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Rizzoli & Isles

Angie Harmon plays Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander players medical examiner Maura Isles. The two leads work so well together. The show has been getting great reviews as well as good solid ratings that it just got renewed for another season to be starting in early 2011.%0D %0D Let's get a discussion started on here. Peace.

by Original Posterreply 37104/20/2014

My favorite show.

by Original Posterreply 108/12/2010

I can't get past Angie Harmon being an obnoxious Republican cunt.

by Original Posterreply 208/12/2010

I would like to praise Sasha Alexander for doing such a great job on the show. She plays Maura Isles very well.

by Original Posterreply 308/12/2010

I didn't want to watch (because of Angie), but it's my favorite show right now.

Hope it keeps getting better!

by Original Posterreply 408/12/2010

Aren't the girls going undercover in a lesbian bar next week?

by Original Posterreply 508/12/2010

I'm with R2.

by Original Posterreply 608/12/2010

And I can't get past [2] being an obnoxious opinionated jerk.

by Original Posterreply 708/12/2010

Yes they are, r5.

by Original Posterreply 808/13/2010


by Original Posterreply 908/13/2010


by Original Posterreply 1008/13/2010

I have to admit I've loved Angie since Baywatch Nights I think it was called? Way back in time. I hate her politics but always liked watching her. And I love Sasha and glad she's back. I hated how they killed her off NCIS. Love the show and will continue watching it and really look forward to those two in a Lesbian bar.

by Original Posterreply 1108/13/2010

I hated how they killed Sasha's character off NCIS as well, r11.

by Original Posterreply 1208/13/2010

HATED the pilot but gave it another chance. OK and improving. What a waste of Lorraine Bracco.

by Original Posterreply 1308/13/2010

she was killed off because she wanted to move to making movies which did not happen.

by Original Posterreply 1408/13/2010

I know she is a republican cunt but on Kathy Griffin's show, she seemed like a fun girl who kind of gets it. She's probably just a little dumb.

by Original Posterreply 1508/13/2010

She is crazy and a hoot, R15. It just sucks that she's a republican.

by Original Posterreply 1608/13/2010

You know the show that's surprising me? Memphis Beat, which I think follows R&I. I got tired of My Name is Earl after the first season, and he ruined Underdog, and I hate that he's a Scientologist. But he's a surprisingly good actor, they have a terrific ensemble (best thing Alfre Woodard has done in a long time), the writing is intelligent and usually poignant, and music is brilliant. Jason Lee can seriously sing.

by Original Posterreply 1708/13/2010

[quote] You know the show that's surprising me? Memphis Beat, which I think follows R&I.

No, Memphis Beat is on Tuesday nights.

by Original Posterreply 1808/13/2010

Yes, I know why who character was killed off but they didn't have to kill her, she could have gone off to another assignment, etc. Killing off a character is sometimes a way to say FU to the actor.

by Original Posterreply 1908/13/2010

You're right, I'm sorry -- it's paired with HawthoRNe.

They've got a few episodes online.

by Original Posterreply 2008/13/2010

I don't know her personally but what I've heard about her is that she is a cool gal who doesn't have a hateful or malicious bone in her body. But yes, she's a little dumb.

by Original Posterreply 2108/13/2010

I love Angie Harmon, as long as she doesn't talk.

by Original Posterreply 2208/13/2010

I love her voice, perhaps not what she says, but love her voice.

by Original Posterreply 2308/13/2010

I love her voice, too. Just not what she says when she's not acting

by Original Posterreply 2408/13/2010

Yeah, I HATE that Angie is a Repug, but she is kinda sexy, and her face moves, so I have to give her props for that.

by Original Posterreply 2508/13/2010

I won't watch.

There, I said it!

by Original Posterreply 2608/13/2010

So r26 what's wrong with that, loved Cagney and Lacey too.

by Original Posterreply 2708/13/2010

I wonder how Sasha and Angie are getting along behind the scenes. I hope they're not fighting with each other.

by Original Posterreply 2808/14/2010

Why would they be fighting with each other?

by Original Posterreply 2908/14/2010

Sasha Alexander & Angie Harmon interview promoting Rizzoli & Isles.%0D %0D Here's the video:

by Original Posterreply 3008/14/2010

Has Angie Harmon always had such a raspy voice? It's so deep and harsh, she sounds like she has overdosed on testosterone.

by Original Posterreply 3108/14/2010

Yep, she had that voice even back in the Baywatch Nights days. It's sexy as hell.

by Original Posterreply 3208/14/2010

She sounds like she has a chronic bronchial infection.

by Original Posterreply 3308/14/2010

I like Sasha Alexander simply for the fact that she married Sophia Lorens son. You know it takes some guts - especially as an actress - to be okay with La Loren being your mother-in-law. %0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 3408/14/2010

From what I hear thought, Sophia is a nice woman, but you're right as an actress that took guts.

by Original Posterreply 3508/14/2010

Sasha is married to Sophia Loren's son?! First I've heard of this.

Lucky woman.

by Original Posterreply 3608/14/2010

The happy couple...he's hot!

by Original Posterreply 3708/14/2010

Seriously r37? She is but then I'm a Lesbian.

by Original Posterreply 3808/14/2010

Another video for the fans:

by Original Posterreply 3908/14/2010

Flame away, but I'm with #2. If Angie Harmon is willing to loudly put her beliefs out there,as she did during the last election, then she can't be surprised by people disagreeing with her to the point of not watching her show. %0D %0D I'm one of them.

by Original Posterreply 4008/14/2010

The title of the next episode is "I Kissed a Girl" and Jane (Harmon) is the one going undercover as a lesbian. Angie Harmon kissing a girl? I just can't see it happening.

by Original Posterreply 4108/14/2010

I'm confused about Harmon. How can she be comfortable playing such dykalicious characters given her politics and innate stupidity?

by Original Posterreply 4208/14/2010

Rizzoli is such a Mo, hopefully she finds out by season 2.

by Original Posterreply 4308/14/2010

Harmon was one of the worst ADAs on L&O. She's a horrible actress. I can't believe she got another job.

by Original Posterreply 4408/14/2010

That would be nice, r43. I don't think it will ever happen. The writers are being careful not making Angie's character too butchy or too dykey.

by Original Posterreply 4508/14/2010

I wonder how Sasha Alexander's pregancy affects the show. Will she take off some time? Will it be written into the show? Or will the bump be obscured by objects all the time?

by Original Posterreply 4608/15/2010

I wish I knew, r46. I do hope it doesn't hurt the show.

by Original Posterreply 4708/15/2010

They could film Sasha above the waist or the filming might have already stopped and by the time they begin again she will have already had her baby. The episodes we are watching may already be in the can.

Angie is that way naturally so it will be hard to hide it somewhat but I don't believe the writers are going to go gay at all. They will probably play with it because they know what kind of audience this show would attract and so they will have fun with it but the moment it gets too "close" you will bet one or the other will get a bf for a while. Especially if it does become a big deal - just like Mariska's character. It will be made clear they aren't gay, period.

by Original Posterreply 4808/15/2010

OP, there is so much MAINTEXT suggesting she is a dyke. They are so being a tease about it.%0D %0D She was bitching about wearing a dress and jealous of Isles friends, how is she not being thought of as a dyke. She is so futch. And then they go over the top with the dyke bar tomorrow. Cannot wait.%0D %0D r42, and I'm sure she practiced law in the past for real also. It's called acting. It's a job.

by Original Posterreply 4908/15/2010

r49 masturbates with roadkill

by Original Posterreply 5008/15/2010


by Original Posterreply 5108/15/2010

I hate that I still think she's hot even though she's so right-wing. I really want to hate her.

by Original Posterreply 5208/15/2010

I agree on that sentiment, r48.

by Original Posterreply 5308/16/2010

[quote] I wonder how Sasha Alexander's pregancy affects the show. Will she take off some time? Will it be written into the show? Or will the bump be obscured by objects all the time?

