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All things Trump

I often have something I want to post about Trump, but don't always think it is worth an entire thread by itself. I thought that one thread for such "President" Trump things might be worth a try.

by The Summer Windreply 18805/24/2020

Today's annoyance is that Trump counts the appointment of (now) Justice Gorsuch as one of his major "first 100 day" accomplishments. I think it's more of a Congressional accomplishment. Or a Justice Scalia accomplishment, since Scalia did all the hard work. I don't think Turnip did much of anything.

by The Summer Windreply 104/25/2017

I meant to add that I welcome other random thoughts here about Turnip.

by The Summer Windreply 204/25/2017

of course he didn't but HE thinks he did and that's all that counts to him

by The Summer Windreply 304/25/2017

He lost his bid to keep federal funds out of the hands of sanctuary cities. At least my city of SF and Santa Clara. How's that ban on immigrants working out for him? I'm sure he's waiting with bated breath for it to get to the Supreme Court so his buddy Gorsuch will lend a helping hand. Careful on that fantasy, Trump. What about the wall? I see Sessions and Kelly came down to a couple of southern states to check it out. Of course, Kelly needs this wall to happen. It's his only job. Wait until they find out about how it will upset the eco-system of the surrounding land. And oh yea. That river that runs through it that we depend on. That will be in Mexico when it's built. Surprise! And then there's the ACA. He's tried that new hat on twice now. Looks like it's going to be a repeal and fix after all. No replace. No naming it after him. But boys sure love to blow things up, don't they? Lots of support for what he did in Syria and Afghanistan. Now if he could only remember it was Syria he tommahawked and not Iraq. He was too busy remembering that yuge piece of chocolate cake to remember who the hell he was air striking. Ah yes, North Korea. Gotta love a Chief of Stupid that heads his ships in the wrong direction. He's got to put on his big boy pants pretty soon.

by The Summer Windreply 404/25/2017

I heard earlier that the entire Senate was invited to the White House today for a briefing on North Korea. That's never been done before, I understand. I hear nothing about it on the evening news. That gives me the chills. Also no info I can find on DL. Anybody know anything?

by The Summer Windreply 504/25/2017

I think that meeting is tomorrow. how much easier would it have been for him to go to them where there are secure bldgs. There was no place large enough & secure at the WH so they have to use a bldg on the grounds for security. He really does believe he is a King and not just a President

by The Summer Windreply 604/25/2017

With all that's going on the ignorant moron is going to use AG Sessions to reclassify marijuana so it's a Class/Schedule 11 Drug and will transition back under Federal jurisdiction, and no longer under State. Much to my non-surprise he lied about it during his campaign. This way they can control it and prevent recreational from remaining legal, and other states from legalizing recreational, as they plan to do. Trump hates pot. Maybe not as much as Sessions, a staunch opponent, but nevertheless doesn't want it legalized except for medical where it's controlled and only for certain medical reasons/conditions. That's why he picked Sessions... to do his dirty work for him.

by The Summer Windreply 704/26/2017

All Trump did was sign a bunch of executive orders. There has been no legislative activity. And Gorsuch on the Supreme Court is not a Trump victory. He's also a disaster for the country.

by The Summer Windreply 804/26/2017

Is there any limit to the president's power to rule by executive order?

by The Summer Windreply 904/26/2017

this is sad for the correspondents and really really annoying about Trump

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 1004/26/2017


by The Summer Windreply 1104/27/2017

Trump just commented that war with North Korea was a real possibility. He doesn't understand that some things you don't bluff about. That's exactly how WWI started.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 1204/27/2017

Thank you, OP, that's a great idea.

by The Summer Windreply 1304/27/2017

A major showdown possible with North Korea, says Trump.

He added about President Xi of China: "I like him and he likes me." and "Who knew starting a war would be so hard."

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 1404/27/2017

Who knew being President would be so complicated. Trump certainly didn't.

“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” Trump told Reuters in an interview. “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

Trump, who said he was accustomed to not having privacy in his “old life,” expressed surprise at how little he had now. And he made clear he was still getting used to having 24-hour Secret Service protection and its accompanying constraints.

“You’re really into your own little cocoon, because you have such massive protection that you really can’t go anywhere,” he said.

When the president leaves the White House, it is usually in a limousine or an SUV.

He said he missed being behind the wheel himself.

“I like to drive,” he said. “I can’t drive any more.”

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 1504/27/2017

Eventually, we'll arrogantly start a war somewhere, and be shocked when our enemy brings the battle to us in an American City.

by The Summer Windreply 1604/27/2017

I think it's funny that Trump periodically mentions something as " my surprise, its complicated. Who knew..." or similar. I'm sure he thinks that everyone is just as ignorant as he is. And of course we're not.

I don't fault regular people for not knowing all about the Presidency, but such people didn't run for President, Trump did. He should know. Especially since he got his followers all ginned-up over one piece of policy change that it turns out, Trump was advocating, without knowing anything about it.

by The Summer Windreply 1704/27/2017

Josh Barro just called Trump "a corrupt liar", without qualification or hesitation.

He was also wearing his trademark blue checked shirt. I think it's the only one he owns. Cute guys can do that kind of thing.

by The Summer Windreply 1804/28/2017

He thinks everyone is ignorant because he believes he is smarter than everyone. It's part of the NPD/narcissism disorder that he has; exaggerated sense of importance, arrogance, self-aggrandizement, delusions of grandeur, inflated ego, and so on.

As of more recently he's been saying that he thought being President would be easier than it has turned out to be, as if he's telling us something new, something we didn't already know. His inflated ego and arrogance prevents him from seeing that WE knew that, and HE is the one who didn't know. Inane, insulting comments such as, "Who knew" and "Who would've thought", is because narcissists tend to talk *at* their audience, not *to* their audience.

by The Summer Windreply 1904/28/2017

Trump just spoke in the Rose Garden with a backdrop of young men in uniform. To the left, there was a White guy who didn't look like a supporter. Also a Black guy behind him that looked appalled at what he heard.

by The Summer Windreply 2005/02/2017

Trump made a colossal fool of himself with John Dickerson from Face the Nation this past Sunday. His little temper tantrum made him look like the mental midget we all know he is. And what about his recent statements about Andrew Jackson and his supposed thoughts about the Civil War? The man was dead 16 years before the war started! How can Republicans keep defending this moron?

by The Summer Windreply 2105/02/2017

R21.... As keeps being repeated, it's called Distraction.

"Look over here, look over here. Don't pay attention to what is happening behind me...."

His ridiculous statements about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War, once again, took up most of the news coverage last night. Meanwhile, what was severely under-reported were the Orders he signed doing even more damage to the environment , civil rights, public funding, and systematically reversing every single Obama policy. Policies he's most likely reversing out of his singular hatred for Obama than for any other reason. Most likely, he doesn't know the contests of most of the bills he's signing. It's Bannon slipping papers under his pen, while giving him a deliberately vague one-sentence explanation of what he's signing. It's been Bannon's plan all along to slowly and systematically destroy all of our constitutional rights.

by The Summer Windreply 2205/02/2017

Comey's a grandstander! He's a showboat!

