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Which brand of trash bag do upper class people use?

True old money types use Glad, which is an established solid brand.

Especially compared to Hefty, with its flashy packaging that just seems to scream out "new money"

The poors just use some store brand or whatever is on sale--that's how you can always tell--they may have the fanciest kitchen and beautiful china and crystal, but when you're done eating, if that food goes straight into some store-brand bag--- you know they are TRASH!!!

by Parody threadreply 17Last Thursday at 4:33 PM

I had a friend whose family has had money for generations. They are very upper class and only do upper class things. They use a brand called "Simple Human" which is only sold at boutiques and so most people don't know about it.

I only use Simple Human bags in my house now too because Mother did not raise me to be trash about my trash.

by Parody threadreply 1Last Wednesday at 10:13 AM

It's late in the work day for me: Is R1 a subtle parodist, or a fucking idiot?

by Parody threadreply 2Last Wednesday at 10:18 AM

Who gives a RAT'S ASS?

by Parody threadreply 3Last Wednesday at 10:19 AM

I highly doubt that the upper class has any idea what kind of trash bags the housekeepers use

by Parody threadreply 4Last Wednesday at 10:20 AM

The best people use buckets and pronounce them boo-kays!

by Parody threadreply 5Last Wednesday at 10:22 AM

I thought those commercials in the 1990’s ? For Hefty bags were 🤩.

Hefty Hefty Hefty- Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

by Parody threadreply 6Last Wednesday at 10:28 AM

When I was a gayling back in 1934, we would go to my aunt and uncle's house--my uncle was an industrialist and owned a factory in town and they lived in a big house on a hill overlooking our city. The factory had been in my uncle's family for almost 100 years at that point and their widgets were sold all over the globe.

Rather than use trash bags, Aunt Matilda would have the servants bring the plates out to the garden, where Angus, their Scots gardener, would use the table scraps as fertilizer.

I believe this is common among the upper classes and allows them to avoid having actual trash in their homes.

Plastic garbage bags, mother used to day, are for arrivistes and trash.!!!

by Parody threadreply 7Last Wednesday at 10:29 AM

My point exactly R6

High class people would not buy trash bags with slapstick comedy commercials.

by Parody threadreply 8Last Wednesday at 10:30 AM

Simple Human trash bags brought to you by Walmart.

Offsite Link
by Parody threadreply 9Last Wednesday at 10:32 AM

I use 3 mil construction bags. Never spring a leak and holds everything!

by Parody threadreply 10Last Wednesday at 10:34 AM

they didn't have trash bags in 1934. Plastic bags weren't invented until the 1950. We didn't use plastic trash bags until the late 60's.

by Parody threadreply 11Last Wednesday at 10:34 AM

R10- I use strong leaf bags for my kitchen garbage bags- the one they sell at Costco are really good.

by Parody threadreply 12Last Wednesday at 10:35 AM

What color is upper class poop? What is the upper class’s favorite sexual position? What is the upper class’s favorite color? Why does anyone but a poser really care?

by Parody threadreply 13Last Wednesday at 12:23 PM


by Parody threadreply 14Last Wednesday at 12:25 PM

I’d put my trash in you, OP but you seem like the 99 cent only store type

by Parody threadreply 15Last Wednesday at 12:45 PM

R11 is right. Growing up, my mother used paper grocery sacks to line the trash cans, with newspaper at the bottom.

by Parody threadreply 16Last Thursday at 3:34 PM

Even though it says "parody thread" at OP....

by Parody threadreply 17Last Thursday at 4:33 PM
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