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The Cast Members From The L Word

It's been over a year since the L Word went off the air. Has anyone been wondering about the cast members lately? What have they been up to?

Jennifer Beals

Laurel Holloman?

Rachel Shelley?

Mia Kirshner?

Pam Grier?

Karina Lombard?

Katherine Moening?

Daniela Sea?

Erin Daniels?

Rose Rollins?

Leisha Hailey?

In a way, I believe they are glad to have gotten away from being under Ilene Chaiken's thumb. Elizabeth Ziff went back on tour with BETTY after the show wrapped. Other people who worked behind the scenes went onto other things.

I would like to know what are anyone's thoughts about that. I do wish that it could have been a better show.

by OPreply 13418 hours ago

Jennifer Beals has yet again wasted her talents in some crap with Denzel Washington, I think the film was the Book of Eli, but I'm far too sleepy to google it.

by OPreply 104/23/2010

I'd be happy to never have to see Mia Kirshner in anything ever again

by OPreply 204/23/2010

Mia Kirshner infected "The Vampire Diaries" recently with a three episode arc. All I could think of was Jenny Schlecter's stupid weeping manatees. Goddamn L Word.

by OPreply 304/23/2010

Kate Moening was on a show that didn't last long called "Three Rivers." It was cancelled after a few episodes.

by OPreply 404/23/2010

Hon, Beals can't get hired by anyone but Denzel. But instead of being grateful that no talent hack gets any work at all, you blame Denzel? What a fucking cunt you must be.

by OPreply 504/23/2010

Isn't Beals going to be in a new cop show called Ride-Along?

by OPreply 604/23/2010

Jennifer is filming a new show for the fall season here in Chicago called The RIDE ALONG. She plays a policewoman partnered with Jason Clarke ("The Brotherhood"). She also has a recurring role as Tim Roth's ex-wife in LIE TO ME.

As someone else posted, Katherine was on that short lived medical show.

The others...not so much.

by OPreply 704/23/2010

Leisha's been touring with Uh Huh Her. Rachel Shelly had a kid. Erin Daniels got married and had a baby boy with Chris Uetwiller (sp?) a producer.

by OPreply 804/23/2010

Everyone bitched about this show, but I enjoyed watching it.

by OPreply 904/23/2010

That show was a pool of mostly mediocre talent in every department (writing, acting, directing). No surprise that most of them are not doing anything worth talking about.

by OPreply 1004/23/2010

saw carmen at dinah shore in the vip room. she does nothing for me so i didn't pay much attention.

by OPreply 1104/23/2010

Karina Lombard is cast in a movie "Mansion Girls" set in 1969 (according to imdb)

by OPreply 1204/23/2010

Erin Daniels had a bit part in that Tom Ford movie. She was a bank teller. With the ratted out 1962 hair and all, all I could think was "there's Dana Fairbanks! and she's still anorexic."

by OPreply 1304/23/2010

I'm surprised Erin hasn't done more since she left the show actually. She had quite the comedic timing.

by OPreply 1404/24/2010

I get the feeling that a lot of them are totally embarrassed for working on a show with a person like Ilene Chaiken because Ilene was a control freak. So I think they're glad to be away from Ilene's thumb.

by OPreply 1504/24/2010

I heard Chaiken was back with Miggi.

by OPreply 1604/24/2010

[R5] obviously has some issues. Haven't had sex recently? You sound bottled up.

I didn't blame Denzel, the movie was crap, it would have been crap with other actors as well.

by OPreply 1704/24/2010

I'm sure that BETTY are glad to be away from under Ilene's thumb, too. Elizabeth Ziff is probably seeing somebody else. Plus, she is a mother.

by OPreply 1804/24/2010


by OPreply 1904/24/2010

I agree with r14. I was never hooked on the show, but from the few episodes I did see Erin seemed like the only one of the actresses who could transfer her talents into something more mainstream.

by OPreply 2004/24/2010

Um? Ilene and Ziff broke up?

by OPreply 2104/24/2010

Op, I take it you have some personal vendetta against Chaiken?

