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Ben Barnes, Part V

Because DL always needs more Ben Barnes threads.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 15820 hours ago

Quite flat ass.

And scrawny biceps.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 111/18/2017

Didn't he lock lips with another guy in "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 211/18/2017

Yes, R2.

Ben kissed Max Irons.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 311/18/2017

You’d do him in a minute R1 don’t lie

by Suck it, Hatersreply 411/18/2017

R4 I'd do him in 20 minutes but I won't be keeping him because I know he'll start getting flabby below the neck and his face will start look like a pudding soon.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 511/18/2017

Oh dear he’s manorexic don’t you know?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 611/19/2017

Ben's naturally thin, but I do think he's veering into manorexic territory lately.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 711/19/2017

So did we confirm whether he is actually bisexual, or is it a DL fantasy?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 811/19/2017

Ben’s personal life is so boring, we can barely confirm that he’s alive.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 911/19/2017

He's cute and tall and has great hair, but that ass is as suboptimal as they come. Probably the worst celebrity ass I've ever seen here on DL. And also proof that he's totally straight because that's an ass of someone who can comfortably rely on his face and height alone to pull pussy. He really is one of those people who just wake up gorgeous in the morning.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1011/19/2017

He looked better before the Hell's Kitchen makeover

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1111/19/2017

I wouldn't kick cute, tall, and great hair (and nice voice) out of bed for lack of ass, R10. But I've always liked em lanky. DL needs balance from all of the roided-up Instahos. Besides, we've yet to assess the dick.

(And the header is Ben after months of working out hard for Punisher. British genes. )

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1211/19/2017

R12 His trainer should've focused on his ass instead of his back so we could enjoy that scene fully, with tissues and everything.

You know, I'm watching The Punisher now and I see that my leg muscles are twice the size of Jon Bernthal's and I do yoga exclusively. So perhaps the trainer for that show just isn't a fan of lower body exercises.

I agree that it's a welcome respite from all those roided-up Instahos that all just bleed into each other at this point. And I would definitely fuck and be fucked by both of these actors (at the same time) without a second thought. But I'll leave my more detailed face-riding fantasies for the official Punisher thread.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1311/19/2017

He needs some butt implants.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1411/19/2017

The ass really is a crying shame.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1511/19/2017

I kind of love scrawny asses.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1611/19/2017

That’s one flat ass.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1711/19/2017

Yeah, it kind of looks like Half Dome at Yosemite: a sheer drop.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1811/19/2017

I guess if you’re a bottom, asses don’t really matter. It’s like me with dicks—guy says he has a small dick and I shrug cause he’s not using it on me anyway. So for bottoms Ben can have a non-existent buttock so long as his dick is big enough and stays hard.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 1911/19/2017

Your thinking is too binary R19. Maybe we'd rather suck him off.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2011/19/2017

Quote from the "forgot leg day" trainers on the show:

"We did the most work with Ben Barnes who was incredible at getting his training in," stunt coordinator Thom Williams explained. "He kept requesting extra training time. He would come in after they'd wrapped shooting at the end of a day and we'd go and work out with him just to make sure he was ready. I couldn't be prouder of what Ben accomplished and his dedication to this show."

Was Ben really looking for extra "training time," or extra time to ogle ripped guys in the gym?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2111/19/2017

Flat ass thin arms and walks like a woman. What's to like

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2211/19/2017

He just wasn't consuming protein like he probably should have. I mean he looked fine, I guess. But it sounds like he was going for more.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2311/19/2017

He’s got a lean swimmers physique. He’ll never be a buff body builder. But he has muscle. Those are NOT thin arms.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2411/19/2017

[quote]Those are NOT thin arms.

R24 is the Darfur Orphan

Newsflash, R22: we aren't all you. (And we're happy about it.)

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2511/19/2017

R22 guns!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2611/19/2017

He's flexing really hard and pressing his arm up against his chest to make it look bigger R26, it's a posing trick. And of course, the camera adds mass and there are no other people in the photo to give context.

