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Why are there so many psoriasis and eczema commercials on TV?

Is psoriasis and eczema a national epidemic? Is it worse than the global pandemic? Whether it's Cyndi Lauper saying "see me!" with her Cosentyx commercials, the slow/stop motion Dupixent commercials, the Skyrizi tune that gets stuck in your head, or the hot daddy in the pool in the Otezla commercial - why are these ads on TV 24/7?

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1506/10/2021

OP is obviously a shill for big pharma, spreading chum in the waters of the DL. No one else would know, much less know how to spell, all those product names.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 106/09/2021

Psoriasis disproportionately afflicts people in Northern countries. Sun (UV radiation) seems to mitigate it. It's also a result of an overactive immune system so likely liked to several unhealthy dietary and environmental factors. There is no history of this in my family and it started in my 40s.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 206/09/2021

It’s because those drugs cost thousands of dollars per treatment and are among the highest earners for the pharmaceutical companies. It’s not that so many have those diseases, it’s the astronomical cost of those drugs and their amazing results that are a boon.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 306/09/2021

Big Pharma tries to make big-deal drugs, but then they figure out they only fix smaller problems like psoriasis, eczema or some other previously non-existent condition they can make up, like 'dry-eye disease'. Then they market the hell out of it.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 406/09/2021

My psoriasis cream tazarotene used to be available OTC for about 5$ a tube. Some rando pharm company bought the patent, repurposed it and renamed it Tazorac without changing one thing. Now it costs about $700 a tube and it has to be prescribed by a derm. Fuck them, I stopped using it and found other less effective but it’s basically free with my health insurance. The government, the pharmaceutical companies and the related businesses are criminal. I’m fortunate that it’s a minor case.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 506/09/2021

OP, me and the husbear ask this same thing every day! We’ve begun laughing at them. Especially the know where the woman is behaving all her dead skin flakes all the sheets!!!! Eeewwwwww!!!

by Ask your doctor today!reply 606/09/2021

R4 and R6 my skin psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis is a serious, debilitating autoimmune disease. I have been on several big pharma injectables and IV infusion treatments. Humira, Cosentyx, Taltz, Tremfya, Remicade. I have to switch to a different biological drug when my body builds antibodies to the drug and it loses its effectiveness. These drugs cost my insurance company over 100K a year. They are not cures but have been near lifesavers for me. Without them my body would be covered with psoriasis lesions (including my face) and my joints would have sustained permanent destruction in the areas where I’m affected: My neck, back, wrists, hands and ankles. I’m 48 yrs old and do not want to live my life indoors and in a wheelchair if I can help it. Would you? Try educating yourself before you and your partner laugh at others who suffer with psoriatic disease.

Offsite Link
by Ask your doctor today!reply 706/10/2021

[quote]No one else would know, much less know how to spell, all those product names.

Unless they own a TV and have access to a search engine

by Ask your doctor today!reply 806/10/2021

There’s one commercial...not sure if it’s for a skin condition or what... where the voiceover discusses the perinimium, also known as the taint. We get a charge out of that.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 906/10/2021

R9, do you and your nasty partner shave your overgrown perinimiums?

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1006/10/2021

For r9

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by Ask your doctor today!reply 1106/10/2021

That sucks R7. Im glad there are meds for your condition. I work in advertising and most of the focus is on curing the skin condition for aesthetic reasons. It’s such a strange disease that would affect your joints as well.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1206/10/2021

R7 Rheumatoid Arthritis patient here. My Rheumy wanted me to go on Remicade. I was all for it. Butt Medicaid turned it down saying we need to try Humira first. I just want to try something because Methotrexate is no longer working like it was.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1306/10/2021

I have eczema and my bullshit dermatologists have never prescribed me any of these fancy drugs. They write me a script for some expensive ass cortisone I can buy in Walmart for $2 and send me on my way!

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1406/10/2021

Thank you R7. I was poo-pooing some of these meds too but you have opened our eyes. The pharmaceutical companies have given me a healthy life. Otherwise I would have died as a grade-schooler or teen. There are some problems with them, but we are lucky to have them.

by Ask your doctor today!reply 1506/10/2021
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