This is why Comey was fired, says the grandstander & showboat in chief.


by The Summer Windreply 2305/11/2017

It was unusual for Trump to let the Russian Tass newsman into the Oval Office because he could have planted bugs. Why wouldn't he?

Trump also welcomed two Russian politicians into the Oval Office, too. Was that unusual, too?

by The Summer Windreply 2405/11/2017

Trump is becoming more and more like Governor LePetomane(from the film "Blazing Saddles) every day.

by The Summer Windreply 2505/11/2017

I am thrilled that things are falling apart so quickly. I am amazed at how unhinged his reactions to being investigated for his criminal activity are. He should be removed, now, under the "incapacitated " clause of the Constitution.

Sadly, he will try something that's a DISGRACE! as a swan song, but we can't let that distract us.

by The Summer Windreply 2606/16/2017

I hate Turnip's mannerisms.

I recently noticed the stupid "thumbs-up" that he often does in photos. As if to say, "I approve this message." I think that we get it, he's not being photoed against his will. Before I realized Trump did this, I saw my nephew (a Trumpette inductee) do this in a photo when we were out, and I asked him to stop. (Yes! Some Gay men have nephews!) It looks stupid for anyone.

Trump's smirk. Is he missing teeth, or does he simply not smile naturally? In any event, he should stop! God, it's ugly.

The applause Trump does for himself when he goes on stage. Do you know, they do that in Russia? Or at least in the USSR. It started with Stalin. It's called "leading the applause." Isn't that strange that he's adopted a mannerism that is foreign to the West and was started by an egotistical narcissist from our adversary? He truly is the Manchuria Candidate.

by The Summer Windreply 2706/16/2017

I closed too quickly. I also hate his smile. It's completely unnatural. I've seen him smile naturally once. Otherwise, its that crappy smile.

I do pretty much hate everything about him.

by The Summer Windreply 2806/16/2017

Trump was just speaking about Steve Scalise on the news. A routine Presidential situation. He said that it the shooting would have been far worse without the Capital Police, "believe me". I believe this and know that this is just a speaking mannerism, but it draws attention to what a liar he is. Then, he said that he wanted to be at the game the next day "you have no idea." Hmm, I don't, actually, but nothing he says will clear that up.

The absence of tapes of his conversations with Director Comey, revealed today, also highlights that he I not an honest man, it's so inconvenient having integrity.

by The Summer Windreply 2906/22/2017

This continues to bother me, when I see the clips on TV. Donald is a professional victim.

[quote] DJT: There was no collusion between myself and my campaign.

He expects us to believe he didn't work with his campaign staff? Only if he's completely brain dead.

[quote] DJT: there was no collusion, no obstruction; there was leaking, by Comey...

This is like saying:

There was no murder, no rape, but (wagging a finger) there was gossip! By Comey! He gossiped about me! That's just as bad! He said mean things about me!

by The Summer Windreply 3008/08/2017

More like all things stupid!

by The Summer Windreply 3108/08/2017

Trump is every turd ever shit by every creature on earth. He can't be buried fast enough. I despise that creep.

by The Summer Windreply 3208/08/2017

This thread is for random things about Trump. This way, you don't have to create a new thread for every abominable thing he does. Just FYI.

by The Summer Windreply 3308/09/2017

A train wreck the likes of which no one now alive has ever seen. Will it end with a bang or a whimper?

by The Summer Windreply 3408/09/2017

Chump was never a good looking guy, but he wasn't ugly either, just plain like a bowl of cold lumpy oatmeal. Now, he's earned his looks. It's like the ugliness on the inside is being reflected on the outside.

by The Summer Windreply 3508/09/2017

The fact that a stupid, pos like Dump has money and is where he is today tells more about this world than words ever could.

by The Summer Windreply 3608/09/2017

Can't wait for him to be out-I really think Pence will be better tho I'm no fan. This FBI raid on manaforts house is something--a pre dawn possible "no knock" warrant! --and the first thing fat cheeto asked comey was if they had a tape of him with the Russian hookers ....cheats is a cheater

by The Summer Windreply 3708/09/2017

[quote] R35, "Pride goeth before the fall"

Trump's fall will be spectacular. He may be the only man deemed incompetent to remain President.

by The Summer Windreply 3808/10/2017

You're a genius, OP. The one thing the DL needed was another Trump thread.

Oh and btw, you're a troll.

by The Summer Windreply 3908/10/2017

R39 Wow, you really stuck it to OP, didn't ya? "And btw, you're a troll" - BURN!!'

How old are you? 10?

by The Summer Windreply 4008/10/2017

The truth hurts, R40

by The Summer Windreply 4108/10/2017

"--and the first thing fat cheeto asked comey was if they had a tape of him with the Russian hookers"

Sure the tape is real, and I'd put money down that they are underage.

by The Summer Windreply 4208/10/2017

[quote] "You know how much we lose each year on trade with Mexico? ... 45 Billion."

This is an old quote but I just heard it. Trump doesn't know that a trade imbalance isn't the same as "losing" money.

by The Summer Windreply 4308/14/2017

Trump is a domestic terrorist. I'm serious. Since he's been elected, he's created one terrifying event after another. Someone make it stop!

by The Summer Windreply 4408/14/2017

I think this one is funny. The best part is at the press event, so wait for that

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 4509/20/2017

Trump is a bum!

by The Summer Windreply 4609/24/2017

Representative Maxine Waters called Trump "Deplorable" this morning on "AM Joy". If nothing else, I am so happy that Hillary has given us a nice, concise word to describe these people.

Joy had a Deplorable on to discuss healthcare. Joy kept interrupting "no, that's not true, the figures are ...". Haha.

by The Summer Windreply 4709/24/2017

Today, I am again shocked by how stupid Trump actually is.

1. You don’t understand, I’m a counter-puncher.

2. I’m the king of debt.

3. I’m a deal maker, that’s what I do, I make deals.

1. It’s not that people don’t understand, they seem to understand much better than Trump does. And being a counter-puncher is not really an accomplishment. It’s just his simplistic rationale for throwing a tantrum.

2. He doesn’t understand that business or individual debt; and national debt, are very different things and should be treated as such.

3. I’m a counter-puncher! No puppet, no puppet! I make deals! He just seems so incredibly stupid.

Trump forgot:

1. I’m mentally ill, incompetent, and incontinent.

2. I make deals! I have no idea what these deals are, I just like signing my name. I win!

3. I like to watch!

4. Nobody knew how hard this is! Nobody knew! And I also discovered that healthcare is hard, too! I give myself an A+ for our response in Puerto Rico. I get great ratings! You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. No puppet!

by The Summer Windreply 4810/24/2017

^ Well, he said on Howard Stern back in the 90's, "I like 'em young, real young." His words.

by The Summer Windreply 4910/24/2017

Wonder if he will end up like the guy that used to cart the tents around from place to place. They ended up dragging him through the streets.

by The Summer Windreply 5010/24/2017

Not sure, R50. All I know is “No puppet! No puppet! You’re the puppet!”