by OPreply 2204/24/2010

I thought Leisha Hailey could probably get work, like Erin Daniels, if she wanted it. She was good. They were definitely the best actors on the show.

by OPreply 2304/24/2010

Leisha Hailey did a thriller/horror film in '09 with Gale Harold called Fertile Ground. Seems they were courting a gay audience with casting, no?

by OPreply 2404/24/2010

Does anyone actually listen to BETTY? Someone up thread said Ziff had a brat is that true? Isn't she a huge cokehead?

by OPreply 2504/24/2010

R22, I don't have a personal vendetta against Chaiken at all.

by OPreply 2604/25/2010

[quote] In a way, I believe they are glad to have gotten away from being under Ilene Chaiken's thumb.

I thought a lot of the actresses stayed with the L Word for too long. Beals should have got out after season 2/3, and pursued something different.

Kate French seems to have done a lot of work since the show.

Kate Moening did well to land a lead in that new medical new show, but it was cancelled.

Leisha Hailey and Mia Kirscher seem to have gone for the horror/vampire genre... one stop before the actor's graveyard.

Chaiken is doing some reality lesbian TV show... again, her career is pretty much over.

Ironically, some of the male actors have gone on to have really good careers.

Quite a few of the L Word cast are in the movie Girltrash.

by OPreply 2704/25/2010

Carmen shared the lead in a very good TV network show called Life. She and the show got good reviews but found only a cult following. She played a detective with a dark past. It was actually one of my favorite shows. However, it was not renewed.

by OPreply 2804/25/2010

I watched a couple The River episodes(probably there were only 2/3). To see Shane as a doctor was a joke.

by OPreply 2904/25/2010

No shit, r29. I've never seen the show, but just checked out the clips on YouTube. She is LOL unconvincing.

I also thought the show was going to be a gritty drama ... obviously not.

by OPreply 3004/25/2010

r11, you must not have a pulse.

Say what you will about Chaiken, but she did manage to keep the show on for six seasons (quite a feat for a premium cable show), and Showtime has given her another show.

by OPreply 3104/25/2010

I agree with r31. The L Word was also a ground breaking series, yet the people on this board did nothing but attack it.

Some of you like to eat your own young.

by OPreply 3204/25/2010

I saw Daniela Sea on an L&O-SVU episode not long ago. She played a transgendered person, of course.

by OPreply 3304/25/2010

It could have been a "groundbreaking series", r32, but then season two started.

by OPreply 3404/25/2010

In 2007, Karina Lombard played a surgeon in a French TV show called 'Suspectes'.

by OPreply 3504/25/2010


by OPreply 3604/25/2010

Mia Kirschner ruins everything she's in.

by OPreply 3706/10/2010


by OPreply 3806/10/2010

my god, the last season of Lword was ABYSMAL! one of the biggest trainwreck i've ever seen!

by OPreply 3906/10/2010

The ending was also an offense to those of us who watched that show all those seasons. Nothing was solved and what was that shit with all of the cast walking hand in hand looking upward?

by OPreply 4006/10/2010

I haven't watched every season, but I loved that moment in the last episode where Jenny speaks about how much she loves the girls and how much they changed her live and no one sits in front of the TV.

by OPreply 4106/10/2010

Pam Grier just put her autobiography out.

by OPreply 4206/12/2010

The show was good for about 2 seasons then it went down. The lightness of the first season was gone and the show wasn't fun anymore.

by OPreply 4306/13/2010

I quit watching after Dana died. She was the only character I found even remotely likable.

by OPreply 4406/13/2010

It could have been a good show, but Chaiken's obsessions and control over everything destroyed it. Just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I'm going to be "grateful" for utter shit just because two women are kissing in it.

by OPreply 4506/13/2010

What about me?

by OPreply 4606/13/2010

Wasn't beautiful Sarah Shahi on a tv series playing a policewoman?? R46, I don't understand you, they're all actresses who can work in other things. There're loads of mediocre actresses in Hollywood who get parts, why should they be different?

by OPreply 4706/13/2010

Sorry, I meant R20

by OPreply 4806/13/2010

I totally agree with you on that, r45.

