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Why do so many people STOP at YELLOW Traffic Lights now?

Every other car in front of me will come to a complete stop when the light turns yellow instead of driving through it. PLEASE EXPLAIN!

The other thing that drives me crazy is when people are making a left into oncoming traffic, they no longer go into the intersection then make the left after the light turns red. Noooo, they now stay back at the line and wait wait wait. They wait through several light changes before making the left. WHY?

by Honking doesn't workreply 97Last Friday at 8:14 AM

They are extraterrestrials afraid of doing the wrong thing.

by Honking doesn't workreply 1Last Wednesday at 1:01 PM

What mythical land do YOU live in?

by Honking doesn't workreply 2Last Wednesday at 1:01 PM

They don't know how to drive?

by Honking doesn't workreply 3Last Wednesday at 1:02 PM

Red light cameras.

by Honking doesn't workreply 4Last Wednesday at 1:03 PM

R4, unfortunately, nails it.

I’m on your side, OP! Totally.

by Honking doesn't workreply 5Last Wednesday at 1:08 PM

I’ve noticed the left turn thing too. Maybe drivers Ed teaches not to get into the intersection now.

by Honking doesn't workreply 6Last Wednesday at 1:10 PM

No red light cameras on these traffic lights.

by Honking doesn't workreply 7Last Wednesday at 1:11 PM


by Honking doesn't workreply 8Last Wednesday at 1:11 PM

R7/OP, it doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t know why, I really don’t. I just know it doesn’t.

Here’s another one, since you’re not in NYC proper, making a right on red when it’s permitted. Bitch, why the fuck are you sitting there?

by Honking doesn't workreply 9Last Wednesday at 1:16 PM


'nough said.

by Honking doesn't workreply 10Last Wednesday at 1:16 PM

Assertively moving into the intersection in order to force other drivers to let you make your left is pretty obnoxious, but I grew up in a place (an Eastern city) where it was always done this way. In fact, it was the only way you could get to go left at many busy intersections. It's rarely done where I live now, and I'm glad. It's pushy, like people from the Northeast.

by Honking doesn't workreply 11Last Wednesday at 1:18 PM


Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 12Last Wednesday at 1:19 PM

I have observed that they are not even stopping at red lights now, and I live in NY too.

by Honking doesn't workreply 13Last Wednesday at 1:22 PM

[quote] Assertively moving into the intersection in order to force other drivers to let you make your left is pretty obnoxious,

No, that’s not what we’re talking about. When you make a left turn you’re supposed to be IN the intersection to square your turn. If the light changes to red while you’re in the intersection, the oncoming traffic will be stopped and you can go. If you don’t, you could sit there all night until there’s no oncoming traffic.

by Honking doesn't workreply 14Last Wednesday at 1:25 PM

Thank you, R14. Some people are too stupid to get that.

by Honking doesn't workreply 15Last Wednesday at 1:30 PM

The best are people in a two lane road going the same way and coming to a stop sign and turning right in the left lane, right in front of the right lane driver.

by Honking doesn't workreply 16Last Wednesday at 1:30 PM

Because they don't want to be KILLED by someone trying to beat the light on the cross street?

by Honking doesn't workreply 17Last Wednesday at 1:31 PM

women, OP.

by Honking doesn't workreply 18Last Wednesday at 1:32 PM

There are also those drivers who slow down as they approach a green light , then speed up as it turns yellow. You are left there at a red light when both of you could have made the intersection if the one ahead had not slowed down for a green.

Here there are also people who don't understand the concept of a left turn arrow. They wait for oncoming traffic that can't enter the intersection until that arrow is gone.

by Honking doesn't workreply 19Last Wednesday at 1:37 PM

Well, if it's turning yellow for the driver ahead of you it would presumably be red by the time you got to it, so you would have to stop anyway. Though I doubt you do.

It is a well known fact that red light in the US travels at a speed of 1 foot every 30 seconds.

by Honking doesn't workreply 20Last Wednesday at 1:48 PM

My brother was in an accident because someone immediately stopped on a yellow. At the bottom of a hill they stopped on yellow - it was raining and he wasn’t expecting them to stop and to avoid rear ending them he swerved, hit a small tree, took it down and crashed into another car. Everyone was ok - except him. He broke his arm and totaled his truck.

