condensed to fit the space and time restraints of the Sullivan show.

by Hope Emersonreply 29103/03/2019

Holden's great looks and incredible charisma pull him through. The film still works beautifully and his age doesn't matter. He and Novak have wonderfully chemistry. A noticeably younger actor having all those older middle-aged hearts a flutter would make those women distasteful.

by Hope Emersonreply 29203/04/2019

The only time Holden's age really takes me out of the story is when he and the fresh-faced Cliff Robertson talk about having been in school together.

by Hope Emersonreply 29303/04/2019

Can you imagine an hour-long network show that featured the gamut of the entertainment world? Opera, rock and roll, stand-up comedians, plate spinners, a lengthy scene from a Broadway drama.....

by Hope Emersonreply 29403/04/2019

Yes R293.

by Hope Emersonreply 29503/04/2019

Wishing Andrea Martin a speedy recovery. She has backed out of "Gary: A Sequel To Titus Andronicus " after breaking four ribs. After her acrobatic musical number in "Pippin", it is sad she undergoes a stage injury while on the stage, although an injury from being on the trapeze in "Pippin would have been undoubtedly worse. Kristine Nielsen has taken over Andrea's role from a supporting one, and Julie White is taking over Kristine's aprt.

by Hope Emersonreply 29603/04/2019

Nielsen & Nathan as costars. That sounds like agony for the audience

by Hope Emersonreply 29703/04/2019

Well, that helps me make a decision of what NOT to see when I'm in NYC next month.

by Hope Emersonreply 29803/05/2019

Can Kristine Nielsen utter even a single line of dialogue any more without commenting on it with her weird tics and winks?

by Hope Emersonreply 29903/05/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 30003/08/2019

What fabulous project is Jake Gyllenhaal cooking up for a return to his first and best love, live musical theatre?

Why doesn’t he do ENCORES? Great visibility for a few weeks work?

Let’s find a show for Jake!

by Hope Emersonreply 30103/08/2019

But does Jodie have Broadway chops ?

Has she ever done live theatre? I don’t know if she even did plays as an undergrad at Yale.

by Hope Emersonreply 30203/08/2019

I think she did one, r302.

by Hope Emersonreply 30303/08/2019

[quote]But does Jodie have Broadway chops ?

Has she ever done live theatre? I don’t know if she even did plays as an undergrad at Yale.

Jodie was trained as a stage actress at Yale. According to people who were there she was an excellent actress and out to the theater department. She was also living with Tina Landau who would go on to her own fame as a director.

Then came John Hinckley, worldwide coverage, and paps everywhere on campus. Imagine dealing with that when you're only in your late teens. Jodie became uncomfortable with being onstage when there could be nuts in the dark of the audience.

She opted for the more controlable security of film sets and has always been super private. Hinckley was released a few years ago and is banned from any contact with Jodie. Yeah, restraining orders work so well too.

by Hope Emersonreply 30403/08/2019

[quote]Yeah, restraining orders work so well too.

Tell me about it.

by Hope Emersonreply 30503/08/2019

Rebecca Schaeffer did not have a restraining order on Bardo.

But, yes, they are pretty useless.

by Hope Emersonreply 30603/09/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 30703/09/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 30803/09/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 30903/09/2019

R306 Yeah, what a pundit you are. There's nothing funnier than a young woman being shot in the face by her stalker. Asshole.

by Hope Emersonreply 31003/09/2019

R310 here. That should have been for R305, not 306.

by Hope Emersonreply 31103/09/2019

[quote]r300 Such

Could that second chorud girl with the HEAD TOSS @ [bold]00:23[/bold] be a budding drag queen who's snuck in??

by Hope Emersonreply 31203/09/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 31303/10/2019

A rather millinery number......

by Hope Emersonreply 31403/10/2019

Ann Sothern kicking up her heels with Chevalier

by Hope Emersonreply 31503/11/2019

Yale University has no undergrad theater department.

The Yale School of Drama is a graduate program.

Jody did not take any theater courses.

by Hope Emersonreply 31603/11/2019

I thought Jodie was a French major.

by Hope Emersonreply 31703/11/2019

R314 "What's all this fuss about gays in the millinery?"

by Hope Emersonreply 31803/11/2019

Miss Lillian Roth.....

by Hope Emersonreply 31903/11/2019

Lillian was delightful especially in that duet with Lupino Lane in The Love Parade 'Let's Be Common.' A wonderful talent. I wish I had seen 70 Girls 70 but it closed too quickly. And jesus it was about VERY old people. I didn't know at that the time who she was being so young. Remember the photos outside the Broadhurst.

by Hope Emersonreply 32003/11/2019

Miss Lightner certainly had a timeless belt.

by Hope Emersonreply 32103/12/2019

Be More Chill belongs on Saturday morning TV.

by Hope Emersonreply 32203/12/2019

Jodie Foster was not trained as a theatre actress. She did one play and that’s it.

by Hope Emersonreply 32303/12/2019

Yes, I already mentioned that, r323.

