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Hair coloring for men

A number of of my friends in their 50s and 60’s “adjust” their hair color with shampoo in color and other at home treatments. Most try to get rid of some but not all of the gray.

Generally they look pretty good.

What sayeth the datalounge on this topic?

by Knives outreply 106Last Tuesday at 6:44 AM

Compensation for "other thing(s)"

by Knives outreply 105/02/2021

They're usually not fooling their friends, but they may fool strangers.

by Knives outreply 205/02/2021

I actually like gray hair on a man. Silver and gray are lovely colors, and a man who dyes his hair looks vain and that's almost as much of a turnoff as plucked eyebrows for me.

[Sigh] I wish I could be as welcoming to bald men as I am to gray-haired men, there are SO many bald men out there!

by Knives outreply 305/02/2021

Just For Men shampoo in hair color works well. And it is so gradual that it looks natural. Personally, I wish it weren't soooooo gradual. But it's not a dye. You can use Just For Men hair dye. But the JFM shampoo-in hair color is a entirely different process.

R3. Yes, I agree, gray hair on some men does look good. I'm not one of those men.

by Knives outreply 405/02/2021

JFM here. Just go light and stick to the time. I do the color abour every 4 months and use the shampoo once a week. Yes, there is gray. Oh, dye my beard and use the 'poo on that too. Washes out way quicker. They are gray on the sides only, but it glitters. No shit.

by Knives outreply 505/02/2021

I found you really didn't need to look in the mirror much during the past year...that helps.

by Knives outreply 605/02/2021

Guys who "color" their hair invariably end up looking like Sheldon Adelson (late, unlamented).

by Knives outreply 705/02/2021

I wish I HAD grey hair. I think grey hair looks great. I’m mid-50s and my beard has gone totally white but my hair doesn’t have a single grey hair in it. It looks like I’m dying my hair, and makes me look dumb as fuck.

Has anyone ever suffered as much as me?

by Knives outreply 805/02/2021

You all need to work on Rudy, he's in desperate need of help

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 905/02/2021

I just saw a trailer for some new movie with Chris Pratt. AWFUL dye job. Think twice, people!!!!

by Knives outreply 1005/02/2021

If JFM shampoo is not dye . . . WHAT IS IT??!!

by Knives outreply 1105/02/2021

Don’t go too dark like Rudy or too brassy like Trump.

by Knives outreply 1205/02/2021

Just watched John Stamos on American Idol - He looked like Elvis. Not a grey hair on his head!

by Knives outreply 1305/02/2021

Its strange, I love the look of silver grey hair, but it does make you look older..

by Knives outreply 1405/02/2021

No No No. if you need to know why men should not dye, look no further than Ty what’s his name from Modern Family

by Knives outreply 1505/02/2021

Pathetic and desperate for attention

by Knives outreply 1605/02/2021

Unless it's done professional ,dye jobs always look like dye jobs.

by Knives outreply 1705/02/2021

Actually, just about EVERY Celebrity male dyes his hair. Stamos is just the tip of the iceberg. The BAD dye jobs are not what you are going for, but I have seen some great mens hair coloring. Most are so good we just don't notice

by Knives outreply 1805/02/2021

Id be hitting the salon every 3 weeks, its not possible to keep up the maintenance

by Knives outreply 1905/02/2021

The brown seems to have a copper tone that looks unnatural.

by Knives outreply 2005/02/2021

Does anyone dye their eyebrows? Mine are starting to get a lot of grays. My head is ok but my beard is quickly getting mostly gray.

by Knives outreply 2105/02/2021

Get it done professionally and never let the grays surface to begin with. I have a gray color blending rinse done that masks the grays and is very natural, but it washes out quickly. This is one of things that is better to go to an experience and well known stylist. I pay $145 for cut and blending every 5-6 weeks. Keeping away the grays is one of the easiest ways to look at DL 25 at 40. I think gray hair looks good on some people but really ages others.

by Knives outreply 2205/02/2021

r21. Try colored brow gel - looks amazing! seriously

by Knives outreply 2305/02/2021

My hair is completely white so Im fucked.

by Knives outreply 2405/02/2021

i'll take r22 at his word that it looks good.

