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Black man enslaved by White manager should receive more than $500,000 in restitution, court says

But is it SLAVERY slavery?

Offsite Link
by Whoopi G.reply 1905/04/2021

Does he have to have been picking cotton and singing about Ole Virginny?

by Whoopi G.reply 105/04/2021

But racism doesn't exist!

by Whoopi G.reply 205/04/2021

They shouldn't have called it slavery or made it a black/white issue.

They should have focused on taking advantage of the disabled.

By focusing on race, they bring out all the apologists bigots.

by Whoopi G.reply 305/04/2021

Yes it does, you Oreo!

by Whoopi G.reply 405/04/2021

This is basically what every job is like.

by Whoopi G.reply 505/04/2021

Then how is work not slavery?

by Whoopi G.reply 605/04/2021

Who said it wasn't, R6?

This man deserves at least 5 million.

by Whoopi G.reply 705/04/2021

The manager is an asshole and deserves cancer but it isn't "slavery" but we all know that.

by Whoopi G.reply 805/04/2021

[quote] Then how is this not slavery?

Let me give you a copy of my book.

Offsite Link
by Whoopi G.reply 905/04/2021

Like the perp has the money to pay it...psssffft.

by Whoopi G.reply 1005/04/2021

Karl Marx was and is part of the problem. He falsified statistics that were already outdated, and he was a shitty husband on top of that.

The Eurocentric nature of Marxism makes it problematic.

by Whoopi G.reply 1105/04/2021

R9: Bah! Mine was better.

Offsite Link
by Whoopi G.reply 1205/04/2021

In the Communist utopia that will spontaneously arise, no one will have to do a job that they don't love. And, they will get paid exactly as much as they need.

by Whoopi G.reply 1305/04/2021

How do you know how much I need?

by Whoopi G.reply 1405/04/2021

Is R11 okay?

Wtf was that about?

by Whoopi G.reply 1505/04/2021

R14 the party will decide.

by Whoopi G.reply 1605/04/2021

JFC! Of the eight comments I could see in this thread, six were removed after I blocked r1. He's literally in here talking to himself (e.g., r11, r12 , r14) to give the impression that commenters are interacting. Sad.

by Whoopi G.reply 1705/04/2021

R17 is a racist and a pedophile who admitted he is not interested in discussing the many ways the glorification of Karl Marx advances white supremacy.

by Whoopi G.reply 1805/04/2021

R16: The same party with more blood on his hands than Adolf Hitler? That communist party? The one whose defenders not only didn’t even deny its death toll but actively tried to defend it by moving the goalposts for what constitutes a war crime with every new sentence?

by Whoopi G.reply 1905/04/2021
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