They're already done shooting for this season and won't be starting up production again for season 2 until after the baby is born.

by Original Posterreply 5408/16/2010

[quote] I wonder how Sasha and Angie are getting along behind the scenes. I hope they're not fighting with each other.

They get along just fine.

by Original Posterreply 5508/16/2010

[quote] She is so futch.

Stop trying to make futch happen!

by Original Posterreply 5608/16/2010

Very funny episode tonight.

Loved when the two of them fell asleep on the bed together.

by Original Posterreply 5708/16/2010

when are Rizzoli and Isles going to kiss?

by Original Posterreply 5808/16/2010

I liked it. Very funny subtext scenes.

by Original Posterreply 5908/16/2010

Agree, Mia, but I also didn't get myself wrapped up in Angie Harmon speaking let alone what she thinks. To her credit, she hasn't trashed herself like Jon Voight. (Not yet.) But I am purposely avoiding her new TNT series because I won't no part of [italic]supporting[/italic] her.

by Original Posterreply 6008/16/2010

I'm about ten minutes in. Do you think Harmon even believes there should be a hate crimes law?

by Original Posterreply 6108/16/2010

The show was so gay tonight. Awesome it was. Angie was so into it and they were playing up the lesbo thing totally.%0D %0D The MAINTEXT is such a tease.

by Original Posterreply 6208/16/2010

(2) Has Harmon ever said anything anti gay? If she hasn't why all the hate? If she bad mouths us at any time, then I'll hate her. Right now I'm enjoying watching the show.

by Original Posterreply 6308/17/2010

I watched it a time or two, but just can't get into it. TNT just wants another show to pair with the Closer, which is excellent. The network keeps putting on shows that bomb so maybe this will work for a bit.

by Original Posterreply 6408/17/2010

I am baffled by the fascination with this woman. She is mildly attractive, a horrible actress and she is a republican. The more you watch her show the more money she gets to donate to politicians who vote against your interests. Hope your open mind works out well for you.

by Original Posterreply 6508/17/2010

The episode was great last night.

by Original Posterreply 6608/17/2010


by Original Posterreply 6708/17/2010

Why does it suck that Harmon is a Republican? If that "party," and use that term very loosely these days, had a few more like her, they might be able to save themselves.

Think of it, a real two party system again instead of the one Party of the Corporatocracy. Maybe even with a strong authentically populist party of some kind.

by Original Posterreply 6808/17/2010

Give it a rest, shill. Stop trying to make this lightweight chick show and its vapid, no-talent, right-wing lead actress happen.

by Original Posterreply 6908/17/2010

I refuse to give that Rethug another penny or viewer.

by Original Posterreply 7008/17/2010

It's already happening, R69.

by Original Posterreply 7108/17/2010

The frauen are welcome to it, R71. The gays don't want any part of it.

by Original Posterreply 7208/17/2010

They certainly don't, r72.

by Original Posterreply 7308/17/2010

Does anyone remember when Angie was on The View promoting the show and started talking about how she hates LA and would never want to raise her girls there?

When they asked her why I just couldn't believe her explanation. It was laced with misogyny and I suspect a hidden fear that one of her daughter's might turn out a lesbian. Perhaps my reaction is only so harsh because Whoopi, the defender of that human scum, felt the need to speak on Angie's behalf after the show. I'm sorry, but at this point Whoopi speaking on someone's behalf only makes things worse.

Here's a clip minus the part where Whoopi says she knows Angie personally and knows that's not what Angie meant by it and Angie would never want to offend...

by Original Posterreply 7408/17/2010

Well, maybe the lovely lesbians who love Angie will watch Piper's show instead?

by Original Posterreply 7508/17/2010

Angie also defended Carrie Prejean. And Angie is not just your regular Republican. She and her husband even spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2004.

by Original Posterreply 7608/17/2010

The gay vibe with Angie's character was so strong last night, I was torn between enjoying the show and wondering what the hell was going through her mind as she was playing some of those scenes. It can't last long, because once the fact that the show is doing well kicks in and she tries to control some of the content, I'm sure the vibe between the girls will evaporate [ost haste.

If there's any question they were playing the subtext card on purpose, it vanished right around the time they crawled into bed together. Again. Also when she had Sasha's boobs right in her face. I still can't understand how she keeps winding up in such slashy roles, though. It truly boggles the mind.

by Original Posterreply 7708/17/2010

Harmon also claims that she would support Palin for pres if she runs iin 2012. So she is not only a rethug, but also stupid as fuck.

by Original Posterreply 7808/17/2010

hey [R74] must have seen a different video. Because the one I saw didn't get close to what you are suggesting. I think your projecting your own insecurities. Los Angeles is the LA LA Land. The home of plastic barbies. Sounds to me thats what she meant. And no I'm NOT projecting my own insecurities.

by Original Posterreply 7908/17/2010

calm down r79, what I described is exactly what was shown in the video I posted a link to, save for the Whoopi part. I've been to LA and I hated it as well, I'm not faulting her for not wanting to raise children there. I am simply in shock that she would think LA is only dangerous for females, or that the environment in LA is so horrid that no amount of good parenting will prevent her girls from becoming drugged out strippers with sleeve tattoos. Then to couple that with her comment that boys can handle it, but girls can't.

On top of all that Whoopi comming back at the end of the show to be Angie Harmon's apologist was just too much. How would she know what Angie meant? As far as the lesbian part, no she didn't say that, which is why I prefaced the statement by saying "I think".

I don't think she's a bad person, but that doesn't mean I have to like everything she says.

by Original Posterreply 8008/17/2010

JESUS on a bike, that woman is such a dyke.

by Original Posterreply 8108/17/2010

I found it strange that she kept fondling a nonreciprocating Joy during the interview.

by Original Posterreply 8208/17/2010

#1 cable show at the moment:

by Original Posterreply 8308/17/2010

Did anyone watch The Piper Show? What the hell happened to Lauren Holly's face and why does she have denture lisp?

by Original Posterreply 8408/18/2010

I saw it, r84.

by Original Posterreply 8508/18/2010

I just like the show. I'm not a big Angie Harmon fan. I'm a Sasha Alexander fan. The show is great. I hope it keeps it up. Peace.

by Original Posterreply 8608/18/2010

I think it's an ok show, but the title is stupid.

by Original Posterreply 8708/18/2010

I just started reading one of Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles novels. I think it's called The Apprentice. Despite my inability to remember the name of it, I've found it hard to put down. I've stayed up until 1 a.m. for the past two nights reading it. i keep forgetting to check out this show. Is it true to the books?

by Original Posterreply 8808/18/2010

A recap from Monday night's episode on Afterellen's web site.

by Original Posterreply 8908/18/2010

Thanks r88 nice to know. I've wanted to read some myself to see if I would like them. I'm reading Laura Lippman now and after I'm done will get one of Tess'.

by Original Posterreply 9008/18/2010

So girls have a tough time not becoming strippers and plastic barbie dolls in L.A.?

WTF? How stupid do you have to be to believe that?

by Original Posterreply 9108/18/2010

After the Laurence Fishburne situation, she may have a point.

by Original Posterreply 9208/18/2010

Wow. I had no idea Sasha was doing so well. Don't watch much TV. WAAAYYYY back in the late 90s I was in an acting class with her in LA. She was so sweet and so talented. I'm not at all surprised she made it.

by Original Posterreply 9308/18/2010

Great story, r93.

by Original Posterreply 9408/19/2010

Loved that recap, it was funny.

by Original Posterreply 9508/19/2010

I hope I totally don't derail this thread with this question but the episode was interesting in the question that was asked for the profile, is Rizzoli Butch, Lipstick, Chapstick, Sporty, not sure if there was another category, Lesbian. I see Rizzoli as a Sporty Femme. She acts Butch but I don't think she's a Butch.

by Original Posterreply 9608/19/2010


by Original Posterreply 9708/19/2010

Someone asked Sasha on twitter, "just curious... are you guys aware of the rapidly growing lesbian following/shippers you have for R and I?" ..and she replied, "yes, we are aware... I have seen the whole 'Rizzles' campaign! :)" ..I think it's great she acknowledges it. With a smiley, even.

