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The Pointer Sisters

They were a popular group in the 1970's and 1980's. At first they were a quartet, then later they were a trio. Bonnie, June, Anita, and Ruth. I still feel bad that June Pointer is no longer with us. She had a drug problem.%0D %0D Bonnie did a solo record with Motown in the late 1970's.%0D %0D They went from looking like a singing group from the 1920's to looking very modern in the late 1970's. That was a great progression.%0D %0D Songs like "Yes We Can-Can," "Fire," He's So Shy," "I'm So Excited," and many others made them so popular back then.%0D %0D What are your thoughts, anyone?

by Original Posterreply 14410/21/2014

Loved them. Saw them. Fantastic energy.

by Original Posterreply 107/25/2010

"Jump (For My Love)."

by Original Posterreply 207/25/2010

What R2 said. How can you make a list of favorite Pointer Sisters' songs and not add perhaps their biggest hit to date?!

by Original Posterreply 307/25/2010

Another vote for Jump.

by Original Posterreply 407/25/2010

Oops, I'm sorry about that. Thanks for mentioning it to me, r3 & r4.

by Original Posterreply 507/25/2010

Think Fire is the sexiest of their songs and the least dated.

by Original Posterreply 607/25/2010

Funny, I was watching a couple videos of theirs just a couple of days ago. I love "He's So Shy". But I can't help of thinking of their appearance on The Love Boat when I hear it, not that that's bad. I also remember one specific time hearing it as a kid. I was sitting in my dad's white Dodge Horizon while he went to an ATM--he left the radio on for me. "Automatic" is a great song too.

by Original Posterreply 707/25/2010

Is "Fire" the one that goes, ...but when we

by Original Posterreply 807/25/2010

Actually, I think it's Plymouth Horizon.

by Original Posterreply 907/25/2010

"Slow Hand" is my favorite by far.

by Original Posterreply 1007/25/2010

R8, that's the one. I think it was written by Springsteen.

by Original Posterreply 1107/25/2010

r8, yes that's "Fire"

by Original Posterreply 1207/25/2010

"I'm So Excited" is sooooo overplayed. Historians in the future will probably think it was truly popular for the entire decade of the 80s since it was used in just about every movie and TV show for years.

OTOH, it did inspire the greatest anti-drug message ever.

by Original Posterreply 1307/25/2010

I grew up in the Detroit area, where everyone listened to AM800 ("the Big Eight"), also known as CKLW, a powerful pop station out of Windor, Canada. During the late sixties and early seventies, CKLW had the power to make or break a song. By the time the later Pointer Sisters' music came along, most listeners had moved on to FM and CKLW no longer had the same kind of national influence it once had (and now it's just a local talk station.) %0D %0D Anyway, whenever they played "Fire," you'd hear the Pointers sing "I'm riding in your car. You turn on CKLW." Someone said that Pointers had recorded versions like this for all the top markets, substituting a local station's call letters for the word "radio." %0D %0D Did they do this for your hometown radio station too?

by Original Posterreply 1407/25/2010

I remember ten years ago when June Pointer started talking about her drug problems on the tv shows. I felt sorry for her. I know she has since passed on now. I really felt sorry for her. June did go to rehab and was committed to staying sober.%0D %0D Did she get fired from the Pointer Sisters at one point?%0D %0D Anita can sign her heart out when it comes to signing country tunes. Ruth likes to sing gospel songs. June loved to sing rock & roll songs.

by Original Posterreply 1507/25/2010

Ooh, I knew a guy who was the company manager for their AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' tour - he had horror stories of having to deal with the cops when they got busted for drugs, having to send people to get the drugs...all kinds of stuff. But he said that as people, they were nice.

by Original Posterreply 1607/25/2010

Thanks for the story, r16.

by Original Posterreply 1707/25/2010

I'm old enough to remember when they first hit the scene. In fact I bought their first three LPs.%0D %0D They were wonderful when they first started because they really didn't sound like anybody else around at that time.

by Original Posterreply 1807/25/2010

Not on the list, but "Don't It Drive You Crazy" is by far my favorite song of theirs.

