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Cary Leeds, Tennis player Miami and New York

Did any of you know Cary Leeds? He had the biggest cock in New York, lived in a penthouse on the West side, then moved to Florida, Delray then Miami. Did porn. Into orgies, black men. Any of you knew him, any stories?

by Duk Ereply 17902/08/2016

There was a thread about him not long ago ...

by Duk Ereply 110/07/2010

Here's a photo of olden times.%0D

by Duk Ereply 210/07/2010

He probably died from all that blood rushing to his huge dick...

by Duk Ereply 310/07/2010

R2 Did you know him?

by Duk Ereply 410/07/2010

I knew him well, he was someone very special who couldn't stop the drugs.

by Duk Ereply 504/05/2011

How appropriate for his father to have endowed a head in his memory.

by Duk Ereply 704/07/2011

Reply 8. He was like 18 in that picture. By 25 he was JFKjr gorgeous! They were friends, went to the same school and both lived on Fifth Avenue a few blocks from each other.

by Duk Ereply 904/07/2011

Most perfect cock, EVER!

by Duk Ereply 1004/08/2011

Most perfect cock, EVER!

by Duk Ereply 1104/08/2011

R10 and R11--I understand that a photo is probably out of the question, but don't you think we're at least entitled to a description?

by Duk Ereply 1204/08/2011

Eleven and a half inches thick. Cut, perfect big head. Almost seven inches around. I still have the tape measure I used to measure it with a line for each measurement. Same width from balls to head. Large but not huge balls. He shot amazing loads. He did some gay porn in Florida in the late 90's. Some with Black guys. Became a bottom. He did a fruit of the loom underwear ad in Taiwan in the 1980's. %0D He wore Orange briefs and a cowboy hat. They were on a billboard that had to be taken down due to protests that the size of his cock was indecent. Also ran as a print ad. Someone must have them. Also used on a calendar I think.

by Duk Ereply 1304/08/2011

Gay porn? A Yale man? Oh, dear.

by Duk Ereply 1404/08/2011

[quote]"Larry Leeds' generous endowment is a lasting tribute to Cary," says [Yale] President Richard C. Levin.


by Duk Ereply 1504/08/2011

Very sad. He was beautiful.

by Duk Ereply 1604/08/2011

Ugh--that's a face that could stop a clock.

He belonged at Yale.

by Duk Ereply 2007/17/2012

He would get off on the adoration. someone in florida has pictures and videos.

by Duk Ereply 2107/17/2012

So I'm guessing he's dead?

by Duk Ereply 2207/17/2012

To Rick D. Cary was my lover. I knew him way better than you did. And I never said he was gay. The ultimate bisexual, who loved showing off his mammoth cock.

by Duk Ereply 2401/26/2013

the least you bitches could do is create a wikipedia page, so we could get the facts.

by Duk Ereply 2501/26/2013

What a bizarre thread. Some dead tennis socialite Yale dude with a big schlong. Rhapsodizing about it and him is ghoulish and creepy.

by Duk Ereply 2601/26/2013

Any photos?

by Duk Ereply 2702/10/2013


by Duk Ereply 2803/02/2013


by Duk Ereply 2903/29/2013

Cary Leeds was a Rock Star, a gentleman, an amazing athlete and a kind hearted soul who had an Achilles heel that took down one of the truly special people that god put on this Earth.

History has shown that for every good looking, intelligent, successful man; there are probably 1000 rumours as to that person's sexuality. Nobody can just sit on the sidelines and accept that a guy like Cary; who was brilliant with people, charismatic, kind, loving , attractive, athletic and very intelligent ; was a human being and leave it at that.

Cary was a person born into privilege and he was my friend. I worked my way into being successful, but was born into a struggling family. Cary took me around Manhattan when we were younger and made me feel like I belonged. He didn't care about pedigree or what he could get out of somebody; he was just an incredible guy who seemed to love reaching his hand out and being kind. You didn't have to be rich or have a pedigree to be his friend. Unlike, the Upper Eastsiders with whom Cary was raised; he didn't walk around with his nose in the air or try to act like he was an incredibly wealthy, talented or better than the rest.