Can you not read?

by Hope Emersonreply 32403/12/2019

Anybody see this on stage (via Tune)?

by Hope Emersonreply 32503/12/2019

Jodie had a decent singing voice and would be great in a musical, but I want to say I read somewhere that she's scared of the stage.

by Hope Emersonreply 32603/12/2019

R324 you’re posts aren’t worth reading.

by Hope Emersonreply 32703/12/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 32803/12/2019

Betty ain't got no ass!

by Hope Emersonreply 32903/14/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 33003/14/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 33103/14/2019

Hugh Jackson as Harold Hill...yeah! Not sorry. I go to see shows to enjoy them not rip them apart. Plus he called me mate once.

by Hope Emersonreply 33203/14/2019


by Hope Emersonreply 33303/14/2019

Hutton was only 43 when she filmed that Burke's Law episode, but she looks a lot older.

by Hope Emersonreply 33403/14/2019

OMG, by today's standards Betty Hutton looks like she's 73.

by Hope Emersonreply 33503/14/2019

That white lipstick really makes Betty's mid-60s look.

by Hope Emersonreply 33603/14/2019

It's not white, r336....

by Hope Emersonreply 33703/14/2019

[quote]Hugh Jackson

Oh, dear.

by Hope Emersonreply 33803/14/2019

This guy's playing Harold Hill?

by Hope Emersonreply 33903/14/2019

Frosted, whatever, it's still hideous.

by Hope Emersonreply 34003/14/2019

Betty's problems with depression and alcoholism are well known. Thanks be to the nuns who took her in as a cook and housekeeper when she hit rock bottom and took care of her enough that she was later to kind of revive her career. And for giving me the chance to post this well known clip on DL where she is a not quite adequate replacement Miss Hannigan in the original Annie but which preserves the original staging and the wonderful replacement performances of Rita Rudner and Gary Beach:

by Hope Emersonreply 34103/14/2019

I never tire of that clip or the Alice Playten clip from the Sullivan show where she sings Poor Little Person from Henry Sweet Henry with the original Michael Bennett staging. I am indeed just an eldergay show queen.

by Hope Emersonreply 34203/14/2019

First time I've seen that Annie clip posted without the poster or someone adding "Go, Gary, go!"

by Hope Emersonreply 34303/14/2019

Gary done gone.

by Hope Emersonreply 34403/15/2019

Thanks for posting r100 but she’s no Googie Gomez.

by Hope Emersonreply 34503/15/2019

Betty tappin' in wedgies....

by Hope Emersonreply 34603/15/2019

Betty H isn't bad in that Annie clip. I don't see why she couldn't have become a character actress in the 80s, played someone's loudmouthed mother on a sitcom or something.

by Hope Emersonreply 34703/15/2019
by Hope Emersonreply 34803/16/2019

Wow. That was great, r348! And she did it live too.

by Hope Emersonreply 34903/16/2019

And now.....

by Hope Emersonreply 35003/16/2019

[quote]r345 Thanks for posting [R100] but she’s no Googie Gomez.

For the uninitiated

by Hope Emersonreply 35103/16/2019

Miss Cook.....

by Hope Emersonreply 352Last Monday at 6:07 PM

Painfully s-l-o-w splits......

by Hope Emersonreply 353Last Monday at 6:18 PM

Hutton is so big it's amazing she was a major movie star. You would have thought she'd have been too much on a movie screen but she's quite wonderful.

by Hope Emersonreply 354Last Monday at 6:21 PM

[quote]You would have thought she'd have been too much on a movie screen

You mean like in Annie Get Your Gun? I find it unwatchable because of her.

by Hope Emersonreply 355Last Tuesday at 12:11 AM

I get the dancing, millions of Dad's drooling at Raquel thrusting in their living rooms in the 70's but why is she singing "California Dreaming" in Paris? It's like singing "New York, New York" in Beirut.

by Hope Emersonreply 356Last Tuesday at 1:36 AM

Paper Mill Playhouse next season. Of all the musicals they have to bring back "Cinderella" already?

by Hope Emersonreply 357Last Tuesday at 1:41 AM

That's a pretty lousy season at Paper Mill.

by Hope Emersonreply 358Last Tuesday at 9:23 AM

When was the last good Paper Mill season? The year they did Follies and nearly went bankrupt from it?

by Hope Emersonreply 359Last Tuesday at 11:44 AM

But I love Dion and his song catalog, everything from Teenager in Love to I Wonder Why to Runaround Sue to Ruby Baby to The Wanderer to Abraham, Martin and John. That's quite a wide range and a bio musical could be interesting.

And Jeremy Jordan would be perfect as Dion!

The question is: Is the audience of Dion fans still alive?

by Hope Emersonreply 360Last Tuesday at 1:20 PM

How rude, r360 Yes, we're alive, but possibly much too tired to schlep into town for a Dion jukebox show.

by Hope Emersonreply 361Last Tuesday at 1:30 PM

I was in 7th grade in 1961-62 when Dion and Runaround Sue were just about the biggest hit of all time. Everyone was singing it everywhere. I was in a school play back then and they incorporated the song into the plot just because. His music was very sexy and I think it still is.

by Hope Emersonreply 362Last Tuesday at 1:35 PM

I was a junior in high school. As you say, r362, everybody sang it everywhere.

by Hope Emersonreply 363Last Tuesday at 1:44 PM

And what does it have to do with theater, music or musical theatre?

by Hope Emersonreply 364Last Tuesday at 2:50 PM

Papermill doing an ALW review? Really?

by Hope Emersonreply 365Last Tuesday at 3:03 PM

Garland's life was heartwarming and sweet? Nobody's life is heartwarming and sweet.