by Original Posterreply 1907/25/2010

I saw them in Boston's Symphony Hall thirty-five years ago. The first drag queens I ever saw were sitting in front of us. They would each randomly throw up an arm in a flourish, and then stood to sashay in place during "Yes We Can Can."

by Original Posterreply 2007/25/2010

Jump or Betcha (soooo funky...) Saw them a few years ago in DC and they were still bringin' it!

by Original Posterreply 2107/25/2010

Cool, r21.

by Original Posterreply 2207/25/2010

LOVED their stuff as a little kid (they were on Sesame Street and my aunts would play them) and can say that it was some of the very first pop music I remember in my life.

by Original Posterreply 2307/25/2010

The Pointers were amazing - treat yourself and try and find the stuff by Betty Davis (Miles Davis' ex-wife). She is the absolute queen of funk, and the Pointer Sisters were her back-up singers.

by Original Posterreply 2407/25/2010

Love them! "Dare me" is my favourite but also adore "Echoes of Love."

by Original Posterreply 2507/25/2010

R16 that must have been june pointer w/ all the drug busts, drug requirements etc.. as sad as her story was and as much as she's missed, i don't blame them for having kicked her out, if that's what they had to deal with.

by Original Posterreply 2607/25/2010

great recent interview with Ruth Pointer, where she lays it out..

by Original Posterreply 2707/25/2010

In 1979 at the Boat Slip in Provincetown, I just couldn't get enough of Bonnie Pointer's mega-hit, "Heaven Must Have Sent You." So muuch fun, great memories.

by Original Posterreply 2807/25/2010

Here's a medley of their hits. The video looks like the AMA's.

by Original Posterreply 2907/25/2010

Yes, R14, When the local radio station played 'Fire' it had the call letters instead of the lyric, 'the radio." I remember thinking that part sounded a little off. Was kinda neat though.

I wonder how many versions with other radio stations they did that to.

by Original Posterreply 3007/25/2010


by Original Posterreply 3107/25/2010

My fave is "Baby Come & Get It"

Come and get it while it's hot!

by Original Posterreply 3207/25/2010

It's not on the list, but Fairytale is my favorite Pointer Sisters song.

by Original Posterreply 3307/25/2010

Saw them when they opened for Lionel Ritchie. They turned the shit out.

by Original Posterreply 3407/25/2010

Bonnie was bi-polar.%0D %0D Rest in Peace

by Original Posterreply 3507/25/2010

Bonnie Pointer is going to be appearing on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab." June is the one who passed away in 2006.%0D %0D I had to say that, r35.%0D

by Original Posterreply 3607/26/2010

R33, they won their only emmy for that song

by Original Posterreply 3707/26/2010

BRING BACK THE POINTER SISTERS!!!%0D %0D %0D Excellence never goes out of style.%0D %0D %0D They've worked their asses off and need payback for all the joy & love they've inspired. Thanks Pointers.%0D %0D %0D (Carol Burnette also loved them)

by Original Posterreply 3807/26/2010


Thanks for the link. Fascinating article. Never knew their recorded output was so diverse.

by Original Posterreply 3907/26/2010

r27, thanks for the link. I actually got tears in my eyes when I read about June's death.

by Original Posterreply 4007/26/2010

"BRING BACK THE POINTER SISTERS!!!%0D %0D Excellence never goes out of style."%0D %0D %0D ABSOLUTELY,I'm going to start downloading the songs mentioned in this thread right now. They truly were great

by Original Posterreply 4107/26/2010

My very favorite of their songs is "Fairytale," a country hit that landed them on the Grand Ole Opry.

by Original Posterreply 4207/26/2010

Another not-on-the-list vote: "Back in My Arms." Download it---it is FIERCE!%0D %0D (I just Mary'ed myself.)

by Original Posterreply 4307/26/2010


by Original Posterreply 4407/26/2010

A bunch of Afrod drag queens in bigass "Strut Yo' Stuff" platform shoes was my introduction to "How Long". %0D %0D Always brings back such good memories!

by Original Posterreply 4507/26/2010

I saw them in the Ain't Misbehavin' in 1996, they were fantastic. I was looking for some video of that show to post here. Couldn't find any, but I did find this - "Old Songs". I don't know if they've ever sounded better. Plus, there's a tap dance in shiny gold platform shoes.