I am not gay and I will tell you that Cary dated and had more beautiful women lusting after him without putting forth any effort than anybody I have ever seen; including those who devoted their lives to such conquests.. Cary was a lady's man and the list of women that he dated looks like a roster for The most beautiful women who have walked the Earth. These women were not beards. Cary didn't have to appear any certain way to anybody,

Cary was genetically wired to have the disease of addiction. I've never seen anybody on the planet who suffered from it in the way that he did. Addiction takes a lot of great people to a lot of dark places and it took Cary to places where he should never have been. It was in these dark places where many of you met a man who had been beaten down and had lost himself,

For you people to celebrate the downfall and the destruction of such a great guy is evil and wrong. Let him rest in peace. Do you think that Cary would have started trashing all of you guys or writing in appropriately about any of you had the shoe been on the other foot? Cary would probably be doing every thing he could to console your families and try to make their loss easier because Cary made the World a better place.

Can any of you say that this gossip and character assassination is something for you to be proud of? Why don't you guys go out and try to do something kind for somebody else? Why don't you people go out and try to help somebody who is suffering from a fatal disease instead of preying on his vulnerability?

All of you took a lost soul and you took advantage of him and you all were there for his downfall. The fact that you sit and write about it like it's some special glorious thing is evil. Let it go. Do you people have families? Do you people have souls?

Do you think that any person would be happy or pleased to know that upon their untimely death, that those who preys on him sat and joked around about it in a perverse and gauche way. None of you were there when he was on his way up. Why don't you all just let it go and go get some help.

by Duk Ereply 3004/02/2013


by Duk Ereply 3204/14/2013

what an interesting story. i'd love to see more pics an the movies mentioned. it sounds like he was a really special person. RIP, Cary.

by Duk Ereply 3304/14/2013


by Duk Ereply 3504/26/2013

Bu-Bump this th-thread

by Duk Ereply 3605/18/2013

Any info?

by Duk Ereply 3706/01/2013

Bumpity bump bump.

by Duk Ereply 3806/02/2013

A google search revealed that Cary dated Kelly Rector, the former Mrs. Calvin Kleim. Hmmm,m

by Duk Ereply 3906/02/2013

He dated some guy named Scott in New York during the 90's

by Duk Ereply 4006/02/2013

Any info?

by Duk Ereply 4106/15/2013


by Duk Ereply 4206/22/2013

Guess not.

by Duk Ereply 4306/29/2013

something/anything? todd rundgren

by Duk Ereply 4407/21/2013


by Duk Ereply 4508/02/2013

He was part of that whole Yale thing.

by Duk Ereply 4608/02/2013

Just a reminder to all the Cary Leeds fans posting here -- saying that someone is gay or bisexual is not 'trashing' them.

by Duk Ereply 4708/02/2013

Bien sur! But of course!

by Duk Ereply 4808/03/2013

Love "the Yale Thing"!

by Duk Ereply 4908/18/2013

Any more info?

by Duk Ereply 5008/24/2013

has anyone ever seen his alleged gay porn flicks and/or his penis?

by Duk Ereply 5108/24/2013

They were filmed in Florida and Pennsylvania

by Duk Ereply 5208/24/2013

R52: Do you have any idea how we can get copies of Cary's films? Was he a top, bottom or versatile?

by Duk Ereply 5308/24/2013

Damm. Is he still around the tour?

by Duk Ereply 5408/24/2013

Re 53. Did you know Cary? Were you one of his lovers?

by Duk Ereply 5508/26/2013

53, I might be able to help you.

by Duk Ereply 5608/26/2013

Last bump of Summer

by Duk Ereply 5709/02/2013


by Duk Ereply 5809/09/2013


by Duk Ereply 5909/30/2013


by Duk Ereply 6009/30/2013

Any news?

by Duk Ereply 6110/13/2013


by Duk Ereply 6210/18/2013


by Duk Ereply 6310/27/2013

Bump for info.

by Duk Ereply 6411/06/2013

This thread is always getting bumped. Eventually decided to see who he was and he did actually make the semi finals of the Wimbledon mixed doubles in 1981. I know mixed doubles is taken less seriously but that is still pretty impressive for someone who doesn't seem to have done much else of note on the professional tour.

