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Joseph Gordon Levitt is a genius

I love this guy. He inspires creativity in others and actually helps them publish their work. Watch the video at link.

He just published a book with stories that everyday people sent in, and it's brilliant. And yes, he is actually paying the writers from the profits.

I love in the video how he talks about being ambivalent about Christmas. he just seems like an all around talented and cool guy.

by IFHH tooreply 24002/18/2014

The book

by IFHH tooreply 112/10/2010

I love him. I even watched that shitty 500 days of Summer movie

by IFHH tooreply 212/10/2010

This isn't enough 'Oh dear' in the world to describe my reaction, OP.

by IFHH tooreply 412/10/2010


by IFHH tooreply 512/10/2010

I think what he's doing is great. Maybe R3 and R4 don't know about his other side stuff.

It's not just about the book, it's the whole collaborative thing he's doing. And yeah, compared to most of the other vapid, actor bullshit out there, it's pretty genius.

by IFHH tooreply 612/10/2010

I think he's gorgeous. R2, is 500 days of Summer really that bad? ...I thought it got decent reviews. Anyway, I want to see it just to ogle him.

by IFHH tooreply 712/10/2010

Can you please stop abusing the word genius?

by IFHH tooreply 812/10/2010

R7, it's worth sitting through to see him.

by IFHH tooreply 912/11/2010

I liked 500 Days, but I'm one of two people around here who likes Zooey Deschenel. (Zooey being the other.)

by IFHH tooreply 1012/11/2010

How big do you think his dick is? Is he gay? A top or bottom?

by IFHH tooreply 1112/11/2010


by IFHH tooreply 1212/11/2010

He's a hipster, OP. Don't confuse them.

by IFHH tooreply 1312/11/2010

I like him. I'm just watching a rerun of Roseanne with him as DJ's dorky friend, and it reminds me how far he's come. And how talented he is.

by IFHH tooreply 1412/11/2010

He is super talented. I loved him in Mysterious Skin. I just hope he doesn't start pushing some cool persona image outside of his work.

by IFHH tooreply 1512/11/2010


by IFHH tooreply 1612/11/2010

I remember reading he wasn't part Asian as people said he was. He all Jewish. Which means HUGE PENIS!!!!!!

by IFHH tooreply 1712/11/2010

There was a horrible scene where he was raped, by a man in Invisible Skin.

It was so graphic

by IFHH tooreply 1812/11/2010

He invented electricity.

by IFHH tooreply 1912/11/2010

I liked him until I saw 500 Days of Summer. That has to be on the most terrible movies I have ever seen and that is saying a lot.

by IFHH tooreply 2012/11/2010

[quote]There was a horrible scene where he was raped, by a man in Invisible Skin.It was so graphic

That's hot! Now I have to see it! Yumers!

by IFHH tooreply 2112/11/2010

[quote]I love in the video how he talks about being ambivalent about Christmas.

Well, yeah. Isn't he jewish?

Seems very decent and gay-friendly though.

by IFHH tooreply 2212/11/2010

You DON'T want to see it. It is violent, bloody and very disturbing.

It is a very violent rape

by IFHH tooreply 2312/11/2010

He's a junkie

by IFHH tooreply 2412/11/2010

That MYSTERIOUS SKIN rape scene was pretty graphic.%0D %0D What amazes me is that he made this film (he plays a teen hustler and there's also a sex scene with him and an older man in a motel room) while still playing Tommy on 3rd Rock. It was during his last season, but I'm surprised that the producers were OK with doing such a controversial role.

by IFHH tooreply 2512/11/2010

Not only did R21 call a vicious rape scene as hot, but he misspelled yummers.%0D %0D He needs to leave now.

by IFHH tooreply 2612/11/2010

I would LOVE to see his junk!

by IFHH tooreply 2712/11/2010

Shoot. Make that: Call a vicious rape scene hot.%0D %0D Damn wine.

by IFHH tooreply 2812/11/2010

I understand he's recently made great strides toward finding a cure for cancer! Heck of a job, Joey!

by IFHH tooreply 2912/11/2010

Is he, r24? I thought that was just his brother.

by IFHH tooreply 3012/11/2010


by IFHH tooreply 3112/11/2010

He invented the country of Tunisia and Pay At The Pump.

by IFHH tooreply 3212/11/2010

I would love to pay at his pump.

by IFHH tooreply 3312/11/2010

Joseph Gordon Levitt is the one who should be hosting the Oscars.

by IFHH tooreply 3412/11/2010

r31 the is HAWT AND YUMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by IFHH tooreply 3512/11/2010

[quote]call a vicious rape scene as hot, but he misspelled yummers.