But i know people like R22 who spend $150 every 4 weeks and their hair usually looks fake because they insist on no gray showing and they end up with a weird color not found in nature without any gray way past the age where its possible. then they usually overcompliment their colorist's abilities.

by Knives outreply 2505/02/2021

I embraced my grey hair at 52, but honestly, my fired encouraged me to color it again. Even my younger 35 YO friends said I looked better with dyed hair. I actually hate it, but now Im a slave to a fucking dy job every 3 weeks

by Knives outreply 2605/02/2021

With color, I get it a couple shades light which actually looks more natural than if you go a darker color. I'm a swimmer and just tell everyone the chlorine and sun bleach my hair naturally. I'm sure everyone buys that excuse.

by Knives outreply 2705/02/2021

r27, Um, yeah...

by Knives outreply 2805/02/2021

I am more bothered by a gray or calico-cat-like beard. Especially when it's mismatched with the hair on top. E.g., Justin Trudeau.

Eyebrows, yes, you can dye them. In fact, IMO, men should pay more attention to their eyebrows. Trim them, if necessary. If they have a tendency to grow downwards, use some moustache wax and comb them upwards or at least to the side.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 2905/02/2021

Does anyone have good experience with at home shampoo in color?

by Knives outreply 3005/03/2021

I've seen lots of gays with dyed hair. I think I've seen one that looks "natural." The others always think they look natural, but we know. If you don't care, then go for it. It's your hair, your business. But, it's less natural looking than you think - nothing wrong with gray!

Related note - I have a decent amount of gray in my hair, but my whiskers come out jet black. If I don't shave for a while - even a few days - it looks like I dye my whiskers, but not my hair. Ugh.

by Knives outreply 3105/03/2021

My 70 year old boss did it and it turned out fucking GREEN. Not a joke, just the truth. Green. He's not even ashamed about it which I find even more disturbing than the fucking color.

by Knives outreply 3205/03/2021

Hair coloring is for girls, If you're an old graying man get a Porsche

by Knives outreply 3305/03/2021

Old men who insist on young dyed hairstyles look really stupid. Like that 75 years old woman you know with jet black hair.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 3405/03/2021

The last time I dyed my hair was to get a job, and then stopped dying it. That was 10 years ago.

by Knives outreply 3505/03/2021

I think it’s ridiculous and conducive to other emotional issues. Then again, I feel the same way about all cosmetics, which really promote the message that being yourself is not good enough and that aging is bad.

And before you bitches start, [italic]I[/italic] will sign my own name, thank you!

by Knives outreply 3605/03/2021

I fucking botox, use filler, go to the damn gym - My damn grey hair is making me look older! Only thing worse would be if I was bald...

by Knives outreply 3705/03/2021

Here's the thing Eldergays: if you're in your 40s and you've got a few gray hairs here and there, it's pretty sexy

When you're in your 50s you can probably cover the gray up some without it looking like an obvious dye job, though you've either got to be on top of it all the time so there are no grey roots or, if you use the wash in thing, you wind up with a reddish color as it fades out that looks really odd.

But by the time you're 60, it looks really obvious that your hair is colored.

by Knives outreply 3805/03/2021

I’m 37 with some flecks of gray coming through at the sides, but that’s about it. Seems professional dye jobs are the only real option but I doubt I could be bothered committing to the upkeep, so I’ll take it as it comes.

Box dyes seem universally flat and awful. One friend in his 50s dyes his hair jet black, and every time we meet I struggle not to ask why he has a dead crow sprawled on top of his head.

by Knives outreply 3905/03/2021

[quote] I’m 37 with some flecks of gray coming through at the sides, but that’s about it. Seems professional dye jobs are the only real option but I doubt I could be bothered committing to the upkeep, so I’ll take it as it comes.

R39, this is the time to jump on it. Start bothering with it because with just a few grays, you can blend them out without anyone noticing and then just keep the coloring going as the gray increases. No one will notice.

by Knives outreply 4005/03/2021

There’s a picture in the DailyMail today of Mike Myers with a bad dye job.

by Knives outreply 4105/03/2021

Redford’s isn’t a dye job, it’s a rug.

by Knives outreply 4205/03/2021

Here's 40 year old Redford being an extreme blonde. He's no stranger to hair color.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 4305/04/2021

I gave up dying my hair and beard because it’s just too much upkeep. For the last couple years I’ve been dying my mustache only dark brown. Silly, but it makes me look younger and people don’t clock me for dying my hair.

by Knives outreply 4405/04/2021

I have a shaved head so obviously don't dye my hair, but I do my beard every couple of weeks - I have too many colours in my beard, from blond to ginger to brown to grey, and a consistent colour just makes it look much better and thicker.

