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Breaking news! Dow just tumbled 700 points

More after the break!

by CNN reply 250Last Tuesday at 12:08 PM

It's due to Hurricane in Florida.

by CNN reply 110/10/2018

R1 No, rising interest rates.

by CNN reply 210/10/2018

No, r2. It's CHY-NA!

by CNN reply 310/10/2018

Sears is about to declare bankruptcy. Killed by Amazon. I wonder what that will do to my appliance service contract.

by CNN reply 410/10/2018

I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

by CNN reply 510/10/2018

Sears has been on life support for years. The only thing it had going for it was the kennmore brand.

by CNN reply 610/10/2018

I heard 1/3 of malls will be bankrupt in the next 5 years.

by CNN reply 710/10/2018

I think consumers and workers are going to regret the death of brick and mortar, bitterly.

by CNN reply 810/10/2018

Down 800 points

by CNN reply 910/10/2018

I can't breathe.

- Kelly

by CNN reply 1010/10/2018

[quote]I think consumers and workers are going to regret the death of brick and mortar, bitterly.

I know I will. I enjoy going into a store and browsing. (And yes, I buy 95% of my items from a brick and mortar). I'm in distress at Lord & Taylors closing their NYC store. I love the beauty and the architecture of these old stores.

by CNN reply 1110/10/2018

Ford is preparing for massive layoffs after losing $1 billion due to Trump's tariffs.

by CNN reply 1210/10/2018

The Dow closed 831 points lower as Intel and Microsoft fell more than 3.5 percent each. The Nasdaq plummeted more than 4 percent.

I wonder how tRump will spin this?

by CNN reply 1310/10/2018

24,000 job losses, I think, r12.

by CNN reply 1410/10/2018

tRumproast will blame anyone he can. He’s very sick and demented.

by CNN reply 1510/10/2018

The Rethuglicans are counting on the economy to keep them in power. Is this enough cumulatively to scare undecided and ambivalent voters into voting ? Will they vote straight democratic party line? I guess we will see how the market does tomorrow and Friday. Would this be an indication that all of tRump's policies, decisions, behavior have finally tipped the scale and started a recession ? So many questions here

by CNN reply 1610/10/2018

"It's a Correction" R13.

by CNN reply 1710/10/2018

Not all of those losses will be in the US, R14. And if I have anything to say about it, none of them will be in the USA.


by CNN reply 1810/10/2018

[quote] Ford is preparing for massive layoffs after losing $1 billion due to Trump's tariffs.

by CNN reply 1910/10/2018

3rd largest single day drop in history.

by CNN reply 2010/10/2018

i feel good coz i totally missed the ride up. I was gonna put money in the market but never did ( before Trump became POTUS).

by CNN reply 2110/10/2018

What's the consensus as to cause? It can't be all about Sears.

by CNN reply 2210/10/2018

Thrid largest single day POINT drop, r20. If it was the third largest PERCENTAGE drop then we'd be in deep shit.

by CNN reply 2310/10/2018

oh come now, r23. my post sounds so much more dramatic and fabulous. lets just go with that.

by CNN reply 2410/10/2018

Kavanaugh was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

by CNN reply 2510/10/2018

This is fake news. The dow is tremendous. It is the best. It will make all of us rich. It is tremendous.

by CNN reply 2610/10/2018

Its massive and its growing! Believe me!

by CNN reply 2710/10/2018

If those idiotic supporters of the biggest idiot in WH said Dow going up was because Donnie the Orange this is his fault, too? Economy will start to show the results from the decisions made by WH and gop.

by CNN reply 2810/10/2018

Supposedly it tanked because of remarks by the Federal Reserve chair.

by CNN reply 2910/10/2018

Oh, crap.... Ignore r29. That was an older article. Sorry!

by CNN reply 3010/10/2018

USA Today has a pretty gloomy take on it.

by CNN reply 3110/10/2018

The Washington Post has a much more balanced take.

by CNN reply 3210/10/2018

It tanked on a few things...treasury bond yields went up, Ford is feeling the impact of tarrifs and China isn't buying bonds.

by CNN reply 3310/10/2018

It's because Taylor Swift told people to vote Democrat. The tighter the grip the GOP has, the better the stock market does.

by CNN reply 3410/10/2018

Sarah Sanders said this is nothing, so don't worry about it. What does Sarah have her degree in?

by CNN reply 3510/10/2018

Once we take congress Trump will blame us if the economy worsens. He needs no proof, all he has todo is say it and the media will trumpet his charge and a huge chunk of America will believe it.

"Those dirty soon they got congress they started working against you. This is all their doing. They keep me from making the economic miracles I could deliver if only they weren't here. Remember how good the economy was before they got in? It was great. All you have to know is that democrats won and you are now losing, folks. Better start voting GOP again."

And Chuck schumer will pull his granny shawl around his shoulders and look up from his teeny lady reading glasses and say, "Oh pshaw. Everyone knows that's not true. I have to go now for my prostate exam. Goodnight. "

Democrats better be prepared for it. As soon as we win, they'll blame everything on us.

by CNN reply 3610/10/2018

At this point and with this much traffic...people would rather order stuff on line.

by CNN reply 3710/10/2018

Thanks Fed Chair for trying to tank the economy so Trump will lose in 2020. Trump said "fed has gone crazy"

by CNN reply 3810/10/2018

I feel more than $25k lighter today! Thanks, Donald!

by CNN reply 3910/10/2018

Deplorables don’t have stock so...

by CNN reply 4010/10/2018

How dare the Fed do what they've always done in the past, R38! Particularly with Trump's own hand-picked chair.

by CNN reply 4110/10/2018

[quote]Deplorables don’t have stock so...