I find myself in the very strange position in this thread of having to both slap sense into delusional fraus who are triggered by the merest whiff of criticism of BB, AND of having to defend him from typical cunty DL muscle queens. Listen bitches:

a. Ben IS a scrawny little fucker with thin arms and a flat ass b. There's nothing at all wrong with that c. ALL OF THE ABOVE

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2711/19/2017

[quote]Besides, we've yet to assess the dick.

It would be interesting to know whether he is cut or uncut.

He's half-Jewish, but I don't think an interviewer has ever asked him his status.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2811/19/2017

Only a caftan-clad, cigarette holder-puffing interviewer from DL would be so bold as to ask BB the status of his foreskin.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 2911/19/2017

Ha! Here's the reporter we need on this case.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3011/19/2017

R29, male celebrities today get asked their circ status all the time.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3111/19/2017

That flat ass is so disappointing.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3211/19/2017

You can tell he was working out. Compare his body from Westworld to Punisher, he obviously spent time in the gym. But yes, he is a lanky fellow, and of course he doesn't have a bubble butt.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3311/19/2017

He will never have a bubble butt.

We just have to accept that.

What's important is that he finally showed his full ass.

In the past he has only shown partial views.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3411/19/2017

R33, a voice of reason? You must be lost.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3511/19/2017

[quote]You must be lost.

Haha, this is actually my first time ever going in these Ben Barnes threads.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3611/19/2017

Hope he will be the brave leading actor and go full frontal on Westworld. Can’t leave all the nude duties to the female stars and unknown male extras. Shame on Westworld producers for the double standard.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3711/19/2017

[quote]Shame on Westworld producers for the double standard.

I agree.

Westworld is worse than Game of Thrones.

At least GOT shows some cock.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3811/19/2017

He will probably only have a few scenes in Westworld Season 2, I'd imagine his role is largely over.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 3911/19/2017

Based on the lukewarm treatment of his character's bisexuality, I wouldn't bet on a meaningful cock shot. But there' always hope, I guess.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4011/19/2017

R21 What a ridiculous article. I know it was written in jest, but still. So Kidman got her tits out on a prestige TV show but this C-lister (D-lister?) would need a butt double on a Marvel Netflix show when he's not even playing the main character? Don't make me laugh.

But seriously, people always tend to overestimate who gets to ask for a butt double.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4111/19/2017

His appearance is not flawless, but he's still kind of good looking.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4211/19/2017

But do any of our new posters have any GOSSIP about him?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4311/19/2017

R43 I've heard he swings both ways, but never heard him linked with anyone specific.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4411/19/2017

R27 We're just having a bit of a laugh at the expense of this obviously gorgeous person. Much the same as in those instaho threads.

It would be a pretty empty and boring thread if we all just commented on what a handsome 10 he is.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4511/19/2017

[quote]Based on the lukewarm treatment of his character's bisexuality

Yeah I laughed at that "bisexual orgy" scene where they made sure to put the other guy off to the side. Pretty pathetic for HBO.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4611/19/2017

HBO got a stunt ass for Kit Harrington in that one cave scene, what makes you think they wouldn't get one for Ben?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4711/19/2017

R36, Welcome! We're friendly sorts....

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4811/19/2017

^ LOL! What a fabulous gif.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 4911/19/2017

[quote]HBO got a stunt ass for Kit Harrington in that one cave scene, what makes you think they wouldn't get one for Ben?

I think that was an isolated incident for Kit because he was injured at the time. Kit usually does his own nudity.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5011/19/2017

No we really don’t EVER need more Ben Barnes anything.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5111/19/2017

I’m pretty sure it’s really Bens butt. His walk is quite distinctive and you can see his face profile.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5211/19/2017

R47 Kit was injured at the time and also one of the main established characters in that show, with the actor pulling in insane amounts of money for each episode.