by Original Posterreply 4607/26/2010

I had the albums "That's A Plenty" and "Steppin'" and listened to them CONSTANTLY. My sister also loved them and absconded with them when she went to college.%0D %0D I remember when they appeared on the Carol Burnett Show after June left the group and lip-synched "That's A Plenty," valiantly trying to cover for June's solo vocals. I was mortified.

by Original Posterreply 4707/26/2010

I saw them on Soul Train way back in 1975.

by Original Posterreply 4807/26/2010

Yeah, but were they ever on Pee Wee's Playhouse?

by Original Posterreply 4907/26/2010

I'd forgotten how many hits the Pointer Sisters had. They were everywhere in the 70s and 80s.

by Original Posterreply 5007/26/2010

FIRE featured the station "KFRC" for me. (San Francisco Bay Area).%0D %0D I loved their jazz albums from the early part of their career where they covered things like Cloudburst and music like Black Coffee and Jada.%0D %0D I also enjoyed that they were quite open about their family spats. They canceled a Tahoe engagement and actually stated it was due to a family disagreement.

by Original Posterreply 5107/26/2010

I really hope that Ruth or Anita will write a memoir about the Pointer Sisters' career one of these days.

by Original Posterreply 5207/26/2010

"Fire" has held up really well - it's still a great song.

by Original Posterreply 5307/26/2010

r28 !!!!

I was in Ptown summer of 1979 as well, and at the Boat Slip tea dance every ding-dong day and yes, when "Heaven Must Have Sent You" played the place went nuts. Diana Ross's "The Boss" was big that summer, too.

Fantastic memories, so much fun. Spiritus Pizza opened that summer, and the dark parking lot by Pepe's Wharf was big for cruising after the bars closed.

I lived in a rickety apartment off Commercial St. right on the bay and loved every minute of it.

by Original Posterreply 5407/26/2010

In Chicago the lyric was "turn on WLS" in "Fire"

by Original Posterreply 5507/26/2010

R49, I love all six of your saggy ol' lady titties!

by Original Posterreply 5607/26/2010


by Original Posterreply 5707/27/2010

"Jump" definitely

by Original Posterreply 5807/27/2010

"We're Gonna Make It" by David Foster from the Richard Perry produced "Black & White" album is good, wasn't a single, the single was "Slow Hand."

by Original Posterreply 5907/27/2010

I was a child when "Slow Hand" came out. It wasn't until years later that I figured out why they wanted a guy who had a slow hand.

by Original Posterreply 6007/27/2010

If the Pointer Sisters came out today, would they be famous?

by Original Posterreply 6107/27/2010

"If the Pointer Sisters came out today, would they be famous?"%0D %0D For a brief period, then they would break up.%0D %0D

by Original Posterreply 6207/27/2010

"It wasn't until years later that I figured out why they wanted a guy who had a slow hand."%0D %0D Well don't keep it to yourself, tell the rest of us.

by Original Posterreply 6307/27/2010

Finger banging, Rose. Finger banging.

by Original Posterreply 6407/27/2010

[quote]"If the Pointer Sisters came out today, would they be famous?"

If they came out today, that would make them lesbians.

by Original Posterreply 6507/27/2010

I wish somebody would make a joyous, music-filled documentary about those years in Oakland and SF, with all four of the sisters, Sylvester, and the Cockettes.

by Original Posterreply 6607/27/2010

Definitely, Jump!!

by Original Posterreply 6707/27/2010

I liked and I still like "Dare Me". You should watch the video on YouTube. It's funky. "Dare Me" was their last hit. I wonder if the surviving sisters ever tour these days.

by Original Posterreply 6807/27/2010

Great point, r62.

by Original Posterreply 6907/28/2010

"Twist My Arm" is a great song by them, too.

by Original Posterreply 7007/29/2010

The Pointer Sisters can show a thing or two to the younger female singers and groups that are out right now.

by Original Posterreply 7107/31/2010

This is my favourite of theirs... a Bacharach creation

by Original Posterreply 7207/31/2010

A quick shout-out to one song not mentioned on here, which I've always loved -- Bonnie's "Heaven Must Have Sent You" from that Motown album mentioned in the OP's main post. Loved her scatting Louie Armstrong at the end. Nice.