If "yumers" was a real word it would count but it isn't.

by IFHH tooreply 3612/11/2010

How many gay movies did he do?

Emile Hirsch did 3

James Franco-3 and another on the way

by IFHH tooreply 3712/11/2010

His brother OD'd a few months ago :(

by IFHH tooreply 3812/12/2010

is he a butt pirate?

by IFHH tooreply 3912/12/2010

I just saw the end of "Brick", when Joseph's character is standing in a high-school playing field. The camera lingers - as though longingly - on his full, sweet, sexy lips. %0D %0D I would love to lock onto those...

by IFHH tooreply 4012/12/2010

The rape scene wasn't as hot as his narration of how he tried to get his Little League teammate's dick and balls in his mouth at the same time like coach did, but he couldn't, because his mouth was too small.

by IFHH tooreply 4112/12/2010


by IFHH tooreply 4212/12/2010

Well what?

by IFHH tooreply 4312/12/2010


by IFHH tooreply 4412/12/2010

He invented socks.

by IFHH tooreply 4512/12/2010

Mysterious Skin was awful, didn't care much for it. Loved Gordon in (500) Days of Summer.

by IFHH tooreply 4612/12/2010

[quote] How many gay movies did he do?

Emile Hirsch did 3

James Franco-3 and another on the way

I think he plays gay on his next movie.

by IFHH tooreply 4712/12/2010

[italic]Brick[/italic] is worth a look, especially if you like [italic]noir[/italic] movies. Rian Johnson proudly steals from [italic]The Maltese Falcon[/italic], among others.

by IFHH tooreply 4812/12/2010

[quote]If "yumers" was a real word it would count but it isn't.

Doesn't matter. The way he spells it, it's pronounced "yoomers," and he's clearly going for yummers.

by IFHH tooreply 4912/12/2010

Is qwerty1 Joseph Gordon Levitt or Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

by IFHH tooreply 5012/12/2010

qwerty1 = Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He hasn't been around for quite a while though.

by IFHH tooreply 5112/12/2010


by IFHH tooreply 5312/13/2010

qwerty1 is back? Where have you been?

by IFHH tooreply 5412/13/2010

Oh, r54, I've always been around. I guess I just prefer to keep my thoughts anon on things like Ryan Gosling in wet white BVDs, tuna noodle casserole, and

by IFHH tooreply 5512/13/2010

I really hated the Levitt character, what an idiot. First he enjoys being molested, then moves to New York to slut around as a whore and not use condoms? What a brilliant use of one's time on earth.

by IFHH tooreply 5604/10/2012

He made a one-time appearance on That 70's Show as Eric's rich lab partner who has a crush on Eric and even kisses him.

by IFHH tooreply 5704/10/2012

I think he's adorable.

by IFHH tooreply 5804/10/2012

OP = Joseph Gordon Levitt

by IFHH tooreply 5904/10/2012

R57, love this scene, too bad he did it with Topher Grace, it should have been Ashton.

by IFHH tooreply 6004/10/2012

John Cameron Mitchell said that JGL submitted an audition tape for "Shortbus" and that they almost cast him.

Apparently, JGL did something fairly hardcore (jerking off, maybe?) in the tape, 'cause it's never been released.

I think he's a great actor, and I admit that I've had a fairly big crush on him since his Third Rock days (we're exactly the same age, so he was a teenage crush of mine).

He does, though, look better with his clothes ON.

by IFHH tooreply 6104/10/2012

The world is saved!!!! Great concept, awesome book.. but genius?

by IFHH tooreply 6204/13/2012

Typical 'mo. If he was a fugly you'd hate him

by IFHH tooreply 6304/13/2012

Met him when he did the play Uncle Bob some years ago. I found him to be a pompous little twit. Hopefully, he's grown up since then.

by IFHH tooreply 6404/13/2012

I understand that he's Jewish, but what is his ancestry? He seems half Asian.

by IFHH tooreply 6504/13/2012

His ancestry is Jewish. He is not at all Asian, he just has small eyes.

by IFHH tooreply 6604/13/2012


by IFHH tooreply 6704/13/2012

I like him very much. It's always hard to judge what a celeb is really like in life but he does seem pretty cool and grounded.

His brother was pretty hot.

by IFHH tooreply 6804/14/2012

Why isn't anyone mentioning his award-worthy performance in 50/50?