He was still lucky though. He could be dead. If I’m remembering correctly, they were old.

by Honking doesn't workreply 21Last Wednesday at 1:50 PM

[quote]Here there are also people who don't understand the concept of a left turn arrow.

I don't know what you're talking about either. Signal?

by Honking doesn't workreply 22Last Wednesday at 1:52 PM

R14 is basically correct. You don't have to--and maybe shouldn't--wait in the intersection to make your turn, but you *are* supposed to square it off. No one seems to know the correct way to make a left turn. You don't veer left as you turn, threatening to clip the corner of the cars in the lane at a right angle to you (on your left). You pull up and then turn, making a corner.

by Honking doesn't workreply 23Last Wednesday at 1:58 PM

R21 If it was raining and they were driving down a hill toward an intersection, it sounds like maybe your brother should have slowed his speed to put enough space between him and the driver ahead in the event that a sudden stop would be needed. It's called defensive driving. Lights can change at any time so the stopping wasn't beyond the realm of possibility.

by Honking doesn't workreply 24Last Wednesday at 2:02 PM

The left turn thing drives me crazy. These morons who don't move up so traffic behind them going straight can pass. Shitty drivers.

I don't get the stopping on yellow if there's no camera.

by Honking doesn't workreply 25Last Wednesday at 2:04 PM

When I was in high school, we had drivers education in the classroom and drivers training in a vehicle.

While in drivers training, I turned left out in front of oncoming traffic, copying what I watched my father do. The teacher shit his pants and pushed his brake petal. I learned fast.

These days many drivers act like they don't know the standard traffic laws. It would be nice if schools brought back those classes and taught the people the traffic laws.

by Honking doesn't workreply 26Last Wednesday at 2:04 PM

These things wouldn't bother you if you were happy.

by Honking doesn't workreply 27Last Wednesday at 2:12 PM

It's senior citizens. They slow down and come to a stop a mile away from a yellow light, and show up an hour and a half early for a doctors appointment,

by Honking doesn't workreply 28Last Wednesday at 2:23 PM

It's not seniors, women or kids exclusively. There's no pattern. I've seen young guys in baseball caps doing this. Texting, perhaps?

by Honking doesn't workreply 29Last Wednesday at 2:28 PM

[22] Maybe it's a New England thing, but many intersections have green arrow signals, green lights and red lights. You may get a green arrow signal to turn left, while everyone alongside you still has a red light. This allows you to turn left before oncoming traffic gets a green light. Some people don't understand that if there is a green arrow signal you have the right of way and oncoming traffic is still stopped by a red light. So they wait until the people to their right have a green light. By then, oncoming traffic also has a green light.

by Honking doesn't workreply 30Last Wednesday at 2:54 PM

I've seen idiots who don't seem to understand the difference between a left green signal which changes to nothing (meaning you can still make a left, but oncoming traffic now has the green, so you need to proceed with caution) and left green signal that turns to a left red signal which means wait your ass until you get the left green signal again.

by Honking doesn't workreply 31Last Wednesday at 3:03 PM

OH THAT ARROW. Many busy streets have that here. That's easy. I'm talking about less busy areas. I lived in Connecticut for several years, they need to spend money on street lights before arrows.

by Honking doesn't workreply 32Last Wednesday at 3:04 PM

There is no point in an all way stop sign unless you live in Mayberry, because I once had a fucking asshole with road rage follow me because I got to it a nanosecond before he did, so I started to go ahead but he wouldn't have it and he followed me and maneuvered in front of me (crossing double yellow line) so I couldn't keep going. I don't doubt I'd be dead if he had a gun. Fucking psycho.

by Honking doesn't workreply 33Last Wednesday at 3:08 PM

Only a real thing in places that have converted their thoroughfares into speedtraps with speed cameras.

by Honking doesn't workreply 34Last Wednesday at 3:10 PM

In my area it’s usually old, Asian drivers who are the culprits.

by Honking doesn't workreply 35Last Wednesday at 3:14 PM

It amazes me how people continually blame others for their bad/unsafe driving habits.