Ben Barnes had a season-long villain arc on the first season of one of the least-anticipated Marvel Netflix shows. It really doesn't compare. I did love the show, though, and Ben was competent enough. They wrote his prettiness into the story which was pretty sweet. Because we all love to see gorgeous people get ugly by the end.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5311/20/2017

R52 Yes, it's obvious that's his ass in The Punisher; if they were going to pay for an Ass Double, they'd have hired a better ass. I meant that in the upcoming Westworld season, HBO might hire Stunt Cock or Stunt Ass. (Though I imagine that his appearance in WW season 2 will amount to Logan laid out dead on a slab somewhere.)

Ok, R51 you've stated your boundaries, now scoot.

R53 Spoil it for me: does he die at the end? I though he'd be back later with a fucked up face?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5411/20/2017

R54 No, he doesn't die but everyone in the show is pleased that his pretty face is gone. He really got the perfect punishment for a narcissist.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5511/20/2017

I meant it was poetic justice for a stone-cold murdering narcissist who tortured his mother, not that every narcissist should have their face crushed into a mirror, obviously.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5611/20/2017

He's still working?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5711/20/2017

It is lifted from the comics. Billy Russo was once a handsome assassin known as "the beaut" til he gets his face completely fucked up by Castle.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5811/20/2017

Ben addresses his DL haters

by Suck it, Hatersreply 5911/20/2017

How much do you want to bet that Kevin Spacey went after Ben in London back in the early 00's?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6011/21/2017

I wonder what his relationship with Simon Fuller was? Is Fuller gay or straight?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6111/21/2017

I don't know, R61, but I've had suspicions about that as well. It'd be typical BB luck to whore himself out to old guys in the industry, but STILL not get any good roles!

He and Spacey have definitely worked with some of the same people in the past, and that's such a small world I can't imagine that they never crossed paths. Ben seems like Spacey's type.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6211/21/2017

R61 Simon Fuller is straight he is married with a woman called Natalie.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6311/21/2017

What else is Ben watching?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6411/21/2017

Happy Thanksgiving, DL!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6511/23/2017

He held on tight to that towel. I was sending thought waves trying to his hand away.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6611/23/2017

They shaved his chest but not his treasure trail. Mmmm nuzzle nuzzle

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6711/23/2017

We should send a petition to Netflix about the shaved chest.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6811/23/2017

Wonder if B.B. shares his friend Chris D’elia ideals about relationships?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 6911/23/2017

...then you might be on Datalounge

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7011/23/2017

Funny moment you might have missed. Punisher costar Amber Rose Revah was raving on her IG about a movie and put #jamiebellfornextjamesbond in her post. B.B. wasn’t going to stand for that.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7111/24/2017

R71. Funny. It's long past time for a dapper, bisexual Bond; Craig was so dreary.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7211/24/2017

He looks so uncomfortable in OP’s clip, like he knows he has the flattest ass in the whole wide world.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7311/24/2017

BB's been flirting heavily with that woman lately, R71. Anything to it, or all just part of his contractually-obligated social media Punisher pimping game?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7411/24/2017

The video continues with Barnes pissing while showing his nice chest in the bathroom mirror. Because that's just how straight people roll.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7511/24/2017

It's deflating. And deflated.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7611/24/2017

He looks a little bit emaciated.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7711/24/2017

He's right in what he says in that video: the old studio system would have been perfect for him.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7811/24/2017

[quote]The video continues with Barnes pissing

Ben should do a real pissing scene.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 7911/24/2017

R74 I don’t think there is anything between them.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8011/24/2017

R80. Yes, I Googled and found out that she's engaged to someone. Yet another female associate that Ben can pretend to flirt with for the titillation of his fangirls while safely steering clear from any kind of actual relationship! He's consistent, you have to grant him that.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8111/24/2017

TV Guide is all in for giving B.B. a publicity push. First the article investigating his butt or butt double. Now this.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8211/24/2017

[quote]while safely steering clear from any kind of actual relationship!

I wonder why he avoids relationships?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8311/24/2017

R83 we don’t really know if he avoids them or they are deeply closeted. He doesn’t do the full on beard girlfriend on red carpets at least.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8411/24/2017

R83 Because he's deeply narcissistic and he'd only ever be satisfied with his own clone?