I get the best ratings, in fact, I’m as better possible. I give myself an A+ for the response to environmental destruction on Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. Wherever, but it’s hard because these islands are surrounded by water. Nobody knew how hard this was, nobody. You probably haven’t heard about the Atlantic Ocean. The storm left the entire island of Puerto Rico without power, and it is STILL in the middle of the ocean. Today, just a month later, over 15% of the Island has its electricity back. I think that’s an A+.

I recently learned that there are two Virgin Islands, you probably didn’t know this. We will be sending paper towels to the American Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands can kiss my ass. Don’t screw this up, or you’re all fired.

Also, healthcare was really, really, complicated. Nobody knew how hard it was! Nobody. Why didn’t someone tell me? You’re fired!

But I’m still President. Na-nah-nah! I am the most popularity in the history of the US. Being popular means I’m always right, I win! Facts are for losers. People ask me, “Mr. Trump, you were really smart! Please declare Marshall Law!”

by The Summer Windreply 5110/25/2017


As of today, 25% of the island has had power restored. That’s A+ material. Gold stars to everyone! Big bonuses are in store! Heck of a job, Orangie!

by The Summer Windreply 5210/25/2017

Donald Trump again mentions the niceness of his phone call to the widow of La David Johnson. How nice, about all this niceness. I think he emphasizes this niceness because he so frequently screams into the phone and barks orders at people, and is usually “not nice”. But, why does he go on about his niceness? Isn’t everyone nice when they make condolence calls? Every sane person, I mean?

He said his recollection of the condolence call is correct, because he “has one of the greatest memories of all time.” He also claimed to be “a very intelligent person”.

He further stated: “It turns out, the collusion is turned around, now it turns out, it was Hillary who was colluding about uranium!” He states that he thinks this is the biggest scandal in American history.

Trump repeated his whining about his press coverage. “but nobody reports about that.”

Project, deflect, fabricate, accuse, counterpunch, whine, repeat.

by The Summer Windreply 5310/25/2017

Heard a story that there is a tape, recorded in an elevator, of him decking Melania.

by The Summer Windreply 5410/25/2017

Well, if Trump feels the way he has been treated by the Press is a DISGRACE, I suppose he’s not looking forward to life plus 10 in Colorado’s Supermax prison, where he belongs.

I’m generally not in favor of the death penalty, but Trump knows too much to house him just anywhere. He belongs in a Supermax prison with limited contact with the outside world. I might agree that Trump’s death by hanging is a suitable end for him as he is not just a traitor but a successful one, and one who presents a risk to everyone in the country.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 5510/25/2017

ooooooo r54 is that true?

by The Summer Windreply 5610/25/2017

I googled that but didn't see anything about the elevator assault.

God only knows what he's capable of.

by The Summer Windreply 5710/25/2017

Do you think double jeopardy attaches in an impeachment proceeding? Suppose, for example, Trump is impeached but not convicted in a Republican Senate, before the next election. The voters are so incensed, the Republicans soon lose majorities in both houses of Congress. Could the new, Democratically led Congress, recharge and try Trump on the very same charges?

I don’t recall seeing anything that would prohibit this.

by The Summer Windreply 5810/25/2017

[quote] “I was just being sarcastic.” “I was making a joke.”

Trump says this whenever he gets caught lying. It’s a passive aggressive statement, because anyone criticizing it would automatically be called humorless or too stupid to appreciate the humor. I wish some reporter would tell him that he’s not very funny, and that he doesn’t seem to enjoy his own “humor”.

by The Summer Windreply 5910/25/2017

The elevator decking tho.

by The Summer Windreply 6010/25/2017

“Mr. Trump, has it occurred to you that nobody finds your jokes to be funny? Have you noticed? Maybe you should stop telling jokes that aren't funny.”

by The Summer Windreply 6110/25/2017

trump is full of shit

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 6210/26/2017

Happy Halloween!

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 6310/26/2017

Everything about Trump is cheap and tacky.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 6410/26/2017

^ and uncouth.

by The Summer Windreply 6510/26/2017

Is there a thread yet about Donald’s speech today where he awkwardly over-emphasized “...This was an idea THAT I HAD, where if we can teach young people not to take drugs,” Mr. Trump said, “it’s really, really easy not to take them.”

So, Donald discovers that drug addiction isn’t hard at all, not like heahcare was, or everything else was. All we need to do, is this novel thing that no one ever thought of, that he came up with, to teach our kids not to start taking drugs, because it’s really hard to be an addict if you don’t take drugs.

Can you imagine what his staff was thinking? They were probably all saying in hushed tones “should we tell him?” “I’m not going to tell him, you tell him”. Thank God that Nancy is dead or her teeth would have fallen out of her mouth.

by The Summer Windreply 6610/26/2017

The worst thing about proposing a policy that is so symplistic that it obviously wouldn’t work; and one that was actually tried before and didn’t work; is taking credit for it as if it was something brilliant and new.

by The Summer Windreply 6710/26/2017

Wait! I've got it! We can call it ... "Just Say No!"

Damn, I'm brilliant!!!!

by The Summer Windreply 6810/26/2017

Actually, I bet you didn’t know this, but Nancy Reagan was famous for proposing the exact same stupid, ineffectual, and wasteful program in the 1980s. But nobody knew about this until I had this great idea.

by The Summer Windreply 6910/26/2017

One day’s data does not a trend make; however, if this trend continues, it means a recession.

Somehow, I know this is Hillary’s fault - and Obama’s!

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 7001/18/2018

Here are the highlights from today’s Trump pep rally in Crapolis, PA. The counter number is minutes:seconds from when he starts speaking, available online.

At 7:40, Trump asks Ken, an audience member, to “com’on up here Ken” onto the stage.

At 8:22, Donald flashes a backhand thumbs up, in case everyone has confused Ken with the President, perhaps? Or because he has the emotional age of a middle schooler?

At 8:28, he slaps Ken on the shoulder.

At 8:32, he slurs his words pretty severely.

At 8:32, gives the bouncy “okay” gang gesture.

At 9:17, Ken extends his hand to shake with Trump. Trump then goes to pat Ken on the shoulders, instead. This confuses Ken who thinks that Donald wants to hug. Its a little awkward.

At 9:19, backhand thumbs up gang symbol.

At 9:24, “He did Good.” Says Donald of Ken. Then he announces that annual household income will rise by an average of over $4000 due to his tax plan.

At 9:27, a regular thumbs up.

At 9:48, he claims that he doubled the amount on income taxed at 0%. That actually did not change for those who itemize, if anyone. He then asks Ken, “have you seen a big difference”? Ken seems to reply that he had, but I am skeptical that computer systems have all already been upgraded to the new tax law; or that Ken has gotten first paycheck for 2018 yet.

At 17:54, Trump pays tribute to the magnificent Hoover Dam.

At 18:00, Trump tells us that The Empire State Building, was built in, actually, less than one year. “Nobody knows that”, meaning he just learned this.

At 18:10, Trump says “We won two world wars.” I guess this is another thing that nobody knows.

At 20:26, “we’re doing a lot of things”. Oh, well, that settles that, then!

At 20:36, more ok gang-signaling.

At 21:08, Trump pumps a closed fist salute to someone.