Least of all Garland's.

by Hope Emersonreply 366Last Tuesday at 3:14 PM

Do NYers really take the train out to the Papermill?

by Hope Emersonreply 367Last Tuesday at 3:19 PM

The train to Paper Mill from Penn Station is very easy and cheap and just a short (30 minute?) ride. And you can walk to the theater once off the train, plus there's lots of nice restaurants in town on the way to the theater. It's quite a pleasant jaunt despite the varying quality of the shows.

by Hope Emersonreply 368Last Tuesday at 3:22 PM

[quote]Papermill doing an ALW review? Really?

Yeas, brand new. It was supposed to go last season but they postponed. My friend works there and hopefully Andy will be hanging around.

by Hope Emersonreply 369Last Wednesday at 8:39 AM

"Desi gave me permission...."

by Hope Emersonreply 370Last Wednesday at 9:06 AM




by Hope Emersonreply 371Last Wednesday at 9:50 AM

[quote] Garland's life was heartwarming and sweet? Nobody's life is heartwarming and sweet. Least of all Garland's.

I don't think that Paper Mill spokesperson has actually seen the show to have described it that way. Chasing Rainbows doesn't go lightly on Garland's early life. Because it depicts everything leading up to The Wizard of Oz, it's not as dark as the movies or shows like Me and My Shadows or End of the Rainbow that focus on the extremes of Garland's later life. But it still depicts Garland's domineering mother, closeted father, and the studio finding her too fat and plain to appear on camera. The "pep pills" she was fed are also included. It's definitely an entertainment, but I wouldn't say it's either sentimental or sanitized.

by Hope Emersonreply 372Last Wednesday at 10:03 AM

Fine, r371, wouldn't mind seeing Miss Thigpen again....

by Hope Emersonreply 373Last Wednesday at 10:07 AM

There should be more panty focused musicals in NY.

by Hope Emersonreply 374Last Wednesday at 10:08 AM

[quote]wouldn't mind seeing Miss Thigpen again....

Me too, she went way too early.

by Hope Emersonreply 375Last Wednesday at 10:19 AM

[quote]There should be more panty focused musicals in NY.

Now that Ann Reinking is effectively retired, who’s taking up that particular mantle?

by Hope Emersonreply 376Last Wednesday at 10:22 AM

What’s going to happen with the homophobic Brit actress, Oluwaseyi Omooba, set to play “Celie” In UK revival of “The Color Purple”. She should be dropped from the cast immediately.

by Hope Emersonreply 377Last Wednesday at 10:29 AM

She was.....

by Hope Emersonreply 378Last Wednesday at 10:32 AM

That Tintypes number is terrific. Need to dig out that CD again.

by Hope Emersonreply 379Last Wednesday at 12:49 PM

[quote]The question is: Is the audience of Dion fans still alive?

Not only are his fans still alive, DION himself is still alive.

by Hope Emersonreply 380Last Wednesday at 5:17 PM

And featuring Mr. Jerry Zaks!

by Hope Emersonreply 381Last Wednesday at 6:25 PM

I saw Lynne Thigpen twice earlier today playing a judge in Law & Order reruns. God Bless L&O for the opportunities to see New York's best stage actors strutting their stuff. In one episode, the murderer was Victor Garber, who had co-starred with Thigpen in the film version of Godspell. Good stuff. I really miss that show.

by Hope Emersonreply 382Last Wednesday at 6:27 PM

Naked City also used the working NYC actors of the day.

by Hope Emersonreply 383Last Wednesday at 6:35 PM

Lucy calls Carole a bitch.....

by Hope Emersonreply 384Last Wednesday at 6:57 PM

Loved Lynne Thigpen. Such a great actress.

by Hope Emersonreply 385Last Wednesday at 8:03 PM

There is more wit and charm in the staging shown in those two Tintypes clips than all the musicals on Broadway now.

by Hope Emersonreply 386Last Thursday at 12:57 AM

>> >>There should be more panty focused musicals in NY.

>>Now that Ann Reinking is effectively retired, who’s taking up that particular mantle?

Tovah, of course. It's time for her New York Rose!

by Hope Emersonreply 387Last Thursday at 1:22 AM

Is Tootsie going to run?

by Hope Emersonreply 388Last Thursday at 2:21 AM

That Tintypes clip at r381 is just thrilling. So much talent! Thanks for posting.

by Hope Emersonreply 389Last Thursday at 4:19 AM

Does Tootsie flash her panties? Here’s hoping!

by Hope Emersonreply 390Last Thursday at 5:23 AM

[quote]Is Tootsie going to run?

Only if she wears flats instead of high heels.

by Hope Emersonreply 391Last Thursday at 6:01 AM

Isn't the Marriott cursed?

by Hope Emersonreply 392Last Thursday at 7:54 AM

Cursed...with ugliness.

by Hope Emersonreply 393Last Thursday at 8:01 AM

There's an article that say Santino Fontano is shaving and/or waxing his chest and legs for "Tootsie"; maybe his pits too? Does he go shirtless at some point in the show? Was there a lot of chest hair that need to be shaved? I saw him in the Karam play a few years ago, and he was shirtless though I don't recall how hairy he was. I

by Hope Emersonreply 394Last Thursday at 9:23 AM

"There is more wit and charm..."