It was supposed to be James McAvoy who dropped out pretty close to shooting (maybe he didn't want to shave his head). JG-L was the better choice.

by IFHH tooreply 6904/15/2012

The worst thing about his performance in Looper is that he has to act like Bruce Willis. That's why it feels forced.

by IFHH tooreply 7010/22/2012

Ok, don't kill me but he's like a shorter fuglier version of that other Jewish god - James Franco. JF is gorgeous and JGL looks like a shorter more Asian version.

by IFHH tooreply 7110/22/2012

Don't let the OP shill that spam site, that set off my virus detector as potentially malicious.

by IFHH tooreply 7210/22/2012

He's not a genius.

by IFHH tooreply 7301/18/2013

Another DL anointed gay who turned out to be straight after all.

by IFHH tooreply 7401/18/2013

oh hush! Both actors will do great work in the coming years.

by IFHH tooreply 7501/18/2013

I can't wait for his "Shame"-lite movie from Sundance to be released.

by IFHH tooreply 7601/25/2013

[quote]Met him when he did the play Uncle Bob some years ago. I found him to be a pompous little twit.

Not surprising. That's how he comes off in interviews.

by IFHH tooreply 7701/25/2013

He looks Asian with them slant eyes. He's prolly just ashamed to admit it.

by IFHH tooreply 7801/25/2013

I think he's a Mongol. Totally don't buy him as Jewish.

by IFHH tooreply 7901/26/2013

I know someone who directed him in an off broadway play about a decade ago and said he couldn't have been nicer or more humble. He even coughed up some of his 3rd Rock $ when the show was about to close prematurely. Nice to see he's become a, he's talented, so he deserves it.

by IFHH tooreply 8001/26/2013

He's a typical Silverlake hipster.

by IFHH tooreply 8101/26/2013

I thought it was interesting when Morgan Freeman was being interviewed about The Dark Knight Rises, he was asked what it was like to work with such great actors.

When the interviewer mentioned JGL, the look on Freeman's face made it clear that he had NOT enjoyed working with JGL at all.

by IFHH tooreply 8201/26/2013

Both Morgan Freeman and Michael Kaine thought he was a douche. And that says something.

by IFHH tooreply 8301/26/2013

I really loved that Premium Rush movie.

by IFHH tooreply 8401/26/2013

Forgot to mention:

Famously small cock and balls.

by IFHH tooreply 8501/26/2013

[quote]Another DL anointed gay who turned out to be straight after all.

Oh, shut up. He was actually largely considered straight and turned out to be bisexual.

[quote]When the interviewer mentioned JGL, the look on Freeman's face made it clear that he had NOT enjoyed working with JGL at all.

Michael Cain was there too and didn't seem one bit more enthusiastic about JGL. Classic.

by IFHH tooreply 8601/26/2013

Caine and Freeman said Bale is such a pleasure to work with. It must be true!

Oh, wait.

by IFHH tooreply 8701/26/2013

Genius is such an overused term to describe someone so bland and boring.

by IFHH tooreply 8801/26/2013

Saw him off-Broadway in "Uncle Bob" and he was terrific. Pretty much my favorite of the new generation of actors.

by IFHH tooreply 8901/26/2013

[quote]When the interviewer mentioned JGL, the look on Freeman's face made it clear that he had NOT enjoyed working with JGL at all.

LMAO! JGL comes off as a smug little prick, so this doesn't surprise me.

by IFHH tooreply 9001/26/2013

All of those people who live in Levittown have so much to be thankful for.

by IFHH tooreply 9101/26/2013

There's a vid out there of JGL speaking to Caine at a premiere that shows Caine throwing such massive shade it quite forcefully and visibly shut down JGL but good.

by IFHH tooreply 9201/26/2013

Can you post a link of video with Caine and JGL?

by IFHH tooreply 9301/26/2013

[quote]Can you post a link of video with Caine and JGL?

If only there were some way everyone could find it!

by IFHH tooreply 9401/26/2013

I suppose it's on youtube, r92. I don't have a link.

by IFHH tooreply 9501/26/2013

He speaks perfect French! He is both a genius and yummers and he'll be the first French speaking gay bisexual genius Jewish president!

by IFHH tooreply 9601/26/2013

JGL has always been pretty much liked here, so why are the usual scum suddenly attacking?

by IFHH tooreply 9701/26/2013

And yet, r87, they couldn't find it in themselves to imply the tiniest positive thing about JGL. Interesting.

by IFHH tooreply 9801/26/2013

R92 maybe Caine is an anti Semite or homophobe and that's why he hates JGL? Ever think of that? Maybe he's secretly attracted to JGL's undeniable sexiness, yummers, and genius and can't accept that in himself!

by IFHH tooreply 9901/27/2013

JGL is an Asian like Bobby Van is an Asian. They both were Jews but had squint / slant eyes so they looked like gooks.

by IFHH tooreply 10001/27/2013

Michael Caine is not an anit-semite, when he was younger his agent was Swifty Lazar and they were close friends.