At 21:29: Trump applauds for himself.

by The Summer Windreply 7101/18/2018

I hate that thumbs-up gesture. I see it a lot these days and it reminds me of the Fonz.

by The Summer Windreply 7201/19/2018

How could such a stupid man become President?

by The Summer Windreply 7301/19/2018

honestly, R73, I have to say, stupid country, stupid president. enough of us vote for completely stupid reasons - guns, religion, weird white fears, hatred, bigotry - that a profoundly stupid man can win. in 2016 that happened.

by The Summer Windreply 7401/19/2018

I think the first thing I look for in a politician is that I want one who is smarter than I am. Usually, anyone rising to major Office (governor, senator) is, but in this case... I am repulsed by everything this man says. He has the vocabulary of a prepubescent. He rarely expresses any complex thought at all. (I did think that Dubya was too stupid to be President, though.)

I especially hate it when Trump tells a crowd that he won’t speak to them about policy, because that’s “boring”. Instead, he’ll bray about Hillary’s emails, or the wall, and so forth. It makes him sound like he’s running for class president on a policy of expanded recess.

by The Summer Windreply 7501/20/2018

Trump is whining that he missed his party due to the shutdown.

by The Summer Windreply 7601/20/2018

[quote] I heard the other day that “Trump is listening very strongly to ...”

WTF? How ones one “listen strongly”? The Deplorables completely fetishize the word “strong”. Now they’re using it everywhere.

by The Summer Windreply 7701/22/2018

He’s truly crazy, as evidenced by the tweets again last night. He should be removed from office.

“I’m not crazy, you’re crazy!”, I can imagine him saying. He did, afterall, say something like “I’m not a puppet, yoir the puppet!”

by The Summer Windreply 7802/18/2018

Imagine how delusional and dangerous he’ll get as the investigation gets closer to him!

The worst of it is this: if we have a real emergency where Trump legitimately needs to act, such as a foreign political & military crisis, how will that action ever be respected inside the country? It won’t be. It will be debated forever. All because of competency questions.

by The Summer Windreply 7902/18/2018

As for Trump’s name calling: I think he doesn’t understand the difference between others calling for his impeachment, or calling him a con man, or calling him a liar, and him calling others “low IQ” or “sleepy eyes”. The difference is that there is ample evidence that he is actually a liar and con man and should be impeached; whereas his name calling usually is not backed-up with any credible evidence, and/or the derogatory names are not relevant to politics or legislating, not to mention his words being undignified.

There’s more to it, no doubt, but I think that’s part of it.

by The Summer Windreply 8003/12/2018

There is so much I hate about Trump. The most recent one that bugs me are when he tries to related a prior conversation. He quotes himself as if he’s a 5 year old. At 2:07 in the clip.

“If it’s possible, would you let me know, am I under investigation?” -DJT

He’s done it other times, too.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 8106/21/2018

Harley Davidson is moving some production jobs to Europe to avoid the tariffs resultant from the trade war Trump started with the EU. It comes to about $2200 per bike, so it’s not chump change. It’s too bad the Orange One doesn’t understand that the consumer is the one that is paying for the trade wars that he’s starting.

Didn’t Trump tout jobs at Harley Davidson as one of his initial “accomplishments”?

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 8206/25/2018

The news today about tariffs reminds me of the hubris of Dubya in military matters, Dubya and company were intent on invading Iraq with or without allies. They built a “coalition of the willing”, meaning a few of our closest allies who were duped or expected favors in return, or both. And it turned into a shit-show.

Today, Trump and company are exercising their own version of economic hubris by implementing tariffs and starting trade wars with our allies and trading partners! I have no doubt that they really don’t understand the problems that they think the are addressing. Nor do they understand the fix, nor the consequences of their fix, for these problems.

Has anyone actually heard the Administration explain the problem, how they think they are fixing it, and the consequences of their actions? I mean, something that shows some depth of knowledge. It’s not enough that Trump yells “it’s a disgrace.” I want something thoughtful.

I’ve heard that US soybean farmers are already feeling the loss of trade with China. The Chinese are switching to buy soybeans from Brazil and elsewhere. Many of these soybean farms and job losses are in Midwest swing states. Trump says he’s going to “take care” of the farmers. Does that mean that he’s going to subsidize farmers with our tax dollars? Does that mean that the consumer is going to pay more due to the tariffs, and then pay even more due to higher farm subsidies? How is this helping?

Is Trump going reverse his policies, and then attempt to claim credit for fixing something that only required fixing because he previously broke it?

This will turn into another shit-show that the next Democratic Administration will have to undo.

by The Summer Windreply 8306/25/2018

[quote] R83: Is Trump going reverse his policies, and then attempt to claim credit for fixing something that only required fixing because he previously broke it?

I should have added, ‘like he did in implementing his immigration executive order, followed by his revocation of that same order, without acknowledging and accepting that it was his own policy that created the crisis in the first place.”

by The Summer Windreply 8406/25/2018

According to (former Republican) Steve Schmidt, today, about the Trump/Sessions Zero Tolerance immigration policy:

“This policy is one of purposeful, abject, cruelty, and meanness. It’s not accidental. This is Donald Trump.”

by The Summer Windreply 8506/25/2018

There’s much to despise about Trump, but one thing that bothers me today is his scowl. He always looks like a very unhappy man.

by The Summer Windreply 8608/19/2018

Can I just say he is a lying lowlife criminal and my hate for him is as hot as the sun. If you are ever trying to find even one good thing about Trump, you will never find it.

by The Summer Windreply 8708/19/2018

And another thing I hate about Trump...his limited vocabulary.

Things he dislikes are a “disgrace”. They are often “sad” as well.

People he wishes to laud are “special”. It’s like someone once told him “just say they’re ‘special’”, when he was incapable of expressing admiration. It’s a good word for almost all occasions. It’s special.

There must be another couple words he uses, but can’t think of them now.

by The Summer Windreply 8808/19/2018

He thinks a cheating, thieving scandal like Manafort is a good guy? Trump is pure filth.

by The Summer Windreply 8908/19/2018

E88 - his favorite phrase is "we'll see what happens". Can't stand the way he talks or the way he looks

by The Summer Windreply 9008/19/2018


by The Summer Windreply 9108/19/2018

R88 I think the word you're looking for is "Tremendous."

People who kiss his ass and agree with him or go along with his bad behaviors, antics and cruel agendas are referred to as "a tremendous person." He had also described his inauguration and the party afterwards as "tremendous events." Last year he had repeatedly referred to his new hotels and golf courses as "tremendous."

He slowed down on that word, finally, about a year after getting mocked for both its inappropriate usage and over-usage.

