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Evan Peters is a Stud

From American Horror Story to HBO's Mare of Eastwood, this sexy guy with the mesmerizing eyes has it all. He is PERFECT, and one of the few guys I'd allow to ride me bareback and cream my hole until the cum leaks out of my nostrils. Plus I love his new short hair.

Dreamy. 🥴

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by Anonymousreply 7006/10/2021

He sure is. I love his dark eyes.

by Anonymousreply 105/21/2021

Nope. One of my friends is the female version of him, and an absolute freak. He’s the guy in the sex club the other patrons warn you about!

by Anonymousreply 205/21/2021

That just made me even harder, R2.

by Anonymousreply 305/21/2021

He seems like an interesting person and a regular looking guy to me.

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by Anonymousreply 405/21/2021

Perhaps in some situations or at certain angles, but mostly he is not, OP. Reevaluate, please.

by Anonymousreply 505/21/2021

Post your photo, R5. Then we'll reevaluate.

Meanwhile, Evan is beautiful.

by Anonymousreply 605/21/2021

Is he dating anybody?

by Anonymousreply 705/21/2021

How old are you OP. Be honest.

by Anonymousreply 805/21/2021

I think he's a good actor. I always enjoy his performances. But I have never felt even remotely attracted to him. I think he looks completely generic

by Anonymousreply 905/21/2021

He was hot, for a hot minute, well over 10 years ago.

by Anonymousreply 1005/21/2021

Emma Roberts had a lot of nerve trying to kill him.

by Anonymousreply 1105/21/2021

OP- Yes he is PERFECTly bland

by Anonymousreply 1205/21/2021

He’s got an amazing Adam’s apple, very sexy.

by Anonymousreply 1305/21/2021

And now his character is dead.

by Anonymousreply 1405/21/2021


by Anonymousreply 1505/21/2021

He has a beautiful profile; perfect Roman nose, exquisite eyebrows, heart-melting smile, dark soulful eyes, sensuous lips, hands of a Michelangelo statue, tight svelte body. God, he's so handsome.

by Anonymousreply 1605/21/2021

It's a miracle! A stud! With 5 inches (admittedly thick) and questionable anal hygiene.

by Anonymousreply 1705/21/2021

R16 doesn't know what a Roman Nose is.

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by Anonymousreply 1805/21/2021

I had this in mind, R18.

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by Anonymousreply 1905/21/2021

[quote]ride me bareback and cream my hole until the cum leaks out of my nostrils

Pics please.

by Anonymousreply 2005/21/2021

There a great pic of Evan, R18

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 2105/21/2021

R21 I posted it at R18, you dipshit.

by Anonymousreply 2205/21/2021

He looks like standard issue white guy.

What is it about him that is supposed to be attractive?

by Anonymousreply 2305/21/2021

R23, his ass.

by Anonymousreply 2405/21/2021

He is consistently the best thing about American Horror Story - season after season, I most look forward to seeing what he'll do. Last season that he wasn't in was sorely lacking his presence - along with some of the other regulars. He was totally wasted in Coven and Roanoke - two of my least liked seasons.

by Anonymousreply 2505/21/2021

He'll be playing Jeffrey Dahmer in an upcoming Netflix series! I hope there's full-frontal nudity and plenty of Evan fucking the guys. Before he eats them, of course.

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by Anonymousreply 2605/21/2021

Martin Freeman has his future face.

by Anonymousreply 2705/21/2021

I really like him. He was so hot in the first season of AHS! I guess his career is going to be mostly television, but that’s not a bad thing. He seems to be booked all the time.

by Anonymousreply 2805/22/2021

R23 His fame

by Anonymousreply 2905/22/2021

I guess if you think Malcolm McDowell is studly.

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by Anonymousreply 3005/22/2021

I'm just so happy for him that he got away from that crazy psycho Emma Roberts.

by Anonymousreply 3105/22/2021

Total stud. I've NEVER been a huge fan of the pretty boy, porn type that gets pushed around here. I like a guy with some mileage on his face and sleeves on both arms--he doesn't have that, but I can overlook it. He reminds me of a sexy drummer in a local band.

by Anonymousreply 3205/22/2021

He’s prettier than Malcom, R30.

by Anonymousreply 3305/22/2021

Ryan Murphy is very good to him. He basically started his career.

by Anonymousreply 3405/22/2021

I think he is terrific actor who is a little bit wasted on Ryan Murphy's stuff that people don't take seriously anymore. He was incredible in Cult. And i really liked him in Hotel - it was hard to believe that such a young actor is so good at playing such a specific character.

by Anonymousreply 3505/22/2021

He's such a sweetheart. He almost quit acting after Mare of Easttown because he thought he hadn't done a good job. But he was superb and stole the show in every single one of his scenes.

He needs a strong nurturing partner to bring out his self-confidence because he has the potential for a brilliant career.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 3605/22/2021

Drama Club Dork aggrandized by an even fringier Glee Club Dork named Ryan Murphy.

by Anonymousreply 3705/22/2021

Well he did a hell of a lot better than Ryan Phllipee did in his series and got many more episodes before being killed off.

by Anonymousreply 3805/22/2021

They need to resurrect his character. Yet they keep grungy-looking folliclely-challenged Guy Pearce. 🙄

by Anonymousreply 3905/22/2021

Terrific, versatile actor, and for a skinny guy has a surprisingly meaty ass (which tends to make an appearance in just about every season of American Horror Story).

