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Celebrity sex encounters...

Spill it!


Victor Garber was my fuck-buddy for two years.

by UWS guyreply 10701/10/2014

Henry Kissinger gave me a handjob in a sauna once.

by UWS guyreply 105/02/2010

Don Knotts and I had nasty, wet sex for 2 months after Goober and I broke up. A bit slobby in the backdoor but ever so enthusiastic.

by UWS guyreply 205/02/2010

Michael Musto in a porno store booth.

Nathan Lane at MPHC Steam Room.

by UWS guyreply 305/02/2010

I was seated next to Monica Bellucci on a flight from Rome to San Francisco. She confided in me about her on-off relationship with Vincent Cassell (she was upset about his philandering). Anyways, she decided she had to have me, which she did, in our seat and then in the bathroom to finish things off. Never saw her again.

by UWS guyreply 405/02/2010

Split a freshly baked nutloaf with Cheryl once.

by UWS guyreply 505/02/2010

Nathan Lane visited a Health Club?

by UWS guyreply 605/02/2010

R4, i think you were allucinating...are you a woman or a man anyway?

by UWS guyreply 705/02/2010

A de-wigged Phyllis Diller under the buffet server at a Golden Corral in South Carolina. Hawt!

by UWS guyreply 805/02/2010

"and then in the bathroom to finish things off"

Those bathrooms are so filthy, no way anyone would feel like sex in them.

by UWS guyreply 905/02/2010

Speaking of R4's fantasy, can someone start a thread of Imagined celebrity sex encounters... please? I'm sure we've all had those.

by UWS guyreply 1005/02/2010

Here ya go, r10.

by UWS guyreply 1105/02/2010

More details about Victor Garber, please!

by UWS guyreply 1205/02/2010

R12, you don't want details of my Phyllis encounter? To entice you, let me just say it involved a serving of apple cobbler, and three cold spoons.

by UWS guyreply 1305/02/2010

Hooked up with Conrad Bain back in his "Maude" days. Wanted me to fist him but wasn't clean.

by UWS guyreply 1405/02/2010

R14 = Rue McClanahan

by UWS guyreply 1505/02/2010

Redd Foxx went down on me once at a Del Taco on Pico.

by UWS guyreply 1605/02/2010

Op here, R12. We met online several years ago. It was really late one evening... we chatted for awhile, he didn't have a pic, so against my reservations, I agreed for him to drop by. We met around 1am that night, had sex and he went on his way. I did not recognize him at first, but soon figured it out. He kept my email and it we met regularly or so (when he was around) for a couple of years. He was a great kisser and really good in bed! Haven't chatted with him in a long time now. Good while it lasted!

by UWS guyreply 1705/02/2010

Falco. Jealous, bitches?

by UWS guyreply 1805/02/2010

r2, sucked Andy off twice. He's uncut and about 6 inches.

by UWS guyreply 1905/02/2010

Col. Mustard in the library with the candlestick.

by UWS guyreply 2005/02/2010

By the time celebrities make it big, they stop having sex with random people for this very DL reason.

But who knows, we all might have had an anonymous sexual encounnter when the celebrity was unrecognizable.

by UWS guyreply 2105/02/2010

Tiger Woods. But I can't talk about it for about 10 million least that's what my lawyer, Gloria Allred, and my tax accountant told me.

by UWS guyreply 2205/02/2010

Edie Falco, R18? of austrian pop star Falco? i didn't know he was gay! Are u a man?

by UWS guyreply 2305/02/2010

You must be knew here r23.

A few years back we had a lengthy thread where the OP claimed to have had a hook up with Falco the night before.... only to be told that Falco had been dead for some time. It was a DL classic.

by UWS guyreply 2405/02/2010

I'm not knew, just kneed to let you know about Falco. It was pfabulous!

by UWS guyreply 2505/02/2010

Wow, I haven't been to this site in years. Glad to see Cheryl is still alive & kicking!

by UWS guyreply 2605/02/2010

I once had the hottest sex dream. The celebrity was Cameron Diaz. I never thought twice about her before. After that dream I couldn't get her out of my head. That lasted a week. so weird.

by UWS guyreply 2705/02/2010

I just had a dream I was cuddling up to Matthew Fox. I just wish it was real.

by UWS guyreply 2805/02/2010

Cameron Diaz? Really??