But some work for Ford or did.

by CNN reply 4210/10/2018

I'm all for another recession if it means Trump and Republicans get voted out of office. Unfortunately, a bad economy is what it's going to take before people finally wake up.

by CNN reply 4310/10/2018

Personally, I look forward to the MAGA idiots trying to explain why Trump was personally responsible for the stock market growth when it went up and how he had nothing to do with it when it went down.

Heads, I win; tails, you lose.

by CNN reply 4410/10/2018

I told y'all this was coming.

It is going to bottom out around the week of the 22nd.

by CNN reply 4510/10/2018

Relax, ladies. We know you want the sky to fall so you can clutch your pearls and have the vapors, but it isn't.

by CNN reply 4610/10/2018

[quote] Personally, I look forward to the MAGA idiots trying to explain why Trump was personally responsible for the stock market growt

All he needs to do is say It and it's magically true.

"Look how great the economy is, folks. So great. So very great. Best stock market in the history of the world. Best growth America has ever had in the economy, believe me. Trump made that happen. It happened because of Trump and the great policies enacted by this administration. So true. So very true. We're making America great again. Trump is making America great again. Don't let the dirty democrat dogs take away the great Trump economy. Don't do it, folks."

And his rabid cultists believe it. They don't need it explained to them and they don't need to explain it. It just IS. They'll say, "I'm not an economist (like global warming deniers say "I'm not a scientist"). The economy is great and even the liberal media agrees it is."

by CNN reply 4710/10/2018

Historically, the DOW always plummets in October....look at past nose dives October

by CNN reply 4810/10/2018

Market tumbles on the news that Joe Giudice to be deported.

by CNN reply 4910/10/2018’s Dianne Feinstein’s fault. .....but HER emails.. .....fake news.’s Obama’s fault.’s God’s punishment because of the liberals. .....but Fox News didn’t say anything, so it’s not true.

by CNN reply 5010/10/2018

Tax Cut Karma

by CNN reply 5110/10/2018

Will the American dollar lower?

by CNN reply 5210/10/2018

R52 No it’s safe haven

by CNN reply 5310/10/2018

I am still upset that record stores like Virgin and toy stores like TRU and FAO are closed! B&N is slowly following, but on life support. I like Amazon just as much as the next guy for convenience, but miss the physical atmosphere in those stores.

by CNN reply 5410/10/2018

It will rise again

by CNN reply 5510/10/2018

[quote] It will rise again

Like Donald Trump's penis?

by CNN reply 5610/10/2018

I moved 20k into an ETF the day before the falling started, because I read several articles that indicated that October, despite the black days, is the best month for increases and this October was primed to be a big gainer. The whole thing is rigged against individual investors.

by CNN reply 5710/10/2018

" I like Amazon just as much as the next guy for convenience."

What convenience? Order a book from Amazon on Saturday, it arrives Tuesday. I could drive to the local Barnes & Noble and back about 150 times in that time period.

by CNN reply 5810/10/2018

Thank you, R23. I about had an infarction.

by CNN reply 5910/10/2018

But you'd have to put on pants, R58.

by CNN reply 6010/10/2018

"The sky is falling!!!!! The sky is falling!!!!!"

by CNN reply 6110/10/2018

I'm glad that Trump-voting Ford workers are getting fucked hard. Too bad for Democrats, though.

by CNN reply 6210/10/2018

It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s the Feds.

by CNN reply 6310/10/2018

Well, it also wasn't Trump's fault that the stock market grew but he certainly claimed credit for it, so he can take the blame when it plummets.

by CNN reply 6410/10/2018

R54 - Worried about B&N? Just as bad as Amazon when it comes to destroying independent bookstores.

by CNN reply 6510/10/2018

President Shitgibbon said the Fed's "gone crazy".

Do these people know they're projecting like 200 slide projectors operating in synch?

by CNN reply 6610/10/2018

Blame Hillary! She emailed about plotting to crash the stock market in conjunction with the illuminati and Soros and all those missing kids from the pizza place in the basement of Benghazi and then she deleted the emails, so lock her up!!

by CNN reply 6710/10/2018

[quote]Sarah Sanders said this is nothing, so don't worry about it.

She doesn't have to worry. All of her money is invested in Canadian Allied Petroleum.

by CNN reply 6810/10/2018

It’s going further down. Insiders have been selling off for months in anticipation. Trump will try and blame the Fed for raising interest rates, but he helped create the run up with his excess tax cuts. The deplorables will turn on him when they realize their retirement savings of jobs (to the extent they have either) are going to tank. Donnie Darko is also running up the deficit like a cheap whore with a credit card. China is kicking him right in the balls. They are smarter and have money.

by CNN reply 6910/10/2018

We’ve only fallen back to where we were at the beginning of June. It’s not that big a deal. Though I’ve lost a lot of unearned income!

by CNN reply 7010/10/2018

Only fools think we can avoid the inevitable crash. 10 years was a good run.

by CNN reply 7110/10/2018

JC Penny, too, is due to go under.

by CNN reply 7210/10/2018

I sold 40% of my aggressive investments since February and bought bonds or more conservative mutual funds. Still took a bath today.

by CNN reply 7310/10/2018

Oh no. Sarah Sanders as stock market expert is a joke.

by CNN reply 7410/10/2018

What degree does the Huckstress have? Why, a Phd in Cuntonomics of course.

by CNN reply 7510/10/2018

BUT........... WHAT ABOUT HER EMAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!

by CNN reply 7610/10/2018

Nosferatu, how did you know this was going to happen? I do seem to recall your prediction.

by CNN reply 7710/10/2018

Reasons: Fed; hurricane; tariffs; overvalued; lack of confidence; that little report that says we only have 12 years to act on global warming; Trump all out of good luck

by CNN reply 7810/10/2018

R77, May I just repeat my prediction?

