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BASIC BITCH gets BOUNCED from flight after homophobic rant

She's lucky she didn't get kicked in the cunt bone!

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by Bye Bitchreply 29Last Wednesday at 3:30 PM

I hope they take it one step further. She and her family go on a NO FLY list. There has to be consequences. I wore a mask on a flight and didn’t like it but those were the rules.

by Bye Bitchreply 1Last Wednesday at 6:11 AM


by Bye Bitchreply 2Last Wednesday at 6:19 AM

She seems like a real sweetheart.

by Bye Bitchreply 3Last Wednesday at 6:23 AM

Stupid cunt.

by Bye Bitchreply 4Last Wednesday at 6:24 AM

Out of the flight and into the grease fire! 🔥

by Bye Bitchreply 5Last Wednesday at 6:25 AM

Kelci is a realtor.

by Bye Bitchreply 6Last Wednesday at 6:57 AM

Crazy, so many people are crazy nowadays!

by Bye Bitchreply 7Last Wednesday at 7:05 AM

[quote] Kelci is a realtor.

She won't be for long.

by Bye Bitchreply 8Last Wednesday at 7:07 AM

[quote]I hope they take it one step further. She and her family go on a NO FLY list.

You can't put people's families on NO FLY lists just because one person in the family did something wrong. There's absolutely no legal basis for that.

Some of you have no more sense than babies.

by Bye Bitchreply 9Last Wednesday at 7:08 AM

Try fighting having been put on the no-fly list in court

by Bye Bitchreply 10Last Wednesday at 7:10 AM

She sounds like a Parlerette. They are obsessed with sexuality and children.

by Bye Bitchreply 11Last Wednesday at 7:12 AM

Kelci is a better name for these types than Karen. I know a Karen who is a sweetheart.

by Bye Bitchreply 12Last Wednesday at 7:43 AM

What’s wrong with people? Why can’t they just live and let live? It’s really a much easier way to exist.

by Bye Bitchreply 13Last Wednesday at 7:47 AM

Yeah - a unique name - she's a realtor but her LinkedIn profile is now deleted.


by Bye Bitchreply 14Last Wednesday at 7:55 AM

“I am a Christian and those comments I made do not represent who I really am…” in 3…2…

by Bye Bitchreply 15Last Wednesday at 8:01 AM

It’s either that or “I will not apologize for being a Christian”

by Bye Bitchreply 16Last Wednesday at 8:03 AM

I’m not paying for that! Hopefully it’ll show up soon on YouTube.

by Bye Bitchreply 17Last Wednesday at 8:12 AM

Part of me hopes all her kids turn out to be gay, and part of me hopes they don't so they won't have to deal with a homophobic mother.

by Bye Bitchreply 18Last Wednesday at 8:16 AM

Bad for business. I don't understand why people lose control and act this way when they know cameras are everywhere.

by Bye Bitchreply 19Last Wednesday at 8:18 AM

Because up to this point in their lives, their privilege has protected them.

by Bye Bitchreply 20Last Wednesday at 8:19 AM

Like many of her fellow TX real estate agents, I think I have a pretty good idea where she was on January 6.

by Bye Bitchreply 21Last Wednesday at 8:22 AM

I wonder how her name got out so fast.

I hope it's the security / TSA - they should get on the plane and say, excuse me, just to confirm, are you Kelci Cashman and is this your seat? That's all they need to do to make them internet famous.

I hope all customer service people do this in these situations - I'm sorry, Ms. Angela Murray, please calm down. State their full name - LOL.

by Bye Bitchreply 22Last Wednesday at 8:34 AM

Those poor children will be the next generation of Deplorables.

by Bye Bitchreply 23Last Wednesday at 9:05 AM

please tell me she was removed mid-air.

by Bye Bitchreply 24Last Wednesday at 9:07 AM

What is it with these Dallas RE bitches?

by Bye Bitchreply 25Last Wednesday at 9:09 AM

She believes COVID is real, however.

Offsite Link
by Bye Bitchreply 26Last Wednesday at 11:31 AM

Kelci Cashman

Kelci Cashman

Kelci Cashman

Spread her name around.

Kelci Cashman

Kelci Cashman

Kelci Cashman

by Bye Bitchreply 27Last Wednesday at 11:38 AM

The company she worked for issued a statement that she hasn't been employed in their office since January. Could it be because she skipped work to attend a little event in Washington DC on January 6th??

One never knows...

by Bye Bitchreply 28Last Wednesday at 11:43 AM


by Bye Bitchreply 29Last Wednesday at 3:30 PM
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