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For those of you who took the AstraZeneca vaccine...

How old are you, and did you have any serious side effects?


by Contemplating to get AZreply 2112 hours ago

I got the Pfizer but many here in health care and who are older or work with the public got Astra Zeneca as it was the first one to come to the country. My roommate's aunt and uncle (in their 60's with heart problems) had horrid chills and nausea while her cousin (fat and lazy nurse in her 30's) and her boyfriend (fat and sedentary in his late 40's) had mild flu symptoms. My co-workers (almost all in their 20's and healthy) and other people in retail and a clinic I went to for a colonoscopy who had it said they had no side effects. The only other person who claimed to have been "very sick" is an obese fag hag with green hair at work who is not remotely credible because she is ALWAYS sick and likes to tell everyone every time she burps that she is at death's door.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 105/03/2021

I'm scheduled for AstraZeneca in a month or so, and will be very happy for it, but I'm lucky to suffer very few and then only mild side-effects to any meds.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 205/03/2021

I'm 40 and had zero side effects apart from a sore arm.

I work for the NHS in the UK. I've seen first hand what Covid can do. The chances of you having a fatal adverse reaction to the AZ vaccine are so tiny you're more likely to die taking a shower or walking down a flight of stairs. You'll be asked beforehand if you've ever had blood clots, any platelet disorder, anaphylaxis etc and if your answers to those questions are negative, just get the vaccine and be grateful.

Some people have reported mild cold/flu symptoms after all brands of the vaccine. I'd much rather have a bit of mild cold/flu than Covid.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 305/03/2021

Quite old, I had a swollen - not sore - arm for a few hours, abnormally tired for a couple of days, otherwise as per usual..

by Contemplating to get AZreply 405/03/2021

I'm 50, UK. I had my first vaccination one Saturday in March. The side effects started about 6 hours later, and were basically akin to very mild 'flu symptoms - which I get almost every year after my 'flu vaccine, and so didn't bother me. Took two paracetamol before an early bed. Slightly disturbed sleep, and I felt a bit icky the next morning. I could have gone to work if I had needed to - it wasn't that bad - but as I didn't have to go anywhere, I took two more paracetamol and spent the morning in bed dozing and listening to the radio. By lunchtime the 'flu-like symptoms had receded. Lingering effects were being more tired than usual, and a sore arm around the injection point, both of which symptoms had gone completely within a week. Looking forward to my second shot in June.

Hope that helps.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 505/03/2021

I've had both AZ shots, the first didn't give me any side-effects.

The second gave me a week long headache and flu like symptoms.

It looks like they've ordered Pfizer for the winter booster jab here in the UK, I'll see how that goes?

by Contemplating to get AZreply 605/03/2021

I should have added that my partner (a year older than me) had his a week earlier, and the only side-effects he exhibited were muscle soreness at the injection site and feeling totally drained for a couple of days.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 705/04/2021

Only ghetto people get ghetto vaccine

by Contemplating to get AZreply 805/04/2021

I’m 42 and just had my second AstraZeneca. No real side effects at all, except a sore arm for a couple of days and maybe a bit tired. Well worth it. If I’d got covid before I’d have been fucked. Apparently even the much beleaguered AstraZeneca gives 100% protection against hospitalisation and death.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 905/04/2021

55. No side effects.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1005/04/2021

Thanks for the replies so far, guys. Here’s hoping I get mine soon.

R8 can die in a grease fire

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1105/04/2021

I got AZ last week. I'm 49. It was sore for a few days on the spot where I had the injection. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, some 20 hours later, I felt some feverishness and a bit I comfortable. I still could work but was not as effective. It disappeared after 10 hours.

I'm fine now.

Too bad people make a snobbish competition in such a situation.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1205/04/2021

R11 - honey R8 can't even write proper English. I am not a believer in the idea that Russians troll but they are the main ethnic group that can't, for the life of them, use the definite article "the" in front of a noun. Also, that would make Macron, Merkel and about 80% of medical staff in the U.K. "ghetto". So a person who doesn't know basic grammar is calling doctors and nurses "ghetto".

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1305/04/2021

Come sit next to me, R13

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1405/04/2021

R14 - don't even go there honey. My last hookup was with a gorgeous Dutchman in his late 40's in February 2020. Too bad he wasn't one of the ones sent here for a longer time. Best ass and great blow job. Dutchmen are underrated. Told my roommate and she mentioned that when she was sent here in 2017 and they had the coldest winter since 1954, two Dutch executives saw that she was alone and from LA and invited her to an lovely restaurant (sadly, dead due to COVID) and made her feel so much more confident and they were absolute gentlemen. She made garlic mayo as a thank you and they loved it, of course. Said educated Dutch people must be some of the most civilized on earth. I agree.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1505/06/2021

All the people I know who have had AstraZeneca are over 60 and varying degrees of health and none of them had any side effects.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1605/06/2021

I am 50 and my timing and experience is exactly as R5 described. Feeling a few mild symptoms after the jab is nothing compared to what could happen with Covid. I am also looking forward to getting my second jab.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1705/06/2021

61 years old. Got my first AZ jab about 6 weeks ago, with very few and negligible side effects. After the jab, I spent a very restless night and woke up the next morning with a mild fever. Took a couple of paracetamol and spent the next eight hours sleeping. Woke up feeling ratshit, took two more paracetamol and went back to bed. Woke up the following morning feeling perfectly fine, but a bit tired. This uncharacteristic tiredness lasted about a week.

No idea what the second jab will do to me, but it's all worth it to stay out of hospital and, worse, the ICU.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1805/06/2021

I’m 44, got my first AZ jab 6 weeks ago. I felt slightly congested 2 days afterwards, and had some muscle stiffness for a few days. It was nothing though. I’ve certainly felt much worse when I had the common cold.

I was the first in my family to get it, and the only person to experience any symptoms at all. The rest, ranging from 35 to 59 years old, were all fine.

I should get a date for my second jab in the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to getting it, and hopefully getting back to something close to normal life!

by Contemplating to get AZreply 1905/06/2021

Well, I finally managed to get an appointment all the way on the other side of town - but I would’ve travelled cross-country if I had to.

Monday’s the day, bitches!!

by Contemplating to get AZreply 2015 hours ago

Six of my family took it last week and only one had a headache the following day. I took the first shot 2 days ago and I had light headache for like one hour and general light tiredness the following day for 2 or 3 hours. Nothing big.

by Contemplating to get AZreply 2112 hours ago
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