Angie Harmon is going to be on Chelsea Lately on the 26th, and I really hope Chelsea brings up this lesbian subtext thing with her. I'm very curious to know what Angie thinks about it. Maybe she'll even redeem herself?

by Original Posterreply 9808/19/2010

Let's hope so, r98.

by Original Posterreply 9908/20/2010

R90, I think Tess Gerritsen is among the best writers for genre fiction. Her prose is generally tight, little space is wasted on things that don't advance the plot and she writes smart. If that makes sense. I usually don't like genre fiction because it's full of crappy writers. Michael Connelly, a former journalist, and Gerritsen, are probably my favorites. I just don't like wasting time on books that aren't well-written, eg. Dan Brown.

I've DVR'd several episodes so I'll have a marathon viewing session this weekend.

by Original Posterreply 10008/20/2010

The show gets interesting by the week.

by Original Posterreply 10108/20/2010


by Original Posterreply 10208/20/2010

I am very glad about Sasha Alexander playing Maura Isles. I really hope they don't kill her off like they did on NCIS.

by Original Posterreply 10308/21/2010

Here's a picture of Angie and Sasha.

by Original Posterreply 10408/22/2010

^LOL @ Sasha's right hand.

by Original Posterreply 10508/22/2010

Are there any gay rumors about Jason Seahorn? I'm having a really hard time believing Angie Harmon is not a gay lady.

by Original Posterreply 10608/23/2010

What is going to be funny is when a lot of the kids of these bearding couples end up being gay/bi themselves because both of their parents were. You know it's going to happen.

by Original Posterreply 10708/23/2010

Here's a pic of Sehorn from 2004. Cover shot of him, Angie, and baby on Redbook. Looks like a gay guy I had a crush on in high school.%0D %0D I dare say he even looks even a bit like Clay Aiken, albeit darker and much better looking.

by Original Posterreply 10808/23/2010

I'm watching tonight's episode now. It started with Isles begging Rizzoli to not wear a baggy shirt.

by Original Posterreply 10908/23/2010

I'm gay, not a frau, and I like it. Ish. The pilot was terrible (except for Alexander), but it's improved markedly.

Now they just need to hire a couple of really, really good writers in their short hiatus (they're filming another 17 starting this fall), and maybe it'll be good.

I do wish they'd kill Lorraine Bracco off. I know she's there for comic relief, but she annoys me.

Oh, and let's have Rizzoli discover that her hot brother is gay, please.

by Original Posterreply 11008/23/2010

[quote] they're filming another 17 starting this fall)

no they're not.

by Original Posterreply 11108/24/2010

They're filming 13 episodes early next year.

[quote]Oh, and let's have Rizzoli discover that her hot brother is gay, please.

Totally agree here, that'd be great on many levels. But would Angie be a part of a show that had a gay character? Oh, my!

I'm really loving this show. I considered not watching it when I learned of Harmon's politics, but fuck it, it's a great show, and Rizzoli is awesome. I just have to forget about the actress as much as possible so I can enjoy it. Plus, Sasha Alexander as Isles is simply superb.

by Original Posterreply 11208/24/2010

R112 If they make the brother gay, they'll probably tune down the lesbian vibe between the lady cops. They'll think they've already fulfilled their quota. Sad but probably true.

by Original Posterreply 11308/24/2010

You've got a point there, r113.

by Original Posterreply 11408/24/2010

Alexander makes the show. Harmon is just meh - seen it before. But Alexander is quirky enough to be interesting and unpredictable.%0D %0D Bracco - wth happened to her voice? She makes Brenda Vacarro sound like Margaret O'Brien. And why is she stuck in the role of the wacky mom? I agree with whoever said it was a waste of talent. But then most of Hollywood is a waste of talent.

by Original Posterreply 11508/24/2010

They were going to start filming in Nov to start airing in Jan, but now Alexander is pregnant again (with Sophia Loren's third grandchild), so they're delaying filming.

by Original Posterreply 11608/24/2010

That was a great episode last night. It really was. Sasha Alexander was right on time with the rhythm. Angie Harmon was struggling with it on this one. It was not one of her best acting wise.

by Original Posterreply 11708/24/2010


by Original Posterreply 11808/24/2010

I wasn't crazy about last night's episode, maybe it was because of Angie's bad acting?

Next week looks better, although it looks centered around Angie's character.

by Original Posterreply 11908/24/2010

I actually liked it last night. I thought the plot idea - a shooter at the Boston Marathon - was a great idea.

Angie will never be the actress that Alexander is, but she's gotten better.

She needs better writers. The better the writers are, the better an actress she becomes (she had her best on L&O).

Sasha Alexander, on the other hand, is talented enough to make something out of nothing, which she has had to do on this show.

by Original Posterreply 12008/24/2010

Is Harmon still a giant cokehead? Previous threads on her always pegged her as such.

by Original Posterreply 12108/24/2010

Dunno about coke R121, but she loves her booze.

by Original Posterreply 12208/24/2010

I've always heard that she's a cokehead, R121. Never heard anything about her drinking.

by Original Posterreply 12308/25/2010

I want to hear stories from Dlers who have done blow with Harmon.

by Original Posterreply 12408/25/2010

Has anyone met either of them? what are they like in person?

by Original Posterreply 12508/25/2010


by Original Posterreply 12608/25/2010

very true, r52.

by Original Posterreply 12708/25/2010

Can't believe that no one has posted about the huge bulge sported by one of the cadavers in Monday's Boston Marathon episode. I'm not a bulge freak (I like them but don't go looking for them on TV), but I couldn't help noticing the anaconda one of the guys had.

by Original Posterreply 12808/25/2010

I don't think they will ever kiss each other on screen, r58. It would take away the mystique.

by Original Posterreply 12908/25/2010

R129 Except for that episode where they have to go undercover as a "married" couple to investigate a murder and are forced to play the role convincingly by kissing in front of the hidden cameras that are monitoring them.%0D %0D At least I hope they recycle this episode of Silk Stalkings.

by Original Posterreply 13008/25/2010

Angie Harmon is another actress (along with Meg Ryan, Jen Aniston and Demi Moore) who refuses to speak to her mother at all.

by Original Posterreply 13108/25/2010

Why does she refuse to speak to her mother? What could she have done that was so awful?

by Original Posterreply 13208/25/2010

Don't know anything about Angie Harmon, but Sasha Alexander's a doll to work with. Very sweet, very kind.

But there's a story behind her leaving "NCIS" beyond just her wanting to get pregnant - but she won't tell it.

by Original Posterreply 13308/25/2010

Why don't you tell us then, r133?

by Original Posterreply 13408/25/2010

this show is fucking lame; but I can't seem to stop watching it.

by Original Posterreply 13508/25/2010

It's the hoyay. The hoyay is addictive.

by Original Posterreply 13608/25/2010

She didn't tell me. When I asked her about it, she said "NCIS. It's a great show. That's all I ever officially say. My lips are sealed. Maybe in the memoirs someday" I have no idea what it is.

by Original Posterreply 13708/25/2010

Oh, but I think it might have had to do with the producer who was eventually fired when Mark Harmon refused to work with him anymore. Can't remember his name.

by Original Posterreply 13808/25/2010

Well, she's smart and classy to not talk shit about anybody nor reveal what actually happened.

by Original Posterreply 13908/25/2010

Why wouldn't Harmon work with him? Probably same reason Sasha quit.

by Original Posterreply 14008/25/2010

It was John C. Kelley. He was a writer season one and became producer/showrunner season two. Everything was so chaotic under his regime (including script pages arriving just before shooting) that finally, in the spring of 2007, Harmon refused to work with him anymore. By all accounts it's been a happy set since then.