I wonder why he doesn't like JGL consdering they also worked on Inception together

by IFHH tooreply 10201/27/2013

r92 Much as I'm enjoying this little Caine and Freeman against JGL saga, wasn't that just a gif that is made to look that way (I think it moves backwards?) as a joke because of the hilarious interview? I don't think there is true hatred. My guess would be they just found him rather annoying.

by IFHH tooreply 10301/27/2013



I'd forgotten about Bobby Van, he looked Asian too. It's those squint eyes.

I wonder if Bobby Van is JGL father.

by IFHH tooreply 10401/27/2013

A true hunk!

by IFHH tooreply 10501/27/2013

All these questions about his sexuality - why do you want to know? Are you looking for a mate, sex with a movie star or just looking to invade the guys's privacy? OMG he's an adult & no he isn't celebate like nearly everyone else. Who cares who he's doin' unless you got your sights set on him?

by IFHH tooreply 10602/02/2013


Bobby Van was ugly.

by IFHH tooreply 10702/02/2013

500 days of Summer is hilarious and totally charming. JGL is great in it. He's got tremendous range. Mysterious Skin and 50/50 are also excellent, just as two examples

by IFHH tooreply 10802/02/2013

I adore him

by IFHH tooreply 10902/02/2013

Wrote and directed a comedy about a guy addicted to jerking off. described as lot's of shots of tissues dropping into a waste basket. Sold it at Sundance and would only sign if guaranteed a 2000 screen summer release. He thinks it can compete with the Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd type "R" rated movies.

by IFHH tooreply 11002/02/2013

It's gotten bad reviews so far, but just to see him pretending to jerk is enough for me to see it.

by IFHH tooreply 11102/03/2013

[quote]I love in the video how he talks about being ambivalent about Christmas.

Uh, isn't he Jewish? Why would he be celebrating Christmas anyway?

by IFHH tooreply 11202/03/2013

What a douche.

by IFHH tooreply 11302/23/2013

r113, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you've got a few good qualities.

by IFHH tooreply 11402/23/2013

He's going to be at the Oscars today.

by IFHH tooreply 11502/24/2013

[quote]He's going to be at the Oscars today.


by IFHH tooreply 11602/24/2013

Please. What makes Freeman and Caine the supreme court for character judgement? Is Freeman still fucking his step-granddaughter?

by IFHH tooreply 11702/24/2013

Who's his date?

by IFHH tooreply 11802/24/2013

*oscar date.

by IFHH tooreply 11902/24/2013

He made that awful Don Jon movie only to bang Scarlett.

Now he's dreaming of getting Mila Kunis.

by IFHH tooreply 12003/14/2013

R120 Huh? He's straight? And if so, why does everyone act like Mila is so fucking wonderful?

In any case, this guy's starting to get overexposed and when I hear about his little short films and side projects, it makes me think he's going to end up James Franco 2.0. Joey already has the same pretentious attitude like James.

by IFHH tooreply 12103/14/2013

Yep, he's a douche. I heard he has a pretentious on set behavior. James' career is almost over.

by IFHH tooreply 12203/14/2013

He's smug.

by IFHH tooreply 12303/14/2013

His handle is JoGo

by IFHH tooreply 12403/14/2013

r121 He's bi. Did he fuck Scarlett? Seems like r20 is just assuming. I think Mila is a very hot girl, but I don't know if she is available.

by IFHH tooreply 12503/14/2013

I don't like Zooey, so it was hard to enjoy 500 Days.

by IFHH tooreply 12603/14/2013

Zooey, Mila and Scarlett are overrated and annoying.

by IFHH tooreply 12703/14/2013

He fucked Scarlett on a first day of shooting.

by IFHH tooreply 12803/14/2013

Oh my god he's full of himself

by IFHH tooreply 12903/14/2013

R129 You're right - he's turning into another James Franco.

by IFHH tooreply 13003/14/2013

I may be in the minority on this one but I don't like JGL at all, his face, his acting, his mannersim.. to me it all screams "trying too hard"

by IFHH tooreply 13103/14/2013

Michael Fassbender is ten times better than him.

by IFHH tooreply 13203/15/2013

He's a difficult case. Proof

by IFHH tooreply 13303/15/2013

James Franco is over.

by IFHH tooreply 13403/15/2013

I like him. The 'say no to vertical video' clip is hilarious (the argument of George Lucas releasing ANOTHER Star Wars edition sold me 'lol').