And IDEAS, r386, don't forget ideas.

by Hope Emersonreply 395Last Thursday at 10:37 AM

I've enjoyed Santino on stage but he comes off as very dull and witless in that NY Times profile.

And I'm curious to see if he dares play the male part of his role in Tootsie as obnoxiously as Dustin Hoffman did. IMHO (especially after just re-seeing it recently),it was that daring that really made Hoffman's performance brilliant.

by Hope Emersonreply 396Last Thursday at 1:28 PM

Jesus, someone revive Tintypes right now. We could use it. I'm sure I saw it on PBS, lo these many years ago (back when PBS recorded plays and musicals regularly). I'd prefer the revival be off-Broadway or at least in a small Broadway house. Can we scrape up five performers who can do it justice or are they all soulless automaton belters with MFAs? Did Tintypes have a life on the festival circuit? It could again. (See also: Hollywood Ukraine.)

by Hope Emersonreply 397Last Thursday at 2:18 PM
by Hope Emersonreply 398Last Thursday at 2:23 PM
by Hope Emersonreply 399Last Thursday at 2:59 PM

I just recorded "Tootsie" when it aired on TCM a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet but will as soon as I'm done moving (ugh). Unlike the rest of humanity, I didn't think it was all that the first and only time I saw it years ago (and sure as hell didn't find anything Oscar-worthy about Jessica Lange's performance) but willing to give it a second try to see if my reaction will be different this time. I think the only reason I'm interested in giving it a second chance is because I have an interest in the stage musical but wouldn't want to see it without having the film fresh in my mind with which to compare it.

by Hope Emersonreply 400Last Thursday at 4:48 PM

The movie TOOTSIE is extraordinarily well crafted, and Lange is nothing less than perfection in it.

by Hope Emersonreply 401Last Thursday at 5:25 PM

Yeah, I think we’re well past tolerating notions that Jessica Lange was somehow “less than” in Tootsie. It’s an updated, post women’s lib take on Sugar Kane, convincing as a woman uncomfortable with her own independence and utterly convincing as a soap opera actress - played with the required lightness and buoyancy but with her signature, underlying intensity intact. Now please fuck off Mr. “I Never Liked Tootsie.” Go wear hat badge of honour elsewhere. (And if you didn’t like it, why on earth would you care about the musical? Insufferable twat.)

by Hope Emersonreply 402Last Thursday at 5:58 PM

^^Without Lange’s performance, Hoffman’s wouldn’t work.

by Hope Emersonreply 403Last Thursday at 5:59 PM

I rarely ever make sweeping pronouncements like this, but anyone who doesn't immediately recognize the brilliance of Tootsie is an idiot. There are very few things in this world that are pure perfection. Tootsie is one of them. There isn't a false note in the entire film.

by Hope Emersonreply 404Last Thursday at 6:14 PM

It has dated in the sense that there aren't many soap operas anymore on tv. I think the new musical of "Tootsei" doesn't take place on a soap, but in the Theater since soaps are dying and not as many people might understand the archetypes of them.

by Hope Emersonreply 405Last Thursday at 6:49 PM

"Tootsie", that is

by Hope Emersonreply 406Last Thursday at 6:49 PM

"There isn't a false note in the entire film."

I like TOOTSIE, I've seen it many, many times over the decades. It has many splendid moments. But my first impression remains my lasting one: there is something off about the narrative and comic rhythm in the first part of the film, perhaps because there were too many chefs involved during its genesis. Case in point: the cut from Michael getting the idea to the medium-shot street scene of him walking in the crowd towards the camera, dolled up as Dorothy. is too abrupt and unsatisfying....there is a beat missing there, a transition scene that seems to have gone astray, and the exposition is the poorer for it. IMHO, of course.

by Hope Emersonreply 407Last Thursday at 7:23 PM

There could be a scene there ... but I don't think there NEEDS to be a scene there. It keeps the bouyant pace up to skip it.

If Michael were a plumber in Nowheresville, we'd think, "How would he get that stuff?" But he's a lifelong NYC actor, so, it's not far fetched he could come up with the stuff on his own, and dive right in.

The thing I think is odd is they hire Dorothy without even seeing her resume ... but a coworker of mine went on a vacation to LA once without packing any resumes, and ended up with a week long role on a soap. So - -

by Hope Emersonreply 408Last Thursday at 7:51 PM

[quote] The thing I think is odd is they hire Dorothy without even seeing her resume

That's not odd at all. Actors have been asked to audition or even been cast on a particular look. I think maybe the odd thing you're thinking is that they would see Dorothy without her being on the list. However, I always assumed Michael called over to the office and told them they were sending someone over from George Fields' office, and because of the relationship the show probably had with the agency, they didn't question that they hadn't approved it beforehand. I also got the idea they were having a very hard time finding the right actress for the role.