I don't much care if people know or not.

by Knives outreply 4505/04/2021

If you want to look young as you age, lighten.

by Knives outreply 4605/04/2021

r46 is spot on. Dark hair coloring looks so obvious. I have some white at the temples, but everything else is still light brown. I touch up the temples with Cremo foam in a dark blond and it looks very natural.

by Knives outreply 4705/04/2021

Jim Brickman gave up on hair coloring a while ago. You can get away with no coloring if you look like this.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 4805/04/2021

Can a man wear his hair longer if it grey or is it too "witchy?"

by Knives outreply 4905/04/2021

Brickman looks good

by Knives outreply 5005/04/2021

He's a silver fox. There are some guys I know in their late 20's/early 30's with the perfect shade of silver. Does anyone dye their pubes?

by Knives outreply 5105/04/2021

I use the Just For Men Control GX shampoo dye, and like the results as the grey shows through. I have a couple dye resistant patches though, so I sometimes just brush in the dye shampoo strategically in just those areas You can’t really mess anything up as it’s a weak dye, The only issue I have with it is there’s always a length gradient, and you suddenly look much greyer after a cut. However, it’s much better than the pasty solid dye look.

Before Covid, I had it professionally done at a salon but switched to self clippers cut and the GX shampoo during lockdown. Saving loads of money , and I prefer my look more now. Having very short hair makes life so much easier as well. Probably not going back to the old routine.

by Knives outreply 5205/04/2021

Right there with R8. I'm 56, hair is brown with very little grey, but my stache and sideburns are totally white.

by Knives outreply 5305/04/2021

never looks good in real life

by Knives outreply 5405/04/2021

Please. This stupid question pops up every couple of month on here.

Group 1. SOME VERY LUCKY MEN look absolutely stunning and very handsome with gray hair. Very sexy.

Group 2. OTHER MEN look washed out, prematurely old and wasted with gray hair because the white sucks the color out of their skin/facial features and can age them 10-20 years.

We live in an incredibly ageist world (particularly in the workplace) so there's no point in all the shrieking that no-one should ever color their hair! Ridiculous. I'm not talking boot polish, full coverage black hair on a 60 year old man. That's always unforgivable.

Having well dyed gray hair takes a lot of work and specialization and can be worth it. A good, experienced hairdresser can make the second group of men look much better. The secret is to only cover 40% or so strength of the gray to tone it down and add pigment. No-one should ever try to hide gray hair but it can be managed to enhance an older man's looks.

However, after about 60 it's time to just let it go gray and deal with it. That's when it can start to look really desperate.

R15 - Ty Burrell from Modern Family has a full on wig/toupee hair piece. That's not a dye job.

by Knives outreply 5505/05/2021

How does coffee work?

by Knives outreply 5605/05/2021

Watch out with those shampoo dyes. They’re weak but over time can taint your fingernails a gross grey brown color.

by Knives outreply 5705/05/2021

Those dye shampoos aren't good for your hair. They contain metallic dyes. Stay away from them... A Demi permanent dye is much better and gradually fades so there is no line of demarcation.

by Knives outreply 5805/05/2021

Aren't there natural products for hiding gray hair? My grandpa used to use a product with rosemary, walnut bark (??), and mint. It would turn his gray hair into dark.

by Knives outreply 5905/05/2021

Walnut is a natural dye of hair or anything.

by Knives outreply 6005/05/2021

I want Jim Brickman inside me quite deeply.

by Knives outreply 6105/05/2021

I went grey in my early 30s. Like full on grey. I tried dying my hair but how do you stop it from staining your scalp?

by Knives outreply 6205/05/2021

R61 Oh yes, get in line for some of his warm seed

by Knives outreply 6305/05/2021

Got my first grey in my teens but it was inconsequential. Started getting multiples around 20-25, then you'd notice a few around 25-30. 31 and I'm in the weird place there I could just ignore it, or haircuts mostly deal with it, but if I feel especially picky I'd pluck them out with a tweaser.

But really I think I look fine with them, will look fine salt+pepper if I take up the gym and healthier living, but I'm also not opposed to coloring my hair. I just can't continue doing that as a senior and I need to prioritize the cosmetic aspect vs the social. I hope to be 45+ and not dying my hair just to look 'young', but instead to only amplify appealing - sometimes 'youthful' - features of myself.

by Knives outreply 6405/05/2021

Just a little sun in, some lemon juice, and pool time gurls and you will be forever a twink.

by Knives outreply 6505/05/2021

Dye is always obvious. Period. Every single person will know you are dying your hair. The worst is do-it-yourself dye of any short - shampoo or not - it does look fake. If you don't care, and think subtle mockery behind your back isn't a big deal, dye your hair - it's your hair, tough shit if others notice.