The premise of the Don Jon film is insteresting and yet in itself quite basic (starcossed lovers coming from two different worlds).

by IFHH tooreply 13503/15/2013

[quote]I may be in the minority on this one but I don't like JGL at all, his face, his acting, his mannersim.. to me it all screams "trying too hard"

It's not just you - I don't like him either. He's like those annoying hipster/artsy people in college that think they're so much more enlightened than everyone else. And his face is weird - it looks youthful and old at the same time.

by IFHH tooreply 13603/15/2013

Some people see him as smug or too cocky while others see him as just being confident.

by IFHH tooreply 13703/15/2013

Who writes an open letter complaining about a film review that complained about film? Asshole.

by IFHH tooreply 13803/18/2013

R138 He sounds like a real crybaby.

by IFHH tooreply 13903/18/2013

Seriously, though. Why does he always complain?

by IFHH tooreply 14003/18/2013

R140 I guess these celebs are just so far removed from reality and so used to being around "yes" men that kiss their ass all the time that when someone actually disagrees with them, they fall apart and cry because they can't handle it. It's pathetic.

by IFHH tooreply 14103/18/2013

Brilliant post. Thank you.

by IFHH tooreply 14203/18/2013

I'm so glad the hype of JGL and Ryan G is starting to fade.

by IFHH tooreply 14303/18/2013

No, R19 and R45, it was the Internet.

In that old television series he was in, look for him sitting in his underwear on the roof. Hairy legs. My first tv "crush." Nice!

by IFHH tooreply 14403/18/2013

No hating here, but honestly I don't find anything compelling or exceptional in him, on and off-screen...most of his works can easily be replaced by other ordinary actors.

by IFHH tooreply 14603/19/2013

Agree r146

by IFHH tooreply 14703/19/2013

Neither do we.

by IFHH tooreply 14803/19/2013

He's no Rebel Wilson

by IFHH tooreply 14903/19/2013

R146 I agree - I don't get the hype either.

by IFHH tooreply 15003/19/2013

Sorry most up and coming "new" talents are mediocre or OK at best. Dont get the hype about Fassbender, Gosling Levitt - esp. Levitt. He looks stupid and doesn't have charisma or talent! He is just being hyped by PR consultants, agents and studios.

by IFHH tooreply 15103/19/2013

Fassbender is great.

by IFHH tooreply 15203/19/2013

I think Fassbender and Tom Hardy are the best of the new breed of actors. Have not seen any films of Ryan Gosling. Joseph Gordon Levitt seems full of himself but he is not as bad as that smug asshole Shia Labeouf. Glad Labeouf's career is in the toilet.

by IFHH tooreply 15303/19/2013

Levitt took some time off after his sitcom success to go to college and then made a comeback with indie movies. People may find him creepy, but when it comes to his career he made quite a lot of good choices and decisions.

by IFHH tooreply 15403/19/2013

Fassbenders reputation as a good actor comes from his willingness to play edgy and controversial characters. That does not necessary mean you are a great actor. I would love to see his Brandon role in Shame played by someone like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Javier Bardem or Joaquin Phoenix. Even give Tom Hiddleston a shot at it and I bet all of them were WAY more interesting than Fassbender. He is hype and he has a large cock, not much more.

by IFHH tooreply 15503/19/2013

No R155, it is the fact he has taken on a variety of complex roles and impressed people with all of them. Even in the godawful Prometheus movie his performance was noted by a lot of critics and it was once again a very different role.

by IFHH tooreply 15603/19/2013

[quote]It's not just you - I don't like him either. He's like those annoying hipster/artsy people in college that[sic] think they're so much more enlightened than everyone else. And his face is weird - it looks youthful and old at the same time.

I agree about him being a hipster cliche - still, he's adorable.

He was great in Looper. He even seemed to pick up on Willis' inexplicable habit of breaking into a southern accent - sometimes in the same sentence.

by IFHH tooreply 15705/16/2013

I keep trying to like this guy, but I just don't. He just doesn't excite me.

by IFHH tooreply 15805/17/2013

He always looks like he just woke up.

by IFHH tooreply 15905/17/2013

Or just lit up...

by IFHH tooreply 16005/17/2013

[quote]He was great in Looper. He even seemed to pick up on Willis' inexplicable habit of breaking into a southern accent - sometimes in the same sentence.