I did find this article on Google from 1997 which says - "Kelly Klein, who parted almost a year ago with designer Calvin, appears to have found another. He's Cary Leeds, a once-internationally ranked tennis player whose dad, Larry, bankrolls many of the biggest fash houses through his Buckingham Capital Management firm."

by Duk Ereply 6511/06/2013

R65 here. Just realised R39 already mentioned the Klein link. Oh well, back to obscurity for Cary until the next bump :(

Here's his Wimbledon 1981 run...

by Duk Ereply 6611/06/2013

Thanks. Any one know him?

by Duk Ereply 6711/09/2013

Bump for info

by Duk Ereply 6811/29/2013


by Duk Ereply 6912/06/2013


by Duk Ereply 7012/17/2013

I think it's great we have a lover of his posting here, but I wonder about the deranged homophobe denying everything. His dad perhaps?

by Duk Ereply 7112/19/2013

71, Did you know him?

by Duk Ereply 7212/19/2013


by Duk Ereply 7301/01/2014


by Duk Ereply 7401/01/2014


by Duk Ereply 7501/11/2014

Time to bump this again.

by Duk Ereply 7602/17/2014

Any info on Cary's sex life in Miami?

by Duk Ereply 7702/23/2014

Bump for more info

by Duk Ereply 7803/05/2014

more bump

by Duk Ereply 7903/08/2014


by Duk Ereply 8003/15/2014

bump for big cock

by Duk Ereply 8104/05/2014

I guess nobody here is interested in cock.

by Duk Ereply 8204/11/2014


by Duk Ereply 8404/26/2014

Nobody has any stories about him from Miami or New York or LA?

by Duk Ereply 8505/11/2014


by Duk Ereply 8605/18/2014

I heard that Streisand sat on his cock once.

by Duk Ereply 8705/18/2014

I guess nobody really cares. Let it go, bumper.

by Duk Ereply 8805/18/2014

Is this his book?

by Duk Ereply 8905/19/2014

Maybe he was JEB's piece on the side.

by Duk Ereply 9005/19/2014

The homophobia expressed in this thread is vile.

It is not "character assassination" to claim that someone was gay or bisexual.

And the stupidity behind "HE WAS A LADYKILLER" = "NOT A FAGGOT LIKE YOU" is astounding. Plenty of "lady killers" dabble in bisexuality. Plenty of gay men have fucked lots of women. It's 2014. This is not shocking anymore.

by Duk Ereply 9105/19/2014

Yes. He wrote that. He wad a superb athlete. Who is JEB?

by Duk Ereply 9205/19/2014

Who is this guy?

by Duk Ereply 9306/14/2014

Bump for huge cock info

by Duk Ereply 9407/22/2014


by Duk Ereply 9508/05/2014


by Duk Ereply 9608/09/2014

He fucked Calvin and Kelly Klein back in the 80s.

by Duk Ereply 9708/23/2014

pathetic bumper

by Duk Ereply 9809/01/2014

Good heavens, a Yale man!

by Duk Ereply 9909/01/2014

!!Where are the videos!

by Duk Ereply 10009/05/2014

Jesus Fucking Christ, Mary!

No one knows him.

No one has photos.

No one fucked him.