by UWS guyreply 2905/03/2010

Shaddup with the dreams! I want real dish!

by UWS guyreply 3005/03/2010

I fucked Charles Nelson Reilly in the ass with a strap on.

by UWS guyreply 3105/04/2010

Ken Berry at the Lime Lounge


Anderson Cooper

Billy Stritch

Charles Nelson Reilly

by UWS guyreply 3205/04/2010

These threads are never any fun because the people who may have slept with a celeb wouldn't come here to tell about it in the first place.

by UWS guyreply 3305/04/2010


by UWS guyreply 3405/06/2010

r33 that's because of all the assholes that ruin real gossip with a bunch of tired, "jokes" that have been done over and over and over. Few are willing to post any real gossip any more. I long for the old days.

by UWS guyreply 3505/06/2010

phone sex with Mario Cantone and Craig R. Nelson (although I certainly wish it had been Craig T. Nelson).

by UWS guyreply 3605/07/2010

How was Mario in bed, R36??

by UWS guyreply 3705/13/2010

Liza Minnelli many, many years ago; a threesome, only the third person (male) didn't do anything. If I had been sober, it wouldn't have happened. I cringe at the thought of it today.

by UWS guyreply 3805/13/2010

OP, was your time with Victor before, during, or after he was dating John Benjamin Hickey?

by UWS guyreply 3905/13/2010

r 32: How was Billy Stritch? Heard he's hung huge, as is Jim Caruso.

by UWS guyreply 4005/13/2010

Erik Per Sullivan, the day after he turned 18.

by UWS guyreply 4105/14/2010

r41 What did you do with Erik?

by UWS guyreply 4205/14/2010

My favorite of these kinds of stories was the one from the guy who hooked up with the Father on Brady Bunch. I wish he would repeat it.

by UWS guyreply 4305/14/2010

[quote]What did you do with Erik?

Fucked him. Called him "Dewey."

by UWS guyreply 4405/14/2010

Cool r44. I haven't heard he was gay. Is Erik cut or uncut? How big? Did you give him a reach around or did he get himself off?

by UWS guyreply 4505/14/2010

[quote]Victor Garber was my fuck-buddy for two years.

Are you Bradley Cooper?

by UWS guyreply 4605/14/2010

"My favorite of these kinds of stories was the one from the guy who hooked up with the Father on Brady Bunch. I wish he would repeat it."

He's probably not around anymore.

by UWS guyreply 4705/14/2010

Jim Caruso is huge in his own mind, as are most of those queens. Cast Party is The Island of Misfit Toys - where old never beens go to make vidoes for their youtube pages.

by UWS guyreply 4805/14/2010

I let Grace Jones fuck me with a giant hot pink strap on when she played the Bowl last year.

by UWS guyreply 4905/14/2010

C'mon DL - we must have fucked more than this!

by UWS guyreply 5005/16/2010

Liza Minnelli 1993. It was amazing! The woman was hot, great body and she is lovely! It was a good time!

by UWS guyreply 5104/12/2012

Donald Brooks, 7th Avenue, Hollywood and Broadway legend.

Christopher Keene, conductor and general manager of NYC Opera.

Famous socialist who's big-haired wife died 2 or 3 years ago. But he was too drunk to do much.

by UWS guyreply 5204/12/2012

Alas, this thread's attempted resurrection debases the Paschal Season.

by UWS guyreply 5304/12/2012

I'd think Bradley Cooper has fucked more celebrities by now, R46.

by UWS guyreply 5404/12/2012

I allowed myself to be groped by a celebrity once. I knew she was going to do it the way she'd been acting all day and I was okay with it.

But nothing more happened. A few inappropriate jokes, a squeeze on the butt, an awkward hug, and a kiss on the lips when I went for her cheek. She was drunk and her people quickly escorted her back to her room.