I think maybe Ivanka had finally brought it to his attention since he's so wrapped up in himself and clueless. She is too, but at least she noticed it and suggested he drop it for awhile. So he did. His vocabulary is very limited and so is he as a person; small hands, small pee-pee, and small-minded, the latter costing us dearly.

by The Summer Windreply 9208/20/2018

Isn’t it odd that the criticism of this president is all about Trump’s unsuitability, incompetence, corruption, mental defects, and so forth? There’s less discussion of his actual policies. This has never happened before.

by The Summer Windreply 9308/20/2018

Did you see that Trump was urged by his lunatic advisers to revoke Obama’s security clearance? Obama has been very low profile, but it’s still too much for the big baby President.

by The Summer Windreply 9408/20/2018

I am sure Trump is both disappointed and annoyed that Obama ignores him and doesn't respond to anything or get entangled with him and his daily crazy. Adolescent Trump would have LOVED to engage in daily Twitter wars with Obama.

by The Summer Windreply 9508/20/2018

Imagine, Obama is traveling overseas to speak at a funeral or college commencement or other event, and the White House refuses to brief him on security risks because his clearance was revoked. All because we have a petulant, mentally ill, baby in Office.

by The Summer Windreply 9608/20/2018


by The Summer Windreply 9708/20/2018

On Trump’s limited speaking ability...

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 9809/12/2018

I strongly believe that Trumpalo has a small and stinky dick

by The Summer Windreply 9909/12/2018

I strongly believe that Trumpalo has frontotemporal dementia with Lewy bodies and paranoid schizophrenia. He is in a very stressful job with no prior public service experience.

I also strongly believe that the commentariat claiming he'll serve two terms are any of: similarly brain-damaged with gerontological complaits, deluded, or Russian Troll.

by The Summer Windreply 10009/12/2018

But if Trump is such an imbecile, why is he beloved by one third of the population?

by The Summer Windreply 10109/13/2018

The Three Stooges are beloved by 1/3 of the population, R101. Perhaps a better question, and a good one, is why does anyone consider him as a leader?

First and foremost, Trump is a con man. It is the only thing I know of, of which he is successful.

A large portion of his followers are stupid, racist, sociopaths, or criminals, or all four.

Many of them aren’t paying attention, and like what little they hear about God and country. This is really a subset of his con.

Trump has an entire network dedicated to lying for him to present him in a different light. They have much better resources and communication tools that Herr Dr. Joseph Goebbels ever had.

by The Summer Windreply 10209/13/2018

Those blind followers are the ones that believe he MUST be brilliant because he's so successful! During the campaign, they loved how he didn't mince words and wasn't shy about calling out minorities for the reprobates his supporters think they are. The Dems, minorities, illegals and the press are all working together to bring him down because he's finally doing what 'murica has needed for decades.

by The Summer Windreply 10309/13/2018

My brother in law is a Trump supporter. He falls for every con and get rich quick scheme that comes down the pike. He is a lazy man, a child, really, and wants to be out playing in the street like a boy, at age 62. He is a liar and a cheat, and he is also not a very bright man.

The idea of working at an honest job and investing his savings over a lifetime is foreign to him. Instead, he gets into every half-assed scheme that comes down the pike. For example, he cheated his sister out of part of her inheritance as she didn’t deserve it (somehow, he determined). He used the money, $100,000, to buy 3 antique coins. He thought he was cheating the tax man, too, though there’s no tax on that sized inheritance.

He kept the coins for 20 years. Then he sold them for, $30,000. He lost 70% over 20 years, when the stock market would have quadrupled it, at a minimum. Then he kept the money buried in the back yard, literally.

He’s also a racist. The racism has been egged-on and encouraged by Fox, though.

What upsets me, is he has influenced my apolitical sister and their son to be Fox supporters. That kid is 22 now, and a fervent Trump supporter. Sad!

by The Summer Windreply 10409/13/2018

Trump was just asked if he was concerned that his language might be inciting violence.

He responded to the reporter, to the effect, “No, you’re the one creating violence by printing fake news.” He didn’t accuse the reporter of being a puppet, for the record.

Projection and lies, the Trump default response.

by The Summer Windreply 10511/02/2018

[quote] Comey is a leaker!

Turnip regularly criticizes Comey for being a “leaker”. It’s like he thinks it’s a crime. It is not. It’s what everybody does who writes a book after leaving WH service, and that’s a lot of people. It’s bothersome to hear this as an accusation, when it’s not illegal.

Trump also accuses Comey of being a liar. That’s more projection. If lying was a crime, Trump would have been impeached on day one. It’s just more projection.

by The Summer Windreply 10611/21/2018

Trump wants Hillary prosecuted as well. I wonder if he has a reason, or if he’s just a sore winner.

by The Summer Windreply 10711/21/2018

[quote] Trump said the Saudi murder would be “looked at very strongly.”

How do you look at something strongly?

by The Summer Windreply 10811/21/2018

He is possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to this country...either him or Dick Cheney. Then I think of the Civil War and I know THAT was the worst that has ever happened to us...except this is like the Civil War, without a death count.

by The Summer Windreply 10911/21/2018

trump would have no problem using the war card.. for a big distraction, and showing his "power". He did say, before being elected..."Why have nuclear weapons if we don't use them..", if I recall.

by The Summer Windreply 11011/21/2018

R101... One third, probably more of the population, are imbeciles.. or racist and hateful.

by The Summer Windreply 11111/21/2018

[quote]except this is like the Civil War, without a death count.

We are in a cold war right now.

by The Summer Windreply 11211/21/2018

Our president just gave another crazy lying press conference. It’s just unbearable to listen to him lie and spew ignorance and hatred. How does he continue to get away with it? Can’t something be done?!

by The Summer Windreply 11311/22/2018

R112, we are indeed in a Cold War. Interesting phrase.

I didn’t go to Thanksgiving dinner with my siblings because I simply didn’t want to hear Deplorable comments. They weren’t raised like that, I can say. Something happened to them, though I don’t know what.

by The Summer Windreply 11411/22/2018

[quote]Our president just gave another crazy lying press conference. It’s just unbearable to listen to him lie and spew ignorance and hatred. How does he continue to get away with it? Can’t something be done?!

I read this in a book once. Paraphrasing but it goes, the wheels of justice move slowly, but once moving are near impossible to stop. I like to think that eventually it's all going to come down for him, especially when he no longer has the protection of being CIC. Look at John Gotti. For the majority of his life he got away with everything, but he died in prison.

by The Summer Windreply 11511/22/2018

It’s below freezing in the Northeast US today. I think I heard Trump say “whatever happened to global warming?” I hate stupid people like that. Willful and determined stupidity.

Weather is not climate! Some places will get colder with climate change!

by The Summer Windreply 11611/22/2018

Trump has told over 6000 lies since taking office, per the WaPo.

by The Summer Windreply 11711/23/2018

WaPo is fake news.

by The Summer Windreply 11811/23/2018

One of the problems with Trump’s ignorant meddling in the economy is that many industries, like cars, work with “just in time” inventory, and a fully integrated NAFTA manufacturing zone. Meaning, closing the border is going to cause havoc with manufacturing and auto production. A lot of vehicles require Canada-USA-Mexico to be linked together without new, prohibitive tariffs and border closings.

by The Summer Windreply 11911/26/2018

Piss idiot backed out of the Paris Climate Accord and put us decades behind where we should be with climate change. Profit before everything, including the planet and our beautiful nature and critters. Monumental asshole mean son of a bitch.

by The Summer Windreply 12011/26/2018

$2400. That’s what Turnip’s tariffs will cost the average person per year. I just heard on MSNBC.