And shame for OP leaving "Jump (For My Love)" off the poll. It shoulda won.

by Original Posterreply 7307/31/2010

I've never understood the popularity of the disco version of Heaven Must Have Sent You (and I like disco). It isn't a patch on the original imo.

by Original Posterreply 7407/31/2010

Here is another important version of the song, "Fire" as once performed by the Pointer Sisters.

by Original Posterreply 7507/31/2010

Bonnie also had a solo song called "Free Me From My Freedon."

by Original Posterreply 7607/31/2010

The Pointer Sister were one of the most underrated groups ever, second only to LaBelle in female group musical adventureness. They released an album in 1979 called Priority that was an all bluesy Rock and Roll album with songs by Springsteen, Bob Seger and Ian Hunter. In 1979 that was unheard of for a black female group to do that in the middle of the disco era.

by Original Posterreply 7707/31/2010

automatic baby%0D %0D then the neutron dance%0D

by Original Posterreply 7807/31/2010

Lovely... and a mix of Jazz, rock and roll, Blues all in one. LOVE this

by Original Posterreply 7907/31/2010

I totally agree with you, r77.

by Original Posterreply 8008/01/2010

Best song...sesame street pinball short. 1,2,3,4,5...6,7,8,9,10..11,12...

by Original Posterreply 8108/01/2010

"Yes We Can Can" put The Pointer Sisters on the map. That song was SO funky and original. Let's not forget it's positive message!

by Original Posterreply 8201/13/2012


by Original Posterreply 8301/13/2012

If in a terrible mood and play "yes we can" or "neutron dance" and immediately feel better

by Original Posterreply 8401/13/2012

They could take you to church with their voices.

by Original Posterreply 8501/14/2012

The Pointer Sisters' "Breakout" album was one of the definitive pieces of 80's music. There is not a single weak song - just back-to-back dance hits. Their harmonies are gorgeous and the melodies just make you want to get up and move. A wonderfully talented group that I think will grow in recognition with the years.

by Original Posterreply 8601/14/2012


by Original Posterreply 8701/14/2012

[quote]Carol Burnette also loved them

by Original Posterreply 8801/14/2012

R33 and R42, I'm right there with you on FAIRYTALE!

by Original Posterreply 8901/14/2012

"The Pointer Sisters' "Breakout" album was one of the definitive pieces of 80's music. There is not a single weak song - just back-to-back dance hits. Their harmonies are gorgeous and the melodies just make you want to get up and move. A wonderfully talented group that I think will grow in recognition with the years."

I'm with you on that, r866.

by Original Posterreply 9001/14/2012

Ladies and gentlemen, Children too, These brown babies gonna boogie for you.

The early rumors were that they were actually the Pointer Brothers.

Do you actually see June's muff at .59?

by Original Posterreply 9101/14/2012

FAIRYTAIL was their only grammy winning song - in Country and Western!

by Original Posterreply 9201/14/2012

I like their '70s output more than the '80s, mostly because I love the four voices together, but also because I like their jazzier mood, but they're unbeatable in any era.

They used to go on the Mike Douglas show - he was a big fan. (That was an afternoon talk show with music, kiddies.)

Yes, someone needs to make a wonderful musical - maybe a documentary - about that seminal period in the Bay area when Sylvester, the Pointer Sisters and "gay liberation" all conspired to get our asses moving.

Check out this rehearsal for a long-lost TV show. They could not hold back even when there was no one there to appreciate them, which I believe is the secret to their perfection. They sang for one another, not for us.

by Original Posterreply 9301/14/2012

Oops. Did someone already post that link?

I was actually looking for a different session - I think they may have been rehearsing "Salt Peanuts" or something. It was probably the song they finished right before "Old Songs."

by Original Posterreply 9401/14/2012

They won at least three grammys that I can see in the picture of the posted article. And one of them was for Jump (For My Love).

No emmys, as much as one poster here wanted to make that happen

by Original Posterreply 9501/14/2012

They did a great version of "Steam Heat".