Really? It tried three times to watch "Looper". His make-up was ludicrous. He looked nothing like Willis and was ridiculously distracting. The film itself was a big old mess.

by IFHH tooreply 16105/17/2013

The makeup made him look like Kirk Cameron, but I thought he did a pretty good job playing Willis.

by IFHH tooreply 16205/17/2013

Hot (starting @:56 mark):

by IFHH tooreply 16305/17/2013

FFS, can someone confirm if he's gay or not?

by IFHH tooreply 16405/17/2013

Haven't read through this thread, but someone on here claimed he was once in a tumultuous relationship with Michael Pitt.

by IFHH tooreply 16505/17/2013

I adore him

by IFHH tooreply 16605/17/2013

R165 Thanks! That's interesting.

by IFHH tooreply 16705/17/2013

I think he's very cute,sweet,talented and genuine. He's going to be the next Batman!

by IFHH tooreply 16805/17/2013

Too short to be Batman.

by IFHH tooreply 16905/17/2013

[quote]FFS, can someone confirm if he's gay or not?

32, never been associated with a girlfriend, and can do anything on SNL and chooses a show tune.

by IFHH tooreply 17005/17/2013

One reason I've always liked him is that for most of his career, (for almost 20 years since he hit puberty) he hasn't tried to play the hollywood shomance game of oooh... look at me and the hot celeb chick I'm dating this month.

by IFHH tooreply 17105/17/2013

[quote]He made that awful Don Jon movie only to bang Scarlett.

More likely her twin brother.

by IFHH tooreply 17205/17/2013

R170 Yes, those were the things that were making me wonder. Glad I'm not the only one.

R171 You are right. I give him credit for not resorting to the showmance shit.

by IFHH tooreply 17305/17/2013

Oh dear, not packing:

by IFHH tooreply 17405/17/2013

R174 What on earth is that picture from???

by IFHH tooreply 17505/17/2013

He'd make a perfect Nightwing.

by IFHH tooreply 17605/17/2013

He'd make a perfect nightcap.

by IFHH tooreply 17705/17/2013

[quote]Oh dear, not packing

Well, you could have assumed by him practically throwing his back out in "Mysterious Skin" by constantly twisting and turning away from the camera avoiding a full frontal.

by IFHH tooreply 17805/17/2013

I saw Mysterious Skin r178, and there was no out of the ordinary avoidance. Typical of most movies that don't show the dong.

by IFHH tooreply 17905/17/2013

[quote] there was no out of the ordinary avoidance


by IFHH tooreply 18005/17/2013

He's the fella in the blue ball cap playing the box was a memorial for his late brother a fire spinner....the fella on the megaphone is one of the kids from that Scott Baio show back in the day

by IFHH tooreply 18205/17/2013

he's a great narrator and seems to do well with Channing

by IFHH tooreply 18305/17/2013

With all due respect to his brother (RIP), I can smell the patchouli mixed with BO and hemp from here, R182.

It's one thing to be doing that when you're in your late teens/20s, but some of the people were middle-aged. Do they have jobs?

by IFHH tooreply 18405/17/2013

huh? the United states REEKS with pot, you need to get out more often. I don't smoke but the US is the biggest consumer of marijuana ever, and not exclusive to the 20's set.

I work in a corporate world and find it rare to encounter someone who DOESN'T smoke dope.

by IFHH tooreply 18505/17/2013

Is he a top or bottom?

by IFHH tooreply 18605/17/2013

he seems a true versatile

by IFHH tooreply 18705/17/2013

Actually Lainy revealed it was JGL in the scared straight blind item which she nicknamed JGL "dimples", at one of her Smut Fest last year, by someone in the audience asking who it was? Her reply which she can never say it flat out, said in response, something about 500 days of summer... And also writing on her site with JGL in the pics about his "dimples"

The item was about Bi JGL being involved with allegedly through estimations by fans it was M. Pitt, but that Pitt became cray cray and it scared JGL back 2 his straight side. With Pitt allegedly threatening to kill himself etc...

by IFHH tooreply 18805/17/2013

[quote].the fella on the megaphone is one of the kids from that Scott Baio show back in the day

Yikes, it is him. How in the hell did you know?

by IFHH tooreply 18905/18/2013

Would somebody mind doing an English translation of r188. It seems like it might be interesting, but I can't tell.

by IFHH tooreply 19005/18/2013

[quote]JGL is an Asian like Bobby Van is an Asian. They both were Jews but had squint / slant eyes so they looked like gooks.