I do not pull into the intersection when turning left.

First, you are technically running a red light.

Two, I’ve seen multiple cars plowed into at a local intersection because when the light turns red, they turn, and then hit by someone running the red light. My safety is not worth it so the left turn lane can progress by ONE FUCKING CAR.

Three, depending on the car you drive, my car is too low to the ground to see around typically bigger/taller SUVs that are turning on the opposite side of the intersection. I can’t see what’s coming, and again not going to risk my safety so you cunts can get to your destination 4 minutes earlier.

by Honking doesn't workreply 36Last Wednesday at 3:24 PM

I've posted this before - yes, it's mostly the elderly.

Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 37Last Wednesday at 3:25 PM

R36 must live in FL

by Honking doesn't workreply 38Last Wednesday at 3:25 PM

R36 in traffic:

Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 39Last Wednesday at 3:28 PM

“If you are turning left, you should wait at the stop line or crosswalk until there is a gap in traffic large enough to allow you to pull into the intersection and complete your turn. Pulling into the intersection to wait to turn left blocks the intersection for emergency vehicles, limits visibility for oncoming traffic and puts you in a position to get in an accident if the light changes and oncoming traffic runs the red light while you are making your turn. Never turn the front wheels towards the left while you are waiting to turn. If you happen to get rear ended, you would be pushed into oncoming traffic”

Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 40Last Wednesday at 3:32 PM

Seniors like to stop at red traffic lights. They RUN STOP SIGNS.

by Honking doesn't workreply 41Last Wednesday at 3:37 PM

The worst are people who drive slowly in the left lane for 20 miles because the place they are going requires them to turn left.

by Honking doesn't workreply 42Last Wednesday at 3:54 PM

You would probably get a chance to pass on the right within 20 miles of driving...

by Honking doesn't workreply 43Last Wednesday at 3:56 PM

[quote]You cannot enter an intersection if traffic is backed up on the other side and you can not get completely through the intersection. Wait until traffic ahead clears, so you do not block the intersection.

Pulling into the intersection is by definition blocking it.

God I love it when I am right and can gloat.

Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 44Last Wednesday at 3:58 PM

R40, it is unrealistic in places like NYC or LA --where the traffic is already a mess-- to have a line of cars behind you waiting to go straight or right, only to have the light change several times before you even get through. Traffic would be backed up if every driver waited behind the crosswalk to make a left turn. It may work in CO, but not in major cities with hellish traffic.

I'm in Brooklyn and I could probably get to VA quicker than I could the UES if we followed the rules you copied.

by Honking doesn't workreply 45Last Wednesday at 3:59 PM

R40, That's COLORADO. HA!

by Honking doesn't workreply 46Last Wednesday at 4:10 PM

So Denver is not a major city with traffic R45?

Did you see the same rules for NY?

Stop trying to justify your shitty driving.

by Honking doesn't workreply 47Last Wednesday at 4:12 PM

R47, I never said we didn't have the "rules," but it's simply not enforced. I've actually seen cops honk for a car to move up so we can all pass behind that driver.

And the population of Denver is smaller than my neighborhood for heaven's sake.

by Honking doesn't workreply 48Last Wednesday at 4:21 PM

Yeah cops are the bastion of good driving.

Look R48 - I’m not trying to shit on people who do it, knock yourself out, but I’m not going to, and it is technically illegal, so don’t shit on people who don’t choose to do it.

by Honking doesn't workreply 49Last Wednesday at 4:28 PM

R49, my point is that it's pretty much an unwritten rule --at least in NYC-- that you move up into the intersection so that the cars behind you can pass. I wouldn't do it in places like FL because I know those drivers are insane, but where I am, it's just expected.

by Honking doesn't workreply 50Last Wednesday at 4:32 PM

Just accept you are all dick drivers and get over it.

Living in New York does not give you an get of of being an asshole card.