Trump is an unstable lunatic. His trade policies are not thought out at all. None of his policies are thought out, actually. The Mueller investigation will contribute to political instability. Trump might get arrested, actually. The market was over-valued. A correction was inevitable. The end.

No one ever believes me.

by CNN reply 7910/10/2018

Has Trump tried to blame Obama yet?

by CNN reply 8010/10/2018

Maybe people want their cash if we all are going to die by 2030. It's like a run on banks during the Great Depression.

by CNN reply 8110/10/2018

They're moving money into bonds, that's all.

by CNN reply 8210/10/2018

[quote] Democrats better be prepared for it. As soon as we win, they'll blame everything on us.

In case you haven't noticed R36 Trump never stopped blaming Democrats for everything bad.

by CNN reply 8310/10/2018

PS, if you want to get rid of Trump, sell all your stocks. It's the only way for you to protect your money and teach him a lesson. The 1% U.S. is out way ahead of you.

by CNN reply 8410/10/2018

Right now, it's just a one-day drop. It will be interesting to see what happens the rest of this month. We're overdue for a correction but nobody knows just when it will happen, how severe it will be, how long it will last, and what will trigger it. Since so much of this is based on psychology, there is no way to predict.

by CNN reply 8510/10/2018

Maybe this will spark a panic that will hit other markets and collapse everything. Winning!

by CNN reply 8610/10/2018

R5, the S&P 500 has been falling since 10/3, so it’s a bit more than one day. We could see a 20%-30% drop. But it’s really impossible to predict accurately..

by CNN reply 8710/10/2018

^ I meant R85, not R5.

by CNN reply 8810/10/2018

Except psychology can diagnose, which is actually articulated above. The risk factors are all known.

by CNN reply 8910/10/2018

I believe you, R79.

by CNN reply 9010/10/2018

I agree with you, too, R89. I don’t get this whole “Who knows what will happen?” or “It’s just a correction” nonsense. Economists have been predicting things... very bad, not good things.”

by CNN reply 9110/10/2018

If the Chinese sell their $1Trillion+ in Treasury Bonds then today's interest rate rise will look tiny in comparison.

by CNN reply 9210/10/2018

Trump sure wasn't talking correction a few months ago. Idjut.

by CNN reply 9310/10/2018

If Soros would just pay all those protesters what he owes them, they could invest it and the market would bounce back overnight.

by CNN reply 9410/10/2018

Official White House Response:

[quote]"The fundamentals and future of the U.S. economy remain incredibly strong. Unemployment is at a fifty year low, taxes for families and businesses have been cut, regulations and red tape have been slashed, paychecks are getting fatter, consumer and small business confidence are setting records, and farmers, ranchers and manufacturers are empowered by better trade deals. President Trump's economic policies are the reasons for these historic successes and they have created a solid base for continued growth."

Trump's comments:

[quote]he said "the Fed has gone crazy when asked about the market drop, saying they are too tight

[quote]he said "it would have been very unfair" to the people who wanted to see the rally for him to have canceled.

by CNN reply 9510/10/2018

On the bright side, you buy when the market is down

by CNN reply 9610/10/2018

R96 Gurl! This ain't "down" yet.

by CNN reply 9710/10/2018

[quote]he said "it would have been very unfair" to the people who wanted to see the rally for him to have canceled.

What is this in response to?

by CNN reply 9810/10/2018

They asked him if he were still going to hold a rally tonight, since there is a hurricane and a stock market plunge to deal with.

by CNN reply 9910/10/2018

That was in response to him possibly canceling his rally in Erie Pa tonight because of the hurricane.

by CNN reply 10010/10/2018

I'm not so sure it's just a correction. Market is due for a bounce but the futures are still dropping after-hours.

by CNN reply 10110/10/2018

Will the people of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas remember that Donnie Darko (love it) chose an effing fundraising rally and his fatass ego instead of them?!

by CNN reply 10210/10/2018

Futures dropping after hours aren't an indication of where the market will actually open, r101.

by CNN reply 10310/10/2018

What did fat fuck day at the rally that was offensive? You know he said something shitty.

by CNN reply 10410/10/2018

Breaking news! Dow just tumbled 700 points

At least WE will be safe -

by CNN reply 10510/10/2018

Is this an ELE?

by CNN reply 10610/10/2018

We’re still about 4% up, for the calandar year, so it’s too early to panic. We could fall another 15% and it won’t be anything unusual. Plus, I’m wondering if Mueller might do something before the election, since it’s very clear that Sessions and Rosenstein are both out after the election.

by CNN reply 10710/10/2018

October 2008, I remember it well. It was ten years ago this month when I lost all financial security because of the WaMu failure, which was the onset of the 21st Century's Great Depression. Within a matter of mere minutes, I lost everything, all financial security, along with thousands, upon thousands of others.

Get ready.

by CNN reply 10810/10/2018

The market has been trending down for the past month. I think it will be in full correction mode before the year is up.

The housing market has also been cooling for the past few months. It's only going to get worse as rates continue to rise.

And why aren't more people complaining about the cost of gasoline? All those people bought SUVs with the belief that gas would stay permanently low. I guess those middle-class tax cuts are being wiped out every time they pull up to the gas pump. And wait till they see their heating bills go up this winter.

by CNN reply 10910/10/2018

[quote]R54 I like Amazon just as much as the next guy for convenience, but miss the physical atmosphere in those stores.

