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Holy cow. If you ever want to get drunk or smoke pot and binge watch TRASH

I just learned that The Real Housewives of Vancouver is now FREE in its entirety on Tubi.

This is by far the darkest, campiest, and NASTIEST show of this franchise ever.

Rumor online was that the 2nd season was shortened as crew members started quitting refusing to work in this toxic mess due to the Jody chick.

Active alcoholism, true bullying, and accusations of one housewife drugging another were the high(low) lights.

This Christina Maisel girl was really cool and could have been a star in America I think..

by Anonymousreply 20January 25, 2023 3:00 AM

Jody was terrible!

by Anonymousreply 1July 3, 2022 5:19 AM

She was utterly repellant.

And that 2nd season somehow felt more toxic than the first!

What was really weird was that none of the ladies gave a fuck about each other and none of them seemed as thirsty as the American shows about being a star either... It was just really really dark.. I have never seen anything like it.

by Anonymousreply 2July 3, 2022 3:41 PM

Tried watching this but I guess you can't if you live in the same country as those housewives.

by Anonymousreply 3July 3, 2022 5:59 PM

Hold on R3- I think its airing on another platform up there- Hold on a sec

by Anonymousreply 4July 3, 2022 6:02 PM

It IS detrimental to my life going forward.

by Anonymousreply 5July 3, 2022 6:36 PM

Oh thank you OP

by Anonymousreply 6July 3, 2022 6:39 PM

Check this out

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 7July 3, 2022 7:16 PM

Yeah, I'll have to bite the bullet and subscribe to it for a month and binge watch them all.

by Anonymousreply 8July 3, 2022 7:27 PM

And watch how Ronnie gets drunker and drunker in each episode (including her interviews) Its horrendous...

by Anonymousreply 9July 3, 2022 11:03 PM

I hate anything to do with Real Housewives but Vancouver is delicious. Thank you, OP, just what I needed!

by Anonymousreply 10July 4, 2022 8:00 AM

Told you R10!!!

by Anonymousreply 11July 4, 2022 3:58 PM

Yay, I need a new trash show. I’m hungover today.

by Anonymousreply 12July 4, 2022 4:04 PM

In one of the threads about [italic]The Real Housewives of Melbourne,[/italic] Vancouver came up and somebody mentioned Mary Zilba as being especially toxic.

by Anonymousreply 13July 4, 2022 4:09 PM

R13- I remember that. I guess she is a real bitch (even as a younger woman) and I recall her being a really nasty bitch in a store?

On the show she comes across as one of the sweetest women on earth. This bitch was getting shit pumped into her cheeks before it got popular.

Hard to believe this show is 10 years old!!!

R12- Its perfect for a hangover. The show is seriously low vibes though.

by Anonymousreply 14July 4, 2022 4:26 PM

If you think the show was dark, the aftermath is even darker. Ronnie's son-the blomd one on the show grew up tto be an actor (izombie, The flash) and killed himself. Jodie had a seriously nasty divorce, lost custody of her younger kids and lost her business. Her daughter Mia was shot when out with her gangster boyfriend. She later got pregnant by said gangster and he then died via overdose

by Anonymousreply 15January 25, 2023 12:15 AM

Watching now - S1E1. Reiko clearly married her husband for the money and lifestyle. Whew! The looks of him chile. He chased her for 10 years, lol! Christina - Professional grifter extraordinaire.

by Anonymousreply 16January 25, 2023 12:53 AM

oof, I forgot to mention Reiko. Her whole story was a lie. Her husband was a MAJOR gangster who had been tried for 2 murders. They divorced, she went 'theybie' and became a lesbian.

by Anonymousreply 17January 25, 2023 12:58 AM

^^^ I knew something was off about her and her husband. It felt shady off the bat.

by Anonymousreply 18January 25, 2023 1:30 AM

No thanks.


by Anonymousreply 19January 25, 2023 2:47 AM

It was the best series because it was real.

by Anonymousreply 20January 25, 2023 3:00 AM
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