Unless you work for GM, in which case...

by The Summer Windreply 12111/27/2018

A new government watchdog memo says the Trump administration waived rigorous background checks — including finger-printing — for all staff working at the nation’s largest detention camp for migrant children.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 12211/27/2018

Donald Trump is a big fat liar!

by The Summer Windreply 12311/27/2018

And a jerk face!

by The Summer Windreply 12411/27/2018

Especially a jerk face!

by The Summer Windreply 12511/27/2018

Trump said today:

“...Nobody knows more about technology than me.”

The man is below average IQ and doesn’t use email. Stupid, uneducated, and inexperienced. What an asshole.

by The Summer Windreply 12601/01/2019

The Roman Newsreader always reminds me of Trump .

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 12701/01/2019

This one is funny, but misses the hand gestures of the “bouncy OK”, “the thumbs-up”, and the Linus arm flap.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 12801/01/2019

Here’s the Linus arm flap. Trump stretches them apart, then pulls them closer together, repeat.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 12901/01/2019

Trump was doing pretty good until 6:02, when Nancy referred to the “Trump Shutdown”. Then he became unnerved, and the Linus Arm Flapping started.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 13001/01/2019

[quote] DJT: maybe the sun will come up tomorrow, but maybe it won’t. Some people are saying that it won’t. Maybe it won’t.

This is how Trump speaks. If he took his intelligence briefings, and I mean from US intelligence agencies, not Russian ones, it wouldn’t be such a mystery to him, the various matters he questions.

My Grandmother used to refer to various “famous professors” she saw on TV, and we used to make fun, since the professors’ credentials were unknown and untrustworthy. Now Fox is an entire network of famous professors who lack credentials.

by The Summer Windreply 13101/01/2019

^The Press needs to ask better follow-up questions, like:

Who are these people who say the sun won’t come up tomorrow? What are their credentials?

When Trump give a vague or general answer to a specific question, he should be challenged to give specifics.

Like when Bill O’Reilly asked about Putin, and asserted that Putin was a killer. Donald’s response, to evade answering, was that “there are a lot of killers, do you think we’re so good?” How about, like who? What is it about the US that compares to Putin’s crimes?

Or, when Trump said the “important thing about nuclear is the power”. WTF does that mean? Nuclear energy, or nuclear weapons? What does he mean by “the power”? He leaves so much to interpretation by being vague. Then when he flip-flops, he has an easy-out, because whatever he said about the topic could mean a lot of different things.

by The Summer Windreply 13201/01/2019

His special wishes for the New Year

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 13301/01/2019

I hate trump.. and all things trump.

by The Summer Windreply 13401/02/2019


"Stock market sell-off was due to a 'glitch,' says Trump--Stocks will rise again once the trade deals have been resolved, the president said.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the stock market's worst month since 1931 was due to a "glitch."

Trump told reporters on the first trading day of 2019 that after December's near-historic sell-off, stocks would rise once his trade deals have been resolved."

by The Summer Windreply 13501/02/2019

The "glitch" in this whole thing is trump. He is bad for everything.

by The Summer Windreply 13601/02/2019

This is short, and pretty funny.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 13701/10/2019

Its really upsetting, the FBI investigation into Trump, that’s in the news.

TV is showing pics of Trump ‘s Helsinki meeting with Putin, and Trump’s body language is so obsequious.

by The Summer Windreply 13801/14/2019

you mean like this r138?

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 13901/14/2019

DJT: “Do I like pizza? Yes, I’ve always liked pizza. A lot of people like pizza. Some people probably don’t like pizza, but pizza is something I’ve always liked.”

This was our President. Substitute “Roger Stone”, for “pizza,”, and he actually said this. The man is truly a moron and should be no where near the Presidency. (I didn’t hear the question, but I’ll bet it wasn’t “Do you like Roger Stone.”, like he’s 5 years old.)

by The Summer Windreply 14002/03/2019

Has the Alt-Right and Trumptards taken ownership of the thumbs-up hand signal?

It used to be used when, for example, vocal communication was not usedful, such as when landing a jet aircraft. It was also used to indicate that something that looks bad, was actually not a problem, such as immediately after a near accident of some kind, such as a slip-and-fall or car accident. It was also used in photographs, to indicate, for example, that despite being help hostage by aborigines in Borneo, you were doing ok. Also used frequently by children to say, “yay, look at me.”

Trump uses it all the time and it just feels like he dumbs-down the signal a little further, every time he uses it. It’s like he’s ten years old.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 14102/09/2019

Trump was asked a out the defunding of the Special Olympics. He replied “I’ve overruled my people, and restored funding.”

What a fucking coward. It’s time to pass the buck, yet again, it seems. If I ever had an employee like him who refused to accept responsibility when due, or lied as he does, he’d be fired very quickly.

by The Summer Windreply 14203/29/2019

He has great cunning for such an idiot. He's like an idiot savant if you will, with the savant part being his criminality.

by The Summer Windreply 14303/29/2019

I’m overruling my people at R142.

by The Summer Windreply 14403/29/2019

That scowl Trump always wears - it is well suitable for a mugshot. It reminds me of the photos of mob bosses taken when they didn’t want their photo taken.

by The Summer Windreply 14504/05/2019

The Asian woman who was stopped by security last weekend was requested by Trump to give a massage with 'happy ending'. This story will fade real fast.

by The Summer Windreply 14604/05/2019

[quote] Definition of fascism from Webster’s: A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. And this debacle rhymes very strongly, like a Shakespearean tragedy.

by The Summer Windreply 14704/08/2019

[quote] I often have something I want to post about Trump, but don't always think it is worth an entire thread by itself.

I often have that thought about Meghan Markle. Then I remind myself that spreading Meghan Markle awareness is my solemn duty as a pathetic middle-aged woman.

by The Summer Windreply 14804/08/2019

[quote] Trump today stated, multiple times, that the US is full. We have no more room. And our people require Lebensraum!

Actually, we are a huge country and could tolerate a population of double our current population, at least. It’s like he’s not even trying to disguise his lies these days.

by The Summer Windreply 14904/08/2019

The thread title that immediately precedes this one in the list is: "What are the side effects of fisting?"

Coincidence? I think not.

by The Summer Windreply 15004/12/2019

Remember how Trump and Fox kept commenting on Hillary’s cough? It was weeks before she collapsed at the 9-11 memorial. I think Hillary proved herself to be a tough ol’ broad. Compare to how angry Trump was after the first debate, because it was too hot, and he had to stand for three hours. He made them cut the time down to two hours for the remaining debates. Or, how he refused to go to the WWI memorial in France because of the rain. He’s a wimp.