You can decorate your home like a store, if you want?

You can buy the shelving, signage, and checkout stands cheap from the stores that are closing.

by CNN reply 11010/10/2018

Fuck you tRump and the assholes who turned my state Red

by CNN reply 11110/10/2018

But he was suposta make us all bilonairs. And kill all dem brown peeple.

by CNN reply 11210/10/2018

It's all Obama's fault! And Hillary's, somehow!

by CNN reply 11310/10/2018

[quote]JC Penny, too, is due to go under

I am a tall guy and I like ordering my xtra tall work pants from JC Penny's, I hope they make it. It is still the cornerstone of our local mall and the nostalgia factor alone I want it to make it. My mom is bummed that our Younkers closed.

by CNN reply 11410/10/2018

But Amazon only has junk...

by CNN reply 11510/10/2018


by CNN reply 11610/10/2018

The Federal Reserve has a history of always killing economic booms and pushing us into recession with severe interest rate hikes. Someone needs to be brave enough to point out the obvious, that the Fed has no idea what it's doing. They use a textbook from decades ago and accordingly always think that low unemployment leads to inflation. Inflation was already under control. Plus, higher interest rates are a form of inflation for everyone who has debts. The Fed only cares about the investor class, not working people. I hope Trump goes after the Fed.

by CNN reply 11710/11/2018

"I heard 1/3 of malls will be bankrupt in the next 5 years."

Then where will gangs have their rumbles?

by CNN reply 11810/11/2018

[quote] The Federal Reserve has a history of always killing economic booms and pushing us into recession with severe interest rate hikes.

R117 your lack of understanding of the Federal Reserve system is astounding. Eventually there will be an economic down turn, and the Fed will need to lower interest rates then to boost the economy. If those interest rates are already low, it will limit the Fed's power to help pull the US and probably the world out of the economic down turn.

A booming economy WILL lead to inflation, it is the Fed's responsibility to keep inflation down, increased interest rates will do that. The US is recording record deficits, to fund those deficits there needs to be a high enough interest rate to attract investors into buying US debt.

Even Trump, when he was running for President criticized the Fed for keeping interest rates too low. Now that he is President he complains about them going up.

by CNN reply 11910/11/2018

It's because of #MeToo

by CNN reply 12010/11/2018

2 hours until the market opens, and futures indicate it'll open down another 300.

by CNN reply 12110/11/2018

I always take our money out of the stock market at the end of September. Glad I did it this year too.

by CNN reply 12210/11/2018

Damn! All the cruise toilets in my area are at 2 JC Penney and 2 Sears stores. What are we supposed to do for breakfast/lunch quickies? Back to bathhouses and parks?

by CNN reply 12310/11/2018

I put enough money in money market funds to carry me over the next 2+ years, so not worried. I wouldn't be surprised if the market recovers by the end of the month. The real recession will hit next year.

by CNN reply 12410/11/2018

I'm retired and have only $250K in the market to last the rest of my life (along with SS). It went from $251K to $241K yesterday and I'm half and half between stocks and bonds. This is bad. Like 2008. I lost 25% back then and it's why I'm practically broke today. FUCK!!! Should I take my money out????

by CNN reply 12510/11/2018

R125 I’m in the same condition as you. I moved my money to CDs last month because I had lost about $500 since the beginning of the year despite the supposedly great market. I’d rather earn a small return than suffer small losses. The stock/bond market feels too much like gambling to me.

My home is my other asset. I’ve been thinking about selling it and I should have done it last year because now it needs a new roof and interest rates are rising and I am going to end up getting a lot less for it. So frustrating and depressing.

by CNN reply 12610/11/2018

[quote] R117: Someone needs to be brave enough to point out the obvious, that the Fed has no idea what it's doing... I hope Trump goes after the Fed

Or, maybe you just don’t understand the subject? Trump certainly doesnt. He’s already wrecked political alliances, climate change, the rule of law, and more. Let’s not have him apply his “gut” on the Fed, too.

by CNN reply 12710/11/2018

I wonder if Trump has consulted with himself yet, on this subject. I bet he make himself make an appointment and call himself “Mr. Trump “.

by CNN reply 12810/11/2018

[quote] R125: FUCK!!! Should I take my money out????

Probably. It reads as though the volatility of the market makes it an unsuitable investment for you.

by CNN reply 12910/11/2018

R117 -- Russkie Troll, you go home and you not stir up pot like good American won't do.

by CNN reply 13010/11/2018

R22, multiple factors. This will continue, in my estimation. The market will rally after today, and more drops will ensue.

Tech is going to revolutionize the market, and it will not all be “a good thing”. We just aren’t equipped to handle the pace, at this point in time.

The hit we will take on tarifa will continue systematically. We will see the full effects, in six months to a year.

There is always a way to beat the market, however. Study up on how it’s done, and research the hell out of multiple sectors. Don’t rely on your brokers/ financial advisors to do it for you, because most will not. They only pay attention to their big money accounts. Do the research, and advise them on what to do. I’ve worked in this industry for most of my adult life, so I know.

by CNN reply 13110/11/2018

[quote]it's why I'm practically broke today. FUCK!!!


by CNN reply 13210/11/2018

[quote] R117: Plus, higher interest rates are a form of inflation for everyone who has debts.

If you have fixed interest rate debit, the opposite is true. Higher inflation generally decreases the cost to you to pay the interest on that debt.