He's dead.


by Duk Ereply 10109/05/2014

R30 fucked him and apparently is bisexual.

by Duk Ereply 10209/05/2014

R6 also

by Duk Ereply 10309/05/2014

R102 When did you fuck him? How was it?

by Duk Ereply 10409/05/2014

pathetic bump

by Duk Ereply 10509/21/2014

Seek help, R105. You are obsessed.

by Duk Ereply 10609/21/2014

Yes. The photos are out there. Any of you Florida guys know something?

by Duk Ereply 10709/21/2014

pathetic bump for info

by Duk Ereply 10809/26/2014

The poster who keeps bumping this thread needs to be banned.

by Duk Ereply 10909/27/2014

Sure, I knew Cary. Do you want to know something about him? Why didn't you mention you were looking for info?

by Duk Ereply 11009/27/2014

110. Really?

by Duk Ereply 11109/27/2014

No, not really. I'm a pathological liar.

by Duk Ereply 11209/27/2014

Patholgical liars are the best kind. If you're going to be a liar, might as well go all the way.

by Duk Ereply 11309/27/2014

No matter how many times Mary Threadbumper comes back to the well, her drilling will come up empty.

There are no cock videos or pictures, or we would have all seen them.

by Duk Ereply 11409/27/2014

114 is what is wrong with this site, filled with naysayers, dream crushers, destroyers of hope, fat people....

by Duk Ereply 11509/27/2014

I think one of his students is posting here and maybe didn't get any.

by Duk Ereply 11609/29/2014

I refuse to bump this thread again!

by Duk Ereply 11710/01/2014


by Duk Ereply 11810/13/2014


by Duk Ereply 11911/26/2014

Where have you been, Carey Leeds Troll? I was getting worried.

by Duk Ereply 12011/26/2014

Thank you. I was busy being raped by Bill Cosby.

by Duk Ereply 12111/26/2014

I'm terribly embarrassed... but if you have anything?

by Duk Ereply 12212/12/2014

Pas de cock pour toi, Monsieur!

by Duk Ereply 12312/23/2014

Is this him?

by Duk Ereply 12412/29/2014

That was beautiful and moving,R30. Do you have any of his dick pics? Share those too.

by Duk Ereply 12512/29/2014

Yes, I knew him and could tell stories for days. However, you need to bump this thread 475 more times before I will divulge anything.

by Duk Ereply 12612/29/2014 pics of the cock? I thought he was in porn?

by Duk Ereply 12712/29/2014

Cary Leeds (1958-2003) was a world-ranked professional tennis player and Wimbledon mixed doubles semifinalist. He understood how tennis could change lives and loved coaching young players, many of whom compete professionally today. The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning will be a tribute to his passion for the sport and an inspiration for generations to come.

by Duk Ereply 12812/29/2014

From the NYT

by Duk Ereply 12912/29/2014

126, How about a tease with one of your stories about Cary and his male lovers.

by Duk Ereply 13012/29/2014

124, No but close. He did do a Fruit of the Loom ad in the 80's wearing tight orange briefs and a cowboy Hat. And a calendar. There was a billboard in taiwan

by Duk Ereply 13112/29/2014

Last bump 0f 2014

by Duk Ereply 13212/31/2014

A thread about Bigfoot would have given more testimonials and pictures than this one. But we can still call him Bigdick.

by Duk Ereply 13312/31/2014

First bump of '15.

by Duk Ereply 13401/01/2015


by Duk Ereply 13501/10/2015

La Bump

by Duk Ereply 13601/18/2015

Sounds fucking hot.

by Duk Ereply 13701/24/2015


by Duk Ereply 13802/20/2015

Cary's former roommate at Yale has uploaded a YouTube video with pictures of Cary in his memory. Someone called Gisele comments to say they lived with Cary in Miami in 2001 and it was the most intense year of her life.

Obviously not the naked pictures that some wanted to see but here's the link...

by Duk Ereply 13902/20/2015


by Duk Ereply 14002/27/2015

pathetic bump

by Duk Ereply 14103/06/2015

Guy's got some excellent snaps

by Duk Ereply 14203/06/2015

142, you've seen them?

by Duk Ereply 14303/06/2015


by Duk Ereply 14403/07/2015

This thread really should be deleted already.

143 bumps and a YouTube video that shows he looked like about 10,000 other guys 40 years ago......