Alexander asked to leave mid-way through season two (again, don't know if it was related to Kelley) and was fine with being killed off. She was also happy to come back and be a "ghost" in the first two episodes of the following season, since they were letting her out of her contract early.

And that was it for her and NCIS. Honestly, she was much more interesting than Cote de Pablo, but she wanted to go, and she went.

by Original Posterreply 14108/26/2010

[quote] Everything was so chaotic under his regime (including script pages arriving just before shooting)

I fail to see the problem with that

by Original Posterreply 14208/26/2010

I love the fact that Sasha Alexander is a very classy woman. So is her mother in law, Sophia Loren.

by Original Posterreply 14308/26/2010

Hmm... found this quote from an article I just came across: [quote]And then there's Harmon's conservative politics. "The thing that is interesting about being pigeonholed in your political party is that everyone thinks, 'Oh, you're a Republican; that means you're intolerant.' And no, I think we're down the middle," says Harmon, speaking for herself and Sehorn. Perhaps she's not as anti-gay as everyone is making her out to be?

by Original Posterreply 14408/26/2010

R144 They're probably more libertarian on social issues. %0D %0D Someone should ask her if her sexuality also falls "down the middle".

by Original Posterreply 14508/26/2010

My thread does not exist.

by Original Posterreply 14608/26/2010

Cokeheads don't care who they're fucking.

by Original Posterreply 14708/26/2010

Great point, r147.%0D %0D I believe that Angie harmon was a cokehead when she came to Hollywood a long time ago. She doesn't want her daughters to make the same mistake.

by Original Posterreply 14808/26/2010

Angie Harmon was on Chelsea tonight professing her love of gay people. And booze. The whole interview was mostly about her loving the gays.

Do we still hate her?

by Original Posterreply 14908/26/2010

I'd like to see the interview.

by Original Posterreply 15008/26/2010

I'll upload it once it airs for me, R150. I watched a friend's east coast feed via an iPhone app. Angie said a gay friend of hers sat her down and broke out in a sweat telling her she must come out and say she doesn't hate gay people. They must've said "gay" 20 times in that interview. It was actually pretty funny.

by Original Posterreply 15108/26/2010

This appears to be it....recorded off a tv

by Original Posterreply 15208/26/2010

Chelsea: "The show is called Rizzoli & Isles....and, if you're gay, you should watch it."

by Original Posterreply 15308/26/2010

Here's the interview. I was hoping it would stream with MegaVideo but so far it's not. Anyway, it's 35mb for anyone who wants to download it.

by Original Posterreply 15408/26/2010

Better yet, stream it here:

by Original Posterreply 15508/26/2010

I saw the interview of Angie Harmon from Chelsea Lately. She was so wasted on vodka.

by Original Posterreply 15608/27/2010

"All summer long! Gays and Vodka!"

by Original Posterreply 15708/27/2010

Yep, r157.

by Original Posterreply 15808/27/2010

Told 'ya she loves the booze.

by Original Posterreply 15908/27/2010

She certainly does, r159.

by Original Posterreply 16008/27/2010

So I wanna hear more about the coke and her not speaking to her mother. Who knows about it? I'm now strangely fascinated by this woman.

by Original Posterreply 16108/27/2010


by Original Posterreply 16208/27/2010

Me, too, r161. She's supposedly Coke Mom #2.

by Original Posterreply 16308/27/2010

Keep your Whiskers Heartygay(sic) I will watch the gorgeous Angie Harmon any day. I don't care if she's a rethug or not.

by Original Posterreply 16408/27/2010

I hope season 2 sees an improvement in the writing. I love the two leads together and would hate to see the show cancelled.

SA did say on Twitter that they are aware of the R and I shippers...

by Original Posterreply 16508/27/2010

Sasha made very tepid remarks about Sophia in one of the tabloids this week. Wonder if they get along.

by Original Posterreply 16608/27/2010

What did she say, r166?

by Original Posterreply 16708/27/2010

which tabloid?

by Original Posterreply 16808/27/2010

Me too, r165.

by Original Posterreply 16908/28/2010


by Original Posterreply 17008/28/2010

Considering Angie Harmon is from Dallas, TX it's not that surprising she's Republican. Most people in TX are, for whatever reason.%0D %0D Saw the Chelsea Lately interview and though I don't deny people their right to party affiliations, it did make me think: well, what the fuck have the Democrats done for gay people? Pretending that being a Democrat is somehow better for gay people is really just delusional. The Democratic Party hasn't done anything for gay people.%0D %0D It was a Democrat who signed DOMA into law. While he was cheating on his wife! %0D %0D So, fuck them too.

by Original Posterreply 17108/28/2010

I really hope that Rizzoli & Isles will have a few more seasons in them. I do hope it doesn't get cancelled after two seasons.

by Original Posterreply 17208/28/2010

They're both the same corrupt party. Vote 3rd party if you want real change.

by Original Posterreply 17308/28/2010

I don't know what people see in this show. The dialogue is stupid. I hate Sasha Alexander's hair color. What is wrong with a nice brunette? Yeah, yeah, 2 brunettes, but it does not look good on her. Frosted hair is so last century. I have tried to watch this show and I end up surfing the net when it is on out of sheer boredom.

by Original Posterreply 17408/28/2010

Why don't you like Sasha's hair color, r174?

by Original Posterreply 17508/28/2010

I agree that Sasha's hair is much better darker. The blonde (which has that bottled look) washes her out. I know blonde is supposed to be sexier, but I'm tired of all these stunning brunette women who go blonde and then look so-so. Your coloring has to be right to look good as a blonde (which is why some blondes go darker...).

by Original Posterreply 17608/28/2010

Me too, r176.

by Original Posterreply 17708/28/2010

I think the interview might have been in People, on the last page, and she was asked about Sophia as a grandmother and she didn't answer the question, just said something about the family getting bigger.

by Original Posterreply 17808/28/2010

Cool, r178.

by Original Posterreply 17908/28/2010

I thought I was the only one who hated SA's hair! If she's not going to darken her locks the she should get a tan or something so she doesn't look so blah.

by Original Posterreply 18008/28/2010


by Original Posterreply 18108/28/2010

Angie Harmon just needs to come out already. I could also see her husband getting some from a guy while she's working.

by Original Posterreply 18208/28/2010

Do you really think she's a closeted gay person, r182?

by Original Posterreply 18308/28/2010

The shills are busy trying to gay things up to counter the Republican angle, that's all. It's pretty silly.

by Original Posterreply 18408/28/2010

I believe it, r184.

by Original Posterreply 18508/28/2010


by Original Posterreply 18608/28/2010

Right now the show is pretty much a monster hit, getting numbers as good or even better than The Closer. I don't think it's in danger of being canceled, r172/OP.

The only worry is that by waiting until after SA has her baby to even start filming the second season, they are bound to have a really, really long stretch between the first and the second with the chance of losing some of the momentum that they've got now.

As for the writing, I don't think people exactly watch this show for the plots. For me, it's all about the fun of the interaction between the girls.

Seems like they might get darker over the last few eps to try and get back a little bit more toward the tone of the pilot and novels, and I guess we'll see what the writing is like there.

by Original Posterreply 18708/28/2010

I actually like Sasha's hair. I prefer it now to when she was on NCIS.

by Original Posterreply 18808/28/2010

My idea of a perfect pairing would be Angie Harmon and Vincent Donofrio. Then I could miss seeing them both at the same time.

by Original Posterreply 18908/29/2010


by Original Posterreply 19008/29/2010

What's monday's ep about?

by Original Posterreply 19108/29/2010

I'm gonna guess the episode has something to do with hoyay. Call me crazy.

by Original Posterreply 19208/29/2010

[quote]What's monday's ep about?