If you have variable rate debit, it’s still not necessarily true. In theory your interest rates simply track inflation so the net is zero.

by CNN reply 13310/11/2018

still going down

by CNN reply 13410/11/2018

All the indices are going up right now

by CNN reply 13510/11/2018

Kanye the other highly stable “genius” is fixing all the country's problems.

by CNN reply 13610/11/2018

Eighteen months ago I needed a AAA tow. The tow-driver was a chatty guy who’d been on the job years, and as I rode in the cab with him to the garage, I asked him what he thought of the new President. He pondered a while then responded: “Well, my modest IRA is doing well, and everyone keeps saying he’s a successful, clever business man, but then I think that he bankrupted a casino. Who bankrupts a casino?” These words keep returning to me.

-- NYT Comment

by CNN reply 13710/11/2018

Problem is that if we're headed toward a recession, people won't feel it big time until next summer-fall - then they'll blame the Dems in congress since they'll control at least the house. Donald will surely get that msg out.

"Sears has been on life support for years. The only thing it had going for it was the kennmore brand."

True. However, the "Kenmore brand" is merely slapping the brand name on products made by others like Whirlpool and GE.

by CNN reply 13810/11/2018

R125 & R126 Do not sell you will turn a paper loss into a real loss. That's what screwed many people in 2008, I have a friend who did this he panicked and sold his investments. Today he has no retirement savings and will have to work the rest of his life.

by CNN reply 13910/11/2018

R125 Don't listen to R139 $10k Loss versus $100k when Dump wrecks the market. Sell now and stay out until it dives.

by CNN reply 14010/11/2018

it will bounce back already is...

by CNN reply 14110/11/2018

Hold me, DL! I'm scared!

by CNN reply 14210/11/2018

Down another couple hundred today and falling.

by CNN reply 14310/11/2018

Is it bouncing back or is it down another couple hundred? Both can’t be true.

by CNN reply 14410/11/2018

It's both. After dropping ~300 points it's now bouncing back.

by CNN reply 14510/11/2018

Better thread title: "10/10/18 Dow tumbled 700 points."

Save Breaking for comment block.

by CNN reply 14610/11/2018

And then DROPPING again.

Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.

by CNN reply 14710/11/2018

Kanye will fix it!

by CNN reply 14810/11/2018

MSNBC is just covering the dang hurricane. How can I get real-time updates on the rise and fall of the indices?

by CNN reply 14910/11/2018


by CNN reply 15010/11/2018

What hurricane, R149?

by CNN reply 15110/11/2018

I hope all the people who bought those big SUVs when gas was cheap are getting fleeced right now.

by CNN reply 15210/11/2018

Looks like we picked the wrong time to make cars.

by CNN reply 15310/11/2018

To STOP making cars...

by CNN reply 15410/11/2018

I have a Ford Fiesta. Last week I traveled form Albuquerque to Denver and back and spent less than $40 in gas. Ford's decision to stop making cars and concentrate on big ass SUVs and pickups was one hell of short sighted decision.

by CNN reply 15510/11/2018

Just Google djia, r149, The page loads with real time Dow info with graph up top and if you scroll down a bit you will see real time quotes for the other major indices.

by CNN reply 15610/11/2018

Trump is doing what he always does when there is bad economic news--ignore it.

by CNN reply 15710/11/2018

I’m sorry to say it because it will hurt some people who don’t deserve it, but I hope the market keeps going down until Trump & the Repubs have to pay. Right before the midterms is great timing.

by CNN reply 15810/11/2018

trump will say the market is going down vecaus3 the fake media keeps saying democrats will win congress & the stock market is scared of that. “You see folks? The dishonest media says democrats will win some seats and guess what happens when Wall Street hears that? They start selling, b3cause 5hey know democrats are bad for the economy.”

Trump is a fly-ridden moist pile of dogshit, but he has one talent and one talent only — smearing.

And he’s fantastically good at it.

He can turn anything around and lay it on someone else & his pack of braying deplorables will believe him. All of the RWNJ outlets — Faux, Breitabort, newsmax, Daily Caller, RCP, TMZ, Enquirer, Drudge — will parrot his nonsense to all the low information cretins out there.

by CNN reply 15910/11/2018

Thank you R156.

by CNN reply 16010/11/2018

r116 I only WISH gas were $3.00 a gallon.

by CNN reply 16110/11/2018

I’m visiting the us from Canada at the end of the month will this make the dollar drop? Should I wait before I buy US cash?

by CNN reply 16210/11/2018

Down 500+ points (>2.0%) as of 2:45 EST

by CNN reply 16310/11/2018

Make that -600+ points!

by CNN reply 16410/11/2018

Ouch.... some folks are panicking, clearly.

by CNN reply 16510/11/2018

Down 2.5% in VALUE from today’s opening. But the day isn’t over. Stay tuned!

by CNN reply 16610/11/2018

[quote] some folks are panicking, clearly.

An all-too-predictable and obvious by-product of the republican'ts wholesale repeal of all regulations on the financial industry.

by CNN reply 16710/11/2018

It's due in part to unease over China and confidence in the administration. Even more, rising interest rates (which is healthy in a booming economy) and increased bond yields- stocks always lose value. So necessary adjustments to an overheated market.

The real danger is the new tax law piling on the deficit. When we do hit a recession we will be unable to stimulate our way out. The tax law passed by the GOP is irresponsible beyond words. All they did during Obama's terms was rant about the deficit (and he decreased deficit spending dramatically). They or course are doing just the opposite. It's wild. The GOP is a party gone mad.