Offsite Link
by Honking doesn't workreply 51Last Wednesday at 4:39 PM

^ Naïve

by Honking doesn't workreply 52Last Wednesday at 4:48 PM

[quote]The other thing that drives me crazy is when people are making a left into oncoming traffic, they no longer go into the intersection then make the left after the light turns red. Noooo, they now stay back at the line and wait wait wait. They wait through several light changes before making the left. WHY?

This drives me fucking batshit.

by Honking doesn't workreply 53Last Wednesday at 4:49 PM

Assholes like OP are what caused that Venus Williams's car crash. She had a green light, pulled into the intersection, some sedan making an illegal left turn on a RED light cut her off, forcing her to stop. The old lady who just got a green light didn't bother to slow down and plowed right into Venus's car. The impact killed her dumbass husband.

Moral of the story: green = drive, yellow = slow/caution, red = stop.

by Honking doesn't workreply 54Last Wednesday at 5:14 PM

Sure "yellow = slow/caution,," NOT STOP.

by Honking doesn't workreply 55Last Wednesday at 5:24 PM

You are right R52. I should just accept that regarding driving when in NYC, everyone is an asshole with no regard to safety. They six extra minutes they spend sitting in traffic on their way to Starbucks or on their what to a SATC themed shoe sale is worth causing an accident.

by Honking doesn't workreply 56Last Wednesday at 5:26 PM

Red=stop, green=go, yellow=go faster

by Honking doesn't workreply 57Last Wednesday at 5:26 PM

Where do you live R46? Let’s look up your state’s DMV manual.

by Honking doesn't workreply 58Last Wednesday at 5:39 PM

R56, does everyone in Denver have such road rage issues?

by Honking doesn't workreply 59Last Wednesday at 5:41 PM

I hate it when cars don't signal when they turn.

by Honking doesn't workreply 60Last Wednesday at 5:41 PM

I hate the slow assholes who then speed up when the light is about to change red and leaving you at that light. Motherfuckers!

by Honking doesn't workreply 61Last Wednesday at 5:43 PM

R61 = safety nut!

by Honking doesn't workreply 62Last Wednesday at 5:54 PM

Yes R59, and that is why you need to obey the fucking traffic laws and not depend on a Joe Pesci impression to excuse your bad driving.

Being a New Yorker gets you a pass nowhere for driving like a fucking manic.

by Honking doesn't workreply 63Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

I'm still alive, ain't I?

by Honking doesn't workreply 64Last Wednesday at 6:01 PM

I have to admit, I’m a little surprised myself at my reaction to this thread. It just pisses me off to no end, when I am driving safely, and legally, and some aren’t happy until I cut off people, pull into a busy intersection, and drive 95 on a 75 highway, just because they chose to do it.

ESPECIALLY on the road, the world does not revolve around you fuckwads.

Ok. Vent over.

by Honking doesn't workreply 65Last Wednesday at 6:03 PM

Pics or this never happened.

by Honking doesn't workreply 66Last Wednesday at 6:08 PM

R65, I happen to be a safe driver. I don't speed (much). I use my signals and abide by most laws, but again, in NYC, they'd want to strangle you if you didn't move up so that cars behind you could pass because traffic would become insane if they didn't. People could never get anywhere and I don't think it's very common to get hit in the intersection around here because there's a bit of delay so that the person can make the left before opposing traffic begins. I've been driving for over 20 years and I've never seen someone get hit in the intersection.

by Honking doesn't workreply 67Last Wednesday at 6:14 PM

R16 That's in the Boston Drivers’ Handbook.

by Honking doesn't workreply 68Last Wednesday at 6:16 PM

Because, as one poster very cleverly and accurately offered in a local news Website's "Comments" section recently, people on their cellphones think that the traffic lights are their personal telephone booths.

