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A rating of current Republican Lady Senators

Politics mostly set aside, which current Republican lady Senator do you view exceeds the others in combined beauty, eloquence, charm, and grace?

DL will render a definitive answer. Results may be seen in Mar-a-Lago.

by Aleksandrareply 40Last Friday at 3:08 AM

They're all cunts.

by Aleksandrareply 106/06/2021

This is like judging the prize pig at the county fair, but I have to vote for Murkowski - not that she possesses any of these qualities, but I do believe she represents the best interests of her constituents and is not wholly beholden to Cheetolini and she's not a complete nut/moron like some of the others listed

by Aleksandrareply 206/06/2021

Lady G is number one 🖕🏼

by Aleksandrareply 306/06/2021

Murkowski. She has some ethics.

by Aleksandrareply 406/06/2021

CH Smith of Mississippi is a cunt's cunt. Just an awful person, right down there with her fellow cunt, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

by Aleksandrareply 506/06/2021

Looks like a race between Lindsey & Lisa. The two are very different.

by Aleksandrareply 606/06/2021

This is unfair. Lindsey was a legendary beauty and gracious hostess even before the Senate. The others are not exactly lookers.

by Aleksandrareply 706/06/2021

I'm concerned about be compared in such a way with my good friends.

by Aleksandrareply 806/06/2021

Miz Lindsey is the only one I can picture practicing her sashay and deportment while balancing one of mother's romance hardbacks on her head.

by Aleksandrareply 906/06/2021

Lindsey and Marsha were beauty queen contestants. I don't know about the others.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 1006/06/2021

Marsha gets a kiss from Orange Mussolini.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 1106/06/2021

Did Marsha play the guitar for bloated Barr?

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 1206/06/2021

Women should not be allowed to vote or run for elected office.

by Aleksandrareply 1306/06/2021

What a nest of vipers! Conservative women are evil.

by Aleksandrareply 1406/06/2021

Lindsey Graham is a duplicitous lying little bitch……

by Aleksandrareply 1506/06/2021

Miss Lindz's couch is not so eloquent now; but it has seen much action.

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by Aleksandrareply 1606/06/2021

Doesn't Marsha have a a little homesexual boy for a son?

by Aleksandrareply 1706/06/2021

“combined beauty, eloquence, charm, and grace?”

I’m very concerned about this poll.

by Aleksandrareply 1806/06/2021

Lindsey and Susan are the only two I would allow to be alone with my hubby.

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by Aleksandrareply 1906/06/2021

Miss Lindsey curses when she's mad. She is not very charming when she uses naughty words.

by Aleksandrareply 2006/06/2021

This is a trick question, yes?

by Aleksandrareply 2106/06/2021

She’s not very charming period….even though I always seem to picture her with a donkey dick in her mouth…must be the vibes she gives off

by Aleksandrareply 2206/06/2021

She does give off ‘homo’ vibes….my fuckin gaydar goes off like a fire alarm every time she opens her mouth.

by Aleksandrareply 2306/06/2021

We’d all be better off if someone would shove a dick in Miss Lindsey’s mouth.

by Aleksandrareply 2406/06/2021

[quote]beauty, eloquence, charm, and grace

I laughed when I read that.

[quote]Lady G is number one

Lady G is #2 if you know what I mean

[quote]Miss Lindz's couch is not so eloquent now

I first read that word as "cooch" until I saw the pic you attached.

by Aleksandrareply 2506/06/2021

Those "lady" Republican Senators, as a whole, are as deplorable, perhaps moreso, if one randomly picked nine male Republican Senators.

LG, Blackburn, Ernst, and Hyde-Smith, are not politicians I view as respectable.

Lisa Murkowski acts reasonable at times. She represents Alaska which votes Republican. She lost a primary several years back, but won the general election on wrote-in votes without a simple last name. That's quite an accomplishment. In the next election, she may actually "gain" votes since she defied Trump.

by Aleksandrareply 2606/06/2021

I've noted this before, but Cindy Hyde-Smith looks like the very cheapest discount cigarette bought at an interstate gas station.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 2706/06/2021

Marsha Blackburn, and Bill Hagerty, voted against confirming Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary. Yet, she shows her "arse" in Memphis grandstanding for "bipartisanship" when pork is involved. The I-40 bridge in Memphis does need repairs, but her record of being bipartisan is nil. She conveniently was a "no-show" on the vote in the Senate to have a commission to investigate the 1/06 insurrection.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 28Last Monday at 9:16 AM

Lindsey Graham actually showed-up in South Carolina. Of course it is always to take credit for what someone else has done.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 29Last Monday at 9:20 AM

As a Republican lady guvnah, Ah am underrated fuh mah chahm and poise.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 30Last Monday at 9:22 AM

Kristi Noem is worse. Pardon, the worst Governor following Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 31Last Monday at 9:30 AM

Ron Johnson is the senator I loathe…..he’s not a lady like Lindsey …but he is a fucking tRump enabler asshole.

by Aleksandrareply 32Last Monday at 1:08 PM

You know Lindsey has looked a little worn out…how is he fucking and sucking and managing to stay off the radar. Are there any speculations ? and in South Carolina of all places…..what is he? a magician

by Aleksandrareply 33Last Monday at 1:25 PM

Poor thang, Lindsey Belle slumps, showing compromised posture. While she still sashays with flair, her spunk is gone with the wind except when she gets perky in the presence of Donald. The drinking doesn't help.

by Aleksandrareply 34Last Monday at 4:32 PM

Which one went to finishing school?

by Aleksandrareply 35Last Monday at 4:35 PM

Lady G is too use to those 5 martini lunches……he looks like he has a perpetual hang-over in the pictures I’ve seen lately

by Aleksandrareply 36Last Monday at 5:20 PM

Ask Charles Koch. Graham & Marsha Blackburn steadily receive huge contributions from this guy. Most other GQP politicians do too.

Taking those $$$$$$ from the fossil fuel industry & environmental destructors return billions.

by Aleksandrareply 37Last Wednesday at 5:17 AM

Blackburn is zero.

by Aleksandrareply 38Last Thursday at 10:56 AM

Home Eonomics major Marsha, is on a tirade against Dr. Facci and science.

Offsite Link
by Aleksandrareply 39Last Thursday at 11:21 PM

The famous Senatrice has beauty, brains and Trump on her side.

by Aleksandrareply 40Last Friday at 3:08 AM
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