If you want to be bumped by something, consider Sandy actually getting an audition for the soap. How would Sandy, who likely doesn't have an agent, get seen for the soap? Now, we don't know she doesn't have an agent, but she's portrayed as someone who never works and isn't a particularly talented actress, so it's unlikely, but not impossible, that she would have an agent.

by Hope Emersonreply 409Last Thursday at 8:06 PM

Laura Benanti would be a hoot as the Anna Held soprano in Tintypes. Jackie Hoffman as Emma Goldman?

by Hope Emersonreply 410Last Thursday at 8:36 PM

The only thing Jackie Hoffman ought to be doing in a theater is ushering.

by Hope Emersonreply 411Last Thursday at 9:01 PM

My problem with the film of Tootsie is simply that Dustin Hoffman isn't in the slightest way convincing as a woman and the plot seems to revolve around the fact that he should be. The rest of cast seems inexplicably stupid for not recognizing his crude drag act.

by Hope Emersonreply 412Last Friday at 2:45 AM

I have a similar problem with Victor/Victoria

by Hope Emersonreply 413Last Friday at 2:52 AM

That clip of Lynne Thigpen singing "If I Coulda Been" from Working is amazing. Is that one of the songs that Stephen Schwartz wrote? Schwartz said that he and Lynne Thigpen drove each other crazy personally, but he used her in as many things as he could because he thought she was so blazingly talented.

The clip from the opening of Tintypes is heartbreaking - so much talent, and such a great show. I saw it soon after it moved to the Golden, and it was terrific - after the show closed early (I think maybe four months after opening, if that), the whole thing moved to the Mark Taper Forum. I saw it there two or three times, and it was even better than at the Golden, I think because of the thrust stage and the intimacy. Plus, the show was a huge hit in LA, sold out every performance, which must have made a nice ending to the experience for them.

Odd trivia - the two cast members from Tintypes who have passed away, Thigpen and Trey Wilson, both died suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage, Wilson when he was 40 and Thigpen when she was 54. We know what became of Jerry Zaks, and Carolyn Mignini finally moved back to NYC after raising her kids in LA, and has been working fairly consistently. But whatever happened to the quirky Mary Catherine Wright?

by Hope Emersonreply 414Last Friday at 3:15 AM

Not a false not in Tootsie, R404? Other than its bizarre contrivances (soap going live when technical video problems?) and unconvincing drag (as someone else said earlier, it makes all the other characters appear stupid that they cannot see it is a man in a dress).

It seems to take place is a weird fantasy land which blunts the impact of a story that would mean more (and be funnier) if it were more "real world."

by Hope Emersonreply 415Last Friday at 3:33 AM

That actually used to happen, r415. Soaps were live originally, and once they went to tape, the situation as in Tootsie could still happen.

And yeah, we get it, you hate it. You've made your point, and no one agrees with you. You can stop now.

by Hope Emersonreply 416Last Friday at 3:56 AM

R416, I worked on a soap for a year before Tootsie came out. That sort of thing never happened. Even people who did not work in television bumped into that when it came out.

Most people love Bill Murray in the film. A lot of people enjoy the film as a whole. But only on the internet do you find people who love it.

by Hope Emersonreply 417Last Friday at 4:10 AM

The number one obscenely unbelievable and unfunny element of Tootsie is that an out of work actor has ANY more options as an out of work actress. Especially when it comes to the invisible age.

by Hope Emersonreply 418Last Friday at 4:24 AM

My only memory of Tootsie is that I thought the script treated Teri Garr's character terribly. As I recall, the message seemed to be that some women are just disposable.

by Hope Emersonreply 419Last Friday at 4:28 AM

Hoffman as a woman is about as convincing as Elliott Gould would be as a woman. The Milton Berle routine. That's why the film doesn't work for me though I admit it works for most people.

Garr as always give the best performance in the film.

by Hope Emersonreply 420Last Friday at 4:36 AM

As I have discovered over the years, r408, sometimes a script needs a scene that is not dramaturgically but, rather, emotionally true in order to engage the audience.

by Hope Emersonreply 421Last Friday at 4:59 AM

Well, I love Tootsie and I' guess I'm able to see it through a sort of "magic realism" filter. I just saw it again recently on TCM and was riveted to the TV.

The brilliance of the scene of Michael auditioning for the Soap is the casting of homely redhead character actress Doris Belack as the producer who sees something in Dorothy because she recognizes herself.

Do those here who can't see why Michael's disguise would fool anyone feel the same about Lemmon and Curtis in Some Like It Hot?

by Hope Emersonreply 422Last Friday at 5:18 AM

I always had a problem with Hoffman's performance as Dorothy. It's not only that he doesn't look like a real woman at all, but that his falsetto acting is laughable. But the film works in spite of it. Compare Hoffman to Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. The film isn't nearly as good, but Williams is brilliant and totally believable as that character.

by Hope Emersonreply 423Last Friday at 5:35 AM

[quote]My problem with the film of Tootsie is simply that Dustin Hoffman isn't in the slightest way convincing as a woman and the plot seems to revolve around the fact that he should be. The rest of cast seems inexplicably stupid for not recognizing his crude drag act.

You tell ‘em, girl!

by Hope Emersonreply 424Last Friday at 6:32 AM

[quote]I have a similar problem with Victor/Victoria

Finally, somebody said it. That movie is dated as fuck. Carroll Todd says something to the effect of choosing to become a homosexual. That’s Anita Bryant-level homophobia right there, even in jest. And the lines about how “there are some professions where practice does makes perfect” now ring hollow coming from Victoria for obvious reasons.