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4005/22/2021

Evan seems to have a lovely small dick

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4105/23/2021

What evidence that his tiny dick is also "lovely"

For crissakes the hyperbole on this thread is LEGENDARY

by Anonymousreply 4205/23/2021

Terrific actor, but not hot.

But he looks a bit like the British actor Joe Armstrong, who is very hot.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4305/26/2021

He'll always be Lobster Boy to me, he made that character likable too

by Anonymousreply 4405/26/2021

He's already had a career most actors would kill for.

by Anonymousreply 4505/26/2021

Evan reminds me a lot of Johnny Depp (boyish looks, coal black eyes, penchant for Gothic roles) but he seems much more intelligent.

by Anonymousreply 4605/26/2021

BuzzFeed just posted a 17-image homage to Evan Peters, beginning with a post from April.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 4705/31/2021

R47 Does Buzzfeed not know that as people age their looks change?

by Anonymousreply 4805/31/2021

I don’t think he’s generic. He’s a bit quirky. In a good way. Reminds me a little of Michael Shannon.

by Anonymousreply 4905/31/2021

R23 I totally agree with you!

To me Evan is an average Joe. Physically he's nothing special. I can think of a dozen guys way hotter than him without even trying. He doesn't scream stud to me BUT he does have a lot of charisma and SEX APPEAL which is evident in his acting.

I know he identifies as "straight" but if he got busy with a guy I don't see him as a top. His appearance screams submissive total bottom. A lot of men would be VERY attracted to his submissive vibe!

He looks like that guy you see at the club who stares at you from across the room with those puppy dog eyes desperate to make eye contact because he's too scared to approach you. Five minutes later he's with you on his knees in a dark corner. Ten minutes later he's up against the wall taking cock up his ass!

by Anonymousreply 5005/31/2021

He has such a weird black eyes.

by Anonymousreply 5105/31/2021

I thought he was totally overrated in American Horror Story because American Horror Story is mostly terrible, but he really impressed me in Mare. His drunk performance was as good as I have ever seen. Usually actors play drunk as just acting goofy or angry, but his gaze was unfocused, he slurred enough to be convincingly drunk but not so much that he was hard to understand. And his whole performance was riveting. He held the screen with Kate Winslet and that surprised me.

by Anonymousreply 5205/31/2021

He's a plain-looking actor, not quite the "stud" you're making him out to be

by Anonymousreply 5305/31/2021

Always been a fan of dark oddball pretty boys. He was really cute and slender to start with, and he’s getting hotter every year as he’s filled out. Love the pale skin and dark eyes. Hes unconventional in his conventional looks.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5406/01/2021

He's America's Laurence Olivier!

by Anonymousreply 5506/01/2021

Evan gets a cock sock lesson....

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 5606/01/2021

He's an unattractive no-talent. Seriously, he repulses me. I fast forward through all of his scenes in everything except "AHS: Freakshow" which has been his best work that I've seen.

I refuse to sign up for another streaming service, so I haven't seen the newest Winslet vehicle, in which he costars. But it's probably just as bad as everything else he's done.

by Anonymousreply 5706/01/2021

I find him very attractive. Not in a "hot" sense – he is not – but in a hard to pinpoint way. I just finished Mare and was surprised and excited to see him appear.

by Anonymousreply 5806/01/2021

Capricorn or Aquarius?

by Anonymousreply 5906/01/2021

He’s the dawning of Aquarius, that boy is all fire!

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6006/01/2021

He is extremely homophobic.

by Anonymousreply 6106/01/2021

I love how Emma Roberts went all Harriet Tubman on him.

by Anonymousreply 6206/01/2021

R61, did he turn down your old proplapsed hole when you stalked him wearing you best 70s caftan?

by Anonymousreply 6306/01/2021

Evan Peters auditioned for the role of Stiles on Teen Wolf according to Jeff Davis.

by Anonymousreply 6406/09/2021

Meh. AWG XXXXXX infinity

by Anonymousreply 6506/09/2021

He's like that ugly fat nerd you tease because he plays too much World of Warcraft.

by Anonymousreply 6606/09/2021

I find him adorable and sexy. BUT he’s very transparent. I can tell he is very sweet, nervous, anxiety, depressed due to trauma of hollywood types, is codependent, needy, desperately wants to be liked/love, thinks a relationship will make him happy bit it won’t, has amazing talent but low self esteem. I can’t see him wanting to be a Brad Pitt famous, but respected as a quality actor. Rumor is he’s still on and off with drugs. His relationships with women are fast and furious. He gets a high out of the first 3 mo of puppy love. His latest piece is a really pathetic reflection. A 24 year old “model”, tiktoker, who reads tarot for $10, talks like a baby, uses evan for fane/$$$, and looks disturbingly 14. Oh and she’s pretty fug. Any 34 year old guy who wants this type of girl got hooked by the pussy and goes blind and abused. His stupid friend jeff set them up. He needs to dump these hollywood friends. They are not his frirnd.

Offsite Link
by Anonymousreply 6706/09/2021

EvanPetersSidepiece, yes, hop on a plane and go take out that piece of trash chick wasting Evan's time and precious seed. Only an exquisite creature like yourself should be with Evan. I'm sure he'll love you for delivering him from such hell.

by Anonymousreply 6806/09/2021

It took me a whole episode before I realized he was on Mare of Easttown, he looked too normal. Great show btw.

by Anonymousreply 6906/09/2021

[r68] done!

by Anonymousreply 7006/10/2021
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