But maybe that's just how French people act, then again she isn't really French. I don't know. It's rather tame but she was and still is one of my idols so it was strange but exciting for me.

by UWS guyreply 5504/12/2012

Ed O'Neil. He was fan dancing at the baths when I met him.

by UWS guyreply 5604/12/2012

Bradley Cooper on Grindr. He sucked me off, kept his hat on,jerked himself off and swallowed.

by UWS guyreply 5704/12/2012

A gossip columnist in NYC ABS.

by UWS guyreply 5804/12/2012

Well who was it r55? What is the point in posting if you won't tell us who it is?

by UWS guyreply 5904/12/2012

I thought I'd made it obvious enough with the not really French clue. Being American, I don't know that many French Canadian celebrities other than Celine and Pascale Bussieres . Yes I know; how ethnocentric of me. At any rate it was Celine and like I said rather tame and would have been open to interpretation if she hadn't told a few too many jokes in French which she didn't know that I understood (My go to blow-off class all four years of undergrad).

by UWS guyreply 6004/12/2012

Still want to know if r4 is male or female...

by UWS guyreply 6104/12/2012

Richard Locke in the hot tub at the Triple R resort at the Russian River.

I sucked that daddy's dick like I was in a cave and there was oxygen in his balls. Drank up every drop of his jizz, too.

by UWS guyreply 6204/12/2012


by UWS guyreply 6304/12/2012

You are a lazy and pathetic fag, R63.

by UWS guyreply 6404/12/2012

r57, really?

by UWS guyreply 6504/12/2012

More about your Bradley Cooper encounter, pretty please.

by UWS guyreply 6604/12/2012

R51 are you a male?

by UWS guyreply 6704/12/2012

Half the cast of "A Chorus Line: The Movie".

Hey, it was the '80s.

And an uber trendy, uber successful novelist for many years. He eventually became a nightmare of ridiculous proportions. Don't even read his books anymore.

Hey, it was the '90s.

by UWS guyreply 6804/12/2012

I ass-fucked Carol Channing in a restroom once. She was NOT clean and when I pulled out there was shit all over my dick. While she watched me clean it off she shrieked, "Corn?! When did I eat corn?"

by UWS guyreply 6904/12/2012

I hooked up with Taco, who was then Falco's jealous pop rival, but at least he's alive now.

by UWS guyreply 7004/12/2012

I fucked Trish Van Devere in the poop chute about 30 years ago. She kept screaming, "Fuck that ass!" over and over again.

by UWS guyreply 7104/12/2012

Cooper Anderson

by UWS guyreply 7204/12/2012

I blew Richard Speck!

by UWS guyreply 7304/12/2012

Jeffrey Dalhmer tried to eat me.

by UWS guyreply 7404/12/2012

Phone sex with Mickey Squires some years ago.

by UWS guyreply 7504/12/2012

How was it, R75?

by UWS guyreply 7604/13/2012

[67] Yes!

by UWS guyreply 7704/13/2012

Why [R67]?

by UWS guyreply 7804/13/2012

R76--Mickey loved, loved being fucked and spanked. The very definition of a butch bottom. We played for a couple of months, off and on. However, he also had a drug problem back then. Cocaine, I think.

by UWS guyreply 7904/13/2012

R78 because I've always thought she's a closeted lesbian.

by UWS guyreply 8004/14/2012

R80 Well, all I can tell ya is: she likes man very, very much! lol She was adorable, funny and very hot ;p

by UWS guyreply 8104/14/2012

[quote]But maybe that's just how French people act, then again she isn't really French. I don't know.

This description from R55 makes me think of Jacqueline Bisset. People still think she is French.

But the rest of the post doesn't fit her. She doesn't seem to be the type to get drunk and just grope someone.

by UWS guyreply 8204/14/2012

R82, R55 mentioned in a later post that she was referring to Celine Dion.

by UWS guyreply 8304/14/2012

I did Dom Deluise at the Waldorf in 77. He liked poppers

by UWS guyreply 8404/14/2012

Thanks, R83. I must have missed that post. Celine Dion makes more sense.

by UWS guyreply 8504/14/2012

I read about a sexual encounter with Keanu Reeves. Apparently he picked the guy up at a bar or on the street and went to the guys apartment. He wanted the lights off (major turn-off) and he wanted to bottom. I guess the guy thought everything was Ok except unfortunately, afterwards the sheets were a mess. A journalist wanted to put the story in her piece on Keanu but her magazine refused to let her use that interview.

by UWS guyreply 8604/14/2012

Bump! :P

by UWS guyreply 8704/15/2012


by UWS guyreply 8804/19/2012

R38 Really? Why? I mean... it was the best sex that I had!

by UWS guyreply 8904/23/2012

Can't tell the real ones from the fakes anymore.