Hoyt, the serial killer, is back and hunting Jane again. Apparently Billy Burke will also be back and he and Jane hook up. There's a pic of a near-kiss on some spoiler site somewhere.

Does anyone know if Donnie Wahlberg is returning? I was under the impression he'd be a regular but I guess not...

by Original Posterreply 19308/29/2010

I'll be glad when it comes on for real.

by Original Posterreply 19408/29/2010

[quote] Does anyone know if Donnie Wahlberg is returning? I was under the impression he'd be a regular but I guess not...

He's on that new CBS cop show with Tom Selleck so it's doubtful.

Tentatively, they're supposed to start shooting season 2 of R&I in February or March.

by Original Posterreply 19508/29/2010

They filmed two or three episodes for season 2 already. When they found out Sasha was preggers they went ahead and filmed so they had some ready to go, meaning they can basically start running season two around the time they start filming the rest of the episodes.

by Original Posterreply 19608/29/2010

Going blonde wasn't SA's choice. She was forced to so she would be a contrast with Angie. They maybe should have tried auburn.

by Original Posterreply 19708/29/2010

Great point, r197.

by Original Posterreply 19808/29/2010

I wonder how much time medical examiners actually spend with detectives in real life? Five minutes? Or maybe they just shoot off a typed report and never even see them..

by Original Posterreply 19908/29/2010

That's a posibility, r199.

by Original Posterreply 20008/29/2010

[quote] They filmed two or three episodes for season 2 already.

No they did not. They shot the finale for season 1 and wrapped.

by Original Posterreply 20108/29/2010

It's pretty funny, if you have a show focusing on cops, they solve the crime. If it's a show about medical examiners, they solve the crime, if it's a show about CSI's, they solve the crime, if it's a show about prosecutors, they solve the crime.

I wonder how it works in real life. I'm sure there must be all sorts of infighting.

by Original Posterreply 20208/29/2010

I was wondering the same thing, R202. Actually, I was more wondering if people are really trying that hard to solve every single murder.

Now, someone has to know why Angie doesn't speak to her mother. Someone spill, please!

by Original Posterreply 20308/29/2010

Maybe there was some bad blood between Angie and her mother.

by Original Posterreply 20408/30/2010

All I know is that her parents divorced while she was still an infant and she lived with her mom until she was about ten when she was sent to live with her dad.

by Original Posterreply 20508/30/2010

anyone read an interview where she talks about her mother?

by Original Posterreply 20608/30/2010


by Original Posterreply 20708/30/2010

Jane Rizzoli to Frankie's new girlfriend: "If it doesn't work out with you and Frankie, you can still come here and cook anytime." God, she's so gay.

by Original Posterreply 20808/30/2010

Angie Harmon was a bad actress on L&O. I didn't think it was possible for her to get any worse but she did.

And I totally think she's dykey. I thought this on L&O and I'm convinced she can't even play feminine.

by Original Posterreply 20908/30/2010

There are two more episodes left coming up on Rizzoli & Isles for this season.

by Original Posterreply 21009/01/2010

They only do 10 episodes a season?!

by Original Posterreply 21109/01/2010

They only did ten to see if it would be a hit. They're doing at least thirteen for the next season, which will begin in late next spring.

by Original Posterreply 21209/01/2010

Thanks for the info R212. I though their interaction was sweet this week when Jane was showing her how to use a gun. Looking forward to more.

by Original Posterreply 21309/01/2010

I don't think Angie Harmon is a good enough actress to intentionally and so successfully be playing this (and all her) role(s) as a dyke.

by Original Posterreply 21409/02/2010


by Original Posterreply 21509/02/2010

Exactly, r214, she plays herself.

by Original Posterreply 21609/02/2010

Angie Harmon certainly does that pretty well, r216.%0D %0D She is a one note actress kinda like Mariska Hargitay.

by Original Posterreply 21709/02/2010

TNT should have Sasha Alexander go on shows such as Chelsea Lately, Regis & Kelly, Oprah, etc.

by Original Posterreply 21809/02/2010

I used to think Angie played herself until I saw her interviews. In person, she's so... I dunno... girly? The fake laugh, the hair flipping, the hand clapping. Jane Rizzoli would never do any of that. Nor would Abby Carmichael or Lindsay Boxer. So she's not really playing herself or they'd be all fake and giggly like she is. And they'd LOVE gay people! I think it's more that she's been typecast in that kind of role.

I just can't get over how funny it is that one of the most conservative Christians in the biz is playing such a dykey role.

[quote]TNT should have Sasha Alexander go on shows such as Chelsea Lately, Regis & Kelly, Oprah, etc.

I totally agree. She's delightful and definitely needs more press. She's on Twitter and replies to fans daily, seems like a sweetheart.

by Original Posterreply 21909/02/2010

I used to think Angie played herself until I saw her interviews. In person, she's so... I dunno... girly? The fake laugh, the hair flipping, the hand clapping. Jane Rizzoli would never do any of that. Nor would Abby Carmichael or Lindsay Boxer. So she's not really playing herself or they'd be all fake and giggly like she is. And they'd LOVE gay people! I think it's more that she's been typecast in that kind of role.%0D %0D I just can't get over how funny it is that one of the most conservative Christians in the biz is playing such a dykey role.%0D %0D %0D Thanks, r219.

by Original Posterreply 22009/02/2010

This show is awful. %0D %0D Angie harmon plays the same character she always plays in every show she is in. She has no range. %0D %0D And she is too skinny. I swear she starves herself. I find her body skeletal looking and very unattractive. %0D %0D I have NO idea why this show is doing so well, I can only thing that guys are watching because they are infatuated with Angie. It can't be for the predictable storylines and for the bad acting.

by Original Posterreply 22109/02/2010

I always thought there was bad blood between Sasha and some NCIS higher-up, considering that terrible "ghost" episode where she was forced to be every main character's creepy fantasy "Kate." %0D %0D She did a damned good job on it though, as did the rest of the cast. But that writer/producer was evil for doing that to Sasha. Reminded me of what the showrunners did to Rory Cochrane's character on CSI:Miami.

by Original Posterreply 22209/02/2010

Is Rory Cochrane still acting at this point?%0D %0D %0D I will say this is a better match for Angie and Sasha. I think if it had Kim Raver and Angie Harmon then it would have been akward. Kim couldn't act circles around Angie. She would be screaming for life.

by Original Posterreply 22309/02/2010


by Original Posterreply 22409/02/2010

I liked Angie Harmon in Law & Order and I love Rizzoli & Isles. Harmon is gorgeous and her voice is beyond sexy. Sure the show is cheesy sometimes, but hellooo, it's television people. I don't care for her politics, but so what.

by Original Posterreply 22509/02/2010

Plus, the show is well written.

by Original Posterreply 22609/03/2010

{quote]Plus, the show is well written.%0D %0D The show is fun and campy. It has two beautiful women as leads that know how to bring on the gay. But well written? Let's not get carried away here.

by Original Posterreply 22709/03/2010


by Original Posterreply 22809/03/2010

Bump it up.

by Original Posterreply 22909/03/2010

More on Angie. Does she ride horses in Texas? Does she like football?

by Original Posterreply 23009/03/2010

She does like football. She said something about her being from Texas meant she had to be a football fan.