And that Break Out album--yes, epitome of fantastic 80s pop.

I had a co-worker who always termed "Slow Hand" "that filthy song" and she loved every second of it.

by Original Posterreply 9601/14/2012

They're pretty much half-forgotten today, which is weird for a group who had so many hits.

by Original Posterreply 9701/14/2012

[quote]They're pretty much half-forgotten today, which is weird for a group who had so many hits.

I think all of the friction and controversy that surrounded the group after they broke up in the late 80's overshadowed everything. Plus, there's only two original members in the group today. Two of the sisters left the group years ago and one died about 6 years ago. It was just never the same after the late 80's.

I still play "Dare Me" and "I'm So Excited" to this day.

by Original Posterreply 9801/14/2012

LOVED them!

by Original Posterreply 9901/14/2012


by Original Posterreply 10001/14/2012

R100 That song always makes me happy!

by Original Posterreply 10101/14/2012

Love. it.

by Original Posterreply 10201/14/2012

I loved them, too.

All of their songs made me happy.

by Original Posterreply 10301/14/2012

I wish that June Pointer was still alive. I miss her wonderful voice. Damn!!!

by Original Posterreply 10401/14/2012

LOL I haven't seen that scene in years R100! It makes me miss Imogene though.

by Original Posterreply 10501/15/2012

R105 Here's the full song...hopefully it'll link unlike the first one. Apparently this song was never released anywhere outside National Lampoon's. I could listen it on a never-ending loop without tiring! And I dance like I'm Christy Brinkley the entire time.

by Original Posterreply 10601/15/2012

FAIL. Is there any way to tell which YouTube videos can be embedded BEFORE posting them? And who are these bitches who don't want their shit embedded?

by Original Posterreply 10701/15/2012

They started out in country music

by Original Posterreply 10801/15/2012

I love a lot of their music, and this song still brightens up any dreary day:

by Original Posterreply 10901/15/2012

Were they among the few black artists played in solid rotation on MTV before Michael Jackson? Or did it take his breakthrough with "Billie Jean" to get their stuff played?

by Original Posterreply 11001/15/2012

"I'm So Excited" is SO DIRTY! With lyrics like "And if you move real slow, I'll let it go..." I'm surprised Tipper Gore never bumrushed their doorstep.

by Original Posterreply 11101/15/2012

[quote] "I'm So Excited" is SO DIRTY!

The video is even dirtier, with an unexpected appearance by June Pointer's vagina.

by Original Posterreply 11201/15/2012

This is the "Goldmine" video.

by Original Posterreply 11301/15/2012

Oh my god, June Pointer's dripping snatch as she got out of the bathtub! I can still remember the first time I saw the "I'm So Excited" video and when June's ladybox made a surprise appearance I thought "WTF? Did I just see what I thought I just saw?" I was not quite prepared for it.

by Original Posterreply 11401/15/2012


by Original Posterreply 11501/15/2012

[R110] They had pretty solid airplay even before MJ's "Thriller." They had a streak of hits around 1980-82 and then again from 1983-1984 on for a few years.

They also wrote "Fairytale" which is an amazing COUNTRY song. These hos could do ANYTHING.

by Original Posterreply 11601/15/2012

Seriously, I think this thread got the girls back on the road. They're coming to Chicago for Halsted Days (the "other" gay pride festival).

Can't wait - I love them, even though they'll be without the awesome June.

by Original Posterreply 11707/27/2012

Can't believe no one has mentioned 'If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady'.

That was the jam.

by Original Posterreply 11807/27/2012

I was surprised to see "Dare Me" as one of the choices.

I remember getting that on cassette when visting Chicago. I had my Walkman walking around downtown, "Baby make your move, step across that line. Touch me one more time, c'mon dare me! I wanna take you on, I know I can't lose..."

by Original Posterreply 11907/27/2012

"Love in Them There Hills" from their Live at the Opera House album.

by Original Posterreply 12012/23/2012

Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump

by Original Posterreply 12112/23/2012

I'm So Excited is probably their signature song (or one of them), but Automatic is the SHIT.

by Original Posterreply 12212/24/2012

Bonnie finally got the first of her 3 solo albums released. It's the one with her big hit Heaven Must Have Sent You, but the album didn't have the disco remix of the song. The original version is really bland. The cd issue includes the remix, of course. But it would've belonged better as a bonus track for her 2nd album, also eponymously titled and with a very similar cover too. I believe the first album is called the "red album", and the 2nd is called the "purple album."