Has anyone slept with anyone who would be considered famous in THIS decade?


by UWS guyreply 9004/23/2012

Eric Lindros in friend's boat house in Canada.

Harvey Fierstein at David Barton - Yes, seriously. The Chelsea club

Sean Avery at a bar called Warren 77.

Barney Frank at Le Cirque.

by UWS guyreply 9104/23/2012

ok this will be lame, as I don't know his name and its an athlete not celebrity

In the late 90's - met a guy on a phone sex line...he was staying in the East Village - met up and he was this very broad, big stocky black guy -

we talked for a bit, said he was visiting from Indianapolis

blew him for about an hour - he liked it really slow - then asked if I would rim him - which I did since he had one of the most incredible asses I've ever seen: huge, round - had a shelf

as I was rimming him he took a phone call (not kidding) and started talking about meeting up with his teammates for a golf game the next day....he talked on the phone for a while, hung up then blew his load

as we were getting dressed I asked about the teammates comment and after some hesitation he said he was on a football team based in Indiana - that's all he said - so assumed it was the Colts -

by UWS guyreply 9204/23/2012

r91-wht did you do with these guys?

by UWS guyreply 9304/23/2012

Anyone else?

by UWS guyreply 9407/02/2012


by UWS guyreply 9511/11/2012

[80] details, please!

by UWS guyreply 9611/11/2012

[81] Did you suck her pussy? She gave you a blow job? TELL!

by UWS guyreply 9711/25/2012

Sean Avery? Details!

by UWS guyreply 9811/25/2012

Who is Mickey Squires?

by UWS guyreply 9911/26/2012

Here we go...I lost my heterosexual virginity in the late 1970s to.. (UGH!)...Eartha Kitt.

I think this is why I'm homosexual now.

Briefly: Atlanta, 1979 or so. Eartha is travelling with her road musical from Broadway, "Timbuktu". I was her waiter at Tyrone's (now defunct) at corner of Peachtree and West Peachtree. Her muscle men from the show were enormous steroid ridden black men like that guy from the Green Mile, and all nellie.

Long story short, forgot her purse, came back an hour later in her limo alone and picked me up. The whole thing was scary and grotesque. She wore a wig, was rail thin and she had no pussy hair--not that she shaved it, its just that most of it had fallen out with old age.

I was mortified throughout the whole thing. But the fancy hotel room she was in was real nice, though.

by UWS guyreply 10011/27/2012


My friend said he hooked up with a guy from teenwolf once, i forget the name though

by UWS guyreply 10112/02/2012

When I worked a strip joint in Vancouver Gillian Anderson used to come in frequently for lap dances. We got a new girl who was dynamite, she looked like a hot fuck and a Mexican maid fantasy. Pronounced hips and a big round butt. Her tits were only B's but they added to her stage presence. She looked like an exotic girl next door and we advertised her as Latina even though she was really from an old Soviet country. Gillian started coming in more frequently after we got her, and would only get dances from her. The girl was a complete straight arrow (zero interest in women) and she wasn't happy about what Gillian was demanding from her in the VIP. We had to start sharing a better cut of the heft price Anderson would pay or she threatened to walk over the treatment (kissing and bending her over to lick her vagina and ass crack through the thong's material). For nearly a month Anderson came in to buy her and propositioned her after each private dance. She was obsessed. It was a a joke around the club being spread by the dancer herself.

Until she finally went home with her. She didn't come back in for days straight. When she did she showed up with bruises in some very delicate areas and a better on-stage wardrobe that looked like it cost a mint.

Not long after she dumped her boyfriend and started dating one of the other dancers. The only thing she ever said about Anderson was that she was a great kisser but had a fat butt and thighs.

by UWS guyreply 10207/03/2013

There are few thing I love on the DL more than a good old Gillian Anderson story. Thanks for that r102.

by UWS guyreply 10307/03/2013


by UWS guyreply 10407/03/2013

That one about Henry Kissinger reminds me of the time Kissinger and his wife were getting off a plane and someone shouted (to Kissinger): "Are you still sleeping with little boys at the Carlyle Hotel?" Nancy Kissinger turned and slapped the person who said it.

by UWS guyreply 10507/03/2013

bump :p

by UWS guyreply 10607/27/2013

6 month bump

by UWS guyreply 10701/10/2014
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