Are all the coke rumors because of the Coke Mom blind items? Christians don't do coke, do they?

by Original Posterreply 23109/03/2010

How does Lorraine Bracco get along with Angie on the set?

by Original Posterreply 23209/03/2010

I want to have a Rizzoli & Isles marathon with OP. (even better if OP is Angie Harmon - or can do a good impression - can you?)

by Original Posterreply 23309/03/2010

I'm not Angie Harmon.

by Original Posterreply 23409/03/2010

Bump it up.%0D %0D Bump it up.%0D %0D Bump it up.%0D %0D Bump it up.

by Original Posterreply 23509/04/2010

Here's a new interview of Sasha Alexander from Rizzoli & Isles.

by Original Posterreply 23609/05/2010

Anybody home?

by Original Posterreply 23709/06/2010

Well whattaya know!

by Original Posterreply 23809/06/2010

Ok how the hell do you post an inline image? Click on it, people, it's good.

by Original Posterreply 23909/06/2010

[quote] She's on Twitter and replies to fans daily, seems like a sweetheart.

It's not Sasha who does most of those replies.

by Original Posterreply 24009/06/2010

Who does most of the replies, r240?

by Original Posterreply 24109/06/2010

One of her assistants, R241.

by Original Posterreply 24209/06/2010

R238, someone has got some good things going in their mind grapes.

by Original Posterreply 24309/06/2010

Great point, r242.

by Original Posterreply 24409/07/2010

R193, that sounds like the plot of Gerritsen's "The Apprentice." In the book, Rizzoli has a thing for an FBI agent trying to find a serial killer whose M.O. matches the Surgeon's (Hoyt). In the book, Hoyt breaks out of prison and teams up with this new killer.

As far as the writing and the plot go, the book was very good. Gerritsen stands out as a writer in the mystery genre (some of those big writers are god-awful). It's unfortunate that the show can't match that level of writing. Of course, the books don't have Rizzoli and Isles interacting the way the show does (at least the books I've read). Isles comes across a little creepy in the books. She's very into dead people and doesn't know how to relate to the living. So maybe the writing thing is a trade-off.

I still have yet to watch more than 10 minutes of an episode. I just haven't had time. I will, though!

by Original Posterreply 24509/07/2010

[quote]Christians don't do coke, do they?

Of course not. We just buy it for research purposes.

by Original Posterreply 24609/07/2010

I for one loved the lastest episode (neuf). Cuteness abounded.

by Original Posterreply 24709/07/2010


by Original Posterreply 24809/08/2010

Harmon used to date Troy Aikman. Surprised when she married another NFL player. She's also part Apache.

Sasha's character on NCIS would have won a shitload of money for a sexual harassment suit. Hate that denozzle character. Blowing spitballs at Zeva? Really? He's why I wouldn't consider watching that show.

by Original Posterreply 24909/08/2010

Great point, r249.%0D %0D I personally think the banter between Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo on NCIS is overdone. it's pretty tiring. The banter between Angie and Sasha is pretty dead on.

by Original Posterreply 25009/08/2010

[quote]Harmon used to date Troy Aikman.%0D %0D Troy Aikman is gay, gay, gay. He's dated every Southern female celeb from Lorrie Morgan to Janine Turner. But he's gay, gay, gay.

by Original Posterreply 25109/08/2010

The season finale to the show is next week.

by Original Posterreply 25209/09/2010

Great episode of the show on Monday night.

by Original Posterreply 25309/10/2010


by Original Posterreply 25409/12/2010

Tomorrow night is the season finale. Who will be watching?

by Original Posterreply 25509/12/2010

I know the guy who played the dead brother last week. He told everyone he was going to have a heavily featured role on the show, but neglected to mention he'd be playing a corpse for most of it.

by Original Posterreply 25609/12/2010

Cool, r256.

by Original Posterreply 25709/13/2010

So you think little brother, Frankie, is going to die?

I thought it was a pretty good season finale.

by Original Posterreply 25809/14/2010

I hope he doesn't die, r258.%0D %0D It was definently a great season finale.

by Original Posterreply 25909/14/2010

Holy shit, that finale was intense! Frankie can't die...not after Jane sacrificed herself for him, good lord. And how badass is Maura?? I really do love this show. I'm gonna miss it until next summer.

by Original Posterreply 26009/14/2010

Sasha Alexander acted her tail off in the season finale episode. She should be nominated for an emmy.

by Original Posterreply 26109/14/2010

I hope the tortoise survives, too!!

by Original Posterreply 26209/14/2010

Thanks, PETA.

by Original Posterreply 26309/14/2010

So the episode begins with Maura ogling a guy with muscles because those muscles represent a kind of strength that she is hard-wired to find attractive, the idea of an alpha, the leader who is responsible for the pack. And then ends with her witnessing Jane using her own biceps to to actually shoot herself just to protect her little brother, which should be under the definition of alpha at least somewhere in wikipedia.

And to have Maura, who won't even call a reddish brown stain blood, not only willing to guess at what's wrong with Frankie but actually to act on it trying to save him, was also a surprisingly good climax for her arc for the season.

Now, I know good and damn well they are never going there, I have no illusions about that. But holy crap, they not only do the subtext intentionally, but they pretty much wrapped the season around it. That's just so bewildering. Awesome (especially considering that it did almost shockingly well in the ratings), but so incredibly confusing.

Because you know at some point, they are going to balk. Maybe next season, now that they can feel somewhat assured that they are strong enough in the ratings to do whatever they want.

But man, it'll be fun for as long as it lasts.

by Original Posterreply 26409/14/2010

[quote]In person, she's so... I dunno... girly?

In interviews, she's also acting. There can't be anyone on DL dumb enough to not know that.

by Original Posterreply 26509/14/2010

So true, r264.

by Original Posterreply 26609/14/2010

That was a pretty good episode. Have they hired different writers than they started out with? I don't understand how they can backtrack the relationship they've built between those two. It's mostly text not subtext, in my book.

by Original Posterreply 26709/14/2010

I watched all ten episodes and still can't find a reason to like this show. Angie Harmon just looks ridiculous and the last episode was so over-the-top silly it was like watching a Lifetime movie.%0D %0D Fortunately, Dexter starts soon.

by Original Posterreply 26809/14/2010

Have they hired different writers than they started out with?%0D %0D That is a good question, r267.

by Original Posterreply 26909/15/2010

Yet you watched ALL 10 EPISODES R268

by Original Posterreply 27009/15/2010

WTF has anyone listened to Angie's voice?%0D %0D She sounds as if she has permanent laryngitis!

by Original Posterreply 27109/15/2010

You're on target about Angie Harmon's voice, r271.

by Original Posterreply 27209/15/2010

Loved the season finale!

by Original Posterreply 27309/15/2010

Me too, r273.

by Original Posterreply 27409/15/2010


by Original Posterreply 27509/16/2010

I thought the whole thing with Isles not wanting to operate on Jane's brother ridiculous. Especially about inserting a tube to inflate his lung. She's an ME, she knows where everything is in the body and how things work, she she shouldn't have been so terrified. %0D %0D I agree about Angie's voice issue. I think someone who talks that hoarse - and it's been getting worse over the years - should be concerned.

by Original Posterreply 27609/16/2010

Definently, r276.

by Original Posterreply 27709/17/2010

I don't know r276, it makes sense for the character because she doesn't feel comfortable with anything other than quantifiable certainties. She won't even call a reddish brown stain blood unless she's got more solid evidence.

So even though she understands how to do all the procedures, the fact that she's never done them before, combined with the lack of proper equipment, made her react the way she did.