Ilene should have let somebody be in charge of the show instead of her. Maybe the last four seasons of the show could have been a lot better.

by OPreply 4906/13/2010


by OPreply 5006/16/2010

Jennifer Beals was so overrated (by the fangurls, anyway) as Bette. Her love scenes always seemed kinda stiff.

by OPreply 5106/16/2010

Jennifer Beals is a stiff actress. To say that she is mediocre is a compliment.

by OPreply 5206/16/2010

[quote]There're loads of mediocre actresses in Hollywood who get parts, why should they be different?

Right on!

by OPreply 5306/16/2010

Rachel Shelley was/is so gorgeous. I'd probably watch her in another role (especially playing another lesbian).

by OPreply 5406/16/2010

Sarah Shahi was in a show called "Life", it kind of just faded away. It was a pretty good show.

Leisha Hailey would be great in a sitcom, you remember sitcoms? I'm so damn sick of this reality shit, the networks need to get back on track with some funny TV shows.

by OPreply 5506/16/2010

I think Rachel Shelley would even be great in a comedy. In fact, I thought I saw her in some comedy recently, I don't remember if it was a guest appearance on a show or if she was in a movie.

by OPreply 5606/16/2010

Rachel played a lesbian opposite Heather Graham in a movie, but why they didn't show them in a love scene is beyond me, because it would've been hot.

by OPreply 5706/16/2010

She wasn't introduced until late in the movie when it would have made no sense for Graham's character to have a sex scene. Shelley hits on her in a gay bar in like the last scene of the movie.

by OPreply 5806/16/2010

"The L Word" started tanking after the second season. Chaiken learned at the knee of Aaron Spelling which means you keep the rubes coming back with stupid plot tricks. Doesn't matter if established characters do/say things that are totally out of character, doesn't matter if you disappear story lines - just fashion your stupid "plot" for maximum exploitation.

Too bad. Chaiken could've done so much with this series and it just devolved into unbelievable, lurid, Spellingesque bullshit.

by OPreply 5906/16/2010

If Chaiken would have let the original creators actually be in charge of the stories, it would have been way better. Bitch took all the credit for a show that she didn't create.

by OPreply 6006/16/2010

Elizabeth Ziff does not have a child. She had a serious bout with breast cancer, but has finished treatment and is cancer-free. Alyson (of BETTY) has two kids. Amy (Elizabeth's sister) has been touring with a solo show, as well as appearing with BETTY. They released a new CD "Bright and Dark" last year, and were judges of Best Lesbian Erotica 2010.

(I was a BETTY fan long before The L Word).

by OPreply 6106/16/2010

My God, you actually admit to being a BETTY fan. Yikes. EZ Girl is one of the top five reasons this show went to shit. As soon as BETTY started popping up for no reason in every episode, you knew this show was pure garbage.

by OPreply 6206/16/2010

That was just so bizarre. Having a band, the same band over and over, pop up in the episodes like that. It's like the unwanted drunk uncle that everyone knows is there but try not to make eye contact with.

by OPreply 6306/16/2010

The absolute nadir was that episode with Bette's father's funeral where they had Gloria Steinem and BETTY join the cast members for a discussion of feminism. WTF was that about?

by OPreply 6406/16/2010

The wedding episode where the whole bridal party wanted to fuck Shane was...yeah. Benny Hill for lesbians.

by OPreply 6506/16/2010

Anyone in the film and tv industry would think that the lesbians would have better representation.

by OPreply 6606/17/2010

It's not like Aaron Spelling was Chaiken's mentor or anything. She worked on Twin Peaks for Spelling, not Dynasty or Melrose Place (both of which were far more entertaining and coherent than The L Word anyway).