Meanwhile, as always, investing in the stock market (equity) is not for the short term- it's about long term investing. Any other approach is for the speculators- most of whom rely on illegal information if they want a chance for success. I will not sell. I'll ride it out. I've been at this rodeo many times.

by CNN reply 16810/11/2018

What should a person with 15 years until retirement do? That doesn't seem "long term" to me.

by CNN reply 16910/11/2018

What R168 said. Nicely written.

by CNN reply 17010/11/2018

15 years is still long term, R169. I'd ride it out, personally.

by CNN reply 17110/11/2018

R139, you don’t sell IRAs or 401Ks. You either reallocate your positions, or you draw them out through annuities, roll them over, or cash them in with various tax penalties, depending on your age and/or why.

by CNN reply 17210/11/2018

You could, in theory, convert the investments to cash, though, R172, which would have the impact of "selling."

by CNN reply 17310/11/2018

R173, correct. That’s why I included “cash them in, with various tax penalties, depending on your age and/or why”.

I’ve done this for years, R173. I knew to include that. 👍🏼

by CNN reply 17410/11/2018

I moved many of my assets to bonds in late September. Nosferatu saw this coming in the stars.

Market down, bonds up, Nosferatu pleased he can still read stars, omens and portents after all these years.

by CNN reply 17510/11/2018

[quote]What should a person with 15 years until retirement do?

Make sure you have food on your table

by CNN reply 17610/11/2018

Amen, r168. We very close to spending more on our interest payments than we are in military spending and that should scate the shit out of people.

by CNN reply 17710/11/2018

Scate = scare ^

by CNN reply 17810/11/2018

600 points down. What was that about everything being fine?

by CNN reply 17910/11/2018

R175, did you mean Nostradamus, or is the vampire reference a joke I'm just not getting?

by CNN reply 18010/11/2018

Nosferatu sees all r180

by CNN reply 18110/11/2018

Unless the market turns around in the next couple of months 2018 looks like a bust. My 401K was up over 11% at one point and when I checked this morning it was only up 4%. I'm assuming it's around zero at the moment. It did much better last year.

by CNN reply 18210/11/2018

This guy is predicting this downturn will continue through 2019, and the DOW will eventually jump to 40,000. Keep in mind the highest the DOW has gone so far is around 27,000.

by CNN reply 18310/11/2018

It does look like 2018 will be a bust for the market. I don't see the market hitting the highs it hit January until,the China issue is resolved.

by CNN reply 18410/11/2018

Dow 40,000?!

Can someone who understands this stuff better than the layman explain in sub-layman terms how the Dow can climb to 40,000 while yesterday & today’s downturn will continue for another year?

by CNN reply 18510/11/2018

is it okay to invest in gold - considered a safe haven when stocks are tumbling?

by CNN reply 18610/11/2018

Let’s hope tomorrow it drops another 1,000 points.

by CNN reply 18710/11/2018

[quote]Meanwhile, as always, investing in the stock market (equity) is not for the short term- it's about long term investing. Any other approach is for the speculators- most of whom rely on illegal information if they want a chance for success. I will not sell. I'll ride it out. I've been at this rodeo many times. This is why I said don't sell and turn your paper loss into a real loss. The market will go back up. I have also rode out downturns and my equities have always gone higher.

by CNN reply 18810/11/2018

I would normally keep holding even during a recession, but under this administration and with climate change threatening our very existence, I might just sell. The usual rules don't seem to apply in these crazy times

by CNN reply 18910/11/2018

[quote] Can someone who understands this stuff better than the layman explain in sub-layman terms how the Dow can climb to 40,000

R185 it is a guess and he is probably correct someday and while I didn't read the link I am pretty sure he didn't give a time table when it will hit 40,000. Someday surely it will hit 40,000, just as one day 27,000 seemed impossible. Don't pay that much attention to anyone person's predictions they stand as good a chance as being wrong as being right.

The DowJones is a terrible indicator, it only tracks 30 large stocks, while the S&P tracks 500 stocks and the Russell 2000 tracks 2000 stocks. I wouldn't put much faith in the Dow but all the indexes tend to go up or down at the same time.

by CNN reply 19010/11/2018

Please sir, may I have another?

by CNN reply 19110/11/2018

The market still seems very unstable. It may yo-yo a bit because of positive earnings etc. But I think it’s going down because US is in so much debt - both government and citizens. Big drops like these are caused by ETFs and other funds selling, not individual investors. I think most people know you can’t keep going up indefinitely without some kind of major crash coming.

by CNN reply 19210/11/2018

PS, the market is not going from 25 to 40 - maybe in a decade after a crash. More likely it’s going down to 15.

by CNN reply 19310/11/2018

Well, my company's stock went up today, so I'm good....

by CNN reply 19410/11/2018

[quote]That’s why I included “cash them in, with various tax penalties, depending on your age and/or why”.

You misunderstood. In many IRA and 401(k) accounts, cash is an option. So you can sell your stock, keep the cash in the retirement fund, and not incur any penalty.

by CNN reply 19510/11/2018

The Dow was way, way, way overstated. I'd rather it plunge than go up anymore, and I own plenty of stock.

by CNN reply 19610/11/2018

That’s what I did, R196. I think I will buy CDs for now. My nerves can’t stand the drama. I don’t have a fortune and I can’t afford to lose what I have. I’m already retired.

by CNN reply 19710/11/2018

r197, I hope you like to pay income taxes because they'll hit you with capital gains fiercely.

by CNN reply 19810/11/2018

What? I didn’t take the money out of the IRA. There is no taxable event.

by CNN reply 19910/11/2018

I can retire pretty much anytime in the next 6 years, I think. I'd prefer that we go through the correction/downturn sooner rather than later, as that will let me see whether I truly do have enough to weather the storm. If I do, I'm outta here. If not, I'll stay with the grind for another half dozen years and save/invest like crazy.

by CNN reply 20010/11/2018

one more day of crashing is all I'm praying for!

by CNN reply 20110/11/2018

We should all be BUYING stock right now.

by CNN reply 20210/11/2018

not yet, R202. Wait til it hits bottom.