But I suspect he's on DL, still waiting for his big break. And by DL, I mean Datalounge.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8511/24/2017

R82 The editorial staff of TV Guide is all frauen now? Who knew? (Who knew TV Guide was even still a going concern, for that matter?)

R85 wins! And he's a DL fave for fuck's sake, isn't that enough? What a selfish cunt.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8611/24/2017

This is adorable. B.B. commented “thanks Mom....I think”

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8711/27/2017

I'm eagerly anticipating the end of the Punisher p.r. onslaught.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8811/28/2017

Why do three British ex-pats want to try so hard to look like American douche-bros? Someone explain

by Suck it, Hatersreply 8911/28/2017

B.B. ‘s ridiculously perfect hair.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9011/28/2017

Ben is in the top 10 on IMDBs trending celebs. I bet it’s a thrill for him.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9111/28/2017

It'd be a thrill if he could score a good part in something non-comic bookish as a result.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9211/29/2017

[quote]Ben is in the top 10 on IMDBs trending celebs.

Was it Ben's naked butt that got him this attention?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9311/29/2017

Absolutely! Imagine where a cock shot would take him?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9411/29/2017

Ben is now famous enough for regurgitated content clickbait "articles"! Does this make him officially B list?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9511/30/2017

^^^ that bears more than a passing resemblance to Kevin Spacey “walking his dog” at 4 am in London years ago.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9611/30/2017

So your theory is Ben was looking for rough trade on the docks and passing it off as "character research"? I like it!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9711/30/2017

Barb Broccoli are you listening?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9812/01/2017

Who's trying to push Ben as the next Bond?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 9912/01/2017

Ben has been trying to push himself as the next Bond since at least 2007!

(And I'm all for it!)

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10012/01/2017

Is that why Ben doesn't want to come out?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10112/01/2017

I don't see how Bond movies can exist anymore in the current era of sensitivity to gun violence and sexual harassment of women. What else does Bond even do?

Anyway, the author of the article in R98 is London-based. Friend of Ben's or Ben's family?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10212/01/2017

R91 Barnes' Punisher costar Jaimie Ray Newman is even higher on imdb. Both clearly on their way to the A-list!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10312/01/2017


by Suck it, Hatersreply 10412/02/2017

Another article talking about BB’s Butt. Also my new band name.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10512/02/2017

The Narnia kids are engaged in a Twitter war of humiliation.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10612/02/2017

Will Poulter is right about how trite and dull Ben's tweets are.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10712/03/2017

So, Alexander Zalben, the author of the ass article at 105....are you a DLer? Fess up, we know you're here.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10812/03/2017

Has Bryan Singer been found yet? He disappeared from filming the Freddie Mercury movie. It’s reminding me when B.B. had his graffiti artist friend Thrashbird paint that Freddie jacket for him. I bet he auditioned for the part wearing it.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 10912/03/2017

Just saw that Singer has been sacked.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11012/04/2017

None of this has anything to do with Ben. (Other than that Ben's friend Nick Hoult was likely one of Bryan's twinks-for-hire.)

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11112/04/2017

Eh. Apart from sending his IG fans into a snit by "flirting" on one of Amber Rose Riveh's videos, he's been boring this weekend.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11212/04/2017

Off topic but LMAO @ Singer claiming he has PTSD from being confronted by tiny Rami Malek

Guess he’s not used to twinks being aggressive

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11312/04/2017

When is he not boring, R112? Are the fangirls truly in a snit?

He's tiny R113, but he has those big creepy bug eyes! Eek! LOL

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11412/04/2017

[R114] he complimented Revah's stomach. Apparently that is wildy offensive and inappropriate. One compared him to Louis CK. Also got himself blocked by a different one who couldn't stand that he never responds to her or acknowledges the poetry she's sent him when he'll take the time to flirt with an engaged woman. Gold.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11512/04/2017

Omg! I need a link to this glorious disaster!!!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11612/04/2017

R116 here you go. Best to open in the IG app so the comments are nested, easier to follow the crazy train.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11712/04/2017

Wait. The one who started it ricksltlsister is the cancer sufferer or relative who B.B. invited onto the Punisher set for a meet and greet? And also came here on DL and lectured us about being nice to B.B.!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 11812/04/2017

Oh, I love this shit!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 119Last Tuesday at 1:10 AM

Well that was entertaining, thanks for the tip-off. When frauen attack!

