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Anyone else grossed out by Thanksgiving dinner?

It is all just varying shades of brown (turkey, stuffing, yams, pumpkin/sweet potato pie, pecan pie....) and makes me ill just thinking about it.

I've been fortunate that my job has kept me working on Turkey Day for the past several years so I have an excuse not to have to get together with the family and be subjected to these vile foods.

I do quite like the cranberry sauce though but don't need a holiday to eat it.

What is the worst?

I'm torn between the vomit inducing green bean casserole with those nasty fried onions on top or the pecan pie which just looks disgusting and it is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

What say you?

Oh and don't get me started on TURDUCKEN!

Never ever would I eat anything with the word "TURD" in it!

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by Anonymousreply 35November 26, 2021 4:08 PM

The food always sucks on Thankgiving.

Homemade turkey is dry AF. Marshmellows do not belong in a yam dish. This year, a lot of people are doing a cassarole with green beans (rather than keeping the flavor by steaming!) Potato and macaroni salad are disgusting.

Need I go on.

Stuffing is good. But there is never enough. And there are those weird black things in it that you cannot figure out what they are supposed to be.

by Anonymousreply 1November 25, 2021 11:19 PM

Can we after that while we may have been successful at crossing the Atlantic, out culinary attempts weren't the best?

by Anonymousreply 2November 25, 2021 11:23 PM

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberries are all I really need of the American Thanksgiving Meal. I find pumpkin pie particularly loathsome, and that green bean casserole has never been part of my Thanksgiving.

I make cranberry tarts in a nut crust. Look it up on Martha Stewart. I brush the crust with melted chocolate, and don't bother with the gelatin. Serve with whipped cream. It's even better the next day, so I make two and hide one.

by Anonymousreply 3November 25, 2021 11:24 PM

The kind of food you get at traditional TG table is old-fashioned to say the least. If it's not boiled, it's baked. Flavoring is pretty limited to the same old spices. The whole meal seems to be centered around a whole cooked bird sitting on the table ready for carving, which is a throwback to medieval time in some way. Then when it comes to eating, it's just tough white turkey meat covered with gooey gravy and mashed potatoes to help it go now easier. Of course, some love this because it's associated with the idea of home, but it's not hard to see why the rest of the world doesn't get it.

by Anonymousreply 4November 25, 2021 11:49 PM

Not so much grossed out but bored. Turkey was special long ago but now it's eaten all year round. It's like eating roast chicken. The starchy stuff with butter is bad for you. Don't really look forward to it.

by Anonymousreply 5November 25, 2021 11:50 PM

My turkey is never dry, unlike others. That is why I always cook it now. I never knew it could be tasty and not choke you, until I made one. Also, I find brown to be a very desirable color when it comes to food. If you find modern Pecan Pie too sickly sweet try this non-corn syrup version.

R4 Many people around the world eats much the same meal on Christmas. It is just that we, Canada, and a few others decided to eat it twice a year.

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by Anonymousreply 6November 25, 2021 11:52 PM

Op is insufferable

by Anonymousreply 7November 25, 2021 11:54 PM

I've never had green bean casserole.

by Anonymousreply 8November 25, 2021 11:54 PM


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by Anonymousreply 9November 26, 2021 12:31 AM

No, normal people are not grossed out about Thanksgiving dinner.

by Anonymousreply 10November 26, 2021 12:32 AM

No OP. Who said you had to have the traditional food? You should branch out a bit. But most attempts at something new fell flat with my family. We did replace the turkey with duck. Suck is so much better. Never had mashed potatoes since we have candied yams (sliced and cooked on the stove; never ever mashed or with marshmallows).

So if you’re bored branch out. This is what makes Friendsgivings so fun. My friends bring different things. We got the classics then someone may bring something like lasagna.

by Anonymousreply 11November 26, 2021 12:39 AM

My sister hosts now and none of her kids like turkey / traditional thanksgiving food - they want ravioli; which we have on every other holiday. I’d be fine with just the Italian meal but then she also serves a “contractual” turkey a few hours later - I had one slice with some cranberry, it’s just too much food.

by Anonymousreply 12November 26, 2021 12:52 AM

I had leftover Chinese for dinner, alone. I'd love to have the traditional meal no matter how boring if my FUCKING STUCK UP aunt would have invited me. Since my mother's death last year, this self absorbed social climber had deducted who and what is not in her league.

by Anonymousreply 13November 26, 2021 12:56 AM

[quote] Never ever would I eat anything with the word "TURD" in it!