But my purpose here is to ask, “How did they know that Hillary was sick?” Anyone can get pneumonia, or could they? I think it was because the Russians infected Hillary with pneumonia, and told Trump. I think this is more likely, than that the Russians changed votes. How else would Trump have known?

by The Summer Windreply 15107/29/2019

I did not used to believe in the existence of Satan. But he's changed my mind. And for the first time in my life I have come to understand how Hitler happened.

by The Summer Windreply 15207/29/2019

Tonight, Trump claimed to have been at Ground Zero soon after the 9-11 attack. That’s a really sick lie.

by The Summer Windreply 15307/29/2019

He also claimed to have lost hundreds of friends on 9-11. Later he said it was many many friends. He never mentioned it again. Of course, he has no friends. It’s also a despicable lie.

by The Summer Windreply 15407/29/2019

Oh, if Trump had attended even a single 9-11 related funeral, we’d have heard about it. This is the President. Of course he’s not qualified to make decisions involving life and death when he’s so mentally ill that he has no idea what death means to normal people.

by The Summer Windreply 15507/29/2019

Today, Trump said that people voting for the Democrats are disloyal to Israel and the Jewish people. He added that only weak people would say anything other than that.

I’ve heard the ADL is bothered by this because they think it is bad for the US and for Israel, if Israel is too closely related to Trump.

by The Summer Windreply 15608/21/2019

He cancelled his visit to Denmark because they wouldn't consider selling Greenland to him, he called American Jews disloyal for voting Democrat, retweeted a statement made by an American evangelical conspiracy theorist that he is the King of Israel and the Second Coming of God, and then called himself The Chosen One while glancing at the sky during a press conference.

This all happened in the past two days. The general election is going to be this x100, so better brace yourselves.

by The Summer Windreply 15708/21/2019

I had a thought today that maybe if the US electorate didn't work hard enough to prevent his presidency in 2016, and didn't vote in numbers large enough to change the Senate in 2018, then maybe I misunderstood the ideals and values of the United States for the 23 years I lived here. The Republican Party still has not disavowed him or turned against him. I likely lived in a bubble of equal rights, human rights, environmental concerns, affordable housing and education. These things don't matter to maybe 60% of US adults (the 26.3% who voted for Trump, plus the majority of voters who weren't suppressed by their county's election practices). I see now that I'm a cultural misfit, but I've taken steps to go where my values are a better fit. And if it turns out that the majority of the people who did not vote actually tried but were turned away, the nation is in much worse shape than I thought.

Do you know anyone who regrets staying home (figuratively; some states allow mail-in ballots) in 2016?

Do you know anyone who regrets voting for Trump?

Do you know people who support him even now, with his long history of ineptitude and self-serving theatrics, even when his policies work against him? Are they single-issue voters, or do they share characteristics or aspects of his psychological profile?

by The Summer Windreply 15808/21/2019

R158, Democrat’s Superdelegates were intended to prevent a Trump-like blowhard from getting the Dem nomination. Maybe both parties need to up their game, to prevent another idiot like Trump.

As for the electoral college, it’s purpose was to see that the rabble didn’t elect a Trump-like character. If it isn’t going to do so, their job, then eliminate the EC.

The electoral college delegates aren’t paid. Perhaps they should be paid? I don’t think this would require a change to the US Constitution.

by The Summer Windreply 15908/21/2019

Trump needs someone to sit next to him and make decisions for him. That’s not (primarily) a swipe at him, it’s just true.

by The Summer Windreply 16009/01/2019

This thread is stupid, "Summer's Eve" as is your screen name.

When the idiot does something worth mentioning, it's worth mentioning. We don't need a dedicated thread for it from you.

by The Summer Windreply 16109/01/2019

The thread was requested.

We don’t need a new thread for every stupid thing Trump does. Sometimes we want to comment about it or him but not fill up the board.

Let a million flowers bloom.

by The Summer Windreply 16209/01/2019

Rachel reported tonight that the funding for military aid to Ukraine and military spending to bolster our defenses against Russia were among the things cut, to free-up spending for Trump’s Wall.

And that coward blamed Obama for losing Crimea to Russia, when it is things like this that signal surrender to Russia. Damn, Trump is so mentally ill, it is almost unimaginable.

by The Summer Windreply 16309/05/2019

Stan Greenberg, the author, has a book saying that Trump is destroying the Republican Party. He thinks 2020 will be a bigger blue wave than was 2018. He says PA, MI, MN, WI, ME, NH, and VA will not be close, and Iowa will also go to the Democrats.

He says even on immigration, Trump is out of sync with the public. His base will stick with Trump, but he’s lost his swing voters.

by The Summer Windreply 16409/09/2019

What happened to the TREASONS threads?

by The Summer Windreply 16509/09/2019

North Korea launched two more missiles today. The NKs offered to resume nuclear diplomacy, but warned that talks may end without new US proposals. In other words, they demand US concessions. Donald will cave on this, preferring to be a loser than appear to be a loser.

by The Summer Windreply 16609/09/2019

It kills me that Putin got Trump elected but Trumps cult, thinks that is just fine. Trump obviously works for the murdering thug, Putin.

by The Summer Windreply 16709/09/2019

It kills me that Putin got Trump elected but Trumps cult, thinks that is just fine. Trump obviously works for the murdering thug, Putin.

by The Summer Windreply 16809/09/2019

R167, agreed. He is a Russian asset. Unwitting, or otherwise. If we just look at the definition of asset, he fits it. Especially these two things that came up in the presser immediately after meeting with Putin:

Trump suggested joint US Russian military exercises. This is ridiculous since most of our exercises involve protecting ourselves and our allies from Russia. Plus, such exercises would simply have given the Russians many of our military secrets.

Another time, Trump suggested a US-Russia joint task force to protect ourselves from computer hackers. This subject was prompted by Russian-based computer hackers. Again, a joint effort would only have given the Russians better info on how to infiltrate our systems.

Both of the above demonstrate his worth as a Russian asset. And we can only imagine the secrets he gives up when speaking with Putin without another American present. He’s too stupid and corrupt to be allowed to speak with anyone alone.

by The Summer Windreply 16909/09/2019

Oh, yeah, he recently spent much of his time in the G7 trying to convince the other leaders to re-admit Russia to make it the G8. Exactly the kind of thing a Russian asset would do.

Russia was kicked out of the G8 because of its invasion of Ukraine and seizing of the Crimea. None of that has changed. Trump faults Obama for the Russian military action. He inexplicably doesn’t blame the Russians, though.

by The Summer Windreply 17009/09/2019

One frustrating thing is that Trump has convinced his base that the main stream news is “fake news”. If you ever are talking with a deplorable and relate an anti-Trump fact that you think is undisputed, and they ask you where you heard it, if you say The NY Times or WaPo, they’ll laugh at you because they think those are tabloids. There’s not much you can do to educate them.

Of course, Trump and Fox invented and traffic in fake news, but Deplorables refuse to believe it.

by The Summer Windreply 17109/09/2019

I moved away from the United States last week, and I feel really good, as if I took my first unassisted meal from my hospital bed after being in a coma. Trump merely nauseates me instead of makes me anxious. I told the Americans we were moving so my kid could have cheaper university tuition, but my compatriots, the ones I'm meeting for the first time such as neighbours, market vendors and credit union officers, know why I left.

by The Summer Windreply 17209/09/2019

The pre-9/11, Labor Day weekend Terrorist meet-up at Camp David was another aborted attempt by Trump to get that Nobel Peace Prize.

by The Summer Windreply 17309/09/2019

R169, I just posted about my anxiety regarding recent events Trump, in the CIA Asset Exfiltration out of Russia thread.