Let's hope the stock market isn't an insatiable bottom, eh?

by CNN reply 20310/11/2018

Grand Maul Seizures ??

by CNN reply 20410/11/2018

And we're up 300+ plus so far.

by CNN reply 20510/12/2018

If you are 10 plus years from retiring just keep buying automatically in your 401k and Roth accounts and focus on your job/life. Ignore the market noise and don't try to time it.

by CNN reply 20610/12/2018

Definitely caused by higher rates

by CNN reply 20710/12/2018

And we’re back below the start by -30 pts

by CNN reply 20810/12/2018

Now back + 287 on the Dow!


by CNN reply 20910/12/2018

Stocks are so fucking manipulated by the rich that it's ridiculous. The fact that so many people base their determination on the health of the economy on the stock market alone is insane.

by CNN reply 21010/12/2018

Most people are idiots and the stock market indices are one number that they can concentrate on r210

by CNN reply 21110/12/2018

And since the head of the idiots thinks that he’s responsible for the stock market gains and that is the only indicator that the economy is soaring, then I am hoping the market crashes.

by CNN reply 21210/12/2018

God it went down; it was way overstated. Maybe it will stabilize now.Thank

by CNN reply 21310/12/2018

You want to try that again in English, R213.

by CNN reply 21410/12/2018

I'm guessing that he's saying that it was good that it went down because it was too overvalued. And now that it has declined a bit, maybe it will stabilize.

It might stabilize now but it's still overvalued.

by CNN reply 21510/12/2018

Don’t forget I predicted this too!

There was one poster who said he believed me, but I don’t believe him!

by CNN reply 21610/12/2018

[quote] R194: Well, my company's stock went up today, so I'm good....

There are few things as certain as this: you should not invest in your own employer. If it runs into trouble, you could lose your job and your investments on the same day.

by CNN reply 21710/12/2018

Oh, I know, R217, but I work in the tech industry, so a certain portion of my compensation comes from stock awards. I keep a small percentage of those shares and sell the rest, using the proceeds to invest in low-cost index funds. The post was mostly a joke, a la Enron.

by CNN reply 21810/12/2018

When guys stop sucking cock, then I'll worry.

by CNN reply 21910/12/2018

The S & P 500 is still up 3.6% for the year, so this week is really quite nothing. When it drops to where it was 3 years ago or more, then complain. I think it will eventually fall far more than this, for the reasons I gave in R79.

Whoever was asking about selling, well, it all depends - on so much! But if you are aggressively invested, I would (and actually did) move to a more conservative mix.

As for gold as an investment, R186, the gold fetishists have really turned me off to the idea. And it still depends on so much! If you do buy gold, it’s always wise to stay diversified, meaning, don’t put everything into gold. Maybe 10% might be wise, though “your mileage may vary”, i.e., your situation may dictate a different strategy.

by CNN reply 22010/12/2018

What a crazy week. We recouped a little today, but nerve racking. October seems to be a bad month for the wild rides in the stock market... the 1929 crash..2008.

by CNN reply 22110/12/2018

Ah-ha, R218! Sounds good. I worked for Lotus in Cambridge in 1992, and got the same stock rewards.

I feel bad for the folks at Enron.

My sister has worked for AT&T for 30 years. Though it’s not the same company it once was. And now it’s Frontier Corp., and the stock is really dragging. Of course, it was a high flyer and is now scraping the floor, though it was a slow motion failure.

I got her out of company stock about 10 years ago. I’ve made her a bundle, though she is so uninterested in the market that she has no idea how well she’s doing. I just checked one investment for her son, and it’s up 27% per year, for 5 years, by average.

by CNN reply 22210/12/2018

Being retired, I have a conservative percentage in have to be in for some gains. I'm not a fan of the stock market, though.. don't have the stomach for drops like this week. I was told to ride it out, and look at it as opportunities of buying more stocks at a lower price. Ok....

by CNN reply 22310/12/2018

Can someone recommend a website for a mutual fund fantasy portfolio, that tracks a reinvestment of distributions? I use Fidelity’s site, but I don’t think they track that. I think, though haven’t verified, that distributions are just ignored. So, if you have a fund that is up 100%, but then pays a 50% distribution, it will report that the fund is up 0%. That really irritates me. Ty.

by CNN reply 22410/12/2018

I have enough saved now to buy Vanguard Admiral shares with their lower costs. I want to do something attached to the whole market like an ETF or index fund but when I look at their site my eyes just cross because I don't know what all the different numbers mean and can't really tell if one of their funds is better than another for straight forward, simple investing. I have 25 years before I might retire but might need access to the money in an emergency because I don't make a lot annually so can't afford to lose a big portion of it. I've been holding off until the correction comes, which seems inevitable.

Any advice from those on this thread who seem to know what they're talking about?

by CNN reply 22510/12/2018

Inside traders of the 1% make money weather the market goes up or down. The Trumpanos probably made millions on tuesday. You mom and pop Investors worrying about you piss ant 401k's might as well go to Vegas, at least it's not rigged.

by CNN reply 22610/12/2018

I made $2,700 by buying the stocks low yesterday. It's not really hard to do, if you have even a 3rd grade education. What goes down, goes back up and what goes up, comes down.