She's just not a good showrunner or episodic writer. Who she worked for before has no bearing on her lack of talent in these key areas. As someone else said, she ran to Showtime with someone else's idea and got in way over head.

by OPreply 6706/17/2010

Pam Grier had a reoccurring role on Smallville this past season.

by OPreply 6806/17/2010

I think Jennifer Beals is strikingly attractive and hot. Having said that, I don't think she's a very relaxed person in real life. Her interviews are pretty stiff - her best ones are with Craig Ferguson because he shakes her up and gets her loose. I don't think she's humorless; I think she's so very careful about what she says and probably overthinks everything. I think she's so much better looking as a 40 year old than she was back in her 20's and 30's - she's very graceful.

by OPreply 6906/17/2010

Remember those loony "TiBette" fangurls?

by OPreply 7006/17/2010

Mia Kirshner's looks are gone just like her career.

by OPreply 7106/20/2010

As someone else said, she ran to Showtime with someone else's idea and got in way over head.

I would actually like to see their version of the show done.

I bet its a lot better than the Chaiken shit.

I wonder how different the story lines would have been.

Probably would have been more real unlike the jump the shark seasons chaiken did.

I wish they would re write it and come back with their version or something else.

by OPreply 7206/20/2010

Mia Kirshner's character was awkward but realistic. I remember those days of horny and confusion. Love to hate her.

by OPreply 7306/06/2012

Sarah Shahi has been appearing in a show on the USA network called Fairly Legal.

by OPreply 7406/06/2012

Love Leisha. The only out cast member of the bunch. Thought she'd go on to big things.

by OPreply 7506/07/2012

I miss The L Word. I remember really liking the first 2 seasons. Can't remember much about the end cycle.

Is there anyseries like QAF or L Word on now? Is Dexter simular? Are we "OVAH" in TV Land?

by OPreply 7606/07/2012

Yes. Leisha and Kate especially.

Sarah Shahi may be the only one with a noticeable career right now.

by OPreply 7706/07/2012

Sarah Shahi is so hot, I hope she breaks into the mainstream.

by OPreply 7806/07/2012

I know Leisha is doing her music thing. But I wonder what happened to the rest of them? Did they make so much money of the show that they don't need to work anymore?

by OPreply 7906/07/2012

R79, I don't think they made all that much money for working on the L Word, because it was on Cable/Showtime.

I am surprised Leisha didn't do more acting after the L Word. I've never seen her in anything other than the L Word, but I thought she was perfect as Alice. That was just a really good character on the show, and stands out as one of my favorite characters on L Word.

Sarah Shahi is so absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I don't see her having a hard time getting work. She is a new mom, and married to that guy from Reba.

I also loved Rachel Shelly - drop dead gorgeous as well. I still don't understand why she had a British accent on the show, when the character of her mom, Peggy Peabody, didn't have an accent. Yes I know she has one in real life...But as far as the character, Was Helena adopted at a late age after already developing the accent? Did she grown up in London away from her mother? Or was that too complex for Chaiken to explain on the show?

Jennifer Beals - the hottest looking 50 year old woman I've ever seen. I thought she did well playing Bette.

The women who played Tina, Jenny, Dana, Ehh. they were ok.

Katherine Moening/Shane - I really liked her on the show, but I don't really see her to go on with anything other than small roles. I think she's now somewhat type-casted, which is to her detriment.

by OPreply 8006/07/2012

Daniela Sea and Kate Moenning can't act their way out of a wet paper bag. I remember seeing Kate in Lincoln Lawyer, where she played a hooker. She still can't act.

by OPreply 8106/08/2012

The chick who played Tasha, Rose Rollins, was on some cop show last year with Kelli Gidish, I think it was called Chase, and I've seen her playing a cop on other things like Southland. She's an okay actress, or better than half the cast was IMO. But, I hope she doesn't get stuck playing a type.

by OPreply 8206/08/2012

Me too r82.

by OPreply 8306/08/2012

Moennig's getting far too old for those androgynous roles, and she can't do dramatic scenes at all. She just got cast on the show because she had the right "look" and presence.

by OPreply 8406/08/2012

I think Erin Daniels, the actress who played Dana, was in "The Babysitter" last year. I never actually saw it myself, but I did see an extended trailer where she appeared as the mother of the kids that Jonah Hill was supposed to watch over.

by OPreply 8506/09/2012

I have seen various cast members in a few things here and there.