by Knives outreply 6605/06/2021

Are you a baldie, r66?

by Knives outreply 6705/06/2021

R67 no, I have a lot of hair and used to dye it through various means, and looking back at pics, it looks silly. I wonder what I was trying to accomplish - scared of aging, I suppose. Now I have a pretty decent amount of gray. I'm in a large city, with lots of gays, and you can spot instantly the ones with dyed hair. Now I focus more on my skin. I'm 48, but I swear people mistake me for 47 and a half.

by Knives outreply 6805/06/2021

R66 Not true.

by Knives outreply 6905/06/2021

The problem with the dyes that fade away is that for men with darker hair, the color does not go from dark brown to sort of gray, but rather turns a light brown almost reddish color first, which creates a tri-tone look.

It's not something you'd notice from a distance but if you're in a conference room with someone or at dinner, you'll notice it.

by Knives outreply 7005/06/2021

WHAT ABOUT COFFEE for hair dye?

by Knives outreply 7105/06/2021

I have very light brown hair now going gray. The shampoo in color is too dark for me. I can’t find something that works for lighter air.

by Knives outreply 7205/06/2021

I have patches of dark hair and then grey. It looks dull. I don't care about full on silver but can I die it all to get the dark out? I assume that is bleaching but I don't want blonde I want full on white. Is that possible?

by Knives outreply 7305/06/2021

For a while I had a stylist dye my hair and it looked fine because within 1-2 days it would wash out of the temples (which have been gray since high school) and off of some of the grays here and there all over my head, so it looked natural enough.

Eventually I had so much gray that the dye started to wash out unevenly in sections rather than a few hairs here and there. Leaving it at its natural 40% gray washes my face out but I don't think I have any other options, since the dye doesn't take on my grays very well.

by Knives outreply 7405/06/2021

My stylists uses Redken Shades EQ on my hair in 6 N and the results are great - Color fades and never looks like I dye my hard. Its like a translucent color that just darkens the gray. I was naturally a level Scott Baio 3 -almost black. The lighter color is a great choice!

by Knives outreply 7505/06/2021

I went bald at 18 and it was so traumatic that many many years later I still haven't gotten over it. I had a very unhappy childhood so imagine being a middle aged man and you're not even 20. All this to say I wear a hairpiece and I know people know and I can't care about it. I look far worse without it(I was a forceps baby) and sometimes a wig can look too good which can be even worse. Best people know straight out and don't feel at some point deceived.

by Knives outreply 7605/06/2021

Just do the eyebrows. A lot of grey in the eyebrows reeeeeeally ages a man. Touch them up carefully and you will get a lot of mileage out of a simple and manageable fix. JFM works for this. Just don't buy a color that is too dark.

by Knives outreply 7705/06/2021

Years ago there was a similar thread, and I'll never forget the poster who described his friend who colored his gray hair black. The friend insisted it made him look younger, but the poster proclaimed that it just made him look like a gay vampire.

by Knives outreply 7805/06/2021

Jim Acosta on CNN has beautiful salt and pepper hair. But he keeps coloring it dark, which actually does look natural on him (if you don't know he is s/p) but he still looks really hot with his s/p hair and should not color it, in my humble opinion.

by Knives outreply 7905/06/2021

Jim Brickman has done a great job with his hair but what the picture at R48 doesn't show you is how fat he's gotten.

by Knives outreply 8005/06/2021

r75 My stylist uses Shades on me also, since it coats the hair, I actually leave the salon with a thicker head of hair. Great product!

by Knives outreply 81Last Friday at 8:50 AM

Grey is sexy.

by Knives outreply 82Last Friday at 8:52 AM

I wish there was a pill or supplement we could take to keep our natural original color.

by Knives outreply 83Last Friday at 11:36 AM

Gray/salt&pepper only looks good on men with black or darkest brown hair. It makes men with brown or blonde hair look old and washed out. You need to dye your hair if you fall in this category. You can get away with coloring all of your hair if you're 45 or younger, but you need to leave some gray if you're older than that.