On the one hand, you have to give Ben credit for his commitment to shilling his projects to the extent that he fake-flirts with his tv love interest. That's probably why he gets work; unlike a lot of other actors, he never acts 'above' the p.r. side of the business. And the crazy poetry frau needs to take a seat -- I've seen Ben acknowledge some spectacularly awful fan art, so one shudders to think what her 'poetry' must be like.

On the other hand, serves the closeted little twit right.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 120Last Tuesday at 3:07 AM

Here’s a blind item from one year ago about Bryan Singer and Matthew Morrison. I mention it here because of the mention of MM’s Halloween parties and the fact that B.B. attended this year but didn’t want it mentioned anywhere it seems. Even in his good friend Jared Eng’s gossip page.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 121Last Tuesday at 10:02 PM

Ahh, the good ol' days....

by Suck it, Hatersreply 122Last Wednesday at 2:20 AM

Stumbled upon this old pic of BB with that other DL Fave, Luke Evans.

From an afterparty for a production of "Aspects of Love" directed by Trevor Nunn, who also directed BB in 'Birdsong,' and was a frequent collaborator of...

Kevin Spacey.

Polish your tinfoil hats, gurls!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 123Last Wednesday at 3:47 AM

I don't doubt for one second he wasn't one of Spacey's targets.

Another Singer/MM BI from R121's link: Right now, he is trying to avoid talking to anyone about those orgies he threw for the missing A list director.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 124Last Wednesday at 5:06 AM

And one of those blinds implies that there's a Bryan/Nick Hoult sex tape.

Posting this for the ironic title...

by Suck it, Hatersreply 125Last Wednesday at 5:20 AM

Hey, tools - espeically [R118] (and that goes for you female poseurs, too)...

It boggles the mind how suppositious you are. You'll post anything to feed your bored base-level existence. These threads are so old and tired that you'll resort to pure fabrication. Ben never "invited" any cancer sufferers to a meet and greet on the TP set. And that someone never engaged in this freak show, either. Anonymously and silently bullying people online with your catty comments and misinformation is cowardice.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 126Last Wednesday at 7:14 AM

Don't like it, don't read it, cunt. Who are we "bullying"?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 127Last Wednesday at 7:29 AM


Still supposing, eh, cretin?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 128Last Wednesday at 7:43 AM

So in other words, you actually have nothing to say and just want to be a cunt. Thought as much.


by Suck it, Hatersreply 129Last Wednesday at 7:46 AM

[129] Awwww...I'm touched by your weak mind, feeble sensitivity and sentimentality.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 130Last Wednesday at 7:51 AM

B.B. had some meet and greet with that person because they reported it on Twitter, lauding him for his kindness but couldn’t take pics because he was in costume. They must have made it all up according to R126

by Suck it, Hatersreply 131Last Wednesday at 8:59 AM

I don’t think B.B. is involved. Maybe why he didn’t want his name in any of the reports about Morrison’s party.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 132Last Wednesday at 10:39 PM

I pray B.B. will be safe from the fires. And let us know soon.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 133Last Thursday at 1:28 AM

I would give my left nut for any sex tape of Nick Hoult. His masterful portrayal of a horny-for-teacher twink in A Single Man still gets me rock hard.

And he’s really grown into an attractive man. Definitely seems to be cockier than Ben IRL lol

by Suck it, Hatersreply 134Last Thursday at 2:34 AM

R132 I don't think anyone here is accusing Ben of being a sexual abuser/harrasser, but he knows these people, he runs very close to or in these circles, he almost certainly has been prey of or a willing participant with some of these types. All we're doing is pointing out the obvious: Benji isn't the wide-eyed, 100% heterosexual naïf that he presents himself as to his fangirl army.