R101, are you Jerri Blank?

by IFHH tooreply 19105/18/2013

R190: Some chick with a gossip site was at some event(?) about gossip and revealed it was JGL without actually saying his name. She brought up his '500' movie and the audience just guessed.

And Michael Pitt is crazy, so JGL went back to fucking chicks - I've noticed some nasty cold sores on the guy, so he's quite the slut.

Is it that hard to carry around abreva?

by IFHH tooreply 19205/18/2013

[quote]Some chick with a gossip site was at some event(?) about gossip and revealed it was JGL

Sorry r192, but I'm looking for a native English speaker. I have no idea what "at some event(?) about gossip" means. And you don't explain what "it" refers to.

And for "he" and "the guy" it's unclear whether you're talking about JGL or MP.

by IFHH tooreply 19305/18/2013

Ugh r190 has cunt munch!

Lainey 3/21/12: Scared Straight Both are acclaimed actors. One’s an actor you find super cute. He’s popular and adorable, like dimples and old fashioned dresses. The other’s an actor I find super gross. And dramatic. And full of his own sh-t. He fronts like he’s dark. He’s difficult. The work is often beneath him. The work is often taken away from him because the attitude that it is beneath him is so often intolerable The two had a torrid affair. Which is nothing unusual, of course not. Except that dimples broke up with drama and drama practically had a psychotic break. There was a month-long spiral. A couple of times he came close to really hurting himself. He also threatened to expose them both, though no one is taking that seriously. As a result, his heartbreaker is trying, ignorantly, to go back to the other side of his bisexuality.

Updates: Lainey has eliminated Jake G, James Franco, Matt Morrison

****At her smut soiree, Lainey revealed this to be about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Pitt.

by IFHH tooreply 19405/18/2013

Well that's sort of clear except for the beginning that seems to begin like you walked into the explanation about 1 minute late. There should be a beginning explanation, such as, "I know 2 male actors who have had sex together and here's how I know."

How reliable is this info? I mean somebody could have made it up. I'd want Joseph Gordon Levitt to have gotten together with Nicholas Hoult, or maybe Alex Frost back in his Elephant Days. That's what I would have made up.

by IFHH tooreply 19505/18/2013

r195... Fuck off. This is datalounge not cnn. Take it as you will.

by IFHH tooreply 19605/18/2013

What is wrong with r196?

by IFHH tooreply 19705/18/2013

[quote]What is wrong with [R196]?

Probably got a bad batch of Aunt Jemima pancakes. That can make anybody angry. Or maybe he didn't know how to make them. It's not always easy. Too often they end up burnt and people blame Aunt Jemima herself, as if she caused the awful food. But it's not true. Pancakes are VERY hard to make and Jemima offers good advice if more people would just listen.

by IFHH tooreply 19805/18/2013

Joseph Gordon Levitt is so HOT right now!

by IFHH tooreply 19905/18/2013

Didn't he split the atom--or was that some other little balding Jew?

by IFHH tooreply 20005/18/2013

[quote]He made that awful Don Jon movie only to bang Scarlett.

You must be his publicist.

[quote]That collective howl you hear outside right now are straight women who've heard the not-so blind item suggesting reports about Scarlett Johansson's alleged trysts with Joseph Gordon-Levitt were just to cover up the fact he's into guys. The item: "This sexy movie actress and this intense actor have been friends since they were kids. She definitely has a higher profile than he does, but lately he has been landing some big roles as well. When reports about them playing kissy face started to appear recently, it was puzzling because they make for a rather odd match. Well, we have a scoop for you. It's not a real relationship. Just a temporary bearding gig." Normally, this fan fiction is good for nothing more than a giggle, but because it's JGL I'm taking the Scar-Jo Match Point and Scoop movie hints as straight up fact. Sorry, ladies! [Blind Gossip]

by IFHH tooreply 20105/18/2013

[quote]Didn't he split the atom--or was that some other little balding Jew?