The stage version is even worse. Late in act two, Victoria cries to Toddy, “I don’t want to be a man anymore,” to which Toddy replies, “neither do I.” Between the movie and the play of V/V, Blake Edwards made [italic]Switch[/italic] with Ellen Barkin about a sexist man who ends up in the body of a woman, gets kissed by a real woman who is a lesbian, and then dies of diabetes after getting pregnant and giving birth.

by Hope Emersonreply 425Last Friday at 6:46 AM

Sophisticated ladies'll cry tomorrow.....

by Hope Emersonreply 426Last Friday at 7:35 AM

Any info on Santino Fontana's shaving/waxing and where for "Tootsie"?

by Hope Emersonreply 427Last Friday at 11:18 AM

Yes, you see through Hoffman's drag act because you're watching through current day eyes. In 1982, drag was still underground and cult, and you could believe someone would pull it off because it wouldn't occur to anyone that it would happen. Hoffman actually makes Dorothy a separate character and a separate, believable person. Dorothy was a female character, she wasn't a joke. And that went a long way to getting the people around her to believe her and the audience to believe her.

But no, if you come to the film post mid-90s, then it's not going to work for you. This is why To Wong Foo didn't work. By 1995, drag had invaded pop culture. Even people in the sticks knew what a drag queen was, so the conceit that any of those men were able to fool anyone was ridiculous. Plus the fact that the characters themselves were jokes didn't help.

If you look at it at the time Tootsie takes place, then there should be no reason why it doesn't work. That doesn't make it dated, it just makes it of its time. There's a difference. Tootsie still has a lot of relevant things to say.

by Hope Emersonreply 428Last Friday at 11:27 AM

No drag had a long history. Men dressed up as women was always been seen as hilarious in popular widespread entertainment. What are you talking about?

by Hope Emersonreply 429Last Friday at 11:34 AM

[quote]I rarely ever make sweeping pronouncements like this, but anyone who doesn't immediately recognize the brilliance of Tootsie is an idiot.

There's a good reason for not making sweeping pronouncements like this. Whatever you may think, it's still just your opinion.

by Hope Emersonreply 430Last Friday at 11:40 AM

Yes, as an outsized joke. If you're talking about someone like Milton Berle or Lemmon and Curtis, the drag was completely overdone and put on as a joke. Dorothy did not come across as "DRAG." I'm talking about the concept of both crossdressing and drag in mainstream as being something that was not present in 1982. Let's say Dorothy Michaels was the lead character of Too Wong Foo- she might have pulled it off. Because Dorothy wasn't a drag queen. She was, for all intents and purposes, a woman. You have to be able to separate the two concepts. In 1982, people were still looking at drag as the punchline of a joke.

by Hope Emersonreply 431Last Friday at 11:40 AM

[quote] There's a good reason for not making sweeping pronouncements like this. Whatever you may think, it's still just your opinion.

I stand by my statement. I'm sorry you found out you were an idiot. You'll be okay.

by Hope Emersonreply 432Last Friday at 11:41 AM

I guess in '82 I just saw Hoffman immediately as a joke in the vaudeville tradition, just uglier, so the conceit did not work for me. If you could buy it then it would work. Maybe in Hot it works for me because it's a comic farce. Also both Curtis and Lemmon were better looking with something slightly off.

by Hope Emersonreply 433Last Friday at 11:59 AM
by Hope Emersonreply 434Last Friday at 12:35 PM

Ask the Tootsie Troll if he likes Bedknobs and Broomsticks... :)

by Hope Emersonreply 435Last Friday at 12:41 PM

Ask the Tootsie troll if he likes The Story Of My Life.”

by Hope Emersonreply 436Last Friday at 12:47 PM

Chasing rainbows is TERRIBLE. have seen many incarnations. None are good. It’s just the Andrea McArdle movie rainbow

Why do people keep doing it

by Hope Emersonreply 437Last Friday at 1:12 PM

I can remember going to Provincetown in the very early summer in the 1980s and it turned out to be a weekend convention for cross-dressers. They all looked like Dorothy Michaels, not cabaret drag queens. Lots of shirt-waist dresses, sensible shoes, cardigans and pearl button earrings.

It was a revelation for me that not all men who desired to dress in women's clothes wanted to wear satin with sequins and feather boas.

by Hope Emersonreply 438Last Friday at 3:02 PM

I remember a critic saying, when Andrea McArdle's "Judy" tv movie came out, that Judy's primary quality was vulnerability. "And what's the one quality Andrea McArdle is missing as a performer? Vulnerability."

And he was right.

by Hope Emersonreply 439Last Friday at 4:24 PM

[quote]Ask the Tootsie Troll if he likes Bedknobs and Broomsticks... :)

Yeah, I thought that might be the case.

by Hope Emersonreply 440Last Friday at 4:25 PM

Here, Matt "The Loon" will school you in what good drag really is!

by Hope Emersonreply 441Last Friday at 4:31 PM
by Hope Emersonreply 442Last Friday at 6:03 PM

R428, I and a lot of people saw Tootsie when it was released. Even then and even people who liked it said that Hoffman was not a convincing woman.