They purposely slow up so that they can use the impending red-light stop to check, read and respond to their texts. This is why lately if there is more than one lane at a coming set of traffic lights that is not restricted to left- or right-only traffic and there is a vehicle stopped in front of me, I'll purposely signal into that other lane to wait for the light to turn green and start up again from there. Because 9 out of 10 times now, the vehicle in front of me will just sit there, because--you know it--they're looking at their phone, oblivious or apathetic to those maybe stuck behind them. Or more precisely, I should be referring to drivers of SUVs, pickup trucks, or low-riders: Since they seem pathologically to be the worst such regular offenders, from some unknown reason.

by Honking doesn't workreply 69Last Wednesday at 6:22 PM

We do it to fuck with you OP

Seems to be working

by Honking doesn't workreply 70Last Wednesday at 6:23 PM

Yes, fuck those people sideways with a chainsaw that drive 10 mph under the speed limit, worming along and you're forced to follow them. Then the light turns yellow and they floor it and you're stuck at the light. If they'd just maintained the speed limit both of us could've made the light. It all works out great for them but screws over the rest of us.

by Honking doesn't workreply 71Last Wednesday at 6:31 PM

R11. When I moved to Boston, I had previously driven in Maryland, N. Carolina, and N. Florida. Within the first few weeks in Boston, I was on a road with one lane in each direction. It was rush hour, and I needed to make a left turn where there was a solid line of traffic coming on the other side of the road. I carefully waited for a break in the oncoming traffic without going into the intersection, the way I drove “down south.” Finally, there was a break in the oncoming traffic long enough for me to move forward into the intersection and make my right-angle left turn. A cop was standing on the corner of the street I turned into, and he yelled at me, “Were ya gonna wait the whole damn day?” (i.e., why didn't I rush forward and cut someone off to make my left turn). From that moment on, I knew driving in Boston was going to be different than anywhere I had ever lived before.

by Honking doesn't workreply 72Last Wednesday at 6:53 PM

R36 waits for someone to send him an engraved invitation before making his left.

by Honking doesn't workreply 73Last Thursday at 5:52 AM

R70 = 87 year old granny

by Honking doesn't workreply 74Last Thursday at 7:41 AM

I assume from your outrage that it's different in the US vs the UK, but in the UK if a traffic light turns amber that actually means STOP. Most people wrongly think it means "prepare to stop" but the Highway Code states:

"AMBER means 'Stop' at the stop line. You may go on only if the AMBER appears after you have crossed the stop line or are so close to it that to pull up might cause an accident."

Of course, people interpret the second sentence rather liberally, but the point still stands that most people think it means "get ready to stop" rather than simply "stop".

by Honking doesn't workreply 75Last Thursday at 7:53 AM

But y’all drive on the wrong side of the road though.

by Honking doesn't workreply 76Last Thursday at 7:55 AM

Michigan Traffic Laws FAQs:

Question: My husband just got a ticket for running a yellow light. How is that possible? I thought as long as you didn't speed up, you could go through a yellow.

Answer: MCL 257.612 states in part, " ...vehicular traffic facing the signal shall stop before entering the nearest crosswalk at the intersection or at a limit line when marked, but if the stop cannot be made in safety, a vehicle may be driven cautiously through the intersection."

The bottom line is, unless it is dangerous to stop, you must stop when the light turns yellow. The only exception is when you are preparing to make a left turn and you are already within the intersection. You can complete your left turn after oncoming traffic has stopped, even if the light turns red.

by Honking doesn't workreply 77Last Thursday at 8:01 AM

A woman in her 50s I used to work with LEARNED to drive in Houston. She was so traumatized she said she would never drive again upon returning to New York. But a few years later she was happy driving in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island... she said it was easier than Texas.

R75, how interesting. It doesn't apply to this thread.

by Honking doesn't workreply 78Last Thursday at 8:02 AM

R78 take your cuntiness down a notch, as you can see from R77 response, in fact (at least in Michigan) they do have a similar traffic law so it's possible the OP is also mistaken.

by Honking doesn't workreply 79Last Thursday at 8:15 AM

It drives me crazy when people who are not yet in the intersection think it's OK to speed through after the traffic signal changes to yellow. Especially when there are cars already in the intersection trying to complete a turn.

by Honking doesn't workreply 80Last Thursday at 8:24 AM

R60 I hate the elderly who turn on the flashers for a right hand turn a mile before the exit or turn.

Then, if the turn signal doesn’t cancel itself after they’ve turned, they can’t hear the sound emanating from the firewall or see the blinking light on the dashboard, so the flashers stay on for another mile’s driving.

