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School pulls event with former Islamic State sex slave over fears it would 'foster Islamophobia'

Can someone explain to me why Muslims are being treated with velvet gloves? Is it fear? Insanity caused by regressive leftist dogma? I just don’t fucking get it.

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by Anonymousreply 30November 28, 2021 5:45 PM

oh Canada

by Anonymousreply 1November 27, 2021 5:56 PM

The Toronto District School Board is one of the loopiest, leftiest elected bodies on earth. They are woke to the point of insomnia. Incubator for most of Toronto's city council in due course. They also recently cancelled this woman... top litigator, wicked smart, immigrant success story, one of the most accomplished women in the country, but she defended the odious Ghomeshi perv and that apparently cancels her in the view of the TDSB.

So if they've done it again they don't get it and they don't care, like most of the overly awakened.

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by Anonymousreply 2November 27, 2021 6:00 PM


by Anonymousreply 3November 27, 2021 6:00 PM

The left hates all types of religion, especially Christianity, but they LOVE Islam. Go figure!

by Anonymousreply 4November 27, 2021 6:02 PM

I think it's the enemy of my enemy is my friend philosophy, as so many right-wing people loathe Muslims.

by Anonymousreply 5November 27, 2021 6:08 PM

Fear. Committing terror attacks started with the warlord mohammade. It is ordered and sanctified by the islamic god. Few have the balls to fuck with them, especially politicians, journalists and academics, the most cowardly people on the planet.

by Anonymousreply 6November 27, 2021 6:28 PM

Islam does not allow criticism, free thought or free speech.

by Anonymousreply 7November 27, 2021 6:29 PM

I dunno, OP, it only lead to a war that took 20 years to end.

by Anonymousreply 8November 27, 2021 6:31 PM

A most charming way of thinking. Kill gays, makes slaves out of females. Nothing wrong with that, now is there? (ASSholes)

by Anonymousreply 9November 27, 2021 6:33 PM

^ Since R9 brought it up, we know sex based violence against women has been a weapon of war since the beginning of time but these mass rapes weren’t seen as an act of genocide until fairly recently. People write about sexuality and genocide in Nazi Germany but how much research has been dedicated specifically to gay genocide? In the current climate can genocidal violence that explicitly targets homosexuals even be studied without someone trying to “queer” it?

by Anonymousreply 10November 27, 2021 7:22 PM

[quote]Ms Lee, who would like to open up the book club to young girls from the UK, told the Telegraph: "The book club event for 'A Room Of Your Own Book Club' with Nadia Murad will go ahead across Canada in February. The TDSB has not committed to letting their students attend. This is unfortunate for all involved. A great loss to the students, community, and educators at the TDSB.

Seeing that this is a book club for girls and not a school wide event makes this so-called “fear” even more bizarre.

by Anonymousreply 11November 27, 2021 7:28 PM

This is ridiculous. She has every right to tell her story and her truth. Some people did some horrible things to her; those people happened to be Islamic terrorists. Hearing her story might help people--of all religions--identify and work on their own biases.

by Anonymousreply 12November 27, 2021 7:29 PM

I don’t know, OP. It’s dangerous. It’s confusing, it’s dangerous, it’s bad. I don’t get it.

by Anonymousreply 13November 27, 2021 7:54 PM

You have to determine who’s more dangerous—white supremacists or Muslims. I look to the FBI—the FBI coddles Islam. Protects it. The FBI should give you its answer and it’s not white supremacy that’s the biggest threat as the FBI claims.

by Anonymousreply 14November 27, 2021 7:56 PM

What does the FBI have to do with Canada?

by Anonymousreply 15November 28, 2021 12:24 AM


by Anonymousreply 16November 28, 2021 12:30 AM

Why are right wing trolls so active on weekends?

by Anonymousreply 17November 28, 2021 1:57 AM

What’s rightwing? Someone not into Islam?

by Anonymousreply 18November 28, 2021 1:58 AM

“Why are right wing trolls so active on weekends?”

What is “right wing” about thi, you dumbass?

by Anonymousreply 19November 28, 2021 3:59 AM

How can a group be for critical race theory but be against this woman's speaking about her book. Her book is an exercise in critical race theory and in critical gender theory. Isis destroyed her village because Isis didn't like her people's ethnicity and religion. She and many other women were forced into sexual servitude because Isis was dismissive of the female gender. This book describes the horror that occurs when people's prejudices get out of control and become violent. The theme intersects perfectly with critical race theory.

by Anonymousreply 20November 28, 2021 2:25 PM

The West is digging its own grave

by Anonymousreply 21November 28, 2021 3:45 PM

Richard Dawkins summed it up perfectly: "Decent liberal people who I regard as my own people, I've always been among those people. "Who I regard as cowards because they cave in and they do not observe their principles of feminism, of gay rights - all of the things decent liberal people believe.

"But suddenly they forget about them when it comes to Islam."

He continued: "And I think I know why: I think it's because they mistakenly think Islam is a race - which it isn't, it's a religion - if you can convert to it or apostatise out of it it's not a race.

"And because they're decent liberals and extremely against racism, as I am, the fear of being thought racist trumps the fear of being thought misogynist or homophobic."

by Anonymousreply 22November 28, 2021 4:15 PM

Dig deeper and you'll find radical trans-activists at the bottom of this.

They want to silence women and cover up their own sexual abusing.

by Anonymousreply 23November 28, 2021 4:20 PM

The left love Islam because they love a good leader cult (complete with death penalty for criticism) and collectivism/submission.

by Anonymousreply 24November 28, 2021 4:23 PM

R22, thanks for that. I explains a great deal and that distinction - between a race and religion - is an important one. And ironic, given so many liberals take a dim view of religion.

by Anonymousreply 25November 28, 2021 4:24 PM

A lot of liberals are afraid to say anything against Islam, cause they are afraid that they are gonna look racist. Just like Richard Dawkins said. There's nothing more to it. They have no problem shitting on Christianity, cause in their mind: Christians=white people, Muslims=brown people. And saying anything against non-white people, is in their tiny minds, racist.

by Anonymousreply 26November 28, 2021 4:27 PM

You cannot apostatize out of Islam.

by Anonymousreply 27November 28, 2021 4:28 PM

A lot of liberal men are deeply misogynistic, they don’t give a shit about in increase in misogynistic violence.

by Anonymousreply 28November 28, 2021 4:42 PM

They don’t, no. You’re right, R28. And all the “c-nt” and “d-ke” used here.

by Anonymousreply 29November 28, 2021 4:49 PM

What r22 said. That's really it.

I've said this many times, but if Muslims were lily-white Anglo Saxons, Western societies would have no tolerance for their insane bullshit and would tell them all to go fuck themselves, just like they routinely do with Evangelical Christians. Nobody in the West who is liberal and has a sane mind puts up with the hate speech of Evangelicals under any circumstances, but they're always hands-off when it comes to Muslims and their hatefulness.

by Anonymousreply 30November 28, 2021 5:45 PM
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