Meitner wasn't balding. Just a rather unfortunate-looking, but brilliant woman.

by IFHH tooreply 20205/18/2013


by IFHH tooreply 20305/22/2013

R203 Are you his PR? Because nobody else would say that is genius.

by IFHH tooreply 20405/22/2013

it looks TOTALLY great, and Scarlett and a trashy whore Totally works for me!

can't wait to see it

by IFHH tooreply 20505/23/2013

Do he and Tony have a sex scene?

by IFHH tooreply 20605/23/2013

r206. Like thats what the whole movie is about!

by IFHH tooreply 20705/23/2013

Oy, he created a Twitter account for his character "DonJon" and is responding to fans as the character:

“@itsjomarie21: @DonJon Will you join @hitRECord ?”

nah that shits gay Retweeted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

by IFHH tooreply 20805/23/2013


by IFHH tooreply 20905/23/2013

R208 If he really wrote that, then he's got nerve considering all the gay rumors about him.

What an asshole.

by IFHH tooreply 21005/23/2013

He wrote that as his character - a 'Jersey shore' type guy. Frankly, if he had guts, he would've used "fag" which is how most of those gindaloons talk.

by IFHH tooreply 21105/23/2013

It's obvious he's playing The Situation. Gym, Tanning and Laundry.

by IFHH tooreply 21205/23/2013

Any DLers with firsthand dealings with him?

by IFHH tooreply 21305/23/2013

Isn't he like 4 feet tall?

by IFHH tooreply 21405/23/2013

Pocket gay?

by IFHH tooreply 21505/23/2013

[quote]But I'm SURE he's hung like John Holmes

Think again:

by IFHH tooreply 21605/23/2013

Yikes. Maybe he's tucking.

by IFHH tooreply 21705/23/2013

R217 I don't think he is - you can see a TINY bump in front if you look closely.

by IFHH tooreply 21805/23/2013

Watch HESHER you photoshop fooled elders... He got something downthere!

by IFHH tooreply 21905/24/2013

He's a hottie

by IFHH tooreply 22005/24/2013

Turns the tables on Paparazzi, and it gets REALLY interesting starting @1:58 when Pap says why they so aggressively went after the shot. Hint: Because he's with a guy.

by IFHH tooreply 22105/24/2013

Bump for the Levitt love.

by IFHH tooreply 22205/24/2013

Love me some levitt

by IFHH tooreply 22305/24/2013

Supposedly there have been sneak previews of Don Jon. Anyone see it?

by IFHH tooreply 22406/13/2013

Sorry, boys, he's straight...

by IFHH tooreply 22509/25/2013

JGL joins Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant in a lip sync battle. Fun.

by IFHH tooreply 22609/25/2013

Where's the Youtube where he sings Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE? He's so gay,

by IFHH tooreply 22709/26/2013

As Gordon-Levitt revealed to Howard Stern this week on the media personality's Sirius XM radio program, he's been quietly seeing someone who's not in the industry.

"I have a girlfriend, but I tend not to really like to talk about it in public. She is not in show business," he said, adding that they met through "mutual friends."

by IFHH tooreply 22810/13/2013


by IFHH tooreply 22910/13/2013

Who's his girlfriend then?

by IFHH tooreply 23010/20/2013

Does she live in Canada?

by IFHH tooreply 23110/20/2013

JGL is not a genius. He is cute, he works hard, has a gift for music, and rose to leading-man status because other actors from his generation either died or were too crappy to begin with.

I used to like him but all I see now is his smugness.

by IFHH tooreply 23210/20/2013

[quote]"I have a girlfriend, but I tend not to really like to talk about it in public. She is not in show business," he said, adding that they met through "mutual friends."

This outs yourself almost as much as the "I'm too busy to date" line.

by IFHH tooreply 23310/20/2013

Granted, Fellini- who? is a nice touch.

by IFHH tooreply 23410/20/2013

I'm bumping this up to say that there's a special director's cut of Mysterious Skin being released on dvd on March 18th.

by IFHH tooreply 23502/17/2014

I've met him he does not have an electric sexual charisma at all (in contrast to James Franco who I have also met) however I do think he's gay.

by IFHH tooreply 23602/17/2014

R236 You're right. Something about him just seems so asexual. He's got a cuteness, but has no sex appeal.

by IFHH tooreply 23702/17/2014

I found him so cute back on Third Rock when he had that long hair. He was so fem.

by IFHH tooreply 23802/18/2014

Saw him off-Broadway in "Uncle Bob" - his character hooking up with an older man. Add that to "Mysterious Skin" shortly thereafter and his gay role on "That 70s show". If he was just trying to break away from his 3rd Rock character, it seems a bit of overkill.

by IFHH tooreply 23902/18/2014

r235 do you (or anyone else) know what the difference is between the directors cut and the previous DVD?

by IFHH tooreply 24002/18/2014
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