The comparison to the very convincing Mrs Doubtfire is worth making.

by Hope Emersonreply 443Last Friday at 8:09 PM

Yaddah, yaddan, yaddan. Yes, we get it, you've made your point, you hate Tootsie. Yes, you're right, you and a lot of people saw Tootsie when it was released. We get it, we get it. Jesus. Do you have anything of interest to say, or is it all Tootsie all the time?

by Hope Emersonreply 444Yesterday at 2:27 AM

Oh, sit down, r444.

by Hope Emersonreply 445Yesterday at 5:23 AM

Fight the Tootsie lies!

by Hope Emersonreply 446Yesterday at 6:14 AM

Dorothy Michaels is still not a woman and something about that movie still rings false. Maybe it’s because of Dustin Hoffman’s real-life treatment of women.

by Hope Emersonreply 447Yesterday at 7:00 AM
by Hope Emersonreply 448Yesterday at 7:05 AM

[quote] Yeah, I thought that might be the case.

Except it isn't. The only accusation people around here fling more than "Matt the Loon" is "Trumpster." I'm one of the people discussing Tootsie in the affirmative and I can say I'm not the only person doing so, so your theory is already out the window.

I don't even think this Matt person exists. (Well, no, I know he did exist because I remember the threads that went crazy with hundreds of the exact same posts that drove everyone insane. I just don't think he posts here anymore.) But I think it's morphed into a catch-all to use for when someone posts an opinion you don't like and then actually has the ability to back it up with some decent logic.

by Hope Emersonreply 449Yesterday at 7:08 AM
by Hope Emersonreply 450Yesterday at 7:57 AM

So, apparently Tootsie wasn’t a documentary.

by Hope Emersonreply 451Yesterday at 8:31 AM

Correct, r451. Who cares if Hoffman was convincing as a woman r443? It’s a movie, it’s a STORY for fuck’s sake. Go with the flow instead of trying to resist. Even with all that I hope the show bombs

by Hope Emersonreply 452Yesterday at 9:47 AM

There are people who don't think Tootsie is wonderful. Now get therapy if you can't deal with it.

by Hope Emersonreply 453Yesterday at 9:59 AM

Wonderful or not, it’s not about whether he was convincing.

by Hope Emersonreply 454Yesterday at 10:07 AM

He wasn't convincing enough to pass as a woman does matter - because a woman as ugly as him would have been treated like shit in an entirely different way and everyone knows this.

The movie was just too fucking soft on Hoffman's ego.

Mrs Doubtfire, ironically, had Williams playing the kind of woman that is instantly invisible/ignored due to her age, weight and over the top attention seeking fluttering. It was a funnier movie, the drag was more on point and that aspect of a male pretending to be a woman actually worked. He passed because people make such a point to not look at women like that. But it also seems like a shit idea for a musical.

Tootsie is a terrible idea for a musical.

by Hope Emersonreply 455Yesterday at 1:24 PM

Yeah, well they made one in spite of your proclamation, r455. It must be so frustrating that no one asks you to weigh in when they are deciding what musicals to create. I know it's traumatic, but deal with it.

by Hope Emersonreply 456Yesterday at 2:15 PM

[quote]I'm one of the people discussing Tootsie in the affirmative and I can say I'm not the only person doing so, so your theory is already out the window.

If you're pro-Tootsie, then of course you're not the Loon. He's one of the Tootsie haters (or perhaps the only one). One of his telling earmarks is that he can't just state an opinion and move on. He has to browbeat anyone who disagrees with him, then he has to keep stating his opinion over and over again.

He hated Mary Poppins (because he was abused by whoever took him to see it, supposedly). By extension, he also hate Julie Andrews.

He of course hated Mary Poppins Returns, too, and by extension derided Emily Blunt continuously.

He hated Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. He worships at the Faye altar.

He's a proud Trumper/conservative, in spite of being gay.

He hates all trans people, and looks for the "antigay" in everything so he can protest.

He's a proud racist, as well.

He has Asperger's, apparently. Or some kind of mental condition, so he considers himself disabled and is on the lookout for abuse/discrimination against disabled people.

His name is Matt, and he lives in Salinas. At one time, someone posted his Twitter id, but I have no idea what it was. It was clearly him, though, saying all the same things.

Yes, he still posts on DL. All the time. He's a little more careful because he knows his colorful choice of words were giving him away. He tries not to response to Julie Andrews/Mary Poppins provocations because he knows they reveal him, but sometimes he just can't stop himself (like during the release of Mary Poppins Returns).

Here's something positive: He lost a ton of weight. His FB page revealed he no longer was the fat lump that he is in that cable episode where he is in drag as a fat female receptionist.

Here's one of his petitions.

by Hope Emersonreply 457Yesterday at 2:25 PM

Look, r457, you can say more or less whatever you want about an annoying poster, but you really have to stop short of diagnosing spectrum disorders. You're not qualified, and people like you who think it's smart to do this diminish the people who actually live with these disorders.