How do you feel about SaTURDays, OP?

by Anonymousreply 14November 26, 2021 12:56 AM

No just you. Maybe learn how to cook or meet someone who does.

by Anonymousreply 15November 26, 2021 12:58 AM

I'm sorry you fools have so much to dislike.

Some of us manage to get through the holiday by using our social and culinary skills to blend conventions with enjoyment and taste, and using our sense of humanity to be glad for what we have quietly and privately.

And some of us are tiresome cunts.

by Anonymousreply 16November 26, 2021 1:05 AM

R14, you can’t ‘eat’ SaTURDay silly. 🍗

by Anonymousreply 17November 26, 2021 1:12 AM

Yes, I don't like traditional American holiday food. It's so bland and heavy.

by Anonymousreply 18November 26, 2021 1:13 AM

Looks delish!

I love how there are no boundaries. It all just melds together.

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by Anonymousreply 19November 26, 2021 1:15 AM

R18 It is only bland if the person cooking it is bland.

by Anonymousreply 20November 26, 2021 1:18 AM

R19 Mashing is cooking.

by Anonymousreply 21November 26, 2021 1:22 AM

OP’s picture looks like my dinner tonight at friends though maybe not that crowded a plate. I rarely eat like that but it’s Thanksgiving and I enjoyed it. OP’s photo left out the small slices of both pumpkin and pecan pie with whipped cream which were also yum. I am stuffed.

by Anonymousreply 22November 26, 2021 1:28 AM

I finally decided a few Thanksgivings ago that I just don't like turkey. Sometimes I brine a turkey breast for sandwiches and that's fine, but otherwise I'm just not into turkey.

by Anonymousreply 23November 26, 2021 1:29 AM

You sound unreasonably high-maintenance, OP. It’s one fucking day: get over it.

by Anonymousreply 24November 26, 2021 2:47 AM

My mother always made the best yam recipe. You par-boil yams. after you par-boil them you first put brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, and an ounce of 150 proof rum at bottom of the casserole dish. Layer yams and sprinkle brown sugar cloves and cinnamon between each layer and on the top layer. Bake at 350 for an hour. Take out of the oven and pour another ounce of rum and light for the alcohol to burn off and serve. Everyone raves about that dish.

by Anonymousreply 25November 26, 2021 3:07 AM

R17, I'll take that as a challenge.

by Anonymousreply 26November 26, 2021 3:09 AM

Flambe' rum both times

by Anonymousreply 27November 26, 2021 3:17 AM

Turkey has little to no fat, so it's not ideal for roasting.

by Anonymousreply 28November 26, 2021 3:24 AM

I'm from the south and several years before my mother died we started having our Thanksgiving (and Christmas) turkey's deep fried at a restaurant that would do it for customers. Eventually my father bought an outdoor turkey fryer and they started doing it at the house out on the patio. If you've never had a deep fried turkey you're missing something special. Many people who don't like turkey love it when it's deep fried. White meat turkey is usually quite dry, but not when it's deep fried. The frying process seals in all the juices.

by Anonymousreply 29November 26, 2021 12:41 PM

i've had fried turkey once, R29. it was delicious.

by Anonymousreply 30November 26, 2021 1:01 PM

Would I want to eat this food every day? No

Am I fine with eating it once a year as it's a tradition? Yes.

Which seems to be a general consensus among Americans

by Anonymousreply 31November 26, 2021 1:05 PM

Very perplexing as this woman sounds awful, someone to be avoided from your description, yet you are eager to be at her table, R13?

I was alone for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter each for the past 20 years; I moved near my mom in FL this year, so we were invited to her neighbors' place. The instant pot was my friend in trying new recipes like Thai red curry, etc. in the past.

by Anonymousreply 32November 26, 2021 2:10 PM

It’s called cooking troll-

by Anonymousreply 33November 26, 2021 2:13 PM

And cooking is too much trouble for lazy Americans!

by Anonymousreply 34November 26, 2021 3:35 PM

R32, there are many more people there, so her personality is *diffused* and she's on better behavior. After your remaining parent dies, after holidays with her for all of your life, you want to go somewhere for Thanksgiving.

by Anonymousreply 35November 26, 2021 4:08 PM
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