Daniela Sea was one of the worst actors on the show, and one of the worst I've ever seen!

by OPreply 8606/09/2012

Erin Daniels got married and had a kid. And yes she did have a minor role in The Babysitter as the kids' mom.

by OPreply 8706/09/2012

Ilene Chaiken transitioned into Ryan Murphy and went on to create and destroy Glee.

by OPreply 8806/09/2012

Good point r88.

by OPreply 8906/09/2012

I saw babysitter with my mom (not the best idea BTW) any way, Erin's role was small, but not minor. The whole reason Seth's character takes the babysitting gig is because he finds her hot and wants to sleep with her. Once again, she showed off some good comedic timing.

by OPreply 9006/09/2012


by OPreply 9110/06/2012

What's Jennifer Beals up to?

by OPreply 9210/06/2012

What did Erin's original nose look like?

by OPreply 9310/06/2012

Alex Hedison (Dylan) was wretched also. Hard to believe she's a lesbian in RL, given how horribly uncomfortable she looked around women in TLW.

by OPreply 9410/06/2012

Louanne Brickhouse 40, VP of production at The Walt Disney Company, and Ilene Chaiken, 53, cocreator, writer, and executive producer of the TV series The L Word

by OPreply 9510/06/2012

who is Alex Hedison dating?

by OPreply 9610/06/2012

Sarah Shahi has a recurring role on "CHICAGO FIRE" and will be a regular on "PERSON OF INTEREST" in Fall 2013.

by OPreply 9706/09/2013

Sarah Shahi was in 3 series since the Lword ended. Teachers (or a similiar name) sitcom about teachers. Life, which I liked, and a show where she played a legal mediator.

She seemed to be capable as an actress in all of them, and the show seems okay. And it looks like according to r97, she might do okay in a supporting role, not these leads.

I saw Leisha Hailey in a god awful independent movie set in a house, it was terribly directed but she seemed to be okay acting wise. I would like to erase the image. It was screened for prospective investors, not sure it was released.

J Beals was in a very good cop show as the lead and I dunno what happened to it after the first season. I thought it was a keeper.

Erin Daniels has had bit parts in several things.

I have seen Kate Moeing show up in some of the weirdest places on the screen.

by OPreply 9806/09/2013

I quite like when Cybill Shepherd joined and was with Jane Lynch's character. They worked well together and were fun.

by OPreply 9906/09/2013

Mia Kirshner is a regular on that new sci fi show,Defiance. She plays the same character as she usually does; in this case, the head ho of a town brothel.

by OPreply 10006/09/2013

I want to know why Tina was drinking while she was pregnant with Angelica.

by OPreply 10111/04/2013

Mia Kirshner is fucking Sam Shepard who happens to be 30+ her senior.

by OPreply 10201/02/2015

Alex Hedison married Jodie Foster.

Is Pam Grier gay?

by OPreply 10301/02/2015

Laurel Holloman, who played Tina, was the smartest member of the cast. At the show's end she divorced her real life husband and quit show business completely. She is now a successful painter who puts on exhibits, mostly in Europe, and did well for herself. The stress of working on the show, along with her deteriorating relationship with Jennifer Beals, did her in. I'm sure Holloman will never return to acting for any reason.

by OPreply 10408/05/2016

R103- Pam Grier always pinged to me.

by OPreply 10508/05/2016

[quote] The stress of working on the show, along with her deteriorating relationship with Jennifer Beals, did her in. I'm sure Holloman will never return to acting for any reason.

What happened with Holloman and Beals? Didn't they get along?

by OPreply 10608/05/2016

That theme song is the worst. Betty can suck my clit.

by OPreply 10708/05/2016

R106-Jennifer Beals has been described by more than one stage worker as being a control freak in front of and behind the camera. Even in TV interviews and making speeches she looks very rigid, just like her L Word character Bette. I strongly believe it ruined her relationship with Laurel Holloman, as they were alleged to be "more than coworkers" off the screen. I think Ken Dixon, her Canadian businessman husband, does a good job of covering for her. Laurel Holloman never remarried and keeps her personal life very concealed she's never been photographed with anyone, whether it's a male or a female; however she pings to me as being woman oriented.

by OPreply 10808/05/2016

I can buy that Beals looks like a control freak. but what does the more than coworkers mean?

by OPreply 10908/05/2016


by OPreply 11008/05/2016

Relationship as in having an affair?

