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As Seen On TV

What is the BEST and the WORST "As Seen On TV" product you have bought. Must have the red "As Seen On TV" logo to count.

by Post awayreply 3606/11/2021

That device that scrambled eggs inside the shell. This is going back to the very late 70’s. Ridiculous!! And I remember the commercial was hilarious.

by Post awayreply 106/08/2021

In my day we called it “by Ronco.”

by Post awayreply 206/08/2021

I distinctly remember the kid gagging on the “runny egg whites.”

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by Post awayreply 306/08/2021

[quote]In my day we called it “by Ronco.”

Translation: I bought the spray paint for my head and thought it looked like real hair.

by Post awayreply 406/08/2021

Available at Walgreens, Sears, Montgomery Ward, and where other fine products are sold.

by Post awayreply 506/08/2021

Another 70’s one: that thing that you could put a stack of record albums in and it looked like the invisible man was flipping through them.

by Post awayreply 606/08/2021

That fake-ass antenna that's supposed to get all local channels without cable. I'm in a weird location (60 miles from NYC and 30 miles from the PA). I couldn't get ANY channels with that piece of shit. I bought it from WalMart and promptly returned it for a full refund.

by Post awayreply 706/08/2021

The "Topsy Turvey" tomato growing system. It worked great, produced a great yield, and kept my tomatoes off the ground so none of the wildlife could eat them. I wish I could find one these days.

by Post awayreply 806/08/2021

I am quite please with my Ever Brite solar powered outdoor motion sensor area light. It's been above my back porch door for well over a year and has been very reliable. It helps that it faces south here on the east coast so it gets the sun beating down on it for several hours a day.

by Post awayreply 906/08/2021

A related (but old) DL thread on a similar topic.

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by Post awayreply 1006/08/2021

Don't forget the pocket fisherman pole that was as big as your hand but could be pulled out of your pocket for spur of the moment fishing.

by Post awayreply 1106/08/2021

I love the way they exaggerate how awful something is before they present the As Seen on TV solution.

by Post awayreply 1206/08/2021
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by Post awayreply 1306/08/2021

R12 i enjoy the vacuum cleaner commercials that have rows of M&Ms or Cheerios lined up on the floor and YIKES! the vacuum scoops them up easily!

by Post awayreply 1406/08/2021

Best: PedEgg. Keeps my feet soft and supple.

Worst: The Stop the Insanity book. That cunt, Susan Powter, caused me to fuck up my metabolism for years. Fuck her.

by Post awayreply 1506/08/2021

The Tac Light Flashlight is good and in my emergency arsenal.

by Post awayreply 1606/08/2021

The sock slider is what you old fat eldergays need

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by Post awayreply 1706/09/2021

R13 that's hilarious!

by Post awayreply 1806/09/2021

I tried the Ped Egg but all it did was scrape off a small round area on my foot instead of removing dead skin in a widening area.

by Post awayreply 1906/09/2021

I used to love the ginsu knife commercials. But wait. There's more!

by Post awayreply 2006/09/2021

I loved the side sleeper pillow. It was shaped like a comma. I bought two and never saw them again.

by Post awayreply 2106/09/2021

I loved Vince's nuts!

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by Post awayreply 2206/09/2021

This was back in early 2000's -- before Amazon, etc. I wasted $ on these plastic disks that were sold as miracle food savers. It was a plastic ring with a flexible clear silicone sheet - you put the ring on top of a bowl, mug, can and push down. This was supposed to create a vacuum seal and keep your food fresh for days. Of course, the vacuum/suction lasted about 5 minutes. Total ripoff - it was the last time I got scammed by one of those TV ads.

by Post awayreply 2306/09/2021


The silicon lids of today work

Offsite Link
by Post awayreply 2406/10/2021

I know about the modern ones R24 - I have a set and use them frequently. The ones I describe are far inferior. I found a picture of the old school ones that were trash.

Offsite Link
by Post awayreply 2506/10/2021

I got a one-needle looper with a five finger discount.

Offsite Link
by Post awayreply 2606/10/2021


Offsite Link
by Post awayreply 2706/10/2021

I love my pedi-egg, use it all the time

by Post awayreply 2806/10/2021

The original Miracle Brush.

The versions made today can do it like the original.

Offsite Link
by Post awayreply 2906/10/2021

^^^^ CAN'T ^^^^

by Post awayreply 3006/10/2021

No love for me and my Dump Cakes, Dump Dinners, Crock-Pot Dump Dinners, Diabetic Dump Desserts, Crazy Mug Meals 'n' More, CrispyWave, FlatFold Colander, GT Express 101, Le Presse (fancy!), Microcrisp, Red Copper Square Dance Pan, Red Copper Flipwich, Snakmaster, Turbo Cooker Plus, and XPress Redi-Set-Go?

And my all-time masterpiece, Dump for Diabetics?

I hate you bitches.

by Post awayreply 3106/10/2021

Grab n' Go reusable shopping bags. I love them! The handles have hooks that you hook onto your shopping cart. As food is scanned, you put it in the bags and then just lift them off the shopping cart. They're best used if you don't use self-checkout since there's a scale for self-checkout. I use them anyway because I hate plastic bags.

Also, the Green Bars from Cathy Mitchell. Really great for produce and salads.

by Post awayreply 3206/11/2021

So nothing outside of the Ped Egg is any good huh?

by Post awayreply 3306/11/2021

My Bed, Bath & Beyond h'm mesmerized by itas an entire wall devoted to As Seen on TV. It mesmerizes me.

by Post awayreply 3406/11/2021

Alien tape is a huge rip-off. That spray sealant is crap as well.

by Post awayreply 3506/11/2021

Infinity Dress

by Post awayreply 3606/11/2021
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