The purple album was trying to follow up on the success Heaven Must Have Sent You by being all disco versions of Motown hits. Her disco version of "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" is fantastic and made the top 40, but is largely forgotten now. A cover of the Supremes "I See Your Love Light Shining" is also pretty good, and I like the ballad on the album which was released as a single but failed. Motown dumped her after that.

Then a few years later a song on the Heavily Bodies soundtrack got enough attention for her to record another album, this time an imitation of her sisters' electro-funk sound. But it's terrible, all the songs are really bad. And her husband, did a pretty inept job producing.

I think Bonnie should've been allowed back into the group in the 80s. Singers leave groups all the time to record solo albums, but that doesn't mean they have to leave the group forever. Apparently Bonnie wanted back into the group when June died, but they wouldn't let her. Bonnie was one of the two founding members and wrote some of their earliest hits.

by Original Posterreply 12312/24/2012

Romeo and Juliet,Samson and Delilah.....loved the Pointer Sisters.

by Original Posterreply 12412/24/2012


by Original Posterreply 12502/11/2013

Pointers Sisters are like the Spinners -- you kind of forget how many hits they had. I once went to see the Temptaions years ago -- I love the Temps -- and the show was opened by the Spinners. I think it was a last minute thing to have the Spinners as the opening act because A.) we were all surprised to see them and B.) Who in their right minds would follow the Spinners?

They blew the place away. When the Temptaions took the stage we were all, "Whatever."

by Original Posterreply 12602/11/2013

Loved the Pointer sisters. Always wondered why we don't hear their songs anymore. They play all the other old stuff, but don't recall the them getting any airplay.

by Original Posterreply 12702/11/2013

[quote]Who in their right minds would follow the Spinners?

OMG, R126, you're so right. Whoever booked The (Detroit) Spinners as an opening act for The Temptations was a fool.

But what a wonderful evening you must have had!

by Original Posterreply 12802/11/2013

I saw Bonnie Pointer in a club about two years ago (a Halloween gig, no less!) and sadly she was FUCKED UP. She was clearly wasted and didn't even try to sing. I just hope the other sisters have their shit together.

by Original Posterreply 12902/11/2013

Sadly, R129, my shit was never together and it's now buried six feet under.

by Original Posterreply 13002/11/2013


by Original Posterreply 13102/11/2013

"Slowhand" was playing on the radio the first time I sucked cock. It will always have a special place in my heart because of that.

by Original Posterreply 13202/11/2013

Why are we being given a history lesson about The Pointer Sisters?

by Original Posterreply 13302/11/2013

Because your pussy stinks, r133.

by Original Posterreply 13402/11/2013

[quote] Automatic is the SHIT.

You tell it BITCH!!!!

by Original Posterreply 13502/11/2013

Do they perform at all anymore?

by Original Posterreply 13602/12/2013

Just the two of them? I doubt it. If they would get over their grudge against Bonnie they could, they could even record again. She has a great voice, perhaps the best of all of them.

by Original Posterreply 13702/12/2013

[R133] Why are you reading this thread?

by Original Posterreply 13802/12/2013

Bonnie is so strung out these days she would need to go to rehab for a year to do a proper concert.

by Original Posterreply 13902/12/2013

"Jump" is on my workout playlist. Very effective.

by Original Posterreply 14002/12/2013

"Fire" is on mine

by Original Posterreply 14102/12/2013

jump (for your love) is actually my favorite, but i didn't see it on the list to vote for.

by Original Posterreply 14204/03/2014


by Original Posterreply 14304/03/2014

They have so many great songs and I love most of them. Just giving a bit of love to a song that wasn't included in the poll-"He Turned Me Out" which was for the Action Jackson movie, and yes that's the gorgeous Vanity and muscular Carl Weathers in the video:

by Original Posterreply 14410/21/2014
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