At least Cadillac seems to know their customers. They use chimes instead of a buzzer and the chimes get louder and louder the longer they’re on.

by Honking doesn't workreply 81Last Thursday at 8:50 AM

R80, most of the time the yellow lasts long enough that you don't have to "speed" to go through it. Are you one who jams on the brakes the second you see a yellow?

by Honking doesn't workreply 82Last Thursday at 9:06 AM

What pisses me off is when I am poised to make the left turn as the light is turning red and someone coming toward me runs the red light

by Honking doesn't workreply 83Last Thursday at 9:12 AM

Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin require motorists to stop at yellow lights.

by Honking doesn't workreply 84Last Thursday at 9:19 AM

And you know that how. r81?

by Honking doesn't workreply 85Last Thursday at 4:00 PM

The yellow light is your clue that the light is about to turn red. If there is no one on your tail, it makes sense to stop; if someone is right behind you and you can safely go through the yellow, do it. I was told when I moved to L.A. never to "jump the green," and that was good advice. People go through the red (for them) green (for me) all the time.

by Honking doesn't workreply 86Last Thursday at 5:23 PM

Hey, Denver: Were you driving in Brooklyn today? I had some turtle in front of me. It's a wonder the heavy cream I bought didn't turn to butter.

by Honking doesn't workreply 87Last Thursday at 5:25 PM

R86 In Boston, you almost have to go through a yellow light if there is someone close behind you, because they may be planning to beat or go through the upcoming red light. I have been rear-ended at least 4 times driving in Boston: twice stopping at a yellow light, and twice stopping at a crosswalk to let pedestrians or bicyclists cross. It has become a reflex for me to look in my rear view mirror whenever I hit my brakes. The theory of the rules of the road are one thing; reality is different in Boston.

by Honking doesn't workreply 88Last Thursday at 7:25 PM

[quote]Assertively moving into the intersection in order to force other drivers to let you make your left is pretty obnoxious, but I grew up in a place (an Eastern city) where it was always done this way.

That's how I was taught to drive. The teachers literally said, "Get out there like you mean it!" I've run into a lot of people my age who were taught the same phrase.

by Honking doesn't workreply 89Last Friday at 12:16 AM

They're afraid of some Barney Fife wannabe handing out tickets if you cross over the line a half-second too late.

by Honking doesn't workreply 90Last Friday at 12:59 AM

This is total speculation, but don't civil engineers account for drivers turning left from the intersection?

I'm originally from Ohio, where we (well, most of us) sit in the intersection when we have a green light but no arrow. This is what I was taught in drivers ed (early 2000s). Even at busy intersections, where you do eventually get an arrow, drivers ease out before the arrow appears and turn on green. If they didn't -- if every driver stayed behind the line until the arrow appeared -- the congestion during high-traffic times would be unbelievable. Often, the green arrow does not allow many cars through before disappearing.

The whole setup depends on drivers easing into the intersection and turning without the arrow.

by Honking doesn't workreply 91Last Friday at 1:43 AM

Red light cameras, girl! You’re lucky if you don’t live in an areas that has them. It’s an easy way for cities to rake in millions.

by Honking doesn't workreply 92Last Friday at 1:57 AM

My partner is English. When we first started dating we were in my car and I had to make a left turn at a light without a green turn arrow. I pulled into the intersection. He said, "I see you do this the English way. Good. No one knows how to drive here."

by Honking doesn't workreply 93Last Friday at 2:23 AM

[quote] It's a wonder the heavy cream I bought didn't turn to butter.


by Honking doesn't workreply 94Last Friday at 3:56 AM

R91 gets it.

by Honking doesn't workreply 95Last Friday at 3:56 AM

Just yesterday I was waiting in a line of nine cars making a left at a long light. This light takes forever because there's traffic from the left and right, and traffic getting off the Bronx River Parkway, nothing directly in front. Light turns green and our lane of cars proceeds. When light turns yellow, there's a few seconds to make your left. Dummy in car just stopped at the yellow, forcing us to wait another round.

by Honking doesn't workreply 96Last Friday at 6:57 AM

Kill yourself?

by Honking doesn't workreply 97Last Friday at 8:14 AM
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