Jane trusted her ability and knowledge and knew she would get it right, but Maura's just not wired that way. I actually think that's why she likes working with the dead rather than the living. Because there are definite answers to be found and none of the variables to be adjusted to by the way a person's body changes or reacts to what happened to it. Those things make her freeze up and feel uncertain and uncomfortable and that's why she avoids them.

by Original Posterreply 27809/18/2010

Great answer, r278.

by Original Posterreply 27909/18/2010

I agree r278 the show laid out her character in all the episodes, she's a perfectionist, she doesn't like making guesses, etc. Her character is such that she wouldn't have wanted to attempt it without the proper equipment but she would do it for Rizzoli.

by Original Posterreply 28009/19/2010


by Original Posterreply 28109/20/2010

The fan fiction is pretty low quality so far. Only readable one so far is by snuffnyc.

by Original Posterreply 28209/23/2010

I love the show's synopsis that are written on AfterEllen. They're funny and sexy.

by Original Posterreply 28309/25/2010

Are the Tess Gerritson (sp?) books worth reading?

by Original Posterreply 28409/26/2010

r284 here again, couldn't sleep last night and caught Angie Harmon on Oprah....I thought she came off as really likeable.

by Original Posterreply 28509/28/2010

Angie Harmon got one of the most gorgeous face on the planet.

by Original Posterreply 28609/28/2010

R284, I picked up the first one from this series and read it in a single day over the weekend. I would say it was better than the James Patterson books I've tried, but that's not exactly resounding praise. So, while it wasn't exactly high art, it kept me reading and I'm planning on going and getting the next one this week.

If only because Maura isn't introduced until the second one and I'm interested to see what her character is like. Jane is extremely different.

by Original Posterreply 28709/28/2010


by Original Posterreply 28809/29/2010

New Sasha interview, Part One.

by Original Posterreply 28910/13/2010

Thanks, r289.

by Original Posterreply 29010/14/2010

Is Angie Harmon really Coke Mom?

by Original Posterreply 29110/27/2010

I just found out that Ms. Harmon lives in Charlotte, NC. She was at her daughter's soccer game against my friend's daughter.

by Original Posterreply 29210/27/2010

so this is a yes? She is coke Mom?

by Original Posterreply 29310/27/2010

Debra Messing is Coke Mom. Harmon is Coke Mom's Friend and mentioned in a couple of the BIs.

by Original Posterreply 29410/27/2010

Angie Harmon is now on twitter. She hasn't interacted with Sasha, which is rather bizarre.

She does go on about how great Rizzoli and Grant were however, since she and Donnie Wahlberg are friends.

by Original Posterreply 29512/19/2010

R295, I read she asked her followers to suggest a love interest for her character and they all said she should hook up with Isles. I wonder how Harmon felt about that?

r294, where is this BI about Coke Mom?

by Original Posterreply 29601/30/2011

Great new promo for season two. Doesn't look like they will shy away from the subtext at all!

by Original Posterreply 29705/18/2011

I really don't want to like Harmon because of her freeper politics, but god damn, her voice makes me weak in the knees.

by Original Posterreply 29805/18/2011

TNT is really going with the sexy lady cop genre.

In addition to Rizzoli and Isles and Regina King's fabulous self on Southland, they just announced that once The Closer closes up shop, Mary McDonnell's character is getting a spin-off.

by Original Posterreply 29905/18/2011

Is it just me or does Sasha look different in that promo?

by Original Posterreply 30005/18/2011

Sasha looks a bit chubby in this promo.

by Original Posterreply 30105/18/2011

Why are the lesbians are creaming their pants over this show.%0D %0D It's so gimmicky and lame.

by Original Posterreply 30205/18/2011

New ad with the ladies looking beautiful and a new, subtexty spoiler...the screencap is so cute!

by Original Posterreply 30305/20/2011

The new season starts tonight!!

by Original Posterreply 30407/11/2011

It is the worst show I've ever seen. I watch it in case Harmon takes her clothes off.

by Original Posterreply 30507/11/2011

Angie and Sasha have great chemistry - their scenes were funny.

by Original Posterreply 30607/12/2011

[quote]Why are the lesbians are creaming their pants over this show.

[quote]It's so gimmicky and lame.

That's right up their ally!

by Original Posterreply 30707/12/2011

This episode is nearly as gay as any episode of The L Word

by Original Posterreply 30807/25/2011

I'm watching it right now. Jane just asked Maura if she wants to sleep with her.

by Original Posterreply 30907/25/2011

The last scene is the AY Gay. A unicorn riding a bike, wrapped in a gay flag at Pride Parade is straighter than this show.

by Original Posterreply 31007/25/2011

Are they ever going to actually have them hook up?

by Original Posterreply 31107/25/2011

Janet Tamaro, the showrunning/producer/head writer for the show was asked in an Afterellen interview if they were going to hook up and all she would say is "Never say never."

by Original Posterreply 31207/25/2011

Those fenceriders will forever dance around the question, "Will they or won't they?"

by Original Posterreply 31307/26/2011

[quote]Are they ever going to actually have them hook up?


by Original Posterreply 31407/29/2011

You sound so sure, r314.

Did anyone catch Sasha's interview on Jimmy Kimmel? Not only did she look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS but I did love her story about her daughter and Sophia Loren.

by Original Posterreply 31507/29/2011

[quote]I think Tess Gerritsen is among the best writers for genre fiction.%0D %0D I think she's a terrible writer. I tried to get through Ice Cold, one of her latest, and it was terrible. The story was lackluster and all over the place. The actual writing was grating and simplistic and uninteresting. I ended up skimming the last half of the book.%0D %0D The show's writing isn't much better but it's showing improvement.

by Original Posterreply 31607/29/2011

Some books are better than others, R316. I think Tess is great writer but Ice Cold and Vanish were not so good. The rest of the Rizzoli series is beautifully written. I couldn't put them down.

by Original Posterreply 31707/29/2011

R317, which one was the best, in your opinion? Maybe I'll give her another try.

by Original Posterreply 31807/31/2011

R318, since it is a series it is very difficult to pick just one. IMO, the first 4 books were great. I couldn't put them down. The crimes and the character development was perfectly written. The worst for me were Ice Cold, Vanish and The Mephisto Club. I only read them because I thought that a new character may be introduced but you can skip those without missing anything. The Keepsake and the last one were interesting but just okay. The good part of the last novel was the storyline for the Isles character.

by Original Posterreply 31907/31/2011

The last episode was pretty much just straight procedural. It's like it's two entirely different bad shows depending on the week.

by Original Posterreply 32008/03/2011

This week was stupidly boring, too much 'crime' 'plot'. Play to your strengths, show, and stop trying to put a storyline in.

by Original Posterreply 32108/06/2011

I am so annoyed with how they've written Maura this season.

by Original Posterreply 32208/07/2011

No kidding, R322. Who is this Maura? Hopefully they'll get back to season 1 Maura soon.

(And more Frost in sleeveless T's!)

by Original Posterreply 32308/07/2011

Well, while I can't guess the quality of the next episode, Jacqueline Bisset is going to be appearing as Maura's mother, and for that, I am excited.

Also, Jane's ex-con brother was hot, although I think Frankie's hotter.

I've also found Ma Rizzoli a lot more tolerable this season.

by Original Posterreply 32408/09/2011

[quote] IMO, the first 4 books were great. I couldn't put them down. The crimes and the character development was perfectly written.

Are they better than "The Surgeon?" I read that one since I know that's what the show's pilot was based on, and was disappointed. Not just in that Rizzoli was only a supporting character and Isles was completely absent, but that the crime was so meh.

by Original Posterreply 32508/19/2011

The first 4 books are The Surgeon, The Apprentice, The Sinner and Body Double. The 2 first were combined in one storyline to create the pilot. Maybe that's why you didn't like it. In the second book Rizzoli becomes lead detective and Isles is introduced to the readers.

by Original Posterreply 32608/19/2011

The show is getting between 8 and 9 million viewers.


by Original Posterreply 32708/20/2011

I remember when Sandra Bernhard had a talk-show on A&E (this is waaaay back when there was actual "Art" and "Entertainment" on that network) and she had this hilarious song routine about Angie Harmon.

She would sing a song called "Angie Harmon' in which Bernhard would reas an interview with Harmon where she lies about her age.