Remember, you only notice the bad dye jobs. You never notice the good ones, and there are lots of good ones out there. Brad Pitt looks 20 years younger here because of an excellent color job. Tom Cruise is another example of a male celebrity who gets excellent color work done.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 84Last Friday at 11:44 AM

From a distance maybe R84

He's got genetics going for him, a body that hasn't gone to seed and likely plastic surgery too that make him look the proverbial DL "10 Years Younger"

The hair dye helps him look younger on camera and from a distance, but up close you'd know.

by Knives outreply 85Last Friday at 11:49 AM

I’m 51, when my grays started coming in at 38 they looked awful but now my entire head is gray and I like it. I use purple shampoo once a week which tamps down any yellow tones and makes the gray really shine, it actually looks like silver. I think it’s unique, I’d much rather have silver hair than white hair.

by Knives outreply 86Last Friday at 12:07 PM

Jim Acosta's dyed hair looks like shit. That he would go to all that trouble to look younger but then neglect to lose 20 pounds to finish the job is inexplicable.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 87Last Friday at 12:14 PM

What is purple shampoo and what brand?

by Knives outreply 88Last Saturday at 11:14 AM

Purple shampoo keeps gray hair from turning brassy. There are numerous brands, like Clairol Shimmery Lights or Aveda Blue Malva,

by Knives outreply 89Last Saturday at 11:29 PM

Did anyone else notice that fuckface Roger Stone seems to bleach/dye his dark hair white? Not that I'm surprised by any of his shenanigans though...

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 90Last Sunday at 12:00 AM

I started graying in high school, and was 100% gray and white by the end of college. People have always complimented me on my silvery hair. I shampoo with Clairol Shimmer Lights once a week.

by Knives outreply 91Last Sunday at 12:06 AM

Italy is known for great hair color/care products and beauty professionals...

This is how you color a man's grey hair to have a natural effect. If you look at the before and after photos at end of video it really doesn't look like client had much done, just a subtle difference that enhances.

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 92Last Monday at 7:38 PM

[quote] Actually, just about EVERY Celebrity male dyes his hair

And 20% of men have some fake teeth in their mouth.

by Knives outreply 93Last Monday at 7:43 PM

Some of the shampoo in hair colors have a slightly purplish tint that's a dead giveaway and it makes the wearer look cheap. It's better to let it go.

by Knives outreply 94Last Monday at 8:14 PM

For those that know and understand hair coloring that purple or violet tint isn't exactly bad. It counteracts the often yellow tinge that white (or as some would call grey) hair takes on.

Clairol and others make a purple tinted shampoo (Shimmer Lights) for same reason but for blonde, silver and other lighter shades of hair; to cancel out yellow or brassiness.

Similarly green cancels out red which is why hair coloring products for dark to deepest brown usually have a greenish tint as base. It cancels out the red (warmth). Blue-violet cancels out red-orange and so it goes....

Offsite Link
by Knives outreply 95Last Monday at 9:50 PM

R16 Yes, people that dye their hair cause they don't like to be gray, are doing it for the attention. Idiot

by Knives outreply 96Last Monday at 9:57 PM

R82 Why, thank you!

by Knives outreply 97Last Monday at 10:24 PM

The Italian man at R92 has a silly hair style and nice salt and pepper hair. The before and after is so minor to the overall impact, a client will have wasted his money.

by Knives outreply 98Last Monday at 10:29 PM

What color in shampoo would a redhead use who is going gray?

by Knives outreply 99Last Monday at 10:37 PM


Actually as stylist explains he did more intense effect on crown and towards front, but sides and back less so. This made for a very subtle natural look, which (again) as stylist explains is what most men are looking for with hair color and grey...

If you look at before and after pictures client is more grey at crown and towards front than after. But the grey isn't totally covered, just bit intensely covered while also translucent. This is what men's grey hair coloring should look like, people shouldn't be able to tell a man has had anything done to his hair.

This client is also blessed in that he still has a nice thick head of hair!

by Knives outreply 100Last Monday at 10:40 PM

The client is handsome and wasting his money on silly hair style and subtle coloring.

by Knives outreply 101Last Monday at 10:43 PM

r99 try john frieda color shampoo and conditioner. my hair soaks it up.

by Knives outreply 102Last Monday at 11:28 PM

Anyone tried Just for men beard tye? Is it good? I have grays in my beard that I hate.

by Knives outreply 103Last Tuesday at 3:02 AM

Beard stuff washes out quicker than the hair stuff. If you have a full beard you will be spending a lot of time and $ on it.

by Knives outreply 104Last Tuesday at 3:38 AM

I’m in my 50s and have a full head of grey hair. I used to dye it but I don’t like the maintenance. Now that it’s full grey I noticed I’m getting more attention from young boys. And I like it!

by Knives outreply 105Last Tuesday at 3:49 AM


by Knives outreply 106Last Tuesday at 6:44 AM
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