Yes he'd be nearly 60 if he were still alive. Isn't that enough to kill a DL thread ??

by Duk Ereply 14503/08/2015

any info?

by Duk Ereply 14604/04/2015

I love the Cary Leeds Troll.

by Duk Ereply 14704/04/2015

Vive La Trolle!

by Duk Ereply 14804/07/2015

Non, le troll est mort!

by Duk Ereply 14904/12/2015

Pathetic Bumper

by Duk Ereply 15004/20/2015

C c c cc ockkkk!!!!

by Duk Ereply 15104/24/2015

In that commemorative video, he looks like a preppy Oscar Wilde.

by Duk Ereply 15204/24/2015

I hope the troll is okay.

by Duk Ereply 15304/24/2015

Vive le troll!

by Duk Ereply 15404/24/2015

Very cool...The Cary Leeds Tennis Center in the Bronx. What an nice way for his family to preserve Cary's memory. Even BJK showed up for the ground breaking.

by Duk Ereply 15504/24/2015

Anything else, besides the charity plug?

by Duk Ereply 15605/22/2015


by Duk Ereply 15707/27/2015

One good thing about the new format is I can but this sad, weird thread on permanent ignore!

by Duk Ereply 15807/27/2015

ByeFelicia, I find you very unattractive. Also, you write like you are fat.

by Duk Ereply 15909/05/2015

Any stories would be appreciated..

by Duk Ereply 16010/05/2015

The tennis center is nice but why would tourists go there?

by Duk Ereply 16110/05/2015

To play tennis.

by Duk Ereply 16210/05/2015

He fucked Calvin Klein in the Studio 54 days. He was also the Fruit of the Loom underwear guy in the 80's

by Duk Ereply 16311/26/2015

They guy says, we bump this thread 475 more times, he'll reveal what he knows. That's what's driving the periodic thread bumps.

He liked his bathhouses

by Duk Ereply 16411/26/2015

The Russian and Turkish Bath at Design Suites at Castle Beach is still there, apparently

by Duk Ereply 16511/26/2015

Find somebody who went there regularly and they probably sampled that cock. He lived on Brickell key.

by Duk Ereply 16611/26/2015

Vive la New Year Troll!!

by Duk Ereply 16712/30/2015

Weirdest DL thread ever, whether or not any of this is true or not. Weird either way.

by Duk Ereply 16812/30/2015

Stuttering B bbbump

by Duk Ereply 16901/14/2016

I knew him. Great guy. Big cock, great body.

by Duk Ereply 17001/24/2016

Why are there no pictures of him? Even Corbis and Getty have nothing.

by Duk Ereply 17101/24/2016

He has a very droopy almost Sephardic face. a little rhinoplasty and some dental work would have severely altered his face for the better. It's so odd reading about guys around his age who might have gone to Studio 54, and perhaps been in the center of the exciting NYC of the late 70s. It's also the exact few years to have been a victim of AIDS or perhaps the wild gyrations of the 80s into the 90s and into...death.

What did the poor guy die of, and overdose?

by Duk Ereply 17201/24/2016

He was part of the whole Studio 54 crowd. very close to Steve Rubell, Calvin, the record guy Bob Feidan was his lover for a while. He was photographed by the photographer Eddie Celnick who has these pictures if anyone knows him. Cary died of a heart attack or overdose. He was very well liked, and a sexual trophy.

by Duk Ereply 17301/24/2016

I knew him.

by Duk Ereply 17402/07/2016

I doubt he was really 11 inches long by 7 inches.

I would not be surprised if he died of AIDS or overdosed if he was into drugs.

by Duk Ereply 17502/07/2016

The cock was that big. I measured it. That's why he was desired and paid for by certain people. and he was a beautiful guy.

by Duk Ereply 17602/07/2016

Was he a total bottom the way men who have large cocks often are?

Did he die from AIDS or a drug OD?

by Duk Ereply 17702/08/2016

He's no Kevin Federerline

by Duk Ereply 17802/08/2016

Think an OD. He liked to bottom. Loved Black guys. Anybody in Miami have him?

by Duk Ereply 17902/08/2016
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