OMG, the nuts from the L Chat have found Datalounge. They were laughed off of that place and are now posting their delusions here

by OPreply 11108/05/2016

The L Word was a groundbreaking show and there's still much to be said about the cast members.

by OPreply 11208/05/2016

what's there to be said? none of them has actually done anything afterwards. except maybe Moenning who is now on ray Donavan

by OPreply 11308/05/2016

R113 Not completely true. Laurel Holloman, who played Tina, quit acting and is now a successful and prolific painter. I own one of her prints.

by OPreply 11408/05/2016

For some strange legal reason the website will not appear on DL. you can google it.

by OPreply 11508/05/2016

The L Word was horrible. Awful acting and writing. The finale was dumb. I liked Helena. She was most attractive to me. I've never understood the appeal of Bette/Beals. She does nothing for me.

by OPreply 11608/05/2016

I think that Laurel Holloman, Tina, is drop dead gorgeous. She's now 45 and STILL looks great. I'm happy that she's now painting and lives a peaceful and content life. I wonder if she is on speaking terms with Jennifer Beals these days.

by OPreply 11708/05/2016

The ending was so stupid. It's a shame the show didn't have better writers.

by OPreply 11808/06/2016

why aren't they on speaking terms R117?

by OPreply 11908/17/2016

R24 I was going to say that about Leisha Hailey. She was in a awful horror movie with Gale Harold a few years ago. Neither of them are capable of playing straight, which is why I think her career is going to go about the same way his has.

by OPreply 12008/17/2016

Katherine Moennig has a major supporting role on RAY DONOVAN, which is presently airing its 4th season.

by OPreply 12108/17/2016

R119-it must be "best friend" issues

by OPreply 12208/17/2016

do people still think that Beals/Holloman were a couple? talk about delusional!

by OPreply 12308/17/2016

R108=Laurel Holloman DID remarry around 2014. Her second husband is a Los Angeles businessman named Henry Park. He has helped to finance her art career by putting on exhibits, mostly in Europe. LH is working overtime to create a heterosexual image, however she posted a picture on her Twitter account of her new "best friend" Michelle Rodriguez, a known bisexual actress. Birds of a feather? btw LH no longer discusses her former acting career. In the bio section of her art website acting is not mentioned, most especially The L Word. She is trying to wipe out her past and most likely is in denial.

by OPreply 12409/19/2016

The last two seasons really sucked, notably season 6, because Chaiken ditched from the show to start working on Empire. The writers, who were not well paid, were left to fend for themselves. I believe that Jenny OD'd on drugs as she looked kind of drugged out when she had her argument with Bette and then jumped into the pool and drowned. No one killed Jenny except herself. She had been lamenting that her friends no longer liked her and she felt abandoned.

by OPreply 12509/19/2016

The entire series was horrible but the last season was even worse. Why would anyone think Beals/Holloman were a real life couple? Both of them were unappealing too.

by OPreply 12609/19/2016

R128 a lot of people thought the chemistry between the two of them was too real for them not to be involved off camera. Cast and crew members were not allowed to discuss it with anyone

by OPreply 12709/19/2016

I meant R126

by OPreply 12809/19/2016

Thanks r127. I never thought Bette and Tina were an amazing couple. Actually, I don't know what couples I thought had great chemistry on the show. I always wished they would put Helena in better relationships.

by OPreply 12909/19/2016

R129 Helena and Bette would have been dynamite. Pure top competition!

by OPreply 13009/19/2016

Of course Beals and Holloman had a relationship. Everyone's lips on that show are sealed.

by OPreply 131Last Monday at 1:02 AM

The first two seasons were good, then the show went to crap.

by OPreply 132Last Monday at 3:53 AM

I wonder if we will ever see out takes and bloopers from TLW?

by OPreply 133Last Monday at 10:36 PM

Has anyone ever met Beals or Holloman? What are they like in person?

by OPreply 13418 hours ago
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