I expressed that I believe Trump is currently holding the US hostage. I also believe that we are not being told what is happening behind the scenes, because global panic would ensue. He is deliberately ravaging our country and he his actively weakening every possible government agency, foreign diplomacy development, and alliance possible.

It’s almost like he is isolating us and making us weaker, so that all that is necessary is a specific yet accurate market manipulation and boom, we are primed for an attack that needs no invading army. And yes, he working with Putin, but there’s more. It is an alliance, and if you don’t do what they ask, you don’t continue existing.

Trump is a hostile foreign asset. He is not our president.

by The Summer Windreply 17409/09/2019

Imagine the day this all comes to light after the mass destruction that will ensue. Those inbred hicks grandkids will be cursing them for voting him into office.

by The Summer Windreply 17509/10/2019

R175, once you start doing some deep dives, it’s really depressing as all fuck. And I’m not talking about stupid conspiracy theories, either.

There is a complex network created by people like the Koch’s, for example, that show that there are Russians, and Americans, who are using their wealth to usurp our democracy. And even though we hear bits and pieces about this, here and there, it really hit me when I started looking into resources that I hadn’t accessed previously.

People are literally buying our democracy, and the case with Trump is no different. The particular problem with him is that he doesn’t appear to have a moral center, so he’s easily bought by the highest bidder, and in this case, they’re an oligarchy of Russians whose objectives are to dismantle multiple systems of our nations operations, in order to exploit, profit from, and obviously, influence America. And this is completely out in the open. There’s no obfuscation of data that clearly illustrates that Donald Trump has been borrowing money from Russian financial institutions since the 1980s, because at first, it was easy to get, and eventually, because he had no where else to get money from, since our banks, along with other banks throughout Europe, decided that his credit was no longer acceptable due to his multiple bankruptcies, defaults, and gross mismanagement of his own businesses.

Almost every single large venture that Donald Trump has championed, has either failed, filed bankruptcy, defaulted, or has required creative funding from foreign investors in Russia, the or the Middle East Arab countries in consort with Russian financiers. In the bottom line, the only reason Trump has managed to remain in a lifestyle where it appears that he, himself, is a bonafide billionaire, is because he has been consistently floated by Russian money. In EVERY SINGLE LITERAL SENSE, Donald Trump would have ceased to expand his real estate interests domestically and abroad, had he not been given funding by Russian banks for the last 30 plus years.

Now, is it illegal to borrow money from Russian banks if all other banks have ceased to do business with you? Not necessarily, but that is a tricky question and not a clear yes or no answer applies. Why? Because Russia’s heads of state, are also Russian mobsters. It is highly unlikely to become wealthy in Russia, without participating in illegal activities, and its impossible to conduct illegal activities that will net you substantial profit, without government approval.

Of course a former head of KGB, oligarch, and now President of Russia, would seize the opportunity to propel a man like Trump into America’s highest office. He has been priming him and buying him through the entire process for the last 30 years, through all of his friends who own banks, aka his assets, who are loyal to Putin, and whose primary interests are the advancement and proliferation of Russia.

We were warned in 2016. The FBI, the CIA, and multiple allied intelligence agencies have all concurred that Putin has interfered with our elections. And what infuriates me is that our house is on fire, yet the GOP has decided to keep themselves warm by that fire, and almost half of our country is cheering it on, even as it comes for them.

What in the world is wrong with us? When did Americans become so greedy, and so blatantly obtuse and stupid, that they refuse to see what is clearly happening right in front of us all?

by The Summer Windreply 17609/10/2019

"People are literally buying our democracy"

And the greedy little Republipigs are selling. They saw all those kleptocrat politicians becoming billionaires in Russia and wanted to get in on the action.

by The Summer Windreply 17709/10/2019

Trump was talking about Obama again today. Still!

by The Summer Windreply 17811/25/2019

The GOP aims to destroy democracy using Trump. They want an authoritarian system run by banksters. Putin is there to help.

by The Summer Windreply 17911/25/2019

Agree with r179

by The Summer Windreply 18011/25/2019

Trump wants NATO expanded into the Mideast and renamed NATOME.

This is idiotic because NATO has a purpose, and it’s not in the Mideast. If there aren’t orgs for Trump’s purpose, he should negotiate to create one.

Offsite Link
by The Summer Windreply 18101/09/2020

R178, and again today. What’s with that?

by The Summer Windreply 18201/09/2020

When my Mom died, my Deplorable sister gave the house sale to a realtor who has a radio show where she talks about “Killary”, etc. That high school friend is the only person I ever defriended on FB, just to get away from the obnoxiousness. I’ve since learned that my sister does disproportionate business with the far Right, which is fine for her, but I don’t want to be dragged into it.

I learned about it late. Sis is completely under the influence of her husband. He only reads books by Sara Palin or Bill O’Reilly. Only goes to movies heavily hyped on Fox, like that Benghazi movie or “Unbreakable”, literally. Only watches Fox and it’s on all day, on all the TVs in the house. He will wake up and turn the TV back on, if I’ve turned it off when he’s asleep in the living room and I’m visiting. If I change rooms, he’ll follow me around, turn the TV on, and go to sleep. I’ve stopped visiting, but I miss my sister before she became Fox washed.

So, I am holding on, just barely, until Trump is deposed and we, maybe, get back to normal.

by The Summer Windreply 18301/09/2020

Your sister is an accessory to treason, theft, child molestation, cheating and a lying, not to mention that she must be racist, homophobic, xenophobic, spiritually bereft, intellectually deficient and delusional. What’s to miss, R183?

by The Summer Windreply 18401/10/2020

I wanted to post this because it touches on something I have been commentating on lately. Every time Trump points his finger at China saying that they were dishonest and not transparent about the virus, I immediately think that the fool is projecting, again. The Chinese government is unreliable, but I already know that the Trump Government is corrupt, dishonest, malevolent, and universally dangerous. The author does a good job of flushing this out: the comparable, mutual, failure of the two.

I’ll further add, though, that the Chinese did not put the virus in a missile and launch it across the Pacific. The virus got away from the Chinese. It beat them. These’s no Chinese malevolence here, and it’s disingenuous of Trump to imply that there is. The virus beat the Chinese, just like it beat Trump.

After every debacle, it’s important to look back without judgement to asses what we can learn to improve our actions in the future. Anyone who screams and yells and points fingers as Trump has, especially with his record, seeks only to disguise his own failed record, and isn’t seeking solutions at all.

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by The Summer Windreply 18505/24/2020

Our first demented president! The most demented, like you wouldn't believe ! Many are saying he's the most demented leader in history.

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by The Summer Windreply 18605/24/2020

These fuckers lie about everything including their own names. Her name is Ivana Marie Trump Kuntner

Note- I found this website accidently. I was NOT googling foot fetish videos.

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by The Summer Windreply 18705/24/2020

Good idea, OP! How do I recreate the sounds of explosive diarrhea ruining his wardrobe in words? Some of us have no words! That’s the dilemma.

by The Summer Windreply 18805/24/2020
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