R134 I'm with you, but please God, not with Bryan. The horror.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 135Last Thursday at 3:15 AM

And damn it, I still want to know what went down on that yacht trip with (X-Men alum) Alex Gonzales!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 136Last Thursday at 3:16 AM

For R134:

Nicholas Hoult shows his naked ass to Colin Firth:

by Suck it, Hatersreply 137Last Thursday at 1:25 PM

R137, he’s an amateur. The hole presentation is weak.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 138Last Thursday at 1:29 PM

R138 so it’s good acting then as he is playing an inexperienced schoolboy?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 139Last Thursday at 3:48 PM

Isn't there a Nicholas Hoult thread for this?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 140Last Thursday at 4:41 PM

It does serve to bump this thread giving us a reason to view B.B. s naked bum.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 141Last Thursday at 5:12 PM

Well if you must.


I never realized that Hoult was so tall, because Ben is quite tall himself.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 142Last Friday at 3:49 AM

Lol at Ben’s boring ass needing another celebrity to spice up his thread.

I wonder if Ben has at least eaten anything interesting this week 🤔

by Suck it, Hatersreply 143Last Friday at 3:57 AM

I dunno, I thought postulating about Ben's proximity to the Singer/Matt Morrison cadre was interesting but it got derailed.

I don't think Ben eats. He subsists on tea and cigs.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 144Last Friday at 4:05 AM

Discussion topic: Who is the top/bottom in the follwoing combos?

BB/Nicholas Hoult

BB/Julian Morris

BB/Alex Gonzales

Tell me, Datalounge!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 145Last Friday at 9:22 AM

[quote]I never realized that Hoult was so tall, because Ben is quite tall himself.

Yeah, Nicholas Hoult is very tall. He's about 6'3. Ben is about 6'1.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 146Last Friday at 10:15 AM

B.B. is the kind of guy who would seem like a bottom but he seems controlling too so maybe he’s the top. Or would be a Bossy Bottom.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 147Last Friday at 10:44 AM

Nick Hoult looks like a Bossy Bottom to me, too. Maybe the two of them just get together, argue, then storm off in a huff.

The others R145 asked about, I have no idea.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 148Last Friday at 10:50 AM

B.B. went to GQ’s Man of the Year party at Chateau Marmot last night. Will Poulter is taller too.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 149Last Friday at 11:07 AM

The Just Jared article doesn’t mention B.B. or have a pic? What is going on with those two?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 150Last Friday at 12:35 PM

R150 Jared's piece on the GQ party makes it all about James Marsden, though he still plugs BB at the end of the article.

R149 The cast of the Punisher must be exceedingly short; Ben loomed over them all.

And now every time I see or type the initials BB in here, I read it as 'Bossy Bottom.' Thanks, DL!

by Suck it, Hatersreply 151Last Friday at 12:46 PM

Asking the tough questions.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 152Last Saturday at 2:01 AM

BB needs to prepare some good stock answers for those nudity questions; he'll be getting a lot more of them.

"Cut or uncut, Ben?" - The Datalounge Herald

by Suck it, Hatersreply 153Last Saturday at 3:38 AM


by Suck it, Hatersreply 154Yesterday at 10:22 AM

Too bad he doesn't have a better career. He deserves it.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 155Yesterday at 12:17 PM

Obviously, he did not sleep with the right people.

by Suck it, Hatersreply 156Yesterday at 12:52 PM

I’ve read in a recent interview that he prefers to send a videotaped audition rather do it in person. Is this because he gets nervous? Is it avoiding casting couch? Does it hurt his chances in getting roles? I’d like to know what casting directors think of auditioning by video?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 157Yesterday at 8:21 PM

I haven't seen that interview. Definitely sounds like he auditioned in person for The Punisher, though.

If true, it seems counter-productive. He should use his looks and charming personality to schmooze people into giving him parts. On the other hand, maybe he doesn't want the casting people to see how veddy British and fey he is in real life and have that color their perceptions of him?

by Suck it, Hatersreply 15820 hours ago
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