She would repeat this chorus over and over: "Angie Harmon is only 22 years old". I would have tears streaming down my face from laughing. God, I miss that show - it only ran for like half a dozen episodes.

by Original Posterreply 32808/20/2011

I thought it was great casting having Jacqueline Bisset as Maura's mother. I hope we can see more of her this or next season.

by Original Posterreply 32908/20/2011

[quote]The show is getting between 8 and 9 million viewers.%0D %0D 99% lesbians...guaranteed.%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 33008/20/2011

A big, vocal chunk of that 8 million is legit lesibans, but there aren't even 9 million lesbians in the US.

by Original Posterreply 33108/20/2011

Why are lesbians so fond of this show?

Do they REALLY think Rizzoli and Isles will fuck?

It's NEVER gonna happen, and if it did, it would some kind of dream sequence.

by Original Posterreply 33208/20/2011

Angie Harmon is hawt

by Original Posterreply 33308/20/2011

Do I think Rizzoli and Isles will actually get together on the show? No, of course not. But the leads have great chemistry, which is what makes the show entertaining, since I'm not watching for the crime plots. The tone of the show is pretty light, so it's a little bit of escapism.

Also, I am a nerd and I read way too much fan fiction inspired by this show.

by Original Posterreply 33408/20/2011

[quote]It's NEVER gonna happen, and if it did, it would some kind of dream sequence.

As long as there is a sex scene who the hell cares if it's a dream sequence or not?

by Original Posterreply 33508/20/2011

It's fun like Moonlighting. Hot leads and the butch/femme dynamic is sweet.

by Original Posterreply 33608/20/2011

R332, why are gay boys so obsessed with Supernatural? I mean, they even play brothers on that show so nothing is EVER going to happen. It's called fantasy and at least our little obsessions don't also involve implied incest.%0D %0D It also helps that both the actresses and the producers are aware of and embrace the subtext all the way. Has that happened on any of the shows with gay male subtext? Open acknowledment and acceptance to the point of playing it up even more on purpose?

by Original Posterreply 33708/21/2011

Lots of fraus watch the show and all the lesbian subtext is lost on them.

"Aren't they such great, supportive friends!!!!" say 90% of straight females. "Jane and Maura are so different, so they really help each other."

by Original Posterreply 33808/21/2011

R338, from some of the sites I've seen discussing this show, the subtext is defintely not lost on the frauen. Straight women see it. There are posts all over threads discussing this show about how "even my mother commented on whether these two were a couple", etc.

by Original Posterreply 33908/21/2011

Forget Angie, I'm all about Sasha.

by Original Posterreply 34008/22/2011

Agree, R340. Massive crush on Gretchen *le sigh.

by Original Posterreply 34108/22/2011

I'm another who won't watch it because Harmon is a Republican-lover. Sorry, you're too fucked up if you're on Michele Bachmann's side.

by Original Posterreply 34208/22/2011

this series is annoying. harmon is not a sincere republican. she says outrageous things to get attention. mostly harmon is a coke head and a mediocre actress.... oh; well; then again, maybe she is a republican.

by Original Posterreply 34308/22/2011

Why are they even bothering to pretend these characters could be anything resembling straight? The Gayness is so over the top.

by Original Posterreply 34408/24/2011

It's not a bad show, just poorly written. Really lame dialogue, too. The last episode, when the young detective kept having to break down doors with his shoulder? Who does that? And how many solid doors fly open on the first try?

Didn't realize the brother was played by Beau Bridges' son. And that was his real daughter who played the girl who wasn't his daughter.

by Original Posterreply 34508/24/2011

R345, I don't think they're going for realism. They've also started having them answer their phones in sequence when they both get a call, "Rizzoli", "Isles", just so they can say the name of the show in the show. It seems to be turning into a running joke. %0D %0D I've seen part of one episode of Monk but they might be going for that kind of feel for the show mixed with a bit of the serious as well. %0D %0D That's one thing about such short seasons on cable. Whereas the first seasons of some shows suck because they are working out the kinks as they go, when you only have ten episodes in a season, you're still going to be working out the kinks, maybe, into the beginning of the third season.

by Original Posterreply 34608/24/2011

Maybe my standards have gone down, but I have to say the last few episodes have been very enjoyable. I think they finally got some issues with tone ironed out. The switches between serious and silly don't seem as awkward now.

But Angie's southern accent still shines through sometimes. Definitely not appropriate for a Boston cop.

by Original Posterreply 34708/24/2011

Is there any way, ever, that they'd realistically be able to introduce a male love interest for either of them at this point? Harmon's character, especially, almost seems to have an 'eww boys' vibe about her. %0D %0D There was some other show that I can't bring to mind completely where they tried to introduce male love interests at times and everyone was like, 'yeah, right'. And, no, it wasn't Xena.

by Original Posterreply 34808/24/2011

Law & Order SVU? They never managed to get Olivia a boyfriend without making it look ridiculous.

by Original Posterreply 34908/24/2011

Bracco dropped a not so hint that she wants grandchildren from the two of them.

by Original Posterreply 35008/24/2011

The producers realize that it's the relationship between them that makes the show enjoyable, R348. They aren't trying to introduce a male interest for the lead characters. The showrunner has said that they will never get into a serious relationship and remain single.

by Original Posterreply 35108/24/2011

I had to watch this shit when I went to visit my parents. God awful, and Harmon seems like a total dyke!

by Original Posterreply 35208/24/2011

She swaggers because she has a prosthetic foot.

by Original Posterreply 35308/24/2011

Jane is jealous.

by Original Posterreply 35408/30/2011

So, that was quite a final scene.

by Original Posterreply 35512/29/2011

Is anyone else upset the writers decided to make Jane and Maura selfish sluts, for the second season?


by Original Posterreply 35601/08/2012

My God what a bunch of liberal worry about an actor or actress politics vs their ability to act or enjoy a great show? I hate most of Hollywood's politics (uneducated lemmings en masse) but I love many who are great in their roles....

by Original Posterreply 35702/13/2012

Tell me girls, Rizzoli and Isles are lesbians? Anything happens between them?

by Original Posterreply 35802/07/2013

Harmon is a rethug AND a shitty actress, so what exactly is her appeal?

by Original Posterreply 35902/07/2013


by Original Posterreply 36002/07/2013


by Original Posterreply 36102/07/2013


by Original Posterreply 36202/07/2013


They aren't, in the lesbian bar victim episode, they discussed what they'd be if they were lesbians. I think they were both at ease, no awkward acting or actions.

I think it was written to snub the nose at those who think Angie's homophobic, because of the repug bullshit, like here on DL.

Funny, but I hated both accents of Cagney and Lacey. HATE Moira's voice!

I love Angie Harmon (no shit, right?) but I find Moira to precious and a direct steal from Bones. How can one be thought intelligent with no connection to real life?

Hated Sasha in NCIS. Glad when she died. Exactly how does one meet Sophia Loren's son? Is it the gay one?

by Original Posterreply 36302/07/2013

Then the show should go lesbian, guys. Who cares if those fuckin' bitches are a detective and a medical examiner? Put sentiment and some lesbian subtext and the show will be ace.

Fuckin' bitches why they can't write a good script and they just show off their profession? Lame!

by Original Posterreply 36402/07/2013

This show is lame.

by Original Posterreply 36502/07/2013

R364 is lame R365 is lamer I predict the response to my post will be the lamest

by Original Posterreply 36602/07/2013

.This shows sucks donkey balls.

But Sasha Alexander has beautiful eyes.

by Original Posterreply 36702/07/2013

Are Rizzoli & Isles friends in real life?

by Original Posterreply 36802/07/2013

Madame Zaroosta i had no hard feelings for you baby. So i suppose you don't want Rizzoli and Isles to go lesbian?

by Original Posterreply 36902/08/2013


by Original Posterreply 37002/08/2013

New season...

by Original Posterreply 37104/20/2014
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