Buy low, sell high.

by CNN reply 22710/12/2018

R226, it's rather silly to pretend that an average investor cannot make money on the market, when investing in a low-cost index fund, which anyone can do, will return an average of 8% or so over the long haul. That's better than you'll get in Vegas.

by CNN reply 22810/12/2018

R225, it’s really impossible to “time the market”, so adjust your expectations about investing at the bottom.

Vanguard must have a customer support line, no? Can you call and ask them?

Does Vanguard also have Commodore funds? Admiral funds sounds queer to me.

A few of my friends were likewise cross eyed about all the choices in their 401k plans. The trick is to choose wisely, but just jump in. I got my friends in, in 2009 and 2010, so you can imagine their gains today. They must have tripled their money, or better by now. Not that I get so much as a Christmas card. Anyway, pick a fund, then put a little in. Don’t put all your money in at once. I would put 10% a month in, for 10 months.

Vanguard must have a graph-facility where you can compare multiple funds, no? If not, Yahoo finance does. Plunk down your top 5 favorite funds and see what their 1, 3, and 5 year returns look like compared to each other. Though, if you invest in an index fund, you could skip this and assume you match the index.

by CNN reply 22910/12/2018

R225, your starting point for stocks should be Vanguard VTSAX - the total stock market index fund. Tracks the market as a whole, and dirt cheap to boot.

by CNN reply 23010/12/2018

R229 is right. Go with an index fund. Trying to time the market is a mug's game - just invest, and over time you should be OK. Day-to-day fluctuations like we've seen this week aren't terribly important in the long run. Remember - retirement savings is a long game, so play it that way.

by CNN reply 23110/12/2018

Yeah, R226 doesn’t know anything about this. I have over $400,000 in one of my accounts, and I’ve actually withdrawn more than I put in, so it’s all profit. It’s over a lifetime, but still. Only $100,000 hasn’t been taxed yet.

My point being, there’s always money in the banana stand!

by CNN reply 23210/12/2018

Buy Sears stock. It’ll pop up exactly one time, and then dump it.

by CNN reply 23310/12/2018

[quote] R227: I made $2,700 by buying the stocks low yesterday. It's not really hard to do, if you have even a 3rd grade education. What goes down, goes back up and what goes up, comes down

We’re you around during the crash of 2008? The market went down. Then down. Then down some more. Then down further. Your plan relies on luck. Which is great, until it’s not.

by CNN reply 23410/12/2018

Yes, but the market has recovered from 2008, many times over.

by CNN reply 23510/12/2018

The market always gains back what it lost, and then some. So if you buy on the way down, even before it bottoms out, you will make money. Buying in at the end of yesterday, which I did, will pay off.

by CNN reply 23610/12/2018

Wow, you both missed the point entirely.

How about this example: the dot-com crash started in 2000, accelerated after 9-11, and didn’t bottom out until 2003. That’s three years. It was maybe 4 years before we recovered a reasonable amount. The NASDAQ index actually took 13 years to top its bloated 2000 value. If you needed money before your investments recovered, or you lost your nerve, it would suck for you.

by CNN reply 23710/12/2018

R225, here is the site you want to ask your question on. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people there. They focus on index funds, especially Vanguard funds.

by CNN reply 23810/12/2018

If you invested in the Dow index in 1929, it would be 30 years before the index recovered to again reach about the same level. It was 1990 before the Dow reached and permanently stayed above that level! That’s 60 years.

I suspect the site I’m using is not counting dividends, but I can’t tell. I know this decline was very rough, but 60 years seems longer than I’ve heard before.

by CNN reply 23910/12/2018

How can people NOT think this is a bubble? I remember people arguing with me years before the housing bubble popped that that market wasn't a bubble, too. It just seems so obvious that the stock market right now is the exact same thing.

by CNN reply 24010/12/2018

R239, I think you are correct about not including dividends.

A lot of sleezy financial salespeople use that trick too. They will compare the returns of their product (for example an annuity) to a chat of the S&P 500 but neglect to mention they ignore the dividends.

by CNN reply 241Last Saturday at 6:39 AM

Remember - we live in a time of rising inequality. More and more of the returns from economic growth accrue to capital, not labor. The single best way for an individual to benefit from this trend is to invest in a low-cost index fund, like Vanguard's VTSAX.

by CNN reply 242Last Saturday at 7:11 AM

I have several thousand in cash waiting for the next drop. I also gave am REIT that pays a lot in dividends. The market is not for the faint of heart. Millions will get burned by Trump and his deficit.

by CNN reply 243Last Saturday at 4:04 PM

To a chat = to that

by CNN reply 244Last Saturday at 4:51 PM

Another down day for the Dow, -89.

by CNN reply 245Last Monday at 3:03 PM

Good, R245. Not far enough though.

Come on, indices! How low can you go? Let’s DO this!

by CNN reply 246Last Monday at 5:03 PM

R246, I think we’ll get there, eventually. Trump is a fool and we’ll eventually get kicked in the head. I think he’ll cause a recession eventually, when everyone clearly sees that the emperor has no clothes.

by CNN reply 247Last Tuesday at 8:29 AM

Dow surges 550 points higher in best day since March as earnings fuel rally

by CNN reply 248Last Tuesday at 11:51 AM

But the volume was light. Last week it was not. Is there a secret beat market already? Many companies on S&P -20% already?

by CNN reply 249Last Tuesday at 12:08 PM

^^bear market instead of beat market

by CNN reply 250Last Tuesday at 12:08 PM
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