Why don't you be an adult, and a mensch, and knock it off.

by Hope Emersonreply 458Yesterday at 2:33 PM

R457 Jessica Christ, get a life honey, you seem really fucking sad and obsessed

by Hope Emersonreply 459Yesterday at 2:42 PM

Thank you, R457. Some people either don't know the level of crazy that the Loon brings to the table or are the Loon himself. It's good to see that many others recognize the tell-tale signs.

by Hope Emersonreply 460Yesterday at 2:56 PM

R460 Does he talk to himself?

by Hope Emersonreply 461Yesterday at 3:33 PM

This thread has devolved into Barbara Nichols territory.

by Hope Emersonreply 46212 hours ago

R457 made the case against [italic]Tootsie[/italic] and absolutely anything Julie Andrews or Ryan Murphy had anything to do with all by himself with his stalking, his projection of his own racism and ableism, his conspiracy theories about a single poster generating all criticism of a criminally overhyped and overrated movie, his thinly veiled sexism and homophobia that he projects onto others as tr*nsph*b** which isn’t even a real prejudice anyway because tr*ns is a choice and being gay isn’t. I bet you call lesbians TERFs, too, don’t you, you fetid traitor to the gay community?

And how have your grandparents enjoying Buenos Aires these past 64 years?

by Hope Emersonreply 46312 hours ago

Dorothy Michaels was a break-through lady. That’s why they picked up her option for another year.

I love Tootsie (saw it on opening day) and the only thing that kind of doesn’t make sense is the Sandy/Michael storyline which seems to exist in its own time. All the other relationships develop over a year but the idea that Michael would be able to avoid/put off Sandy for a whole year doesn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe 6 - 8 weeks but a year? No.

There’s a terrific Making of Tootsie book that states Pollack’s biggest concern was keeping it light, buoyant and briskly paced and at that I think he succeeds.

All this other stuff about “they didn’t make soaps that way,” etc. is just nonsense. It’s called “suspension of disbelief” cupcakes and it’s inherent in all dramatic forms.

Mrs. Doubtfire was total CRINGE. Can’t believe anyone would watch that dreck more than once.

by Hope Emersonreply 46412 hours ago

[italic]Mrs. Doubtfire[/italic] did more to bring gays into prominent supporting roles of a film that also had children in it. That’s a big deal.

by Hope Emersonreply 46512 hours ago

Well, it did put Harvey Fierstein in the gay role with a foghorn voice that might have been played earlier by Eddie "Rochester" Anderson or Lionel Stander.

by Hope Emersonreply 46612 hours ago

What if we take a break from Tootsie? This is a theater gossip thread. It’s not a Who Loves the Movie Tootsie thread.

by Hope Emersonreply 46712 hours ago

George Gaynes hitting on Dustin Hoffman only counts as bisexual at most.

by Hope Emersonreply 46812 hours ago

Sally Field actually has a gay son. Put that in perspective.

by Hope Emersonreply 46912 hours ago
by Hope Emersonreply 47012 hours ago

R467, there are so many theatre threads running at DL right now, you really do have your pick of conversations. You can choose from Gypsy, Follies or...Follies, Gypsy. Take your pick.

by Hope Emersonreply 47112 hours ago

Someone needs to do a medley of “Losing My Mind” And “Ladies Who Lunch” And call it “Losing My Lunch.”

by Hope Emersonreply 47212 hours ago


by Hope Emersonreply 47311 hours ago

[quote] All this other stuff about “they didn’t make soaps that way,” etc. is just nonsense. It’s called “suspension of disbelief” cupcakes and it’s inherent in all dramatic forms.

amen r464

by Hope Emersonreply 47410 hours ago

How about an all female Company retitled The Ladies Who Munch.

by Hope Emersonreply 47510 hours ago

How about comparing cute guys who've done productions of "The Full Monty" and "Naked Boys Singing"? That's worth a thread if ever there was! How about a thread title: "From Laura Noses to Naked Theater Guys' Hoses"?

by Hope Emersonreply 47610 hours ago

Noses Supposes his hoses like Roses So Noses Supposes He follows Gypsy.

Roses supposes that noses smell roses and Roses and hoses are plenty to see!

by Hope Emersonreply 47710 hours ago

If a work fails to achieve a willing suspension of disbelief in its audience, then if fails.

The concept is meant to explain why we are willing to accept a tap dancing chorus of commuters from Yonkers or twins separated at birth coming face-to-face, or some other improbability.

It is not a license for poorly plotted scriptwriting.

by Hope Emersonreply 47810 hours ago

And for all the numbskulls who always go about how Jessica Lange didn't deserve an Oscar, she is so clearly not Julie in Tootsie, whereas Teri Garr IS undoubtedly Sandy Lester. And I love them both.

by Hope Emersonreply 47910 hours ago

The Sandy Lester/Michael Dorsey relationship just barely pre-dated the Teri Garr/David Letterman dynamic that they played out on Late Night throughout the '80s.

by Hope Emersonreply 48010 hours ago

R460 made the case for both hate speech laws and capital punishment.

by Hope Emersonreply 4819 hours ago

The other factor in Lange's Oscar win for Tootise was her stunning performance in that year's Frances.

by Hope Emersonreply 4829 hours ago

Is Neverland in Encino?

by Hope Emersonreply 4838 hours ago
by Hope Emersonreply 4848 hours ago

Jessica Lange is no Fay Wray who seriously was a wonderful actress.

by Hope Emersonreply 4858 hours ago
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